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Upgraded CPU on laptop, now screen won't work

Q: Upgraded CPU on laptop, now screen won't work

Hi, hope I've put enough specs in profile for you to help. I have a Compaq Presario 6735s I bought around 2008. CPU quite slow but graphics card not bad so made decision to upgrade. Looked up the laptop manual here to find compatible CPUs for motherboard, socket type etc. Went through 3 different (*****ic) buys before I found one that actually fitted.
Now with everything reassembled, screen will flash up once upon powering on, then nothing. All usual lights come on, even my wireless connects, makes usual start up noises, fan, dvd drive etc ....
Proceeded to take everything apart again, re-connected everything I tampered with. Even RAM, which I didn't have to remove before.
Still same reaction starting up.

Really frustrated with myself as thought this would be the right one. Could honestly cry, haha.

I read the tutorial on here called 'No POST' to no avail either. I really hope it can come back from this.
One last thing I can think of (before pulling new CPU out) is upgrading BIOS to support new CPU but with no screen I am stuck.

Can someone please give me a little direction?

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Preferred Solution: Upgraded CPU on laptop, now screen won't work

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Upgraded CPU on laptop, now screen won't work

Did you re-install the old CPU to see if the laptop booted normally again? Upgrading CPU's on laptop motherboards can be a very difficult thing to do. What is supposed to be compatible in reality is not
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So about a week ago I made the decision to update to windows 10, little did I know it was going to crash my laptop. what happens is my screen won't stop flashing. The icons on my screen appear and disappear over and over and over again. It never stops. It never stayz long enough for me to click on anything.

My question is, is there anything I can manually do, that won't erase the entirety of my hard drive, to either restore it back to windows 7 or just make windows 10 work?

I'd really love some advice, I honestly don't want to pay to have it checked out. (I'm a poor college student)
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Hey there,

I have a HP Pavillion Entertainment Pc HP9700 that was previously running on xp....

i upgraded to seven and the mic hasn't worked ever since....

common sense would tell me it's a driver i need to install but i'm not savy in the field and i can't find such thing. any ideas? thanks in advance.

A:Upgraded to Seven now mic doesn't work

microphones don't generally need drivers.

maybe you just need to turn it on and give it a boost.

control panel >> hardware and sound >> manage audio devices >> recording tab >> click on microphone >> properties >> levels >> crank it up >> maybe there's a custom tab too with a boost box to tick.

also make sure the mic is set to be the default device if you want to record from it.
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So i got 2 512mb sticks of ram and removed a 256mb, I put the 2 in and now all that happens when i turn it on is a fan comes on. i tried putting the old ram back in and the same thing happens.

A:Upgraded RAM, PC wont work any more

Try resetting the bios by the jumpers, they should be blue, ive seen some that are brown. If you have your manual to your motherboard it will specify where they are.
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Hi guys.

after several months of my hubby complaining that I haven't upgraded to XP (becasue of his schooling) I finally did it.. and now I'm having a problem with my Adaptec CD creator 4

it will give me an initilizing error.

I did read that this was a problems for those who used the program and upgraded to XP something about its now Roxio or something.

can someone enlighten me on this for what I have to do, or show me a better program that I can use for Free. I can't find my CD for the adaptec program anymore..

A:upgraded to XP can't get burner to work

Some applications are not compatible with WinXp. I think this is one of them. You might want to read this and follow the suggestions:

If you want a free alternative burning program, may I suggest Deepburner Free? You can find it here:

Click on Products to find free version.
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I have a packard bell Easynote ts, I started having problems with my laptop over heating and so to solve that problem I decided to open it up and clean the fan, at fist everything was fine when I put it back together but I have conected the wires back lordly and so the the keyboard wires fell out of place and it I have to open it a second time to make sure I connected the wires right.

I then turned it on again and this time the screen stopped working, I could still hear the start up noise, I can even logg in from memory of my layout.

Can some one place tell me how I can fix this problem with my screen please, i will be getting a hdmi cable tomorrow to help me truble shoot, I'm just not too good with terminalligy

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Hi all At the weekend I purchased via online download from Microsoft website Windows Vista Home Premium SP My son built me a media PC using a motherboard and processor he already had & Vista Upgraded won't work now motherboard ram I purchased brand new SATA hard drives x terrabyte He built the PC loaded vista and it all worked beautifully except we couldn't get the media player to Upgraded motherboard & ram now Vista won't work display properly We decided that as we had already invested a fair bit into this system we would buy a new motherboard which Upgraded motherboard & ram now Vista won't work included onboard graphics that could display HDMI through our new TV Motherboard and new ram arrived today and all duly installed It all boots up but gets to the 'windows won't start' screen - and lists the options choose safe mode etc and it seems to load windows drivers lists all of them on the screen and then just goes round in circles and does the whole thing again I tried to do a repair your computer but that doesn't work either My other son tells me he thinks that as it is considered a new pc motherboard change means most parts are onboard and therefore Vista thinks it's a whole new PC I will have to do a complete reinstall - is this the case One other to note is that we have tried using both VGA and HDMI display outputs but the problem remains the same with both Anyway - this is my setup Motherboard - Asus P Q-EM Ram GB Hard Drives - x TB Windows Vista Home Premium SP full version not upgrade or OEM Display screen is a Toshiba ZF DB I hope this is enough information for someone to help me PS two of the TB drives are set up in a raid mirror configuration as I am a photographer and this is my storage and back up for photographs slideshows etc but I don't think that makes any difference

A:Upgraded motherboard & ram now Vista won't work

your son is correct in that:4-that vista will consider the new mobo as new pc you need to reinstall vista
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After my 10 not to and work DV6 the my Upgraded Windows WiFi does now upgrade to Windows on my HP Pavilion dv t- c CTO Quad Edition Entertainment Notebook the Wifi is no longer working in the sense that it does not find my Wifi network nbsp I believe that technically the dv t is not supported by HP for Windows but everything thing else seems to work albeit a bit differently at times nbsp For instance the WiFi but no longer toggles the WiFi on off but now turns Airplane mode on off Upgraded my DV6 to Windows 10 and now the WiFi does not work nbsp In my office I am most always on my wired network so this is not an issue but certainly will be when I am not Upgraded my DV6 to Windows 10 and now the WiFi does not work in the office nbsp The driver is at the latest available for Windows from HP so I'm not sure this is Upgraded my DV6 to Windows 10 and now the WiFi does not work a driver issue or something else nbsp Any ideas or has anyone else had this issue on a dv t nbsp I should also mention that Bluetooth no longer works either service will not start

A:Upgraded my DV6 to Windows 10 and now the WiFi does not work

TBiggi1 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I had EXACTLY the same problem on my DV6 laptop -- after I upgraded it to Win10.  Despite pushing the WiFi key time after time, it would always stay orange and the WiFi never worked. But ... to fix this, I had to do the "upgrade" again -- and do two things very differently ... 1: Prepare for clean-install:If, after the upgrade, your PC is only partially functioning, that means that the Upgrade did not go well and stuff is still there from the prior OS corrupting the functionality of Win10. You MIGHT be able to fix this by doing a clean-install of Win10. Problem is that a clean-install often does not recognize the prior activation, even though it should. So, you need to do 2( below BEFORE you do the clean-install: 2) Create a file needed to reactivate Win10 after the clean-install BEFORE you do the upgrade, follow these instructions from the community Win10 forums about creating a genuineticket.xml file: You will need this later to activate your Win10 pc after the clean-install. NOTE: I did the clean-install, and even though the product-key was SUPPOSED to work to activate Win10, it did not. And, calls to MS about this were wastes of time -- since the MS idiots said I could not activate Win10 with a Win7 product key!! What DID work was using the genuineticket approach documented in the tenforums thread. I copied that from the USB stick where I saved it, rebooted, and after that, my DV6 was activated -- and it's been working great ever since! ---------------------------I did note that you ALREADY did the Upgrade, so you might not be able to do the genuineticket stuff, and if that does not work, after the clean-install, you will NOT be able to activate your copy of Win10. So, yet another workaround that MIGHT work, instead of doing a clean-install, is doing something known as a Repair-Install.  This is the least destructive of all the Windows recovery functions and rewrites the Windows system files, including the drivers, leaving your data, settings, and applications intact.To do this, you will need to use the link to download Win10 installation media and either burn a DVD or create a USB stick: that when you go do download and build install media, the tool defaults to matching what is already installed on your PC (as in, Home for Home, 64-bit for 64-bit). Make sure you select the same version as needed for your PC. If you do not, the resulting media will be different and will force you to enter a NEW product code!Once you have that media, follow the instructions in the link: Luck
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I have upgraded to windows 10 and now my DVD is blocked.

A:I have upgraded to windows 10 and now my DVD wont work has b...

Hi, Try following the procedure under the sub-heading Resolution 5 - create a registry subkey on the link below. Regards, DP-K
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my laptop screen works sometimes and for some reason it gets stuck at the motherboard logo....
can anyone help me with this? ive never had this issue before

A:Laptop screen doesnt work 50% of the time

that wouldn't be a screen problem. That's a booting problem. Your drive could be corrupt. run CHKDSK C:
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Hi so I have an Acer Aspire LMi and for as long as I ve had it it has been susceptible to overheating easily and crashing Normally this is resolved by manually cutting the power and everything is fine and dandy Now my sister was on the laptop and shut Laptop turn will on/screen doesn't work not it down normally and the next time I came to turn it Laptop will not turn on/screen doesn't work on the green light on the power button came on and I could hear some fans whirring inside and the CD drive was spinning basically everything one would expect for a normal boot up except there was nothing on the screen No faint images and the same happened when I attached a monitor and attempted to switch between screens I have tried many solution so far such as opening up the laptop to see if the screen has come loose and checking RAM processor etc Laptop will not turn on/screen doesn't work however everything seems to be fine and all connected Was hoping for any possible ideas as to how to resolve my problem or whether it is more likely to be a component failure due to the overheating mentioned Sorry for the long windedness I am just trying to be as specific as possible to save answering all the basic questions over and over Thanks for any help Matt nbsp

A:Laptop will not turn on/screen doesn't work

If you see normal views on the external screen, you likely have burned out your LCD Screen inverter. You should be able to find replacements online, but you need experience installing inverters. There are about 18 screws to remove since you must disassemble the top half of the case, and remove the screen to access the inverter socket which is at the bottom of the screen. Usually you can get an inverter for $15, but there are almost no two alike so be sure you have the correct one.
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Hello I have a Toshiba Tecra M laptop without a functioning screen The original screen died over the course of a couple of days I believe it Still Doesn't Work Screen Laptop Replaced, was the backlight The screen would go very dark but I could still see images on the screen very faintly I would press the toggle switch that syncs with an external monitor a couple of times and eventually the screen would come on again This went on for a couple of days until finally I could see the screen trying to come on partially lighting one corner but unable to turn on I connected my laptop to an external monitor and was able to get by with that while I waited for my replacement to come I ordered a quot screen caddy quot from eBay the same model as my laptop sold as-is for parts Among the working parts on it were the screen and the fingerpad mouse which I also needed The quot screen caddy quot is unable to boot but it starts the process enough so that you can see the screen does work properly The trouble is that when I put the screen Laptop Screen Replaced, Still Doesn't Work into my own computer Laptop Screen Replaced, Still Doesn't Work I don t get any image at all The symptoms are different from my original problem I m not able to see images on the screen even faintly I can see that the backlight does come on I ve checked the connections and cannot find a problem I m out of ideas for what to try Any suggestions would be most appreciated Thank you nbsp

A:Laptop Screen Replaced, Still Doesn't Work

The backlight is usually all or nothing. Did you change the Inverter as well as the screen ?

Please explain what a 'screen caddy' is and exactly which parts you have exchanged.
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Hi i would like some help my laptop screen stops working when login to windows when in normal boot 64x Laptop in work vista screen doesn't mode So when i boot in safe mode it does work also i don't know when it stop working in vista since i normally always work with my tv you see and rarely switch back to my laptop screen so what i have tried so far reinstalled the VGA drivers fn f checked with search amp destroy ad-aware and comodo Laptop screen doesn't work in vista 64x virus scanner updated everything let windows repair it-self did a system restore to a earlier date but the only one i had was from days before i noticed the problem so not very useful cleaned out my start up programs also did a Cclean of my browsers and reg also uninstalled some programs i didn't use or didn't know why they were on it anyway specs intel core duo t intel m chip gb ram vista x ultimate if you want more specs ask so can some help me out please i have ran out off idea's what to do about it

A:Laptop screen doesn't work in vista 64x

Model Number Please?
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Merry Christmas Team.

My little brother came home from work one night and now is screen doesn't work at all. no flickering, backlight etc. I connected it top the TV via HDMI and even that didn't show up anything.

How high are the chances that his graphics card has died?


A:Laptop Screen doesn't work, No Backlight

There aren't really graphics cards in laptops, they are built in to the motherboard. So, if it isn't displaying anything even when on the bios or start screen, it may be the motherboard that is bad.
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My computer came with windows 7, I did the up grade to windows 8, then I did the down load to windows 10. Did not do recovery point. Some of systems do not work with 10. It has been a couple of months since I did upgrade. How can I get back to windows 8?

A:Some of my devices do not work when I upgraded to 10. How can I get back to Windows 8?

The shortest way is to use a Windows 8 installation disc since the 30-day rollback period has already lapsed.
If you still have the Windows 7 installation disc that came with your PC, then use that to reinstall Windows 7 then upgrade back to Windows 8.1.
You may create a Windows Central account to respond in this thread.
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I just upgraded to Vista and my speakers fail to work. They are connected in the correct socket.. Do I need to update the driver, if so how? Or is there some otehr problem..

A:Upgraded to Vista now sound doesn't work..

I just checked it in devices and it says it cannot load driver software... what should I do?
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First off this is my sisters PC which is 250 miles from me. I tried to get her online but no go. I had her reset the Modem,Uninstall the Network adapter and reboot,Double click on the Internet Red X and it tells her the cable is disconnected.

Her PC is not hooked up to the Modem with Ethernet. It must have been wireless. She told me her Network Adapter and it is the same as mine. Realtech PCIe.

After not being able to get it going from here I told her to go to Walmart and get an Ethernet cable and how to connect it. Should work for her that way but I was wondering what else it could be.

I hate long distance fixes. I could have thouhgt it out if I was there but not having the same setup as her I am drawing a blank. I am 63.

A:Upgraded to Windows 10 and now the internet doesn't work.

it maybe a driver issue
see if there are drivers available for that model for windows 10
the PC may not be compatible with windows 10

if its a laptop - the wireless switch or FN/F-Key maybe set for the wireless to be off, or it may be in "airplane" mode
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I have a Lexmark x4650 wireless printer. When I upgraded to Windows 10 it lost the wireless connection. I bought a new wireless router/modem combo (Zoom Technologies Model 5363) but the printer will not pick up the wireless connection. I have updated the driver, uninstalled it, reset to factory settings, put the install disk in and followed the prompts ... nothing has worked.

I looked at Lexmarks website, they said that there isn't a new driver for this model but that it should work as a basic wireless printer.

Help me please!

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about eleven months ago, i got a new hp. os vista processor AMD Phenom Quad- Core Memory(Ram) 1.81Ghz, 2.87 GB of RAM, 32-Bit Operating sys. After 10 months I, started getting the White screen of death. When this happened the only way to get it back was us my restore disks. I, got a Windows7 RC disk, and Upgraded mysys. to windows7. every thing works great except Dune 2000, and Emperor: Battle for Dune. Dune 2000 loads sound, you can hear it just fine, but no picture at all, just blank screen. I, have checked compatibility, and resolution, and no joy there.If anyone has any idea pls let me know.
On Emperor, i get game.exe has encountered a problem, and has to close. so I send the problem report, and it closes out.That is all I get on Emperor, So if anyone can help please send info my way Thanks alot.
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First off this is my sisters PC which is 250 miles from me. I tried to get her online but no go. I had her reset the Modem,Uninstall the Network adapter and reboot,Double click on the Internet Red X and it tells her the cable is disconnected.

Her PC is not hooked up to the Modem with Ethernet. It must have been wireless. She told me her Network Adapter and it is the same as mine. Realtech PCIe.

After not being able to get it going from here I told her to go to Walmart and get an Ethernet cable and how to connect it. Should work for her that way but I was wondering what else it could be.

I hate long distance fixes. I could have thouhgt it out if I was there but not having the same setup as her I am drawing a blank. I am 63.

A:Upgraded to Windows 10 and now the internet doesn't work.

it maybe a driver issue
see if there are drivers available for that model for windows 10
the PC may not be compatible with windows 10

if its a laptop - the wireless switch or FN/F-Key maybe set for the wireless to be off, or it may be in "airplane" mode
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My speakers are plugged in but my PC says they are not. I have tried to download drivers with various free software and Windows itself with no luck. I should not have to buy new speakers as they were supported in Windows 7.

A:I've upgraded to Windows 10 and my speakers no longer work.

Check your settings. Right click the volume icon on your taskbar and choose "Playback Devices" and make your speaker the default device.
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yesterday i upgraded from windows 2000 to xp professional after it was done my internet stopped working, it says i have error 1068
and it also says i need to have remote access connection manager turned on but it wont let me do it, i am stumped!... it also says i need to install bcm4sbxp.sys which i allready have.. can anyone help??

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Since I upgraded from ME to XP....I get an error message when I try to go into the program I used to burn CD's. I use Adaptec Easy CD Creator. Is there an upgrade I need to download so that I can use it? If that doesn't work, can I buy a program to be able to make cd's again? I have seen programs at Walmart for not a whole lot of money, but can I just buy one of those and download it and use my existing burner?

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Hi I have recently upgraded my Dell Latitude D from XP bit to Windows Professional bit Previously I had GB of RAM however having undertaken a crucial scan it said I can now have GB of RAM So I ordered a new GB and replaced the MB stick Upon booting up for the first time and hit F to acknowledge that the RAM has been changed it 64bit but 4GB to Ram Upgraded correctly doesnt work loaded to the log in screen however I could see loads of white horizontal lines across the screen I was able to login and the desktop appeared fine I then noticed that the audio was coming up saying it cannot be found It had a red cross through the symbol in the taskbar I restarted on numerous occassions to no avail I took the new GB stick out and put the MB back in and all loaded without any problems Any ideas System -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Manufacturer Dell Inc Model Upgraded to 4GB Ram 64bit but doesnt work correctly Latitude Upgraded to 4GB Ram 64bit but doesnt work correctly D Total amount of system memory GB RAM System type Upgraded to 4GB Ram 64bit but doesnt work correctly -bit operating system Number of processor cores Graphics -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Display adapter type ATI Radeon X Series Total available graphics memory MB Dedicated graphics memory MB Dedicated system memory MB Shared system memory MB Display adapter driver version Primary monitor resolution x DirectX version DirectX or better Network -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Network Adapter Broadcom NetXtreme xx Gigabit Controller Network Adapter Dell Wireless WLAN Mini-Card

A:Upgraded to 4GB Ram 64bit but doesnt work correctly

I would take both sticks out and then try booting with just the new stick of ram in.
Also make sure all cards are seated tight.
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To put this shortly, I had a Nvidia 8800 GTS and decided to upgrade to an ATI Radeon HD5870. When I put the HD5870 in the computer and try to turn the computer on my monitor wont recognize it (just goes to standby). However, everything in my tower is running (all the fans, even the HD5870 fan is running). I replugged the 8800 GTS and it worked again.

Computer Specs:
OS: Windows 7
Motherboard: p5n-e SLI
Power Supply: 800 Watts
Graphics Cards: Stated above
Ram: Kingston 4gigs

A:Just upgraded video card, now my monitor won't work

Did you remove the nVidia software and drivers first? You need to do that with the 8800GTS still installed, then shut down your computer, and install the new GPU, then reboot and download the new drivers for your card for and install them.

I presume you also have the power connectors fitted to the new GPU when running it as well?
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ok my laptop screen is broken and i cant get my monitor to work it was working before but i desided to change my boot mode in msconfig when to safe boot and checked network is there a way to back out of this with out seeing what im doing i posted something like this before but instead of helping me they put me in a catagory that doesint do this 

A:laptop with broken screen second screem wont work help

This is a tough one due to your laptop screen not working and most integrated laptop graphics cards wont be able to push signal to a secondary screen when in safe mode. The best thing you can do is fix the issue with the laptop screen so you can see what you are doing. What exactly is wrong with the laptop screen?
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I have a HP G62 notebook and running Windows 7 home premium. In the last few days, if I walk away from the computer for a few minutes, the screen goes blue (I assume into sleep or hibernate mode) and usually I can just move the mouse or press a key and the icons come back up but now, the keyboard and mouse do not work at that point and I have to do a hard reboot. Also, I noticed that when double clicking icons or webpages, the computer sometimes does not respond at all. Any ideas of what could be happening?

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This is the very serious problem , iam facing during the charging . When i plug in for charge, laptop screen goes black and i cant see any more, i connect to my TV if iam in home , otherwise i cant work
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Ok so I have google my mind away trying to figure out what is up with this I can watch full screen videos to my hearts content on this laptop However when I hook it up to my tv via HDMI it will not play the majority of videos work screen Videos laptop, HDTV Full not on on full screen Videos work Full screen on laptop, not on HDTV or even not full screen So let's start with what it WILL play It will play YouTube videos and any videos I have on my portable hard drive It will play them full screen no Videos work Full screen on laptop, not on HDTV problems It doesn't matter how long the video is That is it Now if I try to play any other streaming video it will play full screen on the laptop just not on the tv If I try and watch the SAME video on the TV it will start out fine but within mins it will start skipping on the video By skipping I mean the video will run sluggishly and jerkily It will freeze and then zoom forward as if trying to catch up to the audio This is not my laptop it is on loan to me My house was broken into and my laptop was stolen I never had any problems watching anything on it when it was hooked up to the tv I'm not sure what info you need from me about the laptop to help with this but I would appreciate any offered

A:Videos work Full screen on laptop, not on HDTV

By searching online for both full screen and sluggish video points to video resolution problem (most likely on different output video formats) and low internet connection or outdated video driver. Have you tried matching or lowering the resolution and checking any updated drivers for the laptop?
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Have older T s but was expensive laptop ... mouse not freezes, turns Screen work, off, - out of warranty Hard drive had to be replaced when owned less than one year Had motherboard replaced while still under warranty due to all but one port dying - so tech put in refurbished nbsp Worked fine two years since then nbsp However several Screen freezes, mouse not work, laptop turns off, ... months ago suddenly mouse not work and screen freezes Screen freezes, mouse not work, laptop turns off, ... one second later laptop Screen freezes, mouse not work, laptop turns off, ... turns off When start in safe mode since Windows not shut down normally Happens every few days Same style mouse using for years of years without problem In case the mouse faulty replaced mouse with new same type Still turned off nbsp Tried buying power cord though almost since forums said likely that worn out since old Still happened nbsp Took to Lenovo authorized dealer and said either battery or motherboard nbsp Would not open and clean saying could not be dust in it and only could affect temp and if temp Lenovo had built in warning pop-up I ran Lenovo hardware test and came back NO problem - could mother board still be bad I finally found another forum that said to check log file for Log System Level Error Source I checked and one said Event Disk- The driver detected a conctroller error on Device harddisk DR Other one said Event Serive Control manager The following boot-start or system-start driver s failed to load cdrom nbsp On another forum said authorized dealers not want to fix anything just say need new motherboard and so expensive better to get new laptop since high cost for new motherboard and a couple hours service Other post said racket He said something about way GPU was soldered on motherboard using lead made it go bad Also read might be overheating so downloaded two types temp measure software and did not go high Asked Lenovo dealer if could be overheating He said would be pop-up that overheating Anyone know if this is baloney Asking because manager said his guy would open and clean for dust and guy twice gave that answer re overheating pop-up--- also said could not be dust I have used special air can to spray in side where fan is and keys No help Still shut itself off after mouse not work Tried updating driver or bios nbsp from page can downoload nbsp don't remember - also weeks dealing with new phone Tried running without either nbsp battery one goes in ultrabay and did not seem to happen Put main battery back in and happened Tried with just DVD player in ultra by when main battery in and also when second battery in and main battery in Still happened Although main battery info said good and ultra bay battery said just medium ordered since Lenovo Authorized dealer said could be battery and person at Lenovo siad gee nbattery almost four years old would have gone and battery tester in laptop not accurate and should buy new one - so bought new battery which was over So now spent at leat Still happened today Very frustrated Read on forum that there were some kind of cables inside SATA that might have to be moved and would fix nbsp Response from lead tech would be nice Have owned several Thinkpads - but very expensive so need to have working for another year and frankly starting new usiness and heaps of time wasted learning new phone since switched from Blackberry so no time to learn Windows nbsp As I noted another forum said standard response from Lenovo authorized dealer is to get new motherboard or buy new laptop and due to high cost mother board to buy new Lenovo Thinkpad Notebook or at least Yoga I think they just don't want to spend any time on individual - just corporate clients - they view you as a waste of time and money Lenovo guy did not even run the tests that come with lenovo - I did nbsp - and found log files and error nbsp already mentioneD nbsp ALL HELP APPRECIATED WISH THERE WAS TECH WHO WOULD TELL ME WHAT REALLY IS AND OFFER TO FIX i A... Read more
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I have an 'Icon' laptop which I baught in Tesco. Windows XP. I then purchaced a 19" LCD
Screen from LIDL. I wanted to watch my laptop on the large screen, but it does'nt show me what is on my laptop I have to drag the page to the screen. I tried it with an old computer and it worked perfectly that was because It replaced the monitor which is not possible with a laptop. can anybody help or can anybody tell me if it just doesnt work with a laptop.

Many thanks.

A:New 19"wide screen wont work with laptop

See if this helps:
Good luck!
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I just upgraded from Windows 2000 to Windows XP, and none of the automatic updates are installing. I've attached a screenshot of the image that is brought up.

Also, there was a version of Norton Antivirus on here that was not uninstalled before upgrading. And I'd like to uninstall it, but trying to do so through the Add/Remove Software in the Control Panel doesn't work. It seems to lock up, and I have to do a hard reset to get it to close.

What should I try now?

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We upgraded our WIndows 98 machine to Windows XP, and obviously because of security differences, I am now prompted to insert the office CD everytime I start an Office application. Is there any way to get around this without actually having the Office CD to hand. Maybe something in the registry?


A:I upgraded from Win98 to WinXP and now Office doesnt work

Try the following link.
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Just got a new Asus P5PE-VM with a Core 2 Duo, and now only the onboard VGA works. When I put in my video card (EVGA GeForce 6800GT), the computer turns on still, but no matter which vga port I use (onboard or card) I get no display.

I am running Vista, but I don't think that would affect this. Bios is not the most recent, but the only update adds new CPU support.

Any ideas? My old mobo died, and I'm really hoping to keep this card...I love it! (not to mention can't spend the money for a new one).


A:Upgraded Mobo, Video Card doesn't work now

So the onboard works when the card is not in? What are your specs? PSU wattage? Start troubleshooting!
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My wife's computer went crazy finally and she's finished with Vista, so I wiped the computer and put XP on it. When I say wiped it, I mean its clean, deleted all the partitions and everything. Started from scratch. Everything works great on the computer after I downloaded all of the drivers I am pretty sure the computer needed, except the wireless internet. Both of us being college students that is kind of a need. When I go to network connections there isn't an option for wireless network which is where I get thrown when I look at any "hold my hand and walk me through so I can get on the net" tutorial. Any help would be greatly appreciated and if you need to poke fun of my lack of PC knowledge that is just fine too. Thank you again.

Relevancy 49.45%

So I bought the windows upgrade CDs to upgrade my vista PC's to 7. (Big mistake) Wiped out the HD and did the entire install. But every time I open up a video on my WMP it starts to play then stops. The PC then opens up a SV Host program that uses up 80% of the processor. So I have no video playing and my PC won't hardly work at all till I cntrl alt del and close the SV host.

What can I do to make this OS work correctly? The PC is an HP m9500z.

A:Upgraded HP from vista to 7 Home Premium, now my WMP doesn't work?

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I ve got a Toshiba l d The other day my laptop was sitting on a desk playing music when the screen went gray with black bars going across it vertically I d never seen anything like this and it was completely frozen so I manually powered it off and restarted Then the screen wouldn t come on I ve managed to get it to display through an external screen and to my surprise the screen on my actual laptop would come back on after I d get to the Windows Vista login screen I unhooked the monitor cable tested Windows a little bit everything work to monitor external first Laptop upon hooked screen won't unless powering, seemed to be working okay and then restarted It restarted just fine So I tried shutting down but it the screen wont power on if it s turned off If I hook it to the external monitor again i can get back to Windows I m just trying Laptop screen won't work upon powering, unless first hooked to external monitor to figure out why it Laptop screen won't work upon powering, unless first hooked to external monitor won t power the screen on its own Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated nbsp
Relevancy 49.02%

Hi I am in desperation here! My laptop had these weird patterns on the screen twice today. They were like black lines and dots on a grey background. Then when I rebooted there were these 3 Dollar signs ($) scattered across the screen. Only 3. Then I get to the Welcome on XP and it does the screen thing but with blue background and black lines again. Now I try and boot up and the boot up light comes on and then the power button is on and it just does nothing. Blank screen completely. I tried removing the battery pack and putting it back in and when I put it back in it tries to boot itself lots of times but fails after a few seconds and turns itself off.

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Hi all, I recently built a new computer on the Z170 / Skylake platform from a Z77 / Ivy Bridge based computer.

I noticed USB 3.0 seems to be an issue with Windows 7, which I'm having problems with. But I also encountered problems with Windows Update, which just seems to hang when checking for updates. I assume this is Microsofts way of forcing you to install Windows 10...

Is there a way to get Windows Update working again?

A:Upgraded To Z170 Mobo, Now Windows Update Doesn't Work?

There are no issues with usb 3.0, just use usb 2.0 ports for the keyboard and mouse and install with a dvd, no issues at all.

There are millions of threads here about windows update, we can`t keep answering every single question about them

Just get windows update going and walk away, don`t let your PC go to sleep and in a week or 2 the updates will show up

But seriously, just let it run overnight and all will be fine in the morning.

Microsoft has fired all the Windows 7 update personal and are down to 1 windows 7 update server and it`s running Windows ME
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Hi all, I recently built a new computer on the Z170 / Skylake platform from a Z77 / Ivy Bridge based computer.

I noticed USB 3.0 seems to be an issue with Windows 7, which I'm having problems with. But I also encountered problems with Windows Update, which just seems to hang when checking for updates. I assume this is Microsofts way of forcing you to install Windows 10...

Is there a way to get Windows Update working again?

A:Upgraded To Z170 Mobo, Now Windows Update Doesn't Work?

There are no issues with usb 3.0, just use usb 2.0 ports for the keyboard and mouse and install with a dvd, no issues at all.

There are millions of threads here about windows update, we can`t keep answering every single question about them

Just get windows update going and walk away, don`t let your PC go to sleep and in a week or 2 the updates will show up

But seriously, just let it run overnight and all will be fine in the morning.

Microsoft has fired all the Windows 7 update personal and are down to 1 windows 7 update server and it`s running Windows ME
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Hi I m new here My first time LOL I just upgraded the BIOS on my Intel D GVSR mobo with supposedly the latest drivers I used the Windows express install feature as my machine doesn t have a floppy just CD DVD card readers now ports BIOS, Upgraded readers front USB and work. card don't Help!! and USB After the install and I didn t touch my computer while it was doing this process I noticed my USB mouse not working and none of my card readers worked eithter So I called Long-distance to Intel tech support and went through the whole thing They told me to download the bio file for the mobo so I can restore Upgraded BIOS, now USB ports and front card readers don't work. Help!! my BIOS but I couldn t find the file for the right board so I called them back on a cell phone this time and this time Upgraded BIOS, now USB ports and front card readers don't work. Help!! was told that the above mentioned might not work and to remove the battery from the system wait mins replace the battery and reboot and this would reset the CMOS well I did that and still no USB I called Upgraded BIOS, now USB ports and front card readers don't work. Help!! tech support back and they basically put me through the same procedure again I m very frustrated beyond description What good is a comp if I don t have the USB ports to run printers etc I think my system is screwed Thanks alot INTEL There HAS to be a way to fix this --Thanks Kokopelli nbsp
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I updated my hard drive last night and went from a gig hard audio Upgraded hard Solved: to drive, refuses work. drive to a I reinstalled windows xp no problem Solved: Upgraded hard drive, audio refuses to work. and proceeded to reinstall all my drivers first of course was my graphics and wireless card However as I was going through the drivers my audio refused to install The site I have been getting all my drivers from is http h www hp com ewfrf wc softwareList os amp lc en amp dlc en amp cc ca amp lang en amp product The only difference in operating system is that my gig is Windows XP Pro Service Pack and this is Service Pack My sound card still works fine as Solved: Upgraded hard drive, audio refuses to work. since I Solved: Upgraded hard drive, audio refuses to work. have changed hard drives I have swapped them out and gone back to my gig when I initially had issues with trying to connect to the internet and had to download the driver onto my external hard drive so I could get online with this one The only difference in hard drives is the size they are both made by the same company Any help to getting my audio to work would be MUCH appreciated Also this being an HP laptop with the touch sensitive music controls and quickplay any idea on getting my quickplay working again would be apprecaited as well just as a side quest for now nbsp

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it says failed to find proper screen mode for Gr2D when i click on de icon for maplestory. i really need help. please contact me as fast as u can.

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I have a Gateway NE57005u and recently after i replaced the screen my laptop will randomly shut down and the touch pad will sometimes work and sometimes not. If it does work and i swipe to fast on it, the screen will go to grey static and won't reverse to normal until i turn it on and off again. After i replaced the screen the laptop was fine for about two months and now it started doing this about a week ago so i don't know if it is because of the replacement screen or what. I appreciate any help on this matter. Thanks!
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hai every one,

I was install windows8 in a dell inspiron n5110.
After finishing installation the lap was rebooting.
For few sec laptop monitor working and windows8 logo appeared,
but when it enter to the user logon screen monitor display goes to black.
again and again I reboot the lap the same problem.
by accidently I connect the extend monitor and reboot the system win8 start and the logo is displayed in lap monitor when user logon screen comes the lap display goes black but extended display shows the screen.
I check the display drivers of lap its ok.
I was tried to change the display setting in projected second screen display on personalization setting. there also I can't get display in laptop.
if I install win 7 it work very well
I activated win8 already..
anybody help me to solve the problem
thanks in advance....

A:laptop screen not working but extended display work well after booting win8

Perhaps the resolution being set by windows 8 is too high for the screen to show on the laptop? Check device manager to see if there's any issues with the video or display.
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I have an HP G72 laptop running windows 7 home premium. yesterday when i was on the computer all of a sudden screen turned white and the only button that would work was power button. i held it down and shut off computer. when i turned it back on it goes through the usual boot process up to where i have to enter password for user profile. when i hit enter it will start showing my desktop icons like normal and then just go blank again. when i try to boot in safe mode it goes through the same process except when it starts displaying desktop icons it stops and automatically shuts back down and trys to boot up again in normal mode. if i try to restore it back to a restore point it says there are none available. Any input on what might be causing these problems will be greatly appreciated.

A:laptop boots to blank screen, safe mode wont work

You HDD may be failing. On another computer download the ISO image for Seatools in my signature. Burn the image to CD using IMGBurn also in my signature. Boot off of the newly created CD and run the Short and Long tests on the drive. If either tests fails, the HDD needs to be replaced.
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Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows Vista SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C Program Files TuneUp Utilities TuneUpUtilitiesApp exe C Windows system Dwm exe C Windows Explorer EXE C Windows RtHDVCpl exe C Windows system taskeng exe C Program Files AVG AVG avgtray exe C Program Files Spybot - Search amp screen laptop-keyoard Acer lgin work once the aspire n touchpad will 5515 not it its Destroy TeaTimer exe C Program Files Common Files Apple Internet Services ubd exe C Program Files Acer aspire 5515 laptop-keyoard n touchpad will not work once it its the lgin screen Windows Media Player wmpnscfg exe C Windows system wuauclt exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static MOM exe C Windows system wbem unsecapp exe C Users pat AppData Local Temp RtkBtMnt exe C Program Files Common Files Acer aspire 5515 laptop-keyoard n touchpad will not work once it its the lgin screen Apple Apple Application Support distnoted exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static CCC exe C Program Files Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbamgui exe C Program Files Google Chrome Application chrome exe Acer aspire 5515 laptop-keyoard n touchpad will not work once it its the lgin screen C Program Files Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Users pat Desktop HijackThis exe O - DPF CC D -CC - C- - F DBAC A ArmHelper Control - file C Program Files BookWorm Adventures Images armhelper ocx O - DPF D CDB E-AE D- CF- B - Shockwave Flash Object - https fpdownload macromedia com get shockwave cabs flash swflash cab O - DPF E E F- F- FB - -AC BF A - http platformdl adobe com NOS getPlusPlus gp cab O - Protocol inbox - F -DD C- B-B DF-C BCAF - C PROGRA INBOXT Inbox dll O - Protocol linkscanner - F C- F - D -A D -FBDDE F D - C Program Files AVG AVG avgpp dll O - Protocol wlpg - E EF CD-A A- A B- E F- F B E - C Program Files Windows Live Photo Gallery AlbumDownloadProtocolHandler dll O - AppInit DLLs C PROGRA Google GOOGLE GOEC DLL C Windows System d dx dll O - SharedTaskScheduler Component Categories cache daemon - C EF- B - d -BE - C - C Windows system browseui dll O - Service x HelpService x HelpSvc - PCRx com LLC - C Program Files x Help App x Svc exe O - Service Adobe Acrobat Update Service AdobeARMservice - Adobe Systems Incorporated - C Program Files Common Files Adobe ARM armsvc exe O - Service Adobe Flash Player Update Service AdobeFlashPlayerUpdateSvc - Adobe Systems Incorporated - C Windows system Macromed Flash FlashPlayerUpdateService exe O - Service Apple Mobile Device - Apple Inc - C Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support AppleMobileDeviceService exe O - Service Ati External Event Utility - ATI Technologies Inc - C Windows system Ati evxx exe O - Service AVGIDSAgent - AVG Technologies CZ s r o - C Program Files AVG AVG avgidsagent exe O - Service AVG WatchDog avgwd - AVG Technologies CZ s r o - C Program Files AVG AVG avgwdsvc exe O - Service Bonjour Service - Apple Inc - C Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exe O - Service Common Toolkit Tools - SPAMfighter ApS - C Program Files Fighters FULL-DISKfighter Common Toolkit Tools exe O - Service Empowering Technology Service ETService - Unknown owner - C Program Files Acer Empowering Technology Service ETService exe O - Service Google Update Service gupdate ca c c a gupdate ca c c a - Google Inc - C Program Files Google Update GoogleUpdate exe O - Service Google Update Service gupdatem gupdatem - Google Inc - C Program Files Google Update GoogleUpdate exe O - Service Google Software Updater gusvc - Google - C Program Files Google Common Google Updater GoogleUpdaterService exe O - Service iPod Service - Apple Inc - C Program Files iPod bin iPodServi... Read more

A:Acer aspire 5515 laptop-keyoard n touchpad will not work once it its the lgin screen

plz i need help with keyboard n touchpad
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I've noticed that my computer has been getting slower and can't run the lastest games that well what can be upgraded on it nbsp nbsp ProcessorProcessor frequency GHzProcessor family th gen Intel Core i Processor i - UProcessor boost laptop? can upgraded on be my What frequency GHzProcessor cores Processor threads System bus data transfer rate GT What can be upgraded on my laptop? sProcessor cache MBProcessor socketBGA Processor cache typeL PCI Express slots version Maximum number of PCI Express lanes PCI Express configurations x x FSB ParityThermal Design Power TDP WProcessor seriesIntel Core i - Mobile seriesTjunction CConfigurable TDP-down frequency MHzProcessor lithography nmProcessor operating modes -bit SteppingF What can be upgraded on my laptop? Processor codenameBroadwellBus typeDMI Conflict Free processorMaximum internal memory supported by processor GBMemory types supported by processorDDR L-SDRAM LPDDR -SDRAMMemory clock speeds supported by processor MHzMemory bandwidth supported by processor max GB sMemory channels supported by processorDualECC supported by processor nbsp MemoryInternal memory GBInternal memory type DDR L-SDRAMMemory clock speed MHzMemory layout x GB nbsp StorageTotal storage capacity GBStorage media HDDNumber of hard drives installed Hard drive capacity GBHost interfaceSATAHard disk rotational speed RPMCard reader integrated nbsp DisplayDisplay diagonal Display resolution x pixelsTouch screen LED backlight HD typeFull HD nbsp GraphicsOn-board graphics adapter model Intel HD Graphics Number of displays supported on-board graphics On-board graphics adapter base frequency MHzOn-board graphics adapter outputs supportedEmbedded DisplayPort eDP HDMI VGA D-Sub On-board graphics adapter dynamic frequency max MHzDiscrete graphics adapter model NVIDIA GeForce MDiscrete graphics adapter memory GBDiscrete graphics memory typeGDDR On-board graphics adapter DirectX version On-board graphics adapter ID x nbsp Optical DriveLightScribe nbsp NetworkingBluetooth G G Wi-Fi Wi-Fi standards a ac b g nEthernet LAN connection Ethernet LAN data rates Mbit sBluetooth version nbsp nbsp SoftwareOperating system installed Windows Operating system architecture -bit
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I upgraded my A1T61UA#ABA laptop to win 10 and  discovered that there are no drivers for the fingerprint reader in Win 10. I expected better from HP than to be abandoned this quickly.         Marc B. Hankin   [email protected]

A:I upgraded my A1T61UA#ABA laptop to win 10 and there are no...

Hi, Please try Simplepass software first: otherwise try to Install the HP ProtectTools Security Manager  Regards.
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Hello. I profusely apologise for asking such a stupid question, but will getting an upgraded RAM ever cause issues? I just bought a Dell Inspiron 14 (3459) with it's 4GB of RAM being upgraded to 12GB (4+8). Is this going to cause problems in the long run?
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I was wondering if if my laptop can handle an upgrade to a better proccessor????

Mine has an intel celeron 540 1.86ghz, I would like to get a better one for faster proccessing and data transfer...

My Laptop is Acer Aspire 5315 walmart 32bit

Thank you

A:Can a Proccessor be upgraded on a laptop???

I would forget about this project. Even if you know how to properly take a laptop apart - and put it back together (not obvious), There are few CPUs that fit your socket and then you still may run into cooling problems. Plus, a Walmart Special may have all kinds of other restrictions. Those are being made for low price with the cheapest components around. That is also a reason why it is not worth investing into it.
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i have a acer laptop acer Aspire - that i just got rather cheap for a laptop and i was wondering is it possible to upgrade the processor in anyway maybe to a better GHz or even a better type right now it is a Intel Celeron cpu Ghz also can i or would it be to my advantage even to upgrade the GB of DDR ram or not if there is no reason too then i won t but here is the main reason i am asking this is cuase i am running Vista Home be my upgraded? can laptop Solved: Premium and i don t Solved: can my laptop be upgraded? think that Solved: can my laptop be upgraded? the processor is fast enough to really handle it I have another computer that runs vista but has a dual core processor and i love how it runs so it isn t like i am hating on vista it just runs so sluggish on these specs i know i can t get the a dual core processor in this laptop or i don t think i can but atlease a better experience If you need anymore information about the laptop just let me know and i will get it to you nbsp

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Have been advised to check if my Pavilion dm3-1070ea is capable of being upgraded to Windows 10 before buying the software.

A:Can my laptop be upgraded to Windows 10

Hi, No Windows 10 drivers for it at its homepage: I would not bother to buy Windows 10 to upgrade it now. I should do few months back with free upgarde. Regards.
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I bought a new ASUS laptop last August and was given a low price for upgrade to windows 8 since it was soon to release. I did the upgrade and though I am not fond of windows 8, it has worked fine, except for one thing. I have continually had an error message when I start up--saying a file, .dll, for Sonic, is missing. I just close the box and go about my business and have not had a problem. I was told by an ASUS tech that my laptop was not compatible to upgrade to windows 8. I do not understand that. He advised that I go back to windows 7 and gave me instructions to do it. I would like advice and any thoughts on this from you tech people who have knowledge in this area.
Thanks so much!

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Hey guys Long time lurker first-time poster I have a Sony XP install won't HD, Laptop now Upgraded VAIO VGN-S Laptop Upgraded Laptop HD, now XP won't install It s not my main pc but it s still quick and gets the job done I wanted to use it for some music recording but the HD was almost full I decided to buy a new one and use the old one as an external whenever I needed Upgraded Laptop HD, now XP won't install it It came with a GB RPM HD so I went out and bought a GB RPM HD - This one exactlyThe BIOS recognizes the GB but when I go to install XP after Creating a partition it doesn t matter whether I choose the quick or normal formatting it comes up with this error quot Setup was unable to format the partition The disk may be damaged Make sure the drive is switched on and properly connected to your computer If the disk is a SCSI disk make sure your SCSI devices are properly terminated Consult your computer or SCSI adapter documentation for more information quot It s a legit XP CD - Laptop was working fine before the switch - Ram was upgraded recently as well Any ideas Does the BIOS limit HD capacity Thanks in advance guys

A:Upgraded Laptop HD, now XP won't install

Well, it's very possible the drive is bad. You can visit the website of the hd manufacturer, download their diagnostic utility, burn it to cd, boot to it and run it. But if I were you I'd return the drive. I'd also replace it with a better known name brand (ie, Seagate, WD, Maxtor, etc).
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I bought a top of the line laptop right before dual core processors came out, and my slow processor is really holding me back. It would be great if I could just upgrade the processor without buying a whole new laptop or desktop.

My laptop has the Intel Mobile Pentium 1.7GHZ and the Nvidida Geforce 7800 gtx go.

Is there someone I can take it to to swap out the pentium 1.7 for a dual core?

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I bought a used HP laptop hard drive for Used Win upgraded with to key HP HDD Laptop stuck... 10 now Pro upgrading my Lenovo G with CPU ugraded with Intel T DUO CORE ghz nbsp HP Hard Drive Laptop Thin HDD GB SERIAL ATA DISC DRIVE S N W S NL P N - MFG Seagate Used Laptop HP HDD upgraded to Win 10 Pro with key now stuck... Technologies DOM nbsp nbsp I was happy to see that the hatd drive had Windows Used Laptop HP HDD upgraded to Win 10 Pro with key now stuck... already installed because I had already bought a separate legitimate Windows Pro License Key for the upgrade I was able to go online and download the Windows upgrade and used my purchased legitimate license key to activate my the upgrade nbsp nbsp While doing the installation there was some HP software that was still on the HD I thought it would be good to have some extra security protocols so I also installed the WinMagic Securedoc Bootloader v and registered the HP Drive Encryption nbsp with password and Security Questions for secondary access nbsp The Windows was activated and all looked great But when I restarted the laptop I put in my password for windows and then it goes to this HP Drive Encryption Screen comes up I put in the password and it's accepted - and then the screen goes blank not off just blank with a flashing cursor that doesbn't react to inputs nbsp I tried leaving it on for a day or so and still nothing nbsp There's nothing I can change in BIOS Setup that works so far I've also tried downloading Reimage on USB and re-setting the boot sequence but no good Even tried a boot disc but nothing there either I will try again I don't know where to go or how to get past the HP Encryption Screen nbsp I am pretty good at following directions I don't know coding but can do whatever you suggest to help me correct this problem nbsp Can you help me nbsp Solved View Solution

A:Used Laptop HP HDD upgraded to Win 10 Pro with key now stuck...

Sorry ... I missed the part about you having a Win10 license.  I thought you were trying to activate 10 using the HP OEM license and that was causing problems. I don't use the HP encryption apps -- as personally, having recently finished a career in InfoSec, I find the whole emphasis on encryption of PCs to be laughable -- but my guess is that you're basically out of luck. If it were my drive, I would WIPE the drive of all its contents and then install Win10 afresh.  A good product for doing that is DBan: Once your drive is clean, then just install Win10 on it. That said, with any luck, one of the HP EXPERTS will probably come along and tell you how to bypass their encryption. Good Luck
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Hi all my friend has a Toshiba Sattlite C55D-A5120 Laptop 64Bytes and 4 gig memory that was an 8.1 we just upgraded to 10. It was working then now all we get is a black screen. Can someone please help me fix this issue or show me how to reset the Laptop to factory settings.

A:Help upgraded to 10 now all I have is a black screen!!

Okay I am doing a reset but could use some help here.
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Here's the specs:

System Specs for eMachines eMachines W2260
Type of System: Desktops/Servers
Bus Architecture: PCI/AGP
Native OS: WinXP Home
CPU Type: 1.8GHz AMD Athlon XP 2200+
System Memory
Standard Memory: 256 MB
Maximum Memory: 2.0 GB
Memory Expansion: 2 sockets

I replace the old MOB with this one:

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Good day!

I have a laptop that started with Windows 8. Then I upgraded to 8.1 then to 10 after the update was offered. However, I hate the bloatware included with the laptop for it takes quite some time for the laptop to be fully functional (normal Asus bloatware + VPN + Spyder calibration software).

I could buy an SSD to make it boot faster but budget does not permit me at the moment. I was thinking I would reformat my laptop to remove the bloatware but the thought of losing my license made me think twice.

What would be the best step to reformat my laptop while maintaining the license? Downgrade to 8 then upgrade to 10 or is there a process to install Win10 immediately?

A:Reformat upgraded win10 laptop

If it's been upgraded to 10 already then the Microsoft servers will already know the Windows 10 hash for it , you should be able to just clean install and when asked for the licence number , skip it and it'll be activated automatically.
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Downloaded this AM to 8.1 from Win 8. Not sure it was the best idea, actually thought most of the bugs were out by now. Obviously a mistake. Have an old Gateway laptop, can't afford to get new even though I need one. The display is very dark - I have absolutely no idea why, it was fine with Win 8. Is there some setting I need to change - can't find any way to make it brighter. Like I said, it was fine before & I didn't change any settings myself. If you have a fix - I am an absolute novice on this laptop, so I need step by step suggestions.

A:upgraded to 8.1 on laptop, display is very dark

In In Control Panel select Power Options under Choose or Create Power Plan click Change Plan Settings you will see Adjust Screen Brightness. You can move the slider to the right to increase brightness I would suggest doing this for both On Battery and Plugged In.
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Hi.After a few months I noticed the USB ports stopped working. Device manager reports "Unknown USB Device (Device Description Request failed)" . I have tried the usual driver update/uninstall reboot etc. Then I noticed the Blurtooth has also stopped working. Device manager doesn't detect any BT. Can anyone help? I'm thinking it's a hardware issue. Thanks in advance.
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I recently Upgraded my laptop to Vista Business Over the last days my computer just seems to crash for no reason Last night it crashed times while I getting lot!! Vista BSD Business a Laptop Upgraded My was playing videos I thought it might be MP so I played on VLC Same crashes happened Its playing amp from no where a blue screen BSD pops up It doesn t have any info just blue It lasts about - seconds then the whole system powers My Vista Business Upgraded Laptop getting BSD a lot!! down abruptly It then powers back up The problem is sometime it fails - times before it successfully boots back up Now today its crashed times I m not running videos Just a few Thunderbird Tabs Skype amp Outlook I ve had Vista for over a month amp this just started to happen Once it successfully reboots I get a widow that says System recovered from an unexpected shutdown or My Vista Business Upgraded Laptop getting BSD a lot!! something like that It got the below info from that window Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Additional information about the problem BCCode e BCP C BCP B A BCP F DCA BCP OS Version Service Pack Product Files that help describe the problem C Windows Minidump Mini - dmp C Users john AppData Local Temp WER- - sysdata xml C Users john AppData Local Temp WER C F tmp version txt I also opened the reliability Monitor the chart show a steady decline starting searchprotocolhost exe stopped working OS Stopped working failure x ba x ee bad another OS Stopped OS stopped IN It had OS stopped errors amp a disruptive shutdown it had OS Stopped working My Reliability graph is falling faster that the stock market In Event viewer warning NtpClient was unable to set a domain peer to use as a time source because of discovery error NtpClient will try again in minutes and double the reattempt interval thereafter The error was The entry is not found x E Error The processing of Group Policy failed because of lack of network connectivity to a domain controller This may be a transient condition A success message would be generated once the machine gets connected to the domain controller and Group Policy has succesfully processed If you do not see a success message for several hours then contact your administrator There must be around warnings Error just today Its even crashed twice since I ve been on your site Like it doesn t want the problem to get fixed Any help guys Toshiba satellite Laptop-Celeron M Ghz- MB RAM-ATI Video card-Running VISTA Business

A:My Vista Business Upgraded Laptop getting BSD a lot!!

Hi. . .

I see you have a few issues with your laptop.

You mention that the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) comes up containing no information and abruptly disappears. Sometimes the screen flashes so fast prior to system shutdown that it simply has not yet displayed the error information. There are a few system settings that you can make to retain the BSOD to get the error information off of it and to produce a 64k memory minidump that may help.

Here is a screen shot of the changes you should make:

When the BSOD comes up, either write down everything verbatim or take a picture or 2 of the screen and post it. The info that I would look for would be 1/2 - 3/4 down the screen on the left - it would say something to the effect "0x00000031 (0x00000007, 00000...." and you may see a driver file name something like "abcde123.sys". I consider these pieces of information to be vital and necessary prior to the commencement of finding a potential cause for this problem.

One other item - did I read your post correctly that you are running Vista Business with 702mb RAM? Most, including Microsoft, will tell you that Vista Business requires a minimum of 1024 mb RAM - and I would recommend going with at least 2048mb. This RAM issue may just be the root cause of your system problems.

regards. . .

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can my laptop be upgraded to have a built in touchscreen display? i am looking at uprgading the displayof this notebook, however i am unaware of whether or not a touchscreen is motherboard compatable with this device. any help is appreciated, thank you!
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I have quot upgraded quot a friends crippled Toshiba Satellite Laptop Model C D-S by replacing the GB drive with a GB SSD and then updating W that come with the Laptop to W Update I used Acronis to backup the GB Hard Drive and Restore it to the SSD The system has new life It almost runs fast enough to be acceptable Since all the recoverable OEM stuff on the system is now obsolete or Toshiba 1 to Update Upgraded Laptop W8.1 at least I do Toshiba Laptop Upgraded to W8.1 Update 1 not ever want to go through the W updates and then W store upgrade and then Update again I am curious what hidden partitions I can delete to clean up the SSD I have included a screen shot of the partition structure W will only let me delete the first MB partition and the last GB partition Can I use DiskPart to delete the MB EFI partition and the third MB partition I have two desktop W systems set Toshiba Laptop Upgraded to W8.1 Update 1 up using MBR and they only have the System Partition The Laptop is set up with the GPT structure I'm willing to settle on leaving the first Recovery partition and the EFI partition alone but I would like to Delete the other two recovery partitions at the end so I can add the space to the C partition and or create a D for Data I'm new to the quot store bought systems quot since I have always quot built my own quot so I would appreciate some input on how to proceed

A:Toshiba Laptop Upgraded to W8.1 Update 1

Can u please inform me how to
1. Download my updates on windows 8.1 on Tuesday 5 th August
2. How can I view or send mail from my three accounts
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As topic says, friends laptop had Win 8 and he updated to Win 10. Now I wonder if he can install a clean Win 10 through USB with his Win 8 serialkey.

A:Laptop had Win 8 and upgraded to Win 10. Can I install a clean Win 10?

Originally Posted by JerryW

As topic says, friends laptop had Win 8 and he updated to Win 10. Now I wonder if he can install a clean Win 10 through USB with his Win 8 serialkey.

Yes. He can do a Clean Install.
Make sure the USB has the same Win 10 version as the one that is on the computer now.
He does NOT need the Win 8 product key.
When he starts the clean install, he will be asked for a product key.
Just select the SKIP option and continue.
Activation after install will be automatic.
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While out of town my husband loaded our XPS 15 L501 64bit laptop to windows 10.   So far it runs all functions that I need except that it now locks frequently.   So I checked the website to see if there were any Windows 10 drivers and it says as of today 11/11/15:
Product not tested for Windows 10 upgrade
Dell is not testing or developing Windows 10 drivers for this product. If you choose to upgrade, some features, applications, and connected devices may not work as expected.

So I am just out of luck,  I can keep on using but when I have had enough of it locking up and rebooting that I have to buy a new one?

A:L501X Laptop upgraded to Windows 10

You would not have to purchase a new computer. You can reinstall Windows 7 back on the computer and it should be fine.
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Hello all I have old Dell laptop XPS my start laptop to after upgraded can't windows7 M and had windows XP as the OS my laptop has been worked fine Then my husband installed and upgraded the OS to windows it worked just fine for a week until in the last few days I turned on my laptop and it wont start up anymore I I saw this message 'windows error recovery' Windows failed to start A recent hardware software change might be the cause then can't start my laptop after upgraded to windows7 there're two options to choose launch start up repair and start can't start my laptop after upgraded to windows7 windows normally I tried both options but the laptop still wont start up I also got through to the system recovery options then I got result launch an internal error occurred The following information might help to resolve the error the system cannot find the path specified x Has anyone ever experienced something like this before How do I fix this problem Please I need a help im not an expert in computer need to use the laptop and have no clue what to do I've been trying to google the problem but still no luck Another question I also want to go back to my old XP is that possible since I don't have windows XP installation CD Thanks a lot for any help answers in advanced

A:can't start my laptop after upgraded to windows7

What is the make and model of your laptop?

Dell, HP, Acer, etc...? and the model number which would be on the front of your laptop or on the back on a sticker for example 1234 XD-123
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I feel sure that the portable is just not current enough on hardware and marginal on RAM. So I plan to replace the existing HD with a SSD.

Thelaptop is a Dell E5510. I am so far unfamiliar with W10 and do not know how to determine what the processor is, size of the HDD, and how much RAM it has. Is there software in W10 that will profile the hardware?

In any case, I expect that the procedure will be the same. This is what I would do in the absence of a better plan:

update w10
back up my files
clone the existing HDD to a SSD using a USB>SATA cable (suggestions for free or low cost software welcomed)
replace the existing HDD with the SSD
boot up

Is this a good plan? Happy to hear a better one.

A:laptop upgraded to 10 is very slow now. install SSD?

A clean install would be better, if you don't mind re-installing your programs/applications:
Clean Install Windows 10 Directly without having to Upgrade First - Windows 10 Forums

In between steps 6 and 7 of the above tutorial you would remove the HDD and install the SSD and do the clean install to the SSD. You could then connect the HDD to the SATA to USB adapter/cable to retrieve files from it.

If you do want to clone, Macrium Reflect Free and MiniTool Partition Wizard are both good free programs to accomplish that.
Macrium Reflect Free

Best Free Partition Manager for Windows | MiniTool Partition Free
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I have a HP zv5160 laptop. There is 512MB of shared RAM leaving only 386 MB for processing. I went to HP's website and it said a 512MB 333 MHZ DDR SDRAM would fit this machine. I purchased a Kingston 512MB DDR SODIMM for notebooks, KVR33320/512R. I swapped the existing 256MB that was accessed through a panel on the bottom and put in the new 512MB and when I booted the machine up the screen was blank. I had to remove the battery to shut down. Put the old memory back and still no screen. Any ideas why this may have happend and how to fix?

reseated memory, it is now ok!!!
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Good Mornng Everybody,

I have a Dell Latitude C600 laptop .( P-III 700MHz, 256 MB RAM, 10 GB Hard Disk)
After enquiring the Dell Systems Dealer about the compatibility with my laptop, i brought a 80 GB hard disc and replaced it with the earlier 10 Gb disc, Now when i tried to install OS (Win XP) in the Drive, it allowed me to partition the 80 Gb Disc then i choosed C drive to install the OS, as usual it copied all the Installtion support files to C drive and restarted. But after restarting it shows an error Hll.dll file is missing and the system doesn't proceed for further installation.
I thought my OS Installation Boot up disc might be corrupted and tried to install with other ones but same error. I also tried to install Win 98 it showed hard drive error.
Hope U guys come out with an effecient solution to resolve my problem.
Appreciate Ur Feedback,

A:Win XP installation failed when i upgraded my laptop

Either the hard drive is no good or the cd drive is NG, although double check that it is plugged in exactly right...laptop hard drives can be buggers with that.
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I am aware that with my Dell Latitude D620 as its only a 32bit machine there would be a limitation, and that not all of the 4gb of RAM would be usable (I was advised about 3.2gb by a Dell technician).
But having found a great deal on 2x 2GB sticks of pc6300 RAM i thought why not.

Weirdly now though windows is saying that there is only 2.5gb RAM...?

Can anyone sread some light on this?

A:Solved: Just upgraded RAM in laptop to 4gb, but only 2.5 is showing?
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I have a toshiba satellite a660 upgraded the ram now when the computer gets woken from sleep it restarts it self is there a way to fix this

A:Upgraded my laptop with 8gb ram now have sleep problems

I'm running windows 7 64 bit
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I have a Toshiba Portege M I just upgraded my RAM The computer has two slots and came with in each slot I removed one of the sticks and installed a gb stick seems slower RAM LapTop Question, Upgraded of Mushkin So now to my questions After the install the first boot up was crazy slow As of this post I m defragging even though the analyzer said I was fine It lagged on loading the desktop I would say the whole process took minutes or so from beginning to end I used Mushkins memory wizard and they guaranteed I got the right stick which is DDR PC I read another Upgraded LapTop RAM Question, seems slower memory post that indicated the person needed to install the RAM fastest stick first then the slower stick Can someone clarify this for me Currently I have the gb stick in the slot Upgraded LapTop RAM Question, seems slower closest to the bottom of the case or the one you come across first and the is in the slot closest to the motherboard Anyone have any tips for me as to what might be going on I upgraded because the software seemed to be running very slow and if I had a few programs running and I executed a command while Windows Media was playing the MP would actually skip or lag every time I did something in one of the other programs While I m posting anyone have any easy tweaks I can perform to solve my problem and make the system faster I was thinking there may be a sticky on making your system run faster by tweaking some memory settings I appreciate your help Tobykanobe nbsp

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I have frequently seen questions about How can I upgrade the CPU in my laptop or What graphics card or upgraded be Laptop replaced and cannot usually CPU upgrades: GPU should I get with my laptop so I can upgrade it later Laptop upgrades: CPU and GPU usually cannot be upgraded or replaced In most cases these upgrades cannot be done o Almost all notebooks do not have graphics cards the way a desktop machine has They either use the onboard graphics on the CPU and passed through the chipset or have a graphics chip attached to the motherboard o In the case of onboard graphics for Intel your Device Manager will show something like Intel R GM GMS GML Express Chip Set This is integrated into the CPU and the motherboard's chipset does not exist as a physically separate object and can't be changed o In the case of a separate graphics chip the motherboard is highly customized for this particular chip It may be compatible with no other chip or a small number of chips in the same family o There is one other case known as MXM which I will discuss later ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Whether or not the CPU and or GPU chip can be replaced depends on two things First in many cases they are soldered to the motherboard and cannot be removed Second if they are socketed only a small number of chips will be compatible with the motherboard and you probably won't be able to substitute a chip with higher power consumption the motherboard may not be able to provide it o Socketed machines tend to be both more expensive and uncommon Anyone who can provide a link to examples especially not-expensive ones please PM me so that I can update this o Motherboards are highly customized for the particular machine Its case its power supply the intended CPU and if present GPU the display Unlike a desktop motherboard you cannot simply pull out the motherboard and drop in a new one There will be some limited interchangeability within similar models from the same maker -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o The exception mentioned above is the MXM or Mobile PCI Express module If a notebook machine supports an MXM card you can use an MXM graphics card In this case the machine will actually have a separate graphics card not the configurations that I described above See https en wikipedia org wiki Mobile PCI Express Module As above if you can provide a link to an example please PM me Here is one http www tomshardware com reviews msi-gt s-titan-sli --------------------------------------------------------------------- As far as other components go o The hard drive SSD is usually simple to replace but this will depend on the machine o The memory is relatively easy to replace but laptops do not take regular desktop memory Their are more compatibility issues with laptop memory than with desktop memory I personally stick to memory I got through the manufacturer o Screen replacement This is a contentious topic I will say that it's possible it's quite difficult and you have to find one of the very few screens that will be compatible with your machine --------------------------------------------------------------------- Note that technically a soldered-on chip can be replaced with one compatible with the same motherboard either to replace a failed one or upgrade within a small range However this requires very expensive soldering equipment and much experience and may be more expensive than replacement Most repair shops will choose to put in a complete replacement motherboard

A:Laptop upgrades: CPU and GPU usually cannot be upgraded or replaced

Great stickey WyomingKnott!
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Hi all I have a - to XP resolution has screen Pro lost Upgraded Toshiba Satellite - It originally came with Win ME and I have bought aditional memory and upgraded to XP Pro Since then even though the Display in Control Panel says it is on Highest bit as it was when on ME the resolution of the display and colour has gone markedly downhill I can t seem to get it any higher than at present and there doesn t appear to Upgraded to XP Pro - screen has lost resolution be any difference in quality between and Bit Upgraded to XP Pro - screen has lost resolution I have downloaded drivers across the board from the Toshiba site for all manner of other areas but display driver upgrades cannot be located at Toshiba My display driver card is currently Trident Video Accelerator CyberBlade-Ai - which was for ME I ve looked around to see what Upgraded to XP Pro - screen has lost resolution could be a suitable upgrade but at this point I am floundering I am guessing this is where the problem lies but if not please say Otherwise if a pointer could be given from where to d l a replacement I would appreicate the help Many thanks nbsp

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I decided to upgrade my cpu from an amd sempron 3000+ to an amd64 x2 5600+. Both are for socket am2. After installing new cpu(following directions faithfully) I started computer. No boot, just a black screen, hard drive light solidly on, not blinking, no beeps, no video. I re-installed the old cpu with the same results. Motherboard is MSI model(MS-7253) with 2GB memory. I am running xp home edition with service pack 3. All available updates to xp were installed prior to starting this upgrade. Need help!

A:Upgraded CPU, Got black screen on start up

Silly question perhaps but did you clean off the old thermal compound carefully with 99% isopropyl alcohol and put on the correct amount of new thermal compound? Also you could try resetting the bios.
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from 98se. Everything worked fine except my desktop and background is really strange. Icons are huge and very fuzzy. I try to change the screen resolution and it won't let me. It just stays on its lowest setting. Does anyone know why this might happen or what to do about it? Thanks for the help.


A:Screen Problem: Recently upgraded to XP

That is the classic symptom of failing to load the graphics card/adapter drivers after a reinstallation.

The default Windows drivers give low resolution, you need to determine the type of video adapter you have, visit the website of the maker and download and install the drivers for XP.
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First I just want to say quot memory now!! but Upgraded nothing screen blue - Hi quot as this is my first post here I ll just jump right into my issue I have a Dell Dimension computer with RAM I recently bought Upgraded memory - nothing but blue screen now!! a MB stick to upgrade the RAM I pulled out a MB stick and put the MB stick in its place Needless to say the computer didn t like this and upon boot up told me that the configuration of memory was incorrect The message was something like quot Expecting XXXRAM showing XXXRAM quot or something to that effect I pulled the new stick out and returned the old stick to put it back to the original configuration I get nothing but bluescreen now with Stop codes and an NTFS sys file error I ran a diagnostic test that Dell provides and everything passed What can I do Do I need to pull some memory out I need to get back in to back up some stuff - especially my e-mail Is there a solution that anyone can offer me Thanks ketch nbsp

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I'm having repeated BSOD's on my laptop Fujitsu T5010. It's like tlyhat they're caused by driver conflicts; when I bought the machine (2008) it had Vista OS and I Windows 7 upgrade disk but I didn't upgrade until recently. I had several problems installing Windows 7 Service Pack 1 but more importantly, several features of the laptop stopped working (auto rotation of the screen, tablet buttons, etc.). It's a very common problem for this machine's owners and in trying to solve (unsuccessfully) those issues I probably installed drivers that were not compatible.

I set up verifier with the settings suggested here. The machine crashed immediately upon boot. I've attached some .dmp files.

When I try to use the downloaded SF Diagnostic Tool Windows immediately throws a "stopped working" exception. I am running it as administrator.

Thanks for any help.

A:Repeated BSOD's on laptop upgraded from Vista

Hi SteveAltman.

Upload the list of all the third party drivers Using NirSoft DriverView :
Download and execute Driverview
View > Hide Microsoft Drivers
Edit > Select all
File > Save Selected Items
In the Save dialog, Set the path to desktop, Put "Driverview" in the name field, and save.
Zip the .txt file and upload it.
upload your MSINFO32.nfo file.
Click on the start button
Type "msinfo32" (without quotes) in the search bar of the start menu, click the resulting link. It will open the System Information window.
File>Save. In the "File Name" filed, put "MSINFO32" (without Quote), give the save location to desktop, and click the "save" button.
Give the time for processing, it will save a .nfo file on your desktop.
Zip it, and upload it following the instruction.
These will help us to have a deeper look at the situation.


* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 9F, {3, c2e61980, e3142ae0, c2e48af8}

Probably caused by : ACPI.sys

Followup: MachineOwner

0: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

A driver has failed to complete a power IRP within a specific time (usually 10 minutes).
Arg1: 00000003, A device object has been blocking an Irp for too long a time
Arg2: c2e61980, Physical Device Object of the stack
Arg3: e3142ae0, nt!TRIAGE_9F_POWER on Win7, otherwise the Functional Device Object of the stack
Arg4: c2e48af8, The blocked IRP

Debugging Details:










e3142a94 e30e2377 0000009f 00000003 c2e61980 nt!KeBugCheckEx+0x1e
e3142b00 e30e23f0 e3142bac 00000000 e314f380 nt!PopCheckIrpWatchdog+0x1f5
e3142b38 e30944d9 e315d6e0 00000000 92079a04 nt!PopCheckForIdleness+0x73
e3142b7c e309447d e3145d20 e3142ca8 00000002 nt!KiProcessTimerDpcTable+0x50
e3142c68 e309433a e3145d20 e3142ca8 00000000 nt!KiProcessExpiredTimerList+0x101
e3142cdc e30924ce 0050da58 c77afd48 e314f380 nt!KiTimerExpiration+0x25c
e3142d20 e30922f8 00000000 0000000e 00000000 nt!KiRetireDpcList+0xcb
e3142d24 00000000 0000000e 00000000 00000000 nt!KiIdleLoop+0x38



BUCKET_ID: 0x9F_3_tpm_IMAGE_ACPI.sys

Followup: MachineOwner

0: kd> !irp c2e48af8
Irp is active with 7 stacks 6 is current (= 0xc2e48c1c)
No Mdl: No System Buffer: Thread 00000000: Irp stack trace. Pending has been returned
cmd flg cl Device File Completion-Context
[ 0, 0] 0 0 00000000 00000000 00000000-00000000

Args: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
[ 0, 0] 0 0 00000000 00000000 00000000-00000000

Args: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
[ 0, 0] 0 0 00000000 00000000 00000000-00000000

Args: 00000000 00000000 00000000 000... Read more
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In two days, (Jan. 2nd) I am receiving a three year old used HP Pavilion dv7-2173cl Notebook which was upgraded to W7 Pro just prior to shipment. I have never acquired a used laptop. Thus I am cludeless on what to expect about creating recovery discs. Is it possible?

If not, what is my alternative in having some sort of resource in recovering OS in case of system collapse/malfunction? I have the implied understanding that upgrading was not through OEM discs(meaning, done online).

BTW...should I have posted this in Seven forum?

A:Creating Recovery disc....on upgraded used laptop

OK, I just received this reply from seller:

"you can make a backup disc using win7 tools. the os came from an oem hp disc and windows is activated.the procedure is the same for a used computer as with a new computer foe backing up just follow instructions."

I am not sure I understand this statement.
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Short story:
Updated from pro 64bits to ultimate 64 bits

result :

1. Dvd wont eject manually as in button it will digitally as in windows right click eject .
2. Sleep /hibernate /shutdown equals black screen still on
led light of the button is still on and the fan is still spinning .

Bios is in the latest version not updated by me it came like that.

Laptop information:

Asus K53sv.
Ram: upgraded from 4 to 12 gb w7 reads it fine
Site says 8gb per slot at first I thought 8gb per slot "right!!"

HDD: 500gb
Video: nvidia gt 540m
Core i7 2670QM

Ps: in any case when i boot a hdd with the previous windows dvd
works shutdowns properly example windows used windows 7 pro 64 bits or xp 32 bits

Link Laptop Specs

A:Upgraded Laptop to Windows 7 pro to ultimate 64 bits

How did you do the upgrade? Anytime Upgrade or a full upgrade or clean install?

PLease post an MGAdiag - it may give us some clues.....
we need to see a full copy of the report produced by the MGADiag tool
(download and save to desktop - )
Once saved, run the tool.
Click on the Continue button, which will produce the report.
To copy the report to your response, click on the Copy button in the tool (ignore any error messages at this point), and then paste (using either r-click/Paste, or Ctrl+V ) into your response.
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So i have an HP Pavilion g t c cto notebook pc the year old one it has core ghz sandy bridge i gb SODIMM ram at mhz and it has intel hd graphics and radeon m that is misdetected as radeon m I do not play games on this laptop I do schoolwork run light programs and MAYBE play a little flash games I decided to upgrade and wakes to upgraded laptop ssd, slow boots it to an ssd which is sandisk ssd gb SATA gbits s But the thing takes minutes to laptop upgraded to ssd, boots and wakes slow boot up which is strange and it also takes mins to wake from sleep then i found out people with switchable graphics to have this issue so decided to disable the radeon chip and it did boot up fast but Then the intel GPU showed a yellow exclamation point triangle sign and the laptop would freeze about minutes after boot So then i reinstalled windows and drivers and decided to use amd catalyst to turn it off Then once i did that it turned off the radeon it took minutes to boot then I tried using intel control panel to force intel graphics but when i launched intel control center it crashed and deleted itself it would not appear in search windows so how do i turn off the radeon without breaking the laptop Or is there any workaround that will not use battery fast and boot and wake fast too I already asked on tomshardware and got no reply
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I've upgraded my memory in my Pack Bell laptop according to manufacturers guidelines and now my machine just blue screens.

If I take the memory out and leave my original memory in it works fine.

I had 256mb of PC2700 DDR 333MHZ and I bought another 512mb of PC2700 DDR 333MHZ

The BIOS sees my memory but it continually blue screens.

The blue screen error is as follows:

The problem seems to be caused by the following file: ACPI.sys

*** STOP: 0x00000050 (0x88BF02C1, 0x00000000, 0xF7BB6DIB, 0x00000000)

ACPI.sys - Address F7BB6DIB BASE AT F7BA3000, DATESTAMP 41107d27

Can anybody help me.


A:I've upgraded my memory now my laptop just blue please

I'd take the ram back to where you got it. It sure sounds like you got some bad ram.
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My Acer was originally a Vista HDMI laptop WIN Driver devices on 7 upgraded for machine I upped it to Pro The HDMI out used Driver for HDMI devices on WIN 7 upgraded laptop to work on Vista but when I upgraded my needs Driver for HDMI devices on WIN 7 upgraded laptop called for VGA out so I never noticed that the HDMI out no longer works Well it works as in I get a picture but very low quality and undersized The max resolution I can get is the laptops x quot generic quot built in monitor's resolution The external monitor does not show up in the Control Panel Display section The ext monitor does not even identify I know the VGA works but requirements dictate I switch this monitor to HDMI as you can see the bottom laptop is attached to the top middle quot display via HDMI you can see the undersized extended display screen I have tried every trick I know with monitors I have opened the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel as well The HDMI seems like it needs a driver or something but when I go to Acer's driver download section and find my specific model and OS I can not find any thing to do with HDMI I select the quot Zoran HDMI TV quot icon in quot devices and printers quot and try to update the driver there it tells me the quot best software is already installed quot Searching this quot Zoran HDMI TV quot doesn't yield me results in fact this is the first time I have ever seen any reference to Zoran HDMI or similar Anyone have any ideas my google-fu has failed me and the small screen with poor quality graphics really sucks I know that laptop is capable of out I was recently using the inch TV with it and it put out a beautiful picture over VGA I have tried extended cloned etc etc The laptop just seems to be sending the same image to both it's built in screen and the ext quot monitor where as with VGA both identified and were seperately adjustable Thank you and sorry if this should maybe be under hardware

A:Driver for HDMI devices on WIN 7 upgraded laptop

Nevermind. I managed to switch setups around and now run the Vista machine on the 26" via VGA, and Win 7 on the small, left monitor via VGA. For some reason, which I can't explain, the twitching stops with this setup and the resolutions are correct.

The HDMI can wait until I can find proper drivers.

If it aint' broke don't fix it comes into play right now.
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The process keeps running into this error with Windows update could not be installed because of error quot quot Command line quot quot C Windows system wusa exe quot It acts like there's some competing Windows Update HP WUSA to cannot be to upgraded installer Windows laptop due 10... being done with Microsoft Office but there is not I ran Windows Update and it's all up to date rebooted clean Still keep getting this error On my other laptop Windows would place the install files on my Recovery D drive which ends up running out of space I was not given a choice for where Microsoft should put the files Excuse me Microsoft but don't you bother to detect how much free space is available and allocate accordingly so you don't run out Why I can't I tell Windows HP laptop cannot be upgraded to Windows 10... due to WUSA installer where to put the install files My C drive has several hundred gigabytes free I was able to create a USB install of Windows and it wouldn't work if I let it search for HP laptop cannot be upgraded to Windows 10... due to WUSA installer updates first It would demand my Windows product key which is an OEM one for Windows and that was rejected However if I opted not to download any updates and proceed it went through OK I'm going to have to try this method on my other laptop once the installation completes
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In two days, (Jan. 2nd) I am receiving a three year old used HP Pavilion dv7-2173cl Notebook which was upgraded to W7 Pro just prior to shipment. I have never acquired a used laptop. Thus I am cludeless on what to expect about creating recovery discs. Is it possible?

If not, what is my alternative in having some sort of resource in recovering OS in case of system collapse/malfunction? I have the implied understanding that upgrading was not through OEM discs(meaning, done online).

A:Creating Recovery disc....on upgraded used laptop

Easiest is when you make an image.

Imaging with free Macrium
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in the beginning after upgrading just the shift would get pressed automatically for a long time> and then later i installed nvidia driver and it worsened> now shift key is pressed automatically most of the time and hot keys are not working at all > when shift isnt being pressed function keys work but not the hot keys> as u can see i cant put any fullstops because shift is pressed now
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Hi - I try to explain this clearly since I m not computer savy I have a HP that has a Hp Laptop it had Pavilion XP removed Vista want to upgraded C drive and a D drive recovery partition I never made recovery discs Hp Pavilion Laptop had XP upgraded to Vista want it removed for it Hp Pavilion Laptop had XP upgraded to Vista want it removed My HP came with XP Home Premium then I upgraded to Vista Home Premium I am having all sorts of problems and want to go back to XP using Hp Pavilion Laptop had XP upgraded to Vista want it removed my D partition BUT theres one huge problem or not if you know what your doing and I don t My system crashed last nite and when I turned it back on it made me the guest with my name and a blank picture appears that needs a password and username and when I try system restore or anything it wants a password and even if I had it it wont let me even type into the space where its required I cant even download a picture of this cause Im in safe mode - The computer stated when I try to help myself quot Windows needs your permission to continue Edit security Microsoft Windows then a big line of numbers then it says quot To continue type an admin password and then click OK then theres a space to type and it wont let me type anything and thens theres a choice to click OK which I can t and then Cancel which I can My question is Can I get to my D drive and just restore my PC to my old system I dont care if I lose any work I just want my laptop back no one else evens uses it Can I turn it off then when I turn it on click F something and it will erase and recover like new or can I reinstall Vista again and erase this mess HELP oh please Help Thanks in advance if anyone answers Sorry for the length nbsp