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Office 2010 starter not compatible for windows 8 upgrade even after updating files

Q: Office 2010 starter not compatible for windows 8 upgrade even after updating files

I've been wanting to upgrade to windows 8 but after running the windows 8 advisor it says office 2010 starter is not compatible. I updated the required files for office according to windows but after updating them i ran the advisor again & yet the same problem proceeds. I won't update to windows 8 unless starter works. Need help & or options to resolve this problem.

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Preferred Solution: Office 2010 starter not compatible for windows 8 upgrade even after updating files

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Office 2010 starter not compatible for windows 8 upgrade even after updating files

Google Data On SituationLouis
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So I am trying to do the upgrade as I 10 upgrade - to Win 2010 HELP!!!! Microsoft won't due Office Starter have had some issues with my desktop for a while Simply will not open Malwarebytes except in safe mode Other programs wouldn't open either So I began mainly using my laptop Needless to say I now HAVE to use my desktop for a few days and decided to upgrade to WIN I have it on laptop and its fine I have tried dozens of times to upgrade only to keep encountering an error Win 10 - won't upgrade due to Microsoft Office Starter 2010 HELP!!!! that Microsoft Office Starter needs to be uninstalled but it is NO WHERE on my computer that I can find I have tried uninstalling everything that has to do with Office including version No clcik-to-run items listed in program files Did a search of C drive and came across two items marked Microsoft office starter Deleted them no option to uninstall Restarted Searched the same way nothing Try upgrade Win 10 - won't upgrade due to Microsoft Office Starter 2010 HELP!!!! Failed again Same error message About to toss this old Win 10 - won't upgrade due to Microsoft Office Starter 2010 HELP!!!! beast out the window suggestions

A:Win 10 - won't upgrade due to Microsoft Office Starter 2010 HELP!!!!

Hi Dolar,
You could follow these instructions for a clean install of W10.
Windows 10 - Clean Install - Windows 10 Forums

note Office starter is an APP in W10.

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I have office 2010 ready to install on my computer, but many people I work with still use office 2007. Am I likely to get into compatibility issues when we exchange files (mostly Word and Excel, btw)?


A:Are Office 2007 and 2010 files compatible?

You are very unlikely to have any issues exchanging those file types. I use both versions on different machines and have had no issues opening files I've created on either machine with the other machines.
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Hi everyone,
I have recently upgraded my XPS 14Z from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  However, now none of my Office Starter 2010 programs will load.  No message, just the rotating circle mouse icon for a few seconds then nothing.  Trying to 'modify' the office installation in Control Panel gets the same response.  I might be abel to uninstall, but where would I re-install from and would I need a product key?
Thanks for any tips.


A:Office Starter 2010 and Windows 10

Office 2010 Starter is obsolete and has been replaced by Office WebApps. See here for details:
This gives you basic, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote.
The limitation is that you have to store your files in your OneDrive and edit in a Web Browser.
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Hello I upgraded to Windows 10 some time ago(few months) and everything seems to be working with it fine... What software had issues I put in compatible with windows7 and seems ok... The one issue I have STILL is Microsoft Word Starter 2010 (Office, Excell starter 2010 etc. all seem to be working ok so far) but word gives me  "App messages (multiple)"  every time I go to save a file) ie: "An App default was reset An app caused a problem with the default app setting for .png files, so it was reset to Photos" and pretty much the SAME message for .htm,.bmp,.mp4,.amr,.gif,.mov,.html,.pdf and .jpg Does anyone know how to fix this from happening?    PLEASE help Thx Kat
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whenever i open my microsoft office. i get a message saying dat microsoft word/excel will be irresponsive as some files are being downloaded. and then the word file would just hang 4 some time and den dis would happen again. is there a solution to this. i am not able to work properly as d word is working really slow due to these eror messages.

A:windows 7: microsoft office 2010 starter not working properly

Hi there ... Have you ran Windows updates ... The link below will tell you how to update Office ... If that does not work you should try a Repair ... Which is also included in the link

Update, repair, or uninstall Office Click-to-Run products - Excel -
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As I shut my machine down last night Windows informed me it was doing 15 updates, which I allowed it to do.

This morning, the machint took a little extra time to boot up, I guess because it was finalising configurations.

Now I see all my icons for Word/ Excel in the folders and on Desktop have turned orange. When I click on a Word/ Excel Icon I get a dialogue box promting me to Activate an already purchased copu of Office 2010, Go online to purchase, or Try Office free for a limited time.

I have tried a Repair on Office 2010 Starter, but that has made no difference.

I am, however, able to open the documents by opening the application (Word/ Excel) and searching for the documents via the application's Open dialogue box.

Does anybody know what I need to do to fix this?


A:Last night's Windows auto update has crippled Office 2010 Starter!

It may be a case of uninstalling the relevant update/s. There have been some known issues with the latest round of updates with Office 2007 and 2013 as far as I'm aware. Mine updated this morning before I came to work so I'll check and see if mine has been affected tonight when I get home.
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Hi I'm using Microsoft office 2010 outlook wit windows 10... I find that windows 10 keeps changing my settings i.e. when I uncheck the box in an email account in outlook 10... it changes back after next boot... I uncheck leave on server so it is removed and I don't receive emails on another device... but I still get those emails on the other device... is there a fix for this.
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I've got Office 2010 starter on this 8.1 PC and I'm getting an update message. Its just a little odd looking so I wanted to make sure it was legit. Thanks in advance!
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microsoft upgraded my computer to windows 10, however, they took out my d drive, there is no way i have any preinstalled programs.where can i downloard office 2010 starter?
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I went to install Office 2007 Home and Student on my new win7 pro 64bit machine and it stalled almost 4/5 of the way through, giving me an error.

Checked error code, and it seems (I think) I need to uninstall the 2010 starter version on my machine before I can install another version (couldn't they have told me that at the beginning of the install). Instead of doing that I decided to activate and try the free, starter version.

Have I opened a can of worms? Can I update the starter version (with security updates, etc.) without being forced nto upgrading it to a pay version? ?

Probably what I should do - is uninstall it, and go back and install my 2007 version.


A:Office 2010 Starter, questions?

Yes, Starter can be updated & I think even upgraded later as I'm sure I read it has the full Office code built in but don't quote me on that.

Office Starter 2010 is free on new computers & is ad-supported.

It only contains Word & Excel with a few features stripped out from the full version like Home & Student.
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I would like to find and downlaod the 2010 office starter edition. Anyone know where I can find it? I have microsoft office 2003 and I would like to keep that, can I have more then one office on my computer at the same time?

A:Microsoft Office Starter 2010

A possibility could be here, although it's Home & Student edition instead Microsoft Office Home & Student 2010 Key Card - 1PC/1User

Having multiple Office versions is totally possible and each one works flawlessly. But why would you want to keep the older ones?
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Just got a new 64-bit Windows 7 HP Pavilion dv7 pc, preloaded with Office 2010 Starter. But on step 3 of the Office 2010 installation process, it gets hung up at 43%. It gives me error message "There was a problem setting up Microsoft Office Home 2010: There was a problem setting up Microsoft Office. Try running Setup again. If the problem continues, contact Microsoft Product Support." I've googled this and found a registry edit %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming. But the registry already has that value. Anyone know what's wrong?
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Hi,Just bought my wife a new windows 7 laptop last week she had an xp before.Its a nice little machine.On it has microsoft office 2010 starter pack and every time she opens office it has that right hand pane which we cant seemed to get shot of.She had open office on the old xp and she found it working well.
Now the question in hand,Would it be feasible to uninstall the microsoft office 2010,Then we can re install open office?.
Would it be a major job to achieve this task.
Thanks in advance.

A:Removing microsoft office 2010 starter

Hello Trendy,

Microsoft Office Starter 2010 should be listed in Programs and Features in the Control Panel where you can click on it to uninstall it.

Programs and Features - Uninstall or Change a Program

Hope this helps,
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I have an Acer Aspire One 725-C62kk which came with Microsoft Office Starter 2010, which I have been very happy with for the last few years.  After I (foolishly?) downloaded Windows 10, Office Starter was on the list of apps to re-load but without a live link.  Can I re-load Office Starter 2010 from your web site?  I have all the serial numbers, product key, etc from the back of my computer, if you need them.  Thank you for your help.
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I've got a Samsung notebook running Win7 HP x64. Office 2010 came preloaded on it. When you click on it it present the options to buy or enter a key for the full prog, or to use Starter for free.

Starter will not install. It goes through all the motions and then errors out after several minutes.

Neither will it uninstall. MS Office 2010 Click to Run is listed in Programs and Features, but the uninstall operation "cannot be completed".

So I'm stuck. I even tried Revo uninstaller, to no avail. I would appreciate any leads on this. I've checked several forums, and haven't come up with a solution yet.

A:Office 2010 Starter: can't install or uninstall

**Make sure Office is not running in the background**
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I have an Acer Aspire One 725-C62kk which came with Microsoft Office Starter 2010, which I have been very happy with for the last few years.  After I (foolishly?) downloaded Windows 10, Office Starter was on the list of apps to re-load but without a live link.  Can I re-load Office Starter 2010 from your web site?  I have all the serial numbers, product key, etc from the back of my computer, if you need them.  Thank you for your help.
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I had been using Office Starter 2010 for about a week, now suddenly when I try to open it I get a pop up message that it cannot be opened. Try again or repair the product in control panel. But I see no option in the control panel to repair such thing, and trying again is not working. What else can I do?

If i select CHANGE I get a error message:

I went into REGEDIT and the values were already set to %USERPROFILE%...... and I noticed there wasn't really anything to do.

If I try to Uninstall I get this:


A:I can't OPEN Microsoft office starter 2010.

This is how it should work:

Repair Microsoft Office 2010
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Hi I have recently bought a new laptop computer after my desktop died too much work The new one came with MS Office starter pre-installed However I already have and have already used on the old computer MS Office Professional which I need for work So far I have uninstalled the starter version and I installed my copy of MS Office Professional on it remove I want and Starter but to uninstall Office 2010 with the relevant serial To this point everything seemed to be going well I transferred over the documents from the external HDD to their own folder and also this went well NOW the problem starts when I try to open a word or Excel file I want to uninstall and remove Office Starter 2010 but If I double click to open one of these files instead of the file opening a Window opens up saying that the MS Office product is not installed and gives these three possible options quot I have already purchased Office - ACTIVATE quot quot Go online to purchase Office - GO ONLINE quot or quot Use Office Starter - USE quot If I first open the adapt Office program and choose quot OPEN quot from the menu and open the file that way it opens OK What can I do It s a bit of a pain having to open the Office program first and then the file instead of just double clicking it I have all the latest updates for Windows and MS Office Professional this updated shortly after installing If it s of any use I have these programs in the Installed Programs Microsoft Office Already Installed Microsoft Office Click-to-Run Already Installed Microsoft Office Outlook Connector I installed to transfer set up Hotmail with Outlook Microsoft Office Professional My copy My computer has Windows SP bit GB RAM and GB HDD and Intel i Processor Thanks for any help with this

A:I want to uninstall and remove Office Starter 2010 but

The only thing I can think of is your Pro Office 2010 did not install correctly and their might be part of the old office still on your computer. If it was my computer I would uninstall both offices again using Revo, a free program. Then I would check using another free program called Search Everything to make sure all was gone. Then install you Office 2010 again. Before doing this I recommend waiting for others to reply to your post. Their might be a easier way to fix you problem that I'm not aware of.
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Microsoft Office Starter 2010 came with my computer.  My computer was 'reset' using MS and lots of my software disappeared, including Offic Starter 2010.  Can I get it back?   thanks for any help you can give me.PS-- I am not a "techie" so be patient.

A:lost Microsoft office starter 2010

Hi @bikerinva?,  Microsoft Office Starter 2010, was it a preinstalled application or Have you purchased the License copy of it. if it was preinstalled, chances are it might be the Trial version. And you may download the same from Internet. If it was Licensed, you may go to below link and download the same.  I hope that answers your question.  I am an HP employee, the opinions expressed here are my personal opinions, not of HP. Make it easier for other people to find solutions, by marking my answer ?Accept as Solution? if it solves your problem. ***Click on "Thumbs up" button to the left side of my post to acknowledge the post ***
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Microsoft Office Starter 2010 won't reinstall.  I keep getting "files required to set up Microsoft Office Starter 2010 cannot be loaded.  Check your internet connection, then try again." (even though I am obviously connected to the internet).  I also get a "click-2-run configuration error."

A:Microsoft Office Starter 2010 won't reinstall

@alandgeorge2?, welcome to the forum. This is a problem that will be best solved by Microsoft's Customer Support.  They are the experts on their products and should be able to help you easily solve your problem. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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I've just upgraded Win7 Home Premium to Win8 Pro on an HP Omni 27-1007ev machine, which had Office Starter 2010 bundled.

I carried out all the HP pre-upgrade recommendations to update HP, Windows and Office Starter before I upgraded to Win8, warning else Starter 2010 would not work in Win8.

Now when I open Starter 2010 it informs me its installed and that I should access it from Start/All Programs/Office Starter, etc. Dialogue also offers 'activate - have key' or 'purchase key' - for full 2010 product.

Obviously I can't use the Start/All Programs option in Win8 - or can I.

Oddly if I open a previously saved Word or Excel document it cranks up Office Starter 2010 with no problems.

Has anyone any idea how I can resolve this.

Thanks, Rob

A:Office Starter 2010 - bundled version...

I've not seen more on this but Microsoft won't allow word 10 starter on Windows 8, some boloney about it must be installed by the computer manufacturer and thus microsoft is helpless to do anything about it. In reality Microsoft has decided not to allow it's use with Windows 8 so you will have to go with a purchased office or one of the free Open Office choices (I think they will work in 8. Wordperfect could be a choice as well.

A little cynicial of Microsoft not to provide an alternative to handle all those .docx documents.
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Acee Aspire 5733-6838
WHen I log onto computer I can access microsoft items and sometimes I can't.  Whant is causing that on Microsoft Office 2010 starter?

A:Microsoft Office 2010 starter problem

What do you mean can't access Microsoft items. Do you get an error? If so, what is it? 
Also, what items are you trying to access.

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Just bought a new HP PC and it came with Office 2010 Starter Edition. Haven't actually used it yet, though.

I've been looking around to find out what the "upgrade" prices are to turn this into Office 2010 Home and Student -- and apparently, there aren't any.

If I understand it, the following is now the case:
1) Office 2010 Starter Edition is FREE
2) There is no "upgrade" price for other editions
3) Upgrading other editions involves paying the standard full-retail prices.

Have I got it right? Or have I missed something?

A:Upgrading Office 2010 Starter Edition

I don't recall there ever being upgrade versions of Office to go from one package to another. The only upgrades were to go from an older, previous version to another. That would make absolutely no business sense to offer a cheaper upgrade from a free product than the standard full version.

If you don't need any of the premium features, why not just use Office Live?
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I recently fixed my webcam on my HP 320-1010a All-in-one PC by performing a recovery. However now my Microsoft Office Starter Pack software will not run. When the icon is pressed it loads then goes into the set up mode but after a few minutes returns a error message that it cannot set itself up and to try again. I did that several times but to no avail. Please help!!!!


A:Microsoft Office Starter Pack 2010

If it came with your HP machine, give them a call.
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I have a microsoft office starter 2010 . I can open it until last week..
Can anybody tell me why?

A:Why I cannot open my Microsoft office starter 2010 ?

Have you tried repairing it?:
Office 2010 - Perform Repairs
Repair or remove Office 2010 - Project -
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I just picked up an Acer Iconia Tab W500 series tablet pc
It has Microsoft Office Starter 2010 and I'd like to create a Word template without upsetting the default template or any others
Can you help me figure out how to do that?

A:Microsoft Office Starter 2010 template

I found a link to work on what I'd like to work with
Learn about templates in Office 2010
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I have windows 7 and I just tried to open a document in Microsoft Word Starter and got the message (attached) Microsoft Word Starter 2010 cannot be opened. Try again or repair the product in the Control Panel. I went to the control panel and uninstalled word starter but I don't know what to do now. Can anyone please help me?

Thank you

A:Microsoft Office Starter 2010 Won't Open

Hi jmrpjb,

Please double-check if the program that you uninstalled is 'Word Starter 2010' or 'Office Starter 2010'? Please share the exact steps that you performed to uninstall it.

You may also try the following steps to repair the 'Office Starter' in the mean while:
- Click 'Control Panel' > 'Programs' > 'Programs and Features' > Locate 'Microsoft Office Starter - English' > 'Right click' it and select 'Change' > Select 'Repair' > Follow through with the repair process

- If the issue persists, you may also try to uninstall 'Click to run' and configure 'Office Starter' again: "Cannot be opened" error when you start an Office Starter 2010 program.

'Office Starter 2010' is a 'factory installed' program that may not be re-installed. If any vital file has been accidentally deleted; or the program could not be repaired by the above mentioned steps, you may have to try to restore the system settings back to 'factory defaults'.

You may want to have a close look at the following article also:

Hope this helps. Please share the findings; will take it forward.
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I have downloaded and run the setup file for starter from a number of available sources. The operating system says it, "The files required to setup Microsoft Office Starter 2010 cannot be loaded. Check your internet connection and then, try again". The popup that tells me to try the recommended settings pops up. That doesn't work either. Help!
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Acee Aspire 5733-6838
WHen I log onto computer I can access microsoft items and sometimes I can't.  Whant is causing that on Microsoft Office 2010 starter?

A:Microsoft Office 2010 starter problem

What do you mean can't access Microsoft items. Do you get an error? If so, what is it? 
Also, what items are you trying to access.

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I've got a couple of laptops running Win 7 Home Premium. They also have a brain damaged version of Office 2010 installed, Office 2010 Starter... but, the software is fine for my needs.

I want to upgrade these laptops to Win 7 Pro in order to be able to join them to a domain. But, legitimate Win 7 installs are getting hard to find. Those that I have found do a clean install only.

Is there a way to save my Office Starter software such that I can restore it after the clean install?

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Something's wrong with Microsoft Office Starter 2010. When I open it, it shows this:

I have already tried to fix it, but it still does that.
Here's a picture of the entire window:

A:Microsoft office Starter 2010 licensing problem

In order to completely troubleshoot Microsoft product validation & activation issues, please perform the following:

1. Download and save this tool to your desktop:

2. Run the tool, and then click 'Copy' - ignore any errors if they appear

3. Use CTRL+V to paste the unedited results of the validation tool here in your next reply

More info: Windows Genuine and Activation Issue Posting Instructions

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I know it is starter, but I still believe there is a view option somewhere -at least I hope-!

A:Where is the view option in Microsoft Office Starter 2010?

I am afraid the answer is no. Office Starter is feature-limited product.
That's why there is Purchase button on Home tab.

What feature from that menu you wanted to use?
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When I try to open word or excel files I get this message; 'microsoft word/excel starter cannot be opened. Try again or repair the product in control panel.'
I cant figure out how to repair the product in control panel, what do I do?

A:Microsoft Office Starter 2010 will no longer open

This should help:
OFF2010: Error "<appname> Starter 2010 cannot be opened. Try again or repair the product in the control panel"

To correct the problem, make sure your machine is connected to the Internet and then take the following steps:

Launch Program and Features from Control Panel
Right-click on Microsoft Office Starter Edition 2010 and choose Change
On the next screen click Yes to start the repair
Once the repair completes click OK

Hopefully that should solve your problem. Please let us know how you get on.
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I'm trying to install Microsoft Office starter 2010. I can't install because of the compatibly issues. Got any best answer?

A:Microsoft Office starter 2010 compatibly issues

Short answer- you cant.

Long answer- Starter is only for win7. More importantly, Starter is legally usable only when it comes preinstalled on oem computers preinstalled with win7. So you're also breaching the eula.
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I recently performed a recovery 2010 Microsoft Pack Starter Solved: Office operation on my HP Allin In One Pc a to enable some components of the PC to be able to function In doing this I lost the use of several programs including my Microsoft Officer Starter Pack which is very important to me considering I am the secretary of our local social club and responsible for typing up all the minutes sending out correspondence and creating notices for our public notice boards I have downloaded a free copy of this software but when installing it I get the error message quot you must remove Microsoft Office Solved: Microsoft Office Starter Pack 2010 Starter Pack and then install it again quot I have tried to remove it using windows uninstaller but it will not cannot remove it so I try to install the replacement software but once again get the same error messaghe and the same result Solved: Microsoft Office Starter Pack 2010 when trying to uninstall the software So around and around I go HEHEHE When I look at the programs list I find the software has a folder title but no contents in that folder Is that why I can t remove it I d be ever so thankful for any assistance anyone can provide me and I d be over the moon if I can get Microsoft Office operating again Thanks for your assistance Phil Taaffe nbsp

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Upon starting a new document I entered the margins prior to typing I entered the Title of the document and centered it horizontally quot from top I do my work using Print Layout and when I did this particular one the title is at the top edge with no space even though the top margin is set at quot Then when I viewed it by going to the Print mode the margin is quot and the bar at 2010 Solved: on Starter Margins in Different Office Document the bottom shows the amount of the quot line quot at quot So I ve got all these different top margins and the one I formatted my document with doesn t even show up in any view White space is Solved: Different Margins on Document in Office Starter 2010 checked I have no columns and rows setup I deleted the title and typed it again Solved: Different Margins on Document in Office Starter 2010 and it still shows the different margins I have spent over hours today looking for the problem and doing research online You re my last hope Can you help me so that I ll know what to do when it happens again Thank you nbsp

A:Solved: Different Margins on Document in Office Starter 2010

Drag the cursor to the top edge of the white paper, and when it turns into a double arrow, double click.
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I bought a Samsung RF711 with Windows 7 and Microsoft Office Starter 2010 in June 2012. I had to reinstall the system from the DVD. While Windows 7 is up and running, there seems to be no installation files for Microsoft Office Starter 2010.

The Samsung support website for this computer does not offer an Office download.

What is the right way to proceed in order to get Office on this machine again?

A:missing Microsoft Office Starter 2010 from the installation disk

Broiyan, When you said that you re-installed windows from the DVD, was this the sya dvd's that you first made when you got your machine? Or was it just a windows 7 dvd?

Most OEM's can provide a ms office 2010 starter dvd if you ask them.

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Does anyone know how or if there is a way to reinstall MS Office Starter 2010 back onto my Toshiba laptop? I purchased this in 2012 and it came with this preinstalled but I have uninstalled this following MS advice when unable to open WORD yesterday. Instructions online to 'fix' this problem were to uninstall and then reinstall but this isn't happening! I have contacted MS who told me to contact Toshiba but have been told that once uninstalled as this was preinstalled when purchased then it can't be reinstalled. Has anyone else had this same problem and, if so, have anyone managed to get the software back???

A:Satelite C660-23M Laptop - pre-installed MS Office Starter 2010 problem


I'm not sure if I've done this correctly so just going to send out a reply to say that I've not had any replies back to my question. It may be that no-one else has had this problem or that there is no solution other than to purchase new software which I can really do without.
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My PC completely lost it after I upgraded MS Office from 2010 to 365. Memory is going through the roof. I think there's some leftovers from the 2010 package that's making trouble. PC shouts down and reboot if I try to auto uninstall 2010. Anyone with experience or thoughts on this?

A:From MS Office 2010 to MS Office 365 - Updating trouble

You could try some of the suggestions in these websites that may help you.

Cannot uninstall Office 2010

Attempting to uninstall office 2010 - forcibly restarts my computer

Computer restarts when trying to uninstall office 2010 beta (both - Microsoft Community
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oK can't see a proper answer on that one, But I have a laptop running xp sp3 with all the version of office installed on it.
Office 2003/ 2007 and 2010 and all are running fine..
Anyone experiencing issues to run office 2010 on xp, if not so why Microsoft don't support Office 2010 on xp??


A:Is office 2010 compatible with XP

From what I can see here: Microsoft Office 2010 system requirements - Products - Microsoft Office, Office 2010 is supported on XP SP3 (or rather, it works on XP SP3). Where did you hear that it wasn't supported? Perhaps the problem is not with Office 2010 but with getting support for XP.
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Hello everyone, I purchased a Windows 7 upgrade disk to upgrade my old Windows XP laptop, the IBM ThinkPad T43P. When I purchased the laptop, it comes with Microsoft Office 2010 Professional. I do not have the installation media or the license key code for it any more. I would like to upgrade since Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP but I want to keep Microsoft Office 2010 Professional. Is there a way to do that? Thank you very much, -G

A:How to keep Microsoft Office 2010 after upgrade from XP to Windows 7

You can run Belarc advisor,

Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit, for software, hardware and security configuration information on your computer. Software license management, IT asset management, cyber security audits, and more.

To audit the Office key from your old machine.

Then download your version of Office from here,

Office 2010 Direct Download Links
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU B800 @ 1.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1899 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 821 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 223012 MB, Free - 175898 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, HMA51_HR
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled.

A:Microsoft Office 2010 starter\Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version

The last I heard the Office Starter version was a OEM install only.
Where did you get your copy to install?
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We're running into an issue where our Office KMS activations are breaking after we upgrade the systems from 7 to 10. It seems to act like the KMS server is no longer hosting KMS keys. It can access the server just fine, nothing's being blocked that we can see port-wise.
Anyone run into this before? We've done MAK keys to keep the users running, but that's not ideal.

A:Office 2010, 13, 16 KMS activation breaking after Windows 10 upgrade

Are you doing in place upgrades to 10 or clean install? I have several 10 machines in test (from 7 and Office 10) and they are activating office 16 on KMS without issue. I'm curious if it's a config issue.

I know this may sound silly but check your DNS to make sure the vlk service record is still published correctly.
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I've checked the archives but can;t find a relevant thread.

I currently have Office 2010 Pro on my laptop and am going to be purchasing MS Project. But am unsure which version is the safe bet.

Can I install Project 2013 on a laptop running Office 2010 or is that going to be a problem and I should stick with Project 2010?

I don't need the latest and greatest version of Project so for my functional needs Project 2010 will be fine, but I figured if I am going to buy it might be best to get the latest version?

Note: I did find something on another forum about Project 2013 using Sharepoint 2013 and that conflicts over-writes some sharepoint 2010 executables thereby causing issues with 2010 suite ... but I don't have Sharepoint on my laptop so doubt this is an issue in my situation.

Anyways whats the safest bet, I really don't want to deal with conflicts or software issues. Stick with Project 2010?


A:Office 2010 Pro compatible with Project 2013

Office 2010 is the first to be available as either 32-bit or 64-bit. I had to uninstall Office FrontPage 2003 [32-bit] before I could install the 64-bit version of Office 2010. I would imagine the same would hold true for all Office applications.
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Looking for feedback (positive and negative) about installing the Office 2010 SP2 Update that shipped today (KB2687455).
Any problems?

Microsoft delivers Office 2010 Service Pack 2 | ZDNet

(I was just offered it via Windows Update on my main production box & expect a similar offering when I power up the laptop later.)


(PS If this belongs in the Windows Updates board, rather than the Office board, please feel free to relocate it.)

A:Office 2010 SP2 Released - Any Issues With Updating??

MoxieMomma. I am installing it now. will post back with results.


I installed it, no issues. everything seems fine.
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I did an upgrade installation from Office 2003 PRO to Office 2010 PRO. I had several issues with Access denied on C:\Config.msi. I usually select retry and all is well. I think I may have missed one of the retries before I did the system restart.
Now I get an error 2203 whenever I reboot, and the Office 2003 installer keeps popping up anytime I try to do anything.
I tried uninstalling Office 2003 and was told that I had a corrupted install. I tried re-installing it and it seems to just hang.
I also tried to uninstall and repair Office 2010.

I'm at a loss at this point.


A:Problems after Upgrade Installation from Office 2003 to Office 2010

Do a restore point to before you installed office 2010. then uninstall the office 2003 and do not upgrade.
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Any idea when Office 2013 will be available for download / upgrade?


A:Purchased Office 2010 w/ free upgrade to Office 2013

Hi there
it's in the Ms store already -- although IMO I'd stick to Office 2010 if I were you.
Anyway YMMV so here's the link (UK store) .

Microsoft Store United Kingdom Online Store - Office Suites

What you'd do to get the upgrade price I don't know but Office 2013 IS available for download. Try phoning / emailing -- actually a better option these days is to use a FAX believe it or not for this type of question. Emails tend to get lost as people have 100'000's to deal with, phone calls are diabolical --endless menu systems, loads of waiting and people on the other side of the planet who are incredibly difficult to understand.

The lowly fax machine when it chatters into life usually gets INSTANT attention these days . !!

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There is a closed TSV Office files Excel - XP Windows Associating - 2010 to thread about this unresolved but I wanted to let you know that I had the same exact problem and figured it out I was trying to export date from Oracle who uses the TSV format although I can save the TSV file and open in Excel I wanted it to automatically open up using Excel At one point I had this set up correctly and then when my employer updated to Office the file associations were negated I tried many Associating TSV files to Excel - Windows XP - Office 2010 things Attempts to associate the Extension by selecting the program executive excel exe from the Program Files folder despite the logic were not successful After many tries this worked Control Panel Folder Options File Type Tab If there is an existing extension TSV click on it and delete it If there is no extension just go to next step Opt for quot New quot extension Name the File Extension quot TSV quot and click on the Advanced Button From the Associated File Type select quot Microsoft Excel Worksheet quot Hit the OK button Close Finally it works nbsp
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I'm trying to help a friend recover his Windows XP Professional Asus Aspire Windows7 compatible with MBR? MBR Is Windows (Starter) XP laptop which is getting a BSOD Code 'ED' Unmountable Boot Volume Months earlier he had someone else recover by reinstalling Windows XP In the process that person blew away the recovery partition which came with the PC when new I am able to run Linux Mint from a live Is Windows7 (Starter) MBR compatible with Windows XP MBR? CD with no problems everything functions The person who reinstalled Windows changed 'boot ini' so from Linux I renamed the backup of the old 'boot ini' and tried that but I received the same BSOD code I have systems of my own but both are Win Starter Home Premium and I created recovery DVDs for both I am considering booting my Win Starter recovery DVD on the Asus and running 'chkdsk' and 'fixmbr' which leads to questions Are 'chkdsk' and 'fixmbr' available on the Recovery system If I do run 'fixmbr' from the Win Starter recovery DVD will the MBR still be usable on the XP system Is the MBR displayable and if so which utility should I use to view it I am running a surface test on the Asus as I type this using a bootable utilities CD Super FDisk In the end if the hard drive isn't toast it appears that we might have to reformat and reinstall Windows XP but I personally don't have a copy of XP Pro and the owner of the Asus lost his so I was hoping for a simpler fix Of course my stab at a solution might not even be in the ballpark Opinions appreciated Gratias KK

A:Is Windows7 (Starter) MBR compatible with Windows XP MBR?

The XP and Vista/7 MBRs are incompatible with each other. However, using a Vista or 7 DVD to fix an XP system's MBR is no problem at all.

Once you boot from the DVD and get to the command prompt, type bootsect /nt52 [XP drive letter:] - for example, bootsect /nt52 E:.

Detailed usage instructions for the bootsect command are here: Bootsect Command-Line Options

(Oh, and yes, chkdsk is available from the recovery environment as are many other commands.)
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I have a netbook which has windows 7 starter and need a blackboard learning system compatible browser...any suggestions I have been trying for days now?

A:compatible browsers for windows 7 starter

I have a Acer Aspire M3802 with Windows 7 64bit that I bought in December 09. I have many games one of them is Sims 3. what happens is that when i play any of my games for about 10-15 minutes in gameplay, the monitor shuts off but my computer light is til on and my keyboard doesnt work. It is ceraintley not BSOD. It mostly sound like a broken record. I have updated evrey driver restored the computer many times. Ive took it in to Frys Electronics. Ive did evrey patch for the game. Ive troubleshooted compatiblity but thats no help at all. Now the games started crashing in the summer around June. My internet crashed startin in march. But its fixed now. Soemone help me plz plz im beggin ive been dealin with it for 3 months starights i think it might be one of the windows updates.
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Problem started "mid September I believe".

I purchased my laptop few years back, Never had any problems opening my docs. Thought i solved this with system restore to earlier date. this worked and i was able to open those files. I now no longer can use system restore because it wont go back to an early enough date. not sure but i think problem came from automatic up-date. I am a computer idiot. If someone out there could give me a step by step way to solve this I would be a more enlightened computer user who is happy once again!

A:Unable to open files that I created & saved in Word starter 2010

How do you try to open your files ??
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I "installed" microsoft office starter 2010 on my computer. After a week, I have not been able to open any programs affiliated with microsoft office starter due to click 2 run configuration failure. I was wanting to "uninstall" mso starter due to all the hassles with the program so I did a system restore with a date prior to the "installation." Will this completely remove mso starter from my hard drive?

A:Attempting to "uninstall" microsoft office starter 2010

did you try searching for it--type Microsoft into the search box---see what it finds.
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Hello days ago i bought a Netbook equipped with windows starter I needed a cheap computing solution for college since i only need Word Maple and Google chrome to make me happy during my free times at school It's brand new and was equipped with Mcafee internet security days trial which i took cause it was already installed and ready to work anyway I received message from windows update which i ignored for Starter updating Windows while BSOD the last day since i didn't needed to use my netbook at all I finally did the update today And then Boom While rebooting BSOD Reminded me of windows and ME since i hadn't seen one in the last years XD Memory dump and rebooting Then the apparently now famous Windows couldn't boot appeared and they offered me to try to run windows normally or to use the restore I tried to run it again which failed So BSOD while updating Windows Starter i did restored but now i'm still with the same problem while updating windows I have checked on many forums but their similar problems are from And my netbook has been manufactured not two month ago since it's a new model What should i do fellow Windows users

A:BSOD while updating Windows Starter

We need the dumps to see where the problem is so please follow the instructions on this tutorial:

Is McAfee still on trial? If yes, please uninstall and replace with MSE:
Microsoft Security Essentials - Free Antivirus for Windows

Some specs of your Netbook would also be nice. Use Speccy to find out:
Speccy - System Information - Free Download

Post back with the dumps when you can
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I bought the 3x family pack for office 2010 but not sure how to install is it just an upgrade or a new install and do I need to uninstall office 2003 first Thank you for any help.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4200 @ 2.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3999 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 1807 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 292841 MB, Free - 199633 MB; D: Total - 12398 MB, Free - 1960 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 3612, 09.67, 2CE9367L31
Antivirus: Shaw Secure 9.01, Updated and Enabled

A:office 2003 upgrade to office 2010

There's no upgrade license for Office 2010. It should install just fine over whatever version you have, and it will install just fine on a computer without any previous version installed.
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Just bought a new laptop with Windows bit installed-my first exposure to Windows I had Office installed on my old Dell bit machine I had also recently 2007(WinXPr3 Office 2010(Win7, 32 files 64bit) Office bit) won't open pruchased Office and installed that on my new machine Now when I try to open those bit files with bt Iget an error message that quot no picture file is available quot or words to that effect When I try to quot open with quot the only option displayed is quot Microsoft Office quot with an icon that looks like a picture file When I try to browse to the proper office program Excel for example there are none of teh Office suite programs displayed only quot Microsoft Office quot I can navigate seperately to the proper progran Excel etc and drag the file into the application and it opens and all seems to work OK I quot save as quot the proper application file but it still will not open with double-click on the file name I have not seen this particular item in the forums and would appreciate very much some help in fixing this issue Thanks Grubby

A:Office 2010(Win7, 64bit) won't open Office 2007(WinXPr3 32 bit) files

Hello Grubby76, welcome to the forum.

We have an excellent Window 7 File Association Tutorial here:
Open With - Change Default Program
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Files listed as Shortcuts in my flash drive opening in Windows 7 and Office 2010 PC

I have a flash drive that is showing the original PowerPoint files as well as shortcuts to it. Anyone experienced this issue and why do u think these shortcuts are showing? Any observations will be helpful.

A:Files listed as Shortcuts in my flash drive opening in Windows 7 and Office 2010 PC

What do the shortcuts point to? Do they point to the file located on the flash drive, the file located on your hard disk, or something else. To find out right click on the shortcut and click properties.
How did you move the files to the flash disk?
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Having upgraded my desktop PC to Office 2010, I need to import three seperate letter template files for use in Word. These were lost during the upgrade but are on my laptop, which still runs Office 2003, as .dot type files and I also have them copied to a memory stick. However, I am at a loss as to how and where to save them into the new programme on my desktop PC. If it makes a difference, I should add that I do not use Libraries and have disabled them.
Can anyone advise please?

A:Importing template files from Office 2003 to Office 2010

Problem solved - with a bit of advice from a friend! Unsurprisingly, it's very simple.

- Open the document in Word
- Click "Save As"
- Scroll to top of folder list and, under "Microsoft Word", click "Templates"
- Name the template and select "Word Template" in the "Save As Type" list
- Save it

I still don't know where they are saved to but I can now call them up and use them.

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I have many files (Word, Excel, and others) that were created in Office XP Professional 2002. Will I experience any trouble in continuing to use these files in Office Home & Business 2010? That is, reading them and/or modifying them?

A:Office 2002 files transferred to Office 2010

No you won't have any problems, all previous versions of documents are compatible in newer versions of office.
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Recently installed Office 2010 (32 bit becuz it was recommended to do so my MS) and now when I send an Office 2007 file to that PC (both PCs are Win 7 64 it) it tries to open the file in Windows Media!!

What the heck am I doing wrong? I'm beginning to think I should not have purchased Office 2010 Pro and stayed with the Office 2007 on all my machines.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Office 2007 files will not open in Office 2010

That is weird.
Could you please describe step by step how you are sending the file to another PC.
Also, please provide more details on what type of the file that is. And if you create a similar file on recipient PC, will it be opened in Windows Media as well?
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I now have a new problem, before I managed to open 2007 files by opening Office 2010 and then from inside the application choosing to open a file. The problem I have though is if I just try to open an Office 2007 file then I can't open it, and I can't change the default program to open it.

How do you get Office 2010 to open all the Office 2007 files such as word, excel etc?

A:Can't open Office 2007 files with Office 2010!

please don't cross post
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If you bought Office 2007 after March 5th, you were probably aware you could upgrade to Office 2010 for free when it came out. The download is now available.

look under "Where to buy" paragraph #2
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Anyone know any easy way to backup my email settings to upgrade to office 2010 beta? I'm not talking about the pst, but the email passwords and everything. I have 64bit win 7 installed on another drive and I've installed the 2010 beta on it and the email have restored fine, but I don't want to be bother re-entering all of my email passwords and domains.
In the past I've backed up the registry settings but I'm assuming that wouldn't work now

A:Upgrade to office 2010

I wrote mine down when I needed to once. No PC needed.
Just don't lose the piece of paper!
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I have got myself into a bit of a mess.

I installed my version of windows starter on my mom's PC which was previously running vista. To see if it improved the performance or if the laptop itself was rubbish. It did so I purchased an upgrade to windows home premium. When I enter the upgrade key it says I need the current key is invalid for upgrade and that I need to phone a number. Does this mean the software I brought is useless. I didn't want to buy a disc as I had read that using a upgrade key meant everything was kept. Is there anyway I can use the software I've brought. The computer recognises the key as an upgrade one.

A:Windows upgrade starter to premium current key not valid for upgrade

I installed my version of windows starter on my mom's PC which was previously running vista.

You can not use the Windows Starter from your Notebook on your mother PC.
Doing so would be a invalid upgrade.
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all instructions can be found here at
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When I open the Windows Starter 2010 to start a new blank page with text, it immediately detects a MALWARE on file: R:\140066.ENU\OFFICE14\OFFSPON.EXE which causes me to reboot the computer to take away the malware file(the same one every time)
I am using the AVG virus program which takes it away..but why do I keep getting the virus alert when opening the Windows Starter 2010 to enter new information?

A:staring Windows Starter 2010 causes virus

offspon.exe is the process that displays the rotating advertisements in Microsoft Office Starter Edition. It is a legitimate program, but because its sole purpose is to display advertisements, AVG may detect it as adware, and display a warning. Even though it is indeed a form of adware, it is 100% non-malicious and harmless, so it is safe to tell AVG to ignore it. Add it to the exception list in AVG

Stop using AVG and use MSE
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hello, if i upgrade to win10, will i lose office 2010? is it possible to reclaim license on new platform or do i have to buy new version of office? thanks

A:win 10 upgrade from 2007 and office 2010

If you are doing an in-place upgrade from Windows 7/8 to Windows 10 you won't lose any applications. If an application is not compatible with Windows 10 you'll be notified. Office will be fine.

As with any upgrade, backup any important data first.
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I have read there is a way to do this but I cannot find a way?
Do I have to buy a new copy of 2010?

Has anyone done this process?

Thanks in advance.

A:How to upgrade Office 2007 to 2010?

Quote: Originally Posted by jonesnewton

I have read there is a way to do this but I cannot find a way?
Do I have to buy a new copy of 2010?

Has anyone done this process?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry Jonesnewton, The process to upgrade to office 2010 is to buy a new copy of Office 2010. I don't believe that MS has a cheap upgrade.

You can upgrade if your a student or teacher with the special version for students/teachers. Or they also have a military version that is only sold in military exchanges.

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I'm curious if anyone else is experiencing the same issue that I'm having. When I go to upgrade users in my corporation, it take anywhere from 45 mins to an hour, just for the upgrade. We are installing the package over the network. If i copy the install files to my local system and run the setup, i really don't see much of a difference.

Any thoughts on this?


A:Office 2010 Upgrade from 2007

Quote: Originally Posted by wall23b


I'm curious if anyone else is experiencing the same issue that I'm having. When I go to upgrade users in my corporation, it take anywhere from 45 mins to an hour, just for the upgrade. We are installing the package over the network. If i copy the install files to my local system and run the setup, i really don't see much of a difference.

Any thoughts on this?


Hi there
sounds wrong to me -- 45 mins to install ANY version of office via a LAN or not sounds definitely wrong - upgrades though generally DO take longer than clean install due to the complexity of the process.

Might be better to uninstall office 2007 and install office 2010 from scratch. Standard company templates etc you've probably got on a LAN anyway for your users.

Installing Office 2010 (X-64) from scratch (admittedly on a W8 rather than W7 system - but that shouldn't make a difference - was trialling W8) using a small not very powerful Netbook took exactly 7 minutes -- that was the PRO version with OUTLOOK, ACCESS, EXCEL, WORD, POWERPOINT, PUBLISHER etc.

Something definitely sounds crazy with your installation.

(Note with mine that was the BASE install only -- it took a while to download and install SP1 together with all the fixes -- now if your install is updating these automatically then since is the longest part of the process the time will probably be the same - assuming you are getting the fixes via Windows Update).

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i bought office H&S 2007 in feb, installed & activated it about the 20th of feb and now MS has a free upgrade to those who activated from 5th march onwards

not too happy

i wonder if i could pleed with MS for a free upgrade

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Has anyone with a Windows 7 computer using the Office Starter had to pay to continue using Microsoft Office?

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Good People,
On another machine I had made a 100% clean install of Win 7 Ultimate and office 2010 Pro.

I have another machine with Win7 Ultimate and office 2007 Pro.

My question is: On the second machine, what are the cons of installing 2010 Pro as an upgrade?


A:office 2010 pro--clean installl or upgrade?

My original installation of Office 2010 Pro was an upgrade and I had no issues at all.
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I did a Win 8 Upgrade over a Win 7, and chose the option to keep programs and data. I thought this would keep Office 2010 running without problems. But when starting Office 2010, a warning came that a system change had been detected and reactivation was required.
Luckily I could find the code but in my case, a message came that my Office 2010 had been activated too many times (I have 2 laptops and a PC and I also did some hardware changes on those).
Automatic phone activation also did not work, so I told a MS assistant that I upgraded to Win 8 and she gave me a code for activation.
So in the end no problems on my side. I just posted this so that others can use what happened in my case.

A:Office 2010 reactivation required after Win 8 Upgrade

Hi there
Ms isn't the evil empire a lot of people says it is.
I've NEVER had any trouble when I've needed to activate by phone. If the automatic activation doesn't work BE 100% HONEST with the assistant and you'll always get activated unless you are trying something really stupid like moving an older W7 OEM Windows on to a new machine. Office 2010 won't give ANY problems.

Just BE HONEST -- they can usually tell if you are speaking a load of B/S.

I've never heard anyone being failed an activation code by phone if they are entitled to it.

(Note also a re-activation by phone re-sets the activation count again too).

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A charity is considering upgrading its workstations to Office 2013 from Office 2007.
They have lots of files in the .docx, .xlsx, .xlsm, and .xltm formats that they would need to access on a daily basis.

- Would the upgrade cause compatability problems with working with files created under these above formats?

A:Considering upgrade to Office 2013 - potential problems with Office 2007 files?

To my knowledge, they should not have any issues.
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I have a qualifying copy of Office 2010 Home and Small Business.

Recently I just claimed the offer. But how about the old copy? Will it be invalidated instantly if I install the 2013 version? I'm not sure if I will like my 2013, so would like the ability to go back to 2010 if possible.

A:Microsoft Office 2010 to 2013 upgrade offer.

I'd be a bit wary of Office 2013. I read that Microsoft has changed the licencing so that Office 2013 is licensed for a single PC only and that the license may never be transferred. Which means if you upgrade or buy a new computer, you need to buy Office again!

Here you go:
Microsoft: Office 2013 license is for just one PC, FOREVER ? The Register
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I had a patch program that you could run to allow Office Starter installation on Windows 8.1 machine, but I lost it and can't find a download location. Does anyone have a link to the patch? Thanks!

A:Patch for Office Starter to work on Windows 8.1

Hopefully this will resolve your issue
Visit the following link...
Expand the Resolution section and find the link required Click-to-Run update.
Download and install the patch.
Best of luck and Please keep BC posted!
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Banged my head enough on this one Customer complained that he could not open a Word attachment in is Windows Live Mail Win -bit When I double-click on the attachment Word Starter would start but then hangs on the quot Starting Microsoft Office Click-to-Run quot pop-up He also complained that he could not open any docs from his My Document folder Correct we could not open any Office docs with his Starter software I ran a quot change quot i e repair from Programs amp Features selected the quot Remove all Officer user settings related to this product option and it succeeds quot OK quot I open Windows Live Mail and then open the word attachment and voila it opens I check a few more emails with Office issues 2010, Starter Documemts Word Mail, Live Windows My attachments and they open fine HOWEVER -- I then go to My Documents and Word Starter cannot open a document It hangs again I go back and repeat the process in Programs amp Features come back to My Documents and voila the documents open just fine Go into Windows Live Mail and guess what I can't open those Word Starter 2010, Windows Live Mail, My Documemts issues attachments In a nutshell ---- I fix one e g repair via Programs amp Features and it breaks Windows Live Mail attachments I fix Windows Live Mail attachments to open but then it breaks the capability to open documents out of Word Starter 2010, Windows Live Mail, My Documemts issues My Documents Ad infinitum I hate the work-around to have to save the attachment to My Documents and then open it but it is better as per the customer than from within Mail I hate half-baked solutions And he claims it all worked fine up to about - weeks ago ANY directions would be appreciated help suggestions etc short of downloading some funky rd party software to run at a cost BTW the customer wants to avoid having to upgrade to Office for Oh yeah PDF files open fine all the time from within Mail

A:Word Starter 2010, Windows Live Mail, My Documemts issues

Is this a Trial version of Word that has just run out of the prescribe time limit?
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In 2003 I purchased a laptop and installed Microsoft Office 2003 using a disk and the numerical key. I should note that I no longer have that disk but I still had the numerical key. In 2013 Microsoft had a special offer to upgrade to Office 2010 using a download from their website and using a new numerical key. I have now purchased a new computer (and will be scrapping the old computer ) and would like to bring this Microsoft office 2010 from the old laptop to the new one. Since I no longer have the original disk can I just download the file from the Microsoft website? If I can which numerical key should I try to use?

A:Microsoft Office 2003 Standard Edition & 2010 Upgrade

The 2010 office key worked.
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Is it possible or should I download Nitro/Adobe

A:.PDF Files in Office 2010

Quote: Originally Posted by EchoX860

Is it possible or should I download Nitro/Adobe

Word will use adobe reader as a plug in, so word will read pdf files.
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Dear All Files?? OFFICE .iso 2010 I have an old and dying desktop pc with Microsoft Office Home amp Business on it It was my father-in-law's machine and he sadly passed OFFICE 2010 .iso Files?? years ago I would like to scrap this pc and use the office version on one of my pcs All of his data has been removed from the machine using File Shredder OFFICE 2010 .iso Files?? and all we have now is a bare-bones OS and the Office installation When we cleared his house the original office disks and the OS disk were nowhere to be seen although I have the license OFFICE 2010 .iso Files?? keys for both the OS Windows Vista and Office Before February this year you could download the iso files from Microsoft's official partner Digital River byt Microsoft went their own way and you can no longer get the iso images from Digital River My question is does anyone know where I can get an iso image of Office Home amp Buisness from Thanks in anticipation Zaph

A:OFFICE 2010 .iso Files??

Try this link: https://www2.downloadoffice2010.micr...&country_id=US
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Our company has just moved all our data from one server to another. All my linked tables in Access, all my linked spreadsheets in Word/Excel, are wrong. Is there a global way to replace the links... for instance, Find fisrv01\data\mmcmanis\... and replace with fiserv05\data\mmcmanis\....

A:Office 97 - updating linked files when changing servers and directories

Tools-Addins-Linked Table Manager
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I have an intermittent problem printing with my HP AIO 6250 printer but don't know if it is the printer or Microsoft Office Starter software. Every so often when I try to print a document created with Microsoft Office Starter it will not print and does not show up in to the print queue. However, sometimes I can go to print properties and do a test print but still can not print my document. Or, I can cut and paste in to "notebook " and/or "word pad" and print from that software without a problem. Has anyone experienced this problem with the Windows Office Starter Version and is there a remedy to this frustrating problem? Thanks for any help. Chuck

A:HP Printer or Windows Office Starter Software Problem

Actually, IMO, you should just stick with Wordpad....It gives you all you need....
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Okay, so i'm starting to give up because I can't bring back windows microsoft office starter after having a problem with it because it can't print and now i uninstalled it plus the microsoft office 2010. What do I do to bring back both microsoft office starter and office 2010 which is pre-installed already in a microsoft windows 7 starter laptop right? Please help me how to bring it back and I don't want to have it factory defaults because first, I don't have a hard drive to back it up and second, I don't want to install my programs again and the customizations I have made. So please help mee, thanks!

A:Bringing back windows microsoft office starter

Please check your other thread.
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How much will it cost and where do I upgrade to Windows Home Edition? Also, will I be able to run programs like Skype on Starter? What about other popular programs?

A:How do I upgrade from Windows Starter 7?

See this tutorial:
Windows Anytime Upgrade - How to
Make sure that the hardware can handle more than the Starter edition.

I don't know for sure about running Skype on the Starter edition... but I don't see why you would not be able to do so.
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I recently bought a HP Notebook with Windows 7 starter installed. What will be the best cost effective way to upgrade to either Windows 7 Home or Premium. I have heard so many stories about problems experience during upgrades especially on HP, with pre-installed software.

Your advice will be appreciated.


A:Upgrade Windows 7 Starter

Take a look at this:
Windows Anytime Upgrade - Upgrade your Windows 7 edition - Microsoft Windows

No install files needed.
Only the Upgrade key is need.
Anytime upgrade only adds-on the Programs & Features from version to version.
Windows Anytime Upgrade - How to
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I am running Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit) with Service Pack 1 and Office 2010 Professional (32 bit). Before installing Windows 7 and Office 2010, I formatted my hard drive and did a clean install.

I am having an issue with previewing JPG files within Outlook 2010 -- when I try to preview JPG files I get the following error message: ?this file cannot be previewed because there is no previewer installed for it?. Of course if I double-click the JPG attachment, it instantly opens in Windows Photo Viewer.

I can preview ALL other types of attachments within Outlook, just not JPG files.

All the proper File Preview Options are selected under Trust Center\Attachment Handling\Attachment and Document Preview.

I?ve seen countless people having similar issues but those issues are not being able to preview Office files and/or PDF files. I don?t have that problem; those files all preview perfectly for me? I just cannot preview JPG files.

A:How to fix Office 2010 Preview of JPG files

Hi sbearden, welcome to 7F!

Have you tried going to:
Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Default Programs\Set Associations

Scroll down to where .jpe, .jpeg, and .jpg, is listed, see if there is any default program listed for those files.

You can change it to what you want by double left clicking on .jpe, .jpeg, or .jpg, and a window will open to allow you to change the default to whatever picture or photo viewer/editor you may have installed.
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i remember with windows xp and office you could go to a different part of the microsoft windows update website in Internet Explorer and it would prompt you with ActiveX to allow updates for Office and after you did that then when 2010 for update updates win7 not thru showing office windows office you went to the normal windows xp update site there would be a whole other section of updates for microsoft office available That was with office anyway i use a dell restore cd for windows professional on a dell pc obviously to install win from scratch I can do windows updates no problem I have microsoft office professional plus with a valid license key these are provided by my IT dept Office installs fine not showing office updates thru windows update for office 2010 win7 during the install i can go through the options and install excel powerpoint all shared tools and so on Once installed it works fine There is no service pack installed at this point From here not showing office updates thru windows update for office 2010 win7 if I go windows update I never see anything for office From within office Microsoft Word file menu help for example it shows office is activated and if i click on check for updates there it then not showing office updates thru windows update for office 2010 win7 opens an IE window which says updates can be done from start menu - programs - windows update If i do that it's a normal windows operating system update and I get nothing for office I have manually downloaded from microsoft Office SP and SP and have installed either one When i go to the help menu it then shows office SP so the service pack seems to have installed no problem But I still never see any updates for office from windows update what's the deal

A:not showing office updates thru windows update for office 2010 win7

You mean what's called Microsoft Update. If you go in to the settings in Windows Update, do you have this checked:

I have Office 2013 Pro Plus, but the click-to-run version which updates itself and is not part of Windows Update. But I don't think there's a click-to-run version for 2010 Pro Plus so that is probably not the issue here.
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My PC OS is Windows 7 Pro and I am using Office 2003
I want to install Office 2010 on it.
I don't want two Office programs but I do want to keep My Doc's etc in the new Office 2010.
What is the procedure? 

A:Installing Office 2010 on a PC that is running Windows 7 and Office 2003

Hi fred93 The documents you created with Office programs aren't related to it. You can simply uninstall Microsoft Office 2003, and install Office 2010 and you'll be able to use them again. Simple as that.
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HI all,
I have an EEE pc 1015b 5 months old and have already upgraded the RAM to 2 gigs because it ran soooo slowly when I got it. It came with wondows 7 starter - can I upgrade to the proper windows 7 (would like the media player options) without losing even more performance. It's still pretty slow and freezes if it has to do too much - like use our 32" tv as a monitor to show pictures or videos.
Any advice about the upgrade - or about why it freezes and what I can do about that would be great.

A:Can I upgrade Windows 7 Starter on EEE PC1015b?

Here's a how-to article:
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Can we use a retail windows 7 premium upgrade key or are we restricted to the WAU (windows anytime upgrade) key to unlock the windows 7 Premium features of the 7 Starter edition?

A:windows 7 starter upgrade options

You will need the WAU key to do what you are describing......
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Not sure if this belongs here or on the networking board. Anyway...
We have a network of about 20 pcs. I recently installed four new machines that run Windows 7 with Office 2010. The server is running Server 2003. Three of the machines worked perfectly from the beginning, accessing the server and sharing folders and files. One machine will only open files in "read only" mode. I have shared all the folders and given every permission there is but it will only open the files in "read only". It is a critical accounting machine that has to share and change files. What am I missing?

A:Sharing folders and files in Office 2010

hmm; your wording is imprecise so need to make sure what you mean,

Office 2010 can not be shared other than the Calendar events and that's not done
via "sharing".

You don't state the application that is sharing the common file on the server,
but I assume some accounting system installed on multiple client systems are attempting
concurrent access to the same accounting data.

You don't say if this has ever worked before with this setup or if this is the initial install for the Sharing of the accounting data.

First action is to access that file by only one system at a time (ie: disconnect the mapped Drive letter) and get that working.