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How to turn off Master password?

Q: How to turn off Master password?

I turned this on for some reason and now I have to keep entering the password all the time.A box appears saying; Please enter master password for software security device.Is there some way to turn this off?

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Preferred Solution: How to turn off Master password?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How to turn off Master password?

Hi blueballs Are you talking about the Master Password feature in Mozilla Firefox?
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my HP Pavilion m6 you turn on just says administrator password or power on passwordI have never set one is password is there a master reset code

A:master code for administrator password or power on password ...

Try to turn it on three time in a row. The BIOS should display a set of numbers while it informs you that the system is locked. Post the numbers and letters if there are any and I will see if I can help you out.
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I have used password safe for many years. However, I made a stupid mistake yesterday when I tried to reset the administrator's password. I made a typo twice and put the wrong password. Today, when I input the password I want to use, I couldn't get validated.

Does anybody here know how to reset the password from the master.psafe3 file?

I know it's an open source software, there should have a way to recover the password for this software.


A:forgot password safe master password

Good luck in finding a solution.

... in, waiting for the bus.
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Hi I To master Hard to Drive turn a slave? Solved: recently took out the hard drive Solved: To turn a master Hard Drive to slave? Barracuda Seagate GB of an Solved: To turn a master Hard Drive to slave? old computer of mine which have the OS XP professional on it I wanted to put it in another computer that has Window Vista I never did that before so I wanted to know if the steps I m taking are correct Solved: To turn a master Hard Drive to slave? and if I m missing something All I have to do is zero-write the hard drive take the jumper off which put it in slave mode plug the ATA cable and the power cable boot it and format it by right-clicking on the hard drive and select format and I m good to go Nothing to do with the BIOS or anything Also for erasing everything in the hard-drive before doing anything should I use Active Kill Disk - Hard Drive Eraser or Seatools Furthermore how do I retrieve the key that I had with the XP professional since the computer was pre-installed along with the OS Thanks nbsp

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Hey guys I bought a Dell Latitude notebook 2nd hand a few days ago, after getting it home I realized I need the bios password to start the comp. dose any one know the master password for a Dell Latitude with service tag # FKWCB11-595B


A:Master Password

This may help.
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my dell laptop charger cord is giving me trouble and allowed computer battery to go really low. it said battery critically low, press f1 to continue. enter password. I don't have a password. after trying anything I might have ever used, it says, exceeded maximum attempts, please enter master password. I canít get into my computer. what do I do?

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I keep getting this message asking for the Master Password for the Software Security Device. However when I type the password, nothing happens. I'm typing the right password since I've got it written. This message kept me from logging in to other contacts. Who do I have to contact regarding this problem?

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i was wondering if anybody has the master password for a dell ispiron 8600 this is the model number #dk61x41-595b service tag number is dk61x41 please somebody help. or maybe a rustam can help me i see everyone asking him rustam please help.

A:i need master password

read the FAQs please:
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Please can anyone help me find where my master password is in windows 8. AVG made me set the master pass word and now it keeps messing up and wont let me type in the password it just wont type at all so I want to get in and delete it but I dont know how and have spent 4 hrs trying to find it in the computer. TYIA

A:Master password for windows 8

If AVG made you set the Master Password it would be a protected file. Is there an option for you to select that says "Forgot Password" or "Password hint"
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Hey everyone,
First I would like to apologize if this is a repeated question as I am new here and am still learning my way around the site. My question is...This is a family computer so my kids are aloud on when a parent is home which isnt always the case. I would like to know if there is a program that requires a master password entered before the user accounts come up for the user to log into Windows? Any help or direction will greatly be appreciated. Running just your basic store bought pc windows 7 ultimate 32bit. Thanks!

A:Windows 7 Master Password

You can try and set a BIOS password. The steps will be different for your computer, but you can start here
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Dummy that I am, while using Firefox 2.0, I put in a master password and forgot it. Now Firefox asks for a password, even checking e-mail, and I can't get on. I can access the e-mail by IE7, but I rather like Firefox. Any suggestions?

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hi I tried to put in a master password which somehow firefox does not recognise when I enter, hence "enter master password" coming up everywhere and I can't and its a bummer.

have started using safari as despite even trashing and downloading new firefox browser I can't get out of this loop any ideas how to get out. I'm on Mac OS 10 . Thanks
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Tools > Options > Privacy > Passwords > Master Password

I set one to see how it worked and such.

I cannot get it to accept what I put in. I just wanna delete it now, how can I?

A:Mozilla Master Password

NOTE: If you want to deactivate your master password but still have Firefox remember your passwords, you simply input your current password and then leave blank the 2 fields for the new password (Enter new password, Re-enter password)
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I have redhat-7.1 NIS server. I change the password for a user but was unable to login to the box. I created a new user on NIS server and make it and tried to login, it didn't work either.

when I do ypcat -k passwd | grep userid then i can't see the password as well.

any support will be helpful

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I get a system disabled with code65391488. Need master password 

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Here's my system ID is #9GBRP21-595B.

I would really appreciate your help. I paid $250 for this laptop and can not use it. Could anyone help and tell me how to unlock this laptop. Thanks for advanced

A:Lat C640 Master Password needed
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I need to lock out my roommate from using my computer since they have been spying on me and using my internet which they are not helping pay for. My roomate is home during the day when I'm at work. I saw how to create accounts, but don't see how I can lock the computer completely with a password so that they do not have access to ANYTHING on my hard drive.

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Please Help, I have a presario cq62 and access to my bios is disabled my code is 56773307

View Solution.

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hashcode 10190? can anyone help with master password? it is an hp pavilion ze4600. I have to the best of my abilities tryed to find it for myself, with no luck. furthermore can you tell me how to do it for myself? I thank you in advance for your time and consideration

A:Hashcode 10190? Can anyone help with master password

add your has here:
the guy who can give you passwords may have suscribed this thread.
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ST# JQX28BX-595B

Thanks for help

A:Please help with Inspiron 640M master password, Thanks

Search for the threads on this forum for removing passwords. There is an incredible amount of advice and help there.
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Hi Forum, This my first time here with you. I do hope you can help me. I'll do my best to help with any questions.

Why is it that when I wish to download emails [and send] every time a
window asking for my "Master Password for Software Security Device". I
don't know what it means and I've never had a password, that I'm aware
How do I get rid of the window and get my Thunderbird operational?

Regards, Ray

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I just got a Dell Latitude D620 that has a bios password which I do not have. Can anyone please help with removal of the password or giving the master password. I have read many post from various sources and none has lead to any success including removal of the battery. Please help

Service tag: FLRW3D1-595B

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Help need master password for Dell Inspiron 700m. Service tag C2QWQ61.

Any ideas for getting the master password or reseting the eeprom without taking the laptop appart would be appreciated!!!!!!

email [email protected]


A:Dell inspiron 700m master password

excesu me

Help need master password for Dell Inspiron 700m. Service tag C3QWQ61.

Any ideas for getting the master password or reseting the eeprom without taking the laptop appart would be appreciated!!!!!!

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has anyone the proceedure for removing or changing the password on inspiron 7500?
the service tag is MA2TC.
the express service code is 374-217-60.
it appears that nobody has done this model as it is listed on some sites as "not tested".
anyone else had this problem?
appreciate any comments.

A:inspiron 7500 master password reset


No there isnt a procedure for removing the tag for that model, you will need to read the site

for further help

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Hi guys,

Before I post in the Dell password removal thread, would somebody please be able to answer this question.

I can access my bios but cant change any settings like the boot order settings, the hdd password is not set. The admin bios password has been set. I need to turn this off in order to set the boot order.

I've read about a grey screen but dont seem to have it.

Would the master password be entered in the admin password setting screen?

Or should I have some grey screen?

From memory the service tag does end in 595B.

Thanks in advance guys.

A:Dell D420, would the a master password reset help me?

Just to stop the pm's, I already purchased a master password from the famous auction site.
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I am the only person that uses my pc. If I remove my master password from firefox should there be any worry about someone getting my passwords. Or is a master password only needed when multiple people use the same physical pc?

A:[SOLVED] Do you need a master password for single pc user?

Even if you are the only user on your PC, it might be advised to use the Master Password feature for the best security. You can find info about using Master Password at the Mozilla Help Site

Generally, you want your passwords to be as secure as possible, so it might not be a good idea to store them in Firefox at all, since it may be possible for others hacking into your computer to easily find them. As an alternative, I recommend KeePass, which has much more advanced security for storing your passwords, and is easy to make entries that will auto-enter your login info to sites. Check it out at their site
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I've had great success in unlocking locked HDDs (10+ different types and brands 10-80gb) using Hiren's Boot Disk 7.3 (& later versions) using "HDD Erase 4.0" under "Hard Disk Tools". Just persist in trying to erase it per Master-Password (which I did NOT have!) and press ENTER without typing anything. It asks you "do you want to proceed with erasing..." and all you need to type is "y" + Enter. NO MORE DOORSTOPS! Who says one can not unlock password protected HDDs? Mind you, there is no data left on the HDD once this program has run - sometimes it fails to finish, BUT the HDD IS unlocked! So, everybody worried about data-theft can calm down again! ~>) Carsten

A:Unlocking Hard drive without Master Password

The only way you can be sure of preventing data theft from a hard drive is to grab your hammer and a can of petrol, possibly with some explosives strapped on for effect.
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Hi there,

I've spent hours reading through this forum for solutions on how to remove the admin password on a C820, I've seen that certain members have generators, and also that a short to an EEPROM would clear it, but I can't find information on where this chip is located and what pins to short, but I'd prefer the safer way :"Generated code"

It on of the much hated 595B service tags

Service tag #HKVKL0J-595B

If anybody can help, I'd really appreciate it.

A:Latitude C820 Master Password Removal

Why not contact dell. If you legally own the laptop then they will help.
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Password Manager LastPass Warns of Breach

LastPass has been hacked. Change your master password now
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Need help getting enter Admin password or power on password Halt code 52303762 compaq Presario cq57 Win 7

A:BIOS Master Password for Halt Code 53203762

Hi: Enter this unlock passcode... 43061364
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I was wondering if u could be kind enough to help me out, I recently bought a dell d600 from a garage sale and when I first turn it on found a grey screen asking for password I then return to the person that sold it to me and the lady explain it was her sons laptop and had pass away from drug hover doss and
did not know any history on it and could not help me so i beg for your understanding in my situation.
your help would be appriciated
service tag #B4GGS31-595B

A:Dell latitude D600 master password needed

You should remove your email, unless you want spam and viruses. You`ll hardly find someone that will reply to your email

Check this thread HERE, it could help.

Good luck, and Welcome to Techspot! :wave: :grinthumb :giddy: (i really like this little face :giddy: )

Also, you can contact this member HERE. Send him a PM (private message), he has helped people with the same problems as yours!
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 hi i have the same problem with my hp envy m6 code is 53571276

A:Re: master code for administrator password or power on passw...

 Try entering the following unlock code: 42459878
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bois password forgotten and is says system disabled [70445473]

View Solution.

A:Re: master code for administrator password or power on passw...

Try entering 65523475
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When I started Thunderbird and it prompt focus lost Master Thunderbird Password requested the master password the prompt almost immediately lost focus If clicked on to regain Thunderbird Master Password prompt lost focus focus it again lost it The only way to enter it was to Thunderbird Master Password prompt lost focus click and immediately type a letter sometimes requiring several attempts for each character then click and type again I finally found the problem to be a Windows utility program that I use AutoSizer which attempts to size amp position certain Windows on my machine including the main Thunderbird Window which forced the focus back to the main Thunderbird Window when the dialog box opened The best solution I found was to configure AutoSizer to only size and position Thunderbird when the quot Local Folders - Mozilla Thunderbird quot window is visible Then when I need it sized and or positioned I select Local Folders a screen I hardly ever visit and AutoSizer will then do its thing This one was a real pain and I am posting this to help anyone facing a similar problem Surprisingly on my Windows system this never happened using the same versions of Thunderbird and AutoSizer
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Hello, I am attempting to access the BIOS on my HP Compaq Presario CQ62. It prompts me for a master BIOS password (which I do not know), and reports an error "System Disable. Key: 87231156"Other threads indicate that this is a common issue. May I please have my master BIOS password? And is there any other way to recover this? Thank you so much!Brandon

A:Master BIOS password - Compaq Presario CQ62

@Brandon_S1? Please enter    38199198 Regards.
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I got a laptop for school on craigslist and there I need the BIOS password because the computer wont boot. I have no idea who the original owner is so I cant change the ownership the service tag is #12D24D1-595B What can I do does anyone know how to get the master password?

A:Dell inspiron e1705 BIOS Master Password

Please visit this forum regarding passwords.
Also, visit this forum for answers to most common questions.
Welcome to Techspot
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Just installed Anvi Folder Locker and trying to set the master password but it's saying error message, either " failed to save master password " or now " failed to save email" and I don't know why
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Why is the above popping up when I go to log on?

A:Please enter the master password for the Software Security Device??

Firefox is asking for a master password for the password manager. You can disable it by unchecking the box.
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Hi all Sorry for starting latitude master password Dell Plz! needed! D600 a new thread on a common problem Been into a strange situation lately short version Met very nice a girl Dell latitude D600 master password needed! Plz! recently and have been dating her for some weeks She messed up her laptop couple a days ago by changing the master password and now she can t remember what is Dell latitude D600 master password needed! Plz! was Is she really in love maybe - I said - I ll fix it for you honey No problem I tried to send Mr Rustam a private mess and later on an email asking for help but I didn t got any response Did I do something wrong I had to get back to her and admit that I couldn t help her out - so she went with shame to her companys IT-guys and they should contact Dell for a master password Guess what Dell won t help them There are some issues with the purchase order or something She has lot of stuff on that laptop that she s been working on lately and is really upset about it Please Is there anyone here at this forum that could generate a new Dell latitude D master password Love Service tag WQ Z J- B nbsp

A:Dell latitude D600 master password needed! Plz!

Im a happy guy!

Big thanks goes to the one and only:

Mr Rustam_ !!! ... for helping us out!

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PROBLEM I suddenly can't access emails sent to me I can send email OK When I click on quot get mail quot I'm all of a sudden asked to enter my password When I do so I get the following message exact wording quot Sending of password did not succeed quot quot Mail server pop west cox net responded invalid user name or password quot I've tried both changing my master password as well as resetting my master password neither of those changes help Any suggestions are greatly appreciated Thx very much for master Can't failed" email; receive password "Sending of any help SYSTEM SOFTWARE INFO Seamonkey version OS WinXP Home edition Seamonkey Extensions I don't know if any are installed Server Type POP and SMTP ISP Cox Cable AV Can't receive email; "Sending of master password failed" Norton Compact folders - not regularly but always when prompted quot do I want to compact quot Server settings Name pop west cox net port number Outgoing server name smtp west cox net port number Under quot Security and Authentication quot the User Name and Password check box is checked the user name field shows the correct user name and under quot Use Secure Connection quot quot TLS if available quot is checked
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After uninstalling a very bad screensaver, Win 8 requires my password even if it only goes to sleep. Thee is a tutorial telling how to turn it off, but I can't find it.

A:Can't turn off Password

Hello Vince,

These should be the ones to use.

Password - Require on Wakeup - Windows 7 Forums


Screen Saver Password Protection -Enable or Disable - Windows 7 Forums

Hope this helps,
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I am using XP Home SP2 and IE ver. 6.0.2900.2180

This is a brand new PC and IE did ask me if it wanted me to have it remember user names and/or passwords for websites that I was logging into and I think I clicked "No, and checked 'don't ask to remember any more passwords". Well now I want to turn that feature back on and can't figure out how to do it.

I have a very long email address and it when the log in is the email address it takes forever and I make mistakes so this feature will be very helpful.

Thanks in advance!


A:How To Turn On 'remember Password?'

Open IE.Click Tools / Internet Options / Content tabUnder Personal information, select the AutoComplete... button.Under Use AutoComplete for, put a check next to User names and passwords on forms.If you want to be asked before saving a password, also put a check next to Prompt me to save passwords.Click OK.
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How do I turn off the password prompt to log into the computer using Windows 8.0 ?I am on an AMD Toshiba satellite laptop

A:turn off log in password for OS sign in
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At work i have win2000pro and you do not have to chage your password constantly, in fact not at all. How do i set win2000pro at home so it doesnt make me change password all the time?

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Xp Pro...Turn off password screen

Is there a way to turn off the start up - enter your password

I would like the computer to boot up to the desktop
without asking the pesky questions.

Thanks for all feedback. mike

A:Xp Pro...Turn off password screen

Mike ...

You'll still get a startup screen, but you can get rid of your password...

Start/ControlPanel/UserAccounts/ChangeAnAccount/PickAccountToChange/Click on your account and remove password

Is that what you wanted? Hope so!
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How do I turn off the password prompt to log into the computer using Windows 8.0 ?I am on an AMD Toshiba satellite laptop

A:turn off password prompt to log into Windows 8.0
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I have a TE2100 and I have set a password in the BIOS. I now want to turn it off but not sure how.

I have tried entering a blank password, pressing delete & backspace while editing the password, nothing seems to work. My searches find heaps of threads about resetting an unknown password, but I know what it is - I just want to turn it off!

I suspect it is painfully simple, can anyone shed some light on this?

A:TE2100 - How to turn off a known BIOS password?


Normally a BIOS password can be deleted if you set a new password for BIOS or let?s say you want to change it.

Therefore go into BIOS and enter the current password on password set option. Then you must enter a new password twice. There press only twice ?Enter? and then you have deleted the password.
Check this!!!

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Hello all turn W10 PC protected on password off Cannot sharing I'm new to this forum but have been a member of SevenForums for many years My issue just Cannot turn off password protected sharing on W10 PC all of the sudden came up out of the Cannot turn off password protected sharing on W10 PC blue One of the PC's on my home LAN Cannot turn off password protected sharing on W10 PC all of the sudden switched settings from having the password setting turned off to now turned on under quot All Networks quot I have several PC's a couple of laptops a Amazon Fire and WD Live All of them share appropriately on the network through either W or W They have all been working and sharing fine and no deliberate changes have been made to any devices I know how to set up LAN network systems and file sharing and have been doing it for many years I'm not an expert but not a novice either I went to pull up a shared folder on the AF and it could not find it I go to re-link to the folder and it asked me for a password for the one PC that all the media files are on I go to the PC in question and the sharing configurations had changed Public folder sharing was off and password protection was set to on I could change the folder sharing back to on and it would stick but the password protection will let me choose the OFF radio button but it will not stick not even after reboot I have never used password protected sharing either none of my systems are set up that way This has really got me puzzled and I cannot find a solution anywhere At this point none of the systems that i have can connect to this one PC with the password issue I do not use the Homegroup either Thanks in advance for any ideas and help
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Under Network and Sharing Center / Advanced Sharing Settings / All Networks / Password Protected Sharing, I'm unable to turn off the option for "Turn off password protected sharing".

I'm doing this in my Windows 8.1 administrator account. I can select the option and save the changes, but when I go back to the screen it shows that password protected sharing is still turned on.

Is there a fix for this please?

A:Can't Turn Off Password Protected Sharing

I solved this by Google research. The solution is weird but works for me. Can someone explain why this fix works?
Enable guest accountRun netplwiz and set no password for guest accountTurn off password protected sharing for all networksDisable guest account
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Been trying to do this for a couple of hours now,but it just
wont turn off.As soon as i turn it off and then check back again
it's turned back on.
I now this is quite a common problem and i've tried quite a few fixes
but nothing will turn it off.
My last attempt was using Winshare manager i got all the folders
showing yes yes and i clicked the registry fix but still no joy.
I'm using a wireless connection and trying to get my media server
the Mede8erx3d1000 to show folders on the pc,but it just goes straight
into asking for user name and password instead of showing the folders on
the pc.
Thanks for any help with this problem.

A:Can't turn off password protected sharing

There might be some program running in the background preventing it from turning off. Please try a Clean Boot to see if that will eliminate that problem. Its also possible the media server is forcing it back on. Check both of their settings.

Clean boot:

Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup

Confirming that this is what you did as described here:

Password Protected Sharing - Turn On or Off in Windows 7
Other related tutorials:

Public Folder Sharing - Turn On or Off in Windows 7

Homegroup - Change File and Folder Sharing Settings
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I set my computer with personal pass word but I forgot it . Now i couldn't turn on it ? what should I do?by abtbearaings

A:how to turn on computer if the password is forgotten

Hello abtbearings, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You could use a method in the tutorial below to reset your user account password.

Reset User Account Password

Hope this helps,
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I have just moved to windows 8 and don't need the security of a password every time I turn on.
I altered my windows 7 so it didn't ask me for a password.
I can stop it asking me for a password when the computer is reopened from sleep but can't find where to turn the power on password off is this possible?

A:SOLVED: is it possible to turn off the password when first starting up?
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On one of the sites I go to. When I type in my User name, or even the first letters it gives me a drop down box where I can select my user name, and when I do, it automatically fills in the password. I am sure I selected, Save this password, but how do I turn this off because I don't want other people to be able to log in with my user name that easily. I tried deleting cookies and temp internet files but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks

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as the topic states, i cant turn off password protected sharing

i go into "Network and Sharing Center"
i click on "Passwrod protected sharing"
i click "Turn off password protected sharing"
i click "Apply" and it asks if i wish to continue
i click continue and then it goes back to "Network and Sharing Center" and "Passwrod protected sharing" is still "On"

please help
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How can I turn off my computer's request for a password when booting up? I'm the only person using it, and don't need it to be password protected.

A:How can I turn off computer's request for a password?

We can not advise with password issues.
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Hi.I put a administrator password on power up cause my grandson gets into everything now i forgot it. Can something be done?

A:I forgot my password for when i just turn on my computer

@DONNA9797? When asked for the password enter   23761971 REO
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Hi all;
We just got a new computer that included Windows 7 software. My simple question is this.
When we walk away from the computer for awhile and return to do something, the screen
locks up and asks for a password which I recorded when we first set up the computer.
I don't want to have to type in a password each time someone wants to use the computer
since this is our family, home use computer. How do I turn off this option?


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In Control Panel, Power Options, you can choose to not require a password in the sleep mode. Despite setting it this way, it keeps requiring a password. Bug?

A:Sleep password protection won't turn off!

Can you get to it in Advanced Power settings? It may be grayed out in there, but clicking on it offers a way to unlock it.

Password Protection on Wakeup - Enable or Disable in Windows 8

That image is slid down a little, the setting will be up at the top, right under "Change Settings that are currently unavailable" Click on the "Change" link and it should unlock the "Turn Off Password" to wake thing.
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Need to unlock screen when turned on it says enter administrator password or power on password I forgot password

View Solution.

A:When turn on computer I forget password to log in

@Moneytalks1234? Enter:     72891008 Regards, DP-K
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How can I use PowerShell to turn on/off "Password Protected Sharing" setting in Advanced sharing settings?
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When I turn off password protected sharing in the network and sharing center's advanced settings, I save settings but when I go back in, it's turned on again.† Turning it off doesn't stick.
This is what seess to be forcing a password and prevents me from setting up a backup to a network share drive.
Any ideas?
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Running three systems Win XP Media NOT Can Password turn off Solved: Protected Sharing and a Vista system My problem is with the Vista system I need to share an external USB drive with the other two systems Access from either of the other two systems is not allowed get quot Logon Failure the user has not been granted logon type at this computer quot Attempts to turn off quot Password Protected Sharing quot in the Net and Sharing Center do not work Click OFF and then Apply results in returning to the ON status I don t even get a request for a password on the other systems when Solved: Can NOT turn off Password Protected Sharing attempting to map the drive that is on the Vista system The Vista system is running with no windows password required I tried setting the same user ID and Password on the Vista system as is used in the WIN system but since there is no request for a logon that was not any help There has been no problems in sharing the files on the WIN system and the XP Media system just the Vista Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista Business Service Pack bit Processor Genuine Intel R CPU T GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce Go Microsoft Corporation - WDDM Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB G Total - MB Free - MB H Total - MB Free - MB R Total - MB Free - MB S Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Hewlett-Packard A Antivirus AT amp T Internet Security Suite AT amp T Anti-Virus Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Disabled nbsp

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I have my desktop and laptop set up for file sharing through the network. Both are on OS Vista. I have no problem accessing desktop files through my laptop, however cannot access laptop files through my desktop. When attempting, I continue to get a password required window, which does not accept any variety I've attempted to use. Neither computer is even set up with a password. Also, for whatever reason, I CANNOT TURN OFF password protected sharing in the network center of my laptop. It will not allow me to do so. I've tried multiple times, but the YES button stays clicked. How can I turn OFF password protect in the network when it won't let me. I have a feeling this may be the problem.

A:Can't turn off password protect in file sharing

try disabling guest protected password.
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System disabled code comes up  and the number is 77563039 what do I do please help me

A:When I turn on my HP 2000 enter administrator password or po...

@YogimfBear? Enter     68441019 Regards, DP-K
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Hi guys,This may seem very strange, or infact be easy to fix... But I have Windows Vista Home Premium, and I have just got this little popup in the corner of my screen telling me my password will expire in 14 days.This may be normal if I were to belong to a domain, but I don't. In fact you can't even belong to a domain on Vista Home Premium.I am a computer technician, and am fairly familiar with Windows Vista, but during my studies this year I was never taught how to change this option in Windows Vista Home Premium because I don't think you are expected to encounter this problem.Anyway, does anyone know how to fix it? Here is a screenshot:,BobbobaganPS: Hope I posted in the right forum, I have never posted here before!

A:Windows Vista Password Expiration? How to turn it off?

While you are in the command prompt with administrator privileges try this command also:net accounts /maxpwage:unlimited
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I set a password on my computer when I went on vacation. Now that I'm back I want to remove the password at start up but can't find out how. I read one set of instructions on the net but don't understand them. Can someone help this computer dummy; it is really annoying to have to sign in every time I hope my Windows 8.1 computer.



A:[SOLVED] How do I remove password when I turn on my computer

when logged on, hit CTRL-ALT-DEL at the same time and a screen will come up with a few options, one will be change password. Enter your old one and leave the new fields blank, that should remove the password.
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I know we can change win7 settings with command, regedit or Rundll32.
1) Rundll32:
rundll32.exe Shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL desk.cpl desk,@Themes /Action:OpenTheme /File:"C:\Windows\Resources\Ease of Access Themes\basic.theme"

Result: Change themes

2) regedit:

Result: Disable UAC

3) command:

Result: Monitor timeout.

So How to turn on/off Password Protected Sharing with command, regedit or Rundll32?
I cannot find any info. from GOOGLE?
Are there any books and documents that you suggest me to read? I want to more understand them.
Thanks in advance.

A:How to turn on/off Password Protected Sharing with command, regedit or

Windows 7 Forum rule # 6.
6) No discussions of hacking someones system, network, password, etc.
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I am a Vista Home Premium user It all started when I kept getting a User Name and Initials prompt upon opening any Office document WORD or EXCEL I troubleshooted Log-On Account Prompt Off Solved: User Password for in Can't and Turn the issue uninstalled and reinstalled Office and still the nagging prompt panel Upon Googling the issue I discovered that I was unable to open or change permissions in the registry User Info file in the registry Still researching this issue just today I am now when the UAC kicks in getting a prompt to Solved: Can't Turn Off Prompt for Password in User Account and Log-On enter my OS log-on password When I put in the password it doesn t take it and the prompt for password screen returns I believe that the registry has locked this feature and I am thus unable to get the password to register This is alarming Is this an indication of malware or virus I am presently running Trend Micro but have no idea how to proceed I went to try and turn off UAC but when I click to do this it prompts for my password doesn t take the password so I am not able to access this feature Any help would be greatly appreciated I am sorry if I am being unclear but basically I am getting the OS password now--when for example I right click on a program and go to RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR the password prompt comes up nbsp

A:Solved: Can't Turn Off Prompt for Password in User Account and Log-On
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Hi just hoping someone can help me out I have been running my pc with XP Proffesional Edition - MHZ AMD Athlon I think Mb RAM GB HDD MB Graphics Card DVD Rom Not sure what the motherboard is my HDD has the old IDE connections Anyway everything has been running fine so I decided to install a DVD RW unit instead of my CD DVD unit That s when my problems started PC now won t boot asks me to install the boot device or something like that and when I check the BIOS it says that the Pri Sec units not installed Even when I run the auto detection it still says the same thing I ve tried re-installing the old CD DVD unit 'Not and Master Installed' Pri Master Solved: Sec but it keeps coming up with the Solved: Pri Master and Sec Master 'Not Installed' same message Also for whatever reason it s only showing MB RAM instead of the MB it used to show I don t really have anything worth saving on the HDD as I tend to save onto CD or external storage so Solved: Pri Master and Sec Master 'Not Installed' it s sounds like a good time to upgrade to a better HDD is that is the problem Thanks very much in anticipation Wayne nbsp

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To start I've scanned my computer about times with bit defender and malwarebytes Plus super anti spyware no viruses or spyware adware where found just cookies nvidia geforce gb ti evga Screen Tearing while gaming I notice horizontal flickering lines in the graphics I've tried turning on v-sync and I've tried the adapive mode in nvidia control panel Also tried using v-sync in the visual menu of the game its self yet nothing works Still keeps asking windows Screen Tearing, Auto updates off, account turn for password. screen tearing MICROSOFT WINDOWS PRO -bit - Screen Tearing, Auto updates turn off, windows keeps asking for account password. I'll get a POP-UP in the right hand corner of the task bar Saying to turn on Windows Update because its off for some reason So I do that then secs later it pops up again asking the same thing I've tried all the trouble shooting programs and options to fix windows update none really work some say they fix things one says it fixes like or things I also tried rebuilding the update services thinking its corrupted but that did not solve the issue Just like the update error I get a POP-UP saying I need to verify my Microsoft password And I did but it still pops up So I changed my password and yes it still pops up saying I need to verify my password to my Microsoft account Could anybody help me with this

A:Screen Tearing, Auto updates turn off, windows keeps asking for account password.

Does anybody have any knowledge on this. I cant get Microsoft Support to work and nobody seems to know what I'm talking about anywhere else.. If anybody could help me that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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I know my administrator password, but don't want to have to enter it each time I start the p.c. (Win 2K operating system).

This problem seems to have affected the ability to change my home page through internet options - being informed that this function is locked and I must contact adminstrator!

I have run sfc /scannow using my Win 2K disk.

I would be grateful for any help you can give.

Thank you,

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When I put my computer to sleep and wake it up it always asks for my password. Since I'm the only user on this computer and it's set to autologon on startup it's of no use to have the password prompt when returning from sleep.

But how can I turn this off? The "Require password on wakeup" in Power settings is grayed out so I can't change it.

A:How to turn off "Require password on wakeup"?

Hi laxu,

Click the start orb and type Power Options into the search box and press enter/return. Click on Require a password on wakeup. The following screen will appear.

Click on Change settings that are currently unavailable and, after providing administrative credentials, the following screen will appear.

The option you require is Don't require a password, so select that option and then click Save changes and then close the dialogue boxes.
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I have a bit of a strange issue with my and Fans Computer Turn Doesn't on, on Automatically Lights Some Turn computer Forgive me if I m a little too descriptive but I m not sure which details are relevant and which are not for such a problem First the specs Computer Doesn't Turn on, Fans and Some Lights Turn on Automatically Model eMachines T Operating System Windows XP Service Pack Processor Intel Celeron Computer Doesn't Turn on, Fans and Some Lights Turn on Automatically D Processor GHZ K L Cache MHZ FSB Power Supply Unit Bestec Model ATX- - E REV P Motherboard I can t tell but it appears to be an Intel motherboard by the number of Intel labels on it RAM MB DDR SD originally added GB a couple of months ago Let me know if you need anything else Yesterday I got home from shopping around PM and I tried to start the computer I pushed the power button and nothing happened I checked all of the cords and they were all plugged in Not knowing what else to do I opened up the case to see if there was something obviously wrong The only thing that I noticed other than a bunch of dust was that the power supply unit was still hot I shut the computer down about hours earlier after about minutes of use so it seemed strange that the power supply was still hot I unplugged the computer just in case there was some sort of fire hazard At this point I called a friend who suggested that the problem might be with the motherboard or the power supply unit A few hours later I plugged it back in to try to get it to work As soon as I plugged it in the entire unit suddenly started quot running quot by itself I had not pushed the power button yet All of the fans turned on and the light on the front that turns on if the computer is processing something turned on but it was not as if the computer was processing something If the computer is processing something it flickers and clicks a little This was just a solid light with no quot clicking quot I pushed the power button but it didn t turn blue as it usually does if it turns on In fact nothing changed After about a minute and a half the entire unit shut down again and I was not able to get it to do the same thing again When I tried unplugging it and plugging it in again I could hear the unit try to start up again for a second but it would fail again Last night I opened it up to clean out the dust I figured that could be an issue with overheating despite the fans I basically took it apart and put it back together again to no avail I did find one loose wire in the power supply unit When I plugged it in it would turn on lights and fans but not the computer itself as it did earlier in the day but nothing new happened I noticed that a red light would go on when the computer was quot running quot but it would go off as soon as everything else turned off A similar green light would stay on when the computer was plugged in no matter what I did The power supply unit was no longer hot The entire unit except for the green light would shut down after about a minute This morning I tried to get it to work again and it was doing the same thing as it was last night I bought it about years ago when it was being phased out and I was planning on getting a new computer soon anyway so it s not a big deal if it s too serious I d probably try to fix it if I could do so for under Otherwise I ll probably get a new one I didn t really have anything important that I hadn t backed up on there but I d like to save the hard drive if I could I m a novice when it comes to hardware so I d be a little nervous about replacing major components I ve installed RAM and that s about it until last night So the three big questions What s wrong How can I fix it Is it worth fixing nbsp

A:Computer Doesn't Turn on, Fans and Some Lights Turn on Automatically

I would suspect that the Power Supply Unit (PSU) is going south. If you have a spare one laying around, install it and see if the problem goes away.
You can buy a new,better PSU from Newegg for about $40.00. I have used a Thermaltake 430 watt in one of my machines for some time now and it works well.
You will have to check the size of your PSU to be sure a new one will fit into the eMachine.
Here's the page with that PSU on it. It's the last one on the list.
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I have configured ad-hoc network for internet sharing from my PC. Normally I start it by
netsh wlan start hostednetwork
As I noticed the hotspot is automatically turned off when I turn off WiFi adapter. So I have two questions:

How do I turn on WiFi by command line, so that I can control it from various commandline scripts?
How do I configure the script for WiFi for autostarting hotspot whenever WiFi is turned on?

netsh wlan ...

A:How to turn on WiFi adapter from command line / How to turn on hotspot

Quote: Originally Posted by Anakunda


I have configured ad-hoc network for internet sharing from my PC. Normally I start it by
netsh wlan start hostednetwork
As I noticed the hotspot is automatically turned off when I turn off WiFi adapter. So I have two questions:

How do I turn on WiFi by command line, so that I can control it from various commandline scripts?
How do I configure the script for WiFi for autostarting hotspot whenever WiFi is turned on?

netsh wlan ...

Ad-Hoc requires that you restart the session each time.

Connectify pro has an auto start option that does this but it's a paid version, connectify lite is free but I'm not sure if has auto start.

Download - Connectify
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Hello Microsoft team,
We need for an application to unplug and replug usb3 - not physically but with a program.
We checked a lot on the internet but did not find answer how to do it in windows 8.1 pro (in c++).
We know that hibernation creates something alike, but how can we only turn down the power of usb3 and return the power back on back via program (in c++).
Thank you for your help.
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Hi All,
I am using Windows 8.1 and had to refresh my computer as I was experiencing some problems. Everything seemed to be normal so I started slowly installing the programs I had before. Now a few days after, I find that my wireless device is Off and Flight Mode is On. I have been in settings but the relevant switches are disabled.
Can anybody tell me how to fix this please ? I really don't know how it happened. Can it be that my laptop is still infected ?

A:Turn Off Flight Mode & Turn On Wireless Devices

Is there a physical switch on your laptop for wireless? Often on the edges of your laptop... easy to miss.
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I just put together my first computer 6 months ago. It abruply shutdow in the middle of writing a paper for school. I couldn't turn it back on right away. after trying a few times, it turned on. All the fans are working even the fan on the power supply, the motherboards lights are on. My graphic card in on the motherboard. I think it might be my power supply because when I first put it together I didn't plug in the smaller power connection to the motherboard and the same thing is happening, black screen. It's like my computer isn't giving my monitor any feed. I will have more info when I get home. I can't get in to bios or safe mode.
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This is driving me crazy. My HP has Windows 7 and everytime it connects to the internet (wireless connection) Windows Live Messenger opens down in the left hand corner taskbar near the start menu. I close it, and fifteen minutes later it will open again.
I opened the options and unchecked the boxes pretaining to 'Run Windows Live Messenger when windows starts' but it still repeatedly opens. I use hotmail, but i really have no use for Messenger. The program is not listed under add/remove programs. Someone please help me turn this thing off.

A:Solved: Windows Live Messenger-TURN IT OFF TURN IT OFF!

It should be listed in Programs & Features under Windows Live Messenger or Windows Live Essentials. If you still can't find it listed then go to and re-download the installer, reinstall it, then uninstall it.
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I have this issue that when I turn on my computer, the power LED does not turn on but you can hear the fans working properly. I don't the issue and I'm not much of an expert with computers. Please help me solve this issue because I'm completely clueless.

A:Try to turn on my computer but only the fans work and the power led does not turn on

How old is the computer, what was the last change you made to the computer and when you last shut it down did it shut down correctly?
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I can t turn my computer on The fans and lights turn on for a second and then turn off a few seconds later they ll turn back on and then on, Fans off/on turn turn lights and blink repeatedly. then turn back off I ve had this computer for months now i built it myself it recently started doing this but i d just turn off the PSU Power Supply Unit and turn it back on and it woould fix it now it doesnt fix it anymore i ve re-slotted the RAM Random Access Memory and pushed it in firmly but that hasn t done anything i ve tried different power outlets and pushed everything into the MOBO Motherboard i havent Fans turn on, lights blink and then turn off/on repeatedly. messed around with CPU Processor because that s just a pain in the a i was wondering if there was anything else i could do before having to take it into a local repair shop lol as for my computer specs CPU Processor Fx- AMD GPU R - x AMD RAM Random Access Memory GB Ballistix sport MOBO Motherboard ASRock Extreme R PSU Power Supply Unit Corsair X w Case Rosewill GALAXY thanks nbsp

A:Fans turn on, lights blink and then turn off/on repeatedly.

First, I would unplug everything that isn't necessary. Everything external except for the keyboard and monitor. Internally, just leave the CPU, RAM and video card installed. See if it turns on. If not, you might try and test the power button. Disconnect the power button from the mobo. If the pin headers allow for it, use the reset button as the power button. If not, you can use a flat head screwdriver to power on the computer (cross the two pins for the power button with the blade of the screwdriver). If you do this, just be very careful. Touch only the power button pins and nothing else! You could easily damage components by touching the screwdriver to the wrong thing.

Some motherboards have a power button right on the board that you can press to power on the computer. I looked at a pic of your board and didn't notice one.

If that doesn't do it, plug the power button back in. You might try and play around with the RAM. I don't know if you have 2 or 4 sticks of RAM, but try and boot the computer with only one stick of RAM at a time. If there's a bad stick, you'll find it through this process of elimination.

If none of the above works, then it might be a bad PSU.
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Hi to all Eight forum.
I m here with a strange problem, it happens from yesterday, the problem is when I playing games on my Dell inspiron N4050 and then the main power where the charger pluged in is turn off (it is the most problem in my country that there is heavy short fall of power), the laptop is remain ON just for 2 or 3 seconds and then its suddenly OFF. its not happening before, why is that,? why is the laptop didn't get power from the battery.?
when not playing games. and the main power (electricity) is gone, then this problem is not occurred.
plz understand my problem and reply me.
sorry for my bad English.

A:Laptop suddenly turn off when main power turn off.

Could it be overheating protection?
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Hello Folks I'm not sure if my issue is with hardware possibly MB or graphics card so please forgive me if I've posted in the wrong section The first problem I was having was random blue screens of death that displayed graphic card driver issues I was able to remedy that by updating my graphic drivers On Monitor, Off PC Later Turn Turn and Running Screen, Black Still and have not had an issue since However ever since then I have been running into another hardware or graphics-related issue that is random and completely stumping me What is happening is I will be on my computer leave and turn my monitor off and randomly when I come back to use my computer again when I turn on the monitor there is no signal and a black screen e g when I turn my monitor on my desktop will pop up and the light on my Turn Off Monitor, Turn On Later and Black Screen, PC Still Running monitor will turn blue when it doesn't turn on there will be a black screen Turn Off Monitor, Turn On Later and Black Screen, PC Still Running and the light on the monitor stays yellow as if it is idle I have tried swapping out the monitor to see if that was the issue and the same problem persists so it does not appear to be my monitor or VGA cables The only way I can temporarily fix this issue is to reboot restart my computer and viola The monitor works again and I can see everything This issue is very random Sometimes I can go weeks without an incident other times this is happening a couple times a week I honestly don't know if it's my motherboard or video card or what My PC isn't overheating I'm not overclocking and all of my drivers are updated I'm not sure what else I can do besides lose more hair at this point Any advice would be greatly appreciated Many thanks

A:Turn Off Monitor, Turn On Later and Black Screen, PC Still Running

try checking your power options settings and set it to high performance then check in advanced power settings and do not allow hard disks to sleep
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Running Windows Vista Ultimate.

Display turns off after about fifteen minutes regardless of whether I am actively using the computer or not. The only way to turn the display back on is to close and then open the lid. This disconnets me from AOL, so I have to sign back on again, and if I was emailing, I might lose my current email.

Under Power Options, I have 'Turn off the display' set to Never for both On Battery and Plugged in. Under 'Put the computer to sleep' I have both On battery and Plugged in set to never. Nonetheless, the display still shuts off while I am working.

What do I need to do to prevent the display from turning off at odd intervals?

A:Vista Ultimate x64: turn off display, will not turn back on

sounds like your display drivers are crashing.

Do not rely on windows update drivers - go to graphics chipset manufacturer website and get latest drivers
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Wife updated Norton twice and had two Norton Firewalls and Windows Firewalls running together. Paid twice for the 2 updates. Removed Norton Completely and then re-installed Norton 360 Security Version 5, but am still unable to turn off Windows Firewall under Windows XP Pro and also cannot turn on Automatic updates, getting message "we're Sorry, the Security Center could NOT change your Automatic Windows Update setting. To try changing these settings, go to SYSTEM in Control Panel. On the Automatic Updates Tab, select AUTOMATIC (recommended) and then click OK. None of this works, then tried using an app to reset Security Settings and that didn't work either. Any suggestions on what I try next. I would like to reinstall Norton 360 Internet Security Version 5, I know there are those out there that hate Norton and the overhead that comes with it, but over the years I've gotten used to it and I like it very much. Thank you, PhotoRay

A:In XP Pro can't turn off Windows Firewall or Turn on Automatic Updates

How did you remove Norton in the first place?
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I want to discontinue use of McAfee (which came with the initial install) of my Windows 10 computer, and turn on Windows Defender.   I don't know where to start.

A:turn off mcafee and turn on defender in windows 10

Open the start menu. Select  "Control Panel". Select "Programs and Features". Find and select the McAfee program in the list then click "uninstall" at the top of the list. When it has finished uninstalling Windows Defender will activate itself.Go back to Control Panel again and select  "Security and Maintenance" . In the security drop down list it should say Windows Defender is turned on.
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HI TO ALL im having a problem with my pc that i mostly used heres the situation my pc and gpu) turn turn off 2 after on seconds(with Pc immediately external is working fine suddenly day it slows and slightly hanging so i restarted it after restart problem occurs it powers on all running fans hdd dvd rom cpu fan then after seconds it goes off automatically so then i open the case and reseated all components i know some basic troubleshooting i tried to power on again and same things happen turn off after seconds i remove the gpu and connect my monitor to the onboard so it starts finally and get me to quot loading windows quot then it go black screen i restart it again by pressing the restart button and i boot trough enable vga mode by pressing f then it boots and it loads the windows and i can use it normally only on vga mode so i downloaded the latest driver of my gpu s Pc turn on and immediately turn off after 2 seconds(with external gpu) onboard and external i uninstalled the drivers through vga mode then restart again loading windows then black screen restart againd and boot through vga mode install the updated drivers then Pc turn on and immediately turn off after 2 seconds(with external gpu) reboot loading windows then black screen with some pixelate flickering cursor on screen to make it short it only boots on enable vga mode then i go replacing my psu with working from another pc and same thing happened so then i reformat my pc and didnt installed any gpu including the onboard i disabled it and its working fine with that note with my external gpu installed it goes off after seconds it power on with my onboard gpu enabled it gives black screen after loading i also tried the other working external gpus and samething happens WORKING NORMALLY WITHOUT EXTERNAL GPU AND DISABLED ONBOARD GPU --so maybe its my mobo is bad suspecting my pci slot section anybody can help me days trying to fix but still i cant thanks in advance nbsp

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If I turn the laptop off and back on again, like next morning etc the dongle doesn't connect to the internet, but if i then restart it, the dongle connects.

Why is this? anything else I can do?
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after serching all night to find out why his computer is in limbo i leave my brother s house without finding needed help his computer won t turn off a turn won't computer or to her when what's on? off, turn do girl the fan a couple little what's a girl to do when her computer won't turn off, or turn on? lights until he unplugs it from the wall first the computer did a restart all by itself he said then it would not turn on except the fan and little lights inside that won t turn off he took out the hard drive and it functions in his other computer he puts the hard drive back into the new computer and it will not turn on or completely turn off that fan he tried the quot hold the on off button for at least five seconds quot step and nothing changes he has had the computer for a year and a half so he really wants to figure this out how can he even get it to turn on so he could do a safe start up so far we cannot find a way to troubleshoot he have checked the cords perhaps there was a freeze up that began this loop and that s why the fan stays on please say this is something you have heard of and there may be a solution the advice we have found usually goes back to buying a new computer thanks in advance tea nbsp

A:what's a girl to do when her computer won't turn off, or turn on?

Welcome to TechSpot

I'd unplug all drives and add-on cards (such as soundcard if there is one), and try booting then.
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Hello  i am writing my  mother laptop for some reason it acting very odd brand new not even few months old  Ok yesterday her laptop she could shut it down with no problem this morning she going out she turn it off bout close it.. but it decided turn back on not going thru booting it up with hp Icon no went straight away to windows 10 automaticaly.  So i decided to check some program see if anything conflicting it nothing  so i decided to shut it down thru windows 10  power shutdown but still turn back on..  i shut down it with power button but even still turn back on please help me
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Hey all I'm new to this forum but I've built a few computers in the past but have never experienced any problems like this.

Case: Powerspec Cooler master case
Processor: Intel i5 750(quad core)
Motherboard: Gigabyte H55M-UD2H
Powersupply:OCZ 500 watt Mod X Stream-Pro

Here are some pictures of my build and a video of what is going on.


As you can see the PSU, CPU, and Case fans are turning on and the Motherboard LED lights are blinking and then they quickly turn off. I dont think its a problem with the Power Supply because I have already returned one with the same issue thinking it was defective.


wont let me post pictures =/

Any help is appreciated, thanks for your time!

A:CPU and PSU fans turn on but then quickly turn off as does everything else

Does your current BIOS version support your CPU?

Your 4 pin power connector looks to be missing.... Top right of the video 8secs in.