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Graphics Card How Good Does My System Need To Be?

Q: Graphics Card How Good Does My System Need To Be?

My System Specs

OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
Other OS Description Not Available
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Manufacturer MSI
System Model MS-7641
System Type x64-based PC
Processor AMD FX(tm)-4170 Quad-Core Processor, 4200 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. V17.10, 10/08/2012
SMBIOS Version 2.6
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.1.7601.17514"
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB
Total Physical Memory 7.98 GB
Available Physical Memory 4.32 GB
Total Virtual Memory 16.0 GB
Available Virtual Memory 11.4 GB
Page File Space 7.98 GB

I would like to get this graphics card - Graphics, TV Tuners and I/O - Graphics will my system be able to handle this?

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Preferred Solution: Graphics Card How Good Does My System Need To Be?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Graphics Card How Good Does My System Need To Be?

While it can handle it, it will be greatly bottlenecked by the CPU. Also, we need to make sure your PSU can handle it, so if you can post your full system specs including the PSU, HDD, motherboard,etc., that would great.

You can probably upgrade the CPU to an 8350 since it uses the same socket. But you may need to apply a BIOS update. BUT, before we get ahead of ourselves, please post full system specs like said above. Thanks.
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Hi everyone, I have a Dell 4600i, which I am upgrading at the moment, its now got 4 gig memory, 600 watt winpower atx psu, Northwod pentium 4, 2.80ghz. just put Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit on it and now I want a good agp x8 graphics card that compatible with with windows 7, I was thinking about 512MB RADEON HD 3450 but not sure about the motherboard if it will run ok ect as its an old sytem

the mother board is a dell motherboard E210882 rev.A00, just wondered if it will be ok or can anyone recomend an agpx8 card that will run ok with windows 7.


A:A good agp x8 graphics card for my system

If you can find one the GeForce 7600GT was the best card the 4600i can run its been one of the upgrades spoken about in the DELL Desktop Community Forum.
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Hey guys, I think I have a minor problem, well when I was playing CoD I felt the back of my computer and it was overheating. Then I took off the case and watched my graphics card (Radeon 9800 SE) fan it it wasn't working that good (It was like slowing down) So I think I might either need a better fan because my current fan dosent do well when playing games at high and sometimes at medium settings. So if you guiys could reccomend any good graphic card fans or cooling system I would really appreciate it

A:Good graphics card fan or cooling system?

This looks like a sweet vga cooler. It will be on my list when cash comes available....

Here's a link....
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Does anyone know a good Graphics card for use for medium gaming, but mostly on using Adobe Software, for example, Photoshop and Illustrator.
Please find below link to Upgrade options I'm looking at for my old PC:

Recomended the entry level 6600GT lineup for Gaming

I'll list too, in case break in link:

Processor: Athlon 64 3000
Heatsink and Fan: Original Manufacturer
Memory: 1x 512MB 184 PIN 2.5V 400MHZ
Motherboard: NF4UK8AA-8EKRS
Socket Type: 939
Memory Slots: 4x DDR
Chipset: NVIDIA nForce4 (CK8-04) Ultra
AGP Slots N/A
16x PCI-Express Slots 1
1x PCI-Express Slots 2
PCI Slots: 4
CNR Slots: N/A
Onboard Sound: 7.1 channel AC97 (Realtek)
LAN: Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000) MAC + PHY (Vitesse)
Onboard Graphics: No
USB Ports: 4
Parallel Ports: 1
Serial Ports: 1
Form Factor: ATX

Look forward to hearing on your advise, Best Regards

A:Whats a Good Graphics card for Gaming and using Adobe Software-Graphics


I've done a lot of research on this because I built a new system back in August. While I am not much of a gamer, I needed a very good NLE machine. However, the card I chose is quite the gamer card but had all the extras I needed to run Adobe Video Collection.

I picked the Connect 3D Radeon X850XT Platinum card from Tigerdirect. At the time it was $350 but I know it's cheaper now. It's got everything you need for a demanding application like Premiere Pro 1.5 and its related software. 256MB of GDDR3 memory and dual DVI outs. I highly recommend this card. I've been using it since the start of September with Adobe and it's great.

Your CPU and memory are a bit more of an important factor with rendering and burning though. My new PC has a 3.4Ghz P4 and 2GB of 533Mhz dual channel RAM. It's an exceptional increase in speed and productivity over my old 2.4Ghz and 512 Rambus.
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i mainly want ti for musci production and some games ( gta san an + doom3) not a total fram rate freek but would like somthing that runs things smoothly



A:Is this a good graphics card for me

I don't think a 9550 will run doom 3 acceptably, even on low settings, it apparantly gets about 18fps at low quality mode, which is too slow to be really playable.

A card like an agp nvidia 6200 will be much better in doom3, it should be getting about 40fps on high settings.

Other cards to consider, ati 9600pro, 9600xt, 9800, 9800pro.

This is much better for a similar price.
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Hi! I was thinking of buying a new graphics card. I was wondering what some of the best ones are in a 100-200 dollar price range. Thanks!

A:What's a good graphics card?

Radeon 9500?

Here's an article you might want to read.,3973,740510,00.asp
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I'm helping my friend pick out a computer and see is thinking about buying an HP and replacing the graphic card with something better to play games. What would be a good combo for this? Spending no more than $600

something with....

-hdtv out - (no moniter needed) they want to hook it up to their hdtv) is that a good idea?
-card reader
-dvd rw drive
we were thinking this so far

we wouldn't have to upgrade the power supply would we?

A:A good HP to buy and a graphics card to put in

assuming that your not interested in building your own machine, that will work if you put a graphics card in it. the X4 620 has decent performance gaming, it lags a bit due to the lack of L3 cache, but for most it will do well when paired with a decent graphics card....which leads me to my next point. The gt9500 GT is an entry level card, it will do okay with games like WOW, but if you are wanting to play games like Far cry 2,crysis,stalker etc at any kind of resolution or detail, the 9500 GT will fall way short. also if you do find the 9500 GT to be the card you want, see if you can save a few dollars and get the 512 version. 1 gb of ram on a low end card is absolutely worthless, and in some cases can actually slow performance a bit.
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Hello, I would like to ask two questions
1: Is the graphics card I have now good for my purposes?
2: If no, what should I get?

I am currently running a Intel 82945G Express chipset Family. I have encountered problems while running ps2 emulator pcsx2 and sometimes while playing games too. I use my computer to play games (sometimes 3D) but I am not a HARDCORE gamer. I do LOVE games though (who doesn't) and would like to get a decent graphics card. Could someone recommend one?

I play games such as Wolfteam (first person shooter), Maplestory, games on ps2 emulators. Thanks in advance

A:Good graphics card?

what motherboard have you got and also what graphics card is it currently
pci agp pcie ?
and i need all of your system specs especially the psu
is it a build or a retail
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I currently have the GeForce FX 5500...256MB...supports DirectX 9.0...after researching Win 7 requirements my system meets-surpass' all min requirements except that Win7 requires DirectX 10.0 and question, is DirectX 10.0 (or 9.0) just for games ? Can I upgrade without a new video card ?

Thanks for your time-replies

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I am looking for a really good graphics card but the highest I will go is $100. I am only 16 and without a job so I can't afford those high end cards. All I need is a card that can play Halo, Need for speed Underground 2, Nascar Thunder 2004, Half Life 2 with all mods, and Call of Duty. To see my system specifications just look at my profile. My only requirement is no less than 128mb and my mother board (mobo, thats funny) supports 4x and 8x. I also want a fairly good Manufacture, good costomer support and all the helpfull stuff. Also you can look at this to see my computer: OO
It's the canada site, but I got my computer at the US site.

A:Looking for a good graphics card under $100
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does anyone have any suggestions as to a good graphics card thats around $300 (canadian)? i desperatley need to upgrade...


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I'm thinking of getting a new low end graphics card for an outdated system of mine. their website XFX Graphics card GeForce 4000 PCI. It says that it has some sort of extra support for multi-monitor.
My plan is to use it in my computer until I buy my new computer (with ) this christmas. Then I'll move the XFX card into the new system for use as a second monitor. I know NVIDIA is good, but I've never heard of XFX Graphics Cards. This card is also 64M (my current one is only 32M).
It's only $60 but I thought I would check in here to see if anyone had any experience with XFX cards, or the multi-monitor support it referred to on the box (though I can't find it on the website).

A:xfx graphics card any good?

XFX is crap - we use to use these where I worked and man did they fail bad and they are cheap.

Also, PCI cards offer really poor performance compared to AGP cards - for gaming they simply aren't worth the investment. As for reusing it for dual monitors later, most new video cards support multiple monitors and you don't have to worry about driver issues with two video cards.
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i'm looking to buy a new graphics card as my old one is not compatible with vista.

i'm looking at ATI HD 2400 Pro for $49
the specs look good to me?

what do you think?

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Anybody have a favorite? Cost doesnt matter. I'm looking for a new one.

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I have an ATI Radeon 9500 PRO 128 MB Graphics Card installed in my system of P4 2.4 GHZ, 512 MB RAM, 845G chipset. I am finding it a bit slow to meet my video editing requirements and am thinking of upgrading. Is it advisable to go for a new mobo and processor with same AGP 8x Graphics card (choice limited to mobo with AGP slot with 865 or 875 chipset) or directly go for 915/925 PCI express cards. I am on low budget and hence trying for a value for money solution. Will you please help.

A:Graphics Card AGP 8X is it still good?

Are you sure it is the vid card that is being the bottleneck?
For video editing it is the CPU that does all the work.
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Hi to those who care to card Is any good? graphics my read I have a ATI Radeon Series graphic card and awhile ago it showed up on device manager Is my graphics card any good? that i have a integrated graphics card too S But since recent events its gone wasn t there when i got my pc as my graphics card came with it Edit Also how come my graphics card is when ive seen graphics card be a set figure like which is pretty nice Anyways I dont know how graphics cards run and would like to know more Ive seen loads with fans and yet mines just got a big silver heat sink on it Im guessing mine aint that good as it probs doesnt get that hot Is there a best graphics card or does it comply with other components on the motherboard I also have a AMD Phenom tripple core processor gb ram Should it be upgraded to play high spec d gaming for instance Thanx to anyone who answers nbsp

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My Dad is looking at this grahics card:

These are the specs:
Bus interface: PCI Express 2.0 Support
Memory: 1024MB
Memory Interface: 128 bit
NVIDIA unified architecture with GigaThread technology
Full Microsoft DirectX 10 Shader Model 4.0 support
16x Anti-aliasing technology
128-bit floating point high dynamic-range (HDR) lighting
NVIDIA Quantum Effects physics processing technology
Dual-link DVI output support 2560x1600 resolution display
NVIDIA PureVideo HD technology
OpenGL 2.1 support
NVIDIA ForceWare Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)
Certified for Microsoft Windows Vista
NVIDIA Lumenex Engine
Dual 400MHz RAMDACs
Discrete, Programmable Video Processor
Hardware Decode Acceleration
High-Quality Scaling
Inverse Telecine (3:2 & 2:2 Pulldown Correction)
Bad Edit Correction
Integrated SD and HD TV Output
Noise Reduction
Edge Enhancement
Dual-link HDCP capable

Does it look any good.
its $135NZ.

A:Is this a good graphics card??

it depends on what your dad uses his machine for..??, if he does not game & just uses it for general surfing & media playback its fine...
im guessing your dad needs a card which requires no additional power..??

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hi to all

I am just wondering if you knew if the gf 7100 gs is any good and would it play most games out now with ease on high settings??

Thanks Jase

Heres a link for the graphics card >>

A:Is this graphics card any good....

No. It's a rubbish card for gaming and is mostly suited for HTPCs and the like. The 7300GT or even the 7600GT\GS would be a better bet.
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Hi, i have a dell dimension 2350 2.4 ghz Intel processor and 512 ram(which i am going to get upgraded to 1gb if not 2) i found this card here and since i am forced to use pci this seems good. im not sure though because im not really good with graphics. the reveiws say this is a pretty good card but i won't trust them. so if anybody has any experence with this card or somthing like it please inform me wether its good or bad.

heres the link

Thanks in advance.

ive decided to abandon this project and just build a good computer myself. starting with amd athlon 3ghz dual core and going from there

A:Is this a good graphics card?

Here's a better card for you.
EVGA GeForce 6200PCI 256MB

This one is much more worth the price.
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I am thinking of buying a new motherboard, Processor, ram and video card. Would this video card be worth it because i want to play medium-high end games

Gigabyte HD 7750 OC 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card [GV-R775OC-1GI]

Please respond soon

A:Is this Graphics card any good?

That card will probably only run games on low to medium settings. What resolution is your monitor?
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Ok heres a thread for everyone to argue over!
Can someone recommend a really good graphics card for gaming, something in the £200 - 300 price range. Currently have a nvidia geforce gt230 with a Quad core processor and win 7, looking for something better!

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Right now I have a Intel(R) HD Graphic Card, and it doesn't tell me any more... The main thing is that I really want a better graphics card if there is one... I have a 'Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz' And 8GB of RAM. And if there is a better one, please let me know, and if there is, how much would it cost? If you reply, thank you!

A:What is a good Graphics Card?

Hello AmazingMSF! Firstly welcome to TSF! Now, depending on your budget you can buy a high end graphics card such as the "Nvidia GeForce 550ti" at a price of 114-120 USD. This card would be guaranteed to play any game at a very rewarding fps (60-100+). Now, if you are looking for something cheaper may I recommend the "Nvidia GT 430" it is low costly and runs all modern games (GW2, Diablo 3, etc) at anywhere between 40-70+ FPS. This is a low costing 60 dollars. (All benchmarks based off games max performance)

Once you buy the graphics card, your motherboard will have a PCIe slot where you insert the videocard as if it was a game boy game and install the drivers from Nvidias home page.
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Hi please check the ink and tell me if this card is good or not because I don't know what to buy.

PCI Express - Club 3D CGNX-TS2524GCI GeForce GTS250 Green Edition 16xPCIE 256-bit 1GB DDR3 w/HDMI + DVI : Sybaritic - South African Online Computer Store


A:Hi, I need some help. Is this a good graphics card?

in terms of your existing set-up, that's a difficult question to answer as it depends on a number of variables..

sure, it's a decent card, especially when compared to your existing FX5200, but you'd need to get a more powerful PSU - as your current 300w model won't cope with the extra load..

it also requires PCiE, and without full details of your motherboard, it's hard to tell if it is a suitable replacement..
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I`ve ati sapphire 6570 2gb x 2 with crossfire.
I`m not happy with crossfire
When using crossfire and playing games or rendering it giving me bad performance.
But,when it was in 2gb it was working good
I will never use crossfire again in my life
So,plz help me choosing which 2gb graphics card will be better @ 162$
OF course I need 2gb not 1 Gb

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But In WEI the Graphic Scores are only 3.5 and 3.2 respectively.I have the latest drivers and i also tried to change the visual effects.

Any solutions for this because my Graphic Card is letting me down otherwise my Other WEI scores are good (5.0 to 5-9)

C'mon Mayne?

A:I have a good Graphics Card But

Fill out your 'System Specs', found in your profile. Also, fix the link to your image - you have
where the extra http is not needed.

EDIT: Never mind. That card is rather dated, mid 3's are to be expected with a card that old. Sorry.
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I am wondering if any of these graphic cards are good for gaming and surfing?
Diamond AMD Radeon HD 6450 1GB GDDR3 PCI-E Video Card : Video Cards - Future Shop
XFX AMD Radeon HD 6450 1GB DDR3 PCI-E Video Card : Video Cards - Future Shop
Diamond Radeon 6450 1GB DDR3 PCI-E Video Card : Video Cards - Future Shop
I have also bought a new power supply to change my old LITEON ps-6301-08a
Coolmax 500W Power Supply (14622) : Power Supplies - Future Shop

A:Is this a good graphics card?

Here is a quick comparison chart... AMD Radeon HD 6450 Review - Performance#
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Whats a Good graphics card?! doesnt have to be top of the line or anything just good enough so i can run windows 7 since my radeon 7500 cant run it.

A:Good Graphics card

This your computer,

Gateway Support - Hornet Micro Tower Desktop Case Specifications

If so you will need a low profile card, and there isn't a whole lot to choose from. Assuming the specs are right it has an AGP slot, so you're looking at something like this, - ECS N6200A-256DZ GeForce 6200 256MB 64-bit DDR2 AGP 8X Low Profile Ready Video Card - Desktop Graphics / Video Cards

There is also a ATI HD 3450 in AGP, but I don't think the 180W power supply (unless you have changed it) is going to be up to running it.
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A friend of mine is thinking of upgrading his graphics card as he has an Nvidia GeForce 6200 atm, which is obviously not that good. He asked me to suggest him a card. His motherboard only supports AGP so the one I came up with is this.

Do you think that is good enough to run games such as Age of Empires 3 or the new Command & Conquer? If you think you know any better cards out there for AGP, please let me know.

I also read somewhere that the Radeon X1950 is the best AGP card out, is this true?

A:Is this graphics card good enough?

Yes, that video card is fine for AOE3 and meets requirements for the new C&C game. Last time I checked the Radeon X1950 was indeed the best AGP card available.
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Ive been looking around the net,searching both ATI and NVIDIA and I cant decide on a good all-round type card.Something thats cost effective and produces good quality in games.I have my eyes set on a XFX Geforce 6600GT 256mb but dont know if I can get it in AGP.Most of the cards available are on PCI-express my PC cant run PCI only AGP.If someone Could please give me some advice on what to purchase Id be grateful.Either ATI radeon or Nvidia as long as its AGP.Im stuck with a radeon 9200...

A:Need Help Selecting Good Graphics Card

I'm not sure if you're looking for a new graphics card but i know they make radeon 9800 pros in agp, and it would be a very nice upgrade from what you are using now.
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First off hello everyone. I just bought a new comp primarily for work but was wondering if there are any decent graphics cards that I can use with a 300 watt Psu. There's so many cards it's hard to chose but I've read that the gtx 750 ti works with little power and minimum Psu requirements are at 300 watts. Are these any good?
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Buy the VisionTek Radeon R9 270X Video Card at

I want this but im not sure about this brand.

A:Is this a good graphics card brand.

I want the card but not sure on the brand?

Buy the VisionTek Radeon R9 270X Video Card at
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I need a good Graphics card which can run high end games but should be under 50$. any suggestions? I have PCI-E slots.

A:Solved: Good graphics card?

heavygamer141 said:

I need a good Graphics card which can run high end games but should be under 50$. any suggestions? I have PCI-E slots.Click to expand...

No you are going to need to increase your budget to around $150.
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Hello all of you,

I'm actually seeking for a good graphic card but I don't really know what to choose. I want to play lot of games like Crysis, Assassin's Creed, Dirt and other good games meaning also good graphics. I don't want to buy on that I will need to change shortly due to the fact one or more games cannot be played on it.

You can get access to my system specs. I have a PCI Express x16 Port on my mobo.

Thanks in advance for all your help

A:Seeking a good graphics card

Your total budget, and your PSU will define what you should get.

However, any very good graphics card is going to be hitting the limit of performance vs. your CPU with your setup, so I wouldn't go too mad.

Its also very important (read essential) that we know what the total wattage of your PSU is, and preferably also the manufacturer of it. Your current PSU may be incapable of powering even a budget GPU currently.

It is also beneficial to know what resolution you currently game at, what resolution you would like to play at (if you wish to change it) and what sort of settings you currently use (e.g. low, medium etc) as certain graphics cards are better at different resolutions than others due to the target audience they're marketed for.
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I'm looking to upgrade my graphic card, how would this one be compared to the current one I am using EVGA GeForce GT 730 4GB DDR3 128bit Dual DVI mHDMI Graphics Cards 04G-P3-2739-KR: Computers & Accessories

The only thing that is important to me is that it be a it is a NVIDIA GeForce
I need a dual DVI inputs
If there are others that are NVIDIA GeForce and a better deal for the $$ feel free to suggest.
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I'm looking for a new graphics card for my Gateway computer. It currently has the integrated Graphics Media Accelerator 950 which just won't cut it for games anymore. I'm wondering if anybody knows of a good, fairly cheap (under $150) graphics card, preferably a Nvidia GeForce. I was looking at the GeForce 8800gt, but it's just too expensive. Anyone know of a graphics card that would still run games well (Battlefield 1943; Call of Duty), but that won't break the bank? Thanks!

A:Solved: Looking for good graphics card?

If you want to stick with nVidia, there are bunches of sub-$150 GTS 250 cards around. Personally, I'd buy a Radeon 5750, but performance is pretty close either way.
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Well my parents desktop is finally dieing, and their laptop wont turn on any more -_- ./sigh.

So I'm trying to come up with a decent build for them so my younger siblings can play some games, do homework, get online etc.

Planing on using the budget box build for the tower. But now I want a decent graphics card to pair with it. Any good recommendations? Have another $75 or so to spend on this build.

Kinda leaning towards:
ASUS ENGT430/DI/1GD3(LP) GeForce GT 430 (Fermi) 1GB 128-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Low Profile Ready Video Card

But would love any better recommendations.


A:Good graphics card to go with the TS Budget Box,2761-2.html

They recommend a 5670 ~$80 or 5550 for ~$60. I'd say the Radeon 5550 would be more than fine for a general purpose machine and a little gaming.
These are meant to give comparable performance to a Geforce 9600 GT, and more than enough for a little gaming at 1650x1080 resolution or below.

I don't think any of the lower end fermi offerings are particularly good from what I've read. Have to go for GTX 460 and upwards or not at all.
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I want to get a new graphics card and a tv tuner so I was wonding what are the best graphics cards with tv tuners that aren't too expensive? I want it to be able to play h.264 clips. I am running Windows Vista, I have an althon 64 x2 processor, pci slots, pci express x1 and pci express x16 slots. I would appreciate it if anyone could help me out.
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I am using Nvidia Geforce 7025/nforce 630a, which is very old. 95% of games doesn't work properly on it. I have to play games in less resolution(below 800*640). Suggest me good graphics card below 2000rs or $45
. I can increase my budget upto $60.

processor:amd athlon II X2 255 @3.10ghz
Motherboard:GA- m68mt s2p am3.

Though my processor and motherboard is relatively low end, i want to play atleast fifa 11 or game released in 2011. Please help? Thanks!

A:Suggest good graphics card?

You'll struggle massively with such a low budget.
Latest games require new tech, and don't tend ti scale down well to older hardware.
Maybe the second hand market is best, might pick up an AMD 5650 or 5750 for around that price. Probably a big ask though.

Find $100 and your in a better position, as buying a cheaper card now will mean as soon as tech moves on you'll be in the same position as you are now.
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Good morning everyone,

I was not sure where to ask so I thought I should post here in my favorite forum. I have just built a new desktop PC with the following configuration:

Mobo: Gigabyte 78LMT-S2
CPU: AMD Fx-4300 3.8GHz
RAM: 4GB DDR3 800MHz
HDD: Seagate ST3320820AS
Video: On board ATI Radeon HD 3000 (AMD 760G chipset)

The PC is okay for everyday use but I want to improve the graphics. More specifically, I would like to have HDMI (The Mobo has only a VGA port) and be able to play games like StarCraft or Crysis 2. On the other hand, I cannot afford buying the most expensive graphics card out there.

So, what graphics card do you suggest I should buy that fits my hardware configuration and requirements?

Thank you in advance,

A:Good graphics card for Vista PC?

You said you wanted HDMI. Does your monitor have a HDMI connector?

How much are you willing to pay for a new card?
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Hey, i want to know if my graphics card is good enough to run shogun 2, if it isnt which graphics card would you recommend (can't be too expensive).
Heres my graphics card : EVGA Geforce 8600 GT 1024 Mbs.
Heres my MOBO: Gigabyte - GA-MA785GM-US2H


A:Is my graphics card good enough for Shogun 2?

Yep you should be good. You might not be able to run all the settings on high for graphics but you should get reasonable frame rates.
If have at least 250-350 budget you could get a very good video card and that would help even more. Especially with all the great games that should be coming out through out 2012.
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So, I'm searching for a good graphics card to use in Linux.

I'm selling my ATi Radeon All-in-Wonder 9800SE because
1) Its extra features can't be used in Linux
2) ATi's Linux drivers suck, they don't care about customers.

Right now I'm using Matrox G450 dualhead, but it isn't really up to speed 3D-wise.

Parhelia would be a good choice, it has good image quality, fast enough for 3D, but I'm not sure if it supports dual monitors at 1600x1200. Triplehead is limited to 1280x1024 per display, that I know. Their Linux drivers seem to have problems too, not being updated etc.

3DLabs VP880 would be nice as well, but surprise surprise, they don't support Linux either, drivers are included in commercial Accelerated-X, which doesn't seem to support a self-made Linux.

So, unless someone has decent alternatives, looks like choices are pretty much in Nvidia area, GeForce or Quadro.


A:A good graphics card for Linux?

I have never had any problems with ANY nvidia card in Linux. Installation of the drivers is easy and performance is always good.
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I'm building my dad a computer. I use my own computer for gaming mostly so I don't know a whole lot about openGL cards or even if my dad would need one. I'd like to spend from 100-300 bucks. cheaper being better. I guess the most important thing is just that I don't bottle neck this thing. He's retired and these are basically the hobbies he plans to use his computer for: poser v.4.0, Bryce v.4.0, and Photoshop v. 5.0, some form/capacity of autocad, and making home dvds.

so far I've got:
1 gig of PC3200
160 Gb HD
AU13 FIC mb

Also I have a spare ATI 128 Mb 8500le I could throw in... but I wonder if it would do him any good....

so far I've just been looking around Tom's hardware and had one friend recommend "matrox" cards. but more suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks!

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I have windows XP SP3 Home with Intel Blue Mountain 2 D845PEBT2 with 512MB RAM and 2.8GHz Pentium 4 processsor . I have S3 Savage2000 video card (that has only monitor port). This card seems weak and it can not play graphical PC game such as "Rise of Nations".

I want to buy cheap and good graphics card that work with my motherboard but I don't how to choose.

I want to buy one from ( I have no alternative to PayPal). One that has shipping to UAE

I don't know the prices of Graphics card but the maximum that I can pay is $25 including shipping(For me it dosn't worth it to sepend more just to play Games.

Relevancy 62.78%

I want a good graphics card that runs all games. For about $50 not $100. I have Intel and windows vista. When I play half-life 2 there is low frame rates and i cant fix that. So it laggs. And Joint Operations wont run. Whats a good one?

Relevancy 62.78%
Relevancy 62.78%

Hello I apologize in advance for my almost complete lack of computer knowledge That said my PC was built for me by one of the IT guys at work who has since moved on I can t scare him card Good with Windows 7? graphics compatible up from his last known email addy So I m sort of out there drifting on this stuff trying to find any help I can The PC is connected to the home theater system TV through HDMI About weeks ago and video from the internet stopped producing sound In addition the PC doesn t Good graphics card compatible with Windows 7? play audio dvds anymore And when I click on the samples in the library I can t play them either I m assuming without knowing the graphics card is shot I think it s about four years old I opened up the box pulled out the graphics card I didn t make a note of manufacturer model but my device manager says it s nvidia and the driver is up to date and cleaned it I plugged it back in still no sound I can play youtube videos or stream online content but none of it has sound Does it sound to you guys like I need a new graphics card If so I need a recommendation for a better than average one that is compatible with windows professional something in the range or so Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Good graphics card compatible with Windows 7?

Open up nVidia Control Panel.
Under Display select "Set up Digital Audio".
Verify settings to make sure they are correctly set up to send audio.
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hello everyone! i currently have THIS PC and its good enough specs to game! well all but the graphics, it will run games now such as black ops 2 easily but i need dedicated graphics for some games. My problem is, I would like to put a graphics card inside but it's a very VERY low power psu (300W) so is there a affordable graphics card that would let me run other games ? such as blacklight retribution?

Thank you

A:A graphics card good enough to game with a 300W psu to run it?

I don't think there's much you can get really. On the Nvidia side there's cards like the GT430 and GT630 that require a 300w PSU. They should be able to handle Black Ops 2 and Blacklight Retribution. Not sure what there is that AMD offer. Above the GT430 and GT630 you ideally need a 400w or 500w PSU.
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Anybody know one? Or just a regular pci express 64 bit graphics card.

A:Whats a good 64 bit pci express x16 graphics card.

By 64bit do you mean the memory interface? A 64bit memory interface isn't very good though, 128bit is better and 256bit is the best. If you still want a 64bit interface, then this is about as good as you can get.
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This seems to good to be true, is it?

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Hi I got 22inch lcd i have just bought my graphics card i got now is running ok.. but mabe should get better whats your opinion? i have geforce 8600 GT 256MB im willing to pay up to $350 and im into games like company of heroes opposing fronts and crysis


A:good graphics card for my acer 22inch lcd

The max resolution for your monitor should be about 1680x1050 right? Confirm that if you can. In any case, the best bet for you would be to get this video card and this CPU for the best performance.
Relevancy 62.78%

I've been having a lot of problems with my graphics card, Standard VGA Graphics Adapter. I can't seem to enable aero or play 3D games like Minecraft. I tried to download other graphics cards, but they don't seem to install correctly or just won't work or show up at all. Can someone recommend me a good graphics card that can work? Thanks

A:Help: Need a good Graphics Card for Windows 7 32bit?

You are talking video card DRIVER, you need the current one for your system, VGA is the default driver that you would also see if running 7 in safe mode, it is HORRIBLE for anything but testing.

So, I suggest you visit (or for gpu-z) and download and run SPECCY to determine your actual video card, and acquire the driver from the web site of the brand in question, or the PC/laptop's manufacterer's site.

Even if it's just an on the motherboard GPU, those programs should find it.
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I'm looking to buy a good graphics card and I'm looking to spend around $150 on it, heard raedons are good too.

also the possible constant fps it can receive because the constant fps on my crappy one I have right now goes 10-20 fps constant. It's a SONY VAIO VGN-NS255D Laptop

A:Good graphics card for gaming, high fps (MineCraft)

We're going to need a little bit info on your specs mate.

At least your CPU.

If it's a pre-built machine, even the name and model.

As for the PSU, follow the wires things are attached to.
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I am looking for a graphics card suitable for a stock -year old PC the Dell Dimension E I have replaced several stock parts and even upgraded to Windows but am not very savvy when it comes to choosing hardware upgrades I used Crucial to help me find new RAM but need help finding a GPU I want to get the maximum performance out of its current hardware without risk of blowing it up I want to turn card graphics is E520? for a 15-year old What Dimension this good this PC into What is a good graphics card for this 15-year old Dimension E520? a classic gaming system I want to run older games on it such as Playstation emulators and Half-Life with no lag the classic Goldsource collection Would like to play the newer Source versions too but my expectations for this PC are set reasonably low Below are its specs mostly gathered from Speccy and a pic of the inside Please help http i imgur com HR MtJf jpgOperating SystemWindows Home -bitPower Supply wCPUIntel Core Duo E GHzConroe nm TechnologyRAM GB DDR soon to be GB MotherboardDell Inc WG What is a good graphics card for this 15-year old Dimension E520? Microprocessor GraphicsAL W x Hz Intel G Express Chipset Family Dell Intel G Express Chipset Family Dell Storage GB Western Digital WDC WD AAKS- L A SATA Optical DrivesTSSTcorp DVD -RW TS-H AAudioUSB Audio Device

A:What is a good graphics card for this 15-year old Dimension E520?

Greetings,Thank you for reaching us here. I would like to let you know that all Dimension systems are end of life systems, and the minimum hardware requirements might not have met to run Windows 10. I request you to share the system system service tag, registered owner's name and email via private message so that we will review the system details and assist you further with graphics card upgrade options available for this system.You could send a private message by hovering the cursor on my username and by adding me as a friend.
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Basically I am currently building a new pc for me to use while i m at uni My course is Computing and Games Development so I am assuming I will need to store a lot on my computer so a lot of storage space would be good I also want it or hard drive and card SSD good, reliable a graphics Need to be reliable and not just break after a year or so so something with a long warranty would be good I also plan to play WoW and GW a bit and will probably end up getting some games with much better graphics to Need a good, reliable hard drive or SSD and graphics card play while I am bored so I think I will need to get a good graphics card I was going to use the nvidia geforce gtx Need a good, reliable hard drive or SSD and graphics card from my old pc but that s old now and won t be any good for newer games Need a good, reliable hard drive or SSD and graphics card so I have left it in my old pc to use for WoW when I m at home for holidays So basically I need a good graphics card that s reasonably priced and will play new games on decent settings with a good frame rate The parts I have for the new PC so far are Intel Core i GHz Quad Core CPU Corsair GB DDR MHz RAM Asus P -V LX z Ivybridge Motherboard Cooler Master Elite Case A Corsair W plus bronze power supply can t remember exact name nbsp

A:Need a good, reliable hard drive or SSD and graphics card

Welcome to the forums.
HDD - Western Digital Caviar Black or RE
SSD - I like Crucial or Intel
Reasonable price good performance the Radeon HD 6870 is hard to beat.
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I have a AMD Quad-core processor A6-3400M and a graphics card that is AMD Radeon HD 6520G with 512 MB. Is my computer good enough for the hd hauppauge? If so should I get the regular or the gaming edition? so if i can run the roxio game capture could i run either of these?
the specs needed for the regular are.....
Processor Requirements (minimum): Dual core CPU 2.0GHz or faster
Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit), Windows Vista or Windows XP service pack 2 (32-bit)
Graphics with 256MB memory (or greater)
Sound card
CD-ROM drive for installing the HD PVR software

A:Is my processor and graphics card good enough for the regular hd hauppauge?

According to your specs and their recommended specs you should be fine as long as your OS is one of their recommended ones. As far as regular or gaming edtiton - gzrabbed from another site -

Differences between the HD PVR model 1212 and the HD PVR Gaming EditionThere are two versions of HD PVR: the HD PVR model 1212 and the HD PVR Gaming Edition. Here are the differences:
•HD PVR 1212 includes a IR blaster cable to control your cable or satellite set top box channel changing. HD PVR Gaming Edition has a Component Video cable for easy connection to an Xbox 360 or PS3.
•Both HD PVR and HD PVR Gaming Edition have our "no delay pass through" for recording live TV or video
•HD PVR model 1212 contains Arcsoft Total Media Extreme plus Arcsoft Media Convert. Media Convert allows you to change the format of your recordings so you can view them on a iPad or other portable media player. HD PVR Gaming Edition contains Arcsoft ShowBiz with capture and upload to YouTube. A media converter is not included in the HD PVR Gaming Edition.
•HD PVR uses a blue record ring to indicate that recording is taking place. The HD PVR Gaming Edition uses a green record ring."""
Thats all the real differences!

IMHO I would go with the regular and not the gaming because of the lack of video converter and the fact I don't use component video for anything these days but your situation that may be a + for you.
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What's the latest, most high-rated ATI Radeon graphics card? I finally got ze $ to buy whatever I want.

A:Is ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series a good/decent graphics card?

The latest and the best card from Team Red (AMD)?


AMD Radeon

(The AMD Radeon HD 7970 3 GB card)

Many on the forums will persuade you to go with team green (NVIDIA) though if you wish to have better driver support and stability, especially for SLI (dual card) solutions...
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sorry for long title but is this video card good enuf for everquest2
Integrated SIS Mirage 2 Graphics with 128MB

EQ2 Requirements: DirectX 9 compatible video card. Pixel shader and vertex shader compatible hardware with 64 MB of texture memory

and can i also play guild wars with that video card?
GW requirements: ATI Radeon 8500 or GeForce 3 or 4 MX Series Video Card with 32MB of VRAM

A:is this video card good for EQ?Integrated SIS Mirage 2 Graphics with 128MB

in a word, no. your sis mirage graphics controller will not handle said games.
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Samsung Series 3 Notebook (NP350V5C) | Samsung Notebooks It says it has 2gb dedicated graphics.
I want to play Arma 2 and maybe some fairly recent other games.

A:Is this laptop's graphics card good enough to play decent games (Dayz)

did you see this : AMD Radeon HD 7730M - Tech ?

I think its a fairly good device for the price. I asked a simular topic, and they pointed me out that 2gb dedicated RAM is not really the biggest bottle neck. (I could chose between 1Gb and 2Gb dedicated)
Relevancy 61.06%

I know I'm not the only one that's sought to upgrade this particular computer having this Graphics is Acer card good X1420G-U5832; question for upgrade? a seen two previous threads here about the same computer and an upgrade involving a Sapphire ATI Radeon HD I know that will work without much issue However I want to see if I can go Graphics card question for Acer X1420G-U5832; is this a good upgrade? further with the same minimalist upgrading Because of this I made an account Graphics card question for Acer X1420G-U5832; is this a good upgrade? here in hopes of getting some answers I am currently looking at this card also from Sapphire Only this one's higher end being a Radeon HD found here For those Graphics card question for Acer X1420G-U5832; is this a good upgrade? curious about the HD that's here I have looked at its benchmarks and it looks promising but I have two questions First is this a sufficient upgrade compared to the HD It's only a few dollars difference but I'm seeking the best performance that I can get without doing a ton of upgrades Second it looks like it'll fit looking at the card it seems to be a low profile which is necessary but if anyone has the same computer perhaps one can be a better gauge of that Thanks for any answers anyone can give

A:Graphics card question for Acer X1420G-U5832; is this a good upgrade?

Have a look at some of the benchmarks here:
AMD Radeon HD 6670 1GB & HD 6570 512MB Review - Page 7

They also had this to say in conclusion:

When compared to the HD 5670 and HD 5570- the Turks-based HD 6670 and HD 6570 are superior in every way. Even though a generation to generation performance increase of 10-15% may not seem like a big step, attaining this without changing the manufacturing process while maintaining the same power envelope is no small feat.

It does seem to be a bit faster although not by a huge margin.
If you already have the 5570 and looking to upgrade ... it may not be worth doing.

However, if its a matter of which one to get, the 6570 certainly seems to be the better card.

Look around a bit too. You may be able to get the next step up for the same price. Lots of sales going on ATM.

OH and BTW, Sapphire are probably the best choice for ATI card IMHO
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Long Version See the setup in my description Well tomorrow I'll be getting a replacement case a hec K BB that is significantly smaller and better suits my needs i've been trying to sell it but no takers However I realized that when Ivy Bridge comes out if I get an i vid system? a a card? I use be gaming good Can this would as what - Can I use this as a gaming system? what would be a good vid card? and a H series MoBo i'd have the old CPU MOBO to try to sell also I thought that instead I'd just throw in some RAM a HDD ODD and a decent graphics card I could give it to my nephew who loves gaming Currently he uses a laptop for his gaming but it's not upgradeable I though he might like this as he can attach it to his dad's quot p tv The problem is I don't know if the pentium will be good enough for his gaming he's into the Star Wars games and Spore and stuff IDK but I can find out if needed and I'm also wondering if there's a graphics card i can put in there that won't blow the PSU or my wallet Short version With RAM ODD GC and the Case MoBo CPU from below is this suitable for gaming and what kind of card accessories do I need Case Apevia X-Master BK PSU w came with case MoBo Biostar H MU CPU Intel Pentium G Sandy Bridge Sorry I'm really not much of a gamer I'm just using my setup as a media playback device computer hooked up to a big screen

A:Can I use this as a gaming system? what would be a good vid card?

That should be alright for a game like Spore or Star Wars. But the GPU is really what matters when it comes to gaming. How much are you willing to spend?
Relevancy 58.05%

I'm adding hardware to new build; AMD APU A8-6600k processor and Gigabyte GA-F2A88X-UP4 mobo.

just any suggestions on reasonable video card will help.

A:A good video card for system

Titan black... but it's $1200.00

To help you, you need to let me know what you're using it for.

However gtx770/780 have dropped $150 and AMD R9 270/280 have too. These cards though are $280 and up.
Relevancy 57.62%

I think this is the right place. Christmas coming up which means ill be getting some money. I want to buy a good sound card and speaker system. Any recomendations? Thanks!

A:Good sound card and speaker system

I'm a fan of Logitech for Speakers. For a soundcard consider a Creative Audigy series card. Price will decide the purchase as neither is cheap.

I have a set of Logitech Z5300 5.1 THX certified speakers with 280 watts RMS or 560 watts Peak-to-Peak output and they sound and look great. I also have a friend with a set of Z680 are they're even better.,crid=2172
Relevancy 56.76%

I ve never looked into buying a sound card before or surround sound however now due to my speakers dying I decided it was time I did just card (And they sound Is speaker & are this good?) compatible? system that I ve found both a sound card external actually as I don t have much room in my PC lol and some speakers to go with a selection actually can t decide on any My question is are all these speakers compatible with the sound card I ve shown and in your opinion which are the best worst speakers to go with Sound Is this sound card & speaker system compatible? (And are they good?) Card http www dabs com productview aspx Quicklinx M Is this sound card & speaker system compatible? (And are they good?) amp v Speakers http www pixmania co uk uk uk art creative inspire-t - - -speaker html http www pixmania co uk uk uk art logitech x- - - - w-speaker-sys html http www amazon co uk gp product B MRPC ref olp product details - - ie UTF Thanks for any help advice you can give I really appreciate you guys nbsp

A:Is this sound card & speaker system compatible? (And are they good?)
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Hey im looking for a new graphics card, but im unsure on which to get and how to find out if it even fits, i've had my eye on this graphics card for a while ( ) Simply because of the price and performance it has, i was wondering if it was compatible for this system - If it isn't compatible, could you reccomend any graphics cards that will fit and still give me better performance? I currently have the 9600GT and am needing an upgrade.
Relevancy 56.33%

My graphics card previously got wet and frankly I don t know enough about computers in order to know what part to order for this How can I find the best graphics card for this system Or more simply can someone tell me what is the best card this system can support Information below Field Value Computer Operating System Windows Home Premium Home Edition OS Service Pack - DirectX DirectX c Computer Name STARFISH User Name Patrick Motherboard CPU Type DualCore system? for Best graphics card this Intel Pentium Best graphics card for this system? D MHz Motherboard Name Unknown Motherboard Chipset Unknown System Memory MB BIOS Type Unknown Communication Port Communications Port COM Multimedia Audio Adapter High Definition Audio Controller NoDB Storage IDE Controller Intel R G ICH Family Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - DF SCSI RAID Controller Intel R ICH R DH SATA RAID Controller Disk Drive ST AS Disk Drive WDC WD AAKX- ERMA Disk Drive Generic USB SD Reader USB Device Disk Drive Generic USB SM Reader USB Device Disk Drive Generic USB CF Reader USB Device Disk Drive Generic USB MS Reader USB Device Optical Drive TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S A ATA Device SMART Hard Disks Status Unknown Partitions C NTFS MB MB free Input Keyboard Standard PS Keyboard Mouse HID-compliant mouse Network Network Adapter Belkin Wireless Adapter Network Adapter Intel R PRO PL Network Connection Peripherals Printer Fax Printer Microsoft XPS Document Writer USB Controller Intel R G ICH Family USB Universal Host Controller - C NoDB USB Controller Intel R G ICH Family USB Universal Host Controller - C NoDB nbsp

A:Best graphics card for this system?

Look for a model number printed on your motherboard, usually printed around the CPU area.

The info you provided only tells us you are using a Pentium D. Most likely an 820 (could also be either 915 or 920) but not positive. In any case this would be an LGA775 platform, which usually has a PCIe x16 slot. But without knowing the model number of the motherboard so we can check, I'm not going to swear on PCIe x16 support. I am leaning toward PCIe x16 support, since you stated having a graphics card.
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My new PC is system??? Graphics my for Best Card Win bit has the ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC P Z -V LK Rev X x mobo with gigahertz Intel Core i - K processor with gigs of RAM and is overclocked from the manufacturer at gigs It has a volt power supply So it came with the EVG Best Graphics Card for my system??? GeForce GTS mb graphics card and it went bad It started freezing up every few seconds so I went over to Best Graphics Card for my system??? Fry's and bought the EVG GeForce GTX gb because they guy at Fry's said Nvida was the p p But I don't like it It's occasionally gets slow and I can hear it start working each time I get busy doing alot of stuff on my computer no gaming here just business stuff like webdesign office applications working with graphics So I'm thinking of throwing a few more dollars at this since I can take this unit I bought from Fry's back and I can write all this off of my taxes anyway since it's my main business machine My previous computer from ' running XP Pro recently rebuilt with a new Best Graphics Card for my system??? mobo running an AMD quad processor and runs great has a graphics card from ATI that is still being used after the rebuild since I never had any problems with it So I'm thinking I need to go with ATI isn't that the same as Radeon maybe that's my brand since I've had good results with them on my other system So I'm thinking of going with the Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD OC GB GDDR DVI-I HDMI x Mini-Displayport PCI-E Graphics Card GV-R OC- GD It is the Factory Overclocked Edition Core Clock MHz Std MHz I found this on Amazon for and keep in mind I'm getting the I spent for the current one back so I'm only spending around It's at - http www amazon com Gigabyte-Radeo IAHT WH AR Is this a good choice or should I be considering other graphics cards before making a decision

A:Best Graphics Card for my system???

Or, should I be looking at the Diamond AMD Radeon HD 7970 PCIE 3G GDDR5 Video Graphics Card 7970PE53G at Diamond AMD Radeon HD 7970 PCIE 3G GDDR5 Video Graphics Card 7970PE53G: Electronics ?

Or, maybe look at the Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 OC with Boost 3GB DDR5 DL-DVI-I/SL-DVI-D/HDMI/DP PCI-Express Graphics Card 11197-03-40G at ?

These are all around the price range I'd like to stay in.

Also another question... my computer only has one lead that plugs in to the end of the graphics card. Do any of these mentioned about require two leads? If so, how do I accommodate that?

Can I split the one lead I have into two, or would I have to install another lead from whereever it connects to, like power supply?
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Hi I Best For System?? Graphics Card My just bought an EVGA GeForce GB DDR graphics card as an upgrade from ATI Radeon Whenever i remove my old graphics card and put in the new one i get the dell loading screen then the computer Best Graphics Card For My System?? beeps and restarts Never gets to windows loading screen I cannot get to safe mode to try and install the drivers I've read an article here Best video card upgrade for Inspiron Q ghz - Machinima Forum - Gaming - Dell Community with someone having the exact same issue Within the responses were the recommended graphics card for his system Which is exactly the same as mine The recommended cards are all PCI-E X the same as the GeForce that i just bought Am i to assume that the card is bad or is there a feature about the recommended cards that make them compatible Or is my motherboard just not compatible with PCI-E x After doing a little research on my system i'm sure i have a PCI-E but is it or x I cannot seem to find the exact specifications on the expansion slots for my Dell Inspiron Q Quad Core I need to know what the heck is compatible with my computer so i can max it out for around bucks which is what i paid for the GB Geforce at a local Fry's Electronics I didn't think it was a bad deal I want to be able to play Starcraft Oblivion Batman Arkham Asylum etc at max settings Notes The power supply requirements for the Geforce are W and i have W Thanks for all responses If i can get enough information it might save me - trips back and forth from the store http www sevenforums com editpost php do editpost amp p

A:Best Graphics Card For My System??

Maybe that is just it. That card is just sucking more power than the whole unit can handle. I would suggest getting a bigger PWS in consideration of budget.

You have to take into consideration.

When you buy a system off the market from retail, they put in a PWS just big enough to handle what the default configuration is.

sorry for the grammar.. i just suck.
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Hey guys I was looking around the store for a few days and I found these 2! Can you guys tell me which one is better...

One is 1GB and the other is 512MB, does the memory matter? I know GTA IV needs 768MB of RAM on the card, I don't know what will happen when i try the game...I don't know about what future games will require so 1GB is choice for now. I didn't find a Geforce card because I don't understand the power supply rating of 18amps.

I need your help please!! thanks

Relevancy 56.33%

I'm looking at the specs on this:
Lenovo IdeaCentre K450e Desktop (57327391) Black
and I can't figure out what that graphics card actually is. As named, it doesn't appear to exist.
Any ideas?
I won't be building one, for various reasons, so has anyone found a better off-the-shelf, sub-1k system?
I'd be gaming and watching videos. I'd do both at the same time, ideally, so dual monitor support would be great.


A:What is THIS graphics card (pre-fab system)?

"NVIDIA GeForce GTX 720 2GB Graphics" is listed for its graphics device.

What's the actual description in the Display Adapters heading in the Device Manager?

Relevancy 56.33%

Hi.... I need to buy a new video card and would like to find a range cards that are compatible with win7 and will play the newer games on the market.
Thanks in advance for any assistance........

A:Looking for a graphics card for my win 7 system

For the system in your specs? First I would buy a proper PSU, then put in 6GB of triple channel RAM, if not 12GB, then put in a 5870. For that card, a Corsair HX 750 is enough.
Relevancy 56.33%

I needed to get a new graphics card for my computer, it has a AMD FX 8350. I also don't want it to bottleneck. Please give me some suggestions on a card.

A:New Graphics card for my system

Based on the game, processor speed is what is bottlenecking GPU's. What games do you play and at what resolution?
Relevancy 56.33%

Hi I currently have an GT mb graphics card it runs WoW and CS S alright but im looking for a little better performance I found this card and was wondering if my computer has enough power supply and system graphics this Can run card? my has all the right other hook ups Here is the card s specs GPU VPU NVIDIA GeForce GS RAMDAC Dual MHz Additional Features RoHS Compliant HDCP Enabled HDTV Ready SLI Ready OpenGL DirectX PCI Express Vista Certified Maximum Resolution x Digital Video Memory MB Memory Type DDR Core Clock MHz Memory Interface -bit Memory Clock MHz Stream Processors Interface Type PCI Express Interface Speed x Connector s Dual DVI Dual Link HDTV S-Video Multiple Monitors Support Yes It also has heat sink and a fan I m getting the card from a friend so if I can run it Can my system run this graphics card? let me know How do I post up my system specs so you guys can tell me if I can run it Thanks for all the help I really appreciate it Can my system run this graphics card? nbsp

A:Can my system run this graphics card?

Please put your System Specs information in your Profile

If your computer is a brand label (like Dell; HP; ...) then type in the Brand and model number in the mobo field of your Profile
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I am wanting to upgrade my graphics card to the following one

Would this work on my current system M3400 ACER ?

I think my computer has a 300W power supply.
Processor: AMD Phenom II X6 2.6Ghz
RAM: Soon to be 8GB
OS: Windows 7 64

On this page about my PC model info it says maximum PSU 300W, does that mean I am screwed and cant get this ? as I wont be able to upgrade power supply if its needed or is that something else ?

Relevancy 55.47%

I'm contemplating building my own machine so I'm looking for advice on what graphics card to go for. I reckon I'll go with an AMD athlon processor to begin with so I'm looking for a 256MB card that'll complement it. I'll probably go for an AGP slot one so if anyone has any ideas or wants to set me on the right path it would be much appreciated.

A:Recommendations for graphics card/system set-up

I think we need to know your budget, and what you want to do with the card first.

If you have no budget, get a 6800ultra agp card.

Pci-e is the newest graphics slot. If you going to be building a new pc, might as well use the newest tech. There isn't much price difference between agp and pci-e.
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I recently purchased a computer at a Black Friday sale for my little brother These are the specs Motherboard N-Alvorix-RS -uATX Alvorix Figure Motherboard top view Image of motherboard Manufacturer Foxconn Form factor uATX Chipset AMD G Memory sockets x DDR Front side bus speeds MHz Processor socket AM Expansion Slots o PCI Express x slot for graphics card o PCI Express x slots o PCI Express x minicard slot For more details see Alvorix motherboard specifications Processor AMD Athlon TM X quad-core processor GHz MB L up to MHz system my graphics card handle can What best the bus Processor upgrade information Motherboard supports the following What the best graphics card my system can handle processor upgrades NOTE Only Socket AM processors are supported with this motherboard AMD Phenom II X xxT Six-Core Thuban core AMD Phenom II X xx xxe xx Quad-Core Deneb core AMD Phenom II X xx xxe Triple-Core Heka core AMD Phenom II X xx Callisto core AMD Athlon X xx xxe Propus AMD Athlon X xx xxe Rana AMD Athlon X xx xxe Regor AMD Sempron Single Core xx Sargas core Memory GB Amount GB x GB Speed PC - MB sec Type DDR - Memory upgrade information Dual channel memory architecture Two DDR DIMMs -pin sockets o PC - DDR - o PC - DDR - Non-ECC memory only unbuffered Supports GB GB and GB DDR DIMMs Supports up to GB on -bit systems DIMMs run at DDR - Supports up to GB on -bit PCs -bit PCs cannot address a full GB of memory Video graphics Integrated graphics using ATI Radeon Integrated video is not available if a graphics card is installed Integrated graphics using ATI Radeon Integrated graphics concurrent use of the the DVI and VGA ports is supported Also supports PCI Express x graphics cards NOTE Either integrated graphics or the PCI Express x slot are usable at one time they are not usable concurrently Sound Audio Integrated ALC S-VD audio Integrated audio is not available if a sound card is installed Audio CODEC ALC S-VD Number of channels Maximum sample rate up to Hz Supports one SPDIF digital connection Networking LAN -Base-T Technology PCI Realtek RTL E Data transfer speeds up to Mb s Transmission standards -Base-T Ethernet Hard drive TB Figure Hard drive Image of hard drive Size TB Interface SATA Transfer rating Gb sec Rotational Speed RPM CD DVD disc drive SuperMulti DVD Burner with LightScribe Technology drive Figure Optical drive Image of the optical drive Interface SATA Data buffer memory MB minimum LightScribe yes Disc diameter mm Write and read speeds for supported formats and disc types are shown in this table Formats Disc types Write speeds Read speeds Storage capacity DVD DVD-ROM SL NA up to x up to GB DVD-ROM DL NA up to X up to GB DVD R SL up to x up to X up to GB DVD R DL up to x up to x up to GB DVD RW SL up to x up to x up to GB DVD RW DL not supported DVD-R SL up to x up to x up to GB DVD-R DL up to x up to x up to GB DVD-RW SL up to x up to x up to GB DVD-RW DL not supported DVD-RAM up to x up to x GB CD CDROM NA up to X up to MB CDR up to X up to X up to MB CDRW up to X up to X up to MB CD-DA NA up to X up to MB Video CD NA up to X up to MB Memory Card Reader -in- multimedia card reader Figure View of memory card reader Image of card reader Supports the following cards Compact Flash I Compact Flash II IBM Microdrive MD Memory Stick MS Memory Stick Duo Duo Memory Stick Pro PRO Memory Stick Pro Duo Pro Duo MultiMediaCard MMC MultiMediaCard Mobile MMC mobile MultiMediaCard Plus MMC plus Reduced size MultiMediaCard RS-MMC Secure Digital SD Secure Digital miniSD Mini Smart Media xD Picture Card xD Computer Case Mid-size ATX Height cm inches Width cm inches Length cm inches Bay size Total Bays cm inch cm inch Bays may be occupied by existing hardware Power Supply W W power supply I O Ports Front I O ports USB Headphone Microphone Back I O ports Figure Back I O panel - One electrical S PDIF Output - One VGA port - Four USB ports - One RJ Mb s LAN - Center Subwoofer-out yellow - orange - Rear speaker-out black - Line-in light blue -... Read more
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Hi ,

For a long time now I've been struggling with random freezes on my pc (see previous post:

These have continued and recently come to a head when trying to play Assassins Creed 2. It freezes the minute the game loads and I just get white noise from the speakers & have to hard reset the system.

I'm not getting any BSOD's - the whole system just hangs.

I'm just wondering whether (seeing as the ESTools came back clean) it's my graphics card that is causing the problem (and whether AC2 is triggering it?), but don't know how to check?

Could anyone give any advice at all?



(Latest DXDiag attached)

A:Could graphics card be crashing my system?

yes it can cause a system to crash. have you updated your video drivers to the latest version?
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I have built my computer from scratch. It includes the following:

Mother Board
• Epox 9npa series-phoenix
• 1 PCI-Express 16
• 3 PCI-Express
• 3 PCI
• 6 current USB2.0
• 2 gig. Roswell DDR memory (4-512 sticks 186 pin)
• LAN with Ethernet
• 8ch audio
• AMD Athlon 64 processor 3200+ 2.0 GHz. 1000FSB. Hyper Tran.
• NVIDIA GeForce4 MX440
• 64 MB. Ram
• 200MHz. core clock

Light-on DVD combo drive (SOHC-5232K)
Windows XP home edition
Seagate 400 GB. Hard Drive
350 watt power supply MAD DOG

I am looking for the best graphics card for the purpose of gaming, and video streaming.
Any recommendations

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http www shopping hp com shopping data sheet pc a html Here are the specifications for my Desktop It s a bit old now My Can Upgrade Card? I System Graphics yes But I m wondering if I HAVE TO install a Graphics Card that is runs on DDR Memory can I make it run on DDR Because honestly I see a lot of low performance DDR Graphics cards Please help and thank you http h www hp com ewfrf wc document lc en amp dlc en amp cc us amp docname c Also the motherboard specifications says it can be upgraded up to GB of RAM But Compaq says only GB Is it because the Desktop is running on Windows Can I Upgrade My System Graphics Card? XP Home Edition I really which I can upgrade it to at least GB Please and thank you I just want a decent PC that can play games like Fallout and run applications more smoothly if it s not worth it I will buy a new PC I m kind of a noob please help and thank you nbsp

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Hi everyone ~

I'm trying to upgrade my graphics card from a Nitro II (STB) Vision 95 to something better, that will generally play games well. Here are my system specs:

AMD K-6 2 300 MhZ processor
Viatech chipset on Motherboard (just loaded latest patches for it)
AGP Slot
Open PCI slot

I tried a Diamond Stealth S540 and spent 5 hours trying to get it to work. I finally gave up on the thing and am ready to try something new. PLEASE someone, can you recommend something in the $100 or under price range? It is just for a gaming system.

Thanks a million .....

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Hi all I bought a Sapphire ATI XT last week It worked fine for a few days but then all of a sudden it basically stopped working On my used card being properly Graphics not by system system AMD I went from getting - fps frame skip in Diablo to getting - fps Graphics card not being used properly by system and - frame skip The effects are visible everywhere though Flight Simulator is horribly slow and very poor graphics looks like it is drawn in software mode and even the dxdiag tests display evident lag At first I suspected a hardware failure so I took the new card out and put the old one back in strangely enough the exact same symptoms occured Put the new card back in still the same problem So I suspected that my windows XP SP installation was hosed so I reinstalled problem persists No hardware has been changed for months with the exception of the video card Both cards are AGP x btw It seems like the system is completely ignoring the graphics card and just rendering everything through software acceleration I think that it could be either a partially hosed mobo or possibly the drain is just straining my crappy W DEER too much Any suggestions on where to go from here Anyone experienced this before Thanks Oh for the record my system Processor AMD Motherboard ECS K S A Pro Ram mb DDR Hard Disks WD gig WD gig Video ATI Radeon XT OS Windows XP Pro SP nbsp

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Hi all,

I'm looking to get a new card - maybe a 7870, 270 or 270X and I was wondering about the system requirements, and they often say 4GB RAM.

My mobo can only take 4GB (and gives me just under as usable system RAM) and I can't get the mobo to allow more than 4GB even when I tried 64bit W7 (I've got 32bit W7 Ultimate at the moment).

If I got a 2GB card, how would this work with my system? Would I not be able to use the 4GB system RAM and the 2GB graphics card RAM, or is this separate (I didn't think they were!)? What does the 4GB minimum in the system requirements relate to? Wouldonly having slightly less than 4GB, or not being able to use more than 4GBt cause problems etc?

Any advice, as ever, greatly appreciated!

A:Graphics card system RAM requirements

Windows 32bit limits to a maximum of 4gb ram, thats everything that has RAM. so youll only have 2gb of system ram and 2gb GPU ram.

Any game that will push a 270x to its limits will use waaaaaaaay more than 2gb of ram so that will be your bottle neck. 4gb isnt exactly enough for most intensive games if you have anything running in the back ground.
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Hi I plan on purchasing a Fujitsu PI Amilo desktop Intel Core Quad Processor Q processor GHz processor speed MB cache GB RAM GB hard drive capacity x optical drive x CD-ROM read speed x CD-RW write speed x DVD-ROM read speed x DVD-RW write speed NVIDIA GeForce GT graphics card GB graphics memory Media card reader - compatible with Compact Flash I Compact Flash II Micro Drive Smart Media Card Memory Stick Memory Stick Duo Memory Stick PRO Memory Stick PRO Duo Memory Stick Micro Secure Digital Secure Digital HC Mini Secure Digital Micro Secure Digital Multimedia Card RS Multimedia Card Multimedia Card mobile Multimedia Card micro xD picture Card xD picture Card M type xD picture Card H type adapter required x USB ports x Ethernet Card Upgrading This With System? Graphics ports x FireWire Upgrading Graphics Card With This System? ports x PCI Express x x PCI Express x x PCI PCI slots high-definition audio sound card Microsoft Vista Home Premium operating system installed Software included Norton Internet Security trial version with days free updates Nero Wired keyboard and mouse Size H W D cm Weight kg Click to expand I have a PNY Geforce GTS MB PCI Express Graphics Card Will I be able to use this card in the system nbsp

A:Upgrading Graphics Card With This System?

Don't know what power supply comes with the unit, but the card calls for:
Minimum 450W or greater system power supply (with a minimum 12V current rating of 24A)Click to expand...

So you may need to upgrade the PSU if it doesn't meet that.
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Hi My current card can run The Sims on the minumum possible settings at an outstanding frames per second Jealous much In case you didn t realise I really wanna replace this hunk of junk As stated it can barely run The Sims let alone any other games The card is integrated into my motherboard in graphics system? my card work this Will its the ATi Radeon Xpress I want to replace it with a ATi HD The GB DDR version However I need to know if its going to be compatible with my computer I currently have a W power supply without a PCI-E connector So I need to replace that But money is tight I need to keep the combined cost of Will this graphics card work in my system? the PSU and the graphics Will this graphics card work in my system? card under Here s what I wanna buy PSU http www ebuyer com product Graphics http www Will this graphics card work in my system? videocardshop co uk viewproduct aspx part HD- X-ZDFC Some info on the card I wanna buy http www amd com us products desktop graphics ati-radeon-hd- hd- Pages ati-radeon-hd- -overview aspx I need to know that I ll have no problems working it Here are my specs Windows Xp Home SP Bit Mobo Rio - GA- TRC MNF-RH Intel Pentium D Smithfield GHz GB DDR - RAM although I actually have GB but it only detects GB but thats another story and I know what to do to fix it PCI-E x slot So will I have any problems with getting it to work Will the PSU at the link be good enough for it My computer doesn t accept DDR RAM so will a DDR graphics card be alright My PCIE slot is only a PCIE do I need a PCIE Will I have any problems with the Physical Address Space ie Will I get all of the memory out of it Is there anything I need to know before buying and installing a new card I need to be certain I really don t want to have to sell it on again after buying it if it doesn t work Thanks nbsp

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Hey guys, I've got a somewhat older Dell Dimension 4800, with Intel Extreme Graphics 2 (integrated card) and I was wondering if it's possible to upgrade the graphics card or if I'm stuck with what I've got because it's an integrated card? I know for laptops if you've got integrated you're basically screwed, which is the case with my ATI Raden X1200, but is it possible to update desktops? Thanks!

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Right now I am deciding on a new graphics solution for my current SFF build I use a quot monitor at x resolution I was looking at an HD but I have seen that there are issues with heat and because I am using an SFF case I could see it being a big deal for me especially if I were to my Card Graphics for SFF system? Solution decide to get a second one later on I am Graphics Card Solution for my SFF system? wondering if an HD is Graphics Card Solution for my SFF system? significantly cooler than the HD Then I could even double the HD s later on also My other solution would be a single HD faster and cooler HD but they are expensive and the prices will only drop so I would rather just buy mid range card now and another mid range card later if i absolutely need to I guess I could put it as x HD s vs x HD s vs HD I would like to do up to HD s eventually but see the heating as an issue That makes me retreat back to the HD s If I needed to though I could set aside money for the single HD solution any advice The cards http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Current build for reference Lian Li v case DFI LP JR AM mobo AMD Phenom II x ghz gbs Corsair Dominator DDR RAM Corsair H liquid cpu cooler nbsp

A:Graphics Card Solution for my SFF system?

It really is up to you, yes heat could be an issue but with these cards they all vent their heat out the back of your case, in Crossfire the inside card will almost always have a tendency of being hotter. It comes down to cost vs performance, cheapest would be the single 4890 but for an extra $40 the 2x 4850 beat that, and again the dual 4870 is more powerful but another $60 more. Also your PSU will have to be able to handle the dual 4870's if you do go that way. With the dual 4870's you will have one monstrous little box on your hands.
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I have an Aspire X1700 and I recently upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate and I'm trying to find a graphics card that will work for my system. Right now I have a GeForce 100 and it works fine but I'm looking for the best graphics card that my PC will support. I'm a gamer and I'm looking for something that'll run games like oblivion and fallout with high video settings smoothly.

A:I need help choosing the best graphics card for my system

I've been looking at the Radeon HD 5570 ( Would that work on my PC?
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I am thinking of upgrading my graphics card and would like
some advice.My system is a PII 400 MHz with an Intel
i740 card, someone said the latest cards won't be a good
choice since they require a better system and that I should
look for TNT2 or Geforce 2mx at the most.The i740 card was
not able to run 3D intensive games but after updating to
DirectX 8.0 it was able to run most of them although at
lower resolutions.Now it seems the newer games need
multitexturing, which my card does not support.So what
do you think?


A:Graphics card upgrade for PII system

gforce2 mx 400 would be a low cost choice, the tnt2 is too old in my opinion.
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Hi HP had updates to do for some hardware on my notebook one of the updates was for the finger reader After the required reboot windows wouldnt recognize my password and gave an error message of a bad stub I then performed a system restore to an earlier date when it completed i got the quot black screen of death not after used system card Graphics restore being quot but Graphics card not being used after system restore if i pressed ctrl-alt-dlt i could shit down the pc i did that and restarted and it booted to windows and gave me the message that the restore had completed successfully I use the notebook to play starcraft and since the system restore my fps dropped drastically ingame to the point where i actually cant play I tried lowering all the graphics settings and the fps improved drastically So i assume there is a problem with my graphics card The switchable graphics says that it is set to high performance I have googled for the last days to try find a solution to this problem but i am unable to find anyone with the same problem i have tried re-installing the graphics drivers and BIOS drivers it is still not working I tried disabling the onboard graphics card and running the Graphics card not being used after system restore game but it comes up with an error and wont start the game Any suggestions Regards Jono

A:Graphics card not being used after system restore

*shut (paragraph 2) sorry about that....
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hi i hav a system thts pretty old yrs or so P mb DDR mb onboard graphics S for my Best system graphics match card prosavage old aint it mobo ECS make VIA chipset GB maxtor i upgraded from mb sdram recently to mb DDR problem is i wanna Best graphics card match for my system a graphics card to make my system complete and my mobo has issues it wont take an X card i ve tested and i hav this gut feelin tht the mobo wont recognize more than mb ram the mobo is ancient u see and buyin mb GPU will be a waste of bucks for me so suggestion is a GF Ti but tht thing is difficult to get at this point of time i seem to hav some revulsion towards GF MX series and ATi R seems kinda too old do u guys hav any ideas of course if nothin else opens up which is the better of GF MX series R R i m open to suggestions from the techies out here maybe a relative grading of cards comnpatible with my mobo thnks -firelance nbsp

A:Best graphics card match for my system

dude!. instead of keep putting some, and some more money into your ancient pc isnt very practical. Save your money. and get a new mainboard,cpu,ram,gpu later.. i was considering buying more ram for my computer, but i really want the whole thing new. so ill rather save the money. because the ram isnt useable on the next computer im going to buy.

sure if you really want a better computer to play some game youve bought or is going to buy. The way to get there is 512 mb ddr ram. and a gf4ti dont worry about the 128 mb ram .. if you find the card to be sold anywhere
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hey whats up i was woundering if someone could help me with a problem im having with my graphics card my card is a nvidia geforce mx ther r three possible causes here whats going on downloaded drivers for the card that were not digittally signed and tested for micro soft the second thing i did was install drivers for my monitor BENQ V and i had an old pci graphics card i was trying to fix for my cousin these r the probems i am having my monitor shows red and blue lines and it flickers for a couple of minutes then it crashes i get blue screen relating to memory and when i install the card under monitors in the devics manager crashing graphics system card im getting three default monitors showing graphics card crashing system that r running off of my card when i go to display my dual monitor is showing that both monitors are running of my card and i have only one monitor connected one says plug and play the second one is showing default my first should be saying default i also notice that in cmos my video is saying ega vga and it should be vga ega what i graphics card crashing system tried to do fix it was uninstall graphics drivers for monitor also tried to uninstall the other monitors in device manager ive tried to reset video in cmos back to default ive tried earlier version drivers for card and still no change Any help would be apreciated Ive tried to change resolution to lower settings tried to change refresh rate nbsp

A:graphics card crashing system

Duplicate Thread
Original -
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hey whats up i was woundering if someone could help me with a problem im having with my graphics card my crashing graphics system card card is a nvidia geforce mx ther r three possible causes here whats going on downloaded drivers for the card that were not digittally signed and tested for micro soft the second graphics card crashing system thing i did was install drivers for my monitor BENQ V and i had an old pci graphics card i was trying to fix for my cousin these r the probems i am having my monitor shows red and blue lines and it flickers for a couple of minutes then it graphics card crashing system crashes i get blue screen relating to memory and when i install the card under monitors in the graphics card crashing system devics manager im getting three default monitors showing that r running off of my card when i go to display my dual monitor is showing that both monitors are running of my card and i have only one monitor connected one says plug and play the second one is showing default my first should be saying default i also notice that in cmos my video is saying ega vga and it should be vga ega what i tried to do fix it was uninstall graphics drivers for monitor also tried to uninstall the other monitors in device manager ive tried to reset video in cmos back to default ive tried earlier version drivers for card and still no change Any help would be apreciated ive also tried to change refresh rate and lower resolution settings nbsp

A:graphics card crashing system

Navigate To C:\windows\minidump
Zip some of the recent minidumps and attach them here