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Can't mail merge email with outlook and word 2007

Q: Can't mail merge email with outlook and word 2007

I have windows 7 & office 2007. I am attempting to create an email merge. I have tried to do so starting with first with outlook (which takes me to word) which failed in sending, and then starting with word (which takes me to outlook and then back to word) and also failed in sending. I have followed all instructions to a T (as provided by help in both programs as well as microsoft help online).

What am I missing? Is there some connection between the 2 programs that needs to be set up first?
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Preferred Solution: Can't mail merge email with outlook and word 2007

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I used Word 2007 for mail merge to send about 1000 mails to my prospects
After I click the Merge and Complete button, for every email it sends, outlook pops a warning
"Some program is trying to access to send email. If it is not ok, click deny and check your virus settings ..."

I am forced to click "Allow" for every mail, this is too much to take for the number of mails I am sending
Is there a way to disable this warning system when I am doing a mail merge

Kindly help

Thanks and regards
Sasi Sekar K

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I have been sending individual emails to roughly 400 of my clients and perspective clients per month.  I have been sending them one by one so I could personalize it. I need to be able to do the following.  
Include the first name of my client after "Good Afternoon _______ "   in the body of the email.
Select 1 of my 3 business email addresses from my Microsoft Outlook 2007 Imap emails.
Include 2 PDF documents.  
Using mail merge via  Microsoft Word does not give these 3 options from what I can find.  This would save me so much time if I can send personalized mass emails to my clients.  Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.  

A:Outlook 2007/ mail merge/ cant include attachments or email to send from

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I have recently upgraded to Office from and I perform a lot a mail merges I have come Word Outlook Merge Email - & Mail 2010 Issue across a few issues with this Email Mail Merge Issue - Word & Outlook 2010 feature within and wondered Email Mail Merge Issue - Word & Outlook 2010 if anyone has a solution I am obviously running Windows Issue - When performing the mail merge to emails HTML Word doesn t seem to recognise my IMAP email account which is set as default in Outlook it uses one of my other pop email accounts Is there any way to set my IMAP account as the default for mail merging Issue - Once I have completed the email merge I then need to create them as a PDF which in worked fine but the Acrobat addin in Word doesn t do anything I do have Acrobat prof installed as well I have done a little research and can see that this is a problem but I need a solution to fix Otherwise I ll be reduced to uninstalling and re-install Anyone with solutions please let me know nbsp

A:Email Mail Merge Issue - Word & Outlook 2010

Hi welcome to the forum,
Have you tried the macro to save As pdf file of print to the adobe pdf printer?
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I would like to use Word 2007 Mail Merge to compose and send email messages. My email client is Windows Live Mail. I do not have Outlook. I do not need to access my WLM Contacts list. The email addresses I want to send messages to are in a column of the Word table that I am using as the Mail Merge data source. I have gone through all of the steps of a Mail Merge, including writing the email message, inserting data fields into it, and selecting recipients. The last step is to finish, merge, and send messages. I click on that step and nothing happens - no error message appears but no messages are sent. Any advice? It's possible this can't be done, but I am hoping it can.

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On computer I have successfully created a customized in showing merge user-defined 2007 2007 Word not fields Outlook form with user-define fields in Outlook and a merge document in Word that works starting the merge from Outlook I want to copy the custom form with the user-define fields and the merge document to a second computer computer I saved the custom form with fields from computer to a fdm file using the Tools Options Other Advanced Options Custom Forms Manage forms On computer I used the same process to install the custom form file fdm into Outlook and created a new contact folder that uses the form and displays adds new contact records correctly I also copied the Word merge document to computer Computer and computer both have Office All the problems occur on computer First when I attempted to merge starting in Outlook Word gave messages that all my user-defined fields did NOT exist in the database although I could see Outlook 2007 user-defined fields not showing in Word 2007 merge them in the Contact records Outlook 2007 user-defined fields not showing in Word 2007 merge I attempted to create a new document and the user-define fields do Outlook 2007 user-defined fields not showing in Word 2007 merge NOT show up in the Word merge field list either On computer I created from scratch a new contacts folder with a new custom form and user-define fields which works when merging Therefore the problem seems to be that Word can not see the fields I created from the fdm file I installed Can anyone please help me with this Thank you in advance Don nbsp
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Been having a problem with editing the recipient list in mail merge. When I go to save the edited list, I get one of two errors- a "read only" error if saving to a network drive, or a "insufficient permission" if saving to a local drive.

I've been able to duplicate this problem on multiple machines, with multiple files in both the .doc and docx. format. The data files are tables in Word, I have not tried duplicating the issue with Excel or Access datasources.

Of course, I have made sure the data files are not actually read only...


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I am formating a letter through Microsoft Word 2007 using Mail Merge. This is the layout I am using:

«FirstName» «MiddleInitial» «LastName»«Comma»«Suffix»
«Address1» «Address2»
«City» «State_Abbr», «Postal_Code»

They all have Mergefield in the brackets with \b" " at the end of the bracket. The problem I am having is that a space appears in front of "FirstName" throwing off the alignment.

Is there a code or something I can put before to fix this??

Thank You!!!!!

A:Word 2007 Mail Merge Help

Welcome to the forum. I would check the FirstName field in your datasource to make sure you do not have a leading space within it. If so just delete them and you should be fine.
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Okay I ve been working on this all day and feel like I m trying to learn brain surgery Here is my situation I have an EXCEL worksheet name address city state zip as headings saved with records I go to WORD and open a new document Go MAIL gt Excel Merge Mail with Word 2007 Start Merge and choose quot Label quot and select my label Avery I then SELECT RECIPIENTS go to quot Existing User quot and find my worksheet and open it The first label is blank and the other labels have lt lt Next Record gt gt I then go to ADDRESS BLOCK and match my headings for the merge All of my records show up in the little preview box lt lt Address Block gt gt shows up in the first Excel 2007 Mail Merge with Word label I then highlight the whole label sheet clicking on the little corner icon in the top left corner and change the font to Arial Narrow point so the print will fit Upon hitting quot Preview Results quot I have the correct address showing in the first label space Now I go to UPDATE LABELS and Excel 2007 Mail Merge with Word the Excel 2007 Mail Merge with Word lt lt Address Block gt gt shows up in the and label and the and label for a total of five labels When I preview this is what I get pages of labels Page Record on the top row Record on the bottom row Page Record on the top Record on the bottom Page Record on the top Record on the bottom etc through page The rest of the labels are blank Any suggestions because you can stick a fork in me Thanks in advance Win Bit G Ram Dell PC G Video Card all soon to have dents Mark nbsp

A:Excel 2007 Mail Merge with Word

On the Microsoft forums, a semi-fix was posted for the same problem. Go through the Mail Label Wizard and when you get to "Step Four", press "F6" and tab to the "Update Labels" and hit enter (don't use the mouse to "enter". For some reason, that propagates all the labels.

However, for 85 records, it created 85 pages of labels.

Page 1 = Record 1-30;
Page 2 = Record 2-31, etc.

So I printed pages 1, 31, 60 and got my 85 labels.

Is any of this sound familiar to anyone?


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I am running an application that uses automated mail merge from access records called by a VB6 programme. It generally works fine on all versions of Word but periodically Word 2007 on an XP machine is not closing properly leaving the template open and therefore, next time one attempts to run the same mail merge one gets a 'document in use' message.

It is working fine in most environments - this particular PC did have both Word 2003 and 2007 loaded. We have removed 2003 but this doesn't seem to have solved the problem.

Any ideas anyone?
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Hi All,

I have a Word document that pulls data from an Excel spreadsheet...everything was working fine in Word 2003, but we have changed the system and it has Office 2007 on it and the problem that I am getting is this box that pops up as soon as I open the Word document...


Microsoft Word

Opening this document will run the following SQL command....

Data from your database will be placed in the document. Do you want to continue?

I click "Yes", but that warning keeps popping up everytime I open the document? is there a setting in 2007 that I can set so it doesn't prompt me all the time? I have added the location of the documents in the "trusted zone", but not sure where else to look?


A:Solved: Word 2007 and mail merge..

The reasons for the warning and the workaround to disable it (which is a security risk) are here:
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Hi, i have been trying to make a mail merge to print lables on an A4 label paper.

I used this to make the mail merge:

«title» «name» ---------seperator--------- «Next Record»«title» «name»
«address» -------------seperator------------«address»
«city» ---------------seperator---------------«city»
«postal_code» ----------seperator----------«postal_code»

«Next Record»«title» «name» ---seperator--- «Next Record»«title» «name»
«address» -------------seperator------------«address»
«city» ---------------seperator----------------«city»
«postal_code» ----------seperator---------«postal_code»
now my problem is that when i make the merge it is displaying like this:
Label 1 ----------seperator----------Label 2
Label 3 ----------seperator----------Label 4
on the next page:
Label 2 ----------seperator----------Label 3
Label 4 ----------seperator----------Label 5
why does not continue from label 5 in the next page, and finish at label 8???
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Using a mail merge in Word 2007, importing the data from an Excel spreadsheet.

The problem occurs when there's empty data in the last field out of 4, which are all in one cell in a word table. If any of the first three fields are blank, Word leaves no gap, but if the last field is blank it displays as a blank line, which ruins the vertical alignment. Is there anything that can be done about this, or is it a limitation of the software?

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We have just moved from Word 2003 to Word 2007 and I am having a slight problem with mail merge. Whereas with 2003 when selecting the source data (Excel 2003) I was able to bring it in as DDE, now the only option I have when bring in the data (Excel 2007) is to select OLE Database file. Whilst this does work, the merged fields especially currency amounts, do not retain their formatting, but when I used to bring them in as DDE they did. I know I can go in and amend the field codes to put it back, but I would rather not have to.

Is there some setting somewhere I need to change to get the DDE option back?

Thanks for your help


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We are now on Office Pro 2007. We use Mail Merge in Word extensively, using our Access database as the source. We have 2 computers in the office.

When we open the mail merge document, it links to Access properly (we generally open the Access db first because it is quicker). We then merge to an individual record and save the merged document as *.docx.

When we re-open the document, it should be a normal Word document. Now what is happening is that when the merged document is created on MY computer, it opens the link to Access. When the merged document is created on THE OTHER computer, it opens as it should, without the link to Access.

Any ideas on what is going on???

A:Mail Merge - Word & Access 2007

I have never used Mail Merge, but it sounds as if on your Computer the merge data is being "Linked" instead of "Imported".
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Can anyone tell me why I am getting the below message when I try to access my Outlook contacts while selecting recipients using Mail Merge in Word 2007?

Unable to obtain list of tables from the data source.

I could do this no problem from Office 2003. A couple of users here can do it in 2007 and a few of us can't. Must be a setting of some sort but I can't find it.

Thank you!

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Hi I've just Word Merge? 2007 Office E-mail tried using Office Word email merge I've followed the tutorial for doing it step by step Use E-mail Messages Use The Current Document my email message is already types out in the open document Use An Existing List I already have an email list to send from and choose it Add my recipient information blocks I've done this Preview the message done this all is Office 2007 Word E-mail Merge? good Hit quot Electronic Mail quot a small options window opens to make sure the right fields are selected I've selected quot email message quot filled the subject line selected HTML and under quot Send Records quot I've selected quot All quot I hit quot OK quot this is suppose to be when the emails get sent but nothing happens Office 2007 Word E-mail Merge? At least I am not getting any of the emails that I've sent to my own email address Does anyone now why this might be I really like finally getting to mail merge I am looking forward to using quit frequently that is if I can figure it out Any help will be greatly appreciated HAPPY THANKSGIVING John
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I am trying to create an e-mail merge with a word document and data from an excel sheet. I used the Mail Merge wizard, everything seemed in place, previews were correct. I "finished" by putting in a subject name and hitting ok. The box closed, but no e-mails were sent. No error message. Any thoughts? I've tried several times.
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I just installed Office Prof 2007. Word is working fine except when I try to start mail merge.
As soon as I use any of the menu choices, the program pauses and then shows that the program is not responding.

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I've been trying to set up an email merge in Word 2007 using a Table in Access 2007. However when I "Finish and Merge" the emails cannot be delivered because the email field contains the email address and #email address#. How can I solve this?
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I've been trying to set up an email merge in Word 2007 using a Table in Access 2007. However when I "Finish and Merge" the emails cannot be delivered because the email field contains the email address and #email address#. How can I solve this?
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Oh dear! I created a mail merge in Word 2013 and chose the Edit Individual Documents option under Finish and Merge. I edited each and every email to personalize them. There was no option to email directly from that document, so I went back to the original email and sent them all. To my dismay, every person received an email including a [ ] in the space where I had entered their personalized information! Totally embarrassed. How can I email the edited documents??
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Hi Not sure if anyone can help me here but I thought I would try I wrote a mail merge letter last year with the following criteria IF OR COMPARE MERGEFIELD Dfault Word Function Compare Merge - Mail 2007 Code quot UW quot COMPARE MERGEFIELD Dfault Code quot AW quot quot UW amp AW Message quot Word 2007 Mail Merge - Compare Function quot Regular Message quot Basically if the Dfault Code field contain either quot UW quot or quot AW quot I wanted the letter to display the UW amp AW Message otherwise just the regular message The compare function served my purposes perfectly However now there are values that I want to add so it will display the UW amp AW Message FW amp CW Does anyone know if this is Word 2007 Mail Merge - Compare Function possible using the compare function I have played around with it but I can t seem to get it to work If I can t use this function can anybody suggest something that will work I have done VBA programming in Excel and Access but I am a bit of newbie in Word I appreciate any help that anyone can offer Thanks nbsp
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This may or may not be a word problem. It may be something that can be accomplish in Access.
I am doing a mail merge in word. The mail merge may produce 1 sheet or it may produce 10 sheets, depending on the amount of fields it needs to print. Example: I need to print coupons. One person may have 10 and another may have 100. The way I have been doing this, (and it is time consuming), I create an Access file with all the fields. Then I merge them into a Word doc. I have 12 coupons that will print to one sheet. The coupons with data, (all different), will print the amount on them and the fields that have no data will print VOID on them. I would like to know if there is a way to print only coupons that contain the data and the ones that have no data would just not print at all?
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I have done mail merges for years, but for some reason, the word merge document can not find any excel data folders.

I have a fairly new Dell laptop running windows 7. My Excel program seems to run OK and Word seems to run OK as well.

After I browse for the data file and select it, I get "OLE DB Database Files". I hit "OK" and then I get another box that says

"Word was unable to open the data source".

What am I doing wrong?

A:2007 word-excel mail merge problem

The Word document you're using is that based on a previous word version?
There may be a problem with the docuemnt reference files or something like that since it uses a kind of ODBC link to read the data and probably cannot find the expected reference and throws the error.
I don't know the solution to this but it's meant as a tip to try and point you in the right direction.
Office versiosn are nat all the dwonward compatible as they like us to think
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At present I am running Windows 7 64 bit with Microsoft Office 2007.

I also use a bespoke piece of software that uses access 97 databases. I am not able to port over to access 2007 due to the bespoke software needing access 97.

A major part of the bespoke software uses mail merge functionality into word. Due to hard drive issues I have had to re install the software on a new pc (windows 7 64 bit running ms office 2007.)

When ever I try to do a mail merge, there is an SQL error for linking to the access 97 database.

I am unsure how to correct this issue since I only have access 2007 on my computer. I suspect it has to do with the datasource or odbc driver.

Any help would be mutchly appreciated.

A:Access 97 / Word 2007 Mail Merge Issues

You will need to install Access 2.0 however, I'm not sure if Access/bespoke will integrate with Office 2007, especially if it is the 64bit version.

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This may or may not be a word problem. It may be something that can be accomplish in Access.
I am doing a mail merge in word. The mail merge may produce 1 sheet or it may produce 10 sheets, depending on the amount of fields it needs to print. Example: I need to print coupons. One person may have 10 and another may have 100. The way I have been doing this, (and it is time consuming), I create an Access file with all the fields. Then I merge them into a Word doc. I have 12 coupons that will print to one sheet. The coupons with data, (all different), will print the amount on them and the fields that have no data will print VOID on them. I would like to know if there is a way to print only coupons that contain the data and the ones that have no data would just not print at all?
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I am having a problem in getting a successful mail merge to print some
labels usng Excel as a data source on a 3 column, 10 row sheet under Office
2007/Vista. (Avery 8160 labels)
When doing the merge, only the first row of labels gets completed.
I have used the same Excel data under XP without problem.
I have tried doing it manually and using the 'wizard' but have failed
miserably - any thoughts please as to whether its me or a glitch somewhere?
(The Excel sheet and mail merge works well on my
laptop under XP Pro and
Office XP)
From what I have read this is common. Any hints on how to fix this issue?

A:Mail merge (word 2007) will not do labels correctly.

Have EXACTLY the same problem.

Strangely, it happens only on my desktop, but not on the laptop w/c has the same configuration.

Don't understand this as a year ago, it was working perfectly well.

Labels are Avery 5160. 3 columns, just like above, and it only prints the first row, and then arbitrarily some records scattered through the rest of the merge.

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i'm making a program on access 2007 and yesterday i used the mail merge wizard and i export a table on a word 2007 document. now i'm trying to run this document file o a different computer and when i tried to open the file i got an error message "error has occured: 'C:\Document and Settings\....\db.accdb' is not a valid path. make sure that the path name is spelled correctly and that you are connected to the server on which the file resides" . how i can remove this error message in order to open this file on any computer that i will working on?

thank you
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Hi, I am having real problems trying to send mail merge emails to subscribers of a charity event I am organising. I have previously done it successfully but I have recently changed my laptop and it now runs on Vista - this is the only change. I am using office 2007. Please help! Thanks.
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There is a problem with Lotus Notes and Word 2007.

Mail merge is not working with Word 2007 and Lotus Notes 8.5.

It is working well in Windows XP, but it is not working in Windows 7.

It says that you don?t have mail program installed, although Lotus Notes is a default mail client.

Do you know how to fix this problem.

Thanks in advance.

A:Lotus Notes and Word 2007 mail merge problem

Wow it's been a while since I've used Lotus Notes. Under default programs, does it show Lotus Notes as the default mail program? Is there a setting in Lotus Notes itself you might check to see if it can set itself as default?
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There is a problem with Lotus Notes and Word 2007.
Mail merge is not working with Word 2007 and Lotus Notes 8.5.
It is working well in Windows 7, but it is not working in Windows 7.
It says that you don?t have mail program installed, although Lotus Notes is a default mail client.
Do you know how to fix this problem.
Thanks in advance.
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Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1 with office 2002 plus Outlook 2003 installed, Exchange 2003 is being used as the e-mail server.

When I do a mail merge from Word 2002 to e-mail for a mass e-mailing in Outlook 2003. The process completes but there are no e-mails sent from Outlook 2003. The e-mails that were merged are never recieved by the recipents that are being set to. Help.
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Running Windows 7 machine with Office 2010 Professional. Just discovered that from Word I can send out mass emails (I am the email blaster for our organization) that show up in email as JUST addressed to the recipient without using bcc. Word 2010 BOMBS 75-90% of the time when I click on MAILINGS, Start Mail Merge, Email messages. If I do happen to get past there, when I click on Select Recipients Word bombs, then reboots. Very frustrating since each message I send out must be sent 3 times to get all of our people (more than 50 messages at a time are forbidden by my ISP).

Obviously Word and Outlook are both 2010.

Any fixes or suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!
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I have it set up to list an agency and then a recipient lt name gt lt address gt lt address gt lt city state zip gt lt date gt lt recipient name gt lt address gt lt address gt lt city state zip gt In the first set it seems like it automatically set it as an address block even though it doesn t say it anywhere and if the address is blank it moves the city state zip up to fill in the gap In the recipient address if there is no address it leaves a blank line Using Line! 2007 Unwanted Word Solved: Merge Blank Mail the address block fix is problematic because it does not seem to want to allow me to choose the specific fields it names them for me Also there are nine versions of the letter I arranged into excel fields to get around having to create multiple versions I was going to just either put the info in the excel field or leave it blank but it leaves blank lines on that too Is there a way to suppress the blank fields Solved: Word 2007 Mail Merge Unwanted Blank Line! I have seen some complicated sql language that supposedly will do it but I don t understand what they re telling me to Solved: Word 2007 Mail Merge Unwanted Blank Line! do Help Shadowfax nbsp

A:Solved: Word 2007 Mail Merge Unwanted Blank Line!

For fields that might be blank, try conditionally adding that field versus a regular add. In your example, it would look something like this:

{Mergefield "Address 1"}{IF {Mergefield "Address 2"} <> "" "
{Mergefield "Address 2"}"}
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I've successfully created and run a Word 2007 Merge document and discovered that I omitted a field. Every time I open the Word template I created to add the new field it propagates and creates the merged document and I can't seem to figure out how to add another field to the template. HELP, of course.

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Is it possible to create an e mail merge? It would be so helpful, but I haven't yet figured out how to do it.


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Can anyone advise me if there are limits anywhere to the number of e-mails I can send out simultaneously when using a mail merge to e-mail? I have set up and tested the mail merge and it all works fine, but I don't want to launch the real one only to get problems. I have a mailing list with 1,600 addresses, I'm using Outlook and Word 2011 for Mac to do this.

A:Mail merge to e-mail using Word / Outlook 2011 for Mac

One of the problems your going to face is getting labeled as a spammer. If your sending these internally it may not be a problem. The standard answer for this is to Outsource this if your sending over 100. Good decision not to launch the real one yet.

A detailed response to similar question in StackOverFlow
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When using a mail merge documnet in word and using Outlook Contact as a database the merge fields do not all match, The state = city and the zip code = state. I have match fields and saved format but the same issue occurs in a new document
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I have a form with a button. I need to be able to press the button and have Access export a query to Word 2007's mail merge. Is this even possible? All the tutorials I can find say I need to select the query from the Navigation Pane, then go to External Data -> Export -> More -> Merge it with Microsoft Office Word. The problem is that I don't want to give the user access to the Navigation Pane.

Thanks in advance.

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Problem creating address labels in mail merge. Excel 2007 >Word 2007
Avery 5160.

Everything works good until I preview labels. Many of the labels are left blank. causing a whole lot of wasting labels!
in some cases the merge was filling randomly. I thought it was caused by cells that were hidden, but it still happened after i deleted all of those.

can anyone help my sanity and help me stop wasting all this label paper?


A:Solved: How to Remove blank address labels in mail merge. Word 2007

well i realized after i continued through the printing process, it eliminated the problem.
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Hi all,

I am trying to send multiple emails to different people with slightly different links to a survey page, so I can monitor who takes the survey (e.g.,
I have no trouble setting up Word to do a mail merge using an Excel file as the data source, and in the Excel file the links are all different and they are live.
However, when an email shows up on my pc, the link is dead - can't click on it to go to the survey, only can cut and paste into the browser, which I don't want to have happen to the client's customers.

(Edit) Note: I installed Microsoft's FixIt
and continue to have the problem.
Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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We started by creating a Mailing Label template using the Mailing with Merge Outlook 2000 Word Mail Label Wizard in Word The fields we set up were First Name Last Name Company Street Address City State Province Postal Code Then we went to Outlook and chose View by Category We then highlighted all names in the category Word 2000 Mail Merge with Outlook we wanted to merge Then Word 2000 Mail Merge with Outlook we tried to merge using these commands Tools Mail Merge Only Selected Contacts All Contact Fields Existing Document - We browsed to the Word template we had set up OK This opened up a Word screen as asked us if we wanted to Merge now which we clicked on and selected Merge in the next screen too Upon selecting Merge the second time an quot Invalid Merge Field quot screen opened up with these options This merge field is used in the main document but it does not exist in Word 2000 Mail Merge with Outlook the data source State Province Postal Code Options were to Remove Field which we don t want to do or Replace with a valid merge field from data source If we selected the second option we could enter State and ZIPPostal Code but had to do this for EVERY label times and then it would work but we couldn t figure out how to change our template to read this way because when we tried to do that it reverted back to the standard fields in Word which are not recognized in Outlook In other words when we did step and entered the fields in the create labels template box and editing the fields in that step they converted back to standard fields Any ideas appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Word 2000 Mail Merge with Outlook

Easiest when merging with Outlook:
Copy all your contacts to a new contacts folder.
Expert the contacts to an Excel file.
Merge to the Excel file.
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Maybe the Office 2002 gurus out there can direct me to a solution to this pesky problem...
When I try a mail merge to make mailing labels with Word 2002, I always use my Outlook contacts for the data.

However, Word always gives me an error message that says that Outlook is not configured as the defualt mail client. It instructs me to make the changes in Outlook and to try again.

I've been in Outlooks Tools menu, as the help files tell me, and have checked the settings, and made sure the box is checked to configure Outlook as the defualt email program, but Word behaves the same.

Any suggestion?

Ken C.
Chino Hills, CA

A:Problem getting Word to use Outlook for Mail Merge

Try this, go to contol panel, click on internet options and on the program tab set Outlook as the default email program.
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I am trying to do a selected mail merge and ever time I get to the part we I select the files that I in my contacts it is looking at personal folder/Sent Items/Conflict. It will not allow me to select where my pst's are.

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We have several Word documents (PO's, Quotes, etc.) that currently are used with ACT! to do mail merge (only to import contact info to a single document). We are moving to Prophet (which works with Outlook) and want to continue using these documents. Office help says you have to have matching versions of Outlook/Word (we don't).
Is there a way to make Outlook 2003 merge contacts as needed into these Word documents without upgrading everyone to Word 2003?

A:Mail merge Outlook contacts with word document?

If Office help says no, then so must I.
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Recently I send out a bulk email for our CEO (ya, that's right, the big guy!?!). I had a mailing list as my datasource, created the document in Word (as my email editor), attached two files and sent it off. However, once the merge was performed and everything was sent out the attachments either weren't on the resulting mass email, or only the icons for the attachments appeared. Simply, the attachments seemed to be stripped off the resulting email.

Does anyone have an explanation for this? I've looked on the MS Knowledge base to no avail. I'd really like to be able to explain it to the CEO so I look like less of a bumbling idiot!


A:Attachments disappear in Outlook/Word email merge

Hi, I don't have an answer for you but you seem to be trying to do the same thing I want to do - send an email/merge mass mailing and include an attachment to the email. When I start in word and do the mail merge/email function I can send a form letter type text email to everyone in a mailing database but I can't figure out how to have each email attach one (the same) document as an attachment. It sounds like you figured it out. Let me know how you did it and i can let you know if I have the same problem you did or not. Thanks
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I ve seen this issue on email Office Problem Merge 2003 HTML Outlook 2007 other postings but have not seen the answer yet I have Vista Outlook and Office I have been trying to send an email merge works fine on my other XP machine with office in HTML I can send a merge in text but the HTML option Office 2003 Outlook 2007 HTML email Merge Problem yields nothing I purchased outlook because Msft Mail was not working either I am about to throw out outlook and try to downgrade to outlook to see if this option works as it does on my XP machine Any ideas before I totaly frustrate my wife by reloading her software again When the quot text email merge is initiatied I get a message for each mail that asks me to accept that another program is trying to send an email This seems to happen for each email which could really be a problem for several hundred emails I have tried turning off the firewall but the box still appears This whole Vista thing is making me crazy I have to reconfigure my outlook and transfer the list of names and the word doc to my xp laptop just so I can send the Office 2003 Outlook 2007 HTML email Merge Problem mail merge What is the setting to turn this off I am wondering why I paid for Vista and the Oulook sw Sorry just frustrated This should not be so difficult nbsp
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I have often used Word 7 Mail Merge and merged emails to Outlook 7 Since I have installed Windows 7 I am now unable to get the emails to show up in Outlook. They appear to merge in Word but they do not show up in Outlook or any other email programme I have. Can anyone help me? I have noticed many others on the web having the same problem.
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This fixes the problem of having word show an empty address book from Outlook Contact folder when doing a mail/merge in Word.

1. I went to Outlook, clicked on Tools, then Email Accounts, then View or Change Existing Directories or Address Books

2. I then highlighted Outlook Address Book and clicked on Change

3. I then removed each address book listed, clicked on close, clicked on finish.

4. I then went to each Contacts Folder and right mouse clicked and selected the Properties option.

5. I then clicked on the Outlook Address Book tab

6. I put a check mark in the "Show this folder as an email address book"

Prior to all this each contact folder already had this checked. So God only knows why this issue existed but it did.

After doing these 6 steps I went to do a mail merge in word and selected the Contact Folder that had been showing up empty before. It no longer was empty.

A:Solved: Issue with Word mail merge with Outlook 2003

Just a tip: if you want to mark a thread solved, use the Thread Tools at the top of the page instead of double-posting and changing the title. Go ahead and mark your original thread solved, a mod will probably delete this one.

Glad you got your problem sorted.

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I'm using Office 2003. I went through the steps of doing a mail merge from word. I selected the Outlook contact folder I wanted to use and it shows no contacts in it. However, there are plenty of contacts in that folder. So I tried another contact folder and it worked just fine. Any suggestion on this one folder?


A:Solved: Word mail merge shows empty outlook contact folder

Right-click that Contacts folder and hit Properties. Go to the Outlook Address Book tab and make sure it's checked to be seen as email address book.
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I am trying to send email direct or as attachment direct from Windows Live Mail
direct from a Word 2007 home and student document.

I ?m using Windows 7 home premium 64 bit with Office 2007 home and student Word

I am not techy - does the word MAPI (not IMAP) mean anything in this situation.

A:send email in live mail direct from word 2007 doc

IMAP - Internet Message Access Protocol is one of the two most prevalent Internet standard protocols for e-mail retrieval. MAPI - Messaging Application Programming Interface is a messaging architecture and a component object model based application for Microsoft Windows which allows client programs to become email messaging-enabled or based. Here's more information on MAPI: Messaging Application Programming Interface
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I just got Outlook 2007 but only have Word 2003. I want to set Word as my email editor. I've looked at all the Outlook Options and checked the Microsoft website but can't find how to set Word as the editor. If there is a way, please let me know.

The reason I want Word as the editor is I send a lot of screen snapshots and I used to be able to crop them in Word editor. I can't find a crop option in Outlook 2007. If there is a way to crop screenshots in Outlook editor then I don't need Word.

Thanks for the help!

A:Word 2003 as Outlook 2007 email editor?

If you don't have the rest of Office 2007, you won't get the rich features it provides. With Office 2007, you can crop any picture right in an email message; just hit the contextual tab Picture Tools | Format.
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I am using Word 2000 & Oulook 2007. I press the button on the tool bar in Word to mail the document and it gives me an error that it's not configured correctly. Anyone know if there is a compatibility issue or is there a configuration issue? Thanks~!!!

A:Word 2000/Outlook 2007 - Mail To Button Not Working

Outlook 2007 cannot use Word 2000 as an editor and that is a compatibility issue
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Hello All!
I am having a heck of a time importing email messages from Vista Windows Mail. This is my situation: I have a new laptop with Windows 7, I have Outlook 2007 installed on it. I have backed up data from the old hard drive using an IDE to USB cable and Cobian Backup Black Moon Edition. When I try to import the address book and the messages, it imports the address book, but not the messages. Can anyone help me to figure out another way to do this, or if there are other settings that I need to change in order to make this happen.

A:Need help importing email messages into Outlook 2007 from Windows Mail Files

It is best to export the messages from Winmail, then import them into Outlook.

Not sure how you backed up your Winmail.

Also see this

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Hi All,

I am trying to do an e-mail merge from a database that is saved on my hard drive.

According to the help files in WORD 2000, I should be able to do this, similar to sending form letters, only e-mail instead.

I can get everything set up and working, right up to the Merge dialog box, but all I have to select for Merge To, is 'New Document,' or 'Printer.' According to the WORD 2000 help files, there should be an option called 'Electronic Mail.' There is not, and I don't know why. I am apparently missing something, but I can't figure it out.

Any help or ideas will be appreciated. Any thoughts as to what else I may run into--difficulty wise--would be appreciated also.

Thank you.


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I'm using Word 2010 on a Win 7 machine. I'm having problems with mail merge in that when the merge is complete and I click on "OK" once the mail dialog has been completed, nothing happens. My e-mail client does not open up, nor do I see any messages in the outbox. This used to work just fine with Windows Live Mail and Word 2007. I then installed Word 2010 and it does not work now. Any suggestions from anybody? Any assistance would be MUCH appreciated. Microsoft is no help - impossible to contact.

A:Solved: Word 2010 e-mail Mail Merge Problem

Word and Outlook have to be same version.
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I'm trying to do a merge into Word from Excel. The numbers and amounts in Excel are formatted to show two decimals points only (i.e., $3,243.58). I have changed the formula to values in the Excel sheet. When I merge into Word the result is $3,243.5898389. I tried using the following formatting switch:

{MERGEFIELD "Price" \# $#,###.00 }

This doesn't work - still get the same result. I've been doing this without any problems with Word 2002 but am now using Word 2007. I'm on a deadline so need a solution quickly PLEASE.

A:Word 2007 Merge

Hi Sunny,
Try this instead and let us know if you have any luck:

{MERGEFIELD Price \# $,0.00}
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I have email addresses stored for a Windows Mail Merge docx. and now want to use the email addresses for each entry.How can this email data be exported for use in Windows Live Mail as a Folder in my 'Contacts'?All assistance gratefully accepted in advance. Many thanks
Using OS: 64 bit MS7

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Hi everyone

I'm working in a big firm that has a very bad tech support so therefor I come here.

I'm trying to do a mail merge from Word 2007 to a bunch of emails through Outlook 2007

I have my list in Excel with one column named "email"

I have my letter ready in Word and go through "Finish & Merge" - Send Email Messages.

I get the window where I choose which field I want to fetch the email addresses and everything looks fine.

Then I press Send Records - OK, and NOTHING happens.

No messages are sent or received.

Any ideas????

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I am using the mail merge wizard in Word 2007 to create address mailing labels from a mailing list I saved in an Excel 2007 worksheet.

Everything is fine when I merge the documents together BUT there's one hiccup.

There’s a space Before the Mr(Mrs) of the name – but there no space in the spreadsheet (data) or before the address block.

But instead they all look like this (the underscore I typed in is actually just a blank space):

Mr (instead of)​ ​Mr​ ​I've tried everything I can think of but cannot see where or why this is occurring.

Can anyone help?​ ​Thanks so much.​

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Hi Tech Support Guy,

I would like make mail merge activity by using VBA.

Kindly find the attached file where i have updated name, Email and invoice number.

By using VBA i would like to send Email to respective supplier by replacing below lines.(Marked in yellow)

Hi {Name},

We are pleased informed you of our latest offers.

Please find the respective contact number {number}.


Kindly request you to fix this issue and it wil be highly appriciated!


A:Mail merge by using VBA in excel 2007


Can anyone help me with this?

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I have this problem using mail merge. We cant fix it at all.

We are using office 2007. We have a huge list that we created in excell. Now when we merge that list in word the are box shapes in the address. Either in the address between the words or after the last word in that row. How the hell do you get rid of this. No one else has this problem i have searched high and low on google and other search engines and no one has put an article up on it. CAN ANYONE HELP ME!!!!

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Is there a way to do a mail merge using two databases at once?

A:Mail Merge from Access 2007

kogle, you could link one of the databases to the required tables in the other database and then mailmerge the result.
But it really depends on how the data is stored and what you want to do with it.
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Hi All I am creating an e-mail merge using MS Publisher and I Publisher Email Merge MS 2007 have a quick question regarding multiple record line items each tied to the same email address What is the issue When I send out the E-mail notifications upon the last step MS Publisher 2007 Email Merge of the E-mail merge function someone may receive multiple emails equal to the number of records I have listed in my excel spreadsheet What I would like done If a user s email address is listed multiple times I would like to only send ONE email to the user BUT include all other information listed in each record within my spreadsheet This may be confusing by just reading the text so I have attached a small example Here you can see the user will be targeted for being out of compliance for three different software titles Since all three records have the same e-mail Address I would like to MS Publisher 2007 Email Merge send ONE e-mail that contains each out of compliant software title Column D instead of sending the user three emails each containing only one out of compliance software title in each email I have some users that may be out of compliance with SEVERAL up to or so software titles and it would be nice to group them all into one email message Is there some sort of Script or loop that can be written into publisher to make this happen or will I have to just hit the send button and send emails to one user Thanks much for the help and info KP nbsp

A:MS Publisher 2007 Email Merge


I was able to dig a bit deeper and find a couple of solutions. Although these solutions are specific to MS Word and NOT Publisher, I can still accomplish my goal in MS word. The following site shows you how to do a many to one merge. took a bit of figuring out, but in the end... SUCCESS!

Thanks All,
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I need to label 600 Minidv boxes with titles ranging from Tape #1 through Tape #600

Is there a way to do a label merge from Excel into Word 2007 (Label Avery 5167) ? Within Excel in column A I created a text range from Tape #1 down to Tape #600

I don?t know how to export into Word that sequential range of Tape numbers? How can I do this? If I can get those tape numbers to merge into the label document that would save time manual typing 600 labels. Thanks!

A:Excel-Word 2007 Label Merge

These MS websites might help you.

How to use addresses from an Excel worksheet to create labels in Word

Demo: Use the Mail Merge feature to create mass mailings - Word

Create and print mailing labels for an address list in Excel - Excel
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I develop an application that does mail merges with Word. It runs fine on Win2K and XP and with Office 97 up to 2003.

I am now running on Vista Business and Office 2K7. when I do a mail merge, I sometimes get an extra window like this:

Sometimes I can't even close this extra window. Any help appreciated!

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What is the quickest way to create a mail merge in Word 97.

A:Word 97 Mail Merge

Some pointers:

I personally prefer using Excel as my data source (get data, change files of type to Excel). The mail merge helper will actually use a Word table as the data source (create data source) if you follow through the steps.

Regardless, your column headings in the data source need to be in row 1 and the first record of data must be in row 2.

Follow the steps in the mail merge helper. Generally, you'll use "active document" when prompted, except when performing the actual merge--use new document.

When you've put the codes into the letter, labels, etc., I suggest testing it (use the <<abc>> button on the mail merge toolbar), and then saving it as a template. Close it, hit file-new whenever you want to use that merged letter, label, etc.

Recognize that you're creating two files. The data source (put "data" into the name somewhere) and the coded file (put "merge" in the name somewhere).

Check here, if you can. 2000 and 97 are virtually the same when it comes to mail merge:

Let me know if you run into problems or need more help.
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I am currently using an older printer to merge 3.5" x 8.5" card stock from a FoxPro database. The older printer has a swinging door style manual feed and that's how I print the merge. I am interested in buying a newer printer, but most of them have small manual feed slots which only take one card at a time. I tried resizing the tray and changing the default paper source in Word and the printer settings, but the printer still wants the card from manual feed. Am I missing something? Thanks.

A:MS Word Mail Merge

swaters said:

I am currently using an older printer to merge 3.5" x 8.5" card stock from a FoxPro database. The older printer has a swinging door style manual feed and that's how I print the merge. I am interested in buying a newer printer, but most of them have small manual feed slots which only take one card at a time. I tried resizing the tray and changing the default paper source in Word and the printer settings, but the printer still wants the card from manual feed. Am I missing something? Thanks.Click to expand...

Just a little thing:
When creating mail merge, MSWord automatically puts option "Manual" in "Tray" (Don't ask me why!); change it to "Default Tray (Auto Select)". Only withdraw is that You'll have to create new main merge document.
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I m having some Merge Word Mail in Using trouble printing a mail merge document from Word Here are the details The document is formatted such that form letters can Using Mail Merge in Word fit on a single X piece of Using Mail Merge in Word paper each form letter is inches tall thus I want to print three on a single sheet of paper and will later cut it into thirds Each form letter has text and a graphic common to each letter thus a quot form quot letter and fields of unique data imported using the Mail Merge option on the TOOLS menu I am able to get the merge to occur however it results with a single form letter per page hence two-thirds of each printed page is wasted space If I delete the page-break that appears on Using Mail Merge in Word each page I am able to get all three form letters on a single page however I end up losing some of the formatting graphics Can anyone offer some suggestions of how to proceed Thanks nbsp

A:Using Mail Merge in Word

You must have the *doc* set up 3 times on the sheet. On the first you will have your first merge field.

On the 2nd, in FRONT of the first merge field, you must have a Word field "next record"

On the 3rd, same thing...

Suggestion: Right-click, Format picture and set text wrapping to INLINE WITH TEXT.

Hope this helps. If not, email data (change names if you like, and I only need four or five records) and merge doc as is to:

[email protected]
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Hey Guys I have an end user who is needing to set up word mail merge She is drawing her list of recipients from our SQL server database She is needing to place up to nine names into a x word Merge 07 in Mail table with one name per cell Mail Merge in word 07 Our problem is Mail Merge in word 07 that some of the schools she is doing this for don t have nine people So not all nine cells are filled Now the problem this causes is that when one page doesn t fill all of the cells word starts grabbing names that are supposed to be on the next page school and using them to fill the partially filled chart This is a huge problem because each page is a different school with different Board members So I need to figure out a way to separate the charts so that each page s chart is filled according to the School name that is pulled from the database She is currently having to do a separate merge for each school we have different schools And it is an extreme hassle for her If you have any suggestions please let me know Also if you need me to clarify anything please send me a message Thanks nbsp

A:Mail Merge in word 07

Name Name Name
Name Name Name
Name Name Name

It's going to look similar to that, but there is going to be a chart surrounding it. and each Name is a different board member. however some schools dont have 9 board members, and word is currently pulling the names from the next school on the list in order to fill all 9 cells. How do i Prevent it for doing this without having to do a new mail merge for each school?
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I would like to set up a word mail merge the following:

If field OPTION1, OPTION2 and OPTION3 are al three empty, I would like to show the text "no options available" in any other case I would like to display these options.

I was thinking it would be something like this.
{IF<<OPTION1>>AND<<OPTION2>>AND<<OPTION3>>="" "No options available" <<OPTION1>><<OPTION2>><<OPTION3>>}

Unfortunately that doesn't work.
The problem is likely the AND selector. I haven't found any documentation of how to use AND selection in Word.

Any ideas? Help would be greatly appreciated.

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i am trying to do a mail merge using the data in excel; i have done mail merge before and never had any problem until today ; but it's an odd problem tho; for some reason, word doesnt read the column for job title, and when i try to play around with the fields, it gives unpredictable and not logical result; i never had this problem before and dont know if anyone else has the same experience

the format should be

full name
job title
address 1, address 2
city, state zip

and for some reason it wouldnt pickup the job title field data, and when i try to put 2 job title fields , it omits the full name!!!,etc.... very weird

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I want to use a spreadsheet for the records in the merge. I would like to use one of the columns to specify how many times that particular record should be printed. Is that possible?

I also want a number on each document that auto-increments each time that document is printed.
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I have tried several times to mail merge from Word 2007 and I get the message MAPI Folder or Address Book not found.
My operating system is Windows XP.

I would be grateful if someone could help.

Thanking in anticipation.

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I am trying to create mail merge address labels sheet containing 22 names and addresses in Word from an Excel spreadsheet. I get through the wizard OK, but in the end it only prints the first name and address out of a total of 22. I used the same spreadsheet to mail merge the same names and addresses onto a prepared letter in Word and that worked just fine for all 22. Please help save my sanity!

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Doing a weekly mail merge on Office 2007 with two different xls files. One of the fields to be used is a customer number - the majority of customer numbers are digits only but some accounts are alpha numeric. I just noticed that for some in one file the alpha numeric enty is changed to Zero instead of W1234 - all the numeric account numbers have no issue.

In the other file all account numbers are fine including the W1234? I looked at the formatting of the cells and it shows up as General for both files.

Anyone please who can shed some light on this?
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I am needing help with a mail merge issue. I have my database in Access 2007

Let's say I have two to tables. Table one consists of customers who have purchased items and their locations. Table two is of the items that were purchased by the customers. The two tables can be joined by their ID's. CID = ID

Table 1
Name Address ID
Bob 123 Main st 502
Kim 13 State st 503

Table 2
Item price CID
pen $1.00 502
key $0.75 503
ball $3.25 502
key $0.75 502

I want to send letters out to the customers telling them what they have purchased, but I do not want to send multiple letters to the same customer if the have purchased multiple items. For example, Bob, has purchased three items. I only want Bob to receive one letter

My question is...How can I join these two tables to make one mail merge and not send out a single letter to a customer who has purchase multiple items?


A:Access 2007 Mail Merge question

You could also do this in a report directly in Access bypassing Word altogether.
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When performing a mail merge from Word 2000 to my Outlook 2000 contact list only the merge fields are sent. How do I insert pictures so they are viewed once the email is received?

Thank You

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I have figured out how to do a Merge through word via email, but what I'd like to be able to do is have an attachment go with each of the emails in the merge.

Is there a way to do this? I can't seem to figure it out.

I want it to be an attachment instead of an additional page because this additional document is a form fill and if I insert it into the document it loses the form fill capabilities once the email is sent.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

A:Email Merge through Word

I've posted this question on a few sites but I'm not getting any responses at all

Can anybody help me?
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I am creating merge labels Avery for a list of students which were created in Excel Does anyone know a way to only print two records on each sheet of labels So you would have same labels for the first student then same labels for the second and continued I can create the first and then insert a NEXT RECORD for the second set of The problem is once it gets to the next page it still includes the second set of and then includes the third record EXAMPLE OF WHAT IS HAPPENING PAGE Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian 2007 Solved: 5160 Merge Labels Word Smith Brian Smith Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White PAGE Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully EXAMPLE OF WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO SEE PAGE Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White Tammy White PAGE Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Lisa Tully Jim Baker Jim Baker Jim Baker Jim Baker Jim Baker Jim Baker Jim Baker Jim Baker Jim Baker Jim Baker Jim Baker Jim Baker Jim Baker Jim Baker Jim Baker Thanks for all the help nbsp

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I have a letter that I want to email out to a group of 50-100 clients but I want it to be personal with their name in the letter.
Is there a way to do a mail merge with a contact group from outlook and then email each letter for the individual person?
I know how to do a mail merge but that would be for printing and mailing.
I know I could take the time and email each letter individually but that would take a while.
I have Office Pro 2007

never mind i figured it out. The only tricky part was trying to add and attachment.
I had to save the file to my website and then provide a link to the document so they could open it.
Relevancy 74.39%

We just upgraded (if you call it that) to Word 07 from 03 (which I loved). I am trying to do a merge into Word using an Excel spreadsheet saved as a CSV as my data. It seems that only half of the data merges into my document and there is no logical reason why. Any suggestions?


A:Word 07 Mail Merge issues

I would try copying the data to a new spreadsheet and see if the problem still occurs.

I have found that 2007 is very buggy, but quite good at resolving itself.

I am doing some searching to see if i can come up with anything else. I'll let you know if i come up across anything
Relevancy 74.39%

If a person creates a main document using fields.Then merges with data and realizes that he needs to edit his document that has his fields. What's the best way to add a field or take away a space between the 2 fields after one has merged. Thanks!!

Relevancy 74.39%

I'm trying to build a database to use just the labels option of the "mail merge" feature of WORD.
However, in my home edition of XP, I don't have excel. So, to create a database of companies, addresses and towns I was going to use a WORD table to become my database for mail merge to "draw" from.
When I went to create mailing labels from this document (a WORD table) I got an error message that says Microsoft Works does not recognize this database.

Also, I tried to enter each address singly to create a single label, when I went to adjust the column and row it would not let me, hence creating typed text over and over on the same mailing label(?). Help?

Can someone advise me on how to create approx. 300 different mailing labels.

Thank you very much,

A:Word/Mail merge/Windows XP

"Microsoft Works"??

What are you really using? Word or WORKS?

Use the TAB key to get to the next table cell in labels in Word, but not sure how to help if it turns out you're using Works.

Anyway, to answer your last question, let me know exactly what program we're running here and what version. See Help-About...
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I work for a management company, so we use Office 2003 (Basic Edition) for a whole bunch of stuff. My question has to do with the Mail Merge option in MS Word. I type all the leases for my company, so being able to use the Mail Merge would be awesome. I am not very computer literate, and was wondering if anyone knows a good site for a tutorial, or if they know how to use the Mail Merge option. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

A:Help With Word 2003 Mail Merge

Check the Microsoft Office website: Use mail merge for mass mailings and more.
Relevancy 74.39%

I have a list of records that will be merged from either an Excel worksheet or an Access database. The ID Number field repeats for multiple records but I would like the merged document to show the ID field once but list all records with that ID as on the same document page(s). When the ID number changes, then the next group of records are merged under that ID. Can this be done?

A:Mail Merge in Word 2003

Sorry, but this is a huge shortcoming of Word.
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I have an access db that has .bmp files linked by SIS ID. I would like to merge the .bmp into a mail merge with Word 07.

I have never successfully been able to do this but thought I would try again. I have the word doc setup with a text box that I want the pic to merge into.

The SIS ID always shows up but not the .bmp.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much!

A:Access DB with .bmp/Mail Merge to Word 07

Can you post a copy of the Word Doc and a Bmp file?
I have never used mail merge in word, but I could try using VBA to do it.
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Hi I am just trying to learn how to mail merge with word 2010

I start Word then click on Mailings, then click on start mail merge, then click on envelopes, then select the size of envelope, then select recipients, and all works ok except the address block is almost at the bottom of the envelope no matter what setting I use.

I know I can grab this address block and move it anywhere.

But is there not a way to make the default position higher on the envelope please

Also I see using this method it prints the City County and post code on the same line

Is there a better way to select addresses and print without having to alter every ones position please

A:Mail merge with Word 2010

Have a look at these MS website to see if there is anything that helps you. In the second one which is applicable to Word 2007 there is a section on printing envelopes which may help you.
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I am running MS Office 2003 and am trying to create a Word macro to open a main document with an attached data source, execute a merge and save the resulting document. I just get an error message: " Run time error 5852, Requester object is not available". I have been able to create a macro to execute a merge and save the resulting document on a main document that I open normally but not when opened by the macro itself. What am I doing wrong?

Relevancy 74.39%

Using Windows 98, trying to do Excel to Word mail merge.
Workbook name
Worksheet names:

I have named cell ranges on each of the sheets, and would like to use that information selectively for a variety of mail merges in Word. When doing the merge though, my only choice for Data source, is entire spreadsheet...and my "named" ranges do not show up? Any advice...named ranges are named in following manner:
Board='Board'!$A1!Bx17 etc
Any help would be appreciated, please cc the email to
[email protected] as I will be working on this tonite at home too.

A:Excel/Word Mail Merge

Dear TSGF: No one ever answered my post, so I assume, as is always dangerous, that no one knew the answer. However, I figured it out even though it is not intuitively obvious from the MS standpoint! Here's the answer to my own question"

If you do not have Excel ODBC Drivers, Please install them in this way :

1) Click on Start --> Settings --> Control Panel

2) Select 'Data Sources (ODBC)' and press Enter key.

3) Goto 'System DSN' tab (3rd tab out of 7 tabs) in the "ODBC Data Source Administrator" dialog box.

4) Click on ADD.

5) Select 'Driver do Microsoft Excel (*.xls)' from select driver list box.

6) Click on Finish

Now you will see 'ODBC Microsoft Excel Setup' dialog box.

7) Type a name in 'Data Source Name' and click OK.

Now, Microsoft Excel ODBC Drivers are installed onto your system.

NOTE : You must install Excel ODBC Drivers prior to using mail merge facility.The Microsoft Excel ODBC driver must already be installed.

NOTE: In the Select Table dialog box, you will see all the tables in the workbook, not just the ones from the first sheet.

To connect to Excel using ODBC, follow these steps:

1) From the Get Data list, click Open Data Source.

2) Locate and select the Microsoft Excel file. In the Open Data Source dialog box, make sure that the Select Method check box is selected.

3) Click Open.

4) In the Confirm Data source dialog box, select "Excel Files via ODBC (*.xls)," and click OK.

5) In the Select Table dialog box, select a Named range from the list (the lists contains the available named ranges) and Click OK.

6) Edit the main document and continue with the merge process.