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I keep getting emails kicked back undeliverable

Q: I keep getting emails kicked back undeliverable

I have Outlook for my email. I am having trouble sending email. The email is kicked back to my inbox with the message 'your message did not reach some or all of the recipients.' 550 recipient rejected: relay not allowed.

Then the send/receive progress window shows 'sending and receiving error Ox800CCC92.

I think this is where the problem is. Under tools/email accounts window, the logon information box refuses to hold the password. I check the password field later and the box is empty. How do I fix this?
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Preferred Solution: I keep getting emails kicked back undeliverable

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I changed my microphone jack to an inline jack for a recording project, how do I change it back?

A:Changing my jack back to a microphone

You may want to post your computers specs. Such as what os you have.
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Unfortunately has been few years with no PC rig since I started working and carry notebook wherever I go. But I do remember the good old days where It was great to tweak the rig and squezze every Mhz our of every component. Unfortunately its not that much fun with a notebook

I have most of my components selected :

IntelCore i7-4790K
Cooler Master V8 GTS
Corsair HX 1050
980 AMP!
G.SKILL Trident X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB)
Seagate Barracuda 2 TB
But Im wondering if this a good selection of motherboard / PSU / Memory
What do you guys think, considering I didnt overclock for quite few years now. I want easy but rock stable motherboard overclock..

A:Back to Overclock - Opinions needed

Never been to keen on MSI mobos. Bad experience in the past I guess..
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Hi, I'm having a problem with my Dell Latitude E6400. When I'm not using it for a while the screen goes black (like into a sleeping mode) like all computers and laptops do. But if it stays black for a little while, and when I go to get back on it and move the mouse around or press the keys the screen won't turn back on but the computer is running because the light on the keyboard are lit up and I can hear the fan running. The only way I can get the screen back on is if I shut it down by pressing the power button on my keyboard and turning it back on.

Can anyone please tell me what to do or what is wrong with it. That would be much appreciated. Thank you

Being thirteen doesn't mean I don't know what I'm talking about.​
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Hello All I have a very odd issue here I have a fairly inexpensive Rosewill chiclet keyboard that I absolutely love I spilled coffee on it so I quickly unplugged it used a blow dryer on it with cool air I then let is air dry outside on a sunny day and when I was certain it was dried out I tried it It s perfect no issues That is until recently it started doing weird things such as pressing L makes the computer think I m pressing K thinks it s etc etc Now when I quickly unplug the keyboard and plug it back into the USB it comes back to functioning properly Rebooting also resolves this But usually once to times a day Keyboard characters USB in until types unplugged/plugged incorrect back it does this I play battlefield so it becomes very apparent that the keyboard is acting up when you press L to chat with your squad and it doesn t USB Keyboard types incorrect characters until unplugged/plugged back in bring up the chat screen Anyway here are some things I ve tried - Numlock is off - Different USB Port - Checked my region settings Now I assumed like I am sure a lot of you are that quot it must be the keyboard is shorted out in some way from the coffee quot Well it s a cheap enough keyboard that I love enough so I bought a new one Same thing keeps happening I try it on my other computer and neither keyboard seems to have this issue repeat I am not sure if it s just coincidence or not but it all started after I spilled the coffee I should note that none of my other USB devices are suffering from any weird glitches at least none that I notice The coffee also did not get anywhere near the desktop tower itself Only on the keyboard Thanks for any help nbsp
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As the tilte says my CPU is jumping to 100% usage for a few seconds then back to normal (40-50%) when playing games.
This is more noticeable when I'm streaming and is more frequent.

This happens when playing games and streaming but not when idle or internet use.

My CPU jumps to 100% use and causing a massive fps drop froim 45-50 to 6fps for the few seconds that it is at full load.

CPU - FX 8320 @4.4Ghz
H100i Cooling
Motherboard - Asrock 970 extreme 4
GPU - GTX 550ti (evga stock speeds)
12GB ram - 8gb crucial tracer tactical and 4gb corsair vengance
1tb WD Black for main storage and OS
1tb WD blue for recordings
264gb ssd's with DayZ on one and arma 2 on the other

any help would be great.

A:CPU jumps to 100% then back to normal when playing games

Alright, what's the process taking up 100% CPU?
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It was on my PC - my recycling bin is empty - I did a system restore which brought back my internet connection back but it still says I am missing the my dLANdll.dll card. It shows up whenever I when I attempt to download the software for my newly purchased D-LINK wireless USB. I updated my software from Windows 8 to 8.1.....any thoughts of how I can recover it?
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My computer battery was replaced by a family member and when I boot up my PC which took about 10 minutes instead of 30 seconds. I noticed that the 2 harddrives were displayed in the bios as raid drives. The 2 harddrives are SATA. However in Windows when I right click on My Computer and select Manage then Device Manager they appear as NTFS format.

I sure that this configuration has something to do with response.

I would appreciate any suggestions on how to restore my raid drive back to 2 harddrives under NTFS without loosing my data. I would prefer a software tool or a step by step solution since I am not comfortable with manually making changes to computer settings.
Thank you for your advice in advance to this frustrating problem
Ntracs (Joe)
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I am currently searching for a new PC case for my next upgrade. I bought a Seidon 120M Liquid CPU cooler with 120mm fan that I plan to use. ($29 after rebate. Couldn't pass it up.)

One case I'm scouting already has a 200mm fan in the top, so I'd have to vent my radiator out the rear of the case. A larger/more-expensive case with clearance to mount both the radiator and still have a separate exhaust fan is also an option, but money is tight.

Quick question: Is there any cooling improvement mounting the radiator up top vs the rear?

A:Venting radiator - top vs back. Any difference?

Rear probably has better airflow.
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Ok. Here at work I have dual monitors set up and I never had any problems but started up a couple weeks ago. I checked the Drivers and they are working properly. I've tested the connections from the monitor to the computer and all fine. But my screen with randomly black out then turn back on. Sometimes it just flickers a couple seconds back and forth. I've researched this topic and I just can't seem to find a solution. I've thought that maybe there's something up with a BIOS setting, but I don't think that'd be a problem, except maybe if I had a 3rd monitor. But its really annoying, not really disturbing anything. Just very annoying. Any advice or ideas?

A:Monitor goes dark then comes back on

Just use process of elimination.

Look through event logs to see if graphics drivers crashed. Use one monitor. Try another monitor. Try another cable.
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ok so last night well early morning hours my laptop started playing up sony vaio its screen went red while I was using it then it went back normal then about an hour later it went red again but this time it didn t go so shut down my laptop and started it up again but it was still red but this time there normal? :s red screen then and went went Laptop back why? was so lines on the screen so I just turned off my laptop and went to sleep am I was planning on telling my mum in the morning without her killing me so that she would take it into pc world and get it fixed but now I woke up am and I turned on my laptop I was praying at the same time lol and bam it starts normal no red screen everything is fine I was thinking should I still take it into pc world and have them take a look or should I leave it and also why did this happen s nbsp

A:Laptop screen went red and then went back normal? :s why?

I've had my desktop PC screen go red with a new AMD graphics card. In that case, it was a driver update and it was ok.

Maybe worth a shot...
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I have lost my important and personal data on my SD card. As I tried to connect it to my Mac, it was asked to format, and I pressed it. So, now, all the data is lost. But, I know the lost data after formatting is not actually erased. It is still there and becomes inaccessible. Therefore, could you help me get it back? Any idea could be appreciated. Thank you!

A:How to get back data from a formatted SD card on Mac?

Hmm as far as my knowledge goes, you cannot, I think mostly every website that offers to 'recover' any type of format is a virus in waiting, as for software goes you may wish for someone with more knowledge, the only safe way I can think of is expensive.

Data recovery is not always 100% so take into account you may pay and not get anything in return, Unsure they do SD or not, but it's more likely best to find one yourself so I cannot be held liable!

Hope this helped!
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Hi,I when I connect the usb nano receiver of my mouse in one of the front ports of my cabinet it works fine,but when I put the nano receiver in one of the back ports ,the mouse lags!
Any solution?
Thanks in advance
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I have windows XP. There are instructions on the net to use NTBACKUP.MSI. Even though I downloaded the file the computer can't find the file.

Whats the best way to back up to a portable hard drive on a regular basis?


I also would like to back up my address book to the portable hard drive.

Thanks Heaps

A:Back up XP + email addresses to portable hard drive

What email program are you using?
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hello everyone !

im having this problem with my fairly new computer, my speakers work on the front panel, but when i insert the 3.5mm jack in the back panel it wont work.
in the realtek program im trying to change config. where it says

back panel

the jack is registered but i cant change it from line in to enything else , it sends error

playback/recording resource has been fully occupied!

can i even plug it in in the back or it must be in front ?

and here is the pic of back panel just for some more info.

and this is my pc

A:Speakers back panel

cmon people ! nobody has a solution ?
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I recorded a program in HD60 on my Kodak Zx1. I watched a few minutes of the recording on a television, then stopped, planning to download it to my computer and edit it later. When I came back, the SD card read empty. I have no idea what happened.

I used Recuva on the SD card, and have come up with a few files, 2 of which appear to be my video - one is about 30 minutes long, the other, ten. But when I play the files,all I see is BLACK. The files are .mov files. I've tried to open the files in several programs, including Quicktime,but if they read at all, the screen comes up, the video is obviously playing ( the timer is moving), but there is nothing but black.

I'm hoping to much to be able to recover and play these files of my daughter singing. Can anyone help me?

A:Recovered video files play back all black

It may be time to get another video camera. Today's smart phones do a good job taking video shots
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I kicked what? it, gs 7600 now finally got almost half a decade outta my Nvidia gs mb card and finally I boot my system to long short beep post error I m finally willing to give in and get a replacement MSI NEO-F P Intel S Motherboard Intel Pentium GHz HT MB GB 7600 gs finally kicked it, now what? PC - MHz DDR RAM planning on adding - gb W Antec Power supply I live in the US I only game - and earlier Actually I m pretty retro though I d like to maybe play say Oblivion for example on descent settings nvm the ram Also HD video playback is fairly Important as well The highest resolution I would be running is with maybe a second monitor or television running lower Prefer also a quiet card or at least not a super noisy one I ve spent most the day scouring pricewatch and amazon only to achieve a headache From what I ve seen I think I can get a card for - but there are so many holiday specials I can t decide nbsp

A:7600 gs finally kicked it, now what?

If your looking for a decent and cheap video card i prefer you to buy the ATI HD 5450, around 40 bucks but upgrade your PSU. I also game 2008 and lower.
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I took pictures last night & this morning, but this afternoon - when I turn the camera on the lens goes in and out 3 or 4 times then I get a message on the screen that says turn camera off and back on. I have done that repeatedly, took out the battery, plugged the bettery into its charger, nothing works. I got this for Christmas just a couple years ago, so its not that old. What is going on? I need an answer ASAP. I have flown across the coutnry to see my brandnew grand son for the holiday weekend for the first time & now I can't take pictures! HELP! Please write sallies2 at the yahoo.

A:My cybershot won't turn back on

Sony camera problem.

This could be happening for several reasons. The camera could have a software /firmware fault, or it could be a problem with something preventing the lens from moving as it should.
But it's just as likely to be the Li-ion battery not holding a charge as it used to.
If you have a mains adapter, try that instead of the battery, see if it works then.
You may need to buy a new battery, as they don't last for more than a couple of years, especially with heavy use.
If you can get the screen on using the mains adapter, go into the menu and do a 'factory reset'. Take the memory stick out first.
All faults are repairable, but you would do well to get a quote first, as a new camera may be cheaper, (unfortunately).
The pictures on your memory stick are not affected by camera faults, as a rule, but if you have another one, try it, just in case there is a problem with the edge connector on it.
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Last night when I logged in to Rapidahare, I realised all or most of my files were gone, and there are some important files I need to retrive it, and I had already contacted Rapidshare about this, their reply was :

However, maybe you find the files in the Trash Folder in your account. If they
are deleted, there is no way to recover deleted files.

I'm sorry for the inconvenienc

can anyone tell me how to retrive the files and to find out the date the files were deleted? or also the ip address

help help

A:I lost most of my files stored at Rapidshare. How do I get them back?

Maybe one of your family or friends that you share data with deleted your files...
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So I've just stepped in the door from a trip to monroe LA. Helping my dad get his dealership ready for a buyer. I've been resorting to trying to stay active on the forums by using my mobile device. Anyway, the lamp in my 305T is dead. Yay me. Warranty is gone so I'm thinking of replacing the lcd completely or repairing. Is it worth paying 489 usd to have the lamp replaced or are there any good suggestions out there for a new large format high resolution lcd?

A:Came back home to trouble!

Some say a thirty inch monitor is overkill . . . but why is that a bad thing?
Are you going to be able to let someone up-sell you *One* again

supersmashbrada said:

Is it worth paying 489 usd to have the lamp replacedClick to expand...

If you find somewhere that ships back-lights for SyncMaster monitors to AUS could you please post the link?
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OK, here is the problem. I'm browsing online with Chrome when all of the sudden it shuts off and refuses to let me browse more until I have disconnected and reconnected to the network. Its a wired network and ive disconnected my router and modem in exchange for another therefore eliminating those as the problem. The funny thing is i am still connected to the internet because I can still chat with my friends on Google talk and skype. Its very strange and i have not gotten any leads yet. Any help would be much appreciated.
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I have two DVD drivers one is a HP DVD i Sata and the other is a HP DVD i Sata The HP DVD i reads the original DVD and the back-Up game DVD just fine while the HP DVD i only reads the original DVD When i put the back-up DVD in the HP DVD i it sees it has a blank disk I now the HP DVD i has read this back-up DVD before because i used it all the time before i got the newer HP DVD i The game is The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion and before someone comes in here and calls me a pirate look at my games on steam dustin ds games Edit i just went through about dvds most of them was original DVD s and some was back-Up DVD s All of the original DVD s worked just find and some of the back-Up DVD s work fine the ones that didnt DVD read drive DVD back-up game won't work were all Menorex brand Edit Taking the drive DVD drive won't read back-up game DVD apart to clean it didn t help either nbsp
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I am currently trying to fix an Acer laptop for a friend of mine and from what I can tell it looks as if her laptop continues to reset itself back to its original settings. For example, the desktop background goes back to the slandered picture, desktop icons that were once there are gone and programs have to be reinstalled. Neither of us have an exact cause for this issue, except she did mention how she had a router problem within the last week, but I wouldn't see how that would constantly be affecting the laptop itself when the router has been fixed. Every day the computer resets itself and its becoming a frustrating task for her and she's just about given up on it.

Is there, perhaps, a control I could change? Could it be a possible virus or malware issue?

Please help, I'm becoming a little desperate for help myself.

Thank you,
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i created a bootable usb flash drive for dell diagnostics using my 4gb pendrive. after creation the size reduced to 1.96 gb. it was mentioned that after reformating the size will be back to normal. but even after reformatting nothin happened. can anyone plz tell me how to get back my initial capacity of 4 gb

A:Unable to get back my original pen drive capacity

if you have already reformatted (ie deleted the bootable info), then
get the Disk Manager
delete the partition(s)
add ONE partition
then reformat
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I want to back up my computer, so I went to START ... ALL PROGRAMS ... ACCESSORIES ... SYSTEM TOOLS ... and there is no option for backup. I tried going to CONTROL PANEL ... PERFORMANCE AND MAINTENANCE ... and there was no option there either. Advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

A:I have no option to back up my computer

I'd recommend using third party backup software.
And as a comment, don't put your backups in the same place as the computer you backed up.
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Once again this beginner on the computer is having a problem, to make things easier I am not upset at being guided to a tuturial or another site... I am greatful for any and all help. PROBLEM ... I did a system restore and I was FINALLY able to get back almost 100% of my pictures and data files, now the problem is when I try to open them it says "preview not available" and I do not know what to do .... I also had a few movies that I had created and can not open them.... any advice from you folks.... you have been so fantastic with my other problems, I invite you all to Kansas for a beer ..... thank you Nashkan (Dan)

A:Getting my pictures back after system restoral

When I formatted my W2k computer and upgraded to XP Pro years ago i woke up in the middle of the night and realized one CD wasn't big enough to hold all my photos. I had many GBs of photos. I bought a program ($30 to 35) called Active Undelete. found at:
And after many hours of scanning I actually restored all my photos where there were none when I started.

I found out formatting doesn't really remove data!
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Just built a new computer swapped my radeon out of my old dell which never ever had problems with each other and put it in this computer Now my monitors go into standby at random times and the only way to bring them back is by shutting off the computer From what and back Stand go can't come By into Monitors I ve read this is a common problem with no clear cut solution What i ve done uninstalled and reinstalled latest driver put the card back in my dell with both monitors ran fine Monitors go into Stand By and can't come back no problems Ran Furmark I guess my card starts at about celsius which is high but should be tolerable for this card I don t think it s the driver or power supply w I doubt it s heat because my computer runs pretty cool although this is possible It Monitors go into Stand By and can't come back s not the monitors or their chords connectors It s not a windows setting as everything is set to ALWAYS ON The graphics card is not even a year old Any suggestions -Tom Intel i ghz Duo core Intel DH tc mobo tb Hitachi HD rpm gb DDR ram w power supply unit ATI Radeon HD mb DDR x in LCD monitors WinXP HE SP nbsp

A:Monitors go into Stand By and can't come back


So far, I've updated my mobo's bios. No difference, problem still there.

I increased fan speed of my GPU with Catalyst Control Center. Temp cooled down alot, but problem still there.

I ran COD:WAW with CCC open on my 2nd monitor to watch the temp. Working 99% the GPU hit 79C and the monitors went to standby. However, right before they went to standby, it sounded as if the graphics card turned off. Fans were still spinning, hard drives on, but monitors on standby.

This was never a problem in my 5yr old dell with lousy circulation.

Doesn't anyone know what this means?
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Hey everyone New to the forum and have a situation here I built a rig but the problem I am having is whenever I play certain games then shutdown power on Random back ie Prototype L D GRID the computer would most of the time in random places shut down completely as if someone held the power button and then about Random shutdown then power back on - seconds Random shutdown then power back on later power back up and do the normal load The thing is that it does the exact same thing when I change the RAM setting in BIOS I have the option on picking the speed and etc And when I change the RAM speed and click F to save and exit shuts down and then powers back up not a normal restart all the fans etc stop running And that only happens with the ram speed I can change ANYTHING else in the BIOS and that will not happen I did a memtest on the ram each stick separately and did about - passes on each no errors I am stumped I have been in contact with ASUS and so far no one was able to tell me anything My mobo is an ASUS P T WS Revolution and I am using CORSAIR XMS DDR SDRAM DDR PC full name CORSAIR XMS GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Triple Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model TR X G C I would post a link but it won t let me need more posts lol It does that on some games but games like Crysis for example everything on high and no problem But on Prototype there is one specific area where it will shutdown few seconds before getting to it or a few seconds after In L D its random might not happen for a week might happen a few times an hour so ANY help would be much much appreciated nbsp

A:Random shutdown then power back on

What power supply do you have?

It's normal for motherboards to reboot after changing RAM settings, mine does.

The reason your machine may turn back on, is that it may be set to reboot after a power failure. If your power supply is shutting down because it's being overloaded, the motherboard sees that as power failure.
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I have an EVGA 750i SLI FTW motherboard and recently (after moving the motherboard to a different case) there is no sound coming from the rear ports. When I connect headphones to the front, the sound works. Is it a sound card problem (I'm using the integrated card)? It's not a big deal, I can just pick up one for 20-30 bucks but I just want to know the problem beforehand. Thanks in advance.

A:Sound issues: back ports not working, front (headphone) port works

the front ports are most-likely canceling out the rear ports, unless you've dealt with a similar setup that worked fine.
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Hello I have a question I have a BFG power supply for my desktop that is rated at Watts ATX V EPS V BFG model BFGR WPSU I have a APC Back-Ups power supply battery backups that is rated at Watts VA the rating both for output power capacity amp max configurable power APC model BE BB Obviously the desktops power supply cord is connected and drawing power from the power supply battery backups for battery backup reasons My inch LCD monitor is also connected to this power supply batter backups as well My desktop computer has Intel Core Quad processor only NVIDIA graphics card Creative X-Fi Sound Card other PCI cards installed DVD burner drives floppy drive hard drives internal fans CPU fan Do With ...Between Have I Issues Watts? Back-Ups? Supply Power Battery & Now this is my concern Do I have issues here concerning my Watts even serious issues I am not trained and know very little about electricity but the Watts of my power supply battery backups is almost half that needed for the Watts for my desktop power supply Just tonight I have discovered this possible issue I have been using this BFG power supply for a long time now and have had it plugged into this battery backup system for a long time as well To date I have not had any issues The computer has run just fine I may be overreacting or I may be NOT Please comment and state facts about my situation if I do indeed have an issue Also if you have any solutions to an issue please help me Thanks nbsp

A:Do I Have Issues With Watts? ...Between Power Supply & Battery Back-Ups?

Why don't you go here (Antec PSU calculator) , ,plug in your system specs, and you'll likely be able to answer your own question.
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I've attached my dxdiag file.

Ive got about 200$'s to spend on an upgrade, and i wanted to know what I should upgrade to make the most difference in performance for running games like Prototype, or Bioshock 2. I usually stick with Intel and Geforce for a video card and cpu.

Hope this the right place to post this type of question.

A:What's holding me back?

If your not concerned with the upcoming DX11 games

If you are.
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First of all thank you for viewing this topic as the data on this hard drive is extremely sentimental Some of my greatest memories such as my wedding are on this hard drive so I appreciate ANY help you can give me I have a TB Seagate Expansion External Drive ST EXA -RK yesterday my foot decided to accidentally kick the power supply and a noticed a few minutes later windows was giving me the following error message quot Windows was unable Power Supply kicked HD External was to External HD Power Supply was kicked save all the data for the file F MFT The data has been lost This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection quot At first I didn t think much of it I viewed the drive and all the contents were shown but no videos were playing I thought it was a codec issue at first because I just recently nuked my computer Most files don t open on the drive The thumbnails for the pictures were still showing some pictures I could still open some text files were intact Later on I made a small text file wrote something in it and saved it to the drive to see if I could still write and it saved properly I have never restarted my computer as I ve read it may not allow me to see the drive anymore I tried copying the files but windows gives me the quot Cannot read from source file or disk quot error After a little while I opened up some pictures possibly not the same ones and only of the picture I opened would be showing the rest greyed out After I went to sleep the thumbnails don t work SHORT VERSION and WHAT I VE DONE Running XP Kicked external power supply TB Seagate Expansion External Drive ST EXA -RK Error quot Windows was unable to save all the data for the file F mft quot Can still see filenames on hard drive Cannot open most files even text files Some files do open Pictures displaying only Can create and save a txt file Slept Picture thumbnails gone Pictures don t work Actions Taken PC Inspector doesn t detect my F Drive Recuva Detects the Drive but says quot The process cannot open the file because another process has locked a portion of the file quot Panda Recovery DOES detect my drive but has the error message quot failed to open selected disk drive quot Questions I read that enabling disk cache may cause this problem But I believe this is different as I kicked the power supply Do I risk losing any information by turning this off to see if that works Should I restart my CPU Do I risk anything by NOT restarting the computer The hard drive has begun to click a little bit sometimes and like I said pictures are now no longer viewable Does it make sense that if I don t restart it could harm the drive or no If anybody has ANY idea on what I can do PLEASE post CPU XP Home Service Pack Intel R Celeron R CPU GHz GB of RAM nbsp

A:External HD Power Supply was kicked

jra64 said:

The hard drive has begun to click a little bit sometimesClick to expand...

Can you elaborate "clicking"
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I installed my c: drive (single disk RAID) and a couple of data drives (also single disk RAID) as "RAID" rather than "Enhanced IDE" under Win 7 64-bit.

Can I take the drives back to Enhanced IDE without wiping out the contents, obviously, especially the c: drive?

Thanks for any info. I've never tried this before.
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I have a small network comprising an IMac GB a MacBook Pro good double solution back up Need GB and a PC GB with the PC connected to an external backup drive of Need good double back up solution GB With the external backup being smaller than the total capacity of my machines I m obviously having trouble So I ve bought an additional TB drive which is also connected to the PC I try not to keep any critical data on any machine but network error or user error does occasionally Need good double back up solution leave critical data in the wrong place Time machine or alternative PC based syncing software seems to back up from A to B but I need to backup A B C to D and then to E where D holds all critical data and E holds a back up of all critical data and also a vast amount of non critical information I m really stuck trying to find the most robust and elegant backup Need good double back up solution solution - what I have is clumsy and manual and that s no good when you re tying to protect client data against hardware failure and user error Can you help with a better solution nbsp

A:Need good double back up solution

For XP: Start > Run > Ntbackup.exe

For Vista (I have done this)

Copying the files XP backup program to Vista

In order to copy files for XP?s Backup Utility, you need access to a working installation of XP Pro. You will then fire up Windows Explorer and navigate to the C:\Windows\System32 folder. Once there, you will need to locate the following files:
Ntbackup.exe ? Windows Backup Utility executable
Ntmsapi.dll ? Removable Storage Public Interfaces
Vssapi.dll ? Volume Shadow Coy Requestor/Writer

You can then copy them to a folder on a USB drive for easy transport over to a Vista system

Enabling the Removable Storage Management system

Now that you have the files necessary to run XP?s Backup Utility on your Vista system, you need to enable the Removable Storage Management system. To do so, access the Control Panel, select Programs, and then click Turn Windows Features On or Off. When you do, you will encounter a UAC and will have to deal with it appropriately.

When the Windows Features dialog box appears, scroll through the list, and locate and select the Removable Storage Management check box
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Hi folks,
I've looked over the posts and can find no previous post on this subject.
I have a Compaq FP5315 LCD monitor. I can't get the back off. I've found the fours screws (two recessed above the base and two in the bottom corners) and what I think are pressure release clips inside slots in the bottom edge. I've peeled back the label on the center of the back and found what looks like a molding sprew or a glued in plastic plug.This doesn't seem to come out.
Something is still holding this back on. Can any of you assist me?
I've found a user manual and a repair manual. but neither has the dis-assembly instructions.
I'd appreciate any guidance that any of you can provide.

A:How to open the back of a Compaq FP5315 LCD Monitor

Use a large flat-blade screwdriver, and press it firmly in the crack between the front and back plastic housings. Carefully release the plastic retainers. You might have to twist the screwdriver a bit, but be careful not to mar or crack the plastic too much
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my custom build system ADM phenom II X processor with stock cooler gb G Skill DDR memory turned back on PC shut again once, never but off, sticks Western Digital HD LG x dvd burner GIGABYTE GA-MA X-UD P mobo Rocketfish W PSU EVGA GT GPA Windows home premium PC shut off, turned back on once, but never again All the parts are brand new except for the GT and the W rocketfish PSU which I extracted from my old build and it has been working fine all along until it shuts off when it was idling left it on before I went to bed woke up and PC was off I was able to turn it back on once the PC worked fine for a week then shut down again while I was browsing the web I tried to turn it back on the lights came on and fan spun for seconds then everything shut down again Then I wasnt able to boot it at all no power no fan no light I tried disconnecting reconnect each part including the power cord still no boot Then after couple of tries I was able to turn it on again I dont know what did it Couple of days later PC shut off again and now it wont turn on no matter what I did I tested the PSU by shorting the pin with paper clip fan spin for a second then stops the PSU is not plugged into anything So I thought it might be the motherboard thats defected But after I connected the PSU to another PC the mobo uses pin connector so I used the pin gt pin adpator the light on the mobo came on but no power cant boot and the light at ethernet port was not on If the PSU was fine why wouldnt my second PC boot Now I dont know if the problem is the PSU or the mobo My other PSU only has pin connector so I cannot test it on my mobo I would like to know if the source of the problem is the mobo or PSU before I buy a replacement thanks Update I did another test on the power supply with everything plugged in except the pin everything light up and PSU doesnt shut off Does this mean PSU is working fine Is it the mobo thats defective or is the PSU not giving enough power O O Im so confused nbsp

A:PC shut off, turned back on once, but never again

Power supplies are less expensive than motherboards. For this reason, try another power supply first
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When I boot up my laptop the start up text appears on the screen but Light error? Back or LCD Windows as soon as Windows begins to load the screen goes black Connecting a second monitor show everything running like it shoud and there seems to be no other LCD Back Light or Windows error? problem LCD Back Light or Windows error? with my computer Is this the back light or is there something in Windows I can look at I have check drivers etc and I have made sure that both monitors are activated and have clicked on the quot Extend desktop to this monitor quot in the properties The first time this happened the Geek at Best Buy said it was the back light I don t know if he would just say that to get the work or if it was true The other problem with going to these places is they want to wipe your hard drive as the first step no matter what you are there for When I made him write quot Do not wipe the drive quot on the repair contract he nearly didn t take the computer I ll do it myself this time if I can get some confirmation from someone My Lap Top Toshiba Satellite M- S Gb Ram GHz Windows XP Home Version SP Thanks for your intput Scott nbsp

A:LCD Back Light or Windows error?

Toshiba has been having a lot of problems with that laptop, and the replacement of the inverter card is not a good fix. Can you trade it for a different model, as this is the second failure.
You are almost certain to have it go out again. This costs Best Buy money as well.
Shoot for a replacement with a different model.
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hey guys...i bought a dell about 3 years ago and was happy with it until the dell guy i called said i couldnt upgrade my psu for an upgraded graphics card i wanted so i said scew him and started looking into building my own..i did lots of research and read lots of forums, how tos, and guids. so besides that no one helped me with putting a masterpice together...i know it was a long time ago but i was just curious as to how i did and if i did something wrong and what would you have done.

CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 @3.16GHz OC to 4.05GHz
Mobo - IP35 Pro
Memory - 2x2 Corsair PC2-6400 DDR2
Graphics card - Nvidia GeForce 8800GTS 512
Network card - Killer NIC Network Adapter
Sound card - Creative SB X-Fi
Hard Drive - i just put the one from my dell

A:This is a rig I built a while back, please look at it and tell me what you think

I use the same motherboard and I love it... other than that, if it works for you. it is great!
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I think that I recovered some of my emails and documents after accidently reformatting my computer. However I can't seem to open the documents.
Some say its a shortcut, others are like a pst folder. Plus there were things.
Hope this makes sense. How do I actually open these folders now? It looks like there is something there given the size of it.
Maybe its the blonde in me. I did the recovery with ISO mechanics if that makes a difference.

Thanks so much for any help. These are work documents and spent hours on them and I also had very important emails saved in folder with outlook.

A:How do you open recovered documents and emails?

outlook saves everything in a *.pst file which is located
C:\Documents and Settings\_your_login_\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\

IF outlook runs at all, then find the specific PST that has a meaningful size and is post dated -- dbl click on it and it should open with all the old content
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I went and reformatted my computer, (major issues with it)
Long story short I don't have any of my saved outlook emails etc.
Is there anyway of recovering them? I thought that I did find some but they are
only like shortcuts or it says that I can't open it due to the path etc.

Its for work and I really need my stuff. I would appreciate any help at all.
It was running on Windows XP and had outlook 2007

A:How do I recover lost emails and docs after computer formatted?

You will probably need to use a data recovery program. Most of these are rather expensive however, there are a few free ones around. I've used Pandora Recovery for a lot of clients and had rather positive results.

It is a free download and pretty straight forward to run
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I just got a new computer It worked just fine but it only came with Mb of RAM I needed to know what kind it was so i could buy more so i and won't in RAM out display it anything Monitor after pulling back putting opened the case took the proper precautions against ESD pulled the RAM out to check it then i put it back in The monitor now only shows the yellow standby light and when I turn it on it says quot going to sleep quot but the computer seems to start up ok fans spin and lights come on I have tried different monitors a different video card I ve reset CMOS I changed the input settings on the monitor nothing has worked The only thing i can think of is i somehow fried the RAM with ESD or i fried the mobo despited Monitor won't display anything after pulling out RAM and putting it back in my precautions I m going to buy more RAM to see if that will help If anyone has any ideas that d be great cause i m fresh out nbsp

A:Monitor won't display anything after pulling out RAM and putting it back in

Try putting the RAM on a different slot, and if you can clean the slots with compressed air.
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I purchased an external hard drive to back up my files. However, I keep getting an error msg about the files being too large. I think this has to do with the format of the hard drive.
Instead of going through a backup program, can't I just do a copy/paste on the files I want to back up? That is how I would do it when I put files on CD, so won't this work on an external hard drive?
Thank you! Maggie

A:Trying to back up to external hard drive - error msg


What operating system are you using? Have you formatted and partitioned your hard drive?

If you right click on my computer and select manage, then disk management, then pick your external drive, right click for format and partition options. Please note.. this will delete all existing data on your external.

This alll presumes you are running windows

Hope this helps.
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Captured an LP to HDD thru amp hooked to SB X-Fi card using Nero Wave editor Cleaned up the clicks amp crackle w Wave Ed amp saved using after CDA are cleaned to Nero back Clicks 9 files WAV using burn quot Save Tracks as Files quot option as wav When listen to those cleaned WAV files directly from HDD even w headphones very little noise is audible - to me When create an Audio CD compilation w Burning ROM amp select same exact files I just listened to burn as audio CDA the clicks are back when play CD Played it on different players Clicks are back after burn cleaned WAV files to CDA using Nero 9 PC - same clicking Ran the original ripped wav files back Clicks are back after burn cleaned WAV files to CDA using Nero 9 through Declicking Decrackling in Wave Ed increasing amount of noise to remove saved to diff folder Tried burning another compilation - same clicking is back after burn CD nd batch of cleaned files still sound very clean straight off HDD using Media Player If I listen to st nd burned CD w WMP in the same DVD burner used to BURN it w Nero clicks are quite audible What s going on when some much of cleaned noise comes back when files are burned from WAV to CDA format Thanks nbsp

A:Clicks are back after burn cleaned WAV files to CDA using Nero 9

This is just a guess but here goes. A .wav file is much smaller (more compressed) than an equivalent .cda file. (Which I believe is PCM). When the file is converted, data must be "added". The conversion algorithm may be inadvertently re-adding dynamic range to the previously suppressed noise spikes.

Sort of like the wave trace was heading upward then it stopped, then on the other side the wave was descending, so it appears that a "chunk" has been taken out of the signal. So, if you viewed the original noise wave on a scope it would be triangle, but with very, very steep sides, approaching vertical. Noise filters,are able to detect these very steep impulses, since they don't exist in music, and then suppress them,

So, I'm thinking the file converter "thinks" something is missing and reintroduces the transients. Too smart for its own good, that one.

Vinyl records make noise, fact of life. DSP can't repair all the flaws without destroying the music in the process. I suppose it's fair to to say the computer can work wonders, it just can't work miracles.

You can imagine how bummed I was, when I found out that even the mighty "Photoshop" couldn't fix all my blunders. Which, by the way, seemed to happen on the pictures I wanted most.

As I said, this was an educated guess at best. Maybe somebody else knows more.
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I downloaded avg anti virus & a day later I tried logging into my side. I got all these error messages, after clicking ok to all of them the screen went blank n you cant get anywhere unless you shut it down by the button. what can I do to get it back to normal???

A:How do you reset the entire computer back to a previous state through safe mode?

How to Start the System Restore Tool from a Command Prompt


Reference Here:
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Hello I arrived back at university with my pc yesterday and tried to LAN/VPN coming since back uni problem to connect to the university s LAN/VPN problem since coming back to uni vpn after setting up a vpn network connection exactly how the university tells us to I did previously have the internet working on this pc before I went home with my pc for the easter holidays But now that I m back I couldn t get it to work Vista was telling me that I was connected to the ethernet and therefore I could get onto internal university services but when I tried to connect LAN/VPN problem since coming back to uni to the vpn and put in my username password and domain vista just stayed on quot verifying username and password quot for about minute and then said it couldn t connect to the network I have tried the same cable in the same LAN/VPN problem since coming back to uni ethernet wall port with the same username and password on my laptop and it is working fine that is how I m currently on the internet to write this After plugging the cable back into my pc I have noticed that one of the lights on the ethernet port is orange and the other flashes yellow I m guessing the orange light means error It now wont even be connected to the ethernet and just says there are no connections I have also used the motherboard s support CD to reinstall the ethernet drivers to no avail I have turned on the option in BIOS to check whether the lan is working in POST and it always says quot lan cable failiure quot Now I really don t know what to do at all except for change motherboards Is this a hardware problem or OS problem Any ideas Thankyou for your time Blekk My PC Specs Asus Striker II Extreme Republic Of Gamers Edition It has Ethernet ports neither work Intel Q Gh Quad-Core Corsair Gb DDR Mhz Seagate Gb SATAI Gbps Hitatachi Tb SATA Gbps Asus GTS mb PCI-E Windows Vista Business Ultimate bit nbsp

A:LAN/VPN problem since coming back to uni

I would use View Network Connections to delete the Lan Connection and then
use the Network Wizard to create a new one -- be sure to declare the network as

Then follow the VPN setup for the University
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I am trying to erase files with no success on an external HD. I used Vista's Back Up software that comes with Home Premium. Can see the drive, a Western Digital Passport Elite, and navigate to the folder and file in question. However, if I select the file and right click to delete it, it vanishes only to reappear next time I open same folder. This is an external HD partitioned into 3 partitions and the file in question came from a different computer. Is this the issue? Many thanks!

A:Cannot erase files on external HD back up

ive seen this happen on USB drives before, once you have deleted the files use the safe removal icon by the clock, unplug the USB drive and the replug it in and the files will be gone.
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Is there such a thing as a patch panel that has a place for connectors on the front and the back instead of having to punch the wires in in the back? I thought I saw some earlier but can't seem to find it now.

A:Patch panel with connectors on front and back

Look at a radio broadcasting parts and supply site.
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Recently, my laptop shut down and I havn't been able to turn it on since, I thought it might have been my Power Cord, so i got that replaced, but it still never worked?
Nothing works, nothing works when i press the power button, I tried taking out the battery and power cord, etc. but still nothing...

I don't think it is the motherboard because I recently had my motherboard replaced with a brand new one, so I don't really know the problem?

Could somebody please help me...?

A:Laptop shutdown, now won't turn back on?

Hi Howlett93,
Welcome to Techspot.

Just a couple of question:

Why was the orgigional motherboard replaced?

What is the make of the Laptop?

What did you do the day before is didnt turn on again?

CAn we have more PC specs? eg operating sytem RAM etc.

When you tired taking out the battery did you hold down the powerbutton for about 0 second to get rid of any remaining charge.

This gives us a clearer picture.
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I just bought parts (over a period of time) for a new custom computer and I have been slaving away at pulling it together. I have everything set up, but the computer won't start. It powers on, whines at a really high pitch, and then shuts down. The motherboard light stays on, but everything else just shuts down. I tried stripping it so now I only have the CPU, PSU, hard drive, graphics card, and motherboard attached. It seems like as soon as the fan for the CPU starts, the whining--and the shutting down--starts. There's nothing in the way of the fan at all. Can anybody help me?

A:Computer starts up and then shuts right back down

Some motherboards have a 4 or 6 pin connector near the CPU socket. Make sure you have the correct power supply plug connected. It is easy to plug in the wrong connector. Even if your power supply has a 4 pin connector and the motherboard has a 6 pin plug, you can sometimes plug in the 4 pin plug and it will boot normally. There are many other things that can cause this symptom....
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Hi there I recently updated my bios on my Toshiba using WINPHLASH.
Just before I did, it made a backup of my old bios as a BIOS.BAK file..
How do I use this to go back to my old BIOS as my fans are not keeping the laptop as cool as they use to be!


A:I want my old BIOS back - help

Quote from Toshiba for floppy boot up, bios update

1. Insert the new created Flash BIOS Installation Diskette Vx.xx into the unit to be upgraded.
2. Power ON, system will boot automatically from this Flash BIOS Installation Diskette Vx.xx. A message will prompt the user for selecting either: CANCEL [Ctrl-C] or CONTINUE
[press any key] with the BIOS upgrade process.
3. Press a key to continue with the upgrade process.
- The BIOS ROM file will be loaded when a key is pressed
- This step takes about two minutes to complete.
- Once the BIOS ROM file has successfully loaded, the display will black out for few seconds.
4. Remove the Flash BIOS Installation Diskette Vx.xx. System is now rebooting from the hard drive.Click to expand...

For further help:
Please put your System Specs information in your Profile
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I was uninstalling some programs and I wasn't paying attention and I think I uninstalled my audio device. Under "Sounds and Audio Devices" in Control Panel it says I have no audio device. The only sound I can get now is the beeps.

I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop with Win XP.

I've tried reading other posts and the Help section in Windows and I can't figure out how to get my sound back.

Please help!

A:Please help me get my sound back - audio device

sounds like you need to reinstall your sound card's drivers. unless you have a restore cd or the cd that came with your sound card, you might need to go to the sound card manufacturer's website and download drivers for it.
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Ok i'm new here and i have a problem. The ventilator at the back one day just stopped spinning and i dont know what to do if i tried to play games the computer shutdowns and restarts (sometimes) so any tips how to make it work again ?

A:Ventilator on the back stopped

Case fans can die
The usual occurance is internal dust, therefore removing all internal dust can possibly help
In most cases it's a matter of replacing the fan

There is also another fan, close to where the power cord plugs in
This is actually the PowerSupply fan. Once this one dies, users tend to purchase another PowerSupply (as PowerSupplies are sealed units, and not meant to be opened)

You will need to work out if it's the case fan, or the PowerSupply fan, and then have it replaced
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A while back I partitioned my harddrive into 3 different sections, 2 for Linux and one for XP. At some point I had to reinstall Windows which, of course, removed Linux from the bootdisk. At this point though I only need this computer to be for various things in Windows XP so I formatted it last night and deleted the partitions through the Windows disk management tool beforehand. However, I still have the same space on my windows partition and when I look at disk management it shows that I have 30gb of unallocated space. How in the world do I manage to get this back with the Windows partition? I can't find any option on that tool to do it and the help system is a joke. I've tried looking around and found a few programs that say they can do it, but they require payment. Any other way I can go about this?


A:How do I get my partitions back?

I like Gparted:
Free Boot CD
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Hi Hope someone can help me Something happened to my hard drive and it ran checkdisk but I guess could not repair it it says there is not enough space to repair it There was about gb free on the drive it was a gb drive The drive is NFTS It is not my boot drive just one of my gb data drives music actually When I ran FileScavenger on the drive all the files are there and when I recovered some to another drive they were fine There are files on it I could transfer all the files off the drive but that would be a lot of work take a lot of time and I would have to buy another drive to put them on So the data is there and - in back? drive access Windows data to hard access get on to Lost how intact just for some reason it cannot be quot seen quot I assume this is file structure table thing issue pardon my Lost access to data on hard drive in Windows - how to get access back? technical jargon MBR FAT not sure exactly Is there a way to rebuild it so that the data can be seen again or do I have to do the transfer dance Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Lost access to data on hard drive in Windows - how to get access back?

You will probably have to do the "transfer" dance, and reformat the drive. Chances are good that the drive is ok. The Master Boot Record (MBR) may be corrupted. There are utilities out there that can repair the MBR without destroying data
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hiya guys been sometime i have been here last time i was need help cos of storm took my system out i did lot rma s get stuff fixed so few days ago i got my mobo back and my psu from rma i order up power system get don't now Can't what back do know to new cpu go with it i got black edition Can't get system power back up now don't know what to do amd x at the Can't get system power back up now don't know what to do time i did not know did not come with heatsink so i ordered Rosewill RCX-Z mm heatsink i put stuff in and booted system up i check out bios settings all seem good no errors system started up fine i found out my hard drive gone bad it keep makeing sounds few times bios did not find it it tryed loading os but it sit there trying load so i turn system off then i tryed turning it back on system would not boot up at all no fans would turn heatsink did not do any thing it was like it was dead haha most of stuffon system is very new i know mobo geting power from light in case i know psu has watts power system w my friend tide sayed unhock connecters from drives and use one stick of ram see if it well boot i tryed that still did not start i was thinking it may be wire from power sw in the case to mobo but i do not know for sure am out of ideas what to do nbsp

A:Can't get system power back up now don't know what to do

What BRAND is the 550W power supply? It may have died, if it's badly built.
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Hello I ve Back At Startup Beginning Computer of Looping Keeps ran into a bit of a snag with my computer As it turns out my computer is now just looping around in circles when it first starts up without ever loading the Windows boot screen in the beginning The issue is that my computer is having a problem detecting I think the NTDETECT com and NTLDR files in the Windows installation The problem arose when I changed a setting in MSCONFIG so I could reduce the boot time from seconds to seconds instead When the NTLDR error message displayed in the beginning I temporarily fixed it by going to a website to find out how to However it only turned out to be a temporary fix Computer Keeps Looping Back At Beginning of Startup as the NTLDR error message again popped up The error was NTLDR Error Press Ctrl ALT Del to restart I did the next logical thing I put in my Windows XP disk and used the recovery console to replace both the NTLDR and NTDETECT com Computer Keeps Looping Back At Beginning of Startup files and that seemed to work for a bit too but the same NTLDR error has once again shoved it s collective nose where it doesn t belong The last things that Computer Keeps Looping Back At Beginning of Startup I did to try and resolve the issue was take out the CMOS battery and letting the settings reset and I also reset the BIOS information to default Didn t work out as hoped I should point out that I did go into the recovery console in Windows XP and I did type in FIXMBR and FIXBOOT which helped out too for a bit Now the computer just refuses to heed to any of the tricks I did before and now just goes in loops Any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated Tyler EDIT Lastly I should point out that using FIXMBR did NOT destroy my partition setting the first or second time of use for my Windows installation Oh and sorry if this is not the right section Probably should be under hardware or software but this is kind of a broad issue I think nbsp

A:Computer Keeps Looping Back At Beginning of Startup

System Restore from Safe Mode command prompt only
CD Windows\System32\Restore <enter>
rstrui.exe <enter>

Or follow one of the following:

How to recover from a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP from starting

Or even better, here:
Tip: Recovering a corrupt config\SYSTEM
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I have a file server and an exchange box that are both currently only being backed up using windows backup utility. I am looking to upgrade to an affordable software solution. What software would be recommended to schedule effective backups on both my server and exchange box both running windows server 2003? I'm not looking to spend an outrageous amount and I'm looking for something simple and effective.

A:Back up software

Acronis true image is the best around. I use it on a client's server. It takes an image of the server you can in case of disaster restore the image onto different hardware based server, so you are up and running in a couple of hours at the most. You can restore individual files. Our server backs up in 3 hours. The only downside is that it doesn't work very well with tapes for some reason. We have the image backed up by an online backup company, so there is always an image offsite and one onsite on an external drive ready to be booted from. It's really easy to use. I used veritas before but if a disaster happens it takes days to restore the server and data. Imaging is the way to go in my opinion. Hope that helps. GlitzyGirl
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After a certain amount of time - and that time used to be a lot quicker if I had the screen saver on for any length of time - the computer will start to stop and start What I mean by that is that it ll freeze for a minute or so and then quot come back quot And it ll do that about every five minutes or so until I restart the computer Since turning off the screen saver I left the machine on overnight and came back this morning to be able to work on it just fine until a few minutes about about am when it started that stopping and starting behavior System quot ACER AL W LCD x Hz Asus M A - VM X onboard graphics not the HDMI version AMD Athlon x W Dual core socket AM Ghz KB x L cache Mushkin HP - DDR - High Performance Series x GB sticks Seagate Barracuda GB SATA HD freezes so for minute and then "comes a or back" Computer rpm Hauppauge WinTV GO-PLus NTSC REV E TV tuner the one with the mushkin ram LG GH Computer freezes for a minute or so and then "comes back" NS Black SATA DVD-Writer x watt power supply pins Model number IP-S AQ - made by POWER MAN - Increased the voltage to the ram to volts that solved the ram problems i had would crash everytime i ran memtest or any memory test software - Replaced the motherboard on the system to eliminate a problem with the on board video or the dvi port - Used different ram on the system to make sure it wasn t the ocz ram which is it has mushkin prior to that it had OCZ DDR PC - mhz Platinum XTC Revision x GB sticks Changed to the vga cable The problem with me trying to troubleshoot this is that after a restart it runs fine for to hours maybe more so i have to make a change and sit there waiting for or hours which i don t have the time to do I am wondering if this could be a power problem but the power supply is running fine and everything on this computer shouldn t take watts unless i overlooked something Also if anyone has any ideas on how i could make this problem occur quicker like software or something that would be really helpful to Any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:Computer freezes for a minute or so and then "comes back"

Have you looked at your Event Viewer for errors/warnings that occur at these freezes?
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Hello, my parents recently got a new laptop and I am having troubles when using it. I coppied the program files of a computer game ( WoW ) on to my iPod from my computer and tried playing it on my parents' laptop. Aside from a bit of lag it starts off perfectly fine. But im not sure what's wrong with it but after 2 minutes or so, it the screen starts to go black for 2 seconds, and the laptop is stil running, then the laptop just acts like nothing happened and it works again. This happens like at least once a minute. Please help! :wave:

A:Laptop goes black and comes back on

There is an issue with WOW on some video cards
If all other games work well, then you can expect the WOW is the problem not your Laptop.
Is WOW that wow? Or can you live without it, running on your laptop?

You can use the Search button here, to see many threads (including some current) about users with similar experiences with WOW.
Usually at a dozen goes of, "try this" The problem still exists.
I'm sure the game developers are aware of this, with many forums including their own, stating this exact issue on some hardware.
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Hi there Recently my psu broke down the fan that kept it cool became faulty and stopped spinning In your life PSU! back into Breath an attempt to prevent me splashing out the cash on a new PSU i decided to fiddle about with it What i did was disconnect the PSU from my computer and opened up the casing after making sure the Breath life back into your PSU! fan connection had not dislodged i looked at the fan itself After pushing it around i noticed that it was a little stiff I decided to reconnect the PSU and gave it a little push when the computer was on Be careful if you decided to do this The fan appeared to want to spin but the stiffness told it not to After grabbing some in lubrication oil which is used to decrease friction in machines and engines I placed a small amount of the oil around the nut at the back of the Fan which is hidden by a small piece of rubber i manually turned the fan to let the oil get deeper into the fan To my delight the fan spun on its own when connected back to the computer and hasnt stopped spinning once since This was two weeks back I ve decided to share this with you on techspot as a short term method to breathing life back into your PSU However i don t reccomend this if the PSU is still in warranty as i m sure this voids all claims to the warranty If you decide to do this to your apparantly broken PSU be careful and dont fiddle about with the insides of your PSU when attached to a turned on computer nbsp

A:Breath life back into your PSU!

hey serc...

I'm speechless.... i don't know if thats a good or bad thing

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Thank you for reading this as I've never encounter this before. I have two monitors; a Viewsonic (Max Resolution 1024 x 768) and a 23 inch Apple Cinema (Max Resolution 1920 x 1200). The apple had a little wierd issue for a while so I switched to the Viewsonic and set the resolution to the optimum setting, then somehow the Apple magically fixes itself so I went back and hook it up today, here is where the issue is. I set it to 1920 x 1200 under Properties, but it'd went back to 1024 x 768 after each restart, somehow it's not saving my settings at all. I went to Window Update to see if there's a driver that I need to install, but found nothing. Anyone got any ideas? By the way, I'm using a Quadro FX1100 if that's any help on solving this. Thank you.

A:Monitor went back to old setting after each restart

Just because a new driver didn't show up on Windows Update doesn't mean there isn't one. Go to Nvidia's website for the most recent driver for your card. It's not so much you necessarily need the newest driver but it might be that you are having a problem with your current driver (maybe corrupted or something). So as long as you are reinstalling your graphics driver, might as well get the most recent. Don't forget to go to Add and Remove Programs to uninstall the old driver first.
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Ok what happens is as the title say my quot monitor goes black for about seconds then the black for second back goes 2 picture comes Monitor then picture comes back comes back the monitor power light does not go out so i know its not the monitor going of and on It happens while watching movies and just doing every day normal work on the systems This is happening on system which are being Monitor goes black for 2 second then picture comes back built for friends System quot ACER AL W x Asus M A - VM not the HDMI Monitor goes black for 2 second then picture comes back version AMD Athlon x W Dual core socket AM Ghz KB x L cache System - OCZ DDR PC - mhz Platinum XTC Revision x GB sticks Seagate Barracuda GB SATA HD rpm LG GH NS Black SATA DVD-Writer x watt power supply pins Model number IP-S AQ - made by POWER MAN System quot ACER AL W LCD x Hz Asus M A - VM X onboard graphics not the HDMI version AMD Athlon x W Dual core socket AM Ghz KB x L cache Mushkin HP - DDR - High Performance Series x GB sticks Seagate Barracuda GB SATA HD rpm Hauppauge WinTV GO-PLus NTSC REV E TV tuner the one with the mushkin ram LG GH NS Black SATA DVD-Writer x watt power supply pins Model number IP-S AQ - made by POWER MAN - Increased the voltage to the ram to volts that solved the ram problems i had would crash everytime i ran memtest or any memory test software - Replaced the motherboard on one system to eliminate a problem with the on board video or the dvi port - Used different ram on one system to make sure it wasn t the ocz ram which is why one has mushkin Changed to the vga cable to see if that solved the problem checking now by watch movies one at a time Next thing i will do is change to a quot to see if it happens there I want to have both dvi and vga working fine so my friend can use the dvi for the computer and the vga for here laptop Any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:Monitor goes black for 2 second then picture comes back

Not really a trouble shooter but have you checked the drivers are compatable? and that the os is supported for each.
Newbie, but just a thought.
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Basically, when i'm surfing the internet or playing a game. My computer screen freezes which then results in me 'Ctrl+Alt+Delete'ing which then makes the screen black out and then brings it back to its normal state.
I was wondering if its due to an overload in my Hard-drive(90% full) or the fact i have a low amount of RAM. Any advice given into what to do is very much appreciated. My spec is below;

Intel Pentium 4
Motherboard - ASUSTeK P4S800
RAM - 512mb
Graphics Card - Geforce 6800XT 256mb
80gb Hard-drive

A:Computer screen freezes, blacks out and then returns back to normal

Clean the hard drive of important data and only run what you need. An 80GB drive should be plenty if you watch what you are storing on it. Videos and games take up a lot of hard drive space. I run 2 drives. A 400GB and a 250GB. Bump your memory to 1GB
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my toshiba laptop was dead, the powerlight came on, the hard-disk was spinning but the screen remained blank.
I tried everthing , stripping it completely, trying a new ram and narrowed the problem to the motherboard or the cpu. i.e I can conclude that the problem is with the the mobo or the cpu.
This was a month ago.

Today I switched on again and voila! it worked, the bios loaded! I had removed the hard-disk, so switched it off, attached the HD and started it up again.. this time it didn't work. And hasn't since. I have again stripped it down , but it still doesn't work.
CAn anyone plzzzzz exlplain what is going here?? I mean it started , that means nothings fried, right??


btw the fan spins for exactly 5 seconds before turning off.

A:Dead laptop came back to life, now dead again

there is something like a "hardware reset" available on many laptops.
- try to plug out everything except cpu and memory
- remove the battery and do not attach the power supply
- open the lid and hold the power on button for like 20 seconds
- plug everything back in and try to boot
that worked for me for some compaq and dell laptops which did act like yours

my two cents...
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heya guys Im in need of some advice my computer died today when i went to shut it down instead of going through the normal process of windows shutdown it just instantly turned died, back switch wont on please Desktop just help off and one of the lights on the front strated flashing i have to lights onthe front one is the hard drive and tbh im not sure what the other light indicates its just on all Desktop just died, wont switch back on please help the time pretty much when my pc is on anyways iv tried changing he power cables and letting my pc cool down but no luck its still dead as a dodo im thinking its not the power supply unit as the Desktop just died, wont switch back on please help ligh on my network Desktop just died, wont switch back on please help cable slot is still lit up so it must be getting power right perhaps its the switch i dont know im really worried incase its a problem with my hard drive and i might have lost all my uni work on there but i really dont know hope someone on here can give me some advice i just went to a local pc repair shop and the guy didnt want help me at all because he said he didnt have enough time to fix it anyways any advice would be great thanks alot Lucy xx nbsp

A:Desktop just died, wont switch back on please help

When you attempt to boot up your pc what happens? do you have anything displayed on the screen, do you hear the computer being turned on at all or is it just not starting up at all?

Indeed my guess would be a Bugged PSU if nothing pops up on screen and you don't hear the pc turn on. If you hear the pc turn on (fans spinning and all) but do not get anything on screen followed by a shutdown then its most likely the motherboard.

You might be running a cheap PSU and that has a potential to even fry your computers parts and components. If it boils down to the PSU, i suggest investing in a reliable PSU like Antec perhaps or Silverstone
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Ok i recently had problems installing a new CPU see thread:

Now it loads and windows in "fine"but i get blue screened randomly with



The computer also seems to freeze when my gf is using Internet Explorer for Myspace and youtube etc, help would be appreciated guys.

A:Blue Screen Problems back

Please read all of this;en-us;Q314063
Also can be an incompatible bios revision
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I HAVE READ OTHER SIMILAR THREADS ------ My PC actually has the fans turns few shuts after on off seconds, PC retarded, back turns lights AND can t even get anywhere on the BIOS gb ram GT GHz Intel Pentium D gb HD CD ROM Foxconn P A mobo My mom took my PC away from me I got it back and it is retarded now I start the PC the fans come on lights are all good then PC turns retarded, shuts off after few seconds, turns back on about - seconds it shuts off and then comes back on by itself When I turn the power on the monitor does not show anything at all I have tried many of different things Different PSU problem is not the PSU D C the CD ROM HD so it can t be one of those as PC turns retarded, shuts off after few seconds, turns back on a failure stick of RAM my memory is fine Checked ALL of my cables they are connected properly checked many of times unconnected then reconnected alot Replaced the grease between heat sink CPU can t be my CPU or overheating problem Heat sink Fan is properly mounted not loose at all and is flat All of the aluminum capacitors on the mother board are perfectly fine not leaking and PC turns retarded, shuts off after few seconds, turns back on are on proper Reset the mother board a few times well thats MOST of the stuff I have done there is probably more but I can t think of what else I have tried at the moment And BTW can t access BIOS so don t ask if I can get into it Any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:PC turns retarded, shuts off after few seconds, turns back on

Reset the mother board a few times....Click to expand...

Do you mean you have tried resetting the bios jumper, on the Motherboard?
If not do that.

Also, have you tried disconnecting all HDD; Floppy; CD data cables (from the motherboard end (actually I'd do case fan too and front USB connection to motherboard)
If this works, you will need to put one back in at a time, until you find the problem

Usually this fault is related to faulty Ram or CPU
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Hello! I just bought a Belkin Wireless Router G plus MIMO and I still get kicked out of online games (remember before I got an old Linksys), I don't understand why? I have no idea, I have moved the router to higher locations, I moved it to a diferrent room and still the same problem, I don't know much of the settings of the router but is there anything I can modify to get rid of this problem? is 40-45ft really that much for wireless gaming? however I have to get across two walls, is that the problem? the signal indicates 82% please help me I don't know what else to try and I want to play games online with my Nintendo Wii.

A:Still getting kicked out of online gaming

I thought it could be Internet speed but on my wired PC I never have this problem when gaming online, I thought could be poor reception from the Wii, but the PS3 does the same thing, anybody? help will be highly appreciated!
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Hello, I am having an issue with reinstalling the Officejet 7140xi software. Initially I had an error stating "Unable to start the application--the Java Virtual Machine cannot be loaded. Class not registered." I was able to get this to not appear by installing msjavax86.exe. I have tried HP 7140xi version 1.13 from their CD and version 1.12 from HP's website. Both of these version will just past the registering point and then the action dialogue box will change stating "Rolling Back". I have tried clearing out all cache, history, files & objects in Internet Explorer....turning off AVG and all other protection software.

My computer is an IBM T43P laptop loaded with WinXP with 2GB of RAM. I have 1.5GB free on my C hard drive.

Any assistance you could offer would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

A:HP OfficeJet 7140xi Installer Not Working - Rolls Back

first thing: you need to free up some space on your C: drive. I recommend having atleast 20% free space at all times. your computer needs this to work efficiently. This can likely be accomplished by getting an external drive for your music & video files. If you are like me you probably have many GB's of music and or movies. Think of what you can really do without. If you just have a small drive then you just have to thin out what you do have.

2) Use Window uninstall and remove the existing OfficeJet software completely.

3) download and install a trial version of Diskeeper 2008:
download the Pro version. If you like it buy the home version. (cheaper but if your going to use a trial, might as well use one of the high versions - has more features that might help with initial cleanup)

4) Download System Mechanic Pro 7 trial: (to register for it you can use wrong name and fake email. eg [email protected] - this will get you the trial without all the spam unless you want to recieve some email 'deals' they are good sometimes) When installing - I suggest that you DO NOT install the antivirus or spyware software. Just install the main program. Once you have it installed - use the Tools/individual tools/enhance protection and run the 'back up or restore registry'. After that use the Tools/individual tools/repair problems and run 'Repair registry problems'. After that use the Tools/individual tools/Increase Performance and run the 'compact registry' on next reboot. - reboot and your registry should be much better. Do not use the defrag in this program. Diskeepers in much much better.

5) reinstall the Officejet 7140xi software using the latest version from HP. When I install any peripheral devices I never install all the software included on the disk. I just install the drivers. You might have the option to pick what is installed. The only thing you need is the drivers. Windows XP has great built in software for doing the stuff that the 'spam-ware' included on the installation disks can do.

This should be it and it should work now.

I know that it sounds like a lot of work and it is, but I have dealt with what you are dealing with many, many times. This is what lead me to not installing the "included" software and only the drivers.

If you don't want to do all the steps listed above, at least do step one, two, and five.

The software I have suggested are only programs that I have had the best luck with. Everyone has there own preferences. If you don't like them try something else.
I hope that I have been of help to you.
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A week ago, I accidentally uninstalled soundmax because i thought it has nothing to do with my pc. after a while, i just realized that i can't run different programs that involves sounds/audio. i can't even play mp3s with media player. i tried to download softwares from the internet, but still it has nothing to do with my problem. when i got one and attempt to install it, a message saying Driver not found! Reboot your system and run this set up again always appears. what should i do? anyone? please help.. i need your assisstance, im just a beginner, please..

i hope that all of you will help me find solutions to my problems.. thank you

A:What am i going to do with my sound card? i cant have it back..

Try your "system restore" feature found in Windows "All Programs/accessories/system tools/system restore". Follow instructions to restore to a date (before) you performed this uninstall. System restore doesn't always work but give it a try. About the "run this setup again", you may have your solution right there. See if you have the "soundmax" setup icon on your desktop. If so, right click on that and click on "run" or "extract all files" and you may be on your way back to reinstalling your program. Follow instructions from that icon. There are ways to go in to your "my computer" and locate the folder for "soundmax" (which may be there) and reinstall it again from there but it would take a lot of typing and I'm terrible at typing. Good Luck.
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Today I reformatted my computer about and hour and a half ago, and I'm already having my first problem. My Ethernet card on my PC is no longer working properly, so I can no longer create a connection to the Internet V.I.A. Network Places. Anyways, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling a piece of hardware from Device Manager known as Ethernet Controller. So far, it still will not work. If anyone can please provide any suggestions or answers to help me get this problem fixed, I would much appreciate it.

Thanks again,


A:Reformated My Computer and the Internet Connection Won't Go back Online

I hate it when this happens- and sometimes it will be the same setup but a differn't fix so, I need to ask you something... In the device manager do you have a yellow "!" next to your device????? Or does it say in your task bar "a network cable is unplugged"
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my computer's keyboard port doesn't work for some reason. i have bought 2 keyboards so far and none of them had worked. any guides and tips to how i could fix it or do i have to replace it?

A:Keyboard port in back of pc doesn't work

External keyboard (USB?) or the laptop keyboard

Has bios got Keyboard enabled (if that setting exists)
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My POS monitor is on but the back light only comes on for about 1/2 second at power up and then stays off. Does any one know what the problem might be? Thanks, Jimv
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Probably a stupid question, but I transferred all of my documents, itunes and photos onto an external hard drive. I now want to empty those folders on my c drive and store them just on my external drive. When I tell the coputer to back-up in the future onto the external drive, will the content in My Documents, My Music and My Pictures on the external drive be deleted (replaced by the new, emptier folders?) I need to make sure before I delete anything off my C drive

A:Confused re. external drive back up/replacement

if you name it the same and put in same folder yes will over write
make new name will add all new bak up
bak 1 10gb
added new files
bak 2 12gb or if files where removed 8gb
and so on
or keep name same prompt of over write because neam is the same and in same place
bak1 was 10 now will be 12gb or the smaller 8gb
or if smaller will be smaller with less
I don't know if it can append
that is check for duplicates and ignor and only add new files
I use acronis it will append existing files I have not used this feature I over write with a new bak up
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Hello all, lately I have been having terrible trouble with my modem. I use Comcast cable internet, and about every 30 minutes my modem will disconnect for a few minutes and then come back online. I've run AVG and NoLop but they come out clean. I haven't changed any cables or disconnected them at all. If anyone can help me out I'd really appreciate it, It's a huge problem for me and if anyone needs any more information I'll provide it. Thanks

A:Modem randomly disconnects, then comes back online

describe ALL network hardware installed
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My new toy is a Dell Projector 1800mp.I mounted this on my living room ceiling after redoing the ceiling and installing a rapid run video cable in the ceiling. The cable is terminated with RCA jacks (Red, Blue, and Green). all work.well with my digital cable box but my XP media center is not being picked up by the projector. I tested my laptop and the same thing happens. I tested the laptop direct into the projector with a VGA cable and all works then. All cables were tested and are fine.
Do you think the problem is going from VGA to RCA then RCA to VGA again?

Thanks for listening

A:VGA to RCA and then back again Problem?

yes - it works with straight VGA and no converting. But when you convert it, then it doesn't work.

Red, Blue, Green - sounds like component

are you converting using one of these - Component to VGA

or these
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i just click the large font for my resulotion in my monitor but its got bad coz it become so big and it sed cannot display other programs because of to big of the resulotion..this way i right click on the mouse and select the appearance and the settings but in choosing the appropriate bit or size i cant down the box because of so big of the resolution is there any way to get smaller that box so that i can select the smaller size maybe in keyboard or any way to get smaller that..thnx for the help..

A:My screen resulotion got bigger and i cant got back to smaller..pls help me with this

What are your computer's specs? Make, model operating system and such
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it was fine when i switch it off this morning. but when i came back just now it showed a bsod but now its running fine.
can anyone tell me what is wrong. i've attached my dump.


A:Just got a bsod after i come back from work...

Klif.sys is the minidump. This is part of Kaspersky Antivirus. Uninstall it, and reinstall
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Dear All,

Finally I did it!!! THe shortage method helped. (thanks to Paragons and OBI also)

I tried to get back the ST with DST software but unfortunately got nothing.

Advise someone pls

Latitude D410

Question closed!
USB DST from paragon's site did it!
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My PC has decided to turn itself back on straight after I shut it down, as if shut down counts as restart. I've looked in the BIOS, power options etc, and see no reason for it doing this. Wake on Lan is disabled, 'reboot on error' option is disabled.
I get the same problem when holding down the power button to turn it off too.
This has been happening to months, and i'm sick of it now. The amount of power that it must have drained from being left on is ridiculous.

Any ideas?

A:Computer turns itself back on

Courtesy of Howard, take a look at this -
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ok heres the situation
for about a week now i go to get on my computer and its on standy when i go to get it off standby it wont go i have to turn it off manually and turn it back on

today it was on when i woke up i went to type my password for my SN for windows and it didnt recognise the keys so i turned it off and now it wont turn back on

what can i do ti fix this by tonight?

A:computer wont turn back on

Run through this lot HERE

Those are the first things to try.
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I recently swapped my computer to a new case which didnt work so had to put it all back in the old one, now i labelled all the wires and connections so i knew where everything went. BUT when i switch the computer on it goes into the black screen that tells you what connected and weather evrything is in order and it is telling me that it cant boot up and that we need to put the system bootup disk in! what is this can anyone help?

A:Computer won`t boot after case swapping and back again.

Its doin one of two things. Not recognizing the OS, or you have the boot order wrong. Go into bios and make sure that the hard drive with your OS is set first in the boot order menu.
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i have a tsstcorp cd/dvdw tsh552l burner. it burns cd's and dvd's fine and they playback ok on other players. but the burner plays all discs at about three-quarters speed and the audio is also as slow with a little reverb to it. i've checked the device manager and all the settings seem to be ok. i've cleaned the lens. i've uninstalled the driver and reinstalled after reboot. any ideas???

A:burner plays back 3/4 speed with jumpy audio

How does the CPU usage look?
Are these burned disks that are the problem? What about normal (stamped) disks?
I guess if it burns fine the drive is in DMA mode rather than PIO, but you should check anyway.
What software are you using?
Have you switched mpeg2 codecs?
Have you tried VLC for playback?
Any other optical drives on the system to see if this is drive specific?
Tried the drive in another computer?
Tried the drive in another OS?
Updated the drives firmware?

Need at least some of these answered before any real help can be offered.
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Hi, my first post, hope someone can help.

I'm trying to fix a pc for a friend, I've got to the point where it shows windows startup screen for a quick second and then goes into the screen that asks whether you want to start regular windows or go into safe mode. If you press safe mode it won't go there anyway. Could anyone help me please?

Thank you.

A:Windows almost starts then back to safemode screen but won't go there either

when you turn the computer on hit f8 repeatdly to get into safe mode instead of waiting for xp to load..... also go into bios and make sure settings are correct maybe load defaults and try that.
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Hi. Is there anyone that knows how to roll back the Bios? I have an HP Pavilion dv9500 laptop I sent in to HP to have the HD re-imaged. I believe that they flashed the bios on me because the version that I have now is newer than when I purchased the computer.

Is it possible to rollback the bios? I am having problems with Help and Support displaying the correct information since I got my laptop back. HP stated that they repaired and upgraded the laptop. I just want it back to the way it was. I just purchased this is July, and the bios version is for August 28th (according to their website).

If anyone can help me I would sincerely appreciate it. I do not want to cause damage, so I would like some instruction.

Thanks for anyone that can help me out.

A:Roll Back Bios (after HP Flashed to newer version without asking me) Ticked @ HP

The only recommendation I can make is that you take it back to HP. If it doesn't work properly you have a right to get them to fix it. For free!
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Hello some advise would be much appreciated For my daughter getting her grades and into Uni I promised her a good gaming laptop We configured and it duly arrived Within a few hours it locked up and would only start after removing the battery After the windows screen I got the bsod IRQL not less or equal error I was unable to continue even in safe mode to do a system restore send m9750 back? Area-51 and the windows repair failed to change anything I re-formatted and reinstalled all bar nero as I had read incd causes this sometimes So far it has behaved not too well set to laptop power scheme on battery when it turns off the hard drive it will just not awaken If the battery is removed and replaced windows will come up with the options screen and the only way to start is safe mode then system restore and all is ok untill it does it again Am I doing something stupid I Area-51 m9750 send back? know pulling out the battery is bad but have tried all the holding power butten for seconds etc to no avail My daughter would just be unable to use the machine as it is I stupidly never even thought that the battery life would be so poor and the machine would make so much heat Here is Area-51 m9750 send back? the spec Area- m Display quot WideUXGA x LCD with Clearview Technology - Stealth Black Operating System Genuine Windows XP Professional UK with SP - English TV Tuner None Processor Intel Core Duo Processor T GHz MB Cache MHz FSB Graphics Processor Dual MB NVidia GeForce Go GTX - SLI Enabled Memory GB Dual Channel DDR SO-DIMM at MHz - x MB System Drive Single Drive Configuration - GB RPM SATA Optical Drive x Dual Layer DVD -RW x CD-RW Combo with Nero Software Sound Hardware Intel High-Definition Audio -bit Khz with surround sound Keypad Mobile Keypad - English Wireless Network Card Internal Intel PRO Wireless a b g Mini-Card Communications Integrated Mb Gigabit Ethernet amp K V Modem Floppy Drive USB Floppy Drive Bluetooth Integrated Bluetooth Device Warranty AlienCare -Year Free Phone and Collect amp Return Security Software Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Professional - month subscription Included Any thoughts much appreciated I have emailed tec support on friday and so far other than the automated response have had no contact nbsp

A:Area-51® m9750 send back?

hell yeah...
its a high end laptop, heat is a "no-wonder" issue i suppose...

btw about the InCD. i got t agree that InCD is sux.
it fail my computer to burn any cd the other day,
which require me to reinstall the windows and reinstall physically (happen to dvd drive in desktop)

in the meantime i suggest you to check the minidump and event viewer if you could get it....
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Hi All,

While installing windows XP I changed my file system to NTFS, but now I want to install windows 98 and do dual boot. How do I convert my hard drive back to FAT32?

Thanking you in advance.

A:Reverting back to FAT32

Sorry - too late. If you want to dual boot W98 anda XP you must always load the older OS first.
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Yea ive been saving up around 1.5 grand on making me a computer that i can take to collage. I was thinking about going Quad Core because i am a Light gamer but i am also a graphic artist and i wanted a processor that was capable of rendering high level images and able to run my multi threading applications to there full potential. i got my eye out for the Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 and i wanted some feed back. Ive looked and the possessor does not support hyper threading. Ive Build over 50 computers in the past summer for my High School and i now we are running a fiber backbone. So i am a little computer savvy....

and anyother socket 775 LGA's that anyone would put out there would be nice ; ) under 400$ of course

A:I want to hear peoples feed back on Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600

I have a 6700Q and I love it, not much it can't handle. I've not managed to run all cores at 100% yet
Relevancy 21.93%

I've never posted on a tech forum and I hope I'm even on the right board.
I have somehow managed to deactivate my hotkeys on the side of my Toshiba Satellite laptop and I have no idea how to correct it. I primarily use Windows Media Player for my music and it is much more convenient to have these keys operational.

Many Thanks.

A:Hotkey (Play/Pause, Stop, Forward, Back) Problem

You could try reinstalling the Toshiba Common Modules as well as the hotkey software from your source cds.
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Hello! I don't even know what to say besides that, suddenly without any reason all games start sending me back to desktop, where should I start, can anyone of you please point me to the right direction? please check my sig for my specs, all the games are ok to play at least on medium settings without any lag, but suddenly I can't even run some older games because the system just flashes and back to desktop. The games I try to play while this is happening are BF2, Bf2142, TMNT, Tomb raider legend, NFS Carbon and some more, all this games I have played before so I know for sure they are compatible with my video card, but I have no idea why this start happening, I just upgrade drivers but no luck, I installed the 94.24 for my 7800GS, am I missing something? Thanks!

A:Games keep sending me back to desktop!

Reinstall Windows :stickout:
No seriously, are the temperatures ok? Are all fans working correctly? Did you install latest chipset drivers?
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I am about to install xp home and after I have the device drivers loaded & everything is working, I want to use norton ghost to back it up to another area of the hdd.

Do I even have to partition at all? Will ghost take care of creating a partition to back it up to? It won't back up all that empty space will it?