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Can you recommend a password manager.

Q: Can you recommend a password manager.

Hi, I'm looking for a password manager, please can you recommend anything that will suit my needs for banking etc

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Preferred Solution: Can you recommend a password manager.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Can you recommend a password manager.

Hi mattytun There's a few good password managers that exists (both online and offline). Personally, I've been using LastPass for a year and I love it (you need to subscribe to its services to have the iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc. app however, but the program on your computer is free to use). I just renewed my subscription with them since it expired on the 21th.There's also 1Password, KeePass, DashLane, RoboForm, Sticky Password, etc. What I suggest you to do is to take a look at all of them, and decide which one you like the most based on their features. If you want to keep your passwords offline and like to tweak your programs a bit, then I suggest you to use KeePass with the Android app and it's various plugins.Here's a short list of the password managers I listed.,2817,2407168,00.asp
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I've had it with passwords.
Which password manager would you recommend? (I'm willing to pay)
If any ....

thank you in advance for your opinions

A:Which password manager would you recommend?

I've used KeePass for a couple weeks now and it seems to work quite effectively.
KeePass Password Safe
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Hi all!

I would really love to hear you suggestions on what downloader manager(s) to use (even an add-on for Firefox).

I just wanted to know because I asked my friends, and each use use different ones and cannot decide which can be called "the best" (if there is one).

P.S. I use Vista HPx32.


A:What download manager do you recommend?

Originally Posted by Witch-King-of-Angmar

Hi all!

I would really love to hear you suggestions on what downloader manager(s) to use (even an add-on for Firefox).

I just wanted to know because I asked my friends, and each use use different ones and cannot decide which can be called "the best" (if there is one).

P.S. I use Vista HPx32.


Intenet download manager is the one I'M using. Try it...
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Macbook Pro 10.6.6

I'm looking for a font manager that will scan my hdd for all fonts, installed and not installed, and let me categorize them into virtual groups or use tags so that I can easily find the fonts I have tagged/grouped as bold or angled or holiday or with a motion effect etc. Font Book, which comes w/ the mac os, only lets me group fonts that are installed.

A:Recommend font manager for mac?

I found a good review of mac fonts, including reviews of font managers. There are trial versions of all but one. None of them sound like they will function to classify fonts [by my criteria] stored on the hdd, but not installed. Also found an article on font management tools that included programs that will let you view uninstalled fonts - but Font Book does that.
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Guys, what have you all used that really does recover a PST password?

Doesn't matter if it costs money, but wanted to make sure it really works before buying something.
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Which free offline password manager would you prefer (without cloud)?

I already use sticky password premium. Sticky password has improved its windows extensions with new graphical identifier for input fields. This has made it very easy to use and autofill works for all sites now.

But i want to know if KeePass is better, being a open-source & free. Does it's autofill works with every site?

Please share & help me decide.
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Cyber criminals have started targeting the password managers that protect an individual's most sensitive credentials by using a keylogger to steal the master password in certain cases according to research from data-protection company IBM Trusteer The research found that a configuration file which attackers use to tailor the Citadel trojan for specific campaigns had been modified to start up a keylogger when the user opened either Password Safe or KeePass two open-source password managers While malware has previously targeted the credentials stored in the password managers included your Malware?s password password target: manager?s new in popular Web browsers third-party password managers have typically not been targeted While the current impact of the attack is low the implications of the attacker s focus is that password managers will soon come under more widespread assault Dana Tamir director of enterprise Malware?s new target: your password manager?s password security for IBM Trusteer told Ars Technica Once the malware captures this master key then they can use that master key to exercise complete control over the machine and any of the user s online accounts she said Malware s new target your password manager s password

A:Malwares new target: your password managers password

This can be avoided by creating a on-screen clicking keyboard. I am currently in the development of one such password manager.
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eIt asks me this question every singl time I enter a password. I check the box "never for this site" and No Thanks and it just keeps haunting me. I even went in and disabled the feature. Still haunting me. Annoyed!!!

A:would you like password manager to remember the password for

Hi Stelly66, Welcome to the HP Community, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I see you are having an issue with your password manager. I will be happy to help but I will need some additional information please. What is your operating system? What is your product number? What browser are you using? Thank you,
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Now that I have unloaded Norton Antivirus that included password manager I would like to install a similar password manager program that will automatically remember and protect my passwords. Looking for recommendations. Thanks Chuck

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I'm looking for a password manager that will either automatically enter name and pw for a specific site or at least know where I am and let me click on the appropriate name/pw combination.

Anyone know of such a beast or have other suggestions?


A:Password Manager

Roboform. Best password manager and filler out there. Comes with both free and paid version.

Password Manager, Form Filler, Password Management | RoboForm Password Manager

I use it myself and it has helped me keep my sanity.
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Up until a couple of weeks ago whenever I went to a site to sigh in all I had to do was click on the space and my email address or user name would appear. Once I click on my user name or email address my password would come up and I just clicked on Login. Now when I go to he login area my username may appear but I have to type in my password. On some sites I have to type in both the email address and password. How can I retrieve this password manager?

A:Password Manager

What browser are you using?

Internet Explorer: Click Tools / Internet Options / Content / AutoComplete Settings. Make sure (User Name and Passwords on Forums) Is checked.

FireFox: Click Tools / Options / Security. Make sure (Remember Passwords for Sites) Is checked.
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Hi All,

Can anyone recommend a good, encrypted password manager? I've researched this and plan to try KeePass ( I tried to install PassToGo, but it would not install.

What do others think?

As always, I appreciate your replies & expertise.


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Have been having lots of problems with the eternal-september newsreader via Thunderbird.

It was suggested that I delete all my username and password in "Password Manager" and try setting up a new Account for eternal-september news.

Where do I find this "Password Manager" where Thunderbird likely stored them ?

I looked, but just cannot find any reference to it via Search.


A:Password Manager: Where ?

Try this:

Tools> Options> Security Tab> Passwords sub tab> Saved Passwords> Select an entry and click on remove (or there is a remove all button).

Make sure you click on Show Passwords (and yes to confirm) and make note of any passwords you might not remember. And make sure your eternal-september is even listed there. Click close, and OK your way out. A Guy
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Not sure if I was to post here or in "General Discussion".
Does anyone know of a good secure program or web site where I can keep all my different Passwords in one place? Somewhere that I can go to when I forget a password for a certain web site?
At my age, I'm lucky to remember what day it is.

A:Password Manager?

The best thing I did was write mine down on a piece of paper & put it under lock & key.
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OK- This is really driving me BONKERS Something happened to my Password Manager The passwords which used to come in automatically does not anymore I have to put it in manually which my Password Manager used to control I m using WINDOWS XP and my browser is Netscape I also used Internet Explorer to make sure it wasn t a browser problem and I got the same results In tools it shows that password manager is logged out In the managed passwords section it shows all my passwords are still there Out of passwords comes in automatically Someone has indicated to me that Password Manager is corrupted and has to be reloaded Is that what I Password Manager have to do If so how do I do Password Manager that Also why is Password Manager shows I m logged out How can I log back in I have tried every way possible to log back in but it doesn t give me that option In preferences Managed Stored Passwords is checked so I know that is correct Any help would be appreciated Dave nbsp
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I have a .txt file with my passwords in a .zip file with a really secure password, but I am still kind of worried. It doesn't have any business type stuff in it, just passwords for game and stuff.

I still don't feel safe though, so is there a small tool out there that I can use to store my .txt file in and set a password on it? Programs like "Password Safe" and "KeePass" are too advanced for just my .txt file.


A:Password Manager

How far do you want to go?

Perhaps you could keep your passwords on a jump drive in your pocket and only use it when you need it?
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I need some advice on Password Managers. Are they secure? If so, which is the best. I am registered on quite a few sites, shopping, tech support forums, etc., and I don't want the same password for each one, and wondered if a password manager was a good option. Any advice would be great.

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Good morning,
I don't have a 'Remember' dialog showing -up when I log into a website.
I checked the security box,and 'Remember passwords for sites' is checked.
I do have about 15 saved log-in s saved by firefox, but it seems to have stopped working. What now?..........Rich
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Cannot get password manger to remember a password for one site. Works correctly for several other sites. Site in question is not in exceptions lisst.
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I'm looking for some password managers that keep track of online passwords and desktop applications (Outlook, Quicken, etc.) passwords. I've searched password managers on line but I can't tell if they cover both passwords online and desktop. I'm running Windows 8. I'd appreciate some recommendations if possible. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hello everyone. First time posting. Can anyone reccomend a password manager that is easy to use, secure and if possible freeware?

A:Password Manager

Look through this list of freeware to find one that you can try & decide which one suits you best:Freeware Replacements For Common Commercial AppsI use RoboForm, which is free for up to 10 passwords. After that you will have to pay for it. If you want to try it, go here:RoboForm .Note: To use it with Firefox, you will need to install this extension for it:Roboform Adapter
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I have a password that is apparently still being 'managed' by Windows and I need to delete or change it!
Where do I find it and How do I delete or change????

A:Password Manager

There are a few places where PW are stored. Since I'm not sure which one you are referring to, I will list them

1) For Windows Stored Application Passwords - Go To Your Control Panel, then Go into "Users". Choose a Username, then after you have selected a user, on the left side is a menu. Select "Manage My Network Passwords"

2) For Internet Explorer Passwords, Go to your Control Panel, then Select Internet Options. Then Select the Content Tab, then click on AutoComplete.

3) Or If it is a PW that is saved by a Cookie, delete your cookies. Go to your Control Panel, then Select Internet Options. General Tab, then click Delete Cookies.

Were one of those options what you needed?
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So what I want to do is have a Password Manager program:

It is a downloadable program (preferably free) that you register an account to and whenever you login with your account and Password it will give you your Username and Password to whatever you fill in.

I currently have Keeper to do this on my iPhone but it is not backed up and I do not want to save them to a text file in Notepad due to Security and if I have to restore my iPhone I will forget a lot of important Passwords.

Can someone please suggest a Password Manager for me to secure my Passwords.

Thank you, Joe.

A:Looking for a Password Manager.

Give KeyPass a shot

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comparisons of some:

I am using Dashlane now, seems good, it fills in fields itself.
Also, I recommend Password Coral4, its free, and easy to use.
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I am using IE7 and I accidently clicked on the box that say's not to ask if it wants to remember passwords for other things. So how do I get the pop up back that askes me if it wants to remember passwords?

A:Password Manager
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I lost a lot of contact data several months ago and the effort to replace everything was quite painful, especially creating new passwords. Thinking back I wonder if having a password manager may have made life easier.
Would appreciate any suggestions and insights on the topic.
Windows 7.

A:Thoughts on a Password Manager?

Hello there,For a password manager, I suggest using LastPass. It is available as an addon for both Firefox and Chrome, uses good encryption, easy to use and very convenient.Just my two cents Regards,Alex
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I do not need or want the HP Password Manager, yet every time I open a site with FireFox a popout window says I have to get the FireFox password addon in order to use the HP Password Manager. I don't want either one. How to I turn the stupid thing off?
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What is your favorite password manager? Is Dashlane a good choice?

A:Favorite password manager?

Check out KeePass Password Safe I just got it and getting ready to test it out.

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For quite sometime I've used Password Manager (from For the past two-three weeks, however, I cannot open my account: whenever I try, either from Firefox or IE, from any computer (office, home desktop, laptop) I get the same error message:Internal Server ErrorThe server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.Please contact the server administrator, [email protected] and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.More information about this error may be available in the server error log.Any ideas on what is going on? Or on how to recover my passwords in Password Manager/Password Safe? Has disappeared altogether?Strabo

A:Password Manager/Safe

Hello your link did not work for me either but I found this one. also may be of interest to you.
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Don't know if this has come up before well here goes anyway
Hi,Just installed the LastPass password manager and it works well on passwords etc.Now on form filling application I have entered my name and address details for instant form filling. Now regarding credit card details would it be secure enough to enter my card details?.Anyone there using this software can you Please pass on some advice on this matter.
Many thanks.

A:LastPass password manager

I use this software but don't enter my CC details....I don't feel comfortale using this feature. IMO
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Been thinking of installing "Last Pass password manager",Seen it mentioned in the pc mag the other day.Just asking anyone out there using this if so,can you put me on the correct track on using it.Is it 'good' or not good?.Running windows seven and google chrome.

A:Last Pass password manager

It is very good. Very very very good. Secure and safe, you can be assured of that. Any data stored on LastPass server is fully encrypted on your computer, your password for encrypting and decrypting never leaves your computer. As long as you use a fairly strong password you won't have an issue.

Can also use two-factor authentication to the mix for extra security.
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I have just got a new laptop and want to use Norton password manager 2004 that I had on my last PC. I have gone back into my Symantec account and downloaded the program again but can't find the activation key. Is there a way of finding this from my old pc?
Also is there a way of transferring the passwords from the old pc to the laptop?
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I keep getting repetitive reminders to install the HP Password Manager for Chrome.   I follow the instructions:Install HP Client Security Manager Chrome Extension.  Open Chrome://PluginsI can't find the HP Client Security Manage Plugin. What do I do to either install the HP Password Manager for Chrome or stop getting the frequent reminders to install it.   

A:Password Manager for Chrome

This issue is still occurring in latest Chrome, and latest HP Client Security Manager as of Feb 1, 2016 For my HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G2 Notebook PC, HP Client Security Manager Rev A  3 Dec 15 appears to be the latest version for Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. HP Client Security opens a help page for installing in IE, Firefox, Chrome For Chrome, it has a specific link to Step1 - Install the Password Manager extension for Google Chrome by selecting ... ion/ The extension installs. Step 2 - Enable Chrome's NPAPI feature  Copy the following text and paste it into the Chrome Internet address field.   chrome://flags    Locate the "Enable NPAPI" feature and select "Enable". NOTE:  For some time, Google Chrome has deprecated NPAPI supports and suggests alternatives, finally removing the support, so this does not appear to be an option.  Step 3 - Then enable the HP Client Security Manager Chrome plug-in. Copy the following text and paste it into the Chrome Internet address field.   chrome://plugins Find the HP Client Security Manager plug-in and make sure that "Always Allowed" is selected.NOTE:  As described in the above post ... there  is no plug-in listed related to HP Client Security Manager Does HP Client Security support Chrome?   If so, can someone please describe steps to fix this issue with Chrome 48.0.2564.97 m (or later)?
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Lately within the last month or so, when a site on Firefox (with Noia Fox as my theme) asks for its password (I use Lastpass as my active PW mgr and Keepass as an inactive backup), I am also getting a drop down prompt asking if I want to save the PW. I don't recognize where this drop down is coming from. Also, I have run numerous virus/malware scans (at least once every 3-4 days) with negative results. Of course, I would like to disable this drop down. Here is a thread I started on the FF forum ( ... &t=2943395) and here's a full screen capture with the drop down in the top middle...

Windows7 HP 64-bit, Firefox The Latest, IE11, Thunderbird The Latest, Avast

A:Anyone recognize this password manager?


Same computer as here and here?

Just curious....

Please keep us updated, if you sort it out.

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I have been considering getting software to manage my passwords but am not sure if they are really secure. I would appreciate the advice of some "experts" on this issue and also some recommendations for which programs are best.


A:Are Password Manager's Safe

They're safer than having all your passwords written down on paper somewhere!
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Sorry to say I still have NPM installed, but I recetnly found out the passwords are not printable or retrievable. Is this true, and if so, is there any other way to migrate to another password manager that allows printing, or do I just have to tough it out and recreate everything?

Also, any recommendations for a program that does this well? thanks
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It seems that for password managers to work fully on iPads you have to use their internal browser. Unfortunately, none of the reviews I have read anywhere include any information about the quality, features and all round acceptability of the various built in browsers. Is there any place that this information is available?
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I have been thinking about security more recently and have decided that Password program/manager for all my banking websites shopping and even e-mail addresses I should use secure passwords with a combination of letters numbers symbols uppercase lowercase etc whereas currently for a number of my e-mails I use fairly simple passwords The reason for this is that if anyone gains access to an account which I previously considered not very significant there is probably some identifiable information about me or they can figure out other accounts that I have and try to hack into those and eventually Password program/manager gain enough information that could cause damage The other thing I have done is use variations of the same password eg http www groovypost com howto how-to memorable-secure-passwords However I don t like the idea of using something similar for several different sites wouldn t it make more sense to use completely unrelated passcodes for each website So taking all this into account is there a password manager or software that I can use to keep different passwords on every site and use the manager to enter in my usernames and passwords on each site so I save time in typing and the main question is it safe and secure to use a program like this on my local computer I might also not even plan on memorizing any passwords and just let the manager store everything nbsp

A:Password program/manager

I don't personally like to have passwords stored anywhere but in my head, but both LastPass and KeyPass come highly recommended. I like the idea from the site you posted, but I use the method Mozilla foundation came up with. I just wrote a more detailed post about this on my blog a few days ago:
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Hey Folks,
For reasons of simplicity/portability I need to use a password manager for some on-line accounts. I'm looking at one called PINs

See PINs here

It's a great, free program; I'm just concerned about security of it.
It says it uses 448Bit Blowfish encryption, which is good.

But I worry about the vulnerability of the program itself.

Also, It's open source.

Any thoughts, opinions or experiences welcome!

A:Security of this Password Manager?

The "current" version is from 2003! You had better find something that is actively being worked on. No security-related program can be so ready that one doesn't have to improve it in three years.
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I'm running Win2k on my Laptop and am using a Trendnet PCMCIA for wireless access. I tend to use at home and work for work purposes, and both networks are pass protected, is there a password manager program to interface with my pcmcia network card to recall those and try them both as opposed to opening the setup every time and changing the existing password and having it reconn?

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Lately within the last month or so, when a site on Firefox (with Noia Fox as my theme) asks for its password (I use Lastpass as my active PW mgr and Keepass as an inactive backup), I am also getting a drop down prompt asking if I want to save the PW. I don't recognize where this drop down is coming from. Also, I have run numerous virus/malware scans (at least once every 3-4 days) with negative results. Of course, I would like to disable this drop down. Here is a thread I started on the FF forum ( ... &t=2943395) and here's a full screen capture with the drop down in the top middle...

Windows7 HP 64-bit, Firefox The Latest, IE11, Thunderbird The Latest, Avast
flycaster   Posts: 4 Joined: Thu Aug 18, 2011 2:45 pm

A:Anyone recognize this password manager?

That's the message from browser itself,i use LastPass as well and i always get that popup. But you can disable it if you wish.
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Upgraded to Windows 10 Pro and installed the Windows 10 version of HP Client Security.  All works well except Password Manager.  I can store logons and passwords and when I scan my fingerprint I see the list.  I can click on the portal I want and all is good.  The problem is that when I open HP Client Security and click on "Password Manager", I get this error message:  "This operation is not supported for a relative URI." c Does anybody know what to do with this?  Thanks
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What is your favorite password manager? Is Dashlane a good choice?

A:Favorite password manager?

Never heard of it. But thanks to Grinler's recommendation I use an open source manager KeePass Password Safe.More info here: have it synced between my desktop, laptop, tablet and phone.
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Well I noticed today that my password manager isn't working and it took me forever to get in here because I forgot my username and password because it's usually stored for me, but I'm not quite sure why it isn't working...I hope someone can help

A:Password Manager not working...

You might tell us what password manager you use, it would be real useful information. Also, what the exact symptoms are would be a big help.
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Where can I store my passwords safely? Is there a software like Password Manager that is compatible with Win XP? Software or Freeware. Thanks alot

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Eset Internet Security and Eset Nod32 Antivirus 10 Beta is available - Page 3 - ESET Beta Products for Home Users - ESET Security Forum

Looks like it might be a licensed clone of Sticky Password... I am just judging this by the list of browsers it supports, it's identical to sticky.

Anyone know for sure.


A:Eset 10 Password Manager Looks Like...

I only found this ESET | LastPass

Any screenshots?
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I latched onto a password manager several years ago and loved it As time went on I found it even more and more useful What is it keepassx What I like about it is it has compatible versions for linux of course Android IOS OSX and Windows It just so happens that Dropbox does too So I keep the database in Dropbox install both on everything and open the exact same database everywhere Not a copy of the same one that needs to be continually updated The exact same one that gets updated everywhere as soon as a change is saved The only thing it doesn't do is give access to the database when your phone or tablet have no connection There are workarounds for that at least I know one My favorite manager password for Android There My favorite password manager are a lot of good managers out there Everybody has their favorite But this is the only one I know of that works as well as it does and makes it easy to keep in sync on everything I may want to access it from

A:My favorite password manager

Thanks for sharing re keepassx, sinister_midget
I note you've been a Member since 2008, and using Linux since 1997? So I won't say to either, but rather that your input on all matters Linux will be, lol.
(Keep) enjoy(ing) Linux ... I do!
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Could any of you guys suggest a free and safe password manager to save passwords.Help me out I'm drawing a blank?


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I ve had a great morning helping a friend clean up his PC instead of working that is It s about to years old and running XP Home It had been Solved: Password X Manager others & taking up to minutes to get from login screen to a stage where programs could be run Removed through control panel almost MB of programs that he never uses did Solved: X Password Manager & others a clean up defrag and AVG scan of whole computer twice one before and one after restart There were trojans and viruses all of which have now been wiped it seems and the PC takes only minutes now to get from switch on to being ready to use There are still programs that neither of us have a clue about though so I thought it best not to delete them They are X Password Manager Scan to Web ES C Guide Anyone know what these are and if it is safe to delete them I do know that several of the trojans were in the X Password Manager folder And one more question he has the free AVG software but has been recommended VAST AVAST instead Is either one significantly better than the other Any help would be appreciated PS don t yet have hijackthis software - I suspect someone is going to suggest he gets it and reports back nbsp
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Ok, guys, I have Password Keychain and AnyPassword. Which is better (safer) to store my information???

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Hiya; my first time. Would someone suggest a password generator/manager? I've had a heck of a time trying to install such systems as RoboForm and webreplay. Thanks

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Having just updated my version of Firefox to v. 49.0.1, I now find that "SuperEasy Password Manager Pro Autofill Engine could not be verified and has been disabled". This is apparently as it has not been signed for use with Firefox, but it worked just fine with previous version of Firefox, and I now feel a bit miffed, as I have recently renewed my licence for 12 months with SuperEasy.
An e-mail to SuperEasy asking if they have any plans to update the current version of SuperEasy Password Manager with a signed one has met with no response.
Does anyone have any solution to offer on this?
Thanks & regards

A:SE Password Manager won't run in Firefox 49.0.2

On 49.02 with firefox now. Firefox saves the passwords that I use.
What is SE Password Manager. I have never needed to sign into Firefox.
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any one know of a free download manager. with password. i want to make sure my daughter cant download anything from the internet in XP

A:download manager. with password?

Make sure your Administrator account is password protected and create a new user account for your daughter.

If you don't want to create a new account, the following registry tweak to prevent downloads in Internet Explorer, might be of some help:

Click on Start > Run > and type regedit.

Navigate to the following registry keys:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Zones\3

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Zones\3

Check the following DWORD Value: (make sure it's set to "3")

Value Name: 1803
Data Type: REG_DWORD (DWORD Value)
Value Data: (0 = downloads enabled, 3 = downloads disabled)
However, this won't do any good if she's using Firefox to download. Setting a user account might be your best bet.
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The best password manager Keep your passwords secure Passwords are a pain It s easy to mock best manager password The 2016 the people using for everything but creating and recalling strong passwords that are unique to each website is a huge PITA Thank goodness then for password managers not only do they do the remembering so you don t have The best password manager 2016 to but they can usually do all the typing too The apps we ve The best password manager 2016 selected here are all master password managers and many of them have useful extra features too Have we missed your favorite Let us know in the comments below Spoiler LastPass LastPass saves all your usernames and passwords in an encrypted online vault - even if you have multiple accounts for the same site There are two versions of LastPass - free and premium Both can store an unlimited number of account logins in a secure vault protected by a master password will complete online forms for you automatically and can employ multi-factor authentication The premium edition also syncs across multiple devices stores passwords for desktop programs and lets you share secured folders with other people with customizable permissions One of LastPass s best features is its ability to generate strong unguessable passwords for all your accounts which it then stores for you There s no need to remember long awkward streams of characters or re-use the same password for multiple accounts It s a class act Spoiler Dashlane Dashlane not only stores paswords - it also includes a digital wallet to store card details for quick and safe shopping online No more typing out long credit card numbers Dashlane is LastPass s most serious rival and like LastPass it s absolutely superb with strong password security exceptional ease of use and ability to store notes for future reference It works on Windows Mac Android and iOS and with Safari Chrome Firefox and Internet Explorer and like LastPass there s a premium version that adds unlimited syncing and sharing That costs US about AU per year but the free version provides all the essentials you get the core password manager autofill and digital wallet features all of which work flawlessly Don t settle for LastPass without trying Dashlane first and vice versa Spoiler True Key One of True Key s most appealing features is its ability to log you into accounts automatically when you visit the site s homepage It also uses two-factor authentication to protect your details True Key by Intel Security is the successor to the hugely popular PasswordBox In addition to using a master password to protect all your other passwords True Key can also recognize your fingerprint or your face for two-factor authentication It s free for up to passwords and after that the premium version is US AU per year The app is available for PC Mac iOS and Android although fingerprint recognition isn t available on Mac or Android yet Spoiler RoboForm Roboform claims to be the world s best password manager though its free version only lets you store up to logins and lacks the breadth of features offered by some of its rivals If you need to store more passwords a premium account costs US about AU for the first year though the mobile apps are free It s available for Windows Mac iOS and Android and is a good option for anybody who wants a simple and secure way to sync passwords between desktop laptop and mobile devices RoboForm doesn t have quite the same features lists as Dashlane or LastPass but it s a very good app nonetheless and the free mobile apps are excellent Spoiler Keeper Desktop Keeper Desktop makes good use of multi-factor authentication something you know something you own and something you are - in this case a password a fingerprint and a smartwatch Keeper is available for Windows Mac iOS Android and Linux and its autofill extension works in all the major browsers The free version is limited to a single device with local password storage and the US about AU Individual plan offers u... Read more

A:The best password manager 2016

For me it is LastPass all the way. Easy to use is a bonus for me.
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I have had Norton Password Manager on my last two computers. I have reinstalled it twice on my newest computer due to problems with Systemworks 2006. Here's where it gets weird. I have reinstalled it both those times from my 2006 CD. No problem. I had to reformat due to a virus (yeah, thanks Norton for all the protection!). Upon trying to install Password Manager, I am being asked for a Product Key. I just tried to install the one from Sys. 2006 but it isn't accepted. They are now telling me that Password Manager is not on 2006(!) or shouldn't be the CD and I must repurchase 2004 for $60!

Any way around this? Is there another program like this out there? I am not planning on using Norton's virus protection anymore and refuse to give them anymore business.

A:Replacement for Password Manager or help?

The password manager that I really like is KeePass Password Safe which is free, open-source software. Here is the website:
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Hi everyone,
First, wish all of you have a nice weekend!
Today, I wanna ask about your currently password manager app. I'm using Kaspersky Total Security, and it includes premium Kaspersky Password Manager, but when using it on Android, it only support built-in browser, cannot fill in Google Chrome on Android, it's so stupid! I need to change to another Password Manager. And I saw many people in this forum (include MT staffs) using Lastpass Password Manager. I wanna ask you a question:
If any problem happens with Lastpass, and all of your passwords (include important bank account password,...) are revealed, what do you think in this situation?
And your Lastpass is free or premium license? Do I need to purchase the premium one or free version is enough?
Any password manager application better than Lastpass? Please suggest me!
Thanks all and enjoy your day!

A:Asking about Lastpass Password Manager

There's a high chance that Kaspersky only allows the in-app browser to prevent unauthorised screen capture. It's the same for LastPass on Android, but you get options to disable these security features.

Using the Accessibility feature breaks the Android Encryption, if that's something you use.

How does LastPass impact device encryption? - Android Forums at

I use Avast Passwords, with Accessibility disabled because I use Device Encryption on startup (Pattern) and Lockscreen.

There are many on the Google Play Store, check their reputation and reviews.
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Anyone using Enpass Password Manager? How is it?

Enpass: Best & Free Password Manager | Enpass
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I've found a very serious bug in the Password Manager program When I go to a site that I have saved the password, and I press alt+f4 on the password manger window, It logs me in WITHOUT the need of my fingerprint Do any of you guys have the same problem?
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Hello,simple question - i've move Win 7x64 on a t61p to Win10x64. The ThinkVantage Password manager works relatively well, but request the windows password to access Password manager unlike before where i accepted the fingerprint to open password manager. Any advise how to "re"link both, the swiping of the finger touch reader and password manager ?Thanks, best regards
Relevancy 43.86%

Hi I have just upgraded Edge Microsoft Manager Password to Windows Ten and very impressed so far I also really like Edge but have a few issues which hopefully I can get help with The password manager does not work and neither does the autocomplete forms They are both turned on in advanced settings and I have rebooted to no effect I do not get offered to remember passwords and the quot Manage passwords quot is empty These features work great on both Chrome and Firefox which I may have to revert to if this cannot be fixed The Home button if shown does not take to the Home page you have set it takes you to the Edge Home page so I have had to add an link to my Home page Microsoft Edge Password Manager on the favourites bar I cannot see an option for a new tab to take you to you own home page it offers start or blank I cannot see a way to edit and rearrange the favourites bar as you could easily do with Microsoft Edge Password Manager IE Chrome or Firefox I hope someone can help with the above as I do really like Edge and I have searched the web for answers to no avail Robert

A:Microsoft Edge Password Manager

Hi, considering just the password issue..

First,let's check 'offer to save passwords' is on - from what you say, you should be seeing this:

Note that you should also turn on the ?Save form entries? option as well.
How Microsoft Edges Password Manager Works - Edge Talk

The bar at the foot of the browser offering to save the password only appears when you click 'Login' (or equivalent).
What happens when you click 'Login' having filled the credential fields?

For reference (I'm assuming you've done all this):
Microsoft Edge Offer to Save Passwords - Turn On or Off in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
(I'm betting you've done all the above, but not heard of difficulties with this ...yet.)
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I'm currently using Roboform to fill in any forms and passwords and it's coming in really handy.

Only problem is it's not freeware and now it has stopped working and will only allow me 10 passwords.

Can anyone recommend something similar, that is freeware?



A:Form filler/password manager

key walletKeyWallet is a desktop utility that spares you the trouble of filling in your logins, passwords, and other personal data manually. You can automatically fill in data in browser forms (IE, Netscape, Opera, and so on), Java applets, Windows forms, and others. KeyWallet supports skins and encrypts your data using the Blowfish encryption algorithm.freeware also, aww cute baby
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Good morning everyone, I have been reviewing (online) some of the different Password Manager Programs, such as, Last Pass, Roboform, Kee Pass, and some others (both free & paid versions).I would like to ask:1. Is it worthwhile to to have such a program?2. Are there any password manager programs which do NOT involve having to store my data online? (I would prefer to keep such sensitive data on my computer and under my direct control. I've seen too many instances of entities, such as, Steam, and others whose databases have been hacked into and people's personal information compromised).3. Does anyone have recommendations regarding a password manager program (free or paid) which is easy to use/understand? [For a paid program...I'd prefer one for which you pay a one-time fee, rather than a recurring yearly fee].Thank you for your time and any recommendations!

A:Password Manager programs; Are they worthwhile?

1. If you have multiple accounts, with multiple passwords; Yes.If you use the same password for everything (which isn't the best of idea's); No.2. KeePass encrypts and stores all information locally on your system. It will also generate passwords for you, using user defined parameters. It's also free.3. KeePass;-are-they-worthwhile/
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I am considering using LastPass Password Manager because I have a ton of passwords and like most people they are insecure repetitive easy to remember passwords. I would be using LastPass but my wife would not and we both need access to some of the same sites for example insurance, banking, bill paying, etc.

So if I use LastPass and have the software change all my password to strong, impossible to remember passwords how would my wife continue to access the sites that she needs? My wife likes to keep this simple so I don't want to mess her up, on the other hand I do ecommerce all over the web and need to be more secure.

I contacted LastPass a few days ago but they are very slow to never in responding if you are not a member yet. Any thoughts from anyone using LastPass would be appreciated. Thanks!

A:Solved: Anyone using LastPass Password Manager?

I've been using Last Pass for a long time now. No problems. Why not have 2 accounts? A shared one for sites both you and your wife need access to and another one for yourself? You could set them up with separate email addresses.

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I just updated my Trend Micro Maximum Security and I don't want the Password Manager enabled. Is there any problem with disabling it?

A:Trend Micro Password Manager

no problems at all, it is an optional component
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I was looking at using the LastPass password manager to keep track of all my passwords, but they seem to have gotten hacked awhile back

I use Google products all the time (just about everything but Chrome) and was wondering if someone could tell me what their built-in password manager is like? Are your passwords encrypted and do your passwords auto-fill on webpages?

A:Chrome built-in password manager

Rule of the thumb for better security is "do not save passwords".

Yes Chrome encrypts the passwords. But not the usernames. The encryption is done using Windows API. It makes sure that only Windows user who saved the password can view them. A hacker who steals your password database cannot decrypt them. On Linux machines, encryption is done using Gnome keyring.

Yes Chrome also has auto-fill feature.
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I use roboform to protect my passwords. However, I get a pop up when I enter a password, that I think is part of Windows XP home, that asks me if I want password manager to remember my password for me. I mistakenly entered yes for a site. I cannot figure out where this password manager is located or how to remove information from it. Is there some way I can just turn this off so I dont have this problem again? I dont know if this is the right area to post this, but would appreciate any assistance I can get.
Thank You

A:Windows XP password manager problem

Tools > Internet Options > Content > Auto Complete
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Hi PC guru's,
Kaspersky Tech Support has failed me and Fire Fox isn't much help either.
Is any one up to the challenge of helping me out?
I upgraded to FireFox 16.0.1 and my KPM: has ceased to be available in the top tray as a caption button.
My operating system is Win XP
I uninstalled and reinstalled KPM and uninstalled /reinstalled FireFox 16.0.1.
I also used Kaspersky Kavremover to clean all of the old KPM out before reinstalling.
As I said there is no caption button in the upper right and no auto fill, in other words I cannot use KPM as it is designed to work, I can only copy and paste from Password Manager at the bottom right of the page.
This upgrade worked ok with my laptop running Vista.
I have been using KPM for ever and it has been good to me,

A:Fire Fox and Kaspersky Password Manager

Saw your post at Kaspersky and it gave no direct answer -Try for an earlier version of F/Fox, it may help - Link is to File Hippo older versions -
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As the passwords pile up on the computer, so does the need for organization and security. Does anyone know of the best free, secure password managers out there? I'm reluctant to download just any old one since I'm dealing with well, you know...passwords.

Many thanks!!

A:Best free, secure password manager?


pen and paper maybe...
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Hi guys,

I'm just curious what is in your mind the best secured or the lesser evil password manager that can be used with chrome.

As I'm using mostly Chrome OS, I'm looking for a password manager that does not need to install anything on the target PC.

I'm using Sticky Password Manager now and while it's good, it requires me to install it's based software on a targeted PC in order for it to be used. That cannot work on a Chromebook which I used often.

And given that Lastpass had been compromised multiple times, could I still trust them with my data as they're still being rated as the top choice as a recommended password manager?

Many thanks.

P.S. Apologized if it's not in a correct forum.

A:Best Secure Password Manager for Chrome OS

I am using LastPass it serves me well.
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Hi Folks, This is my first posting and I hope it hasn't already been discussed. To begin with I will freely admit that I am among the "cyber-challenged". I have Norton Password Manger 2004 and I was wondering if ANYONE knows how to print out the information contained within. I'm talking about websites with their corresponding User ID's and Password. I loved using this product originally but my computer is getting on in years and want to print this information out. Dummy me never wrote down the 250+ passwords that I have loaded in there. That information has to be SOMEWHERE! If NPM 2004 can access it then why can't I? Thank you for any help given. SHOE

A:Norton Password Manager 2004

Hi Shoe and welcome to BC. Apologies that no one has responded til now.First I would advise against printing out your passwords if you have any that are sensitive at all--it defeats the purpose of having a manager that locks your passwords away and thus keeps them safe. Such password managers are like bank vaults--what you want to do is like taking your valuables outside the vault just before closing the vault door.That's why most password managers don't allow the printing out of their database. I don't use Norton so I can't be specific, but the closest most come to a printout is an export of the database file, for if you want to import your data into another program. If you have a File menu, click it and see if there is an export option. Exports are usually in the form of a .csv file that can be opened in Notepad. Such a file would look funny (lots of commas), but would have your info there if you think no one in your home environment would steal the info. I still would advise against a printout tho.It sounds like what you really want, and more importantly should, do is backup your data so it doesn't get lost. You shouldn't use a password manager if you aren't going to back it up--because it's easy to lock yourself out of it and there is no way to recover when that happens.Check your help file--it may automatically make backups and you should know where those are kept. Then use a backup program such as Cobian or GFI Backup to copy those to a CD/DVD or other drive, in case your hard drive crashes. You would also need the installation file for Norton Password Manager.If you do have the ability to export your password database, I would advise you to switch to another password manager. It doesn't look like yours are supported anymore as I can't find it in Norton's forums: recommend KeePass. doesn't fill in the passwords automatically, like Norton, but I believe it is more secure that way. It also doesn't generate its own backups, but what is nice about it is that the program is portable. Which means you can install it, then copy the entire folder, including the password database, to another drive, so you have a second copy if something happens to your hard drive. I run KeePass from a USB Flash drive, and use GFI Backup to synchronize the two folders (KeePass folder installed on C rive and the KeePass folder installed on the USB drive) so that one doesn't become outdated when I change a password.That does get a bit complicated. But it is much more secure. If Norton does make backups, keeping a backup copy on another drive is much simpler. I doubt if Norton is portable, so that is why I would recommend a switch. It is real nice to be able to take your passwords with you where ever you go.
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Am currently using PassSafe (from SourceForge) ... but am looking for something I can use to access my passwords when not at home (retired - so work not a problem). Have seen good reports for Last Pass - a cloud based password manager ... but am reluctant to put my passwords on the Internet.Any thoughts?

A:Is Last Pass - Password Manager - Safe ?

I use Keypass with It loads to a USB drive that I can take anywhere, accessing the passwords requires a master password in case it is lost and encrypts the passwords is has saved/created (make a backup copy of the save file just in case, otherwise you'll lose the use of accounts which it had generated passwords for)
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Is there any way of enabling Norton Password Manager to work with Firefox. My IE has been running screwy so I've been using Firefox, which I like, but it doesn't seem to be compatible with NPM.

A:Norton Password Manager/ Firefox

I don't think there is. Firefox has its own password manager or, if you go here and type 'password' into the box, a few pages come up with some password extensions. If you don't need to store many passwords, I think RoboForm allows around 10 to be stored without having to pay for it.
Relevancy 43.86%

I'm looking for an alternative to Roboform with an option to attach the toolbar to Firefox *without* installing an add-on.

Thank you.

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Hi guys,

I'm just curious what is in your mind the best secured or the lesser evil password manager that can be used with chrome.

As I'm using mostly Chrome OS, I'm looking for a password manager that does not need to install anything on the target PC.

I'm using Sticky Password Manager now and while it's good, it requires me to install it's based software on a targeted PC in order for it to be used. That cannot work on a Chromebook which I used often.

And given that Lastpass had been compromised multiple times, could I still trust them with my data as they're still being rated as the top choice as a recommended password manager?

Many thanks.

P.S. Apologized if it's not in a correct forum.

A:Best Secure Password Manager for Chrome

I am using LastPass it serves me well.
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Can you suggest a robust Password Manager/Generator that is compatible with Vista? If it's really worth it I don't mind paying for it.

I just got my system infected with Infostealer.Gampass and I'm anxious to change all my passwords right away.

Your suggestion will help. Thanks.

A:Suggest Password Manager For Vista

Hi ladybag,Now that you have an open HJT log posted in the HijackThis Logs and Malware Removal forum, you shouldn't make any changes to your system.Doing so, could change the results of the posted log, making it difficult to properly clean your system.At this point, the HJT Team should be the only members that you take advice from, until they have verified your log as clean.Only after your log has been cleared, check out the Freeware Replacements For Common Commercial Apps, and scroll down to Password Managers/Generators.I'm closing this topic until you are cleared by the HJT Team. If, after your log has been cleaned, you still need help, please PM a Moderator and we will re-open this topic.If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a PM.
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I am looking for a good password manager for my 7 yr old son. I have created his own personal home page with all his sites. Looking for one that will autofill the login information for him without him having to do anything, for his game playing sites. I have tried FireFox and IE built in passwor d manager and they work OK but not for certain sites that you click on the login link and a popup window appears for login credentials. I think one of them was Club Penguin or Millsberry

A:FREE Kids Password Manager ???

Roboform is often suggested here. The free version allows 10 passwords whereas (of course) the paid version has more features:

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I do not need or want the HP Password Manager, yet every time I open a site with FireFox a popout window says I have to get the FireFox password addon in order to use the HP Password Manager. I don't want either one. How to I turn the stupid thing off? I checked this as a question and the solution- uninstall hp client security does not work, the unistall wizard crashes every time.HP need to sort out supplying bloatware with their pcsGavin
Relevancy 43.86%

I'm looking for an alternative to Roboform with an option to attach the toolbar to Firefox *without* installing an add-on.

Thank you.

A:Looking for an alternative to Roboform (password manager)

LastPass works great with Chrome - not sure about FireFox. I gave up on RoboForm when they instituted the 10 URL limit for the free edition.
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Hi Microsoft Community! 

I have a little problem with the Windows Credential Manager under Windows 7, Windows 8 RP, Windows 8 RTM (have a Dreamsparks version) and Windows Home Server 2011. When I store logins in the manager like for example to connect network shares between the
machines, the manager loses those passwords after an while (2-3 days or so). At first I thought this happens when the computer is restarted or booted from scratch as the machines usually are hibernated in my home - but even when they are not restarted
the lose/forget the logins. 

What do I need to do, to fix this problem? I need the logins for example for automatic nightly backups.
I hope you can help me :(

Microsoft Answer brougth me here:
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My Norton ran out, and I miss Norton utilities like Win Doctor, System Dr, Password Manager etc. I didn't renew my Norton cuz of all the things I've heard about it and use McAfee for AV now.
Anyone have suggestions on programs to use instead?
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I was reading about the KeeFarce exploit to the KeePass password manager and was wondering if EMET could be configured to prevent KeeFarce from working as intended.
Read this:
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just looking for some suggestions for a password storage app or program. Something other than a piece of paper that i hide in my filing cabinet.

thanks for the help.

A:pass word protection or password manager

I've used KeePass Password Safe for years and really like it.

There are two versions 1.x and 2.x, I've always used 1.x. Unless you need advanced features 1.x is easier to use.
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i need a program to start every startup of computer but this program need usernamme and password how i can do that please ?
thanks in advance

A:program need user and password in task manager

Unless the program itself has a way of storing the login information, you are probably out of luck. What program is it?
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Dumbfounded edit to 7/IE11/Thunderbird How in Win Manager Password I tried to find the location of How to edit Password Manager in Win 7/IE11/Thunderbird the password manager within Windows - control panel IE Tools and Thunderbird Tools but I have not found anything there Where can I find this password manager Whenever I open Thunderbird I get prompted How to edit Password Manager in Win 7/IE11/Thunderbird to enter the PW for each of the email accounts there is also an option to allow a quot password manager quot to remember the password I have never installed a password manager so I don't know if it is part of TB Win or IE That's my first dumb question The worst part How to edit Password Manager in Win 7/IE11/Thunderbird of this is that I don't intend to use ever a password manager I don't trust them in fact I don't trust any web based data storage system Companies can go belly up and or bought out and customer data gets lost or even worse merged with other companies systems that don't match whereby your own data gets mixed with somebody else's data different ISP but same screen name which can cause great havoc and despair example AOL merge with CompuServe and Netscape Enough of that My problem right now is that one of my email accounts in Thunderbird suddenly opens up without asking for a PW I have not consciously ever opted for a password manager to be used I must have accidently clicked on that option and now this account is no longer PW protected So I want to find that culprit password manager and remove the password from it if that is possible not sure about that Could someone help me with that I would be very thankful Derek

A:How to edit Password Manager in Win 7/IE11/Thunderbird

1. No need to post two copies of your message one hour apart.

2. Managing passwords in TB is quite simple: Tools/Options/Security.
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After happily using the free quot Any Password quot since I suddenly get a dialogue box - quot Cannot open file C Documents and Settings JackField My Documents Fin apw quot I click quot OK quot and in fact do get the usual quot Any Password quot screen with toolbars which all appear to work EXCEPT that it is empty of all my precious passwords and all other info It seems to be a blank new unused Any Password But I need my old one containing passwords that I can t remember back again I don t use a password to open quot Any Password quot I m in XP Explorer and hp pavilion zv EA Working away at the problem I now find that when I get to the quot Any Password quot screen - which appears empty and wont open - and then right click in the left half under quot My Password quot I get the option quot Expand quot When I click quot Expand quot quot Any Password quot DOES open - but only the first two folders and their files I had about a wont Solved: A open password-manager dozen folders Your help appreciated JACK nbsp

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Hi, I'd like to use Lenovo Password Manager but I found it very instable on my T450 having Win7 64bit.Quite often the Password Manager autofill popup doesn't show when using CHROME but, if I type the same URL into IE, then it works.I just upgraded Password Manager to latest availavle version (4.70 Build 18) but didn't solve.I uninstalled also the CHROME extension and installed again. No way! Is there a solution for that before I spend money buying a betetr one? Thanks.Claudio
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Hi all.

I want to share with you this addon, released by GDATA, which can allows you to manage all your passwords easily and fastly.

Here is the link to install it: G DATA Password Manager


A:G DATA Password Manager - Browser Addon

Worth a try... since it is from a known company, thanks for sharing this !
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Hi sorry to bother everyone but ran Adv System s Design also have Norton Suite and for the first time it didn t fix but recommended I post a hijack this log below Tried to Password Browser Helper Object Manager BHO: enter it on a website http www hijackthis de to see if anything jumped out it did not this one immediately below as needing repair O - BHO Password Manager Browser Helper Object - BF -BB E- D - F - F B BCFCED BHO: Password Manager Browser Helper Object - C Program Files Lenovo Client BHO: Password Manager Browser Helper Object Security Solution tvtpwm ie com dll Must be fixed This entry was classified from our visitors as good This laptop BHO: Password Manager Browser Helper Object has started acting up awhile back and have had major trouble getting it to install Service Pack Have never had smooth internet connections with it Please let me know if you have any thoughts Trishanovista also bought a Win computer Logfile of Advanced SystemCare Security Analyzer Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows Vista WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C Program Files Norton Premier Edition Engine ccSvcHst exe C Windows system taskeng exe C Program Files LENOVO HOTKEY tposdsvc exe C Windows system Dwm exe C Windows Explorer EXE C Program Files Lenovo HOTKEY TPONSCR exe C Program Files Lenovo Zoom TpScrex exe C PROGRA ThinkPad UTILIT PWMUIAux exe C Program Files Windows Defender MSASCui exe C Program Files Lenovo NPDIRECT tpfnf sp exe C Windows System TpShocks exe C Program Files ThinkPad Utilities EZEJMNAP EXE C Program Files Common Files Lenovo Scheduler scheduler proxy exe C Program Files ThinkVantage PrdCtr LPMGR EXE C Program Files ThinkVantage PrdCtr LPMLCHK EXE C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C Program Files Lenovo Drag-to-Disc DrgToDsc exe C Windows System rundll exe C Program Files ThinkPad ConnectUtilities ACTray exe C Program Files ThinkPad ConnectUtilities ACWLIcon exe C Program Files Lenovo Client Security Solution cssauth exe C Windows System hkcmd exe C Windows System igfxpers exe C Windows system igfxsrvc exe C Program Files Digital Line Detect DLG exe C Users leetrish AppData Roaming Dropbox bin Dropbox exe C Windows system wuauclt exe C Windows system wbem unsecapp exe C PROGRA ThinkPad UTILIT SCHTASK exe C Windows system igfxext exe C Program Files IObit Advanced SystemCare AWC exe C Program Files Windows Media Player WMPNSCFG exe C Users leetrish AppData Local Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Users leetrish AppData Local Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Users leetrish AppData Local Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Users leetrish AppData Local Google Chrome Application chrome exe O - BHO AcroIEHelperStub - DF C-E AD- -A -FA C EBDC - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelperShim dll O - BHO no name - C C A-E - b - D - CECB - no file O - BHO Symantec NCO BHO - ADB E- AFF- - AA - DAC DFA - C Program Files Norton Premier Edition Engine coIEPlg dll O - BHO Symantec Intrusion Prevention - D EC - AAE- -AEEE-F F C - C Program Files Norton Premier Edition Engine IPS IPSBHO DLL O - BHO Search Helper - EBF - F- bff-A F-B E AAC B - C Program Files Microsoft Search Enhancement Pack Search Helper SearchHelper dll O - BHO Search Helper - D - C - ABF- ECC- C - C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WindowsLiveLogin dll O - BHO Search Helper - AA ED - DD- d - -CF F - C Program Files Google Google Toolbar GoogleToolbar dll O - BHO Search Helper - AF DE - D - -B FA-CE B AD D - C Program Files Google GoogleToolbarNotifier swg dll O - BHO Password Manager Browser Helper Object - BF -BB E- D - F - F B BCFCED - C Program Files Lenovo Client Security Solution tvtpwm ie com dll O - BHO Password Manager Browser Helper Object - DBC -A - b-BC - C C C A - C Program Files Java jre bin jp ssv dll O - BHO Password Manager Browser Helper Object - E A DC - - A - EA-DC EC ACF - C Program Files Windows Live Toolbar wltcore dll O - Toolbar Easy-WebPrint ... Read more
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I've been going around in circles with KeePass for several hours and I can't get the hang of sense? manager with that documentation makes password A it I'm A password manager with documentation that makes sense? reasonably techified and don't often run up against a total blank especially with a program others are strongly touting I'm sure it's me but damn it's frustrating I have tons of passwords and realize a text file listing them isn't the best management practice I'm trying to get from A through B to C where quot A quot is the list of sites and systems and the associated passwords which I enter into the software quot B quot is the process by which my often-pitiful passwords are converted to strong passwords quot C quot and this is the kicker is the process by which I visit all those sites and their log-ins are automagically changed to my new and improved passwords Is this possible Am I asking more of the technology than it has to give If I can't have the whole process I'd surely appreciate recommendations for the best of the bunch for creating as much of my wish list as possible Preferably with documentation that makes sense Thank you so much more than enough for any help G

A:A password manager with documentation that makes sense?

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