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Q: Laptop Issue

My brothers schoolwork laptop is frozen the problem occured like 2 days ago were the laptop seemed to be freezing for a couple of minutes and now when he trys to switch it on

Bios is not booting up.

and the only options he gets is launch in repair safe mode and start windows normally. which end up both the same in a black screen and a little black cursor with nothing to do but move the cursor.

after this happened my first reaction was for a complete format so I tried to install him a new copy of windows but my bootable device isnt even being recognized by the system it always ends up in the same screen for the windows startup.

edit ok so I dug a little more.psh..never had a laptop and found out the bios is on the asus logo screen.....well anyhow I booted up the system from the pendrive and the result is always the same the black screen with cursor only

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Preferred Solution: Laptop Issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Laptop Issue

The laptops hard drive has failed...
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this question pertains to preserving the life of the battery. my old laptop was 6 years old or so, we have been running off the charger for the past 3 years or so rather than replacing the battery, but the new laptop i do not want to run it off the charger. normally it will be booted early morning and shutdown at the end of the day, my question is when we are not actually using it during the day should it be placed in sleep mode, hibernation or just fold the screen down. (this is the only windows forum i'm on that's why i am asking here)

A:laptop battery issue not really a win 8 issue

You're fine to be asking windows 8 and hardware-related questions here

I wouldn't worry about it too much. By the time your battery goes out, it will likely be time to upgrade.

Consider shutting down whenever you leave it for an extended time, such as longer than a day. I think hibernate is the preferred laptop method of low power states because it drains far less than sleep. So you could perhaps keep the computer plugged in while in hibernate, and unplugged while shut down, unless going on a trip or something.

I think HP had a power plan on their laptops that would keep the battery from charging fully to 100% (it would go instead to 50%), which wore it out less than the normal full charge. That may be hard to emulate without a program on your computer for such a plan as that.
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Ok, so recently ive switched from using a HP Envy laptop, to my new MSI GE62 gaming laptop. Now the headset i was using on my old computer the Turtle Beach PX22 work perfectly on the old laptop, with no issues at all..

Now ive switched to my new computer, an issue has arisen. The microphone, every so often crackles while im talking to others, or even when im testing it through my speakers. This issue seems very off and on though, e.g. After playing some Arma 3, i received a crash to the Orange screen (windows 10), after collecting the data, the computer restarted as it usually would. HOWEVER this time the microphone had no crackling at all. Even after i didnt move the USB microphone port at all, or do anything to change the microphone.

ISSUE: Crackling Microphone upon switching from older laptop to a newer laptop (Both had windows 10)
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How do you check/change the HDD partitions?

A:Laptop Issue

Welcome to BC. To check the partitions go to Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Computer Managment>Disk Managment.To change them see directions at this website.
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Hey guys,

Thanks again.

I am getting this message:
Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
<windows root>\system32\hal.dll
Please restore a copy of the above file.

I am working on the laptop for someone from my church, and he doesn't have the XP restore CD, but, this error message is coming up on boot. It is not letting me get into Safe mode or anything.

I can get to the set up screen, if need be.



A:Laptop issue/hal.dll/Don't have CD

FWIW: Missing Hal.dll - Missing Or Corrupt Hal.dll Error Message in Windows XP - Fix Hal.dll - Missing Windows hal.dll file - Louis
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i have a laptop that shuts off alot
its as though there is a short or something
i dropped it and had to have the harddrive replaced and the dvd drive does not work and was told it was disconnected when it was dropped and was supposed to have been reconnected but still does not work
let me know what you think thank you

A:Laptop issue

it was dropped and was supposed to have been reconnectedClick to expand...

But they installed Windows on it didn't they?

Or just put it together?
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Hi guys

I have been given this laptop that is not behaving itself. It refuses to boot to Windows (normal or safe) and it hangs during a chkdsk /r on the 4/5 stage. At a guess it sounds like the HD is in trouble so I'm leaning towards grabbing data off it and resetting it to factory settings to see if that works. Is it worth trying t clone the drive to an external drive and then copying it back over after the reset? Or I'm open to any other ideas


A:Laptop issue

While reading your post, my first feeling was that it was the Hard Drive. Since we both seem to agree lets:
Save your stuff, first
Then we can give you a real good test to see if it is the HD.

Can you save your stuff?
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hi ive a problem after connecting my advent Modena m201 blue laptop to tv with a hdmi lead im only getting visuals on tv no sound,any ideas on how to fix? thanx

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Hello all My son got locked out of his PC with it not booting up in normal mode after picking up some Malware I have now removed laptop with son's Issue most of the problems using Spybot and Malwarebytes but cannot get rid of the last bits even in safe mode Issue with son's laptop It keeps switching off windows firewall and Spybot shows a problem with the Registry keys and Hijack diverting totalvirus com - screenshot attached I would appreciate any help as he needs to retrieve his school work and daren t use the PC HJT logfile below thanks Stan Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at on Platform Unknown Windows WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Safe mode with network support Running processes C Program Files x Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files x Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files x Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files x Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http homepage packardbell com rdr asynote tj amp r i b l z f i w R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page about blank R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http homepage packardbell com rdr asynote tj amp r i b l z f i w R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http homepage packardbell com rdr asynote tj amp r i b l z f i w R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page C Windows SysWOW blank htm R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName O - BHO AcroIEHelperStub - DF C-E AD- -A -FA C EBDC - c Program Files x Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelperShim dll O - BHO WormRadar com IESiteBlocker NavFilter - CA F - F E- B -A E- E E C C - C Program Files x AVG AVG avgssie dll O - BHO Spybot-S amp D IE Protection - - F - D - - D F - C PROGRA SPYBOT SDHelper dll O - BHO no name - C C A-E - b - D - CECB - no file O - BHO Groove GFS Browser Helper - - C - D -B F - BBC D A E - C Program Files x Microsoft Office Office GrooveShellExtensions dll O - BHO Windows Live ID Sign-in Helper - D - C - ABF- ECC- C - C Program Files x Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WindowsLiveLogin dll O - BHO Java tm Plug-In SSV Helper - DBC -A - b-BC - C C C A - C Program Files x Java jre bin jp ssv dll O - HKLM Run Adobe Reader Speed Launcher quot c Program Files x Adobe Reader Reader Reader sl exe quot O - HKLM Run BackupManagerTray quot C Program Files x NewTech Infosystems Packard Bell MyBackup BackupManagerTray exe quot -h -k O - HKLM Run StartCCC quot C Program Files x ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static CLIStart exe quot MSRun O - HKLM Run Camera Assistant Software quot C Program Files x Video Web Camera traybar exe quot O - HKLM Run LManager C Program Files x Launch Manager LManager exe O - HKLM Run RemoteControl quot c Program Files x CyberLink PowerDVD PDVD Serv exe quot O - HKLM Run GrooveMonitor quot C Program Files x Microsoft Office Office GrooveMonitor exe quot O - HKLM Run AVG TRAY C PROGRA AVG AVG avgtray exe O - HKLM Run QuickTime Task quot C Program Files x QuickTime QTTask exe quot -atboottime O - HKLM Run SunJavaUpdateSched quot C Program Files x Common Files Java Java Update jusched exe quot O - HKLM Run HKLM C Windows system muii dtsr exe O - HKLM Run Windows Security C Windows wlcom exe O - HKCU Run msnmsgr quot C Program Files x Windows Live Messenger msnmsgr exe quot background O - HKCU Run Nvidia Driver C Users Adam AppData Roaming nvdisp exe O - HKCU Run HKCU C Windows system muii dtsr exe O - HKCU ... Read more
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I have a Toshiba Tecra that my wifes friend asked me to fix, so i did the Avast antivirus and there was so many issues it just kept crashing. I got Toshiba to send the OS discs to just do a fresh install which also didnt work as i got a Dmboot.sys error which im assuming im going to need a new harddrive?? The laptop will boot but which the screen will go to the windows screen and then restart and i can also do a diagnostic from the bios which states everything is ok. Im kinda in a rut right now so if anybody can help me out get this laptop fixed I`d appreciate it.. Thank for any help guys ?

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Hey guys I m no computer noob but I m stumped I have an Asus N Vn laptop that I ve had since about mid-July of last year It has been absolutley wonderful no problems very fast--I love it However the other day I went to play CoD MW and I started to have Issue... Laptop weird graphic lag that was never there before At first I suspected an internet issue I ran a virus scan through multiple computers and found nothing I m not running wireless it s plugged in by an Ethernet cable Laptop Issue... I can download at the normal speed I always was downloading at so I ruled out a net related problem This however is not a good thing because now it s potentially a hardware issue I cleaned Laptop Issue... my registry defragged my hard drive and all that fun stuff My CPU temperature is what it s always at my computer recognizes all GB of RAM at the appropriate speed I am stumped I have a hunch it could be a memory problem though I m not experiencing and BSODs or anything and an even larger hunch that it s a graphic card problem Though that s also strange because I m not getting any black screens BSODs or artifacts at all just choppy FPS Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks for your time nbsp

A:Laptop Issue...

When you say Graphic Lag, do you mean the game play is jumpy? One second your running one side of the street the next your back where you started.
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Hey I have been sitting here since last night attempting to get stuff workin it worked today and wanted to still be updated and keeps telling me windows configuration failed to install
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Hey so I got the wireless issue taken care of on the main desktop pc at my house Last night after all that was done and I had updated everything I then proceeded to do a clean fresh install of Windows on my mom's HP Laptop a dv t Luckly there were no issues with the wireless side of things It has an Intel HP Laptop Issue with another Wifi AGN which is a pretty good adapter by all accounts and it worked without any issue I went ahead though and downloaded the latest driver for it from Intel's website though to be sure I've pretty much got everything up and running Issue with another HP Laptop save for these issues When I go to quot Device and Printers quot there is a yellow triangle with an exclamation sign inside of it I right clicked and selected quot troubleshoot quot hoping it would be something simple to solve However Windows was unable to deal with it Here's what happened below It says it's looking for problems and the first thing that pops up is The driver for Keyboard Filter is NOT installed Install the latest driver for the device I hit quot apply this fix quot at the bottom It then said quot Searching for driver quot for a while but ultimately nothing was installed and I got no response Then a nd issue came up The driver for Unknown Device is NOT installed Install latest driver for the device Again I hit quot apply this fix quot at the bottom Waited while it said quot searching for driver quot and then nothing happened After this it said quot Troubleshooting has completed quot Yet nothing had been solved lol I looked the details and summary and this what Windows had in table format Issue Found Keyboard Filter doesn't have a driver Not Fixed Apply solution for driver problem ----- gt Completed Install a driver for this device --- gt Completed Unknown Device doesn't have a driver Not Fixed Apply solution for driver problem ----- gt Completed Install a driver for this device --- gt Completed Problem with PnP devices detected There was nothing underneath that in the Summary Details page The last thing is the device ids I saw below hopefully this will be helpful to solving the issue Keyboard Filter Device ID A C E F- A - B - EC - font font face Verdana E FBE F KEYBOARDFILTER amp AF BF amp amp Error Code Unknown Device Device ID ACPI HPQ amp DABA FF amp Error Code Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Issue with another HP Laptop

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Hey there My old laptop with very important documents is now inaccesable. I get the following error message when i try to boot up. "missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM" . It's an OEM Laptop so i don't have the xp installation CD. I have the recovery Disks but those don't have a repair function on them. I cannot acess the Bios either. Nor can i boot in safe mode. Please help I've read articles but they don't make sense to me since they tell you to acess the bios but I CAN't PLEASE HELP

A:Laptop Issue Please Help

Hi , I don't think you are going to like this, but...This is what Microsoft says,, that is not probably what I would do. I think I'd try a repair install of XP (35 minutes), rather than try all those different commands where a single keystroke in the wrong place...could have negative consequences.As for not having an XP CD...I would (if I didn't already have several copies) borrow one or copy one and use it with your bona fide activation data for that system.FWIW: My few attempts to follow such commands to repair the registry...all proved futile and I wound up doing repair or clean installs.Hopefully, others here can provide additional alternatives.Louis
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I have a Dell Latitude D that was a workhorse until one day recently the CPU fan stopped working and the CPU started overheating I did a little diagnosis of my own and found that the fan worked fine while plugged into a stand alone power supply I then took the laptop into a local laptop repair shop and they diagnosed it as a bad motherboard Of course they CPU Laptop Issue Fan wanted to sell me a refurbished motherboard for big money and I refused knowing that I could probably find one cheaper on ebay I did just that and located a replacement MOBO for the D that was represented to be a tested and fully operational and functional MOBO by a reputable seller for about w shipping I received it Laptop CPU Fan Issue yesterday and put my CPU and other components on it and much to my surprise the laptop fan doesn t work Everything else appears to work fine with it it booted up to Windows and the CPU began overheating I tested this fan too and it worked plugged into a stand alone power supply What are the odds that I could have laptop motherboards with the same exact fan issue I ve researched the D and it doesn t appear to be a widespread problem like the nvidia video chips on them mine has intel video btw Could it be that there is something else going on like a failing CPU Anybody have any ideas I really need to get some feedback before I contact the ebay seller for a return authorization and start looking at other MOBOs nbsp
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Hello I ve got an older Toshiba laptop bought it in and it wasn t latest greatest at the time P running XP Home The internal DVD drive died along time ago It has gotten so slow and bogged down over the years that it is barely usable beyond surfing and email Problem is all I have is a restore CD and with no internal CD drive issue a Need with Laptop Help to boot from I can t run the restore to wipe the drive and start fresh It won t see an external USB drive as a bootable I ve played around in the BIOS and tried to figure out a way to make it work but so far I m scratching my head I used to be alot Need Help with a Laptop issue more tech literate back in the s I don t know near as much about XP and restore images I know that Need Help with a Laptop issue the newer laptops have a restore partition that can be run without a disc but mine doesn t have that Any thoughts or information I could provide that could help Thanks for any comments Scott nbsp

A:Need Help with a Laptop issue

Im wondering whether the recovery CD's are basically just an image of the hard disk, If so it would be possible to take out the HDD from your Toshiba and use a 2.5" to 3.5" IDE adapter, hook it up to your desktop machine and format, do the recovery and then insert it back into your laptop. I did successfully do this for a dear friend of mind that had the same issue with an Acer TravelMate, But instead of using an adapter i plugged his Hard disk into my laptop used his official Acer recovery media (basically just a norton ghost of the hard drive) and afterwards swap it back, it worked perfectly.

Just my two cents, Josh.
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So my heatsink has like two bent areas in the pipe. It does not overheat or shutdown but would it contribute to lag during online gaming? Here is a picture of it:

A:Laptop issue

Hi, No. Lagging during online gaming could be due to many factors such as (a) Internet speed,(b) CPU speed,(c) Video .......,(d) RAM Your machine probably is NOT a games machine. What is it ? Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:
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I have a Dell Laptop, recently it has had a few blue screen's with the "NTFS.sys" error. These occurred usually with in 30 min of runtime or less. I tried the repair option and it only got about half way and failed. I then reformatted and reinstalled windows. It was all fine for about a week then the error "NTFS.sys" returned. I have tried check disk and it fixed the errors on the HDD but the issue still remains. I also tried swapping out the memory and still gives me the error. It boots Windows XP to where the progress bar goes by and just hangs. Would this all be a result of a failing Hard Drive? or deeper then that such as CPU or motherboard?

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Recently when i try to turn on my laptop (sony vaio laptop) it just either takes really really long to load to even get pass the login screen, or when i finally get on theres random keys on my keyboard spamming, random keys at random times.
(really rare for it to login that far though)
Also other weird things, it won't let me turn off my laptop without letting the power completely drain out.

I really have no idea what's wrong and been looking for help badly

A:Laptop issue, help!

Might be a bad MB.
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Hello everyone, I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place. If I'm wrong, excuse me.So, my friend gave me an old laptop and he wants to know what's the problem here? The same thing keeps going on forever.Don't want to write all the stuff that's in the image so I'll just post it here. I hope you can see everything clearly. I think something's wrong with the charging cable (or however it's called) any ideas what to do to fix it?

A:Old Laptop Issue

It needs a new CMOS battery...,158320.0.html
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I have a Gateway laptop that is about 3 years old, with Windows Vista 64 bit. All the sudden a couple of days ago you click to turn it on and you hear the fan running and the lights turn on by the keyboard then you hear a really quiet click and it starts over and it just keeps doing that. Nothing ever appears on the monitor. Not sure if it's a MOBO issue or what. Thanks for any input.
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OK, just recently, I put a drive in my DVD and nothing happened. I took a look at my device list and My DVD-ROM has a yellow triangle with an exclamation point. Clicking on properties gives this error: Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

The DVD is listed as a PBDS DVD+-RW DS-8W1P ATA device. It is installed in a Dell M6300 laptop workstation.

I have tried uninstalling the driver and rebooting, but it comes back with the same error.

Anyone have any idea of how I might proceed to try to get it back? It does show up in bios. Remember I don't have the drive available in Windows. I tried a startup repair, but it had no effect.

Thanks in advance.

A:Laptop dvd issue

Try booting from the drive. Can you load the Windows DVD or repair disc?
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about 10 months ago i bought a Toshiba laptop from Best Buy ... i have to do alot of work in my car and thought it would be a great idea ... Well... the computer is only about 10 months old .. after about 20 minutes of use ... the laptop gets so hot that i cant sit it on my lap to use it .. and then oncei t does that ... it shuts itself off ... i have taken it back to best buy to fix whatever is wrong with it and they keep telling me that nothing is wrong with it????? is this normal or is there something i can do ... anyone out there please help .. it cost me about 2000.00 and it stinks !!!! It will oveheat and then shut itself off after 20 minutes and i cant think i spent 2000.00 for that. Please any suggestions of what may be wrong ??

A:Laptop issue ??? Please Help

I can't believe im saying this but I agree with the Best Buy techs for once. There is nothing wrong with your laptop. Your laptop has an overheat protection system so you don't fry the CPU because of the high heat.

Since your laptop cost about 2 grand, I'm gonna assume that it probably has a Pentium 4. Those cannot stand as much heat as the actual mobile CPUs such as the pentium m and centrinos which are built for these extreme conditions.

You need to make sure that the vents (both intake and outake) are not covered by anything. You could possibly even buy one of those laptop coolers with the fans on the bottom to help cool down your laptop.
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im trying to reboot my laptop but i think i need a disc. i wanted to system restore it to a earlier time but it says its turn off and i was wondering if anyone knew how to reboot a hp pavillion laptop without a disc. the hp pavillion model is an dv4000

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Lenovo B AHU -- upgraded to GB RAM I heard a noise coming form inside my laptop which disappeared after a few seconds It was a very rapid clicking noise which sounded like a spinning object contacting metal My best guess is that the fan was rubbing the heat sink Since the issue fan laptop noise the fan does not push air out of the exit vent laptop fan issue as hard as it did previously CPU temperatures which normally ran at about - laptop fan issue F now run at about F I have tried blowing out the case with compressed air with no noticeable change Using Lenovo's field service repair manual as a guide I have attempted to disassemble the laptop to gain access to the fan I ran into a problem at the step where the keyboard must be removed I was applying enough pressure to cause the plastic case to bend I stopped at this point of disassembly in fear of breaking something I have found only one reliable local tech who is willing to go inside the laptop for repair He insists that I provide him the fan at the time that I bring the laptop to him for repair He says that he has been burned every time someone has brought him a laptop without bringing the part s when bringing him the laptop I am concerned about purchasing a compatible fan without the ability to see the existing one to get a part number My research attempts have not returned anything I am confident is the correct part Online retailers claim that they either do not sell laptop parts or give me two part numbers and cannot tell me which is the correct one P N H or P N IH Lenovo tells me that they won't sell me the fan or offer technical assistance unless the computer is under warranty or I am an authorized factory service rep Neither applies to me I am on the verge or starting a project which promises to use most of the available processors' capability and available memory I am quite sure this will generate more heat than under normal use I would like to resolve the fan issue before beginning the project any suggestions drpepper

A:laptop fan issue

Doesn't sound like a reliable tech to me. Any I know would look at the computer then IF the fan is defective, either replace it or ask you to buy one and then replace it. I've never heard of one that wants a part ahead of time that may not be the problem.

Ask the tech to disassemble the laptop and then give you the part number of the fan if it actually is defective. It will take longer that way but at lest you will be sure to get the right part.
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Here is the issue I am having.

If the laptop is stationary, the unit works flawlessly...but once you touch the top of the display, or move the unit in any way...the screen goes black and the hard drive light comes on and stays lit.

I've pretty much narrowed it down to something with the motherboard, b/c if the laptop is completely detatched from the unit...the problem still occurs.

Has anyone experienced this type of problem before? Anyone have any ideas on what the problem could be?
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I have a very strange problem with my laptop.

- The battery needs to be charged for it to work. When the laptop is off and plugged into the AC power, the battery will charge. But when I turn on the computer, power is taken from the battery instead of the AC power.
- If the battery is drained (or completely taken out of the laptop), yet it is plugged into the AC power, it will start to boot up, but then shut off within 1-2 seconds due to lack of power.

It's weird, because the AC adapter is clearly working, as it charges up the batter properly. But when the computer is on, the AC is totally ignored.

Any idea what could be the issue(s)? Thanks for any help.

A:Laptop AC Issue?

Have you tested the power adapter to make sure it is putting out the correct voltage; it may be putting out some power but not enough to charge the laptop and power it at the same time.
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I m fairly sure my laptop a Gateway X has finally passed on When I say this of course I mean that I think the cpu and the system Issue Laptop board are no longer working The Laptop Issue last time it was working was Monday morning during which time it froze up twice and I had to do a quot hard reboot quot to get it to resume operation It s also worth noting that one of the plastic hinges on the case connecting the screen to rest of the unit had come undone so each time I opened the case I had to hold down part of the keyboard to prevent it from popping out I was going to get that serviced this coming week Honest Late Monday morning I was informed that the building I was in was having a planned outage I had an extension cord plugged into a surge protector so in retrospect perhaps I should have unplugged the ac charger from the laptop before the power came back on Something like this had happened previously which did something to make the BIOS Windows clock to read Live and learn I guess Now what I did so far besides repeated startups was reseat the sticks of RAM that I had in the unit in an attempt to at least get the unit to POST As of now the unit turns on but only the fan seems to spin no image on the screen no further activity from the keyboard other than all the icons initially lighting up That did not work I removed the HD and the ram and attempted to get it to POST that way still nothing save error messages in the form of beeping I then tried both sticks of ram separately with and without the hard drive still nothing Based on this I believe the system board cpu both may have sustained damage Could there be other things at work here The battery seems to still take and hold a charge for instance I d move on and swap the HD into a new system but since my HD has an OEM OS on it I was wondering if there is any conceivable way to get this thing to boot to at least recover a file or two Should I consider this system lost Further is there any way to transfer my data over from the current HD to a new system if it has an OEM OS on it nbsp
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Not specifically related to Windows 7 but the answers I get here are always very helpful so thought I'd try my luck with my latest problem.

My laptop (LG R405) has been behaving strange lately. The display is randomly switching into multiple (usually 8) copies of itself on screen, or image blurring or a combination of the two. Sometimes it starts immediately upon booting up in BIOS, sometimes it'll go a few hours happily. I thought (hoped?) it was a RAM problem so went about testing. Only one stick of RAM is accessible so I removed it and replaced with a stick I had around. Problems lessened but continued, the lessening was probably coincidental. Then removed the stick I had just replaced and ran memtest on the inaccessible stick. All passed.

What can I do to help narrow down what is wrong?

A:Laptop GPU issue?

It is either a bad video card or a bad Ribbon Cable.

Less likely is a Bad LCD.

If it is happening at the BIOS screen, this is a hardware issue, and more likely (98% sure) it is not a RAM issue. Weirder things have happened.

It could also be the inverter.

Here is an example.....
LCD screen cable >> Laptop Parts 101

LCD Screen Video Cable is the better known as a Ribbon Cable

So, in order of repair checking....

1. Ribbon Cable
2. Inverter
3. Video Card

Much less likely.... but, as stated "Weirder things have happened."
4. Motherboard
5. LCD
6. RAM
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The laptop suddenly powered off and restarted on its own. After restarting, it loads the system startup repair but after restarting from the repair, it keeps launching the system startup repair over and over again.
After that, i tried to press F8 on the boot up screen to go into system restore. But however, despite the successful restore, it still gives me the "system startup" loop issue.

A:issue with my laptop, HELP!

Boot into the Win7 DVD Repair Console or Repair CD to run Startup Repair repeatedly which does not depend upon possibly corrupt System files. System Repair Disc - Create

Next see if you can boot into Safe Mode to install, update and run Malwarebytes. If no Safe Mode, burn to CD free bootable BitDefender AV scan: FREE Bootable AntiVirus Rescue CDs Download List

Next from the System Recovery Options list on DVD/CD try System Restore, then the Command line to SFC -SCANNOW Run in Command Prompt at Boot.

If these all fail, check that the Win7 100mb System Reserved boot partition (preferred) or the Win7 partition are marked Active, then run Startup Repair from disk repeatedly again: Partition - Mark as Active You can have a picture to check for Active partition using free Partition Wizard bootable CD to Modify>Set to Active, then click on Win7 HD to highlight it and from Disk tab choose Rebuild MBR which may preclude the necessity to run the Repairs from DVd/CD.

If all fails, you can copy out your data using DVD/CD with this method: Copy & Paste - in Windows Recovery Console

Then run full factory Recovery from partition or disks, or use your Win7 installation DVD or find one to clean reinstall Win7 with Product Key on COA sticker: Reinstalling Windows 7

Since you didn't bother to mention your make or model of laptop we can't provide you with how recovery is run until you do so.
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I recently had an ATAPI.SYS rootkit on my laptop which I got cleared off through BC. Yesterday when I opened my laptop, i got this message "Windows needs to install driver software for your ATA Device. I wanted to know if this has something to do with ATAPI.SYS rootkit. I've attached the screen shot of the message here.... Please help

A:Do I have issue on my laptop? or not?

Opening .doc files from unknown computer is risky, so I suggest, you post a screenshot as regular image file.
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k guys I will list my specs and problems hopefully someone can help I have an HP with Radeon and pin top bottom s-video out I attach a pin s-video to RCA converter and attach the yellow converter to my tv Now I go to display gt settings gt advanced gt display and try to choose tv But the tv option is greyed out TV to issue. Laptop same with the external monitor option When I try to use the extended monitor second monitor the advanced section of monitor does not contain any of the ATI tabs such as display and Laptop to TV issue. whatnot I m pretty sure I need to set my tv to be my second monitor but it doesnt have any tabs Can anyone help When I check display devices in hardware manager I only have one ATI device Do i need to set it with my second display and how or is it possible to fix my first display to use that Hopefully this enough oh btw Windows XP Home SP Cheers nbsp

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Recently I've been getting an error with my laptop about a hard drive failure being imminent, it just finally failed so I got a new hard drive, different brand but the right type.

I inserted it and tried to install windows XP with my disc and it said there was no hard disk drive. I then hit C to create the partition and the blue screen came up with the sys. error. I tried rebooting to try and fix it, but nothing is working. Help?

A:Laptop Issue

Laptop hard drives are easy to remove and replace but make sure its pushed in all the way so the pins connect tightly and that its facing the way it was when it was removed. sounds silly but trust me ive put in drives the wrong way and wondered why i was having a problem.obviously the new hard drive isnt being recognized in the boot order and more than likely wont be in the bios either u ntil its in right.and make sure if it came with an IDE drive thats what you replaced it with or a SATA one if thats what it had.
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Hello I am really stumped on this one looking for another perspective My Toshiba laptop P -S has decided to have a blank screen and please keep reading and dont think its just another dead backlight the lcd backlight is working fine It seems as it is also getting signal from the video card as when the pc boots the screen blanks out for a second just as it does with any pc I can hook it to an external monitor laptop? seen issue with like an anyone this and a tv using svideo and it works fine I anyone seen an issue like this with laptop? have made sure that anyone seen an issue like this with laptop? it has NOT been toggled to an external monitor as i have changed it back and forth several times I have used an external monitor to get into bios check the settings revert them to default etc I have used an external monitor to format the pc with the same result Now i know that the inverter can be an issue so I even swapped it for a brand new one with same result Can anyone think of anything i am missing Any response will be appreciated and thank you everyone for your time nbsp

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Hello new to Laptop PSU Issue? the forum and hoping I can get some help I ve built a few pc s over my time but I m certainly no hardware guru hope someone here is that can help Anyway I m looking at a laptop right now that won t Laptop PSU Issue? turn on The battery is dead I know Laptop PSU Issue? for sure so I replaced with a fullly charged battery and still the laptop will not turn on Of course I attempted to plug the Laptop PSU Issue? laptop in using a power chord that I know works works for my other laptop and it will not turn on When I say it will not turn on nothing at all happens The only glimmer of life at all is the light next to the port where the plug connects to the laptop will light up when I connect the power cable Other than this nothing at all happens This broken laptop is my daugher s It began telling her that she needed to replace the battery She turned the laptop off When she tried to turn it on a week later it would not turn on even when plugged in So that is where the laptop is now dead as a doornail making an expensive paper weight My suspicion is that it needs a new PSU however the light coming on makes me uncertain Any insight on a possible next step test or opinion would be great Thanks nbsp

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I m trying to use my Laptop TV issue to TV as my monitor for my Laptop to TV issue laptop but I m having an issue with it I m connecting my laptop to the TV via HDMI My laptop screen has a native res of x and the TV has a native res of x My laptop has an Nvidia GT M graphics card The TV is a Samsung quot LA R BDX The issue I m having is that when I plug the laptop into the tv the tv screen cuts off on all four sides of my desktop I ll only see half of each icon which are situated on the left side half of the Laptop to TV issue bottom task bar etc I have tried changing the resolution on both the laptop and the tv to various ones but it made no difference Even though the desktop would be made larger or smaller it would remain cut off I have also tried changing the tv aspect ratio from to and to quot Zoom quot Even at despite the fact that the desktop then took up far less of the tv screen the picture itself didn t change I still saw the same amount of the desktop just at a smaller scale It remained cut off on all four sides I m at a complete loss as to how to fix this and I very much want to use my TV as my monitor Any help here would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

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Hi guys,

I bought a cable to connect my XP laptop to my TV, but I am having issues trying to egt it working properly.

I'm following all of the instructions but the only thing I can bring up is my desktop picture, no icons and no multimedia can be displayed. I think it has something to do with the resolution settings but I've tried all combinations but still cannot figure it out!!

Has anyone got any tips on how to resolve this please?

Many thanks


A:Laptop to TV issue

Currently, you are using both monitors, if you drag your mouse to one of the sides of the screen, it will go onto the TV.

1. Right-click on your desktop, click Properties, and go to the Settings tab.
2. Select the TV from the drop-down box.
3. Check, Use This Device As My Primary Monitor.
4. Select your laptop monitor in the drop-down box and uncheck Extend My Windows Monitor Onto This Desktop.
5. Click OK.

Now your laptop monitor should be blank and the TV should have your desktop on it.
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Hey everyone As I ve had the most success with my issues here I would like to put this to you guys The machine in question is my MSI laptop which is in down My issue. slow Laptop the Specs My Laptop slow down issue. of my profile it s currently the sole machine I use right now until I can upgrade my desktop The main issue is to do with temporary slow down it spikes my processor No idea what it is that My Laptop slow down issue. is causing it but I game a lot on the machine so it s very frustrating It s not overheating and everything returns to normal after it It kind of reminds me of an older graphics card issue I had on my old Dell XPS M and then it would say unstable card and return to normal But no such notifications here The only software I have installed that could be in conflict I guess would be Classic Shell to turn Windows into an Actual OS rather than a silly mobile platform Could this be a problem Are there other options out there Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:My Laptop slow down issue.

When the slowdown occurring?
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Hey this isn't a huge problem, but whenever i start up my laptop from a shut down, or reboot, my mouse always turns off the "enhance pointer precision" button, and the mouse movements are bad. So every time i start up my laptop, i have to go to the control panel and check the "enhance pointer precision" box. This isn't a big deal, i'd just like to know why it turns itself off. Thanks!
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I just got a new Sager NP8170 and I'm having an annoying issue with desktop PC does not have this issue. The diagonal lines that appear on windows when 'peek at dekstop' is activated on mouse over, appear all over the screen instead of only appearing on windows that are actively open. These lines are also visible under the bottom taskbar 100% of the time. Any ideas on how to remedy this?

A:Issue with Aero on laptop

have you turned areo off to see if the problem goes
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I'm not very tech savy with the networks, but I'll try to explain best I can.

When connected to the ethernet cable Laptop picks up the connection, but when it comes to loading websites it gets weird. Sometimes it never loads and ends with an a connection error or loads "forever" as if the speed is 10KB/s .

So I tested things :

-Said cable works fine with other computers.
-Laptop internet works fine with a cable in a different room (same internet).

It's just when that certain Laptop is connected to that certain cable things go wrong. I guess they don't like eachother :/ Tech guy said to format the Windows entirely, but as expected it didn't help.

So, what's the deal ?

p.s I've read some threads and I'll do some futher testing and post more information.
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I receive the Error message "Windows could not load the installer for Battery. Contact your hardware vendor for assistance." upon startup. I am wondering how to prevent this from coming up. Also I cannot see how much battery power is remaining in my laptop. I installed Dell Quickset, and still no cigar.

Error always comes up. No battery drivers? I checked device managers

System is an Inspiron 8600 Dell
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So i have a timeline x which i highly recommend, has one issue i cant seem to solve.
When i type it disables the touch pad, therefore, not letting me use the touch pad when i want to play games. Does anyone have a fix for this because acer wants to charge me 180$ to talk to them.

A:Laptop touchpad lag issue

Is there anyone out there?
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Hi All Since upgrading from Vista Ultimate to Windows ultimate my laptop CPU fan keep spinning all the and issue Windows Laptop CPU 7 FAN - time in high speed It seems something triggered the fan to run eg CPU temperature is high or something else So I have been reading many post in different forums related to quot overheated quot CPU in windows and Fan related issue My Laptop specification as follow Asus Laptop X L CPU Intel Pentium Dual T GHz GHz RAM GB Hard Disk GB SATA OS Windows Ultimate bit I upgraded the Hard disk from GB to GB I need to pull out the hard disk Windows 7 - Laptop CPU and FAN issue to see the speed whether rpm or rpm if required CPU Fan spin really fast all the time and warm air coming out I believe the CPU is hot So I download SpeedFan to check further HD degree C Temp degree C CORE degree C CORE degree C Task Manager CPU Usage very low Does anyone know Temp means Is the temperature above normal According to SpeedFan it is not as the Flame icon appear as shown in the attachment Screenshot - photo sharing - download image windows JPG Screenshot - photo sharing - download image windows JPG If the temperature is above the normal then something must triggered to speed up the CPU fan can we see the threshold setting of CPU Fan in windows It is quiet interesting issue as I am not running many applications CPU Load is according to task manager but the CPU run in high speed and warm air is coming out If someone have similar issue please let me know Asus does not have new driver update for Asus X L Thank you

A:Windows 7 - Laptop CPU and FAN issue

If we can get this issue sorted out, hopefully we can solve this one too.
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A:Re: issue regarding laptop connectivity

Welcome and thank you for posting on the HP Support Forums @Rahul_12, I will do my absolute best to help you come to a resolution with your Notebook's connectivity. If I am correct, I believe that the connectivity you are referring to would be for the WIFI.  When we have come to a resolution, please share what worked for you with others by marking this post as an Accepted Solution. If that is right, my suggestion would be to use the Troubleshooting Wireless Network and Internet Tool. At the bottom it will ask you questions to help narrow down the issue.  To better assist you and look at your product specifications, I would need some information from you. Could you please provide me with your Model Number (How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?) and Which Windows Operating Systems you are running?  If you require further assistance, I would be happy to help. Please make sure that you include the results from the troubleshooting tool, your model number, the exact issue you are having, and the operating system you are using.  If you would like to show your appreciation for my efforts today, please take a second to click the Thumbs Up button below. I look forward to hearing your response. I am glad that you joined in!Have a great day!
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Issue regarding my laptop connectivity

View Solution.

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It only works well in high performance mode. For an 17laptop with overall double the specs of my last one, this thing sure does suck. It's even been wiped and redone and still sucks.

In powersaver mode i can only run like one program and barely more then 3 in balanced. why is this?

are i3's better than i7's?

A:Laptop Settings Issue

Did you stick closely with these steps to get a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 using only the drivers which Win7 provides in installer and via optional Updates?

If not I'd do it over.

Otherwise work through these Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7
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I know this is a Vista forum but you folks are so well informed and nice that I want to take a little advantage of that if I may I recently purchased a refurbished IBM T lappy for the office part of the reason why is because it comes with an integrated parallel port that Laptop... with Non issue Help Vista I Help with Laptop... Non Vista issue need for the software we use to sell our products Anyways there was no CD with it as it appears an image made from Acronis comes with the lappy in case you need to do a clean reinstall of the XP OS Here's where I need help The software we use runs on Windows Server so I would need to create a partition for me to be able to install the software but I would hate to destroy the XP OS already in it is there an easy solution to this I know I did something similar when I did Help with Laptop... Non Vista issue my dual XP Vista boot but I doubt it will work with this since I had to use the Vista CD to make this happen Any takers and if so can you kinda take me by the hand with the blow by blow of how to do it Thanks folks

A:Help with Laptop... Non Vista issue

How old is the laptop and do you know how much memory it has? Considering XP is already installed, it can be tough to get an instance of Windows 2000 Server installed as well, as a dual boot option. Usually you need to start with the older OS, so if you had Windows 2000 already, you can install XP as a dual boot option. The net is littered with people with issues trying to go the other way.

You might want to consider using VMWare instead, though this is essentially like having two computers in one, so you need to assign resources (memory, hard disk space) to the second computer which takes it away from your main laptop, unlike a dual boot option which just utilises whatever it can, based on your hardware specs.

If you really want dual boot, then I'd recommend having another partition on your hard drive to install Windows 2000 on, which probably also means you need to get yourself some third party partition software (like Partition Magic) as XP doesn't allow you to re-partition your drives without blowing everything away.

Depending on your current system specs (let me know if you need help finding out what these are) I'd seriously consider VMWare as an alternative. You should still have access to local ports. You shouldn't need to assign too many resources to get Windows 2000 Server up and running

VMWare Workstation
Here's the link for VMWare if you're interested. I think this is the product you'll need (they have a Server option too, but don't think you'll need that) but at any rate, your best bet is to contact them directly and explain what you are trying to achieve, to make sure you get the right thing
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Hi my laptop as just been sent of for repair few days back been given a receipt with all sorts of stuff on it how do I find the device number so I can check the progress online I'm in the UK cheers
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I have a dell vostro 1000 that runs windows vista the screen does not work. So i connected an external monitor. A view sonic and it worked fine for a while. Now, the monitor will not stay on. Is there something i can do, to get the screen back on? And if not, should i try to get parts for my laptop or try to get another monitor or a new laptop. Help me get back in action

A:Laptop screen issue

Hi and welcome to TSF what happens when you try to use the external monitor and have you tried using FN and F keys to switch the output to the external
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I have a Samsung NP E A-A UB with a broken screen I Laptop Turning on Issue m trying to get it on and connect the external monitor but I can t because it won t turn on all the way After I turn it on the hard drive indicator light in the front is on Laptop Turning on Issue solid for a few minutes then goes off completely Since I can t see the screen I try clicking enter key tab and enter etc to see if I can get through whatever process it going on behind the screen But when I press Enter ESC DEL probably a few others it just restarts the laptop and does the same stuff hard drive indicator is solid for a few minutes then blank So it seems no matter what I press it just restarts does whatever it s doing for a few minutes then stops So does anyone know what the issue is What is happening How to get through it Remember I can t see the screen I have an external monitor that has always worked til one day I turn it off through the power button and couldn t get it back on It would always start up normal and monitor turn on automatically after it started to login to my user nbsp

A:Laptop Turning on Issue

EricIsMe said:

I have a Samsung NP300E5A-A02UB with a broken screen. I'm trying to get it on and connect the external monitor, but I can't because it won't turn on all the way. After I turn it on, the hard drive indicator light in the front is on solid for a few minutes, then goes off completely. Since I can't see the screen, I try clicking enter key, tab and enter, etc, to see if I can get through whatever process it going on behind the screen. But when I press Enter, ESC, DEL, probably a few others, it just restarts the laptop and does the same stuff, hard drive indicator is solid for a few minutes, then blank. So it seems no matter what I press, it just restarts, does whatever it's doing for a few minutes, then stops.

So does anyone know what the issue is? What is happening? How to get through it?

Remember, I can't see the screen, I have an external monitor that has always worked, til one day I turn it off through the power button and couldn't get it back on. It would always start up normal and monitor turn on automatically after it started to login to my user.Click to expand...
Are you getting any beeps from the machine itself when it starts?
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One of my kids just inherited a laptop courtesy of grandma, however we can not get it to boot up. It is a Compaq Presario 2100 and operates with XP.

I suspect the hard drive is bad - I get the error "a disk read error occurred, Press cntrl alt delete to restart".

Is my diagnosis correct?

The next question is that if we do get a new drive and we can't find the disk to recover the XP, is there a way to reload the OS? I don't think I can I use an XP disk from another computer to get started - correct?

A:Laptop Boot issue

May well be. I'd check the CMOS battery. Also, have you checked the bios, boot up and hit F11 to enter, and search the tabs until you find the sequences for drives. Make sure your HD is the 1st boot and your DVD is second, and so on. Sometimes that can cause and issue.
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My wife has recently spilled red wine on my Laptop. I immediately shut down to prevent as much caramelizing of the sugar as possible, removed the keyboard and cleaned the system as much as possible. I re-fitted the keyboard and decided to leave it overnight to help it dry out.

This morning i switched it on and it is playing up. The keyboard responds erratically, with some characters working and others not a all. Some perform functions they should not be doing.

However when i plug a USB wireless keyboard it responds perfectly. I am trying to understand if it down to a keyboard error or otherwise. I find it difficult to see why a simple pressure pad device would cause the problem, but on the other hand on the USB system, what interprets the ACSII characters.

Would replacing the keyboard solve my problems??? Cheers for any help given



A:Laptop Keyboard issue

Replacing the keyboard is probably your best bet . .
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I bought a new battery for my Acer Aspire AOA150, this is a new battery. It says it's 100% charged but once I unplug charger, it shuts off.
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Hi all,

I have an HP Mini 110 laptop, which has no cd-rom drive. The usb ports are not functioning properly. I cannot use an external cd-rom drive or a thumb drive at this point. It always appears in the Device Manager with an "!" in front of it.

This is what i've tried so far:

Deleted the usb drivers and rebooted to allow the drives to reinstall properly
Upgraded from Windows 7 Starter to Ultimate
HP Troubleshooting program on the laptop

Nothing seems to be working. Can someone please help?

A:HP Mini 110 laptop/ USB issue

Where did you ghet the upgrade from?
HP or retail version.
Check on HP website for updated drivers.
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At Christmas I purchased a laptop and have had nothing but trouble with it since Starting a few days after buying it I noticed it would restart when plugged into a power supply but not every time It also happens when unplugged from the Mystery Laptop Issue w/ Help power supply too There doesn't seem to be any consistency in the pattern I've tried different outlets and it happens away from home too I've updated every iota of the laptop and have even consulted with Dell support twice We ran every diagnostic tool they Help w/ Mystery Laptop Issue had and one of their techs even took control of my laptop for hours and couldn't fix the issue Yes I do have a couple of USB devices that stay plugged in but I've tried leaving them out and the issue persists It doesn't make any sense Also the charger is the original the battery life is also horrid- it advertised hours but I can only get even after killing all unnecessary processes turning on batter saver killing the brightness etc Any help would be much appreciated Here are my specs just in case that helps Dell Inspiron - Windows native -Bit Processor AMD A - P Carrizo nm Graphics ATI AMD Radeon R MB Generic PnP Monitor x Hz RAM GB Single-Channel DDR MHz - - - HDD TB GB Toshiba SATA RPM Motherboard Dell CHHXW P
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I recently purchased a new Acer LED monitor. When connected to my hp g62 hdmi I get flickering to a blank screen. Is there issues with the laptops video card that would cause this or is there something I am missing? Thanks for the help!

A:Hp G62 laptop hdmi issue

Well, now this is interesting. I bought a hp g62 laptop and the screen started to flicker after about two months. What some of the forums said was that it was a cable issue and the screws needed to be tightened.

But if what you're saying is true, it's a video card issue or a driver issue.
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i have a dell inspiron m laptop when i boot it up there s a blank screen and beeps beeps to be exact indicating that there s motherboard failure i read a fix on dell s website quoted as follows I was having the same issue with mine for a month tried contacting Dell nothing For anyone still having this problem or for anyone who has just started having this problem here s what I did I tried an old Xbox trick I wrapped the laptop in a comforter making sure to cover any air inlets on the laptop I Laptop Motherboard Issue! pressed power and let it run in the blanket for ten minutes After that I let it cool and did it again for fifteen minutes I let it cool completely then tried booting it up and it worked Mine runs without any hiccups now Also when I did the blanket I disconnected the laptop s speakers so it wouldn t drive me insane Click to expand i did this fix and it worked but now everytime i shut down Laptop Motherboard Issue! my laptop afterwards Laptop Motherboard Issue! i have to do this fix to hop on anyone have any suggestions for more of a long term fix thanks in advance nbsp

A:Laptop Motherboard Issue!

Yup, you can replace the motherboard or have it professionally repaired.
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When I plug in the charger cable, my laptop stops being charged after one or two minutes, (I triple checked the cable and it was connected) and I had to reconnect the charger to charge it again.... and once I decided to remove the battery and work with my laptop like normal pc, this time after minutes it suddenly turned off... and it would only be on again if I disconnected and reconnecter the charger. I also tried wiggling the charger cable but nothing nothing happened.
it couldn't be the battery because other laptops work fine with battery removed but mine didn't, so what could be the problem?

A:Charging laptop issue

Almost certain you need a new charger.

What's the make and model of laptop?

What's the SPECIFIC VOLTAGE SPECS of the charger?
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when i start my laptop, for a few minutes the touchpad of my laptop is not worked, and after 4 to 5 minutes it will work properly. i cant umderstand this proBlem please help me
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Well i have a Acer Extensa 5220

And it has 3 Ports at the Front

Green one

My Sister put Stuff in the Green and Blue one is there anyway that i could trick my computer into thinking the Mic port is the Speakers port because i really need my speakers
So is there anyway to trick the computer into thinking the Mic port is the Speaker port ?

Thanks in Advanced

A:Laptop Sound Issue

So is there anyway to trick the computer into thinking the Mic port is the Speaker port ?Click to expand...

SOME sound-card software has an option such as this, personally not familiar with your unit
i think if it were my unit, i would take it into a shop and get the 'stuff' that was put in removed - if you can't remove it yourself - then - NOT let your sister get to close to your notebook again
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Hey there, hope someone can help. I plug my MS Internet keyboard(Intellitype Pro 2.1) into my IBM Thinkpad into the port labeled w/ a mouse and it doesn't work. I've tried reinstalling the software. It just doesn't work. Help! Thanks!

A:Keyboard issue w/ laptop

Please purchase a USB keyboard (they work better with Laptops, because you can plug them in and take them out with the laptop on; with PS2 connection you cannot do this)
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Problem began a few weeks ago with the lap turn not shutting down...would only go to hibernate... now I can't run any virus software or malware software both of which are installed on hard drive, it gives me a message that foxfire is running and I need to close it but it won't allow me to close anything...even loaded malware on external hd and tried to run it from there but the computer won't open it up...

A:Lenovo laptop issue

What OS (Operating System) are you using? To shutdown firefox, right click the taskbar & on the menu that pops up left click Start Task Manager & go to the Processes Tab,find firefox,highlight it & click End process. You might get a pop up asking you to confirm it,click yes & X out of Task Manager.
You need to install Malwarebytes on the harddrive. Once its installed, update it & run a (full) scan.
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Hello nbsp I have purchased Pavilion DV TX in which contains Core i Processor GB DDR RAM GB HDD GB AMD graphics I have updated the OS to windows Pro nbsp Right from the second year I am facing issue with system of overheating The heating is so heavy that we cannot even keep the laptop on the nbsp laps or hold it with the hand nbsp and every year I have to perform the maintenance on the same such as IC replacement annual nbsp system cleaning etc ect nbsp which is causing a headache and increasing its overall cost Currently I have given it for the maintenance nbsp at HP world outlet in our locality The service person with Overheating issue laptop the has replaced its cooling IC and the cost provided is K nbsp Can you provide solution for the same Overheating issue with the laptop or if there is any exchange available I wish to buy new system but before that I need nbsp to sell this one I have enquired about it in the outlet but as per them there is no exchange availble and even if it is available it can be sold only for - K as per the service person I have purchased the laptop for K and invested about - K extra on the maintenance and cooling issue Hence I am expecting atleast K since the configuration of system is quite nice and also there is no wear and tear I have used it single handed and with care nbsp Your response is welcome and awaited Thanks in advance nbsp --Best Regards Chetan Navale nbsp

A:Overheating issue with the laptop



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.

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Hey people An xp-pro laptop I ve got was unused for ages whilst I kept forgetting to fit a new screen unit to it after the old one died Anyways long story short I fitted the new lcd last week and cleaned up any nasty stuff that got infected in the meantime Before I was done with that my keyboard decided to stop working grrrr laptop - pro xp keyboard issue Device manager says it is working connected etc I uninstalled the driver in case it was corrupted The Human Interface service had been stopped and switched to manual as well as a couple more I think these changes may have been the result of some sort of infection The hidserv dll file was missing from windows system folder as well I ve replaced that with a copy but the keyboard still won t work Cleaned the keyboard and the bus connector with a blow off tool and reconnected etc also Given the laptop keyboard issue - xp pro changes in the services registry could I still be dealing with the leftovers of a virus or is it more likely that my keyboard has gone to the motherboard in the sky R I P When I connect a number pad through a usb port it works fine but I ve not got a full usb keyboard to hand just now Are there any other service files or drivers etc that are relevant to getting the keyboard to work which the virus might have tinkered with Knowing these I could go in and correct any settings that may have been changed or alternatively any reputible free software tools to fix it Thanks for your help if indeed you can make any sense out of the gibberish above nbsp

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This is my first of probably many posts.

I have just purchased a new Win 7 64 bit laptop. During set up it asked for drive partition sizing,

I selected 49gb on c:drive with the remaining 400gb on the d:drive with the final 51gb allocated to system and recovery I think they were called.

After transferring my itunes stuff over from my old pc I am alarmed to see my c:drive glowing red and almost full with seemingly no way to move files or defaults to the d:drive.

Have I monumentally screwed up my set up here as there doesn't seem to be a way back from what I have read on forums?

All help gratefully received on what to do from here,


A:Help PLEASE!! New Win 7 Laptop Partition issue

This may help
The main tut is only part of it.
Go about half way down the page to find more information that may help
Partition or Volume - Delete

There is infomation like this about half way down
Partition or Volume - Extend
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hi all.

i have a hp dv2000 laptop....currently powers on and showing no signs of life on the screen-blue lights on but no lcd illumination or externally-tried ram-cpu-etc-suspect its a graphics card controller fault....its a socket s1 cpu motherboard..anyone had this issue or can advise/help at all out there?
model dv2000 using the nividia chipset and not the intel chipset.
model dv2036ea.


A:hp laptop dv2000 issue

Check HP website. Believe your model is covered under service enhancement. Faulty motherboard probably. Fix on failure only. There is a document on the
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i have a notebook hp zx5369cl and it is getting harder to cut on. it is like this. i push on the power bottom, hold it and the power light
comes on, but in the last two or three weeks it,s been holding it longer or release, press, release alot of times till i see the power
light comes on, please help. jerry
if it helps, i have windows 7

A:Laptop Turning on Issue

fixsound, I've moved your post to it's own thread to avoid any confusion.


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Dear Dell Team I am Balu Wankhade using dell laptop in office as well as at home From last month I am facing the issues in the keyboard nbsp I called the Dell service center on I got the service request number Details are as below nbsp Service Tag Number - H Express service tag number - Your Service Request number nbsp From last approx one month I am doing follow up with dell team through emails phone or facebook I received nice emails from different people in every week But till date there is no action or support from In My Issue Keyboard Laptop the dell team I observed that there is no system Issue In My Laptop Keyboard in the dell to support the customer no one related to my issues is working with responsibility Not bothered about the customers problems Escalation methods are not available on the website nbsp Non of the contact details email address provided on the net where we can register the complaints With faulty keyboard my laptop become difficult to use which is frustrating me Any member have the right information about the service support pl guide or email me on brwankhade gmail com nbsp Unhappy Customer nbsp Balu Wankhade
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Hiya i am Issue on internet with laptop currently having an issue with the internet capabilities on my laptop a Samsung R with Windows Basically when i connect through Wi-Fi it will sometimes takes or tries to actually get a connection and on the odd times that i actually do get one it lasts about minutes before disconnecting again This is no matter where i am no matter what signal strength and no matter what i am connecting to On Issue with internet on laptop top of this whenever I try and use an Ethernet cable to connect it doesn t pick up that i have plugged it in However I did at one point use the Windows Consumer preview on the laptop and all of those problems were gone no issues to be found so i tried to reinstall windows and all of the drivers for the laptop hoping that would work Unfortunately i got the same issues What could be the Issue with internet on laptop problem and how could i possibly fix it nbsp

A:Issue with internet on laptop

What firewall or security suite is, or ever was, on the system?

Try to connect by ethernet and Wi-Fi and show ...

Open a (black) Command Prompt window:
Hold the Windows logo key and press r; in the Run box type cmd and click on OK.

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.
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I recently upgraded the memory in my fathers Laptop from the original 256Mb sim to a 2Gb sim. No problem there however the Return key and the Cursor keys seem to have stopped working even in the Bios.

I have removed the battery and held the power button in for 30secs thinking a reset of the Bios would fix the problem, no luck there they still do not function.

I have removed the keys and checked that nothing has been spilled on the keyboard, no problem there ether.

I have also checked internally to see if there was any damage to the ribbon cable. Seems fine.

To be honest I cant seem to locate the issue and was hoping someone could offer some additional support. Anybody any ideas?

Specs: Esystem EI 3101 laptop, Intel Celeron M430 1.73ghz CPU, 2Gb DDR2, Internal 256mb GFX card.

A:Laptop keyboard issue

Did you try re-installing the 256MB memory to see if the keyboard started working again?
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I've had a HP dv6 laptop for close to a year now and have had zero issues up until the last week. I've noticed when watching videos in fullscreen for even a short period of time the contrast for the screen goes right up up when the video is exited, basically if I watch something and then minimise it whatever is behind it is almost unreadable, such as the standard chrome bar up top looks almost one solid, bright colour, after 5 to 10 seconds its back to how it should look.
It's also a LED display
Anybody have a similar situation or know what the problem could be?


A:HP laptop screen issue

Depending on what program you use for watching videos it may just be bugging up, but also it may be that the program is infected in some way. Have you tried a virus scan?
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I have been working on a friends computer a HP Pavilion DV for a couple weeks now and have no idea what is wrong with it The story I was informed of is that for about a year or so it was working more or less fine but recently the past couple months there had been some weird things the computer would do for a while then it increased over time so she gave up on it and gave it to me When I got it it booted perfectly fine Laptop Issue DV6000 HP I was even able to install some updates the computer is running Vista Home Premium When I shut it down for the night and booted it up the next day it did what she had described to me When you hit the power button all the lights on the keyboard will light up but the main screen is totally blank and after about seconds the HP DV6000 Laptop Issue power lights shut off and about seconds later it turns itself back on And it did that every time after that I thought the hard drive might be messed up but I had a spare around so that wasn t the problem So I took it apart since I had heard from friends they had similar issues in which either the heat sync was messed up or the CPU was knocked loose for some reason So I checked the CPU and it was locked in fine and there wasn t any thermal paste on the CPU so I put some on thinking that might do it but it didn t do anything When I put it all back together I booted it up and it actually started but the BiOS had reset itself and there were some errors with the time and something else so I went in and fixed them and then when it tried to boot it went back to doing the typical thing of turning on for about seconds then shutting off then turning back on I gave it a rest for a few hours and tried again and still nothing And I just booted it up now about a day later and it turned on and said the typical Windows was unable to start what would you like to do It might be a power issue but I m not sure what it could be If anyone else has had or is having an issue like this any advice would be great I will try to see if I get any errors this time around and I ll post more information if I can get access without it turning off nbsp

A:HP DV6000 Laptop Issue

So after consulting with some people it seems as though it is an issue with the BiOS. I was told either I had to replace the BiOS chip (unlikely to do) or replace the entire motherboard (most likely). And while I know the chances or fixing this without replacing anything is minimal, if anyone knows of a way around replacing things then that would be great news.
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Hi all.

My friend sent me a message about his laptop. He formatted it last night because it was running very slow, but the problem continues.

What sort of things should he look at to fix his issue?

Thank you in advance.

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My laptop boots up, goes to the hp logo screen. Goes to a blank screen, laptop still on. Laptop turns off and goes the hp logo screen, goes to a blank screen, and it keeps doing the same thing.

A:Laptop boot issue

DJ2001 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about laptop boot problems and wanted to help.Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:Black Screen Displays with No Error Messages During Startup or Boot | HP® Customer SupportHP Notebook PCs - Computer Does Not Start (Windows 10) | HP® Customer SupportGood Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution".========================================================================
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First off, thank you for taking the time to review my situtation.

I am running Win7 Home Premium.

The issue is that the nic card will not pick up any connections around it.

I installed a brand new nic card and still nothing. Device manager says it's enabled, i did install the correct drivers and the wireless button is activated on the laptop.

Im not sure what to do next. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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So I ve owned my P HM gaming laptop for around years boot Laptop issue now and for the Laptop boot issue most part I haven t had any issues However when I start my laptop it always defaults to booting off of the ethernet card even after switching my SSD to the position in the bios menu Normally this isn t that much of an issue as I can just cycle through the bios Laptop boot issue boot options using CTRL ALT DEL The main issue that I am having now is that the last time I was using my laptop I used hibernate instead of the normal quot sleep quot or quot standby Laptop boot issue quot Now whenever I attempt to start my laptop up the message quot Resume from hibernate quot is on my screen which is normal except it tries to resume using the ethernet card If the laptop is in hibernate evidently I am not able to access the BIOS menu or cycle through my boot drives I have read that a way to fix this might just be taking the battery out and letting any residual power that the motherboard might be running off of fade away over time I read that this normally only takes minutes or so I tried waiting minutes and it didn t work so I just tried again but waited a few hours this time before putting the battery back in and attempting to start my laptop up The laptop is still attempting to boot from hibernate Does anyone know of any way to get to the BIOS menu from the hibernate screen Or does anyone know of anyway to fully shut off my laptop to get rid of hibernate and just start up normally Any assistance would be appreciated nbsp

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This Issue Laptop Boot G62 appears to be a variation on the common black screen of death issue with this laptop model except that the GPU does not appear to be faulty nbsp I actually do get a screen however the machine remains stuck just pre-POST nbsp The HP logo is in the middle of G62 Laptop Boot Issue the screen but that's as far as it gets G62 Laptop Boot Issue Sometimes I see the Press the ESC key for nbsp Startup Menu message and I am able to press it however it takes a long time to actually reach the menu nbsp The ESC Pause Startup message remains on screen for several minutes before I get to CMOS Setup nbsp On one such occasion I ran the memory test and the HD test and both completed without issue nbsp The laptop has been sitting in its soft case on the floor for approximately three months nbsp It has suffered no physical shocks during that time nbsp I was worried that the HD might have become stuck due to static friction but the HD test seems to have eliminated that possibility nbsp I initially suspected that the machine simply needed time to recharge the battery but after having left it charging overnight the problem remains nbsp I am not hearing any death-click noises from the HD and since the screen works fine I am hopeful that this is something that can be resolved without major surgery nbsp I think it's the battery and am just hoping for confirmation of that nbsp When initially plugged in the orange charging LED flashed regularly nbsp I noticed when I unplugged the charger the machine would not start up at all nbsp When I removed the battery per standard troubleshooting procedures it was cold evidently having not charged a bit nbsp Now that I've re-plugged it back in I see the orange LED first lighting up white then eventually going back to the orange flash nbsp Thoughts nbsp Should I replace the battery or give it more time to charge nbsp Check the seating of the battery to make sure it has full contact nbsp
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Hey so my samsung-np x e laptop had liquid damage to the keyboard Laptop issue keyboard rendering most of the keys inoperable I did not send it for repair instead I m using a USB keyboard right now It was Laptop keyboard issue fine for a while So here s the problem These few days whenever I start my laptop it boots into a quot Phoenix SecureCore Tiano Setup quot thing and for some reason my external keyboard would not respond for a period of time I d have to I know this is really bad sort of lightly smash the original keyboard and for some reason my external keyboard would work Also when I finally start using the laptop my external keyboard s left Control key would not work I know that my external keyboard is fully functional as I tested it on another PC Can anyone help me here Why do I always boot into the setup page and why does my external keyboard s control key not work on my laptop Is it because there s a stuck key somewhere and if that is the case is it possible for me to disable my built-in keyboard Finally what is your opinion on leaving the laptop in sleep mode overnight instead of shutting it down Thanks in advance nbsp

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  I Harsh , I purchased dell vostro laptop on 22th October 2015. And I checked on online it show me you shipped on 3rd July 2015. I have issue with hardware anybody can not  help me. Please help me
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when i unplug my ac adapter from the wall before i unplug it from my lappy Screen issue Laptop the screen stays bright which isnt bad but when i plug it in wall first then lappy it goes dim like its in power saving mode now how i usually fix this is i recreate the problem by unplugging it from the wall then turning the comp off then unplug it from the comp while plugging it back into the wall turn the comp on then plugging it back in but it usually takes me a couple tries to get it back to normal again ive turned off my power saving features and ive just had the computer screen replaced about weeks ago its always Laptop Screen issue done this and i know it happens when i unplug it from the wall first which if im in a hurry i dont think about it untill its to late its not that big of a problem but i would love to know how to fix it faster or maybe disable any features that could cause this my computer is an HP Pavilion zv Notebook PC its all stock except for the new screen the springs broke that hold it up and there was a dead pixel at the top nbsp

A:Laptop Screen issue

any help would be helpful.
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My problem started almost a week ago I have a problem sending e-mails with attachments from my laptop I can receive and view all e-mails even the ones with photo and other attachments I can send a plain e-mail and reply to all as well but when I try to send an e-mail with attachments Laptop E-mail Issue it just sits in my computer Outbox and a message with an exclamation point saying unable to complete last request I contacted MSN Laptop E-mail Issue com and Verizon Online and after much back and forth jibber jabber the Verizon Rep said that I may have too many processes open I checked Task Manager and I have processes open - the norm should be about at the most The problem lies in that I have no idea what processes need to be closed Can Laptop E-mail Issue I get some help I'm going bald trying to figure it out My laptop works fine otherwise and my desktop has no problems sending the attachments So it must be the laptop Help

A:Laptop E-mail Issue

Here's a link that will help you find out what the running tasks are: here's a link detailing what to do with them: most simple way would be running msconfig.exe (depending on your OS) and go to the startup list and uncheck the ones you don't want running in the background. There are other ways too.Here's some free apps that might interest you: luck,Randall
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My Laptop display is not Working properly , it works fine with external monitor. laptop  screen goes black when i try to use windows, but display work ok when i watch any youtube video on fullscreen. I have changed my laptop displayDO ANY ONE KNOW WHATS THE PROBLEM ?
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I purchased HP 15 Notebook PC, 11 months back.  Last week i was unable to open the laptop lid. The hinge needed replacement. The problem was resolved by the service center. When i was in the service center 2 more persons had come for the same type of problem in their HP laptops. Kindly look into this and study for design fault if any.
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Hi. I've had this laptop, a Dell Inspirion 1200, for a few weeks now. I usually either close the cover or put it into Hibernation when I'm done using it. I haven't jarred it, shocked it, or stepped on it.

Basically, I opened up the cover and hit power. While it was booting up, I looked away to do something, and when I looked back, the screen was covered in white vertical lines. I shut down the computer by holding down the power button, then rebooted. When it came up again, it was perfectly fine (no lines at all.)

Is this a fluke or something I should worry about in the future?

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Respected All Hi There Off lately I got my HP s LCD screen replacement by paying money due to some Warranty issues Now the HP Service Centre in Mumbai has done the LCD Screen replacement and says that also the cleaning amp servicing work has been done Once I bought my HP Laptop back home I started using it and noticed that my laptop now starts getting heated from the bottom at much faster speed within no time than it used to before Also when I ran a tool known as quot Intel Processor Identification Utility quot on this laptop I see that System Bus has been reported 530 Laptop Heating HP Issue. to being overclocked So I went to BIOS and got all the setting back to default by Pressing F key within BIOS After this I restarted my computer and again ran the same utility but this time it reports that the System Bus is now fine and NOT Overclocked However the heating issue underneath still continues This heating is immensely happening exactly in an area under the ventilation fan and at the side compartment near to Ventilation fan from the bottom of the laptop Now I believe that this area should be the processor compartment Therefore I checked out the bottom Ventilation area Circle Shaped with the torch light and found that the Fan is not moving at all even though the laptop is getting heated However when I talked to HP Service Centre he says that the Fan rotation is an automatic function which will only rotate once the system starts getting heated and what I am experiencing at the moment is Normal heating but I don t accept that since it is heating much more than expected And it is much wired to accept that when in Desktop PC the moment the computer is Turned ON the Power Supply Fan starts rotating than why not the same in HP Laptop Also HP service centre mentioned that keeping the laptop in continuous charge mode can also increase the heating but I believe that once the battery gets charged to then there is an automatic quot Cut Off quot and the laptop should work directly work on Alternate Current and I used to keep it connected before as well in last year but such heating never used to happen So I have a question to ask here a When a fan isn t rotating in a laptop from the side and down ventilation than how safe is it HP 530 Laptop Heating Issue. to still continue using the laptop Can it affect the CPU amp Motherboard b It is true that once the battery gets charged HP 530 Laptop Heating Issue. completely the Power cord should be disconnected or is it safe to continue on the Alternate Current AC as well Can working on Alternate HP 530 Laptop Heating Issue. Current damage the laptop s Motherboard CPU or any other compontent Kindly help me out please Thanks Regards Apoorva nbsp

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I'm having an issue with the keyboard for my Toshiba Satellite P775-S7320. Put plainly, keys have started triggering other keys, as if both keys were pressed at the same time. Nothing was spilled on the keyboard, but now, A and Tilde trigger one another, and the same for 1 and 2, Q and S, W and Tab, X and Capslock. The only exception to this is Z and \. Z will trigger \, but \ will not trigger Z. I've popped off the keys and cleaned them with compressed air, I've rebooted my computer several times, and am unsure of where to go from here.

A:Issue with Laptop Keyboard

Try hitting the NUM LK/SCRN LK key
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I have a 2 years old Lenovo Ideapad Y550 laptop. For some months, its fan is very noisy! Now I cannot play any 3D games because this laptop shuts down after 10 or 15 min when playing 3D games. Now I can only can do my work like browsing, word etc but no gaming at all! I remember when my computer shuts down the bottom of the laptop is very very hot. So my questions is 'Is it a overheating issue? If it is then how can I fix it?'

A:Laptop overheating issue?

YES it is probably a heat issue. If the fan is load it is either from a bad bearing in the fan, or blocked passages.

If it is not under warranty and you feel comfotable doing this carefully use compressed air to blow out the intake and exhaust ducts on the laptop.

You could also buy a cooling pad (good ones drop the temp 10-20F)

To be sure it is a heat issue download CPUID (free)
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Our main AD controller is Standard Server Edition SP I have a new vista machine that has joined the domain and a and laptop Issue vista AD with has been moved to the correct container however when I run GPRESULT I get the following RSOP data for CCC admin-lj on LVS Logging Mode ------------------------------------------------------ OS Configuration Member Workstation OS Version Site Name N A Roaming Issue with AD and a vista laptop Profile N A Local Profile C Users admin-lj Connected over a slow link No USER SETTINGS -------------- CN admin-lj OU ZUsers DC ccc DC local Last time Group Policy was applied at Group Policy was applied from SVR-AD ccc local Group Policy slow link threshold kbps Domain Name CCC Domain Type Windows Applied Group Policy Objects ----------------------------- SCR-IT Admins Outlook Tweak Default Domain Policy The following GPOs were not applied because they were filtered out ------------------------------------------------------------------- Local Group Policy Filtering Not Applied Empty NTP Client Filtering Not Applied Empty I-series CA Filtering Not Applied Empty The user is a part of the following security groups --------------------------------------------------- Domain Users Everyone Debugger Users SophosAdministrator SophosUser BUILTIN Administrators BUILTIN Users NT AUTHORITY INTERACTIVE NT AUTHORITY Authenticated Users This Organization LOCAL ClubRez Testing Clubrez Training Project Resources ClubREZ Training Setup Terminal Servers Users Group Perle RAS Admin VPNUsers RASusers Business Systems Domain Admins SophosAdministrator DnsAdmins CERTSVC DCOM ACCESS High Mandatory Level C Users admin-lj gt As you can see there are no computer settings I have tried running gpresult with the Scope switch for the computer setting but I get an access denied message I have logged the user into a standard XP machine and the gpresult does show Computer settings Any one got any ideas why the Computer GPO s are not being applied to the Vista Computer Many Thanks Nic
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Hi folks Apparently me and HP laptops just donr get along but I seem to get a lot of them handed to me so I do my best I have an HP Pavilion G A that will not boot It will power up and sit there with a black backlit screen Every so often I will get a meassage that says quot The CMOS checksum is invalid The CMOS wil be cmos issue HP Laptop reset to the default configuration and will be rebooted Please check your bios settings to see if theyve changed quot I attached a picture of the screen Problem is when you reboot nothing has HP Laptop cmos issue changed Same issue Sometimes it allows me to mash F and it will actually go to the bios settings where everything seems normal So anywho I figured a CMOS battery change was in order it was a nightmare getting to this one Had to pull the motherboard out Just changed it and got it back together and same thing If anyone has any idea please let me know I tried booting from a Windows bootdisc and a few other things but im stumped on this one Hoepfully not a motherboard issue Thanks guys and gals Bob nbsp

A:HP Laptop cmos issue

Oh and I have tried updating the BIOS and it will not boot to the BIOS update screen. So holding down the WIN key and B isnt working..........