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My notebook is dead! nothing displays on the screen

Q: My notebook is dead! nothing displays on the screen

i borrowed my cousin my noebook, when it came back it does not operate. when i power it on the power light shows up but nothing shows on the screen, i used RS 232 to connect to external monitor but still nothing is displayed. he told me he properly shut down the machine before he returned it to me, but it looks like he is not telling me the truth. please help.

probably opened the machine and messed up with the video card.
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Preferred Solution: My notebook is dead! nothing displays on the screen

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi, before anything else i wanna apolosize for my english. My native tongue is spanish. I am posting here because i your help/knowlegde/advice I was softening the hinges in my notebook (Hp dv7 7052us) because they were really stiff and were pulling apart my case as well as breaking it. I manage to loosen the hinges but when i put everything back together things got ugly... I am posting an image of the screen. Please tell me if this has any solution. I will really apreciate any kind of help. Thanks in advance.

A:Notebook screen - Dead?

Screen is busted physically - need to replace it.

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I'm currently having a hardware fault, happened awhile ago now but I can afford a new GPU now if I have to but thought I'd futher investergate whats going on. So thought I'd ask for some help.

Turned PC on one day, got the blue screen booted into safe mode tried a few things forgot how I found out but I disabled my display drivers and then my PC was able to boot up without safe mode. Since then all my PC does is watch movies, surf the net and just the basic stuff.

So my GPU is still sending a video signal but if I enable the device, my PC either gets a blue screen or hangs on a black screen after loading windows vista

The card I was running is a geforce 9800GTX-2 in yes my PSU is powerful enough

A:GPU dead? Displays picture only

"So my GPU is still sending a video signal but if I enable the device"...

Graphics cards... or anything else in a computer need drivers to function. Download and install the proper drivers for your GeForce card here:
Nvidia 9800GTX-2
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Hello, When I boot up my notebook it doesn't display the screen I would get when I turn it on.It displays a blue box saying "Selected boot image did not authenticate" something like that. I did enable Legacy boot, but when i reboot the system it Displays "No bootable device found." Another problem is i can't charge my laptop, it only powers the laptop when it's inserted. Any thing that could solve both of my problems?
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The other day i was using my notebook and i got a message saying my computer was going to restart to finish updates. it did not give me the option to cancel. When it finished restarting all i get is a blank display all i see is the backlight. and ive tried everything. Hard reset. Restoring BIOS. i tried connecting to an external monitor but that doesn't work. I feel like this is not my fault windows did not allow me to cancel updating it just restarted my laptop as i was using it. i dont think i should have to pay 59.99 for phone support or anything else. This is a huge inconvenience to me as i use my laptop everyday for work.

A:Notebook powers up but wont boot windows only displays backl...

I have an Envy M6 and Windows 10 OS
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There are either issues with the hard drive, the OS or both. Yes, it has Vista on it :(

Can someone recommend a distro of Linux to pop into the CD player and help me recover data before I put the restore disk in? I will loose everything once the restore disk starts working.

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I have a notebook computer that a user just took on a business trip to Texas. It supposedly worked fine for him on his trip. Now when I go to try and turn it on, nothing happens. NOTHING. no lights, no beeps, no flashes. the notebook is completely dead. the only light that will come on is the battery charging light. any suggestions?

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hi i have a dead laptop the only light that turns on is that one from the adapter when i pluggit there s no other sing o electricity when i press the amp ower button i already open it and nothing is disconnected i have a multimeter what tests can you recommendme before i buy a new motherboard I already tested the button with the continuity beep sounding only when i pressit and make a contact between the st and rd is dead notebook :( hp 2000 pc contact in the ribbon cable but in the th hp notebook pc 2000 is dead :( and th hp notebook pc 2000 is dead :( contact the beep sounds even if im not pushing it is this normal maybe because of the light that comes in the button im still learning trough internet to repair computers and i bought an multimeter what other tests can i do to the motherboard i ve been searching for information or videos hp notebook pc 2000 is dead :( but there arent many of laptops but i cand upload images of the motherboard if someon cand help me thanks i hope you have understood my english im still learning thanks for your time the model is hp notebook pc and i still dont know what could happened to this laptop because it was fine before this happenned nbsp

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Wonder if some up a dead Waking notebook techie out there can help Waking up a dead notebook me as I am at my wits end with my three year old Advent DVD notebook To begin with speedy battery drainage problems were in evidence As the Li-on battery was three years old I replaced it with a new one allowing several charging and draining cycles to begin with A red light was in evidence when the notebook was switched off but charging- and an orange light indicated that charging was taking place when the machine was in use I noticed that at regular intervals the quot charging icon quot would revert to the quot battery in use but not charging quot icon on the icon bar- and it was necessary to put pressure on the mains lead at the point it slotted into the notebook By pushing it slightly to the right or left the orange light would eventually flicker or the red if it happened to be turned off and charging could be initiated At this juncture I ordered a new mains adaptor but found there was still a need to put some pressure to the right or left at the point of contact of the mains lead notebook During this time the battery became drained to such an extent that it would breathe no life whatsoever into the notebook By wiggling the mains adaptor a static green light will eventually appear above the quot hibernate quot half moon icon on the computer s surface but it is impossible to initiate the charging which a red light would imply When the battery is removed the notebook will not show more than an occasional green flicker either I suspect a board which controls the power supply is the culprit Possibly the hard disc has crashed as a consequence of the inconsistent power supply although it was functioning with accuracy prior to the battery last becoming exhausted Any ideas about what might be the cause of this problem and what I might try next nbsp

A:Waking up a dead notebook

It could also be a matter of the battery contacts being corroded or misaligned.

Have you looked at the contacts on the battery and in the case???

Can you use the machine on AC at all? Many, if not most, laptops will work without a battery (I realize this defeats the purpose.)

Assuming that you find no contact problems, I would lean towards a board or board connector being up the creek. And at the age of your laptop, those components could be difficult to find, but maybe you'll get lucky.

Good luck!
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My notebook's motherboard is fried, but it seems like such a waste to scrap it and not make use of it. Is there any way to get a use out of the LCD? setting it up as a second monitor for my current setup?


A:Dead notebook; Can I use the parts?

I don't know about the LCD, but I have saved memory, hard drives, optical drives, keyboards, screws. wifi modules, etc. for use in other projects.
The memory, in particular, has come in handy. Some day when I lose a screw I might be grateful.
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I'm stumped trying to figure out why need help slow Dead notebook, my Fujitsu Lifebook has recently slowed to a crawl Mcaffee Malaware bytes and windows Defender have not helped Tried Adavanced System Optimiser to Dead slow notebook, need help clean registry didn't help System takes more than minutes to get from account selection to usable computer Occaisionally get message quot virtual memory minimum too low quot but Windows Help not too helpful on how too address this Checked device manager for non-functioning components found McAfee firewall network filter miniport not working message quot Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information in the registry is incomplete or damaged Code quot Windows won't allow uninstall of device System specs XP Home Version SP Pentium w MB RAM Cannot attach Root Repeal file because system would restart when I tried to run the program Any help will be greatly appreciated DDS Ver - - - NTFSx Run by Owner at on Wed Internet Explorer Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition GMT - AV McAfee VirusScan On-access scanning enabled Updated B EE - - CDE-A A-DD BA FAD FW McAfee Personal Firewall enabled B - C F- -BDA - CA DA E Running Processes C WINDOWS system svchost -k DcomLaunch svchost exe C Program Files Windows Defender MsMpEng exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe -k netsvcs svchost exe svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe svchost exe C WINDOWS System Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS system CTsvcCDA EXE C Program Files McAfee SiteAdvisor McSACore exe C PROGRA McAfee MSC mcmscsvc exe c PROGRA COMMON mcafee mna mcnasvc exe c PROGRA COMMON mcafee mcproxy mcproxy exe C PROGRA McAfee VIRUSS mcshield exe C Program Files McAfee MPF MPFSrv exe C WINDOWS System tcpsvcs exe C PROGRA McAfee VIRUSS mcsysmon exe c PROGRA mcafee com agent mcagent exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Apoint K Apoint exe C Program Files Fujitsu Fujitsu Hotkey Utility IndicatorUty exe C Program Files Fujitsu Application Panel QuickTouch exe C Program Files Fujitsu BtnHnd BtnHnd exe C WINDOWS System ezSP Px exe C PROGRA VERIZO HELPSU VERIZO EXE C Program Files Windows Defender MSASCui exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Apoint K Apntex exe C Program Files MSN Messenger msnmsgr exe C Program Files Common Files Verizon Online ConnMgr cmisrv exe C Program Files Common Files Verizon Online AppMgr vzOpenUIServer exe C Program Files Common Files MotiveBrowser MotiveBrowser exe C Program Files MSN MSNCoreFiles MSN EXE C Documents and Settings Owner Desktop dds scr Pseudo HJT Report uStart Page hxxp cgi verizon net bookmarks bmredir asp region all amp bw dsl amp cd amp bm ho home uInternet Connection Wizard ShellNext hxxp RC FactoryLoader html uInternet Settings ProxyOverride BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class e f-c d - d -b d- b d be b - c program files adobe acrobat reader activex AcroIEHelper ocx BHO scriptproxy db d a - - e -b d- f c - c program files mcafee virusscan scriptsn dll BHO McAfee SiteAdvisor BHO b e -a b - a -b - cd e a ff - c progra mcafee sitead mcieplg dll TB ACB E - - C -A - B A A CB - No File TB E BD F- B D- E-D FC-E AF D FA D - No File TB McAfee SiteAdvisor Toolbar ebbbe -bad - b c- e a- abecae - c progra mcafee sitead mcieplg dll EB Real com fe fa -d c- d - fa- c f afe - c windows system Shdocvw dll EB - a - b-a - c a a - No File uRun ctfmon exe c windows system ctfmon exe uRun msnmsgr quot c program files msn messenger msnmsgr exe quot background mRun AtiPTA atiptaxx exe mRun Apoint c program files apoint k Apoint exe mRun IndicatorUtility c program files fujitsu fujitsu hotkey utility IndicatorUty exe mRun LoadFujitsuQuickTouch c program files fujitsu application panel QuickTouch exe mRun LoadBtnHnd c program files fujitsu btnhnd BtnHnd exe mRun ezShieldProtector for Px c windows system ezSP Px exe mRun A Verizon App c progra verizo helpsu VERIZO EXE mRun mcagent exe quot c program files mcafee com agent mcagent exe quot runkey mRun Windows Defender quot c program files windows defender MSASCui... Read more

A:Dead slow notebook, need help

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine.??If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine.??Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links.??Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool.??No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Follow the instructions that pop up for posting the results.Close the program window, and delete the program from your desktop.Please note:??You may have to disable any script protection running if the scan fails to run.??After downloading the tool, disconnect from the internet and disable all antivirus protection.??Run the scan, enable your A/V and reconnect to the internet.??Information on A/V control HERE
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I have a HP Presario CQ62 notebook that just totally died.
I closed it up after using it normally, came back and opened the lid and it was dead. No lights, not even power supply indicator light. Nothing happens when the power button is pushed of course.
I thought and hoped it was a faulty power supply and a flat battery, but I have a spare power supply so this was able to be ruled out.
Not that it's relevant here, but it's running Windows 7 64 bit.
Anyone got any ideas where to look for a solution to this? As it won't fire up on battery or power it has to be after those.

A:Dead HP Presario CQ62 notebook

Remove the memory and re install it... Remove the battery and try AC power only. With the battery out and AC out, hold the power button down for 30 seconds. Re install the battery and see if the laptop powers up
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Hey everybody... I've got an HP Pavilion ze4400 on which the touchpad doesn't work. I can't be sure whether it's a faulty device or if drivers aren't installed. In Control Panel, under Mouse, Hardware, only one device (the USB mouse I'm using) shows up. I'm not sure what the standard touchpad driver for HP notebooks is. Going through the Add Hardware Wizard and telling XP that the device is already installed, it then gives me a list of installed hardware to select from. I don't know what that driver is, if it's even in there. Anyone know what the driver is? Anyone else have this problem? Thanks!

A:Dead Touchpad on HP Notebook running XP

Download the drivers from HP's web site. You just put in the model number of the laptop.
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Hello to all just joined I got an Mecer notebook The guy upgraded and gave his old machine to me He said the thing is dead He didn t take it to an technition or anything It stopped working one day and he wanted a new one Its an MHz PIII MB RAM Ok so its fairly old So I thought maybe I can fix it somehow I don t have that much experience working inside notebooks so I don t really know what to look for except the normal things When I switch the notebook on the power led goes on and dead... Mecer 5750 Notebook then off I don t know if the AC adaptor is dead or the socket where you plug that in is Mecer 5750 Notebook dead... dead or maybe the motherboard is just dead Is there maybe something specific I should be looking for or do anyone have another idea maybe I can stil save this old thing Don t hesitate going into detail even if I have to take the thing apart that s fine Any help welcome Regards nbsp

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I have an Acer Aspire Notebook which came with Vista Home Premium I just ran the Windows Home Premium upgrade custom Installation I was able to run the install check for and download updates and activate The last thing I did was to change the quot update windows quot option to notify me when downloads are dead installing after Windows 7 Notebook available but let me choose when to download and install After doing all of Notebook dead after installing Windows 7 this I restarted the system and Notebook dead after installing Windows 7 windows wouldn't start I followed the recomendation to run Startup repair which when finished reported that the volume was corrupt not sure of the exact wording I tried to restart and was prompted to run the Startup repair again which I did The window opened and showed that it was checking for problems the next time I looked at the screen it was blank not blue screen with ony the mouse pointer visible I could move the pointer but there was no other activity I tried to turn off and restart the computer using the power button but could not get anything happening Any ideas on how I can get this machine up and running again

A:Notebook dead after installing Windows 7

If you can't turn it off, pull the battery and the power cord.
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Hi all nbsp I'm so frustrated I purchased my HP Pavilion Help! 15t-ab200 Notebook pavilion dead. t-ab Notebook on Amazon months ago and gave it a star Notebook pavilion 15t-ab200 dead. Help! review nbsp Earlier today my laptop got extremely hot on the bottom while using it on my lap nbsp It is a laptop after all nbsp nbsp I was commenting to my daughter that it felt like it was burning my legs nbsp She suggested I turn it off and let it cool down which I did nbsp When I tried to turn it back on the power button lit up and a light on the caps key was blinking but never turned on nbsp nbsp I've done a hard reset more than once by removing the battery unplugging the power cord holding the power button down for seconds to drain any residual power then Notebook pavilion 15t-ab200 dead. Help! replacing battery and plugging it in and now NOTHING happens nbsp No lights nbsp No sound nbsp No screen nbsp No LED nbsp I've help the power button down for a long time but nothing at all happens nbsp Dead nbsp nbsp I called the HP support line and reached a message that the support is closed nbsp They close at midnight EST nbsp Am I nbsp misunderstanding what means nbsp nbsp Any help suggestions numbers for a real support line or just a big old mallet would be very much appreciated nbsp nbsp -Becky nbsp
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Hi everyone, My 3 month old Gateway notebook just stopped working the other night. I picked up a notebook hard drive enclosure in hopes of retrieving the work from the hard drive saved in the my documents folder before taking it back.

When I try to gain access to the my documents it is telling me that access is denied. My notebook had a password set up on the administrator profile.
I've tried to go through sharing and security settings but this only allows me to see whats in the owners documents folder for the notebook, not retrieve any work.
The notebook has XP home and my desktop has XP pro.
If anyone can shed light on why this is happening or how I can get around this to save my work, I'd appreciate it!

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Hi all,

I've attached a picture of the display on a Sony VAIO model PCG-5J1L.
The laptop is fully functional, apart from the screen. This is what it shows after Windows finishes loading.

Is this a case of clear-cut "sure, you need to replace p/n xyz and voila" or a more complex case of "this could be one of several things" ?


A:Dead VAIO notebook display. What needs replacing?

Since the screen is lit up i dont think its the ribbon cable, backlights, or inverter. So im thinking graphics, chipset, or video drivers are corrupted or the video card has gone get a proper diagnosis i would take it somewhere and then you will know what failed or what needs replaced and go from there.
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I'll see if I can explain this as straight forward as problem ASUS dead notebook K50IJ or not? possible Purchased ASUS K IJ notebook about three years ago K IJ - Notebooks amp Ultrabooks - ASUS Right off I swapped out the default gig for a gig Loved the laptop Used it for two years that way No problems About a year ago I swapped out ASUS K50IJ notebook problem dead or not? the HDD for an SSD Awesome laptop loved it even more Again no problems Now a few days ago while in operation it froze Could do nothing short of pulling the power cable and battery Then it turned off of course Reattached the power cable and reinserted the battery and turned it back on The light in the power button turns on the DVD does the usual zzp zzp as it always does when it's powered up The power light at the front lights up the HDD light flickers as usual but no logo on screen or anything on screen for that matter implying it's starting up Then all goes quiet and the HDD light pulsates very lightly like about every two seconds but nothing on screen If I open the optical drive that still opens and insert a boot-able disk it will spin up as if it's looking at the disk does a few zzp zzp zzp and then just spins there for a long time but still nothing on the screen at all So a few things I've tried is Pulled the battery and power cable then hold down the power button for a minimum seconds Then reattached just the power cable and pressed the power button No change it helps nothing Opened it up and swapped out SSD for the original tried again Nothing on screen Same as before Opened again and swapped out the cmos battery Still no change It has gigs ram built into the motherboard and two gigs added in an open slot I pulled the add on ram stick Still no change I connected it to an external monitor Still no change This laptop stays mostly in my home and is used in my homegroup No problems til this Sorry for the long post but I was trying to explain what I've already tried so we don't repeat things I hope I don't have to replace it but that's life I guess Any insight from you guys is always appreciated Cheers Beginning

A:ASUS K50IJ notebook problem dead or not?

Can you get into the BIOS settings?
On Asus laptops you repeatedly press the F2 key immediately after pressing power on.

Also, if you repeatedly press the ESC key at power on it should bring up the boot device menu, where you can choose to boot from the CD/DVD to test.
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I have a hp 15-010?? notebook, that will not turn on.   I have 19.5 v to the mother board.  Did hard reset -- no help!!1.  The weird part is, one time I plugin pwr. , the fan runs but no pwr light and no display,  next time I plug in , the fan runs but nothing else,  the next time the charge light is on but nothing else.
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Hello I M a new member It all started when I was updating my I a update of because a failure Notebook BIOS dead have BIOS during the update something went wrong the laptop I have a dead Notebook because of a BIOS update failure has been turned off suddenly Now when I try to turn my Notebook on Igot the capsLock LED blinking twice then stop for a couple seconds then it blinks again twice The display is black and blank it shows absolutely nothing the wireless button LED stays orange searched that and found out that this is a BIOS failure problem - I tried to Recover the notebook BIOS using a key press combination but after several attempts No thing have changed - I tried to put a BIOS recovery on a USB flash drive by a HP BIOS update utility but using another laptob but in the prosses I got all options grayed out I m not sure if it s even going to work but it s the last thing I know to try My notebook Info HP G It is HP so the mother board is too I really appriciate and help and suggstion Thanks in advance nbsp

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I'm selling a dead notebook (Sony F270) that still has personal data and files on the hard drive. I replaced it with a newer Sony (FXA48) and doubt that I can simply switch hard drives to gain access.

What would you suggest?

PS I don't really want to buy a bunch of adapter cables (power & data) to hook it to a desktop but the only other option I can think of is a big magnet. I didn't really want to erase the OS and applications, kind of diminishes the value to the buyer.

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Hi, I?m new to the forum and not really a computer ceek.
I got following problem, my hdd partition C on my HP Envy notebook is destroyed, the notebook has an recovery partition d which is also 500MB, how can I recover my personal data on the destroyed C? Is there the same data on the D like on the C?
The arms on the C are destroyed I guess everything else is working. I was thinking to get the same hdd drive and swap either the (double platters or the heads) but if I can do it differently I will refrain from taking the hdd apart.
Thanks for the help.

A:Dead hdd (C) on HP Envy notebook can I recover data?

Hi el condor,

Welcome to the SevenForums.

From what you have said I understand the HDD had suffered physical damage with a head crash. How did you decide that?

In such a case the HDD is a write-off and you cannot do a DIY.

If you want to do a data recovery in a physically damaged drive, you have to approach a professional data recovery service but it will cost you a bomb with unpredictable end results.

My honest advice would be to replace the hard drive. If you had made the recovery CDs, you can reinstall the factory installation.

If not you may have to do a clean install of the same Edition Windows that came preinstalled and use the COA key on the sticker of your HP Envy to activate it.

And if your notebook is still under warranty, contact HP Technical Support for the required service.
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Windows 7, using Mozilla Firefox, nothing else.

I have used the disc cleanup, to no noticeable avail

TYVM in advance, guys

A:Acer Notebook keeps freezing! Dead stop abruptly

Is it locking up when using Firefox? Try running Firefox with add ons disabled. Go to the Firefox tab > Help > click on "Restart with Add-Ons Disabled"

If this fixes the problem, then go to the Firefox tab > Add-Ons > then enable one at a time until Firefox locks up, remove or disable offending Add-On.

You may want to check that your Plug-Ins are updated also, with the Add-Ons Manager window open, click on the Plug-Ins. At the top there will be a link "Check to see if your Plug-ins are up to date", click the link and update any that require a update or fix.
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Hello originally my problem is that my internet browsers Internet explorer firefox can not display any kind of pages because of some kind of virus Also I had some kind of fake Microsoft Security Essentials MSE asking me to download more fake AV s onto my computer but I knew well enough that it was fake so I close it This also shows up in safe mode MSE block me from opening things such as iexplorer exe or sometimes it would say tskmanager is a virus and it wouldn t let me open anything So eventually I google this up and I read somewhere that told me to rename hotfix exe to hotfix exe when I run APPDATA so the annoying MSE would stop showing up It also told screen blue screen after KillGodzilla.exe login black Computer using displays me to update my Malwarebyte which I still can not do because I still do not have access to the Computer blue login screen displays black screen after using KillGodzilla.exe internet By Computer blue login screen displays black screen after using KillGodzilla.exe the way I am using another computer to type this So again I tried to do some more research to fix my internet problem and I found this site that told me to download KillGodzilla exe and run it and reboot my computer after that I should update my Malwarebyte but of course I can t do that because after the WINDOWS loading screen the blue log in screen doesn t show and displays a black screen which flickers sometimes after a few minutes it would restart my computer Also same thing for safe mode Does anyone know what is going on Did I screw up my computer to badly Do I need to reset my BIOS I am using Windows XP if that helps I also hav ESET smart security on my computer but I can t even open my computer right now Help is appreciated thanks

A:Computer blue login screen displays black screen after using KillGodzilla.exe

Anyone have any ideas at all? I waited a few days, and gave as much information as possible already, please?
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My Gateway Solo 1450 notebook suddenly "died". I have no clue as to what steps to take to get into it to retrieve my important files.

Although the problem started with a message that indicated a "Missing Operating System" (Win XP Home)... there are clearly BIG problems left to be solved. And without help I'll be lost.

There seems to be NO LIFE at all except a dull orange power indicator on the case (which really ought to be green to indicate proper power. Nothing works. No other lights, beeps, fan... or anything at all.

I have tried a few things, but have made no progress at all. HELP!

Thanks in advance for any advise and/or suggestions-

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System running Windows XP

After the stsystem starts, and after the Windows XP Splash Screen and Windows is Starting,

The screen only shows a Splash Screen Reading:
"Warning! Spyware detected on your computer!
Install an antivirus or spyware remover to clean your computer."

After this there is no icons, no start menu, no task bar.

I cannot CTRL+ALT+DEL, it says task manager has been disabled by your administrator.

If I leave the system running for 10 minutes or so a bogus advertisment for spyware removal will display, all you can do is click install or close the window.

Windows key will not open start menu, windows key+R will not open run command. No right click, nothing seems to work...

Safe mode will boot up, no splash screen, just blank black desktop, safe mode in corners, nothing works.

What can I do other than format?

A:Screen Displays Spyware Splash Screen At Start-up

oh dear may one ask what WAS your antivirus program?

has this suddenly started to happen or has it been progressively worse over some time ?

you may need TO reformat if you cannot even open the dear comp to talk to it
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i have a compaq presario notebook with vista basic, it connects to my wired lan connection but after a week or two it stopped and only shows "local only"

i tried troubleshooting yet it says "cannot communicate with primary dns server"

please help me!!!!

i tried restarting my adapter yet it says the same!!
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Hello I m in the process of searching for a new PC notebook I m in the market for a to inch display and I ve come across a couple laptops that mention having an quot extra-wide quot display or a quot -degree ultra-wide viewing angle quot and things to that effect I wanted to ask some questions about this Does this extra-wide display entail a better picture or resolution or something like that or is it just wider Will an extra-wide display like this make widescreen bars the black bars at the top and bottom of the screen when watching a movie more likely Will the wider display cause these bars to be bigger or appear more often on movies or games or anything else where they wouldn t have on a regular width display My computer will have a - inch display it will be p and will be Need notebook help "extra-wide" displays with PC Blu-ray enabled I m very concerned with getting the best picture possible so I d like to know if the extra-wide display will contribute to that but I m also heavily Need help with "extra-wide" PC notebook displays annoyed by widescreen bars at the top and bottom of my movies and whatnot so if the primary effect of the extra-wide display is simply a wider screen that will have more bars more often then I d like to know that Any help here is greatly appreciated Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Need help with "extra-wide" PC notebook displays

It really depends as much on the graphics card as the screen itself, and there is no reliable way to know. You have to see it setup and play with the display settings.
However, If you select a true high end laptop should be fine. Others will make the images look stretched, but user quickly get used to it. One would think that 1080p would be a guarantee of good screen performance, but it is not.
If you are getting a computer that is in the upper third of its price and model range, you usually get the good screen combination in my experience... HP, Dell, Sony, and Lenovo anyway. You will have to avoid budget laptops.
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My AIO is 3yrs old but has been used VERY lightly from day one. Problem is that the computer will start/boot up but absolutely nothing displays on the screen. I feel like I have no options b/c it's out of warranty and it's not like I can just replace the monitor like I could if it were a regular desktop. Is there anything that can be done for what appears to be a dead moniotr in an AIO?
Relevancy 49.02%

I recently got all of the parts I need in order to build a computer. When I installed everything and hooked it up to the monitor, nothing was being displayed. I thought the monitor might be bad, so I tried another monitor and still nothing. I thought maybe my motherboard was bad, so I replaced it with another motherboard and processor that my friend told me worked in his computer, and still nothing was displaying to the screen. I tried replacing the power supply thinking the old one wasn't supplying enough juice and still no bios is being displayed to the screen. Can anyone help me?

A:Nothing displays to the screen.

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

We need more info first please fill in your system specs in at the top of this page(click on edit profile).

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I am trying to get at old DOS program to fill my whole
screen. When I set the screen properties at "full
screen", there is no window, but the program only fills
the top half of the screen.

If I set it to open in a window, the window only fills
about a third of the screen and won't enlarge. If I could
find a way to enlarge it, that would actually be an even
better solution.


A:DOS program displays on 1/2 screen

Have you tried running the program in a compatibility mode that would emulate an earlier Windows system?

To do so, create a shortcut to the executable program file and view the properties of that shortcut. A Shortcut to an executable is actually a pif (Programm Information File) and allows for some creative selection so try all modes available, you'll not hurt anything.
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Hi my hp 0pavillion 23 is just over 12 months old turned to a blank screen whilst using it and has refused to come back on pass the screen display the hp symbol and  half a circle of thinking dot. I can hear the fan and motors running but there is nothing on screen all power lights are on . Please any help,appreciated .
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I bought a new toshiba laptop and had a friend re-install vista (with the disk he got with his dell laptop) becaues toshiba loads up the HD with so much junk. The problem is that now my screen (15.4") displays disproportionally wide. everything is stretched abit too wide. Is there a setting I can change which will correct this?


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I know this is trivial, but I want to run the science.scr screensaver on my W2K machine, I was able to copy it from an old Win95 Plus pack and install it on my machine, but it only displays the blue background when active. When I go into desktop settings and do a preview it displays fine with my background image, but when it fires all I see is a blue screen.

Any ideas?
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My Laptop displays this screen when inactive and I have to click to login again-

How can I prevent that from happening ?

That is only user name there. Can I get rid of it ? So I can login without username ?

If so how do I do that ?

I like to have dersktop displayed all the time.


A:Laptop displays this screen when inactive

Have you tried going into msconfig and stopping TeamViewer from starting at boot?
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>i hav a Laptop compaq CQ-40 with ati graphic HD3450...1st time i format's ok on the games...but when the second time i've formated it...the problems start to come...i dun know what really the wont go full screen...when i've adjust the even dun make any changes...but desktop also turn box kind of screen with the black edges on the right and left...but also up and the right..i got see in the many people hav same problems as me..they have solved it...but it's only for nvdia...i need problems solved for Ati...Anyone plisss help...

A:My Games Not Displays full screen help!!!

Set the game's aspect ratio and resolution to what matches your screen.

If you can't do that in the game, then you're out of luck.

If you think it worked on Vista, it did not. It incorrectly stretched your screen out so it showed a square as a rectangle.
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I have an Acer Aspire 1710 notebook that I just put 18mb of video and about 20mb of pictures onto. I edited the video with windows movie maker and everything was going great. I had saved the video onto my desktop and reviewed it. i decided to put one of the clips of the movie in slow motion. It played the clip in slow motion and then my notebook froze. I couldnt restart or shutdown so i just killed the power and when i turned it back on, all the i could see that turned on was the cooling fan. The screen remained black, and i cant get to safe mode or configure an other boot options. I dont have any warranty on my notebook so i would appreciate any help if possible. my video is for a project for one of my classes at school.
thanks a lot for any ideas

A:cannot boot up, displays a black screen only

Does it boot up, but just go to black screen? If so, try connecting an external monitor. Check your keyboard for shortcuts that will switch between internal and external. Try leaving the battery out, and it disconnected for an hour.
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I have a Windows 7 PC with 2 user accounts. Both are administrators. When I remove one account from the local administrators group and reboot, the welcome screen then only displays one account which is part of the local admins group.

In order to have the other account appear on the welcome screen it has to be a local admin.

How can I get Windows 7 to display both accounts on the welcome screen, the standard user  and the local admin?

Windows Version is W7Pro64SP1
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Okay, so here's the problem. I boot up my computer, and all it does is give me the screen that says:

Startup Normally, Startup in Safe Mode, etc.

No matter what I choose, it always just takes me back to this screen. Any ideas on how to fix this? Because I'm at a total loss.

Thanks in advance,

A:Computer Only Displays Startup Screen

Whenever there is a boot problem the first thing I recommend is to run Check Disk from the Recovery Console. Insert the Windows XP CD into the CD drive, and then restart the computer. Click to select any options that are required to start the computer from the CD drive if you are prompted. When the "Welcome to Setup" screen appears, press R to start the Recovery Console. If you have a dual-boot or multiple-boot computer, select the installation that you must access from the Recovery Console. When you are prompted, type the Administrator password. If the administrator password is blank, just press ENTER.Type: chkdsk /rIt's important to have a space before the "/".To exit the Recovery Console and restart the computer, type exit at the command prompt, and then press ENTER.
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Hi there,

I'm running Windows 7 RTM x64 on a Macbook Pro.

This didn't happen on any of the beta releases, but I keep getting the screen reoloution dialog box when i first login.

I can close it, of course, but its a little annoying

Any ideas?



A:Screen res dialog box after displays after login

Hello M,

Double check your startup program list to see if there is anything listed in it for this. You can temporarily disable them one at a time if needed to help determine which one it is. Afterwards, you can just re-enable the ones that were not it.

Hope this helps,
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My HP 2311x randomly started only showing a white screen one time when I was using HDMI. It has been stuck this way ever since. I can't even access the OSD. It is white even when nothing is plugged into it. I think it may be caused by the backlight, it's almost like it got turned all the way up because the screen is super bright. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

A:HP 2311x always displays white screen

I am having the same problem, just started today.  no luck so far in solutions.
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Hi Screen Dv7 on but nothing Laptop turns displays There I m new to here but was hoping someone could guide me on Dv7 Laptop Screen turns on but displays nothing what could Dv7 Laptop Screen turns on but displays nothing possibly be the problem with my Laptop I ll try to include as much information as possible I have a HP DV - US quot Laptop running Windows Bit I took the PC apart Dv7 Laptop Screen turns on but displays nothing to clean out the fan that was really dusty I disassembled the PC using this guide http www insidemylaptop com disassemble-hp-pavilion-dv -notebook I got to step and stopped I didn t want to remove the LCD display from the laptop so I just dusted the fan from that step and re-assembled the PC When re-assembled the PC powers on the Fan comes on the Hard Drive light is displayed as if everything is ok The screen quot comes on quot in the sense that the backlight turns on but nothing is displayed on the screen The screen gives a dark-blue tint when it is quot on quot without a display I disassembled the PC again to check any connections and noticed that the connector for the Power Cover Board was broken off So I ordered a new power cover amp board as well as a LCD Video Cable i didn t have reason to think this was damaged but since it wasn t very expensive I ordered it as well just in case http www insidemylaptop com images HP-Pavilion-dv -display remove-lcd-screen-inverter- jpg http www insidemylaptop com images HP-Pavilion-dv disassemble-notebook- jpg The parts arrived I replaced them both very carefully same problem Boots up screen turns on screen displays nothing I plugged a Monitor to the laptop via VGA and it displays the desktop fine So the computer boots up and is properly running the video can be displayed with a external monitor Update to this issue I purchased a inverter and replaced it still having the same issue Display comes on but just shows a blue hue everything works fine if i plug in a external monitor This is what I recently replaced http www insidemylaptop com images HP-Pavilion-dv -display remove-lcd-screen-inverter- jpg Any ideas on what could have gone wrong or what I should attempt next Any help would be appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Dv7 Laptop Screen turns on but displays nothing

Not sure what you mean by 'Power Cover/Board' - is it this ? :-
And the broken 'connector' was it an electrical connector ?

Make sure the Video cable behind the screen is correctly connected and any tape is in the right place. These can slide out a bit when you put the screen back against the lid.
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I have a Dell Vostro 1700 Laptop with the 256mb GeForce 8600M GT graphics card. The laptop lcd works fine but when i connect an external monitor using the VGA output the external monitor just displays a black screen.

I have already ruled out drivers and operating system as i have tried it across various versions and with different drivers and still nothing. i have also tried it with ubuntu with no success.

The computer detects that there is a montior and can even tell the specs of the monitor. It just the monitor detects that it is connected to a computer but just displays a blank screen.

Any Ideas???

A:Monitor displays a black screen


Ive tried disconnecting everything else just leaving the motherboard graphics card and connecting the external diplay and displays a blank screen even with startup and diagnostics.

What would i be looking at here a new motherboard and/graphics card? evertyhing else works just not the vga output
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Hello I recently purchased a new laptop. I have a Dell Inspirion 5559, and recently as of yesterday have run into issues using the webcam. My webcam only seems to work if directly in front of a light. Even with all my lights on if I move it, it will show a black screen. For example all my lights are turned on, but unless it's facing the window where there's sunlight it will just display a black screen.  Here are a couple examples. 
In front of window:
Not in front of window.
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My HP 12c was turned on while in my bag and it now displays 0.000000  00 rather than zero.  How do I clear the register so that I can perform simple +/- calculations?
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I usually connect the vga cable from my monitor to the port on my gpu but for some reason it doesn t display anything now I tried to locate the source of the problem by doing these Connected the vga cable from my laptop to the monitor and it displays the laptop s content just fine so the monitor cable isn t the issue Connected the cable to the vga port on my samsung smart tv and to the slot on my gpu and my desktop boots and functions just fine I opened up my cpu cabinet and dusted the ram and the video card and put everything back in place but that didn t help either I don t have a DVI cable with me so I can t check if up, blank displays Monitor powers screen. that works and I don t have another similar monitor either I can test it on other than my tv Video card AMD HD Monitor Samsung S B series nbsp

A:Monitor powers up, displays blank screen.

Before anyone can help you, you need to post ALL of your exact system specs; ie exact mb installed, exact cpu installed, exact pw supply installed, etc, etc, etc. If this is a big box system ie dell, hp, whatever, then post the exact make and model# If you have a service tag, post that as well.

Next is this a relatively new build or has this system been running fine for a while?
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I have a very frustrating problem and I am not sure which section it belongs in It started a week or so ago It will post and boot to the login screen just fine Once I login I have a very limited amount of time before he screen goes black Sometimes a minute sometimes only a few seconds If I leave the login screen displays windows after login Black screen up its just fine with that displaying The monitor is still on it does not say signal lost The tower is still running lights and fans It will boot and allow me to login in safe mode though One other Black screen displays after windows login forum Black screen displays after windows login I read with what sounds like a very similar problem said that it is usually Black screen displays after windows login as failure of either the graphics card or the motherboard My entire system is less than a year old They said that if you hit the numlock key after you've lost your display check the numlock light cycling If it does not cycle than it is a mother board failure If it does cycle then it is a graphics card failure I had drivers fully updated I believe BIOS is if I am remembering correctly I tried rolling back the graphics drivers as well No use ASUS Crosshair Formula-Z AMD FX- GHz -core Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR GB ASUS R X GB Corsair AXi W PSU Samsung Pro GB SSD

A:Black screen displays after windows login

Well, I took it in to a computer shop for diagnostics. We will see in a few days what's wrong.
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Hi all I upgraded my old HP Touchsmart TM to Windows because I upgraded my other comps so what the heck right I have switchable dual graphics cards Intel One 10 Screen on Laptop Upgrade Two Displays Win Created Core Duo SU ATI Mobility Radeon HD and on final installation reboot it said it was upgrading my graphics driver When it booted after Win 10 Upgrade Created Two Displays on One Screen Laptop that my screen was black Win 10 Upgrade Created Two Displays on One Screen Laptop So I blindly logged in and found that pressing the Windows P then down arrow enter keys Win 10 Upgrade Created Two Displays on One Screen Laptop which selects your displays brought the screen up It was on Second Display Only when it worked However the brightness setting does not work for the screen It also doesn't work when I choose the screen When I press Detect it comes up with the and screen and two other boxes that say not detected The brightness setting only works for a second when I choose Extend This Display then the screen goes black but I can't remember which screen has that option I can't even figure out which display number goes to which card It's almost like Win thinks the two graphics card are two separate monitors and neither are the actual laptop screen I don't have other monitors plugged in Can anyone help me work this out Thank you
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My laptop displays preparing automatic repair and won't boot up.  The screen just goes black.  What do I do?

A:Screen displays preparing automatic repair only.



I see that you're having an issue booting the notebook. Could you tell me what OS you have? 

I look forward to your response.

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Hi Despite th e menu above the font does not change hence this near microscopic posting ADMINISTRATOR TAKE NOTE My problem is with the basic screen display outline on my computer which is really annoying I have tried all the display options etc and cannot solve this display problem To describe the display all I can say is that it is simplistic with skinny black lines and with link buttons which are not buttons at all but with all screen format site displays web in Problem just rectangular boxes Problem with screen format in all web site displays with some jibberish indecipherable script in the little rectangular boxes While the web site content does disply the links do not and the same stupid minimumal display outline occurs on every website There must be some geek out there who knows what I am talking about I find the usual Microsoft support completely usesless unless I want to pay their team to rip me off I prefer the bleeping experts on bleeping computer I would very much appreciate your expertise in solving this display problem for me The standard window diplay and themes screen is completely useless in addressing this problem There must be some way to resolve this HELP Guy
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Hi again,

Popping in for a quick tune up, my screen on occasion just goes white or displays grey bars, this usually happens while watching media content that streams online like a game or a youtube video.

Any Ideas?

intel core i3 4160 3.6Ghz
Radeon R9 200 Series
8gb Ram
Windows 7 Professional 64bit

A:Screen goes white or Displays Grey bars

Usually - does it happen when doing anything else?

Are those using Flash? Try toggle hardware acceleration for flash (right click youtube video screen and Settings). Or re-install it.
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HP laptop powers us but only displays a blank screen with HP logo in the centre. Does not go beyond this point in the startup sequence. Please help. Laptop only one month old.
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I've got a W7 Pro desktop with an ASUS BIOS. Everything works fine, but recently the BIOS Flash Screen is taking much longer (now about 30-40 seconds, versus 3-5 seconds until recently) than it has in the past 3 years.

I've not touched the BIOS in years, and I've not made any hardware changes (RoadRunner did recently replace our old G-router with a new N-router but I can't imagine that change caused the BIOS screen to display longer).

What might be causing this increased BIOS Flash Screen time, and is there a way for a relative novice to reduce it back to where it used to be (around 5 seconds, max)?

Thanks much for any help!

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I'm at the end of my rope with all of this stuff I've been in a battle with my computer totalling over hours and I've made absolutely no progress Bear with me please because I'm only My dad has been helping me over the past nights he is a pretty tech savvy guy screen not black boot, Computer a does displays but to no avail So anyway here's what's going on I came home from a hard day at school eager to hop on fl studio and make some music I turned on my computer and went to the bathroom When Computer does not boot, displays a black screen I came back my computer was on my desktop with the cursor in the middle of the screen I wiggled the mouse a bit and it didn't move I noticed my keyboard was off as well I unplugged them plugged them back in tried different USB ports nothing worked So I held the power button down on the computer and it shut off I waited about seconds and turned it back on The mouse and keyboard turned back on however I got a black screen displaying options quot Run windows startup repair quot and quot start windows normally quot If I select quot run windows startup repair quot windows loads some files a loading bar pops up and then the screen goes black and doesn't respond at all to anything I left it sit for around hours nothing If I select quot start windows normally quot the windows logo pops up loads for around minutes and then the computer restarts It then take me to a screen where it tells me to insert a boot disk I have tried a system repair disk a windows installation disk a system image disk all of them load to a black screen If any specs are needed I can provide as much as I can I don't really have an extensive knowledge of the command prompt but will do as much as I can regarding it I have tried adjusting the bios settings all of the disks putting it into safe mode and windows STILL won't boot I am not amazingly tech savvy but I have a basic knowledge so please use as simple directions as possible I will provide as much information as I can if needed
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Hi all The developer sUBs has written two excellent anti-malware programs called DDS Doesn't Do Squat and ComboFix But just for the record ComboFix will of course not its displays but screen, ones the the these on DDS logs are on saved desktop not be the subject of this topic so here goes DDS was the prerequisite program being used in the Preparation Guide For Use Before Using Malware Removal Tools and Requesting Help topic in order for members DDS displays its logs on screen, but these are not the ones saved on the desktop with infected computers to get expert help from the Malware Response DDS displays its logs on screen, but these are not the ones saved on the desktop Team Now however it has actually been replaced by FRST But DDS is still a great program in its class as it picks up a few entries and has some features which FRST does not which in my case are some NoDriveTypeAutoRun-lines as well as the DDS displays its logs on screen, but these are not the ones saved on the desktop date that my Windows OS was installed Anyways during my log's translation work from a mix of Norwegian and English to clean English I have noticed that DDS displays its logs on screen as it should but these are actually not the ones saved on the desktop Rather their location is the TEMP folder This has caused extra time for me to realize and IMO this is a little unexpected Therefore my resulting question is this Is there any particular reason why it behaves this way or is this by design Thank you very much in advance Regards midimusicman

A:DDS displays its logs on screen, but these are not the ones saved on the desktop

DDS is non-invasive diagnostic tool (not an anti-malware program) created by sUBs that produces a Psuedo HijackThis Report, a scaled down and simplified version of 'HijackThis lines' which provides the same information in a more condensed format. Since DDS collects a lot of data, it is much more useful for malware detection, then later disinfection with other tools as you cannot fix any of the entries with this tool. DDS makes no registry changes and it does not create any permanent files/folders. It's primary purpose is detection of malware in various areas and providing a detailed log to a trained malware removal Helper who can use the report to plan a strategy of attack.After DDS completes a scan it will create 2 log files...DDS.txt and Attach.txt which open in Notepad and can be saved to the Desktop for user convenience. This is why helpers who provide instructions ask them to save to that location. Logs are automatically saved to the Local Settings\Temp folder by design.DDS was removed from the Prep Guide and replaced with FRST, because DDS does not support Windows 8.1 so you cannot get it to run.
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Hi all I upgraded my old HP Touchsmart TM to Windows because I upgraded my other comps so Win Two Upgrade Screen 10 One on Laptop Displays Created what the heck right I have switchable dual graphics cards Intel Core Duo SU ATI Mobility Radeon HD and on final installation reboot it said it was upgrading my graphics driver When it booted after that my screen Win 10 Upgrade Created Two Displays on One Screen Laptop was black So I blindly Win 10 Upgrade Created Two Displays on One Screen Laptop logged in and found that pressing the Windows P then down arrow enter keys which selects your displays brought the screen up It was on Second Display Only when it worked However the brightness setting does not work for the screen It also doesn't work when I choose the screen When I press Detect it comes up with the and screen and two other boxes that say not detected The brightness setting only works for a second when I choose Extend This Display then the screen goes black but I can't remember which screen has that option I can't even figure out which display number goes to which card It's almost like Win thinks the two graphics card are two separate monitors and neither are the actual laptop screen I don't have other monitors plugged in Can anyone help me work this out Thank you

A:Win 10 Upgrade Created Two Displays on One Screen Laptop

So I disabled my discrete ATI card. This brought the screen back to " PC Screen Only" which allowed me to set the extremely sensitive btightness slider up a little. But my orel Painter was lagging so much, I turned the discrete graphics back on. I haven't tried disabling the Intel onboard yet. Doesn't anyone have any thoughts?
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I was using my laptop and going around online when all of a sudden my screen got all pixelated and the BSOD came up I couldn't get a pic of the error code then but now I do I can still go into safe mode but on some lucky occasions I'll be able to get onto Windows only for - minutes and then the screen gets pixelated again - - I tried looking for driver updates since that's what it said on the first BSOD i saw but I couldn't find any Here's some specs on my laptop VAIO VGNFZ E OS Windows Vista Home Premium SP Processor Intel Core Duo Processor T Memory GB Hard Disc GB Graphics NVIDIA GeForce M GT I finally was able to capture a pic of the bsod this morning PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA displays is [SOLVED] all onto go it screen Can't Windows, blank a and Technical Information STOP X X CO X X Q X So can someone help me pleaseee I really need my laptop to function normally again Thanks

A:[SOLVED] Can't go onto Windows, and all it displays is a blank screen

run memtest on the ram 1 stick at a time
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I have a laptop The DELL Latitude E I am trying to use my flat screen TV s LG TVs as a screen laptop displays problems Compatibility and TV with monitor for the small DELL laptop screen so I can see better I ve tried connecting from the laptop to both of my LG TV screens one of the is a in and the other is a in I ve tried connecting using HDMI and VGA both Compatibility problems with laptop and TV screen displays TVs continue to say no signal when trying to connect using HDMI connection Can someone help me determine if I can do this Both TVs have HDMI Why no signal Shouldn t it work if the laptop has an HDMI plug in and the TVs have HDMI plugins Or is not that simple My ultimate goal Compatibility problems with laptop and TV screen displays is that I have to use the laptop for my work I need to know which kind of TV would be compatible with my work laptop Any help or input from anyone would be truly appreciated nbsp

A:Compatibility problems with laptop and TV screen displays

Have you tried pressing the Fn key and what ever function shows as the Display Toggle? the dell I am posting from is Fn+F1, My other dell is Fn+F3.
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Hi all:

Recently my HP pavillion zv6000 will not load up properly. When I press the power button, it will load past the HP Invent logo and then just shows a white-blank screen and nothing else. I connected it to an external monitor and it still shows the white-blank screen on the external monitor. I did an HDD test in the BIOS and the hard disk passed the test. I un-seated the ram and re-seat it but still I get white-blank screen.

Safe mode cannot load properly. When I select safe mode it starts to load safe mode but stops at the begining of the white loading bars at the bottom of the screen. Please help out some one
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I have an Elitebook 840 G1 running Windows 7.  I have updated the BIOS to L71 Ver 01.33, 9/1/2015 and it did not help. I normally run in a docking station with an external monitor - just cloned of the laptop display.  I can open the laptop screen and see it, I can undock it at this time and it runs fine.  However, if I undock it and either reboot or hibernate -- it will not boot or resume...just a black screen. As soon as I put it in the docking station, I see the HP BIOS banner and it takes off. So, it makes it more of a desktop than being able to use it as a laptop.  Any ideas? thanks, greg
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Hello Sorry if this topic is related to Windows XP rather than Windows but I would like to hear experts' opinion as I cannot find any working solution at Google and in displays white Youtube a screen Flash XP 19 Windows IE8 YouTube contact is inexistent I noticed recently that when clicking on a video in YouTube Internet Explorer displays only a white window without any text or images whatsoever The video might start and listen the sound in the white background but it may not Youtube displays a white screen in IE8 Flash 19 Windows XP I already have all possible Windows XP Updates and latest version of Adobe Flash and Java I tried to delete history as suggested this didn't work I also tried to uninstall Adobe Flash with their own uninstall utility and reinstall it this didn't Youtube displays a white screen in IE8 Flash 19 Windows XP work either I had no problem watching YouTube videos some days before so I suspect they changed something on their site and made IE totally incompatible I have no problem watching videos in Firefox but I want Youtube displays a white screen in IE8 Flash 19 Windows XP to know what happened in IE and if there is any workaround other than using a different browser Also Firefox and Google Chrome are not recommended for old computers with low RAM as they consume almost - times the memory that IE uses for the same sites I would rather avoid other browsers Thank you for your help in advance and excuse me for posting a Windows XP question on a Windows forum
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My Zen Micro says Creative and isnt responding what shall i do ?

A:Zen Micro Screen Displays ''Creative'' And Isnt Responding ??
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Hi there eveyone, I hope someone can shed some light on this issue for me.

Basically, I might have once accidentally dropped my laptop quite hard, ever since it has frequently frozen, with the screen displaying a repeating pattern (see picture). The only way to get out of this is to power off and turn on again. The odd thing is that I can use it normally for prolonged periods with no problem and it'll suddenly happen or sometimes it happens during boot-up. It's most possibly some kind of loose connection but I'm not sure what really. One other thing to note is that when the screen goes funny the computer shows no sign of working (HDD light either has no activity or stays on permanently).

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


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My have login screen 1 -XP unread message Windows at displays WinXP Professionsl with Service Pack Now a days it displays unread message at login screen Windows -XP displays 1 unread message at login screen Totally i have created user names This PC is disconnected for accessing internet If i try to access internet at this time i am unable to access internet also since it is disconnected from internet months back i was connected this computer to internet By that time while browsing internet in this computer some one else is trying to access this computer remotely I have not yet configured for Outlook Express also Totally computers are connected to this computer among i use to browse internet in computers As per my observation when i on adsl modem and on that computer by that time i use to see this message Usually i never use to on the ADSL Modem Some times while shutting down this computer i use to see this message quot user is connected this computer shutting down will cancel the application y n quot This message is use to see in the absence of internet ADSL Modem is off and at a same time i have not browsing other computers also I have a doubt that this system is remotely connected to internet or is it due to spywares Plese help me to solve these problems With regards A C Shailaja

A:Windows -XP displays 1 unread message at login screen

XP comes with Outlook Express defaulted to install, and I bet the 1 unread message is the "Welcome to Outlook Express" that everyone gets. It's not really an e-mail. Launch OE on all 3 accounts until you find it and "read" it.

I think TweakUI has a tweak that turns off the reporting of "unread" e-mail from OE.
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I have Studio 1555. Few days back, the laptop stopped and The screen colours got smudged and there were lines on the screen. It was all internal, no external damage. I tried to restart the system, but I was unable to restart it at that time. I turned on the laptop after an hour and it started. Now, few days later, the laptop isnmt turning on at all and displays nothing when turns on. Just the light in power button and backlit of keyboard, except that, nothing is working. No beed sounds etc.
I have tried various troubleshooting steps but in vain. I can feel the fan running. What to do, please help?

A:The laptop doesn't boot and displays a blank screen

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please try to run the on-board Dell diagnostics using any of the below steps:

Hold down the <Fn> key while pressing the power button.
Turn on the system, press <F12> at the initial Dell™ logo screen, and select Diagnostics from the boot menu.
Disconnect the AC power and remove the battery. While holding down the power button, insert the AC connector into the back of the system. The system then starts and the message Diagnsotic boot selected displays. The system then launches the diagnostics. 

Please capture any error codes or messages you receive.
Connect the system to an external monitor to check if there is any display.
What is the status of the power button and does the CAPS lock key indicator lights up when you toggle the key?
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell
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Background Windows XP computer had some issues starting up a few weeks ago No new software or hardware and I don t think I even installed any recent MS updates I tried Computer rebooted be screen, displays gray must weird to troubleshoot it a bit just didn t really have the time It either hung during the windows boot screen or said it couldn t find the hard disk Yesterday computer turns on fine with mouse keyboard monitor I have nics and Computer displays weird gray screen, must be rebooted I had it connected to the wrong one As soon as I connected it to Computer displays weird gray screen, must be rebooted the correct one the monitor displayed a fuzzy gray pixelly screen It looks like one of those Computer displays weird gray screen, must be rebooted hidden picture things I have to manually shut down the PC and restart it Everything was working fine until I tried connecting my printer through the parallel port Same thing I have run multiple anti-virus spyware scans which came up clean still considering this a possibility Has anyone come across anything like this My gut says hardware problem probably the motherboard nbsp
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I had the google redirector malware recently. I successfully removed it but now when I use any of the search engines in IE7, the results are displayed okay. When I click on any of the results to go to the web page, page cannot be displayed comes up. If I hit refresh, the page comes up.
If I were to add the web address it finds each site first time.
I am using Vista.
I have tried upgrading to IE8, but this didn't help.
I have tried changing the check for newer versions of web pages to be always, but this hasn't helped.
Has anyone any ideas?
Thanks in advance.
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i am noticing that when my pc starts up as the C drive is encrypted with bitlocker when i enter the password the bitlocker screen is only light blue yet i am still able to enter my password and login the screen just displays light blue, picture is in below link

any help to make it show the normal screen would be appreciated.
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i am noticing that when my pc starts up as the C drive is encrypted with bitlocker when i enter the password the bitlocker screen is only light blue yet i am still able to enter my password and login the screen just displays light blue, picture is in below link

any help to make it show the normal screen would be appreciated.

A:Bitlocker displays light blue screen on system startup

Can you do a print screen and post it. The link you provided states it is forbidden.
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Hello there, I'm Callie. On May 7th I purchased a Dell Inspirion 5559. As of yesterday on Thurday June 9th, I have noticed an issue with my webcam. Unless it's in front of a direct light like the sun or a light pointing towards the webcam, my webcam displays a black/blank screen.  Here are a couple examples.
In front of window/sunlight.
Moved away from window/sunlight [but still lights on in the room.]

A:Webcam Displays Black Screen [Unless in front of Direct Light]

Here is a good source when troubleshooting Webcam Issues. 
The Screen is black, blank or dark

A blank, black or dark screen can be caused by low light conditions or if the webcam is in the wrong mode. Make sure to use the webcam in a well-lighted area.
Adjust the brightness setting in the Skype software, for more information refer to the Skype website.

On Skype, select Tools> Options >Video Settings > Webcam settings 
Then move the sliders for brightness and contrast and see if it helps. 

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hi there people,
this is embarrassing!
been using Windows since forever but eyesight now failing.
Have increased the screen type size so that I can still read it, but now the icons are gigantic.
I do remember going through this exercise on my previous PC before I bought my Samsung R780 notebook and I did it then with a simple utility.

I am working on a project now that is overdue, so any help would be much appreciated.
I have quickly tried to find a similar problem via search with no luck.

A:Icon displays too large after screen type size increased

Hello Himagain, and welcome to Seven Forums.

This sounds like the DPI settings that you changed if everything is huge now. If so, then you could use OPTION THREE in the tutorial below to reset it back to the default 96 DPI (100%).

DPI Display Size Settings - Change

Hope this helps,
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Hi guys My system is a custom build I completed about months ago initially I had OS reinstall driver amp minor stability problems using UEFI which was solved in another board on this forum by changing to MBR config my system specs are listed Also to optimise OS functionality I implemented the following but will roll back displays? Random green Monitor: PC screen blue & white if found to be thecause of the error Turned off the Hibernation File to save disk space OS mounted on SSD Shrunk System Protection to GB again to save space Turned off Indexing to SSD only since it has k read capability Shrunk Page file to MB on SSD Set Power Option to high performance Unchecked Defrag for the SSD amp its partitions Disabled GUI at boot The LCD monitor is connected by the shipped VGA cable with a DVI male connector to the GPU s DVI out putsocket I ve yet to purchase an HDMI cable hopefully this might be the bottleneck PC Monitor: Random white & blue green screen displays? amp easily solvable btw I m not sure if the current problem is related to the previous OS reinstallation issues anyways I first noticed this problem weeks ago while PC Monitor: Random white & blue green screen displays? using a free word processing application Abiword when I was cut n pasting screenshots to a document the screen suddenly went white amp having to restart by using the reset PC case button I primarily use D graphic programs such as Blender Gimp amp a game engine for D mobile game development its not really a persistent regular problem in fact I could live with it if not for the randomness at this point its getting really annoying ie if I forget to save something hrs of work are lost yeah suck value xtreme I ve cleaned the CPU GPU amp case sinks amp fans with compressed air checked driver compatibility amp run system third party diagnostic tools to troubleshoot a possible solution anyways screenshots as follows So at this time I m stumped as to what the glich gremlin is any advice much appreciated in the mean time I ll continue online research to troubleshoot problem will update this thread if solution found Cheers

A:PC Monitor: Random white & blue green screen displays?

Hi devhead
Welcome to the forums. I think you are running out of memory. Why don't you set Windows to manage the Page / Swapfile on your SSD? I have 16gb of ram and have a 16GB page file on my two main systems. I can run out of memory if I run too many virtual machines and the PC starts writing to hard drives. The fact your machine goes to a white screen and locks up when you are pasting files into documents I think indicates the limited virtual memory is stalling the system. A page file on an SSD would be good use of the drive.
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I have a screensaver that I made using a avi to screensaver program and had it since 2011 and worked fine since then but now I restart my computer, the screensaver no longer displays in full screen, it display with a black box border with the video in the center of the screen! I tried changing the screensaver then changing it back, still no longer full screen and still in that small box. I googled the issue and found nothing! all I found was problems with the 'My Pictures' screensaver but nothing that applies to me!

A:restart compter, screensaver no longer displays full screen

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Im running win 7 pro on a dell latitude D620 and that's what comes up when I switch my laptop on preventing it from lloading up can anyone help me fix this problem so I can access my computer please..
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Win 8.1. When I set up duplicate displays with my monitor and TV (DVI / HDMI) my Metro start screen icons, text etc. become huge. (I have them set to small as possible.) Is it possible to fix this? This doesn't happen when I extend displays.


A:Can I make my start screen smaller when running duplicate displays?

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The change in the bdmifit bat file from a value of to should have worked if my EEPROM hadn't been owned nbsp I ran the Patched EEPROM Utility Ver dated and it showed ASCI values in the Asset Tag Serial Number Model Number GUID and UUID fields nbsp Thanks again HP for allowing these tools to be out there so those of us forced to buy used equipment on eBay can overcome what other technicians chose to sell off nbsp Wish I could post a picture of the Utility's output nbsp After the following fix my notebook rebooted and the clock was turned back to of and restarted all over argh the fix for this was to unplug and turn off the 1 2... Post displays BIOS program of "Manufacturing Screen mode notebook times nbsp Evidently this turns off the Manufacturing Program Mode nbsp Unfortunately the person who programed it wrong also failed to program values for the motherboard so Protect Tools generates an error nbsp So there is probably some way of programing those values in BIOS Post Screen displays "Manufacturing program mode 1 of 2... with the biosconfigutility exe program but the value names are a mystery only available to certified service people nbsp Still I like HP because they have Maintenance and Service manuals and got my problem mostly solved nbsp My guess is that my motherboard wasn't programed by a certified technician so the casual user gets caught in between BIOS Post Screen displays "Manufacturing program mode 1 of 2... again nbsp If my post merits a perk please send the config txt value names to my email nbsp http h www hp com hpsc doc public display docId emr na-c - nbsp HP Elitebook p with windows - Validity fingerprint reader with Windows driver from nbsp sp HP Protect Tools Security Suite latest versionBIOS reflashedThe BIOS post screen generates a message in white background with red letters Manufacturing program mode of and after each reboot an iteration is added to the The Protect tools suite generates an error stating that the Motherboards and System IDs are invalid and there are no values displayed nbsp It stops posting and requests a continue acknowledgement All of the BIOS values have been reset to default and boot fails as it tries to boot from a network connection nbsp My choice was a UEFI boot so boot fails After resetting the BIOS values and rebooting through the Protector Suite error to the desktop my cursor stops working correctly after a couple of minutes and only bounces across the top of the screen Rebooting the computer completely resets the BIOS values to default and an iteration is added to Manufacturing program mode of Task manager shows no running apps Here is a list of the settings from the config txt generated by the biosconfigutility exeThese were the values in the BIOS after a successful boot even though my system is AHCI the value in config txt is IDE so these values appear to have automatically defaulted to their originals during booting After resetting the values from the command prompt and the BCU with a new config txt file the notebook reboots to Manufacturing Program Mode of then reboots again to Manufacturing Program Mode of and the boot fails because the BIOS values have been reset to defaults automatically Is this Manufacturing progam mode a part of the Protector Suite nbsp If not where else can it be stopped nbsp BIOSConfig Originally created by BIOS Configuration Utility Version Date Time UTC Found settings ManufacturerProduct NameSystem IDUniversal Unique Identifier UUID FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFSystem Configuration IDProcessor TypeIntel R Core TM i CPU M SKU NumberWarranty Start DateProcessor Speed GHzSunday DisableEnableMonday DisableEnableTuesday DisableEnableWednesday DisableEnableThursday DisableEnableFriday DisableEnableSaturday DisableEnableSet Alarm TimeMemory Size MBROM Date ROM BIOS Version CCU Ver F Serial NumberVideo BIOS RevisionINTEL Keyboard Controller Version Ownership TagAsset Tracking NumberBattery Serial Number Serial Port DisableEnableBattery Serial NumberNo ... Read more

A:BIOS Post Screen displays "Manufacturing program mode 1 of 2...

The blog here should be useful- along with comments below it. Most of the info you need should be on a label probably under the battery.
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hello!. i have Aspire4750g windows7 HB 32bit. after the "Starting Windows" (the one with their logo). It normally displays a BLACK SCREEN but it is just for 1-2 seconds. But in my case, the black screen in my laptop after the "Starting Windows" takes 5-10 seconds! what the? Is there a problem?

A:Windows 7 HB 32bit: displays black screen for a long time!


It all depends upon the speed of the hardware.
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Hi Everyone I recently purchased a Belkin Screencast AV with the intention of using it for meetings at work Primarily my thinking was that both employees and visitors could easily plug their laptops into the Screencast and content could easily be viewed through the Boardroom flat screen TV Let me say that my experience not of cloning laptops displays) (when all Belkin showing Screencast screen with this product has been anything but smooth and I would not be in a rush to recommend this product further to this I unfortunately purchased one of these for my father in law recently and fingers crossed he won t have the issues that I have faced My issues started with The remote control did not work at all Fiddling with a flat head screw driver and the remote rectified this issue however if I did not Belkin Screencast not showing all of laptops screen (when cloning displays) have a good response to my Whirlpool Forum Post regarding this issue I would not have even gotten to the second issue The Screencast is quite picky when it comes to HDMI cables The first HDMI cable that I plugged in caused the Screencast menu to come up on the flat screen and no matter what I did it simply wouldn t go away - e g the remote control became unresponsive The cloned screen image is clipped on the flat screen TV I am missing half of the Windows task bar and a similar amount of screen real estate from the top and sides Now that I have my quot bitching quot out of the way I would still like to fix point I have tried different resolutions on the laptop and various TV ratio settings in all instances I am still seeing a small amount of screen clipping I have contacted Belkin support on at least occasions their service was reasonable on at least of those occasions and in my last conversation it was apologetically explained to me that the Screencast is not I repeat NOT DEFINITELY NOT designed with laptops in mind Instead it is intended only for Home Entertainment setups Of course I am going to keep trying here I have jumped through hoops and run a marathon at least that is what it feels like and ultimately I am not prepared to give up yet Any help and suggestions will be appreciated Kind Regards Davo nbsp

A:Belkin Screencast not showing all of laptops screen (when cloning displays)


If you are missing cloning straight from your laptop to a TV, there may be a difference in resolution for the 2. Windows does not automatically scale the second screen to look the same as yours. It would be like trying to make an A3 painting fit on a piece of A4 paper without first making it smaller, you will see some of the picture but not all of it. Win+P will change whether it extends the screen or duplicates it. Perhaps I am way off the mark here on my advice.
Let me know if any of this helps.

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After doing a fresh install of windows xp home on my friend's HP laptop, she took it away and has been happily using it for the last week.

(Reason for fresh install was suspected infection)

Now, it starts and almost gets to the logon, but a two second blue screen with the message:-

"Begining dump of physical memory. Physical dump complete. Contact your system administer or technical support for further assistance"

It then reboots back to the safe mode options screen and will not boot into any of them.

She says it hasn't had a knock or fall, but the only time I've seen a message like that before was when it was due to a hardware issue?

Any advice?

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When I open Edge it opens to a blank start page amp usually below I see blank Edge displays delete can't data browsing screen & clear weather time etc amp customize amp now I cant see anything I went to Microsoft site amp did Edge displays blank screen & can't delete clear browsing data everything it says I also noticed browser slow also amp not displaying many things on sites I did a Internet Explorer reset also but that Browser works fine I am using Google Chrome now amp no issues but can't seem to get Edge working right Also in Edge if I go to settings i cant clear browsing data This Below form Microsoft Site Hello Thank you for posting your query in Microsoft community I know how this concerns you and I ll help you out with this issue Let s run the app troubleshooter and check if it helps Method Run Windows App troubleshooter Let s run the app troubleshooter and check if it helps http windows microsoft com en-us windows- Edge displays blank screen & can't delete clear browsing data run-the-troubleshooter-for-windows-apps If issue persist I suggest you to try method Didn't work says no Edge displays blank screen & can't delete clear browsing data issues Method Reset the Microsoft Edge I would suggest you to Reset the Microsoft Edge and see if it helps Note Resetting the Microsoft edge will remove your bookmarks and History Follow the instruction provided below and check a Navigate to the following location C Users username AppData Local Packages Microsoft MicrosoftEdge wekyb d bbwe b Delete everything in this folder c Now press Windows key and type Windows Powershell in search box d Right click on Windows Powershell and select Run as administrator e Copy and paste the following command Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers -Name Microsoft MicrosoftEdge Foreach Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register quot InstallLocation AppXManifest xml quot Verbose Disclaimer The Reset Edge Settings feature might reset security settings or privacy settings that you added to the list of Trusted Sites The Reset Edge Settings feature might also reset parental control settings We recommend that you note these sites before you use the Reset Edge Settings feature Resetting Edge isn't reversible and all previous settings are lost after reset To back up favorites in the edge follow the steps below Open File Explorer copy and paste the folder location below in the address bar and press Enter LocalAppData Packages Microsoft MicrosoftEdge wekyb d bbwe AC MicrosoftEdge User Default Copy the Favorites folder to a place where you like to save your backup Did that also amp still same no dice
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Hi everyone Recently my mother's desktop computer got into a reboot loop I managed to find the problem windows xp was showing a brief blue screen with the following message UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME STOP X ED x D xC x x I've searched the microsoft support and it asked me to Volume items. blue console Unmountable screen Boot & displays: recovery run chkdsk and fixboot with the recovery console I loaded my win cd pressed R but the hdd wasn't detected I've checked my bios but I don't have any options about UDMA as the microsoft site suggested The bios detects an IDE Hitachi GB NTSF C Her hard drive and an additional IDE GB blue screen displays: Unmountable Boot Volume & recovery console items. NTSF D my sister's harddrive but recovery console only detects the GB one However when I try to reinstall windows it does detect both HDDs but the GB show's file system as unknown To my dismay I also discovered that each harddrive has a windows installation the GB is running an up to date Win XP sp which is the current boot and the other one is XP sp I ran fixboot and chkdsk from the gb one but it doesn't change or repair the first HDD I sincerely don't know if they installed something recently but as far as I know my mother opens ALL her email attachments Doing a small research I thought the GB HDD was probably a SATA and I had to load additional drivers however BIOS shows that it's IDE and the CPU lacks a floppy disk drive I haven't opened the case yet I had a Linux Live-dvd around and booted up knoppix dvd and when I mount the GB all files are there and the don't seem corrupt i'm currently doing a backup of them My concern is that I might not be able to backup everything and since my sister runs Photoshop installation from a borrowed CD I'm really hesitant about a complete reinstall which forces me to format how do I know what's causing the problem Is it the NTFS file system My disk is SATA but disguises as an IDE I'm kind of lost Any help would be appreciated the specs Dual boot Win XP SP WinXP SP Intel core duo gHz GB RAM C Drive HDD not sure if IDE or SATA or PATA D HDD GB NVIDIA Corporation GeForce GT rev a

A:blue screen displays: Unmountable Boot Volume & recovery console items.

I apologize for the wall of text, but it was formatted before posting.
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My acer laptop running windiws 7 and vista operating system suddenly stop to boot , it only boots and shows a black screen with movable mouse pointer before login , alt+ctrl+del shows nothing, it cant boot from the cd or recovery cd, i have tried to boot with the windows 7 and vista cd/dvd but still only goes to that black screen, tried alt+f10 this only gives me edit boot options for windows 7 , i have also tried to boot in safe mode but still the same issue, when i click on repair my computer after pressing f8 it still gives me that black screen .
Pliz help cause i want it to restore it to earlier settings or to reset to factory default state or to install a new windows 7 but it cant boot even from cd or dvd . thanks
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SORRY--I ORIGINALLY TITLED THIS AS AN HP That was two computers ago this one is a nbsp HP Notebook - -f dx ENERGY STAR nbsp Not sure this is where it belongs The first results of what I thought was a narrow Google search had nothing matching this and a lot of lockup after password results nbsp While working on the computer including actively typing the screen will blink black for at least a full second then password HP screen then Notebook appea... 15 goes black, screen come back to wherever I was before Then a few seconds later it blinks again and the password screen appears nbsp The machine is well-ventilated and it not doing any processor-intensive gaming stuff nbsp HP 15 Notebook screen goes black, then password screen appea... It is similar to a screensaver re-login Pressing enter after the password returns me to the same place almost instantly nbsp This has continued even after I have done at least two each virus scan Avast malware scan Malware Bytes and spyware scan SuperAntiSpyware nbsp There's also plente of gigs of space left on the hard drive gigs of RAM and Task Manager says there's still unused memory and the processor is somewhere less than occupied nbsp So what gives nbsp Thanks

A:HP 15 Notebook screen goes black, then password screen appea...

Hi @Grump,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts, and other support personnel. I understand you are having an issue with the screen flashing black . I will be glad to help you. Please post the full product number and operating system in use on your computer. See the following, if you need help with that information.How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?Is the Windows Version on My Computer 32-bit or 64-bit? Please get back to me, so I can help you.
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When the screen goes onto standby after 20 minutes without use, my screen goes black as usual, then when I try to bring it back, it notices this and yet does not come back, yet it fills the screen with a sort of green hue, the edge of the screen goes an emerald green hue. I can never get it back on and I have to switch off the computer.

I have fixed this by stopping it from turning itself off, but this wastes energy and I just want to know how to fix this.
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Please help!
I'm Russia but my computer is from Britain, it's Sony laptop, Windows XP, about 3 years old. The screen is completely black, although the on -button light up and it sounds like it's doing something, the monitor looks as if it hasn't got any light what so ever behind it. what can I do? Is the info still retrievable, even if the screen is not?
Thank you,

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while browsing the net I get a pop up of security warning that I couldn't turn off so I turn off the computer when I turn it back on, nothing happen only a flash of the HP logo and just a dark screen,when I try in safe mode (F8) I get a blinking dash on the top left of the screen,please help

A:dead screen

window xp home sp3 HP paviliondv4000
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My Proview flat screen has suddenly decided to NOT come on when I boot up (no signal). However, after re-starting the p.c. 4 or 5 times, it DOES start up. Is there a way I can check the graphics card while it's still installed in the p.c. or indeed the screen, please? The screen and the p.c. are about 4 years old now. Thanks, Pepstepper
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Hi all
Me again, hope some one can help me out again
I replaced my notebook motherboard and hard drive and all has been working fine
My problem is I turned off the notebook from the start menue and when I turned it back on the hard drive light flashes and does its usual stuff but I have a completly blank screen, even when I boot from the instalation disc it doesnt seem to matter how I start, there is nothing on the screen, the only thing that seems to work is the lights around the keyboard, I am thinking it is poss time to give up and buy a new laptop
please help any info would be greatly appreciated

Thanks all Neil

A:Dead screen

Any beeps when you boot?
If so describe.
If none, back up your stuff with Ubuntu. If you cannot load Ubuntu, you have a hardware problem that must be repaired
If you can back up your stuff, try a factory restoration
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I blew out my desktop with compressed air and now i have no video. the screen acts like its going to work and then says monitor going to sleep. I had it checked out at a pc shop and the said it is probably(?) the mother board. got an exact replacement from HP and still dead screen. changed out the video card with a new one still nothing. Any advice as to a reasonable fix $wise would help.Also when it is first turned on,(cold start) the cooling fan for the processor runs at full speed and the only way to shut off the pc then is to unplug it.

A:dead screen

Do you here any beeps when attempting to start the computer? If yes, Then in what pattern do they occur?(How many long beeps and how many short beeps?)
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My screen on my desktop has died. If I swithc of the mains it comkes on for a couple of seconds before dying again. The computer is running ok. Is it more likely to be the video card or the screen itself?

A:Dead screen

It's most likely the monitor. Try plugging the monitor into a different PC to find out.