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Installing a 2nd GPU Mac?

Q: Installing a 2nd GPU Mac?

I have a MacBook Pro 15' 2009 edition, and wanted to know how you install a second GPU into it or even simply replace it.
Thanks for any responses.

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Preferred Solution: Installing a 2nd GPU Mac?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Installing a 2nd GPU Mac?

Nope. Can't do it. (this applies to both your questions)
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How do I installing something during the Windows Setup Menu's Installing features and Installing updates? John

A:Installing Updates and Installing features part of windows setup menu

Please correct your sentence. It is not readable.

How do you do what during that phase of install? You don't need to do anything except wait.
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I've had a few problems with my hard drive & it is being exchanged by the manufactuer. I have backed the hard drive using the back up facility in sytsem tools windows 2000. I have backed it up to another PC I have on a peer to peer network.
My question is this. After formating the new hard drive will I have to install the O/S or just restore the backed up file. I should mention that I did a "back up everything on my computer" back up & I'm unsure if that would back up the O/S as well.
Anyway do i just restore or load the O/S then restore.
Many thanks in anticipation.

A:advice needed for installing back up files after installing a new hard drive
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Ok I have the Gigabyte GA- P-DS motherboard I am trying to figure out how to put it in the case I have the processor in and its ready to go in the case I am just not sure how to put it in In the directions it says Remove the I O plate from the back of the case and replace it with mobo and help installing config. channel Need into case installing for dual RAM provided motherboard I O plate What does that mean What s an I O plate The problem I am running into is the case has like holes in it to put those gold screw things that space the motherboard off the case Well I am not sure what holes to use There are like different holes on the motherboard Are they all for screws I noticed there are two type of holes Just normal holes then there are holes with golden metal circles around them I was not sure if they were for screws Here is what I am talking about Need help installing mobo into case and installing RAM for dual channel config. Also the manual for my motherboard said it has the ability to support dual channel technology What is dual channel technology It said it doubles the bandwidth of the memory speed or something Need help installing mobo into case and installing RAM for dual channel config. like that Anyway I have two gigs of Corsair XMX memory The manual said I need to put the memory in the same color channels for the dual channel to work So I put the two sticks of memory in the same colored slots not the slots grouped together right Does it mater if I choose the red or yellow ones nbsp

A:Need help installing mobo into case and installing RAM for dual channel config.

Attached is a picture and description of how to remove and install the I/O shield.

The screws that secure the motherboard to the chassis go through the holes with the metal circles around them.

The "gold screw things" you are speaking of are the motherboard standoffs. You install the standoffs in the case to align with the holes with the metal circles around them. MAKE SURE that you only have installed the number of standoffs for the holes on the motherboard. If you leave an extra standoff installed it can cause a short circuit in the motherboard.

For dual channel memory install one stick of memory in each of the YELLOW DIMMs.
Push the white clips on the DIMMs into the open position (in the photograph you attached they are in the closed position). Insert a stick of memory in the DIMM slot making sure it is aligned. Then with your thumbs push down firmly on each end of the memory stick until it is firmly seated and the white clips close by themselves to lock the memory in place. If the memory is installed correctly, you should not have to move the white locking clips manually. Again, they should "pop in" and lock themselves.
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Hi To give you some back story I built my computer the Updates Installing) Not on Error (Sits Installing : Windows Unknown end of August Windows Updates Not Installing : Error Unknown (Sits on Installing) Ran Smoothly I decided to get a gig SSD to be the partition that stored Windows I didnt have much stored on the Main HD so I deleted my original TB HD and tried installing on the SSD found that the SSD was bad and sent it back Decided just to stick with the TB HD Had some issues installing windows back onto the HD as it would just hang up Finally managed to get windows installed had some quot Not genuine quot issues but that resolved after multiple restarts That brings me to where I am at today and I feel as though the system has been getting worse I would normally be fine with just a clean install but with all the issues I had with that initially I am very skeptical of trying it again I have important updates and optional updates all of which do not install The Installer just sits on Downloading updates and I have left it overnight with still no result I am not sure if this is even my main issue but I am beyond the point of figuring it out myself so any help would be appreciated I downloaded the System Readiness Tool and it Ran I tried running the sfc scannow in Admin cmd prompt mode and get a quot Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation quot I attached my CBS file Any help Windows Updates Not Installing : Error Unknown (Sits on Installing) you could give or guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated

A:Windows Updates Not Installing : Error Unknown (Sits on Installing)

Hello and welcome Faticus just as matter of interest why did you give up on the SSD? was not it under warranty?

That is heck of a drive to be installing on mate just how did you prepare it for the install?

You can run a chkdsk in Windows too > My Computer > right click on the drive > Properties > Tools > Check now - then follow the points in my pic.
You then reboot and it will start a chkdsk (in DOS).
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Yeah I have a friend who just replaced her hard drive She had a friend come over and he installed an XP cd he got from the university he works at Anyway IKernel.exe driver installing when installing Error webcam I guess he Error installing IKernel.exe when installing webcam driver installed all the drivers and updates onto the computer However when she tried to install her webcam driver it comes up with an error message saying error installing IKernel exe She can t get it past that error to install the driver So I did some research on the net Came across a page that said to delete the C Program Files Common Files InstallShield engine However when I showed her how to get to that InstallShield folder there wasn t one to be found I found that very interesting Why would XP have installed that with the cd the dude used Weird Anyway I heard her download and install an InstallShield version that I am not sure if it is the right version Anyway it is on there I had her try the webcam driver again Still same error I am guessing there is no IKernel exe on her computer Should I have her download the IkernelUpdate exe that is also on that page If not what else can I have her try She doesn t have a Windows XP to extract files from Thanks nbsp
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Windows updates keeps installing/reinstalling the same update over and over again. I looked in my update history and it shows that they are installed successfully every time. What should I do and is this using space on my laptop by re-installing over and over again?

A:Solved: Windows updates keeps installing/re-installing the same update over and over

It is not using any space. Right-click the ones you already have and hide them so they don't come back.
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I have an HP 5500 series printer and ever since I installed Adobe Professional 7.0 the software keeps installing itself over and over and I can't get it to stop. I have tried uninstalling Adobe and reinstalling and it does the same thing. Anyone ever heard of this? Any advice is greatly appreciated, and I'm a newbie here so I hope I have posted correctly. Thanks!!!

A:HP Printer software keeps re-installing by itself after installing Adobe Prof. 7.0

Click Start - Run, type in MSCONFIG, then click OK - Startup(tab).

Look for entries that start with hpz, similar to what you see here.

Uncheck those entries, click Apply - OK, then reboot.

See if that helps.
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Hello there I recently swapped out my HD for a GTX and after about two days I noticed my windows had done a auto-update and rebooting itself and was at my login prompt . . or old new card . No to one installing after re-installing video monitor signal and my No signal to monitor after installing new video card or re-installing old one . . . USB keyboard and mouse suddenly were not working at all the keyboard had no lights on either I then proceeded to reboot the computer when I did this I suddenly No signal to monitor after installing new video card or re-installing old one . . . had no signal coming from my video card The card was still running its fan and everything else on the motherboard was running as well but no video I then thought it might be a video card problem so I re-installed the HD and it seems to be doing the same thing I have been researching every thing I can No signal to monitor after installing new video card or re-installing old one . . . possibly find on how to fix this issue however nothing seems to work and im almost thinking the PCI-E slot may be dead however the HD runs its fan directly from the mobo through the slot and when I power the computer up with that card in it the fan spins like normal Things I have tried so far Ensured everything was seated properly and all cords were in the proper places Reseated Cleaned any dust off my RAM HDD Proccessor all PSU cords going to mobo as well as USB cords As well as did a mobo test by removing the RAM and booting to see if it beeped and it did with the RAM in place its giving me short beep but thats been like that for a long time Reset my BIOS by removing the CMOS battery for abit as well as doing the jumper reset on my mobo Ensured the BIOS had not switched to onboard somehow I am using the onboard now which is working fine but I had to go into the BIOS to turn it on myself it was still in the PCI-E setting I had removed the ATI drivers when I installed the GTX card but I did a restore to rollback to them when I attempted to use my HD again and still nothing I looked very closely at my PCI-e x slot doesnt appear to be any damage or broken pins I have tested both of these video cards on a seperate computer and both are working as intended on it Here are my specs -HP p - running Windows home premium bit -AMD Phenom II X T Processor CPUs GHz - GB DDR - RAM - TB SATA HDD -N-Alvorix-RS -uATX Alvorix Motherboard -CORSAIR Gaming Series GS W ATX V v PLUS Certified Active PFC High Performance Power Supply more than enough for either card -Currently running off the onboard video HD chipset also attempting to use HD mb pci-e x card the stock card Zotac GTX SE mb my new one I know from all I have read that I might be wasting my time and this is a slot or motherboard issue that may not be fixable but if anyone can think of anything it would be greatly appreciated Thanks Eric nbsp

A:No signal to monitor after installing new video card or re-installing old one . . .
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yesterday I got - error installing on NP900X3D SAMSUNG USB installing annoyed by win on my Samsung NP X D and I started to instal windows as I normaly used to do on my older laptop and here the problems started - as the ultrabook doesn t have a optical unit I must use an bootable USB - I delete and redo the partition with the previous windows installing error on SAMSUNG NP900X3D - USB installing - at first i got an GPT installin error when I installing error on SAMSUNG NP900X3D - USB installing tried to install the win afterwards I started to serch on internet about this error and what it means and then I found about UEFI installing mode issues - now I did disabled the Fast Boot from BIOS and also made the USB as a primary boot device and disabled the SSD as a bootable device - next I started to install the windows but something weird happened the win booted normaly and then is the first step with quot windows is loading files quot and then the quot windows is starting quot and at that point the process freezed I don t know what to do next I followed these UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows to make the USB bootable Please give me a bit of help Regards

A:installing error on SAMSUNG NP900X3D - USB installing

Welcome to EightForums.

1) did you do step 11 in
UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows

2) Are you booting the USB drive in UEFI mode?
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I have just ordered parts for a new PC.
Things I know that have drivers to install at some point:
OCZ Revodrive 3 (superfast ssd connected to a PCIe slot)
Asus P8Z68-V LX motherboard
Intel i5 2500K

I am sure that the ssd needs it's drivers installed when windows is being installed.

I'm not sure if the wireless mouse has drivers or not, its a Xenta.


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EDIT: I just realized i posted this in the wrong category.. sorry :/


I hope you guys can give me a hand now cause i'm all out of ideas!

I re-formated my sisters computer yesterday, and after installing it i had no internet. As i hadn't installed any drivers yet, i understood that. But after heading over to dell's site, downloading all of the drivers for her computer and then installing them, i STILL do not have any internet.

I don't see any connections on the computer either, it's just blank!

Here's a screenshot.

Her computer model:
Dell OptiPlex 170L.

And the drivers for her computer can be found right here.

I installed all Chipset, Video, Audio and Network drivers. Have i missed out on anything important?

Any ideas what's wrong here?

Thanks in advance,

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I have 7 Ultimate right now, I want to install XP through VirtualBox, which is all well and fine, I know how to do that. But my question is; can I install programs that will be using XP?

Say I give the virtual OS like 30gb of space, around 2gb of RAM, then while running XP in VirtualBox, can I then install programs that will be running with XP?


A:Installing XP with VirtualBox, Then Installing Programs to Virtual OS?

Absolutely! You install programs to the virtual machine the same way you would on a physical machine. The virtual machine will be able to access the DVD drive, USB drives, internet, network shares, etc... to be able to install software the same as with a physical machine.
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When i tryed installing a new dvd rom on my computer, it installs drivers for a cd rom instead.
And when i try to play a dvd r it won't, it will only play cdr's.
Can anybody help?


A:Solved: When installing my dvd rom, the computer says installing cd rom Why?
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Hi all,
I had some trouble with my laptop and I had to install XP home again and format my computer. Everything went well until after the preparing installation bullet. While going to the installing windows bullet now, I get a message with serveral files cannot copy, so I click browse from my windows XP cd which is D:\ but nothing happens, I can cancel that file from being copied but window after window pops up in the same manner with the same message. Can anyone please inform me on how to fix this situation.

My thanks in advance to all.

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i installed FF prtable onto a flash drive, but now, whenever i try opening firefox on my desktop, it got this error saying another one had to finish installing, and that i should restarted. restarted 2 times, each time trying, each time getting new error. then i tryed uninstalling firefox and reinstalling, and when i reinstall i get this error:

Error opening file for writing: \r\n\r\nxpicleanup.exe/r/n/r/nClick Retry to try again, or\r\n cancel to stop instillation.

any ideas?

A:problem installing after installing FF portable


Which version is it?
Which platform? Vista Home Premium?
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ok...after installing cs3 on laptop none of the applications will even open up..except for photoshop in which i just get a grey screen and while waiting for something to happen in that one it says "program not responding". so i am in the process of uninstalling(for over 5 hours now)in hopes that re-installing will solve it.
can anyone offer any hope here, how long should it take to uninstall and when i re-install it if it still doesn't work what steps should i take.
i know the basics but am not overly computer getting frustrated with not being able to use the program.
thanks ahead of time!

A:installing and re-installing cs3 on vista

Start by closing CS3 if it's already open. Locate the shortcut icon used to launch Adobe Illustrator CS3. Right-click on the shortcut icon and choose "Properties". Click on the "Compatibility" tab. Under the "Compatibility mode" section, enable the option called "Run this program in compatibility mode for:". From the drop-down menu choose Windows XP. Click on "OK" to save your settings and continue.
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i have installed from that setup previously

A:Avg 9 is not installing after installing windows xp

Hello buddy,

Wrong forums! But we will try to help you. Are you sure AVG 9 is compatible with XP?

I must inform you that there have been many recorded incidents where AVG causes problems. Even on my own machine, AVG 9 developed a massive memory leak. Could I recommend Microsoft Security Essentials instead?
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I purchased 2 compaq Deskpro EN P550's w/10GB drive CD ROM and ethernet card. The OS had been stripped from the systems. I was able to install XP Professional on the first without difficulty. On the 2nd, I removed the 10GB and put in a WD 120 GB drive and a Mad Dog CD RW DVD ROM drive. The computer recognizes the installation CD for the WD HD and formats it.

However, whenever I put XP install disk in or the Mad dog disk. Nothing happens. XP won't install nor are other CD's recognized.

How do I resolved this problem? By the way, I have no recovery disks as there was no OS at the time of purchase.

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So I have a older Dell 8400 and I went to the Microsoft web site and downloaded a program to see if my system can take a upgrade to Vista, Well it does but does not say weather it can take Vista pro or Ultra ? Also I will be reformatting my hard drive at the same time. Do I reformat and the install the new os Vista Ultra or the older xp and then upgrade after that ? Any help would be great. Ed

A:Installing new os ...

If you can get a clean install, that's always the best. I would reformat, then install vista if you're sure your computer can handle it as vista is a resource hog.
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Hello, I just bought two new hdd's for my comp and i want to swap out my old hdd's for the two new ones. My comp did not come with a windows intall cd, just a recovery partition on the hdd. anyone know what should i do to install xp on one of the new ones? thanks in advance.

BTW, my OS is on my original 80gb hdd (the same one with the recovery partition), and I also have a second 13gb hdd also for backup. I tried to disconnect th 13 and replace it with one of the new 160's I bought but the comp would not start up. I was confused by this because the OS is on the 80. Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:help installing win xp

Is it detecting your hard drive? If not, try flipping the plugs, sometimes they tend to get flipped upside down. I had that problem when I installed my first hard drive.
Did you try changing your boot order so that the drive with your OS is set first? I'm sure you already have, but if not try it. Also try messing around with the jumper settings and make sure your new 160 gig isn't set to master. As for the installation disc... I dunno what to say... =/ maybe try contacting the company that built your computer and if that's a no-go, try to get your 80 gig working and get some software to transfer the entire system to another hard drive. I think there's a way to do that, but I wouldn't know, never tried it.
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I'll be getting the FULL version of WINXP,and was told to install it right over WIN98.Is this OK to do? Or should I format first?Thanks for any help I can get on this.

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Hi all, I am currently running Windows 7 64bit dual with Ubuntu. I have a 1tb drive that I shrunk to 900gb for the windows drive then 100gb for Ubuntu. I want to install Windows 8.1 for myself (my fiance likes 7, I want 8.1, anything video card related in Vmware is not possible or easy). My question is should I shrink another partition for 8.1? Just want to make sure all boots well and that grub2 will read the OS.

Sorry if this isn't in the right section, wasn't sure where to put it....
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I have a small but reasonably beasty Installing later 10 Asus Installing 10 later laptop P LA I keep for travel and when at work At present it is installed with Pro and I have half a mind I know what someone will say LOL to clean install to it and get the free offer of Pro But I am about to take a trip to the UK and take the machine with me and I don't want to get there and it drop it's bundle and leave me with no resources and or a lot of mucking around on holiday trying to get it fixed My partner certainly would not be impressed So I think I shall wait until I get back and just buy a copy of Installing 10 later Pro and install it from an official DVD and as I can get the copy for around it will save any stress as the copy of I have on this machine the free ISO has been a real battle to get right anyway What I want to know is if I do that and keep the drive with Pro on it and use a new SSD for the will it be possible to swap out the drives to use the two different systems What I would like is to keep it in for a while longer but eventually load the and fix up my gear on it

A:Installing 10 later

Originally Posted by ICIT2LOL

I have a small but reasonably beasty Asus laptop (P2520LA) I keep for travel and when at work. At present it is installed with 7 Pro and I have half a mind (I know what someone will say LOL) to clean install 10 to it and get the free offer of 10 Pro. But I am about to take a trip to the UK and take the machine with me and I don't want to get there and it drop it's bundle and leave me with no resources and/or a lot of mucking around on holiday trying to get it fixed. My partner certainly would not be impressed.

So I think I shall wait until I get back and just buy a copy of 10 Pro and install it from an official DVD and as I can get the copy for around $200 it will save any stress as the copy of 10 I have on this machine (the free ISO) has been a real battle to get right anyway.

What I want to know is if I do that and keep the drive with 7 Pro on it and use a new SSD for the 10 will it be possible to swap out the drives to use the two different systems?? What I would like is to keep it in 7 for a while longer but eventually load the 10 and fix up my gear on it.

Should be fine. I don't see any problem with this. I have done it myself.
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My son has windows98 second edition on his computer and would love to install using my windows XP CD ONTO HIS AND DO AWAY WITH WINDOWS 98 BUT i NOTICED THAT on MY CD THAT CAME WITH MY COMPUTER it SAYS ON IT ALREADY INSTALLED ON YOUR COMPUTER
reinstallation cd microsoft windows XP home edition including service pack 2

Can he use it on his computer to install XP or is it only good for my computer.Is there something he has to do or get - dummy tried already to do it and it says that he is missing files and can not continue - now he does not have 98 or XP AND i DO NOT THINK HE MADE A BACK UP either ??????

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i have windows nt 4 on my compuuter when i bought it and want to install Me on it but when it comes to installing i just get a message saying to install it in dos but i havent got dos on my pc just command prompt and it wont work in the shell of it
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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I just had Win 98 on my computer, but reformatted because I wished to start anew with Windows XP. The format went well, but I'm having trouble installing XP now. When I start up the computer with the setup disk in the disc drive, it tells me it's an invalid system disk.

My problem is I just can't seem to get the setup to run... I dunno am I doing something wrong or is there something I'm not doing that I should be doing? I figured with the cd in the drive it would automatically start the setup, but apparently I'm wrong. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Hi there. I have an old desktop that I decided to format and Install win 7 32 bit. Problem is that I dont have a cd drive. So this is what I tried so far:
Step 1). I created a bootable USB. I couldnt install it that way no matter what I tried through the BIOS settings.
Step 2). I dismantled a new cd driver from a new desktop with connections similar like a sata 3 HDD and connect it to the old pc. Inserted the windows cd and still nothing.
Step 3). I removed the HDD from the old pc I connected it to the new desktop installed there with WIN 7 32 bit version and putted back again to the old pc the HDD and fails on startip during the WIN 7 Logo.

Any help?

A:Installing Win 7 32 bit

Step 3 is 90% success!! you need the motherboard drivers for the system into which the HD was connected.
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New Micro Advantage 16x DVD RW calls for jumper setting set to Slave, and remaining CD-RW set to master-on secondary IDE- My Dell Dimension 8200 has a DVD drive and a CD-RW drive-- both are presently set to CSEL on the jumpers. My feeling is to set the DVDRW to CSEL. Instructions with the MA 16x says not to set jumpers on DVDRW drive to CSEL--I am replacing the DVD drive with the DVDRW and keeping the CD_RW. what do I do with the jumper settings???

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OK, here's the thing. I have two computers, one is running win xp the other is running win NT. I want to install win xp to the computer that is running win NT. I have the reinstallation CD for the win xp and I also have the drivers and utilities CD for win xp, but I don't have any idea were to start. Need some help please. Thank You.

A:installing win xp

If ur WINXP CD is a bootable one then u can start by doing the following steps...
1) Go to BIOS setup(usually by pressing del key while booting up) and change boot sequence to cdrom as first device.
2) Insert bootable cd and when the ...... comes hit any key to start loading WINXP into memory.
3) Continue as asked by the system...
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when installing RAM will the hardrive,motherboard auto detect the new RAM or do i need to get into the blue screen computer system menu and do it myself?
if i do need to do it would i do it?

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I did a search for SSD and there was nothing Anyway I have a GB Sandisk drive that I want to install on my Win PC SSD a Installing Since the drive is only GB I will not be able to store my data and all of my programs on it I want Installing a SSD to use the SSD as my boot system drive and for few programs and games I want all of my data like documents music pictures etc on my TB hard drive I will be doing a fresh install of Win How can I make Win use the TB hard drive as the default drive for my data I very much appreciate any assistance My system CPU - Intel i K OC'd to GHz Motherboard - ASUS P P Pro Graphic card - EVGA GeFore SE Memory - ADATA XPG DDR x GB Hard drive - Seagate TB External HD - Western Digital My Book TB Optical drive - LG Blu-ray disc rewriter Case - Antec Power - Antec Truepower Trio w Cooler - Cooler Master Windows bit

A:Installing a SSD

Have a look at this tutorial: SSD - Install and Transfer the Operating System
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just installed sp1 from automatic updates (note specs are not accurate) now can i install sp2? and can some1 kinda explain the benifits of installing sp2? ty

A:installing sp

Hi Jasond19 buddy how are you I have not seen you for a while, I am sorry you are having some problems with your system.

SP2 is like when you updated to SP1 this is Micorsofts way of trying to fix things they missed, by all means install SP2 you will or should get better performace and things should run better also. If you need help you know we are here to help in anyway we can.

Glad to see you on the forum...

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i did install it .. set jumpers correctly ,the problem is not inside the computer.. is in the software or i dont know.. i got a 40 gb hd that came with my computer.. has win xp on it and everything.. and i bought a 60 gb for more storage.. but when i log in win Xp , the HD is not in the folder , my computer.. but it is connected right.. because when i go to my devices .. disk drives it is there .,.. its just i cant access it.. what should i do...?? some ideas would help !! thank u in advance!!!

A:help installing 2nd HD !!!

You need to partition and format the drive.

In the control Panel, go to administrative Tools, Computer Management, then Storage, Disk Management

You should now see your devices listed in the top right.

A little intuition should allow you to partition and format the drive- right click on the disk and follow the menu choices.

Hope this helps- btw Welcome to Techspot!
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I just installed Vista on my computer and I was hoping to test some web pages with old versions of internet explorer. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get Vista to allow me to do this. It just says:

'Setup has detected a newer version of Internet Explorer already installed on this system.
Setup cannot continue.'

Does anyone know how to get around this?


A:Installing IE5 and IE6

I think the best way to do it is with Virtual PC, just load up 98 and XP and test from there.

Microsoft Virtual PC 2007
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I have a Dell Dimension 4300 with 40gb HD (purchased in 2000). I installed a 2nd 120gb HD with two partitions; (P) for the paging file and (V) for digital editing.

I want to install XP on the second HD to a) install SP2 and b) take advantage of its 7200 RPM speed.

I will reconfigure the PC so that the 120gb will be the master and the 40gb will be the slave. Change the BIOS so that the cd drive will be bootable.

1) During the installation process of XP, I will partition the 120gb HD as C: but how will the PC recognize the 40gb HD since its formatted as the original c drive?
2) Any suggestions on partitioning the 120gb for performance and security
2) What is the activation process for XP? (previously done by Dell)

Thanks for your assistance.

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I have Windows XP Home installed on my computer. I want IIS(Information Interchange Server) to be installed. I have learned from a friend that IIS is only available with Windows XP Professional. If this is so then can I upgrade from Windows XP Home to Professional to install IIS or do I have to reinstall Windows XP Prof.? I do not want to reinstall because I will lose my settings for various softwares as I would have to reinstall them too. Please advice as to what I should do?
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i am pondering installing xp pro in my comp which now,unfortunately has m.e. on it.
i am told to ,rather than format my drive,since i have about 26 gigs of files etc. on it,to install it parallel,and after the fact move files over to it from the other operating system and then delete m.e.

is this an easy process or would it be easier /better to buy another h/d ,install xp on it and move the files to it.

i am told it is not the best way to install an operating system over another system,or will in fact xp rewrite over m.e..???

i just want to have the best outcome as possible.

A:installing xp pro.....

no actual best way to do it

without buying a new drive:

backup your data, format your drive, install XP and then install any applications needed, and restore you data (documents, databases, etc)

If you buy a new drive:
remove the old hd, install the new hd, install xp, install your apps, then after its up, running and stable, connect the other drive as a slave and copy any documents you want over.
That said, you can just install xp as an upgrade. I have done it in the past and a lot of times its fine....but in the long run the system is inherently less stable.
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I would like to install a new 120mm fan in the side pannel of my case.

Does anyone know of any sites that have directions on where to cut the holes and how to cut them? Has anyone done it themselves?

Relevancy 20.64%

Hi all,
I just tryed to install winXP right over my win98 and I keep getting
a winnt error.

Can anyone tell me anything about WinXP that I should know before I install.


Relevancy 20.64%

Well im currently on Service Pack 2 And im wanting to update to 3, I really dont know how and will i loose anything?

A:Installing SP3

Click Start > All Programs > Windows Update (near the top)...

to automatically update to SP3. No, you shouldn't loose anything. I suggest you back up all your important files though if you are really worried about it.
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A few months ago I installed win xp pro on my sisters computer. When I installed apparently it was a bad cd as it skipped a couple files during the install on my computer, and when I installed on hers it skipped more files as her cd-rom was dying in the process of the install.
Since then I have got a new copy of Win XP and completely reformated my own pc with a smooth install.
I'd like to re-install it on my sisters pc as well now that she has a new cd-rom, but they don't want to do a clean install and loose what they have on the pc.

can I install win XP over her same win XP operating system saving her current files?

A:Re-installing Win XP Pro

yes,no 2k and xp are bootable.
just boot from your xp cd(you need to configure bios so that cd drive is 1st boot device)at 1st blue screen choose "re-install".....2nd blue screen choose "repair".......simple as that.

good luck
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I have installed a 1gb memory stick into my acer aspire ast180 and it works fine,but when I install another identical memory stick my monitor is all distorted when it starts up.I have tried using all 4 slots and it does the same thing,this is so frustrating. Please if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.I am not sure if some setting needs to be adjusted in my computer.I have a Geforce 6100 nforce 405 video card.idont know if that matters or not.
Relevancy 20.64%

Well, I have Vista on USB and I don't know how to format the computer and install this from USB how can I do this ?

A:Installing OS USB

How did you get Vista on USB?
Relevancy 20.64%

It's called RK Launcher. It comes as a .ZIP with a few files, and I have no idea how I would use this. Any assistance? I've looked all around the internet, and I couldn't find anything. Thanks

A:How would I go around installing this app?

I believe you simply run the .exe file.

When I ran it, a new "toolbar" popped up.
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my daughters computer recently became infected with the worm virus i got rid of it with avg however most of her programs wont start so i used the recovery disc however this only installed an extra xp rather than installing over the other one. i have tried right clicking on my hardrive and formatting but i cannot do this either any help on thi would be breatly appreciated

A:re installing xp

<img src=>


go into bios and make sure its set to boot from cdrom.
reboot and put in the xp the 1st blue screen choose "repair" the 2nd blue screen choose "install".
you will now have a chance to format windows with a crisp squeeky clean copy

good luck
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- can I remove, or move the following partition on my HDD? Name - System (300MB); ID'ed as "Healthy, Active, Primary" It is shown 1st in the Disk Mgmt. graphic on Win 7. "C" is right after that and is ID'ed as "Boot, Primary" Next I created a new partition - "D" of 98G where I want to install Win 8 for a dual boot on this laptop.

When Win 8 installation starts it only looks at that 300MB System partition and of course says "not enough space to install Win 8"



A:Installing Win 8

You can move or delete the System partition, but then you'll have to repair the boot because you will have destroyed the Master Boot Record. I suggest to leave it alone.

I don't understand your installation problem. When I installed Windows 8 along with my Windows 7 system it installed in the partition I specified, and the small System partition is still intact.

Maybe if you attach a screen shot of the Disk Management window we can spot something that will help.
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My notebook don't have a CD\DVD-ROM.Now i want to reinstall Windows 10.Can you please tell me how to get it and how to burn it to USB.I need your help!

A:Installing OS

Hi, As your notebook shipped with Windows 10 preinstalled, you should use the Recovery Media Creator application to create your Windows 10 recovery usb - see the 'Creating Recovery Media' option on the following link. Regards, DP-K
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Hello all by advice of some one I tried to install windows into a pc that had xp so we can run a program on it that doesn t work with xp and I was not told to partion the drive I enter to install maybe by inserting the disc in and starting the 98 On Installing Xp pc because by just clicking ion the icon it will not install when Installing 98 On Xp going by the instrutons it ask me to delete some files I choose no then it proceded and ask me to reformat the drive I said no again then it said no memory to run and ask me if I wanted to quit the set up and I enter yes exit and then the screen stayed black with a cursor blinking I was only trying to help a friend and now her pc is mess up any sugestion she wants to take it to s tore and have them deal with it but I am concern they will delete everytinhg for her also when I start the pc it starts with pcs scan and all that we tried the recovery disc and nothing is a compaq presario ansy sugestion nbsp

A:Installing 98 On Xp

At this point, I suggest you take it back to the store. Explain to them carefully what happened and ask them to make a copy of your hard drive and then try to get XP back.

It's sounds to me that if you try anything further, you might lose all that is there.

Should you attempt this again, I suggest you post here and ask for advice before trying this on your own.
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I wish to know if I can install a 3 gig ram, I currently use 1 gig, is it possible to add 2 more gigs and make it a total of 3 gigs? I use windows xp, intel pentium e5200 dual core.

Relevancy 20.64%

Tech Support Guy System Info second 3Gb HD new installing Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb installing new 3Gb second HD Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTS Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB F Total - MB Free - MB G Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC P P D PRO Antivirus AVG Internet Security Updated and Enabled Is it possible to fit a TB installing new 3Gb second HD SATA III hard drive as a second hard drive into a system which has a TB SATA II hard drive as the first drive without losing installing new 3Gb second HD the SATA III speed or performance I am running Windows Home Premium bit with an Intel Core i GHz core processor I have been told it is possible to use an add on card for the motherboard which will allow this configuration but I do not know if this is true or if it is where to purchase such an animal The specs of the motherboard are as follows ASUSTeK Computer INC Model P P D PRO LGA Chipset Vendor Intel Chipset Model DMI Host Bridge Chipset Revision Southbridge Vendor Intel Southbridge Model P Southbridge Revision nbsp

A:installing new 3Gb second HD

The board has SATA III on it, so the drive will natively work as a SATA III device, shouldn't make any issue, you have 6 sata ports, why add a further one, just to put a drive in! Just make sure you actually use a SATA III cable, because that is sometimes an issue, some think they are all backward compatible, but it seems that sometimes they are not, so as long as the 3TB drive has a SATA III cable on it, it will work as a SATA III, but the speed of SATA is only theoretical, no mechanical drive will give 6gbps
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Hey guys--A friend is having some problems with his puter and wants to re-install XP. Will the re-install delete all the files? He has programs that he wishes to keep. How does he go about doing this?


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Hey guys

I have been having regular b.s.d's lately. I was about to install sp1 to stop all the b.s.d'ing but i saw a thread that said that they installed sp1 and the computer slowed down. Games were slower\copy speed's were slower. Is this true?

If it is true how much does it slow down. Does it slow down so much that your computer is barely usable or is it just slightly slower cant really tell.

This is important to me because i dont want to screw up my computer all my friends are in it lol

Thanks for any replies

A:installing sp1 in 7

Quote: Originally Posted by computergeekguy

Hey guys

I have been having regular b.s.d's lately. I was about to install sp1 to stop all the b.s.d'ing but i saw a thread that said that they installed sp1 and the computer slowed down. Games were slower\copy speed's were slower. Is this true?

If it is true how much does it slow down. Does it slow down so much that your computer is barely usable or is it just slightly slower cant really tell.

This is important to me because i dont want to screw up my computer all my friends are in it lol

Thanks for any replies

Didnt slow mine down at all and contrary to others I had zero problems installing it. there is a tool (google it) to check to see if you are ready to upgrade to sp-1
Relevancy 20.64% new here~soo...tell me if im doing anything wrong ayte?thxs!nwayss....yeaa~after i installed .NET framework from Microsoft my games started to doesnt lag instantly~it does fine for about 5-10mins then it lags horribly~
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My friend gave me two corsairs new ram.... installing gig chips what it installing new ram.... says on the chips Cmzx - c dhx xms - mz - - - and they replaced a super talent gb ddr - Pc everything went fine took a while for mobo to accept them at first but it all checked out but every time i turn on the computer and after it checks the ram memory i get a quot CPU has been changed please re-enter CPU settings in bios quot What does this mean do i have to change anything in Bios like the frequency or voltage or something computer intel core Dou E ghz Elitegroupe model g-m DRAM FREQ FSBRAM CAS Latency cl clocks RAS to CAS DELAY clocks RAS precharge cycle time clocks bank cycle time clocks SPD JEDEC FREQ MHz MHz CAS RAS CAS RAS PRE tRAS tRC Volts v v i have no clue what all that means but it was inCPU-Z so i figured it might help nbsp

A:installing new ram....

Looks like your bios only handles 667 Mhz memory speed,
so it is set as high as it will go.
Probably want to go into the bios setup and select load seup defaults,
then hit enter.
Then save settings and exit.
That should deal with that warning.
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I have tried times yesterday and once in last ten minutes to install sp using windows update on my pc on laptop atm to post here I turned off all open programs except windows update turned off virus and firewall So far i keep getting unknown error It downloads as follows percent at o mb fo ten to minutes then it changes to mb at percent a while later it tries to install and gets halfway before stopping I also tried to install using me is for not installing Sp1 exe file on microsoft site but didnt see it it install only thing that came up was a permissions error it still said Sp1 is not installing for me on windows update important update available i did system restore and have just tried windows update since update started windows update about hour and mins ago it appears as downloading mb at percent It startted for the Sp1 is not installing for me first while as percent mb then changed to mb percent about mins in red loading light still seems to be working normally been over hours now had to reset pc and do system restore any advice would help Im using windows bit gb ram

A:Sp1 is not installing for me

Hello batrico!

I am about to go offline now, so I shall give you two posts worth.

Please run this FixIt, but do not check Aggressive Mode: How do I reset Windows Update components&#63;

Ignore the incompatible message. It is perfectly compatible with Windows 7. Also, don't use the manual method, because that is only a waste of your valuable time.

Retry Windows Update. If things have not changed, please do the following. Please only do the following if things have not changed. If you ever receive an error code, please tell me.

Please re-run the above tool, but this time DO check Aggressive Mode.

Run this tool: Repair & Fix Windows Updates with Fix WU Utility | The Windows Club

Then please download and install this tool/update: Description of the System Update Readiness Tool for Windows Vista, for Windows Server 2008, for Windows 7, and for Windows Server 2008 R2

Then create a new folder on your Desktop called LOGS or similar. Download and extract this tool into your new LOGS folder. Make sure that it actually is in that new folder. Then run it: Altair Technologies Ltd.

Lastly, copy the C:\Windows\Logs\CBS folder into your LOGS folder. Now right click on your LOGS folder > Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder.

Upload that new file.


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I got my first SSD and since I feel it's time for a reinstall of W7 anyways, the timing is perfect. Is there anything specific I need to know before I get started installing on a SSD? My computer certainly isn't cutting edge, it's been a number of years since I built it, but I think the SSD will be a nice overall upgrade. From what I've read Windows 7 works flawlessly with solid state drives, I just wanted to double check and see if theres any SSD-specific tweaks during or after install to maximize my gains.

A:Installing on SSD

Hello there.
Check out this tutorial: install or transfer operating system to ssd
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HI just need help for my computer... I have 32 bits sony vaio mini laptop.... last monday i reformat my laptop and install my new window 7 OS.. the set up is already starting.... then my friend accidentally pull the charger so my installation has been stop... when i turn on as normal my computer says i should restart my computer to start the set again ..then i clik ok after that my computer says the computer restartes unexpectedly... and i should restart it over and over again.. i tried the safe mode but i cannot continue my set up to safe mode.... i tried last know configuration but it not help me to fix... pls i need help what should i do????

A:installing OS

Hello aels, welcome to Seven Forums!

It would be best to do a complete wipe of the PC Hard Disk Drive and then start the installation process again, have a look at Step One of the Optimize tutorial below and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.

After you have copied out or made back-ups of the data you need to save to external media, then boot the Windows 7 installation media to use Step One of this tutorial at the first link below to do a wipe secure erase to the entire Hard Disk Drive / Solid State Drive.

Whether you use diskpart to run either the clean all command to completely wipe a HDD / SSD or just the clean command to remove the format configuration data and don't use diskpart to create at least a single partition to do the installation to, letting the Windows installer do the format you will end up with the new Windows 7 System Reserved partition, if you want to make your own decision whether this partition is added, study these two (2) options below. Then if you do not want to create the new Windows 7 "System Reserved" partition use the outline in Step Two #2 to create, format and mark Active a single 100GB partition to do the installation to.
If you do want to create the "System Reserved" partition use the outline in Step Two #3 to create, format and mark Active the System Reserved partition and then create and format the 100GB partition to do the installation to.
Either way, running the "clean all" then creating and formatting the partition(s) using diskpart will get you the best possible space to do a clean install of Windows 7 to; you can always extend the Windows partition to include the remaining unallocated space on the HDD / SSD or create additional Primary partitions or an Extended partition after the installation completes if you choose.

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

DISKPART : At PC Startup

Do a Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version
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bought computer with XP already installed and want to upgrade my motherboard but dont have an actual setup disk. Can you just boot from the C drive? is that all you need if it has been installed to that drive? I have also bought a new hard drive, would there then be anyway of installing it to that hard drive and removing the old one?
Thanks for any help,

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I want to do a CLEAN installation of W7 SP1. I want to format my SSD and HDD in the process. I will therefore need to get a DVD or burn my own. It seems however that the Microsoft website does not offer an ISO for SP1.

So are these the only files I need from this link?

And in which order do I open them? Do I have to order a DVD from Microsoft?

A:How should I go about installing SP1?

That seems like a lot of work. I am not really sure why you feel this is needed. I just went to Windows Update and started the download. It takes a while so I just left my computer and let it download. I did not have any problems. If your Win 7 is otherwise working fine, I think you are causing extra work for yourself.
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I have Lenovo 3000 y500 series laptop. My problem is that i am unable to boot my pc from Win Xp CD.
I tried 3 different OS (Win xp-3, Win xp and win-98)
It is even not reading these Cds and showing 0 bytes free and 0 bytes used.
But its reading every other CD and DVD. Only not the ones which are bootable.
These Cds are working fine on my Desktop. Desktop is reading them fine and even booting from them.
pls help me....

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hi again,
i just made the switch to vista 32 bit ultimate a few days ago and was liking it until today, i use a program called autodesk inventor pro 2009, i was trying to install it and it keeps asking to insert disc one after i get throught the set-up, which is only possible to do on disc one?! i have clicked the try again to get it to read it as disc one with now luck.

if anyone can help me out much appreciated, this is expensive software and i NEED it to work.

A:need help installing app

Hey there :D

Firstly do you have Kaspersky AV2009, system security checker installed on your PC?
If so its possible that the autoruns configuration for the Drive have been messed with.

have you had any issues installing anything else previous to this but on Vista Ultimate?


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I have a laptop with a dual boot win 7 and win 8.1 on a 320 gb hdd . I want to replace the hdd with a 1tb or a 2 tb hdd . question is will I have any problem with licence numbers when I switch . 2nd point I started with win 8 and updated to 8.1 will I need to do that again or load 8.1 directly ,.my disc with os is win 8 can I download win 8.1 from ms .

A:re installing win 7 and win 8.1

Assuming you have valid and genuine Product Keys they should work just fine with your new installations of Windows 7 and 8.1 (no need to install 8 first). You can get installation media here: Create installation media for Windows 8.1

If you are happy with your current installations you can clone the old hard drive to the new.
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I have made several attempts to install Service Pack 1.
Initially through Windows Upate process and now more recently i have downloaded the big 1.9gb .iso file. This has been burnt to DVD and i have attempted twice to install from the DVD. On each of these last 2 ocassions it has reached the 'configuration' stage but has failed at 15% then 'reverted the changes'.
I have run the System Update Readiness Tool ( this said it installed ok ), i have turned off Avast AV and i have disconnected from the internet during installation.
I notice in Windows Update there are a lot of old updates which have 'failed' - updates which were released before SP1 was. Should i attempt in install these first then try SP1 again?

A:SP1 not installing

pilgrim paul.

*To give you an answer to your question we need the failed update KB******* numbers please.

* Did you check in Event Viewer re the failed updates / SP1?
Type eventvwr in search.
Go to the windows log>application tab.
Look for critical errors (they have red in the left column)that say anything that relates to the problem.
Please note the event ID, and the source codes and tell us what they are.

* FYI - Win 7 SP1 Issues.
Steps to follow before you install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 from the Microsoft Download Center

ISC Diary | Windows 7 / 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 Problems
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I have a VB6 App which has been "Packaged" ready for "Deployment". When I install it, the system says something like "The controls on you system are and older version and nedd to be upgraded" Click Yes to Upgrade and Reboot.

I click yes and reboot but then:
on Win 98 - the system will continue to install OK
on Win 2000 - I keep getting the above message no matter how many times I reboot and cannot install at all.

Any ideas why or how to overcome this B I G P R O B L E M.

(All it means is that I can't install on a Win2000 platform (Ho Ho))

There is one way I have found to overcome the problem - install VB6 on every machine needing to run my App. This works but is not exactly what I originally had in mind (plus MS would frown on this practice).
Relevancy 20.64%

Hopefully this will be simple. I purchased the 3-user pack, and accidentally installed the 32 bit version when I wanted the 64 bit. What is the easiest way to install the 64 bit. I tried to insert the disk and restart, but it is telling me that the software is incompatible. ?????

A:Installing 64 bit over 32 bit

Quote: Originally Posted by paulbrown

Hopefully this will be simple. I purchased the 3-user pack, and accidentally installed the 32 bit version when I wanted the 64 bit. What is the easiest way to install the 64 bit. I tried to insert the disk and restart, but it is telling me that the software is incompatible. ?????

To change versions you must do a clean install (with format). Sorry
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Hi everyone I had a terrible thing happen last night having massive problems with itunes win p w dh deluxe asus mobo i tried on installing pc 2nd one on in Win hdd 7 same hdd, to update the bios in the mobo during the process the pc rebooted out of order and my mobo is dead anyways in happy news this is a good excuse to upgrade to a velociraptor gb Win 7 on one hdd, installing on 2nd hdd in same pc hd i intel and evga p micro sli mobo the problem is I have Win 7 on one hdd, installing on 2nd hdd in same pc win home premium upgrade on my original generic hdd i have no idea how this hdd will react to the new mobo it is SATA so i think it will be fine to browse files on How do you all suggest i attack installing win on the new velociraptor hdd I was thinking clean install on the hdd then logging into the old win and deactiviating the 'key' that is registered on it so i can use that key on my new install the other idea was to load win from the old hdd assuming it works run the install wizard and choose to install on the NEW hdd Its a bizarre circumstance and i appreciate your thoughts

A:Win 7 on one hdd, installing on 2nd hdd in same pc

Quote: Originally Posted by mike189

Hi everyone,
I had a terrible thing happen last night, having massive problems with itunes +win 7 + p5w dh deluxe asus mobo, i tried to update the bios in the mobo...during the process the pc rebooted out of order and my mobo is dead.

anyways in happy news this is a good excuse to upgrade to a velociraptor 150gb hd, i5 intel and evga p55 micro sli mobo....

the problem is:
I have win7 home premium upgrade on my original generic hdd, i have no idea how this hdd will react to the new mobo (it is SATA so i think it will be fine to browse files on). How do you all suggest i attack installing win7 on the new velociraptor hdd?

I was thinking clean install on the hdd, then logging into the old win7 and deactiviating the 'key' that is registered on it so i can use that key on my new install.

the other idea was to load win7 from the old hdd assuming it works, run the install wizard and choose to install on the NEW hdd.

Its a bizarre circumstance and i appreciate your thoughts.

Mike, welcome to Windows 7 Support forums,
Rebuilding your system with new parts especially the motherboard with an installation of Windows 7 on the original Hard drive will not cause you issues for the hard drive. However that being said you will not be able to use that as an existing boot drive using the prenise that you have a working operating system that will boot up as if nothing happened. The reason for this is, during your original install of Windows 7 it created a hardware profile with in the O/S and since the hardware profile has changed drastically it will cause many issues!
What I would suggest is that you complete your build, install the new hard drive as SATA, C:\ leave off your old hard drive, update your bios to the latest version, same for the mobo chipset and do a clean install of Windows 7. Once that is successfully accomplished install your second hard drive, use disk manager, assign a drive letter to it and then format it using NTFS.
Try this and let us know how it went.

Regards from your friends here at Windows 7 Support forums.
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i want to have an operating system to my computer but the problem is idont have cd rom to the setup from cd..only floppy drive i have..but i have operating system from my hard drive to my partition... so the question is how can i install the operating system from my hard disk using startup disk....or how can i run that using "winnt" can u teach me step by step...hope u can solve my problem... tnx....tnx..
Relevancy 20.64%

Whenever I click on something, say, msnm or aim or whatever, a small installing window pops up and says "please wait while window configures Microsoft Office XP professional with front page". It's pretty annoying that this happens a lot. Please show me how to fix this and make this annoying thing goes away. Thanks.

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hey guys ive had my toshiba for almost yrs now and i need to reinstall xp -- Installing HELP XP to get rid of all the bugs and problems it has gotten over the yrs it has a bunch of viruses i think that keep messing it up anyways since im a university student and my university is part of the MSDNAA i can get free microsoft software i downloaded Windows XP SP and was installing it wen it restarted my computer after this it went into the blue screen and started running Installing XP -- HELP the setup as usual i think then it asks me to insert the CD named quot Windows XP SP quot i downlaoded an ISO file and so used daeomon tools to open it since it asked for a cd i though i'd burn the iso files to a cd - here starts the problem ive tried about CDs now and they just don't run on my computer for sum reason ive burnt Cds before but this time they just arent working lol ive even used different computers to do this they all hav vista running though so maybe im doing something wrong because they call all read the Cd but my laptop cant it can read other CDs though that usually come packaged with a product or sumthing so am i doing something wrong can i install XP without needing a cd thanks alot

A:Installing XP -- HELP

You can try switching brand of media (that's the first thing I'd try). Recordable and rewritable media compatibility still isn't 100%.
And yes you can install without a CD, but it requires work. You have to get the installation files onto the hard drive first (for example by plugging the hard drive into your desktop), then find some way to boot into DOS (DOS floppy, or FreeDOS CD would work), then go to the i386 folder (for 32-bit XP) and run winnt.
Relevancy 20.64%

I bought Diablo II but I cant seem to install the multiplayer because I think theres something wrong with the CD. I downloaded the game (perfectly legal as I bought the game) so I could install multiplayer but I don't know how to install it without putting it on to a CD and I have no spare CDs atm. Anyone know a way at installing the game without me putting it on CD?

A:Installing without a CD

Ask the shop you bought the game from to replace the faulty media. That is if you really did buy the game and not just another clueless a beginner in software piracy..
Relevancy 20.64%

i am presently having win 2000 pro on my pc . i have made two equal partitions of of my hard disk . i wish to install win 98 ,firstly can i install win 98 without losing any of my data? i tried to format C drive of my disk from dos but i was unable to do so due to some FAT error .
how can i install win 98 from cd ?

Relevancy 20.64%

Hello all,

I am currently using a system with Windows Vista. But I want to install XP on another hard-drive I have. I've looked everywhere on google but no luck. This second hard-drive is in my pc and ready to have XP installed on it.

Could somebody please help me out here with a simple easy tutorial.

Many Thanks, Jake.

A:Installing XP on another HD

Nobody has any ideas? Surely this is quite a simple job? I just need to know the jumper settings for each hard drive. And which OS should be Master and which on should be Slave.

Relevancy 20.64%

i would like to ask which command should i type to install the XP in a brand new computer?

Relevancy 20.64%

Hi All

Having taken your good advise I tried to install win 7 32bit on my E:

I disconnected my c: rebooted with disk in and selected a clean install. every thing went well until installing key which it refused to do.

Read the message and it said some thing about matching to manufacturers code.

The e: hd is an old sata drive from an Acer machine now scrapped and I am wondering if that is where the problem lies.

I went into disk management and this is the partitions on the drive.

1. 6mb unallocated

2. 2gb healthy recovery partion

3. 5mb unallocated

4. 147gb NTFS healthy (page file)

Is it possible to remove all partitions? I have tried in the past without success, so on boot up I get a choice of my O/S on c: or the defunct and deleted vista on e:

A:Installing win 7

I don't see why you are trying to install Win 7 on the E: drive? The default installation drive is C:. Have you had any problems trying to install on C:?
Relevancy 20.64%

I'm trying to install 7 and when I get to the "where do you want to install windows" page it says windows cannot be installed to disk 0 partition 1 (show details) and the details say "this computers hardware may not support booting to this disk ensure that the disks controller is enabled in the computers bios menu. Can someone please help I dont know what to do.

A:need help installing 7

I'm trying to install 7Click to expand...

On what? Brand and exact model of computer. What is currently on the computer.
What version of Windows is on the DVD? (also 32 or 64 bit).
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EDIT Sorry for double posting its jus that in the other forum my topic only got views and both were me plz feel free to close the other Hi quick help plz currently installing nd HD on my xp system the moment I set the pins on the first hd to master and on the second new hd I removed the clip so it sets to slave Rebooted and went to bios first hd is found nd hd seems to also be found but there isnt a name there only the serial code for it eg first hd is Maxtor f something like that second hd is ST etc Loaded up windows xp and it said new hardware detected Now the bit that I m stuck on is what to HD 2nd Installing XP on do next I was told that I needed to fdisk the new hd then format but how do I do this on XP I also cant seem to find a drive letter for the new hd A is disk drive C is my master drive D is first CD drive E is second CD drive But cant find drive letter for new drive so I dont know how to fdisk it WHat do I do next and how do I fdisk and format it in XP anyway plz help currently got comp case open installing right now nbsp

A:Installing 2nd HD on XP

You would have to boot from floppy run fdisk, change to drive 2 on first menu screen (option 4 or 5). Then create partition when complete reboot and let windows start.
From here you can see drive letter in 'My Computer', right click on Drive and format.
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So I've decided I want to try reinstall Windows in 64 bit.
Now the problem is - my Windows 7 is an OEM disk, and it only contains the 32 bit version. Would I be able to download a 64 bit disk, and install that with my cd key?
(Which, if it matters, I had a Vista key, but I had the Windows 7 free upgrade promotion so I got a W7 upgrade key from that)

Additionally, the Windows 7 disk is an upgrade disk

(actually, my Vista disk was 32 bit OEM, and the W7 upgrade disk I think must've been shipped from Microsoft so I don't know if it counts as an OEM disk, but it looks like one and thus I'm pretty sure it only has 32 bit)

Also, should I dual boot the 64/32 bit or reinstall completely?

A:Installing 64 bit from 32 bit OEM

I would switch over completely, as for doing so, do not use it as an upgrade disc install windows 7 standalone, this can be done so long as you vista key is still available.
Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

as to my knowledge assuming your system supports 64 bit instructions (dependent on cpu but most made since about 2005 do support 64 bit instructions) a key is good for either 32 or 64 bit.

I have been using full copies of windows 7 though so you may want to wait for someone with direct experience with the upgrade version to chime in before proceeding.
Either way I suggest the clean install method as using the upgrade method tends to lead to a less stable and slower system.
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Well I've given in and bought a GB SSD At the moment I have a TB HDD in partitions GB 'C' GB free GB 'D' GB 'E' D and E have plenty of space on them To install windows on the new SSD lets call it 'F' I need to unplug the TB HDD plug in the SSD and load from CD I know how to install windows Just install it won't bother with partitions on it I will now plug in the TB Once installed I have to do all the driver updates I'm sure I'll miss a W7 SSD on Installing new few out somehow Then programs etc and good to go What can I do with the 'C' drive on the TB Should I just delete the partition I only use up GB so far on my C drive so should have GB to play around with maybe put like WoW on there which is GB I think Then leave the rest free Ty

A:Installing W7 on new SSD

Depending upon how many programs you have to install on the new SSD, you might want to use the HDD for User folders. You can wait to decide after trying it for awhile: User Folders - Change Default Location

Be sure to unplug the HD during install to the SSD.

If you install to new SSD, the installer will issue a 100mb System Reserved boot partition which conveniently places the Repair Console (normally only on the DVD or Repair CD) on the F8 Advanced Boot Tools menu. So I would choose Custom Install and then Drive Options to partition as you wish and format: Clean Install Windows 7

If you have Upgrade version you may need to skip inserting the key during install and do one of the workarounds given here for installing to a wiped HD: Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

The installer is mostly driver-complete, with newer arriving quickly via optional Windows Updates. Turn this on as well:

Any drivers then missing in Device Manager can be found on the Support Downloads webpage for your model computer or device. Driver Install - Device Manager

Install updates and then programs slowly over time to gauge performance after each. Don't let any programs write themselves into msconfig>Startup as they slow startup, become freeloaders on your RAM/CPU and can spy on you. I only allow AV and gadgets. Startup Programs - Change

Use a lightweight free AV like MS Security Essentials which works perfectly with Windows 7 Firewall.

When it is finished, clean and order the HD perfectly using state-of-the-art free CCleaner then Auslogics Disk and Registry defraggers monthly.
CCleaner - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET
Auslogics Disk Defrag - Reviews and free Auslogics Disk Defrag downloads at
Auslogics Registry Defrag - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

Then save a Windows 7 Backup image externally so you never have to reinstall again, just reimage the HD or replacement using DVD or Repair CD. Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
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I put together a brand new computer. I am taking my hard drive from my old computer to use on the new one. i was operating under win 98. I want to go to Win XP Pro on the new computer, I have the install disk and key code. I ran FDISK and FORMAT on the hard drive before removing it, I wanted to start from scratch. To install Win XP do I need a boot disk? I guess I should have found out how to do this before I ran FORMAT. If I do need a boot disk, can I get one off the internet? if not, how do I install Win XP? If I turn the old computer on now I only get a message, "Invalid Disk". Basically, how do I install Win XP on a hard drive that just got reformatted and is going to a new computer?


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Status QuoI have Win installed and working built from the Dell OEM DVD - Home Edtion bit I have all the updates patches downlaoded and installed Everything is working good My main partition is Drive C system boot active and I have an image backup of it stored on another drive My data partition is Drive D and I have file backups for it on another drive IssuesALL IS GOOD EXCEPT on restarts I get chkdsk drive consistency problems I am currently trying the tips suggested here In the event I cannot clear out the Re-installing Win 7 errors I may need to reformat Question - Which if any Re-installing Win 7 of the two options should I go with OPTION Boot from Win OEM DVD Select Custom Advanced Format Let Win format the drive and install clean BUT THEN blow away the WIn version and recover Win SP from the image backup OR OPTION Re-installing Win 7 Boot from WIn OEM DVD same as Option Select Custom Advanced Format same as Option Let Win format the drive and install clean same as Option AND THEN continue from there ie start all over again to reload all the windows updates Hope this make sense Thanks

A:Re-installing Win 7

Did you run the hard drive manufacturer's diagnostic tool?

Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
HD Diagnostic
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i just bought windows xp home edition Sp2 and when i trying to install it my comp just shuts off with out warning, if anyone knows whats going wrong please help.

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Shortly after windows 10 came about I decided to upgrade my Acer laptop from windows 8.1 to windows 10.
Never looked back windows 10 is great.
Now looking at my C drive in Disc manager it shows a lot of partitions in the HDD.
Would it be possible to delete some of the partitions as wont need the recovery section now windows 8.1 is no longer there.
What would be the best option Please.Many Thanks to all who have looked at my post and thanks to any replies.
Drive here..............
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I have not installed SP1 yet. Does SP1 let you choose any options, or is it pretty much the same as XP SP's and not let you do anything with it?

A:Installing SP1?

Quote: Originally Posted by Richardc269

I have not installed SP1 yet. Does SP1 let you choose any options, or is it pretty much the same as XP SP's and not let you do anything with it?

No it doesn't let you choose any's just install and lets you do anything want to, afterward! Looks pretty attractive to me!
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First let me say that I'm not sure if this belongs here but If not, Mod, please move it to where it belongs...Anyway, Ive been trying to reinstall my Windows XP after my WinLoader became corrupt. I DBAN'd my hard drive and tried to install 98SE before using my XP home upgrade disc. However, whenever I try to install 98SE, it fails halfway through. I used my buddy's XP OEM disc to try it that way but that failed too. I think it may be a hardware problem or something, anyone have any ideas?
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I'm trying to install windows xp, on the last step it hangs up on a black screen.

A:need help installing xp

What are the specs of your PC?
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My computer crashes everytime on the loadup so I want to delete EVERYTHING on my computer and start all over. I've heard people say to format your hard drive first but when I can't. The "Format" is gray for me and I can't click on it. I want to do it for my C drive. And when that is solved hopefully, what are the next steps after?


see here:
Clean Install Windows 7
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What is the pecking order here? my son insists that NT comes before Windows 98. Is this true?
I want to install Windows NT on my pc to compare to other operating systems I have used.
We are presently using Windows 98 SE.
I have all my files backed up and I have the installation diks to reinstall all my drivers. The NT setup came with all the floppys needed for installation. What can I expect when I reformatt the hard drive and prepare for install will I need to repartion the hard drive? I did this once before but it was guess work it worked but I now have no idea how I did it but I believe fdisk was involved.

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I had Red Hat Linux installed on my hard drive and now I just want to erase it and install 2000 Professional. I deleted all the partitions and started the 2000 installation but whenever I restart the Linux GRUB loader tries to load and just restarts the computer. Any suggestions?

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I cannot install the RTM version of the service pack because I have the beta version of the service pack installed. The beta version will not uninstall since I have used system cleanup.

I tried to do a Repair Install (AKA In-Place Upgrade) but it would not allow that, instead I get and error message saying that I have a more recent copy of windows installed than the one I'm trying to upgrade to, and that's because of the beta Service pack I have installed. I would like a workaround to do a repair install, I do not want to do a clean install as that would require me to reinstall all of my apps as well.

Thanks for any help.

A:Installing SP1 help

Hello Edg, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Sorry mate, but....

Windows 7 SP1 Disk Cleanup Tool


If you still have the Windows 7 SP1 Beta or RC installed, then DO NOT USE the command below yet since you will be required to uninstall the Windows 7 SP1 Beta or RC before being able to install the final Windows 7 SP1 RTM version.

If you do, then the only option you would have is to do a "clean install" of Windows 7 and install the final Windows 7 SP1 (RTM) version afterwards.
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Alright so i have a AO And yes - it's a netbook preinstalled with Windows 7 Installing OVER XP Starter So basically what i wanna Installing XP OVER 7 do is remove windows and install XP onto it because i quite frankly love XP since day and this is what i've come up with so far Since it doesn't have a CD drive I've got my Win XP pro sp ISO I've extracted it and i've installed it onto a USB flash drive - Made sure it was bootable Then i make the USB boot first and then the installation starts I choose the C drive as the XP installation Directory and format the C drive so it deletes everything including the windows boot files and OS then the XP installation installs all it's files onto the C Does this include the boot files and then i just continue from there what i'm trying to find out is If i choose the default directory for the Installation to be on the C drive and format it Will it install XP over so i end up with an XP system only Is this the correct process to install XP OVER WINDOWS Please reply ASAP

A:Installing XP OVER 7

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.

Are you using the Acer Netboot USB Recovery Disk for Win XP?