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Photo Bucket Video Download is Mpeg-4

Q: Photo Bucket Video Download is Mpeg-4

I have a free private registration at PhotoBucket, . .

And uploaded an MPV but when I download it back to my PC

It is now an MPEG-4 Movie and needs MS plug-ins etc.

Problem I don't want that, . . where is my MPV download

since it ask for choice before the download.

Anybody know how this can be done ?

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Preferred Solution: Photo Bucket Video Download is Mpeg-4

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Photo Bucket Video Download is Mpeg-4

Jove, have you researched PB Help? If you can't find an answer there, click on the Ask A Question tab and fire away.PhotoBucket Help and SupportRosie
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My Persario crashed some time back so I purchased system restore discs from HP. Problem is, I tried to play a DVD and I get the error that I need a DVD decoder. Previous to the crash, DVD movies could be played. Seems I will have to purchase software. Roxio sells a download for $14.99, but wants $16.99 for a back up disc. My question is...since I am a cheapskate....can I download the software to a CD and save some bucks? I got a PC with the same DVD decoder due to it crashing a while ago and I never tried playing a movie untill I discovered my Persario (laptop) was missing the thing and checked it. Samo-samo. Thanx in advance for any response to this basic (everyone knows....except me) type question.

A:MPEG-2 Download

Go here and download VLC media player for Windows. It's free and will install the necessary codecs, no need to purchase anything.
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Hi, I have videos from my cannon HD cam in MPEG TS format, and I am not able to put them in itunes, plus they are way too large. I tried online conversion sites, but they said they don't support that file format. In movie maker it comes out all fuzzy and cloudy and you can't see it. Does anyone know how I can 1) reduce the file size, 2) convert it to an iphone friendly format? every program that I found online SAYS it can do it, but costs $30 or more. Help please!

A:MPEG TS Video file from Cannon Cam to iPhone video?

You can try this- Need an AVI Converter? | ConverterLite – Audio and Video for DVD, iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone, PS3, PSP and more!

It's free.

Normally, if the file is mpeg-4, then software companies have to pay licensing fees to the patent holders. As a result, you can't work with mpeg-4 in most free software to compress the files. The way around that is to buy the software.
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I was trying to download a music file from a website. When I click on 'download here', I get this screen. When I right click there is no way to save the file to my computer. So, I don't know what they mean by 'download here'.


A:How do I download a mpeg file like this?

Right Click, on download here button

Select Save Link AS

Select Save Target As
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I got the paid quick time Pro v7. It supposedly will "convert-to-ipod* the formats MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4. So far it converts the MPEGs with video but no audio. How do I find out what kind of MPEG files I'm working with, to see if my files will convert? I tried GSpot and played in various players to seek file properties. I can't find those MPEG numbers anywhere. They seem to be iimportant to quick time Pro's "convert-to-ipod" capability.
Also any tips at all about using quicktime Pro's "convert-to-ipod" feature will be appreciated.
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When trying to download mpeg files from the internet, on pressing "save target as" the file appears in the "save as" window as "viewphp". Then when clicking "save", the download will not start and eventually times out. All other file types download normally. I am using Windows XP. Any ideas please ?

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I am UK based and downloaded a video. I had a message come up telling me that I need to download MPEG-2 audio decoder into my pc.

I did a google search, downloaded the file but the MPEG-2 audio decoder is shown as inactive, so I cannot play the video

I would like to down load successfully, preferably at zero cost.

Can anyone give me a fools guide how to do it.

Many thanks


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Need to know how to I have Nero Essentials, unfortunetly the trial offer to decode files to mp3 expired. Is there a free download to change videos via MPEG-2/DVD encoder/decoder software.
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Hi everyone,

Does anybody know why, on dial up connection, and on Windows Media Player, .avi and .wmv files download quickly and .mpeg files download very slow?

Do I not have mpeg properly enabled for my Windows Media Player?



A:Windows Media Player - mpeg slow to download.

It best u download the movie clip before playing in WMP, and that too when using a dial-up.
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Hey guys i have a problem here.I have this move "kung fu hustle" dvd rip stored on my computer.The movie is in a mpg format though.The problem is when i go to play through any player such as winamp,crystal or real it it plays only the 49 mins.But the movie is not 49 mins it over an hour.The thing is once it reaches the49 minute its done, so i have to keep fast forwarding and rewinding and until i come to a certain part the whole movie will play.But its sought of pointless cause i didnt see the first half it just starts from anywhere.Its a mpeg2 video.So how do i play this video.This also happens to another mpeg video of mine.

A:Mpeg video

Well, Kung Fu Hustle is yet to be released in cinemas, IIRC, so what you would have there is an illegal copy of the film - even if not, it is illegal to have ripped copies of any DVD's anyhow.

Thus acording to teh TSG rules we cannot help.

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I need help, i want to hook my 8mm camcorder to my computer and upload the footage...any idea?

A:8mm Cam Video to MPEG?

here is a few links for ya.

link 1

link 2

link 3
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Hi, I have some Video-TS folders with two music concerts each in them. When you play them they come up like they were still on disk and you get a screen where you have to choose to view either the first or second concert. You click on one or the other to choose.

I want to convert them to MPEG 4 so I can load them to my iPod Classic. I ran the first folder through Handbreak and only the first concert converted.

How do I get both to convert?

Any way to split them into seperate files?
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Happy New Year to all...

I'm trying to connect my computer for TV output using s-video from graphics card (FX5900XT) to SCART connection on TV (no s-vid input).

Applications, Games, Pix etc work fine, but I can't get an output for video files. MPEGs DVDs or any other type of movie file gets me a blank screen.

Any suggestions?
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I've just gotten a ZEN Vision M.
I've loaded a number of video's to it, but I have others I want to load, but "video file" is not supported.
How can I convert Video File to MPEG format?

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Just wanted to drop a line to see if anyone had come accross an application called frameline 47 that was released in the last week or so. Its a Video Notation tool, but has some amazing features - and a stunning looking interface. It is the first MPEG-7 app, and definately worth a look as it has scene detection, poster frame navigation & a full screen playback mode that looks amazing & allows for navigation by content. Really cool site too;
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would anybody know a program that can fix this error?????thanks

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I have used this program before MPEG Video Wizard DVD, but I have not run into this problem before and cannot figure it out. I have a video clip and I want to use the audio from this clip (sony 60gHDD Handycam) I have completed the editing and have exported and did the DVD maker. When I go to burn it, their is no audio. I am using imageburn. Have I done something in the editing/saving process or have I screwed up in image burn? The video is there, and plays fine. Any suggestions?
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I have about 6 hours of HD video that I hope to edit with PowerDirector 8 Ultra. When starting to import the file to PD the message appears " you are about to convert to MPEG-2 format filename.mpg for editing in PD...". So I cancelled the import. In the reading I've done I was under the impression that HD video had to be MPEG-4. If I proceed with the conversion to MPEG-2 to enable me to edit the video, will I lose the HD in the video? If so, what's my option to convert to MPEG-4?

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I'm trying to learn how I can extract/rip jpg/gif images out of .avi/mpeg videos. How is it done? What software do I need? I have nero and pinnicle. Can anyone help me on this?
Thanks, in advance.

A:getting jpg/gif pictures from .avi/mpeg video

I don't know Nero, but most entry level editors allow you to capture a frame. Read your manual but normally you position your cursor over the part of the time line and then hit a capture button. Windows Movie Maker will allow you to do this. On the lower right hand corner of the viewing window is an icon of a camera---just pic the part of the .avi you want to capture and hit the button.
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i have a home video,but part of it seems not so good,i want to cut about should i do?please tell me the deatail.

A:How should i cut my .mpeg format video?

Launch Windows Movie Maker, cut out what you don't want, and save it.

If you don't have Windows Movie Maker, go to, go to the download center, and get movie maker for whatever version of windows you have.

If you have a mac, Idk. Get the sony vegas trial I guess.
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Hi guys

Anyone know where you can download a free Codec mpeg-2 on line without getting a truck load of spyware with it.
Or would it be better to purchase one on line?

A:Video Codec mpeg-2

If you're trying to view a video encoded in MGEG-2 you can try VLC Media Player. It's free, open source, and plays pretty much every kind of media file there is.
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Hello I have a MythTV box that I use to record videos from the TV which encodes into mpeg MPEG Distortion Video Since these files are huge I tried using mencoder to reduce them down and I get about half the size I ve used mencoder in linux and the cygwin port and the video output seems to be the same I use the lavc codec to encode with vcodec mpeg On Windows with VideoLan there is a translucent green blue block running down the video and it actually still flickers even when the video is paused In WMP it MPEG Video Distortion doesn t show video at all The video plays fine on the Linux version of VideoLan and the Myth box I guess it s something to do with the codecs I m using but it s not something I know much about It s a similar thing to a film from a friend which had the same distortion but was fixed by changing the deinterlacing Any ideas Thanks Dom nbsp

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Hi I m new to this forum so apologies if i am WMP in error video MPEG duplicating an existing thread Recently my system has developed problems with MPEG video files In Windows Explorer thumbnail previews sometimes are not displayed When attempingt to open in WMP I get quot Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file For additional assistance click Web Help MPEG video error in WMP quot When attempingt to open in DivX Player I get quot This file does not appear MPEG video error in WMP to contain a Video track quot The WMP Web Help suggests a MPEG video error in WMP problem with my soundcard however I know that it is correctly installed and has the latest drivers although the card is quite old This situation only happens with MPG files however if I try opening them in WinDVD or VLC they play without error I have tried reinstalling DirectX c to replace the quartz dll file which I thought might be corrupted have tried removing and updating all third-party video audio codecs divx xvid ffdshow ac and have updated my video and sound card drivers all to no avail Any advice on this problem would be hugely appreciated Thanks nbsp
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How can I edit (e.g. to remove commercials etc.) MPEG-2 Video files as produced by my TV card (Avermedia DVB-T), so that I can burn them to DVD?

A:MPEG-2 Video Editing

The search feature is your friend

Take a look at this thread for more information
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Does know of any one know of any software I could to remove blur from an Mpeg4 file? I have a Mac.

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hey guys
i recently posted the other day with a problem with some virus and now i have another problem and since u guys were such a great help maybe u guys can help me again

ok..i have windows xp and i have the new beta windows media player 9 (i duno if that matters but it might) and just recently it wont let me view mpeg file videos! its really frustrating..
i can view big movies like divx and .avi but no small clips! with windows media player it says im missing the 6 codec. but nothing ever comes up when i seacrh for it or anything. cant find anywhere..

i have tried everything ! i re-downloaded all of my codecs for mpegs but when i search all really i can find is mpeg-4 stuff which i dont need! ive tried to fix for days but no luck .. please help !

A:MPEG and other video files problems

Hi there!

I'm glad that we have helped previously!

As for the WMP 9.0 just might want to see if has any information on it all!

Also...Loading up the MPeg-4 codecs couldn't hurt!
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Hello all!

Not sure if this is the right forum, but I have a little problem with Windows Media Player, or just any other player in my PC while playing MPG's.

Movie and sound play just fine, no fast forward, no distortion, etc.. but the time bar goes on quicker than the actual timing of the movie. For example, for a 5 minute video, WMP only plays 1 minute. If I try to stop the time bar from its quest to the finish line, then I get to see the part that was supposed to be playing at the place where I stopped the time, but it continues runnin quickly to the end, making it impossible to see the whole video.

I have downloaded Microsoft's Codecs, and some others, but the problem still continues. Please help....



A:MPEG video playback problem

Google for "free codecs" and grab what u can. That will hopefully fix it.
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Does anyone know what program to use to convert my camcorder videos to AVI or MPEG to upload to a website?
Thanks, Scott

A:Convert Camcorder video to AVI/ MPEG?


You may want to take a look at this:

Then, if you want it in other formats, try here:


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I got this movie file that's apparently an .mpeg and none of my media players will play it. Windows Media and ATI file player will only play the audio. So I figured the file was broke BUT...

I downloaded Tmpeg and xmpeg and I get video. The only problem is I can't play the video and audio at the same time (plus the video play rate is faster than normal). So I'm stuck here with video and audio but no way to play it. The maker of this movie file must have intended for it to work... so what's he got that I don't?

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Hey Guys First time poster Here s a bit of a briefing Note using XP I ve been importing videos from my video camera and the thumbnail has always shown up as first Thumbnails gone Mpeg Video Default?! frame from the video About three months ago i got a new hard Mpeg Video Thumbnails gone Default?! drive so i transferred all the clips They all still showed the first frame as the thumbnail However not that i ve been importing these past three months they only show up as the default movie icon I thought this wouldn t be that great of an issue I simply ignored it and carried on Now that i have bulked up on my video camera collection video clips to this date in past three months it has made it virtually impossible to make this a quick activity when wanting to find certain files i have to individually watch each and every one until i stumble across the file i want Which is a massive time waster And it s only bound to get worst as time goes on I decided to reinstall WMP DivX Codecs No help then i went and downloaded and installed various codec packs still no help I then uninstalled some random codecs in the hope that it wasn t a clash of conflict amongst the lot I googled the issue a lot of the findings linked me to this forum and found how various people were able to fix the problem by run - gt REGSVR SHMEDIA DLL still no help I then followed the proceedings for the Windows Registry Edit in relation to HKEY LOCAL MACHINE as located at http www kellys-korner-xp com regs edits autoplayiconrestore reg Still nothing I have even installed programs known as Haali Media Splitter and ffdshow as shown in a thread on another forum yet nothing I have done everything in my power and the annoyance has become even bigger everytime i try a solution so instead i have decided to simply post myself in the hope that someone can help me because it s really gotten me annoyed Perhaps it has something to do with the way i am importing Strangely enough i did import another videos last night and one of the has shown up with the icon of the first frame the rest haven t I am unsure to what this means I did nothing different to my knowledge to that certain file Whenever i import PMB - Picture Motion Browser I do notice a pop-up coming up everytime i import from PMB asking something about ffd which i simply ignore I doubt PMB is even related to this issue so I ve given that a miss If anybody can help me I d dearly appreciate it a lot because it s become a real nuisance Thank you Rickko nbsp
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Hey everybody,

I got a quick question how do you convert video files of serval different types over tp MPEG-4, WMV, H.264, I recently got a zune and it doesnt work with any other videos also how do you convert pictures over to JPEG thanks very much

A:How to convert video files to MPEG-4,WMV and H.264
This link will take you to a page where you can get IrfanView, a thing to convert pictures to other types.
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i squeeze an mpeg video down to about 2.8mb, i couldn't go any futher, i was hopeing if anyone know of a way to squeeze it down to 2mb, and if possible, to an even smaller size, however i couldn't find any software that does that, does any one know of one?

what i did was, took a .flv file and use riva encoder to change it to an mpeg, then i futher shrink the mpeg by degrading the video quality, i then upload it to my motorola RAZR v3 phone, and and found it took way too much space, so i need to shrink this 2.8mb video even more, please help me, many thanks.

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:grinthumb Hey Guys,

I was wondering if anyone has ever used or known of any software that converts any video format to gif?

I really need a program which can make this happen, I have recently recorded some video clips on my camera but I want to convert these files into gif so I can include them in a website I'm creating... to make the site easier to load

Help/Advise would be much appreciated :bounce:

A:Video (mpeg, avi, divx, etc) to Gif Converter

If you want to be ghetto you can play the video on your system, and pause the part you want to use as an image, hit PRINT SCREEN button then paste into paint or any other image software. Or you can download 3rd party software to capture screen images.
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I'm having some audio problems with a few of my videos. The audio sound is like it's going through a motorcycle engine - putt=putt-putt-putt... I've tried using the GSpot program to find out the audio codec, but all I get is n/a.

I installed the DivX 5 codec, Xvid codec, and a couple of others but to no avail. With Divx5 and some of the other codecs, it corrects the "motorcycle engine problem" but the audio gets off track from the video.

I have 3 videos and it does it on all of them (so I know it's just not that 1 video).

Thanks for any and all help!

A:audio codec problem on mpeg video

what's your system resources?
Be sure to have the last divx 5.11 installed.
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I received an e-mail with an attachment that consisted of a Windows Media Video clip. I'd like to burn it to a disk that will work on my home DVD player, which lists MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and Video-CD as among the files it will play. I burned a disk of the WMV clip, but it wouldn't work. Is there a program, preferably free, that will convert WMV to Video-CD or MPEG or something else that will play on my home DVD player? Thanks.

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I installed a CD DVD recorder player along with Nero Vision Express CD DVD burning software program I have hundreds of video clips amp videos on my computer I keep them assigned as thumbnails so I can view a still picture of each video I have never renamed my videos and I use these thumbnails to identify them The first no my video thumbnail for pics mpeg clips more time I used Nero to no more thumbnail pics for my mpeg video clips make a DVD video Nero informed me that no more thumbnail pics for my mpeg video clips a DVD-Video Plug-in has been detected and installed on my system and that all my video files will automatically be converted during the burn process This made sense however later I found out that I lost most of my thumbnail pictures I now have a windows video player like icon as a thumbnail picture for all of my mpeg videos so I don t know what all these videos are The rest of my videos with different formats still have thumbnail pictures I know I can change each mpeg video to a different format to correct the problem but this would take me years to do since of my videos are mpegs I have Windows XP Any suggestions or help with this problem would be greatly appreciated IJACK nbsp

A:no more thumbnail pics for my mpeg video clips

Start > run > type REGSVR32 SHMEDIA.DLL and click ok.
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I have a some videos that were encoded using divX I believe. Well at least some are. However the picture quality is not very clear. Below ia an example of one:

320 x 240, 24 Bits, 5594 Frames, 29.970 Frames/Sec, 54 KB/Sec, DIVXMPG4 V3

Is there a way to improve the picture quality?

A:Solved: Improving mpeg video quality?

I don't know but maybe something in the video editor section here can help.
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Like the title says. I load up any mpeg video (except divx) and after about a minute or 2 the audio and the video go out of sync then if I can stand it long enough (another minute or 2) the video glitches and then the audio is synced again fine for another couple minutes. .avi and .asf files don't do this so it has to be something in my mpeg codec but I don't know of a place to get a new codec. Its a pain to have to burn them onto a video cd just to watch without the syncronization problem.

WMP 6.4

A:Odd mpeg video audio sync problem

I had this problem.

I am sorry, but I can't tell you what made it go away, because I honestly don't know. I have been through about 3 motherboards and CPUs since then...

It was something to do with my hard drive being accessed whilst trying to play a movie from there.....
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I'm trying to put two or three files on a DVD-Video rather than individual files on CDs as VCD or SVCD format. Nero Vision Express 2 just does not like this at all. I use the add video option and it displays the amount of space the file is going to take up on the bottom of the screen (well within the required space) and then the program just stops responding EVERY time. I have had some issues with creating VCD and SVCD sometimes with Nero. Any suggestions (including alternative software?) Surely it should be a very simple thing to do?

A:Burning AVI and Mpeg as DVD-Video using NeroVision Express 2
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Okay, I am stumped. I have my video edited, added music, burned DVD. The DVD video plays fine on DVD, the audio, (music) just stops. First time, I deleted the song were I was having problems. Lat time it happened later in the DVD. Is there any way that I can check the audio to see if it is going to play? Music plays in the video wizzard, windows media player and also in the movie file created.

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I ve recently had when Files Restarting MPEG/DV accessing Video problems with accessing DV and or probably MPEG-Files The special mod format used by JVC DVD-Camcorders either by Windows or by Vegas When I m loading my project file with Vegas it will freeze and then immediately reboot when it is accessing the video files only DV files but there are MPEG-files in the same folder I ve had problems working with those before The reboot cannot be prevented Restarting when accessing MPEG/DV Video Files If I had opened the folder with Windows Explorer it did the same freeze and restart Just after de-Installing MainConcept DV Codec I could go and see the files but trying to play one would result in a restart again Then I installed Panasonic DV Restarting when accessing MPEG/DV Video Files Codec and I couldn t even open the folder like before My computer also always restarts Restarting when accessing MPEG/DV Video Files when I try to install Windows Media Player I had downgraded to version before now I need for my mp -player So I tried in safe mode it worked till it told me AT THE END of the installation I need Media Player to install this BUT Windows Media Player tells me IS installed and my software panel started to restart as well since the installation So I m quite lost I hope you can help me Thanks already for reading this Additional Info My Windows is a tuned XP with slipstreamed SP by RegCheck since my old original yes I have a license Windows had been pretty defective Everything worked fine before I started working with those MPEG-Mod-Files and did something wrong obviously There is an Elecard VFW MPEG codec installed FFDShow is installed too Doesn t matter if set to play or set to not play DV Files
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Is there a software one can buy that easily stiches multiple files together into one file? Not particularly concerned about editing just combining in one file.

I'm using a SONY handycam DCR-SX63

I often use windows movie maker for editing .avi files and at times I've converted the .mpg into .avi for this purpose. But if I don't want to edit files and just stitch that's good enough most of the time.

I have Nero 7 too if that is useful.
I also have Picture Motion Browser that came with my Handycam but don't think that does anything useful.


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Recently i've been having problems opening any video file as it freezes my computer and goes to a blue screen. I originally thought it was a codec prob so i uninstalled and reinstalled that, and i thought it had worked. WRONG. it played a small amount of the file and froze my computer once more. Ive tried opening the files on different software, quicktime, windows media player etc but same result. Funny thing is streaming videos is fine! There was a similar thread which i followed up the ideas but again no luck. Please help! Thank you
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i get error 2041 . says invalid sample description. ........i have a verizon smartphone , and i send to my home email to try to view videos... I can view them fine on the phone's email btw.

A:try to view a video mpeg from my cellphone to windows xp desk pc

btw the videos are mpeg
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i have the sound blaster audigy platinum soundcard..the manual says that i can plug in to the card my analogue camcoder or vhs..i do that but nothing happens..i want to convert my vhs movies to that possible with soundblaster+pinnacle s8..?

A:converting analogue video to mpeg with sb audigy platinum

Well if you have a new VCR player they send an encrypted line with the file so you can't copy them. It is so you can't go out and buy a new VHS movie and burn it to DVD and sell it personally. If you have an older model VCR it should work fine. Or if you are using the VHS recorder. It should be all layed out in the manual for the hardware. Check in there for troubleshooting guides.

BTW :wave: Welcome to TechSpot :wave:
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On my old Win and Win Vista and Win XP laptops I've had no problems opening and viewing my old MPEG- video files My new laptop running Win will not allow me to view them Windows Media Player will only recognize them as audio files - not video - though the sound will play Real Player is the same - the application will open and begin playing a file but only as audio file I've tried the built in Toshiba media player and MPEG-2 Unable Application Various Video to open Files it shows errors and won't open Unable to open MPEG-2 Video Files Various Application the files at all Again - these are conforming MPEG- NTSC X video file old analog home movies captured using an ATI video card dongle to connect to my video source and an old version of capture application ULead Video Studio These files conform in every way to MPEG- standard format and will run on all of our PC EXCEPT the new one running Win I bought and loaded a video editing application from Corel and it will open and play these files perfectly so why won't Win Media Player and Real Player recognize them when running behind Windows Any and All suggestions very much appreciated

A:Unable to open MPEG-2 Video Files Various Application

According to Wikipedia, the maximum allowed dimensions for an MPEG-2 video are 720x480(NTSC) pixels. It's possible the ULead software driver used to capture this video was not up to spec during recording. As a result it is not correctly recognized by other media players. Since Corel is the parent company for ULead Systems they are most likely aware of this inconsistency and have created software to render the files correctly.

My guess would be that if you re-encode the file(s) using another format the file(s) will play on other media players.
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Im make Video CD s VCD since I dont have a dvd burner Its a cd-r burned movie that plays on home dvd players You need to convert the movie file to a certain video format framerate bitrate etc and for that but HELP sound. converter; fine i use video No mpeg-1video i use a program called TMPGEnc its especially for making VCD s Ive been making them for a while then it just stopped working it converts the video fine but there is no sound I think i accidently erased a codec from my computer or something because i installed a different video converter decided i didnt want it anymore and removed it Towards the end of the removal it told me that there was a codec or file something to do with video Dont quite remember that wasnt being used anymore and that it would remove it for me So i put ok At first TMPGEnc wasn t even reading the movie file Then i installed a codec pack i found on the web i use mpeg-1video converter; video fine but No sound. HELP then afterwards it read the file I was relieved i thought i had fixed the problem and it started converting I clicked on the converted movie file to review it and there was no sound I tried a whole bunch of different other movies i have the same thing i use mpeg-1video converter; video fine but No sound. HELP All the movie files were in avi format Please help me Im running Windows XP Home Edition SP Edit Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum Animal

A:i use mpeg-1video converter; video fine but No sound. HELP

I work with quite a few videos myself. I had a similar problem back in the spring. I had to search out and install several different codecs before I found the right one.

You can, as far as I know, install and try several different ones. Be persistent.

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Trying to burn an MPEG and seperately a video clip. I can get picture when I play the burnt cd in my dvd player, but not sound. What am I doing wrong? I am using Nero Burning Rom 6.

A:Burning MPEG or Video Clip, Picture, but no sound?

hi chatter if i were you id get a program called winavi, and use this to convert the MPEG to avi, and then the avi to DVD (VIDEO_TS) and then use DVD shrink to add the VIDEO_TS files and burn them to dvd thats what i do and had no problems.

You could also try this guide
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Hello My first time icons shows all nolonger video avi/mpeg th-nail preview ever in a forum so please avi/mpeg all video icons nolonger shows th-nail preview be gentle I have avi/mpeg all video icons nolonger shows th-nail preview windows i used to be able to see thumbnail previews on all my video files avi wmv dv-rms mpeg etc I had nero installed at one point uninstalled it I think this may have been around the same time the thumbnails no longer decided to appear I then read on a forum somewhere that installing a codec pack would displays these thumbnails so i installed k-lite codec pack - but still no joy so i un-installed that I then read in another forum that running the following command in quot RUN quot would make them appear REGSVR SHMEDIA DLL - But still no joy on that attempt I then looked in my system folder for this specific file quot shmedia dll quot and its not in there Should i have this file in windows or is it vista only I have tried the basic attempts of going to quot folder option quot and clicking then un-clicking the nessary tabs to show or hide thumbnail icons etc but yet again still no joy Im really hoping someone out there can shed some light Many thanks for reading my post Stuart

A:avi/mpeg all video icons nolonger shows th-nail preview

Start -> Computer -> Right Click -> Properties -> Advanced system settings in left panel -> Click the first button named "Settings" in right panel, and check Show thumbnails instead of icons

Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable
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I own womble, but have never used it for doing that.

I think that I probably am supposed to put the 4 or 5 shorter clips onto the clipboard....and "something" to join them, but don't know what.(?)

Could some video person with Womble please tell me how?
(I've only used it a short time a couple years ago to edit/shorten videos)

Please tell me the steps to do that, some kind knowledgable Womble owner answer this question?

A:Please tell me how to splice/join mpeg clips into longer video with Womble ?

there's a manual on womble's website u can download & read, pdf format. give it a try
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I recently installed WMP and had no problem A situation came up where I have to edit a video for my son for school so I was working with a variety of video editors -- namely MY DVD Nero Adobe Premiere and Windows Movie Maker I was using a preview copy of Adobe Premiere so I uninstalled it since I simply with Decoder problem Solved: WMP11 Codec Video MPEG couldn t work with it All of the sudden I can t play mpgs on my Windows Media Player Windows Movie Maker reads the mpgs and allows me to edit them but the files that I save then can t be played in WMP In reviewing the properties of the files they require Solved: MPEG Video Decoder Codec problem with WMP11 the MPEG Audio Decoder Codec and the MPEG Video Decoder Codec I m getting the audio from the files but I m not getting the video I ve done searches for MPEG Video Decoder Codec but I m finding nothing anywhere I ve tried rolling back to WMP but I have the same problem there Each time the file initializes in WMP the status bar tells me it s looking for the codec then it s found the codec but still no video WMP simply tells me that I don t have the necessary codec to Solved: MPEG Video Decoder Codec problem with WMP11 play the file I m frustrated I ve been at this all night and I m probably missing something incredibly obvious Thanks for any help Solved: MPEG Video Decoder Codec problem with WMP11 you can offer Jack nbsp

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I have some .mpg files on my computer and some .avi files. I want to put them on my zune player to show my friends and so i converted them with ImToo mpeg encoder 3 in to .wmv files but the Avi files were the only ones that stayed in sync and the .mpg files had the audio moving faster than the video. Is there a way to adjust the encoding properties to keep the audio and video in sync?

A:Imtoo mpeg encoder-Audio/Video Sync problems

I think you should contact the imtoo's support team to help you
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I seem to be having some kind of compression issue with MPEG videos Anytime I click on a video file that is mpg Windows Media Player will load the video Upon first clicking the link it loads but is corrupt with compression artifacts in the picture and Compression / Player Video Media Corrupt Windows MPEG no sound Then If I wait a few seconds seemingly long enough for the video to load and click the link again Windows Media Player / MPEG Video Compression Corrupt the video reloads and plays perfectly fine sound and all Here is a screen cap of what I experience upon first loading a video And this is the quot Properties quot information of a typical video file that does this x AC Filter MPEG Windows Media Player / MPEG Video Compression Corrupt Video Decoder http www quot addressoffilenamehere quot mpg From a functionality stand point this isn t much of an issue as I have rarely ran into a video that wouldn t play after the second click once the video has a chance to load for a moment Also this does not happen with RealPlayer or QuickTime videos Already tried reinstalling Windows Media Player but to no avail But still I really would like to know what causes this so I can attempt to eliminate it Thanks nbsp

A:Windows Media Player / MPEG Video Compression Corrupt

* Bump

The only difference in the streaming issue is that I did update my video driver during the last format of my system. Maybe thats what causes the new compression issue?
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i was thinking of buying an aiptek mini camcorder (just a cheap one) and i noticed that one of their newer models actually records in MPEG4 format.

can my windows media player play that format? or do i need to get something else? would i have to "convert" it to another type of format to save it on my computer and view it later, which now would entail buying another peice of software...(or are there any free converters out there) if i even have to convert it?

A:Solved: video camera / window media player / MPEG 4 question???
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Hi there I was previously running Windows Vista and everything was fine with my videos then But I m back on XP now and for some reason all of my MPEG- video files play in the wrong aspect ratio I am very confused at my in in wrong ratio play do windows files video the Why xp? mpeg-1 aspect why this is happening because they played fine when I had Vista It s the same video files and I m using the same laptop The only change is that I m using XP now The video files I m experiencing problems with are in the ratio When I played them on Vista I had two big black lines on both sides because my laptop is widescreen and it looked good like this But now for some reason Windows XP is forcing the video to be stretched to fit the whole of my screen and this is deteriating the quality of the video I came across a page on the Microsoft website that I thought would help me Here s the link http support microsoft com kb en-us I was running XP service pack and that page states that if you upgrade to service pack it will fix Well I m using SP now but the videos are still being stretched to fit my screen Can somebody help me Why do my mpeg-1 video files play in the wrong aspect ratio in windows xp? with this please Thanks to anyone who replies nbsp

A:Why do my mpeg-1 video files play in the wrong aspect ratio in windows xp?

Yeah that's a pretty well know bug in the video encoding/codecs/players etc. There are a ton of fixes but none really ever seemed to work for most people. The only two things that seemed to work where converting the video with a program to set the aspect ratio in the video file or use a differnt player where you can actually set the aspect ratio like VLC. Most videos are avis now (divx and mp3), better quaility and lower file sizes.
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my whatsap incoming photo & video not download ,every time i receive photo & video i cant download them and receive massage that media file does not exist

A:why whatsap photo not download

Hi and welcome to windows central forums :)
Please tell us your issue in brief like ,since when you started getting this issue? are you on whatsapp beta? are you an insider?
You could try some common troubleshooting such as reinstalling the app or doing a soft reset, connecting to a stronger wifi or cellular signal for internet.
to do a soft reset , hold volume down+power key until phone restarts.
* the message reading "this media file does not exist" could signal that the person who has sent it has deleted the chat from his whatsapp. i have experienced it myself , you need to request the sender to resent the pics in this case :)
If you need additional help or want to reply to this thread , please check the instructions on how to join Windows Central ? :)
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Hello everyone,
I am fairly new to digital photography and at best I have figured out how to take pictures - although still struggle with lighting - and download them into my computer. I have been doing some Ebay selling and take pictures almost daily, download, edit and so on.

I took about 20 pics of an item tonight - connected to pc, downloaded and guess what? Total of 4 pictures. So I tried it 2 more times with the same result. This happened one other time but I just retook the pics, figured it was a glitch and it has been going well from there - until tonight.

I have a cheap camera - Sanyo VPC-T1284 and it is fully charged.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is impacting my posting terribly.

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My PC is an HP dx 2200, with WINDOWS XP 2000.

My wife downloaded fotos from her canon digital camera. The photo icons (all 97 ) appear on the Opening Screen of the PC whenever I start the PC.

I have tried to CUT, and DELETE via a right click of the mouse. Each time I do this the system replaces the DELETED photo Icon with a COPY photo ICon.

Please walk me through what I must do to remove all these ICONS from my start up screen.

Thank you

BartBoy401, October 29, 2009

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I need to keep photos on my camera after downloading to Windows Photo Gallery. But each time I download, all previous photos are automatically downloaded to my computer file. How do I limit the download by date? Thanks.

A:need limited photo download

hello and welcome

do you have AutoPlay turned on?

go to control panel > AutoPlay, put a check in the box "use AutoPlay for all media and devices"...

now when you plug in your camera it will give you options....

you want to choose (something like) "open device to view files" (you can also put a check in that box to "always do this for this device")...

choose "removable storage" > DCIM folder > then the next folder (the name of your camera may be there)

then you choose witch pictures to import.....good luck.. I just create a new folder, name it and drag and drop the pictures I want...

your camera and software may be a hair different, but basically the may have to experiment...good luck
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Let's see if I can explain this right.....

Every time I download photos from my camera to the computer, there is always a photo that I deleted months ago from the memory stick....

The camera shows that the memory stick is empty, and says that there are no files in the folder once I have deleted all images, yet this one photo always appears when I download the next batch.....

I have checked the Sony website and gone right through the manual but can't find any help on this......

Sony Cybershot 5.0 DSC 92.....:
Now the camera tells me that the memory stick is empty I have tested it by plugging in the camera and it still downloads this one photo......yet I cannot find it anywhere in the camera...:confused...anyone know how to find it......

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Hi, Can someone give me a recommendation for a Basic Photo Editor download. I have always used Microsoft Photo Editor for basic editing. Have Photoshop but don't want to use for basic stuff. Lately with MPE I keep getting 'not responding' messages. Heard too that it is no longer available for Windows 7 etc., so maybe MSFT not maintaining any longer. HELP. Don't like Picasso particularly, too many options. Just want BASIC - resizing, crop, brightness etc. Thanks in advance.

A:Basic Photo Editor download

Take a look at IrfanView:

It is small, handles many image formats, and does everything you mentioned. It is also free for non commercial use.
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Recently i went to download some photos to my pc and when I went to rename, I got the following message:

If you change a file name extension, the file may become
unusable. Are you sure you want to change it?

Do I need to reconfigure something?

A:[SOLVED] Something wrong w/photo download

You can rename them anything you want, but leave the .jpg/.bmp, etc (file extension) alone or they won't open.

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Hi does anyone know of an easy to use website I can download to place my photos all being different on the same A4 sheet and the resize there and place on rotation all on the same sheet?

A:Download easy photo transfer

Any of the photo software mentioned in the sticky can do this, and Picasa has a "Collage" feature that may work for you.
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I am using Windows 7, whenever I insert my memory card into the computer it automatically pops up a window asking me what I want to do (download, etc). Today it did not do that and I don't know why. I had to go into the file and find what I wanted but I want this automatic download to work again. Any ideas?

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I have photo shop elements 7 and I got it specifically to make slide shows with music. I can't however get it to download any music!........grrrrr. I am going back to photo albums and canon cameras. LOL I did get an error message saying something about not having a compressed something. I haven't been able to get it back, so I could remember it.
Any help would be sooooooo appreciated.
Thanks in advance, Susan:

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Hi all.
Can any of you recommend any software (preferably free) that can download photos from my cell phone to my hard drive?



A:Cell Phone Photo To Pc Download Software

Generally the software (and the cable) are available from your cell phone provider.

There was a program called BitPIM that would also do this - but it was limited as to what phone's it'd work with.
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Hi all.
Can any of you recommend any software (preferably free) that can download photos from my cell phone to my hard drive?



A:cell phone photo download to PC software

first your going to need a USB Data Cable. an hopefully it comes with drivers to do that?
an them ain't cheap. i wanted to do that with my phone to. an found out its just cheaper to pay my cell phone company an extra 5 bucks a month. to just email my pics from my cell to my pc. i have cingular. an for 5 bucks i can send 200 pics a month.
check here an see if they have it.

we would be able to help you more better. if we knew what kind of camera you have.
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It's Sep 2015 now. will this download still work- I want to edit the photos I took from my camera My OS is windows 8

A:Looking for Download link for the old Microsoft Photo Editor

Microsoft Photo Editor was part of older versions of Microsoft Office. I don't think it was offered as a standalone program.Maybe something here: edited by riider
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I am trying to sell some items on certain auction sites.
I am having a problem that just developed recently. I use the feature "save picture as" to copy pictures from my wholesaler's site to "Windows Photo Gallery" (Vista ) to be inserted into my postings. For some reason they are not downloading correctly. I am getting a blank download (no picture). I cannot think of anything I have done to change any settings. I have not do anything differently when downloading.. They are JPEG files. It does seem that the file extensions may be incorrect. I did clear all my temporary files, history, cookies, ect. , but it did not help. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks so much

A:Download and Copy pictures into Photo Gallery

post a link to the site you are "downloading " from...

Is the "wholesaler" aware that you are downloading them?
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Please, I have lost some photos on one of my CD's. I know they are still on there, I have downloaded about 3 sites to tell me this and then ask for money to buy their product so I can retrieve them! What I need is a download that is really FREE no money required so I can get my 100 or so photos back.

Thanks in advance

A:FREE lost photo finding download

Basically the ones that work..... cost money

In the past I've tried FREE ones and either they don't work or don't work well.

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I have had a Bit Torrent client "" Deluge "" crash on me 6 times today. On half of the crashes the Event viewer said it was

Fault Bucket 1205604003

Google doesn't have much to say about Fault Buckets.

Any help here?


A:Fault Bucket???

As I understand it...fault buckets are basically program debug mistakes which cause the system/program to crash.See it happens on my system, I just assume that the program has damaged files, needs updating, or needs reinstalling. If it's a known program that I can't update and which I know has a history of being troublesome, I just ignore the error...since the resolution would probably involve removing the program.If I had a large number of these, due to the same application...I would remove the program permanently.Louis
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purchaed new HP lap top and are having problem with error code Bucket ID: 111712637
also in error report is :Service HP CUE DeviceDiscovery Service hung on starting.
Can you help

A:Bucket ID: 111712637

Welcome to TSF

Is this laptop still under warranty?
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Does anyone know what these mean:
0x1a_3452_nt!MiDeleteAddressesInWorkingSet+2fb,type0 (This has occurred on my computer 13 times from January until today 11/3/2012)
0x24_Ntfs!NtfsFreeSnapshots ForFeb+c0, type 0

And there are MANY, MANY more. I didn't know about looking at the events to see the errors that I had sent. I just found out about that today. And so, we haven't done it in a while. Do I have a serious problem?
Thank you for any help!
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Occasionally, when trying to fix a computer, I encounter this term.

Windows error reporting states I don't have to worry about it, but the problem persists.


A:what is a fault bucket?

A fault bucket identification number is a number assigned by the system to identify specific types of errors usually this correlates to problems showing in the Event Viewer.
Also this identifcation number is what is used by Microsoft in order to identify a particular program error when you send an error report.
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WinXP Home Sp-1

Sometimes, not always, when opening My Computer or Windows Explorer, it crashes. The App error log reports: explorer.exe version 6.0.2800.1221 has errored in faulting module ntdll.dll version 5.1.2600.1106 Fault address 0x00002109. It seems this ntdll.dll is the root.

Another error is logged: Fault bucket 50940626

1. As anyone experienced this?

2. Recently renamed the computer but, the original name still appears in Win Explorer as a folder. Only one user on this machine. Could this be it?

3. Do I ned to change the old name everywhere in the registry?

4. Should I just do an XP repair?

A:Fault Bucket

try running
sfc /scannow
don't miss the space after the c
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I recently ran a couple firewall tests, shields up and auditmypc etc. They're both coming up with a port that's open. I think they called it Tram. It says this port is commonly used for trojans. But my biggest concern is that it is open and I would like to shut it. I have searched my firewall completely for port control options and cannot find the solution anywhere. It also said that my computer responded to Ping (ICMP Echo) Requests. Buy my firewall says that this is blocked, so I do not know how it is still responding. If anyone has had any similar experiences with these firewall test sites, because I don't know if it is my computer or the sites themselves. Please feel free to envelope me in the answer to my frustration.
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I wonder if anyone could help me with an issue that is driving me a bit bonkers?

When I first plugged in our camera into the wife's laptop (Windows 7 Home Premium x86), and it started downloading photo's, I was able to temporarily cancel the process and nominate a new location to which the photo's should be downloaded to (Pictures Library as it turns out).

I would now like to change that, but bugger me if I can find out how to do it! I've done some searching here (the tuts too) and MS help, but nothing seems to quite what I'm looking for.....or I've missed it altogether.

This is about as far as I can get....but still, I cannot for the life of me find out how to edit the default downlaod location for photo's. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Golden to change default photo download location

Unless you use a third party photo management app the only thing you can do is click Import settings in the Import Pictures and Videos dialog box, when you plug in the device, and from there you can set a folder of your choice.

There's a snip of the settings window in post #6 of this thread.

Hope that helps.
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Running Vista SP2 on a 64 bit machine means that iTunes is a little out of sync these days. The latest version you can run is it's (more or less) running just fine.

Problem is that the driver it installs for the iPhone does not appear to be fully visible to Vista, so it never initiates the "auto-play" routines when plugged in, so you can never download photos the normal way.

I've done full uninstall/reinstall of all things Apple. I've removed all non-present drivers. Even so, when I look in the Device Manager there's no Apple iPhone under the Portable Devices category, and the iPhone does not appear anywhere in Explorer.

iTunes is running & synching just fine. But grabbing photos from the phone's camera just doesn't seem to be available.

Are others having this problem? Is there a way for me to force the iPhone to get installed (visibly) in the Portable Devices area??

A:iPhone driver w/iTunes not working for photo download

Originally Posted by davodavo

in the Device Manager there's no Apple iPhone under the Portable Devices category

Welcome to Vista Forums davodavo. If the driver was visible in portable devices you could try updating it from Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers. But since it isn't visible even after reinstalling, only one thought comes to mind: Have you tried the "64 bit - for older video cards" edition of iTunes, which is really 32-bit iTunes with an installer for 64-bit systems? My thought is that you might have better luck with the 32-bit driver. Support for Vista was already declining by the time iTunes became a true 64-bit application (e.g. a problem report is generated every time you close the program). Apple cautions against using it unless the 64-bit installer gives you a warning, but Vista users no longer have to worry about missing iTunes updates because support officially ended five months ago:
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I download my movies off a flashdrive and play them on my laptop. the movies with MPEG types play with sound and everything and everything else doesnt have sound. What do i do to get sound on those video types like MKV, AVI Type files. 

A:I download movies onto my laptop and the movies with a MPEG ...

Hi @Noath17bell, Welcome to the HP Forum. I grasp that you downloaded movies onto an USB drive,  when you try to play them , the ones in  MPEG format has both video and audio.but the other formats you get the video but no audio. As this does not appear to be a hardware issue, but a software one please contact Chromebook Help.  HP does not support the Chrome operating system but does support the hardware.  This link may also be useful. HP Chrome OS - Frequently Asked Questions about Your HP Chromebook or Chromebox. Good Luck! To say thanks for helping, please click the "Thumbs Up Icon" below. If you feel this post lead to a resolution, please choose "Accepted Solution "  to help others who may have a similar query find it with greater ease.
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I have a XP computer with SP2 that is getting a Fault Bucket error 126637809 when Internet Exploder hangs. Does anybody know how to resolve this issue?


A:Fault Bucket Error

Run HiJackthis and post your log here.
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AVIRA team accepted the ice bucket challenge from G Data, and they challenged AVG, Kaspersky, and Avast to do the same.....enjoy!!!


A:Avira Ice Bucket Challenge

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Bucket ID: 111712637 I keep having this error , is there a solution ?? Thanks a lot for your time..

A:[SOLVED] Bucket ID: 111712637

Hi -

We're going to need a little bit more information; there should be extra text - we could use a screen grab.

Saluti . . .


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Hello all I was doing a photo frame converting so far that we ve done music and plenty of old family photo on the digital photo frame Pictoria Anyway my mum wish to add some old families video so we capture home video to camera from old projector Anyway i got whooping GB of video stored in my external HDD and i want to convert them to be compaitable with photo frame The photo AVI MPEG-4 Solved: Converting to other or MPEG frame say the frame can play with MPEG- MPEG- MPEG- Thanks This need to sort out soon so we can test out Solved: Converting AVI to MPEG-4 or other MPEG on small card to see if video has worked then we can estimate which right SD memory space to be inserted in the photo frame Anyway can you know the proper name of quot old projector quot so i can research them a bit because i would like to know and also can you tell me that AVI file is bigger or smaller then MPEG file Thanks Robert Hobbs nbsp

A:Solved: Converting AVI to MPEG-4 or other MPEG

Try Super video converter to convert AVI to MPEG-4.
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Hi Been having problems with this computer for a couple of weeks now Whenever I am playing a game there is a good chance that it will randomly freeze and lock up the entire system requiring a restart Windows Error Reporting gives Windows Error Reporting Fault bucket type amp x d amp x a Event Name ServiceHang amp x d amp x a Response Not available amp x d amp x a Cab Id amp x d amp x a amp x d amp x a Problem signature amp x d amp x a P KService amp x d amp x a P KService exe quot amp x d amp Computer keeps freezing - Fault Bucket x a P amp x d amp x a P amp x d amp x a P amp x d amp x a P amp x d amp Computer keeps freezing - Fault Bucket x a P amp x Computer keeps freezing - Fault Bucket d amp x a P amp x d amp x a P amp x d amp x a P amp x d amp x a amp x d amp x a Attached files amp x d amp x a amp x d amp x a These files Computer keeps freezing - Fault Bucket may be available here amp x d amp x a amp x d amp x a amp x d amp x a Analysis symbol amp x d amp x a Rechecking for solution amp x d amp x a Report Id b e - d - df-a a- d fd d amp x d amp x a Report Status Anyone shed some light on how to fix the accursed thing nbsp

A:Computer keeps freezing - Fault Bucket

Kservice.exe is a P2P service installed by Sky Broadband and others for streaming video. If you don't know what kservice.exe is, you probably don't need it. See if this helps:
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Get a load of this. I rebooted my computer this evening, got a message that one app was still running that was keeping it from rebooting. Reboot anyway? Indeed and only to get an exciting blue screen with three options. One was F8 which did nothing and the Escape which puts me into the BIOS.
When I go into Advance, I see a SATA Mode Selection. Hitting the Enter button, I see AHC1 is presently highlighted. There are two other options, one being IDE and the other RAID. Should I select one of those or do you feel my SSD has totally gone to pieces?

A:Samsung SSD appears to have kicked the bucket

The SATA mode selection should be set to AHCI, unless you have more then one SSD or HDD in a RAID Array then you would choose RAID. IDE is for the older IDE HDD's and running older OS's like XP.
In the Bios, on the Main screen it should list your Drives by manufacturer on your computer. Is your SSD showing in the Bios? If not, the drive may have become unplugged. Check the SATA data cable is plugged in tightly to the SSD and to the motherboard SATA port 1. And the power plug from the PSU is still plugged in tight to the back of the SSD. Make sure the SATA port is Enabled in the Bios. Try a different Data cable, try a different Power Plug from the PSU, try a different SATA port on the motherboard.
You also can remove the SSD and attach it to a USB Adapter, Dock or Enclosure with a power adapter. To see if it is recognized on another computer.
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i went and looked up the event id on the web and they said to dowload the latest nvidia driver.... which one??? the event log says that i have an application error 1001 and the description says it is the fault bucket. HELP!

A:nvidia driver for fault bucket?

ms had the latest certified drivers on windows update
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Hi all,

I have Windows 32bit Vista Home Basic on a Compaq Presario V6000.

I am usually getting the following error after an hour or so after the laptop is turned on. The screen simply goes black and no response after that. All i can do is to hard boot again. I got this description from the event viewer tool in vista.

Fault bucket 0xD1_VRF_epfwtdi+3e71, type 0
Event Name: BlueScreen
Response: Microsoft Windows Error Reporting
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:

Attached files:

These files may be available here:

Thank you for any help!

A:Fault bucket 0xD1_VRF_epfwtdi+3e71, type 0

Please go to the C:\Windows\Minidump directory and zip up the contents of that folder. Then upload the .zip file in your next post. We'll have a look at the dmp files and will see if that gives us any information.

Have you checked to ensure that the laptop fans are running? Have you blown out the vents with compressed air (don't us a vacuum or an air compressor - it'll damage the components)?

Have you recently changed anything on the system? Do you recall anything unusual that stands out in your mind?
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My computer is a Microsoft Vista Home Premium Service Pack with AMD Athlon Dual Core Processors It is my Bucket Drivers Blue and Fault Screens, first computer I have developed repeated blue screens most of a general nature some mentioning drivers In my Problem Report section it tells me there is a driver problem I Blue Screens, Drivers and Fault Bucket have followed each of HP steps Blue Screens, Drivers and Fault Bucket to try to remedy the problem This includes multiple hours on the phone Blue Screens, Drivers and Fault Bucket with HPtech support including a full recovery When I was directed to the Event Viewer and followed some steps I obtained a faault bucket which is Oxc E VRF-TfFsMon d IDI Oea dbf-O When I came to Microsoft Knowledgebases I expected to find a table to which I could match my fault bucket and finally determine what is the problem with drivers and or which driver is problematic I can nothing like that Can anyone intrepret the code or refer me to some reference that would allow me to do so Thank you for your time and willingness to help

A:Blue Screens, Drivers and Fault Bucket

How-to: WinDbg Analysis Report
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Greetings, I have taken thousands of family photos and hundreds of videos, my external drives are becoming flooded with pictures and videos. First thought was to use blu-ray burner as the disks have huge capacities. In order to free up space what would be the best way to give family members those videos and photos for their own safe keeping? All family members currently have up to date technology. Any suggestions or personal experience regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

A:Photo/Video Sharing

I use YouTube for Videos and Picasa Web albums for pictures
My audience is too large for DVDs
You might want to divide the videos if they are more than an Hour or so
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