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Virus keep closing HijackThis, MalwareBytes and other things...

Q: Virus keep closing HijackThis, MalwareBytes and other things...

Hi Recently my PC is being killed by a virus It closes the following programs when I try to open them MalwareBytes antimalware Trend-Micro Hijack This MalwareBytes closing HijackThis, things... and keep Virus other Killbox Also it keeps sending an URL direction to a exe file to all my msn contacts The process of the virus is quot Ztytrh Virus keep closing HijackThis, MalwareBytes and other things... exe quot when I kill it using windows process manager keeps reapearing and when I try to change priority it says I am not allowed Also appeared quot r h exe quot but I was able to sucefully kill this process Also I went to quot C Windows Prefech quot and sucefully deleted a file related with r h exe but when I try to delete a file related to quot Ztytrh exe quot it keeps re-appearing I tried to run RegEdit double clicking the icon in C Windows but it says I m not allowed to modify the registry This PC only have one account and that s mine Please help me get rid of this virus also start gt Run dissapeared Edit R h exe came back nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Virus keep closing HijackThis, MalwareBytes and other things...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Virus keep closing HijackThis, MalwareBytes and other things...

Bump, please help.
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Hello, often when i close the lid on my laptop it opens up programs and files that are visible on the screen when i close it. I have set my laptop to "do nothing" when i close the lid because i dont want it to go into sleep or anything. I dont know if this is a virus or not. i have used Avast antivirus to scan my computer several times and came up empty. I dont expect you to know exactly what is causing this but maybe someone here have had the same experience and might be able to point me in the right direction. Thank you

A:My laptop opens up things when the lid is closed

This could be caused by the closing of the top putting pressure on the keyboard. Set the laptop to shutdown when the top is closed
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My keyboard acting weird in past few days. if I click r, it will go in RUN application, if I click L, It will logout the account, etc. I tried many anti malware like unhackme, Malware Bytes, Adware Cleaner, JKT, TDSS Killer and my Anti virus is Avira. I even tried ESET NOD. All was updated.

I tried 2 new keyboards and still acting weird.

Lastly. I Reformat my PC twice and the virus that modified my keyboard was still there.

Help me. Thank you.

A:Virus for Keyboard?

I doubt it was a virus, it sounds more like an incorrect setting in your keyboard settings.
What Operating System are you using & the name/model# of your keyboard. The more info you have, the easier it'll be to fix it.
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Recently sound has not been coming through my speakers, so I tried to plug in headphones and headset but no further luck. I then went into control panel then sound and check the settings on my playback and nothing was touched or muted etc. I then went to the Speakers and Headphones in sound right clicked and pressed test and it said "The device is being used by another application. Please close any devices that are playing through this device." but no other applications that I could find that would be using it. My prediction is that having no internet protection for a while and downloading off the internet has caused a virus to cause my audio to become mute, if this is so how would I be able to find this application causing it. AVG isnt picking it up.

A:No sound caused by a Virus/Program?

Broni, from the Virus and Malware Removal forum doesn't think it is malware related.
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I had recently gotten help from one of the forum admins/tech support, Broni, to remove a powerful and horrible virus that kept playing ads in the background.

but now that its been removed, all my sound is not working on my PC. Rebooting the pc doesnt produce sound, clicking things doesnt produce sound, my headset doesnt produce sound, my microphone doesnt produce sound or transmit it, and videos, along with music on the pc doesnt produce sound.

It seems that all sound has stopped functioning I could use some help!

A:No audio at all from computer/headset/microphone after having computer cleaned of virus

Go to your computer manufacturers website, go to the support/download/driver page.

Select which operating system you have.

Go to the audio section, and download the file , run the EXE, restart your machine and sound should work.

It's probably a driver issue..
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Normally, 99.999% of the time I just shut it down completely but I'd like to know what "sleep" means?
Does that mean if I do so, upon opening the lid it'll be where I left it at?
I notice in Control Panel>Power Options>System Settings whether its on battery or plugged in , it shows sleep.

A:Choose What closing the lid does?

I recommend sleeping the laptop if you are gonna use it after you close it within the next few hours. Otherwise shut it down.
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So, I recently bought an Asus UX31a running windows 8(in may) and it was working perfectly until a couple months ago. The only browser that works is internet explorer, which is disgusting (I miss Google Chrome) and several programs such as Adobe reader, Google drive, steam and visual studio either lag for about 5 mins each whenever I want to use them (or click something in them), or I have to close them with the task manager because they aren't responding...(This includes when I want to open pdf documents in internet explorer.

I've run several virus checks with ESET smart security which hasn't ever found any viruses...

It would be a great help if anybody could help me find what the problem is.

A:Multiple programs are stopping to work, also, I don't appear to have had or ever have a virus.

Try using a new Windows Restore point. This may not work because of "it was working perfectly until a couple months ago"... It is most likely caused from a stubborn malware infection other than a virus
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Hello. I have a couple hard drives that my uncle was using previously, but he was recently hacked and got a really elusive virus on all of them. I have a USB hard disk adapter to connect to the hard drives externally, but if I connect any one of these hard drives to Windows, I risk picking up the virus automatically. I do have Ubuntu, but I am having trouble getting to the information on the other partitions.
How do I prevent Windows from automatically reading and executing infectious programs when I insert removable media?

A:Need to get into hard disk, but risk picking up a virus

Well, go into Windows and set your antivirus to automatically scan external drives. Make sure you turn off the external drive via a power button or just the power plug. Keep the USB in the PC, and then power on the external drive. The antivirus should automatically scan it.
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I've been having these problems for maybe 3 days. First thing was it took longer for my computer to boot up now whenever I finally able to logg in either my icons on my desktop disappear with my start menu and the appearance of my start menu and other stuff from computer look like they are in safe mode is there anything I can do to fix my computer. I can't back up my computer to a time where it was working perfectly can anyone help me?

A:Toshiba problems maybe a virus?

Download Malwarebytes: and run a full scan. Tell me the results and post the scan log. This will determine if your PC has an infection.

What antivirus do you use? Can you post your system specs?
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Hello I have done a pretty deep preliminiary search of the web to solve External - Unresponsive HD Virus? this problem and can t seem to find my exact situation - any help is GREATLY appreciated My WD Unresponsive External HD - Virus? external hard drive has been functional for two years and all of a sudden stopped appearing in the My Computer window system is Windows bit When I go to disk management I cannot re-assign a drive letter or access the disk at all as it seems to not be initialized According to what I have read there is a chance that I have a virus I also tried to plug the drive into my brother s MacBook which runs Windows XP on a partition On his computer the drive was not even recognied by the disk management utility I would therefore like to do a scan of the external HD somehow to determine if I do have a virus and if there is any way that I can cleanse it rather than wiping the external HD clean I am afraid that my secondary backup of photos and documents is not totally up to date and I will lose a lot if I have to wipe clean If all this fails I may go to a data recovery specialist and pay to recover the files Any ideas Thanks nbsp

A:Unresponsive External HD - Virus?

Having a similar issue on a NEW hard-drive, there's a couple of suggestions I've found (which I'm posting) on my write up.
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Guys,I am going to build a gaming pc which components will used items.Can u tell me which things should I recall in my mind while buying used HDD,GPU,PROCESSOR,MOTHERBOARD,RAM,DVD DRIVE,PSU etc
What I figure out what ever I buy it must have warranty.Any advice is very needed.Thanks

A:What things I should keep in mind when buying used things?

Suppose the answer changes based on who you are buying from. A lot of these things either work or they don't...

HDD - you could use something like Crystal Disk Info and hope everything shows up green. Or run a Long DST with Seatools (will take 5+ hours on large disks)
GPU - Visually inspect that it is clean, if possible have them run some benchmarks on it and monitor the temperature to make sure its reasonable and there is not artifacting or crashing happening.
Processor - If its less than 7 years old and hasn't been heavily overclocked it has an extremely high chance of being fine.
Motherboard - This is probably fine too if it is shown to work at all, check the caps to see none are bulging or leaking.
RAM - Nothing quick you can do here, ask them if it has passed multiple passes of memtest, you could have them show you, but it will take at least overnight before you get a real answer.
DVD Drive - if it burns disks and reads its fine. If it dies on you, not much you can do, things are like $16 new anyway, don't put a lot of thought into this.
PSU - just find out what one it is and google if it is any good. This really depends on how demanding your system is.

Basically you just have to have a little faith in who you are buying from and ask them if something doesn't work right away if you can return it.
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Hello I m new Today has happened several things maybe casualities maybe not One my graphic card has dead Yesterday I saw the temp and it was C the pc crashed several times and the card has years I shutdowned the pc but today the card is not responding at all ok its likely my fault Well after that I restarted with another old things Strange card All running fine But suddenly I see a file called Putty rnd with modification date about after google about it it says it is some random file created Strange things by a program to remoting access servers obviously I have never used that program After that I try to access my router and I cant because my user and password doesnt work Maybe my girlfriend who is able to confuse the router with a radio has changed the password and hasnt told me or maybe I have alzheimer but the password was written down in a sheet and it wasnt the default Strange things password at all I have had to reset my router So everything is working fine but the videocard Then I have passed ComboFix I dont have idea what it says but if someone can Strange things tell me if I have been hacked or something Ill be eternally thankful otherwise you can call me paranoid I have deleted putty rnd without problem ComboFix - - - f kvs - x Microsoft Windows Ultimate GMT Running from I ComboFix exe FW PC Tools Firewall Plus Disabled D B - F F- CA - BF - A DC SP Windows Defender Disabled Outdated D DDC A- F- fae- E -DA C ACF Other Deletions C install exe c users f kvs AppData Local assembly tmp c users f kvs AppData Local Temp ae - - - ed -ee ddec a CliSecureRT dll C Windows Activador exe Files Created from - - to - - - - - - --------d-----w-c users UpdatusUser AppData Local temp - - - - --------d-----w-c users Default AppData Local temp - - - - --------d-----w-c users Administrador AppData Local temp - - - - ----a-w-c windows ativpsrm bin - - - - --------d-----w-c program files x Linksys Wireless-G PCI Wireless Network Monitor - - - - --------d-----w-c users f kvs AppData Roaming PCToolsFirewallPlus - - - - ----a-w-c windows system drivers PCTCore sys - - - - ----a-w-c windows system drivers pctwfpfilter sys - - - - ----a-w-c windows system drivers pctgntdi sys - - - - --------d-----w-c program files x Common Files PC Tools - - - - ----a-w-c windows system drivers pctNdis-PacketFilter sys - - - - ----a-w-c windows system drivers pctNdis sys - - - - ----a-w-c windows system drivers pctNdis-DNS sys - - - - ----a-w-c windows system drivers pctplfw sys - - - - --------d-----w-c program files x PC Tools Firewall Plus - - - - --------d-----w-c programdata MySQL - - - - --------d-----w-c program files MySQL - - - - ----a-w-c windows SysWow EEBAPI dll - - - - ----a-w-c windows SysWow EEBUtil dll - - - - ----a-w-c windows SysWow EEBDSCVR dll - - - - ----a-w-c windows SysWow EBAPI dll - - - - ----a-w-c windows system E GCINST DLL - - - - ----a-w-c windows system E ILMHRE DLL - - - - ----a-w-c windows system E IBCBHRE DLL - - - - --------d-----w-c programdata EPSON - - - - ----a-w-c windows system esxw ud dll - - - - --------d-----w-c program files x epson - - - - --------d-----w-c users f kvs AppData Roaming SanDisk - - - - --------d-----w-c users f kvs AppData Roaming SanDisk SecureAccess - - - - --------d-----w-c users f kvs AppData Local Proxure - - - - --------d-----w-c programdata ClubSanDisk - - - - --------d-----w-c users f kvs AppData Roaming Skype - - - - --------d-----r-c program files x Skype - - - - --------d-----w-c program files x Common Files Skype - - - - --------d-----w-c programdata Skype - - - - --------d-----w-c program files x Paradox Interactive - - - - --------d-----w-c program files x HOI Doomsday Armageddon - - - - --------d-----w-c program files x Alcohol Soft - - - - --------d-----w-c users f kvs AppData Roaming Vso - - - - ----a-w-c users f kvs AppData Roaming inst exe - - - - ----a-w-c windows system drivers ezplay sys - - - - ----a-w-c users f kvs AppData Roaming ezplay sys - - - - --------d-----w-c program f... Read more

A:Strange things

There are some issues with the system.We do not encourage running Combofix unless instructed by a helper. But since you did it anyway, we will discuss it.

Combofix removed some Trojan Processes. One is an entry for Activator.exe. This is a Trojan that may log user information and possibly block access to certain security related sites.

The Start page has been taken over by malware.

some random file created by a program to remoting access servers, obviously I have never used that programClick to expand...

No, not obviously. Are you synching any mobile devices? Maybe this> SAMSUNG Android?

An unsigned file for BITS was downloaded in 2009. The system is missing a valid system file> BITS.
I am not comfortable with the following- please explain:

Maybe my girlfriend who is able to confuse the router with a radioClick to expand...

How is the router being manipulated>
If you would like us to check the system for malware, please follow these steps: Preliminary Virus and Malware Removal.

NOTE: If you already have any of the scanning programs on the computer, please remove them and download the versions in these links. This includes the current Malwarebytes you now have on the system

When you have finished, leave the logs for review in your next reply .
NOTE: Logs must be pasted in the replies. Attached logs will not be reviewed.
I see processes for a firewall and antimalware, but I don't see any for an antivirus program. Adviser you install an AV: Suggestions:

Antivirus Software(only one):
[o]Microsoft Security Essentials
[o]Comodo AV
[o]Avast! Free Antivirus
Please leave the logs in your next reply.
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Hello All I ve recently been inspired to work on my Dell Studio laptop that from what I believe is infected with a very nasty virus rootkit even Symptoms and issues and progress I can make are Computer will turn on and load the startup screen where F or F may be pressed to virus?) black (hangs, not Computer boot screen, will change boot or enter BIOS I cannot enter safe mode I m given no option to do so throughout the loading process However I can select how I would like to boot from F or enter BIOS setup by pressing F If I Computer will not boot (hangs, black screen, virus?) try to boot from my HD it enters a black screen where it hangs Nothing If I try to boot from a CD in the DVD drive it starts loading but hangs mid-startup Nothing If I try to boot from a USB drive it hangs Nothing What I have tried to do to outsmart this thing Reinstalling the OS from a disk -- it feels as if it is stopped uncompleted Deleting the entire HD with a third-party utility -- Failed Interupted and continues to hang during loadup USB drive installation is the same way -- hanging I can however load into a linux unix operating system and quot see quot the drive Unfortunately I can t access it There is an error that occurs I do not need anything on the laptop nuking would be perfect for me at this point Suggestions I can provide screenshots if needed I m going to post this in a few different forum types because I don t know if this is hardware related or virus related Hope this isn t a problem Thank you all for your time and help A nbsp

A:Computer will not boot (hangs, black screen, virus?)

I'm going to post this in a few different forum types because I don't know if this is hardware related or virus related..Hope this isn't a problem!Click to expand...

Please do not post the same problem in more than one forum. As you have already posted in the Virus and Malware forum I'm closing this thread.
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I making protected on Virus it write drive pen have gb pendrive it is infected with some virus which is making it write protected amp unable to use it I am unable to format it so far i have to tried different things Tried formatting it on linux Tried different tools like neo hddformatter jetflash hpusbtool amp a few more There is another way of changing registry values in HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Contro StorageDevicePolicies but i am unable to find that registry key using win bit ultimate Tried antivirus it detects the threat but unable to clear it out Tried cmd amp then a variety of methods to format partition but no use Also tried computer management with same message quot the drive is write protected quot Now i have run out of options but i am amazed how none of the above methods have worked Virus on pen drive making it write protected already spent hours searching for a solution but unable Virus on pen drive making it write protected to find one Please someone help me i want my pen drive back nbsp

A:Virus on pen drive making it write protected

A bit difficult for me to fathom this being a virus issue if even formatting it in linux isn't possible. Are you sure it's not as simple as a lock switch toggled on?
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I've read around and tried the following:


removing the battery with the power cord unplugged and holding the power down for 20-30 secs (reset BIOS?) then put the power cord back in and tried to turn it on.

Just turning it off and on a few times(I guess it could be stuck in sleed mode?)

I tried to light up the screen with a flashlight to see if the LED went out but screen was still black.

It's a toshiba satellite sli1

Thoughts on other things I can try?

(the issue happened...after my cat puked on the laptop(keyboard part)

A:Laptop turns on but screen black. I've tried a few things.

"(the issue happened...after my cat puked on the laptop(keyboard part)"...

If there is dried cat vomit near one of the top hinges, there's a small micro switch that senses that the top cover is closed. If this switch is damaged, it will give you the black LCD screen
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recently had an unexplained incident out of the blue - an error msg appeared saying something like quot G drive corrupted run chkdsk quot - i could not access the G drive so i rebooted and chkdsk ran automatically on reboot this machine Logical (among fails other manager disk things) has hard drives one sata one ide with multiple partitions G is my main data partition also it s a well managed machine with AV firewall etc so it booted up again and all seemed fine i could access G drive ok except these are some of the issues i have now cannot connect to the logical disk manager service all the relevant services are set to auto and started so disk management is not available my backup software cannot see any drives dcom error many times in the system log The application-specific permission settings do not Logical disk manager fails (among other things) grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID F D- E C- D - C - EFFB F to the user NT AUTHORITY NETWORK SERVICE SID S- - - This CLSID corresponds to Microsoft WMI Provider Subsystem Secured Host i have worked through the MS fix for Logical disk manager fails (among other things) this without success dcom error many times in the system log The server A F E - CF - D -BF - ED did not register with DCOM within the required timeout in the registry this belongs to Windows Image Aquisition which i do not specifically use and the service Logical disk manager fails (among other things) is turned off anyway if i check the dependencies tab for any service i get the error Interface Class not registered google searches only seem to turn up partially related fixes have run sfc scannow but no change malwarebytes found no badies so a bit sad really just thought someone might have an idea or two nbsp

A:Logical disk manager fails (among other things)

You need to specify your OS and SP level. I am suggesting you could try system repair. Here is the Vista method. XP is similar. I am not familiar with the Win7 version.

In the case of XP this wont be very effective unless you actually have the install CD with slipstream SP level as well.

Other possibilities are system restore to before the original error; and/or a deep scan for malware.

Failing all that, a complete system reinstall might be advisable, which is a pain in fundamental anatomical areas.
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hey guys, i am new to this site and i dont know whether this is the right place to post this but i need help,
my laptop is great at the moment but i want more out of it.
it is a acer aspire 5532
it has AMD Athlon TM 64 processor TF-20 (1.6GHz)
ATi Radeon TM HD 3200 Graphics up to 1408MB hypermemory TM
3gb memory
acer nplify TM 802.11b/g/n

i was wondering if i can upgrade my processor and get more out of my laptop and looking to upgrade my graphics card

any help would be appreciated..

thanks scotty

A:Help with upgrading hardware and other things

You cannot upgrade anything in that laptop save the RAM. The CPU maybe, if you can find one on eBay, but it is difficult to perform the upgrade. You cannot upgrade the GPU at all.
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Will turn on, then black screen after E Logo.

Think I probably downloaded a virus. Is there a way to boot into safe mode? Or should I just hook the netbook up to my desktop and clean it from there?

Any suggestions much appreciated!

Thanks in advance
P.S. After some playing around. I've gone through almost every screen in the F8 setup and nothing boots up after that. Safe mode, Safe mode with Networking, none of them go anywhere past a black screen after selected. The computer is on, the fan just really quiets down.

A:eMachines netbook virus?

The hard drive might have failed
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I've searched around, couldn't find anything that helped. Recently my PC has been having huge CPU spikes while playing games and such. I've ran virus/spyware scanners and some things were found and taken care of, but none of it helped. Thanks in advance.

A:CPU usage still spikes after virus scan

what proccesor do you have??
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i m new to these forums so please giv me if i m posting in the wrong section lets virus Bandwidth or problems get straight to the problem in our office we Bandwidth problems or virus have computers connected to a netgear router All wired connections computer is the bosses and that pc is only on for about hours per day We have a GB bandwidth cap From ending of we reach our bandwidth cap by the nd or rd week of the month We do not do downloads only browsing and e-mails our isp insists that we are the only people using it because only our phone number shows up the funny thing is there is computer with windows xp that only send and receives about packets each in a hour day while the other comp with windaws vista send and receives a few million packets each in a few hours now how can i tell whether this is a virus or can this computer have been hacked by an outside source to use internet i do netstat readings and it shows established connections although the e-mail and internet are closed our isp has provided us with a website where we can monitor our daily bandwidth usage the usage varies but mostly the quot incoming quot is between MB to MB and quot outgoing quot is between to MB our isp insisted that we were using too much of YOU TUBE FACEBOOK and TWITTER so they came in and blocked those sites on the router but we still having the problem We don t even use YOU TUBE and TWITTER now how can i find this problem nbsp

A:Bandwidth problems or virus

If the router has no wireless capability then you can rule out anyone using it from the outside. I would suggest using a bandwidth monitoring tool on each PC to see which PC is taking the most BW.

Make sure all PC's have all software patches and updates applied and scan for malware.
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Right now I m running Windows bit on MSI P Neo Combo motherboard gigabytes DDR BFGtech Nvidia gtx other update won't things.. among BIOS Motherboard work mb gigabyte Western digital hard drive rpm Default BIOS version I m not sure just how much more is relevant so ask if you need more information on my system Here s my problem Today I got another gigabyte stick of RAM for Motherboard BIOS update won't work among other things.. my computer Putting into Channel B results in a strange error It tells me that quot the performance of overclocking is failed quot and refuses to boot windows It only offers that I can open up the boot menu or go into the BIOS to edit settings I deduced that since the memory chip wasn t dead that I was having an issue with the BIOS I did some research and found that my BIOS was outdated Version is out and it has improved memory capabilities which I assume means that it will support unbuffered sticks of memory Attempting to update my BIOS results in another error It tells me that the version of the file I m trying to install isn t compatible with my operating system and that I need to check for a version of the file that s compatible with bit My BIOS update however only has one to my knowledge download link on the MSI homepage and it says NOTHING with regards to whether it s necessary to have a bit version of it or not Please someone has to have some insight here I know someone has a clue on how to fix this Anything any of you can offer me will be very much appreciated I ve already tried asking MSI tech support for help but they ve been essentially useless thus far nbsp

A:Motherboard BIOS update won't work among other things..

What method of BIOS flashing have you tried thus far?

The official page for the mainboard specifies that it already supports two unbuffered 1.5v DIMM modules
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so my computer got a virus from an exe because of me doing something stupid anyways the first thing it did was give me a blue screen then whenever i restarted my computer after the windows loading screen appeared it would blue screen so i decided to reformat thats the easy way to get rid of it right apparently not when it got to the point were it was quot starting windows quot after reformat a getting wont Computer virus after loading all the stuff from the cd it would blue screen some kind Computer wont reformat after getting a virus of b error i looked it up and was told i could use a program called DBAN to clean the hard drive completely well i did that now it has let me get to select partition part on the cd but when i selected the unpartitioned space and Computer wont reformat after getting a virus begin a quick reformat it gives me an unknown error at i dont know what to do this is really frustrating and i could use any help i can get if it helps these are the tools i have to work with i have an external dvdrw drive a portable hard drive and a mb flash drive Computer wont reformat after getting a virus no floppy drive but an internal dvd drive please help nbsp

A:Computer wont reformat after getting a virus


take a look here
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I just tried to load a program from the CD/DVD drive and it is not working. I cannot find a driver for it. How can I find out what make and model # the drive is and then I can get a driver. IDE\CdRomHL-DT-ST_RW/DVD_GCC-4247N_______________1.02____ That's what I got from device manager, properties, details, hardware Ids. If I should post this in another forum let me know.

A:CD/DVD drive problem. Just completed cleaning laptop from virus with TechSpot help

Optical drives don't need any extra drivers.

One of these may help:
1. Uninstall the drive through Device Manager.
Restart computer. The drive will be automatically reinstalled.
Restart computer.
3. Download, and run Restore Missing CD Drive patch
Double click on to unzip it.
Right click on cdgone.reg, click Merge.
Accept registry merge.
Restart computer.
4. Go to Device Manager, click a "+" sign next to IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers.
You'll see two items:
- ATA Channel0 (or Primary Channel)
- ATA Channel1 (or Secondary Channel)
Right click on each of them, and click Uninstall. Confirm.
Restart Windows. They'll be automatically reinstalled.
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so everytime i make a new file in my flash drive, it puts all this weird stuff inside it i cant delete... see the image for reference. how do i stop the madness!
newbie here, first post. own a PC, so ill be here alot

A:Flash drive madness: cannot creeat new files without making undeletable things inside

interestingly enough, when i make a new folder, and DONT rename, so it remains, "New Folder" it donest have all that crap inside.
also, if i DO rename, then unplug, move to another computer, and plug back in, the crap is gone!
zomgbbq whats going on!
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i have a p c problem anytime i use my p c after minutes it turns off just like that and my p c fan doesn t roll work this are the things i think might have been the problem i downloaded speed fan did some temperature sure)? (virus, problem PC not shuffling i downloaded c PC problem (virus, not sure)? cleaner a registry cleaner it erased a part of my anti virus and now my anti virus is turned off but basically what i am concerned about is my fan not turning how can i fix this should i re-install xp or what I m confused please my p c is my life how can i make my p c fan work please i need help i tried system restore but the system restore program did not come up PC problem (virus, not sure)? i use PC problem (virus, not sure)? xp on hp compaq my p c is about - years old and this is the first time its acting like it want s to crash im not sure which fan it is but it is the one by the side under nbsp

A:PC problem (virus, not sure)?

Yes, reinstall Windows, and be sure to download and install all the Microsoft Updates after the OS install is complete. If you have trouble installing Windows, you could have a hardware problem with the power supply, memory or the hard drive itself.
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i recently removed (i think) a variety of viruses like the trojans, rootkit.tdss etc from my computer but during removal it has made my sound stop working. I have tried to reinstall the drivers but nothing! Can anyone help?

A:Horrible virus disabled my sound but works on ubuntu?

Your systems OS (Windows) was damaged by the Virus infection. A clean Windows install may be needed. Ubuntu still functions
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That monitors your server and network activities? thank you if anyone could recommend me some.

A:Best anti-virus programs that monitors servers?

McAfee Anti-virus Security is the best one. It monitors the websites and you can block certain websites too, you can also choose whether to perform full scans or quick scans. It quarantines and tracks cookies & it also prevent hacking from all around the world
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I recently formatted my hard drive and was in the process of setting up my burner, wireless, and web cam when I got a message saying that they cannot be set up because I needed SP2 or higher.
I went to microsoft/windows and did the download and install. After restarted my PC I can only get 4 bit color and screen resolution can't be set any higher than 600x800.
I did a virus scan and avg found nothing.
Any suggestions?

A:Things just aren't right after installing SP2

What are your system specs? Are you running XP? If you are, and only running XP SP1, you are way behind the times... You will have to do a fresh Operating System install all the way to XP Service Pack 3
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I say quick help please for obvious reasons!

Im not fully protected

Webroot Spy Sweeper:
"unable to establish connection"

AVG 8.5:
Update failed, connection with the server failed

Updated Error, Cannot connect with server


I recently did a system restore and it really messed things up, i have tried re-booting the system and router, please tell me what to do, where to go to fix this !?

A:None of my anti-virus will update

Are you able to get on-line normally and view webpages?
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day they were all working great i never changed anything then next day I get no video on ANY media dvd avi mpeg ect but streams on net still work I have my resolution set to x all a and avi, things video few No other on the time bit I can change these easily every time BUT when i restart they all go back to x bit also when i restart the screen just stays black till windows loading screen is done i am unable to see ram check ect Today i just tried playing starcraft brood war very old game and I got sound could move mouse around even use hot keys No video on avi, and a few other things to get to online login screen where i could just see the text floating barely there but everything else was black What i dont get is World of Warcraft works on max video settings without a problem constant FPS I have no idea what to do As for the video files ive downloaded k-lite codec pack uninstalled all my media players reinstalled them the same as ive had them Please help edit this is for windows XP pro nbsp

A:No video on avi, and a few other things

Have you installed XP service pack 3?
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I have a Vaio VGN FS B it Vaio things goin Wierd on my with quite old yrs its working fine so i didnt replace it The thing that s troubling me is that whenever i Wierd things goin on with my Vaio turn it on it just freezes randomly at any point of time It can happen even be the first welcome screen after it during the loading of windows from hibernation and whenevr that happens i have to restart it and after an average of restarts i get to see my desktop and to restart it i remove the battery and then again plug it in Another thing is that i have noticed is that when i open my task manager and go to the performance tab sometimes without any application being launched the usage reached to around And when i turn it off Wierd things goin on with my Vaio or hibernate the screen where it says windows hibernating also always freezes and when i hit my laptop sometimes it starts working and successfully hibernates I first thought that there is some problem with the RAM cauz when i Wierd things goin on with my Vaio changed it with another one from my other laptop it turned on fine but later i realised that it was only a coincidence cauz my laptops even turns on with its original RAM though with the same problem I havent reinstalled windows cauz i think it is more of a hardware problem Please help me i really get frustrated with this problem nbsp

A:Wierd things goin on with my Vaio

You have swapped RAM and that is good... The laptop is 4 years old so it may need a thorough cleaning. The CPU cooling fins might be clogged with dust and other debris. Use a can of air and see if you can blow some of the dust out. Then if the "freezing" continues, you can consider doing a OS reinstall. If it is a hard drive problem, the reinstall may not finish
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The "b" key on my laptop repeats continuously. It doesn't seem to be depressed. This only starts happening after I log into Vista.
Have ran scans with AVG, Norton, SpyBot and also tried system restore to no avail.
Any ideas how to solve this? Its making it impossible to do anything. Thanks in advance

A:"b" key Stuck or Virus?

while certainly there have been keypress viri it is not likely. I think you just need to replace the keyboard.

BUT before you do so, boot into safe mode command line. If the key is still repeating in DOS - it's the keyboard.
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So I ve been trying to fix my sisters laptop for a few days now and it s not going so well Basically Drive Virus-Infested Swap Hard she didn t have any anti-virus installed so now the drive is infested with all sorts of nasty stuff and windows Virus-Infested Hard Drive Swap almost doesn t even work To make things even better the stupid thing has no CD-ROM drive so I can t even use the recovery disk it came with It s a little MSI wind notebook with windows xp home sp installed I tried reinstalling the OS from a bootable USB flash drive gb but that went horribly I couldn t delete the original partition for whatever reason and it was missing all kinds of files and whatnot and I don t have time for that crap So now I ripped the thing apart and took the drive out There s no bay for the hdd so I literally had to take the entire thing apart Anyways I got the hard drive out which is a sata btw and I was going to attach it to my computer However I m a little concerned that all the crap that s on it will spread to my drives and then cause me to go completely insane I can disconnect the two secondary drives but I will need to leave my primary drive in tact so I can format the little sata drive Is this a good idea or should I keep that thing as far from my drives as possible nbsp

A:Virus-Infested Hard Drive Swap

I'm not sure if this is the easiest way, but you could disconnect all your existing hdd, and only connect your sisters infected drive. Then boot your system from any Linux Live-cd (like Ubuntu), and format the disk from there. Your hdd's would be safe. If you need a guide on how to format a disk in Linux you could try
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Hi all,
I have a Toshiba Satellite A300-1EI laptop. My question is when I close the screen of the laptop, does the system stop working or is it that the screen simply goes off?
And if I have a task running like virus scan, copying files, or a download scheduler is running, are these tasks stopped or do they still go on even after just closing the screen?
Is this common with laptops of all brands?


A:What does closing the screen actually do?

Lots of excellent info there

But all processes (Virus scan; copying .. etc) will pause, until you open the lid again
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whenever i open my computer, it starts typing random things.

for example i cant write a normal text. because it seems like the 0 and . keys are stuck but they are not. so i get something like this appearing on my screen.

ex- .....................................00000000000000000000000000............

also everytime i click on a file a popup comes up asking if i want to delete the file. as if the delete button is stuck. but it actually isnt.

my start menue is always popping up like it is being held down. and same with all the F keys on the top of the keyboard. after unplugging the keyboard im still getting the same problem.

anyone know how to rid this problem?

A:Computer typing random things

Have you tried another keyboard? (ideally a USB direct connection keyboard)
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Hi guys

I've been building SLI rigs usign this motherboard all year, using same memory and cpu configuration (phenom 9550) The last 6 out 10 motherboards I have ordered in (different suppliers) the computer will not boot.

I have changed ever single component on the pc, inc the PSU. The fans spin and thats it. The motherboards I did manage to get working where not straight forward I would have to mess around with the memory settings in bios for it to recognise all 6 or 8gb ram. Then all of a sudden it would jsut work with restored defaults.

I am a system builder and have 3 unit to go out to customers and time is ticking lol.

Has anyone else experienced any problems with these boards. I have never had problems with them until Asrock stopped makign them anymore.

A:ALiveN570SLI-eSATA2 are these things faulty?

"I have never had problems with them until Asrock stopped making them anymore"...

It is time to use another brand motherboard...
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My friend just built a computer and now he got realy lucky. He got a virus from another computer in their network and now when we try to install windows and/or just boot from something else than the normal hdd it just shuts down all the USB ports.

When we use the antivir it says it deletes the virus but then after reboot it's there again :/

So what to do??

A:Crappy virus shuts down USB

If you are trying to reinstall Windows, using the OEM cdrom should do the trick and wipe the hard drive clean. If you have identified the name of the virus, you could try looking for additional information online or in a virus database affiliated with the anti-virus program you are using.
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Hello All,

I was wondering, I have surround sound (5.1) and a X-Fi sound card, can you make each channel do something different? (e.g iTunes on one channel, CS on the other?).



A:Using the ports on my X-Fi card to do other things

You'd need a mixer of some kind that may or may not exist. In other words idk or I don't know. Why would you want to play more than one source at a time?
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Hi I m new to the forum and was wondering if some of you might want to help Protection Novice Needs Virus help me decide on how to protect the new Virus Protection Novice Needs help laptop I want to purchase I Virus Protection Novice Needs help m Virus Protection Novice Needs help not really sure what makes a good virus protection or even what that means Basically I want my computer to be fully protected from everything and anything that could hurt it My new laptop will have Vista on it and I don t think the security that Vista employs is good enough I will be using the notebook wirelessly and I want to protect it from all of the evil internet things that ould touch it too What s some advice on Computer protection from viruses spy-ware ad-aware Trojans etc and any good programs that will work with Vista and really protect my computer If anyone wants to explain how virus ad-aware spy-ware trojan protection works I d be greatly appreciative I m looking into Norton Bit-Defender and McCaffee If anyone wants to weigh in on the pros and cons of those feel free Thanks to any who help me out nbsp

A:Virus Protection Novice Needs help

Firstly Norton: No!
Norton Antivirus works well, but when (and I say when!) it corrupts it usually takes Windows with it!

Antivirus software is used to defend your computer from Virus, only. But many AntiVius softwares are extending their protection to Spyware/Trojans and more protection options.
The new AVG Free Antivirus is an excellent example of this

Basically I want my computer to be fully protected from everything and anything that could hurt it.Click to expand...

Basically not possible

Yes you can get the Best AntiVirus product, and have it fully updated and running resident protection (live protection on Saving, Moving files; Email etc) But this is how it actually works (Note many users find this next part hard to understand)

-> A user, fully protected with the best most up to date Antivirus (or Spyware/Trojan/Malware/Rootkit and more) is Not protected from any new Virus (or malware) that has just been released.
When a new virus is found by any user (and then reported) all Antivirus companies, firstly confirm it is a Virus. And then update all their definitions (new virus alert protection) And then release the new protection definition (as an automatic download to all users) And this happens daily!

Therefore, anyone can still get a Virus, whilst having the best updated AntiVirus protection in the world.

To avoid this issue, most users employ a good Firewall
Firewall programs can either be bundled in a new Internet Security software, or they can be bought (there are many excellent free ones too) seperately.
Firewalls inform the user that either a new file is being installed in your computer, externally, or basically anything externally (including hacking from external users) to your computer. Also they protect your computer from sending anything out as well, from your computer (ie private files, credit card info etc)
Note: Your firewall will popup and inform you of this activity, but you alone must decide if you want to accept any of this internal/external communication.

So now you require a good AntiVirus product and a good firewall.

But the Spyware (and all other Malware) programs (including the ones inside Internet Security software) Do Not protect you from all of these nasties.
I know, I know!
Presently not one Spyware product anywhere, does not protect any user from every issue.
Why? Mainly because each of these Spyware programs are individualized (or specialized) to certain types of Spyware (ie Trojans, and lots more)

So now what do you use? - Many Spyware programs all running at the same time! and a good firewall, that you have to decide on what's ok! And an AntiVirus software that doesn't pick up the absolute latest virus! ?

Here's what you do:

Get a good free Antivirus and Firewall and a few different Spyware programs (why pay?) and run scans regularly (especially after new updates are released - Note: this regularly can be once a month, corporates usually do this at least once a week, and most do it never!)

Or do as most do, and worry only when a Virus or Spyware is found (of course make regular backups of your important data)

You are not protected
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Hi I m hoping someone can help After having a horrid bug on my system that disabled my desktop regedit taskmanager and other fun stuff etc I haven t been able to connect to the after internet Lost 2003 connection in virus internet via since I might have deleted some dlls while getting my system clean lol I dual boot standard edition and run XP Professional The original message when I try to repair the highspeed cable connection quot Windows cannot renew the IP address from Lost internet connection in 2003 after virus the DHCP server Instead an automatic private address will be used to connect to computers within the same private network quot What I have tried so far ipconfig renew---the Lost internet connection in 2003 after virus error is An error occurred while renewing interface local area connection an operation was attempted on something that is not a socket quot I checked to make sure DHCP was enabled which it was I followed Microsofts article on--How to remove and reinstall TCP IP on a Windows Server domain controller Article I can run dcdiag and netdiag to see what errors come up if that would help as well Still no connection I m completely lost at this point Thanks Kim nbsp

A:Lost internet connection in 2003 after virus

Article ID : 811259
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ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400?

Is it even possible?

Intel Core 2 Duo 1.83GHz?

Tried overclocking the CPU in the BIOS settings but found nothing. So its not possible to do it that way? any other way

What other things in a PC can you overlock?

A:How do I overclock these? What are the things someone can Overclock?

You are trying to overclock a laptop computer... The bios are very specific and you cannot overclock because of this and other factors. Build your own system, and you may be able to overclock to your hearts content
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Hi, I have a Satellite that will cannot find any wireless networks, and I think it's virus related.

Opening Internet Explorer gives me a pop-up that reads:

System Error!
Your system is infected with dangerous virus!
Note: Strongly Recommend to install antispyware program to clean your system and avoid total crash of your computer!Click to expand...

I need to dl AVG, adaware & spybot, but I cannot connect, so I have to troubleshoot the network to get online. I went to to find a repair utility to maybe reinstall missing drivers or whatever the utilities do, but there were 42 downloads! :rolleyes:

Then someone told me to get the Ultimate Boot CD, but that has so many options, I'm scared I'll break the PC!

Any ideas?


A:No wireless networks were found in range, Virus Related

pawn3d said:

Hi, I have a Satellite that will cannot find any wireless networks, and I think it's virus related.

Opening Internet Explorer gives me a pop-up that reads:

I need to dl AVG, adaware & spybot, but I cannot connect, so I have to troubleshoot the network to get online. I went to to find a repair utility to maybe reinstall missing drivers or whatever the utilities do, but there were 42 downloads! :rolleyes:

Then someone told me to get the Ultimate Boot CD, but that has so many options, I'm scared I'll break the PC!

Any ideas?

Thanks!​Click to expand...

First off, the pop-up is probably spyware advertising it self. If you get the pop up, then the Satellite is
a. either already connected or
b. has connected in the past.

Since you are able to post, why not use the machine you are posting from to download HijackThis, AVG, Adaware and Spybot. Then burn a CD with the files on it.

ALSO, check and make sure the wireless lan switch on the Satellite, either on the front, or the side is turned ON. The default is for them to be OFF.

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i have a compact persario laptop with windows xp and recently i had downloaded so music stuff to my laptop and now it has somekind of virus. I turn it on and with in 5 mins of booting it shuts down and restarts it self. How can i do to get rid of the virus and get my laptop back up and running if it dosen't stay on long enough to do so?

A:I have some kind of virus on my laptop

please post in the proper forum - security and OS
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I couldn t find a BIOS category so I figured HDD: BIOS BIOS doesn't Virus? detect this forum BIOS doesn't detect HDD: BIOS Virus? was the closest fit with my problem In a nutshell my Dell Dimension BIOS is BIOS doesn't detect HDD: BIOS Virus? claiming my drive that has been working without incident for a year is suddenly quot not installed quot I ve been using a Dell Dimension P GHz for a couple of years without problems One of my other computers randomly decided to stop working another story altogether so I used the Dell to BIOS doesn't detect HDD: BIOS Virus? do analysis on the drive Since it was a SeaGate hard drive I used SeaGate s online scanner to scan it for errors because I suspected it was faulty I also did some virus scans I restarted a little while later and the Dell computer would get stuck on the Dell post screen It wouldn t even go into BIOS after I hit DEL it would freeze So I flashed the BIOS A from Dell s website after reading some threads stating that maybe I had screwed up the BIOS I was really confused as to why things were messed up I still had the same issue where it would get permanently stuck after the memory testing on the post screen and wouldn t let me access the BIOS I did some more reading and read that hardware components could be messing up the computer load process It turns out my CD-Rom drive was faulty or something so when I removed it BIOS was accessible However now I faced a new problem BIOS doesn t recognize the original drive that was in the Dell which is connected to a PCI slot via a Promise Ultra TX ATA controller card So Windows won t load because my computer doesn t think there s a drive installed The Dell tries to load PXE and other networking stuff but of course fails Oddly the screen following the ATA card detection process after post and BIOS loading the computer lists all the IDE devices and properly identifies HDD- as a Maxtor mb drive which it is The Dell BIOS is pretty limited in customization In the past it has always successfully detected installed hardware Under IDE Configuration my other CD-ROM is listed the one that isn t faulty but under HDD- it says quot not installed quot I chose auto-detect I tried the drive in question on another computer on the IDE motherboard slot not through a controller card and it is recognized just fine I can t use this drive directly on the Dell s motherboard IDE slot because it s an old computer and I will get data corruption since the drive is larger than GB I figured that issue out long ago I updated the BIOS with the ATA controller card BIOS upgrade file from Promise s website The jumper settings are set to Master I ve swapped IDE cables PCI slots and power cables Ooops while I was tying this I restarted the computer after switching PCI slots for the ATA controller card and now when I restart I get a black screen that says quot Invalid Boot Diskette Insert BOOT diskette in A quot There is no disk in the floppy drive Could I have a BIOS virus Does something like that exist Could that be why the drive on the other computer failed and then the CD-Rom drive on the Dell and now this error Thanks for any help and I apologize if this is rather long-winded nbsp

A:BIOS doesn't detect HDD: BIOS Virus?

Promise Ultra TX2 ATA controller card sounds faulty to me.
Try moving it to another PCI slot
Try CS instead of Master (even though it has worked on Master before)
Try resetting the bios jumper
Try dispersing all voltage to the M/b by holding the power button in for 30 secs whilst the power cable is out
Lastly test with another ATA controller card
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The HD in question is sitting in a storage container as of now It is placed in a computer that has been abandoned for a while now due to its condition The PC would boot up but it would be horribly unusable due to the viruses Now I got a computer that has nothing to do with it I have been wanting to use the HD in the HD Virus-filled storage Virus-filled HD container since I have space for another HD The extra GB s would be awesome The problem is that I don t know what would happen if i put the HD in Would it harm my new computer if I Virus-filled HD did since it s full of viruses If so can I put it in a quot controlled environment quot somehow and wipe it clean for future use and with what software And if I wiped it clean could I transfer it back to the PC in the container and install my OS from there nbsp
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Greetings I virus/format after Failure Disk Boot am new to this board but I did not know where else to turn for information on my problem Currently I am have the disk boot failure insert system disk problem Basically the scenario is as follows Boyfriend downloads a file on my computer while I Disk Boot Failure after virus/format am at work He doesn t really have any cares about system security and whatnot so he opens it carelessly Disk Boot Failure after virus/format It ends up giving my computer a virus spyware that causes severe pop-ups of both spyware and Disk Boot Failure after virus/format windows system files I tell him that I ll look at it when I get home the next day but alas he decides he needs to try to fix it He doesn t have too much knowledge in computer repair and so he just decides to use Window s restore to a previous date feature all of dates had been erased except for the time that he opened the virus which was the day before He does this and after a reboot that s when he gets the disk boot failure message And so he gives up Thanks alot I try my luck at it thinking to just format the hard drive but when it comes to installing windows it says something like hard disk not found run a diagnostics test Well I am not really that knowledgable about that kind of thing so the next thing I think to do is remove my hard drive and place it into one of my old computers to see if I could format it I formated it and it worked on my old computer however when I put it in my new computer it says the exact same thing This allowed me to reason that it probably isn t my hard drive that is causing the problem My brother has been looking at it as well since he knows quite a bit about computers He looked at the BIOS and said it looked ok to him That was the only other thing that I could think of that would be the problem So as of right now I am not sure what I am supposed to do He said he would talk to his instructor about it tomorrow but I am just wandering if anyone here has ideas I m not sure of the computer s hardware since it was just a working hand-me-down from my brother that I dove right into I do know the following though Western Digital gb rpm SATA- gb s master Western Digital gb quot quot Not sure what the CD-ROM is just a DVD-R Motherboard is an ASUS my brother can t remember due to how old the computer is years Any other information I can provide eventually when he feels like finding the information for me - - I have not had any problems with it before the download incident Any information is MUCH appreciated Sorry I can t be more specific as to the cause and components They are the two things I don t have more information on Thanks nbsp

A:Disk Boot Failure after virus/format

Hi Kyuumichi and welcome to TechSpot

So it's seen in Bios OK
The boot setting are HDD somewhere in the list

Remove all the plugged in devices at rear of computer (except power and video) does it boot ? (this is just testing)

Have you tried reseating (and or replacing) the HDD data cable on M/b

Actually also try reseating Ram (blow out all dust too)

Remove all PCI addon cards

Only other option is powersupply
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hey. I have a toshiba laptop and it just recently went through it's first format not too long ago. anyways, ever since, my screen will turn to a random color (blue, purple, yellow, green, etc) and I am forced to reboot. AVG ran a scan and found 5 trojans (lmao)

AVG supposedly 'removed' them and or stored them in the 'vault'.
now when I run a scan it comes up clean. I'm suspected I might have a virus and I'm looking into it.

wanted to ask you guys a question about a file titled 'TAPPSRV.EXE'
I've tried to research this file and it doesn't come up with much information at all. does anyone know what this file could be? thanks

A:Possible Virus? Screen Changes to a Solid Color

TAPPSRV.EXE is a Toshiba Notebook applet and is perfectly safe.

Go and read this thread HERE and post a HJT log as an attachment into this thread.

If it turns out you do have a malware problem, I`ll move this thread to our security forum.

Regards Howard
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Hi I have just upgraded my computer to Processor Q Quad core ghz RAM Patriot GB PC- C Extreme Performance Board ASUS P K-E GFX PowerColour Pro MB GDDR PSU Corsair VX W PSU OS Windows Vista Ultimate bit Additional HDD Western Digital WD AAKS GB SATA II RPM MB Cache I have not installed the second hard drive yet I am using a GB samsung SATAII These parts seem to be working great the performance and speed when playing games is crazy and I almost had a heart attack when I seen how well After Effects was running But installing these programs booting windows loading programs is extremely slow I am sure I have something configured incorrectly but my knowledge in this area is very limited There are sata drive connectors on my motherboard I have used SATA and referring to the manual this is where I should put the boot disk Also in my bios I have selected quot Configure sata as RAID quot from quot configure sata as IDE quot Any ideas My fingers are crossed its something simple nbsp

A:SATA HDD Slowing things down big

well did you change those BIOS settings before or after you noticed the change in performance?
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Alright so heres my problem I have a next to brand new less than weeks old does sometimes detect doesnt sometimes Computer things.. help! and gaming Computer sometimes does and sometimes doesnt detect things.. help! rig i just built my very first one Specs are as follows EVGA nForce i SLI Motherboard EVGA e-Geforce GTS x Video Card Intel Q Quad Core GHZ Processor Corsair XMS DDR MHZ GB RAM OCZ GameXstreme Watt Power Supply Seagate GB SATA Hard Drive ASUS DVD-ROM amp ASUS DVD-RW Optical Drives Diamondback Razer DPI Mouse Okay now as far as i can tell everything is working fine BUT sometimes when i turn the computer on the mouse will light up and everything so obviously its getting power and what not and being recognized but when i hit the welcome screen it turns off and i have to unplug it then plug it back in and it works perfect untill restart Also sometimes when I turn the computer on it will NOT recognize the DVD-ROM It will not show in post or in my computer but it has power and the tray opens and everything Anyone that knows about the i nForce board might say i need to update my bios which is what i was thinking but im kinda trying to wait for the p update because p apparently sucks and p is decent from what ive heard Does anyone know what my problem is or even how i check to see my bios version In EVEREST Ultimate Edition it says my bios version is BIOS Type Award Award BIOS Type Phoenix - AwardBIOS v PG which makes no sense to me because they are recognized as pxx not v Anyways maybe you guys can give me some suggestions as to where i can go Thanks alot nbsp

A:Computer sometimes does and sometimes doesnt detect things.. help!

Do you have all the power supply plugs plugged into the proper places like video cards, CD's and hard drives? Your power supply may be faulty. I would sub it first
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Last night when I was using the power Graphics infected. Somebody please problem, virus plain helps, or just was cut off suddenly And this morning I turned the PC on to find that some black bars had appeared on my desktop It slike the screen is behind a prison bar I thought it was because of viruses at first But then after scanning the pc I restarted the pc and those bars are still there The thing is when i pressed printscreen and intended to paste into MS paint no bars was on the image black bars even when I m posting this thread those bars prevent the eyesight So it s because of my pc viruses or anything else Thanks for your help now have turned into white bars one half white half the background colour of NF s Sasuke skin and one the colour of my wallpaper Then I unplugged the cable from the LCd display to the power and the plugged it in again I turned back to normal and then white bars appeared again Somebody helps pleae nbsp

A:Graphics problem, or just plain virus infected. Somebody helps, please

vananh said:

Last night when I was using the power was cut off suddenly. And this morning, I turned the PC on to find that some black bars had appeared on my desktop. It'slike, the screen is behind a prison bar. I thought it was because of viruses at first. But then after scanning the pc, I restarted the pc and those bars are still there. The thing is, when i pressed printscreen, and intended to paste into MS paint, no bars was on the image. 5 black bars, even when I'm posting this thread, those bars prevent the eyesight.

So, it's because of my pc, viruses or anything else. Thanks for your help.

now 3 have turned into white bars, one half white half the background colour of NF's Sasuke skin, and one the colour of my wallpaper.

Then I unplugged the cable from the LCd display to the power, and the plugged it in again. I turned back to normal and then 5 white bars appeared again Somebody helps, pleae.Click to expand...

Hm... do you have any other monitors to test with? The fact that a direct print screen did not capture the "bars" has led me to believe that your graphics card is fine, but your monitor has suffered some fatal damage.

So, yeah, if you have another monitor, try to use that one. If the bars don't appear, then it's 100% certain that your monitor broke.
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My father has recently started having a problem with his computer after several years of using it. Whenever he uses his speakers (to listen to music, watch a far anything that uses audio output), his computer starts randomly beeping. Sometimes 2 beeps, sometimes 3 beeps, about every 4-5 seconds. He's got an integrated sound card, FYI. If you need more system info, let me's a homemade system, so I'm not sure exactly what's in it.

He thinks it's a virus, but none has turned up with a virus search. I'm going to suggest he re-install his audio drivers, but do you have any other ideas what might cause this and how to fix it.


A:Random Beeps...Is this a virus?

Usually the beeps are error codes built into the motherboard system.. Go to the site of your computer, or the manufacturer of the motherboard used, and look up the beek codes. They vary from manufacturer, but will tell you what the motherboard & BIOS think the problem may be.
I don't know of viruses that create or cause the beeps. But it is very possible for beep errors to be caused by the damage they do.
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I have a virus called winprofile and i cant get rid of it. I have other viruses on my comp that i cant get rid of any the software i been using hasnt helped. Can someone help me get rid of this virus. I have a ASUS P4P800.

A:VIrus Help

You took a wrong turn......

Post this question in the "Security and the Web" forum. You will find much more expert help available. The virus issue is software based, so the motherboard doesn't really enter into it.
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Hello My computer restarts by itself and I know it is not the RAM since I tested it ran my computer with one RAM chip and it keeps restarting and then the other It is getting really annoying since I am not that great with hardware and I ve been looking for the solution everywhere for over two months now I even downloaded motherboard monitor but I don t know what to do with it haha Looks really (no Restarts or PC itself spywares) virus by complex Anyways the computer only restarts when PC Restarts by itself (no virus or spywares) I am playing videogames I would leave it on for - days downloading things or just idle to see if it auto-restarts but it won t This point should help to come to a conclusion I guess for people who understand more than me about computers Maybe temperature The only fan I got is the one in the cpu Sometimes when it restarts by itself it says that quot the system has recovered from a serious error quot and that it could probably be because of some quot wrong hardware installation quot Well that s all I can tell help will be really appreciated since this problem is getting really annoying like I mentioned I have speedfan and it registers the following while playing maybe more System F CPU F AUX - F HD F HD F Core F Are these temperatures ok I am running on a AMD Sempron G RAM Geforce GT G HD Win XP WTS Thanks for your time nbsp

A:PC Restarts by itself (no virus or spywares)

i only can understand in celsius =]

normal cpu temp (for me anyway) is around 35-45c* (idle or heavy load)
video card (512mb) temp should be around 45-55c* (idle or heavy load w/ custom build add-on fan)
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Hey guys! I got a flash drive problem. here's the message shows:

Windows-write Protect Errors
The disk cannot be written to because it is write protected. Please remove the write protection from the volume in drive\device\Harddisk1\dr9.

the virus write protected my flash drive what can i do to remove this trouble cause i wanna reformat it!

the specification of my flash drive is pqi brand and 256 MB

A:flash drive write protected by a virus! damn!

some flash drives have a hardware lock (usually a switch on the drive)
you can also softwasre lock the drive in windows.

If you truly have a virus, address it in the correct forum (security forum.)
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hi i am a student studying in high school and my class teacher wants to conduct a check on our laptop for games. can anyone tell me whether there are still traces of games after i uninstall them and how i can get rid of them? and if i cleared my history and deleted all my temporary internet files is it still possible to recover them?

ps: i'm not suppose to have any games on my computer

A:internet things and game files

Well, it all depends on what kind of games. If they are games that you installed from a CD or something, you can usually find it in the "Add/Remove Programs" and uninstall it from there. Then there are internet games (Such as flash games from newgrounds). And the games that are built into windows, I wouldnt worry too much about them.

Now if this was my situation, and I physically owned the laptop (IE: Bought it myself). I would tell them to *#$% off. They would have no right in telling you that you cant have games installed on "YOUR" property. Just food for thought.
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ok - im running windows k professional i have another post underneath this one about problems starting up see my laptop would boot up and then get to the quot starting windows quot screen - then freeze so what i did was i took out the battery and the power cord and held the power key down for mins to help possible virus need with drain all the juice out and let the computer get rid of anything it wa doing then i started it up and it worked just fine but about - mins after it was running the mouse touch pad acted funny i would click right or left and the pointer on the screen would move up spaces and not click on the object thne after another - the pointer would move to the left spaces doing the same thing any idea i think its possibly some sort of virus but im not sure ive never really encountered it before then bad thing need help with possible virus is - my cdrom drive isnt working and i dont have any virus software to check for anything with i have a g hard drive and a disk drive any help would be greatly appriciated thanks Libra nbsp

A:need help with possible virus

go to THIS LINK and follow the instructions. be sure to change the name of 'hijack this', to 'analyse this' then place it in programme files within its own folder. scan then upload the log, and avg log as an attachment ,not a copy and paste please use the forum "security and the web'.
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Hello everyone I just bought things leadtek is 6800gt a400 crazy geforce (winfast GT doing My TDH) a Leadtek Winfast a GT TDH nvidia geforce GT card from newegg This thing cost me alot HEres my problem I pu the video card in connected the power cord and all and started my computer up As soon as the monitor started up there were all kinds of crazy colored characters and stuuf flashing all over my screen When the XP loading screen came on it was like some the pixels were all miscolored and flashing This continues I tried installing the drivers once i logged on and right when the drivers would have My leadtek (winfast a400 GT TDH) geforce 6800gt is doing crazy things finished installing the computer restarts and when i log on again the pixel things havent changed It says i have a new vid card agp adapter as it did before every time i try to install drivers it does this I have a Princeton Ultra monitor intel D perl mobo intel p Ghz processor and the card that im using now because the new one doesnt work is a geforce mx mb PSU XP pro ANy more info needed I have no idea whats going on and im an about these things I m about to return the thing and i am really frustrated IF anyone can help me resolve this problem i might just send them some money or something or i will worship you forever Please help meh Jared Ill send anyone dollars if they can help me fix this without having to return this card nbsp

A:My leadtek (winfast a400 GT TDH) geforce 6800gt is doing crazy things

And by the way... Welcome to Techspot, I'm also new here.

Are you trying to download the drivers from Nvidia? Might be better to download them from leadtek,

Also if worst comes to worst, give the Tech Support a call and see if it's a defective product. It is Fairly new, so might be a bad batch of them....

And if I did help you any.... Don't worry about sending 10$, if you were ev'n serious about it.

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I have been running my PC with no problem for around a year or so but i have this problem now with my desktop stuff, i am using window xp professional with sp2 but my taskbar and windows keep changing back to classic view without me changing the settings or anything, it happens at random and really screws up my computer when it does, i thought that my windows file could be corrupted so i reinstalled it but the problem is still there, my computer is also spyware and virus free so i dont know what could be causing the problem.

A:Strange things with desktop

I don`t quite understand why it would change at random,but here is the first

thing to try -

Locate these three keys -




There is a key in the right-hand pane that need to be changed.

The key is called "ThemeActive".Setting the value to 1 should give you the XP theme.0 gives you the classic theme.

If that fails,there is more HERE including the Tweak UI option.And general theme troubleshooter HERE
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I got a virus yesterday got a wont laptop my and boot virus I HELP!! up! that my pestpatrol picked up it was Command Services I sent the registry keys that it was showing me to be deleted by the program and I ran it again after a few minutes of doing some other stuff and it was HELP!! I got a virus and my laptop wont boot up! there again I deleted that too When I switched on the laptop tonight it wouldn t boot up into Windows It kept giving the the screen to boot up into normal mode or Safe mode etc I let it boot up to normal execept that it WOULDN T The screen just kept on doing this over and over and it wouldn t boot up into normal mode I didn t want to do the safe mode because I am not sure where to go from there if I do This laptop is new to me I have had it for about a year now it s a Sony vio but the warranty ran out a long time ago I need some advice and help and wondered if it was the Command Service that did something to my laptop Also since I couldn t use it I went to my desktop which was clean of viruses the last time I used it about weeks ago I did my usual start up virus checks and would you believe it but my pest patrol picked up the same virus I was scared to delete them but I put the keys that it was showing me into Quarantine I also ran it again and it did exactly the same as my laptop and the virus showed up again with more registry keys which I also quarantined I am now too scared to turn off my computer in case it goes like the other did Please can somebody help me with both my laptop problem and also this desk top in showing me how to get it off my computer Do you think that it WAS the Command Services that shut down my laptop I would certainly appreciate all the help I can get as I am completely on my own with this thanks a lot blondi nbsp

A:HELP!! I got a virus and my laptop wont boot up!

insert your xp disc, install it as you usually would, and it will detect you already have a copy of windows installed and will want to know if you would like to run a repair install on it, say yes etc, and it will just replace the windows files & registry keys etc.

should hopefully work after that,
good luck ^^
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Ok I have a computer that is one year old I have upgraded the harddrive and ram Recently my computer started giving my problems I have adobe illustrator installed on my computer which I use to design vinyl graphics and signs Everytime I double click to open it it loads up and opens but then it closes within one second it also does this with my norton antivirus scanner and my spyware remover I thought it was in the hard drive so I had my brother come over last night and he reformatted my computer for me I then installed adobe and norton again and its motherboard? Virus/Worm in doing the same thing I called my brother this morning and he said it Virus/Worm in motherboard? was a virus or worm that is in my motherboard prossecor Is there any way Virus/Worm in motherboard? I can fix this problem cause I REALLY REALLY need my computer or I am going to have customers very upset with me thanks for your time Justin nbsp

A:Virus/Worm in motherboard?

First thing I would do would be to be off the net then turn off/disable Norton and then see if Adobe will open and if so Norton maybe terminating Adobe.

If no go enable Norton and update it and run a full safe mode scan.

What Spyware remover have you got?
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Hi there,

I am planning to buy new memory for my system in order to play Heroes of Might & Magic 5 more smoothly on my system. My system specs are as below:

Board: Intel D865 GBF
Processor: Intel CeleronD 2.40 GHz., Socket 478, BusSpeeed 533MHz
Memory: 256MB, DIMM, DDR 266
OS Version: Win XP 5.1.2600 Service Pack 1 Build 2600

Video: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT
Driver Version:
Adapter RAM: 128.00 MB

Please suggest which memory module should I go for. You see, there is quite a jargon about them i.e. 266, 333, DDR, Rambus etc.

Further, please tell me which DVD Writer is the best performer while keeping balance between Quality/Speed & Price. Also suggest a good UPS/PSU too(but not an expensive one).

Your help will be greatly appriciated.

Thanks for reading my post along with advanced Thanks and appreciation on your valuable suggestions.

A:Please Suggest a Few Things...

1GB of value ram is fine. You can use anything from PC2100 to PC3200. Whatever is in your budget.
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ok i just reformated my hard drive, i did not back up any files. everything seems to work ok except my sound. When I go to add hardware like the troubleshooter says it say Multimedia Audio Controller with a little question mark next to it. it says no were what kind of audio card i have. then when it tells me to check and make sure my volume is not muted i click Allprograms>Assesories>Enterrainment>VolumeControl, it says i have no mixer devices installed. i have tried install ing a lot of stuff nothing seems to be working. it is a built-card on a Shuttle XpC. IF you have any idea please give it to me this is really annoying.


A:my sound doesnt work tried many things still nothing

Hi and welcome to techspot!

What model is it? Is it Amd or Pentium? What Chipset does it have? If you know the motherboard/chipset i could tell you what branded integrated sound it has, maybe ac97? Does that ring a bell? You said it was integrated right? Not a soundcard on one of you pci slots?
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I have been having problems with my optical drives for the past few weeks. My cd burner is being recognised by windows but it is disabled and whever i try to enable it, it doesnt work. Also, my DVD-drive is somehow still recognised by windows even when i unplugged it completely and took it out of my case. Does anyone know what could be happening?

EDIT-- Both drives are IDE and are connected on the same IDE cable.

A:Very strange things goin on with my optical drives. . . can anyone help?

Are your jumpers set correctly? What does it say in they BIOS? Have you tried reinstalling the drivers?

Also i had a problem where my drives dissapeared due to a virus. Make sure you have a firewall and antivirus. Download the free Zonealarm and AVG if you dont have a Firewall or Antivirus.
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Hi, this maybe an easy question for people here to answer, but for a guy like me who's not that experienced with computers its complicated to me...

I want to use some computer cd's here for putting some new software on them. they are already full with other software some other guy put on it. but i want to delete his stuff on the cd so i can add my own. every time i try to delete it tells me that its " read only " status and because of this i am unable to delete things on the cd.

my question is, is it possible to delete the stuff on the cd or change the read only status so i can free up some space on it enabling me to do so? Thanks in advance.

A:Changing cd's " read only " status so i can delete things on it

The only cd`s you can overwrite, are cd-rw`s. All you need to do, is format them and you have a blank cd again.

If the cd`s in question are just ordinary cdr`s, there is nothing you can do.

Regards Howard
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This may be a question many have asked before but can the ageing of a hard drive have significant effects on your computer's performance? The one in my current PC is about four years old and I can say for definite that my computer is slower now then it once was. I'm not surprised by any means but was wondering if this is more due to more programmes and memory being used or because the hard drive is becoming worn out?

A:Hard drive ageing slowing things down?

The hard drive is the least likely cause of your computer slowing down.Running checkdisk occasionally is always a good idea though.

Here are the main causes Why is my PC slowing downand How can I make my PC run faster.
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Here is my story First off all I am building computers for a couple of years now and I know what anymore Supply Switch closing with Power won't after it Computer start I am doing but This problem arrived the other day after changing my case Days Ago I bought A new Case and a new Burner for my Computer I unintalled everything and installed it in my new Case I plugged everything back up and was on my computer again without any problems I used the reset button but it was behaving oddly the computer was still running but the monitor turned itself Computer won't start anymore after closing it with Power Supply Switch off So I though that maybe I had installed the reset Switch the wrong way I couldn t stop it anymore so I closed it with the Power Supply Switch So I opened my case to see if everything was ok Everything was as it was supposed to be I played with the connectors a little bit to make sure they were well connected I tried running the computers again but it wouldn t start It didin t make a noise no fan running no BIOS nothing I was very afraid to have killed my Power Supply or MOBO by closing it the wrong way I though that maybe it was just the power button of my new case that was the problem so I connected the Reset Switch connector in the Power Switch I tried turning it on and it worked I was very releaved that it was just that problem So I left it opened all night and went to work I also accesed my computer remotely from work almost all day But Last night when I finally came home the computer was closed I though it was weird but opened it again and went to see a couple of things on the net Went out for min max with my GirlFriend When I came back the computer was closed again and it wouldn t start again like it did the day before So I opened it again checking the reset and power switch button But now any of the didn t work anymore I thought that it couldn t be the PSU or MOBO because last night I was able to get it back up by switching the Power and Reset switch I started to unhook every power cable from HD to CD and floppy even the case fan Nothing Took out the Sound card and Video Capture Card Nothing Unhooked the HD and DVD Burner and floppy NOthing Took out the Video Card I also plugged out and plugged back in the Mother board and CPU Power connector from the PSU to be sure that they were well connected Nothing happened I even took out the Front of the case to look at the Power Button They looked ok but I am no expert in that I also took the MOBO battery out to clear the BIOS Now my computer is dead I can t do anything to make it work I am thinking that by closing the computer with the PSU switch I might have shorted something but with a good PSU like I have on a protected circuit it shouldn t happen I saw an existing post were someone had the same problem and had used the PSU switch But it is design to do that Not fry everything by using it The Antec PSU also has a protection against surges Tonight I will try to use a W Enermax PSU I have in another computer and see if it changes something If not than they are possible solution Maybe just the buttons but I doubt it or the Motherboard is screwed If it is the motherboard and my Waranty is not good anymore I will have to buy a new motherboard and a New CPU reinstall Windows and my Video Card which is AGP won t work in a PCIE MOBO So I will have to buy a lesser MOBO and if future upgrade have to come I won t be able to buy a PCIE Video Card If they still do the AGP by then By they way they still sell Athlon XP MOBO in my local computer shop but they are so cheap they don t have AGP X or DDR So what do you think it might be Any suggestion as to what I may Try Anyone with a similar problem AMD Athlon XP Gigabytes G A- L Motherboard nForce X MB of DDR Memory in Dual Channel Antec W SmartPower Maxtor GB MB IDE HardDrive Primary Master Pionner DVD- D New DVD Burner Secondary Master Geforce GT AGP w Additional Power plugged in Creative Live Soundcard ComproPVR Video Capture C... Read more

A:Computer won't start anymore after closing it with Power Supply Switch

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

If after trying your other psu it`s still dead, It`s got to be either the mobo or cpu.

I think for whatever reason, you`ve had a short circuit of some kind and it`s fried either the psu/mobo/cpu.

You`ve seem to have tried all the right things, so I can`t really suggest anything else.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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My cousin brought over his Compaq pc winXP which had a very bad virus when I checked the HD was shot so I took a working HD out of my old Dell PII win and placed it into the Compaq without changing anything in the BIOS only to get this message when booted up quot No operating system found quot I then took the HD out and put it back into the Dell pc where it came from and to my surpise got the same message there someone told me this quot this sounds like you have the CIH virus that overwrites the BIOS with garbage issue please help Virus OS drive Hard It was on that drive you put in your other machine and has now infected your other drive and possibly your other machines bios It Virus Hard drive OS issue help please also wipes the hard drive s http www geocities com SiliconValley Heights remove html In this Virus Hard drive OS issue help please case the AVP antivirus program on a write protected floppy would be the tool of choice As for flashing your bios good luck with that Shouldn t be too bad a problem for a compaq but if you got some cheapo motherboard that may be an entirely different case You ll have to look closely at the bios chip and get the right bios flash for it quot So I went to the site in the link above and proceeded to follow it s instructions to get my old Dell pc up and running again with win but I think my first problem here before I can do so is that the only pc in my house that still has a floppy drive is my son s Dell PIII which has win and from my reading up on OS and Bios e t c it appears to me that I need to create the floppies on a pc that has win Can anyone advise me how to proceed from here please Thanks nbsp

A:Virus Hard drive OS issue help please

You can get bootdisks here -
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The things we delete are not going into the the recycle bin anymore.
I used to be able to delete, it would go to recycle bin, and I could retrieve it. Now it is deleted immediately.
I looked up information to fix it ==I went to the recycle bin, right click, & Properties. THE BOX IS NOT CHECKED to delete immediately.
The space amount is OK. What is wrong???

A:Deleted things not going into recycle bin

Take a look in Windows explorer,and see if there`s more than one instance of the recycle bin.The files may have gone into the other one.You might have to uncheck the "Hide system files" box in Tools/Folder options/View menu to see it.
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I need some one to tell me if the mobo, ram, and processor I am getting are compatible. I?m pretty sure that they are but I just want to check with people that are more experienced in this sort of thing. I am building a computer for the first time.

Thanks for the help.

A:Are these three things compadible?

yes they are.
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HI all I am new to this playing when Freezes music games, things!!! PC most other or so please excuse any errors I have a P gig gig ram graphics or PC Freezes when playing games, music or most other things!!! is it Can t remember gig hard drive pc that I had custom built for me just over a year ago Since I had it I have had loads of problems with it Most have been sorted out PC Freezes when playing games, music or most other things!!! by the shop that built it for me I have had to take it back times in the past year but this problem persists Whenever I play a game be it Rome Total War Football Manager or Doom listen to music on WMP or iTunes stay on net for a prolonged period of time look at pictures or movies then it freezes I hear a couple of beeps then it freezes If I press reset the PC just makes a long beep noise so I need to switch the power off from the back This happens regularly The last time I returned it they appeared to have fixed the problem They said that it was a heat sink problem Got it back from the shop and it appeared to be working perfectly better than it has before But low and behold it problem has returned My year warranty has now ran out and I would like to attempt to fix it myself before going somewhere else and having to pay for it to be fixed Does PC Freezes when playing games, music or most other things!!! has anyone here have had the same problem and how did they fix it Any help you give will be greatfully received nbsp

A:PC Freezes when playing games, music or most other things!!!

Maybe a heat problem. What's the temperature of the processor?
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Hi i ll tell what hapens few days ago and i ll please you for some help So it was a week ago in one office The secretary has been working on her PC TFT-PC P - Medion after work she turn off the PC and on the next - NO SOUNDS in the same day one of her collegues with notebook TCM - CITRON ALi sound architecture get the same thing What i ve done first try to reinstall the drivers on the TFT-PC no results just a massage - Device is not working error code Then i ve try to repair the NO a ? SOUND Absolutely , virus is it notebook i totaly remove Windows XP with full HDD format then install again Win XP with all the drivers - and again - no sounds Strange on the notebook - no device errors all drivers has been installed and device manager don t report any errors but still no sound I ve been totaly angry and i Absolutely NO SOUND , is it a virus ? ve made full format of the notebook s HDD then install Gentoo with all the nessasery modules and kernel support alsa and OSS I ve made alsaconf and alsa detect correctly the sound device and again - NO SOUND the only thing i can here on this notebook is just the system beep nothing else Can it be some virus witch brokes somehow the sound device P S i also check for BIOS setting - there was no settings like that nbsp
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my case is as follows :
a few days ago I caught some viruses ( actually twas for my younger brother's using IE and watching some pr0n) which i managed to get rid of after a nice battle with them and my shattered nerves. then i had some technical problems like cd-rw which started acting up and the like. i tried to mount it on a differently in that way everything would work properly, cause my major hdd was working ok only with one fixed connection. i started to mess around with that but i don't think this might have been the cause of my current inconveniences. anyway, the point is i found my partitions disappear actually for now ive got a raw unscheduled hard disk.
i really wish somebody could help me out. so many relevant information stored on my hdd cannot be lost just like that. What shall I do now, mates? tell me...
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my problem is that ive had this comp for over 2 years. ive been using the same os during that time. the problem that i have had has been having for the past month is that when ever i use any media player to play music or video it resets or freezes. it also freezes for no reason when downloading using a torrent variant. ive cracked open the case and cleaned every thing out two min ago and it still does this so i am thinking its not a heat issue. anyone have a idea of what the problem is or how to fix it. it has been formatted about 4 times since a month ago.

if you need more specific info tell me what program to use and ill be glad to give the info.

A:Not sure Virus/Hardware/or OS problem

after you formatted and reinstalled windows did you install the motherboard drivers? also in device manager are there any devices with a yellow question mark or triangle with black exclamation mark next to them?
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Hi, I hope someone can help me with a small but annoying problem. When my pc is in screensaver mode and i wake it up with the mouse it will shut off my browseror any other running applications. If i have no browser or app's open it will give me the shut down screen, i have to click cancel and all is well. This only happens with the mouse not the key board. Im runnimg Win2000Pro(all spk's) and using a Microsoft intellimouse Explorer 2.0


A:Wierd things happen when coming out of screensaver with mouse

You might want to run that mouse without the Intellisoft drivers.
W2K's own built-in drivers are more than good enough, unless you need some specific feature for your M$-mouse.
I run the Logitech MX700 on W2K/SP4 like that, and it's perfect.
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Im thinking about buying a new computer tower/case/chasis whichever you prefer (or is preferred). OK, so should I be aware of anything like whether my power supply from my old case will fit, or if everything else will fit (im considering getting a bigger tower so im sure it will... umm just anything in general about this kinda thing. To clarify, all Im doing is moving all my old stuff from my tower now into a new one and am curious if I should be aware of anything. Sorry for the repetition Thanks for any help!

A:Buying a new tower.. any things i should be aware of?

You could transfer everything into a new case without hesitation.
It would be advisable however, to buy a larger (min. 400 Watt) powersupply like Enermax, in case you want to upgrade anything else in the near future

Alternatively, look at the Antec Sonata case (available from for about 90.- which includes a quiet powersupply and rubber suspension for your HD's making it an extremely quiet case.

When transferring your old gear, watch out for static and be extra careful when mounting the MoBo.
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Please heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllp About months ago I downloaded cybersitter on a computer that the whole family uses To make corner VIRUS??? -- left SHUTDOWN in Timer/clock top a long story short when ever Timer/clock in top left corner SHUTDOWN -- VIRUS??? I turn on the computer and log on to one of the user names immediately after all the desktop icons appear and all the start up stuff finishes a small password box appears and counts down from The options are put in a password and I don t know what it s for and click ok or click cancel If you hit ok or cancel it doesn t matter a timer or clock appears in the top left corner of my moniter it can t be moved I can t right click and get properties I can t close it it sometimes counts down from to then shuts down the computer and there s no way to stop it or sometimes it s more immediate the timer appears and the computer shuts down seconds later HELP nbsp

A:Timer/clock in top left corner SHUTDOWN -- VIRUS???

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot

That is a valid function of cybersitter.
It can limit length of PC use,time spent on PC, it must have been set when
you installed cybersitter or even afterwards.
Maybe you have a teenage hacker on your hands trying to bypass it?
Was this the purpose for cybersitter?

I would uninstall cybersitter then re-install it.
You may have password trouble even to do this,
however I think on cybersitter web site they should have
some kind of default password or work around.
P.S. Got it!
Go here for password help cybersitter password reset

Thats a pretty cool program, works well.

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I'm wondering if there is a program out there (or settings in the router) that will
enable me to completly shut a computer from the internet.

At first I could control the internet traffic per computer in the router settings but
somehow its gone broken , I already mailed the helpdesk and stuff.

Router type: Draytek Vigor 2500 (annex a)
More detailed info on my router:

Thanks anyway :wave:
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Her computer doesnt play sound anymore. She has a windows XP and deleted soundmax because she thought it was a virus. She reset her computer back to before she deleted it and sound played, but she cant have it set back to before she deleted it or else she wont have internet.

I'm trying to help her. help?

A:My friend deleted her soundmax thinking it was a virus, help?

Do you have the CD for the motherboard? Pop it in, and reinstall the drivers for the sound.

If you don't have the CD (actually, even if you do, it is best to get the latest drivers from the homepage anyways), you need to go the motherboard makers homepage, and download the drivers for the sound.

Of course, this is assuming the sound card is built into the motherboard. If she has a separate soundcard (not built in), then you need to go to the sound card maker's homepage and find the drivers there.

Good luck!
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My friend and i have been given a pc that was automatically trying to dial up to the had had Win ME on and my friend has formated it four times pulled it apart including the cmos battery changed the dial up settings and installed Xp. None of this works and i said sounds like a virus but he has run anti virus and on boot up. Is there such a virus or trojan that tries to dial out is it infected the mother board or bios. i said to install sygate firewall as i have it and it will tell you when something tries to dial out but he has installed zone alarm. i also said win patrol helps me to track down process that are running. Any one with ideas or heard of this before. please reply.


A:i can't stop Automatic dial up is it a virus

It could very well be, disconnect your phone line from the computer immediately. Run virus and spyware programs immediately. There are dialers that will dial up porn sites, and even make overseas calls, thus running up your phone bill.
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My computer is infected with a virus. I can start my computer but only for a short time before it crashes. I have tried to install lavasoft, McAfee and Norton Antivirus. Nothing seems to work not to mention the fact that I could not download McAfee or Norton without it crashing. Help, I'm a computer gumby!
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I have multiple HDD available and am trying to find the most "virus proof" (if one becomes infected another Clean drive will still be available) method of utilizing these drives. I have just recently had a slave/master setup and wondered about virus movement from one to the other (master would be the only one to have internet acess)???
As i set down to do this , it occured to me to ask about virus movement across a Partition also???
Even with Norton AV (previously) and now Panda Internet Security ,viruses have snuck in on my unit and cost me hours to get debugged. I am looking for a method for the above,if one gets fragged, I have another available so that i can continue (particularly) internet use to find a solution.
I hope this is all clear and that someone can help.
thank you

A:master to slave virus transfer????

Viruses don't move from one partition or hard disk to another. Viruses propagate though files (some anciant ones use bootsectors). If your Windows sees a disk and can write on it then a virus can go there. So the safest solution would be a drive that Windows cannot see or use.
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lately my computer has been somewhat acting up. whenever i go into task manager i notice a program called explorer.exe that is usually running anywhere from 95-99 under CPU. is this something to be worried about? is it maybe a virus? if so, is there anyway to remove it?


A:is it a virus

Go HERE and follow the instructions carefully.

Once you have done that, go HERE for instructions on how to post your Hijacktis log.

Regards Howard :grinthumb
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Can a Trojan computer Virus hurt your Computer....Please post if u have a comments about this..... :bounce:

A:Trojan Virus

The short answer is yes.

If you take a look HERE you will see that the CIH(Chernoble) virus had a nasty habit of killing bios chips, therefore rendering the affected computer usless.

I`m sure there are other virii around that are capable of similar destruction.

Regards Howard :grinthumb
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i have avg and it says that i have this virus:

i cant seem to find this virus or how to remove it anywhere. do you know if there is another name fo rthis virus. could someone please help me


A:cant figure out how to delete virus

Also known as W32/Kelvir.whatever

They are not up to AM yet, but it is worth a shot

In future, just search for Kelvir and the likes
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I have a few questions.

What is the differences in P4 board chipsets? what do they support?

What is POSTing? i've seen the term many times - don't know what it means.

I've seen boards with dual Bios. but they have Less PCI slots... why would you sacrifice the number of Slots for dual BIOS?

I Had chosen to use AMD then was convinced that Intel would be better for my application so i need to find another board/CPU I do both Gaming and use many Memory hungry applications. Any suggestions on what sort of board I should get? my budget allows for a (socket T) board less than $200 ...

(should I have put the last Q in a different thread?)

A:A few questions on MoBos and seemingly common knowledge things.


1. P4 chipsets. The 915g has integrated graphics, the 915p is a 915g without integrated graphics. The 925 is a performance chipset. The 925xe is also performance, but it also supports the new 1066 fsb.

2. Post, power on self test. When the computer turns on it checks it self to see if everything is ok, it must pass this test.

3. If you flash your bios and the power goes out while doing it, it will corrupt the bios that is being flashed. With a dual bios, you have a backup bios just in case your 1st bios gets corrupted. Then the board isn't trashed if something happens to the bios.
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I'm fairly computer literate with most things but when it comes to ports, and routers, and firewalls i'm pretty much a noob.

My friends and I have been using Ventrilo for a few weeks with me running the server from my computer. A few days ago i had to put norton antivirus on my computer to get ride of a virus. Ever since then i can't connect to my Ventrilo server and neither can anyone else. I uninstalled it and everything but it must have changed one of my windows network settings. The windows firewall isn't up but something is blocking stuff. Anyone have any idea how to make stuff like that work again? Thanks.
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Well its come to my attention I have a virus Looked it up and it has serveral formations knowen as many diffrent kinds of viri Network + Virus Problems I believe I have the Nimda virus Heres some Virus + Network Problems stats on it http www viruslist com eng viruslist html id Its a pain I cant get Virus + Network Problems it to go away however it does no harm It spreads via LAN so other computers in the house also have it I scanned on Norton it found the files but couldnt delete cuz it was in use However it told me where the files were I went into Safe mode and deleted the csrss exe file whats running on my comp now as a quot critial system process quot so i cant end it I also deleted another file along with that forget what it was Got back into regular windows turns out it was still running Rescanned with Norton it didnt find it this time Not to mention the virus makes copys of it self or so Norton only found Note I Virus + Network Problems ve downloaded the latest Virus Definions with NortonAV I went onto their site followed the link below http www symantec com avcenter venc data w nimda a mm html Did what they said the tool that scans your computer didnt find the viri either Its running right now the executable csrss exe I must have a later version it cant find Once I got done with that scanning I rebooted and now I cant access other computers or Network virtual drives unless the Network drive is on the computer im using then I can access it or Im on the computer that I want to connect to Example Computer Trys to connect to Computer HD Fail Computer can access Computer s HD Works duh Computer Trys to connect to Computer s Network Drive Fail Computer can Trys to connect to Computer s Network Drive Works duh Just for clarification When I try to connect it asks for a password I enter the correct password for the computer im trying to access and it still wont connect I checked secuirty and nothing had changed Messed around ended up putting stuff back at defualts and it still doesnt work I ve never even made it so you need a password to access the computer or network drive on the lan Normally it just connects right away no passwords or anything Anyone have any ideas I just want to be able to connect to other computers on the lan like I always have been able to do and from my siblings computer have them be able to access my computers Network Drive If I could just get this back to working I ll just leave the virus alone Im not formatting unless I get a DVD Burner prompto lt --Not gonna happen nbsp

A:Virus + Network Problems

csrss - csrss.exe - Process Information
Process File: csrss or csrss.exe
Process Name: Client/Server Runtime Server Subsystem
Description: The Windows Client Server Runtime Subsystem handles Windows and Graphics Functions for all Subsystems
Common Errors: N/A
System Process: YesClick to expand...

You reference that service, why? It has nothing to do with Nimda.

Have you tried NAV's advanced settings, there is an option in there that does a heuristic scan, it can sometimes identify unknown infections and things not yet in the defs. It looks for things that are common to other virii or something like that. It can give false positives, but it can also identify things that would otherwise be missed. Just be careful using it because jscripts, vbscripts and word macros may be identified as virii even if they are not.
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what is the best graphics card to buy for under 50

i know i sound like someone who doesn't like shelling out money but hey who does, so what is the best graphics card to buy for under 50.

A:Who here enjoys poking things?

I think thats about $75 US so Id recommend the Radeon 9550 but only a 128bit version.
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This is surely a stupid question but I'm a Mac person and just learning about the "other" side.

One of our exec's is having a wake from sleep issue with his IBM Thinkpad (X31). He often has to hastily close the lid with the machine powered on and has difficulty getting it to wake up later.

2 questions.

Is the machine going into standy or hibernation mode when he does this?

What key(s) does he need to mash to wake it up? (preferably in an unlocked state.)

Thanks in advance.

A:Standy or Hibernation when closing lid on powered on laptop?

I believe with XP you can do either as well as just shut off the screen when you close the lid. Check the power option settings in control panel. Click my computer->control panel->power options
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I have a user that needs an excel document closed. When you try to open it it will tell you that it is opened but it dosn't tell you by whom so it's read only.

I'm thinking the individual who had it open has closed it since there is no name but that it's stuck in their temp files; in which case they need to reboot but we don't know who needs to reboot and we don't reboot machines on the server at night in case we need to push patches to them.

I've tried copying the files to my HD and deleting them from the server but they always reappear. I tried also to take ownership and then deleting them but that does nothing to help.

Does anyone have any other ideas that DO NOT include rebooting the server?

A:Problems Closing opened documents

Copy the file's contents over into a new spreadsheet. Then save that under a different name. Abandon the file that gives problems, send an email to all possible users until you find the real owner.
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Ghost, let me make sure before I make things worse.

If I add a second hard drive temporarily as a "slave" and use Ghost to clone the master to the slave, am I correct in assuming the following:

if I have problems with the original hard drive, I could reformat the drive add the "ghosted" drive as a slave and with Ghost transfer the "cloned" info to the original HD?

if I had imaged instead of cloned I could do the same as above?

If my assumptions are not correct or if there is a better way what should I do?

P.S. I do not want to leave the slave drive in the machine.

I guess the bottom line is what is the easiest way to get info back on the original hard drive using ghost on a Windows 98 machine with a floppy and CD-ROM?

A:Ghost, let me make sure before I make things worse.

i have a dedicated partition on my machine for drive image files, which are essentially just the same as norton ghost files.

everytime I make some major changes I give it a bit of time to see if everything is fine, then I update the images. I usually keep the image before that as well, so that if something emerges later I can go back to that.

I've seen a single update from make my machine unbootable; i've seen a single updated driver trash the whole installation.

what you are doing is wise.