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Dual vs Single SATA Docking Station, for Clonging

Q: Dual vs Single SATA Docking Station, for Clonging

I am thinking about getting a docking station. But I am a little confused on what the advantages or disadvantages or using either. Or should I just stick with using my software?

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Preferred Solution: Dual vs Single SATA Docking Station, for Clonging

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Dual vs Single SATA Docking Station, for Clonging

I have a copy station which takes two hard drives and have found it easy to use and reliable. The only drawback I've noticed concerns the relative sizes of the two drives. There's no problem copying from a small hard drive to a larger or equal sized SSD drive. You can then use software to rearrange and resize partitions. However, if you have a large hard drive and want to copy to a smaller SSD drive it's not possible. Mind you it is a few years since I bought my copy station so that may have changed.
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Hi Guys,

I have an 80g sata drive (secondary internal) that was getting quite full.

I went to buy a new terabyte drive and bought an external docking station while at it.

I swapped out the the two drives, thinking I would simply put the 80g in the docking station and transfer the 80g back over to the internal terabyte drive via the docking station.

However, W7 doesn't see the drive, as I remember an ide drive being seen from a docking station back in XP..

Any tips on ways to mount this drive or alternative workflows to migrate from the 80g to the tera without first swapping drives, copying to an external, swapping back and recopying?

A:Accessing SATA drive in USB docking station?

Welcome Mike14,

What is the make & model of the docking unit ? Is it IDE only, or Sata & Ide combo ? If you use an IDE in a docking unit or external case the IDE jumper needs to be set to master for the IDE HD.
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I have been using a T -A with a full docking station with both video ports in use with dual docking monitors station nbsp It worked fine nbsp I have since upgraded docking station with dual monitors to a T -U nbsp Physically it fits and powers up with no issue nbsp Originally it contained two Gb So-Dimm sticks of ram PC - s nbsp I have since tried to upgrade the ram to a stick of Gb and a stick of Gb PC - nbsp If I leave a single stick in place I have no problems nbsp when I try to include sticks of the new ram I get a horizontal shredding effect on the back ground the icons and any windows I open nbsp I atempted to use one new and one original memory stick but ended up with the same problem nbsp I have tried using a second identical docking station but with the same results nbsp I can confirm that the T has no issues with either docking station nbsp The T by itself with a monitor connected to the VGA port on the side has no video issues nbsp I have done a remove reinstall of the video drivers nbsp nbsp I am one version back on the BIOS with no way of upgrading until I get a replacement battery nbsp Would anyone have a suggestion on how to clean this up other than sticking to a single stick of ram nbsp Thanks nbsp butterball
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Okay I am about to clone a GB Samsung SSD Clone Docking Using Station SSD To Dual Evo SSD with OS on Win to another identical GB Samsung Evo using a dual docking station that has a clone feature The docking station is the Coltech CE- CU The SSD To SSD Clone Using Dual Docking Station reason I am doing this is because I have just built a new system which powers off randomly as trying to boot approx times I have tested RAM changed PSU made sure drive has latest firmware updated BIOS and checked through the BIOS settings amongst other things I have also checked the health SSD To SSD Clone Using Dual Docking Station of the drive with Samsung Magician software that comes with the drive and CrystalDiskInfo which both say it is fine When I disconnect the drive though the problem ceases In both cases connected disconnected the mobo successfully posts For these reasons I have determined that it is probably the drive so have sent off for a replacement from Amazon As I don t want have to re-install and re-build the OS again as this would be the third time I was just going to clone it using the docking station to the new drive before I sent it back The instructions for the docking station are also less than helpful They are a little fold out leaflet that say press clone button to clone and make sure the target drive is the same or larger than source drive with little else I have not been able to find any online manuals for it either Which leads me on to my question do I need to initialize or format the drive before cloning Any help would be much appreciated Full system specifications MoBo Gigabyte GA-Z M-D H Socket CPU Intel Core i GHz Socket RAM GB Corsair Vengeance Storage GB Samsung Evo SSD PSU Corsair CX M OS Win Case Cooler Master Silencio Matte nbsp

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I have two new Sata hard drives that I would like to know how to format
and partition for use in the above Termtake Blac X Duet Sata & USB
Docking Station:
1)Seagate Sata/300 Barracuda “3.5” Internal Hard Drive

2)Hitachi Sata 2TB Internal Hard Drive

I do not have available to me the written instructions for performing the
above tasks.

I have a limited fund of tech knowledge, however, I am capable of following
step-by-step, ‘recipe-like’ instructions in performing most asks of this nature.

I would be most grateful for any help that you might be able to provide me to
perform the formatting and portioning tasks, or some links that you might provide
me which presented appropriate clarity and detailed instructions to successfully
address these issues.


Some computer specs:

Custom built computer
Windows XP Pro – Service Pack 3 – Build 2600
240 gigahertz Intel Core 2 duo
2048 Megabytes installed memory
P5K Deluxe motherboard – Wifi-AP edition
320GB Unused space

A:How to format and partition two new sata hard drives for use in a docking station

Place the disks in the dock and use disk management to format/partition.
Rt-click My Computer/Manage/Disk Management.
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I have dual Dell U2417H monitors connected to a Dell docking station (E-Port Plus II) using Dell Precision Port Laptop.  The problem I am having is that I am unable to get all three displays working simultaneously.  If I place the computer into projector mode then I can get both external monitors working, but only in that conifguration.
I am looking to get both external and Laptops displays working simultaneously, can you help?  I am currently using the supplied Dell mDP (mini Display Port -  HDMI to mDP interface) cables.
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I am currently working with an EliteBook w on a w docking station nbsp I have one external monitor and the laptop monitors supporting docking HP 90w station dual lid open for a second smaller monitor nbsp I would like to connect a second external monitor and continue using the laptop with the lid open for email nbsp I can't find a definitive answer on whether or not this is possible and what is the best setup to achieve the desired end result nbsp The external HP 90w docking station supporting dual monitors monitor right now is connected to the nbsp VGA port nbsp The second monitor has both VGA and DVI ports so I could go either way with the cord or an adapter nbsp that would work the best nbsp Is it best to HP 90w docking station supporting dual monitors nbsp connect the second monitor to the nbsp DVI or DisplayPort on the docking station nbsp Which setup if any would allow me to keep the external displays and the laptop monitor open nbsp Thank you in advance Solved View Solution

A:HP 90w docking station supporting dual monitors

Hi, Thanks for joining the Forums today! While using your 8570w monitor, when connected to a docking station (we tested this using an advanced docking station ) there are two valid setups to get three independent screens. You could connect two extra monitors through DVI or just one monitor through DVI and another through Display port. This is using the advanced docking station. If one of your monitors is VGA it still should work the same as above. Here is a link to a picture of an adaptor you can use to connect via Display port: Let us know if you need further assistance.  Thank you,
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I have a user with a Thinkpad T460 (20FN003FUS) and a LenovoThinkpad Ultra Dock. We are using two external monitors: one going out from the VGA port of the docking station and one going out from the DisplayPort port and going through a DisplayPort - VGA adapter. The system worked fine at first. I had three displays: 1 being the laptop display and 2 and 3 being the dual monitors.The problem we're having is that when she undocks and redocks the laptop, both external monitors show in ScreenResolution as "Disconnected." If I change the multiple displays setting to "extend" I get an error message.If I undock the laptop, reboot it and then redock it, I can extend the displays, but it will stop working after the nextundock-redock cycle.I noticed the Lenovo has it's own multiple dispay management application. Should I be using that instead of Windows own native application?Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Can anyone tell me whether the Elitebook 2540p notebook or 2740p tablet can support dual monitors simultaneosly when used with a docking station I would assume that one monitor would be driven from the VGA socket, the other from DisplayPort If so, what range of screen resolutions are supported? I am looking to buying one of these models, but I need to know if this functionality is supported. ThanksJohn

A:Dual external monitor support with docking station on EliteB...

From HP: The key with supporting dual-monitors at the same time is that it requires that the notebook have dedicated graphics in there - which is not an option in the 2540p.  The first and smallest notebook to support this in the EliteBook line is the 14.0" 8440p - or we could look to the ProBook 6450b as another option too now. In a nutshell HP is being cheap or complacent.  I don?t get why they are sticking with Intel?s castrated graphics solution and why on the docking stations that do have deticated video like the fore mentioned 8440p they don?t enable 2 DVI-I (that?s Analog + DualLink Digital) instead of a single DVI-D and VGA. And the thing that really annoys me is that the intel intregated chip is capable of doing according to Intel own docs. AMD?s fusion can not come soon enough IMO.
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Hi nbsp We have the Elitebook G and UltraSlim Dock using Windows nbsp I am using HP Compaq LA wg monitors that one monitor is connected to VGA and the other Monitor is connected to DVI that is connected to a StarTech display port Display Adapters Intel R HD Graphics The firmware of the Docking station which is most current firmware Elitebook 1040 dual with monitor issue G3 HP docking station nbsp After imaging the laptop and we dock the laptop on UltaSlim Docking station you only get the one monitor which is the monitor that is connected by VGA The DVI Display port acts like it is not connected to a monitor or anything When you go to Control Panel gt Display gt HP Elitebook 1040 G3 dual monitor issue with docking station Change Display setting gt you see that the laptop is set to mirror what the st Monitor has then on the second monitor if you look at Multiple displays you see that it says Disconnect the display nbsp When I change it to nbsp Extend desktop to this HP Elitebook 1040 G3 dual monitor issue with docking station display Then hit Apply and yes I get all Monitors working which is good I can restart shutdown the laptop and I will get monitors This is not something we want to do every time I dock my laptop nbsp The next problem that relates to the problem above is when we undock the laptop and it falls asleep for minutes or more we come back to the first problem which is when we dock the laptop to turn it on the lid open or close it still only displays one monitor which is the VGA nbsp We have tried numerous number of things and everything that we have tried doesnt seem to be working so i'm coming to this community to see if we could get some help for this issue nbsp If you need anymore info let me know
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I have a Dell laptop on a docking station running Windows 7. Everyday I place it on the docking station and use my 20 inch monitor. Is it possible to activate the dual monitor feature and use the 20 inch as the primary and use the open laptop as the secondary monitor? If so, what should my settings be?

A:How do I configure dual monitors with laptop on docking station and external monitor?

The value of 'Multiple displays' (see attachment) should be 'Extend these displays.' You may have to switch the positions of the two monitors (at the top of that window).
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Hi I have a Latitude E that runs Ubuntu Xenial I dock it to a quot Dell EURO Advanced E-port II quot docking station nbsp If I boot it in the docking station everything works fine and I find all my two to off docking after Latitude screen II Unable E7440 to E-Port turn docking station DVI-connected monitors nbsp However if I undock then put it into the dock again while running it fails to enable the screens I m using a script called autorandr for switching between display modes - it uses xrandr It tries to run xrandr --output DP - --gamma Unable to turn off screen after docking Latitude E7440 to E-Port II docking station --mode x --panning x --pos x --rate --reflect normal --rotate normal --output DP - --gamma --mode x --panning x --pos x --rate --reflect normal --rotate normal But the X server responds with X Error of failed request BadMatch invalid parameter attributes nbsp nbsp Major Unable to turn off screen after docking Latitude E7440 to E-Port II docking station opcode of failed request RANDR nbsp nbsp Minor opcode of failed request RRSetCrtcConfig nbsp nbsp Serial number of failed request nbsp nbsp Current serial number in output stream Running this exact command after booting in the dock is doing the right thing but after undocking then docking it doesn t work Any ideas here I have updated to the latest BIOS version Problem also reported in launchpad with lot s of debug info here bugs launchpad net Autorandr script is here nbsp github com
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Any one please advise the right model of docking station with product id and serial number for HP ZBook Studio G3 Mobile Workstation regardsSankar
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Hi, Any one can please advise the suitable model of Docking station for HP ZBook Studio G3 Mobile Workstation.And I have docking station with sl no- CNU302Z0V6 , PRODUCT ID- A7E32UT#ABA  . Can I use the same docking station for the  HP ZBook Studio G3 Mobile Workstation ? if not please clarify the reason for that . Urgent  reply shall be highly appreciated. regardsSankar
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1. Can I get any docking station inplace of my damaged pro x2 410 keyboard?2. Apart from pro x2 410 keyboard is the any other keyboard I can use?
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I'm looking for a CD player / docking station - all in one. Tired of having all these gadgets. Does anyone make such a thing?

A:Docking station + CD all in one

Hi and welcome to TSG?

Are you talking about a docking station for an iPhone/iPod or some other brand and model of device?

FWiW, here is a link to an Clock Radio/CD Player Dock for iPod/iPhone:
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I have Z60m lenovo laptop,and need a docking station to be able to use external monitorDid not find a docking station for this model, just a Port ReplicatorCan I use external monitor via Port Replicator?Thanks! 

A:Docking Station

or just get a lenovo usb port replicator, which is going to do the same thing.
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I am buying  HP ZBook Studio G3 Mobile Workstation.  I already have HP 230W Advanced Docking Station. will it work with this laptop.
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Hello Everyone,
I could use a little help solving this problem. I purchased a removable hard drive that I patitioned to save my master hard drive image with Norton Ghost. Well I now have the image on what I will call the G: drive and removed the IDE ribbon from the master hard drive and pluged into the removable hard drive hoping it would boot and this would be all over but when I boot I get a message NTLDR is missing. Am I missing something here?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

A:Docking Station

I had posted a question about a docking station and posted to XP/2000 forum.............wrong forum sorry.
please accept my apology,
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File Transfer - Help Wanted It will be from the old computer running Windows XP to a new computer running Windows The old computer has files which I have accumulated over a number of years it is a mixture of those used rarely used frequently and junk The chances are some of the files Docking Station will never be used again but they just might be wanted at some Docking Station future date I am therefore reluctant to scrap anything Neither do I want to put a lot of possibly unnecessary files on the new computer I need to be able to search the old hard drive and recover a file if it is wanted The old computer is about years old and is slow and may not be worth upgrading I now have two computers and one monitor and I am not sure what would be the best route I have not used a Docking Station before but thought this could be a possibility on Amazon I found DUAL quot quot IDE SATA HDD HARD DRIVE DOCK DOCKING STATION IDE SATA eSATA USB ALL IN By DX-MALL Any ideas would be a big help Thanks Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce LE Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTek Computer INC Basswood Antivirus PC Cleaner Pro Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Disabled nbsp

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Is there a docking station compatible with the 450 G2 that anyone is aware of?

A:450 g2 Docking Station

Hi, It does not have docking port therfore any USB port replicator will do. There are many USB 3.0 port replicators around, depending on how do you want to use the dock, the following one would be more suitable for your machine:      Regards.
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Using a T430 and trying to get 2 monitors to work. I can get them to mirror but not able to extend my desktop to both.Was wondering if a docking station woud do the trick . Plus im running Redhat open client so not sure if there are any copatibilty dependancies. Please suggest
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Hello Does anyone know which docking station is compatable for a G50-80? Thanks Jill
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HD Docking station


I bought an external HD recently & transferred from my PC's HD a 50GB backup file but, when I tried to see the stored file it did not work & had to return it.

I would like some advise on the item below, if anyone is using it.

If I put a HD in it can I transfer files from my PC to it?

Generic USB2.0&E-SATA To 2.5"/3.5" SATA Multi-Function HDD Docking Station All In One Card Reader

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Hi does anyone know of a usb 3.0 docking station for 3.5" and 2.5" sata drives that runs off the usb power? ie no power supply thanks.

A:usb 3.0 docking station

I would think that 3.5" drives would require more power than USB could provide. I don't recall seeing many of those. 2.5" laptop drives should be okay with just USB power.
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I put my (new) Elitebook 8460p into a (new) HP 90W Docking Station. The docking station does not have a lock. I turned the laptop off but it won't eject from the docking station. The eject button only goes down about 1/8". Does anyone know of a way to release the laptop when the docking station eject button does not work?

A:docking station

I too am having the same issue.  Is there a solution to this?  I'm ready to yank the laptop out of the docking station...
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I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive docking station for my dell 1420 laptop and didn't have a clue where to start. Well, I did start looking but everything I found was well over $100 dollars so I chose to ask the forums where everyone knows about computers.

I want it to be able to hook me into my 17in lcd, printer, mouse, keyboard, ethernet (internet), and power.

Thanks! I look forward to your suggestions.

A:Looking for Docking Station

Can anyone even point me in a direction?
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Gibt es eine Dockigstation zu diesem Modell wenn ja welches modell 

A:docking station

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Thank you for your understanding
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I purchased a refurb'd IBM THINKPAD 570. It has the docking station. I have never worked with a laptop before and do not know anything about them. My question is: If I am not using the CD/DVD, or floppy, what, if any, are the advantages to keeping it docked? If I play music in the Windows Media Player, does the docking station improve the sound quality?

A:Docking Station

...the docking station is just there so you don't have to screw around with cables every time you get into work. They don't improve anything except time management.
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Hello,Customer of mine has a  Yoga Laptop (ThinkPad) - Machine Type 20C0, Model 20C0S19900, do you make docking stations for that laptop?  If so do any of the docking stations have Dual DVI ports? Thanks,Joe
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HI there - I currently use a HP 840G1 model laptop at my workpace, with a Hp 2013 Ultraslim docking station. I have a docking station at home and work, and would like to find a laptop for personal use that can also be docked on this docking station - can anyone tell me what laptops I should be looking at? Thanks Anna
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I have a Dell D620. When i connect to my docking station. I can not access my my wireless, air card or lan connection.

A:Docking Station

I have plenty of these docks in my company, and have had a few god bad. That would explain the LAN net working, but your wireless and air card shouldn't be affected in any way. Are you saying that if you are connected to your network by wireless, and you dock your laptop...then connection drops and the card disables?
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When I plug my laptop into my docking station before I've booted the laptop will lock up. If I wait until it's booted it works fine. I'm using VGA and HDMI cables to the 2 monitors but playing around with configurations of the monitors doesn't seem to matter.  It did work at one time but perhaps an update broke it. I've run the HP support tool to make sure I have the latest updates. Any ideas?
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I just installed Windows XP Pro on a laptop here at work that we just bought. Everything went smooth execpt when I plug the network cable directly into the laptop I can not go on the internet, it goes to the classic "This Page Cannot Be Displayed" page. When I plug the network cable into the docking staion and then put the computer on the docking station it goes on the internet with no problems. Let me also say that when the network cable is plugged directly into the laptop it can goes anywhere on the network fine. I've even pinged computers in our New York City location with no problems. Lastly I took the computer home last night and pluged it directly into my DSL router and it when on line with no problems. I'm puzzled please help?

A:No Internet Unless I'm on the Docking Station?
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I have a client that has a hp laptop and accompanying docking station. The usb ports on the docking station suddenly stopped working. I replaced the docking station with a brand new one, worked for about 2 weeks, then crapped out again. While in the docking station, the hp usb ports work fine, only the usb ports on the docking station are out of order.

JohnWill gave me a usb hack about a year ago, and I ran that, and while it then recognized the the 'new hardware', it stated I had to reboot; rebooted, and nothing showed up.

Any ideas? The hardware is not local, but if push comes to shove I can get the make and model of it.


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I am curious if anyone has had experience with dell d/port docking stations (port replicators). I formerly used a dell inspiron 8600 with its corresponding docking station to connect to all my peripherals. I recently purchased a new Dell latitude d630, but didn't want to spend the extra money for a new docking station. The old one seems to work fine, even though dell doesn't say they are compatible. Does anyone know if there are any long-term detrimental effects to using a potentially incompatible docking station? Thanks in advance!

A:Docking Station Advice

The only problem I can forsee is that the connector pins on the docking station might not match the computer. Most newer laptops use 2 alignment pins to ensure the piece stays in the dock. If you can't get a good connection or see flaky things happening while the laptop is docked, but not while it's out, get the matching docking station.

As an alternative, Kensington offers a USB based docking station. It's not a true dock, but a stationary connector for your peripherals.
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am trying to find out if i have an issue with my laptop
Manufacturer: compaq
Model: presario 1075
OEM Number: 261831-001

or my port replicator (docking station)
2904 port duplicator
docking station
when my laptop is pluged into the docking station display is not working all of the time.(not hooked up to an external monitor)
every thing else is working

how do i check the laptop port, or can a selftest be run on the docking station?

A:laptop docking station

There is only one way (assuming you don't make the things) to test this.

Hook up the laptop to another one (or hook up someone elses laptop to yours) - there is no other way to test something like this.
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I'm wanting a docking station for my HP Envy laptop that will charge my laptop as well. Is there such a device? I recently purchase a Targus USB dock and it doesn't reconginise my monitor nor does it charge my laptop so I still have to take my charger in and out as well as my monitor. Very annoying. Doesn anyone have any suggestions?
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Hi, It does not appear there is a docking station for the HP Pavilion x2 12" Detachable 2in1 laptop.What are the alternatives for a docking station such that I can hook up my laptop to a monitor/tv, full size keyboard/mouse, etc. Also, aside from the HP Active Pen, what other digital pen/stylus are compatible with the Pavilion x2 12? Thanks
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Since it has become clear that I cannot trust the sales people at Dell, I will see if someone on this forum can recommend a docking station or port replicator that will work with the Inspiron 1525, XP Pro, SP3. The Dell folks had me order a Kensington SD 200V, with option for dual monitor. After hours of trying to make it work, the folks at Kensington told me that it is not compatible with XP SP3.

I would love it if I could find a docking station like my old IBM Thinkpad, where even the power for the laptop was taken care of at the docking station. Guess that's not possible with a Dell.

I do want to use an external monitor, speakers.

Any suggestions, even for somewhere else to search?


A:Recommendation for Docking Station?

I am not seeing anything like that for your model.
With all the connections that are shown for your model
at the dell website,it's probably not needed.
You have connections to hook up an external monitor,
or even an HDTV by vga or HDMI.
I imagine you could connect speakers to one of the headphone
jacks,but might want to use a USB sound card instead to
keep the wires out of the way.
Sorry I couldn't find exactly what you were looking for.
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I have just purchased a new computer with Windows 7. I use a REX 6000 PDA which I was able to install the software for desktop, etc. However, I am unable to connect my Usb docking station. W7 will not recognize it. Suggestions?

A:XircomRex USB Docking Station

If you are running Win 7 Pro or Ultimate, you can try downloading and installing XP Mode and see if the USB drivers for it work within XP Mode.

How old is your Rex? I had a Rex Pro around 1996 or so. Mine was so old that it synced via a serial cable, not USB. Neat little gadget but newer PDAs and smartphones I've used since then are far more capable.
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Hi All,

Just recently purchesed one of the All in 1 HDD Docking caddies from Ebay, but need some expert advice.

I am connecting a 200gb IDE HD which is being recognised as a removable disk, but not as a seperate HD.

Not sure if this is a driver issue but have installed everything on the disk.

To see the exact type of model I am using type: All in 1 HDD Docking - in google and its the first youtube result red front with a black body.



A:External All in 1 HDD Docking Station

SEAGATE is the model of HD, 200gb IDE, power sounds when plugging in, therefore something is live.
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Please advise quick response requested (ASAP)! Need to recover old hard drives from HP laptop, Dell desktop & Western Digital external drive. Must have IDE, SATA capabilities and reasonably priced. Would like to purchase a device that will allow me to transfer the old data to my new Windows 10 laptop with the cloud. Preferable so all my files can be stored in one location.
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Hey guys,

Working with a Dell Latitude E6410, upgraded to Windows 7, i5 processor, solid state drive. When running the computer on a docking station, it works perfect for 5-10 minutes. Goes though encryption software fine, boots Windows fine. Can log user in, load browsers, play audio through the docking station, etc etc. After a short while, it randomly goes into blue screen.. Error: "IRQL Not Less or Equal"..., and reboots. Replaced motherboard, problem still exists. Reformatted solid state drive and reloaded Win 7... still happens.

Keep in mind this is ONLY when plugged into the docking station. Also blue screens on other docking stations as well.

Any idea's on what this could be? I can't get the exact codes from the BSoD right now, but any insight on what to look for would be great.


A:BSoD ONLY when on Docking Station?

Go to the Control Panel \ Administrative Tool \ Event Viewer and check the logs there for any errors that have occurred for the date and time of the BSOD. If you find the error in the logs you can copy and past the error here.
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Is there a docking station that i can use with this laptop?

A:Selecting right docking station

Hi, It does not have docking port therefore normal USB "dock" can do: Please select the one with USB 3.0 and Dual display (or DisplayLink cerfified). You may use those options later. Regards.
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I need to find a compatible docking station for my notebook.  Any suggestions? Thanks 

A:I need a docking station for my hp 15-g010dx

Yes HP no longer makes true "docking stations" for its consumer laptops. A docking station is a snap-down platform that provides power to the laptop and replicates ports and allows for expansion such as additional hard drives, etc. Best you can do is to use a USB 3.0 "port replicator" many of which come with video and all the ports you could want but do not power the laptop. You still need to connect an AC adapter directly to the laptop to use the port replicator.  There are lots of these on the market. HP makes one and others do, too. Post back if you need any help. Expect to pay around $100 +/- for one with video. If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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I have a Dell Inspiron laptop running Vista Home premium Intel Core Duo CPU Docking station problem? T gHz gb RAM all software updates are current I have a Kengsington Docking station problem? Notebook expansion dock with Video About a month ago my computer started acting scary I would come to the computer and it would be in what I assumed was quot sleep quot mode I would push the power button and nothing would happen I would hold down the power button trying to force a reboot and nothing I disconnected eveything thing unplugged it and re-plugged nothing I unplugged Docking station problem? everything again and in desperation took out the battery and put in back in and bingo it started up I re-hooked everything and went on my merry way Sometime later bang it happens again I tried the same corrections and they worked The THIRD time this happend I left OFF the DOCKING STATION and it has not happened again Any ideas Does Vista have docking station issues Is this a lousy docking station Does anyone recommend a good docking station I really want a docking station Thanks nbsp
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Upon a re-boot today, my ibm t41 wouldn't re-boot while it was in the docking station. It goes to the IBM splash screen and them hangs (won't go into the bios either). Out of the docking station, everything is fine. It was in the docking station when i initially tried to re-boot. Any suggestions...lenovo support is little help beyond buy a new docking station and see what happens.

Thanks for any suggestions

A:won't boot in docking station

Update the system BIOS to the latest version?

Disconnect everything possible from the dock in case it is something of the devices that is bad.
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Hi,Is there a docking station available for spectrex2?I don't seem to find one.If not which usb docking station would you recommend for spectre 2?Thank you very much

A:Spectre x2 docking station?

Hi, The Quickspecs sheet suggests two USB docks (page #25):             Regards.
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Hello all,
Forgive me if this is in the wrong thread but I have a problem.

MY Advent Monza N2 running a 64-bit version of Windows 8 Pro is connected to a Plugable Technologies DisplayLink certified laptop docking station which in turn is connected via VGA lead to a Logik L22FED12 1080p HDTV. I cannot get my laptop to switch to the 1920x1080 resolution required for full screen viewing. At the moment my screen resolution is at 1440x900 (the highest available at the moment) and there is a 2-3 inch wide black square around the functioning OS.

Any ideas? I have tried forcing the resolution using PowerBar with no luck.

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My son just purchased this laptop and now wants to get a docking station for it. Any ideas what will work with this unit?

A:Solved: Docking station??

Most USB docking stations should work, but this model doesn't have a dedicated docking port interface that's generally only found on business class laptops. Asus does, or did, have a docking station but it seems it may be discontinued:

Newegg has a lot of universal USB docking stations that should work:

Depending on what he really needs, a USB hub may suffice.
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 just purchased an elitebook  and all seemed fine until I put it in an HP ultraslim dock 2013 station and I cannot get the screens to  come up. The computer starts initially showing the Windows startup on the screen and then  screens fade to black. I have tried pressing thef fn key along with the F4  key that doesn't seem to help. I have used the same docking station with another computer and it works fine which leads me to believe the docking station is not the issue. Would appreciate anybody's insight if they experienced a similar problem and would more than welcome any suggestion relative to a solution. Thanks

A:docking station issue

Did you verify that docking station works for that laptop? Just because it fits doesn't mean it will work.
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I am trying to find some info on a ThinkPad docking station - 02K8660 Type 2631. IBM only lists the 02K8662. I have a T23 and an X22 and am afraid to dock and boot for fear of frying one or both. Any ideas where I might find documentation on it, and what model ThinkPads it's compatable with?

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Can say an HP use any docking station or replicator for any HP if all things (ie: vga vs hdmi or PS2 vs USB) are equal? I am buying a new laptop and trying to decide between two. I have both a replicator and a docking station. I looked them up but can't find specs on models they work on so I am thinking they are open as far as spec are right.

A:Docking station/replicator

Are you looking them up on HP's website? I find it hard to believe that any HP docking station or replctr. will work with any HP laptop model. Check compatibility under HP
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I have Toshiba Tecra in a docking station but can't get the BenQ monitor attached to the docking station to display. The plug in monitor displays OK at boot-up but as soon as the PC is booted up the plug in monitor drops out (No signal mesage) and the Tochiba screen kicks in.

Any help out there on fixing this problem ?

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I am looking for a docking station for my Lenovo Z710.Are there one compatible with this model?Thanks
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At my work, I have a laptop that is hooked to a docking station. I've only been here for a little while, so yesterday was the second time that I undocked it. The first time, I did not use a power cord when I undocked it. It worked fine when out of the station. I used a power cord the second time. Before I left work, I put it back in the docking station, and I left. This morning, the laptop wouldn't start (in the docking station). I removed it from the station and tried to start it without the station. It still wouldn't start. Finally, I used the power cord and it began charging and would also start. After a while, I tried putting it back in the docking station, but it still would not charge. So right now, I am undocked and charging with the power cord.

Can anyone help me with this?

A:Docking Station Won't Charge

also, everything else is in working order when plugged into the docking station. The mouse, keyboard, internet, and monitor work fine. The only problem is the charging.
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My desktop speakers worked plugged into the Dell docking station using VISTA. Now, unless it's a total coincidence, when I installed Windows 7, the sound only comes through the laptop speakers --- unless I plug them directly into the laptop, then they work.

Dell Latitude D830 with Dell Doc that came with it.

Any known issues or ideas???



A:Docking station no sound

Probably just needs the correct driver installed for the dock.
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We are running more than200 dell computers in our company. lately we purchased E7240 for some users but it looks like the AC adapter does not work with the Dell E-Port docking station we have and that cause the USB hubs not to function at all.
currently the workaround is to plug the AC adapter to the laptop instead of the docking station. is there anyone who had the same problem ? can give more information ?
our BIOS is updated to the latest version. also a message comes up when the ac adapter connected to the docking station before the windows boot up saying the ac adapter won't charge :()
Appreciate your help.

A:E7240 and docking station

Hi 1erans,
I’m sorry to hear that, thanks for the post though! I have not seen this issue reported by other E7240 users so I would like look into this for you. Could you clarify a few things:
Are all 200xE7240 systems are having exactly the same issue on dock or if the problem changes system to system?
Are all systems using the same model AC adapters / Batteries?
When USB fails, are both system and dock USB ports not functioning?
Have you been able to note the exact error message seen on the system pre OS?
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I have an ibm 760e thinkpad with a docking station type 3545-001. I need to reload windows back onto the pc via the cd in docking station. please can anyone tell me how I get the cd to work in the docking station and where I might find the driver for it. if I put the correct driver in a config.sys file will that do the trick?

[email protected]

A:docking station cd will not work......


I'm pretty sure this will give you what you need.
Driver File Matrix
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I'll have my laptop in my docking station and then I'll undock it to use it somewhere else in my house and the last two times I did it I got this error message. It never happened before the last two I doing something that could hurt my machine?
Problem Undocking From Docking Station
You cannot eject your computer because the service 'VgaSave', which controls one of the devices in the docking station, does not support Plug and Play and cannot be stopped. Contact the manufacturer of the driver for an update.
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Is there a compatible (preferably tested) docking station for the Yoga 13?Also, what is the maximum resolution the video card will drive on an external monitor? Will it do WQHD (2560x1440)?Thanks

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A:Docking station for Yoga 13

no replies...So does that mean there isn't one?that is a bit of a downer.Also, with regards to the max. resolution, surely that is a much more important feature to document on a laptop's specifications page, unlike rubbish like "onekey recovery", or the fact that it comes preloaded with a lot of bloatware like Accuweather.I assume that the lack of a display port will limit the direct connection to HDMI's maximum resolution of 1920x1200.Thus, the question about docking stations (or other USB 3 gadgets) that can support a larger resolution.
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Hey everybody

I am wanting to get a good Laptop Docking Station that I can have at the house to easily plug my laptop in when I get home, so I can use it on my Vizio TV

I've been checking around, but can't find one with a good rating from CNET, and just wondering if anyone had any ideas.

My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 9300. Thanks

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I have been having issues when I dock my Latitude D630 into the port replicator. The issue is that sometimes the external monitor is not detected and therefore, doesn't display my screen. I tried using the fn + F8 to extend it but in the display properties, the monitor isn't even recognized as being there. I was initially having intermittent issues with keyboard and mouse so I swapped docking stations and now this came up. 

Any suggestions what I can look at? Could it be something to do with the hardware profile?


A:Docking station issues

I don't know if you ever got an answer, but three years later the same problem,I have two monitors attached to the docking station, I disconnect the laptop.  Come bck and attach the laptop and it does not detect the monitors.  Using Windows 10.
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Hi,got X220 and it's docking station P/N: 0B67692 with DVD problem is that the lan only support 10/100mb looking for docking for X220 support 1Giga lan port. Thanks...
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For some reason my CD-ROM doesn t want to work it seems like the drivers are installed but it gives an exclamation mark I tried drive station CD-ROM Docking all sort of things like installing it and reinstalling it and I tried getting updates from Microsoft Updates Also I tried getting it from Sony com but it seems that since my notebook was made for XP it doesn t have any drivers for Vista So I will have to find them myself somehow I have Windows Vista Home Basic My notebook is the Sony PCG-R ESP I really need help on this please since if I don t make my CD-ROM work then I Docking station CD-ROM drive can t install any programs that uses a CD I can say that Win XP and has no problem with Docking station CD-ROM drive the CD-ROM only Vista has this problem but it might actualy be the driver but I don t know On the device manager it says quot This device cannot start Code Docking station CD-ROM drive quot I also looked to see if there is any filters on the regedit but there wasn t any so that is strange This is the model of my CD-ROM quot Sony i LINK CD-RW DVD-ROM Drive IEEE SBP Device quot Just to let you guys know that my notebook is a docking system so the CD-ROM is attached to the dock Everything else seems to work perfectly fine but just the CD-ROM doesn t work at all Thank You nbsp

A:Docking station CD-ROM drive

I do know that when I talked to someone they said it was just the driver is not the version that the CD-ROM normaly works on meaning I might have to put the driver that comes with XP. The driver on Vista might be newer than the XP one so it doesn't work right since normaly my notebook came with XP.
But my questions is where can I get the XP driver?
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I have dell LD630 and i recently installed win7 32bit enterprise on it. everytime i slap my laptop into dock it doesn't recongize the USB keyboard and mouse. it search and then install the on laptop everytime i put on the dock.



A:USB issue with docking station

Sounds like the dock drivers you are using cannot be W7 compatible, that simple.

You'll need to check compatability and availability of driver updates with the maker.
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I recently did a reboot of my Vista Home Premium operating system. Prior to the reboot I had what could be described as a docking station at the top of my desktop which would appear when the mouse was dragged over it. It had links to my windows mail/word processor/windows media player etc.

Does anyone know how to get that back or where to download it from as it was really helpful to have!?

The laptop which I have (Inspiron 1525) was purchased from

I hope someone can help.

Thanks in advance.


A:Lost Docking Station???

I'm running Vista 64 bit but if 32 is the same, if you right click your desktop, then do Customize, there should be one for "change desktop icons" where you can select stuff like Documents to be on the desktop or not. See if your dock is in there.
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I have a lenovo g770 laptop, and I need a docking station for it. Does anyone know what I should buy?

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Running a new HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G3 with Windows 10 64bit. I do not get any audio when connecting external spealers to the dock. If i connect directly into the jack on the laptop the external play audio fine. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers numerous times.
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The network card (Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet) on the docking station for my Z60m went out (does not show link at all, always shows unplugged). I tried removing/reinstalling with the most recent driver, but no luck. Is there any way to active the internal NIC while plugged into the docking station? That would at least give me a work around, although slightly inconvienant. Thanks.
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I see used docking stations for T61 for sale. Can't tell if they have additional fans or any other goodies? If my desktop (XP) fails, this laptop will take it's place.   Montior , Keyboard, mouse and printer.  Additinal USBs is the main reason.  I remember some docking stations had fans to help cool the laptop?

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A:T61 docking station worth it?

I'll throw in my  two cents on this one.  I have both the 2505 and 2504 docks.  I much prefer the 2504's because they have a DVI video and a separate audio output that the 2505 doesn't,  besides they both sell for about the same used.  The DVI output allows a digital video signal that hooks up directly to a monitor with same or I use a DVI to HDMI cable to hook up to a HDMI port.  I have speakers already hooked up to the audio and the mouse and keyboard hooked to the USB ports on the dock, and a dedicated, to the dock, power adapter.  This allows me to plug in the laptop, power up and everthing boots up without even having to raise the laptop lid by setting up the video to go to the monitor screen.   I have them set up in multiple locations so can move my laptop easily to areas where I want to use it for:  music, internet, videos, etc.  These docks are readily available and inexpensive. As far as heat both docks are designed to raise the laptop off the surface and have venting to allow air to go underneath the fan area as well as air vents in the upper corner where the fan is located.  I am not sure how effective this is but it does seem to be a well thought out design so I am sure it does some good but probably not enough to prevent the well documented NVIDIA issue.  I have both laps with the Intel gpu and NVIDIA and none have failed so far. I am running Windows 7 on all my laps and my setups work great for me by having the docks and all peripherals in multiple locations that I use so that I just need to plug in the lap,  it is the same to me as having a desktop that is very portable and, for me, at today's prices it is well worth the cost.
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Hi there,  I have a Thinkpad A31 - 2652 with Windows XP (SP3) and I would like to get a docking tray with the ability to have dual VGA monitors (both external monitors).  I understand that the "ThinkPad T, A, and X Series Dock" has both a VGA and a DVI  I/O ports.  But, here are my questions, what kind of DVI is included with this dock?  Would it be possible then to get a DVI - VGA adapter and attach a monitor to it so the diplay is extended to the second monitor, not just replicated in the second monitor? Thank you.  

A:Thinkpad A31 Docking Station

I have a T-30 XP Pro that I used a type 2878 Docking Station for a while.  Yes, I put on a DVI adaptor and it looks like you can do 2 x AGP.
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I have a brand new E7250 Laptop and my wireless connection works great when out of the docking station but fails when I dock.  Any thought?
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Has anyone tested some docking solution for Yoga 3 Pro? I need to connect one [email protected] monitor and one VGA (d-sub) projector, 4 USB 2.0 devices.(also LAN port and e-sata would be usefull for me, but not necessary) Is there some tested, goog working solution for this? And moreover one crazy questiuon: would be possible to use come wirelless option? wifi direct or bluetoth to conned usb devices and sound at least?Thx..
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Purchased a Winstars Docking Station at Maplin today (see link below for product details).

The box says XP, Vista and W7. A techy at Maplin assured me that it was a "bog-standard" USB hub and that it would work with no problems with W8.1 (and it is a W8.1 computer that I want to use it with).

No, it does not work with W8.1 (see Screenshot attached for error message)

There is nothing wrong with the unit itself. Tested on other computers (XP, Vista, W7) - installs automatically, visible in Explorer, visible in Disk Management, works with all types of disk media. Perfect - except that it does not work with W8.1.

I have updated the Driver. Rebooted. Tried different USB ports. Same error message.

Before I take it back to Maplin does anyone perhaps have a solution.....



Product Info Link :

A:Winstars Docking Station

the requirements description says
Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/ VISTA and MAC OS 9.X, or higher

what does the Maplin site say ?
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I bought an extra docking station for my EliteBook 745 G3. It was advertised as a D9Y32AA but is really a D9Y32UT. Googled it and most are saying it's the same but one difference I see is that the AC adapter plugin has a larger plugin to the dock than the one I got with the computer. Didn't see that mentioned elsewhere. Is it ok to use the dock with the different plugin?
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I bought hp envy m7 notebook. It is not compatible with connector for my  docking station, HP xb3000 notebook expansion base. Is there an adapter for the expansion base to the Envy notebook? Is there a docking station for the HP Envy notebook?Thank you,Bryan

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A:docking station connector

Hi, The Envy m7 notebook does not have docking port therefore you have to use USB docking port. There are many USB docking ports around such as: (HP store says there are 11 products but the site is down, you can wat to get a full list Regards.
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I'm desperately looking for a dock for my new Spectre, since it only provides USB-C. I've researched and learnt that the Spectre is not compatible with generic USB-C chargers, and only charges on HP USB-C chargers. Is there a compatible dock from HP in the works, or is there a third party one?
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Hello all. Please help! I have a Dell inspiron 700m running WinXP connected to a Belkin F5U216 docking port, VGA pass through to a full size monitor, full size USB keyboard. The serial and parallel ports on the docking station do not work. If I go to device manager there is an error , failed to load, whatever you call it next to USB-serial controller. I don't know if it has anything to do with the docking station but I tried re-installing the driver for it to no avail. The Belkin tech support people haven't been of any help. Does anyone have any ideas about this. Much appreciated.

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I have two users who both Dell Latitude laptop computers. When they power up the computers, they are able to set their graphics to the desired level (1280x760). If they power up the computers while on a docking station they are able to set the graphics to a different level (1024X768) and this works fine.

The problem they have is if the machine is already powered on (1280x760) and the dock the system, the graphics on the external monitor will go to 800x600, totally disregarding what they had set the graphics for. They are able to change it back and it is fine again.

Why does this only occur when the machine is powered on already and they are trying to dock it? Is there some setting that needs to be changed?

I appreciate your help!!

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I was wondering if anyone has had any experience using a Non-Toshiba supplied quot docking station quot on a Toshiba consumer grade quot Satellite quot laptop I had purchased one of Toshiba s PA U- PRP dynadock U Universal USB Docking Stations but found the video performance so bad that I returned it Even non-movie type applications such as loading web pages were excruciatingly slow choppy and painful And yes my Toshiba laptop is up to the task being a late model with Dual Centrino Core processor -GB RAM RPM drive -MB of ?? Toshiba Docking Station shared video I see where both Belkin and Kennington offer similar units Note on the NewEgg site the Kennsington model is also rated as being very poor in video response as well There may be others What has been your experience and your recommendation Ideally I want to be able to connect my Toshiba laptop with a single cable and not have to mess Toshiba Docking Station ?? around screwing in the monitor cable along with plugging in the PS plugs for the mouse and keyboard Something you have to do if you simply rely on just a USB port extender Thanks nbsp
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Greetings We are using Dell latitude laptops and Dell Compatibility Docking Station docking stations at our office and we are facing issues with working on the docking station frequently i thought one cause could be compatibility issue and i tried checking which docking station is compatible with which laptops but to my surprise the information online is very confusing Different answers on different sites for the same request Below is a table listing the docking stations and laptops we have at our office and appreciated if anyone can help me in identifying the compatibility of the items nbsp Model DPN E E E E E E E E E E-Port K A WV MW A nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp PR x T Docking Station Compatibility HD A nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp E-Port Plus K FFCV A nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp PR x F C A nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp E-Port II PR x TJ A nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp E-Port Plus II PR x TFY A nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp I look forward to your prompt reply Thanks Daniel

A:Docking Station Compatibility

T4HD7 A01
E-Port Plus
F310C A06
E-Port II
6TJ57 A01
E-Port Plus II
12TFY A00
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I need a docking station for my HP probook 6450b (90 W). What's the model of docking station for me?The user guide I downloaded doesn't say anything about this.Thank you. Andrea

A:docking station hp 6450b

Dear Customer, Below is the details:Product Number : VB041AA     Description : HP 90W DOCKING STATIONSpare Part-688169-001   You can order the part from HP parts store using the link below. Or purchase the part from any computer store. Link: or   Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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The notebook itself and the power cord work fine.  The base/keyboard was subject to water damage and stopped working.  Is there an option to purchase a new base for this?  If so... where?  

A:where do I purchase a new docking station

Hi, I don't know where you are therefore all I can do : please look at the following manual, page 19:       (a) Select the right one,(b) Contact HP store(s) in your country to order one or use part number to order elsewhere. Regards.
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I have an Aspire 1830-3595. Can anyone recommend a docking station that supports dual monitors? Regards,trs1010
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OS: WIndows 10 x64Laptop: Elitebook 8560pDocking Station: HSTNN-I11X (PN: 575324-001) Symptom:  Sound not passsing through the docking station What have I done so far?1. Re-installed sound driver2. Updated sound driver (automatically) Cant find any dock drivers or anything specific. Help please.  Cheers!