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Switching hard drives with Vista

Q: Switching hard drives with Vista

Im not sure if this belongs in this forum or the hardware forum so I will try here first I Switching drives hard with Vista recently ran into issues with my PC which after numerous tests and attempts to correct appears to be a motherboard issue - everything else seems to be fine This PC that just crapped out was actually a replacement for another PC Switching hard drives with Vista which Switching hard drives with Vista the HDD went bad on Now my question is on the older PC it was purchased in and came with Windows XP installed on it which was later upgraded to Windows Vista bit before it failed - nothing Switching hard drives with Vista was wrong it upgraded just fine This most recent PC came with Windows Vista -bit and the HDD is in perfect working order - it is now in an external case and all of the information is there just fine So my question is is it possible to simply put this HDD with Vista into the PC that has the bad HDD Would it boot Would it recognize the drive Both HDDs are SATA so there shouldnt be any connection issue I just want to know if its possible to just simply switch bootable hard drives and if so how to do it If this is not possible to just switch the HDDs what needs to be done to make this HDD work in the older PC Thanks in advance nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Switching hard drives with Vista

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Switching hard drives with Vista

If the connections are the same it will fit into your old case/computer. Your older PC would recognise the new drive no probiems, and essentially there would be no issues with setting it up to work...

However, if the hardware is different, it is likely to have a fit if you try and run it on your older computer. This is because your newer drive has software installed which it depends on to run with your new setup. Unless your old setup is identical in every respect (all of the hardware) then its probably not going to like having to boot up.

You can dual boot XP and Vista but to be honest I don't really see the point in doing it, unless you have very specific reasons for doing so.

If you have the media to restore Vista you could doing the following:

Fit the new drive to the old computer
Insert Vista disc and boot into setup
Do a full clean install of Vista

Firstly, you'd lose any data on the new disk, and secondly doing it this way would mean it customises the install to the configuration of hardware of the older computer.
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So when I was building my computer, I was trying to be as cheap as possible and used an 80 GB drive for my system hard drive. But now I got a 1.5 TB harddrive which I would like to be my main drive, with XP and everything from my old drive on it. I have formatted the drive, but I cannot figure out how to copy my old 80 GB to the new 1.5 TB with it just being a disk image of the old one. Can anyone give me a complete list of how to copy these two disk images, preferably in a free way without buying software for my PC. Thanks alot...

P.S. I am actually a Mac guy, and on Macs there is a program that is part of the Utilities called Disk Utility, and does all this for you easily. Is there a program in windows that does this for you???

A:switching hard drives

Use a program like Ghost or Acronis.These are clone software.
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lately have ran into too many times when placing 1 hd into a different mach it says invalid disk it is set up in bios ect but system wont reaconise it when trying to format this has happened to 4 other mach with different drives all will see them as slaves but not masters all bios's were different also I.E. award, ibm ,ami ect I have switched lots before this now cant seem to get much to work any help?

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Hello all So Drives Hard Switching I have had some issues with my Hard Drive recently and wanted to switch over to my second HD that I have on my computer I clean wiped the secondary HD I have and just wanted to boot my computer through it and begin installing my Windows Programs etc without having to back up my HD I am running right now For some reason I cant shake this malware I have and for a while now I wanted to switch HD s anyways so why not now MY only problem being that when Switching Hard Drives I go to boot through the disk on start up it just brings me Switching Hard Drives back to my HD I have now When I went through BIOS it only shows the one disk to boot through I am at a loss for what to do over just wiping the disk I have now and start fresh I am probably missing something so that is why I come here ANy help or advice would be very helpful Thanks nbsp

A:Switching Hard Drives

Hi Samtastic,
Could you provide more information as to how did you wipe the HDD you want to boot from? If it it not your main drive and you do not have an OS installed on it it is normal that it will not boot as there wouldn't be a system to boot.
What you could try as the simplest solution would be to install the hard drive you want to boot from in the SATA port of the one you used to boot from till now.
If you simply want to use the drive you can disconnect your main HDD install the one you would like to use and install on it. Afterwards, make sure the boot order in BIOS is set to boot from the drive. Once you are done with that you can connect the old drive and transfer any files you need.
If, however, you do not see the drive in BIOS that is not a good sign. Can you see it when it is connected as a secondary drive? Could you run a brand specific diagnostics test on your hard drives and post the SMART data here? Also, if have trouble seeing some of the drives you could try with different cables/ports.
As for your malware problem there is plenty of software that can help you with that I can not offer any program in particular, however, a quick Google search should yield quite a few results.
As a side note, it is recommended that you always have a back up of your important data.
Keep me posted,
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ok i am useing a dell pentim has a 30 gig harddrive....i have a other computer here with a 160 gig harddrive the i dont use ...i want to take the 30 gig harddrive out of this dell i am useing and put the 160 gig one in my dell.....the 30 gig harddrive had windows xp pro on it and the 160 gig harddrive has windows xp home on it ...can u help or give me some tips please ....and i would like to be able to keep every thing on the harddrives .

A:switching hard drives?

Its not going to be easy, because the hardware is so different, If you do get the 160gb installed in the Dell, it most likely will not boot, because it will try to load drivers for the old motherboard, and probably will trash the XP home installation.

Another consideration is that the old Dell bios will not recognize properly that large 160gb hard drive, all bios in that day had a 128~137gb limit.

Sounds like a bad idea to me.

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ok first let me say my knowledge of computers is limited but not non-exsistant.

I am runing a custom computer and would like to switch out the 80 gig internal HDD with windows XP pro for a 40 gig internal with windows XP Home instaled on it the 40 gig has a partition C: drive and D: drive.

D: drive being the recovery. my understanding of computers is not good enoph for me to know how to do this and this is were i need help.

the system i would be instaling the 40 Gig drive on has these specs.

Motherboard--Elitegroups K7VTA3
Processor--AMD athlon XP 2500+
Video Card--Nvidia GeForce 6200 256MB DDR2 TV DVI AGP
Power supply-450w rosewill model LC-A400 ATX
Xtreme Sound 7.1/24bit sound card

any help will be apreciated.

Thank You

A:Switching Hard Drives?

Why don't you just leave the 80GB drive in place and add the 40GB as extra storage. There is no need to have a separate "recovery" partition in a custom computer. OEM computers like HP, Gateway and Dell have recovery partitions to save money by not having to supply recovery CD's and extra hard drives...

It is never a good idea to place a hard drive with an Operating System already on it, in another computer...
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First Drives??? Hard Switching of all Switching Hard Drives??? this is not my problem I own an IBM It is my daughters problem she insisted on that Dell and the HP she was not on the net she was listening to a cd the next time she turned it the Dell GL on BSOD it said seek disk drive she messed with it now it cant find the operating system win and in set up it says cd rom is not installed messed with the setup some more now it says O S error and sits and blinks that little line there is an HP presario with a burned out power fan box with win xp home on it can I switch hard drives The HP works fine except for the box can I put it HD in the Dell This Dell has limited promise it is huge has room and set up for a second HD has mem I have the Dell drivers if the win xp balks yes the hook ups aer the same at first glance if the mem sticks are the same mabey I can add the HP s to the Dells both are gb what do you think nbsp
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I removed the hard drive from my HP h665c, and put it in my hp a510n, and booted up and it said DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT DISK or something like that. why is it doing this...My mission it to switch the harddrives between the two hp's...NEED MAJOR HELP, AND FAST!!! Any help greatly appreciated...


A:Switching hard drives?!?!?!?!?!?
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hello again all, i recently got a new desktop computer, an emachines model refurbished, and it has an 80 gig hard drive. id like to switch it with my old desktop, which im taking into work, which has a 160 gig hard drive. however, the 80 gig came partitioned, with a 2 gig drive that has a recovery file on it to reinstall windows and everything. is it possible to partition my 160 gig in a similar way, and copy everything on the 80 gig hard drive cleanly over? i like that recovery file in the small partition, and id like to keep it. the windows cds that came with the computer are full installation discs, not upgrades. will i likely encounter problems if i attempt this transfer?

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My computer has been getting noticeably slower over the past few days. It's started making that "working" noise that is loud and almost constant. After some research, I figure my primary hard drive (an 80gb dino) is headed for the graveyard. I have a second hard drive (Slightly newer 250gb that was bought used) that I keep all my non program files on, music, pictures, videos, etc. I've got about 115gb worth of data on that drive that I don't want to lose. My resources are limited to almost non-existent (I've got a small 16gb sd card to work with) and extra funds, well there are none of those. I'd like to move my OS to the second drive making it my primary, but I don't know if it can be done without losing all my other files.


A:Switching Hard drives, can it be done?

What you want to do can be done, but it can get complicated and there is some level of risk of data loss.

The process would involve a 3rd party software program to resize the data partition on the 250GB drive to create adequate space for a new partition where you could then clone your failing drive or do a clean install of the OS. That's a thumbnail description of the process and options.

A good partition management program is Easeus Partition Master. The program is a free download and will do everything you need including the clone process.

Assuming the process is successful, you would then remove your old drive and install the 250GB drive in its place. If everything has been done correctly, your computer will boot normally.

You may want to seriously consider doing a clean install of the OS so you start with no trash buildup which is pretty normal with Windows. This would require re-installation of all software programs, 3rd party utilities and Windows updates (which can be a real time consumer). You would need either system install disks or have a recovery partition on your hard drive.

Please read through this post carefully and let us know firstly, what you would like to do and secondly, how you would like to do it given the alternatives I've noted.
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I have a Sony Vaio desktop - hard drive failed to the point computer will not even boot (missing HAL)
I cannibalized the HD from my old Dell Dimension. Activated XP (by phone) & it seems to work just fine.
Now, I need drivers for PCI controller, ethernet controller etc. Since I cannot get on the internet with this computer to automatically download the drivers how can I do it? Do I need Sony drivers or Dell? Or is this whole undertaking impossible? Sorry to be such an incompetant but this is all way over my head. I'm lost with anything more complicated that adding RAM.
So any help needs to be written in simplified version (for tech dummy)
Thank you!

A:Switching Hard Drives

Hi sb driver, and welcome to BleepingComputer.The drivers that you will need will be for the Sony, but we will need to know what model the Vaio is.Did you reinstall XP after installing the hard drive in the Sony? The reason that I ask is because if you did install the hdd without reinstalling XP there is a good chance that you will have problems. This article explains this.
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A couple of days ago I got infected with pc security lab and after trying several things that didn't work I signed up here. I tried to follow your instructions but got stuck at step 2 ( I won't) go into all of that) and finally took a drastic step and switched the C and D drives in my computer and installed Xp on the other drive which was empty ( I had tried a repair/install and that didn't work)--so now I am setting up a "new" computer. Now my question is can the old C drive infect the new one. Should I remove the old C drive or wipe it and if so whats the best way to do that



A:Switching hard drives

clear the drive with dban
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Well my roomates power supply blew(im pretty sure) and he cant turn on his comp. So he went out and bought a laptop. His computer is sitting in the laundry room, and after snagging his dvd drive, i thought that it would be a good diea to snag his hard drive also. It is 10x the size of my primary(i have another 100 gig SATA drive but my primary is a 20 gig IDE) I take out my ide HD and throw his in, but it restarts everytime it goes to load windows, it wont let me load in safe mode either. Im wondering what preperations i need to make before i can use this HD. Thanks in advance.


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i lost my other post so what im doing is i get another computer in a week thats running a 80gig hard drive with xp pro and i want to put this hard drive 160gig xp and i have nero and norton ghost but what do i need just to switch hard drives.i was thinking just a copy of xp pro but im not sure pls help.....ok i just talked to a bestbuy geeksqaud person and they said all i need to do is switch drives and it should reconize it,is this true?

A:Switching hard drives

BIOS will recognize the HD however most likely it will not boot since the 160GB had XP installed/drivers installed on a different computer. You can't clone hard drives that have your OS installed and use it on different computers. They only work with identical computers. What you can do it is when your new computer comes home, put the 80GB into the computer (format it) containing your 160GB HD. Transfer all your data from the 160 to the 80. Now install the 160 into you new computer and re-install windows your OS.
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First of all this Hard Switching Drives??? is not my problem Switching Hard Drives??? I own an IBM It is my daughters problem she insisted on that Dell and the HP she was not on the net she was listening to a cd the next time she turned it the Dell GL on BSOD it said seek disk drive she messed with it now it cant find the operating system win and in set up it says cd rom is not installed messed with the setup some more now it says O S error and sits and blinks that little line there is an HP presario with a burned out power fan box with win xp home on it can I switch hard drives The HP works fine except for the box can I put it HD in the Dell This Dell has limited promise it is huge has room and set up for a second HD has mem I have the Dell drivers if the win xp balks yes the hook ups aer the same at first glance if the mem sticks are the same mabey I can add the HP s to the Dells both are gb what do you think nbsp

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I blow away a computer so I'm taking the Hard Drive out and putting it into another computer. From a AMD 3000 to a AMD 3800 and all it does in re-boot. I put in the XP CD and tried to do a repair but it didn't work or I didn't do it right. Can anyone help?

A:Switching Hard Drives

Quote: Originally Posted by lostsoul62

I blow away a computer so I'm taking the Hard Drive out and putting it into another computer. From a AMD 3000 to a AMD 3800 and all it does in re-boot. I put in the XP CD and tried to do a repair but it didn't work or I didn't do it right. Can anyone help?

Cant just swap. There are different drivers, a different MBR on the drive and many other reasons. Can you partition it in two partitions and install clean on the other one?

Ken J
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Not sure if this belongs here or hardware I m also going to try and keep it clear because it s kind of confusing I have little experience with laptops and Windows I mainly use desktops with Windows XP I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L with Windows Last week it wouldn t load windows and I looked up and found out if I hold when it starts I can get into reinstalling Windows built in which Solved: drives hard switching I did and seemed to work okay In the process of doing this and looking around at settings etc I saw an option to make a system restore disk so did that DVD this comes into it later It never seemed to work good after that and stopped loading windows again and message came on white text on black screen ERROR can t read disk disk failure Figured the HD was gone I tried putting in the system Solved: switching hard drives restore disk I had made went in Solved: switching hard drives boot sequence and set it to the D drive Solved: switching hard drives to start and same error message Skip ahead to yesterday my year old grandaughter has a laptop Compaq CQ- that got liquid in it months ago thanks to her year old brother and wouldn t power on I got the idea that maybe the HD in this was still good and I could put it in the Toshiba I had tried to work on a laptop once before a Dell but once I took it apart little connections unplugged and there was no way I could see of getting them plugged in again in the tiny space available but that s another topic I figured yesterday both laptops were broken so it was worth a try Turned out both of them were very simple to get at the HD on just remove covers on the bottom and both HDs were the same Toshiba brand Just one had a case on it and extra connector plug but I took that off and the one from the Compaq fit right in the Toshiba We turned it on and it loaded Windows grandaughter was so excited it had all her stuff on it now in my Toshiba She took it home and it won t go online Which is the problem Of course I didn t even think of this we were excited it worked The networt card drivers for the Toshiba she now has aren t on the HD I put in from the Compaq She still has it at her house but I think I can get it back tomorrow so wanted to find out what to do next as simple and direct as possible please I m old and easily confused LOL I have figured out I need drivers for network in the Toshiba looking on their site for the Satellite L there are different drivers My first plan- when I get the laptop back is to put Belac Advisor on a flash drive put it in the laptop run it and it might tell what network card is in it Then download the driver that seems to go with it onto the flash drive look in System Device and find - Will it say Network Card Or maybe add new hardware wizard when it asks for the driver it will be on the flash drive Or maybe just run it from the flash drive and it will auto put the driver in I woke up this morning thinking I made that system restore DVD a few days before the HD died on the Toshiba would that work The Toshiba goes on with the HD and Windows etc from the Compaq so if I put the DVD in and start it will it put the settings drivers I need for the Toshiba onto the HD now in it I don t want to mess it up Like putting the system I saved from the Toshiba HD on the one with Win etc from the Compaq Or maybe the Compaq has a way of reinstalling Windows like factory settings that would then pick up on the network card etc that needs drivers and put the right settings in That seems kind of drastic and maybe something simple My grandaughter said there was a Win reinstall for the Compaq CD that came with it but she doesn t know where it is and that would be reinstall what was on the Compaq and it is now in a Toshiba Satellite L I never got one with mine because it was built in I dont think they work on each other anyway I d have to buy a full install windows and start over Hope this isn t too confusing I think I make things more confusing because I don t really know but ... Read more

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I have the "PXE-E61: Media Test Failure, Check Cable" problem on our HP Pavilion DV5000 which through tech help and research I've figured out is either the hard drive or it's controllers. I've been advised to switch drives, putting the possibly bad one in a good laptop and the good one in the possibly bad (my) laptop. I just want to know that this is safe and that there's no danger to the good drive (that'll come out of a friend's) - obviously I won't go ripping it out or dropping it. And will things just start up fine or will I have to mess about with the bios at all?

A:Switching Hard Drives in Laptops

Usually that error is due to the machine trying to boot from the network rather than from the hard drive. Look in BIOS setup and change the boot order so that everything is before the PXE boot. It can't find the cable because there is none.

Probably the BIOS will be set to autodetect and the new drive should work just fine as soon as you put it in.
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In my windows XP I just installed a 2nd 500GB hard drive. I used EZmigration to image the old (160GB) hard drive. That has worked beautifully. The software will also allow me to enlarge the partition. The plan is to use the 500GB daily and switch the 160GB to storage.

Now, for the 25 cent question: How do I make the 500GB my primary drive that the system is booted from (in essence, my C drive)?

I realize this is basic stuff, but I've never had to do anything like this before.


A:switching internal hard drives

Clone the 160 gb drive to the 500 gb drive, then unplug the 160 gb and boot up. The you can attach the second drive to another sata port and format and partition it in Disk Management. (Right click My Computer, choose "manage" then "disk management".)
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I posted this problem before but didn t have the time to dedicate to the solution So I ll break it down with the developments First and foremost my original computer an older Compaq just Switching Drives Hard Trouble stopped booting I Trouble Switching Hard Drives think its a mobo issue and I didn t want to buy a new mobo for an older system so it made more sense to just change my hard drive from that Compaq system Trouble Switching Hard Drives over to a Dell System around the same age along with the RAM and whatnot When I plugged my hard drive into the primary drive slot the computer booted past the BIOS and then immediately went to a black screen with a blinking cursor at the top of the screen The computer would occasionally make a quot thinking quot noise but no progress past that point When the hard drive was plugged into the secondary drive slot the computer would complain that there was no drive in the primary slot and wouldn t boot past that problem Originally I thought maybe the primary slot wasn t functioning properly This can t be so because the BIOS recognized the type of drive connected in the primary as well as the size of the drive I assume this also rules out a problem with the hard drive itself It s also worth noting the hard drive was working correctly on the older system before the mobo malfunctioned The only quirk involved is that my hard drive has two Windows installations I had a virus that ravaged my system beyond recognition and instead of formatting and losing my files I setup XP in quot Windows quot on the same partition instead of Windows quot and then migrated my files over to the quot Windows quot I never got around to deleting the old XP folder I m not sure this quirk would effect the system s ability to detect my hard drive and at least attempt to boot from it but I ve been fooled before Additionally it s worth noting that I did install a CD-Drive from the old system to ensure that it worked as it did on the old system and the system I m migrating it to won t give me a boot from CD option I m not sure if the drive issue needs to be fixed before the boot from CD option will appear I m really stuck here and I m dead in the water without my old hard drive I know a lot of gurus here will say why not buy a new hard drive or a new mobo but this is a solution that should work I don t want to have to spend needlessly for a problem that should be fixed using parts I have right now Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated I may just have to cave to the side of me that doesn t want to have it diagnosed by a computer repair store I m usually pretty savvy with this sort of stuff but I ve had no luck nbsp

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I have two elderly Compac Presario desktop computers. One is an SR1850NX the other is an SR 1750NX. Can I put the hard drive from the 1750 into the 1850 along with additional RAM from the 1750 without any type of convoluted hassle?

A:Solved: switching hard drives??

Yes and no. It looks like both systems use the same mb so it would boot. Now the no part. OEM type os ie windows that comes with a dell, hp, whatever, live and die with the original hardware. You cannot move an oem type os; it violates the eula.
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Hi, I bought a larger internal hard drive for my laptop so I can partition it in 3, one for OS second Softwares and the third my daily business ( my Document). My question is, can I remove the existing hard drive and install the new one back and forth, until the new hard drive is finish. Any problem doing so? please advice.
Thank you

A:switching between two internal hard drives

Yes, you can with no problems. Just be careful that you don't jar it too much. You could take a hard drive from 3 years ago, pop it in and it will boot up as if it was never removed.
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Is it possible to take a hard drive out of one XP machine and put it in another?  I must assume the bios would have to recognize the new HD or am I over simplifying the situation? Thanks.

A:Switching two XP system hard drives

Sure...a hard drive is a hard drive, nothing but a storage container.  Storage containers are compatible with any system.
If your question is whether or not one can remove a hard drive reflecting a Windows install...move it to another system...and expect it to work properly...the answer is no, with the possible exception that the motherboard for the two systems are identical.
The settings and drivers for each motherboard/Windows install...are varied.  That's why PA works...if recorded settings of components do not match the records maintained by PA...the system will not automatically activate, since there will be no match of documented components and Windows license.
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Hi, first post here.

I bought a new hard drive after my WD started giving massive errors indicating that it was failing. I bought a new drive and quickly imaged my WD onto my new Seagate. I transferred the image and rebooted, everything was fine, both drives showed up.

But then I don't know what I did, but I did something, because when I shut down my machine and removed my old WD (to send it in via RMA), my system wouldn't boot.

I don't know if I should make a different partition active? or is it physical, like I have to physically switch a cable or a jumper or something?

I provided a screen shot of my disks so maybe someone could help. It's been over a month and it's drivin me nutso.

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I bought an eMachine a couple years back, now the warranty will not cover nothing that wrong with it. my question is can i switch the HD out of the emachine and put it in an old compaq i have. the compaq works but just has 4 GB HD in it.

A:Questions about switching Hard Drives

whiteblueknight said:

I bought an eMachine a couple years back, now the warranty will not cover nothing that wrong with it. my question is can i switch the HD out of the emachine and put it in an old compaq i have. the compaq works but just has 4 GB HD in it.Click to expand...

First find out who made the drive for Compaq, I had to use the wd software on an old compaq drive to re-write it there's something on it for compaq id's. but give it a try. i think i redid the sectors to wd.

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Hey TSG community,

So I have 2 PC's, both different parts and specs, windows 7 homeprem, and windows 7 pro.

What I am going to do is switch the hard drives from the two computers.

I think it should work like nothing changed shouldn't it? What are the things I should do in order for it run like it was before they we're switched? I should need the drivers right? I probably don't have the drivers CD's anymore so I guess I could just download them?

Thanks for the reply!


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I ll be the first to admit I m not the most computer literate so maybe someone can help me My old computer used as a backup at work stopped working the power supply apparently went out and fried the motherboard I ve purchased a used machine and it said the hard drive had been wiped clean no operating system I thought I could just switch the hard drive from my old machine which had Windows XP on it into the machine I purchased However when I start it up I get a warning that quot something apparently has changed quot and offers the choice of going into safe mode last good configuration or simply to restart windows No matter what choice it just loops back to the same Solved: drives problem Switching hard choices Now I have noticed it may not be anything but it just didn t look right Solved: Switching hard drives problem to me When it s going through the startup process I see quot Primary Master Disk HDD S M A R T Capacity Disabled quot Does that sound correct If not how do I change it to enabled nbsp

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OK so I am trying to put a hard drive from one computer and use it in another as the main drive It runs XP Home edition but when I install the drive and turn the computer on windows will not load No mode will start safe w networking normal etc I was thinking it might be that the display drivers in the older computer wont work with the new xp wont hard drives start and Switching one but I can not load the drivers for the new computer onto the hard drive while it is still in the old computer because Switching hard drives and xp wont start it cant handle them The new computer isn t new technology by any standard and I figured windows would just load in safe mode using simple vga graphics or the such so I would then be able to have it scan for the new parts mobo on-board graphics cpu etc Any ideas on how I can get it to work I know there isn t a lot of technical information included but I can add if you reply what ya need I guess I m just used to not having issues when changing hardware and have never had windows not load before Thanks for any help or ideas old display drivers are for crt monitors and only goes up to x newer computer has Intel R G on-board nbsp

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I had some issues with the original hard drive in my pc, so I have installed a new larger internal hard drive alongside it (so now have 2 internal hd).

Due to these issues I would like to switch the installation of windows from the old to the new h/d, but keep the old one in place as extra storage in case I should need it.

Is there an easy way to do this, or what is the best way to ensure I keep all my data etc and can still use both drives?

I have windows 7.


A:Switching windows installation between internal hard drives?

How to clone your old SATA drive to a new SATA drive.
Solved How to Migrate OS to new Hard disk.
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Lo All I need to upgrade the HD IDE home on desktop...good drives Switching hard idea? --> from SCSI space on my PC here and was wondering Switching from IDE --> SCSI hard drives on home desktop...good idea? if it d Switching from IDE --> SCSI hard drives on home desktop...good idea? be worth it to convert over to a couple of those shiny new rpm SCSI drives If it s pertinent my motherboard is an Intel ghz and both hard drives are GB rpm IDE s A couple of quick questions Do I need a SCSI controller the ones that I see selling on Pricewatch for about to plug the quot new quot drives into or is there a way to get them Switching from IDE --> SCSI hard drives on home desktop...good idea? to work without this Is this even worth it that is will I see an appreciable increase in system performance once I ve made the jump from IDE -- gt SCSI Anything else I should know about this whole scenario Ostensible pitfalls perks etc TIA for any responses P S I ll pre-empt any quot Newbies shouldn t mess with the inards of their computer quot -style responses by stating that a friend will be doing the actual install setup work nbsp

A:Switching from IDE --> SCSI hard drives on home desktop...good idea?

the newer scsi run at 360 this means faster access
you will need a card that handles this speed plus the cables
price has come down some still very xpensive almost $2.00 USD a gb
SATA is cheaper and is almost as fast ,in most cases you will not see diff.
I think sata's run at 180 ( I dont use sata)
iede run at 133
warrentys on both are bout the same from 3 to 5 years
both support RAID most sata cards have this included
scsi cards don't you have to pay for that feature
if MB doesn't support sata you will need a card for it
only invest in scsi if you have critical systems and or run very intense app's
so if you want to upgrade and keep cost at min. go sata
if you are not up to task of boot issues with sata stick with iede 8mb cache 7200 rpm (I perfer Seagates)
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I have a PC that has 2 operating systems ( Vista  ant window 10) installed on 2 separate hard drives. The old primary one has vista installed on it. I would like to to reformat the primary one with vista and  clean install window 7 with product
key number. Can any one help me with step by step procedure. Thanks in advance.
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We jst got a new laptop and pc running Vista 64 bit, we added them to our network of 3 XP machines.
I've got the HD's partitioned with the new drives set to be shared and I've put the LLTD on the XP's.
Only thing now is I can see the Vista's hard drives but can't access anything on them, only thing I can get into is the "shared folders'>
Widows firewall is turned off and Norton firewall is set to trust all the computers.
What have I missed?

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Hello I have tried searching the forums for an answer to my problem but there wasnt really anything that popped up What I have as of now is Vista on a SATA hard drive and a IDE hard drive with XP installed on it The only way I can boot up to XP though is if I have the XP cd in my cd drive and the only way to boot up to Vista is if I don't have the XP cd in my cd drive I want it set up to where it asks me which operating system I want to boot up to without cds My boot sequence is Cd-drive Hard drive removable disk I have switched it to where the sequence was Hard drive Cd-drive disabled With that sequence it still only boots up to Vista I have also changed the Hard drive boot sequence and all that does is switch the two OS s around to where I will either hard on drives XP/Vista two different boot up XP or Vista depending on which Hard drive I selected as XP/Vista on two different hard drives the first XP/Vista on two different hard drives one to boot up XP/Vista on two different hard drives All I want is the ability to choose between whether having XP or Vista boot I have also messed around with vistabootpro which I have no idea how to use and it seems all the tutorials have been shutdown as internet explorer and firefox will not display the pages Please Help

A:XP/Vista on two different hard drives

This may be easier than you think.

This assumes you have a legit copy of windows, cuz if you have a hack XP and VISTA that uses grub, It's a tad more difficult but still doable.

I want you to try this first, it's by no means the only way, but hella easy.

Download EasyBCD 1.7.2 from your VISTA OS, install it and run it. (dont click the tweak things in the install)

I want you to take a look at the page where you downloaded this for screenshots.

Essentially, you're going to see 2 OS's

What you want to accomplish here is set the OS selection - which one will be listed first and which will be listed second

Then you will set the BOOT order, which OS do you want to be the default when the timeout happens?

Set the Menu delay to 15 seconds etc.

Now, you can CUSTOM NAME these OS's!



You need to set these parameters as you make choices.

Read the directions and give it a try. I would tell you more but this is from memory and I'm not in Vista now so not looking at Easy BCD.

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Hi All Great site and one that I have been looking for some time now I just hope you can drives? Vista hard XP on & two advise me on a little problem I m having XP & Vista on two hard drives? To keep it simple like me I have two hard drives XP & Vista on two hard drives? one SATA with the factory installed XP Home The second is a SATA that I added with the sole intention of installiing Vista I want to know what is the best way of setting this configuration up I have tried and failed on numerous occasions due to missing NTLDR etc I still want my XP to be the default O S on start up with the option to booting up Vista if I want Any tips would be appreciated as I am now tired of trying to set this up reliably A simple switch on the tower case would be awesome Left XP - Right Vista Job done My PC spec is listed in my profile but a quick insight is - Pentium D ghz Motherboard Name - MSI MS- Medion OEM gb DDR Corsair MXS RAM SATA gb h d SATA gb h d nVidia gs mb PCI Express Grahics Card Many thanks for any replies and time given nbsp

A:XP & Vista on two hard drives?

OK, so this post came and went without a reply.

Would it be easier if I installed Vista on the other hard drive but leave the SATA lead unplugged until I want to use it, then unplug the XP lead?
Would this cause any issues and would both drives still keep their 'C' status?
Would I still get the "NTLDR is missing screen"?

Thanks for any (hopeful) replies....
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Hey folks,

I just found Hard Drives at Best Buy for $60. They are Seagate 300 (320GB). Anyway, so now i want to put these puppies in my computer and was wondering if Vista will support five hard drives (4 sata and 1 IDE). I have them all installed and Vista only sees four including three SATA and 1 IDE. Also, Vista sees the newest one but under disk management it is "Unallocated" and it wont let me format it. Help please.

A:5 Hard Drives in Vista???

yannigogolak2 said:

Hey folks,

I just found Hard Drives at Best Buy for $60. They are Seagate 300 (320GB). Anyway, so now i want to put these puppies in my computer and was wondering if Vista will support five hard drives (4 sata and 1 IDE). I have them all installed and Vista only sees four including three SATA and 1 IDE. Also, Vista sees the newest one but under disk management it is "Unallocated" and it wont let me format it. Help please.Click to expand...

Have you "initialised" the drive? left hand side in diskmanagement
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Let me preface my question with the fact that I have a very rudimentary understanding of computers.

I have a Toshiba Satellite with the following specs:
AMD Turion X2 Ultra dual-core mobile processor ZM-80; 4GB DDR2 SDRAM; DL DVD?RW/CD-RW drive; Labelflash support; 250GB hard drive; Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit with SP1.

I am attempting simply to take music off an external hard drive, but have thus far been unsuccessful. The message that displays says something like "unable to read, 32 bit driver?"
Could anyone explain to me how I could reconcile my OS with the External so I can get this music?

A:32 bit External Hard Drives on Vista

Could you post the brand/model of the External Hard Drive? And it's connection . USB / FireWire etc...
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I recently purchased a SSD since my HDD just painfully slow. However, I was wondering since I have the recovery CD for vista, can I install vista onto my new SSD and also use my vista on the old HDD? In other words, interchange hard drives? both will have the same OEM CD key and since that CD KEY is linked to the motherboard, shouldn't it be ok? This is different from duel booting since its the same key.

If you're wondering why I'm doing this the new SSD doesn't have as much space as the HDD so I want to keep there.

A:Installing Vista in two hard drives

Originally Posted by Deviatorz

I recently purchased a SSD since my HDD just painfully slow. However, I was wondering since I have the recovery CD for vista, can I install vista onto my new SSD and also use my vista on the old HDD? In other words, interchange hard drives? both will have the same OEM CD key and since that CD KEY is linked to the motherboard, shouldn't it be ok? This is different from duel booting since its the same key.

If you're wondering why I'm doing this the new SSD doesn't have as much space as the HDD so I want to keep there.

Hello Deviatorz and welcome to the forums

I'm afraid this isn't possible, you'll have to wipe both drivers and do a clean install of Vista onto your SSD. Then when you come to install your programs, you have to specify them to install to your HDD. If you do what you planned to do, with your current set up, Windows won't know where your programs have gone. Sorry, I know it's a pain, but at least you'll get the benefit of the lightning fast boot times SSDs promise

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So, i have tried and tried to install Vista home premium on my compuetr for days now, but no luck. The problem is that vista cant find any hard drives. I have 2 Maxtor 160Gb sata drives in raid 0 ( striped ) Windows Xp has no problem finding them, but as soon as i try to install vista the fun stops.

I ran the vista upgrade advisor and it didnt show any problems, well, it said that my soundcard wouldent work, but thats no big deal, other than that it shouldent be any problems. so, does anyone have any idea how to solve this problem ?


A:Vista cant find hard drives.

I dare say that you will have to install the raid drivers during the initial stages of the vista install, You can install them at the point were your hard drive should be listed in the box were you choose a hard drive to install onto. You will notice below that box there will be "driver or install drivers " listed. Make sure you have the driver ( the raid driver for your SATA controller ) on a floppy and follow the prompts
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Hi All I have a question that i have spent hours on line trying to find an answer for with 7 one on laptop other) vista 2 the and hard 1 on drives( win no luck I have a laptop with two hard drives win x on one 1 laptop 2 hard drives( vista on one and win 7 on the other) and vista x on the other I am able to boot and run each operating system just fine The problem is that whichever Os I'm in if I go to My computer I can see and access the other OS Is there a way to avoid that The drive with win is dedicated for graphic arts programs movie editing and the like So it only connects to the internet for SOME windows updates and all my editing software updates as well as being setup to use the least amount of background resources The Vista drive however is for everything else web surfing email office documents etc Bottom line the Goal is two keep the win drive from getting viruses or other problems that can occur from everyday use on computers I have read in other forum posts to just use one drive at a time swap as needed that however is not really an option I also read that the best thing to do is go to computer management disk management and hide each drive from the other Can the drives be truly independent of each other and still be installed at the same time if so Please explain how or supply a link for instructions Thanks in advance

A:1 laptop 2 hard drives( vista on one and win 7 on the other)

Quote: Originally Posted by Hokeb1

I have read in other forum posts to just use one drive at a time(swap as needed) that however is not really an option.

No, that is a poor option.

I also read that the best thing to do is go to computer management, disk management and hide each drive from the other.

Realistically that's the easiest way to to do it. It will certainly stop any 'user level' accidents.

Can the drives be truly 100% independent of each other and still be installed at the same time, if so Please explain how or supply a link for instructions.

Not truly 100% - since you'd be able to 'find' the drive through diskpart/computer management at any time, so the OS pretty much knows the other drive is always there so to speak.

Hiding the drives + a good Anti virus and regular scans should be more than sufficient to keep the drive with Seven safe.
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Hi I have recently purchased a new pc and it came with vista Hard external and drives!!! Vista x i have reinstalled as vista bussines x due to driver issues I have a Lacies Terrabyte which i run over my network for data sharing in the house My computer was connected to it as a network drive It now has disconected from it and will not even show up the other computers in the Vista and external Hard drives!!! house anymore It can connect to the internet though I have tried qute a few things to fix it The other computers can still connect to the drive though one through ftp one as a mapped network drive I am not sure what to do as the ftp works but it is not an option for me as i need to use the files on the drive without taking them off Any help is truly appreciated as there are very important documents on their that i need and i am getting annoyed Please help Thanks

A:Vista and external Hard drives!!!

Nevermind i have found the soloution! It was on the wrong IP!
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If i have 2 Hard Drives will programs run faster on the drive with the OS or on the second drive? Programs such as Games etc... Does it even matter at all?

A:Question about 2 Hard Drives with Vista 64 bit

gmarchion said:

If i have 2 Hard Drives will programs run faster on the drive with the OS or on the second drive? Programs such as Games etc... Does it even matter at all?Click to expand...

It depends on the drives. It's always a good idea to keep one seperate partition for the OS and another for games anyways. Not required, but does seem to boost performance somewhat. Other than that, defrag on a regular basis and avoid picking up malware. Your drives can also pick up a good boost from running in either RAID or AHCI mode although you have to weigh the performance boost against the cost to see which outweighs the other. Good luck.
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i have recently tried to install vista home premium OEM on my home machine and i m having some problems!

i load up the wizard to begin install, it finds my drives, i select the drive i want the install on and then it says "copying files" so far so good. machine then does a restart to continue installation, then i get an error saying "windows could not find information on the disks on this machine." i click ok as it is the only option, so vista cannot install. i have the OEM version and i have successfully installed vista on my machine and i have not changed any hardware. i know that the OEM is locked to your motherboard. i am using xp now.

anyone have any ideas to what i can try??


A:vista error with hard drives

So Windows XP works, but Windows VISTA does not?
What is installed on the Maxtor, and what is installed on the Seagate. Which one works?
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I drives hard Vista Changing on have a laptop that was originally preinstalled with Changing hard drives on Vista XP I bought windows vista home premium upgrade and I have been using vista without any problems for the past few months Unfortunately it appears that my hard drive is starting to failue at least that is what vista is telling me and so I am trying to figure out how to do that I tried using norton ghost version vista compatible What I did is I bought a new hard drive and a usb adapter I used Norton ghost to copy the C drive over to this drive MBR and everything I then took out my old C Drive and then put in my new hard drive Unfortunately while the new hard drive appears to boot initially I get to the welcome screen then a message saying quot preparing your desktop quot and then a blank blue screen w o any error messages Okay what s weird is if I plug in my old C drive via tje USB ADAPTER then vista will see that USB drive and boot normally I can t count on this as a solution this drive appears to be failing So I went back to the drawing board My laptop has two hard drives I took out my old D drive and placed in my new hard drive I then asked Vista to do a clean install on this hard drive Everything appears to go well Okay I swap out my old failing c Drive and place in my newly installed vista installation Now it says Boot manager is missing If I plop in my old C drive all my problems go away It seems that vista is married to this drive and there does not appear to be a way to unmarry it any ideas as my hard drive i m sure will die soon thanks nbsp

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Hi, I'm having problems with my Dell Inspiron 1525 (see thread: if you can help it would great!

After searching for the issue on google, I think it may be a faulty hard drive (seems to be a common fault).

If I bought a new hard drive, is there any way I can get my current operating system onto that drive?
Even if its blank, I can only find upgrade versions of windows to buy. But if my hard drive has no OS I can't upgrade it?

The other issue is the back of the laptop has faded so I cannot see the windows serial number.

Any help would be great, thanks!

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Just purchased new 1tb hd and installed Vista on it. Old C: is now F: and it is this drive I want to format. Both are S-ATA.

When I try to use the format functions, both right-click and elevated command prompt versions, I'm told the drive is still in use and cannot be formatted.

In elevated command prompt it tries to unmount the drive without success.

In safe mode I get the same messages.

I have tried to delete the contents of the drive but Vista is preventing me from deleting the old system files and directories.

How do I proceed?


A:Formatting Hard Drives In Vista

So your new 1 tb drive has Windows Vista installed on it and now its your new C: (or system) drive. Guessing your old drive which is now F: as you named it, is going to be used for data storage. Vista may be using some of the old system files. When installing vista, did you try to just reformat the old drive?

Also, you could always try to run the CD again and do a reformat of that drive only. See what it says. Or you could always use another 3rd party program such as GParted. It's an excellent tool for partitioning, resizing, and reformatting drives to the desired file system.

In any case, I probably won't ask you to proceed with this until you know for certain that vista isn't using any of the old system files on that partition. Was vista also installed on the older drive? Just seems like two separate volumes should not share the same system files on a new install of an OS. I'm curious to see what others may say, so unfortunately, I can't be of to much help. If someone gives the go ahead, try it. Be sure to back up ALL info before doing so though. Sorry, and good luck
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Just recently I was experiencing a disk read error or something to that extent after an unusually sluggish windows session an error in Firefox's plugin container and a hard reboot windows system config system status xc e windows failed to load because system registry file is missing or corrupt After several failed Drives Vista with Hard Failing attempts to boot I partitioned Failing Hard Drives with Vista formatted and reinstalled the OS since a repair boot cd is not available and all I have is a recovery cd After installing all the current updates Vista needed to restart doing so yielded the same exact problem different message Hard Disk read error My hard Failing Hard Drives with Vista disk is found in the BIOS no problem but when attempting to reinstall the OS again a hard disk cannot be found so I assumed my hard disk had failed I purchased a new sata hard drive installed it replacing the old one and it was found in the bios Anyway I finally got the new hard drive plugged in and working with Vista installed and used the computer normally with no problems whatsoever I re-downloaded all the drivers everything was great Until today about weeks after the new hard drive installation the plugin container for firefox was acting up it seemed browser kept freezing then something totally weird happened A Japanese Windows error message popped up none of it made any sense to me except this xc e I knew exactly what was about to happen next I clicked OK The pc locked up and I restarted and bam same problem as before windows system config system status xc e windows failed to load because system registry file is missing or corrupt I knew it was going to be a pain in the ass So I looked online for any solutions I read somewhere that you were allowed to download and burn an iso of a windows repair cd So I did At the repair menu I am told that a repair could not be completed The only thing that stood out to me is Problem Signature NoHardDrive Is this because I need to boot sata drivers in order for it to find my HDD or is my computer just screwed Does this sound like a hardware failure in the motherboard maybe or is some weird firefox plugin thingy coincidence breaking my vista installations hard drives Any help or insight is appreciated

A:Failing Hard Drives with Vista

Looks to me that It is a Driver Problem what is the Plugin you used for Firefox? Was it a Third Party Plugin?

This can be Slightly Dodgy for your Computer

If your BIOS Can find your HDD Then it is unlikely that You have a Hardware Problem Please Reinstall the Drivers for the HDD You would like to use then Reinstall the OS And your Programs but DO NOT INSTALL THE PLUGIN YOU USED WITH FIREFOX

Also If you can Please Specify what Plugin you used and the Company that made it (If any)

Many Thanks,
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Had this system for 3 yrs. After 15 mo the ad min password went away. Geek squad wanted a ton of $ to repair. Did not repair. After 9 months no internet connection. Got a new sata hard drive - uploaded vista and all was well for 2 weeks. Then the blue screen. I have trend antivirus software. Could not reinstall vista on the new hard drive. Replaced the hard drive again on 8/2/10. All was well for another 2 weeks. Down again. I am at work so I can't post all the specifics. Can't reintsall vista on this hard drive either. Any ideas? Is it me or bad hard drives?

A:vista 32 - replaced 2 hard drives / still down

Are you able to get into Windows or Access the HDD data?

See Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions - Windows 7 Forums For more Information

This works for Vista and Windows 7 So do not worry

Many Thanks,
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I had a 250GB hard drive running VISTA Ultimate. SP1 did me in and it will no longer boot. I must have the data off the drive so I purchased a 320GB hard drive installed it in SATA0 and installed VISTA Ultimate. After I installed all the updates (yes, even SP1), I reinstalled the old 250GB drive into SATA1. I have checked the BIOS and the boot order is the 320 1st, then the 250. However, when the system tries to boot, it boots from the corrupt drive, not the one in SATA0. If I take the 250 out of the system, it boots fine. What do I need to do so that I can boot from the 320 and use the 250 as a data drive (and get my data off of it).


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Hi nbsp PC HP Desktop h two 2TB drives Switching 1: drives RAID two 1TB for - t nbsp Intel Core i - CPU GHz nbsp GB RAM nbsp -bit OS nbsp Windows Home Premium This PC was custom built with two TB drives in a RAID array months ago one RAID 1: Switching two 1TB drives for two 2TB drives of the drives Port failedI purchased two nbsp Seagate TB Desktop HDD SATA Gb s MB Cache -Inch Internal Bare Drive ST DM I installed both of the new TB drives inside my PCNow my current setup is Port original TB drivePort new TB drive as redundancy mirror Port the other new TB drive as an unused SPARE see attached pic CURRENTLY nbsp My PC is making a horrible whirring RAID 1: Switching two 1TB drives for two 2TB drives sound and crashing spontaneously if I use more than of my Physical Memory as seen via Windows Task Manager QUESTION nbsp I want to make the other year old TB drive go away I wanna lose it and somehow ultimately just have two TB drives working at full capacity HOW DO I DO THIS note I not opposed to spending another on yet another TB drive as I understand I may have screwed up by making it the mirror of a TB and that I won't be able to access the other half of the space IF I'M WRONG ON THIS LET ME KNOW Any help would be greatly appreciated ab
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I'm trying to reinstall Vista (was originally installed on the computer) and get stopped when it says that "no hard drives were found". I have successfully reinstalled it three times before. Why is this happening now and is there any way to fix this?? The registry just has too many errors and the computer is having multiple problems.

A:Can't reinstall Vista "no hard drives found"

Go into your BIOS and see if the hard drive is listed in there
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I've recently purchased a PC which should arrive within a week and was wondering how I can get my current Program Files and documents etc. from my old computer to the new one.

I've been told to use Norton Ghost but I was wondering if I could get an opinion?

Also, the new computer comes pre-installed with Vista but I want to revert to XP, is there any easy way of doing this?

Thanks in advance

A:Copying hard drives from one computer to another? + Vista to XP.
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bought a acer with vista basic.upgraded to 2 gigs ram.need to combine drives c and d (data) 3 gigs each,running out of space on c
how to do?

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I just bought a toshiba satellite L505d-S6947. Got home and hooked up my two western digital external hard drives. One is a 250gb and the other a 500gb. The laptop did not recognize them at all. No new hardware, nothing. However, they did work on my desktop about a month back. They havent been on since then. I was just wondering the solution to get these things to work. Thanks
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Am planning or maybe I should say would like to install XP Pro and Vista on the same system each operating system on its own hard drive. Is there anyway to keep XP from seeing the second hard drive and claiming it as another partition ? What is taking place is when I connect my second sata hard drive to the motherboard XP See's it in disk management as a second hard drive but includes the size of my XP drive which is 250GB and includes it to the size of the second hard drive which is also 250GB thereby showing the size of the second hard drive in the neighbor hood of 480GB ? Have disabled raid in the bios but no help. Each drive in XP also has its own drive letter also.
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if you format a hard drive on vista 64bit would it still work on a 32bit xp system?

A:Solved: Formating hard drives on vista

If you don't install anything. I believe so. Just format it for data use so it should work.
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Hi all,

A friend has recently switched to a laptop and offered me his old desktop. The only thing I know about the specs is that he was running XP, whereas my last system was Vista. He wants to keep his hard drive, so I'll install mine instead, a Seagate Barracuda 7200.9. If I swap out the hard drive, will it automatically boot in Vista instead of XP, or will I get a motherboard error? The disk has a factory image partition, which should include Vista, but I'm concerned his motherboard might not recognize the disk. Or could it start in XP and then allow me to change to Vista using the image? This HD model does not use master/slave settings, so that shouldn't be an issue.

I'm just not sure if there may be other problems. Thanks for the help!

A:Swapping hard drives on Vista/XP systems

The drive should be recognized all right, but chances are that it won't boot to a different board. And if your drive contains a recovery partition, then it must be an OEM version for a specific make and model, which means that that version of Vista probably cannot be used on a different model at all.

What machine did the drive with the recovery partition come from?
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I feel abandonned First by Dell because I quot deared quot upgrade my OS from XP Pro to Vista Ultimate which evidently prevents me from utilizing the rest of my yr support contract Secondly by Seagate Maxtor because I built my own external hard drives using one Maxtor Diamondmax Gb quot internal quot drive in a CompUSA enclosure and a second drive usinge Maxtor Diamondmax Plus Gb also in a CompUSA enclosure Seagate tech support said quot my external hard drives two not recognizing Vista Unfortunately we do not support those drives in this type of environment quot Also chatted online with an Intel support representative but Vista not recognizing my two external hard drives to no help My computer is a Dell Dimension with Gb RAM GHz processor running Vista Ultimate since March with all updates When the machine was new it had XP Pro The two quot home made quot external drives worked fine until I had to reformat my C-drive reinstall Vista and all other software about weeks ago Since then the machine does not quot see quot or recognize the drives They do not show up in MyComputer Device Manager or Disk Vista not recognizing my two external hard drives Manager This is what I have tried Using different USB cables Tried all USB ports in back of machine and Vista not recognizing my two external hard drives in front Switched around the enclosures and power supplies Plugged both into my laptop running XP Pro and both show up and are accessible at first try No yellow signs in Device Manager I have an external LaCie Gb hard drive plugged into one of the USB ports on the back and it works perfect I have other things plugged into of the other USB ports on the back Logitec wireless keyboard and mouse USB cables connecting to each of my two Dell monitors USB ports and my camera plugs into either of the front USB ports without a problem I even bought VersionTracker Pro to search for outdated drivers It found that the Intel R G ICH Family USB Enhanced Host Controller and the Intel R G ICH Family USB Universal Host Controller quot were out of date I ve tried to find updates and VersionTracker lets me download some files which appear to install it is a Dell driver file R but after reboot and running VersionTracker again it still tells me the files are outdated As if the R didn t install Also ran Intel s chipset update utility but still not able to quot see quot recognize the two drives Hopefully I have provided enough information So I m putting all my faith in finding some help here Any assistance to get these drives to work with my pc will be greatly appreciated nbsp

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How can I dual boot TWO instances of Vista Business from TWO separate hard drives? - My wife's Dell Vostro 1710 has had to be been returned to Dell, I have installed her Vostro hard drive in my IDENTICAL Dell Vostro 1710, but I don't get a dual boot menu when I power up my Vostro 1710. (Both Vista Business OSs are licensed, separately).

I would like to boot her hard drive so that it looks like 'her' desktop on 'her' computer.
- My machine boots to MY OS if both hard drives are enabled.

- BUT - if I disable MY hard drive and leave HERS enabled, I just get a black screen 'memory' error and an instruction to insert the Windows repair disk.

Thanks for any advice.

A:Dual Boot TWO Vista OS's on TWO hard drives

Hi Davidjay and welcome, here is a nice freeware app, and its very easy to understand give it a try, good luck.
EasyBCD - Take control of your boot loader | NeoSmart Technologies#
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I called on an old friend/customer today and found out that the New Toshiba laptop I installed for him last summer has had two hard drive replacements since then. It runs Vista Home.

He was told first by a technician at the Toshiba Service Center and later by another tech that there is something in Vista that's killing the Toshiba laptop hard drives.

A solution to this would be nice, but mainly I'm asking all you tech's out there if you've seen or heard of this phenomenon?

Any authoritative info would be appreciated.

The Shadow

A:Is Vista killing Toshiba hard drives?

I know that when an OEM company replaces a hard drive they don't always send the same manufactured drive. I don't think Toshiba makes their own hard drives. And I know Seagate, Western Digital and Maxtor are fine from my work experience.
I believe it is just bad luck.
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i have 3 hard drives all with vista on them, all worked great till the other day! depending on which drive i wanted to use i would pick it at the boot screen, but now i can only pick one drive and it's not the drive that i want. i have tried putting in my vista disk to repair the other drives but nothing has worked yet HELP
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Please be patient New to all of this Here's my scenario - I have a new PC - GB RAM - Gb seperate hard drives - Vista - Apart general computer stuff it's being set up for home recording studio MY PROBLEM -Even though I thought I had carefully researched my hardware requirements e g a ESI USB keyboard controller Sonar software it appears that I have compatibilty problem with ESI keyboard controller Even though I even contacted ESI and they replied that there would be no problem with the keyboard controller Well they were wrong And found out after that & Dual Boot Vista 64 Drives Seperate XP Hard they Dual Boot Vista 64 & XP Seperate Hard Drives haven't and have no intention of developing bit drivers OK will live with that Now I got suggested that perhaps a generic USB driver may fix the problem Cypress Generic USB device but unsure as to taking this path So to avoid any other hardware or software problem the friend who built this system for me decided that perhaps Dual Booting the system would be the way to go Fine by me Now Vista is already installed on one drive the other drive is empty He hasn't done a dual boot before so were both learning So we installed XP disc it allowed me to install on the empty drive all good so far copying files etc But then it needed to reboot and then when back installing the XP software again I understand now that there is a problem with Vista being on there first but is there a way to install XP I would like to have Vista on one hard drive and XP on the other so then I can install all of my music software and hardware without a compatibilty problem Is this possible And if so how do you change between drives and will it still allow it to boot to Visat first or is it optional I hope someone can help and remember I'm new to this as we all were once so I'm going to need some clear instructions as I don't want to stuff up Thanks Colyn Gypsy

A:Dual Boot Vista 64 & XP Seperate Hard Drives

Hello Colyn Gypsy, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Check with this tutorial below, it can help guide you through installing XP to dual boot with Vista.

Dual Boot Installation with Windows Vista and XP

Afterwards, while in Vista, you can change what OS you would like to have the computer to start by default. The tutorial below can help show you how to if needed.

Boot Partition - Default

Hope this helps,
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If I wanted to dual boot vista and xp, is this possible to do when installing them on two different hard drives?

I have an existing hard drive from an old pc that has xp on it, and i'm going to put it in my new machine. This will be using an IDE cable.

I am then going to add a SATA hard drive with Vista on. Is it possible to choose between the two for this as well or not?


A:Dual boot XP Vista on two seperate hard drives?

Yes, you can do this, but you must remember to install XP before Vista. To configure the bootloader you will find it easier if you use a program such as VistaBootPro or EasyBCD.
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I have Avira Anti-Virus and Malwarebytes installed on my computer. A couple days viruses suddenly appeared, were 'quarantined' by Avira, but I kept getting error messages anyways. I decided to reboot into Safe Mode, just in case (a bad move, apparently . . .), and when I did, the start menu was blank, my docs and a lot of programs were missing, and it looks like most of my hard drive was wiped. I tried system restore and it failed. Is there any way to recover the files and restore my computer? How can I be sure that the viruses are gone? Should I just reformat the thing?

Yeah, I'm not very proficient . . . but if anyone can give me a hand here, it would be much appreciated.

A:Windows Vista - Viruses wiped Hard Drives

Hello and Welcome to TSF.

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Please note that the forum is very busy and if I don't hear from you within three days this thread will be closed.


Your files are likely just hidden.

Please download this file and run it.

If necessary, you can run it straight from a USB drive.


If you still cannot see some Start Menu items, right-click the Windows Orb (Start button) > Properties and see if these 2 boxes are checked:

'Store and display recently opened programs in the Start Menu'
'Store and display recently opened items in the Start Menu and Taskbar'

If not, check them > OK > Apply > OK.


We want all our members to perform the steps outlined here:

NEW INSTRUCTIONS - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help - Tech Support Forum

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post/attach the logs in your next reply.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

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Hi. I currently have 2 harddrives, one 300gb and one 320gb. Up until about a month ago i was using XP on the 300gb drive and i didnt have the 320. I added the 320 and put vista on it. I like vista alot and i see no reason to keep XP. I figured id put my 300 in an external enclosure and use it for removable storage. The only problem is that the 320 is not bootable without the 300 attached. I take it that Vista put its bootloader on the 300 not the 320. So my question is: how do I make the 320 bootable without the other drive attached? The vista recovery tools are of no help.
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I have Ezquest Maxtor gb usb external drives I was using on my Dell machine running XP I got a new Vista Ultimate machine and although it recognizes the hardware on both drives amp says they are quot working properly quot and enabled it says the drives are quot unreadable quot it does not recognize them in the disk drive list 500gb USB recognize Vista external drives. hard won't 2 or assign them a letter I tried to partition the drive thru control panel but there is a red quot quot sign on the drive icon for the Ezquest and nothing happens when Vista won't recognize 2 USB 500gb external hard drives. I click it jut options for quot properties quot and quot help quot The properties show a wealth of information about the drive manufacture date etc I did the original NTFS partitioning on the XP computer I reformatted again under XP where they still work fine and still Vista won t accept them My two older gb Ezquest external USB drives work fine in Vista it s just the two gb ones that are not recognized Thanks in advance for any help nbsp
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I have a SATA hard drive, 650 gb, that stopped working a while ago. I thought it was the drive so I thought nothing about it. I purchased a Samsung 1 TB Spinpoint F3 last week and connected it in my computer over the weekend.

It is seen by the BIOS but when I log into Vista Home Basic, the drive does not show. I tried reloading Vista to no avail.

I am now convinced more than ever that I do not like Vista. However, since it's what I have and I'm not in the mood to reformat the c: drive if not necessary. Any suggestions?



A:Windows Vista doesn't see the SATA hard drives

Hi please clarify do you have 2 drives, or is this the only drive,has it been formatted,where is the C:\ drive located
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I have been curios about Ubuntu and I want to dual boot it with vista but I noticed on their site they say it?s faster to place it on one of the low numbered cylinders. I want to know if it would make a noticeable difference if I placed it on my other hard drive. I have vista on a 160 GB hard drive and I have a 500 GB hard drive with about 170 GB of random junk on it. Is there any way I can put Ubuntu on the part of the 500 GB hard drive that is fastest without messing up the data that?s already on it or having to place all of that data on a separate hard drive? If it matters I have 64 bit vista and I plan to use 64 bit Ubuntu.

Thanks for any help!

A:How should I dual boot vista and linux with 2 hard drives?

Is this correct or would it replace all of the data? I did make a new 100gb partition in disk management. Sorry for the bad quality.
Click to Maximize
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Okay I have a vista machine I built my self a few years ago Recently the power supply died and I replaced it with a bigger better one watts instead of Machine works great however now it seems that external harddrives that are not powered from an external power supply inch western digitals I have are not recognized at all when I plug them in Doesn t show up in device manager disk management or anything Nothing happens when I plug them in The lights blink on the drives but nobody is hard in recognized/powered vista not external drives home They work fine on every other machine I have Now I know external hard drives not recognized/powered in vista the usb ports put out at least some power because my iphone mounts fine and charges even my th external hard drives not recognized/powered in vista gen ipod which is a hard drive charges and mounts all flash drives work Could it be the external western digitals are not getting quot enough quot power do the usb ports get power from another line that i might have forgotten to plug in I thought those ports were all powered from the main power line that plugs into the Mobo all the other functions of the computer seem to be just fine I ve tried all usb ports on the back and get the same result Any suggestions on what to try Am at a loss the drives are passport western digitals I have a gig and gig nbsp

A:external hard drives not recognized/powered in vista

1.) What's the make and model of your power supply? It's possible that it's underpowered for your setup.
If the power supply is generic, how many 12V rails does it have, and how many amps are on each 12V rail?

2.) Have you tried the drives on a different computer? If that problem is solved after trying on another computer, it's definitely your PC hardware causing the issue.
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I would like to describe a problem, the solution I arrived at, and put a question to the Forum.
I recently re-arrange my 4 500GB SATA drives to provide better cooling. The system rebooted fine but every two or three days on booting Vista would kick me back to the BIOS starting screen, or, completely freeze, requiring a reboot. The system then wouldn't boot saying it couldn't find an operating system. Turning the computor off, and a restart would fix the problem until the next time. I resolved this by rearranging my hard drives so that Vistas C drive was the Motherboards logical boot drive. An obvious solution. My question is two fold. Why would BIOS find the Boot Drive sometimes and not others (The disks are not faulty), I perhaps don't fully understand how SATA operates, and, Is this the solution or a fix that masks another problem. I have had no further problems to date.

A:Sata Hard Drives and Vista Operating System

Hi Norm,

When you rearranged your drives, did you disconnect the cables from them whilst you were doing so? It is possible that you didn't connect the drives back to their original port on the motherboard when you wired them back up. Check this, and also check that all cables are securely fitted.
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I m currently running Windows Vista bit My hard drive setup is as follows C GB Raptor The OS drive System Boot Page Files Programs etc D GB Raptor Music Photos a few programs E GB HDD Empty F GB HDD Empty I would like to do the Solved: Installing drive?) Different Hard (Switching Vista on Drive main a following C GB HDD OS drive System Boot Pages Files Programs etc D GB HDD Extra storage E GB Solved: Installing Vista on a Different Hard Drive (Switching main drive?) Raptor Music Files F GB Raptor Picture Files What I d like to do is make one of the GB HDDs the C drive and reinstall my Vista onto it and reformat the GB Raptor that my OS is currently on I ve backed everything up that I need to and I ve said my goodbyes to anything I can stand to lose I just need to know what steps I would need to take to be able to accomplish this If anyone could help me with that it d be much appreciated ADD Just to clarify I DO have the original OEM disc of the version of Vista that is installed on this comp ADD Also they are SATA drives nbsp

A:Solved: Installing Vista on a Different Hard Drive (Switching main drive?)
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Recently I formatted all the hard drives on my Gateway MX6214 Notebook computer.

When I attempt to install Windows XP it says the Setup cannot continue because no hard drives were found.

Obviously, the hard drives are in working condition because I also checked with some bootable diagnostic tools and the hard drives are check. But now it seems the "internal?" drivers on the hard drives have also been deleted during the format, so WINXP cannot recognize during installation. Same goes for installation of the OS Ubuntu =/

I do not have the original diagnostic cd that came with the notebook.

Are there any solutions anyone can point me towards?

A:Formatted Hard Drives, Trying to install Windows XP but no recognition of hard drives
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hi all I have windows vista on an internal drive and ubuntu on my external although they are dependant of each other Unplugging ubuntu makes grub confused and you gives vista reboots and machine hard my randomly drives?! destroys error code and you can t then boot into vista or ubuntu I also have a drive i ve been trying to install leopard on So as follows Computer Samsung X Type laptop Ram GB Of Ram Motherboard -Manufacturer Samsung Electronics my vista machine randomly reboots and destroys hard drives?! -Model SX S Revision MP BIOS Phoenix Technologies LTD -Version ZA cpu my vista machine randomly reboots and destroys hard drives?! Intel Pentium M ghz Hard Drive - gb internal running windows vista formatted as ntfs - gb external with nothing on it just remenants of failed mac os X leopard installs formatted as Mac os X extended journeled - gb external running ubuntu formatted as ext My problems -After i had installed ubuntu whenever i booted into vista it told me that windows needs to be activated and i had days to do so It counted down and now it just says hours I ve entered a new product key that MS gave us but i m still getting the hour thing This error may be caused by vista thinking it s an entirely new machine now ubuntu has cropped up -Vista decids to randomly reboot often when i m in the middle of something -Whenever i try to install something on vista i get quot invalid my vista machine randomly reboots and destroys hard drives?! drive D quot - or words to that effect Drive D would be the one ubuntu is on but of course it s formatted as ext so it s not recognised in vista - so not sure why it s been labeled drive D But the main issue is external hdds I downloaded something in ubuntu booted into vista plugged in a drive and it didn t show up It think i may have plugged it in previously to this machine but now it seemed to have completely killed it No computer recognises it This is our main external drive gb backups music Then today i plugged in another drive to transfer some files and it didn t show up in vista quot Driver install failed quot Luckily this one still works with other computers On the bright side when i plug the first one in or unplug it it does still make the familiar noises in vista ba-buh describing noises in words is hard Thanks Nappymonster nbsp
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I have a new vista home premium computer that is supposed to have dual hard drives and windows backup as the software that controls the daily backups to the second hard drive The manufacturer offers zip for assitance as to how to configure and run the computer contrary to the glowing before sales service statuing I would be in good hands after purchase Questions are how do I determine if I indeed have two hard drives that are in mirror of each other and are they backing up data on a daily basis Is there a spot in the my computer that would detail and confirm this and drives backup hard dual vista software [SOLVED] with information as to the number and size of hard drives in the tower Vista has a backup and restore icon when I select my computer Within this icon are three graphs displaying available space on three disc drives OS C [SOLVED] vista with dual hard drives and backup software of gb free Backup D of gb free and Recovery E of gb free The recovery E drive has been steadily decreasing since the daily backups began days ago It is now more than half full At this rate E will be full in another week I was told by the seller that recovery E drive was a separate partition in which information would be used in case of a problem to restore my computer back to its shipping state without have to reload the operating system and program discs [SOLVED] vista with dual hard drives and backup software I did not think that any backup information would [SOLVED] vista with dual hard drives and backup software be transferred to the E drive during backups The seller has a differing tale every time I call to ask about the fact that the E drive is decreasing at a rapid rate They have also told me that I do not have and alternately have stated that I do have dual hard drives for this purpose Independent confirmation of these items would be appreciated along with instruction of the proper way to run the backup if indeed I do have the dual hard drives that was paid for in the initial purchase

A:[SOLVED] vista with dual hard drives and backup software

Further information for this question.

Backup D is selected for the daily backups.

It also states in backups that "there is more than one disc in your computer. the disc that windows is installed on will always be included in the backup. you cannot include the disc that you are saving the backup on."

Also a warning is on this page

" You have not selected all the discs that are on this computer. the files on the discs you did not select will not be included in the backup." That disc that was not selected is E which had been selected uyp to yesterday which was why the disc space was decreasing.

If it is as the manufacturer states, just a means to restore the computer nothing should be backing up to that file. Am I correct in this assumption?

By unselecting Recovery E the drive space has remained constant for the last backup.
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Hi, I have a Dell XPS Series 4 PC and I have Windows XP Pro on a 250GB Maxtor Hard Drive that came with my PC and I just added a second Hard Drive that has Vista Home Prem. on a Seagate 250GB Hard Drive. I want to be able to login into XP and Vista separately with out having to reformat either Hard Drive. Right know the way I have it setup is that I have to open my tower and switch the cables from the Maxtor Hard Drive that as XP on it to the Seagate Hard Drive that has Vista on it which is a pain to do every time I want to switch between using XP and Vista. Is there any way to boot my XPS PC so I can chose between going into XP or Vista? I would appreciate any help I can get. THANKS.

A:Duel Booting Windows XP Pro & Vista Home Prem. with 2 Hard Drives
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My system has been running fine for quite some time I m running Vista Ultimate on an ASUS P ND -SLI mobo I just picked up new GB SATA drives to use for data storage RAID My OS will remain as is on a single non-raid drive I hooked up the two SATA drives and followed the instructions from my ASUS user guide With the BIOS I as RAID array of part Vista doesn't my additional see drives a hard enabled RAID and selected the drives With the NVIDIA Raid Utility I set up the RAID array as Mirrored and selected the drives It seemed to go well But Vista does not recognize the two drives as a RAID array It shows two distinct drives this was with the Vista Disk Management Vista doesn't see my additional hard drives as part of a RAID array Util and with Device Manager as well I called ASUS and got someone on the phone fairly quickly although they informed me that I had done everything correctly so this must be a Vista issue According to the ASUS rep I do NOT need RAID drivers for Vista because the OS is not installed on the array Any ideas Vista doesn't see my additional hard drives as part of a RAID array Thanks for any help -Andy nbsp

A:Vista doesn't see my additional hard drives as part of a RAID array

I would use the bios utilty to delete the array and re-create it.

Asus rep is wrong me thinks, you do need the raid drivers for the mirror to be seen correctly by the OS.
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Hi Everybody First I want to apologize for asking the following questions because I realize their have been many posted questions similar to mine on these forums and elsewhere online However I've never done anything like this and I want XP Drives [SOLVED] Vista Two Transfer Files from and Hard Dual and Boot to make absolutely sure I know what I'm doing before I attempt it I thank you in advance for any advice you can give me When my Dell pre-installed XP machine died a few months ago expensive fan failure so there's no HDD damage as far as I can tell I purchased a new HP pre-installed Vista machine Mainly I have quite a few files I'd like to get off the Dell and on to the HP but ideally I'd like to dual-boot with both operating systems on the HP keeping both OS on their respective drives I figure this probably isn't legal but how much of a problem is that potentially I have a valid - CPU license and XP would only be used on one dual-core if I'm able to dual-boot My primary goal is to copy my XP files to the Vista HDD whether I can dual-boot or not How can I do this without buying extra accessories and in such a way that I don't risk damage to any of my hardware Will it be possible [SOLVED] Transfer Files and Dual Boot XP and Vista from Two Hard Drives to dual-boot and if so what order will I need to install the drives what master slave settings will I need to set what BIOS settings will I need to set and will I need to reinstall restore either OS or reformat either drive Also will this dual-booting work with just OEM restore [SOLVED] Transfer Files and Dual Boot XP and Vista from Two Hard Drives discs and will it work with two different models of motherboards and PC brands As a side note the XP drive is IDE and the Vista drive is SATA Thank you again for any information you can give me I have actually read a lot of comments and opinions on all of these topics but most of the information was conflicting so I wanted some final thoughts before I go messing about with my hardware David
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i have two HD drives in my pc both have xp pro install is there a hard device or software that can let me pick witch drive to boot up from in stead of me opening the case and switching cables .thnx

A:switching HD drives

When you installed Windows XP on the second drive it should have created a boot menu for you.

There are lots of bootloaders like XSOL:

You may also be able to go into the BIOS setup and change the boot order. Many BIOS give you the option to boot the hard drive of your choice.
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I have a new computer arriving tomorrow, with a 500Gb hard drive and no OS.

I have a new 1TB drive, however, so I thought I would save time by installing Windows 7 on it today, together with a few programs, then just swop the drives when the new one arrives.

However, I've just realised that the motherboard, graphics, audio and ethernet drivers will almost certainly be wrong. Will my plan work - will I simply be able to install the new drivers when the machine turns up?

A:Switching drives with OS

Can you maybe but most likely no.
For sure you shouldn't.
The new computer with the new drive deserves a fresh Clean Install of Windows 7. Windows 7 will install most all drivers needed.

Doing what your thinking of would be nothing but a mess if it ever did boot.

Read through this tutorial.

By Brink:
Clean Install Windows 7
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I just got a Dell xps 8000 with a 1TB harddrive. The problem is that the main C drive with all of the computer's files is only 60GB, while the recovery D drive is 861GB. Is there any way to which the drives around or move the computer's files onto the D drive?
Thanks, Quaidheizer

A:Switching C and D Drives

Hi -

Did the system come with Windows 7 pre-installed?

Please take a screenshot of Disk Management - please maximize the screen; attach to next post.
START | type diskmgmt.msc

Regards. . .


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I recently bought a new Dell computer because my old one is really crappy and is loaded with viruses.

However, my new comp comes with a 16x dvd drive, but the old one has a cd burner. Is it possible to switch, or at least take the Cd burner out of the old one and put it in the new one? Does this require software?

Btw, I don't know what brand the cd burner is because I got it a few years ago and replaced the original one.

A:Switching cd drives

If you have an available drive bay and IDE port, just add the CD drive to your system. If you don't have an available drive bay, you can buy an external drive enclosure (~$40) and connect via USB.

As far as software, XP should recognize your CD burner, but you'll still need to get burner software - hopefully you kept your old CDs.
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i am going home for winter break and i wanted to take over some videos i had on my hard drive, but the problem is that it is an internal hard drive, and i want to be able to transfer the data to a laptop. Is there a way that you can turn an internal hard drive into an external hard drive? Or is there a piece of hardware that will alow me to do this?

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i have 2 HD's laying around. 1 2.1 GB and 1 10.0 GB, the 2.1 has Win. 95 on it, and the 10.0 has Win. 98SE on it. if i get a computer without a HD, and it need 1, can i put on of the HD's in it, and it will work? or....

A:Solved: hard drives with OS, wanting to put in computer wit no hard drives
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I currently have 2 PATA hard drives installed in my system that both run off the same IDE ribbon cable. My MSI MS-7184 motherboard has 2 SATA connections and 2 SATA power supplies available. Would I benefit much by upgrading my hardrives to SATA ones? One of them holds the operating system and programs etc (160GB) and the other stores my mp3's (320GB). Would there be much speed gained or not enough for me to notice? Also would data be transferred faster if my PATA drives had one IDE cable each instead of sharing one? I seem to have 2 IDE connections on the motherboard.

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I've got a server running Windows 2008 server standard which has an external (USB) hard drive serving as a shared network drive. None of this set up by me, thus the question: if I want to change that external drive (it's full) can I simply unplug and put in the new one? Will the server configure everything as it was or will changes need to be made (i.e. will networked machines still see it, will backups scheduled for the drive still work etc.)?


A:Q about switching external drives

It depends how it's addressed by the server. If the driver letter is maintained, and the entire drive is a share, then nothing should change. If you're only sharing directories, there could be problems if filepaths aren't maintained. We'll need to know a little more about the setup to be sure.
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Hello - new to the forum although I have been reading it for quite some time I built a new computer a year and a half ago and made the mistake of getting too small of an ssd for my main drive I got drives boot Switching between SSD a gb Samsung Pro and then a gb WD Black HDD for the data The build has been great but I ultimately installed most of my programs which are quite large on the ssd which in turn has gotten pretty Switching between SSD boot drives full I only use the HDD for data I do prefer it this way so that my work programs are on the ssd even though I know I could have installed them on the HDD So I picked up a gb Pro and want to switch over to it but I want to do a clean install I plan on unplugging all the Switching between SSD boot drives other drives including the obviously except the new and loading up Win clean However I see this as a lengthy project and want to take my time doing it So on to my question If I load Win onto the and then want to call it quits for the day can I then shut down the system unplug the plug back in the gb and have it boot back up like nothing happened Then maybe next weekend I'll unplug the plug in the load a few programs etc I really don't care how long the whole process takes I just want to be able to go back and forth at will I'm trying to be able to go back and forth between the boots until the is where I want it and then I will just save the in case of a failure or something But I don't want to get into dual boots or choices from the start-up screen I just want it to see Windows on the when that is plugged in and from the when that is plugged in Is there any reason this shouldn't work Thanks in advance

A:Switching between SSD boot drives

It will work fine.

In fact if you kept both plugged in you could just use the 1 time boot menu key (F10 etc.) to choose either ssd to boot into.

The choice is yours.
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When I slicked my computer last, by accident I switched the local disk around so now my local disk is my D drive, which only holds 4.88 GB. It used to be my C drive which holds 51 GB. BUt I dont know how to re switch the drives and reinstate my C drive as my local Disk. any ideas would be helpful

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How would I go about swapping out floppy drives with another computer? :]

A bit of a dumb question I suppose.. but yeah. Gotta start somewhere.

A:switching out floppy drives >.<

Open the case, disconnect the cables of one drive, and reconnect them to the other. If this is related to your other thread, you still can't reinstall Windows without Windows installation disks.
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A while back I accidentally installed Windows 7 on my Dell Inspiron 1525 in the Recovery Drive. I then re-installed it in on the hard drive and had no problems. When I would turn my computer on it would give me an option of which version of Windows 7 to boot from, and if I didn't respond in 20sec it would automatically boot from the version on my hard drive.

I recently had a problem that I had to fix with the start up repair on the installation dvd but now when I turn on my computer it automatically boots the version in my recovery drive. How can I fix this to boot from my hard drive instead? In the boot sequence menu I can't figure out how to specify which drive from the "Internal HDD" option.
Relevancy 53.32%

I m at wits end and am desperate I m not a computer whiz but I know basically how one works My wife s Dell laptop less than months old Windows crapped out and now wont load windows at all It started BSoDing last week and i tried to diagnose it Everytime I would do something rather task intensive the computer would BSOD and restart We got all her files off the computer and used the recovery image on the computer to recover the computer to quot factory state quot The installation completed but upon restarting would bsod right as the windows logo appeared and restart Ive read countless forums and others with this problem Here are the things I did to try and resolve this issue with no success - ran the recovery tools to try and fix it - check Ram and HDD for errors none - removed the ram one at a time - replaced even -- switching after BSOD startup drives on the HDD with another laptop hard drive I had with windows vista on it still BSODed upon startup BSOD on startup -- even after switching drives just like - Tried installing Ubuntu just so she could have something Would not complete installation I m assuming this is a hardware related issue I just checked online and a CPU for this bad boy is only bucks But I thought I would check here before I go messing with hardware Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you nbsp

A:BSOD on startup -- even after switching drives

Less than 4 months old? Any Warranty on it? Did you try a full factory restore?
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I have a Dell workstation with a 500-GB RAID 1 array, using Intel Matrix Manager and running XP Pro. I want to replace the two physical drives in that array with a pair of 1-GB drives. My current drives have three partitions; I'd like the new drives to have the same content in the same partitions, but to enlarge two of the partitions slightly and make the third partition at least 400 GB.

How do I go about this?

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Win - Home Premium SP mobo Gigabyte EX -UD R latest possible Firmware hard drives physical GB WD AAKS for C and D physical TB WD split into two partitions physical GB WD drive G for storage physical GB WD AAKS drive K for steam games physical TB WD green in an external dock Thermaltake BlacX soon Crucial M GB SSD I have a new GB SSD on order and I've two switching Problems drives to my AHCI; settings BIOS when of vanish been reading that I need to enable AHCI in the BIOS to get the most out of it - if not to get it to work at all my buddy said his wouldn't work until AHCI was enabled So I did the registry edit MS published that lets you enable AHCI on an existing windows installation Then I go to the BIOS and changed two settings to AHCI Here are the screens of my BIOS and what I see imgur the simple image sharer One entry is quot ICH SATA control mode quot and the other is quot Onboard SATA IDE control mode quot Both have options to change to AHCI I have no idea why there are two different ones or what either means I changed both I rebooted and the PC goes through an AHCI search function Problems when switching BIOS settings to AHCI; two of my drives vanish during the boot It gets to windows and windows goes through a lengthy process of installing drivers which seemed to be successful but the problem is that when I now go into Device Mgr I get errors on two of my ATA channels under quot IDE ATA ATAPI controllers quot -- I get Problems when switching BIOS settings to AHCI; two of my drives vanish exclamation points by two of the ATA channels And sure enough two of my physical drives have vanished from Windows Explorer -- always physical drives and drives G and K When I get the SSD is it best just to install Windows clean I'd prefer to clone my existing C to it but if I install clean - should that resolve the AHCI issue Or is there something I can do now to resolve it or should I just forget about AHCI and go back to IDE in the BIOS Thanks a bunch for reading this and for any help

A:Problems when switching BIOS settings to AHCI; two of my drives vanish

Are all of your drives SATA drives?

What happens if you change the "Onboard SATA/IDE Control Mode" only?
What happens is you change the "ICH SATA Control Mode" only?