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Outlook Express - Can't Change Email Account Name

Q: Outlook Express - Can't Change Email Account Name

I have several email addresses (accounts) and have always been able to change the name of the account whenever I want (via account properties) - not the display name for the "from" line, but what I name the account. But now, if I try to change it, it won't keep the changes and reverts back to the name it was before. I've only recently gone to WinXP SP2, and am wondering if it's something to do with SP2? Would anyone know how I can fix this please?TIA(PS - I'm fairly experienced in OE ).

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Preferred Solution: Outlook Express - Can't Change Email Account Name

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Outlook Express - Can't Change Email Account Name

I thought I'd try deleting and recreating one of the accounts as a test, and it naturally worked. However, if I then try to change the account name again (as a test), it's the same problem as before. Therefore, something somewhere must corrupt?
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Dear friends,
can you please help..

I have just set-up a broadband connection for a neighbour, and in error have placed his email address in the name box in outlook express. So box now reads [email protected],, instead of john and molly
can you please direct me to the right place in O\E to delete the former and enter neighbours name.... (john and molly).
As Broadband works fine both in O\E and Internet explorer. I am reluctent enter the email wizard to mess with a subject that I always seem to stumble with...

A:Change Name In Email From Box In Outlook Express

I believe this is what you are looking for in Outlook Express

open inbox/ click on tools/ click on accounts/ select mail tab/ click on properties button
Name--enter John and Molly
mail address--enter email address
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Hi all I am using Microsoft Office Outlook outlook 2007 active from account How email send currently in express to Microsoft Window XP Professional service pack I am using outlook express as a monitoring tool which sends email at the scheduled time lets say every after hours Presently It is using only one account under one profile but the problem with the existing behavior is that if by any chance that primary email account get disconnected from the exchange server it will not be able to How to send email from currently active account in outlook express 2007 send the email So in order to overcome this problem i have created one more email account that belongs to different exchange server under the same existing profile what i How to send email from currently active account in outlook express 2007 m trying to achieve is if the primary email account is disconnected from the server at any time period The outlook should use the secondary email account to send out the emails how can i achieve this functionality Do we have any option in outlook to implement this please help I have been breaking my head like anything but could not find any useful results Any help would be appreciated Thanks in advance nbsp

A:How to send email from currently active account in outlook express 2007
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My computer system crashed and had to have a full re-install performed on it, and as such i lost all settings in Outlook Express 6.0

I am attempting to get the following settings back but need help because i cannot figure out how to do it.

Where: Above the message list (in btwn Folder Name and Identity Name on
grayed title bar).
What: A list of email accounts that could be selected from to send email as
merely by double clicking on that email account. (scrolling list box)

How: ?????????? Help!! ??????????

I have racked my brains looking through every option I could find, as well as Googled and visited Microsoft to no avail! If anyone can help me please shoot me an email @ [email protected] Thanks so much!
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what does it mean some email i got i say its phishing Dear Microsoft Outlook Express customer You may have received an e-mail from us letting you know that Microsoft is planning to retire the DAV protocol that Outlook Express uses to access Windows Live Hotmail In response to customer feedback requesting more time to evaluate alternative solutions we have decided to postpone retiring DAV and we are investigating other alternatives for accessing Windows Live Hotmail via Outlook Express This means that if you use Outlook Express to access your Windows Live Hotmail account you will continue to be able to do so beyond the previously announced June transition deadline We will be sure to update you once we have additional plans to share and early enough in advance to help ensure a smooth transition in the future Additionally Outlook Express customers that use Windows Outlook Express scam Service email Change? Vista or Windows XP are always welcome to download and use our next generation free email client Windows Live Mail providing the familiarity of Outlook Express and much more You can download the new client at http get live com wlmail overview We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to continue to provide it Sincerely Windows Live Mail Team Microsoft respects your privacy To learn more please read our online Privacy Statement Microsoft Corporation One Microsoft Way Redmond WA nbsp

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I have recently changed my ISP to BT from Eclipse. Previously Outlook 2010 was configured to allow emails to be downloaded from the Eclipse servers and to enable me to send emails using Outlook 2010 using my Eclipse email address. I also have Outlook configured using IMAP to enable me to download emails from Gmail. I can no longer send emails using my eclipse email account.

Can someone help me to reconfigure Outlook so that I can send and receive emails using the Gmail servers from Outlook 2010 as my primary email source.

I wish to carry on using Outlook 2010 as I have many saved email folders in the account.

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.



A:How do I change my email account to Gmail from Eclipse in Outlook 2010

In "accounts" you simply need to change the default account for sending to the gmail account. Sorry if that's a bit vague but I haven't used outlook for ages (and don't have it).
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My dell laptop, doesn't allow me to select POP3 at the time of initial set up of email accounts in outlook. I am using office 365 license version.
Please guide how to change email account settings from IMAP to POP3 as one of my email id is need to change since otherwise it park all my email on server and the same gets full.
Nilesh Gupta

A:How to change email account settings in outlook from IMAP to POP3?

Use Office Outlook on your desktop as your email app instead of windows 10 (formerly Hotmail) and select Office's Outlook as your default. The win 10 Mail app is for webmail and home user use. You might need it for your Microsoft webmail Account but use Office Outlook as your mail email program for POP mail. Office Outlook and are unrelated in spite of the recycled name.
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I run numerous email accounts through my Outlook Express.

When I set up email in Act, Act does not ask me which account I want to use to set up and automatically uses an account I do not wish to use.

How can I change the email account recognized by ACT?

Thanks for your assistance.

A:ACT Email Account Change

What version of ACT! (full build from Help | about)?
What OS?
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I'm having a heck of a time changing my signature that others see when I send them mail. I've changed the account info but can't figure out where to go to change the sig. I have windows 7.
Any help will do, thanks
A newbie to the computer world..

A:Trying to change signature on email account that is sent to others

What's the email program you are using?
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I'm wanting to change the email address I use to log on to my system. Is there an easy way to do this or do I need to back up all my files and move them over to a new account? Any help is appreciated. TYI

A:Want to change email address associated with MS account

Hello Smallz,

If you like, you could use the method in the tutorial below to change the primary email address for your Microsoft account to do so.

Microsoft Account - Change Email Address in Windows 8
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I want to change my email address in my microsoft account (pls see attached screenshot). My computer Acer XC - 603 is under that email on microsoft account. I want to change that to a completely new email microsoft account I just created and also including 'Acer XC - 603' under Devices.
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My friend's cheapo six year old computer died yesterday. Her son had an extra computer he's not using at the moment and he is giving it to her. It's running Windows 10, and when he set it up, he used his email and did that Microsoft account option.

Now, however, he wants to give that computer to her, but when she turns it on, she's going to see his emails on the email app, not hers. Is there a way to remove or change that Microsoft account? Can we change it to a "local" account, or at least change the email address? I am barely familiar with Windows 10, but I am pretty familiar with 8. However, I've never had an occasion to need to change the registered Microsoft account email or try to change it to a local account, so any suggestions would be welcome!

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The email program I actively use is Outlook Express. When I click on a direct link within an email or web site context, my computer uses Microsoft Outlook instead of Outlook Express. Then it puts the message into MS Outbox and it dies there. Please help me! Trish Miller email: [email protected]

A:MS Outlook email is stealing Outlook Express email

Not sure how to get Outlook Express to steal back your Outlook email, but here's how you stop Outlook from stealing the email in the 1st place:

(1) In IE, go to Tools >> Internet Options (you can also access Internet Options from Control Panel).
(2) Click on the Programs tab.
(3) Click the drop-down next to Email, and change it to Outlook Express.
(4) Click Apply and OK.
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I am using Vista Home premium 32 bit and i am using windows mail for all my emails. I also have office 2007 with Microsoft Outlook.

Problem is that i want to use microsoft Outlook but i can't transfer/export my email accounts from Vista Windows mail to Microsoft Outlook or even outlook express for XP. I have forgotten 3 critical passwords so I cannot recreate the email accounts in Outlook....

How can I export my email accounts to microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express from Vista Windows mail??? please help.



A:Exporting Email accounts from Vista to Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express

Hello again kapilkaaiser,
I think you need to import the required info into Outlook 2007 -

In Outlook 2007, click File > Import and Export > Make the appropriate choices
> & hopefully the Import / Export Wizard will oblige.

Post back with your results.
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I originally setup my onedrive account with my company email address. Since this is really a personal OneDrive account I want to change the email address associated with it. How can I change it without losing the content online or having to re-upload it?
Also I need to remove any references to my company email account from the microsoft system so I don't have conflicts when my company moves to Office 365. 


A:Change email address on OneDrive account

Unfortunately Onedrive is tied to the email address and it cannot be changed, merged, etcWanikiya and Dyami--Team Zigzag
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I have 3 email accounts I use with thunderbird. How do you change the default account when composing messages? Quite frequently I forget to change the account I am using when composing and the email gets sent from the wrong account.

Figured it out - nevermind!

A:Change email account order in thunderbird

you can also change the From: address via the pull-down anytime prior to
clicking Send
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Alright so my issue is that I set up my Microsoft to with associated account change How 10 user email Windows account How to change email associated with Windows 10 user account on How to change email associated with Windows 10 user account my Win laptop back when Win first released At the time it was associated with an older email account that I have since changed to a new gmail account I was able to go into my Microsoft account settings online and set the new email as an alias as well as the primary for the account My desktop the system How to change email associated with Windows 10 user account I am typing this on is on this account with the new gmail address attached to the user account as a Microsoft account My laptop however still shows my old email as the account name I contacted Microsoft directly and they connected to my laptop through a remote connection to try and fix it but they were unable to figure out how to change the account name I have since performed an in-place upgrade to refresh the Win install which prompted for my Microsoft account credentials I was able to connect successfully but the account name is still stuck on my old email address Under User settings in the control panel there is no option to simply change account name like the local accounts do and the OS is the home edition so I have no access to the group policy editor settings I have seen a few references to registry edits but I'd rather avoid messing with that because I realize changing the account name might mess up directory addresses since the 'user' directory is linked to account name Does anyone here have any suggestions Sorry for the wall of text this is kind of a tricky situation to explain plus trying to specify what I have already tried Thanks for any help

A:How to change email associated with Windows 10 user account

Step1: Switch your user account to Local Account (Local Account - Switch to in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums).

Step 2: Switch your account back to MS Account using your Gmail address based MS account (Microsoft Account - Switch to in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums).

That's it, the issue should be resolved.

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HP laptop with Windows 8.1 updated. I want to change my log in email and still keep everything I have in that account. Setting up an alias starts a new account and I would have to reinstall everything I already have installed. Is it possible to do to just change the email addie and keep everything?

A:How to change email account log in and save apps

Hello Terry, and welcome to Eight Forums.

The tutorial below can help show you how to change the email address of your Microsoft account. It does use alias, but you do not reinstall everything.

Microsoft Account - Change Email Address in Windows 8

Hope this helps,
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My laptop and my phone seem to have different email accounts.
I would like them both to be my email I use for work.  But when I bought my Surface Pro 3 they had me set it up as an outlook email address and my phone as Google email address but I use my primary email which is different.  I get my emails on
both devices to my primary email.   Since I got my new phone my pictures have not uploaded to my Surface.  I keep syncing but they don't load to my one drive.  I think it's the discrepancy with my email address?

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When I installed Windows 8.1 I miss typed the email account name, I typed which dose not exist instead of

Is the any way of change the email?


A:Change the email address of Windows 8.1 account

Yes you can in the setting > account

you can change your email there
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I need to change my account email .. anybody can help me please ..

A:How to change admin. account email address

i just deal with it , thanks anyways
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Hey all! I need alittle help. I am trying to move all of my emaill addresses and saved emails from Outlook Express on one computer. To Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 on a second computer. I've never had to do this before, but I have to now. Because it's not for me. If you guys and girls can help me out with this it would be awesome. I need to get this don tomorrow. Thank you in advance.


A:Move email addresses from Outlook Express to Outlook 2007

I have Window live mail, but all these MS products work about the same.
Under file go to import export from there it should be self explanatory.
Let me know if you cant find it, Ill help.
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How do I make Microsoft Outlook the default email program? I make the change in IE version 5, but when I reboot the system (Win 98), Outlook Express is once again selected as the default email program.

I read in a previous post about using the following sequence for making Outlook Express the default. Is there anything similar for Microsoft Outlook? :
To make Outlook Express your default e-mail client:
Close OE, click Start/Run and enter this command line, complete with quotes, spaces and the /reg switch:

"C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe" /reg

Thanks very much,

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Im trying to set up and acoount on outlook express. I yahoo a microsoft exchange serve, POP3, IMAP, HTTP, or additional server type???

A:outlook express account

What type of account are you setting up? Do you already have a POP3 email account with your ISP?
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I have a Dell Dimension 4600 that has two hard drives. One contains Outlook email that used to be on MS Exchange. This account is not currently active. The other is my day to day hard drive with an active Outlook account. Both OS'es are Windows XP.

How can I copy an email that is on the old MS Exchange Outlook account to my current active Outlook account?


A:Solved: Copy an Outlook email to another Outlook account

File > Save.
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As above or how do I reset my user info.

A:How do I change my email address linked to my user account

Is there an answer for this already?

I installed Win8 and set it up with a trash account. This account is now my admin account. How can I get rid of it and use a real @live address for my admin account?

Thanks guys
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My sister has had to re-setup her Outlook express. Whoever did it for her set up the incorrect Incoming mail(POP3) name. I found the correct one and altered it but it loses this every time she reboots. How do I get it to retain this setting?

A:Outlook Express Account problem

Welcome to Tsg
Open OE>Tools>accounts>mail tab>highlight the account>properties>servers tab> Correct the Incoming mail(POP3) name, click apply and ok.
If this doesn't work it might be as quick to set up a new connection from scratch and delete the existing one.
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Some items are listed in this menu pathway in my Outlook Express 6:Tools, Accounts..., Mail tab, I find listed: Active Directory, Bigfoot Internet Directory Service, Verisign Internet Directory Service, and WhoWhere Internet Directory Service. I also find a POP default email account. QUESTION: Can I remove the items listed, leaving just the POP email account from Outlook Express or will doing so cause problems? Are they needed for anything? I never put those other items in; only the POP email was added soon after first buying the computer, and the other items were probably already present. Windows XP sp3Outlook Express 6
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Hi I have Win XP or create I a account identity? Express Outlook - do how new I have just installed Broadband and with that I have a 'primary email address' which is used as my login username for connecting to the internet However it also seems to be the default email account for when I log into Outlook Express Basically how do I change this so the default email address is something else I have tried going to Tools Accounts and changing the properties of the account that is there but this does not work and I can't login into Outlook Exp So it seems as though I have to leave the account that is set Outlook Express - how do I create a new account or identity? up there So I tried looking at an alternative solution - something called 'Identities' I added a new Identity and deleted by accident something called Main Identity however I cannot log on with the new identity - same problem as when I tried altering the account Firstly what is the quot Main Identity quot and how do I get it back do I simply create a single new identity and rename it Main Identity And how do Outlook Express - how do I create a new account or identity? I set up a new default email address Outlook Express - how do I create a new account or identity? for when I log into to Outlook Express I was told by our ISP that we are allowed up to email addresses - although I cannot see how we do this without ringing up our ISP each time to get a new password and email address authorised or is there some way to add a new account so when opening up Outlook Exp it goes by default to the new account instead of my broadband login username Thank you for any help Matt
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hello everyone,
I have looked through the Outlook Express forums but can't to find a thread that matches my problem. I am running OE on win xp with sp2 installed using Packard Bell hardware. My isp is and have checked the Webmail by sending mail to myself and my other 2 accounts, everything works. In OE however, if I try to switch identities, I get the msg."enter password for this ID" and then the connection fails with the error msg's 0x800ccc90 & 0x800ccc92 form my isp. I have tried deleting the account & identity info. and re-entering but with no change.
Any ideas anyone?
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I had an unnecessary Outlook Express account which I deleted. I then saw all its folders disappear from Outlook Express, but I still needed to keep those folders and go through the messages there. How can I get the folders from the deleted account. Presumably, the folders should still be there--I only deleted the account, not the folders.

A:Recover Outlook Express account folders

Unfortunately, the folders were deleted when you deleted the outlook express account.
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Im having a problem configuring MS outlook express from where I want to view the contents of my hotmail account.Would it be possible to read in outlook the other email accounts I have just as how hotmail account is added?Thank you.

A:Cant View My Hotmail Account From Outlook Express

Are you certain that your Hotmail account supports POP E-mail?
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I had an unnecessary Outlook Express account which I deleted. I then saw all its folders disappear from Outlook Express, but I still needed to keep those folders and go through the messages there.How can I get the folders from the deleted account. Presumably, the folders should still be there--I only deleted the account, not the folders.
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Had to make changes to my Outlook Express settings due to upgrading to ATT Uverse, which changes my email servers. Changing the outgoing mail info worked fine, but could not get the changes to the incoming server to work (don't know why). Thus, I set up a new identity with the new server info. This works fine, but I cannot now receive incoming emails without clicking on tools; send and receive; and the new identity.

Is there a way to have this new identity automatically receive new emails upon logon? Or possibly is there a way to get the original identity revised to change the incoming mail server to work?


A:Outlook Express Change Help

hi have not used in a long time but think i can remember some of it. goto tools and then options. go through the options on every tab and set it up the way you think it was before.
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i changed my default 'send from' account in outlook 2010 (windows/7, 64bit); when i answer an ad in craigslist, it sets up an outgoing email, but with my former default 'send from account' ; i can manually change the 'send from' email address to my new default ok; i'm trying to avoid manually changinig it every time; i thought of deleting my old default account from outlook, but i'm not quite ready to do that , as this is a minor problem; can i somehow suspend my old account with out deleting it ? thanks
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This should be an easy problem to solve, but I have been unable to figure it out...

On the windows login screen, right below my login name, there is a little note that says how many new mail messages I have- This however was set up by my ex-boyfriend under his hotmail account. I'd like to change it to one of my accounts if possible, (I primarily use a university based webmail account), and if I can't change it to anything but hotmail or msn then I would like to remove it.

I haven't been able to figure out where to find this setting.

Any ideas or help would be most appreciated.


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Good day.

After running combofix on several Windows XP computers, I noticed that in Outlook Express Mail Account entries were missing. This seems to affect only OE, Microsoft Outlook was not harmed and also Windows Mail kept its acc's.
Any idea how to bypass this account removal?
Thank you,

A:ComboFix removes OUtlook Express Account data

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Follow the instructions that pop up for posting the results.Close the program window, and delete the program from your desktop.Please note: You may have to disable any script protection running if the scan fails to run. After downloading the tool, disconnect from the internet and disable all antivirus protection. Run the scan, enable your A/V and reconnect to the internet. Information on A/V control HERE
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I have just acquired a new laptop and have set up a wireless connection which is connected to my desktop. My e-mails are sent to my outlook express account and picked up on my desktop. I want to be able to see this e-mail account on my laptop as well.Any ideas if this can be done?Thanks.

A:Access my outlook express account from another computer on the same network

If Outlook Express is installed on your laptop, you can just configure your account on the laptop.
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i have been going nuts over this, and i am sure that it is a very simple process, but i need to have my outlook express on my work computer be active in accessing my e-mail address from work. can anyone help?

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For some reason, messages I receive to my In box appear in random date order. Is there a way to configure it so that the last message is the most recent.

At present when I get a new message it could pop up anywhere in my In box.



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After working fine for years, Outlook Express has set the language for spell checking to "French". When I go to "options" and make the change back to "English" it reverts to "French".
Spell checking with Office applications works fine.
I have run virus & spyware software in safe mode.
Run Repair on Outlook Express
Uninstalled and reinstalled IE 6 & Outlook Express 6.
Nothing has worked.
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I have Windows XP, using Outlook Express. How do I change my name that appears in the FROM area when sending an email to someone? Right now I have only my first name, but I'd like to have my full name appear when people get email from me.


A:Solved: How to change my name in Outlook Express

In OE . . click on Tools . . Accounts . . select the account you wish to change and click Properties . . You can change the name on the next panel
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I receive daily about 50-75 emails stating that my email cannot be sent. These emails are attempting to be sent to email addresses that do not even exist anymore. They were in my address book years ago. Of course there are also some emails that do still exist and are being sent to them about "work at home". I am not sending these and do not know how to get them to stop. I have ran my norton anti viurs software but I am not "computer smart" so do not understand how to correct this. Help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

A:Outlook Express Email.......


Two very useful tools for removing viruses and rootkits are below.

I would run this tool; McAfee Stinger

[ McAfee Stinger detects and removes prevalent Fake Alert malware and threats identified in the "List Viruses" section of the Stinger application. While not a replacement for full fledged antivirus software, Stinger is updated multiple times a week to include detection for newer Fake Alert variants and prevalent viruses.

Details on new or enhanced signatures added with each Stinger build are listed in the Readme details.]

Followed by; Sophos Virus Removal Tool

[ Scans, detects and removes any rootkit that is hidden on your computer using advanced rootkit detection technology.]

Between them, these tools will find and clear even the newest of strains.

Before going about the scan, I would disconnect yourself from the internet.

Best, Crit.
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I have some old, saved emails saved to my computer desktop that was orginally from another computer. When I click on one of the email files (because I had organized emails into different folders), it says:

Do you want to open or save this file?
I clicked OPEN (I hope that was right)

But, when I click that, it keeps popping up the same box asking if I want to open or save this file.

The Best Buy Geek Squad person said that he:

- backed up the Identitied folder
- Created a new Identity and imported files and address book, but it didn't populate
- also saved .pst folder (80kb size) but didn't populate.

He said I need to import identities folder.

Now I have no idea what the computer terms populate and .pst are. Hopefully someone out there can help me! Thanks!
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Hello There I Need Help I Do Not Know How To Use Outlook Express Email How Does It Work? I Want Run It Through My Yahoo , Please Someone Please Get Back To Me And Let Me Know How This Thing Works ...also , Please Feel Free To Email Me Personally ..

Thank You ,

Darren Lee Opfer

A:Can't Use My Outlook Express email

You can't use Outlook to access your Yahoo! Mail account unless you pay for Yahoo! Mail Plus, and if you did that, they would have instructions on how to set it up.
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I've been searching all over the web for the email settings in Outlook Express. I've tried the two most common setup guidelines and I still can't get the account to work. Some say and, some say and then there is conversation about it being HTTP instead of pop3.
It's making me nuts! How hard is it to set up an email account?
Does anyone know all of the settings.
Thank you for your time

A:MSN Email and Outlook Express

Hi, Marcia.

So, you're trying to open your emails that are from MSN in your Outlook program, correct?
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I am unable to get Outlook Express to download email. I can get on Internet Explorer OK, but can’t call up email. Can Outlook Express be re-installed in XP? I did a virus check. No virus, but It shows “My Way” as a potentially unwanted file. It can’t be cleaned or deleted by McAfee. Please help!!


A:Outlook Express - No Email


Do you get a dialogue box saying "Check for new messages on...[your e-mail] ?
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I can receive [ I think ] all of my email.. but when I reply I get: Message could not be sent because one of the recipients is rejected by server.ALL of the mail has been rejected. Before this happened I lost internet connection [ Charter ] and IP [ I think they said ] had to be re-set. Also something about the router [ now by-passed ] has to be re-set also. I'm connected directly [ first ] to cable on this PC. This is not helping my business!I use Mailwasher on XP home.Thank you for your help...Terry
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can receive email but can not send??????????????/

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I have a Windows 8.1 system on a lap top that was used by a former employee. Her name was still on user name and I couldn't change it without Admin privileges (otherwise was asking for a smart card). Found out how to get in to admin in safe mode with Net
User Admin yes- then discovered that the old log in and information / desk top is no longer available. The docs are under Users (old employee's name) in C drive, but the docs and settings no longer show up and the admin log in is the only one available - no
option to change users.
When I went in and said Net User Admin no - thinking if I disabled admin user it would go back to the old log in -  there was no log in available at all.

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For some reason my XP user account has been corrupted. I was able to fix it by following some step-by-step instructions online (system restore wont work). everythings good now except my outlook express lost all information like the inbox, sent items, address book etc. All these correspendence are tremendously important since it is used for business and i have no backup for them (pretty stupid, i know)
There hasnt been any data loss (as far as i can tell), all files are intact so i assume that the communications are still somewhere in the disk. Any help on how to recover my folders would be GREATLY GREATLY GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

A:XP user account corrupted, Outlook express folders now missing

I would imagine they are not lost, just in a different user profile now.

Search your hard drive for *.DBX files, these are your OE folders.

Once you find them, you should be able to re-import into current OE.
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A friends XP computer crashed after sp3 install (amd processor) I backed up her complete C drive by making her non booting drive a usb drive through a usb external case. I know how to get all her mail, contacts and address book back, through outlooks structure but is there away to get the account settings back? Which file to I override?

Thanks Mozart

A:Find outlook express file structure for the account settings

Good question


Have a nice day
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I have a new HP Pavilion preloaded with 8.1. I loaded Office 2013 and set up the email account. All worked well until two days ago when I realized I could not send any emails only receive. I removed the account and reinstalled the account - things only got worse. I uninstalled Office and reinstalled but that did not fix the problem. Somewhere there is a file that is has wrong information stored about the account and how to communicate with the provider but I do not know where that is, can someone help with this issue?

A:Outlook Email Account Corrupted

Close Outlook out completely and navigate to: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook (Where %username% is your username on that computer)

Delete the .pst file that is in that folder. Next time you open outlook it will have you create another profile with your email account.

Im guessing that your outlook profile is corrupt. If it is this should help resolve the issue you have.
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I run a small business from home and use outlook for emails. I want my wife who uses another PC to have access to the same emails through outlook but on her PC, is it possible? I answer questions whilst she handles payments / orders which all come through this one email account. Any help will be much appreciated.



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Hello. can anyone help.
I am trying to add a POP email account to Outlook 2010. I've established network connection but cannot retrieve the Outlook Test message. An error box comes & says unable to connect to the server. 550.5.7.1 message content. I have had this POP account on previous versions of Outlook 2010, & it was ok I am puzzled.
Many Thanks

A:Cannot add new email account in Outlook 2010

Without knowing more about your mail server name and such.
Have you tried to Ping your mail server? like from the run cmd prompt ping
I ping to verify that the server is on-line and responding.

You could double check all the options in outlook setup email accounts to make sure that
you have spelled everything correctly, that sometimes is the problem where mispelling will
mess you up.

also the more settings options will have to be looked at to make sure that the boxes are checked correctly.

These things can get tricky if you misspell, many mail servers want your complete email address for the logon userid..

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I inadvertently deleted my email account from outlook, and now I am unable to re-add it. I actually have both outlook 2010 and 2016 installed, but up until I deleted my email I was able to use both. Now I can't use either of them under my main email address.
I have a pop3 account with stml, from comcast. I have tried numerous times to re-add it, both in the regular way and manually to no avail. I get the error message that my requested process failed. My account is still in the pst. data section, as well as on my computer.


A:Unable to re-add my email account to outlook

Only one version of Outlook will work on your computer. This always opts for the latest version, so you need to uninstall Outlook 2010 & only use Outlook 2016.

Your .pst files should work, but you may need to point Outlook 2016 where to find those files & this can be done through Files in Outlook & then through Account settings.

Unless you have a specific need to have 2 versions of Office on your computer, you might consider uninstalling office 2010 & only using Office 2016. Only having one version works best & has less problems.
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I have a total of 4 different email accounts, 3 I have had for some time now. The fourth one is new, and I can not for the life of me get it to work. When I add it as a new email account, it get to the part where it want's to log on to server and send a test message, I get a pop up asking me to enter my user name and password for the following server, over and over again. I have not had these issues with my other accounts, and I know the password is correct because I use the same password for all of my accounts. I have tried to add this new account numerous times to no avail. I have double checked everything in both my outlook account as well as my online account.

Help please,

A:Can't add new email account to outlook 2010

Try changing your user name to something else. It's possible the user name you are using is already being used by someone else on that email server.
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I am a neewbie I have a systemax venture Windows XP Home Edition SP I used to have Verizon as my DSL service provided I cancelled Verizon and am now using a router that runs off of my husband s Verizon account When I open Outlook and its trying to opend send receive expired account email looking Outlook for I get the followig message Task my inbox com - Receiving reported error x CCC F The connection to the server was interrupted If this problem continues Outlook looking for expired email account contact your server administrator or Outlook looking for expired email account Internet service provider ISP When I try to send an email from Outlook or a Publication from Microsoft Publisher I get the following message Task my inbox com - Sending reported error x CCC Unable to send the message Please verify the e-mail address in your account properties The server responded Server access forbidden by your IP Visit http cbl abuseat org lookup cgi ip ' I went to Inbox help section and set up Inbox on pop for a while everything was okay after a week I get the message I listed above I am starting a small home business and I would like to continue sending Microsoft Publisher documents by email I need help badly remember I m a newbie and I may not get it the first time nbsp

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My wife is using Outlook 98 for the first time and has two email accounts set up. How do you get one email account to default over the other on outgoing emails? Thanks.

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While trying to fix an issue with selecting text, I got a .cab error that has now been fixed.

However, now when I open Outlook, it is asking to establish a new email account, as if I am a first time user. i can't access the existing email account, and all of the emails, folders etc. An archive.pst file still exists and by the size appears to contain all emails, folders etc.

Does anyone know how I can locate and reinstate the existing email account to access the existing emails etc.?

If this is not possible, can a new account be established and the existing emails, folders etc. in the archive .pst file imported?



A:Outlook 2003 email account gone

Hotchi said:

can a new account be established and the existing emails, folders etc. in the archive .pst file imported?Click to expand...

Yes, I'd say your best option is to do that. Luckily you still have the previous PST file
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I would like to know how I delete a outlook email account because it has been compromised

A:Microsoft Outlook email account

Go to, select Security & Privacy:

Select More security settings:

If prompted for password, enter it. Browse to bottom of the page, select Close my account:

Be sure to read everything on next page before clicking Next:

Follow the rest of on-screen instructions to close your account.

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I have a total of 4 different email accounts, 3 I have had for some time now. The fourth one is new, and I can not for the life of me get it to work. When I add it as a new email account, it get to the part where it want's to log on to server and send a test message, I get a pop up asking me to enter my user name and password for the following server, over and over again. I have not had these issues with my other accounts, and I know the password is correct because I use the same password for all of my accounts. I have tried to add this new account numerous times to no avail. I have double checked everything in both my outlook account as well as my online account.

Help please,
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Somehow my clock was a month out for a short period and all my outgoing messages in OE were wrongly dated. Is there some way I can re-date them? Otherwise, these messages will not appear in the correct date order in the sent items folder and this is important to me.

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I took the drive from an unbootable 98SE computer that had been using Outlook Express for email. That computer is gone. I want to get the email files off of that drive, burn them to a CD and then copy them to a new computer running XP so that the new computer can access the email saved in the old drive.

As the old drive is not bootable, I have it kinda hanging from another computer so I can access the drive as drive F and copy files from it. Which files do I need to copy and then copy to the new computer? Thank you for any help you can give.

A:how to change outlook express mail to another computer

Do a search of the HD for *.dbx in hidden files and folders.
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I can't access the print function in Outlook Express. I can't find where to go to make my printer selection.

I've got windows XP and use Outlook Express for my mail e-mail.

A:How Do You Change Printer Selection In Outlook Express?

Welcome to TSG

You should find the printer selection option if you click on File>Print... from the top pull-down menu.

If the printer you're trying to use is networked, you should see a Find Printer button there, too.
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aWhere can I change the font for my emails. I know I can change them on an individual basis, email by email; but I'd like to know where I can find the controller. Like why do I have to have Ariel as a font?


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Hi all

I haven't discovered a way yet of switching a POP3 account to IMAP without deleting and re-defining the email account in Outlook 2010.

IMAP is a better way if you access the same email account from multiple machines. If the account was originally defined with POP3 there doesn't seem any mechanism to change it to IMAP without deleting and re-creating the entire account.

This means backing up and restoring all the messages, address books etc before doing this -- a bit of a pain if you have to do this for 50 - 100 users and their email accounts.

Any quick fix or have I missed something.


A:Outlook 2010 cannot change POP3 account to IMAP

You haven't missed anything, as far as I know there is no way to change pop to imap.

A bit of a warning though, in the past when I have switched users from pop to imap and I added the additional IMAP account then moved the stuff from the pop account folders to the IMAP, sometimes email etc just disappears completely despite saying it had copied.
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If I try to change the settings of an existing IMAP email account, or to click on "More settings", I get the error message: "The requested operation failed"

That's the case with all my IMAP accounts, but not with POP accounts. The problem is still there after a reboot.

This is with Vista. I never had this problem with XP. Have you experienced that?
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Hello guys.
My dad uses outlook express for his emails. A month or two ago, all his emails disappeared from his computer, so he took it to a service centre to fix the problem.
Now it happened again, but he is leaving on a business trip today, so he has no time for a technician.

He uses outlook express along with IE5 and WinXP. If anyone has heard something about this, or know a solution, i would greatly appreciate it, for he needs those mails, and he's not very good with comps.


A:Outlook Express Email Disappearance

I know several reasons causing this problem:1. Outlook Express settings. Run OE and Click View | Current View and be sure it is set to "Show All Messages". Also verify that "Show replies to my messages" is not checked or you will see only replies to your messages.2. Antivirus software. Sometimes happens Outlook Express *.dbx files (files where OE stores messages) are deleted by antivirus software. For example older versions of McAfee VirusScan are known to delete DBXs. If this happened I'm sorry to say your messages are lost. 3. Damaged *.dbx file. In the case of a damaged "Inbox.dbx" file, a new Inbox will have been created automatically, and will now be using the file "Inbox(1).dbx" or similar. However the original Inbox.dbx will still exist. Locate it by going to OE store folder (Tools | Options | Maintenance). Then you can try to extract messages from this file using DBXtract tool.Also, I recommend to backup your OE messages periodically to prevent such situations. I'm using outlook express backup from abf-soft. Simple and handy (not an advertising, just sharing the experience).
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As of this morning, I can't send email from Outlook Express. I'm using version 6.0. I can receive email, but can't send email. Oh, and I have an SBC account. Everything worked last night. This is the message I get:

Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity. Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCC0F

I am NEWBIE and computer stupid, so PLEASE be patient with me!


A:Help! Can't send email using Outlook Express

I am a relatively newbie myself, but this or something like it has happened to me too. Have you tried calling your server. My problem was with them. Other than that I would wait until someone more knowlegable answers
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I am getting an error with one of the customers that I cannot seem to find a fix for. It's in outlook express on XP. The error is 0x800CCC90 POP3_RESPONSE_ERROR. (Client response invalid) I was told that it is caused by a .zip file that was sent by the address ([email protected]) The isp would be my company. If anyone knows a possible fix for this please help.

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the last two days, when I print an email, the margins are so small that the words are actually cut off. I have searched and searched for a place to fix this within OE. What's goin on?? Anyone know??

PS this is usually an email I have sent, get a reply to, and then print it off.

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I have had an error in Outlook Express for several weeks that will not allow me to send email. My computer tech is not sure he can fix the error and he is swamped with business accounts. He asked me to contact you and ask about :
outgoing server
outgoing port
SSL yes or no??

Has something changed in these 3 areas???

Apparently this is info that will help him try to pinpoint the error problem that is preventing me from sending email. Can you help??

Thank you. Joanne Donovan [email protected]

A:Outlook Express--can't send email

Hi Joanne Donovan,

Please see the email error message and then post the error message here. When was the last time you were able to successfully send emails using your Outlook Express program?
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My operating system is Windows XP. I am not able to send out email from my Outlook Express 6. When I do so, I receive this error message: The connection to the server has failed. 'Home Microsoft Mail', Server: '', Protocol SMTP, Port:25, Secure (SSL). Yes, Socket Error: 10060, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E. However, I am able to receive email. Can anyone help me as to what to do? Thanks.

A:Can't send email out from Outlook Express 6

Verify Settings in Outlook Express for AT&T Email


Verify Email Server Settings (POP and SMTP)

Your SMTP server port should be 465, not 25.
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I cant seem to find a fix for this. Hope you can help. I have a friend that I was helping over the phone installed Office XP on thier Windows XP SP2 machine. They had Office 97 and was having trouble with Outlook Express 6 spell check. I found a posting that said Office 97 didn't like XP SP2. So I had them uninstall Office 97 then install Office XP.
They normally use Outlook express 6 as their default email account. When we went to Internet Prop. to change Email default to Outlook Express there is no drop down. I had them do SP3 for Office XP but still didn't help. Trust me I have tried to switch them to Outlook but they won't do it. They are use to Outlook Express and some old dogs you just can't teach new tricks.
Does anyone know of a fix.

A:Outlook Express 6 as the default email

They are running windows XP, do you know how they have the PC set up? do they have it setup for users or just a single person???? Otherwise, if I am understanding you correctly you are tyying to set the default mail in IE. You should just be able to go to Tools --> Internet Options --> Programs tab, and it should be listed there....
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A few days ago both mine and my wife's Outlook Express started getting errors when we tried to send email It gives both of us the following error the account name is different obviously The connection to the server has failed Account 'spiritcloud' Server 'smtp comcast net' Protocol SMTP Port Secure SSL No Socket Error Error Number x CCC EThe only thing that changed the same on both computers was an automatic update by our AVG software I don't think that is the cause because my AVG updates each morning and my email worked fine until late one night No email settings were changed No security or network settings were manually changed No hardware was changed Nothing Our outgoing mail just stopped working I talked to our ISP tech support and he said that of the time that error means a problem with either the email settings or with security settings such as anti virus software Since I knew the email settings hadn't changed I looked at the AV I Email Express Send Won't Outlook even completely removed it but the email error remained I tried setting up the account from scratch on outlook express--no change I tried setting up a new account--same error I tested every OE authentication setting combination--nothing worked Mail does send from the accounts using webmail Not sure if that means the problem is with outlook express or if it's apples and oranges Anyone know the solution or something I can try I'm going to talk to our ISP tech support again but I thought I would more likely get an answer solution from you fine folks AKA gurus I always tell people quot Let me ask on the 'guru site ' quot hehehThanks in advance for any advice and or help

A:Outlook Express Won't Send Email

Hmm. A couple wild thoughts here:

Have you tried disconnecting from the internet entirely and connecting again to see if that solves the problem?

Have you tried flushing your DNS and IP numbers? I'm afraid I don't remember the directions for that, but I found it here on BC. That might solve the problem.

By the way, what AVG are you using? AntiSpyware or AntiVirus?

Orange Blossom

Edited to fix spelling and punctuation errors.
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Hey all I think I know how to do this but let me double check before I wipe my laptop s hard drive and reinstall Windows First off I should tell you that the reason I am wiping is because it has and then on top of it and it runs so slow But anyway I have old email files saved to my AOL Filing cabinet in Windows AOL I believe I need those emails saved so that I don t loose them I notice in AOL there is a quot backup quot feature Does anyone know if this feature is available in and if it will restore my whole filing cabinet for that particular screen name Also I assume that will work with my emails in just send that backup file across the network to one of my other PC s for holding and then format and quot restore quot from backup when I am done I won t Express AOL Outlook and email Exporting in loose Exporting email in Outlook Express and AOL any emails will I Also recently a user here has been using Outlook Express for emails but they dont like it I suggested Mozilla Mail but they didn t like that because it didn t have a spell check So I suggested Netscape which has a spell check and they said OK Is there a way to export my Outlook messages and import into Netscape I don t know if they have an address book or not but is it possible to do that also I know a lot of questions and text Thanks In Advance -Mark EDIT Also how would I import them into Mozilla mail nbsp
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Problem: I cannot receive or send email on Outlook Express. (I can get on the web OK with Internet Explorer).

I get error message; (quote) “A timeout occurred while communicating with the server. Protocol: SMTP, Port 25, Secure (SSL): No, Error Number 0x800CCC19” (unquote).

I have contacted the web server, and they tell me the problem is in the PC software, probably with port assignments. Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem?

A:Outlook Express Email Problem;[LN];813518
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I consistently have a problem with Outlook Express 5.5 printing my email with the righthand text clipped. Makes it rather hard to read at times. Is anyone else experiencing this and is there a solution such as changing margins, etc.? My OE version number is 5.50.4807.1700.

A:Outlook Express 5.5 print email

Go into your Sent mail settings. Somewhere in there is a width of characters. Mine is 76, which should be default. If you have yours set to more than that, it could be the problem.

Other than that, I'm at a loss!
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Hi there Start of rant Is it only me -- but I've tried load and loads of email clients -- and am currently using OUTLOOK from office - but I have to say to me the best was simply OUTLOOK EXPRESS -- simple clean interface -- I don't need all the calendars and reminder stuff -- email is a horrible them EXPRESS Email like all - OUTLOOK tried clients still business tool these days anyway -- don't need all the filers etc -- and apart from using Email clients - tried them all still like OUTLOOK EXPRESS IMAP I haven't yet seen an email client that is as SIMPLE doesn't clutter up your screen with all sorts of extra panels etc and is easy to configure It always was a shame why MS abandoned it for much more complicated systems Email might have been a great tool a few years ago but it's long become too unwieldly for sensible business use -- especially when people spend HOURS a day going through totally pointless 's of business emails The email client on Android Samsung S S seems OK too - a bit like Outlook express So why does everybody seem to make email clients on PC's that include quot features quot that include things every man and his dog DON'T want or need Anyway end of rant -- and are there any OUTLOOK EXPRESS clones out there Cheers jimbo

A:Email clients - tried them all still like OUTLOOK EXPRESS

Ha ha, it's true. I use Outlook 2010 (because I do use the Calendar, rules, etc), but Outlook Express was brilliant. Much better than all this 'Modern App' nonsense with it's dictator like ways and lack of flexibility. Outlook Express made a good NNTP reader as well. Windows Mail that shipped with Vista was OK too.

You can make Outlook 2010 quite simple if you want though (or if you click the 'Reading View' icon in the status bar at the bottom, it won't even show the folder list on the left hand). My biggest dislike is that I find text menus are much more efficient than stupid pictures/icons:
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I have a dial up internet connection for my old desktop computer located in an area of my house that doesn't receive WIFI. I have an Outlook Express account with Netzero (my ISP) and have no problems getting my email. My question is.....

When I am upstairs in my house and using WIFI (through our neighbor - with his permission because it's a temporary thing) I can get my Outlook Express email and I'm NOT using Netzero. This also made me come my email comes through on Outlook Express when I'm in a coffee shop using their WIFI. Eventually I'll be going totallyto WIFI and I"m wondering if I need to change my email address with everyone.
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Hi I would like to know if I can check if an email was sent from my outlook express account yesterday between pm and pm Someone else had access to my I Express: Can email sent? check was Outlook if computer at this time If something was send a very important doc it would have been send from word via the Send to Mail recipient option I called my ISP Outlook Express: Can I check if email was sent? this morning but they can not help they tell me there is no records kept of my mails passing thought the mail sever and told my to check my outbox Doh I already did that first If this document was sent it would have obviously been deleted from my outbox Is there any other way Is there a log kept on my computer anywhere that I can check down at code level - which I know absolutely nothing about btw I don t need to know the content as if there was anything sent I know what it would have been there is only one Outlook Express: Can I check if email was sent? doc there that would be of interest to this person and it would have been sent to their email address Outlook Express: Can I check if email was sent? Can anyone help I would be so grateful Many thanks Rio nbsp

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Hello everyone. I am interested in finding an email application that you can run, like the one from microsoft, but that will allow me to import everything i have (as well as continue brining my mail from) my yahoo account. Any suggestions?

I found the program from Firefox called Thunderbird, but I am having trouble setting up the account. I am trying to import a yahoo mail account. Anyone able to help?

A:Email Client (Like Outlook Express)

I do believe you can only use your Yahoo! account via POP3/SMTP if you subscribe to the premium service. You can import your contacts but that's about it.
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I need to recover emails from one hard drive and bring them over to my main one. I have read that it is best to simply boot from the other hard drive, backup the files and import them to the new hard drive however this is not an option since every time i try to boot from my old hard drive my computer gets a BSOD.

I have no idea where the directory is for OE on the other hard drive, nor what time of files will have the emails, or how to import them onto a new hard drive using a different program (i won't be using outlook express on this new hard drive, most likely will be using thunderbird). Any help will be greatly appreciated
Relevancy 61.49%

when i configured my outlook express (i avoided it for many years) so i could use craigslist, outlook hijacked all my email from my "regular" account at how can i get away from outlook and back to where i was? thanx for any help, tiffany

A:outlook express hijacked my email

Outlook and Outlook express are "clients". They can't "hijack" anything unless set up to do so. They only download Email when opened. You can use them as well as Thunderbird and others and still specify "Leave Message on Server". That way your Email will still be left on the Web at GMX even though the client downloaded it.
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I am unable to delete emails out of my inbox. When I click on delete, nothing happens. Any suggestions?

A:Cannot Delte Email In Outlook Express 6

If there are no messages in your Inbox that you want to save, try deleting the Inbox.dbx file in your Identity. If you have some emails you want to save, move or copy them to a new folder, if you can.To find your identity, you will have to first go into Tools-Folder Options-View from any folder in Windows Explorer and check "Show hidden files and folders" first. The path to your OE Identity should be something like this:C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR NAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{BA71C9C5-E7AE-4417-BC40-8E2D6367A668}\Microsoft\Outlook Express(The information between { and } will be different too.)If you have more than one identity, browse to the correct one.Find the Inbox.dbx and just delete it. When you open OE again, it will recreate a new Inbox.dbx file. DO NOT DELETE THE Folder.dbx file. Sometimes it is necessary to rebuild the Folder.dbx file, but you will have to redo your settings, personalized folders, news feeds, etc if you use those.
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Hi I have been having trouble with my email in outlook express for several weeks now, when I send a email with or without a attachment does not matter no rhyme or reason, does not happen everytime but most times, my emails get stuck in outbox and say they cannot be sent but the people are receiving them and sometimes multiple times!! and then it never goes to sent and I have to delete it out of the outbox and can send more and of course most of the time it gets stuck but is really being sent even though it says it is not?? can you help me, I have done all I know how to do I have norton system works, spybot and adaware installed to keep up with my viruses and all????????????? Help!! Thanks, Bev

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I'm having a problem with my email in Outlook Express 6. I am able to receive/download my emails fine, but I cannot view the body of the emails. In other words, I can see that I have recevied an email from this person or that, but if I open the email, the body of the text is blank, and mousing over the body gives me an hourglass as if it is trying to bring it up....which never happens. I have never had this problem in the past, and have no idea what has brought it on. I downloaded Ad Aware and Spy Bot Search and Destroy to see if anything they found would help, but nothing they removed made any difference. Anyone have any idea what my problem might be? Thanks a lot in advance.

A:problem with email (Outlook Express 6)


Just a note, I did see the thread below where it sounded like someone had a similar problem, and it was suggested that they uncheck the option for Windows Messenger within Outlook Express....I did that, didn't help.
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Receiving email by OS6.0 is fine - I have an ADSL line, and until recently, all email sending and receiving has been totally seamless. Increasingly, however, the outgoing email has 'stuck', with the message "An unknown error has occurred. Protocol: SMTP, Port: 0, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800C0131". I close down other programs, disconnect and re-connect the ADSL line, and finally have to re-boot before the emails will send. Because it's getting progressively worse, the thought of a virus crosses my mind, but I have no other symptoms, and have current Norton Live Update and Firewall protection. I have upgraded memory to 511Mb, on a PentiumIII(?) system, and no other programs fall over!! I have discussed the problem with my ISP, who feel it is not a server problem. (Huh!!). I've looked through other problems on the site, and can't see one exactly matching, and wonder if anyone can help please? Liz

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Anyone help me how to insert email disclaimer to the outlook express?


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when i open an email "with attachment" in Outlook Express, it redirects me to sign in to an older ISP i am eliminating, before i can successfully open the attachement and even though my new ISP is the new default and links to OE.

the email does come to my new email ISP address and if i open the same email in the new ISP, it opens the attachment--no problem.

how do i get OE to allow me open the attachment without signing-in with the soon-to-be-defunct ISP?

A:email attachment in Outlook Express

Hi lomitabeach

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

In Outlook Express,
Tools > Accounts > (AccountName) > Properties > Connection tab
If checked, uncheck: Always connect to this account using:
Apply, OK to save and close.

Outlook Express should then use whatever connection is available.

Check your Dial-up settings:
Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections tab
Select/Highlight your Dial-up Connection and select: Never dial a connection

Let us know if that makes a difference.