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Error on trying to install new Sata HD

Q: Error on trying to install new Sata HD

I decided to upgrade my old hard drive to a new hard drive. When I tried to install Windows Xp on the hard drive it wouldn't let me. I have a Dell Xps 400 bought back in 2006.
The new HD is a WE 1tb. The error codes comes when I try to install windows xp on the hd. It says

I got a blue screen error after clicking enter at the screen where there is no partition found:
Check to be sure you have adequate diskspace. If a driver is identified in the stop message, disable the driver or check with manufacturer for driver updates. Try changing video adaptors.

Check with your hardware vendor for any bios updates. Disable bios memory options such as caching or shadowing. If you need to use safe mode to remove or disable components. Restart your computer, press f8 to select advanced startup options, and select safe mode.

Technical information:

Stop:0x0000008E (0X0000005, 0XF7419CAD, 0XF6FF17E4, 0X00000000)

Setupdd.sys ? address f7419cad base at F73ED000, datastamp 48025277
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Preferred Solution: Error on trying to install new Sata HD

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have an ECS KN1 NForce4 motherboard and an SATA RAID (2 x Western Digital 200GB SATA Drives) setup.

I downloaded the latest NForce drivers and copied the appropriate XP RAID Drivers to a floppy.

I start the XP install, Press F6, select the drivers for the SATA RAID and then press Enter to continue. The install loads some generic SCSI/3rd Party drivers and then says 'Windows is starting...' at the bottom.

Then my computer reboots.

I've tried with both an original XP Pro setup disk and one embedded with SP2. Same thing happens. I've tried with 5.10 Nforce drivers, and with the newest 6.6 drivers. I don't have any other drives attached to my system - just the CDROM as IDE0 Master and the SATA RAID.

I am out of ideas. Got any for me?
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Hello I am drive, SATA read XP error on install disk trying to install XP Pro onto a SATA HDD specificaly a Hitachi gb one I dont have XP install on SATA drive, disk read error a floppy drive so I integrated my sata raid drivers with XP install on SATA drive, disk read error XP using nLite I get to the first blue screen and it seems to go ok It recognizes both of my drives both sata however it does not recognized my partition that I made I continue anyway and just select the whole drive as there isn t anything on it anyway It is formatted so XP copies the files to the hard drive and restarts Then I can never make it passed this part I get the quot disk read error quot and have to put my Vista disc in and repair it so it will start up In Vista I can see that XP did copy the files correctly to the hard drive I do not know what to do and have tried everything Specs XFX i LT Motherboard Q ghz Gb of RAM EVGA gt gb Western Digital HDD Vista only gb Hitachi Empty and ready for XP Thanks in advance Tony nbsp

A:XP install on SATA drive, disk read error

Have you tried temporarily reducing the memory to that which XP understands, of less than 3Gb?

What SP version of XP pro is slipstreamed in? At least SP2 is required to install on SATA.

Some motherboards require the SATA channel to be set to emulate IDE before an XP install will work. It can be returned to SATA or raid later.

Can you install XP with only the 320Gb drive connected.

Remember that XP installed after Vista will always make Vista inaccessible, but there are ways to recover that and setting up dual booting in Vista. This topic has been covered before.
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hi guys i need help i am not sure it's windwos problem or my configurations i tried to install windows RC on the below setup all new but failed SATA harddisk WD Cavier T mobo Gigebyte GA-GM- -S H SATA optical drive LG-GGC the last SATA error, drive install windows I/O communications, 7 two components work fine if i replace the windows 7 install error, I/O communications, SATA drive SATA HD to a IDE HD meaning the existing system xp started normally windows 7 install error, I/O communications, SATA drive no windows installation but when i try the componenets togehter to install windows the SATA HD was not even formated the scenarios were if i configured the cmos to see the SATA HD as AHIC mode the system would freeze at quot verifying DMI pool quot not even bothering to start the windows installation disk even i defined only one start-up device my optical sata if i configured the cmos to see the SATA HD as Native IDE mode the system would go to the optical sata and found windows THE PROBLEM came during quot windows is loading files quot after like half min the error message popped out saying an I O error occured either i had a external usb drive corrupted or a storage fault The problem came out when i had no usb devices attached at all then i also tried to copy SATA mobo driver to a usb stick and connected to the system but still the same problem i also tried clear cmos load default profie My questions how to solve this should i set native IDE mode before installing windows also other windows systems what is at least the correct way to install this is this a windows installation issue or what Thanks a lot for reading so long post and especially for your help

A:windows 7 install error, I/O communications, SATA drive

First of all can you please go and check your the motherboard model as the one you have provided does not seem to be right. Have you tried disconnecting the optical drive and seeing if the the bios boots past the verifying dmi pool message? If not do this first.

If it does go past this then it means your hd is not the issue. If it doesn't go past this then it may be an issue between your mobo and the hd. Check for a bios update for your mobo and then post back here.
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Hello, I have a nForce 3 motherboard with built in SATA, i was wondering weather i could simply buy a SATA drive and install it within windows without having to start right from the begining with a fresh install.

I currently have a 20gb and 80gb on IDE and was wondering if i could simply just add a SATA drive to my system as storage (not OS drive).



A:Do you need to install sata during windows install? can i upgrade my pc with sata?

The simple answer-yes.The detailed answer- (ignore the bit a about drivers on floppies)
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I Can't Install a sata hard disk with a PCI sata controller card.?
My mb is MSI KT4V with AMD athlon 1800.My bios is AMI.
There is no option in my mb for a sata hard disk so i brought the sata pci cotroller card.
In post it shows the raid in my pci slot but cant detect my hard disk. It is a Segate 7200 rpm 160 gb hard disk.My sata pci controller card come with a driver cd but i cant install its driver in dos mode. and i think its for the windows version.
How can i install the single sata drive in my comp.
please help me...

A:Can't Install Sata Hard disk With PCI SATA controller card

Probably some fakeraid BS..
You have to enter the RAID BIOS and configure the drive as a RAID0 array or something similar. If it doesn't detect the drive in the RAID BIOS either, look over all your cables. Make sure you have power to the hard drive and suchlike.
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Ok just got finished building my new compy and I am trying to get Xp OS to install I get past the add additional drivers Nvidia Raid recognizing nor Raid not SATA SATA is install single xp hd Class Dr and Nvidia NForce Storage Controller and get xp install is not recognizing SATA Raid nor single SATA hd them to install but when I get to install Xp now quot press enter quot part it comes back saying that it cannot detect a hd and must quit set up I am working on Gigabyte S-series Am mobo GA-M SLI-S ver and using two Hitachi Deskstar hds Gbs ea in a Raid gbs-s SATA This is my first Raid and second Sata install Now onto to what I have done I have followed the manual explicitly ie I followed the steps listed to first enter the system Bios and enabled the Raid controller then saved and went into the Raid bios to create the Raid saved and went back to system bios to select the Raid to a boot device and saved Now as I said Xp is not recognizing the hds and refuses to finish installing I have also tried not undoing everything and just installing without the Raid using just the Nvidia Raid Class Driver that is supposedly required w wo A Raid with the same results I have now redid the Raid array I noticed that when I went into my bios that it also does not seem to recognizing it When I go into Advanced bios settings under Hard Disk Priority it lists the Raid SCSI- Nvidia Stripe Gbs Bootable addins cards However under Standard it is not listed see below IDE channel M drive dvd drive IDE channel S drive cd rw Drive A Floppy Drive B None Also the start up scream where it reads all the drives as its booting up It does not show them either I do not think that this was the case when I first started this journey infact I am almost positive that I saw them listed before either that or I could have been having delusions due to compy stress unfortunately the floppy drive I had was defective so I have been messing around trying to get the Raid drivers on the floppy to install all day yesterday I finally was able to isolate the prob to the floppy drive and replaced temporarily with a working one but I am afraid that my problem might be based on the Bios not seeing my hard drives however since this is my first Raid I am not sure if it should be listed in the Standard CMOS under Drives or not Would clearing my CMOS on the mobo work shortening my pins and then unshortening Help P S the Bios is by mediashield ROM BIOS Thanks to all responses in advance nbsp

A:xp install is not recognizing SATA Raid nor single SATA hd

hmm, strange - have you formatted your hard drives already? Do you have Win XP with SP2 - SP2 is needed to recognize large hard drives.
I don't know how complicated it would be but if all else fails maybe undo the raid configuration format your hard drives (if they are not already) then do the raid thing. I am a beginner so these thougths/ideas might be irrelevant.
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Anyone run into this problem?
Existing install of XP - added a Seagate SATA drive - XP comes up and sees the new hardware (Raid controller) - and asks for drivers. I point it to the correct drivers (tried several different versions) - and it seems to start going along ok - and then comes up with the following message:
Cannot Install this Hardware. An error occured during the installation of the device. The system cannot find the file specified.

The strange thing is - is even though the Raid controller is in a state of ... hanging there with an exclamation mark on it in device manager - the system then comes up and sees the actual drive. But if I click on the raid controller in device manager - it says it is not working properly and cannot tell me what drivers are running it.....

Any help would be appreciated!!!

A:Drivers wont install for SATA on A7n8x with EXISTING install of XP!!

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Okay--I just reinstalled XP because I have Sata drives and unless you install a driver for them during the install process you can t later enable ACHI which makes use of the advanced features on these drives I thought we were done with floppies and it seems they should be standard on every new machine Is there any other way to install drivers for SATA drives other than to make a floppy disc The problem is its like the chicken and the egg--the ASUS CD gave me the ability to create a SATA drive floppy but only on the MOBO on the computer that I was installing XP on but had to install it before I could run the CD the driver creation did not show up on my other computer Can Install? die? there to way ever XP Floppy the Sata drives in Is Will another install you use an external floppy A second CD drive This is a frustrating process You would think Windows would put some generic drivers so you didn t Will the Floppy ever die? Is there another way to install Sata drives in XP Install? have to resort to floppy drivers during install nbsp

A:Will the Floppy ever die? Is there another way to install Sata drives in XP Install?
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I am trying to install my new SATA Western Digital hard drive but the computer will not see that it is there. I have tried every driver that I have found online and on my motherboard CD which has onboard SATA support. I have tried installing when installing XP on the new drive by pressing F6 and following the steps but I still have not found a solution and WD tech support is no help either. The drive is fully connected and my friend and I have both verified the connections countless times and the drive spins. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I have a p50 on its way, I read the thread about if it's installed upside down it will smoke the M.2. SO, which way is the correct way to install these SSD's. I have 2 of them on the way.
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Currently use a Dell, Dimension 4700 w/HomeXP....
512MB DDR2 SDRAM at 4000Hz - 2X256MB DIM
80GB Serial ATA 7200 RPM DIM.M
DIM 4700 P4 520 (2.8GHZ) HT INT 8NDNICV

Is it possible to install a Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 SATA HD, 200GB,
Model ST3200822AS in my Dell 4700???

Any help is greatly appreciated... Thanks


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I'm getting a Bad_Pool_Caller BSOD, along with some misc. BSOD's while trying to do a fresh install of Windows from a SATA Cdrom to an ATA IDE harddrive. Are there any known issues with trying to install an OS from SATA to IDE?

Server 2003 O/S
Single QuadCore CPU
4GB Ram
512MB Dual DVI, ATI somethin...
500GB IDE hdd
I was supposed to have SATA hdd as well, but shipping screw'd up, and I got sent an ATA instead. I'm pretty sure that I will be able to figure out the solution tomorrow when I get to record the other information on the BSOD screens. I was just curious if there are any known issues or negatives associated with writing from a SATA cdrom drive to an IDE?

A:CD SATA install to IDE

Just to follow-up: I seem to have solved my problem by substituting memory modules. I had four 1gig sticks, new, and 2 of them resulted in BSOD's during installation while installed individually.

I have 2 other sticks that have had no problems at all. The other BSOD's I was getting were IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.

And as far as I am aware, there are no issues with installing a new OS from a SATA cdrom to an IDE hdd.
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I'm doing a clean install of XP on a laptop for a friend, but the XP disc doesn't recognise the SATA drive.

I've found out that you can integrate the drivers into an XP disc, but I tried another workaround, which was to put the drive in another machine and install XP on it from there.

The install went fine - I guess its a different type of SATA controller in the 2nd machine that XP recognises. But when I put the drive back in the original machine I get BSOD too quick to read on the initial XP loading screen and it restarts. Safe mode booting stops at Mup.sys

Any suggestions how I can recover from this? or should I start from scratch trying to integrate the drivers into an XP disc?

I tried installing SP3 then putting it back in the original machine, but its the same.

A:XP SATA Install

and welcome to the Forum

You best chance is to start fresh . . Installing XP on a SATA drive requires an additional step:

However, Most newer BIOS allow an Alternate method for SATA . . Go into the bios and check the "Sata Operation" setting,

change it to "Raid Autodetect/ATA if it is not already. Now try to install XP ( could be IDE Mode, Compatibility Mode or Legacy Mode - different BIOS use different terms )

some will say IDE instead of ATA)

If there are no such settings you'll need to slipstream the sata drivers on the XP CD, follow the instructions in this guide :

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I'm struggling like hell to get a Seagate Baracuda 80GB SATA drive installed with a clean Windows XP. I've done this once before and I recall pressing F3 and then inserting a driver diskette. Now however, once I press enter to install, I don't get that option - It just says something about being unable to find driver.



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Hi guys first I just wanna say thankyou to everyone here thats helped me in the past my pc runs now because of you alright i m new to the whole SATA format last time i installed anything new in a install hdd SATA pc before now was years ago Had a quick look at the SATA ports on my M board and they re SATA I ve built myself a pc using my old power supply IDE hdd s and bought a Western Digital Gb SATA drive to boost my storage a bit can i run hdd s I ve already installed the new drive in the pc but I don t know how to get windows to see it I ve also got a SATA dvd burner ready to go in after this any forseeable issues Where does the SATA power cable come from I know nothing SATA hdd install about sata components I ll assume that like my IDE stuff the power cable comes out of the psu and plugs into the back of the drives if they re supposed to come from the psu then I think its time I upgraded that too cos i don t have any sata power connectors on mine at least I can t find them I m running an AMD Athlon x Gb ram nvidia gt Gb amp Gb IDE drives with windows xp sp thankyou you in advance nbsp

A:SATA hdd install

2.) .. Did you do this ???
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hey all... i am currently installing Linux (damian) on a server that is setup for raid1. after i setup the hardware raid ( dell poweredge ) I put in the cd and it boots up recognizes the network and when it goes to partitiion is says there is no noticable hard disk devices to be found. The two 80 gig drives are of course running off of SATA and i cant understand why damien will not bring them up. Is there any direction that you can lead me in ?

A:SATA with os install

I don't know anything about Damien, but many Linux distros cannot work with a software raid controller. My Suse does recognize the SATAs, but I only have it installed as a nonraid system. I believe that there are programs available that are intended to make a software raid work, but I haven't dealt with them yet. Since you gave no specs, I have no idea of what kind of raid that you have.
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I have it all hooked up right but my bios wont detect the HD help!!!!!

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I have a Dell Dimension that has a GB HDD that is nearly full and that lately has been making strange noises I am running XP-Pro My system is running slowly and it has lots of junk on it I have a new GB SATA HDD and I have installed a new SATA controller I plan to install the new HDD I would like to install a fresh copy of XP-Pro on XP-Pro SATA HDD Install New on the new drive and then reinstall those programs that I use I would then like to copy the data for the programs from my old drive to the new one What is the best way for me to install Install XP-Pro on New SATA HDD XP-Pro on my new drive I have the disks that Dell shipped with the computer but that was nearly years ago Would I have to load all of the updates that have been released subsequent to my original computer purchase Can I do the install on the new HDD and still boot to my old drive until I am fully set up on the new drive Thanks Ed S

A:Install XP-Pro on New SATA HDD

When you have a Sata and an Ide on the same machine, you go into the Bios at Bootup and select ,"Boot priority", . You can select whichever disc you wish to boot. The end result can/is two drives with an O/S on each.
My question is will your Bios have the Boot priority option,. You might want to update your Bios .
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Hey guys I was looking around and forgive me if I didn t look hard enough but it seems my problem is a tad unique As in my profile my computer set up Cannot HDD on New Win SATA Install XP is this Foxconn A Micro ATX Mobo P ghz Prescott FSB x GB DDR PC Ram Geforce FX mb Video Card GB Maxtor IDE Hard drive GB Seagate Barracuda SATA Perpendicular Hard Drive trying to get to work Coolmax W PSU BenQ x DVD RW Burner Windows XP Professional Upgrade Clean Installed Here s the deal first and foremost is considering I have all of the old videos files pictures etc Cannot Install Win XP on New SATA HDD on my GB Maxtor that I plan on transfering to the SATA hard drive since it s faster and I d like to use the SATA as my primary so all in all that makes things complicated in itself What I Cannot Install Win XP on New SATA HDD did was got everything ready I didn t back up anything from the Maxtor IDE because that is out of the plan since I hope to do a simple drag and drop transfer of all the old stuff to my new SATA hard drive I went into my BIOS and set the boot priorty to the SATA and it detected my SATA drive fine I got out of the BIOS and inserted my Win XP upgrade disc I let it go and also inserted the SiS RAID Installation support disk so that it would install the SATA controller that was included in the Foxconn mobo Then keeping my IDE drive intact I deleted and formated the SATA to create a partition and installed XP on it My Win XP cd is SP so after installing it I immediately popped in the Service pack CD I have to get the major update out of the way Unfortunately after I did that and restarted the computer I get the message DISK BOOT FAILURE insert System Disk blah blah and it just keeps there and I can t do a thing I popped in the Win XP CD thinking it could boot from there but the screen just hangs black I even experimented and popped in the SiS raid installation floppy disk and it said the message NTLDR is missing I ve already checked the SATA cable and reinstalled Win XP over again but the same thing happens after I install SP I removed the jumper from slave on the DVD burner and it still does the same thing The IDE hard drive has no jumper on it as well The confusing things that sometimes messes me up a little is the fact that the IDE is quot Drive C quot while the SATA is quot Drive D quot and when I was able to move around before restarting Win XP after installing SP I noticed that drive D was the primary drive and Drive C looked fine and I could access it So as I may have mentioned My goal is to make the SATA primary when it is by default Drive D after the installation of Win XP that means I ll have a grand ol time playing with disk management or whatever later on on a side note I m thinking I ll just all the old stuff transfered to the SATA then format the IDE and somehow change drive letters on the SATA to C and specify i being the primary and the IDE to be secondary Anyway I guess that s it All the steps I took were pretty much outlined Another note is that I got the Seagate SATA hard drive a week ago I highly doubt but it can be true that I got a defective drive I m also wondering if because I have two instances of Win XP the Mobo gets confused since Drive C is the IDE and not the primary boot up hard disk since I set it to Drive D the SATA hard drive This is my first post so sorry if I added too much info I figured I could have all the things I m going through in one post But basically I m talking about how I can t get XP running on the new SATA hard drive and beyond that I need to get it done in a way so that the old stuff I have on the IDE hard drive I can transfer to the SATA hard drive And lastly I need of a way to change the drive letter of the SATA to C but somehow get the IDE to a secondary letter I d appreciate any comments or questions Thanks -Tony nbsp

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Hi..just a quickie...

Doing a fresh install of xp on a sata drive.
When it asks to press F6 to install the third party drivers will I be able to load off the motherboard driver cd, or does it *have* to be a floppy..?

Reason is the folder that contains the driver info on the cd is over 6mb so obviously won't fit on a floppy..and I'm not sure which I need to complete the install.
If I habe the driver cd in the second cd drive will I be able to browse to it when asked?

Failing that, just what info do I need to put on a floppy?

Many thanks


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HI U all
I have a mobo soyo dragon + with sata.Got a HD sata maxtor 120GB.
I just want to see the drive running! In the BIOS I set the primary boot as
SCSI.( may be a mistake...)Of course my drive is blank,need to be formated, and to install OS.
When I boot I do not see any primary, any slave... nothing.
How can I get this sata to be recognized when I boot???

A:SATA install

I have just got the Abit NF7-S v2.0 board which has SATA, and I run my old 20GB Seagate 5400 on the SATA port with the converter.
I had to install the SATA drivers, and enable the IEEE1394a controller in the BIOS to get it to work. This I found after a bit of trial and error since I am very much a novice....
I would suggest you check the settings in your BIOS for SATA and the IEEE1394 controllers to see if they are 'enabled'.
Others may well post with a proper answer........
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Hello Everyone My labtop HP Compaq Nc harddrive was corrupted so i decide to do a clean intsalled using oem disk xp sp The hard drive is a sata drive sata install xp does not hdd sp2 the driver controller is Intel R GBM SATA AHCI Controller The cd is booted up when labtop power on F is pressed files are copied when this is complete you need to press S when prompted the interface appears install floppy diskette Intel Matrix Storage Manager the files are copied to harddrive When this is finished you need to press F when prompted instruction are followed NTFS quick format is pressed sata hdd does not install xp sp2 on completing this the insert floppy diskette message appears again saying install floppy diskette Intel Matrix Storage Manager but this time part of the message is greyed out You can press as many time as you want nothing happens whatsoever I ve checked the read me text on the floppy diskette and also checked the bios everything seems ok Thank you Please help nbsp

A:sata hdd does not install xp sp2

Make sure you are installing the correct drivers for your SATA controller.
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Just installed my new GB WD SATA drive in my comp and as always with something new ive had a few problems First of all windows didnt recognise it which i kinda expected so I d l some utility from the Western Digital website for my type of HD It installed then picked it up and said quot edit registry to accept HDs over GB quot so I said yes restarted then i could see the HD My Computer as you can see in the install SATA help first pic H Problem is when I restart the comp Windows keeps finding new hardware and i have to go through about of these found new hardware popups Although it always says it failed to install The drive is still working ok though Have i done something wrong There is a pic of the problem in the nd image My M B is an ASUS P P S and ive installed the latest Chipset Drivers and have all the SATA install help Windows updates for XP SP I dunno if this helps at all but in the BIOS my Comp is setup as follows I dunno why the GB is slave i never remember putting it like that SATA install help Primary IDE - Master - - Slave - GB IDE HD C Windows amp D Secondary IDE - Master - CD DVD Drive - SATA install help Slave - DVD Burner Third IDE - Master - GB SATA HD H Any help much appreciated nbsp

A:SATA install help

Its now working fine, I just redid all the cables of the IDE drives and it seems to be working perfectly.
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still working on that sata thing.
maxtor HD sata 120GB
mobo soyo dragon + with sata
well, yes I know about the driver thing on a floppy,
u load it when installing OS XP, press F6 . but F6 do not work, I push the key
but windows continue loading, until it says " no drive around..." or something like it...
in my CMOS I did "on board SATA 1 & 2 enable "
"SATA mode to IDE "
why they make it so hard with SATA?
we are nice guys we do not deserve this...

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hi, I need to install a second hard drive but it didn't come with any cables. I orded a SATA II cable but my question is about the power supply. I have some power supply cables that are wrapped up when I got the computer, I was wondering if I should use the same cable for the second HHD that I have for the Original HHD and visa versa for the ROM-Drive. But what's the deal with the Molex part? I've been looking all over but have only found vauge info about this. Thanks!

A:Install Second HHD sata II

Pictures would be helpful - but if your first HD is a SATA drive, then it won't be using a MOLEX - so I'd use that cable for the second HD as well.

I bought a modular PSU and still use a single cable for all three of my SATA drives (my DVD is an IDE (ATAPI) so it uses its own data cable....
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I have a Seagate HD and XP installation CD doesn't see it. I know that I need to load drivers of a sort but how? and do I have to put it on a floppy or can i use my flash drive?

A:please help me. SATA HD on XP Install

XP Home?
I know with Pro i've not had any problems installing a basic sata driver on about 5 builds now.
If its a new build, you should have a floppy disk with the sata drivers on it, bundled with your mobo.
But i'm pretty sure XP .... with SP2 will have basic drivers.
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I m getting extremely frustrated with a HD install new a Trying to SATA problem Trying to install a new SATA HD I keep encountering trying to install a new SATA Hard Drive Heres the problem Trying to install a new SATA HD I connect the SATA HD power amp data cable I prepare a FDD with the necessary HD Cotroller Drivers from Trying to install a new SATA HD the motherboard utilities CD I boot the PC I insert my XP Pro SP CD The PC boots from the CD I press F when prompted for rd party drivers When prompted I install the necessary drivers from the FDD I then get to the bit where I chose to install Windows rather than do a Repair - when I select install I m told that no HD is present amp that I need to exit by pressing F I ve tried removing RAM to see if any is dodgy but still encounter the same problem I ve attached the new SATA HD to a different PC amp everything moves on perfectly but I quit before formatting the drive as I want to do a clean install on the other PC I m beginning to think that there might be a problem with the Motherboard but am open to suggestions the old HD is stuck in an infitinte boot loop amp am unable to slave it to another HD as it wont respond - maybe caused by a Motherboard problem Anyone able to give me any advice nbsp

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I was wondering if i could get some step by step help with installing my dads new 320gb SATA HD....and windows Vista.....he currently has winxp home SP2 on a 80gb HD PATA....he has no SATA ports on his motherboard....we ordered an IDE to SATA converter offline it should be here in a day or would we go about setting up the 320gb(SATA) with vista while simultaneously having xp on the 80gb(PATA)....he has 3 IDE controllers 1 is used by the 80gb and the other is used by his DVD-RW, the third one we are going to put the IDE to SATA converter(picture given) not sure ive stated all this correctly but any feedback would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

A:SATA HD Install

All you need to do is install it normally once the 2nd Hd is in. Vista’s boot manager will detect XP (as earlier version of Windows). Vista’s manager will probably be installed on the first IDE channels boot sector. Here is a little article to make what’s involved a little more clear -->
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I got my 430s, and it's with a 16Gb mSATA SSD cache inside.Now everytime when I open my PC, it shows Error 2101 Detection error on HDD2 (mini sata) and I need to press ESC to continue.Is there any software or driver's problem, or it just phsically got wrong?Any techician could help to solve, or I have to do it my own?

Go to Solution.

A:Error 2101 Detection error on HDD2 (mini sata) in...

Have you ensured you are running the latest BIOS?  What version BIOS do you currently have? After pressing escape does the computer boot normally?
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I am setting up a new computer with XP Pro and need to figure out what I need to add to the XP installation with N lite for the use of my 2 Barracuda Sata drives that I want to mirror.

My system is
Asus Striker II Extreme
Core 2 Quad Q6600
4 gigs DDR3
GeForce 8800GTS Video Card
2- Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 Sata drives
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I know the method of using nlite and blending drives into xp cd, but my problem is geting the correct drivers for my laptop acer travelmate 5310, when i visited the acer website i found drivers from their packaged in an executable format, problem with this is when running the excutable it looks for floppy drives , since i have no flopy drives nor a usb floppy drive, these drives are useless, can any one point me to a location where i can obtain the raw drives to attached to xp cd?
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I run XP Professional on a Dell I installed a Seagate GB Serial ATA drive and a Silicon Image SiI SATALINK Controller card I loaded Windows and the system will boot My problem is that it is not recognized as the primary drive At boot-up time I get the message Primary hard disk not found Primary hard disk not found Install Drive SATA but it lists the SiI BIOS version When I enter Setup it shows Primary Drive and as Unknown Device Hard Drive Sequence shows System Boot ST AS my new SATA drive Device manager shows SCSI an RAID Controllers as Silicon Image SiI SATALINK Controller with the message quot This device is working Properly quot When I contacted Dell they told me to go into Setup and identify the Install SATA Drive new drive as primary When I go into BIOS Setup it tells me that Primary Drive is an Unknown Device When I press Enter the Drive Type is set to Auto the other option is Off which does not seem an appropriate choice in this case They told me to change the settings in the BIOS I don t know if that is the correct approach I also don t know how to do that from what I have seen Install SATA Drive in the BIOS Setup Does anyone have a suggestion nbsp

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OK, so I just installed a new HD. - Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EARX 2TB 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive

I hooked it all up and the BIOS seems to see it.
And Windows "found new hardware" and "installed drivers".

Now what?

A:How to install a new SATA 6 HD under Windows 7

BTW, I'm not seeing a D:

But the new HD is "working properly" in Device manager.

Is this normal?
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After quite a bit of searching and reading FAQs I don t really know what install drive. on SATA XP won't my else to do but ask you guys I put my XP disk in change the boot order to my CD-Rom drive and XP won't install on my SATA drive. it loads the setup screen I press F and load the SATA driver that was given on my motherboard s CD When it gets to the point of quot Setup is starting Windows quot it takes about seconds then goes to a blue hardware error screen I ve tried both the SATAII and SATAI slots I ve tried not using any SATAI SATAII driver I ve tried pretty much every single option in the BIOS that I can think of If I use an IDE drive it loads into Windows Setup fine If I put the new SATA drive into a different computer I can install Windows on it and format it I put the computer together without a hitch it just doesn t seem to want to load any SATA drives It detects it in the BIOS and I m able to run FDisk on it if I put a bootdisk in the floppy drive Pretty sure the drive itself is in fine shape so I guess I m missing some kind of driver or setting Motherboard ASRock DUAL-SATAII Model- Processor AMD Athlon MB L Cache Case Power Antec Sonata II w PSU RAM Crucial Rendition GB PC x HDD Seagate Barracuda GB RPM MB Cache XP won't install on my SATA drive. SATAII GPU Radeon XT AGP nbsp

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Hi. I have a STOP error when I try to install XP on my new build. I am led to believe that I need to load SATA drivers onto a floppy, as both the DVD and Hard Drive are SATA. I just don't kow exactly what drivers I need- are they for the motherboard, DVD/HDD, or the Windows CD itself?

A:SATA drivers for new install of XP Pro x64?

If you have a floppy drive, then you can copy the SATA drivers from your Motherboard Driver CD. Or you can go into the Bios Settup settings and switch your Hard Drive to Legacy, or IDE from AHCI mode. You can also slipstream your Motherboards SATA drivers into your XP CD using nLIte.
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I have a Dell XPS 410 with a Sata drive. The computer came with Vista and I installed XP in a partition.

To install XP I had to go into the BIOS and put the hard drive into ATA mode. This works fine for XP but for Vista I have to go back into the BIOS and put it back to the default setting.

I'm hoping that installing Sata drivers in XP will allow me to use the same BIOS setting for both OS's. I downloaded the Intel Sata driver and when I install it there is a message that my computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements. I assume that is because the BIOS is in ATA mode. But if I use the other mode then XP won't boot.

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- foxconn mother board 945g7ma-8ks2h
- intel pentium d
- 4x 512mb DDR2 4200
- 160GB Hitachi SATA drive
- onboard VGA

1. When I try to install my Vista Ultimate the instalation fail in final stage. The computer stop responding.
2. I try to install OS on other computer using mainbord with same chipset i945g, after i try to start my computer with this drive it work fine but only in safe mode. When I try to start OS in normal mode the computer stop responding again. It wont finish the starting up.
3. I try to install OS on one old IDE drive. Same problems as with SATA drive but only until i dont disabe SATA controler in BIOS. When I install OS with SATA controler disabled all work fine. When I try later to enable SATA controler the OS stop working again.
Thank you for your help.

A:can not install on sata drive

are you installing the sata's drivers (if you have any) at the beginning of setup by pressing F6 (atleast thats how it is in winxp setup, and I think its same for vista). Also try going to your motherboard's website and check for a bios update.
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This is the first time i have tried to format a sata drive.

I put the disk in and boot from the cd and it goes straight into the xp splash screen it doesn't even give me the chance to hit f6 thats the first problem.

Thanks in advance

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ok i just built a new computer and the specs are those listed in my profile. my problem is i cant get my HD to work therefor i cant install XP pro. when in insert the disc with SATA drivers from my mobo it installs it and then next screen it says no storage device detected windows cannot continue to install press f3 to quit and then it reboots. i also noticed after the setup screen when it is detecting devices it says my HD is non raid??? i have troubleshooting this thing to hell and i cant get it to work...not even make a sound.

A:Cannot install SATA on new computer

Please try the amazing search feature.
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My hard drive is failing, so I want to install a new drive. I was hoping to install a second drive, and use Ghost to copy the drive. On opening the case, I can't see where I have room for another drive. I have a Acer Aspire X3200. The inside looks like the attached picture. I have a new drive, but don't know how I can remove the old one. I've searched the internet, but don't see any set up like mine.


A:Install New Sata Drive

How do you know your drive is failing?

Often, machines like that are easier to deal with than they appear. Spend some time looking it over. They are designed in a way that allows techs to get in and repair things relatively easily. Sometimes there are clips or retainers that release drives and other components. Otherwise, it is often just a few aptly-chosen screws.

Check if the other side comes off, too.
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Hi forum I have an OCZ GB SSD and TB Wesern Digital HD running on Win bit ultimate custom build The previous not so old previous sata Hd's being tb and tb I wont to add without losing any data that is on them I had terrible problems with Acronis software that came with the SSD and gave up on it as were unable to help me So purchased a new tb HD as a nd HD to get up and running However I now Have a tb HD formatted as had Win on it a free download - but not happy with it and went back to win - which keeps trying to give this back to me as an important update no mention at all it is a win permanent advert So as I now know this I don't download it but is easy to do so as mixed in with other important updates as is the intention and very sneaky Plus a TB HD also full with video photos etc Now I have installed these two drives not as a st boot of course - looked at Bios and changed boot sequence a few times st lised as UEFI But having not done this before I thought it would be simple- but so far not seen theses HD's in the Bios or shown on computer I understand I need to give them drive letter's i e V for video as Letters F G H I already used up as a portable device i e card reader It appears most help assume exactly Sata so 3/4th install I not do on with HD's How a old data it is to format How do I exactly install a 3/4th not so old Sata HD's with data on new HD's Which I How do I exactly install a 3/4th not so old Sata HD's with data on most definately How do I exactly install a 3/4th not so old Sata HD's with data on don't want on the tb as need data for my video editing software I recall putting important info onto the gb SSD from the TB HD and I think I formatted this one to get rid of win as was nowhere as secure as win probably why it was free assumption based on Bitdefender reports I know I can possibly use these as external HD's via extrnal USB But USB seems stupid I would like to use the remaing space and keep for storage- I recall the tb is actually full Sorry if this is a bit long dis-jointed Basically am trying to add these two drives without losing any data via disk management I'm sure im missing something silly in getting pc to recognise these drives etc Any one able to put me in the right place and or give an exact plan to follow Or at least get the tb HD up and running in system as this has important video data I use in conjunction with my editing software Many thanks for any help Robo

A:How do I exactly install a 3/4th not so old Sata HD's with data on

Just connect the drives to sata data and power, boot the system.

If you cannot see the drives in windows check the drive management and make sure they are assigned drive letters.

Once you can see the drives in windows go to properties at the root of each drive and give your current (admin) user full access, may need to take ownership, and make sure this is cascaded to all sub folders

If you have issues as one or more of the old drives are still marked active from the previous system installs you can correct this using Partition wizard

Once you are up and running it is probably a good idea to move the required data onto the new drive, temporarily and wipe and reformat the older drives
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Hi All,

I want to replace Vista with XP however my laptop has a SATA HD. I know that I can create a boot disk on either a floppy or a CD however I think it should be possible for me to install the drivers on an external USB HD? Before I format my drive I just wanted to confirm that this is possible??

Thanks for you help in advance,

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Windows XP SP2
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3700+
2 x 512MB PC3200U DDR-SDRAM
NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT
250 GB WD Caviar SE16 SATA

I got the error message that windows\system32\config\system file was corrupt or missing; when I try to go in with the install disc to repair, XP will not find my SATA HD. I reinstall the SATA drivers (F6 fast and often...), and the BIOS finds it okay, but I cannot repair the install on my HD since XP won't recognize it. Also, when I try to simply reinstall XP as a clean install, same thing - it won't find my HD.

I can use my IDE backup HD's fine, and when I boot to them, I can find my SATA disc, I just can't boot to the SATA HD, which is what I need to do.

Any thoughts?
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Hi, I am trying to install a sata drive into a dell optiplex gx270 desktop.
It fits quite well into the floppy drive space but I am not familiar with power or jumper settings (if any).
The mainboard has a sata connector.
I need step by step instructions

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Can't install Sata 3.5 HDD enclosure Model #EN391.

I have Windows Vista. When I try to install the disk I get a message:

SPIF225 USB to SATA Bridge 98 Driver Installer
>SetupDLL\SetupDLL.cpp (469)
PAPP:SPIF225 USB to SATA Bridge 98 Driver Installer
@Windows Service Pack 2 (6002) IE 8.0.6001.18828

Do I need a driver for windows Vista?
How do I obtain the driver?

A:Can't install Sata 3.5 HDD enclosure

The enclosure should have come with a drivers CD. If this is not the case, look at the enclosure and find the manufacturer. Go to the manufacturer's website and see if you can find drivers there.
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I just got a hand me down Compaq Presario S CL Put a barebone XP install and updated basic drivers video network etc nothing fancy got GB ram installed Pentium Ghz anyways I install HD problems SATA have installed a SATA expansion card that previously was in another hand me down PC that worked with no problems I installed the drivers with no problems and Device manager says its working fine Problem is the SATA HD I have connected isnt showing up in Disk Manager I went to my bios and what do you know There is not one single thing listed anywhere that says anything about SATA or RAID or anything So i goto HP website see if there is a BIOS update and the only thing listed on the website for this computer as far as BIOS updates go tells me quot cannot update bios please contact customer support if the issue continues quot So im wonderin if this motherboard even supports SATA drives or not Anyone that can help me is awesome becuase this will make the rd hand me down computer that basically doesnt work for my needs and my frustration is growing nbsp

A:SATA HD install problems

Read the POST carefully. Most of the times the add-on SATA cards show up after the initial POST (maybe as RAID)... It will prompt you to press like "F10" or so to enter RAID setup. That's where you should see the drive.
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Hi guys, ive installed windows xp on a sata hard drive by changing the setting in bios. How do i install sata drivers once the instalation of xp is complete so i can use the full potential of the hard drive instead of being stuck with ide speeds?


A:Sata driers after install of xp
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I'm trying to install a fresh OS (XP) on my new 160gig seagate SATA barracuda. I get the message 'Setup could not determine one or more storage devices installed in your system.'

Can anyone please help me with this? My motherboard is an MSI PM8M-V.

Thank you,

A:Can't install OS on SATA Drive

Are you certain that the SATA show up in the bios.

If it does, then try again. If it is still undetectable, then you may need the F6 floppy disk driver for the SATA.

If not, check the SATA's connection.
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hey guys i read a very similar problem on this forum searching for a clue to get xp running i recently bought a gateway GM http www gateway com retail gm php that came pre-loaded with vista some programs that i need to run now aren t from XP install Vista SATA on compatible with it yet so i need to downgrade i ve tried using nLite XP install on SATA from Vista to create a xp boot disc with the drivers integrated but it failed twice resulting in the same blue screen error the drivers im trying to use are http downloadcenter intel com Det amp OSFullName XP install on SATA from Vista Windows XP Professional amp lang eng ive also thought about purchasing a usb external floppy but i read that only three types are accepted during the xp install XP install on SATA from Vista process and i couldn t find any of them online so if anyone knows or sees that im doing something wrong could you help me out the mother board and chipset information follows motherboard model Intel Corporation DD SXG chipset info Intel Corporation G Bearlake-G ICH R nbsp

A:XP install on SATA from Vista

well i just checked inside my pc, and it seems like using a external or internal floppy drive is out
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i recently formated my hadd to get a clean start windows sata xp install i have a xps gen sata windows xp install with gigs of ram and wd raptors usualy runing in raid and an intell ee so after i formated the drive i created a new raid volume with gb leaveing gb for a partion for randome junk if i ever have to for mat again which will probly happen sata windows xp install when all the vista bugs and dx cards become cheap but anways i poped the xp pro sp disk in and started the install then it said could not find a hard disk to install to so after a while of reading sata windows xp install i was told to install the driver of the sata drives to the computer and that should work wel this being the year who the hell uses flopy disks anymore so that said after a while of makeing some virtual flopy drives and some creative use of a usb key turned into a flopy disck i tryed that and nothing happend and it wouldnt install the drivers so i went into the bios and changed the sata drives to combonation mode so they actlike pata and it installed xp fine but only on one hard drive and it wont let me install intel matrix sortage mgr or the driver for the drives any one got any ideas that dont involve going back to the s with some flopy disks because i dont wana shell out for a drive if you need any other info just ask my bios revison is a or ao i am not sure if its a o or a zero also most of my drivers wont install i only got a few to install my video card and things like my network controler also i am runing on a wireless network and my wireless cards driver just unzips to a few files and i am lost as to what to do with them so i cant connect to the web on it untill i get that to work or be less indolent and take it downstairs to my router and use the ethernet well i am lost as to what to do

A:sata windows xp install


You need a floppy drive and a floppy disk with those RAID drivers on it. Unless you want to purchase a new motherboard with an onboard RAID controller it? That latter sounds much more expensive.


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Just built a new computer and can't get the SATA to install.

P4 3Ghz 800mhz FSB
512mb RAM, DDR PC 3200
Seagate 80GB Barracuda 7200.7 SATA HD

I'm wearing out my new XP CD installing and trying to get the SATA drivers to install. BIOS settings are:

Under Integrated Peripherals -> OnChip IDE Device:
IDE Bus Master - Enabled
OnChip Serial ATA - enhanced
OnChip Serial ATA Mode - ide

Advanced BIOS Features:
Hard Disk Boot Priority - 1. Seagate HD
Bootable Add-in Device - Onboard sata
Boot Other Device - Enabled

Drive is plugged into SATA 1

Comp works fine, during install it says it's loading the SATA/RAID drivers from Abit floppy, there is activity on the floppy drive.

Would really appreciate any help I can get. My first build, and first time with SATA, and it's driving me crazy.

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Hello everyone,

I have recently bought a new computer that came with windows vista as you may have guessed the experience mostly has not been a good one, with lots of compatibility issues. I want to dual boot Vista with XP but the problem is I have heard windows XP does not have the SATA drivers on the disc.

I understand that you just need to insert a floppy and push F6 I think but the problem is I don't have a floppy drive! Is there anyway I can slipstream the drivers into the install or something?

Thanks for your help

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Hello. I have been trying to install Vista onto a SATA HDD.
The same system was very stable with the IDE HDD I am attempting to replace.
I have installed the SATA drivers at install, not 100% sure they were the correct ones. (I am curious if I should set up a single disk RAID - although I know nothing about RAID)
Vista will install and load. I can then install updates for Vista. As soon as I reboot after updates my problems start. I can't really do anything without a freeze up. Sometimes Vista won't even load.
I am also wondering if I can leave Vista installed on the IDE drive and use the SATA drive for everything else and still see some improvement in performance (loading times for games).
I am not an advanced user but am eager to learn and ANY help is much appreciated.

Asus M2N-E; Amd 6400+; 2GB ram; Nvidia 8600GT;

A:Vista SATA install

You can't setup RAID with a single disk.
Make sure you SATA controller is set to SATA
or IDE in the BIOS setup.
If you have both RAID and SATA controllers on
the motherboard,you may need to make sure the drive is
connected to the standard SATA.
Some boards have an enhanced SATA setting for the
RAID controller that will work with a single drive.
Is the drive SATA 1 or SATA 2?
The board has SATA 2 ports.
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I am having a heck of a time with this computer build I will list the specs at the bottom of the message for everyones review Here is the MAIN issue I cannot get Windows XP to load fully without experiencing the following error Fatal Error One or many of not on SATA XP hdd PC will new Home - install the components required XP Home will not install on new PC - SATA hdd to complete setup cannot XP Home will not install on new PC - SATA hdd be installed Check to make sure that the disc is not damaged or dirty or that all of the files are at the source network Install Data Error cyclic redundency error Cannot load quot ASMS quot component d i Resolution I have been back to the store where I bought the Windows XP and witnessed them switch it for another sealed new copy of the disc I got back home and experienced XP Home will not install on new PC - SATA hdd the same error Always at the same point in the installation process which is after the first reboot and with minutes left to complete installation You can hear the CD quot spin-up quot real fast and then all of a sudden the drive clicks and moments later the error will appear I have tried different CD DVD-ROM DVD drives to read the disc's and each time with each different drive I get the error at the same point in the installation The system does not exhibit any other signs of problems during the numerous re-formatting from NTFS to FAT back to NTFS with retaining the information that does copy to the hard drive And NEVER has the system had any issue posting or entering the BIOS etc Everything seems to be pretty standard with all my previous builds Also I have tried using the Xcopy function in FAT configurations and at that time there were errors in copying some of the files to the hard drive They didn't seem important gifs jpgs so I continued with the installation and lo and behold I got an error asking me to point the PC to the i directory on the hard drive I try and try to direct it to the source files in these cases and it doesn't take it just blinks and doesn't proceed to continue Theory THIS IS THE FIRST system that I have attempted to build using SATA devices The hard drive and dvd writer I have been attempting to load the NVidia Nforce Storage Controller driver from the ASUS CD during the F screen but whether I load it or not in NTFS or FAT I get the same results I have not yet had the chance to try any other type of HDD with the current setup hopefully I will be able to do so soon I am using the onboard SATA ports on the motherboard NOT a controller card The XP Home disc that I was sold is a full version INCLUDING SP but was sold to me as a quot OEM quot disc on the documentation it states that it should only be distributed with a new PC This was sold to me by a large computer superstore because I was buying all the part to build a PC from them I am curious to know if perhaps this OEM version is not all that it should be in terms of installation prompts pathes and data as compared with the Retail Upgrade or Full version Bad disc what is the chances of getting two bad discs in two days I am thinking that this is not the true cause as the discs look fine Help is appreciated in advance I leave it to you folks to show me the way on this install If I can get it running it should be a blazing setup Specs Only what is currently connected to get this thing going AMD Athlon ASUS K N mobo with onboard audio Nvidia Nforce chipset SATA ports meg DDR Kingston Xtreme Dimm Maxtor Gig Sata Ultra series hard drive SATA ATI All in Wonder Samsung CD DVD-ROM combo drive IDE

A:XP Home will not install on new PC - SATA hdd

You have to load the SATA drivers with that chipset. Open your mobo CD and look for a folder with drivers. In that folder should be a SATA drivers folder. Copy those drivers to a floppy. They have to be on a floppy as that is the only option XP gives to load them. I copied everything except the readme file and the GUI.

Put the floppy in and boot up with your XP CD and when prompted for 3rd party drivers hit F6.
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Hi Guys, Title says it all. I have searched around and can't seem to find an answer. I fried out a old IDE drive, and ordered 2 differnt ones off newegg, an LG and a Samsung. I Can't get windows to install either one. They are seen in the bios, and are shown in the device manager (with the exclimation point) Windows tries to install the drivers but eveytime I get the " The required section was not found in the INF"

Maddening I can't figure this out, any suggestions?

Vista 64 bit home basic
AMD 9950 Phenom quad
4 gigs coirsair
twin XFX 9800gts
1100w power suppy

all latest updates

A:Can't get New SATA DVD Drives to install

Are they OEM drives? You might look at the website of the drive manufacture for the drive install software that prepares the drive for formating.
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We Bought two sata drives , two sata 11/300 drives, a 300 and a 160 GB

We keep trying to do a clean install of XP on the new drive and windows XP wont recognize the drives.

He has an asus A8V/VM motherboard.
He is trying to set up both drives as seperate drives. Drives C and D.

In CMOS in advanced under southbridge configuration , Do I leave it set to RAID or the IDE setting?

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had my hd crap out and putchased a replacement. sata 250gb hitachi w/promise sata150 TX4 controller. Instructions say to "attach your system case's 2 or 4 pin LED cable to the LED connector on the sata150 tx series controller card". I don't have a clue what that is. Everyrthing else installs as directed but not spinning the drive, so can do nada as far as loading all my software, etc. any help would be appreicated.
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I recently bought a on Install XP SATA Can't harddrive WD GB Raptor harddrive to install XP on but I m having problems Everytime I load up XP setup from the setup CD when it gets to the part where the installation options menu is about to appear as it tries to boot windows from Can't Install XP on SATA harddrive the CD I get a BSOD and have to restart I ve tried running the CD with my other GB WD IDE harddrive inside and it doesn t cause this stop error I ve been screwing with this for weeks Can't Install XP on SATA harddrive now trying everything I can find Can't Install XP on SATA harddrive on google and forums to fix this problem I have the correct SATA drivers for my board as well for the drive of which I hit F for at the beginning of setup As far as I can tell it only happens when I have the SATA raptor drive installed I don t think it s the windows CD being scratched as it is near perfect condition The stop error reads as this SESSION INITIALIZATION FAILED STOP x f xc x x x Most of the searching I ve done has concluded either bad disk or bad optical drive but this is only the case for me when the raptor is installed Could it still be this Thanks in advance nbsp

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I am trying to install a brand new sata 500GB hd into my computer with an IDE to SATA converter.

The computer is not seeing the hard drive.
All I have to have is one CD rom and this hard drive. Do I need to set one as master and one slave?

When I go into boot sequence it shows the CD rom drive but not the Hard drive.

The CD drive will read the XP boot cd but then says it cannot find a hard drive to install it to.

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi everybody problem SATA Another install New to the site and need some help Ive browsed the site but cant find Another SATA install problem an answer specifically that helps Building a new computer Windows xp home edition Abit Nforce with AMD x a new SATA drive Geforce gt Its been awhile since my last build Things were going well after starting windows xp home until I got to quot press f for rd party drivers quot Pressed quot s Another SATA install problem quot and inserted Abit NVRAID bit driver disk which came with motherboard in floppy it was read as corrupt brand new disk I downloaded driver from Abit web site extracted to Floppy and tried again This time after pressing quot s quot it said readtext OEM not found I looked at the floppy and that file is there I dont know if Im messing up something as simple as extracting the zip to the floppy should I extract first and then copy the files to the floppy I tried this a few times and the floppy is either read corrupt or cannot find readtext OEM I know this sounds pretty basic but its driving me nuts AM I doing something wrong with the download any other suggestions Abit NVRAID bit driver disk-This is the correct driver Thanks for any help you can give me VERY FRUSTRATING nbsp

A:Another SATA install problem

try to install without F6
the NVRAID 64 bit driver is not for xp home
you have a 32 bit system
the MB may be able to handle 64 bit ??
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Has anyone successfully installed Win7 on a SATA drive? I have two SATA drives on my silicon image controller. When I run the installer it says that I cannot install to the partition because it's SATA and tells me to manually install the driver.

Well I've tried downloading the driver from the ASUS website and using DriverMAX. Each time I put the driver in a folder on another partition and ran the install. However, when I browse for the driver when prompted it always fails.

Here's the driver I tried: ASUS A8N-Deluxe - Vista - 32bit

Any suggestions?


A:SATA install Driver

I have the same problem on my desktop, i have the Asus p4p800-e Deluxe motherboard and 2 sata drives in raid 0 and i cant get windows 7 or vista to work on that computer, when i get to the point where i need to install the drivers it just whont work, i just get a message that no drivers where found
Seems like Asus dont have drivers that works with vista / 7 for older MB
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Hi All ,
Just having a go at reformatting a Acer Aspire t630 acquired from an auction no software ,problem being is there is no sata in the bios only ide and the floppy drive unit is cactus so i cant load the sata drivers i downloaded from acer web site .
I have put in a ide hard drive and installed windows xp pro to that but at this point have no idea how to get the sata drive online can i use a generic sata driver to get it up and going ? The sata driver from acer is just a driver file not a setup one if that makes sense hope i have given you enough information
Regards herbster
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Hi Guys

Ive installed vista on a friends pc ive built. I didnt install drivers or hit F6 to install a sata disk. i just let windows install.

My 2nd sata drive is dtected in bios but i cant format, partion or add the drive in disk manager. the options are shaded!

Do i need to re-install? install more drivers? is there a sata disk that needs to be installed?
Do i need to stop messing with other peoples pc's until i gain enough knowledge?



A:Vista & Sata Install

Some SATA motherboards have a BIOS setting to enable IDE emulatation. The menu is labeled something like SATA Mode, with choices RAID or IDE. If you are not running multiple drives in RAID, choose IDE.

As for working on other's PCs, you should do your learning using your own PC and then only work on others when competent to do so.
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I bought a Vita Premium PC, but I plan on putting XP Pro on it since I have a lot of software that I need use. If I remove Vista and install XP Pro, will I encounter any problems during the install of XP Pro on a SATA disk. I know that XP Pro will be looking for the SATA drivers, will these be included on the XP Pro install disk, or do I need to get them from the internet?

A:Install XP Pro on SATA disk

You will need sata drivers from brand name pc maker or motherboard mfgr. The driver will not be on XP cd.
You will also need motherboard drivers for XP as well.
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hello to all last week i got a new tera western digital sataII hdd since i dont have any more available cable inside my pc just for add it to my other hdd's i replaced it with another old gb sata hdd problem is that when i restart my system it doesn't pass the dos or with new HDD install sata problem look alike quot loading operation system quot message and when i disconnect this new hdd from it power operation system load perfect i know im not problem with install new sata HDD suppose to connect hardware while power is on but i did and the problem with install new sata HDD new hdd were installed formated and was ready to use only when restart OS once again the loading operation system were stuck again until i disconnect it i thought that maybe OS looking for my old hdd which had a different letter but then again when i disconnect the new hdd OS was working even without reinstall the old hdd im using windows version any thought thanx
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Hi I ve recently run into a problem with Windows XP I had installed XP on a Samsung GB SATA hard drive running off of the motherboard s SII controller The drive died so I swapped in a spare exactly the same I had no problems installing I ve recently ditched install: HDD Pro/Home not SATA Can new XP the Samsung health programs saying the never used drive had health problems for a Western Digital GB SATA drive Everything else Can not install: new SATA HDD XP Pro/Home in the system remains unchanged Windows XP will NOT successfully install using the same media as used on the Samsung GB It will copy files reboot go trhough the time date and network setups It will go to the quot Installing Windows quot phase and at some point near the end the screen goes blank and the system doesn t respond This happens installing XP home from the original CD pre-SP version Can not install: new SATA HDD XP Pro/Home XP Home SP slipstreamed from non-SP version and a stock SP Professional CD The only change in the system is the WD drive I have been told there is no size limit with this chipset I have tried both the driver disk that came with the mobo newest drivers from Silicon Image and using the drivers on the XP CD itself I can find no bios settings that will help correct the problem System config A-Bit IC -G mobo with on board SII SATA chipset HT P GB ram Western Digital GB SATA hard drive XP Home original XP Home slipstreamed SP and factory-made Pro SP TIA - Anthony nbsp

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hey all. been scanning the forums trying to find a remedy to my issue but couldnt find anything so decided i needed to post.

trying to install a WD Caviar SE16 500gb hdd onto an Asus K8V-X mobo running XP Service Pack 2. The drive isnt recognised in either bios or windows upon booting and doesnt seem to be powering up either. i have replaced both power and sata cables to no avail. the drive has been tested and formated on a friends pc and worked fine. i have considered using xp install disc F6 option but i dont have floppy drive to install drivers from. The VIA tools (and drivers i assume) that came with my mobo have been installed.

any suggestions?

thanks heaps.

A:sata hdd install issues

Either defective or damaged drive, or problem in the BIOS that you have missed. Take a very close look at all the settings in the BIOS, as that is usually where the problem resides.
Can you take a look at the drive in a friend's SATA capable computer to determine if it works normally?
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I m trying to make a boot disk integrating XP SP and the SATA driver for my laptop I m using N-Lite and there are several step-by-step guides that I ve followed So far I ve got nothing but XP SATA on drive install coasters When I try to boot the install disk I XP install on SATA drive quickly come to a screen telling me to insert the XP installation disk into drive A and press enter Nothing happens XP install on SATA drive because there is no drive A I tried responding to the quot press F to install a SCSI or something driver quot that appeared just before that prompt Nothing different happened It appears that the install disk knows that I want to load something but can t find it In assembling the disk with N-Lite I selected one of the two inf files that came up as options the quot how-to quot blogs all say to choose either one and then selected all the drivers that are in the downloaded package from Gateway One of them apparently matches the driver for the motherboard I have I tried installing only that one at first and then installed all of them when the problem described above popped up Any suggestions would be appreciated nbsp

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my dads IDE DVD-RW has packed up after 3 years lite use - it operates but cant/wont read any discs - sounds like it CANT - repeated spin then BUZZ then spin etc etc etc

weve tried everything from re-install to wire check and it just dont seem to work
we think the laser head has become faulty/scratched/dirty

so anyway - he gunna order a SATA DVD-RW as he has a spare SATA port

are these OK to install on XP? (will he need driver support?)


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This seems to be such a frequent issue that it could should be a FAQ but I haven't found my answer yet I am currently running Win ULT on my home PC I purchased an Intel X M GB SATA drive and install Cannot Drive on SATA connected it in order to benefit Cannot install on SATA Drive from the speed The issue is that setup hangs during the quot expanding files quot Cannot install on SATA Drive on this Cannot install on SATA Drive drive Looking back I have never been able to install windows XP Vista or on a SATA drive on my mobo In order to avoid confusions I did the following Removed the x GB striped drives Removed the old PATA-IDE drive therefore only drives available were the Optiarc DVD and the new Intel SSD Booting into the DVD the setup shows the Intel drive available but it takes a very long time between clicking install windows and gettting the next screen I created a partition in it Windows created another one MB Clicking next got the copying windows files to but then the expanding windows files goes extremely slowly and hangs at about I tried with another Win DVD same result so I plugged my old PATA IDE drive back in and went back to that Any ideas

A:Cannot install on SATA Drive

Set the bios first boot on DVD drive, and when you put your hard disc SATA drive, set the hard disc is master.
and try to install OS.
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I bought a new seagate 400GB SATA drive that I'm trying to install XP Pro onto, but nothing seems to be working. After xp installation restarts the first time I get an error that hal32.dll isn't found. It seems that the problme is that xp needs me to install sata drivers before I can continue with the installation, but I can't seem to do that. I have a USB floppy drive with the sata drivers from epox, but XP doesn't recognize it after I press F6 early on in the installation. I made an attempt to make a slipstreamed disc to install xp, but that didn't work either - I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't do it right. Any idea what's wrong here and what I can do to get XP installed? Thanks.

A:can't install xp on new sata drive

You MUST have the Sata Drivers installed before you can continue, what do you mean when you say that XP doesn't recognize the drivers? Do you get the opportunity to install them and XP doesn't find them?
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I want to install a SATA drive and Card
Do I Install the Card and reboot the pc? or can I install both the card and Drive then boot the system to the Drive, I'm leaving XP Home on one of my other drives till i get the O/S set up on the SATA. Thanks

ABS Awesome 3300
AMD Barton 2600
1280 mgs Ram
XP Home sp-1
W.D. 200g HD
W.D. 80g HD
- Gigabyte GA-7N400-L nForce2 Ultra400 Dual Channel DDR
- Albatron GeForce FX 5200 128MB DDR DVI/TV-out
- Leadtek "EXPERT" PCI TV/FM Tuner Card with Remote
- Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS 24-bit Plat.Pro. &
Logitech Z-680 5.1 Surround Speaker Set

A:SATA Card Install

Just install the card and the drive. then reboot. Your system will refer to the card as a SCSI drive, so don't be suprised.

If youn plan on installing XP on the SATA drive:
Once you have the new drive in and checked out, disconnect the old drive and do a clean install of XP on the SATA drive. Once XP is up you can reconnet the old drive. Then in BIOS tell the system to boot from the "SCSI" drive. This will label the SATA drive as Disk C. If you dont need the space you can leave your old XP on the old drive. Then,by changing the boot order in BIOS, you can boot from the old OS if something happens to your primary system.

If you do a clean install be sure to have a floppy with the drivers. In the beginning of the XP install it will ask you to hit F6 iy you have 3rd party drivers. you will probably need to do this.

Steve L
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i'm trying to install windows xp onto my new samsung hd520ij sata hdd. according to samsung i dont need a driver for this drive and all i have to do is partition and format the drive. the problem is that the windows installation doesnt recognise the drive at all. i've checked bios and there is no drive recognised there either. the drive is connected correctly as it shows up in post. my system spec is as follows:

asus A7N8X m/board
athlon xp 2500+
2GB PC3200 RAM
Radeon x850 g/card

A:trying to install windows xp onto new sata hdd

you are installing on SATA drive, there is an additional step:


Most newer BIOS allow an Alternate method for SATA . . Go into the bios and check the "Sata Operation" setting, change it to "Raid Autodetect/ATA if it is not already. Now try to install XP ( Verbage will vary by manufacturer )
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I have two new gb SATA drives and I m trying to install XP and vista on them Neither are working After the setup when it tries to boot off the drives? an SATA install How do on I OS hard drive the screen goes black I tried getting raid drivers and on XP it will only load off drive Ai don t have a floppy drive only cd s On vista it finds the drivers and How do I install an OS on SATA drives? installs but then there is an error when it How do I install an OS on SATA drives? tries to boot For vista I was using the bit drivers the ones in the bold red found here http www nforcershq com forum vista-and-nforce -sataraid-an-installation-guide-vt html I am very new to SATA hard drives and my IDE drives recently failed so now I need to install on them Heres the drives and motherboard Western Digital Caviar SE WD KS GB RPM MB Cache SATA Gb s Hard Drive http www newegg com product product asp item N E ASUS A How do I install an OS on SATA drives? N -SLI Deluxe Socket NVIDIA nForce SPP ATX AMD Motherboard http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E Thanks for the help nbsp

A:How do I install an OS on SATA drives?

I'm new to this whole forum thing but I maybe some of assistants. I just got into the whole SATA this year as well and raid. I'm but have you gone to bios and there are options to enable raid and you can select which drives and then you can tell it to use that to boot i believe. then you would have to set up the raid array before you install your os which the option will appear. i may suggest getting one of those media readers/floppy drive, like to read ur camera memory sticks, i just got one for a new comp. i'm not sure if this was any help if it wasn't i apoligize, i'm new, hah, good luck
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Trying to install XP pro on a HP dv laptop It install drivers new XP SATA Need for has a new Hitachi SATA drive upgrade I see a prompt to press f if I want to install drivers If I don t press f I get quot windows does not detect a hard drive on this computer quot If I do press f I am prompted to submit drivers from a FLOPPY DRIVE ONLY The Hitachi support site says quot you don t need this driver etc they re not offered anyway check with the motherboard maker quot Need SATA drivers for new XP install The motherboard maker Wistron doesn t have a support site that I have been able to find The various driver update sites either want to scan my computer and auto update which doesn t do me much good or they just don t have the driver I looked through the file db on this site and didn t Need SATA drivers for new XP install find anything obviously useful I used to have a usb floppy drive but I think I threw it away last year It just gets better my plan HP support LOL clone back to an ATA drive Buy Win Find the floppy drive copy a driver from the current corrupted but still booting install and see what happens Take the Activia challenge and blog about it in detail I can t believe this is stopping me None of these options sound good to me esp I d love an elegant workaround from the overclocked minds at bleeping computer whooosh lt end whine gt

A:Need SATA drivers for new XP install

I resolved this issue before by going into the system BIOS and changing the SATA mode from AHCI to IDE
See if that takes care of it for you
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hey, i have a sata disk as my windows disk and i need to reinstall XP, the XP installation wants a floopy with some sata stuff before being able to load the disk into the installation program,

so i wonder what is it, it want me to put on a floppy ?

A:windows XP install on sata

It wants the sata drivers, they are usually located on the cd that came with the motherboard, you copy them to a floppy and watch at the bottom of the screen when loading XP for something along the lines of "IF you need to install 3rd party drivers press F6".

You press F6 and insert the floppy, with any luck it finds the drivers and continues the install
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When I try to install windows it duse not see the hard drivers I have tryed every thing.

win xp pro
athlon 64 3800
asus a8v deluxe
2 x kingmax twin 1 gig ddr400
wd 200gig sata
wd 36gig raptor 1000rpm sata
asus a92oose
pci 1-0 4 serial
pioneer dvd burner

I have tryed downloading the latest raid drivers and when installing windows f6 for scsi and windows will still not see the hard drives. Bios can see them and sata is enabeled in bios.


A:please help sata windows install

If I understand you correctly you have loaded the drivers. With your drives you shouldn't run a RAID configuration as you will be limited to the smallest drive's size and if you run JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks) you gain nothing and lose much.

So, go into BIOS and disable all SATA RAID functions. Don't worry, the SATA ports themselves will be active, you are just disabling RAID. Reboot, hit delete to enter BIOS and your drives should show up in the BIOS window.

If they now show up it is time to install windows. Prsonally I would start from scratch by deleting any partitions whn windows asks. Hit F6 when prompted and reload your drivers BUT do NOT uselect RAID when asked. Just make your Raptooor C: and load windows to it. When prompted make the bigger slower drive D: When windows is done go back into BIOS and change Boot ordr to Hard Drive; CD ROM; Removable and remember that you have two disks so there should be a hard drive boot order in the same window. Make sure the Raptor boots first. Reboot and you should be in business.
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XP INSTALL NOT RECOGNIZE SATA WD SATA ALSO NOT RECOGNIZED IF ATA MAXTOR IS INSERTED amp BOOTED BUT BUT BUT IF JUST SATA SATA CRASHES DURING SAFE amp KEEPS REBOOTING IDEAS DESPERATELY NEEDED YEA I TRIED and TRIED and TRIED F amp F amp F GOAL Have SR install recognize SATA Then install or repair SATA at SR HARDWARE Shuttle SB G Bios flashed to FT S D Not Xp Sata Install Recognize BIN comes with MB FT V two sticks mb mhz P C mhz gb SATA Raptor Liteon S CD ROM Maxtor HDD Maxtor only used cause Raptor not xp install recognized Many attempts with Maxtor not installed SOFTWARE XP SR from different system on Raptor XP SR slipstreamed Norton super utils Nothing absolutely nothing finds Xp Install Not Recognize Sata the SATA musical chairs tried rotated and removed SATA cd amp Maxtor HD amp makes no difference To drive me mad take the Maxtor out Xp Install Not Recognize Sata and the SATA attempts to boot Xp Install Not Recognize Sata and crashes BIOS ADVANCED BIOS FEATURES HARD DISK BOOT PRIORITY BOOTABLE ADD IN CARDS If no other HD the SATA boots first and crashes If Maxtor set first to boot Maxtor boots but doesn t see SATA With Maxtor removed SATA still crashes during boot Bios does not report any exceptions on boot As expected the on-chip Sil SATA ONBOARD CHIP ON BOOT Recognizes SATA Raid WDC etc looks ok MUSICAL CHAIRS DON T WORK Tried with HD without HD XP don t install SATA on SATA on XP don t install CD Rom primary secondary on or XP don t intall JUST SATA Safe crashes at mus every timel CD amp Maxtor HD No problem SR UPDATED Maxtor SATA amp CD F F or F Tired million time to install drivers from usbdd or on CD or whatever that stupid window informs me NO MASS MEDIA DEVICE YES YES YES I TRIED TO INSTALL DRIVERS F F F F NAH NO MASS MEDIA FOUND DRIVERS It tried those from Shuttle those from WDC those from Sil USB FD didn t ask me a thing Window just reports no mass storage device found Not even my Maxtor HELPHELPHELPHELPHELPHELPHELPHELP ELPHELPHELPHELPHELPHELPHELPHELPH LPHELPHELPHELPHELPHELPHELPHELPHE PHELPHELPHELPHELPHELPHELPHELPHEL TIA Ps I EVEN USED THESE DRIVERS http www siliconimage com support amp sataraid amp TIA

A:Xp Install Not Recognize Sata

Just installed Windows XP Home edition w/SP2 W/WD400JD SDATA HD. No problems encountered. After inserting CD in drive, recognized the HD, allowed me to partition (4 partitions) and format the partitions, then continued to install XP. New system is a ASUS P4P800S-x MB, Intel P4 3.0E GB Prescott CPU w/512MB DDR400 RAM. Sorry, wish I could help you, but I can't.
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Hi !

How do I install SATA drivers on my Acer Aspire 5110 ? Can I download them from anywhere ? I don't have any Driver CD.
I'm using Windows Vista.


A:How to install SATA drivers?

You could put SATA drivers in google and i can guarantee 99.9% will NOT work.

However if you give us the make of the hard drive and we/you put it in google i can guarantee you will find them

More info needed to help
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How do I install windows 98 onto a newly built PC with a SATA Hard drive?

Motherboard: Asus A7N8X deluxe (on board SATA controller)
Hard drive : Maxtor Plus 9 SATA

It's all set up hardware-wise, and I have my boot disk etc. I just don't know where to go from here

note: i have run FDISK, and it seems to have made some partitions, although not recognised in DOS and I can't partition them :S


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Hello I installed Windows and I m in driver OS SATA new for needed install the process of installing drivers from my motherboard s manufacturing website I have a P QE mobo https www SATA driver needed for new OS install asus com Motherboards P QE support I already boot in AHCI mode I have already installed the following items from the site Under the Audio Section SoundMAX B Audio Driver V for Windows bit Windows WHQL Under the Chipset Section Intel R Chipset Software Installation Utility V for Windows bit XP amp bit Vista amp bit Windows WHQL Under the LAN section Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet Driver V for bit Windows WHQL Under the SATA section Marvell SATA Driver V for bit Windows I noticed that there is another download under the quot SATA quot section This download contains the items Intel R Matrix Storage Manager Driver V for Windows bit XP amp Windows bit Vista amp bit Windows WHQL Intel R AHCI RAID Driver SATA driver needed for new OS install Disk for Windows bit XP amp Windows bit Vista amp bit Windows Do I need this download I do not run SATA driver needed for new OS install in RAID Also I ve heard that IMSM causes windows issues like disabling windows updates https communities intel com thread Also are there any other drivers I should be installing I ve already installed my video card one and all available windows updates I also did not install my chipset driver first it was the second driver I installed Would not installing the chipset one first be an issue Thanks in advance Edit I also have this already in my device manager Not sure if this means I don t need the driver in question though nbsp

A:SATA driver needed for new OS install

It is always best to install the chipset or inf driver first. The subsequent drivers can then config themselves correctly. You might want to reinstall whatever driver you installed prior to the chipset driver.

As to the other drivers, I usually do not install the matrix storage driver. What I usually do is go to the intel [not asus] site and install the RST or rapid storage tech driver; you can download install whatever you are using ie raid, ahci. Again this is not necessary either; it just gives you a lot newer driver than what is available on the asus site.
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Hello I m hoping someone can help me troubleshoot this thing I have a Dell Dimension the core of the system is still the same but I ve made a few adjustments new video card install SATA issue Drive 2 better PSU hds ram etc Recently I purchased a SATA SATA 2 Drive install issue drive http www wdc com en products Products asp DriveID hoping to keep SATA 2 Drive install issue this machine alive for another months to a year The case is pretty banged up and RAM is way too expensive for this machine but it runs well enough for now Unfortunately this new HD is not registering I bought and installed a PCI-to-SATA card for this had no problems or issues with that but the drive itself will not register I tried putting the jumper pin on pins and as suggested in Western Digital s trouble shooting guide but no go still This is what I get when I start up the computer Primary hard disk drive not found Sil A SATARaid BIOS Version Press CNTL S or F to enter RAID Utility Note I have tried to press both and neither will enter the RAID Utility WDC WD AAKS- RBA So at present the computer just sits at that screen if I leave the HD plugged in If I unplug it it works fine I have about gbs left on a GB HD I could uninstall some games delete files etc but I bought this HD so I wouldn t have to do any of that A few other details which may be of some use to someone The color codes on the Dell read A and B green C and D Orange If anyone had any ideas on what I could try doing next to get this drive to work I m open to any ideas For the record this was a bare HD I m trying to install it as a slave and then transferring my stuff and making it a primary Thanks for any help ideas nbsp

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I have no idea what could be causing this. It is supposed to be a 160 GB hard drive and SP2 won't install and I get this error message.

And also, could someone tell me how to change drive letters please?

Thanks in advance.

A:Sata won't let Service pack 2 install

you can change the drive letters under drive management then goto the disk drives then right click on the drive and choose a drive letter. did you format and partition teh hdd when you installed it also have you closed all running programs running in the background
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Help! Trying to install XP on a WD Raptor 74. Asus A8V, VIA 8237 chip board. BIOS recognizes the drive. Set as first boot. XP couldn't find it. Files load, but soon, it complains about no HDD. Next, tried the contents of \DRVDISK directory from the VIA Hyperion 509 directory as copied to a floppy; this inserted with F6 (using a floppy drive outside the case), XP recognizes new RAID files, but soon enough, I again get the message that XP can't find a HDD. (No RAID BTW.. one Raptor only.)

Is there something else I am missing here? tia


A:Solved: XP can't find-install my SATA on A8V

Try this:

Enter the BIOS setup.
Scroll down and expand the SATA Operation.
Select RAID Autodetect / ATA Mode.
Save changes and exit the BIOS.
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HI,  have a Dell OptiPlex 745, would like to install a second 500GB SATA; removed the cover and discovered there is only one data connector on the cable.  Can I buy a cable for t6his desktop computer that will connect two SATA drives?  Can someone help me figure out what cable to buy?  I have remove the cover. 

A:Like to install a second 500 GB SATA hard drive

HI,  have a Dell OptiPlex 745, would like to install a second 500GB SATA; removed the cover and discovered there is only one data connector on the cable.  Can I buy a cable for t6his desktop computer that will connect two SATA drives?  Can someone help me figure out what cable to buy?  I have remove the cover. 
Which version of the OptiPlex 745, do you have, the Mini Tower, Desktop, Small Form Factor, or the Ultra Small Form Factor?
No, a SATA cable only supports one SATA device, unlike the obsolete IDE/EIDE cables that can support two IDE devices.
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I have a big problem with a SATA Hdd in that it will not install winXp MB is GA-K8VT800, Hdd is Seagate 80GB. This MB does not need an F6 driver install during WinXp install. It seems that all I need to do is change the SATA MODE from RAID to IDE in the BIOS. I have used the Seagate tool to format the Hdd?so why wont it work??
During install the process gets as far as ?setup is coping files' part, then it stops at ? sometimes it goes a little further, but it will always stop and tell me that the file can not be copied, retry, skip or quit. I know its not the install disk because it worked on another ATA Hdd.
Can anyone help me out??
BTW this is not a RAID setup, just a single Hdd

A:Single SATA install problem

I don't think you are correct when you say you don't need an F6 driver install.

To install Windows 2000/XP onto a SATA hard drive on the VT8237 controller successfully, you need to install required driver for the SATA controller during OS installation. Without the driver, the hard drive may not be recognized during the Windows setup process.Click to expand...

This quote is from Gigabyte's website for the GA-K8VT800 motherboard manual.
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I have 1 laptop use SATA hard disk. I try install new Windown. First time I got 1 report that my computer dont have hard disk. Seconds time i use F6 to set drive for SATA hard disk but it need Floppy and my computer dont have Floppy. I cant install new Windows without Floppy.Please help me fix my problem.

A:Problem install Win XP Pro on SATA disk

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

What you could do is slipstream your sata drivers into a copy of your Windows cd.

Look HERE for instructions on how to do this.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Hi All Ok I have been pulling my hair out with an issue trying to install Windows on a new build PC Initially I was installing Windows Home Premium bit but a file error on file extraction scuppered that On retry I got - Drive Install Windows SATA 7 - WHY!? the same thing so I ended up deleting the SATA Drive - Windows 7 Install - WHY!? small partition made by SATA Drive - Windows 7 Install - WHY!? Windows that was on the drive and formatting Then I got MISSING BOOTMGR errors I took the drive out and plugged it in as an external drive on my laptop I then formatted it and copied some files to it to check it was working ok - seemed fine I downloaded the day Windows Enterprise edition bit I changed some bios setting then reset them to 'fail - safe' I can now get it to the stage where it will boot off Windows CD to install but at the point of detecting the HDD it can't see it I put the motherboard driver CD and searched on there - nothing The motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-G M-ES L Windows Compatible and HDD is a Western Digital WD AAKS GB SATAII Why did it see the drive to begin with and now it doesn't Could it be an issue with the hard drive itself I don't want to have to buy an other if there is no issue with the drive please help Many thanks in advance Demetri

A:SATA Drive - Windows 7 Install - WHY!?

Wipe the drive with Killdisk and try again -


Download the ISO (or the .exe for USB drives) from here

Then (if you have chosen the ISO) burn the ISO using IsoRecorder: ISO Recorder v3 Download (How to use IsoRecorder)

Boot from the CD/USB and wipe the drive - be careful which drive you are wiping, as it is designed to make data recovery near impossible
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I recently bought a WD GB Raptor harddrive to install XP on but I'm having problems Everytime I RESOLVED on harddrive SATA Can't Install XP load up XP setup from the setup CD when it gets to the part where the installation options menu is about to appear as it tries to boot windows from the CD I get a BSOD and have to restart I've tried running the CD with my other Can't Install XP on SATA harddrive RESOLVED GB WD IDE harddrive inside and it doesn't cause this stop error I've been screwing with this for weeks now trying everything I can find on google and forums to fix Can't Install XP on SATA harddrive RESOLVED this problem I have the correct SATA drivers for my board as well for the drive of which I hit F for at the beginning of setup As far as I can tell it only happens when I have the SATA raptor drive installed I don't think it's the windows CD being scratched as it is near perfect condition The stop error reads as this SESSION INITIALIZATION FAILED STOP x f xc x x x Most of the searching I've done has concluded either bad disk or bad optical drive but this is only the case for me when the raptor is installed Could it still be this Thanks in advance

A:Can't Install XP on SATA harddrive RESOLVED


To make, sure as its pointing to the SATA WD drive, download and run the WD HDD diagnostic utility which can be found here:

Do a thorough scan and see if any errors arise. Check all connections before doing so.
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I have a seagate baracuda gb hard drive and it is giving me a headache installing in on my pc Short story I have a pc with asus p q motherboard gb ram ddr and an ide hdd of gb I previously had the gb sata installed but disk install cannot sata hard I had it taken uout of the pc for a while Connecting the hard disk will cannot install sata hard disk result in one out of several fails I tried installing win with both hdd connected At the install screen i am only able to see the cannot install sata hard disk ide disk cannot install sata hard disk I can see the sata hdd in bios with both configurations for sata as ide or as ahci I tried connecting both of them and explore the drive after loading windows The issue here is that the sata hdd was divided into partitions and and my win only sees the gb partition Needless to say I cannot open it or format it tried with win format and several format tools Tries with xp install I can see the partitions in the setup but i am unable to delete or install Forgot to mention that I dont have a dvd wr and am using usb windows installers only Also I tried using the ASUS EZ flash from bios and it allows me to see the old folders on the hdd Sata cable is new I have sata ports and I tried all of them What else can I do to fix this and use the sata drive either with the ide or alone Thank you in advance nbsp

A:cannot install sata hard disk

When installing any Windows OS, ONLY connect the HDD which will have the OS. Numerous issues can arise with other drives installed, most of them bad. Also, depending on the motherboard, install will only work on the SATA drive with the IDE drive disconnected.

If Windows can't alter the HDD, you can try use the drive manufacturers disk tools.