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Forwarding Outlook emails to another email account

Q: Forwarding Outlook emails to another email account

Hello all, I was wondering if possible is their a way to have emails that are sent to a Outlook account be forwarded to a yahoo or gmail account. I've tried using the out of office assistant but doesn't seem to work. Is there another way in the server settings or Outlook settings? Or is it just not possible.

Our company is using exchange server 2003 w/Outlook 2007

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Preferred Solution: Forwarding Outlook emails to another email account

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Forwarding Outlook emails to another email account

on your outlook go to Tools-->Rules and Alerts-->New Rules-->Check messages when they arrive-->select Through the specified account or Sender is in specified address book or people/distribution list-->select forward it>next-->Finish.
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Hey all,

This is my first time trying to port forward anything and I'm having trouble finding a guide for my router the bell homehub 2000 (sagemcom fast 5250). If anyone has experience with this router, some help would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to port forward for my xbox one.

A:Port forwarding

UPDATE: ok so I went ahead and did some more reading using a guide for a linksys router and attempting to translate it to mine. From my understanding I have to set a static ip address on my xbox one and then open the specific ports through my router settings, can anybody confirm this?
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Not sure if you cover this, but I have a Motorola Surfboard SBG6580, but am not sure how to open up the ports. I have searched all over the web for advice on this, but no one seems to have a screenshot that looks like mine. My problem is, that my brother and I play the game together, so when I go in to open the ports do I start with hims IP address, since the ending number is lower than mine, and then how far out should I go.I'm including a screenshot, so you will see what I mean. Also, it asks for an external ip address. I have mine, haven't gotten his, but if they're different, how do I adjust for his. Or do I have to open the same ports for both machines? My Cisco router was not this complicated, but the surfboard is our router and modem and takes up less space.If anyone understands what I'm trying to do, please answer back. When we're online on the game together, we lag terribly. We can play separate games online without a hitch.

A:Port Forwarding

The typical problem is the PUBLIC ip-addresses for you/bro can change overnite.

what you see with IPCONFIG is your local lan address, not the PUBLIC address given to your router by the ISP
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This is my first post But I have a problem I do everything that portforward com tells me but it just doesn t work and when I type in cmd quot ipconfig quot it shows a different thing than it is suppose to be Ok this is what It says when I type in quot ipconfig quot to cmd C Users gt ipconfig Windows IP Configuration Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Home Link-local IPv Address fe f d cd b IPv Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Ethernet adapter Hamachi Connection-specific DNS Suffix IPv Address b c Link-local IPv Address fe e d a d d IPv Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix IPv Address e ce f b f ff Link-local IPv Address fe ce f b f ff fefa Default Gateway Tunnel adapter isatap Home Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Home Tunnel adapter TO Adapter Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Tunnel adapter isatap D D A- Port forwarding working not :( F- A - - AF B A CF Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Tunnel adapter isatap A F DB -E E- -B A - E BD Media Port forwarding not working :( State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Port forwarding not working :( Tunnel adapter Reusable Microsoft To Adapter Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix This Port forwarding not working :( is what it says when I type the default gateway it has provided me into google chrome Oops Google Chrome could not connect to Suggestions Try reloading Search on Google I know what the default gateway is but when I go on it and portforward it just doesn t work I downloaded the port-checker and this is what it said Your External Ip Adress Your external ip adress is quot myip quot Ping Result We were able to ping your router Port Check Result Your port is NOT OPEN or not reachable I was portforwarding awhile back and the way I fixed this was plugging my laptop into a ethernet cable but we moved house and the closest ethernet cable is in the kitchen which is stories down and I don t want to keep my laptop down there to run the server This is what the router says GATEWAY IP Address Subnet Mask DHCP Server Enabled Firewall Disabled UPnP Enabled Wireless Disabled By the way this router is a smc wbra So can you please help Btw I am trying to run a minecraft server Here s a screenshot of the portforwarding http prntscr com bacbg nbsp

A:Port forwarding not working :(

This is EXACLTY what is happening to me and it makes me SO mad. I also need help with this problem.
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I have an: DIXONH55ITX Socket 1156 Advent Firefly FP 3104 System Motherboard

I'm looking to upgrade for 2 main reasons.

1.) Upgrade my Ram, (as the limit of ram for this motherboard is 4gb.)
2.) More than 1 PCI-E slot. (There's only one on this motherboard.)

But my main question is:
What do I need to take into account when upgrading my Motherboard?
(Compatibility issues etc.)

Also any motherboard recommendations (under 200). As I'm planning on upgrading my computer to a gaming rig.

Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

A:What do I need to take into account when upgrading my motherboard?

Not quite understanding you. Are you wanting to keep all other parts and just upgrade mobo, ram and gpu?:

It sounds to me like you are wanting to build an entire new system. If so, give us a budget and what should be included (monitor, windows etc.).
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Hey guys I need some help on how to Port Forward a Router and a Modem

Im using a TP Link WR340GD Router

This is the IP on my computer

and this is for the Modem which I havent filled up yet

my isp is a bit of an *** not making me port I hacked their modem (3rd Pic)
now im kinda lost and dont know what to forward on the modem

my router doesnt have any NAT settings but the tunngle seems to have the problem with it so I opened the modem and theres teh NAT settings now please I need help on how to port forward my modem

A:Port forwarding a modem and a router

First, let's understand the setup

isp===modem----router----(1/more pc's)
Port forwarding is done in the ROUTER where the NAT support allows multiple PCs to have Internet access.
Typically, our modems only have ONE Ethernet output which is why we need the router in the first place.
Now if you have a Modem with multiple RJ45 slots, then it has NAT also, and your port forwarding gets complicated.

In addition, the machine at needs a tweak to ALLOW IN TCP/UDP PORT 59014 FROM ANY.

The User's Guide for that router is here
So, please specify the make/model of the modem.
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I have a minecraft server, but I can't forward the port with my router. I believe the issue lies with the "LAN port" option. I don't know what to put for that.

I have a Netgear 7550. Can't seem to find any information on the router from netgear. My ISP is ATT.

A:MInecraft server port forwarding help

did you see the TUTORIAL on the subject? . . . if not, go to that forum and do some reading
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hi all my daughter has told me she used to press the email button on her laptop and access her emails now it doesnt access the emails sorry not uch info .but does anyone have a clue what is wrong or what I could do or try thanks

A:Can't access email from email button

Does the laptop come w/ a program to customize keyboard settings? Maybe that a look at that. My Logitech keyboard came w/ a program called Setpoint which allows me to choose what email program to open when the button is pressed. I had an eMachine keyboard w/ an email button that opens up the default email program. So that's something else to check. Maybe the computer forgot what the default email program is.
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I have windows XP. There are instructions on the net to use NTBACKUP.MSI. Even though I downloaded the file the computer can't find the file.

Whats the best way to back up to a portable hard drive on a regular basis?


I also would like to back up my address book to the portable hard drive.

Thanks Heaps

A:Back up XP + email addresses to portable hard drive

What email program are you using?
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A:Cisco epc2325 port forwarding

That page is for configuring port range forwarding. If you are forwarding a single port the start and end port should be the same. The Local IP Adr is the IP address of your minecraft server (should be static LAN IP). Tick the enable checkbox.
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I have done all the steps on the default guide for portforwarding. I set a static IP with the program and I put it for the ports 25565 and 43594. But when I check with the port checker it says closed. I have Norton 360 firewall and I allowed those ports. Still won't work! I have teamviewer.

A:Need help port forwarding

Which guide are you referring to?

You have to forward the require ports to your pc (router settings). Then open your firewall, also make sure you turn off built-in firewall.
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Im trying to set up an email in outlook 2007 with ms exchange 2003. Under the exchange proxy settings, i set the connection settings to RPC.domain, and check the box that says "Only connect to proxy servers that have this principal in their certificate: I use the "msstd:rpc.domain

A:MS Outlook connection with Exchange 2003

Sorrry, I accidently posted before i was finished. but I get an error message saying "the connection to ms exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or conncected to complete this action. Can anyone help me with this. Much appreciated.
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First of all, I dont know if this is the right spot to ask about hosting, but since Techspot has helped me with a lot of computer related problems, I thought Id give it a try...

Anyways, Im about to buy a hosting plan from Hostgator, but I want to use one account to host at least 3 different sites (top domains, like, and I know the reselling account would be the most effective, but I dont need to have a different cPanel for each user.

Can this be done with a Baby plan? Im going to buy domain names from another company, but I guess that doesnt matter. Im new to all this hosting stuff, so any help will be appreciated.


A:Hosting several sites on one account

that's all up to the hosting site policies - - don't hold your breath.

the Apache2 web server does this with <VirtualHost: ipaddress:80>
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Can you help me guide on "Port Forwarding"? I tried to access my router and added ports to forward as I've seen other guides here on the net, but when I check it with "PFportchecker" Software, it said my port is not open or unreachable.

My router is D-Link DI-604.

Please Help!=(

A:D-Link DI-604 port forwarding

there's a difference between an Open Port and having access to a service On That Port.

the machine which has the desired program (or better said, service) must have a fixed IP address, not one assigned by DHCP
the router then forwards port xxx to that fixed address
the firewall on the target system must allow incoming traffic on that port(s)
AND the program/service must be running.
then and only then will a probe like PFportchecker find it 'open'
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We host a domain '' with and use the same to provide us with emails to all our staff. The 'Servie Provider' provides facility to capture the incoming emails to another account. My concern is the email that our staff send from the individual Pc's in the workgroup/domain which I need to monitor and filter anly selected email. I would like to mention an example the emails that our sales staff send to suppliers must be blocked while to the cutomers should be allowed. Additional features to the device is welcome.
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I'm trying to port forward but I'm failing at it. So I have a Netgear WGR614 Router, and a Westell 610015 Modem. I gave myself a static IP, then tried port forwarding, didn't work. So I tried setting it to bridge mode, but it won't let me back on the internet. BUT, I can't use bridge mode because I have 3 other computers in the house that use wireless. So is there any other way to port forward? Thanks in advance.

A:Netgear port forwarding

You don't need bridge mode, but guess you've alread regressed back to infrastructure mode.

For the setup

modem===router - - - wired or wireless connections
a) disable any WiFi on the modem itself
b) this forces connections to the router
c) place your port forward in the router ->to->the static IP address of the system dessired.

What 'service' are you port forwarding? Sometimes there are more than just one port required
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Right ok, I have a probably simple request, but its baffling me. I need to have my iPod and PC download emails. But I need it so that, if i delete an email of my iPod, it isn't there on my PC, and vice versa. But I need it too so that if I download the emails to my iPod, I can still access them on my PC.

I'm using a firefox extension called SimpleMail, that has options for POP3 and IMAP, and is useful and quick compared to thunderbird for me.

I've tried it, but just can't figure it out! A detailed step-by-step guide, would be HUGELY appreciated. Probably put this in the wrong section too, but its the best I could think off.

A:Email setup help needed, for iPod and PC!

Basicaly any email account with IMAP would be able to do that: Gmail, MobileMe & even Yahoo! offer such services.

Emails are available on all the machines using the IMAP account & even your replies are copied over to all the machines so you can still access them from another machine than the one where you wrote them from.
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hi there,
since i installe my new router (DSL 265OU) i can't use my emule properly and my utorrent also works poorly.
on e-mule, i keep getting a message that i have a low id and somehow i was referred to do 'port forwarding' which i completely failed after some tries. another thing that might help understand the problem is that the kad networks gets connected but the edk2 doesn't.
can you please help me solve this ?

A:Low id and port forwarding

You may get some help here:
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I recently forwarding Wireless DSL Router through Port to Bridge/Router added a Linksys WRT N Wireless-N router to my home network and can no longer access my web ftp server from outside the local network Previously I was running Port forwarding through DSL Bridge/Router to Wireless Router a ZyXEL EQ- HW ADSL gateway in router mode as a hub and wireless AP With the ZyXEL running by itself I had Port forwarding through DSL Bridge/Router to Wireless Router no problem running XAMPP Apache FileZilla etc on my internal server with a dynamic DHCP ip address from my ISP Problem was that I needed wireless-n and the ZyXEL only went up to G So I put the ZyXEL in bridge-mode turned off its wireless and DHCP and connected the Linksys as a router firewall AP So far no problem - bridge works Linksys gets the external DHCP address internal network gets its subnet from the router and the wireless is up No problems routing internal to external - everything Port forwarding through DSL Bridge/Router to Wireless Router external to internal times-out I can ping my ISP DHCP external address however So it seems to me it a firewall problem I tried forwarding my main ports - and opening the same on my COMODO personal firewall No luck I turned on DMZ to my server with COMODO still on nothing Disabled software firewall and tried both regular forwarding and DMZ Still nothing Help I had the same problem before with the Linksys when it was using a cable-modem Also I was using AVG firewall before when it worked - I have newly switched to the COMODO nbsp
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What happen to my rapidshare premium account... almost 5 days, download is very slow...15kbps and finally gone... Normally, i got 212kbps.

A:Rapidshare Premium Account

Tell us more. What is a Rapidshare Premium Account?
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I am new to Exchange Server 2003 and I have a friend with a network server that I don't know how to re-establish a user to the network. I moved one of his non used computers to this station and now when I try to log in the user I get the error that the name can't be verified because Outlook is not connected or online. This computer used to be online with a different user. Can anyone tell me the steps to check this? Thanks.

A:Outlook not connected in Microsoft Exchange Server

You would benefit from the server handbook or an outlook manual... too much to explain here in usable terms, methinks.
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A user has been using her laptop for several years and uses Outlook for her POP3 email.
When we installed a server and joined her laptop to the domain she was unable to see her email without logging out of the server and logging back into her local account.
How do I let her domain profile be the same as her local profile?

A:User loses access to outlook email after being joined to domain

You can't, it's considered as a different user. Just take the settings from Outlook and import them into the other account name.
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I think that I recovered some of my emails and documents after accidently reformatting my computer. However I can't seem to open the documents.
Some say its a shortcut, others are like a pst folder. Plus there were things.
Hope this makes sense. How do I actually open these folders now? It looks like there is something there given the size of it.
Maybe its the blonde in me. I did the recovery with ISO mechanics if that makes a difference.

Thanks so much for any help. These are work documents and spent hours on them and I also had very important emails saved in folder with outlook.

A:How do you open recovered documents and emails?

outlook saves everything in a *.pst file which is located
C:\Documents and Settings\_your_login_\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\

IF outlook runs at all, then find the specific PST that has a meaningful size and is post dated -- dbl click on it and it should open with all the old content
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I went and reformatted my computer, (major issues with it)
Long story short I don't have any of my saved outlook emails etc.
Is there anyway of recovering them? I thought that I did find some but they are
only like shortcuts or it says that I can't open it due to the path etc.

Its for work and I really need my stuff. I would appreciate any help at all.
It was running on Windows XP and had outlook 2007

A:How do I recover lost emails and docs after computer formatted?

You will probably need to use a data recovery program. Most of these are rather expensive however, there are a few free ones around. I've used Pandora Recovery for a lot of clients and had rather positive results.

It is a free download and pretty straight forward to run
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I recently changed routers to a "Level 1" Brand WBR-5400 router. I used to have a D-Link router that I had no issues with. I play Golden Tee Golf online and it requires that ports 1515 and 1516 are opened (TCP). According to the test Ive run they are open (UDP) but not (TCP). I followed the instructions on port forwarding and I believe I did it right. Ive even had a couple people look at what I did and they cant see anything wrong. Could there be something I missed? Any help would be appreciated.
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My smartphone used to sync with the office Exchange Server, but I now want to sync my Outlook contacts with my home PC using standalone Outlook 2003. My PC runs XP SP2 and ActiveSync 4.5. Smartphone is Windows Mobile 6 Standard.

It looks as if I cannot sync Exchage Server contacts to standalone Outlook - if I try to switch to synching with Outlook it tells me the contacts on my phone will be deleted. Is there a safe way of diong this? I would rather retype all my contacts from the phone screen than risk losing them - I can no longer access my former office's Exchange Server.

Thanks for any help - Firepig

A:ActiveSync, Outlook and Exchange Server

Try updating XP to SP3 and check for other Microsoft Updates too, while you are at it
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i got windows xp pro i was missing around with computer management and did something now i cant log into my mind administrator account i try to reboot on safe mode i get the administrator name but i try to create a another accuont or change but i get a asses denied i try i to Ctrl Alt Delete and nothing i think i my have deleted something and messed everything up ..when i go to my user account from control panel i dont see a quest account or administrator all i see is that small picture off a bass guitar and its says administrator but under it says guest account i have no privilege for nothing . how can i change that guest under admintrator account ?

A:Administrator account problam

Microsoft's Windows XP Professional Repair Install step by step

Microsoft's Windows XP Home Repair Install step by step

Vista Repair: (index page) (guide)

Or use UBCD to back up your data and re-install clean
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Is anyone out there who can help me? I am registered with Incredimail for emails & I need to change my email address with them & although I have tried every which way to find out how to do this I cannot find a link within incredimail.
I would appreciate any help I can get as it
is driving me crazy. If I am unsuccesful I will have to remove Incredimail & go elsewhere. Thanks to anyone who can give me an answer.
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i'm trying to portforward behind two routers for a private server but i can't get it to work.

my computer is connected to the eminent em4420 dsl router
that one is connected with a wire to the thomson speedtouch 516 v6

anyone can help me to forward?
thank you

A:Forwarding behind two routers can't get to work

have you made any progress on this issue?
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I own a SMC VWBR router I ve setup port forwarding using the directX ports so that games that use directplay will work It doesn t When I attempt to connect to someone using these games the router blocks thier IP adress When I attempt to host if it does decide to show my external IP adress within the application and they try to connect to me the router blocks thier IP adress Of course I do what one would naturally think to do I put the computer in the DMZ of the firewall Ports forwarding not This STILL doesn t work Now the game sees only my internal IP adress and not my Ports not forwarding external IP adress yet this computer is no longer behind the firewall of the router WTF Windows firewall is disabled I do not have any antivirus or security programs Router Firewall is enabled UPNP is enabled on the firewall DHCP is enabled on the router The game I m trying to run is Close Combat V Invasion Normandy it uses directplay I have tried every configuration I can think of Turning the router firewall off Taking my computer out of the DMZ and leaving the firewall on Turning UPNP off and the firewall on with the etc etc etc WTF do I do All I want is my game to see my external IP address Ports not forwarding and my router to stop blocking IP addresses that are trying to gain access through ports I ve forwarded Right Someone PLEASE HELP Ports not forwarding ME nbsp

A:Ports not forwarding

Have you verified that the ports are open. An easy way to tell would be go here:

It should automatically pick up your WAN IP, just fill in the port number and click scan port.

You sound like you have a good idea of what your doing about forwarding, but just incase...
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When composing an e-mail in Outlook 2007 (Vista), the typing never wraps round to the next line; it types as one continuous line from left to right. What do you do to change this back to multi-line?

Thanks for you help.


A:Outlook 2007 (Vista) email page layout

Which format are you using to compose the message? (HTML, Rich Text, or Plain Text?)
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I just got a new router. A Jensen Scandinavia 59300, and I want to be able to port forward Warcraft 3. I've activated Port Forwarding, Virtual Server and special applications, but it simply won't work. And I've also done the windows firewall settings. Any suggestions?

A:Port Forwarding

Port forwarding requires that you specify the IP of the computer running the service. And the ports to forward.

So what ports did you forward and to what IP?

You need a static LAN IP on the computer you are forwarding to.

I do assume the Internet is working, correct?

Look at this:

And common ports:

And be sure these are permitted thu the Firewall actually turn off firewall for trouble shooting. I all works till the FW is turned on well.....

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every time I log into my email God save the queen plays and repeats over and over
I have an old amptron 2000 laptop with realteck audio. Never a problem till today.
I ran spy bot, AVG, adaware,CC cleaner, looked over my shoulder, repeated including re-booting and still the refrain goes on. Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Email Sounds distress

Are you kidding? What email program are you using?
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I hope I'm putting this in the right place and I know it's probably I really simplistic question, but here it is:

I have Comcast Cable internet via modem that connects to my DLink 4500 gaming router. I have a PC(wired) , Laptop (wireless), another PC(wired), and XBox360(wireless) all connected to the Cable internet and home network.

I was thinking about changing my Comcast mail to Outlook express -- is this a good Idea? Can it be done? If so how do I do it? If I do it will all my mail accounts go through Outlook or can I just do mine and not my son's and husband's? Sorry again if this is not the place, but I figured you're used to newbies not knowing where to post. Thanks

A:Comcast Mail to Outlook Express

Your Comcast email is known as a Webmail solution, while Outlook, Outlook Express
are Pop3 Email Clients.

All you need is to configure your Email Client to access the Postoffice @ Comcast;
you will actually still be able to use BOTH

The Comcast settings are here
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Good morning I have a HP Pavillion Desktop computer at home email with Trouble and I recently signed up for Comcast high-speed internet Trouble with email which is run thru a cable modem The internet works great and is very fast Here is my problem I cannot do any kind of email If I try to click on the login button to sign in to our account it says quot page cannot be displayed quot It does this if you try to do any kind of email This is the first time that I have ever had this problem on my computer We didn t have internet on the computer for about a year and a half I Trouble with email also went to Apple com the other day and tried to download the latest versio of iTunes and it said quot page cannot be displayed quot Someone suggested turning off my Windows firewall I really didn t want to do that but I tried it and it didn t solve anything My Norton Security is out of date and needs to be updated but I don t know if that would have anything to do with it or not Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you nbsp

A:Trouble with email

You are a little vague on specifics.

Did you create a new Email account with Comcast during the install?

Are you trying to use that account or an 'old' account on another ISP?

Do you also use a router? Kind/type?
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Every time I compose a new message in Outlook Express and use MIDI music as a background the SW SYNTH in audio gets knocked back to zero. This only happens in OLEXP, toherwise MIDI's play OK.
Running Windows XP Pro SP3 OLEXP 6.0

A:Outlook express affects audio control

What is your computer? Make and model?
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Hi I am a small business owner running laptops and a desktop pc one of the laptops is running xp although will hopefully upgrade it to vista soon I am looking to purchase a NAS device mostly for media sharing and syncronization between pc s but would like to be able to access my email accounts via outlook NAS email knowledge and lacking. although would consider another product with same basic functionality eg local storage tasks calendar etc I am using googlemail for all my NAS and email knowledge lacking. accounts I am aware that there are several NAS devices out there that let you connect and manage NAS and email knowledge lacking. files remotely over the internet It seems that to me that it should therefor be relatively simple to have all outlook or alternative files stored on a remotely accessible NAS to synchronize accross all pc s automatically on login hereby removing the need for an expensive hosted service such as MS exchange I have googled just about every variation I can think of to find the relevant information but to no avail I am fairly savvy for an unqualified home user but lack the deeper understanding of NAS and outlook to get through this one on my own If this is possible please give some advice on setup and the best hardware fro the job Lastly if the NAS doubled as a print server that would be cool too MAny thanks in advance for your help Best regards Don nbsp

A:NAS and email knowledge lacking.

NAS devices (Network Attached Storage) just attach to your LAN using the File Sharing,
Map Network Drives capability.

1) Internet access to one of YOUR LAN drives is a big security hole, so that's not the
right approach.

2) depending upon the software you use to send/receive, sharing email files can easily corrupt them and you lose everything.

If I wanted Internet access to my email, I would use a Webbased email solution
(like gmail), configure it to retain all down loaded email, and the use my pc
to access the gmail pop3 account.
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so i have just set up a static ip adress because i want to forward a port for utorrent. i am trying to login to my router but when i type in my static ip, it says the server is taking too long to respond. whats the problem?

A:Problem forwarding port

lots of questions here;

what did you forward? you can't foward the whole world, just Utorrent ports.
what static address; your system on your LAN I hope.

please explain in as much detail exactly what you did ...
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Help! How can I share Outlook 2007 Calendar on 3 networked computers running vista home premium? Don't wanna spend 700 bucks for Exchange Server. Can it be done?

A:Share Outlook Calendar

For workgroup users (ie those without a domain controller), it is done by sharing
each appointment;

create or open an appointment
click the Attendee Availability tab
at the lower left, click Invite Others
enter the name of the Contact and click find
when selected, click Required or Optional
repeat for all attendees
when done, click OK
as each Contact receives the appointment by email, they accept or decline the schedule
their calendar and yours are updated
and the status of all can be seen using the radio button Show Attendee Status
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Hey I was just wondering how to "forward a port" for utorrent. I've been to and presumably they have the instructions I need but I don't know anything about my router or network or anything, as I'm in a dorm room. Anything I can do to get utorrent working properly?


A:Port forwarding for utorrent

Your first problem is you need to control the router -- if it's a common router for the
entire dorm, you're out of luck.

Secondly, any given port can only be fowarded to ONE system, so if someone else
has already done this, you're now out of luck AND up a creek without a paddle.

Lastly, you need the port number used by uTorrent and the ip-address of your system.
If all systems on the router are using DHCP,
you're out of luck, up a creek without a paddle, and the weather report is 40 days and nights of rain
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Can anyone guide me about Video email marketing? Is it possible to customized banners and links with my video emails?

A:Looking for Video Email Marketing

Re:Looking for Video Email Marketing!

Video email marketing is a new tool in market which allows the entrepreneurs to access video email facility with the use of microphone and camera and communicate directly with the end customer. It harnesses the power of video in conveying emotions, tone, and energy while leveraging the flexibility of an email- like system. It increases the market value and credibility of the user. You can get more information from and yes it is very simple to customize banners and links with the video emails.
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Lots of valuable information in that file I'd like to access. I was able to create a new Outlook file in safe mode so I guess the program is OK.

It was suggested to me recently the cause may have been due to me having Microsoft Service Pack 1 at the time. I had not updated to Service Pak 2 (which I now believe has been updated to Service Pak 3). Has anyone had experience with this and, if so, do you think there's a chance that if I update my Service Pak that I might still have a chance of recovering the data I had in my original Outlook file?

A:Still unable to open Microsoft Outlook

I dont think just upgrading to service pack 3 would do any good.

May be you need some more luck there.

Hope you get the help you need

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I'm older, as are my eyes, and the type in HTML emails is difficult to read. I changed Outlook 2003 to display everything as Text so I can enlarge using my scroll wheel but the tons of hyperlinks detract.

My Windows menus and Firefox are 14 point for easy reading but I can't find an Outlook setting that applies to HTML messages.

Your help will be appreciated.



A:Enlarge type in HTML email

Have a read of this thread:
It states Outlook2007, but should be similar (if not the same)
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utorrent and some games make use of portforwarding and i'd like to know if that would leave my computer vulnerable to attacks...

A:Does port forwarding leave my computer vulnerable to hacking?

yes and no.
yes in that data on that port from ANY source goes directly to your system.
no in that your firewall can still filter which sources are actually allowed.
also no in that if your software is not running, then the inbound traffic arrives at
your system but goes nowhere (ie just gets dropped).

so the real issue will be 'how good is the software you are using on that port?'

I suggest, no one can really tell
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I know it probably is, but I thought I would ask anyway. I got an email to 'Test' and 'Keep' a Dell XPS laptop. So what kind of scam is it?

A:Email Scam?

DON'T OPEN! If its not malware,it's a sales scam. Just label it spam and drive on.....Don
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Hi I have this problem we have a server running exchange server. There is 3 computers connected to the server running outlook. On 1 of the computers all of the emails have been deleted how can i restore the emails back onto this computer the other 2 computers have all of the emails.

A:Outlook passed 2gb .pst file

Oh I thought you were wondering about changeing the maximum limit :
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Hey people
I have Microsoft Outlook 2007 Service Pack 1
I would like to know how I can install Polish for spell checking
I can speak Polish but can't write it

A:How do I install Polish language for spell checking in Outlook 2007 SP1?

I think installing Proofing Tools from your Office CD and then install Polish proofing tools.

More info here:

And here:
And here:
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My laptop is connected wirelessly to the router on the main pc, the router is a dlink di-624, and my isp is virgin media. I'm sorting the settings in bitcomet on my laptop and it says I need to set up port forwarding on my router. I've read up how to do it, but the problem is online instructions say you need to set up a static ip first and I'm having problems doing that. I rang virgin media for the dns servers and all they told me was that setting up a static ip would stop my internet working and I must have dhcp? enabled, but that doesn't help me. I tried a google search and somebody posted some dns servers but when I used those and set up port forwarding it came up with the message "port range conflict with bitcom1". I don't know what to try now.

A:Setting up port forwarding help please

Thanks for the help, tried setting it up on the current ip and get the message, "port range conflict with bitcom1". , and it still shows as listen port blocked on bitcomet.
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everytime i try and port forward i click "add custom service"
and type everything in correctly
sometimes it adds and sometimes it says "Port conflict with other service."
Even tho there not on the list of forwarded ports...
Some times they just disappear from the list and when they do, i try to add the port again and it says "Port conflict with other service." But its not even in the list.

What IS THIS ?!!?!
Please help =[****ingerrroryv2.jpg

A:WPN824v2 - Port Forwarding

Backup you settings to a file.. Reset the Router, then re-flash the firmware. Try putting in the setting first before you restore you original settings. This way you can tell if it will work or not. If not then you have a problem with this router. Did you just get this? If you did take it back. Now if it works then you need restore your setting or manually input the settings back in yourself with the new Port forwarding settings that you wanted in the first place.
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Ok, so I have a Netopia 3347 model router and Netgear GSM7224 switch...i'm trying to do port forwarding, but when I run a program to see if port is forwarded properly, it says "No". I found in router the place where to do open up the port, i.e. in Netopia they are called Pinkholes, and it still says that its blocked. Do I need to do something in the switch? Please help me out or advice.

Thank you in advance.

A:Port forwarding: Router + Switch

What program? Have you also given the program access from your firewall?
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im trying to set up a ftp server. i have it all set up except for my modem. my modem is connected to my linux computer and my windows computer is connected to linux. the ip address of linux is and the address of windows is my modem is a Netcomm NB1 and i went into the port forward part and i noticed that when i forward port 21 to linux and do a security check it says port 21 is open but when i forward it to windows it still says its closed and im not sure why.

A:need port forwarding help

It doesn't work because there is no direct connection between the modem and the Windows computer.

You should either connect the Windows machine directly to the "modem" (your modem seems to include a router device) or set up another port forwarding rule on the Linux computer.
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Anyone else run into this issue?

We have 4 seperate computers running on a wireless network here at work. Recently we started having an issue where we can access the internet through email, but we can't pull the internet up via a web browser (IE). We end up having to click on the "repair" connection button for windows wireless over and over and over until it actully allows us to access the internet via the browser.

Have you experienced this? What is it all about?

A:Have email access...but can't pull internet up on browser

Hello, Mudshack, and welcome to Techspot :wave:

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Knowing someone's location in the world can be extremely helpful, even if you just put a country.

Also remember to post any problems or questions that you have in the appropriate forums

With regards to your problem, try restarting the router by unplugging it, waiting about 10 seconds then plugging it in again. Make sure that the settings are saved on it though otherwise you'll have to put them all in again.

P.s. this should be in Storage & Networking forum really but i expect a mod will move it for you
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My husbands aunt has dial up, we set her email account up but now several months later it is telling her that someone else has that account and she is unable to send email, this is the 2nd time this has happened. How can this be fixed so it doesn't happen again?

A:email conflict in msn

Hi Twinkletla1 and welcome to the TS Forum :wave:

You dont say what email provider you have, if its with an ISP or with one such as MSN hotmail, Your thread title mentions MSN so I'll hazard a guess that she either hasnt used in for more than once in 30 days and as such the account has been shut down, this is to prevent unused accounts cluttering up the MSN server and filling with junk mail.

To keep a hotmail account active you have to login regularly, about once a fortnight at least.

If its another provider than please post back and let us know.

Whilst your here could you do me the honour of reading the threads below It will help to make your Techspot experience a more pleasurable one.

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I wonder if anyone can help. I have been receiving emails without any problems but when I try to open some of the attachments, all I get is a page of gobble-de-**** nonesense.

Someone suggested that I save these emails as a 'eml' insted of a 'txt'.

I have no idea what this means and even less of an idea of how to do it.

Can anyone help?....


A:help with email attachment

What e-mail program are you using?
What are these attachments supposed to be? (You should never open an attachment with unknown contents!)
Who sent you these letters and what e-mail program did they use?
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I would like to know if there are any tools available on the internet to trace an email.It's a junk mail.Please help.

A:Tools for email trace

You can check e-mail headers via the options button while in an e-mail. Copy and paste the text from one and we'll see if we can trace its origin (blank out any important network information to do with yourself or your company such as public IP address if you like).
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I live in this buildin that have wifi and i connect to it !! LEGALLY !! but the problem is that i don't seem to have my torrents workin very well ....i entered once a site and it told me that i'm : unconnectable ...
so i downloaded a program for port forwarding , but the thing is that the router isn't reachable for me and i can't know wt kind is it !!
so if anyone knows how do i have this prob solved , plz share ur knowledge ...

anyway Thx

A:Routers & Port Forwarding ! got any experience in that ??

richardjaar said:

I live in this buildin that have wifi and i connect to it !! LEGALLY !! but the problem is that i don't seem to have my torrents workin very well ....i entered once a site and it told me that i'm : unconnectable ...
so i downloaded a program for port forwarding , but the thing is that the router isn't reachable for me and i can't know wt kind is it !!
so if anyone knows how do i have this prob solved , plz share ur knowledge ...

anyway ThxClick to expand...

In order to add port forwarding rules to a router one whould have to know the address for that router and login/passwords for it. If the router is not yours there is no way to add those rules. Best bet would be to talk to the person who owns it.
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Hey all. What i am trying to do here is to open a port(31606) for (u-torrent), when i use the modem and insert my computers IP and the port i want to have, it works sweet. But when i take the wireless router into the equasion, i cannot seem to get it working.

Modem : Thomson SpeedTouch 510i
Wireless: Linksys wrt54g

Can any one help me get port 31606 working all the way trough to my pc when i am connected to the wireless?


A:Trouble with modem to wireless router, port forwarding.!

the firewall rule for INBOUND traffic would be
allow IN tcp/upd any source, any dest, port 31606​now it doesn't matter at all which interface (modem,wireless,NIC) the traffic
arrives upon
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I am encountering a bizarre issue synchronizing a Motorola Q to our in-house Exchange server. Topically, everything is working as expected. The problem at hand is, at seemingly random intervals, the Outlook inbox as well as the Q Outlook inbox randomly marks all messages as read; as would be expected, this is creating havoc in matters of scheduling, &c. I have searched all of the Outlook settings, as well as all available Outlook-related options on the Q to no avail. Has anyone had any experience with these phones or any such synchronization issues? Outlook 2003 is completely updated; I am not sure about the version of the Q's firmware, but would assume, considering the phone is new, that it is probably the latest version....

Any ideas?



A:Motorola Q- Outlook 2003 sync issue

Check with technical support for Motorola Q phone... To see if they have any issues like you have described above..
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It just happend a week ago Internet became terribly slow many websites - about of them - don t load at all page not found and I can t send Email - only recieve MSN Messenger either connects or not it depends if it feels like doing so In addition Start- gt Run- gt cmd- gt ipconfig had displayed quot ipconfig quot is load, Email don't can't Websites send not recognized as an external or internal command and something with a Websites don't load, can't send Email batch file I was fixed by going to My Computer- gt Properties- gt Advanced- gt Enviroment Variables- gt Path and editing Websites don't load, can't send Email it to c windows system Before changing it had been something with Quicktime which was fully uninstalled afterwards My Specs AMD X GTX Extreme MB DFI LanParty Ultra-D OCZ GB X - - - WD GB RPM ENERMAX Watt DMark Using NOD Sygate Firewall Adaware Regvac Registry Mechanic Tuneup Utilities Whats the problem I ve tried uninstalling the Ethernet drivers and reinstalling didn t work My computer is virus and spyware-free and well-protected What could go wrong nbsp

A:Websites don't load, can't send Email

refer to this tutorial
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I am on a campus network, and I am trying to run a torrent downloader. My speeds are super slow, and I had heard something about port forwarding possibly fixing this, but (to be honest), I hate networking. However, I had also heard that some kind of filter had been put on to restrict torrent downloads (as well as online games, grrrrr). If anyone knows a way to set something like that up or has any other suggestions to get this resolved, I would greatly appreciate it.

A:Port Forwarding

If at the moment it is working, then nothing you can do can change the speed of your download.

The restrictions are put in place by the campus IT dept, take your complaint up with them, although they will likely tell you tough luck.

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Hi everyone can and routers a static port ip with two creating forwarding you help I ve been meaning to reconfigure my routers and computers to create static IPs and therefore allow port forwarding properly I ve tried and tried and I ve failed can anyone help I ve got the following Broadband creating a static ip and port forwarding with two routers modem Linksys RT P VOIP router Linksys WRT G router I have two computers hardwired to the wrt g and I also creating a static ip and port forwarding with two routers use two laptops which are used both at home and at work I d ideally like to create static IPs for the two hardwired computers and keep assigned IPs for the laptops Currently the modem plugs straight into the WAN on the VOIP router LAN on the VOIP router is then connected to the WAN on the WRT G The two hardwired PCs are connected to the WRT G LAN and LAN To make things easy both routers are reset to factory settings The VOIP router is set to dhcp enabled IP Subnet DHCP range - The WRT G is set to dhcp enabled IP Subnet DHCP range - All computers including the laptops are set to automatic configuration Once I have assigned static IPs I then need to allow port forwarding for a few programs on one of the hardwired PCs I know how to do port forwarding on a one router system but not on a chained system like this I also get confused with what numbers should go where Can anyone please suggest exactly what numbers and settings I should use for the VOIP router the WRT G router and each computer along with what I should type in on the port forwarding on which router to enable a program on the primary hardwired PC to work on port TCP I know it s a lot but I m stumped Cheers in advance Paul nbsp

A:creating a static ip and port forwarding with two routers

Sorry but you are confusing me. I will be be able to help ... but lets break down what you are trying to do.

My first question is why do u have 2x DHCP servers running? Statically assign the 2x desktop PCs with an IP address and then exclude those IP addresses from the DHCP scope. Alternatively you can reserve 2x IP addresses in the scope (MAC addresses required). TURN DHCP SERVER OFF ON ONE OF THE ROUTERS! 2x DHCP servers can cause all kinds of problems within a LAN. One scope is best and to keep it neat, set the address range between 192.168.x.100 - x.150 (if you decide to go with a class C subnet).

Why do you have both WAN ports in use? It sounds like you have created a loop! From one to the other ... makes no sense to me why you did that, in my head the topology looks wrong! You would be better off with a switch rather than 2x routers for reasons like a switch doesn't require an IP address and it is not a DHCP server. But it doesn't matter, we can either NAT between the two routers (which will slow down you internet speed a little) or we can put the VOIP router into bridge mode, give the Linksys all the ISP details and have him as the gateway. Bridge mode is the easier of the two, and won't slow down your internet speed (no NAT rules).

I hope this is making sense. Reply back and fill me in a little more and we'll go from there :grinthumb
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for some reason i cant access the port forwarding in my modem.

ill get a message that says

"you must enter an IP on LAN clients page for the selected lan group to enter this setup"

i have a netcomm nb1 router and ive never had this problem befor.

A:cant access port forwarding in my modem

Configure the router in Linux then? Or try using the same browser you have in Linux.
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need to port forward more than the ten ports allowed my Dlink. Customer has 2 routers, however i am having no luck setting up 10 port forwards on one and 5 on another. I have a linksys with the open source bios, which can do 20, however the company policy is to only use Dlink. Any help?

A:Multiple port forwarding (15 or more)

I perfectly understand that you absolutely have to keep the exact router models a secret..

With most routers you can put in port ranges in the port forwarding tables.Also, many routers have two forwarding tables - simple port forwarding and port forwarding with triggers. You may use the triggered table for some applications.
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Trying to use xbox 360 wirelessly and I need to change some router settings. I have to enable these ports
? UDP 88
? UDP 3074
? TCP 3074

I can do the UDP 88 one and the TCP 3074. But when I try to do the UDP 3074 it says it failed due to a server conflict. Please help. I'm nearly depserate to get on xbox live.

A:Port forwarding problem~help

Ar you sure you did TCP 3074 only and not TCP+UDP 3074?
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http www shoprbc com ca shop configurator php cgid I m on ABOUT a not inc tax and not REALLY that low budget but that isn t SOLID though if I find something worth breaking my budget OR YOU suggest that I will be very happy with a particular item and I d have to break my budget I m also trying to sell an old HP Pavilion just to generate a few extra bucks And I don t want to sound like I m complaining so don t take it like that but I m in a wheelchair which is WHY I have to do work that I can :) QUOTE! QUOTE EMAIL decide ME shops THE and This me help page; sit down in and I DO spend A LOT of time in front of my PC so MY PC is very important to me which is why I m This shops QUOTE page; help me decide and EMAIL ME THE QUOTE! :) asking for your help with this AND I think if you read the very end of this post I have a fun way for you to help me out Now I want to do multimedia and a BIT of gaming I m going in to Media Design maybe even GAME DESIGN itself in school next year this is why I need a new machine so I need to be able to for example run TWO extremely CPU intensive apps at the same time like a multitrack mixer and a track editor so I know I m pretty much having to go with the duel core SO I already have a case the simple black anatec one everyone else bought when it came out in and they just have to put in a new PSU for me for the bit mobo I also already have piles of disk drives and a DVD writer that is just fine So now I m PRETTY sure that I want to go with a DUEL CORE because I ll need it for my multimedia work And I m very familier with the ASUS products already so I d probably just want to stick with them but if there is something less expensive that is MORE suited to my work then please suggest it RAM I do not BELIEVE is an issue though I could be wrong but I was just going to go with the basic g After I ve picked my chip and board up all I need to do is pick a graphics card and a sound card for my multimedia work and yes I understand that with my budget I m trying to put together a pro machine and its difficult to do that But my basic idea is that since I m just a starter multimedia artist and not a pro I don t NEED the PRO version of what a pro would use and pay for right NOW anyways so what I m trying to do is get the smaller cheaper version of the machine I would WANT to own when I got out of school and was working The baby version of the monster I would get when I m really working I know its hard with my budget but don t forget that I m in Canada and I m going to get taxed to death when I buy this So can you help me configure the Chip Preferably DUEL CORE but if that is what is driving up my price too high all the time then I THINK I can deal with single for now though I may regreat that Mobo there are some odd chipsets out there now why do ATI and NVidea have chipsets does that mean I don t need the card anymore and if I AM going to get a Radon X-card of some type then can t I save money but NOT getting a board with the onboard stuff RAM was just going to go generic gig providing it works Video card is it REALLY needed in some of these mobos these days that have the integrated stuff otoh isn t the integrated stuff not that good and shouldn t I just get a quot plain quot mobo with lots of slots and buy cards instead - I DO plan on buying a VIDEO card so well see Sound card cheapest that I can attach a MIDI piano to later or I ll do that more seriously and again see PSU How much power am I going to need Sometimes because I have SO MANY USB things plugged I think I already run low on power A SO all I m asking YOU GUYS to help me with is deciding on the best motherboard and chipset platform to work everything else off of and IF I should even bother in some cases getting the cards if integrated chips if I DO PLAN on buying an ATI PCI-E video card and insert brand sound card anyways I ve NOT been keeping track of this stuff much anymore just only have time for so many quot tech quot hobbies so I just do not know what m... Read more

A:This shops QUOTE page; help me decide and EMAIL ME THE QUOTE! :)

i would go with an intel core2 duo processor, asus 680i motherboard, and at least a gig of corsair DDR2 800 ram, in dual channel config. i reccomend two smaller hard drives as apposed to one big one, so you could run them in a fast raid 0 array. raid 0 combines the capacities of the disks involved, so two 160GB drives would give you single 320GB volume. as for the power supply...go with a name brand (that's important for pretty much all computer parts) known for quality, such as antec or PC power & cooling.

if you get a single video card, i would say get the antec neopower 550w, which is quiet, efficient, and supports modular cabling.

as for the USB usage you mentioned, your USB controller (mobo) is going to be the limiting factor in determining how much power can be drawn.

i would edit your post and remove your email address, this is a public webpage and can be viewed by anyone.
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Here is the found connect account Windows domain cannot (2003) to not back story I am at a school with a NT domain server We bought a new SP server We have two IP ranges Our old configuration had static IP address with DNS servers located at the Windows cannot connect to domain (2003) account not found district that was referenced in the TCP IP properties I set up the new server with roles It has an Active Directory It is a DHCP server I have machines The DHCP has a superscope with scopes within the superscope Each scope has a range of IP address and the exceptions for the server printers et cetera It also is a DNS server that quot listens to all IP addresses quot instead of listen to the quot following IP addresses quot However on the listen to the following IP addresses I put in it s own IP address The DNS server also has forwarders to the district DNS servers The last role is as a File Share I have connected about computers just fine Everything is working good however I am now getting sporadic computers that can t log on I get this message Windows cannot connect to the domain either because the domain controller is down or otherwise unavailable or because your computer account was not found Please try again later Click to expand The computers are still on the server If I re-add the client machine to the domain everything is fine--for now This has been happening to xp machines It has happened times now and I am worried about a continual problem or a major problem around the corner Are there any ideas on what is causing this I have read up a little bit about SID problems but I am not that literate yet I am wondering if I set something up wrong failed to set something up or if there is an entirely different reason Could it be because the computers are still on the NT directory I have not taken off the NT active directory yet or added the NT server to the server I also have an independent server for the library and a server for a special ed room and program No one at the district can help I am out of ideas I am getting really worried that I did something wrong I can t fix I am not an expert I am in the very beginning stages of my MCSA training nbsp

A:Windows cannot connect to domain (2003) account not found

I would look at the network before you look at the OS, when it happens see if you can ping the server by name and IP, also look in the event viewer of the machine and see if there is anything showing up in there.

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new build/ pros and cons /please

New build? This may not be the greatest, however the price seemed right for a first time build. Biostar Gforce 6100 M9 nvidia socket939 with heat sink on the nvidia 4 chip. Atholn64 3200+ Venice. Kingston dual channel 512 pc3200 ddr 400mhz 2x256. Thermaltake 430w ps I'm open to any thoughts, so my next will be better PS: Its for my 14 year old daughter who mainly does Im, email, music, Surfing, my space ect Thank you Kirk
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I have 6 PCs each running Windows XP SP2, windows firewall installed, having a shared DSL connection using Alcatel - Thomson Speedtouch 608 DSL Modem, the problem is I couldnt forward the ports, tried the guide in -> , but it doesn't seem to work, help me out please

A:Port Forwarding Problem

Correct me if im wrong but if the "Alcatel - Thomson Speedtouch 608" is your modem, to use that site you need to know which router you have and which program you are trying to open the port for. Let us know which router you have and which program you are trying to forward for and then we can go from there.
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Hey all.

I have a dlink 624 but am having problems all the time with port forwarding.

So i got this great idea!

What if I just forward say ports 10000 - whatever port i can go up to, and direct it all to my computer on the network.

Problem is I have no clue what to do! Portforward says i cant forward enough ports and dlink is no help

any help would be loved

A:dlink 624, forwarding most ports

what are you trying to do with port forwarding (PF)? Each port is unique to
a particular service running on a particular system, eg: port 80 is the default
for a web server. There are a few applications that use a range of ports,
like 6500-6510, but I.T. pros really dislike them for security reasons.

the normal use of PF is to forward just the specific few required.
so i'll move the question again, what are you trying to achieve?
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Ok I have a really annoying problem In short I want to host a nightmare forwarding is Port my own game server for Port forwarding is a nightmare other friends to join The ports I need are TCP and UDP I have a ZOOM X modem router with computers connected to it I Port forwarding is a nightmare have followed ZOOM s help guides EXACTLY to forward the ports to MY LOCAL IP which is So information for those ports should be allowed for me right wrong I go to www canyouseeme org check Port forwarding is a nightmare if is open and it returns with quot I could not see your service on on port Reason Connection refused quot However other ports that are forwarded DO work properly For example eMule p p file sharing uses ports TCP and UDP and I follow the EXACT same port forwarding routine as I do for the game host ports Emule has built in port-checker which gives the green light and says the ports are open However CANYOUSEEME ORG doesn t say they are open it s just quot I could not see your service on on port Reason Connection refused quot But theres more Today I found extra rules that ZOOM had on default These rules blocked ports and I have deleted these rules and these ports are now open CANYOUSEEME ORG comes up with quot I can see your service on on port Your ISP is not blocking port quot Does anyone have a clue what I m doing wrong I ve been trying for about months to get an answer to this No I don t have windows firewall on or any firewall for that matter And I only want to forward ports to MY PC so that I can host a game server Thanks to anyone in advance who read this and is now trying to figure out what the hell I m talking about giddy nbsp

A:Port forwarding is a nightmare

Could it be the Firewall on your machine blocking the requests ?
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I have a weird problem connection problem when I to go to Outlook. The connection says authorizing then a timeout error. This problem comes and goes. Does anyone have a thought as to what this might be?

A:DSL/Outlook Express problem

Try disabling email scanning in your AV/Firewall.
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i need to get into the administrator account on this laptop.

i barely know any information about this computer.
i am on a limited account.

it is a dell inspiron 1100.
& i am using windows xp pro.

obviously, i need to get the password for the administrator account.

i would really apprececiate some help on this matter.
please & thanks.

A:I need into my administrator user account but don't have the password.

Ask the administrator.
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I have setup my computer (WinXP Home) to have two user accounts. I've noticed that often (maybe always) whichever account is initially logged into when the computer is first booted up seems to be the only account from which the CD or DVD drives can be accessed. What can I do to correct this?
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I'm looking for a way to trace a spammer, legally, with legal intent.
The isp would be great.
attatched is txt I've gotten already.
Thanks for any help.

A:Can yahoo email be traced?

if emails come to a mail client like thunderbird ot mozilla you can view the whole content
view message source
that may get you origin
thunderbird and mozilla only
I don't know bout IE or messenger
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Hello from newbie to this forum After searching threads I could not find solution for this particular and perplexing problem I have a small network as follows Winxp pc Win kpro pc G Mac All connected through SMC Barricade router which is connected to adsl modem Sprint The problem is that the Win pc has lost ability to connect to internet through any browser IE FF Moz Opera I can send and receive email use my ftp program to connect to remote servers and upload download files and can move files from my Mac to PC via Dave client software Here is what I have tried so far powered off everything then powered up modem router pc bypassed router hooked pc directly to modem disabled firewalls uninstalled reinstalled tcp ip uninstalled reinstalled nic replaced nic with known good one use internet, out email, ping can receive Cannot can access FTP, replaced cat cable I can access internet with the winxp computer Cannot access internet, can receive email, use FTP, can ping out using it now I can ping from win computer to this computer and mac can ping router and modem from win pc can ping loopback and ip address from win pc ipconfig shows that I am being assigned an address all pcs on net have same subnet mask address I cannot ping the win pc from the mac or the winxp machine I have also run WinsockFix exe I have deep scanned with Norton for viruses I have run Adaware and MS spyware Still no joy I would appreciate any suggestions nbsp

A:Cannot access internet, can receive email, use FTP, can ping out

May sound daft, but have you ran the Internet connection wizard, sometimes it just fixes things.
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Hi there Right here s my problem My company LAN is configured to use so all our pc s have an IP of or etc etc subnet We have a VOIP system installed this is what assigns the IP s as its the DHCP server This is located on We have an SDSL connection and a MB ADSL connection The ADSL router has DHCP turned off and is assigned an IP of because the DHCP is located in our VOIP box I cant set up a DMZ on Port routers hammer a to :) to the Problem..About take Forwarding the ADSL router Port Forwarding Problem..About to take a hammer to the routers :) When I portforward with this router using the factory preset forwards like HTTP HTTPS SMTP etc all works fine But NOT user defined rules The router is a Wire BT Router BT HG Firmware The SDSL router is located on Again its DHCP is turned off and so I cant set up a DMZ all the forwarding has to be done manually This router has no factory preset forwards It won t forward anything I have tried lots of ports It worked for port but when I had to reset the router it wiped it and now wont work The computer I am trying to forward to is and it has a static IP Can anyone help I have tried telneting in and cannot could it be somthing to do with the fact that Port Forwarding Problem..About to take a hammer to the routers :) the LAN ADSL router SDSL router DHCP Please help angel nbsp

A:Port Forwarding Problem..About to take a hammer to the routers :)

I am not sure what kind of routers these are.. DHCP and DMZ are totally different things and one cannot possibly affect the other. You having ended up with two extremely braindead routers seems unlikely too.

Are the subnet masks the same everywhere? Home routers often have fixed netmasks.

Software firewalls on the computers? Turn off the Windows firewall?

How are you testing the port forwarding? Often it is not possible (crappy routers) to make loopback connections to one's own WAN IP address. Use some system outside your network to test the port forwarding/DMZ.

Could it be that your ISP (or whatever entity is on the WAN side of routers) is blocking incoming connections?
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Hi, I was just wnodering if someone could tell me how the router distinguishes beteen HTTP Request packets and Response packets, basically when I set up my router to port forward incoming traffic on port 80 directly to my comp on our internal home LAN, and what if I wanted to host a web site (XP Pro IIS5.1) on my other comp how would I set up the router???


A:Bey Re: Portt forwarding from my router Home LAN

It doesn't.. Routers don't know anything about data transfer protocols. Your router simply keeps track of TCP connections and doesn't give a damn whether the protocol inside the connection is HTTP or FTP or whatever.

In order to host a web server, all you have to do is to forward the web port.
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I have windows XP .When i opening Microsoft outlook It get hanging.When i changing the data store folder then it opening.After 2 or 3 days the same pbm occured.I have Macfee 8.0 installed on that pc.
Plz give solution.
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Following 2 re-installs of SBS2003 on my Dell 400SC server none of the workstations on our network are able to send emails via Exchange server.
The error message that keeps coming up is:-
"553 sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts (#5.7.1)"
I'm pretty sure this is just a setup issue but having searched several other forums there seems to be several opinions as to the cause of this error.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
All the workstations are running XP Pro (SP2) and using Outlook 2003 for email. :blackeye:

A:Email not being sent

Normally this would be an incorrect DNS configuration on a Windows Server. Check your event viewer. If there are DNS errors, you may want to resolve those first. If you DNS is clean, you still may want to use the IP address of your Mail Server instead of the domain name. Additionally, something I've run into in the past is some ISP's only allow sending of mail within so many seconds of POP3 authentication. I believe QWest does this. This is their way of preventing relaying but it screwed me up seeing how they provide our connectivity but my POP3 email is with another company that houses our domain so I never downloaded POP3 from Qwest. It could be that username and password authentication are required to get around this. I'm not sure where that setting is but I'll try to remember to look on my server at work tomorrow. If I find anything good, I'll let you know.
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If you could help me with forwarding my ports in my Netgear router, I mean, actually assist me while I go through setting it up, I'd like for you to leave me a date and time(pacific US) that you'll be able to help, I'd like it a lot.

A:Need port forwarding help.

If you want real-time help, then you are better off visiting the IRC channel or perhaps contacting someone via instant messaging. I am hardly ever online and in a very inconvenient timezone unfortunately.

In the mean time, you can try Reading The Friendly Manual to get some background info etc.
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I have just lost every thing on O/Exp, all folders, emails the lot, it now looks like the first time I ran with O/Exp all the basic folders are there but empty, I have tried restore but it's just the same. Have done a search and what comes up is the same empty O/Exp. I have a feeling that the start up may be inhibited as I had a start up progame and monitor which I have just deleted. HELP, if the wife finds out I will be made to do the ironing for a month aaah.

A:Outlook Express Disappearance

This link is almost relevant- the bit about searching for .dbx files certainly is.
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ehy guys i am at a cafe in austin trying to send emails from a wireless connection, it says i have excellent connection but am unable to send, can receive email but not send, pls help

A:trying to send email from wireless connection

"unable to send" means what? What program are you using? What kind of a mail account?
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hi helpful people, i recently (yesterday) installed Verizon DSL and have no problems with it except that when i access my Yahoo mail it takes frustratingly forever to download anything. When i used my old ISP again, as i haven't cancelled it yet, Yahoo worked fine. So i contacted Verizon who told me it was either a Yahoo problem or a computer problem??? When i informed them that it only started when i installed their software, and went away when i used my other ISP, they inferred i was some kind of ignorant *****. They were absolutely no help. So what gives? Am i some kind of ignorant *****, or could it indeed be Verizon stuffing it up? Everything else downloads fine. Could it be that i have mainly Australian Yahoo email addresses, thereby creating some sort of spam problem? I appreciate your help.

A:Yahoo email problems with verizon dsl

it could be many things, but let's start with some basics.
You mentioned Verizon DSL, implying a telephone connection rather than
a cable. Secondly, how do you access your original ISP; dial-up?

Started after loading their software -- what does that package do?
Is it like AOL which presents the whole interface of a browser (totally unnecessary).

With the DSL modem in place, I would bet you could just start any browser and
it would access the Internet just fine - - including your Yahoo Email. Once your
computer has IP, Gateway and DNS addresses, your good to go and all programs
which have tcp/ip ability will run without knowing how or who(the isp) got
installed or configured.

you can verify your tcp thus;
run->enter the word
hit enter
then type
ipconfig /all

results look like
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-0F-B1-3C-CC-1D
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IP Address. . . . . . . . ... . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . .. . . : Tuesday, August 09, 2005 7:39:49 AM
Lease Expires . . . . . . . .. . . : Monday, January 18, 2038 8:14:07 PM

but your specifics will be unique to Verizon
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Using WideBand achieving about 1.5 Mbps with a speed test. When sending email with file attachment of 3.2MB, the time to send or receive the email w/file attachment takes minutes not seconds. A friend with the same BroadBand service using the same email message w/same attachment can do it in 73 seconds. Is there something I'm missing in settings on my system? Or is this an issue with the mail server(s) and MIME?


A:EMail File Attachment(MIME) transfer speed too slow on WideBand

Well it all depends on what you upload speed is, not your download speed. You likely have 256kpbs or maybe a little higher. That really limits your capability of sending a large attachment quickly.

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:
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I've tried deleting all other accounts, other than my own, and making all new ones and I still cannot get the internet to work on any of the other accounts. I don't know whether the DNS isn't working right or what? I am using XP and could use and appreciate any help i could get. Thanks, Jeremy
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Hey guys,

I'm trying to do something really simple and extremely baffled as to why it does not work. I'm trying to setup a forwarding rule through my router to forward any traffic coming in on port 143 to forward it to port 3389 of on of the computers on my LAN (for remote desktop use). I know it's not a remote desktop problem because I can remote desktop when directly connected to my highspeed modem as well as remote desktop fine using my computer's internal IP (192.168.x.x) but it simply doesn't seem to forward properly through the router. The crazy thing is, this used to work and I haven't changed anything. Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

A:Port forwarding trouble with Network Everywhere NWR04B

Bumping this post.
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is there a way to get around port 21 restriction from my isp
system is on a comcast cable setup modem to linksys router to 3layer switch
to ftp server
is it possible for clients to log on to port 21
on my router change it to another port to fool the ISP

listen port 21 to port 5353 like that
so inside of using they just need

A:need help with FTP server setup with UPnP forwarding

You could do anything you like with your router but the fact is that none of the packets headed for port 21 will never reach your cable modem or the router - they are blocked by Comcast gear long before that.

You could set up some sort of a proxy outside the blocks of your ISP of course.. Or maybe just call Comcast and ask for the port to be opened?
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Hello--I have been having trouble with running my protools 002 on my windows xp. A friend of mine metioned setting up 2 separate user accounts one for Protools---the other for everything else. The plan is to strip down---"tune" (uninstall any unnessesary programs from the protools account, in hopes to help it run smoother--The problem is...When I uninstall programs in the control panel,
it uninstalls it from both user accounts. Is there a way to run each user account separately? Please help!!
Thank you for your time!!
[email protected]
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Hi All,I'm(all of a sudden)unable to click on links in all of my emails except yahoo-i'm pretty sure that i have all of my settings correct,but when i click on an email link,nothing happens-it just refuses to go to the link.Any help is appreciated.Thanks for your help/time.

A:Unable to click email links

Depending on email-program, you might be able to click on the View-button. In Pegasus, this triggers activation on/off for links.
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Q: Email

Im running windows xp on my 2 computers, and they both use the same internet thingy, i have set up evey user on the computers to have different emails (i got freeserve and its the thing were u change the bit before the "@" and then u can have as many emails as u want) but no matter what computer im using or what account im in, i will recive everyones email in the inbox and address im checking on... is there a way to stop it cus as u can probably tell its very annoyin if someone has checked their email before me and my mail has been recived in there account.

Thanks if u can help,

BTW, yes i have tried looking on google but cant find ne thin to help....thanks agen....


Are you sure they offer separate Emails or simple aliases to the same mailbox ?
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After Port VPN forwarding / setting up my BEFSX router I have setup VPN at work My objective gt Is VPN / Port forwarding to access work network from home And to be able to access Unix Server which is VPN / Port forwarding behind the my router BEFSX My Unix Server has static IP of And normally at work if somebody has to access this Unix Server I have TinyTerm emulator software Therefore after installing this TinyTerm emaulation software I am saving my Unix server s static IP in the telnet VPN / Port forwarding connection box Then to access this Sco Unix box I would open Tiny Term and use my login amp password which has already been created in Unix server Finally I see my Unix Server thru Tiny Term I am getting confused To access work network from home and then to be able to access Unix server too How this VPN works I have downloded rd partySoftware which is again similar to Tiny Term emulator gt PUTTY what IP am I using only the external IP or And when do I use if at all that PRE SHARED KEY which I defined while setting up VPN basically I am asking how can I access this VPN tunnel or what do I need to do access Based on my scenario do I need a rd party VPN client amp also the emulation program or just the Putty client is enough DO I STILL to do PORT Forwarding in my Router As I am thinking that from external IP how would I get to Unix server do I need to forward my Unix server s IP on the router I have WAN connection type as PPPoE Also Dynamic IP which keeps changing all the time How can I get around with this problem Can I use DDNS tab in my router Or just install DYNdns org service on the computer which is directly connected to my router I dont know if it creates any diffrence by setting up in the router or installing this service separately would help Thanks any advice is appreciated Thanks to everybody nbsp

A:VPN / Port forwarding

For VPN you need special software that works with networking devices at your work.

If you want to telnet to this Unix server from home you forward telnet port to the IP in your work firewall(s).

It makes sense to use the DDNS tab in your router. This way the IP gets updated every time it needs to even if coumputer(s) are offline.