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recommend a firewall?

Q: recommend a firewall?

Can anyone recommend a free firewall that I can use on WinXP.

I currently have Zone Alarm free but fed up with a recent pop up screen tellling me ZA is initializing etc..

I dont want anything too complicated. I need it to run alongsided AVAST antivirus.

Thanks for your time.

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Preferred Solution: recommend a firewall?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: recommend a firewall?

You could simply use Windows Firewall and focus on preventing malware from getting on your computer.

If you want to add some simple outbound protection you could use Sunbelt Personal Firewall or PC Tools Firewall Plus.

And if you want full security at the cost of more complexity there's Online Armor, Comodo Internet Security with the antivirus disabled and Outpost Firewall free.
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I am looking for a new USB flash drive with all of the following features:

Metal case or very hard plastic. Not rubberized.
USB 3.0 with R/W speeds of at least 50MB/s
No cap, swivel cap or removable protective casing.
At least 16GB or more.

I still have SanDisk Cruzer Micro Titanium. I am looking for something similar in size and features, but faster with bigger capacity.

Any ideas? Thanks

A:Recommend a good USB 3.0 Flash Drive

I bought the Mushkin Enhanced Atom 64GB USB Flash Drive. The write speeds are a bit slower than I wanted at 20MB, but read speeds are above 100MB. I can't complain though as the drive performs as advertised. And for what I want it works perfectly. The casing is hard plastic not rubberized. I know you said no cap, I had that rule as well but grew tired of trying to sort through the available options. Anyway I wanted to pass the word on the recorded speed for my purchase. My last purchase was years ago for a 16GB Cruzer Micro like the one you have.

Here are the benchmarks for my flash drive.

Starting benchmark.
Bechmarking H:(070B51D3EFFD0114)
Started at 3/27/2015 7:46:25 PM
Filename: H:\test.tmp
Starting large file benchmark. With 100MB file.
16384k:6 Write Speed:30.01MB/s
16384k:6 Write Speed:12.35MB/s
16384k:6 Write Speed:12.21MB/s
16384k:6 Average Write Speed:15.29MB/s
16384k:6 Read Speed:120.24MB/s
16384k:6 Read Speed:119.94MB/s
16384k:6 Read Speed:120.17MB/s
16384k:6 Average Read Speed:120.11MB/s
8192k:12 Write Speed:15.81MB/s
8192k:12 Write Speed:11.34MB/s
8192k:12 Write Speed:11.79MB/s
8192k:12 Average Write Speed:12.70MB/s
8192k:12 Read Speed:120.74MB/s
8192k:12 Read Speed:121.35MB/s
8192k:12 Read Speed:121.55MB/s
8192k:12 Average Read Speed:121.21MB/s
4096k:25 Write Speed:12.96MB/s
4096k:25 Write Speed:15.06MB/s
4096k:25 Write Speed:12.31MB/s
4096k:25 Average Write Speed:13.34MB/s
4096k:25 Read Speed:119.21MB/s
4096k:25 Read Speed:118.23MB/s
4096k:25 Read Speed:119.46MB/s
4096k:25 Average Read Speed:118.97MB/s
2048k:50 Write Speed:13.38MB/s
2048k:50 Write Speed:8.91MB/s
2048k:50 Write Speed:8.88MB/s
2048k:50 Average Write Speed:10.01MB/s
2048k:50 Read Speed:111.43MB/s
2048k:50 Read Speed:110.82MB/s
2048k:50 Read Speed:111.68MB/s
2048k:50 Average Read Speed:111.31MB/s
1024k:100 Write Speed:10.32MB/s
1024k:100 Write Speed:12.79MB/s
1024k:100 Write Speed:15.42MB/s
1024k:100 Average Write Speed:12.50MB/s
1024k:100 Read Speed:116.58MB/s
1024k:100 Read Speed:113.60MB/s
1024k:100 Read Speed:116.50MB/s
1024k:100 Average Read Speed:115.54MB/s
512k:200 Write Speed:11.92MB/s
512k:200 Write Speed:14.19MB/s
512k:200 Write Speed:14.09MB/s
512k:200 Average Write Speed:13.31MB/s
512k:200 Read Speed:120.32MB/s
512k:200 Read Speed:119.08MB/s
512k:200 Read Speed:120.05MB/s
512k:200 Average Read Speed:119.82MB/s
Deleting file.
Starting small file benchmark. With 10MB file.
256k:40 Write Speed:8.28MB/s
256k:40 Write Speed:11.13MB/s
256k:40 Write Speed:7.81MB/s
256k:40 Average Write Speed:8.86MB/s
256k:40 Read Speed:94.47MB/s
256k:40 Read Speed:95.36MB/s
256k:40 Read Speed:94.49MB/s
256k:40 Average Read Speed:94.77MB/s
128k:80 Write Speed:6.15MB/s
128k:80 Write Speed:13.09MB/s
128k:80 Write Speed:4.10MB/s
128k:80 Average Write Speed:6.21MB/s
128k:80 Read Speed:91.57MB/s
128k:80 Read Speed:92.04MB/s
128k:80 Read Speed:93.11MB/s
128k:80 Average Read Speed:92.23MB/s
64k:160 Write Speed:8.12MB/s
64k:160 Write Speed:11.53MB/s
64k:160 Write Speed:11.81MB/s
64k:160 Average Write Speed:10.19MB/s
64k:160 Read Speed:87.04MB/s
64k:160 Read Speed:89.33MB/s
64k:160 Read Speed:86.33MB/s
64k:160 Average Read Speed:87.55MB/s
32k:320 Write Speed:1.87MB/s
32k:320 Write Speed:11.50MB/s
32k:320 Write Speed:9.33MB/s
32k:320 Average Write Speed:4.11MB/s
32k:320 Read Speed:31.22MB/s
32k:320 Read Speed:30.31MB/s
32k:320 Read Speed:31.01MB/s
32k:320 Average Read Speed:30.84MB/s
Deleting file.
Starting tiny file benchmark. With 1MB file.
16k:320 Write Speed:1.69MB/s
16k:320 Write Speed:8.21MB/s
16k:320 Write Speed:7.90MB/s
16k:320 Average Write Speed:3.57MB/s
16k:320 Read Speed:28.70MB/s
16k:320 Read Speed:29.28MB/s
16k:320 Read Speed:28.30MB/s
16k:320 Average Read Speed:28.76MB/s
8k:640 Write Speed:4.43MB/s
8k:640 Write Speed:5.20MB/s
8k:640 Write Speed:5.06MB/s
8k:640 Average Write Speed:4.87MB/s
8k:640 Read Speed:24.73MB/s
8k:640 Read Speed:25.06MB/s
8k:640 Read Speed:24.82MB/s
8k:640 Average Read Speed:24.87MB/s
4k:1280 Write Speed:2.83M... Read more
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Can someone please recommend me a colour laser printer for home use? Resolution should be at least 1200 x 1200 dpi. The option to print both sides of the paper would be nice. Multiple paper trays not necessary, nor anything else that will add unnecessary bulk to its size. There should also be connection for Ethernet and USB. Preferable that it uses separate toner cartridges for the different colours, so if one colour runs out then only that colour needs changing rather than the whole lot.


A:Recommend me a laser colour printer please

You realize these are very expensive to both purchase and on a cost/page.
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There use to be an official site where one could buy the Alpha Shield but I can't find it anymore. Does anyone know what became of this product or if it's useful? I've only heard good things about it.

A:Whatever happened to the Alpha Shield hardware firewall?

Jskid, I just ran across your question (on Oct.28, 2014!) I bought one in worked well until three years later when we moved to the Niagara Peninsula, at which time the unit simply cut all access to the Net. A tech tried it, and said "Toss it." A rather expensive lesson.
Brian, sadder/poorer/wiser.
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I've heard if you use a router you don't need a firewall because the router already has one.
Does that hold true if your hooked up to the router wireless?

A:Routers firewall

Yes, it stands true if you hook up wirelessly. Just make sure the router is secure. Also, Windows and OS X have a built in secondary FireWall.
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I need to extend my signal on my router. It is not going as far as I need. The place where I need it has an Ethernet port in the room but I would need to be able to wire from the piece of equipment that I decide to use there. It would probably best be a router unless an access point can have ports to hook up to additional equipment in the room that I already use. I know it is best to stay with the same brand and my router is NETGEAR DGN3500. Can anyone tell me what they would use? Thanks.

A:What would you recommend to extend my wi fi signal

Best to use either Wireless Access Point or Wireless Router (disable DHCP,VPN, SPI and NAT)

Example #1 using two Wireless Routers (note interwebs = modem)

Example #2 Using Wireless Router with Wireless Client Bridge with Wireless Access Point

There are also PowerLine Wireless (one box connects to our router lan port) uses AC power

These are the options you can use or just use Access Point which has Wireless features. That would connect to your Router as shown in the first example. Port 1 goes into the single port of Access Points to extend your Wireless where the room is not getting enough single to it.

Your model is also ADSL modem and router all you need to buy is either Powerline set or AP (Wireless Access Point) which has wired LAN connection port.
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Some reliable good RAM, preferably 2 x 4GB ram under $100, which I would use for somewhat intensive gaming.

A:Can anyone recommend RAM?

What's your CPU? This will determine if you need fast RAM or not, but in any case you should be able to get 8GB for well under $100.
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I'm hoping for something cheap because reading ebooks is all I intend to do with it.

Any help appreciated.

A:What tablet PC do you recommend for the sole purpose of reading ebooks?

Kindle; reasonalble price and functions precisely for this media
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hi i have at mo 400 watt psu and a 4 gig amd quad core processor and a nvidia gtx 520 graphics card with at the mo 2 gig of ram but am waiting on my new 8 gig ram to come though the post and i also have a dual layer dvd writer and a 1tb hard drive it works fine with the 400 watt psu bt as soon as i download utorrent and start to download the files fail and then my computer runs really sluggish and then sometimes will fail to boot up but this only happens mainly after i have installed utorrent any ideas what could be the matter and how i can solve it thank you very much

A:What PSU would you recommend?

I don't think this is a PSU issue, you don't have many components and the GT 520 is a low power card (Nvidia's website recommends a 300W power supply).

Sounds like you probably downloaded a virus or something... you can try cleaning up your computer or reformatting.
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I really want to play a game on my pc shogun 2 but I don't have a graphics card that will run this game. So please could anyone recommend me a a graphics card that will run shogun 2 smoothly and under £100. My PC's specifications are as follows:

Dell inspiron 530
Windows vista home premium
3.00GB RAM
Intel core 2 duo 2.20GHz
32-bit OS

I will be grateful for any recommendations or advice.

Thank you.

A:Could anyone recommend a graphics card?

Found this AMD Radeon 6850 for ~£100. This is probably the best bang for the buck at this price segment.

You might however consider getting a better power supply, as the minimum PSU requirement is 500W for that GPU.
According to this your PC has a 300W PSU.

Here's a good PSU for ~£60.
Alternatively, any no-name 600W PSU should suffice, but I don't recommend that.
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I have a Sonicwall firewall. I want the Sonicwall to go from an Embarq dsl modem (address, to a switch. The switch connects company computers as well as a wireless router. I ran the configuration wizard and the Sonicwall gave itself a wan address of and I assigned a lan address of When I connect the Embarq into the WAN port on the Sonicwall, and the LAN port into my laptop I get internet and everything works well. If I connect the Sonicwall LAN port into the switch internet connectivity is loss and the company users lose internet. How do I connect the Sonicwall to the switch and maintain internet connectivity.

A:Sonicwall firewall configuration


Everything is good! I had thought my switch was unmanageable, turns out it is! It had DHCP Turned on. So I turned off DHCP on the WAN port of the Sonicwall. If a moderator could mark this SOLVED that would be great
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I need modem firewall -> SonicWall switch router Cable -> a and some assistance with our network at the office We recently switched from having our data and voice being managed through a T and a phone server on site to having a cable modem and a virtual PBX Previous set up was T Line - gt Box from T provided - gt Cable modem -> switch -> router and a SonicWall firewall one line to the phone server and a second line to a SonicWall Cable modem -> switch -> router and a SonicWall firewall Firewall which then went to a couple of dell switches We have switched to a cable modem with static IP s and a Cable modem -> switch -> router and a SonicWall firewall virtual PBX Tech support for the PBX company suggested we configure our net work as follows --- gt Router--- gt Switch that connects to all phones Cable Mode -- gt Unmanaged switch-- --- gt SonicWall-- gt Switch that connects to computers I configured the router for the phones and that works with no problems But when I configure the SonicWall with the information provided by our cable modem provider it worked but the SonicWall said it needed to restart after configuration so I clicked restart Then the the internet connection wouldn t work and I couldn t get back into the SonicWall After numerous attempts at powering down the SonicWall and switch I finally was able to access it again and then the connection disappeared and finally I got access back again and reset everything to how it was on the T line The WAN setting on the SonicWall are as follows SonicWALL WAN IP NAT Public Address I set this to an IP address in the range provided and made sure it was different than the one in use by the router for the phones WAN Subnet Mask I set this to the subnet our provider sent listed WAN Gateway Router Address I set this to the Gateway address our provider listed DNS Server amp Set to what our provider sent over There is also an option for LAN settings SonicWALL LAN IP Address I left this as it was LAN Subnet Mask I set this to the subnet mask our provider listed From reading the setup guide for the SonicWall everything seems to be correct but then I am not able to access it nor do we have an internet connection The phones still work so there is connectivity to the modem I also tried connecting directly to the SonicWall rather than through a switch with no success Reseting seems to eventually work but I am not sure if that worked or if it was something else I am not sure what additional information would be needed so if you need something else please let me know nbsp
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I'm looking for one for my parents' house. About 50-70 bucks or so. Nothing fancy.

A:Can someone recommend a good Wi-Fi router?

I have purchased 3x of these the all now have the same 5dBi 3x = 15dBi and each router packs a -20dBm = 100mW. Very strong about again if you have older home you have to see how many you need. These cost $50 plus. Depends on where you get it online. I don't have any issues with TP-LINK TL-WR1043ND

32MB of RAM
8MB for Flash
400MHz NPU
832KB Packet Buffer
10/100/1000mbps ports WAN / 4 LAN
USB Port can be use Media server or FTP server using the latest ROM update.
Removable SMA ANT.

My review of this router here
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It's getting to be upgrade time again.

Going to go the server route, probably 1366 Xeon.

My questions are:

1. Do Xeon 1366's have different hole alignment/spacing that consumer 1366's?

2. If so, can anyone recommend some water blocks other than Koolance, which I know I can use, to take a look at?

Thanks for any help.

A:Socket 1366 Xeon - can anyone recommend compatible waterblocks?

Im pretty sure all 1366 motherboards use the same mounting holes. So any waterblock for the 1366 socket should be compatible.
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I hope this hasn t been asked already I searched for similar questions but there are a vast number of topics already posted that I don t think I even scratched the surface This is the second time I ve recieved a notification update? Recommend BIOS from Dell Support Center with the recommendation to update my BIOS I didn t do it the first time because I had no idea what I was doing and Recommend BIOS update? knew that messing with your BIOS could cause some serious problems This time I figure I will ask the experts first This is the message I am getting quot BIOS UPDATE AVAILABLE There is a critical new BIOS update available This critical BIOS update will fix problems or add features to the computer Recommend BIOS update? s BIOS It is strongly recommended to update to this latest BIOS quot Short sweet and to the point My question is whether or not it seems like a good idea to go ahead and do the update Recommend BIOS update? In regards to BIOS updates I ve been told quot if it ain t broke don t fix it quot but if the update will speed things up or have some benefit I m interested Also if it does seem like a good thing to do how do I go about it so I don t end up with a paper weight Thanks for the help nbsp

A:Recommend BIOS update?

I would agree with your final comment, "if it ain't broke don't fix it". But, on the other hand if Dell are pushing this recommendation then it may have some benefits, just make certain it is coming from Dell and not some bogus site. Go to the official Dell support site and look up your PC's drivers, it will show you in there what the latest version the Bios is, just check it against what you have. Go into Bios at boot and it will be written at the top of the screen.
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I have tried everything to figure out why I can't get any RDP connection. I can connect remotely within my network so I know it is not an RDP setting. I believe that I have forwarded the port and opened the firewall but I still instantly time out when trying to get in through the net. I am using XP and D-link DI-624 router. my settings are listed. Am I just missing something?

A:Firewall / RDP

the firewall settings should be
allow TCP IN/OUT port 3389​and then you need to port forward port 3389 to your PC address

which must be a static address or a DHCP reserved address.
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I'm looking for a new monitor for gaming and general use

I want something with a fairly fast response time, probably around 22" and as for budget, well, as cheap as possible really

I'm in the UK
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All i know my pc is 2.66ghz , 2 hard drives , asus motherboard , 256 creative sound card ,

the thing is i use two hard drives , and i need to use my dvd drive but i can't due to not having enough sata connections , is there anyway where i can use my two hard drives, dvd drive and my cd-rom rom drive...

Also i need a power supply can anyone recommend any..?

A:Can anyone recommend any power supplies

Are you unable to use your DVD because of a lack of power connectors, or SATA data connectors?

If your power supply still works, you could just purchase a molex to 2x sata adapter, to create two more SATA power connectors.
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I have ordered all my components except for the case. I was thinking of ordering either of these:

My maximum budget is around £50.


- Good/sleek looking
- Has to accomodate ATX motherboard and an nVidia GeForce GTX 460
- Around or under budget

Please give your comments and recommendations

A:Please recommend a case!

I like the M59 one

Have you taken a look at other alternatives like Antec / Cooler Master etc.?

COOLER MASTER RC-690-KKN1-GP Black SECC/ ABS ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

COOLER MASTER Storm Scout SGC-2000-KKN1-GP Black Steel / Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

Antec DF-35 Black Computer Case
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Hi there please? anyone a for Can recommend PSU me, guys Not sure what size PSU to get I recently shelled a lot of dough for PC parts I m building my first PC and want to make sure I can give it enough power with a little overhead I may wish to overclock the processor in the future so that needs to be taken into account From what I understand I should get either a US or Taiwan made PSU and that constant voltage and amperage are most important I d also go for one that s Gold Plus certified if needs be Here are the parts Gigabyte GA-X A-UD R mobo Intel i CPU Will want to overclock later in the CPU s Can anyone recommend a PSU for me, please? life ATI HD GPU GB x GB Corsair XMS DDR PC - Mhz AKASA Nero S Premier Cooler Corsair H - Hydro Watercooler Will probably use this with OC d processor Scythe Setsugen GPU Cooler Samsung F TB HDD I also already have an old Samsung SyncMaster T LCD monitor a Creative i-Trigue Sound System HP Photosmart HP Keyboard and Wireless Mouse And I will probably change the keyboard and mouse for something more fanciful later on I will be using Windows bit Home Premium Your Can anyone recommend a PSU for me, please? help is much appreciated nbsp

A:Can anyone recommend a PSU for me, please?

What's your price range?

I'd suggest:
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I would like something that will not ask all kind of questions and will do a good job of protecting me. If anyone can answere this I would appreciate a link.


A:A good firewall (software) compactable with with Windows XP

XP has its own firewall which is good enough to do the job,
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Hello all, I am new here and I hope some one might help me. I have an issue which may be router/firewall related and I have next to no knowledge on that or networking systems. Me and a friend are trying to play a game online together and I try to start a stand-alone server through my own machine. On my friend's end gets messages saying I am blocking with possibility of a router or firewall or such. I have tried disabling my firewall but that had not worked.
Any help would be appreciated!

A:Router/firewall issues

If your friend is connected (wired or wifi) to your router, you can fix that.

Otherwise, to gave a game server on your ISP connection with a friend elsewere on the Internet, is a real problem.
Both need firewall rules, and this one needs port forwarding from your router to your game server.

HOWEVER, that is not only a security risk, but likely in violatin of your EULA (End User License Agreement)
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its for my mom, she doesn't game, do anything resource intensive. want to spend 300-500 bucks. heres what i would like for it to have: dual core proc., 3 gig RAM, 250 gig hard drive. thanks guys.

A:Can someone recommend me a good laptop?

someone please?
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I am not very technology smart but here goes, My dell laptop will not connect to the internet and there is no firewall it will not let me enable it. I just keep getting error messages It is on vista.

A:Firewall not working Cannot enable No internet access


you may have to sue a private address
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I'm looking to replace my SRX200 linksys router. I'd like something that is N and backwards compatible with every other format. Currently I run my router with 4 computers, my blackberry phones, an xbox 360, and a WII. I have a rather large apartment with several rooms and two floors. My current router has a problem streaming video from laptops to my xbox and I was told I needed a N router to do this more effectively. My router is now randomly dropping connections for some reason and I've had it for 2 years. Also, I have a 20mb connection and will be upgrading to 60mb very soon.

So I'm looking for the best between $100 to $200. I'm looking for the best that I can get.

A:Recommend me a great router!

This would be the way to go especially if you're streaming videos. It may be to the upper limit of your budget, butit's worth it. Check out the features - you'll see...
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I am looking for a 2TB NAS to add to my network, now I have used a NAS in the past and was not impressed with the file transfer, although that was 3 years ago and this Seagate 2TB NAS look ok. I have always used Segate HDD internal and external, would anybody else recommend this. it's actually quite small and segate says it's very quiet, I remember reading about the last NAS I bought and that said it was very quite as well? It wasn't it was very loud.

Thanks in advance.

A:Seagate 2TB Blackarmor NAS 110 7200RPM would you recommend it?

I would get Gig network NAS.
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One of my friends wishes to purchase servers and his requirements are as follows. Can someone please recommend a HP server along with exact model and details specifications including URL which can help him select. Details available are:

Server #1: To be used as the main server for DNS, DHCP, and MS-Exchange server

Server #2: Will be used an a application server

Questions/more available information:
1) He wishes to have raid 3 or raid 5 for server # 2
2) How much total hard disk should be ok for each server
3) what should be the min. RAM for each server
4) He wishes to have internal tape back-up unit for server #2


A:Please recommend servers

He will have success with any computer sold as a Server. But he will likely have to install the extra RAID drives. Servers do not need a lot of Ram. You can get by with 512MB on up.
Internal tape back up is a separate unit you buy and install after market, but some servers come with them installed.
Installing and running servers is not rocket science, but it is difficult compared to a regular computer, and requires some reading and study, or experience on another server.

There are plenty of good books on Servers available on Amazon and a variety of good book stores... or from better libraries. You do not need the most recent book, but one that references Windows Server 2003 would be a good choice.
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I m looking to add a few more harddrives to my system I already have but I might take of those you Which of recommend? these drives would out and put their contents on a partition or something Who knows Anyway I was looking at a few harddrives on Newegg Which of these drives would you recommend? and always having been partial to Western Digital they were the first Which of these drives would you recommend? once I looked at Which of these drives would you recommend? This one immediately caught my eye for obvious reasons http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E TB WD Caviar Green Now before I hear you say it I won t be using these harddrives as my installation drive I MIGHT install games to it maybe but probably not These will be used for storage for the most part My main concern here is that I m reading a lot of bad reviews along with a lot of good ones about these TB drives and I d probably do better to hold off on those for a while until they stabilize I also came across this one though http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E TB WD Caviar Black Tons of great reviews about this drive and at only a little more than half the price of the TB it might be worth it And finally I m thinking I might replace my installation drive which is actually a partition of a Gig Samsung drive with a VelociRaptor I don t need anything large or whatever for my installation drive just fast http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E GB RPM This should be perfect Along with the fact that it s the x winner of the customer choice for internal harddrives it sounds pretty solid So the main thing I need is opinions which of those large capacity drives hould I get and is it worth the money to get the Raptor drive for increased performance ALSO I need a little help with something else I have a W Antex Earthwatts PSU It s held perfectly solid since I ve had it never an issue with it I m wondering what adding more harddrives will do to it though Like I said I ll probably remove the smaller harddrives I have a WD GB IDE and a Maxtor GB IDE and move their contents to either a folder or a partition of another drive Then I plan on replacing the GB partition of the GB Samsung SATA drive which is my installation C partition with the GB VelociRaptor then I want to add either or of those TB Caviar Black drives for a total of either or harddrives MY question is can a W PSU handle harddrives a PCI-E x video card internal optical drives an AMD Athlon X CPU and case fans or will I probably have to upgrade before long I m sure if I just remove those drives and add the velociraptor and the caviar in there it won t make any difference at all since I m still at harddrives but I still wanna know nbsp

A:Which of these drives would you recommend?

Seagate Barracuda LP ST32000542AS 2TB 5900 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Hard Drive -Bare Drive
This is a black friday sale, so better hurry, it is also 5900 RPM, but you say it is for storage.

Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 ST31500341AS 1.5TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive

Full 7200 RPM, and 1.5tb.

About the Velociraptor, while it is a decent harddrive, I think WD mistimed its entry, coming out just a bit before SSD's started going mainstream, and SSD destroy any raptor. So personally, I would recommend buying either a OCZ Vertex Series OCZSSD2-1VTX30G 2.5" 30GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid state disk (SSD) - Retail $130, OCZ Agility Series OCZSSD2-1AGT60G 2.5" 60GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid state disk (SSD) - Retail $230, OCZ Vertex Series OCZSSD2-1VTX60G 2.5" 60GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid state disk (SSD) - Retail $240, whatever you have the money for. Of course, there is much less storage space, so alternatively you can save up your money and buy when SSDs become even faster and cheaper.

can a 500W PSU handle 5 harddrives, a PCI-E16x video card, 2 (internal) optical drives, an AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ CPU, and 5 case fansClick to expand...


I'm sure if I just remove those 2 drives and add the velociraptor and the caviar in there it won't make any difference at all, since I'm still at 4 harddrives, but I still wanna know.Click to expand...

You might as well keep your drives in, the powersupply is fine. Also the raptor takes a bit more power than a normal drive, however, the WD 2tb green takes less power, but I don't think it is quite enough to offset the raptor.
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I have 3 PCI Slots (One of which doesn't work for unknown reasons, 2 are being used - one by my wireless network and the other by my current graphics device, the fx 5200). I also have a AGP 4x/8x Slot... An older version. Newer AGP type devices I don't think will fit due to reversed plugs on the cards than I have in my motherboard. So please, no AGP recommendations.

But, I would like to hear of a nice, cheap video card that's in the range of GF 7 and GF 9. Thank you.

You can also email me your suggestions: [email protected]

A:What would you recommend?

You may have missed the Sticky in this forum (right below "New Topic") When you posted
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Hi All

I tried to install Outpost's free firewall today. Unfortunately all my adapters -- broadcom 440x 10/100 and intel proset/wireless 2200bg don't work. i uninstalled outpost. under device manager it left a yellow exclamation with a number of agnitum adapters including the ones above. i tried clean.exe in safe mode to remove the remaining adapters.

So here is the bigger problem, when i try to uninstall and the reinstall either of the adapters from the driver executables, it starts, does a partial install, but then gives me an error indicating that a file (necessary to complete the install) cannot be found.

I've spent the better part of the day dealing with what should be a simply uninstall reinstall issue. HELP!

sys info - dell inspiron 700m laptop running xp sp3

A:Outpost firewall disabled my network adapters - Help

To clarify then

1) You can uninstall BOTH the wireless and LAN driver without problem, correct?
2) But you cannot install BOTH the wireless and LAN drive? They BOTH have the same problem during the install (about a file missing?)
3) And are you installing the latest drivers fourn on the Dell support website?
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Okay, so I have a friend that decided they were gonna build a new computer, and of course asked for my help.

They want to go with an AMD processor, but I said I'd rather go with an Intel... as I've seen that Intel's lately perform much better on average, put out less heat, and seem to have bigger L2 caches from what I've seen looking around.

Anyways, as I'm not familiar with AMD's latest lineup of processors, I thought I'd ask everyone here what they'd recommend. (Last time I even bought an AMD was about 3 years ago...) Anyone had any experience with AMD's more recent processors?

A:AMD processors - what would people recommend these days?

Depends on budget, AMD is marginally cheaper, and they have quite competative processors with lots of L3 cache. Budget?
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can anyone reccomend a good atx case for me? Style doesnt matter to much but it has to be large and not too expensive. Ive seen a few good cases around like the antec 900? or the coolmaster haf or cosmos?

thx if you can help:grinthumb

A:Anyone recommend a good ATX case?

The cases you suggested are pretty much top of the line on a budget in my opinion. id go for the antec.
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Hey there i would like to know whether it is possible to configure the "inside interface" of cisco router with /24 subnet, which is connected to a layer 3 switch which has few network segment using /23 subnet...would it cause routing conflict?

FIREWALL "inside" interface ( |----->LAYER 3 SWITCH------->internal network,

A:Cisco Firewall configure question

singapork said:

configure the "inside interface" of cisco router with /24 subnet, which is connected to a layer 3 switch which has few network segment using /23 subnet...would it cause routing conflict?

FIREWALL "inside" interface" ( |----->LAYER 3 SWITCH------->internal network, to expand...

hmm; *IF* there's one connection from the Cisco to the switch which then provides the fan-out into the x.100.0/24, then the rules would be generic filters; high level, non-destination ip specific (no layer 2,3 rules)

there should not be problems with that approach.

Think of the Cisco as a gateway filter and then the L3 Switch as the low level controller.
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I have an aging Brother HL-1450 which probably needs a new drum (if that will solve the dirt problem), but a new drum + new toner exceeds the price of most new lasers out there (yes, I know that those come with a starter toner, but the issue is the $117 drum).

The HL-1450 draws about 350 Watts when it prints, and that is a decent power draw (lights dim). Most of the new brothers want double that (including the currently on-sale HL-5240).

I am not married to Brother here ... can someone recommend a decent B&W laser printer which does not draw 600-1000W to print?


A:Recommend a B&W Laser which does NOT need 600+W to Print

Lots of chioces... Here's one:
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Just spent several hours reading, with growing fear,
all the stuff on the Internet Security board.

Regarding many recommendations to have a good
hardware firewall in a router, what's a good one
with an up to date firewall?

I'm putting together a new system, do NOT
want it corrupted right away!

Thanks for any recommendations!

A:What's a good home cable router with a good firewall?

Hi men, look in web page of cisco system this is a big company on the nertworking area...maybe can help with you problem.
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To get two-way firewall protection in Windows Vista, do the following:

Click on the Start button; in the search space, type "wf.msc" and press Enter.
Click on the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security icon.
This management interface displays the inbound and outbound rules.
Click on Windows Firewalls Properties. You should now see a dialog box with several tabs.
For each profile -- Domain, Private and Public -- change the setting to Block, and then click OK.

Even if you do this tweak, I recommend adding a more robust third-party firewall.
I suggest either Comodo Firewall Pro or ZoneAlarm, both of which are free and fare
very well in independent firewall testing. Also consider Sunbelt --
30 trail but after it expires, you lose nothing important and the system is very unintrusive

A:Vista two-way firewall protection

Nice find. I recently came across that bit of information myself. I was going to bring it out during a firewall discussion thread but it seems you've beat me to it and this might be a better approach anyway.
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Currently have an HP A1730N and want to upgrade my video card to an XFX 7900GS. Current power supply is 300watts and I need bare minimum 350, so I figure a 500watt supply.

I have an onboard PCI-E slot, pci slots, 2 SATA board connectors. I am running 1 SATA HD, a USB DVDRW, and have 3 sticks of 1gb DDR2 RAM. Have about 6 USB devices going. Everything else is onboard, including sound and my current video card which will obviously be disabled. CPU is an AMD Athlon 64 x2 4600+

Need something that will fit fine and give me the right connections. Looking to spend less than $60. Thanks.

A:Recommend me a PSU

This one might work:

Don't expect top end for $60 though.
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Hi all,

This is my first post,

My main computer is just about dead (ill be doing the 8 steps later) - im using it now and "borrowing" a neighbor's internet connection because mine is acting weird.

a friend loaned me a laptop while i fix my other comp, the laptop cant connect to the internet.

I just got done talking to tech support, and we pinged a couple sites, that all worked. but something is keeping IE from accessing the internet,

There is only windows standard firewall, and i took that down for now. i dont know what is blocking internet access!

Can someone help?

A:Cannot Connect to internet, Firewall is down and I can Ping out, what is wrong?

Hi Ryan

Get the Attachment on a Flash drive or burn to CD get to the desktop of the problem computer.

Click here: try to get the attachment the malware may allow programs to run!

On this board Executable (.EXE ) can not be attached so download the Rt Click it get Properties and in the name box change from to Fixit.exe.

Boot to Safe mode and execute it. When it reboots execute it once again from normal boot. When it boots back up you should be able to work somewhat normally, at least to do the 8 Step Process.

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Hello I have SBS and client PC s Win XP Pro on a domain All can access the internet fine I can ping all pc s fine I log on as the administrator I shared a few print drivers on the server but when I try to go through network places MS network entire network the server shows up but when I attempt to open it it says I may not have permission to access the network and some other irritating stuff Same thing when I try the Add Printer in the printers window I turned off Win firewall and was able to cant access network from client Firewall issue, access all fine for about minutes then got the same warning again cant access Do I need to do a simple Firewall issue, cant access network from client reboot of the server to get the settings to stick or is it some related service that is now off that won t allow access through my network places now that I turned off win firewall I tried putting firewall back on and set the exceptions for file and print sharing and then not only couldn t I access my network but it also stopped the internet sharing on all clients Even tried turning off firewall different ways through control pannel and through run services msc and firewall cpl I even turned off win firewall on the client still no go Only time all works perfect is for the to minutes following my turning off firewall then goes right back to access denied Not sure what other exceptions I may need to checkmark or how firewall can be configured to do its job and still let me access my own network and internet Pretty frustrating I should say some client pc s have the print share drivers installed from long ago and work fine but I can t use the network to get to these shared print drivers or anything else at this time I figure it s something I need to do to my server what do you think Thanks for the help nbsp

A:Firewall issue, cant access network from client

see this vista tip:

it is mostly germane (just ignore the Public vs Private settings)

For background
Sharing uses ports

138: Name services: this controls the visibility of system names in View Entire Network --> Ms Windows Network -->Workgroup
139,445: these are the actual data ports used for access (Samba and CIFS support). Printers will show up here too.
631: this is the print spooling port for CUPS support
the default Windows FW sets these on the exceptions tab: Print/File sharing,
but SBS 2003 doesn't run that -- WHAT FW are you running?

Check me out here: Does SBS 2003 support the GPO features? If so, be sure that
Enumerate Shares is still allowed, otherwise, you can only get access using

Once you get to this point, user/passwords become the issue in two ways:

network authentication
NFTS Permissions
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EDIT Read bottom of post Hi I am looking to get a new video card for under untaxed from this store Link to store http www hypertechcomputer com You can access the video cards page by going to Video card Video conference-- gt PCI-Express My type I would supply the link but the Which do recommend, one vs. Radeon - of why? GeForce you video and cards these website is frame-based The two I am eying are Radeon vs. GeForce - Which one of these video cards do you recommend, and why? the ATi Radeon and the Geforce GT for around the same price I am currently using a Geforce GS that has died on me System AMD Sempron Processor gb DDR Ram Buffalo watt peak power supply w amps on the volt rail Windows XP Kubuntu Operating systems K N Neo motherboard I believe has a PCI-Express x slot I use it primarily for d modeling and playing games such as Counter Strike Source and Half life Episode level games My previous video card before death could Radeon vs. GeForce - Which one of these video cards do you recommend, and why? not handle Counter Strike Source on a reasonable resolution without lag and had a lot of trouble with multiple moving objects on the screen I would prefer an ATi card Radeon vs. GeForce - Which one of these video cards do you recommend, and why? my past experiences with NVidia have all been negative considering every video card I have purchased from them have failed within several months and were not purchased from the same store The only ATi Radeon card I have owned was an ATi Radeon pro which ran faster then my Geforce for both CAD and Gaming at the time lasted over two years until the video card had coffee spilled on it by my friend My case is well-vented I am open to other suggestions but I would prefer not to order them from online and all the chain retailers nearby overprice video cards like crazy Which one do you recommend I get and why Edit Well I made a deal with the owner that I would buy both cards and he d take the one I liked least back since they were the same in-store price I tested them all on different things The ATi was faster on everything but Battlefield Both cards made my GS seem like a dust-collecting rat that needs to be put in a chest and discovered a couple hundred years from now Here are the results for the three cards - The new cards both made a big difference Battlefield x high settings no AA Fail under fps fps HD fps Counter Strike x high settings x AA FAIL system crash fps HD fps zero change Oblivion x x AA high settings FAIL frames per minute FPS HD FPS Call of Duty x x AA Ultra high settings SYSTEM CRASH took minutes to BSOD SYSTEM CRASH also took minutes to BSOD HD SYSTEM CRASH took minutes seconds to BSOD Doom fps Error message quot Go get a voodoo you quot HD Error message quot You re kidding right quot I took the GT back and am enjoying the nbsp

A:Radeon vs. GeForce - Which one of these video cards do you recommend, and why?

I use the 8600, I stopped using ATI some time ago but I am running Vista
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So ive been wanting to play WoW. But my video card doesnt even meet the minimum requirements. So i was wondering if anyone might recommend a video card. I dont want top of the line, just good enough to run WoW with no lag. Also money is sorta tight, so the cheeper the better!

A:Recommend a vid card?

So what are your systems specs?
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I have a WEP 128 with 2 desktops and 2 laptops, all with Zonealarm installed, and connected to the Orange Livebox router, by wireless.

On 1 laptop, I have a printer connected and have enabled it for Printer Sharing. I also have shared documents on each of them which I have allowed access. If I disable ZoneAlarm I can access the workgroup, \\MSHOME.

Otherwise, I can't. I have to turn Zonealarm off.

I have tried:
Allowing the IP range of to the trusted zone... doesn't work.

Any one have any ideas?


A:Sharing printer files over Orange Wireless Network and Zonealarm firewall

PING is a useless test for this condition.

I'll refer you to a Vista Page, but everything except the Public vs Private comments
apply to ALL Windows systems.

For firewall control, you need special ports to be allowed, but only for YOUR lan addresses.

IF your lan is thru, then


allow TCP/UDP in src iprange ports 135-139,445
allow TCP/UDP out dest iprange ports 135-139,445
allow UDP in src iprange port 631
allow UDP out dest iprange port 631

the first two are file sharing and will work for Mac, Linux and Windows,
the last two remote print spooling
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My friend and I are trying to set up a couple of Counter-Strike: Source. But because we both have routers we are having trouble doing so. I know that routers have internal or hardware firewalls, so how can we disable these? We are usually very good with hardware, but we've never eally messed with networks and stuff. So we are hardware experts not network experts.

Also our routers are from linsys and netgear.

Thanks in advance.

A:How to disable Router firewall

If you are trying to connect over the Internet then you should just open the proper ports on the firewall. Taking down the entire firewall is a bad idea.
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Hey I am building screen please me a and Recommend graphics card a PC for my mate and here are the specs so far MOBO P N-E SLI I bet you heard that million times CPU Intel Q RAM GB DDR MHz CASE EV Gamer case with PSU included HDD GB rpm MB cache Samsung OD Lightscribe x DVD CD R W So now I have a choice to make the graphics card and screen He will be using this PC primarily for gaming which is why I chose a good processor and big HDD My total cost at the moment is GBP which is dollar The budget is anywhere in the reigon below please note I need a screen speakers although these will be - sound card AND the graphics card so no rediculously high prices graphics cards He asked me for good graphics Must Recommend me a graphics card and screen please be from http www ebuyer com Must be MB I can have x MB cards or x GB but I will let you guys more Recommend me a graphics card and screen please experts than me tell me if or better etc Ok it s a long list but to summ up it s a graphics card costing up to give or take anything lower is excellent I have been looking at nVidia series and GeForce it must be nVidia For screens currently I have chosen the Samsung NWX quot monitor with x c d screen which is at http ebuyer com product although I am open to suggestions on anything else up to - I AM OPEN TO OPINIONS I can change any of the specs at the moment so suggestions are welcome POWER CONSUMPTION IS NOT A PROBLEM I havn t yet chosen a PSU and I ll get anything good Thank you for your time AND suggestions Regards Charlie nbsp

A:Recommend me a graphics card and screen please

Try these:

Acer AL2416WB 24" TFT Monitor Widescreen 1920x1200 1000:1 400cd/m2 5ms Silver/Black 3 Years Warranty - £198.99 + free delivery
ASUS HD 4870X2 2GB GDDR5 Dual DVI HDCP HDTV out PCI-E Graphics Card - £364.9 + free delivery
Corsair 650W TX Series PSU - 120mm Fan, 80+% Efficiency, Single +12V Rail - £60.25 + free delivery
Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio PCI-Express - OEM - £27.39 + free 5-day delivery

The total for the entire system will easily be under £1000 and your friend would have a killer system that will be able to play any game with the detail settings maxed out.
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Looking for a good quality set with thick wiring. Over the last few years I've been through so much with one ear piece no longer working. I'd like something that lasts longer

Please recommend something you know of that has thick wiring, it must include a microphone for gaming purposes.


A:Please recommend Computer Headsets

Google is a good tool for this...
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I get a firewall conflict warning while trying to hook up my computer to a router.

A:Firewall conflict

Tell us more. There have been many firewall issues caused by a Microsoft update KB951748.
But this is normally a setup issue. Uninstall or disable the firewall, install the router, reinstall the firewall.
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Hi guys, my cpu's (E8400 3.06ghz) quite hot wif idle temp of 44degC to loading of 60degC. Any recommendations for a cooler?

I have no preference and am very open to suggestions =D

-I dont care about noise. Performance is key.
-I dont have a gigantic case so i'm hoping for the normal size coolers.
-Try not to recommend something tat's more than $50.

Thanks for any recommendations xD

A:Recommend a CPU cooler?
here is one for 50$ with a ten dollar mail in rebate.
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I have tried to open port 5900 - 5906 on my 3Com Officeconnect cable/DSL router in order to log into the VNC server running on my computer (from the Internet).

I have selected port 5900-5906 and the (local) IP address of the computer hosting the VNC server using the "virtual server" option on the firewall settings. The VNC server does run un port 5900.

However, I am not able to connect to the VNC server. Anyone have any ideas how to correct this error?

A:RealVNC firewall troubles on 3Com officeconnect router

How and from where are you trying to connect? Many routers do not support loopback connections - you cannot connect to your own internet address from your internal network.

Is the software firewall on the computer cofigured properly? Make sure that the VNC server is configured to accept connections from all remote addresses. Can you connect to the VNC server using another computer on the LAN?
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I have a new HP Pavillion a6400f and need dual monitor capability. I do not play games. I have one free pci exp x16 slot. Could anyone recommend a suitable card that would suit my needs?

A:Recommend Video Card

So match the added card to the on-board video's chipset... example, if you have ATI graphics, go ATI PCI-e. If you have Nvidia, go Nvidia PCI-e. Just spend what is in your budget that's all there is to it
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Which is better linksys wireless n firewall enabled with wpa2 or software firewall. I here that if you have a hardware firewall then the software one is pretty much useless, what do you people say?.

A:Hardware vs Software firewall?

pimpmypc said:

Which is better linksys wireless n firewall enabled with wpa2 or software firewall. I here that if you have a hardware firewall then the software one is pretty much useless, what do you people say?.Click to expand...

A hardware firewall appliance is much better than a software FW.
However, Linksys with WPA{1,2} (or any other cheap router) is hardly a hardware firewall appliance.
All routers we get for home use have NAT support and some have SPI protection.
These are the very minimal services of a firewall. In short, home users will
need a software firewall to protect each system on the LAN or need to layout some
serious cash to get a real firewall appliance.

here's a list of a few Hardware Firewalls:

Hot Brick
3com FW Switch
3Com® X506
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Hi Kids!


I not looking to do fancy things on it, just the basics. I want something that is durable and lightweight and with good virus protection.

My friends have recommend the Toshiba, Vaio ... hey have you seen the new Macbook air?!? It looks real nice ... anyone know if it's good and worth the price?



A:Looking to buy Laptop... what do you recommend?

What is your budget?
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I have four 3-pin fans and two 4-pin fans in my computer and i need a fan controller than can control most if not all of them. I was looking at the zalman MFC1 Plus and I was wondering if that can control both 4 and 3 pin fans. Is there any others that you would recommend? Thanks in advance for your help.

A:What fan controller do you recommend?

You should have separate controllers for the best results when both 3-pin and 4-pin fans are installed.
I would change to fans that all have the same pin-outs
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I have recently decided to do a little upgrading on my computer because I was getting annoyed by getting rather low frames-per-second in all my games At first I thought it s my power-supply and my RAM so I went and bought a W PSU and x GB sticks of RAM Saw no difference in my computer s performance when it came down to games This is the current set-up I have running right now - BFG GeForce GT OC - GB RAM PC Kingston - Pentium Ghz with Hyper-Threading LGA - Watt Power Supply - I m not sure about the motherboard but my PC is a Compaq Presario SR NX In Team Fortress I can get anything from to fps In Serious Sam I can get anything between and everything on high In BioShock I get around Games Me Terrible in (Recommend Upgrade) FPS an a constant everything on high The worst offender Terrible FPS in Games (Recommend Me an Upgrade) however is all the Source games No matter what my settings could be x to x low and high no AA are I don t get anything above and unless Terrible FPS in Games (Recommend Me an Upgrade) I m like facing a wall with no enemies near According to my research when this game came out my current card and processor was considered great high-budget stuff So what s the problem The only thing I could have thought of was that my CPU is bottlenecking my set-up I was thinking about buying a new CPU though I m not sure which one I should buy I would however rather not buy a new motherboard as then I would have to re-buy my RAM as well and I m no Scrooge McDuck However if I would need to replace my CPU and my motherboard how should I go about it Anything you guys recommend I have about to spare on this upgrade but no more As for some side notes I m getting a GeForce in a week or two I m not interested in over-clocking I uninstalled reinstalled my video card s drivers yesterday and my motherboard BIOS is up to date Thanks nbsp

A:Terrible FPS in Games (Recommend Me an Upgrade)

Wait until you get your GeForce 8800 before doing anything else. That could solve your problem to a large degree.
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Last night my hardware Sonicwall firewall took a crap The wrench light came on and it stopped working smelling like it fried My network must stay Firewall issue online so I had to find a firewall solution and fast It wasn t a problem for the office computers as they Firewall issue all run XP and have Sunbelt personal firewall installed and running But the server and the Exchange box both run on windows server and the Sunbelt firewall is not compatible I scrambled for a temporary solution and installed Sygate Personal Firewall on both machines After installing the Sygate firewall and putting the network back online the file server is now logging this this is my exchange box within the network so I don t know what is going on Everything seems to be functioning properly but these logs worry me I know that the Sygate firewall is no longer supported and is kind of old so can anyone suggest a good software firewall to run on my Win server s nbsp

A:Firewall issue

sorry i can't help you too much mate, i don't have any experience with windows server 2003 but somebody else who is online no might that wasn't online earlier

sounds to me like the firewall is blocking access attempts to the ip so check its settings but other than that i'm out of ideas i'm afraid and like i say, i don't know windows server edition

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My ZoneAlarm firewall thing is denying access from my other computer to the computer with ZoneAlarm on it. I tried finding the "Trusted Zone" area but I can not locate it.

I have version: 7.0.362.000
TrueVector engine version: 7.0.362.000
Driver version: 7.0.362.000.

It is the ZoneAlarm that monitors internet traffic too (if there is another one)


A:ZoneAlarm Firewall Denying Network

Update Windows XP and use the Windows firewall
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If this is in the wrong forum blame the welcome wagon In the red corner Features for this HEWLETT PACKARD M UK - Intel Core Duo Processor E - x GHz GHz FSB MB Cache - Microsoft Windows XP Media Center - GB DDR RAM - GB Hard Disk Drive - Dual Layer DVD ReWriter Drive - MB ATI Radeon X SE Graphics - Built-in TV Tuner Remote Control - Which PC's you these of recommend? would g Wireless Network Ready - -in- Media Card Reader And in the blue corner Features for this HEWLETT PACKARD Intel Core Duo Processor E GHz MHz FSB MB Cache Genuine Windows Vista R Home Premium GB DDR RAM GB Hard Drive DVD Rewriter Drive MB nVidia GeForce LE Graphics Built-in TV Tuner Remote Control Wireless Keyboard Mouse -in- Media Card Reader What sells me on the first one is that it Which of these PC's would you recommend? s XP I m very comfortable with XP it s served me well and I m not too keen on switching to Vista not least because of any potential compatibility issues with the games and software I have The second one however does have the lure of a slightly faster Which of these PC's would you recommend? machine and nVidia which I feel comfortable with because it s a familiar name and I know I m getting something good with it Something that has me curious is the x GHz GHz FSB MB Cache with the first PC and the GHz MHz FSB MB Cache with the second one Is there something significant with one having processors over the singular processor of the other I likely won t be playing any high-end or intensive games but I d still like know that the computer I m getting can still play them well if the need arises If I was forced to choose right now I would go for the former one because I d rather go with XP even though the graphics card is from a company I m not that familiar with and I tend to veer towards the bigger name because I feel more confident in their product All things being equal what would you choose and why Reassure me the former is the one for me or convince me that I should take the Vista plunge and go for the latter I m on the fence right now and would appreciate feedback that would guide me either way nbsp

A:Which of these PC's would you recommend?

Both processors are dual core so they are about even, but I do like the E6600 better than the E6400 simply because it's faster and has twice the L2 cache. The geForce 7500LE just plain sucks as a 3D accerator while the X1600 is about three times as powerful but still isn't anything to brag about. I'd buy the E6600 and then plan to purchase a new video card and operating system. How much are you planning on spending on this computer because it's very possible to cobble together for you a computer that would meet or beat a combination of the best parts of the 7635 and the 7755 for usually just a little more money.
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Planning on making a less powerful computer for a friend of mines mom. The mobod is the ASUS M2N-E Socket AM2 NVIDIA nForce 570 Ultra MCP ATX AMD along with the x2 4600 brisbane. What memory would you suggest to work the best with NO overclocking at all. Would the 800 be best?

A:What memory do you recommend?

That board can take DDR2 PC2-5300, DDR2 PC2-6400, DDR2 PC2-4200, DDR2-8500 with a maximum of 2 GB.

The only decisions to make are ECC vs non-ECC You don't need ECC.
Whatever you get, make sure all modules are alike, and do not use any memory that as Value in the description, as it is slower.
The entire memory package will run at the rate of the slowest module.
Based on your description, I would get the DDR2 PC6400 in two 1 GB modules.. but you would be fine with the any, as long as they are identical.
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Could someone recommend me a custom build for 3D Animation?
Budget, about 800 - 1500, and Intel DUO Core. Just something that can handle Maya with ease.

Thanks for your time.

A:Recommend a computer build for 3D animation?

Processor Intel DUO Core, fastest you can afford
Lots of Memory 2GB or more
Large hard drive
Good quality motherboard
Hi-end PCI-E video card
Large wattage power supply
Hi-end monitor

Start shopping...
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I know that your supposed to only really have one firewall but I have my hardware firewall on my router and then a software firewall on trend micro internet security 2007. I was wondering if i should disable the trend micro one and just use the one on my 2Wire modem. And i was also wondering if its ok to use a hardware and software firewall without any interference.

A:Firewall Help

What you have is OK if you are happy with what Trend Micro offers. But you would never want two software firewalls.
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I could use a little bit of everyone's wisdom here. I find myself doing more and more computer repairs (mainly family and business is good!) and feel that a hardware diag card would greatly help me out. Since I have no experience in chosing or using a PCI Motherboard diagnostic card so I'm hoping some of my friends here can point me in the direction of a good, user friendly card. The only other caveat is that I would like to keep the price under $50.

Thanks guys and gals!

A:Recommend me a motherboard diagnostic card

None of them are much good for very long. Motherboards change too frequently. Experience is the best teacher, followed by goog books by Muellar and Bigelow... and know your software.
The motherboard is very seldom the problem... in fact it is surprising how seldom the motherboard is involved in the problem. Same with the CPU. Only in eMachines, which you cannot fix anyway, does either have much to do with the problems.
Invest in a good thermal temperature gun, for under $50, a case of Dust Off, a good power supply tester, and a couple of quarts of denatured alcohol. Put the rest into diagnostic discs that you can trust... buy building your own from downloads at,, and elsewhere.
Relevancy 31.82%

Hey there,
I am having temp problems (Intel Pentium D 820 last temp read at 67 C) and need a bigger, better heatsink than the standard size. Can anyone recommend a good alternative that is cost efficient?

Yes, I have reinstalled the fan/heatsink with a fresh layer of Artic silver after cleaning thoroughly but its been no help. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

A:Can anyone recommend a good oversized Fan/Heatsink for socket 775/asus motherboard

zalmans 9700
Relevancy 24.51%

On my network 74+ machines I have 6 of these machines I can not do a remote invintory on. I am using Network Inventory Lite.

What it tells me when I go to connect to one of these 6 michines is that I have no access rights or there is a firewall turned on. On the access rights I am connecting to the machines as domain admin and all personal fire walls (XP pro) I think the firewall is not a problem due to a couple of the machines being 2000 and have no firewalls.

So it must be a networking problem? Tho I can conect with Goverlan and take full control of the machines as well as look at the specs on the machine?

I am about to rub the rest of my hair off my head on this one.

Any ideas?

A:Firewall or no access

If there is no firewall, maybe some essential services have been disabled that Network Inventory relies on? Something like RPC or Remote Registry or File and Printer Sharing?

Are the machines actually in the domain? Maybe try removing and re-adding them?
Relevancy 28.81%

My current system specs are below is getting a bit dated and frankly I m just itching to build a new computer Since the days of pentium hyperthreading socket and AGP video cards are long gone I m looking for some advice and or guides on where to look for ideas I like to play games although I wouldn t consider myself a gaming geek in that I need the latest card and processor But I do like quality I guess what I m looking for is a decent mid range system that ll make look FSX and Vista look good without breaking my bank I new Want any you'd guides recommend? good system, to build 'build' a m partial to Intel ASUS and ATI but I d really be willing to try anything as I know the market changes like the winds I m not real keen on the latest in technology for instance all I know a RAID to be is something we d Want to build a new system, any good 'build' guides you'd recommend? do in the middle of the night to the sorority houses looking for panties Any Want to build a new system, any good 'build' guides you'd recommend? ideas or general directions you can point me in would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Want to build a new system, any good 'build' guides you'd recommend?

What is your budget?
Relevancy 24.51%

Hello guys.
I just upgraded my broadband subscription with AOL and they sent me a complimentary netgear WiFi router.

Very handy because I bought my daughter a laptop for Christmas 'which comes preloaded with Norton Security antivirus and firewall.

On our desktop we are running AVG antivirus and XP firewall 'now I'm not sure but I think the router has a built-in firewall? If so is it safe for me a turn off the firewall on the laptop because I think it's slowing it up big time.

I'm not a very technically minded person so any other tips you can give me to improve the connection between my desktop and my girls laptop would be much appreciated.

I also done a bandwidth test and at worst we get 2 MB and at best 5 MB.

Thanks very much.

A:Wifi & Firewall????

First off, Norton is known to be resource hog so I'm not surprised that you find it to be slowing up the laptop. Unless you have some really good reason not to, you should probably remove the Norton Antivirus and Firewall from the laptop.

In general it's always a good idea to run a software firewall on your computer even if you already have one built into your router. It's also generally not a good idea to use the ordinary XP firewall, instead use a free alternative like ZoneAlarm or Kerio.
Relevancy 33.54%

Hi there everybody!
I was wondering if anyone could recommend me a graphics card?
I am a student with a part time job and not much money! I am currently building a computer and need a good graphics card that will play The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Age Of Empires III, do everyday school work and surf the web etc and would be compatible with the AsRock 775V88 Motherboard.
(Specs Here )
I live in New Zealand so if I cannot find the recommended boards here then i will probably ignore them as I do not really want to import into the country as i do not know if NZ has any import rules!!!
Thanks in advance for and recommendations!!!

A:Recommend me a Video Card!!

Well, it's a bit of a tall order actually. The games you are wanting to play require fairly powerful graphics cards.

You need to get an AGP graphics card. The first thing you need to confirm is whether or not your current PSU will be enough to power a new card, otherwise you'll need to budget a new PSU in as well.

Open up your case and look at the sticker attached to the power supply and read how many watts your PSU is rated at. Also look at the chart on the sticker. How many amps on the +12v rail?
Relevancy 32.68%

this is my mobo :

im currently using the on board geforce 6100 IGP

i have around $70 for an upgrade. recommend me the best pci express card according to my budget.

my PSU is 450watt which came with my casing (not sure about the name) do i need a PSU upgrade ?

system specs :

athlon64 3500+ Venice at 2.4Ghz
2x512mb Kingston ddr400 dual channel
Samsung dual layer dvd writer (does it have an impact on power ?)


A:recommend me a budget pci express card for my mobo

What gaming are you currently doing / planning on doing?

And $70 wont get you a very good videocard.... you need atleast $150-200 to get like a 6800 or something

Also for your PSU I would recommend a upgrade because 450w isnt all that much, Here is a good PSU for cheap price

Hope I helped
Relevancy 23.65%

Hi all,

Basically using a Speedtouch 580 wireless DSL Router as a means of sharing internet access throughout the house. The problem is that I need to connect to my works VPN via a Sonicwall connection and I'm getting the following error message:

The peer is not responding to phase 1 ISAKMP requests.

Now I'm pretty sure its down to the NAT firewall on my router so I was wondering if anyone knew of the settings I need to configure to get this to work. Or if anyone has any better solutions?

Cheers for any help,



A:NAT Firewall on router blocking sonicwall VPN?

The only ways to get around a NAT that I know of, are to port forward for the application with which you are trying to connect or to use DMZ, if the router supports it, which I wouldn't recommend. Apart from that I'm not too clued up on your situation. Some routers support VPN passthrough, if so then you can configure that from the router's web based interface, and shouldn't need to port forward or do anything else.
Relevancy 33.11%

Anybody recommend one? This is my first time getting a conroe board. I was thinking of getting the Gigabyte one witht the 965 chipset.

Any help appreciated

A:Anyone recommend a good Core 2 Duo motherboard?

Wallabing - check out - they just ran a review. look under mobo


Relevancy 19.35%

I'm sorry to start a new thread, but the solutions I found gave the solution, but only temporarily.

I get the firewall Windows firewall settings cannot be displayed because the associated service is not running error. I reset the winsock, search with Spybot and destroy, and check in Control Panel that the settings are set to automatic, then restart, and it works. But after a short while, it just ceases to work.

And also, each time I fold down the top of the laptop and open it back up later, I get the wireless error: Windows cannot configure this wireless connection, if you have enabled another program to use this... But this happens ONLY when I fold it down and back up.

Is there a permanent solution to these problems?

A:Firewall problems + Wireless problems

As far as folding down the Laptop, what (in power management) is the computer set to do when the laptop is closed? If it's set to Hibernate change it to either shut down or go to standby and disable hibernation by unchecking the box. Hibernation can cause problems with some Laptops.
Turn off Windows Firewall and use either Sygate Personal Firewall or the free Zone Alarm one.
Relevancy 24.08%

I have a wireless netgear router that aparently has a built in firewall, and aparently I need to open certain ports in order to do some things

1. play diablo 2. I can get on but only occasionly and i get randomly booted of after about 20 minutes of play

2. play X-box live I can play great, unless certain people on my friends list are hosting the game. I'm not 100% sure if this is because of my router's firewall.

Basicaly I'm mostly concerned over diablo 2 I need to know how to open ports in my fire wall so I can connect and stay connected.

A:Problem with router firewall

Go here and choose your router and the program you are trying to use and it will tell you the ports and how to do it.
Relevancy 25.37%

I?m looking for a Data Recovery company [not a Data Software company] to recover data on my drive that will not spin. Want to spend less than $1000. Please advise.


A:Recommend Data Recovery Company not Data Software Company

Best Data Recovery Company

I have visited many data recovery websites and evaluated their product.

But my experience with one data recovery is almost excellent.

Nucleus Data Recovery, the leading data recovery company having biggest range of professional data recovery software.

Their support is also excellent you drop a email for any help they will respond within 5 minutes.

To recover your data try Kernel Recovery for FAT+NTFS.

The DEMO allows you to preview the recoverable contents and you can check whether the file is recovered correctly or not by double clicking on it.
Relevancy 24.08%

I've seen longg threads of best firewall debates on many forums, and always lots of people saying they don't need a software firewall cause they have a router which is a hardware firewall, but I've seen some say you still need one even with a router cause a router wont block outgoing connections.

Soo, if that made any sense, I hope it did, I finally bought a router today, a wired Linksys router, because I needed to split my connection for another PC, was very easy to setup and configure all working with no problems at all.

My only question now, whose right, and do I still need a software firewall at all, I still use Sygate, now that I have a router? And how good IS the protection from a router's hardware firewall?

A:Got a router, still need software firewall?

It's not a matter of who's right and who's wrong. It's a matter of personal preference. If you feel comfortable without a software firewall then that's ok but the main reason to have the software firewall, like you mentioned is to monitor outgoing traffic, like keyloggers and certain viruses.
Relevancy 24.08%

any one familiar with firebox X 15 edge by watch guard... is this product good for firewall, router, vpn use... is it viable solution to other expensive produtcs for firewall, router network connectivity...

I plan to use it for small business for multiple locations in conjuction with XP pro and home edition....

Relevancy 33.54%

I am looking for recommendations from people that actually use or used a model they recommend (or speak against).

This is for mostly black and white printouts, probably 600-1200 pages monthly and for occasional photo-quality picture printing (20-30 printouts a month).

What are my best options here?

A:Which Ink Printer Do You Recommend?

I personally recommend Canon printers.

I`ve got the mp360 smartbase all in one and have never had a problem with it. I`ve had the printer for over two years.

The ink cartridges don`t cost an arm and a leg like a lot of other brands do.

I use my printer mainly for photo`s and the results are outstanding.

Regards Howard
Relevancy 33.54%

Can anyone recommend a reliable and secure access point and wireless LAN card for under £35 GBP?

A:please recommend wireless set-up

anyone?!!! And I meant £35 each
Relevancy 23.65%

i didnt have a firewall for my desktop so i installed kerio it is also installed on my laptop before this file sharing and internet connection sharing worked fine with kerio installed on the laptop after installation on desktop pc i tried to access the net from the latop but my lan status is given as quot limited or no connectivity quot because of no network address assigned i tried setting quot gateway mode quot on my desktop pc work firewall, installed lan doesnt and also allowed netbios and installed firewall, lan doesnt work ALG exe to access all areas but it still doesnt work once kerio was uninstalled my lan worked fine again i need some help on what settings to put and how did anybody else set it up thanks in advance btw i using kerio version i dont use the latest version becasue it keeps on bsod-ing when i click quot allow quot more then times in a row this is a know issue according to sunbelt edit just realized this is the wrong section blush can a mod please move it thanks nbsp

A:installed firewall, lan doesnt work

you need to find the panel in kerio to allow friendly network
what ever your network is IE:
I think kerio has a forum to help nav to these panels
Relevancy 32.68%

I've started a digital film course and need to shift my saved footage between my Mac in school and PC at home. I have a couple of old hard drives sitting around so I'm thinking a caddy might be the right idea.
What do I need to look for in the specifications etc? Any reliable brands?

Thanks in advance.

Mark Truesdale
Relevancy 24.08%

I am looking for a cheap hardware device to act as a firewall that will prevent Internet access unless it is to the address of my proxy server I was looking at a Netgear RP as a possible solution Here is the scenario I am working with I have locations with computers at each They are for Internet only a workgroup with addresses supplied by DHCP through a router and the ISP is cable with a separate connection in each location The cable company owns the router that is in each location but we are not able to modify it We have set up a caching proxy server on hardware Cheap firewall an outside address that these clients use for Internet filtering Problem is that our users are changing the IE settings to not use the proxy I am looking for a hardware solution that I can put between the switch that we own and their their router that will do only one thing--block all Internet unless they use our proxy address Other than that I want it to be transparent letting their router continue to provide natting and DHCP Cheap hardware firewall Does anyone have any ideas Thanks nbsp

A:Cheap hardware firewall

give the routers back to the cable co.
install you own router and password protect it
now here is where it may get tricky
you will need some way for the client not access the modem as all the have to do is disconnect from router and connect right to the modem
if there machine is setup that they are not admin it may be possiable to set there nic up with static and they may not be able to access the modem at this point or reconfig the nic card no permissions
on another note I don't understand , if you are renting a router that you don't have control over it,
or do you mean modem and you do have access to the modem default is
Relevancy 18.06%

my windows firewall is not letting me look at this picture and you will understand

A:Windows Firewall for Windows XP Pro SP2


Hello Mohsinb,

I think u don't have any Net connection or Lan card in u r Pc.If u have anything like Modem,Lancard for external connection then it will active,else tr is no need to activate firewall.Otherwise Go to run and type gpedit.msc and press enter.And check u r setting.

Relevancy 33.54%

I currently have a ASRock P4S55FX2 and have done for a year now, has already blew up, so had to send back to be replaced, now the computer is acting in the same way, so have a feeling this is going to happen again so have decided to splash out on a new one to actually work and not freeze my computer from time to time, anyone any recommendations?


A:Recommend Me a New Motherboard....

First recommendation, DONT buy SIS chipsets, as for recommending another mobo, stick with Intel based chipsets by Asus or Abit.
Relevancy 24.51%

I recently installed Zonealarm. I can not figure out how to share music files between my computers through Itunes when this is on. The second I turn it off everything is fine. When I go into advanced Itunes shows that it has access to everything with the four green checks. When I looked at the settings for medium it says that other computers can not share resources. Does this mean that no matter what I can not share music files with the firewall up?


First, I assume you have a router and your system is connected there.
then add a rule near the top of the list
allow i/o ports 139,445 tcp+upd​verify your lan address, it may be something else.
Relevancy 24.08%

As much as i hate to say that im a noob, BUT I AM !!!
The thing is : Im due to make and ''game'' server i need to select a random port
Now, is there any limit to ports ? Where can i open ports manualy ? I know i can do it on windows firewall in advanced settings but my firewall does not activate ...well if it sayd i cant start the service in there i went on manual, wnt to controlpanel services and tryed to start it whrom there but an error 10047 replays to me .
So now i have 2 problems firewall, and is there anyother way to open ports with out that firewall, PS: i have ZoneLabs
Replay me on ********* ( its msn and email together, add wich u like )

Edit: Do not put your email address on public webpages! -- Nodsu

A:Opening ports and firewall

zonelabs will not run along side other firewalls happly
your lucky it runs at all.
The Well Known Ports are those from 0 through 1023.

The Registered Ports are those from 1024 through 49151

The Dynamic and/or Private Ports are those from 49152 through 65535
if zonealarm fails you disable it in startup
switch back to xp
if xp firewall does not run you have diff other problems like a trojun and or spyware already on machine
I can't stand ZA they s**ck big time in my book
+++end of rant++++++++++
Relevancy 33.54%

Ok my cousin is building a comp Here are the specs so far Antec LifeStyle SONATA II Piano Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case Watt SmartPower http www newegg com product product asp item N E eVGA GT MB PCI-expressx http www newegg com product product asp item N E AMD Athlon socket http www newegg com product product asp item N E a Recommend mobo... 939 AMD socket CORSAIR ValueSelect GB x MB -Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR PC http www newegg com product product asp item N E WD GB hard drive http www newegg com product product asp item N E NEC DVD Burner http www Recommend a AMD socket 939 mobo... newegg com product product asp item N E The only thing left is the motherboard it needs to be socket amp PCI-expressx SLi is not really necessary He will not be doing any hardcore gaming or overclocking Willing to spend around for mobo I was looking at these but willing to take other recommendations GIGABYTE GA-K NF- Socket NVIDIA nForce http www newegg com product product asp item N E Chaintech VNF nForce Ultra chipset http www newegg com Product Produ N E also looked at some ASUS mobos any suggestions nbsp

A:Recommend a AMD socket 939 mobo...

I'd go with an ASUS. They have a couple boards that utilize the nForce4 for around $90-100. Good rep and reliable mobos.
Relevancy 33.11%

Have an ASUS A8N32-SLI-Deluxe motherboard coming to me, I would like to get a recommendation on a case. I am looking for a bigger case, no mid size towers. I would like this case to have 3 3.5 bays, 4+ 5 1/4 bays, and a top mounted PSU slot. The case needs to be able to take advantage of the heat pipe running down the mobo.

A:Anyone use this MOBO and able to recommend a good case?

No one else using this mobo yet? putting a Athlon 64 x2 4800+ in it, should be super fly jiggy dope pimp then! Just need a good high tower case for it now. So.. effectively...... BUMP
Relevancy 33.54%

Okay I am currently running Corsair XMS Pro 512 MB PC3200 184 pin DDR-SDRAM. I want to add another 512MB, making the total 1024 mb ram. Any suggestions? If I change the brand will it screw things up? Should I play it safe and just get more XMS Pro?

AMD athlon 64 3000+
300W psu

A:Recommend Stick of memory

Most people here will tell you to never mix memmory.
Relevancy 33.11%

I want to install an internal card reader for all of these cards people have in their cameras. I have a fujifilm which uses xd. I want to be ready to read media for most any camera someone might have, not just my xd card.

Can someone recommend a good internal multicard reader?

A:recommend multicard reader internal

trying a sabrent 42-in-1

with no ringing endorsements, i decided to try a sabrent 42-in-1 reader. it is low-priced, and also has good reviews - but all of them say it works great once you perform some mod as outlined on their website. i plan to post my opinion here once i figure out how this works, in case someone searches for this topic in the future.
Relevancy 24.08%

Hey Guyz what would you suggest me to do with P II 200~ 256 ram 11 gig hard win 2k pc can i make it a firewall for my workstation or it would be better to set up an apache server ? p.s im gunna run appache anyway on this old box or on workstation, and if i make it a firewall would it add much security to my D-Link 624 router with firewall and Tiny personal firewall 6.5 pro on my workstation.

A:FIREWALL OR SERVER ON P II 200~ 256 ram 11 gig hard win 2k.

No point in adding another dedicated firewall. Replacing Windows with Linux or BSD will give you a nice webserver that can take on moderate amounts of traffic provided you don't do much active content.
Relevancy 24.51%

Hi im in a wierd situation. All of the sudden my internet or router decided to block me from Limewaire, Steam, Gamespy, and Azureus. It says I have no connection and or I am behind a firewall. Well ive disabled all my antispyware anti adware programs, internal xp firewalls, and I dont have and anti virus programs installed. I also checked my router settings and everything is the way it has been.

Computer: Alienware 51m 7700 XP Home SP2 (With wireless card)
Router: NetGear WGR614v4

I am stumped beyond all belief right now, I dont know whats the problem.

A:Behind an Invisible Firewall

Could your ISP be blocking these?
Relevancy 24.08%

Hey, so a friend of a friend of mine has a computer issue. It's a little hard getting the finer details of the problem but here's what the issue is at hand.

THe person is having problems connecting certain applications to the internet
AOL 9.0, Yahoo Messenger apparentally working
AIM, MSN Messenger, Internet Explorer don't work.

Although it might be a virus or a faulty computer, I personally think this sounds like a firewall issue, especially since the person has cable high-speed internet and a router, as well as possibly a software firewall. Does anyone else think that this sounds like a firewall blocking the ports, or is it something else. And also, if it were a firewall issue, how would you figure out the ports for these applications so you can do port-forwarding?

Help would be awesome.
Relevancy 24.08%

Sorry this was suppose to go in the MOBO's forum!!!!

Is there a way to disable the onboard firewall, for the ASUS A8N SLI Deluxe and DFI LANparty SLI DR?
Relevancy 24.51%

I am fairly new to Netwotking amp I have tried to search within this forum for thee on firewall? LAN all Clients need Do answer to my question but I cant seem to find it I know I should get a router amp plug it into the cable modem but wont let me at this point Do all Clients on LAN need firewall? so I will have to wait a lil while longer So if you can please look past thee obvious amp back to the days of ICS After all it is part of NT I am on a older Etower is with the Anaheim a mobo WinXPpro SP I have succsfully setup a LAN here at my house it consist s of PC s We all share a cable connection thru ICS Internet Connection Sharing Thee other PC s are a Livingroom PC Dell and of course there is the Kid sroom PC Acer Aspire VIII m All PC s have WinXP except the Kidsroom it has se but it came with ICS as well so no big Here is my question I read somewhere that when on a LAN with a host client setup then the only PC that needs a Firewall is the PC facing the Cable modem or Internet Is that true Thanx for any Consideration Direction Xproject nbsp

A:Do all Clients on LAN need firewall?

You need a firewall on each computer. It is always adivable to have a firewall any computer that is not getting its connection filtered by a hardware device.