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Can storing audio files on a mp3 player lower the sound quality?

Q: Can storing audio files on a mp3 player lower the sound quality?

i've run out of space in my pc and flash drives to store anymore files so im using my mp3 player. question is, will storing tehm in it lower the sound quality when i move the audio files back on my pc?

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Preferred Solution: Can storing audio files on a mp3 player lower the sound quality?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Can storing audio files on a mp3 player lower the sound quality?

If the files are simply copied across without any conversion, then no, you won't lose any quality.

If the files are converted to a lower quality format when they are transferred to the mp3 player, eg .wav files to .mp3, or high bitrate mp3 to lower bitrate, then the sound quality will be lower, and cannot be recovered from the converted files if the higher quality originals are deleted.
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I have two pcs on a wireless network connected to a cable modem. One pc (Thinkpad) has no problem playing internet radio stations through wmp. The other one (Dell 4100) has problems with streaming audio. It can connect to the radio station fine (or download the audio file in either format) but then it keeps buffering while it's playing. I've tried just about everything I can find to fix it: editing the registry (MSoft tech note,) changing the network settings, changing the buffer rate but nothing seems to work. There is more than enough bandwidth to handle the flow of data, plus my cable company says it's not them (of course.) Any help would be really appreciated!


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My media player ( 11 for vista) has a problem. It will play audio files, but there is no sound, even at full volume, yet i can play mpeg and wmv files with no problems at all. what is going on?

A:Windows Media Player has no sound for audio files only

I use WinAmp for audio and Media Player Classic for video - no problems.
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Whenever I create an audio CD from mp3 files do I get full CD quality? In other words can an mp3 file be converted to a full-quality WAV file, or are some frequencies irretrievably lost in the process?

A:Do mp3 files convert to full-quality WAV files when creating an audio CD?
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Stereo mix IDT Hi Def audio bad quality sound recording The sound quality when recording Stereo Mix (IDT High Def) is really poor and "tinny" soundingAppreciate anyone with solution.

A:stereo mix IDT Hi Def audio bad quality sound

Hi @chris2001net, Thank you for joining the HP Forums!  I saw your post on how you are getting bad quality sound with your HP Envy 15-j144na Notebook. I am happy to help you with this issue!  Please try the steps within this guide, No Sound or Distorted Sound from Speakers (Windows 10). And, let me know the results!  If this, or any of the posts on this thread, has helped you to resolve the issue, please click on Accept as Solution on said post. To show that you 'like', or are thankful of my post, kindly click the thumbs up below. If there is anything else I can do to help, please be sure to let me know! Hope this guide helps, and thank you for posting!
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Hello guys In the other forum that I do participate I found a tutorial about the Realtek HD Quality! Sound Realtek HD Audio Improve Audio RHDA chipsets Making the long history Improve Realtek HD Audio Sound Quality! short all RHDA have a paid driver for the Gigabyte mobos that makes then emulate a X-Fi sound card Of curse it is not a quality of a real X-Fi but I could see a small change in the sound quality The original post Apr Realtek R VIA HD Audio driver for X-Fi MB Software Can't believe how stupid some people Improve Realtek HD Audio Sound Quality! are X-Fi MB is much like a Winamp audio enhancement plug-in and provides better effects than Realtek It does improve your sound experience However this is not a hardware upgrade does not improve RMAA tests and won't make the built-in DACs better Don't you believe me Get a loopback cable disable all effects configure the mixer accordingly and do the tests yourself If you still cannot understand this sorry for you Some people are so easy to cheat Read reviews learn and maybe some day you'll understand Finally the X-Fi MB costs way expensive for an audio plugin For Newegg you can buy an Audigy SE and enjoy incredibly better sound than a codec can provide EDIT for a good laugh Mussels Aussie Moderator TPU Forums quot Yes its true it wont do any hardware changes or any big upgrades but if you're changing the sound profile via EQ's and the equaliser i'm sure the RMAA results would change somewhat quot OMG LOL Do you even know what RMAA is for Please read all the docs at http audio rightmark org download shtml From RMAA manual quot For higher precision disable all equalizer D effects and such quot From X-Fi RMMA guide by Creative quot Disable All Effects including CMSS- D EAX -bit Crystalizer Graphic Equalizer THX Setup quot From Audigy ZS RMAA guide by Creative quot Disable All Effects including CMSS- D EAX Karaoke Equalizer THX Setup and Speaker Calibration quot Link to the first idea Realtek R X-Fi mod driver - techPowerUp Forums I hope you alll enjoy this as I do Cheers

A:Improve Realtek HD Audio Sound Quality!

The link doesn't works:

Please read all the docs at
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My audio sounds slightly distorted especially the high frequencies while listening to MP s at a normal listening volume and there s some air noise only when a song is playing A sound quality Poor card? audio - the Is it The Source CD had copy guard protection which distorts sound quality when transferred to a computer B The songs were recorded at too low of a quality because the person who made them was frugal with HDD space C The Poor audio quality - Is it the sound card? sound card is of poor Poor audio quality - Is it the sound card? quality and isn t quot rendering quot the sounds correctly If quot C quot is correct as I suspect what sound card would you recommend I listen to Music and watch DVD s on my system I m not really into Poor audio quality - Is it the sound card? gamming I m looking for high quality and willing to pay a little more for it I would like Dolby SS support I have heard that Audiogy SP is pretty good there s like different grades of it though so I m a bit unsure of which is right for me Any help is greatly appreciated as usual nbsp

A:Poor audio quality - Is it the sound card?

You probably can't go wrong with the Audigy cards or any of the middle to top end Sound Blasters. The cheaper SB's give distortions- that you may be experieincing- on some mother boards. I have a little machine in the bed room with one in there and the voices sound like robots many times.

Check out Turtle Beach. They have good cards for a little money and the sound control software is pretty cool. They usually ship with mixers and custom stuff in the software bundle. I have a old Quadzilla 2 in the game machine here and it's still kicking. This one doesn't do surround sound from the CD player but the new ones do. My neighbors can hear Godsmack from across the street when I wind this one up.

Bottom line. Stay with the well known sound guys and you should do ok without having to hire a research team to compare products. Be willing to drop a couple hundred geeta on a card and you'll be in business.

Don't forget to have good speakers.
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This has been a problem for me for a few months now, but it's just getting unbearable.
So, here's the situation:Oftentimes, my headphones give out muffled audio. It makes it virtually impossible to make out human speech, and just generally isn't very good. In the past, I could fix this by adjusting the headphone jack somewhat, but over time I've had to do it more violently and I'm concerned at this point that I'll harm the computer if I continue doing it. Now, whenever it happens, I have to wiggle the jack around with a decent amount of force to get it to work properly.
I'm not particularly good with computer hardware, so I'm not entirely sure what the exact issue could be. If you need any more information, just ask. I'd be happy to provide it. Any help is appreciated.

A:Audio jack giving out muffled, bad quality sound

Nevermind. I just hooked up a pair of speakers with audio ports of their own into the back, and it works pretty well.
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About one week ago from today's date my computer automatically updated from W 10 Upgrade Terrible Windows / Sound Quality - Audio to Windows 10 Upgrade / Audio Sound - Terrible Quality W and since Windows 10 Upgrade / Audio Sound - Terrible Quality then the audio speaker sound quality has noticeable nbsp dissipated nbsp Previously I enjoyed a listening to music with a stereo sound quality and since the update the sound quality mimics a transistor radio AM nbsp I have went into the device manager scanned for hardware updates uninstalled and reinstalled the driver changed the sample rate and bit depeth within the Playback devices tab reached out to MS for answers nbsp Unfortunately nothing is working and I believe the solution is to update the sound card from the Manufacturer nbsp I have input my model type in the HP support and driver download section but I do not know which specific software to choose nbsp Also I have referred to my HP assistant icon and it tells me everything is update to date for my device nbsp Hopefully someone out there with experience can give me the proper directions to solve the issue I have searched the HP support forum and I see there are others who have had a similar experience nbsp Thank you in advance nbsp JS nbsp

A:Windows 10 Upgrade / Audio Sound - Terrible Quality

Hi: Here is the link to the W10 audio driver from your PC's support page.  Install and restart the PC. This package provides the Tempo High Definition Audio Driver for supported desktop models that are running a supported operating system. File name: sp71717.exe
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I have a Toshiba satelite A30 with a Realtek ac97 audio device.
The audio has been working fine for a few years now, but has recently been producing poor quality sound, like it is saturated.
I have been playing with sound volume, have reinstalled the latest drivers as well as the latest version of directX, but still experience the same problem.
I have also checked if there was a hardware conflict, but nothing shows...

can it be that the hardware is damaged, and i need to buy an external sound card or can this be solved otherwise?

thanks for anyone's help.


A:Realtek ac97 audio - poor quality sound

impossible to buy an external sound card for a laptop. Did you recently update any software or drivers?
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HP ENVY TouchSmart -j nr Notebook PC ENERGY STAR Model E A UAWhen Windows was giving a free low not ... Poor working Envy sound, HP 21 quality, Audio Beats Windows upgrade from I upgraded Since then I have had very low sound from only the front speakers near my wrists and low quality like they are from a really old game boy Beats Audio does not work and there are no drivers for it I have scoured the internet for a solution HP Envy 21 Poor quality, low sound, Beats Audio not working ... to my problem but I have not found one I have checked every other week researching I've been in the properties and drivers I even did a Windows Update at the time of installation and have kept it current to see if there is a fix to no avail nbsp HP Doesn't find any updated drivers for my computer for audio Beats Audio has no software or drivers for my computer either Again I have not found the same problem with a solution None have worked so far Please help
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Hi All

i am at the end of my tether with this machine. the sound quality is terrible. the only way i can hear anything is if i am in a silent room and then its difficult to hear. i bought the laptop brandnew so i doubt its the speakers as the sound as always been this bad. i have updated my drivers and still my audio is woeful. please help!



A:poor sound quality Lenovo Ideapad Conexant Audio HD

Originally Posted by mightycee79

Hi All

i am at the end of my tether with this machine. the sound quality is terrible. the only way i can hear anything is if i am in a silent room and then its difficult to hear. i bought the laptop brandnew so i doubt its the speakers as the sound as always been this bad. i have updated my drivers and still my audio is woeful. please help!



Welcome to the forums, you could try installing Dolby Home Theatre 4, installation instructions are in this link:
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alright so i have GTA IV but because its such a monster my AMD athlon duel core is not powerful enough. but because it puts texture quality in based on my video card (nvidia 9800 GT overclocked), it puts my quality on medium i would like it on low to stop the constant lag i am getting. but when i do the logical thing and go into, graphics and click on texture quallity it just flashed "high" and goes back to medium, any ideas?

BTW i did a search on this all of em just wanted pepl to run it higher not lower so its a different thing

A:how do i lower texture quality on GTA IV


You could have your game options on automatic detect, so the computer decides what graphics the game gets rather than you.

The other thing it could be is that the texture is dependant on the other options. I know that in Company of Heroes, certain settings can only be downgraded when other settings have been downgraded. If you try putting everything on low, then putting texture on low, then it should work.
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I icon Lower using after TWEAKUI quality have seen these posts on this site and a few others It even happened to me a while back My icons were not the nice XP icons unless I set my color to bit I was trying to help someone today and used TWEAKUI to place a smaller shortcut icon After I had the ugly icons back again My IE icons were all dark Blue and the other Shell icons My computer etc had changed to totally different icons The color was grainy A setting had been changed One which has nothing to do with the shortcut overlay icon I traced the problem For some reason TWEAKUI changes a registry entry it doesn t need to change Anyone who wants to get their icons back to what they were before can either Lower icon quality after using TWEAKUI change to bit or use bit and put the registry entry back the way it should be Here it is HKEY CURRENT USER Control Panel Desktop WindowMetrics Highlight WindowMetrics in the left pane Look in Lower icon quality after using TWEAKUI the right pane for this Value Shell Icon BPP Lower icon quality after using TWEAKUI Double click on Shell Icon BPP and Modify the value data to Click OK Exit the registry Log off and back on for the change to take effect You ll be back to the XP icons using bit nbsp
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I have some videos that are in 720p and 1080p on an external HDD but my laptop is not capable of playing them properly, it lags quite badly because i produced them for my computer at home, which is 800 odd miles away. Is it possible to play these videos in a lower quality so that they will play smoothly? I would prefer to use VLC but am open to all options.

A:Play videos in lower quality using VLC?

Hi, you can have a try kmplayer:
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I dont know if this issue is specific to windows but it was only after I just installed win that I began to use the new IE besides chrome The differences I will show you are present no matter I run the desktop IE or the start screen one Chrome IE the differences are much visible on avatars where you can see shimerings and jagged edges but I believe there are for other elements too like fonts or video tiles etc So my questions how to get the same quality the chrome offers for explorer too how can one to get the best quality in displaying web content for every browser IE and chrome especially what settings in your graphic card control panel affects the web IE displayed Chrome content Web than at lower with quality content I have an GeForce gtx with the latest driver what graphic visual display features Web content displayed at lower quality with IE than Chrome or technologies are integrated supported within the above mentioned browsers Im reffering to antialiasing anisotropic filtering etc And which ones can be ajusted set Im asking this being aware of potential conflicts between my Nvidia control panel settings and the browser ones in relation with the question what is to be selected in Nvdia control panel at quot antialiasing mode quot see the picture

A:Web content displayed at lower quality with IE than Chrome

1) well, ie10 is a new browser, it might have many bugs. Try to disable accelerated graphics in ie settings.
2) there is no options for such a thing as web page quality. the only thing that can affect it is bug.
3) none.
5) that AA is only for games, not for fonts.
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I noticed the other day that my icons have lost their quality (as if I had changed to a lower bit colur rating in display - but I haven't, I have a background image that still looks fine).

For example my Winamp icon is no-longer orange, but yellow.

I've done virus and spyware scans and they have not found anything.

Any ideas, all help is appreciated.


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I have recently changed to a 1280x1024 LCD and I love it so far. However it does have a fixed amout of pixels, and there's nothing you can do about it.
I have some older games that I love, but they use a lower resolution. When played on an LCD the quality is pretty much unacceptable for me. I can bearly read any texts.
I thought there is maybe some way/program that can do the following:
Instead of resizing the image and making it unreadable, use only say 800x600 pixels in the middle of the screen and leave the other black, so I would have black stripes on the bottom left right and top and use only the middle for my game, which will make it the size it's ment to be.

Does anyone know of a way to achieve this?
I'd be very greatfull,

A:Play lower resolution games on LCD without quality loss

I've not had to do it myself but would running the game in a window (with the window sized down accordingly) instead of fullscreen help any?
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I have read different opinions. I use Nero 8 with the FLAC plug in so I can burn either.

I read that there is absolutely no difference in sound quality when you burn a FLAC or WAV file of the same track. I also read that unless you convert the FLAC files to WAV before burning, you are not getting a 1:1 image of the original source. I tried doing this with a couple tracks, could not tell the difference. Of course, it could be me. I would really like to burn a file, knowing that I have done it the best way, rather than just "using my ears".

Is there really a definitive answer to this question? Thanks. Dennis

A:Burning FLAC Or WAV files. Is There Really A Sound Quality Difference?

Being a math geek I haven't been convinced yet that a smaller file can be lossless (I'd love to learn something and be proved wrong, though), even FLAC. However, from what I've heard FLAC is far better than MP3 files in quality and if it isn't lossless it is pretty darn close. You will save gobs of disk space by using FLAC.

And honestly, if you can't tell the difference, what does it matter?
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Basically I have a problem, in ie10 on win7, if the video quality is lower than 480p my video will appear as a blank green screen. I have tried turn on(and off) hardware acceleration and the problem persists. Here is what I mean:

If you guys have any idea or soulution to this problem it would be greatly appreciated. p.s.I have my drivers updated and everything in check.

A:Blank green video when quality is lower than 480p on IE10

Uninstall and reinstall Adobe Flash Player.
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ok so my custom build computer was stable for a long time and now it is a never ending error machine and this covers so malfunction files BSODs random sound quality corrupted and many topics i don't even know where to post this it started with the BSODs x xa x x e xa xd x e bad pool headers pfn list corrupt ntfs corrupt driver irql not less or equal and a handful of others i have replace almost ever part of this computer BSODs sound quality malfunction and random files corrupted and reinstalled windows no less than times i have run SFC and scandisk but i constantly find my files chewed up and unusable i have run kaspersky but found almost nothing but the occasional bad cookie my rainmeter skins error and never work properly again even when re-downloaded now my sound stops functioning after a BSODs sound quality malfunction and random files corrupted certain length of time it sounds like its running the windows sounds through the internal speaker even though it is running through the soundblaster z i know it isnt the card because when i feed sound though the line in it sounds fine even though none of the systems sounds are working what could be damaging my system is it a worm and if so why isnt it being detected also my system has never managed to work with platform update KB com surrogate and svchost overload electric sheep has been crashing i've got the BSODs under control now but the sound error and file corruption is still happening what in gods name is going on

A:BSODs sound quality malfunction and random files corrupted

update: it's freezing up without ever reaching the blue screen and no error messages were logged
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In Mac OS Quick time does this (I can have 10 audios all playing simultaneously). WMP nor VLC seem capable of this.

I need a solution to this for both Linux/ubuntu and Windows 7. Maybe there's a way to customize vlc or wmp?


A:I need an audio player capable of playing multiple audio files simul

Multiple instances of MPC maybe?
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Several of the sites I connect to provide educational videos using Adobe Flash Player 10.

I would like to store these videos locally on my PC instead of connecting every time I want to refer to material, but I cannot find how to do it.

Can anyone help?
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Hello everyone.

ok here is the situation. one of the computers in my house will not play an audio cd from the dvd drive. i've switched it with a 48x cd rom drive. and the cd audio will still not play. i've put in a new sound card, and yet there is no sound. when i have the speaker plugs plugged into the built in motherboard speaker jack, mp3's from my hard drive will play.

i've checked in the device manager and there seems to be no conflict with the drivers or devices. i am really stumped in what could be causing this problem.

any ideas..

thanks..God Bless

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I use wmplayer to burn audio cds and when you burn a cd, it will go through and convert all of the songs from .mp3 to some other format. Where are these stored? In the preferences i see nothing about where it is stored. Anyone know?

A:Storing converted audio in Wmplayer

Well, I don't use Media Player for much of anything but most MS apps seem to like that hidden folder in docs and settings. C:\Documents and Settings\username\local settings\Temp

You can check there and see if that's where it put them. If not, you will probably have some fun cleaning the clutter out while you are there anyway.

You probably already know this but the local settings folder is a hidden folder by default.
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Off and on I have been getting "could not find the file swflash.ocx"

Have read that many forums and advice, some old and some new.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Flash Player 10, and to no avail. No audio on you tube site, and no closing down or starting up of Windows sound.

Everytime I check the "IE8/Tools/Manage-ons" I end up with Version Everyone has said to remove this file and other "flash.ocx" file.

Finally, I decided to do that and deleted c:\windows\servicepackfiles\i386 "swflash.cox" Ver: 29 Aug 2002; and "flash.ocx" Ver: 18 July 2004.

I am now non the wiser since reinstalling, and still no sound.


A:Audio Loss on Flash Player and Windows Sound

Also I found a Tech Note on Adobe at and I am wondering how current that Tech Note is??

I am now wondering if I did the right thing to delete the swflash.ocx and flash.ocx from c:\windows\Servicepackfiles\i386.

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I'm having the following problem: I can't seem to hear streaming audio in the embedded windows media player in firefox (or IE). I'm using IE 7.0 and Firefox 2.0. My current version of WMP is 11.xx, but the issue has been the same with 10.xx. The primary site I'm having the issue with is

This issue seems isolated with streaming audio. Now, the media player says I'm connected and streaming (timer increments), but I'm clearly am not getting any sound. Now, I'm getting sound from other applications and can get sound from Windows Media Player. I'm able to stream video/sound from sites like youtube. My settings are set as explained here ( ).

I'm using Windows XP Pro (SP 2) with a Creative Sound Blaster (Live, 24 Bit).

Any help would be appreciated,


PS. tech support sucks.

A:No Sound with Windows Media Player Streaming Audio

Do you have the latest Flash and shock wave?



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I use a Microsoft Windows Vista. My Media player does not give out any sound. I increase the volume but still no sound.

thanks, Nawimba
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Hi there the newer smart phones have nice powerful processors in them so I was wondering if the DAC Digital Analog converters in these are as good as the ones in a typical LAPTOP computer set up -- bog standard on board sound from a laptop computer -- not high end specialized studio stuff etc My Galaxy audio audio PC vs phone Quality Smart LAPTOP standard of III S phone can play FLAC files and plugging the output into Quality of Smart phone audio vs standard LAPTOP PC audio a DECENT set of speakers appears to me to be just as good if not better than the same sound played from the computer - a relatively decent laptop computer Sony VAIO VPCEH with Intel I processor I tested this by connecting the phone DIRECTLY to the pre-amp with the music Quality of Smart phone audio vs standard LAPTOP PC audio on the phone's micro sdhc card Had I done it via the USB then that might Quality of Smart phone audio vs standard LAPTOP PC audio have needed another DAC conversion so the test cases wouldn't have been the same I use a phone app WINAMP PRO just like the PC version so I can use Folders directories to play the music and it can play FLAC too -- a lot of music phone apps lack this facility which is a shame I like also the quot play by folders quot too -- as I have a lot of Audio books -- saves endless tagging and creating playlists albums --Just point winamp to the directory or file and play it I find also streaming music from the phone to the receiver device seems to work better than messing around with pc software too -- especially on a laptop Another app here -- OrangeSqueeze in conjunction with SQUEEZEPLAYER -does the job of the logitech squeeze server on the laptop The phone will stream music from a Network or any acessible drive to the player device s -- no prob but use the Wifi on the phone --not the DATA content from the phone company otherwise your Bank balance will diminish faster than Spain's Economy Anybody else finding these sorts of apps are replacing similar laptop stuff note high end gear and computers are a different ballgame I used to be very sceptical of smartphones --even have some posts on the forum saying I'd never buy them -- however I have to eat my own words -- the latest crop with the latest Android version are incredibly useful now and possibilities seem quite exciting with what you can do with them Seems to me that we don't need to do much Multi-media streaming from W in the future as your phone will handle it Perhaps Ms is getting this right by gradually withdrawing a lot of multimedia in the standard version of W cheers jimbo

A:Quality of Smart phone audio vs standard LAPTOP PC audio

I have a Samsung Galaxy S smartphone and a new iPad3, but I would never consider them my "primary" audio playback devices.
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Quick question, hoping someone can shed some light:

I've got an audiobook with a file that's listed as 33:20 in length.

For some reason when I play it in Real Player, it thinks the file is only 32:00 minutes long. It just cuts off at the 32 minute mark, even though the file runs for another 1:20. I've played the same file with Windows Media Player and it plays just fine. Yet for some reason Real Player cuts off that last 1:20.

It's not a huge deal of course, because I can just play the file with WMP. But seeing as Real Player is my media player of choice- I sure would like to be able to play audio files without them being cut off.

Anyone ever experience this problem before? And if so- anyone have any idea how to rectify it?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts anyone might have.


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I can't play mp3 files in windows media player, vlc, media player classic, itunes etc

I can play audio through flash based services such as pandora... if i import an mp3 into audacity I can play it

I tried system restore to a few days ago, no change

I have windows 7 home premium 64 bit

Sound card is labeled "NVIDIA High Definition Audio" and it appears to be working normally in the device manager

Please help, thank you so much in advance

A:I can no longer play audio files in any player

can you right click (a song) and choose "open with" and choose wmp?
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Hi Everyone How is everyone doing I am hoping someone here might understand what I'm asking to help me figure out where my is the storing Where files? it files documents being saved One thing I love to do is create things So Where is it storing the files? I create websites for fun I've seen so many people saying the places they do the site at have Where is it storing the files? lost their sites So of course I know we need to keep a backups of stuff we put on our sites in case something goes wrong Since I use multiple computers to do my work and due to other things I've noticed seem to go wrong I do my work from all different locations Mostly just do it with the software the webhost company gives us to use But where exactly are those files being stored other than in I guess you would call it File Manager Some of my original files pictures I've put on my sites I save them on a Floppy Disk and then upload it But due to viruses spyware etc some of the files that are on that disc have been corrupted So are these files somehow also in my computer somewhere and I haven't figured out that concept yet I also keep having problems with trying to figure out how to backup my emails address book My emails look alot like the file manager at places I've made websites at It has a way to place checkmarks next to files messages So I assume that is so we can select the files messages we want to backup But then I can't figure out what the next step to do after I've put the checkmarks next to what I want to backup Only thing I know how to do is backup files from some locations of the computer Like if I hit start go to C drive and go in the folders from that way I know how to do since I find things But some of the instructions people give me to do I don't have those options available Like they keep saying to go to the file menu and hit export I keep losing the file menu alot of times and then the other thing it says import not export Thanks Amy

A:Where is it storing the files?

Hi Amy.


Originally Posted by AmyR2

Mostly just do it with the software the webhost company gives us to use. But where exactly are those files being stored other than in I guess you would call it File Manager?

Which programs are you using? Are they downloaded and installed on your computer or does your Web Host offer these facilities through the web interface (browser).

1) if you have downloaded and installed these apps, then the files you create will be saved where ever you have saved them on your pc. Sounds vague, but you can see where you are saving web pages from within the program, for example C:\My Documents\My Websites, when you save your project. (usuall File > Save as)

2) if you are using a web based interface provided by the web host, then all the files will be saved in your account.


Originally Posted by AmyR2

Some of my original files, pictures I've put on my sites, I save them on a Floppy Disk, and then upload it. But due to viruses, spyware, etc.. some of the files that are on that disc have been corrupted.
So, are these files somehow also in my computer somewhere and I haven't figured out that concept yet.

A Floppy disk!!!! You should really look into more modern storage like USB sticks, SD flash cards or even better, an external hard drive.
If these files are stored on your pc, you can search for them:

Go to Start > Search.
Select "All files and folders"

Type on a keyword that you can remember, such as "banner.jpg", "logo.jpg"
You can search for file types too by using wild cards (*). For example '*.jpg' - but this will find every jpg image file on your computer - which may not be as helpful. You need to know what you're looking for.


Originally Posted by AmyR2

I also keep having problems with trying to figure out how to backup my emails/address book.
My emails look alot like the file manager at places I've made websites at. It has a way to place checkmarks next to files/messages. So, I assume that is so we can select the files/messages we want to backup. But then I can't figure out what the next step to do after I've put the checkmarks next to what I want to backup.
But some of the instructions people give me to do, I don't have those options available. Like they keep saying to go to the file menu and hit export. I keep losing the file menu alot of times, and then the other thing it says import not export.

This depends on the Email Client you use.
For example, if you're using Outlook Express, you can follow this guide:

If you can tell us which email client you use, we can better direct you.
Relevancy 57.62%

i would like to know if there is anyway to save files from being reformated cause im out of disks (have no money at the moment to buy more)

A:Storing files

Hello! I am not sure if I know what you mean. Out of dvd discs,or out of disc space? what specifically are you trying to do?
Relevancy 57.62%

I was wondering if someone could help out on an issue I have with playback via WMP .

My computer is an HP pavilion and has WMP and Beats Audio built in .

The beats audio looks like it is just a glorified equalizer to me but WMP does not work without it.

My problem is that I have WMP on shuffle and just listen to whatever track plays. Which works fine.

What occurs is the track will play loudly for a few seconds and then lower it's volume itself and continues to play but the volume seems to increase up and down as it plays not to deafening levels just slightly but it is noticeable when playng.

I have disabled volume leveling in the player and re set it but the issue still occurs .

Has anyone come across this issue ?

regards Rod
Relevancy 57.19%

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 330 @ 2.13GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3894 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator HD, 1723 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 464783 MB, Free - 403645 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, Portable PC
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2012, Updated and Enabled
have a album that is no longer needed ,all files have been removed from my library ,but I can't remove this album
from the media player which also no longer creates any new albums when ripping new audio
Also get this message :"Microsoft JScript compilaton error line: 1395 Column 25 Expeted ')' if (rating!=""& XXX rating > 0" . Now use VLC instead but like the abillity to get album info in the media player. Any solutions ?

A:Solved: media player not accepting new audio files

This "Fix it" from Microsoft can help.

If no luck, try the Fix WMP Utility?
Relevancy 57.19%

I have a buddy who borrowed a BUNCH of music cds and he put them on his hard drive using windows media player. He now wants to make cds to play in his vehicle. Since I have very little knowledge about this, I told him I knew where to get the answer. If his computer crashed, I could help him. But not with this subject. I must be honest, I am also interested in making some cds off of his files. Any help would be appreciated.

Relevancy 57.19%

suggest pls a media player dat can play ASF files.. windows media player cant play...even quicktime..plss help me

A:suggested audio/video player for ASF files..plss help me.!


guys i want some player where i can play asf files.. help me out ..
Relevancy 57.19%

I have recently installed windows media player 10 and have a problem with it. Whenever i play an audio file in media player, media player becomes very slow and unresponsive. i have also discovered it is using between 90-99% of my cpu usage while playing audio files. if i use another media player (ie winamp) i do not have this problem, but i prefer to use media player. n e suggestions???

A:Windows Media Player 10 playing audio files

you can roll it back to wmp9 in add/remove-windows componets and delete the wmp10 install file. then redownload it. but you may have some conflict or it could be just a bad file. i like 9 better then 10 anyway.
Relevancy 56.76%

Since I only have one computer at this time, and I have learned that CD's are not completly reliable, I'm thinking about storing files on an Internet Service.Can you tell me anything about them ? Are they reliable for storing technical intellectual properties, etc.?Valuable documents, etc.?JoveModerator Edit: Moved topic to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Storing Files On Internet

What kind of problems are you having with CDs? If you are using good media like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim you CDs should last for years.
Relevancy 56.76%

I'm a newbie and have partitioned my hard drive like someone recommended and need to use one of the other partitions for my picture files but I need advice on how exactly this is done. I'm using windows xp and have four partitions of 10 gb each, two of which are formatted and the other two are not. the os is on the first partition C and D is empty and formatted. it's been a while since I did this so any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance

A:Need help storing picture files

dreux456 said:

I'm a newbie and have partitioned my hard drive like someone recommended and need to use one of the other partitions for my picture files but I need advice on how exactly this is done. I'm using windows xp and have four partitions of 10 gb each, two of which are formatted and the other two are not. the os is on the first partition C and D is empty and formatted. it's been a while since I did this so any help would be appreciated. thanks in advanceClick to expand...

1. click on start
2. click on run
3. type; compmgmt.msc
4. click okay
5. click on storage
6. click on disk management

look to your lower right had panel there are pictures of the HDDs look for the ones that are not formated. Right click on the ones that are not formated and then click on format from the drop menu when you select right click on the device.

Once done their should be E, F or F G depends on your next drive letter. Creating folders is easy just right on the new formated drive in MY comptuer click on new folder, then on rename it. Drop the images in.

If you need more help just post it here...
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I discovered that I could replay streamed WMV files after completely disconnecting from the internet (unplugged my ethernet cable from my PC).

I tried to find that files, but up to now without any result.
I used IE 6 and Mozilla Firefox, but the files didnot show in their cashes.

So I suppose WMV has its own storing features.
from the site info. I know that the extension is .wvx
Searching my disk for .wvx-files gave only some administration files with only the URL of the streaming video.

Does anyone knows where WMP stores those files?
Why I want to konw? The files is a local news item that I want to burn on DVD.

Thanks for helping me


A:Storing WMV streaming files

Probably in your temporary internet files. Make it so you can see hidden files and click on start, then run, and type :

%UserProfile%\local settings\Temporary Internet Files

then press enter.
Relevancy 56.76%

My audio jack recently broke, so I'm using a USB "sound card", which basically converts a USB port into an audio jack. Everything's working just fine, the problem is that it is way too loud. I'm using a pair of ear buds and VLC media player to play my music, and both are set to 1%, but the music is still much too loud. When I set both to max, I can literally use my ear buds as an external speaker. I would like some sort of way to decrease my audio output by like 99%, because it's just about 100 times too loud.

A:How to lower the audio below 1, but above 0

You cant. Simple.
try making windows default volume to 1% and then vlc volume to 1% too, see what happens
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I ve been having a major problem with how my WMA choppy my sound player on files WMA files end up sounding on my RCA Lyra It was only doing this at first with songs that were WMA files sound choppy on my player more than minutes in length I got two songs like that on there But the last three songs I put on there of no more than minutes have been doing this too What it will do is for the first two minutes or so it will sound fine then start getting choppy WMA files sound choppy on my player It s kind of hard to explain in what way without letting someone hear what it sounds like but it kind of sounds like the music cutting out at timed intervals And as the song goes on the cutting out gets worse and worse Then the next song is fine again This only has been happening on the MP Player all are WMA on my player by the way I ve been using a converter to convert the MP s to WMAs before transferring them I wonder if there is something I m doing wrong with these five songs that have made them do this I ve used the exact same program to convert ALL my MP s that I add onto my player and it all has worked fine besides the two longer songs I transferred until now The fire specifics that these files were at is quot WMA Hz Bit Stereo kbps quot when I transferred them I m using quot Free Mp Wma Converter quot which has a bunch of options for the file specifics Anyone have any ideas and if this is a common problem nbsp
Relevancy 56.33%

Can anyone help me please? I'm using Windows Media Player ver.10 with XP Pro. Is there any way I can get it to play Real Audio Files with .ra and .rm extensions. I have uninstalled Real Player and now cannot play some 300 music files. Alternatively does anyone know of a player, other than Real Player, that will play them?
My thanks in advance.

Relevancy 56.33%

I think I'm going mad! I'm trying to get my Notebook PC to use the Favorites on my Desktop PC. Sometimes it works until I reboot, sometimes only after a reboot for a short while, but mostly not at all.

I've tried mapping the folder to a drive letter, using the full network path \\NIGEL-PC\Favorites, even "Offline Files Folder\Computers\NIGEL-PC\Favorites".

Any ideas?

A:Storing IE Favorites in Offline Files?

Might be less issues using skydrive on both machines and Sync them,
SkyDrive - Microsoft Windows
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I am trying to finish a presentation for work tomorrow. I saved an Image Mixer 3 file with most of my work and unwittingly changed it to an Mpeg. Now....6 hours of work I need to edit further is not recognised by Image Mixer 3 and I have no other copy!! I have tried changing file extensions and "open with" and I have had no success....
Help please.

A:Re-storing Image Mixer 3 files

Simply change it with the command prompt. Click start, click run, type cmd and click ok. A black box will appear on the screen. Place the file on your desktop and type the following commands into the box. Remember to press enter after each one!

cd desktop (Tells the command prompt to look at your Desktop)

ren "filenamehere.mpeg" "filenamehere.correctextensionhere" (Tells the prompt to rename a file. Replace "filenamehere" with the actual file name. Keep the quotes around the names and extensions as I have! You should type four (Or eight depending on your viewpoint).)

exit (Closes the command prompt. Alternatively, you can click the X like any other program.)
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I bought myself an Archos MiniCDrw2 cd writer in the hope that I would be able to transfer downloaded sound/talk files onto an audio CD and listen to it in the car. I am beginning to think that I didn't think this through properly?!?!
The files I would like to stick on an audio CD are of .rm & .ram extensions.
Is this possible at all? And if not directly, is there some way I get "around it"?
I'm using W98 OS.
Cheers and thanks for any help!


A:Sound files onto audio CD

The Realone player will convert and burn .rm files to CD as audio, theres a free version of Realone, you have to look for it, though.

I did find a program that can convert .rm to .wav, .mp3, or .wma, it doesnt always work, though. It's called "Streambox Ripper"

.ram files are usually just small text files that tell Realplayer/Realone where to download the actual audio. Open a .ram in Notepad to see that URL.
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Complicated problem.

About five months ago, Media Center and Media Player stopped wanting to play movie files. They play music fine, but videos, including AVI, MPEG, and so on, nada. I can run them in VLC, but I find VLC fairly cumbersome and, frankly, I'd like the functionality I paid for.


I've tried downloading codec packs. I've tried K-Lite. I've tried CCCP. Nada.

And now, now Windows Movie Maker won't import music. Neither will PhotoStory 3. Are these related?

What can I do?

Relevancy 55.9%


Trying to run .avi files with WMP 11 and its only playing the sound with no picture. Do i need to download a codec or something?

running XP pro

thanks in advance

Relevancy 55.9%

Issue1 : Real player cant play video songs( .flv format and which was download using the

real player from youtube).

Issue 2 : Cant play the streaming audio which requires 2xAVRP plug in. I have installed the

2xAVRP plug in.( Audio streaming websites like, )

Details of the issue :

First, I have experienced issues with installing real player and 2xAVRP plug in.
I have reinstalled XP SP2.
Now, I have installed both but the issue still persists.

Troubleshooting :
Completely uninstalled the real player using the Windows installer cleanup utility and

installed the latest version of real player many times.

Could you please suggest me a fix for this? Is there any alterante for 2xAVRP plug in to stream the audio?

Other Info:

OS : xp sp2
Browser : Firefox 3.0 ( It worked before )
A.V.S : Norton 360 ( It worked before )

A:Real player cant play .flv files and 2xAVRP plug in cant stream audio?

RealPlayer sucks, it has for years. To play FLV streaming, you need Adobe Flash Player. To play non-streaming from hard drive, use VLC instead of Real.

Real is not Flash.
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Hello ^^

I'm having a problem with my Windows Media Player 10

Whenever I play any video file with more than one audio stream, (in my case, Japanese and English) they just play at the same time. That of course doesn't sound too nice.

When I go to Play>Audio and Language tracks, all it lets me do is change the defaults, which i have set to Japanese, yet it still just plays both.

This happens with any codec and any file. MKV, OGM, AVI (DivX, MPEG, Xvid or anything)

Anyone know what to do?

A:Media Player plays simultaneous audio tracks in video files

Hi Linkhiei...apologies for the delay in answering.

I'm not sure I know the correct answer for your problem but have you tried uninstalling and then reinstalling WMP? Or maybe even trying the final version of WMP 11?

If that doesn't help, you may be able to find the answer at Microsoft's Newsgroups:
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My browser is not storing temporary internet files, I surfed through some webpages, then went to tools< internet options< settings< view files, and there are no files there.

So then I tried going to the Temporary Internet Files folder by follwing the path C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet files. When I clicked on the "Temporary Internet Files" folder to open it, some box popped up that said I have to login into my Windows Live ID account. Which I did not do. Here is a picture of it:

So I exited that box that told me to login into my windows live ID, and there was a client.xml file in the Temporary Internet Files Folder, I deleted it, and then went to back to the folder again and it was still there.

Relevancy 55.9%

This is Just a Question. While A Flash Drive is bootable, are you still able to store files on it?

Relevancy 55.9%

I'm thinking of picking up another hard to be used as a storage drive. I'm just curious whether I should get a 5400 RPM or a 7200 RPM?

Most of the files I'm dealing with are roughly 1 GB each or if I plan on making 1080p gaming videos with Fraps I think they are split into 4 GB per file. I would like to stick with Western Digital since I've had some issues with Seagate in recent years.

A:5400 or 7200 RPM for storing large files?

With prices being extremely low on hard drives there's really no reason not to get a 7200 RPM drive. In short I would go for the faster drives.

Good luck
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My browser is not storing temporary internet files, I surfed through some webpages, then went to tools< internet options< settings< view files, and there are no files there. How do I fix this?

A:Browser not storing Temporary Internet Files

Don't read this thread, go to the other one with the same Title.
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I'm not sure if this belongs in the xp forum or not able [SOLVED] to play sound media player files in the driver forum When I try to play a music file Media player is coming up with this message Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device There might not be a sound device installed on your computer it might be in use by another program or it might not be functioning properly The Microsoft web help says that the error message code is C D BA When [SOLVED] media player not able to play sound files I go into more options under the sync tab in media player as the site suggests and click on quot speakers quot the only choice [SOLVED] media player not able to play sound files for audio device is quot default directsound device quot After searching in add remove programs I can't find any audio device or driver The sound was working fine until I was deleted some programs which I don't use anymore I could have deleted the driver by mistake I have an acer aspire any suggestions on what to do

A:[SOLVED] media player not able to play sound files

Hi zoerella and welcome to TSF !

Does the sound work in your other programs ? Try the games like spider solitaire (press F5 and check that use sound is enabled) or pinball for instance.

Go to the device manager : start => run => devmgmt.msc. Tell us if there's some flag (yellow warning sign or red cross) in front of one of the devices there.

What's the exact model of your aspire 3000 (3050, 3027xy, ... or just 3000 ?) ? It seems that some laptops in the aspire 3000 serie uses a Crystal 423x sound device while others use a Realtek AC'97 sound device. Please use everest from the "posting system specs" link in my sig to find what's the model of your audio device.

If it's crystal 423x :
You'll have to unzip the files to some folder and install the drivers manually from the device manager

If it's Realtek :
select audio in the first list. Download and unzip the package and run setup.exe.
Relevancy 55.47%

the sound is crappier than ever. I have this quality loss for a while but now is repulsive. Ive reinstall windows 7, reinstall relatek drivers, get ones specified by my motherboad manufacturer, tried the latest ones.... put power management at high performance...etc

my motherboard ASUS - Motherboards- ASUS P5GC-MX/1333

A:Bad sound quality ( high pitched, almost acoustic sound etc.) integrat

My RealTek sound (on one PC) also has "Sound Enhancements" which include reverb, echo, chorus, etc. If you have this diable all sound enhancements and see if that makes a difference.
Relevancy 55.04%

I am now on Windows 7 Build 7201 and while I've been updating it so it fits what I want such and programs and all that I realised I had to update Realtek. Well, I did and I got the version that works for Windows 7 and its basically the same as I had for Vista really. What I'm actually confused about my speakers don't max out to what they used to do on Vista, I know my speakers aren't damaged in anyway so I'm obviously blaming either the drivers or the OS. I max everything out as possible to see how loud it goes compared to what it did on Vista and its not exactly as loud. Can anyone tell me why its like this and if there's a solution around this.

Thank you for any help.

A:Sound lower than what it used to be

What other things have you tried? Have you tried hitting up the sound icon in the control panel and checking out the settings? Do you have your microphone connected and is it running as well at the same time you are trying to say listen to music because it could be that if your mic is one for some reason, there is a setting in windows that will lower the audio volume to allow for clearer conversations through the microphone.

Is there a realtek audio control panel? Have you tried playing around with the settings in there? Let me know if that idd not help at all and I will try again
Relevancy 55.04%

I have an HP laptop and windows 7. The recovery d drive is almost full. It is storing program files (86) which consists of an 'Adobe' folder and when I click on that it lists my Adobe CS3 and Adobe bridge etc. a 'recovery' folder and' HP_WSD. dat' and 'HPSF_ Rep' are also listed on the drive.

I have an external drive where I hope I have backed up my files following the back-up procedure. When I look at the is lists 'SHAZ HP', Windowsimagebackup and mediaID.bin

MY 2 QUESTIONS ARE: Can I delete what is on the recovery d drive and do I appear to have backed up properly on the external drive.

any help much appreciated

A:Recovery d drive storing program files (86) and is almost full.

Why are you installing programs to D: drive?
& not C: drive.
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I have mountains of VCR tapes and 100's of DVR events i need to record onto a Mac computer. The process i am using right now is sooooo time consuming, is there anyway to speed up the process? Here's the thing, I work for a football service where we analyze game film to rate players for the upcoming season. I record 75% of the game played this year. My boss is soo old-fashioned for the longest time refused to go to DVD recorders/DVR and now wants the games at the push of a button on a server. I've spent the last month trying everything and i am frustrated. IS Anybody out There!!!

A:Recording large video files & storing onto server

How are the raw inputs from the carmera recorded (aka what format or the .extension)
and what format do you desire to put on the server? These choices CAN make the world of difference
Relevancy 55.04%

I need info on migrating to a new hard drive set up. I want to install vista on a SSD drive for the os and programs because the ssd drive will be fast but for terrabyte storage I need to store music and video on regular non solid state drives. Any ideas?

A:Installing vista and programs on SSD and storing files on other drives

How many HDs can your computer hold ???
Internals or Externals ??

I'd start by installing the SSD by itself and perform a fresh install of the OS.
Your data and operating system will still be in the old drives .. and you can rearrange the Data later.
Relevancy 55.04%

I have several files to open in a single day but PowerPoint 2007 isnt storing recently opened documents, it used to do before just noticed the problem today morning and now its almost night (according to my time zone), it was a hard time locating my presentations all over my hard discs.

One more thing I also use CCleaner, Tune-up Utilities, Auslogics Boost Speed, Ashampoo 7 to clean up junk, is it has to do anything with recently opened documents cause i dont check the option to clean office 2007 opened files in CCleaner.

Pls help.

A:PowerPoint 2007 not storing recently opened files

Is my question stupid or everyone's on a holiday ???
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Hello All, I have recently purchased and had a 500 gb seagate hard drive installed on my computer. The main reason for purchasing it was to put my video files, etc. on it. However, the video files that I have moved over to that hard drive whenener I try to play them they stutter and freeze and you can't watch any of them on the added hard drive. So, I partitioned a part of the drive thinking that might help and it didn't. So, I just need to find out why my movie files, etc. won't play on my second hard drive? Thanks all.

A:Problem storing video files on 2nd hard drive

Sound like you haven't given it a full format. Try use this way.

Full format all the way, and take all the partition off and put only one partition...

Partition #1 - NTFS - Cache Default.
After reformat, try to create and write something on document and save it on your secondary hard drive.

And did you set the master / slave jumper settings?
Relevancy 55.04%

Hi, ive had this laptop for a while now, and a few months ago the audio was working just fine when i was producing my music, i plugged in my microphone, guitar hitch, i even set up a new maschine micro mk2 and it all worked fine with low latency. I didnt change the latency and a few weeks after letting my computer sit, i came back and tried to go onto soundcloud, and the audio wasnt working right. The audio came out, but it was like the bass had been manualy turned off. I preveously owned a macbook so if you could please elaborate and explain how to fix the problem or what is happening, that would be greatly appreciated.
Relevancy 55.04%

I am just trying to come to grips with possibilities using my new Asus Xonar DG Soundcard.
It's a well reviewed but low cost card @ $28 & I selected it to replace my failed on-board Card.
So I now have my desktop amplified speakers set up, but they are budget variety & somewhat limited, although I do not expect or need high volume.
I happen to have several small (ex car) amps, & several pairs of reasonably sized reasonable quality speakers, so I thought "what about a 4 speaker set up"?
Is this possible & how can it be wired up?
If done this way should I hook up a double gang log pot to control volume rather than use the on screen slide control which is not that easy when you are doing other things.

A:Making best of 5.1 sound card without 5.1 audio files

There should be a 'speaker fill' checkbox or similar in your audio manager.

Alternatively, you can use a splitter to split the L/R audio between the front jack and rear jack, giving you the same sound coming from the four speakers.

Or, you may find that it's annoying....
Relevancy 54.61%

Windows wont let me delete these sound files that are choking my playlists..i tried a system restore, deleting them (not a TrustedInstaller or whatever), and turning off WMP and WMS and turning it back on...they come back as an Unknown Album.. Im not great at the computer thing but basically i had to erase all my music which is awful for my work day..I dont know where they came from or how they got here but im stumped

A:Windows alerts and sound files in my Media Player! Not fun to hear

Do you get any messages when you try to delete any of the sound files and are you using to play your sound files
Relevancy 54.61%

My headphones are too good and i dont have any other ones so they can be REALLY loud even on 1 out of 100 sound.

So is there a way or a program that can lower the volume more than windows 7 allows.

A:PC How can i lower my sound even more than 1 without muting it (W7)

you should be able to lower the volume even more by clicking on the audio icon on the notification bar and selecting mixer, lowing the volume of the particular application will silence things more, it's a little bit of a pain when using full screen applications and games but still, it does the job.
Relevancy 54.61%

I've Headphones lower sound the to cause noticed an odd issue with using headphones with my laptop The laptop is a Dell Inspiron and is about - years old I can't say for sure when this problem started but I feel like it's been slowly getting worse The volume overall seems kind of low to the point where it must always be at maximum volume to really Headphones cause the sound to lower be heard properly The problem however is that when I plug in headphones the volume actually decreases I've tried this with two different pairs of headphones One is a regular pair being plugged in through the headphone jack the other is a USB headset Both pairs have significantly lower sound than if there were no headphones plugged in at all I feel like maybe the USB Headset has even lower volume than the regular headphones but I may just be imaging that Both of these headphones are fairly new Here are pictures for example I've opened up a video file here is the volume of that video with no headphones plugged in Here is the sound for that same exact video but with my headphones plugged in Some additional information I discovered while trying to fix the problem myself is that adjusting the volume of the headphones themselves does nothing When I go to quot Manage Audio Devices quot in my control panel I see both my speakers and headphones as active and the sound seems to be coming out of the speakers as the green bar next the speakers increases with sound as opposed to the headphones the sound is actually coming out of Lowering the volume of the headphones themselves doesn't even lower the volume at all the sound will continue to come out of the headphones at the same low volume Next I disabled my speakers to see if it would switch over to the headphones but it just stopped the sound altogether so I enabled them again and had to restart my laptop before I could get my sound back I tried googling this issue and got the suggestion to change the balance making one of them with the other staying at Oddly enough on my USB Headset's volume there is no option to change the Balance however on my regular headphones there is Sadly changing the balance does not help me like it seems to help others So whatever this issue is it's not the one that can be solved by changing the balance I'm not sure how much of this is relevant to the issue and how much is normal but I figured I'd provide everything I've come across So does anyone here have any idea what my problem is and if there is a way to fix it Any help is greatly appreciated thank you

A:Headphones cause the sound to lower

Hi rabbit,

Since you are experiencing 'audio issues' while using the 'headphone jack' & the 'USB headphone', a 'hardware malfunction' is very unlikely.

Would like to know if you've tried re-installing the 'audio drivers'. If not, please try re-installing the 'audio' to see if that helps. (Updating the drivers may not be good enough)

To re-install the drivers, please follow these steps:
- Click 'Start icon' > Type 'devmgmt.msc' (without quotations) in 'Search Programs and Files' > Click 'Search Result' to open the 'Device Manager' page > Expand 'Sound, Video & Game Controllers' > Right click and uninstall the 'Audio device' > Also remove the driver software, if prompted > Follow through with the uninstall process to finish the removal and allow the system to restart.
- Click How to Use the Drivers and Downloads Website and follow the steps listed (number 4) to download and install fresh 'audio drivers' for the unit.

Hope this helps. Do reply with the findings.
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Storing emails on Network Drives as msg files - appending file name with incremental numbers Hi not sure if I should post this question in Office forum or Windows but since using Windows Explorer figure I try here first - as Drives msg on Storing emails files file Network appending name For years I save my emails directly to my home drive to avoid the use of pst files When drag and drop the emails any subject with the same subject windows would add a incremental number to the file name i e Re Lunch Meeting Re Lunch Meeting I've only seen this occur when select a group of messages to drag and drop never seen it add the incremental number on individual messages Now have a client who is insisting it Storing emails on Network Drives as msg files - appending file name worked before that when adds an email to existing folders if it had the same subject it would ask copy replace or keep both I know keep both occurs if using Offline files and synchronization and resolving conflicts But never seen that on a basic drag and drop on an individual file without first renaming the subject or rename the file name so don't get the prompt to replace the file Is there any setting or registry key to force the option for client to get the keep Storing emails on Network Drives as msg files - appending file name both option Thanks
Relevancy 54.18%

Windows 7 64-bit I'm using an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ processor My audio is working, but I'm getting "popping" noises every 15-30 seconds and it's really bothering me. I updated to the latest driver for Realtek AC'97 and I insalled the Realtek HD Audio drivers, but only the AC'97 shows up in the device manager. When I got to add/remove programs, it shows that HD Audio can be uninstalled, but I don't know if that means it's working. From reading around on the internet, some people said the HD Audio driver solved their problem, but I'm not sure if mine is actually working or not. I don't know much about computers, so please spell things out explicitly for me so I can just follow directions.
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I have looked over the website to try to find an answer to my question I first did a search for Files over and Streaming network and Storing Solved: for Photo Soultion Music wireless hard drives but since it is a new area for me I am confused What I am looking to do it put my music and photo collection onto a Solved: Soultion for Storing and Streaming Music and Photo Files over network single external hard drive Then over the network share it with the computers or more I have so that I can play my music over any pc I have Right now i just use iTunes library share on my desktop to play them on my laptop Since i rarely use my laptop now I want to be Solved: Soultion for Storing and Streaming Music and Photo Files over network able to download Solved: Soultion for Storing and Streaming Music and Photo Files over network music on my laptop as well but not store it locally on the laptops hard drive I know i could create a network so the computers can talk to each other and send the files to the desktop but I would rather have a external hard drive that stores it My question is what are good not extremely expensive solutions to what i want to do nbsp

A:Solved: Soultion for Storing and Streaming Music and Photo Files over network

You are looking for a NAS.
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I've just finished transfering some music to my computer from old audio cassette tapes that I recorded years ago.

Years ago I recorded those tapes in segments on different days, and I'm finding the recorded volume levels were not consistent between recording "sessions". Some songs are Much louder than others(almost blowing my ears off when they start)compared to the previous song.....and in some cases, the Right or Left stereo channels were WAY lower than the other one making a Very poor mix.

Now that I have these stereo WAV files on my computer, is there a program that I can use to edit the volume levels of the individual audio files to make them all more even?

And also to boost or decrease the volume level of one of the (Rt. or Lt.)stereo channels to get a better stereo mix?

thank you
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i was listening to music and i restarted my browser because browser was taking to long to open and bitdefender stopped responding. then after again i reststarted again same problem. now its fixed i open my mp3 files and all of sudden everything sounds completely different

A:All of a sudden, my audio files sound alot thicker and slower!

Does it sound same in all players?
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Hi Didn t put this in with certain out plays Sound headphone ONE WORKS! Hardware audio Why? only of files. Hardware b c my hardware works perfectly If it needs to be moved though please do I Sound plays out of ONE headphone only with certain audio files. Why? Hardware WORKS! m a transcriber I ve noticed that with some international audio sound only plays out of my LEFT headphone when headphones are plugged Sound plays out of ONE headphone only with certain audio files. Why? Hardware WORKS! directly into my laptop I know without question that there is nothing at all wrong with either the laptop or headphones of files play through both headphones as expected When I plug my headphones into the quot left quot output jack in my USB audio interface I use it for home recording it will spit the audio out to both headphones But if I go directly into the computer or use the quot headphones quot jack on the audio interface actually I only get sound on the left side Someone else suggested that this is b c the creator of the audio recorded it in stereo instead of mono Okay but what I need to know is how to make it so I can plug headphones directly into my laptop s headphone jack and hear the audio on BOTH sides I d rather not use the audio interface to do that because I need the USB jack it s occupying for my foot pedal and mouse Thanks for any suggestions you can offer as to switching either the audio to I guess stereo if that s the problem or another way of getting it to play out of both earphones when they re directly connected to the computer Blue nbsp

A:Sound plays out of ONE headphone only with certain audio files. Why? Hardware WORKS!

Welcome to TSG, blue.

TheBluestLotus said:

Someone else suggested that this is b/c the creator of the audio recorded it in stereo instead of mono. Click to expand...

The person who suggested this is quite correct. Unfortuantely, since the files were saved as mono, the only thing you can really do to solve the problem would be to edit the sound files using a program like Audacity.

Below is a link to show how to change the files from Mono to Stereo using Audacity.
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greets all i have an issue with my sound i have tested sound under audio properties and left and right speakers work fine the drivers are all up to date but working from cannot audio music or sound get files video play i can get sound upon start up and windows default sounds and i also get sound with no probs from various online websites e g fb games BUT windows media player windows will not play any of my media files getting error for every file- audio of video and ive also uninstalled and reinstalled to attempt to get it running normally and vlc player will sound working but cannot play music or get audio from video files not play sound for any audio file or video file either i havent tried other media players as of yet so my speakers and drivers seem fine and upto date but i just cant get any media players to play sound for video or audio files ive tried flac mp mp and wma files my default audio software is conexant smartaudio hd im running windows home premium- sound working but cannot play music or get audio from video files bit it appears i only have sp under my computer properties tho not sure if upgrading this would resolve the issue any advice would be most welcome

A:sound working but cannot play music or get audio from video files

ok.. looking at the microsoft service pack updates i find that there seems to be only a sp1 for windows 7..? also as an addition there are no question marks showing in device manager either
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Hello I recently updated a Windows service pack and while it was updating I opened GeForce Experience to see if there was an update for my graphics driver When I did this my PC crashed and after it booted up I've had no sound ever since I've done everything I can think of Ran scans an SFC scan plugged my speakers and headphones in and out of every port etc There's that red X at the bottom of my volume control and it just says that no speakers or headphones are plugged in I can't even configure or set defaults in the sound panel When I click on SFC NO files Codec/Audioess.dll Audio sound, Scan corrupted after the volume icon it runs a troubleshoot asks me what sound NO sound, Audio Codec/Audioess.dll files corrupted after SFC Scan devices I'm wanting to get help with and when I pick speakers or headphones it simply says that they're unplugged Microsoft Support said that my audio is messed up due to the conflict between Windows updating and a third party program GeForce being ran at the same time As far as the sfc scan goes I've ran it multiple times with no luck and I've even gone into my CBS log to find out what the problem is Towards the end of the results there's about a paragraph length including quot Audiocodec quot problems and quot Audioess dll quot corrupted files This obviously is the problem I've attached a picture where this occurs I'm hoping that this can be fixed without having to buy a new copy of Windows or a new soundcard But if that ends up being the case then I will of course Please help I will be eternally grateful As you can imagine a PC really isn't useful without sound Thank you stigzmata

A:NO sound, Audio Codec/Audioess.dll files corrupted after SFC Scan

Do you have a System Restore point that is BEFORE the updates? If you do, try restoring the PC using an available restore date that is BEFORE the updates. That may take care of the problems. You will have to reinstall the Win 7 updates and the Video updates (but do them one at a time).

A side comment. I see you have Windows 7 64 bit OS but only 4GB of RAM. 64 bit OS' main use is with more than 4GB of RAM. The 64bit OS requires more memory than the 32 bit OS thus you have less RAM available for programs. If your motherboard is capable of more than 4GB, consider upgrading to at least 6 or 8GB.
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My motherboard is a PCCHIPS M848LU V1.2 and the onboard sound is a C-Media AC97 (I don't know the exacts of it, but I think I can find out) It has up-to-date drivers

I just bought this comp from, its an AMD Athlon XP2600+, maxtor 30gig 7200rpm hd, 128mb ddr pc2100 ram (512 PC2700, whenever it gets here...) nvidia 128mb geforce4mx440, Windows XP Professional SP1a, 52x24x52x cd-rw..onboard NIC, onboard sound.

Anyway, whenever I play *most* (I say most because a few mp3s either from winamp radiostations or mp3s on my harddrive dont crack, but the sound quality is still alittle bad) it cracks some-what badly, some worse than others.. I've tried reinstalling the drivers and messing around with the settings, no help...everythings brand-new, so think it might be defective, or an hardware conflict? Thanks in advance.

A:Sound crackling, bad quality (onbored sound)

Well you could visit the PCCHIPS website and see if they have any updates for the Sound.

Also try another pair of speakers, could be bad speakers or a damaged cable/plug.

Thats a fairly nice machine, however you shouldn't have skimped on the motherboard - its one of the lowest end manufacturers of mobo's.

You may be better off by simple buying a PCI soundcard - I recommend a Creative Soundblaster - and disable the onboard sound. You'll get better quality sound and better performance in games.
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Preferably free... windows media player looked nice but i was woundering if there was better, i have used alot and they all have their pros and cons but right now i could really make use of a high quality picture even if the rest of the features are lacking.

A:Which video Player has the best quality?

You might want to try Divx.
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Hi everyone on bleepingcomputer Just noticed that my WAVE sound & MASTER volume in sndvol32 lowers itself to the bottom sometimes got no strange processes running(what i could see with process explorer) but im not that experienced Been running malwarebytes antimalware, superantispyware free full updated and scanning everything in system(y' Also Sophos antirookit and GMER and nothing red lined found either Would be so thankful if anyone could take a deeper look in my system? and maybe come to an conclusion on why the sound lowers itself often when im starting or inviting an Cam request on Live messanger 8.0.17 What i think it couldve bee some kind of trojan that listening my sound from cam or so? WAVE & Master volume both being lowered to maximum and im using highspeakers so no headset or like that Thanks everyone

A:Wave sound lower itselfs sometimes? often when cam active

Hello.Before we start fixing anything you should print out these instructions or copy them to a NotePad file so they will be accessible. Some steps will require you to disconnect from the Internet or use Safe Mode and you will not have access to this page.Please download Dr.Web CureIt and save it to your desktop. DO NOT perform a scan yet.alternate download linkNote: The file will be randomly named (i.e. 5mkuvc4z.exe).Reboot your computer in "Safe Mode" using the F8 method. To do this, restart your computer and after hearing your computer beep once during startup (but before the Windows icon appears) press the F8 key repeatedly. A menu will appear with several options. Use the arrow keys to navigate and select the option to run Windows in "Safe Mode".Scan with Dr.Web CureIt as follows:Double-click on the randomly named file to open the program and click Start. (There is no need to update if you just downloaded the most current versionRead the Virus check by DrWeb scanner prompt and click Ok where asked to Start scan now? Allow the setup.exe to load if asked by any of your security programs.The Express scan will automatically begin.
(This is a short scan of files currently running in memory, boot sectors, and targeted folders).If prompted to dowload the Full version Free Trial, ignore and click the X to close the window.If an infected object is found, you will be prompted to move anything that cannot be cured. Click Yes to All. (This will move any detected files to the C:\Documents and Settings\userprofile\DoctorWeb\Quarantine folder if they can't be cured)After the Express Scan is finished, put a check next to Complete scan to scan all local disks and removable media.In the top menu, click Settings > Change settings, and uncheck "Heuristic analysis" under the "Scanning" tab, then click Apply, Ok.Back at the main window, click the green arrow "Start Scanning" button on the right under the Dr.Web logo.Please be patient as this scan could take a long time to complete.When the scan has finished, a message will be displayed at the bottom indicating if any viruses were found.Click Select All, then choose Cure > Move incurable.In the top menu, click file and choose save report list.Save the DrWeb.csv report to your desktop.Exit Dr.Web Cureit when done.Important! Reboot your computer because it could be possible that files in use will be moved/deleted during reboot.After reboot, post the contents of the log from Dr.Web in your next reply. (You can use Notepad to open the DrWeb.cvs report)~BladeIn your next reply, please include the following:Dr. Web Log
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I hope someone can explain this to me. I'm not Joe technical when it comes to audio and video files, but I was told a good sampling rate for MP3's would be 44100 Hz, but I found out, at least in this particular instance that a lower rate, 22050 Hz actually worked better.

I am trying to record some sound from a online video using a sound recording program called Fairstars Recorder. It records whatever is coming out of the sound card. When I initially did a test run at 44100 and a bitrate of 128, the sound was a little distorted. When I went with 22050 and 128 it sounded just like what the sound of the online video did.

I'm just trying to figure out why this is because everything I've read says that, to get the optimum sound you should stick with at least 44100.
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My speakers are too loud and I need to figure someway of making them not as loud. A thing is I only go 1 point (out of about 20) to add up the sound and it is already loud enough. If I'll give it a nice spin then neighbors from across the street will listen to my song.

I can ofcource lower the sound in control panel, but is there a way to lower it another way? so that in sound tray I have my volume on max and control it by the controller on the speakers?


A:[SOLVED] Set lower default sound in Vista

any ideas? anyone?
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I was wondering how to achive the best audio quality(witch player should i use,What codecs and so on)
My gear is nothing to brag about:Acer aspire E 15 and two Bose speakers.
DFX Audio Enhancer installed Combined with Aimp4.
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What is the best possible audio quality (bitrate, format, etc...) combination out there?

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Is there any possible way to make DVD plays in VLC Media with better video quality like PowerDVD? It'd better be free better not be complicated (I'm not an advanced computer user).

A:Video Quality In Vlc Media Player

Don't see why not. When you put in your DVD go to "My Computer" then click the DVD icon then open with... choose VLC Player. I haven't tested this because when I play DVD's I usually play them with Windows Media Player.


Also, a video quality relies on many things.. Graphics Card, RAM (<-- I think), Codecs (<-- MAIN ONE). So I think if you look around the net for some video codecs they should play your videos better. For me I like K-lite media codec pack, or something around that name I forgot. =P
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im stuck cant find a way to download the volume control for my computer,i have a Sony Vaio PCV-V1/G Desktop on windows XP Pro and im pulling my hair out can somebody help me

A:No sound or speaker sign on lower task bar by the time

You didn't mention what you have tried, so I'll give you the basic way to put the icon in the taskbar.

From Start Menu/Control Panel.

Once Control Panel opens, click on Sounds and Audio Devices.
Volume tab.
Check the box next to Place volume icon in the taskbar

Click Apply to save the setting.
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I just rereive the notebook Pavilion 15-au010nd . I didn't install any software yet. From the beginning the sound starts normal for 2 seconds (cd, youtube, etc.) and then turns automatically lower. I have updated the audio driver, but didn't work at all.  

A:Pavilion 15-au010nd sound turns automatically lower

Hi @Ferry7, Welcome to HP Forums!  I have read your post and waned to help. I understand that you have a problem with the audio volume. I check the product specification of Pavilion 15-au010nd. It comes with Windows 10. Are you sure it is Windows NT installed on your laptop? Looking forward to your reply!
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Got the XPS 15 a month ago and the first time I plugged my headphones I noticed the problem
The right speaker has significantly lower sound than the left and when I wiggle the audio jack of the headphones, it gets normal for a moment and then bad again. That happens only with headphones. I tried 4 different ones. 
I reinstalled audio drivers - no luck. It seems like loose audio jack connection and not a software issue. Any one having the same problem? 
I guess the only solution would be sending it back for repair which I don't want
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I have a Dell laptop with Vista and have recently lost the volume icon from the lower task bar (lower right corner).

I have gone to the "Sound" application on my control panel and have seen nothing that may help.

A:lost volume icon on lower tool bar and can not get sound

hi and welcome you could try this
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I can sound files for less the 10 mins before this high pitched screaming from the speakers starts i can play audio cd's with this squeal in the background

please somone help

i have a VIA sound device i think its built onto my motherboard, but i need HELP!

A:When playing Audio files my pc suddenly stops then and starts making a siren sound

How do you make the sound stop?

It is coming from the speakers, not from inside the computer?

Is it only when you play audio CDs?
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my computer has been saying that it has been low on ram for a while, but i would ignore it as i have just finished download call of duty modern warfare 2 (a large game) and have been wanting to play it. Suddenly, my sound ceased to work and windows media player wont play files, instead putting a red x next to them as if they cant find them. When my headphones are plugged in the jack it wont work, but when i take the sound jack out my computers speakers (which are coming from the monitor) make very strange noises. I have a windows vista 32 bit and i would appreciate some help. Thank you.

A:[SOLVED] Sound suddenly stopped working and windows media player wont recognise files

Windows requires considerable memory to run media player.
If it is out of memory it wont even start.

Try to disable some things and see if it will work.
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I know absolutely nothing about Audio. I know that my speaker set up has a subwoofer. That it connects to the back of my computer through a black, green and orange 3-way spliced cable. I know I took the computer apart to move it to a new case and that's when it started. I use the on board sound card to an ASUS A8N32 SLI board with the proper sound driver.

The assistance feature for the less informed, like myself, says there's something wrong with my green cable. There doesn't seem to be any tears or weak connections.

As for the problem itself. Sound is mildly distorted. There's severe bass tones? where there shouldn't be. Half of the sounds from 3d games like Oblivion, do not register.

A:Poor quality Audio

You should have a Realtek Aux console. Start/Programs/Realtek===> some drop down menu. In there you can set-up your speakers for 2.1, 3.1, 5.1 etc. also there should be a graphics equalizer where you can set base or there can be a tab just for setting how much sub-woofer (volume and cross-over frequency) I set my cross-over at 60Hz.

You need to tell it how many speakers you have, then set your sub-woofer and you should be ok.