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Issue When I plug my Jump Drive Secure into my laptop Win SE and try to run the secure software it says that it cannot find MFC U dll file I re-installed the drivers for the drive and downloaded the dll from one of those dll sites stuck it in the Secure Jump Lexar Drive right folder and the program finds it but it says it can t run in Win or because it uses Unicode features only supported in NT I guess is not NT based Anyone know how I can get it working again Issue Not really related to When Lexar Jump Drive Secure I plug the same drive into my desktop Win XP Pro I get the little quot Remove Hardware quot icon in the tray but that s all I can t do anything with the icon and the drive does not appear in My Computer Everest can see the drive however Recently I need to try it again though the computer would just freeze when I plug it in and I d have to hard re-start I need to try it again because I was messing with the BIOS too I got that sorted out I really need the drive to work on the desktop because I use it a lot for school Anyone know how I can get it working here EDIT I tried it again and the only difference is it didn t freeze the computer just Media Player when I had it look for devices to sync to I took the drive out and the icon is still in the tray I think it ll crash-ish when I go to shut it down EDIT It also can t open Media Player anymore probably until I re-start which I ll do now Media player appears in the running processes list but I can t end it Lexar Jump Drive Secure EDIT After Lexar Jump Drive Secure the re-boot everything works fine again It froze while I was doing something in Trilian so I had to use the reset button EDIT I did a full system repair on both computers and the problem is the same
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Preferred Solution: Lexar Jump Drive Secure

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I just got a Lexar jump drive secure Problem PLEASE Jump Lexar Drive HELP!! Secure MB today I plugged it in and started to follow all the directions everything was going fine until towards the end of the configuration stage and error came up and the only thing to do was click quot ok quot so I did The error said to remove all other USP drives and there was nothing else connected The confirmation box displayed in the directions never appeared nor did the password box So I went into my computer and clicked on the jump drive icon and it told me drive G and I thought it should have been drive F but it seemed to have skipped F was Lexar Jump Drive Secure Problem PLEASE HELP!! not formatted So I clicked quot yes quot to the format now question A box come up that was not in the directions asking about things I did not recognize I Lexar Jump Drive Secure Problem PLEASE HELP!! clicked start and a few seconds later it said windows cannot finish format then nothing I went back to my computer clicked on its icon was brought into a folder with nothing in it and it said total space MB free space quot quot Which is odd too because its supposed to be a MB drive I don t even think I can start everything over Please help me figure this out nbsp
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I just bought the jump drive to transfer contents from my windows 98 to my new Windows XP.
Windows 98 needs to download software to do it.
I went to the site but only see it for Windows 98 secial edition. Is it not possible to use This jump drive with Windows 98?

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my dad is trying to get this jump drive to work on our computer weve already drive? Jump Lexar brought one Lexar Jump drive? back and returned Lexar Jump drive? it for the exact same one this is what came up after trying to install it Error caused by a device driver Thank you for sending an error report to Microsoft Error report summary Error type Windows stop error A message appears on a blue screen with error code information Solution available No see Next steps What does this error mean Windows has encountered an error from which it cannot recover and needs to restart Cause Unknown device driver Computer symptoms A message appears on a blue screen with error code information for example e g x E KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED Additional steps for you to take Important Please continue to send error reports so analysts at Microsoft can study and try to correct the problem as quickly as possible Information about this error You received this message because a device driver installed on your computer caused the Windows operating system to stop unexpectedly This type of error is referred to as a quot stop error quot A stop error requires you to restart your computer Next steps We have analyzed your error report and at this time are unable to determine the exact cause of the error However Microsoft will continue to analyze this error report to try to determine the specific cause of the error If we are able to find the cause and correct it and you encounter the same problem you will receive an updated response that includes instructions for resolving the problem Article ID Last Review December Revision Is this a fixable problem or should we try another brand its a Lexaqr Jump Drive GB USB any help would be appreciated thanks

A:Lexar Jump drive?

welcome to the forum

go into your device manager, check for any yellow conflict symbols

do a disk error check

make sure you have all your xp updates

run a scan with ewido from the link below
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I have quicken 98 32 bit now I have new window 8 64 bit computer an my quicken 98 32 bit wont run on this computer and I cannot access the USB jump drive secure31. If I can buy windows 98 32 bit program will I be able to access the USB jump drive secure31. and read my files. Maybe someone has another idea that will help me access my files on this USB jump drive
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Trying to use a Lexar JumpDrive Secure between computers both with XP I set up the drive with computer A ok and copied a program and applicable data files For a reason I do not understand as yet computer A first saw the jump drive as drive f and then automatically changed it to g Drive works fine on computer A Drive Lexar Jump When plug into computer Lexar Jump Drive B jump drive is seen as drive f Lexar s suggested fix was to use device manager in Windows to change drive designation for jump Lexar Jump Drive drive on computer B to g I have tried both f amp g on computer B without success I get error File not found wbtrv dll and other messages when program attempts to find data files When I look at jump drive with Windows explorer data files are indeed on drive My instinct tells me the problem is with the labeling relabeling business but I cannot think of another way around it Computer A will not allow relabeling the drive to f When attempt to do so the drive designation f is not available Any suggestions Lexar Jump Drive nbsp

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I'm trying to utilize a Lexar JumpDrive Mem. Stick and my pc will not recognize the device. I went to Lexar's site and downloaded the necessary driver. However, I think the usb ports may not be functioning properly. I tried the same memory device on another pc and it worked fine. Please help me get this thing installed. Thanks in advance!!!!

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Help Me Access My Lexar Jump Drive -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My problem is that I have this actual jumpdrive and guess what I forgot my password and I need to access the information quot My The password is stored in an XOR encrypted form and can be read directly from the device without any authentication quot my question is how do I access the XOR Form and Where or how to I access it Could someone Me Jump Access Help Lexar Drive My please help me solve this Industry News Lexar JumpDrive Password Scheme Cracked By Phantasm TechSpot com Published September AM EST The Lexar JumpDrive Secure Help Me Access My Lexar Jump Drive USB Flash Drive is described as having security Help Me Access My Lexar Jump Drive as a key feature - thus the name quot The pre-loaded security software means that your information will be subject to password-protected -bit AES encryption Lost or stolen your data is safe quot Buy one of these babies and your data is secure Think again Slashdot have something else to say According to a security advisory here that claim is total rubbish quot The password can be observed in memory or read directly from the device without evidence of tampering quot And best of all the punch line quot The password is stored in an XOR encrypted form and can be read directly from the device without any authentication quot nbsp

A:Help Me Access My Lexar Jump Drive

TechSpot, as a matter of policy, does not become engaged in Password issus. You may have better luck on another tech site.
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My problem is that I have this actual jumpdrive and guess what I forgot my password and I need to access the information quot My The password is stored in an XOR Jump Lexar Access Drive My Help Me encrypted form and can be read directly from the device without any authentication quot my question is how do I access the XOR Form and Where or how to I access it Could someone please help me solve this Industry News Lexar Help Me Access My Lexar Jump Drive JumpDrive Password Scheme Cracked By Phantasm TechSpot com Published September AM EST The Lexar JumpDrive Secure USB Flash Drive is described as having security as a key feature - thus the name quot The pre-loaded security software means that your information will be subject to password-protected -bit AES encryption Lost or stolen your data is safe quot Buy one of these babies and your data is secure Think again Slashdot have something else to say According to a security advisory here that claim is total rubbish quot The password can be observed in memory or read directly from the device without evidence of tampering quot And best of all the punch line quot The password is stored in an XOR encrypted form and can be read directly from the device without any authentication quot IMHO people should stop bounding words like quot secure quot about There is no such thing as quot secure quot in the computer world unless its a closed system buried feet underground And it looks like one of these Lexar devices is far from quot secure quot nbsp
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Has anyone used these or know anything about them:
Lexar 256mb Jump Drive Elite Pen Drive JDE256-4LNBW

Can you store data and then delete it, just like a floppy and USB memory sticks? Does it fit into a Gateway USA port? Thanks,

A:Anyone familiar with Lexar Elite Pen Jump Drive?

If you don't get a reply on this forum, you might try Google. I did and there were lots of hits. You will have to wade through them yourself.
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Hi there Hope you can help I m a newbie so please bear with me I have a Lexar USB Jump Drive GB which worked on my old MacBook I have a lot of files - jpegs many photos of sentimental value word documents music and I think a couple of video files on there I got a new MacBook the other week and plugged my Lexar USB in to copy the files onto my desktop It came up I started copying files about five went over when all of a sudden I got an error message up Since then my computer doesn t even recognise my USB when I plug it in The light on the USB doesn t come on any more either I ve tried it in other Macs and even can't load get Jump - on files Mac won't Drive new Lexar a PC and none seem to recognise it I know I m foolish and should have backed up my data Lexar Jump Drive won't load on new Mac - can't get files elsewhere as well but I didn t so that s that Is there a way to make my Mac load up this USB get my data back Is there some software I can use Yours hopefully Many thanks in Lexar Jump Drive won't load on new Mac - can't get files advance for your help and apologies for not being very technical Maccagal nbsp

A:Lexar Jump Drive won't load on new Mac - can't get files

Sounds like it is dead. They don't have a very long life, even when nowhere near their relatively few possible writes.

If you have a Windows machine, you could try that and a program called "PhotoRec" to try to recover any contents. Chances would seem to be poor.
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Hey... my step-brother gave my step-mom a jump drive trio made by lexar for mothers day. to get it in the package he had to cut off the top of the package wich included the english instructions. When we plug it up, we can here the new hardware tone but when we try to open it or put stuff in it, it says insert a disc into drive E:...i was wondering if this certain device required a card of some sort because you can open the back and it looks like a card reader but i wasnt sure so help would be cool


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When ever I plug my 1GB jump Drive into my USB port all my Restore points from prior sessions are erased. If I don't plug in the Jump Drive the restore points work fine. Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated.

A:Lexar 1GB Jump Drive erases restore points

Are you trying to save your restore points to the jump drive on purpose?
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I'm going to be transferring a ton of files back and forth from my old desktop (windows 98) to my new desktop (windows XP) and, the new computer has the usb2 ports. From shopping around it looks like the Lexar Jumpdrive is one of the most popular but I want to make sure it will work for me before I buy it.

A:Will a "Lexar Jump drive" work with different OS' and different USB(1&2)
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My desktop, running Windows 98SE, no longer recognises my Jump Drive Secure USB drive. My laptop and other desk top, both with XP Home have no problem recognising it. I know that JDSecure doesn't support 98 and I had downloaded their instructions a couple of years ago to get it going. It never accessed the secure portion, only the public portion, which was fine. Have I lost a driver or some such thing?

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Does anyone have the Lexar JumpDrive Secure SafeGuard software that I can download? I acidentally deleted by formatting the drive. I looked on but wasn't able to find it.

Please help me!
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I have a new MB Lexar JumpDrive Secure It works okay on my on-line PC at home WinXP Pro Last night I downloaded files onto the jump drive to use on my off-line PC at work Win SE which I figured would be a very simple plug-and-play process -- but I figured wrong I soon learned that I needed to download drivers however since Lexar problems JumpDrive Secure I was at work and off-line I had to wait until I returned home that night to download the necessary driver files onto a floppy I carried the floppy to work today and used WinZip to successfully unzip jdusb a total of files At that point I figured the jump drive would be useable but all of a Lexar JumpDrive Secure problems sudden the following error message appeared WinZip Self-Extractor Error running command Lexar JumpDrive Secure problems instructions htm With help from my nephew I was somehow finally able to get the JumpDrive Secure icon to appear as Drive E in My Computer By this time I felt certain my problems had been solved and that all I needed to do was simply to click on the JumpDrive Secure icon and the files contained therein would appear Instead much to my disappointment I received the following error message JumpDrive Secure Initialize X Incompatible Operation System Version Please refer to the Lexar JumpDrive Secure product manual for supported operation system ver- sions or check www lexarmedia com Could someone please tell me what my next step should be My understanding was that the Lexar JumpDrive Secure would automatically work with Win SE just as it did with my WinXP Pro PC at home but obviously I was wrong As a possible remedy my nephew suggested replacing Win SE with Win but he warned that other issues might arise nbsp

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I just bought a 1gb Jumpdrive secure by Lexar Media and I have not been able to get it to detect is there any special way to get it going? Any one with any tips and walkthroughs please help me. I've tried it on both Xp and Mac X. I ve been trying to plug it in and it wont detect. Help

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My Lexar secure 2 flash drive is now write protected and i need it to work bad! Its memory is full and i need to delete a ton of files but it will not allow.As far as i can tell it has no switch. Is there anyway i can remove the write protection?

A:How do I remove write protection for Lexar Secure 2

Possibly do a firmware update? See if that can fix the problem.. Otherwise I would think you might need some software that came with the flash drive to turn this protection off.
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Hello guys Can you help me My friend has this Lexar USB Flash Disk She asks me to delete some folders and even the Secure II folder We thought that it is nothing because Lexar not II Windows 7 the software recognizable Secure after removing in usually if it s the application of the USB it should have been the name of the USB like for example in Western Digital I have this external Lexar not recognizable in Windows 7 after removing the Secure II software USB WD it also has an application inside it but the name of the folder is WD Anyway since the folder got deleted once we put the USB to any ports of our laptop PC and even in the television it s not recognizable The drive is not detected at all Lexar not recognizable in Windows 7 after removing the Secure II software even though there s a drive G for removable drive With this I searched for a solution and I found some solution but it did Lexar not recognizable in Windows 7 after removing the Secure II software not work for me - In disk management you have to changed the drive rebooted the PC even having the Secure II downloaded application that was deleted Unfortunately I cannot copy it inside the Lexar USB because it s not recognizable And in the device manager there s no exclamation point All drivers are okay Any resolution Thank you nbsp

A:Lexar not recognizable in Windows 7 after removing the Secure II software

"Any resolution?"

Yes, replace the Lexar
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Hey all,

I have a 256MB and a 1 GB (New) Lexar Jump Drive Secure. When I plug them into my desktop computer on the front ports, I get the "USB Device not recognized" message. and goes on to say that the device has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it.

If I plug them into the rear ports, no problem.

When I plug either one of these into my Laptop, no problems, it recognizes both. Both systems use Windows XP Home, and both are updated with all the latest updates and service packs.

I have a 3rd Lexar (128MB) that I can use on any computer with no problem.

What gives?



A:"USB Device not recognized" with 2 different Lexar Jump Drives

I've moved you to the hardware forum for support on this. Are there any other devices plugged into the front ports?

You might check the Device Manager and under "System Devices" look at the USB Controllers. Check to see if they are working properly and look to see how much "bandwidth" is being consumed on both.
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Hi all:On my Firstbuild, I recently used the above drive to copy pictures to my Photo editor.
Problem: Now I have 3 instances of Removable Drive on My Computer named F, G and H and the drive is disconnected.
How do I remove them? Should I?

A:Lexar Thumb Drive

OOOPS: I tried to delete this Thread but can't figure out how.
For the benefit (?) of any who might be interested, I still had the darn thing hooked up and that's why it was listed.I unhooked it and it's gone.
(Hides under desk in shame)
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In Windows 10, I tried to put a system image on my LEXAR 30GB USB thumb drive but Windows said I can't do that because the drive is not formatted in NTFS. So I formatted it in NTFS and now Windows says "not a valid drive."

Can anyone tell me what's happening?


A:Can't put a system image on my LEXAR thumb drive...

Fat32 is limited to a maximum file size of 4GB. NTFS or exFat do not have this restriction.

To sort usb stick, do this

Run these commands from an admin command prompt


list disk

select disk n (n=disk number of usb stick - usually last in list)

clean (WARNIING wipes drive - be certain you selected right disk)

create partition primary

select partition 1

format fs=ntfs quick




USB stick will be fine now assuming stick is not faulty.
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I bought a 4GB Lexar Basic Flash Device and it was working out of the box. Later when I needed to use it Windows XP SP2 didn't recognize it. It is listed as an unknown device in the device manager. I've been through the troubleshooter that came with XP multiple times and they are unable to help. I e-mailed the support group about 2 weeks ago at Lexar and it was ignored. Windows is telling me to install a driver for the device. I've NEVER heard of a driver for a plug-and-play flash drive before, especially when I had it working before. Any help is greatly thanked!

A:Lexar Basic 4GB USB Flash Drive Driver?

You might try deleting the USB drivers and rebooting to reinstall the USB drivers. If the drive doesn't recognize in other machines though then the drive may have failed in some way. Either way, Windows seems to be telling you it sees something there but doesn't have a clue as to what it is, so it asks for a driver. So the drive is either not sending out the right info or the mass storage device drivers are corrupt. Maybe something else but those are the two most likely candidates I think.
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I have a jump drive that I tried to install some portable software on. When I realized that this took up over 900 MB, I decided to get rid of it and go with something else. After reading the readme that came with it, I deleted the program like it said to do, and reformatted for just in case. Now it is recognized as a 4 MB drive instead of 1 GB. I was finally able to delete the partition in disc management after changing the driver out for another, but it still shows that it only has 4 MB of space instead of 1 GB. My OS is XP service pack 2, and it shows up as only 4 MB on multiple computers. Any suggestions on how to fix this, or am I stuck with buying a new jmp drive?

A:Lexar JumpDrive Sport 1 GB now recognized as 4 MB drive

Also, forgot to mention that it also changed it to FAT from FAT 32 format
Wow, I feel like an *****, had that backwards. FAT 32 to FAT format
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I have a Lexan dual-slot card reader that I use for downloading my photo's to my computer. I've had this for over a year and since I installed it, I would always see the drive letters listed in Explorer.

Recently, I tried to download some pictures and when I went to click on the drive letter to open the folder on my card, the drive letter was not visible.

I must note that they show up as drives when I go into the Disk Management utility.

This is becoming a source of frustration and I need to know why this has randomly happened and how to rectify the problem. I really do need to see them listed as drives.


A:Lexar Card Reader (recently) not listed as Drive in Explorer

If it's USB connected, disconnect and plug it back in.
Or go to Device Manager, see if this reader is listed under USB devices, Right click it and choose Uninstall. Then reboot and plug the reader in after the reboot is done. Hopefully this will reinstall drivers for it.
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I purchased a jump drive because i need one for school and it works on the school computer, but it doesn't work on mine. When i put it in my computer it says i'm missing the driver and i don't know how that is. I have windows 98 and it says it works with that so I'd like some help. I'm not so good with this kind of stuff.

A:I need help with my jump drive...


The majority of the USB jump drives need a driver to allow them to be used on Win 98 FE or SE.

Above Win 98 SE they generally do not need drivers.

Try the manufacturers web siite for driver software.


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When I connect my Lexar Jump drive which is a USB 2.0 connectivity into a USB 1.0 slot, I get a message stating that it will work faster in a 2.0 slot. However, when I try to find the device, it does not show up in My Computer. Can anyone help! Thanks.

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How can I connect two computers to one jump drive at the same time?

A:Jump Drive

What's a Jump Drive?
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I have a jump drive in my usb, and in My Computer it's showing in in drive E:. When I double-click the icon, it says, please enter a drive in E:, I'm not sure what to do. Could it be the actual jump drive?

A:USB Jump Drive

Could be, try it in another system.
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Hi I have a jump drive. I made a website on Microsoft frontpage and i was wanting to take it to school to show my friend. I opened my documents and opened my webs and opened the Website files, I copied all the files to my Jump Drive and all the files are there. So i took it to school and half of the files showed in my drive. When i got home i tried it in my computer and all the files are there. What happened or what is wrong with the schools computers??? Why are half the files showing up on school computers, but all files are all actually there?

Plz help me

A:Jump Drive

Without more information, it's hard to say. I use several USB FLASH drives, and I've never had any issues reading/writing files on a variety of computers.
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I have a Jump Drive that has a password on it. BUT I've forgotten the password. Is there a way to remove the password?

A:Jump Drive

Go to the Rules menu above and look at the section about forgotten passwords.
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I have Windows XP at work. I put some needed material on my jump drive and I can not open it on my home Computer which is Windows Vista. I am sure that there is a way to accomplish this but can't find a way to do it.

A:jump drive

Are you saying you cannot access the drive at all or you just can't seem to open any of the files?
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Can anyone help every time I insert my jump drive into laptop it comes up with a new drive letter! Which means it is very difficult to use utilities like wireless network setup.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 6007 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 310, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 939685 MB, Free - 761934 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0C2KJT
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled

I have been using a 4 gig jump drive between work (Windows XP) and home (Windows7) for a very long time. Recently, my home computer does not list any of the files or folders that I know are on the jump drive, (properties show 2 gigs of space used). I have tried different USB ports, but nothing works. I even bought a new 32 gig drive & still nothing. I tried restoring my folder options to default & still nothing. Please advise if you have any answers. Thank you.
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I bought a 4gb jump drive from sony a while ago. It worked fine until I was transferring a bunch of data and someone pulled it out in mid-transfer. I plugged it in and it had created about 50 folders named "0000000.000" and there was nothing in them. I assumed that it had screwed up, so I attempted to delete them. They wouldn't delete. I tried reformatting it several times and even then, whenever I try to put anything in a folder or directory, safely remove it, and then plug it back in, all of the "000000.000" folders get created again. It will hold data, but only if it is in the root dir. Reformatting it is the only thing I could think of that would undo something like this. Any suggestions?
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Thanks in advance.

I have a USB jump drive that has two partitions. One partition has a small program that is used to create a password needed to access what ever data is placed there. I don't need it, the program or the extra partition, they only take up room. When inserted into the USB port is shows up as two different removable drives. Is it possible to get rid of that program and make just one large partition? If so how would one go about doing that?

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Once again I know that I am going to sound really dumb, but how do I dump a jump drive so it is completly clean? I have pictures on it and I want to dump them so I can start over again but I can't figure out how. Hope someone here can help me. Wrenie.

A:Jump Drive Question

HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

How large is the drive? If under 2 GB's, use FAT. If over 2 GB's, use FAT32.
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My new 512 MB jump drive shows that I only have 7.81 mb of storage space. The set up did not go smoothly, is there a way to start everything over again like its the first time I plugged it into my computer.

A:Jump Drive Problem

Should be able to reformat the drive ( either via the utility disk which should have come with the drive or windows)
That should clear the drive and start fresh
BUT there's a chance ( in case you don't have the utility disk ) that windows will try to format only 7 megs. I would suggest taking the drive to a puter with windows XP SP2 and format it there.
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I could not install from CD, however, I got one screen past where I entered the product key. Formated with Active Boot Disk and tried again. I am wondering if the jump drive doesn't have a required file or files. I didn't see any large files or cabs.

Then I got this error message:

A:Jump Drive with Win 8.1 pro will not install on new ssd

Try this - go into bios and switch to AHCI mode from SATA mode
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Ok I don t know if this is the right section to post this so don t attack me if I m wrong I m new to these forums Anyways lets get Full? Jump Drive down to my Jump Drive Full? problem I have an gb jump drive that is relatively new It is a PNY jump drive if that makes a difference One day I noticed that it was almost full I looked on it and I only had a couple of files I was confused so I emptied the jumpdrive onto my desktop I refreshed the window took out the jump drive and put it back in I waited a few days and tryed again but it still says that it Jump Drive Full? is nearly full even though there are no files on it This is the picture My operating system is Windows Jump Drive Full? I have an Acer Aspire notebook I previously used the jump drive for readyboost but I saw no performance change and I stopped using it I cheacked that as well and readyboost was not enabled Thanks in advance EDIT The jump drive did not have this problem when I first got it used ready boost or removed readyboost The memory went down to a reasonable amount when I removed the readyboost nbsp

A:Jump Drive Full?

RIght click on the drive there in My Computer and click "Format" from the context menu. You should be able to reformat the Drive (if given an option, I would choose NTFS over FAT32 for best compatibility). Formatting will remove everything on there, so if there's nothing, it hsould clear all that out. It's worth a shot, anyway.
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I have 3 jump drives: A Sony 256MB, a PNY 2GB, and a SanDisk 8GB (with the Cruzer software that comes on it removed). When I plug the SanDisk into a USB port, it automatically opens the drive and displays the files -- the behavior I want. That does not happen with either of the other two drives, despite my making sure their AutoPlay properties are set to automatically open and display the files. I'm sure I'm missing some salient point about how to make all jump drives "autoplay" to display what's in them. What is it?

Also noticed that if I right-click the Sony or PNY in My Computer, and click AutoPlay. . . nothing happens. Must be missing some setting somewhere.

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my operating system is windows xp pro, my computer is a gateway laptop, I have no problem with my usb ports, I have been using a card reader/writer with no problem. I recently got a lexmar jump drive which works in other computers but not in mine. When I plug the jump drive in , the light comes on and I get a beep from my computer but nothing else, I don't get the icon on the task bar, nothing appears in removeable drives. Has anyone had this problem? I've tried gateway support and they've told me to download drivers that are not compatible to my operating system and basically they were a waste of time. Lexmar support has tried to help but still not having any luck.

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A person on our network can not view a jump drive after he plugs it in. When I log in I can but it is because I am an admin. and it is putting it under the Hard Disk Drive section and not the Removable Drives Section. Why is it not putting it under the Removable Drives. It is a Lexmar Secure Jumpdrive.

A:Jump Drive Not Able To Be Viewed

It could be that the user has a 'mapped' network drive on the driveletter that this USB-key wants to use (they only see real HDs and CD/DVD). Move that 'mapped' drive up to the next free letter, then retry that jump drive.
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So my friend borrows a jump drive of mine and when i get it back it won't show up on any computer at all. Like i didn't even put it in. Nothing happens, no detection whatsoever.

I've put jump drives through complete hell before and they still worked, what could the problem be? and how could i fix it? if i can fix it.


A:Jump Drive Not Detected. Help.

What kind of drive is it?

I've had a similar problem with a PNY and I ended up going to their site. They walked me through some stuff to try, and ended up blaming me for formatting it wrong. Even though I never formatted it at that point.

I have another el cheapo drive that I have to jiggle just right to get it to work on my PC, and some computers won't read it at all. It was bought off ebay from China.

Is there information on the drive? Try a different USB port? Try a different computer?
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My jump drive is formatted with FAT... should i change it to NFTS?

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i noticed my jump drive wouldn t open properly when i double click on it it opens everything in a new window which it had never Virus Jump Drive done until i had gottin a Jump Drive Virus bad virus on my computer i reformatted plugged on in AFTER i installed norton and i noticed every - seconds it kept lighting up for no apparent reason when Jump Drive Virus it used to light up when it was only in use i made my options to display hidden items and there is an autorun tablet and something labeled as system i scanned system exe on virustotal com and it got a rating of of if i delete it seconds later it s back there again someone help i used a program called usb virus scan and removed them from my jumpdrive and they aren t there anymore but as soon as i plug my jumpdrive in and open it up this file reappears after about seconds how can i stop this it appears with an autorun package file and a system exe nbsp

A:Jump Drive Virus

Download this removal tool to your desktop:
Double click the Flash_Disinfector.exe to run it.
Your desktop and icons will disappear. Reboot your computer when the tool is finished.
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Hello and happy new year,
I tried to upload several pics from my jump drive to my yahoo photos and got a message that the file contained no data. Could this be related to the fact that Since I installed AVG free virus scan I can no longer view folders on my external hard drive.Some times the folders show up and sometimes not. Othertimes the folder is there but not the content. I don't get it. Can these problems be fixxed? Can anyone help?

A:Can't Upload From Jump Drive

Have you tried your jump drive/external hard drives on other computers? If so were your files visible?

You might try uninstalling AVG, if everything works okay without AVG try a different AV program. I have been using AVAST AV (it's free) and I like it better than AVG.
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I have a Compaq Presario that came with XP Home. I installed XP Pro and now the USB (2.0) slots (six of them) do not recognize my jump drive. It recognized it prior to the software upgrade.

It recognizes other USB connections, and they are all working (according to windows).

I tried upgrading the driver but it continues to tell me it has the latest drivers.

The jump drive works on other PC's.

The jump drive is a PNY attache 128 MG drive.

I have 4 of these PC's and they all have the same problem.

Any suggestions?

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This is not really a question but rather a solution to my problem. I am running Win XP on my Desktop PC. Windows would not recognize any of my USB jump drives or my External Passport Drive. Some people have recommended to delete drives and Windows Service Pack 3 to resolve the issue.

If you are running any kind of protection software like ZoneAlarm or any other type of Firewall software; that you do the following:
1. Remove the USB jump drive or other external drives from the USB port;
2. Deactivate or stop all security/firewall software from running;
3. Plug in your USB jump drive again and it will probably work right away;
4. Leave them plugged in and re-activate or restart your security alarm software.

Your security/firewall software should remember the setup and not restrict the drives in the future. I hope this helps.
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I have attained a USB Jump Drive 1 GB in size.....

I've Used it for a few months

All of a sudden i get this error in device manager
This device is not configured correctly. (Code 1)

To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver.

i've tried reinstalling the doesn't work....

and when i plug in the USB drive it has a red SMALL LED light that's supposed to be lit at all times... it lights up now for about 2 seconds goes off and i get this message

someone said it might've been hosed from pulling it out without safely removing it..i never just pull it out though....

is there anyway to fix this i have some important data on it i would like to keep

but even if i have to remove the data i will.....

A:Solved: USB Jump Drive

Life span of devices vary so it could be cooked, chances are iif you have reinstalled drivers, tried on different machine and did not work, than it could be cooked, and whoever told you about yanking without safely removing is right, maybe the person before you did not safely remove.
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Just finished installing and wanted to be sure the USB Drive drive ejected like it's supposed to, but it doesn't! We're right back where we started:

This Device is Currently in Use. Close Programs! Sheesh!

A:This Device is Currently in Use - USB Jump Drive

Sometimes a program that is open, even one you don't think was associated with recent USB drive activity, can prevent the release of the hardware. Common culprits are Outlook and any browsers. Best to close every program one by one to see what was holding it up.
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Howdy all you tech savvy super humans!

I am a new mac user and new jump driver.
Here's the prob:
I plug my drive in the usb and, though it says "0 items", it is full to capacity.
I was told to reformat it but I am really lame at computer stuff, especially being new to the mac world. As far as I know, I tried everything.
If anyone can save my life, and explain in not so genius terms, I'd be sooooooo appreciative!!!!!

Thanks uber mucho!

A:Save my jump drive, PLEASE!

Please Read,

--Daniel L
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I don't have a TPM on my notebook so I had to disable it if I wanted to use bitlocker. It is saving a key file to my jump drive in order to use bitlocker on my main notebook HDD.

Does this mean that each and every time I boot my computer I will need to plug in the thumb drive? If so, that kinda stinks. I was hoping to be able to enter a password at boot up.

Thank you.

A:Will I always need to use my jump drive to boot my pc?

I am afraid yes since it substitutes for the missing TPM.
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I have a jump drive that I have had for about months I got it along with one of my books for college The manufacture not drive jump working is Thomson who also made the books i believe I have been doing research for a few essay for college over the last few weeks and i have outlines and some necessary info saved to my jump drive Today it jump drive not working quit working Not only is my laptop not reconigizing that it is plugged in neither is my other computer I do not know what is wrong with it It really does not have that much information on it It is mb When the jump drive loades the red light at the end of it flashes ususally but now when I plug it in the light just stays on I know the computers are not recognizing it because I have gone to quot my computer quot and cannot access my jump drive nor does my jump drive show up and I have also right clicked quot my computer quot clicked quot manage quot clicked quot disc management quot and it does not show up there and i have also clicked quot divice manager quot manager and there are not problems there I have done that on both computers I do not know what to do I know that there is probally nothing I can do and it is just probally broken but I do not know how it would be broken or why the case of the jump drive is clear and I cannot see anything unattached inside I just thought of asking if there is anything else i should check or can do Thanks Jessica nbsp

A:jump drive not working

The jump drives are almost a "disposable item" these days, you would not be expected to always "see" a failure, given the microscopic nature of the components and circuit board tracks.

As it is not recognised, I think you need to assume its dead. It cannot be reformatted etc, as to do so would mean it has to be recognised.

I think the diagnostics you have undertaken are quite conclusive, time for a new one...
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Hi: anybody using these drives - seems neat.I tried to compress these drives;downloaded a file,but still couldn't get it all in : 128 quickdrive compressed to 254 mb ,but couldn't load a 210 mb file (only half got loaded).
Any suggestions? What's agood reference for these as the tutorials included were very "peripheral" and general and really did'n get into it (i. e. compression) I run a 98se 8 gigs PII 64ram 400hz
- all drivers for the jump/quick drive downloaded without problems.

Thanks - jc02
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Hi, Am running a one-month old AMD PC with Windows XP Home, SP2, etc.

Bought a San Disk MiniCruzer 1G, and use it daily to transfer some files. About a week ago, when I plugged it into the front USB port, it caused the PC to reboot. It worked fine the few days after that until this morning, when it caused the PC to reboot three times in a row.

I have tried plugging in my USB digital camera to that port, and it worked fine. I am not sure if I'm dealing with a defective USB port, a defective jump drive ... or some other, as-yet unnamed anomaly.

Anybody have any suggestions?

Stay warm and safe in this cold, icy weather -- and thanks in advance,

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I have refurbished a thrown away Gateway Solo 2500 and it has Windows 98 on it. It has a Celeron chip in it. It won't recognize a jumpdrive inserted in a USB port. I've used the control panel to try and get it recognized as an unsupported (other) device. Any suggestions? Should I try to install a newer version of Windows?

Relevancy 49.02%

When I am installing Windows XP or I first set the Jump USB from drive. a Booting computer s CMOS to quot Boot from CD ROM quot first Then I put the factory CD or DVD into the drive Then I turn the machine on After POST I see the message quot Press any key to boot from CD quot and it continues OK - that s normal Now - let s do this I copy the image of the bootable CD onto a flash drive I then set the computer to quot Boot from USB Flash drive quot first I install the flash drive I turn the machine on I never see the message quot Press any key to boot from CD quot The computer s BIOS has several choices of quot boot from flash drive quot Which one do I choose Question Do I have to format the flash as a bootable Booting from a USB Jump drive. Is a simple quot copy all quot from a factory installation disk sufficient Should I use a quot clone program to prepare the flash drive nbsp

A:Booting from a USB Jump drive.

hiya,please read this,
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I have a 128 md lexar jump drive and i cant get it to work anymore. it doesnt read it as a jump drive it reads it as a removable drive then when i click on it, it asks for a disk. it worked until i reinstalled xp but i had it in the usb port and i think i might have deleted the partition....does anyone have one or had any of the problems i have.

A:Jump drive problems

Did you try Lexar live support (here). ?
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I'm running Win XP. I plug in any brand of flash/jump drive and it does not show up in "my computer" or windows explorer. There is a visible "click" on the screen but the drive letter does not show up. Why is that?

A:USB Flash/Jump Drive

Are all the USB drivers installed?
What type of PC?
What OS?
Service Packs installed?
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Hello Everyone I m kinda new to these forums I m not really sure if this is the correct place to put this so move it as nessessary Jump Drive Issues Recently i purchased a Lexar Secure Jump Drive I have two computers currently running in my house an XP and a SE I put the drive in the XP computer and it worked just fine diffrent story for my computer I realize that SE will not reconize usb devices like XP does and you need to have the drivers I downloaded the drivers nessesary and proceded to install it Windows automaticly reconized it as quot JUMPDRIVE SECURE quot and prompted me for drivers I pointed it in the folder that i had downloaded the drivers to however it completely ignored the drivers and proceded to install the Jump Drive Issues windows generic drivers for the now identified quot USB Mass Storage Device quot I figured that it was proly a fluke and removed it and proceded to install the drivers again The computer still ignored the drivers and gave me the crapy windows generic drivers I rebooted and tried a third time same deal By this time i was getting quite mad so i did the quot Have Disk quot option and it told me that the drivers for it where bad I got on the Lexar Chat Support program and told them my deal The technition sent me the exact same drivers and gave me step by step instructions When they didnot work he told me to call their Support Hotline I did and got no response So here i am now Please Help Thank you All nbsp

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Before I reinstalled Windows XP on my laptop I saved everything to my Jump Drive for reinstallation. I saved all my info in the address book from Outlook Express and also saved my info on the Microsoft Calendar. I looked in Drive E and confirmed that the info was there. Then I reinstalled Windows XP - downloaded all the drivers, etc. I then went to reinstall everything I had saved on my Jump Drive (E). All went smoothly except when I opened up my Address Book - it was blank as well as the calendar. Why would it show up in the Jump Drive and then it was not there later? What went wrong and how can I prevent this from happening again?

Thank you.

A:Saving to Jump Drive ?

Hi Cheryl,
Try opening Express and select iimport
Try pointing to the JumpDrive and import your files from there.
Copy the files from your jumpdrive to the C:\ or main drive on your pc. Then try importing them.
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For one of my classes, I have to save my files to a "pen drive." I bought a Lexar 256 MB jump drive that is supposed to be compatable with a Mac Os X which is what the school computers have. I was told that it would be there when I plugged it in, but it wasn't. Then, someone asked if I could format the pen drive with Disk Utility. I don't know if I can or not. I also don't know what Disk Utility is or how to format the jump drive. I can save my songs to the shared folder, but I'd rather not risk someone deleting all of my I need to know how to save my files to the jump drive. Please, HELP!

A:formatting jump drive

Try the FAQ for Macs. It looks like you may need a driver.
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Before I reinstalled Windows XP on my laptop I saved everything to my Jump Drive for reinstallation. I saved all my info in the address book from Outlook Express and also saved my info on the Microsoft Calendar. I looked in Drive E and confirmed that the info was there. Then I reinstalled Windows XP - downloaded all the drivers, etc. I then went to reinstall everything I had saved on my Jump Drive (E). All went smoothly except when I opened up my Address Book - it was blank as well as the calendar. Why would it show up in the Jump Drive and then it was not there later? What went wrong and how can I prevent this from happening again?

Thank you.

A:Saving to Jump Drive

Any ideas would be appreciated..... Thank you.
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 I am probably not in the right forum, but have to start somewhere to get my logbook on my jump drive.  I am getting this error.  This is my first time to try and put a password on my jump as I have sensitive material saved. 
I am not computer savvy.  My jump drive asked me if I wanted a password, so I said yes. Then it asked me out encryption and gave me a recover key.  Now it says this....
"BitLocker Drive Encryption failed to recover from an abruptly terminated conversion.  This could be due to either all conversion logs being corrupted or the media being write-protected."
Please help!  I am freaking out b/c I have weeks worth of work I have GOT to have.  Like today!
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I have a laptop here with an apparently dead CD drive, that needs a fresh OS load. Has anyone ever successfully loaded XP from a USB jump drive. I don't want to boot XP from the jump drive, but rather want to install it to the systems hard drive, using the usb jump drive.

all advice appreciated.

If there is no method to do this, how hard is it to set it up to run over the network. I have imaged my XP cd to a .iso file. Can probably convert it if need be...

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On John Will was kind enough to provide a fix for me that I have not yet had the courage to try I ve searched for that post in this thread and located it but can t figure out how to access it so as to build upon it Therefore please forgive this new thread with the same name To John Will here s a reminder of what you said Create a file with NOTEPAD containing the following lines and save it as FIX REG ----------------------------------------------cut here-------------------------------------- REGEDIT HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control SessionManager Environment quot DEVMGR SHOW NONPRESENT DEVICES quot quot quot -----------------------------------------------cut here------------------------------------- Double click on FIX REG and say yes to Jump to Shut Solved: Causes Down PC USB Drive the Merge Into Registry question Unplug ALL USB devices Open Device Manager View Show Hidden Devices Uninstall all devices under USB Controllers Uninstall all devices under Disk Drives that you know are not present Uninstall all devices under Storage Volumes Say no to any reboot prompts until you are finished Also if a Storage Volume doesn t uninstall ignore it and move to the next one If you have a yellow with unknown devices uninstall all of the entires there as well When this is done reboot TWICE Reconnect the USB devices and see if they re recognized properly Okay so here s my concern if I run this mini-program you ve been kind Solved: USB Jump Drive Causes PC to Shut Down enough to provide me with what if my printers or the other USB device will no longer run afterwards What would I do to get those to reinstall Please understand I am NOT a techie -- and am miles from the nearest help in more ways than one I am just hoping you might be able to give me a fairly predictable answer as to what might go quot wrong quot if it does and how to fix it after I run the mini-program Thanks again for your help and sorry it s been so long since I got back to you again -- things have been hectic nbsp

A:Solved: USB Jump Drive Causes PC to Shut Down

Well, I've used this process many times, and it's never been an issue. I'd recommend you create a restore point BEFORE you run it, then if it's a problem, you can simply restore to the previously created restore point. All of these changes are in the registry, so a restore should put them all back.
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Hello. I have a Sony 1GB jump drive. Today when i plugged it into the usb and attempted to open by right clicking on J drive, it states DRIVE NEEDS TO BE FORMATTED. I've plugged in other usb devices and it is not the USB port. I'm freaking, this drive is loaded with impossible to replace data. My system is Windows XP. Thanks for any help.

I used the Sony jump drive just last night, no problems.

A:Can Not Read Jump/flash Drive

try plugging it into another computer and see what it does. If it works in another computer, copy the data, and BACK IT UP!!!! I have lost a whole hard drive of important file because it went bad. Since then i have everything that I don't want to lose in at least 2 different devices, if one fails.
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I've been looking into purchasing a new jump drive, and 32GB jump drives are coming down in price just in time for Black Friday sales. I was wondering if the speed takes a hit when you have a jump drive that large. I primarily want to use it to transport large video projects, and since i fill up my 8GB all too often, i felt 32GB would fit like a glove. Although speed concerns me, opinions anyone? Thanks.

A:32GB jump drive speed?

I've heard rumors and have even experienced this personally. I have 2x4 GB, 1x16 GB, and 1X32 GB thumb drives all of the same brand and all dual channel. My 4s and 16 are very fast - but my 32 is usually very slow compared to those. I'm not sure that this problem exists throughout all 32 GB - and I even doubt that's the case - just sharing my personal experience. I don't know technically why it would be slower either - just that it's very obvious on mine. Mine are OCZ Rally 2 drives.
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Hi, I have a USB flash drive and when I plug it in I get a message saying the drive is not formatted and do I want to format it now. I have been using this drive for at least 2 years. I have a lot of files on the drive I dont want to lose, so as yet I havent attempted to format it. Does anyone know if there is a way I can get my files off the drive without losing them, or is there a way to reformat the USB flash drive without losing the data that is already stored on it ?. Any idea's or help much appreciated. I really dont want to lose what is on the USB drive and I dont want to risk reformatting in case I do lose all my data. Is there a way to format the drive without losing what is already on the drive ?. Thanks again, Neville.

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I just installed a Lexar removable flash drive. (USB). 128 mb. I downloaded and installed the drivers from the website as instructed. Everything seemed fine but it doesn't appear in the my computer folder as it said it would. Device managed shows it installed, my Belarc pc audit shows that it's there, and shows it as drive "E", drive1. Is there something I need to do to activate this? I don't see that they have any customer support. Any help you may have would sure be appreciated!

4time Dad

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Please help me before I do something drastic I have a train collection and have a program called TrainTracker that I - Download Jump onto Help Drive Files use to keep track of the pieces in my collection I have the program on my home PC which runs Widows XP but when I bought my laptop about a year ago with Windows Vista Home Premium I copied the program from my PC Windws XP onto a jump drive and pasted it onto my laptop Vista Everything was going according to plan Now I take my Help - Download Files onto Jump Drive laptop where my trains are and I add a bunch of pieces and I want to copy the file from my laptop Windows Vista onto a jump drive so I can then paste it onto my PC Windows XP and have the updated TrainTracker with all the additions I've made Well when I copy it from Vista onto a jumpdrive all it will copy is the original program which I transferred from my PC onto my laptop It won't copy the new items I've added onto the program Can anyone Help - Download Files onto Jump Drive help me out Thanks Randy

A:Help - Download Files onto Jump Drive

Hi Randy,

Sorry, but you can't just copy programs from one system to another and expect to update data back and forth.

Most programs these days require you to install them on each system just to work, although there are some old ones that you can copy; presumably, TrainTracker is one of these. Even if it runs, though, any data you record doesn't get stored in the program file. It's in a separate file, probably either in the same folder that you stored the program on your laptop, or in C:\Users\YourID\AppData\Roaming\TrainTracker.

Even if you find it, you can't just copy it onto your jumpdrive and back on your Home PC as it'll only have the data that you saved on your laptop, and it'll replace all of your old data if you do.

Initially, you're going to have to manually reinput the data you've added to your laptop into your Home PC program. Then, you should locate the file on your Home PC where the data is stored, copy to your jumpdrive, then copy it to the folder on your laptop where the new data was stored. From then on, you should only input new data to your laptop, although you can copy that to your Home PC if you want to keep them synchronized.

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I have a Dell Pentium running Windows XP Professional. I recently reformatted the harddrive and reloaded all programs, updated to service pack 2 and installed McAfee Internet Suite 2007.

I have an external harddrive set up through a rear USB port--drive F.

When I put a jump drive in the front USB or rear ports--they are not recognized. What's going on?

Relevancy 48.59%

I ran some automatic registry cleaners, ccleaner, reg cleaner in the past w/no probs. Just recently xp sp2 has been black screening when I remove my lexar 512mb USB jump drive. It never used to do this? Any ideas?


A:Crashing when jump drive removed

Just removing the drive without stopping it first is not good for Windows or the thumb drive, as this can cause data loss. When you want to remove the drive, down by the taskbar there will be a "safely remove hardware" icon. It may be hidden so expand the taskbar. Double click on it, and select your usb drive. If you don't see your USB Drive select "USB Mass Storage Device". His STOP. Windows will tell you its safe to remove it, at which point you can remove it.

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Hello. I have a Sony 1GB jump drive. Today when i plugged it into the usb and attempted to open by right clicking on J drive, it states DRIVE NEEDS TO BE FORMATTED. I've plugged in other usb devices and it is not the USB port. I'm freaking, this drive is loaded with impossible to replace data. My system is Windows XP. Thanks for any help.

I used the Sony jump drive just last night, no problems.


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I have following configuration with my new Hp pc
Pavilion dv5 Notebook PC
Processor INTEL type core2 duo cpu p7350 2.00 ghz
RAM 2gb
windows vista home premium (pre loaded)
service pack 1.
64 bit OS

I tried 3 different jump drives. None ae recognized.
Tried to install patches as mentioned in this forum.
Always gets message 'system uptodate'
If I try to install driver either from microsoft web site or from c drive
none are found.

Any solution or pointer will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


A:windows vista 64 bit and usb jump drive

Hi, nkarmali, and welcome to the forums.

I assume that those jump drives (or UFDs as I call them) work in other machines perfectly fine?
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I have been using an Attache MB flash jump drive for a while with my computer my lap top and PCs at school This was gifted to me after my last jump drive was broken beyond repair by my school s computer settings so I have only used Jump/Flash recognized drive not it in our school library instead of Jump/Flash drive not recognized the computer lab which doesn t have crazy security So naturally when the tool that does our computer networking found out he Jump/Flash drive not recognized upped the settings in the library and after I tried to use my jump drive at school today it seems to only half-work It works in my lap top where I made a back up of its contents but not on my home computer When I plug it into a USB port I have tried two and both ports are working fine the PC gives me an error message saying that a device has been plugged in but it doesn t recognize the device When I click the message for help the great advice I get is to reinsert the device and then replace it if that doesnt work So if anyone has any idea how to fix this I will be much obliged nbsp

A:Jump/Flash drive not recognized

your flash drive is hosed.

I have had this happen to me before. Your chip either got low-level formatted in which case you'll have to send it to the factory to fix (might be more expensive than replacing it)

OR (even worse)

static zapped the chip.

ALWAYS stop the device before removing it and always remove it when formatting other drives.
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Our Vice President of Sales is asking if we can create a presentation on a jump drive that is not removable. He wants to hand out jump drives with the presentation. He wants them to be able to use the jump drive for general storage and such, but he doesn't want them to be able to delete the portion of the jump drive with the presentation. Is there avaible software for this or a simple procedure?

Thanks in advance
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Hi, is there anyway to password protect the files on my jump drive? Is there anyway possible to protect the files?

A:JUMP Drive Password Protection

Lexar has a password protect for their drives. Not sure about the others. You may want to check the web site of whoever made your drive. They may have one you can download.
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I have a U3 operating system for my jump drive but it doesn't work. Can any one tell me if there are any other operating systems for my jump drive? I have a SANDISK CRUZER 2gb.

Relevancy 48.59%

Is there anyway to make a bootable jump drive with all windows os on it? I need one for work. Everything I have found will only let me do one OS. I need Vista 32 and 64bit, 7 32 and 64 bit, and XP Pro.

If anyone know please let me know cause I'm at a loss.

A:Install multiple iso to one jump drive.

Quote: Originally Posted by The Cursed One

Is there anyway to make a bootable jump drive with all windows os on it? I need one for work. Everything I have found will only let me do one OS. I need Vista 32 and 64bit, 7 32 and 64 bit, and XP Pro.

If anyone know please let me know cause I'm at a loss.

Welcome to the forum,

Have you seen this?

YUMI - Multiboot USB Creator (Windows) | USB Pen Drive Linux
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Is there any way to recover my jump drive if I have forgotten my password?


A:forgot password to my jump drive

If it's Lexar JumpDrive, the password protection also encrypts the data.

So the answer is no.
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My new 8 gb jump drive came formatted with FAT32. Since all the OS's I use employ NTFS, wouldn't it be "better" to format the jumper with NTFS?

Sorry my first question on the Forum is so basic, but I needed to start SOMEWHERE!

I appreciate your response.

A:Solved: Format Jump Drive?

No usb kyes run Fat32 this is totally normal
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I was trying to plug in a jump drive that had a school project on it but it didn't nothing and it didn't even acknowledge that anything was plugged it. I also have windows 8
Relevancy 48.59%

please help!
i have a attache 1G jump drive with a couple of years worth of CAD drawings and art-work. when i attempted to open it this morning it advised me that the drive was not formatted and would i like to format it now. does anyone know of any company i can send the drive to to restore the data? or any other way to get my recent life's work back? i have tried it on two diffrent pc's that i have used it with in the past. no go. pleeeeease help. i am sick.

A:Attache Jump Drive says not formatted

I'd love to say google is your best friend but in this case the keywords have been SEO'd to death. Almost all the results are for software programs to recover data from corrupt filesystems, not damaged drives.

99% of data recovery companies don't touch flash drives on the NAND level (yet). If they do mention flash drives it's to recover files that have been deleted or lost due to filesystem corruption.

Companies that recover data on USB flash drives at the NAND level in the USA: ~$175 (shameless plug for my company) ~$450
OnTrack ~$3000
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Ok, so here is my problem; I cannot copy files from my usb flash drives onto my PC anymore, I keep getting error message "cannot find specified file". I have 2 flash drives and they both seem to work on other computers. I can copy files onto them just not back onto my PC, OS is Windows XP and it is an older Dell optiplex. This just started about a month ago, prior to that I didnt have any problems copying from the flash drives. I'm guessing that its probably some kind of hardware failure, but I'm hoping its not. Anyway, any advice will be appreciated!

A:Can't copy files from jump drive

If they work on another computer, burn them to a disk to be sure they are saved.
Then try reformatting the jump drives on your computer, using FAT32.
You could have a File table error, a data error, or a hardware error... Some jump drives are famous for failing when carried in your pocket... Cruzer and Kingston most prominent among them.
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At my place of employment we have a problem. We just purchased and deployed several HP-2300 Color laser printers. We have found that with the printer connected via USB that our Dell memory sticks are not recognized. If we unplug the printer then the memory stick works. If the memory stick is installed and we plug the printer back in then it does not work! Any ideas?

A:HP printer / Jump drive conflict

Thats odd, although I've had similar problems with HP All-in-one products and other USB devices.

Just a test, if you have any USB Hubs, that have a seperate power source, (some TFTs have inbuilt USB hubs now), try testing out both pieces of equipement through the hub. All USB Equipment drains power from the PC to some extent, and the average business PC doesn't have the ample power that most high spec systems do.

Just a though, David
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Hi - Like several others here, I am using a SanDisk Cruzer (8 GB) to sync files between a PC Desktop folder at home and the same folder at work. Trouble is, I can't seem to get it to actually make any changes to any of the files in the Desktop folder at work or at home. The synching application runs, and makes a big show of "synching", but when I look at the files in the Desktop folder on the PC, nothing is different. They do not show the recent updates to the files on the Cruzer.

Anyone know how to set up the Profile in this Cruzer to get it to update an identical folder on the Desktop of two different PCs? Thanks - misterpowers

A:Synching from Jump Drive to Desktop

Hmmm... U3 causes me so many headaches, have you tried updating the U3 software. (backup the data on your flash drive first)
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I have been trying to install a new version of windows on my T420s laptop but have been unable to get the system bios to allow me to select the USB jump drive. I have tried a number of different BIOS setting trying to get the drive to show up in the F12 boot list. The only devices that show up are the SSD Hard Drive, the CD/DVD drive and the network boot option. I have searched this site for insight as to why the system will not see the USB, but have not found anything that has worked. Please note I have tried all 3 USB ports, I have 3 different USB jump drives and each of them work when connected to other systems. Thank you.  

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A:T420s will not boot to USB jump drive

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How did you prepare the flash drives to make them bootable?