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Solved: Computer doesn't recognize the network adapter

Q: Solved: Computer doesn't recognize the network adapter

Here again since I have the most weird problem ever which I have never seen nor heard of before. I recently upgraded the OS on a friends computer, from Vista to 7. However now I can't seem to get the onboard ethernet adapter to work, it can't be seen in device manager nor anywhere else. I have tried to reset the bios (by removing the cmos battery) and I have also checked that the network adapter is set to 'Enabled'. Also, when I connect the cable to the ethernet port no lights go on, it doesn't give any sort of hope what so ever. The cable is ok, the "modem" is ok, and everything else seems to be in order and yet it doesn't work.

Computer in question:
HP Pavilion 6530sc
Non-default GPU and added 1Gb RAM

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Computer doesn't recognize the network adapter

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Computer doesn't recognize the network adapter

Whenever you install a new OS, always take note of the model of core system hardware like GPU, chipset, and ethernet/wifi (there are a few others that aren't as important, but nice to have updated) since those are critical to your computers core functionality.

However, a quick google search of your model yielded me with your PC's system specs. Your PC contains a Realtek RTL8201N ethernet adapter. So far I am unable to find a driver from Realtek itself and the HP driver is not Realtek, but instead nVidia nForce.

So after a bit of searching, I came across this: it seems to me that you have an old chipset from nVidia. I am not completely sure, but I think you have an ION chipset. Try installing this ION chipset driver (64 bit) ==OR== this ION chipset driver (32 bit) and tell me if it works. It should include the necessary component drivers and if it works, it means you have an ION chipset like I suspected.

Here are the specifications for your PC BTW.
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We presently have three computers connected to a T line in our office and are in the process of reinstalling XP PRO on a IBM Thinkcentre M Celeron D GHz MB Ram GB HD XP PRO which we inherited Network Unable Adapter to Install-Computer XP New recognize from another company We are unable to get XP to recognize that a Network New XP Install-Computer Unable to recognize Network Adapter card is installed even though we know it is and have the network cabling connected to it with a light We have attempted to download and reload drivers to the computer by using another computer to connect to the network and internet downloading to a cd and installing into this unit all to no avail By opening up the Device Manager I find that the following is headed by a large yellow question Mark Other devices Ethernet Controller Multimedia Audio Controller SM Bus Controller Unknown Device Video Controller Video Controller VGA Compatible Considering that I have downloaded practically every driver device and networking and do not have this problem solved tells me that it has to be something I am overlooking We at this point will try anything to get this computer to recognize that the network card is there Any help is appreciated

A:New XP Install-Computer Unable to recognize Network Adapter

Could be that the card or the slot is damaged.

Have you tried removing the card? If not then I would try it. Reboot without card switch off again and re-install card and reboot.
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I have computers on a network over a linksys WRT G router A netbook running XP an HP laptop running Vista Home Premium SP and a MAC running OS All on MAC Solved: Laptop doesn't to Vista password access recognize network show on all computer network locations and I can access files between each of them EXCEPT the HP Laptop under VISTA to the MAC For that connection VISTA wants a user name and password and I enter the same and only user name that I have on the MAC and I get the message that Windows cannot find that machine and asks me to check the user name password I use that same user password combo when accessing the MAC from the XP Netbook it works fine What can I do in VISTA to get to the MAC I know that the user name password I am using is the only one that exists on the MAC I also have printers attached and they both work fine on all computers nbsp

A:Solved: Vista Laptop doesn't recognize password to access MAC on network

have a read here and see if this helps

Here’s how you can get your Windows 7 PC to share printers and files with XP and Vista PCs--and even a Mac
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I am trying to install a LG wifi adapter (LWG 5410U s/n 041001150), but windows failed to install drivers

I have searched everywhere for it with no luck

maybe someone can help me out.


A:Windows 7 doesn't recognize usb wifi adapter

Hi are you plugging it in a usb hub if so try plugging in a usb port on the computer itself
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Hey, a friend of mine recently formatted his laptop and installed a fresh copy of Windows XP Professional. Now, windows xp doesn't recognize the built-in adapter of the laptop anymore. It's a "Toshiba Satellite A200 PSAE0E". We're not exactly sure what type the adapter is; we think it's an Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945/4965/5100/5300 or Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200/2915. The user's manual doesn't say anything about the brand of the built-in WLAN. He doesn't have any cd with drivers.


A:XP Doesn't recognize built-in wireless adapter

Go to the Toshiba support site and select your exact model and download the drivers and utilities. I suspect you probably need some other drivers too if you didn't already go to Toshiba for them.
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I have a Dell Dimension 8100 P4. It came with 2 64MB RDRAM modules and 2 continuity modules. I ordered 2 128MB RDRAM modules to increase my memory to 384MB. I replaced the continuity modules with the 2 128MB modules. On reboot the computer recognized I had a different amount of memory and asked if I wanted to run system setup or continue. I continued. I then checked system settings and it shows I have 256MB not the 384MB I should have. I reseated both new modules. Same thing. All modules are PC800. Why does it not recognize all my memory and what can I do? I'm running WIN ME. Thanks for your help.

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My brother went to My Computer one day and saw that there was no disc drive there, it was working in the past, but now it doesn't show up, I don't think he did anything unusual. But it shows up under Safely Remove Hardware Wizard with "Samsung CD Drive" or something like that.

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I recently installed Vista Ultimate on my second drive partition (didn't want to give up XP yet)
Now i have two OS, but i'm having trouble with Vista. It doesn't detect any of my programs, it says no programs installed on this computer, it doesn't recognize my graphics card either (ATI RADEON X1200) My modem doesn't start at all... But when I try XP, everything works just fine.
Should I reinstall all my programs on the second hard drive partition to make them work on Vista?
And what can I do for the graphics card and modem...

A:Solved: Vista Doesn't recognize anything on my computer....
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I m not sure where to put this problem so will try here Doesn't Computer Solved: SD recognize Card first I have tried different brands of SD cards and my computer won t recognize any of them I thought the first card might be bad so exchanged for a different brand and it didn t work either so exchanged again and same problem When I put the card in it makes the quot sound quot that the computer recognizes something new Then I go to My Computer but it doesn t show up at all I checked Device Manager Solved: Computer Doesn't recognize SD Card and it appears to be there It shows up as Multi Flash Reader USB Device and it says the device is working properly but my computer win doesn t recognize it The card I am using in my camera now works Solved: Computer Doesn't recognize SD Card fine and the computer recognizes it and it s not the end of the world but would like to use the new card which is gb compared to my old gb Thanks for your help I forgot to mention that the new card works fine in the camera nbsp

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Hi all,
I was using a 1394 adapter on one of the PCIe slot, and it was perfectly fine.
Recently, I upgraded A11 Bios (although I'm not sure if this cause the problem), the computer doesn't recognize the adapter any more. The IEEE 1394 bus controller is missing from device manager. 
I ordered a new card, tried both PCIe slots, still no luck. But I did get lucky one time got the computer found the 1394 for one time but then it disappeared.
I'm suspecting the power to PCIe slots. Any thoughts are highly appreciated! Thanks all for your time reading this.
Best regards,

A:XPS 8700 doesn't recognize IEEE 1394 Adapter

Hi Judsonzhao
Thanks for writing to us.
Have you tried updating the chipset drivers? if not yet ,please do so from our and let us know how it goes.
Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message,by clicking on my name
in blue and then select send a private message
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I upgraded a computer to Windows because it had a corrupt Windows XP install and I wanted to save myself the hassle of reinstalling Windows XP I Adapter Windows doesn't Ethernet 7 detect/recognize am now having a problem getting the PC to connect to the internet It says that no Ethernet Driver is installed and it doesn't even detect an adapter with no drivers in Device Manager I was expecting the yellow exclamation point I used Windows 7 doesn't detect/recognize Ethernet Adapter Everest to get some details about PC in question and I hope I can post it here I found some drivers for this motherboard online and it worked for the audio but I just can't seem to get the LAN working This is the page I got the drivers from http www ecs com tw ECSWebSite Pro uID amp LanID I don't know how to install the LAN drivers The audio ones only worked when I did Windows XP SP compatibility on the EXE I tried the same thing with the LAN but it said it couldn't find the NIC am I doing something wrong

A:Windows 7 doesn't detect/recognize Ethernet Adapter

It sounds very much as though your hardware is incompatible with Windows 7.

Before you tried to upgrade you really needed to download and run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, which will flag up any hardware issues.

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor - Download - Microsoft Windows

If you can find a Windows 7 driver for your LAN adapter you need to download it, save it to your hard drive and install it from there or go into device manager, select your LAN adapter, right-click it and select Update Driver Software.

My best advice to you is to reinstall Windows XP, and then run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.
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I recently replaced my Sony Handycam with a newer similar version of itself (went from a DCR-TRV250 to a 280). When I connect it to the computer nothing happens. I've installed, uninstalled and reinstalled both the USB driver and the software (ImageMixer and ImageTransfer) numerous times to no avail. Admittedly the CD I am using came with the older camera I replaced -- didn't get a CD with the new one, but it should still work, shouldn't it? I also tried the Windows Movie Maker program (since it's part of XP) and it doesn't see the camera either.

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I m having difficulty setting up my wireless network I bought a Netgear WGR and a Netgear USB adapter I have gone though the on screen instructions to set it up using my wired desktop computer I turned off my modem connected an ethernet cord from my computer to the router and one from the modem to the router in their correct slots I turned on my modem then a few minutes later turned on the router All of the lights on my PCI card and the router are lite as should be according to the instructions Then the setup restarts the network to detect a connection with the router After about times it still doesn t notice the connection Note I have already verified that all cords are secure and in the appropriate slots I have also gone through the manual installation intructions but a connection is still not found I have tried everything I could think of but nothing works What do I need to do to get the computer to recognize a connection nbsp

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Using my laptop, I am trying to connect to a file on another laptop on our network. I pulls up where I have to enter a user and password. How can I avoid this?
Keep in mind I am the network administrator.
If I should have put this on the "Network" billboard, I am sorry.
I can get on to one of our desktop computers with Windows XP no problem.
Both laptops can access a file through the network to the computer with WindowsXP.

What/Where can I search to allow me on this computer without a password?

Thank You,

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Hi There, hope somebody can help with the following.... After a windows 10 update my system will not recognize my wireless network adapter in the device manager. First time i had this problem i looked the driver  up with HP support and downloaded and installed it and my wifi worked fine. But after a restart the next day it is gone again. In programs and features (programma's en onderdelen in NL) i see the Broadcom 802.11 Wireless Lan Adapter in the screen but under Device manager it is not in the list....and the result is nog Wifi. In the taskbar i also do not get the option for wireless and the airplane setting is not on. Who can help me?
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hello, i could really use some help, a co worker brought me his comuter to reinstall windows xp, because he did not like vista, he also had his own xp discs, i have done everything like normal, have done this a time or two not my first rodeo with reinstalling windows xp, this is however the first time that this network issue has happened, i have installed the device driver cd as well along with the reset tool from dell's website, im getting NOWHERE. please help thanks a MILLION.

A:device manager does not recognize network adapter

Did you install the drivers in the recommended (if any) order--usually chipset first?

If it's an integrated adapter look for the driver on the PC (or motherboard) manufacturer's web site. Else look on the NIC's manufacturer's site. For the latter you may have to physically uninstall the NIC, run the setup program, and then physically install the NIC (there should be instructions).

Above assumes there is a device in Device Manager that's missing a driver.
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I'm doing this for a friend as he can't get online, he has a dell dimention 2300, winxp, he reinstalled winxp with the dell cd, everything went ok but when he tried to go online winxp can't recognize his usb ethernet network adapter, in device manager he has a question mark for serial bus controller (usb) and 10/100 lan, he said he installed all the drivers that where on the resource cd, in the right order
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Hello I have recently gone to a trip and Network Cable Doesn't recognize used wireless internet on the hotel that I stayed Doesn't recognize Network Cable at it was all working fine but once I got home and connected the ethernet cable to my laptop it does two things the light that usually flashes when I connect it doesn t flash and It says that the network cable is unplugged My modem and ethernet cable are both working fine with my PC so I don t think there is anything wrong with them I have even changed the ethernet cable just to make sure that wasn t the problem That s what I m like sure that there is something wrong with the laptop I have been surfing around the web trying to find something that might work and nothing has so far I don t want to completely reboot my laptop since I have files that I would like to keep Please help me I don t know what else to do Sincerely Ghha nbsp

A:Doesn't recognize Network Cable

Make sure the ethernet adapter in Control Panel is not disabled
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I have recently installed Adobe Creative Suite 4 (CS4) under Windows 10. Photoshop within the suite doesn't recognize two of my four network printers, which happen to be my best printers. This is purely a Photoshop thing, as Illustrator and InDesign within the suite do recognize these printers. It seems that occasional lack of printer recognition occurs in some other Adobe products as well. The Adobe 'error' message is banal: in essence, you silly user, you need to install a printer before printing anything. Duh.

It goes without saying that all my four networked printers are recognized by all other applications installed under Windows 10.

There may be no solution to this Photoshop CS4 madness, but perhaps there is a fix?

A:Photoshop CS4 doesn't recognize two of my network printers under W10

Hi there
works fine for me

Check things like firewalls and AV

I'm using a network HP deskjet -- no probs at all with it. --perhaps re-install the printer again -- could be IP address screwed up / firewall / AV software / DHCP addressing hosed up. Also got a decent A3+ printer (epson) - no probs with that either.

Are your printers wired or wifi into the network - that can make a difference too.

Try also re-installing CS4 again.

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Hello!  My recently purchased Ideapad 100S sees all other networks around me, but does not see my wifi network. It sees my slower wifi network but not the faster one. I've entered in the network as a "recognized network," but it still does not appear on the list of networks I can connect with. I have a different computer that does see and use the network, so I know it's a problem with the Lenovo. I have tried most of the troubleshooting stuff I could find, to no avail. What could be the solution????? Your help is very very appreciated

A:Ideapad doesn't recognize wireless network

Hello and welcome,
Is this an 11 inch or 14 inch 100s?  By "slower" and "faster"networks do you mean 2.4GHz and 5GHz?
It looks like the 11 inch 100s doesn't support 5GHz wifi, but the 14 inch does.
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I've a weird prob with my Vista Ultimate 32bit. I have a home network with an old XP SP3 32bit machine (which is the proxy server) and Vista 32bit which I use.

Sometimes I just cannot connect to the XP machine machine. "Path not available" error. But I get the ping response in 2ms flat though. I dont understand.

To cure this I sometimes tinker with Media sharing ON OFF and it works then but not always. Most of the time I need to restart the Vista machine to cure the network hiccup?

Any ideas? I use ZoneAlarm Free firewall on both, even after taking down the firewall on both machines I still get the same problem. The only way to cure it is to restart my Vista machine.
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Good evening Been awhile since I posted Haven't had to Got rid of an ugly virus on one of my daughter's Win machines But that isn't why 7 adapters recognize doesn't network Windows I am here My daughter in HI just called me System is a Toshiba Notebook Satellite L bought brand new last week All was well until yesterday She couldn't connect to the net with any source dial-up DSL etc She went into the Device Manager and all of the network sources under Network Adapters have next to them She went in to properties Windows 7 doesn't recognize network adapters and all of the drivers are installed and working properly Now since I am Windows 7 doesn't recognize network adapters Win challenged I am not sure about my solution haven't done it yet until I find out if it can be done In other Win OSes I would uninstall every one of them power off power on and let the OS find and install the drivers I saw when I install Windows 7 doesn't recognize network adapters my other daughter's Win machine that Win installed everything I didn't have to do a thing My question is Is my solution right Will that work Yours in long distance teching Jann

A:Windows 7 doesn't recognize network adapters

Should work. Only way to find out is to try it, but first try doing a system restore. That should always be the first resort
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I'm still trying to fix my sister's laptop more out of sheer determination at this point I gave up on trying to fix the black screen problem and on trying to get to her files and did a full Factory Restore Vista booted up perfectly after that and then I tred to get online Here's what I know The wireless adapter is enabled when I press quot F quot a little laptop network recognize w/ Vista wireless Dell doesn't icon pops up with an antenna with waves coming off of it so I know it's on When I run the connection utility it says quot Windows cannot find any networks quot but my network is fully operational and I am connected to it on my computer laptop cell phone playstation and tivo so I know the signal is working I ran a diagnostic on the adapter and it passed everything so from that I can see that the computer recognizes it and it is functioning I also tried to update the driver but still had no luck Any other ideas I'm still floating with the idea of wiping vista and using my OEM CD to install XP but Dell laptop w/ Vista doesn't recognize wireless network I want to make sure the thing Dell laptop w/ Vista doesn't recognize wireless network is functioning properly first Any suggestions are appreciated

A:Dell laptop w/ Vista doesn't recognize wireless network

Hi liguy,

OK, on the laptop:

1. In Network and Sharing Center, is Network Discovery turned on?

2. In Manage Network Connections, are there any other connections shown besides your wireless? Any with a red X; if so, disable it.

3. If the above is all OK, open a command window (Start, Run, type Cmd in Open: Box and click OK). In the command window type ipconfig /all (space between g and /, no space after /), right click on window, click on select all, right click on window icon at top left, select edit > copy, and paste result in your reply.

Please let us know one way or another.

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I recently decided to start fresh and I reformatted my computer with the recover discs. The recover discs were junk and i ended up having to just use a regular copy of windows xp. Once i got it installed i noticed in my device manager that there were a few devices not recognized and none of those devices were a network adaptor. So i hooked up my comp via USB and was able to update my computer to service pack 2 which then recognized all my devices but still no ethernet adaptor. Now it isnt a problem at the moment but I would really like to be able to hook up to the internet via my router at some point in the future. Also i have tried installing a PCI ethernet card and once again it did not recognize it. Any ideas about how to get my computer to recognize the built in ethernet port?

A:Computer Wont Recognize Ethernet Adapter

Can't you download drivers from the manufacturer's website?
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I recently bought a Nintendo DS and a DSTT card so that i could have all my games on the one card. This works by having a NDS Game Card that has a Micro SD slot in it that allows you to put game files on it, allowing you to have multiple games on the one card. When i first got the card i was able to connect the Micro SD card to my computer using the USB Adapter that came with the card. Now when i try and connect it my computer doesn't think anything is plugged in. I've tried putting it in another Adapter and another computer, each failing to recognise the card. The card still works fine in the Nintendo DS but i can't get my computer to recognise it when i plug it in through USB?

A:Computer Won't Recognize Micro SD Card Through Adapter

are you sure its the right cable.. i have the same thing but its called ACEKARD buy on of thoseas the come with a usb thing which you insert the micro sd card into and slot that into a usb hub hope that helps.
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Hi last week when I booted up my computer I saw wireless My not recognize adapter does computer the anymore the Wifi signal with the spinning circle in the bottom of the screen the one you see when the Wifi is trying to connect to the internet This took longer than it does normally and eventually it turned into the sign that there is no cable My computer does not recognize the wireless adapter anymore connected After trying some things it turned out it was not able to detect the wireless adapter and therefore My computer does not recognize the wireless adapter anymore wanted a cable I rebooted my pc and the problem was fixed This process repeated itself several times but now it does not detect the wifi adapter even though it does try to connect to wireless internet in the first place at all anymore I have tried replacing the wifi adapter with another one but the problem is exactly the same Does someone know how to fix this If you require any additional information from me please do not hesitate to ask me for I really want to solve this problem

A:My computer does not recognize the wireless adapter anymore

What type of wireless adapter are you using? USB, card?

Have you tried all USB ports/PCI slots?
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I recently reformatted my entire machine and now when I put in a DVD it will not even recognize the file?? I think codec's?? any ideas
I have two drives neither works.
I have windows media 9 also

A:Computer doesn't recognize DVD's

Codecs is a distinct possiblity. Did you reformat the machine with discs that came with the computer or did you install an entire new operating system? Went through this with my computer when getting a new hard drive. Could also be a driver problem. Who made the dvd player? You may have to go to their website and see if you can get the driver. If you need a codecs package google 'codecs'.
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I have a Mad Dog Dominator Cd burner that I installed (on my PC with Windows XP). When I turn on my computer, it only recognizes that I have a cd-rom drive maybe one in every 20 times. During start-up, when I hear it spinning, I know it will be one of the times it's going to work. The burner works fine at these times until I have to shut my computer off for some reason. Please help! :giddy:

A:Computer doesn't recognize Mad Dog cd-rom

It could be you don't have enough power to the drive (doubtful, yet possible), so can you hook it up so its your only cd drive (if you have multiple). Or it could be that you have a dead drive (IMO the more likely senario).

Does the BIOS recognise it? Does the drive open when you hit the button?
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I'm working on upgrading a friend's computer. The computer is a Gateway Essential 866 with 128MB of SDRAM PC133 already installed. I installed 256MB SDRAM PC133 of additional memory into the open slot. However the computer doesn't recognize the new ram. Lavalys Home Edition verifies that it has been installed, as it shows up in that program. However the computer isn't using the new ram. When I go to system settings in the Contol Panel, it still only shows that there is 128 MB of ram.

I'm trying to solve this ASAP so I can upgrade the system from Windows ME to XP.

Thank you.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite 2805-S503 that originally came with Windows ME. My friend at work (the IT guy) upgraded my OS to Windows XP but now my CD-ROM drive doesn't recognize CDs. It recognizes DVDs and some games, but it won't read any CDs. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hi there. I bought an eMachines computer off of Newegg, and when I plug in the internet through the ethernet cord it does not work. Wireless however does. I've called the manufacturer and they said they cannot help whatsoever.

In device manager when it's only the ethernet cord there's no Network Adapater, and Windows Update has nothing. Currently I'm using my girlfriend's wireless to post this (as I do for online games).

Please help?

A:Solved: No Network Adapter - Windows 7 on freshly bought new computer
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I am helping an 80 yr old lady with her laptop and is is possible that these parts on the motherboard could go out?
it is a dell inspiron n4110
I can use the SD card reader to install and a cd.

I look in device manager and network is not even listed. When I install the drivers the adapters cannot be found.
I have installed the chipset drivers and the usb 3.0 controller driver. An intel wireless adapter driver, also the realtec ethernet driver.

I looked in the bios and didnt find any setting to change. At this point I think the motherboard is the issue but I am not sure. Is there anything else I should do to try to fix this computer?
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Hi guys,

I have a laptop in which I am running windows 7 pro x64. But as I had a problem with the weak signal I bought an alfa network antenna : 802.11/g long-range
model awus036h.

I have installed the driver following step by step the instructions from the driver's site.
But I am only able to see only the other's SSIDs not MINE . and also Even when i am forcing to connect to my SSID it doesn't connect. My network is not Hidden so I dont get it.

the inner network adapter is atheros AR5007 and PCI: Realtek RTL8102E
can please someone help me?

A:Alfa Network Usb adapter doesn't work!

Quote: Originally Posted by dionm

Hi guys,

I have a laptop in which I am running windows 7 pro x64. But as I had a problem with the weak signal I bought an alfa network antenna : 802.11/g long-range
model awus036h.

I have installed the driver following step by step the instructions from the driver's site.
But I am only able to see only the other's SSIDs not MINE . and also Even when i am forcing to connect to my SSID it doesn't connect. My network is not Hidden so I dont get it.

the inner network adapter is atheros AR5007 and PCI: Realtek RTL8102E
can please someone help me?

please go into device manaer and verify the driver is installed and working.

Please go to start>search>type device manager.
Are there any "unknown devices" with yellow triangles on them?
Is you driver there , listed, and working?

If y our driver is missing, or there is a yellow triangle on it, you will need to update it.
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My network adapter doesn't load on first start up but if I restart after initial start up then it will work perfectly fine on Network load first doesn't adapter startup This problem started happening not too long ago after a week long spree of bad stormy weather that caused my house to lose and return power in quick succession This caused my computer Network adapter doesn't load on first startup to shut off and Network adapter doesn't load on first startup boot up and shut off and boot up about or times before I could hit the power switch on my surge protector It happened again the next day and I had to stop using my computer for the rest of the week to prevent further damage As a result my hibernation system file has been corrupted I have since then turned off hibernation on my computer including deallocating the hiberation storage file on my C drive So now my computer cannot hibernate which isn't really an issue but I only mention it because I think the two problems may be related On first boot I get two indicators in my device manager that I have posted a screenshot for On restart after initial boot I have no indicators and the second indicator labelled quot Intel R Management Engine Interface quot does not even show up under the system devices list in my device manager Don't know if that has something to do with it So in summery my network adapter does not start on initial boot but does after a restart How do I fix this Note My mobo has built in POST and I also have a POST card that might work with this mobo If you need me to use this for additional information I can on request

A:Network adapter doesn't load on first startup

Is this a name brand PC, Dell, HP, ETC, or is it one you built yourself?

the card / Mobo might have gotten damaged by the power problems but, have you tried, removing the device(s) in device manager and rebooting to see if it adds them back in correctly.

Have you checked the manufacturers website to see if there are updated drivers?
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I was trying to fix my sound stuttering while browsing the internet, and I found that the source was my wired internet adapter, a Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller.

I noticed something from TP-Link brand, but someone mentioned they used a Realtek Chipset. TP-LINK TG-3468 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit PCI Express Network Adapter: Electronics

To make this short:
Looking for a High Speed PCIe Wired Network Adapter that doesn't use Realtek, and I don't know how or where to shop around for.

Thank you

A:Looking for Wired Network Adapter that doesn't use Realtek at all

- how did you source the problem to your internet card?
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Ok so a few nights ago I got a little drunk at my house I don't remember everything detail for detail what happened but I'll try to list it as best as I can I decided the party I was throwing was lacking good music so I stumbled into my bedroom and started my computer Everything was fine I realized my computer was in my room and the party was in the living room so this was quite the useless endeavor I shut my computer down A couple doesn't recognize Computer keyboard hours and a few drinks later I forgot about my first adventure and tried it again I repeated step and I came back to my room I'm not positive why but I think it was to show one of my buddies the Kratom page on Erowid My computer all of a sudden would not recognize my keyboard The next morning I tried Computer doesn't recognize keyboard troubleshooting the problem I tried all USB slots failure I tried using my PS adapter and that failed I ran over to my buddies hung out for a few minutes then borrowed his keyboard which I know for a fact works Didn't work with the USB or the PS adapter None of the LED's on either of the keyboards light up when the computer starts up However my Webcam LED light does turn on The computer does BIOS and I'm certain that Windows will load however before it loads XP it gets to a screen that says quot No keyboard detected press F to continue quot ironic huh I can't think of any solution I know my computer had a virus on it at one point however I have ran several top of the line licensed anti-virus programs on it and as far as I can tell it was clean at the time of the problem However I also know there's really no way to be certain unless you reformat which I just so happen to have lost my WinXP disk and can't find any good torrents I appreciate any ideas suggestions

A:Computer doesn't recognize keyboard

cmos reset
turn the computer off
remove the power lead from the back
take the side off
remove the cmos battery
move the cmos jumper from pins 1 and 2 to pin 2 and 3 and the back to pins 1 and 2
reinsert the battery
put the side on
replug in the power lead
boot the computer

there can be 2 solder points you touch with a screwdriver
2 pins you touch with a screwdriver or use a jumper
a cmos clear switch or button
there will be a diagram and instructions in your manual
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My operating system, Windows XP, comes up with several error messages when I try to open up system files or programs that concern the "Computer Administrator". I then checked in the Control Panel to make sure that my name is in fact the admininstrator, and it is, to no suprise. But whenever I try to open these programs it either says this has been disabled by the administrator. The administrator has turned off this feature. Etc...

I don't know why this happens. I find out a way to fix it and then when I close it, it won't let me reopen it without fixing it again. Some programs that I have tried that don't work and give me this or a similar error message are, System Restore, Task Manager, Regedit, and Windows Update. I don't know why this happens but I need some help... Please help me!


A:My computer doesn't recognize me as the administrator

Well, it is still causing problems.. Anyone have ANY solutions?!
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My computer suddenly stopped recognizing my dvd drive. when I go into the control panel it shows that it is there but it has a code 19 error. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall, but it will not complete the uninstall process. It goes about one eighth of the way across the progress bar and the dialog box disappears. When I go back to the control panel it does not show up in the list until I reboot. When I reboot, it still does not show up in the file explorer.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A8-4500M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 21 Model 16 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3530 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7640G, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 455624 MB, Free - 414737 MB; F: Total - 305242 MB, Free - 196226 MB;
Motherboard: Gateway, VG50_CM
Antivirus: Kaspersky PURE 3.0, Updated and Enabled

A:Computer doesn't recognize DVD drive

Take a look here:
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Ok so a few nights ago I got Computer doesn't recognize keyboard a little drunk at my house I don t remember everything detail for detail what happened but I ll try to list it as best as I can I Computer doesn't recognize keyboard decided the party I was throwing was lacking good music so I stumbled into my bedroom and started my computer Everything Computer doesn't recognize keyboard was fine I realized my computer was in my room and the party was in the living room so this was quite the useless endeavor I shut my computer down A couple hours and a few drinks later I forgot about my first adventure and tried it again I repeated step and I came back to my room I m not positive why but I think it was to show one of my buddies the Kratom page on Erowid My computer all of a sudden would not recognize my keyboard The next morning I tried troubleshooting the problem I tried all USB slots failure I tried using my PS adapter and that failed I ran over to my buddies hung out for a few minutes then borrowed his keyboard which I know for a fact works Didn t work with the USB or the PS adapter None of the LED s on either of the keyboards light up when the computer starts up However my Webcam LED light does turn on The computer does BIOS and I m certain that Windows will load however before it loads XP it gets to a screen that says quot No keyboard detected press F to continue quot ironic huh I can t think of any solution I know my computer had a virus on it at one point however I have ran several top of the line licensed anti-virus programs on it and as far as I can tell it was clean at the time of the problem However I also know there s really no way to be certain unless you reformat which I just so happen to have lost my WinXP disk and can t find any good torrents I appreciate any ideas suggestions nbsp

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I've realized that my computer doesn't like phones being connected to it. It doesn't let me access the files, and when I plug it in it connects, then disconnects in a rapid, sometimes very rapid pace. I am using Windows 8.1.
Relevancy 63.21%

When I had my phone plugged into the USB port, I pushed the "Safely Remove Hardware" button on the bottom right hand of the screen because I thought it disconnected the phone for me.

The phone still charges when plugged in but I cannot find it anywhere on the computer.

I've tried restarting the computer with and without the phone plugged in, system restore, restarting phone, updating USB drivers, shutting down computer with and without phone plugged in, and disabling and enabling the USB ports. NOTHING has worked.

The phone is a Samsung Eternity.

By the way, when I push "Safely Renove Hardware" button, The drives on the computer will temporairily disapear but will reappear in a matter of minutes in the computer tab and the phone does not.

Relevancy 63.21%

I have just put a new ide dvd-rewriter into my computer and my computer doesn't recognize the new dvd drive or an existing cd drive. I cant see them in 'My Computer' or the 'device manager'.
I don't no if this has anything to do with it but at the same time I also installed a new TV tuner into the computer and now I cant run the CD to fully install it.
Any help would be much appreciated

A:Computer doesn't recognize my cd and dvd drives

Hi sooty, seems like the cd drive is not getting detected by the computer| Reseat the ide cables from both the ends and then reseat the CMOS battery. Let us know if it works.
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My computer doesn't recognize a gamepad, here's a feedback of the problem....

it all started when i as trying to make my computer recognize a SideWinder Precision 2 Joystick, i went to control panel, click on system>device manager and i went to Sound, Video and Game Controllers and changing some stuff there so that it worked i accidentally erased the controller's identity or i don't know what jajaja(which name was Gameport Joystick), and suddenly my computer recognized the joystick
but now when i try that my computer recognizes the gamepad (Genius Maxfire G-07) what did i did wrong???????
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When in Fire Fox or occassionally in INE 7 or Outlook i press print & get an error that states the printer is not connected to the computer. When I reboot the XP computer the printer starts up & during the reboot & prints the document.
This is a new problem & started after many updates to the OS. I tried reinstalling the printer file & it made no difference. How can I find out what is interferring with the connetion to the printer? When I only am running MS Outlook the printer usually prints ok, but not always. What is wrong?
Bob E [email protected]
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When I reboot the computer won't recognize my keyboard. I bought a new keyboard with a usb port but still does the same thing. Please help. Thanks Gord

A:Computer doesn't recognize keyboard

Have you set your BIOS to use USB keyboards?
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I have a sony dv camcorder I am trying to hook to the computer for moving videos The computer recognizes the ADS Pryo and says it is working correctly but I cannot get the computer to recognize the Sony handycam Model DCR-HC I have re-seated the card and tried restarting the computer with the camcorder in the play vcr mode The camera shows DVin on the screen when it s on and plugged in but the computer just doesn t see it and neither do the programs like Pinnacle Studio or the software that came with the camera I was really hoping to do a video for my daughter of her new baby recognize Computer doesn't camcorder for Xmas but at this point I can t transfer the video over Anyone Computer doesn't recognize camcorder have any help I did Computer doesn't recognize camcorder contact Ads tech and Sony they both said the other one needs to tell me where to get more drivers I m so tired of trying to figure this out Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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I made the mistake of leaving my laptop open and accessible to my 2 year old. When I came back, he was tapping away. By the time I got to it, it had shut off. I thought he simply turned it off. When I turned it back on and tried listening to internet radio, I couldn't get any sound. Went to check the volume, and the volume icon was no longer there. I checked audio options and couldn't figure it out. So I put a cd and a dvd in and neither was recognized. I went to "My Computer" and the drive wasn't listed. I tried several things including saving a file in Notepad (as I saw in a previous thread on this site) but nothing worked.

Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated!

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I was trying to listen to some music through my earphones when i realized my computer doesn't recognize them, although they were already plugged in. They worked perfectly fine yesterday. all i had to do was right clicking the speaker icon, selecting "playback devices" and choosing the headphones. Please give me a simple and understandable solution since I'm not really good with computers.


A:Computer doesn't recognize headphones

Have you tried rebooting the PC and trying it?
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After reformatting I try to install some cd burning software but the drive is never recognized. It worked fine before but now the computer doesn't see the drive at all. Anyway to fix this?

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Dear People,

First i had this computer plugged in to an hdmi-screen.
The sound and video were transmitted by the hdmi cable but now i have a new screen with a vga cable.
When i attached my speakers, the computer wouldn't recognize them.
I tried different speakers but they all weren't recognized.
when i go to sound i see :

digital audio (HDMI) Not plugged in.

What should i do?
please help me,

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I have a year-old Acer Aspire (I know, I know!). I have no problem playing CDs - the computer recognizes them immediately and asks me which program I want to use to run the CD. BUT, when I put in a DVD, not only does it not start up automatically, My Computer doesn't recognize that there is a DVD inserted. It just sits there - no whirring sound - nothing. Although the computer is now a year old, this is the first time I've tried a DVD so I can't be certain if this problem came with the computer or if something has happened recently to cause this. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

A:Computer doesn't recognize DVD drive

You need to install video codecs on your computer, because many computers have the drive, but not the codecs. Download these, there completely free!!!
Good Luck!
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Hi I have Toshiba Computer my External doesn't recognize HD. satellite M The original HD that came with the laptop is Toshiba MK GSX with GB storage I bought a new HD Toshiba MQ ABD with GB storage I also upgraded my RAMs - I Computer doesn't recognize my External HD. installed Computer doesn't recognize my External HD. my new HD in my laptop and installed windows XP SP I want to use my old HD as an external HD - I plugged it into the computer via USB cable but the computer wouldn t recognize the external HD - I plugged the old HD back into the computer and formatted it and installed a fresh Win XP SP - I put my new HD back into the laptop and tried to plug the old HD as external HD to see if it would work now but the computer still doesn t recognize it - I opened Computer Management and looked under Disk Management but the external HD didn t show up there - I plugged it into different USP and waited for a minute and a new icon for the external HD in my computer pops up I double clicked it and gives an error quot Please insert a disk in drive E quot Then the icon disappears I unplugged the HD and plugged it back in but the icon would show up again I waited for an hour before I plug it back on The icon appeared for seconds and then disappeared again I know it s not a hardware problem for the following reasons - When I plug in the external HD the light in the HD case turns on Red - I can hear and feel that the HD is running - I plugged the HD back into the laptop as internal HD to check if it works and Win XP shows up so there is nothing wrong with the HD Can someone please Help me how can I use the old HD as external HD and make the icon for it shows up in my computer nbsp

A:Computer doesn't recognize my External HD.

Yeah a lot of the older HDD don't work so well with the newer USB / IDE/PATA/SATA adapter kits. I am using one here with 3.5 HDD Seagate and WD to see which ones are working and not. You can hear them spin-up but that doesn't mean they're 100% okay. In your case you should try a desktop instead of the laptop USB ports might be getting duff. Like I said try a different PC see if they can be seen. External USB just get WD Passport and then transfer any data over to it from the old one. That 100GB I am sure the life on it started to go. MTB on these HDD in the past didn't live up to as promise.
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I have a dell inspiron laptop running windows vista, which is 2 years old. Recently, whenever I put a cd in the disk slot, the computer doesn't register that it is there. When I go to my computer, there are options, like autoplay at the top of the screen, but there isn't a symbol for the cd, and if I click on autoplay it ejects the cd. Itunes also doesn't seem to know that there is a cd in the drive. Help?

A:Computer Doesn't Recognize CDs/DVDs

It maybe your cd- rom lazer isn't working properly or you have a corrupted operating system. I would try restart> first boot device cd rom> win xp in drive and see if it reads it that way at all. If not then I suggest you get a new cd rom drive for your laptop. Sorry I can't be anymore helpful I hope this post sparks new ideas for your problems.
Relevancy 63.21%

I'm on a Dell Dimensions DIM 4600, XP Home, SP2, and it is not recognizing the D and E drives. Can someone out there please tell me how I can resolve this problem? It's not my computer, so I'm being very careful with whatever I do. Thank you.

A:Computer doesn't recognize D and E drives

What do you think the D and E drives should be? Were they there before? Looked in device manager? disk managment?
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WHAT IS WRONG HOW DO I FIX IT I believe it may be a virus or a malicious cookie But im not sure how to track it down I have malwarebytes but it cant find it I know its there because i have also downloaded XoftSpySE and it found cookies that malewarebytes could not Yet the only way i can delete them is by buying the full package I am only do not own a credit card and can not afford those pricy Anyway onto the symptoms The videos on YouTube don't just not play i can't even get onto the freaking site It's been like this for about weeks now At first it only lasted Recognize Doesn't Computer Youtube! HELP! a day But then it Computer Doesn't Recognize Youtube! HELP! started up again after days And has been like this since Everytime i try to go to the site it says Computer Doesn't Recognize Youtube! HELP! that Internet explorer cannot display the page try refreshing check internet connection yadayada But its not IE its like this for all my web browsers FF and GC Something is hijacking my internet and i want it GONE Please Help ME D

A:Computer Doesn't Recognize Youtube! HELP!

Oh yes also i think it may have something to do with DogPile. Because that webpage poped up on my GC out of nowhere.
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When I go to my computers System Properties click the Performance tab and read the Performance Status it states quot Memory MB of RAM quot Yet I have two MB DIMMs installed My computer uses Windows B OSR Operating System megahertz AMD K Processor and a Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity When the computer was new it had MB SDRAM DIMM V -pin installed The AST website says quot Up to MB via DIMM sockets -pin MX ns V EDO or SDRAM unbuffered DIMMs quot can be installed The manual says quot bits no parity Single or double-sided v ns or faster SDRAM tin-plated pins quot and quot By installing DIMMs on the system board you can increase the amount of system memory up to RAM Computer full recognize doesn't MB quot I added MB in and my computer recognized the full no problem Five months ago I took out the amp MB and put in two MB DIMMs M DIM x S U CL G Later on I noticed that my computer still indicated Computer doesn't recognize full RAM MB I contacted the company that sold me the Dimms They said that the Dimms definitely match my computer specifications and they offered some suggestions The main suggestion was to update the Bios which I tried to do several times but it never seemed to update like it was supposed to I don t really understand how it works -but I tried to update the Bios or times according to the computer manual instructions amp according to the confusing website instructions I don t beleive it ever worked nevertheless at present the Bios listed at the computer manufact website is the same Version as the one on my computer Award Software I assume updating means to have the latest version in there So then the company traded with me amp sent me an identical pair of Dimms They also were read as MB total by my computer The company worked with me yet one more time sending a slightly different type of chip which are also supposed to be applicable to my computer These are M DIM X S U KYQ G They are in there now but my computer still recognizes only MB So finally I tried taking one chip out amp leaving one in My computer then recognized MB of memory I then added the old MB chip amp now it reads a total of MB My computer seems to be treating the MB Dimms as though they were really MB Dimms But how could a high tech company mislabel so many Dimms The problem must be at this end Do you have any idea what the problem might be Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Computer doesn't recognize full RAM

Sounds like your motherboard can't handle DIMMs that are 8x64. Your quote says that the web site states 4x64 (32 meg) as being what your board takes, yet you are installing 8x64 (64 meg) DIMMs.

I would bet that the DIMMs are fine. Your motherboard simply isn't compatible with them. Believe the website, not your manual.

As for your BIOS updating - you are looking at the wrong number. Award Software makes the BIOS - that number is the number of the program that is STORING your BIOS, not the BIOS itself. The number you need is going to be much longer, and is usually below or to the right of the number you listed.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech
Don't forget the GCs waiting for you - just listen to music while online!
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My computer was working fine until I moved it to another room. When I plugged in the phone line and tried to dial out I get a message that says "modem not installed". I can find it via control panel/modems, but I no longer have the software so I'm relunctant to remove it and try to reinstall it. Any suggestions on how to get this old thing going again?

A:Computer doesn't recognize modem

So the modem does appear in Modems and Device Manager?

Anyway, it may have come loose during the move. Open up the case and reseat the modem in its slot. Make sure the power is disconnected first.
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My daughter has HP laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium(64 bit). She downloaded Defender Pro 2011 15-N-1 as an anti virus. The AV shows up when the computer is started but the Windows Security shows an alert that no AV or Malware is detected. I click on the Defender Pro, it pops up and shows that the system is protected. Why isn't Windows detecting this? On my desktop Windows detects my Norton 360. The activation number was put in her computer during the download but she hasn't made created an account and registered the Pro yet. Would that make a difference?
The Defender Pro has a firewall so the Windows firewall is disabled. Also should the Windows Defender be on or does it need to be disabled? Thanks.

A:Computer doesn't recognize AV protection...

If I remember correctly, Windows Security Center gets this information from Windows Management Interface (WMI).So you have AV and a firewall installed, but the Windows Security Center only complains about missing AV, not missing Firewall?You can always check the Services on this machine to make sure the Windows Management Interface service is started.Update: It seems Defender Pro 2011 is a rogue AV, can anyone confirm this? Update: Defender Pro 2011 15-in-1 is a rebranding of BitDefender.
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Lately my laptop does not read any cds or dvds when loaded into it. I have searched the forums to try and fix it by myself but when I opened the CD/DVD ROM drives under device Manager it comes up as hp CDDVDW TS-L6334 and when I double click this is says:
Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

Please help!!

A:My computer doesn't recognize any CD/DVDs

Hi courtney33. Welcome to the forum.

Please see the following from Microsoft:
Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs

Do the first fix first, and if it does not work then do #2 and so on.

If none of these work, let us know!
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When I boot up my computer is says that it doesn't recognize my battery and that it will not charge. But after I continue and use my computer it works fine and charges. I have a Dell inspirion 1501 with Vista on it.

What can I do to fix this?

A:Computer Doesn't recognize battery

Sounds like either a bad ac adapter or a bad battery. anyone you know with the same model adapter you could test with? Any chance this machine is still under some kind of warranty?
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my computer will burn and play music files with Real Player and Windows Media Player, open and view cds with picture or word documents. But when I try to save pictures or word documents to the CD drive/e it isn't even listed as a option. Can anyone give me some help with this?

A:Computer doesn't recognize dvd/cd drive

You do not save files in the traditional sense to a burner drive. You would use your burner software program to compile a list of files to burn to the CD. You have to compile the files you want to burn to a CD as you can only use a CD-R once. You can also use the MS XP Burner option. Right click the file you want to burn and choose SendTO the CD burner (E:\ drive or whatever) this will show a bubble message in the lower right hand corner. You Have Files To Be Written to the CD Double click this message to view the files. Continue compiling files to be burned, and when you are ready, put a blank CD-R in the drive go to the left pane in that window and choose Write these Files to CD It will now burn the files in this window to your blank CD-R.
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I have FINALLY got to the bottom of why my PC is freezing, after weeks of trial and error. It runs perfectly normally when I unplug the Belkin USB Wireless adapter. Is there a way of repairing this? Do I need to download something to stop it from happening?

A:Solved: Computer crashes when Belkin Wireless USB Network Adapter is plugged in
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I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium, 32-bit, on a hp Pavillion6000 laptop. The network adapter is a Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG (it was stock with the computer).

I've never had problems with the network adapter before! It completely stopped working on all fronts. I tried updating and/or replacing the drivers, but there's one error that I keep getting no matter what I do (besides erasing it all together) when I look at it under Device Manager.

"This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)"

That's it! It doesn't work at all! It won't update, I already tried manually downloading / installing drivers from Intel's website, and it's still messed up! I've spent hours trying to figure this out, and I'm completely stumped. Any ideas?

- Nate
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Hello, i have an ASUS X55VD and the wireless adapter isn't working anymore. I tried troubleshooting, reinstalling the ASUS drivers (Ralink and Atheros drivers), uninstalling and uninstalling & deleting the driver from device manager. I tried uninstalling the antivirus (ESET SS 8). The wired connection is working fine.

How it started giving errors: I left it in Sleep mode for 2 days, unplugged. After this i did a restart and the wireless adapter was off. I turned it on using the Wireless Console 3 (provided by the laptop CD from ASUS), the wireless LED stays constant ON, although in Network and Sharing center, the wireless connection is Disabled. Re-enabling it from there it just says Enabling... -> Enabled but it still remains Disabled. After this i started applying the fixes mentioned above. Whenever i start the laptop now the Wireless is disabled and i don't know what else to try.

A:Wireless Network Adapter doesn't work anymore

I don't want a definite solution, just..i don't know what else to try. Can someone help?
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Just reformatted my alienware laptop because I haven't used it in months. Now I don't even see "Network Adapter" listed under device manager so when trying to install the driver i don't think it had any effect. Suggestions? Running m15x windows 7 home premium 64 bit.

Relevancy 62.35%

Hello all This is my first post I just found this site and I ve been having a Computer doesn't recognize blank discs problem for about months now that I m just not sure how to fix or what caused it for that matter My problem is as follows For some reason my computer does not recognize blank media at all I have a HP DVD Writer n which is a combination cd dvd reader writer I have been able to burn both dvd s and cd s in the past but for some reason ever since about August or so it will not recognize blank cd s It will Computer doesn't recognize blank discs still PLAY audio cd s dvd s and data discs not sure if it will recognize blank dvd Computer doesn't recognize blank discs s cause I haven t had money to buy any and I m out I don t know if there is something stupidly simple that needs to be done or if it s a small problem linked to a major fix but the few folks I ve mentioned the problem to trying to figure it out don t seem to know why I would be having this specific problem This really sucks cause I have a lot of media that needs to be put on disc so I can delete it but I can t and it s really frustrating If anyone has any ideas please post something or if you have furthur questions I will give as much info as I can Thanks nbsp

A:Computer doesn't recognize blank discs

What's the brand name on the blank media? Have you tried different brands? Memorex can cause those problems you speak of and I never use them because of their faulty readings. You should also try cleaning the drive with a cd/dvd lens cleaner. Even though it plays cds the lasers used to write with are a different breed.....
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Help My computer recently crashed on me I was getting the Blue Screen of Death I Hardrive!!! Computer Help!! Seagate doesn't recognize thought I had a bad hard drive so I returned my hard drive to Seagate and received another one I just tried to put it into my computer and install Windows XP SP but after I select to install windows and press F to accept their terms I see the screen that is supposed to show the open space on any hard drives installed so that I can select where I would like to install Windows XP and it says quot no disc in drive quot If I press enter I then get a blue error screen that says it can t proceed and is shutting down my system to protect it And then I can t do anything else What is wrong with my computer Could it be a Help!! Computer doesn't recognize Seagate Hardrive!!! problem with my motherboard I have an Asus P LP-LE The HP Compaq motherboard name is Leucite-GL E nbsp
Relevancy 62.35%

We recently bought an APC Backup UPS ES 350, with 6 plugs. It seems that no matter what I do, the computer doesn't recognize the UPS battery backup. The computer behaved similarly when we bought a 725BB APC UPS ES long ago. In fact, it hasn't behaved normally since we first bought the Dell computer, which came with a UPS, over five years ago.

Besides hooking up the connection within the battery, charging it (for more than 16 hours in this case), plugging one end of the cord into the battery backup "telephone" outlets and the other end in the computer, is there something else that I need to do? When I try to update the PowerChute Personal Edition, it gives me a message that it cannot locate the battery backup. Help!

A:Computer Doesn't Recognize Battery Backup

First check that the serial cable is connected between the UPS and the PC, then run new hardware wizard and search windows update for drivers.
Make sure the UPS is plugged into a socket on the wall aswell because UPS' activate after loss of power not from having no external power and trying to run something from it.

This is the only thing i can think of that may help.
once the drivers are installed you may have to restart your PC
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I have uninstalled and reinstalled, downloaded new drivers and everything else that I can think of. D is still not accessable. Please help.

Relevancy 62.35%

I am working on my daughters PC (no brand name) it has a ASUSTek motherboard # P3V133. I have no discs or CD's to help me. Windows 98SE The video will not show more than 16 colors, the video card is in an AGP port and it is picking it up as a PCI port. Also, says there is no driver installed for the modem, only listed as PCI communication device (no name) I may need to upgrade bios but don't have AFlash, is there a place to download it? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

A:Computer doesn't recognize all cards installed

The video card is an AGP video card? what brand / model? Flashing the bios wont do anything for a video card that uses the agp slot. you will have to go to the manufacturer website and download the video card drivers.
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computer went to blue screen .tried to recover with disk that was supplied by nec. A friend tried to install win 2000. Ntfl file is missing was response. startup runs says window 98 was recovered. goes to blue screen, say please wait A:/.> comes up when friend tried to go to c drive " invalid drive specification " Now after my friend tried something else I can't say what exactly , new message was no atapi file or something close to that, and check cables and jumpers which are fine as far as I can tell they are secure. Do not know if electrostatic discharge has occurred. but if it did what can be done? any and all information would be helpful. thanks for any and all responses.

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I put in a cd with pictures this afternoon, and looked at them. When I tried to revisit them this evening, it doesn't show the CD drive as an option on My Computer. When I press the button the drive does not open. I checked the power supply to the drive and everything is fine, also the green light is on.
I have an eMachines T6410, Windows 2000

A:Computer doesn't recognize CD drive, won't open

Have you tried a reboot? If the drive is stuck, a paper clip may be used to manually open the drive. You should see a tiny hole right on the front panel of the drive. GENTLY push an extended paperclip into the space and disc tray should open.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Celeron R CPU E GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce NVIDIA nForce i Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard MSI MS- To be filled by O E M Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled DVD Drive LiteOn DVDRW SOHW S Here s the problem My computer doesn t always recognize the disc in the DVD drive If I start the computer with no disc in the drive and then insert one My Computer shows no content but NERO will write to it if it s a blank If I start it with a disc with contents in the drive it reads writes fine but My Computer won t change the name of the disc if I change it but will still read write to the new disc Any Ideas nbsp

A:Computer doesn't always recognize DVD drive contents
More than likely, the answer is on this link.
Check first that DMA mode is enabled.
Control Panel System Hardware Device Manager, IDE ATA ATAPI controllers - if DVD drive is IDE. select the one for the DVD, click to open advanced settings tab, check transfer mode is DMA enabled.
This will be set DMA unless someone has atered it.
If that is not the problem I would try the clean boot procedure on the link.. Here is the Clean boot link.
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So basically, I had a copy of windows xp on one hard drive. Got another one and reinstalled windows on that. I wasn't able to reformat the original HDD (tried the XP tool and partition magic, neither would let me). I eventually found some western digital HDD tool and completely reformats your drive. I did that for the original HDD, however, now my computer does not recognize the fact that there is a copy of XP on the new CD.

Anyhow, I imagine there was something on the original HDD saying there was a copy of windows on my new one. Or something. So am I screwed? Or is there any way to get my computer to recognize that copy of windows? I'd rather avoid a reinstall if I have to.

A:[resolved]Computer Doesn't Recognize copy of XP

What are the exact symptoms ? Do you get a "non system disk error" when you are booting ?

If so, boot on your XP CD (you need to change the boot device priority to CD-rom first in the bios), then press 'R' to run the recovery console. Once in recovery mode, type this :
bootcfg /rebuild
Then choose to add the detected installation to your boot list.
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I just bought a 9800 GT Geforce nVidia card.I have an Intel G43NB motherboard. I installed the new graphics card into the PCI-e slot, but I can't get the computer to recognize the card. If I plug my monitor into the card's I/O slot, I get the "no signal" message. I tried installing the driver off the website, but it says: "The NVIDIA setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit.". The card also doesn't appear in Device Manager. Any suggestions?

A:Computer doesn't recognize video card

With the monitor connected to the onboard video you need to enter the BIOS setup, like F2 or DEL, on start up and change the primary video to PCI-Express or PEG. Then save and exit the setup. Power off the computer and connect the monitor to the new video card and turn on the computer.

Also you need to make sure you have at least a 400 watt or higher power supply and that you have connected the auxiliary power cable to the back of the video card from the power supply.
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During a storm, our computer got a power surge. It will turn on but it says there is a " Boot Disk Error or disk cannot be found". The computer also doesnt detect the wireless keyboard, so I cant F11.
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Win 98 e-machine 450

Last year, I replaced my 3 gig hard drive with a 20 gig. I copied everything to the new drive, and DISCONNECTED the original.No problems, has been working fine.
Yesterday, I was having some trouble with a couple of programs, and decided to run the restore disk. I checked #2 (don't reformat) and ran it. Now, my computer says I have the original 3 gig drive, and all my programs and documents are lost. I had to reinstall my ISP.
Does anyone know how I can get the computer to "see" the rest of the drive ?

A:Computer doesn't recognize hard drive

whoops! Many restore cd's put everything back to the way it came from the factory. In you case it should have left all your data but got rid of any changes you made within windows and programs but it sounds like instead it put an image of exactly what your harddrive looked like when you bought it.

You have two options(maybe) - you can experiment with the recovery cd to see if it will format the full drive and install your windows and applications. Or you can run fdisk and create extended and logical drives in the unpartitioned space on your drive, which would become a new d: drive.
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We just put in a new cdrom/burner and Windows 98 is running but the computer isn't picking up the ethernet card. It has picked up all the other devices.

Linksys Router is running, all lights are on and internet up and running on first computer.

Any suggestions?

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I have a full ATX computer case with two mobile racks for hard drives. I just found out about the new SSD discs, bought a Kingston 240GB SSD, because my two mobile racks are Kingwin trayless (KF-1000-BK), I bought one of the Kingwin racks, HDCV-3, which enables the new SSD/HDCV-3 to fit the trayless racks.. My problem now is that when I boot up with both the WIN7HDD, active operating drive, and the new SSD drive, my computer doesn't recognize the SSD drive under "Computer". How am I suppose to patrician/format the new drive when it doesn't show up anywhere?? I seem to remember the same thing happened when I installed my 1TB HDD,  It's working now but I can't remember how I did it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated...


Check the BIOS. Once you get the BIOS to see the HDD, it "should" show up in Windows. Be careful doing this! I would back-up or remove the Active drive while trying to get the SSD "seen".
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Computer doesn't recognize Canon XL-1 is attached.

Canon Xl-1 does not need drivers.

It does not recognise it w fire wire nor s video cord.

The ports are there for both so I assumed the card had to be too.

The camera is on.

What am I missing?

Next step take computer apart.

All suggestions welcome. Pls HELP!!

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I just had my laptop hard drive reimaged, and now it doesn't want to recognize my iPhone when I plug it in via USB. I should see *something* like I did before, like a new drive letter. The laptop installed the drivers when I first plugged the iPhone back in, but even though now I hear the double bong-sound when I plug it in, I don't see anything appear in Windows Explorer, nor can I move any files from the phone to my computer.

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I recently decided to connect my computer to my TV After looking up various cables I decided I would go with an RCA cable a foot RCA cable Before drilling holes in my wall I decided to test the wire and I m glad I did I get nothing but a pure black screen Normally when I connect a device to my TV Pioneer Monitor and the device is off I get a deep red glow right now I m getting nothing I ve tested with three TVs and I get the same effect every time I do not have another M M Doesn't Computer Pioneer Recognize Monitor RCA cable to test out anything Going onto my computer I see in the Display Properties Computer Doesn't Recognize Pioneer Monitor that Computer Doesn't Recognize Pioneer Monitor my computer lists four monitors always has even though I have always had one connected up until now It refuses to let me enable three of them If I do it just disables them automatically The device manager sees something is connected but it just says quot Generic Non-PNP Monitor quot Been playing around with it for about three hours after looking on other things decided to try here nbsp
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I haven't changed anything in the system, I just woke up one morning and I couldn't burn videos to DVD! I am running Sony's software for movie editing (picture motion browser) and have been making movies for years and never had a problem. I have tried to get the computer to recognize about 6 different DVD reader/writers and I just bought a brand new ASUS unit and still no recognition. HELP!

A:Computer doesn't recognize ANY DVD writer/reader

I assume you already tried those suspect cd-dvd devices in other computers, correct? Are the devices showing correctly in UEFI or BIOS? If yes, are the devices correctly showing up in Control Panel's Device Manager? And, you have or have not used something similar to Acronis Universal Boot, I can't boot the Acronis dvd right now to make sure of the correct name; however, once I invoked it, both my hard-drive and what was once my cd-dvd device had the same name in BIOS; I had to restore a recent [month-old] OS partition image to fix it. It is the first choice of four or five choices within the Acronis Rescue DVD [or usb] boot.

addendum: I corrected the name above: Acronis Universal Boot is the correct name.
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I have an HP pavilion ze4400 notebook. My computer crashed and I reformatted my hard drive using the HP quick restore system recovery cd’s that came with the laptop. The reformatting was successful but after a few months it crashed again. I attempted to reformat the hard drive another time but half way through the reformatting an error message popped up and the computer automatically rebooted itself. Now the computer does not recognize that it has a hard drive and the reformatting discs do not work.

A:Why doesn't my computer recognize the hard drive?

Could be the HD is shot. It happens. It might be it's overheating and that's shutting it down. You don't share enough info to really say much...You would have to share the error message for any specific help...Jazz
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I have a WD Elements Hard Drive, 160Gb, when I plug it into my computer, Vista business 32 bit, I cannot access the hard drive, it works on other computers and even when I plug it into my computer the blue light on the hard drive is on so I figured it must be my computer? but other hard drives work on my computer.. any help would be much appreciated thanks.

A:my computer doesn't recognize my WD hard drive

Hello Kevv, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You may need to take ownership of the drive and give yourself full control before it will allow you access.

Hope this helps,
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I have a very unclear problem Essentially when I turn my computer on it goes immediately to a screen where it says quot IDE Channel Master None quot and it says that for IDE master IDE slave IDE Master and IDE slave so my computer recognize drives hard Computer doesn't does not recognize that I have any hard drives at all In my BIOS it is the same thing both my drives are IDE I put my drive in another computer where it was found to be quot dirty quot Computer doesn't recognize hard drives by checkdisk but then checkdisk fixed it and it worked in that computer and I could access it and everything But when I put Computer doesn't recognize hard drives it back in my computer it still has the same problem and I have no idea wtf is going on essentiall I ve tried both of my hard drives in this computer and neither of them work and I ve tried them as master and slave individually and together and it still doesn t work Any advice I reset my BIOS already nbsp

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Yes I know doesn't Freeze. White HDD? recognize Computer Bar this is the rd time i'm having problems with my computer It's just being really really stupid I hope someone else can help me again When I turn on my computer it goes through the PROCESSOR Image White Bar Freeze. Computer doesn't recognize HDD? then goes to the black screeen where it asks me if I want to go to raid setup After that it goes to the black screen with a grey loading bar in the very bottom no Windows logo or anything I knew all computers go through that load thought Thats where it gets stuck The grey bar loads up to the end and then just freezes I'm not even sure what it is loading if it is a BIOS White Bar Freeze. Computer doesn't recognize HDD? problem or a Windows problem I tried resetting BIOS in both the setup menu and by taking out a battery I also tried to run WINDOWS in safe made last good configuration and ALL mods that they have by pressing F when the proccesor image comes up So if anyone could help me it would be great White Bar Freeze. Computer doesn't recognize HDD? It is also weird because I didn't do anything before on the computer I just turned it off No crash no nothing No new hardware no new USB I even tried taking out the disc while starting up the computer I was playing around with the settings and decided to try make an install repair on Windows Windows told me that it couldn't identify my hard drive disk So I take it is a problem with the HDD I also noticed that in the Setup my IDE Master Slave was my CD-ROM Please help

A:White Bar Freeze. Computer doesn't recognize HDD?

Double Post, also posted in hardrive section of hardware
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My HP Envy 15t-k000 works fine, but is slow. I thought it was my internet until I did a troubleshooting and discovered that the reason I am not getting the superfast speeds I am supposed to be getting is because my computer doesn't have a fast enough network adaptor. Currently it has the Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 it came with. I looked at the service manual and couldn't find an upgrade in it. Is there a module I can replace it with that will allow for the 1G speeds? The part number for the laptop is G0T55AV. Thanks!

A:My HP Envy network adapter doesn't support gigabit speeds. I...

Hi: The adapter you mentioned...Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 is the wireless network adapter, and I do not believe that card will connect any faster than 72 MBPS. Your notebook comes with the Realtek 10/100 ethernet (wired) adapter and it cannot be upgraded because the ethernet chip is part of the motheboard. If you want a gigabit ethernet connection, then I recommend you purchase an external USB to RJ-45 gigabit ethernet adapter. You won't find any wireless card that will go beyond the AC rate of 867 MBPS and you would need an ac router to achieve those speeds. You would also have to take the entire notebook apart to replace the wireless card and if your notebook only has one antenna attached to the atheros wlan card, you won't be able to upgrade to a faster wireless card. A suitable AC card would be the Intel 7260 wireless card if your notebook has two antennas attached to the atheros card.
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Hello! I have a problem that my Wireless Network adapter doesn't recognize my phones shared wlan anymore, it worked few days ago perfectly?

Im sharing internet from my phone.
Network adapter is: Atheros AR5007UG Wireless Network adapter

I have installed and re installed the drivers for the adapter.
There is a litle red x in the internet connection settings.

Edit: It says no wireless connections available when there actually is?
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I was listening to music when my computer froze up doesn't Windows HDD won't now boot recognize login, Computer and to so I rebooted and when Computer won't boot to Windows login, and now doesn't recognize HDD I got to the Windows XP screen with the scrolling bar it immedietly restarted again I read about using the XP repair option but when I put in the xp disc that wasn t an option SO when I rebooted the system again without the xp disc I get quot Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media quot So I put the xp disc back in got to the windows setup but now it tells me quot Setup did not find any HDDs installed in your computer Make sure and HDDs are powered on and properly connected to your computer and that and disk-related hardware configuration is correct This may involve running a manufacturer-supplied dianostic or setup program Setup cannot continue Press F to quit setup quot I checked my HDD Seagate Barracuda TB and everything was properly connected I have no idea what to do anymore I would format my HDD if I could but I don t know how Please Help nbsp

A:Computer won't boot to Windows login, and now doesn't recognize HDD

avoidbears said:

I was listening to music when my computer froze up, so I rebooted and when I got to the Windows XP screen with the scrolling bar, it immedietly restarted again. I read about using the XP repair option, but when I put in the xp disc, that wasn't an option. SO when I rebooted the system again without the xp disc, I get, " Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media." So I put the xp disc back in, got to the windows setup, but now it tells me, "Setup did not find any HDDs installed in your computer. Make sure and HDDs are powered on and properly connected to your computer, and that and disk-related hardware configuration is correct. This may involve running a manufacturer-supplied dianostic or setup program. Setup cannot continue. Press F3 to quit setup."

I checked my HDD (Seagate Barracuda 1TB) and everything was properly connected. I have no idea what to do anymore. I would format my HDD if I could but I don't know how. Please Help!Click to expand...

I could be wrong,but I've heard when you put the CD repair disk in, you're supposed to make sure it'll boot from it, then shut the pc down,wait the 30 some seconds & boot it back up so it can do its thing.
Hopefully some more knowledgeable individual can tell you if this info is correct.
I wish you the best.