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Anti tracker software

Q: Anti tracker software

What is the best free tracker stopper?

I want to stop such trackers as Google, Meebo, etc

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Preferred Solution: Anti tracker software

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Just to be and Nvidia AMD: Features vs. Software clear I want NO ARGUMENTS This is a reasonable discussion The conflict between the two major GPU developers is as old as I remember and while the obvious answer in which is better depends on how much you want to spend and various subtleties in manufacturing Nvidia vs. AMD: Features and Software and releases the two generally leapfrog each other with every release I want to discuss what in terms of software support features and game coding each has over the other Lets start with what almost everybody knows Nvidia release drivers every time there s an actual update not the regular monthly update that AMD tend to do and while this probably results in better Nvidia vs. AMD: Features and Software updates it can mean a long time between problems getting fixed waiting for small fixes because a Nvidia vs. AMD: Features and Software big bug takes a long time to patch Nvidia have also developed the G-Sync for monitors which I barely know anything about - kind of the point of this thread a can anyone shed light on how this performs I ll update this top post as others provide feedback AMD s Mantle technology is becoming more and more widespread in new releases especially as AMD make more deals with game developers While my AMD GPU is too old to benefit from the Mantle updates it is doing well in trying to convince me to get AMD as my next card as well Again can anyone provide feedback on how the newer AMD cards perform on the Mantle-enabled games Cheers guys nbsp

A:Nvidia vs. AMD: Features and Software

ETF Soldier said:

Just to be clear, I want NO ARGUMENTS. This is a reasonable discussion.

The conflict between the two major GPU developers is as old as I remember, and while the obvious answer in which is better depends on how much you want to spend and various subtleties in manufacturing and releases, the two generally leapfrog each other with every release, I want to discuss what, in terms of software support, features and game coding, each has over the other.

Lets start with what almost everybody knows:

Nvidia release drivers every time there's an actual update, not the regular monthly update that AMD tend to do, and while this probably results in better updates, it can mean a long time between problems getting fixed (waiting for small fixes because a big bug takes a long time to patch).
Nvidia have also developed the V-sync for monitors, which I barely know anything about - kind of the point of this thread, a can anyone shed light on how this performs? (I'll update this top post as others provide feedback)
AMD's Mantle technology is becoming more and more widespread in new releases, especially as AMD make more deals with game developers. While my AMD GPU is too old to benefit from the Mantle updates, it is doing well in trying to convince me to get AMD as my next card as well. Again, can anyone provide feedback on how the newer AMD cards perform on the Mantle-enabled games?
Cheers guys.Click to expand...

Firstly I think both companies release drivers at pretty regular intervals at this point, every major game release at least entitles a beta driver minimum.

Your speaking about G-Sync I believe. It works very well for what it is which makes the monitor and GPU communicate together to change the refresh of the monitor live to match the output FPS in order to keep the game seeming as smooth as possible with no lag, frame tears, etc. Its an excellent piece of technology but you pay a 250+ dollar premium for a monitor with it minimum. Right now DisplayPort 1.2a added this to the VESA standard so now it can be done on monitors without the specific G-SYNC module however AMD is the only one to support this in the future when they start appearing but its still going to require some work from the monitor companies. G-Sync is awesome for high resolution and high refresh setups where stability is a bit harder to achieve.

BF4 with Mantle and surround going (Ill have my Asus UHD monitor today to try) is able to maintain easy 60 FPS ultra and thief is the same way. Those are the only two mantle games I have tried as I have not gotten around to getting one other game that supports it.
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Just upgraded form my old EVGA Superclocked GTX 570 to my new Palit GTX 770 Jetstream 4Gb, had to fanny around a lot with my Antec 900 case to get the beast to fit but everything seems fine now, card idles at 30-35c. Underload at around 65c. However the overclocking/temperature control software that came with the card, Thunder Master just does not quite seem up to par with EVGA Precision. Can anyone tell me if I can continue to use EVGA Precision safely and without any adverse effects with this Palit card because I just cant seem to get to grips with this Thunder Master. For some reason it trys to allways achieve 70c.

A:Temperature control software

andy06shake said:

Just upgraded form my old EVGA Superclocked GTX 570 to my new Palit GTX 770 Jetstream 4Gb, had to fanny around a lot with my Antec 900 case to get the beast to fit but everything seems fine now, card idles at 30-35c. Underload at around 65c. However the overclocking/temperature control software that came with the card, Thunder Master just does not quite seem up to par with EVGA Precision. Can anyone tell me if I can continue to use EVGA Precision safely and without any adverse effects with this Palit card because I just cant seem to get to grips with this Thunder Master. For some reason it trys to allways achieve 70c.Click to expand...

My recommendation is to use MSI afterburner for your temperature controlling needs and overclocking. It is non-biased and will work with any video card no matter the type, whether its amd of nvidia, and who made it.

Link here
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I remember when I first lost my Motorolas original CD, I couldn't find the software anywhere to be downloaded and no one that i knew had a motorola rzr mobile phone...

I found my old cd here a few days ago so I made an .iso file of it and uploaded it (as 13 .rar files, the file max size is 50Mb).

Here it is

Tel me if the link doesn't work or something. Razr?permissionsChanged=1&1

A:Motorola Razr v3 drivers and software

Yep that works for me.
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Good evening fellas The Problem This is an issue I have never run into before on numerous builds My computer wont reset from pressing the reset button or through software reset I was able Computer wont reset (Hard or Software) to get through windows installation by pressing the power button and powering back up This is when I noticed a second issue My computer wont boot to windows with the USB mouse and key board plugged Computer wont reset (Hard or Software) in Front panel or back panel its just a black screen It will post with the USB mouse and keyboard plugged in as I am able to press F to get into bios I tried rearranging the front panel connectors on the mobo running with only the power button hooked up running with the front pannel usb hooked up and looking around bios for any relevant settings cant find anything there related to boot Once in windows I test my hardware by playing about hours straight of AC and doing burn in tests with no errors I am at a loss The Background I recently bought Computer wont reset (Hard or Software) a replacement mobo and power supply to replace a pair that fried due to moisture I bought a new case because I fell out of favor with my old case that had a window pane and led lights and I upgraded my ram to gb x gb modules Essentially I only kept my TB HD DVD-RW Video Card and CPU I tested all of the hard ware I kept in a friends system he let me use for the purpose and those components all burned in well after about hours of benching and burn in testing with no errors The Hardware Mobo Asrock N C-GS http www asrock com mb NVIDIA N C-GS FX CPU Phenom X BE GPU Pallet GT Sonic Edition http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E RAM GB PC http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E PSU Raidmax Hybrid W Modular http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E nbsp

A:Computer wont reset (Hard or Software)

A strange problem indeed.

Triple check your wiring is correct using your motherboard manual. Be sure the motherboard is mounted correctly on the standoffs and no grounds are occurring.

Faulty buttons on the case itself?

Reset bios to optimal defaults, clear cmos.

After that I would return the mobo.

Sorry I cant be more specific, Hope this helps.
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My computer battery was replaced by a family member and when I boot up my PC which took about 10 minutes instead of 30 seconds. I noticed that the 2 harddrives were displayed in the bios as raid drives. The 2 harddrives are SATA. However in Windows when I right click on My Computer and select Manage then Device Manager they appear as NTFS format.

I sure that this configuration has something to do with response.

I would appreciate any suggestions on how to restore my raid drive back to 2 harddrives under NTFS without loosing my data. I would prefer a software tool or a step by step solution since I am not comfortable with manually making changes to computer settings.
Thank you for your advice in advance to this frustrating problem
Ntracs (Joe)
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Hi guys my name is karan . I just build my pc a couple of months back and while I'm playing a heavy game on it always restarts and show this error I dont know what to do pls guys help me my pc specs are -
amd fx 4100 3.6 ghz
asus m5a78l-m-lx v2 motherboard
4gb ram
amd radeon hd 6670 2 gb ddr3
500gb hdd
iball 400 watt psu (got free with my iball cabinet) , pls guys help me

A:Asus anti-surge is triggered to protect computer from unstable power supply

SURGE is normally associated with an increase in line voltage and that can be deadly to the PS and other components.

A DROP-OUT is when A/C voltage goes below minimum and this can effect the system too.

If power is poorly regulated (ie it fluctuates periodically), I would get a UPS to condition the power better. I have two: one for the computer equipment and another for my large LED tv.

You can get a cheap multi-meter to measure and monitor the voltage visually and then when you get the error, glance to confirm - - is it hi or low?

Personally, with only 400w PSU and your gaming environment, I would suspect you are stressing the PSU to its limit when gaming.
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See the description in full on the site

A:Multiple vulnerabilities in Cisco ASA software

I read about this yesterday. This is a big exploit and needs to be fixed. Too bad there are too many newbies that wont know how to update the firmware or arent even aware of this issue.
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I want to buy a laptop to run professional recording software. The minimum requirement is an Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 2.67GHz. Can I use a quad core with less speed. What are my options?


A:Help understanding minimum processor requirements for recording software

Is there a trial version of the software for you to test on your current system?
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My computer running Windows Ultimate -bit can no longer access my Western Digital Caviar quot Black quot TB hard drive that s connected but I suspect my data to still be in there so I wonder what data recorvery tools people have used and recommend This is one of the additional drives to my operating system C drive It has been formatted as NTFS and been working fine for several months until with recommendations Data format, from drive please lost recovery software a week ago Now it appears as the E drive on Data recovery from drive with lost format, software recommendations please My Computer as originally configured but the volume label is now blank I used to have that named as quot Media quot When I double-click on it to Data recovery from drive with lost format, software recommendations please enter the drive I get the Data recovery from drive with lost format, software recommendations please error message quot E is not accessible The parameter is incorrect quot In Computer Management -- gt Storage -- gt Disk Management the drive appears but it s File System is now indicated as RAW rather than NTFS I have tried using Active Partition Recovery and that successfully lists my drive with the original label name quot Media quot and as NTFS and also lists the folders located at the root of the drive which is why I suspect my data to still be in there and recoverable However when I use this tool to do a full scan of my disk it freezes after scanning MB There are tools out there with varying reliability so whch ones do people here recommend another tool I trired I forget its name was scanning my disk but prediced days to go over the entire TB so that s out of the question I have been told to use a tool that can recover files onto a separate disk rather then try to repair the original disk and risk losing more of the original data Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Data recovery from drive with lost format, software recommendations please

Oh crap. Something like this happened recently to me when I had backed up some data to an USB thumb drive. It worked fine for awhile, then some weeks later, my PC just couldn't read it anymore (kept saying "disk in drive needs to be reformatted/etc"...and the properties for the drive also showed it as RAW format instead of FAT32 like it would have been usually).

I think the issue is drive corruption, which seems to be fairly common with external devices like USB drives, but odd in the case of an internal drive. The remedy for me was to try to access it from a different system, which was easy since being a USB stick I could try it elsewhere easily. If you can use another system to access the drive, preferably a Linux/Ubuntu based one; it is likely your best bet to recoup the data before its lost permanently. An external HDD kit would be ideal, and they are quite cheap also.

Hope this helps!
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I have been doing research on purchasing 4-bay+ external RAID enclosure for myself. I have done research on software vs. hardware raids for this system, but one question still eludes me; so I am going to ask it here directly.

If I buy software RAID enclosure I will have to use some included software to set-up my raid. So, if I take my enclosure to another PC and plug it in (let's say eSATA) I will not be able to read the data, correct? If I get true hardware raid, the raid set up will be on the build in controller so I will be able to take the enclosure from computer to computer, right?

And since TS has new poll feature lets try it out...

A:Hardware vs. software RAID on 4-bay+ RAID enclosure

Regardless of whether you use software or hardware RAID, the enclosure will work whatever you plug it into. The only thing that might not work is connecting an individual disk (used as part of the array) into a device. It all depends on whether the device in question can read the controller used for the RAID set up.

For example, I ran with RAID 1 for two 2TB hard drives in my PC, but I can connect one of them to the same device as a non-RAID disk -- which I successfully did when the RAID broke down for an unexplained reason.

However, it is unlikely to work in a computer, and you should approach it as not working at all in anything but the RAID enclosure. It's also worth pointing out that splitting RAID disks in such a way could corrupt the data. Given that pretty much every decent RAID enclosure worth its salt will include gigabit ethernet at the size you're looking for, availability shouldn't be an issue across your LAN.

Hardware-based RAID arrays are also more reliable in operation, and have the extra benefit of being recoverable in a controller failure by replacing it with the same version as before. Software RAID's are less reliable, slower performing and in the event of a controller failure can be difficult to bring back online.

Basically, when it comes to RAID arrays, don't skimp on cost. The better the quality/controllers the more reliable and better performing it will be.
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So about once every 30 minutes, my keyboard, disconnects, and reconnects. Like it's being unplugged, and re-plugged back in. It is not the keyboard, or the USB port I am using. I have tested it in several different USB slots, but the same problem happens. It is software related. And is bugging the living hell out of me. I have reformatted and the same exact problem happens. And my friend has the EXACT problem but with his mouse.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have googled the problem and searched, but nobody has a real solution.


A:Keyboard software issues?

Some relevant system specs-

-Running LEGIT version of Win7 64bit
-8gb ddr3 Corsair Vengeance 1600
-ASUS P8Z77-V LK Intel Z77 Chipset
-Intel Core i7 2600k
-1tb 6.0gb/s 7200rpm Western Digital HDD
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Hi, I'm building a new system because trying to work on an athlon x2 240 involves too much self harm.

I have been reading around, and it seems that the 2500K is generally better in all regards despite having 2 less cores.

My main priority is rendering time in 3ds max, so regarding that, which cpu would be the better buy?


A:Which of these CPUs is best for 3D software redndering? 2500K or 1100T?

It turns out that the 100T is better for 3ds max. I was afraid the 1100T would come out on top, I spent ages researching the right motherboard to get with the 2500K now I gotta start again

You wouldn't happen to know an AMD board that is the equivilent to the GA-Z77X-UD3H do you? Or the G1-Sniper M3?
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Hello dear brothers,
iam very sad and unhappy also iam in tention plz help me '
suddenly have formated my partion .
And there was alot of my editing and recovery and other alot of softwares was in it now my partition is empty and i want to recover my all softwares i tried alot but softwares not recovering plz brothers help me plz help me iam very worry because i want to recover my all softwares
plz urgent help me plz how to recover that all softwares help me hope u will help me.

A:Formatted partition and want to recover software

Take a look at this:
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Hello guys Can you help me My friend has this Lexar USB Flash Disk She asks me to delete some folders and even the Secure II folder We thought that it is nothing because Lexar not II Windows 7 the software recognizable Secure after removing in usually if it s the application of the USB it should have been the name of the USB like for example in Western Digital I have this external Lexar not recognizable in Windows 7 after removing the Secure II software USB WD it also has an application inside it but the name of the folder is WD Anyway since the folder got deleted once we put the USB to any ports of our laptop PC and even in the television it s not recognizable The drive is not detected at all Lexar not recognizable in Windows 7 after removing the Secure II software even though there s a drive G for removable drive With this I searched for a solution and I found some solution but it did Lexar not recognizable in Windows 7 after removing the Secure II software not work for me - In disk management you have to changed the drive rebooted the PC even having the Secure II downloaded application that was deleted Unfortunately I cannot copy it inside the Lexar USB because it s not recognizable And in the device manager there s no exclamation point All drivers are okay Any resolution Thank you nbsp

A:Lexar not recognizable in Windows 7 after removing the Secure II software

"Any resolution?"

Yes, replace the Lexar
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Hi guys, bought a new PC recently and got everything set up fine, except the GPU.

Its all installed correctly but when I go to install the drivers from either Windows Update or the given CD and restart to save changes, I lose video signal.

I see the boot screen and Windows 7 loading bar, afterwards my screen says "Mode not supported".

I'm using the Nvidia 560 Ti and my screen is a Samsung LE19R86BD.

Is the installation possibly switching to 1080 while my monitor isn't supporting it?

A:No video signal after installing GPU software/drivers

I've read that there are times when the driver can't properly read the EDID data from the TV, and causes display problem. Can you boot into safe mode, change the display setting to 1440x900, then reboot into normal mode? Looks like your nVidia card has both HDMI & DVI connection, maybe try changing connection from one type to the other?

The driver I found on nVidia's site is version 285.62. Is that what you have?
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Hi all I have a bit of a problem wondering if someone could help, I am running windows7 64 bit It's just coming up to a year old, I had this same problem when i uninstalled Norton but I called someone and they help me remove the key that was stopping the dvd rom from working, I Now am having the same problem scince I uninstalled avg and reinstalled it. I would do what I was told to before but I cannot remember what i have to do again :/ I know it is in regedit some where but not sure on where to go after, Any help or advice would be great thank you. It will play cds but not dvds :/
thanx in advance

A:DVD will not read DVDs or DVD software but will play CDs

Do you have a Windows Vista or 7 install disk? Or even a restore disk if its a branded PC. All of those should be DVDs, so see if you can boot the computer from that disk (you won't actually go through any of the install process, just see if it boots from the disk). This will ensure that your dvd laser didn't die. The laser for cd and dvd reading are different, so it is possible that one could die while the other is still good.

You may be exactly right with it being a registry thing, but if you have a bootable disk that is a dvd we can easily rule out a hardware issue.
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Hi would be grate if anyone can help, looking for a software that overclocks the cpu, if their is any. Looking for something like rivatuner. Just want to add that i know i can change it in the bios just want to know if their is a windows prog like rivatuner.


A:Overclocking software

Hi foxalot and welcome to Techspot If you happen to be on an AMD platform there is always AMD Overdrive. Motherboard manufacturers also offer assorted OC tools that would be specific to your hardware.
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have a WD hard drive WD 2500Me passport HDD , some reasons its not been recognized on any of the pcs in the house.
Please could one help with softwares as lost the manufacturer disc and WD website not helping at all. or any advice got most of my works on it

A:WD HDD software/advice

Just in case, you could try to reboot your computer with the hdd plugged in, to see if it makes any difference.
Is the hdd recognized by Disk Management (Start-Run "diskmgmt.msc")?
If you boot your computer with the hdd plugged in, is it recognized by your BIOS?
Another option is that it's not getting enough power from your USB port, some external hdds come with two USB cables, one for power and one for data transfer.

There is also a chance that your hdd is dead.
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In the nVidia control panel I've noticed 2 different AA settings. There is the normal option then transparency AA. I'm almost certain transparency AA is SSAA, which, as I understand it, is rendering a larger image and shrinking it down opposed to CSAA and MSAA that only select edges.

Just for fun I turned on 32X CSAA and 8X SSAA and loaded up crysis 1.
The question:
When using 32X CSAA with 8XSSAA is that effectively 256X AA?

A:Question about anti-aliasing

yRaz said:

In the nVidia control panel I've noticed 2 different AA settings. There is the normal option then transparency AA. I'm almost certain transparency AA is SSAA,Click to expand...

Transparency AA can be applied to SuperSampling (TrSSAA) or MultiSampling (TrMSAA)

yRaz said:

...which, as I understand it, is rendering a larger image and shrinking it down opposed to CSAA and MSAA that only select edges.Click to expand...

Your understanding of Super Sampling is correct. It increases the natural resolution by 2 or 4 times the original for the whole screen (hence Full Screen AA or FSAA) and is then down sampled. MSAA is basically as you pointed out, polygon edge AA, while Coverage Sample AA (CSAA) is basically extends MSAA with less sampling of shaders and textures while applying coverage samples to polygons (at a higher resolution) to sample the whole rendered image.

Transparency AA detects transparent/opaque textures and re-samples those over the chosen AA (SSAA/MSAA) used.

Just for fun....
If you use Nvidia Inspector you can also choose Sparse Grid Super Sampling AA (SGSSAA) on enthusiast grade cards (the only ones that will handle the setting more often than not). SGSSAA renders the whole image/scene with Super Sampling but with a lower number of samples. Not all games support SGSSAA as it can conflict with some post processing effects. You may also want to effect a negative LOD (quick instructional here)

yRaz said:

Just for fun I turned on 32X CSAA and 8X SSAA and loaded up crysis 1.
The question:
When using 32X CSAA with 8XSSAA is that effectively 256X AA?Click to expand...

Nope, thats just wishful thinking.
Here's a chart with some of the more readily applied AA modes...

The columns are set out in order of computational complexity. Shaders being the most intensive, coverage being the least.

You probably wished you'd never asked
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Can anyone who has hands on experience with PC diagnostics software and/or hardware recommend any particular software or hardware testers.

How good is AIDA64, a review I read on this looks quite impressive.

There are many motherboard and general hardware testers on ebay, are there any that stand out as being particularly reliable that will also work on laptops..

I am also interested in finding good data retrieval software for recovering data from faulty and/or corrupt hard drives. Are there any that perform better than Stella Phoenix.

I repair a few PC's a month and it would be very useful to have some equipment that can confirm the health of mobo's and CPU's without having to diagnose by a process of elimination.

I don't have the finance to experiment with the various testers that are available.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

A:PC diagnostics software/hardware

This type of Computer testing hardware and software is not really necessary or even useful to an experienced computer tech. The motherboard testers are only as good as the tech is. A shorted data bus will give false results at best. The useful tools include a spare power supply, an inexpensive power supply tester, spare memory, a spare IDE and SATA Desktop hard drive (and notebook drives) and a good true RMS multimeter... and that's it
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recently I have wanted to get into video editing and I decided to try out a few different video editing software tools I tried windows movie maker first and it kept skipping when I would preview clips and freezing The same thing is happening with the trial version of adobe s premiere elements trial version For adobe it told me to download the latest video driver that was compatible so i did and it allowed me to see my videos and use it a little bit but it would not be able to keep up and would freeze occasionally Does this have to do with my graphics card This is what I could find of my computers information i typed dxdiag in run System Operating system Windows Home Premium bit Build System Manufacturer TOSHIBA System if I card editing upgrade video for software should Wondering video model Satellite A BIOS InsydeH Version Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU Q GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM DirectX Version DirectX And I guess this is my graphics card Name NVIDIA GeForce M Chip Type Geforce M DAC Type Integrated RAMDAC Approx Total Memory MB Current Display mode x bit Hz If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated thank you P s I m not very computer savvy so keep that in mind - nbsp

A:Wondering if I should upgrade video card for video editing software

yes the graphics card seems to be the weak link in your setup, you could try searching for msi afterburner to try to overclock your graphics card but failing that i would upgrade your graphics card
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do anyone know how to repair this? on my both pcs is it same but on another it is ok

A:Unsynchronized buttons and images in software

You need to give more details, your OS and what the programs are.

The Utube link does not work, you cannot post links until you have made five posts.
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use a dell c600 latitude, when i try to open windows xp pro. service pack 1 i get the message windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \windows\system 32\config\system.. you can attempt to repair this file by starting windows setup using the original setup cd-rom select r at the first screnn to start repair. I have tried to reinstall and i keep getting the same message, any key i hit restarts the computer? has anyone had a problem like this and if so please tell me how to slove this step by step. how do you wipe out the harddrive and start all over? I can get to f2 setup and f8 but nothing works....need help, thanks

A:Dell c600 software

I've followed these steps anytime i've had this error.
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The card (Geforce 9600 GSO) has been fine for a year or so since i bought it, but a few days ago while ALT-TABBING between screens it locked up and crashed the PC.
I get the following message when i use the device manager "find a solution"

Windows was able to successfully install device driver software, but the driver software encountered a problem when it tried to run. The problem code is 43.

I have tried reinstalling the card and drivers but it seems to make no difference.

any help appreciated

A:Graphics card driver software won't run

You can try using system restore to a point before this crash.

If that doesn't work:

try using driver sweeper to clean it out.

Then go the NVIDIA web site and install the drivers.

What sort of problems are you experiencing?
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I have a significant problem with my computers not recognizing my d-link router. I screwed something up today and now my router won't work. I have had the router for years working just fine, but today I was trying to connect a new kindle which wouldn't connect to the Wi-Fi and I lost the router after screwing around with configuration.

Basically I've been trying to re-install the router, I changed the SSID but it appears the d-link quick router setup software recognizes the modem as the router and won't re-intall my router thus denying me access. Has anyone ever ran into a situation such as this? Please help...

A:D-Link Software recognizing modem as Router, router not working

Find the reset switch (usually a smal hole and you press a paper clip into it for ~5sec).

That will bring it back to day-1 default settings.

Unless you are attaching to the modem/router using USB, there's no software to be installed
(that's only used for USB) - -
just cable the eithernet cable to a LAN port on the router and then you can configure it
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I just built a computer. My dvd drive is a Lite-On ATAPI iHAS124 B ATA Device. i can use it to read discs and it seemed fine till i tried to burn a dvd with windows dvd maker. It cant find a DVD burning drive. I tried different programs with the same results. I went into the device manager and device properties, and under its general properties in "device status" it says "A driver (service) for this device has been disabled. An alternate driver may be providing this functionality. (Code 32)". I have gone to the Lite-On site and looked for its drivers to download and the closest i could find was iHas120. Ive tried looking on other websites but have had no luck. I am running Windows 7 64bit Home edition. Hope someone can help. i know its dvd+r rewriteable drive, it says so right on it.

A:DVD drive isn't being recognized by burning software

Try this firmware.
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Greetings all.

I've been looking for the system software that came with my Asus p4p800 AI motherboard.
I can't find it anywhere. Or I'll be sent to a site that will sell it to me for $
I hope someone out there has it, and is willing to share it in a download.

Thanks in advance


A:System software needed

Look for it on the ASUS support website
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Can anyone recomend the best software that will allow me to burn movies(AVI & DivX formats) that my Xbox 360 can play?
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I would like something that will not ask all kind of questions and will do a good job of protecting me. If anyone can answere this I would appreciate a link.


A:A good firewall (software) compactable with with Windows XP

XP has its own firewall which is good enough to do the job,
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This is my notebook spec Intel R Core TM solo CPU problem? or Software Hardware U GHz CHz Ram GB Bit Geforce G M Cuda MB Vista Directx Well its only month since i brought this Software or Hardware problem? notebook and it was all working fine until weeks ago when i try to install need for speed shift and it some how change my directx then i try to play the game but i was too laggy so i uninstalled it but now i can t even watch a movie with out the short pause in sound and graphic i can t even play the counter strike condition zero and warcraft with out lagging i won t is this got to do with my hardware or software anyway of fixing it BTW before i had installed Prototype and it change my directx to c it was when i brought it and it was working fine but when i install NFS shift it changed to DX and now i update my computer it was DX and the short pause got Software or Hardware problem? more frequenly anyone got this Software or Hardware problem? problem nbsp

A:Software or Hardware problem?

If your laptop came with a windows vista back-up cd, use it. Be sure to back up important files
Relevancy 19.78%


So I have an "Infinity USB" (s/n:020019804) and an
"Infinity USB Phoenix compatible" (s/n:021042244).

I don't know if the serial number will help...but I included
it any way...

Relevancy 20.21%


I am looking for your password in your sig, But i cant find it. can you help?
It is for the software, svctag.rar and SERVICETAG.rar


A:Downloaded software but need password

Where did you download it?
Relevancy 24.08%

That monitors your server and network activities? thank you if anyone could recommend me some.

A:Best anti-virus programs that monitors servers?

McAfee Anti-virus Security is the best one. It monitors the websites and you can block certain websites too, you can also choose whether to perform full scans or quick scans. It quarantines and tracks cookies & it also prevent hacking from all around the world
Relevancy 19.35%

I m using an issue? suddenly software broken or stopped card working. Video NVidia Video card suddenly stopped working. broken or software issue? GT video card or I was Over the last few weeks every once in a while my monitor would get no signal Once I restarted the computer the signal was restored and everything was fine I got a pretty bad virus this weekend and shortly after I managed to finally fix my system my video card no longer sends any signal at all It doesn t matter which port on the card I plug my monitor into I get no signal Restarting no longer solves the issue The monitor works fine if I plug it into the VGA port on the back of my computer so I know its not that When I opened the tower up I noticed it was pretty dusty inside My question is this Was the timing just a coincidence Is my card fried to to dust buildup overheating or did the removal of the infected files somehow remove something that allowed my card to be detected and run nbsp

A:Video card suddenly stopped working. broken or software issue?

Video cards are among the most common failure components in a computer over the past three years in our part of the Southwest.... Whether nVidia or ATI
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Hello! I have recorded several TV shows that I'm willing to edit, mainly I want to cut the commecial ads and create a title before and show begins.

I have recorded this from a DVD recorder, so all this are finalized as standard DVD, I know how to rip them to my hdd via clone DVD, so I keep the VIDEO_TS folder, however the encription to MPEG takes too long, and since I also want to record again to DVD, what is my best choice to save time ( I have over 50 DVD discs that needs to be edited) and keep the best quality for my final DVD.

I don't know which software could allow me to use the same origin files, or what options do I have. I would really appreciate your help

Thank you!

A:Need help on Video Editing, choosing software

You need to convert the video files to AVI or MPEG to edit frames, then copy to DVD afterwards to the original DVD format. I use CyberLink PowerDVD, there is most likely better software, that.s what came with my PC and it does the job pretty good.
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at work I have deleted some files from a network drive. I have tried recuva, undelete and one or one or two others. they will not let me scan a network drive.

It isn't a major problem - and it would be quicker to recreate the items that to manually get the drive out and connect it locally - but is there free software that would let me recover deleted files over a network?



A:Deleted file recovery software that will work on network drive?

Have you seen this software:
Relevancy 24.51%

I say quick help please for obvious reasons!

Im not fully protected

Webroot Spy Sweeper:
"unable to establish connection"

AVG 8.5:
Update failed, connection with the server failed

Updated Error, Cannot connect with server


I recently did a system restore and it really messed things up, i have tried re-booting the system and router, please tell me what to do, where to go to fix this !?

A:None of my anti-virus will update

Are you able to get on-line normally and view webpages?
Relevancy 20.21%

Some IT professionals have to deal with hardware issues, software and anything else causing strife. That is what this is all about!
Relevancy 20.64%

Emachine T5026
1+ gb ram
350 gb HDD (brand new)
160 gb HDD (came with system)
Motherboard (no idea)
This is my problem, when I bootup with the 160gb HDD, it gets as far as the windows logo and freezes. I install the new HDD and try to install windows on it and it downloads all the way until it say "starting windows", then it also freezes.
I reboot the new harddrive and let it download until it ask me to hit F6 the hit F2 which I do, then it ask me to install the windows automated system recovery disk. I can not do that because my machine does not have a floppy disk drive, I do have a USB external floppy but the machine does not allow to direct it to that external drive.
Can anyone advise me how to fix this problem or am I doomed to visit the geek guys?

A:Hardware or software

"Hardward or softward" Do you mean "Hardware or Software"? Your eMachine motherboard or power supply has gone bad on you
Relevancy 20.21%

i recently installed a creative soundblaster 5.1 on an asus K8V mobo running XP. it does a good job but i miss the equalizer that came with the original Realtek on-board sound.

is there some simple equalizer software that can take the place of the creative mixer, or maybe be placed between the mixer and the speakers?

A:Simple equalizer software?

I'm sure Creative Labs has some kind of audio utility available to download. I know my X-Fi came with all kinds of extra software in addition to the drivers. There are also media players, such as Nullsoft Winamp, that feature simple EQ functionality... if you are only looking to mix music.
Relevancy 19.78%

A follow-up to my previous thread:

I, with the help of other generous members, have concluded that my USB drive has automatically deleted the important & only files that I had on the drive... is there any file recovery software besides Recuva that are freeware and can restore the files from USB?

Anyone who needs more information is kindly requested to go back to the original thread ( ) and he/she can infer what I am referring to.

Thank you in advance.

A:How should I recover lost files on my usb using a File Recovery Software?

there are several software that you can use.
When it comes to recovering lost files, I prevfer Runtime's GetDataBack for FAT or NTFS, your USB Flash drive will most likely be running a fat file system, so use GetDataback for FAT.
Relevancy 19.78%

Blue Dell screen with
Press F2 to enter setup....lasts a few seconds.
Black screen with
Initializing Intel Boot Agent Version 3.0.83
PXE 2.0 Build 078 [WFM 2.0] RPL V2.73
A Disc Read Error Occurred- Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to Restart
Page closes and repeats after 15 seconds or so
....Thanks for your opinion

A:Dell Inspiron 4000 No Boot > Hardware or Software?

Welcome... I see this is your first post.

For Improving Your First Post, try looking here...

An improved post will generate better response.
Good Luck.
Relevancy 20.21%

Well once upon a time months ago my brother had a laptop which had an issue Starting with a f d intake fan leading to a f d Gig HDD and CPU I ended up pinching the Gig and have been using it as an external ever since As of yesterday I tried accessing the drive Using a USB - IDE card or a pin - pin adapter to no avail and I got the message quot Error Performing Inpage Operation quot So I booted with Winternals the last time I xferred data was via Winternals Otherwise it has been less than hours since I used it in Windows quot Error Performing Inpage Operation quot So I setup to run chkdsk r hours later it s still running Stage - x File record segments are unreadable Stage - Deleted one index data recovered my with software? Can be entry Stage - OK Stage - Windows replaced bad clusters in file and most files so far to Stage - Pending I m really paranoid that chkdsk Can my data be recovered with software? is corrupting the data and really worried I won t be able to recover it Most of it has been backed up prior to this occasion but there are still a fair few files that MUST be recovered Please any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated Drive NTFS GB HDD Toshiba RPM Data only OS incapable due to errors in the boot sector nbsp Can my data be recovered with software?

A:Can my data be recovered with software?

Recovery Software

Try this one:
It is free for up to four folder down, ie
C:\Documents and Setting\UserName\My Documents\My Pictures
1,2,3,4 folders down

Here are a lot free ones to choose from
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For some reason my cd dvd player has stopped Wont The Software Mystery Read of One CD That working Now my dvd player had The Mystery of One Software CD That Wont Read always been finicky about which things it liked it play--after several years i found the need to reinstall windows and then i installed the latest firmware from sony style and presto everything worked fine i was able to install adobe creative suite no problem that was a few months ago in the meantime i can tell you that i had a nasty hacktool rootkit infection--which i seem to have gotten rid of although i still have some issues such as my symantec antivirus is running but wont show up in the taskbar and i don t always get the required pop-ups when putting cds or usb drives in i ve also recently installed uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes so since i noticed yesterday that out of nowhere my cd dvd drive wasn t working what so ever i checked the device manager no problems i then uninstalled the hardware and scanned for hardware changes that led me to the yellow exclamation point on my cd dvd drive and this message Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device Code I googled this error message and came up with this thread http www hardwareanalysis com content topic --which says iTunes may have caused it and it recommends deleting some registry files to resovle it So I go open regedit--to Hkey Local Machine System CurrentControlSet Control Class d e -e - ce-bfc - be and look for the upper filters and lower filters i only find the lower filters and delete it then rebooted now the drive is listed in device manager and doesn t appear to have issues in fact it works almost perfectly but the one cd i need my adobe cs application cd can t be read i try all other cds including the ones that came with that--they work even a scratched up audio cd i bought works and my application cd doesn t look dirty or scratched and i cleaned it anyway i ve tried dvds and they work then i uninstall the player from device manager again scan for hardware changes let it reinstall but the one cd i need still wont so what could possibly be the issue nbsp

A:The Mystery of One Software CD That Wont Read

If you've always had problems with the drive, why not replace it?
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Hi. Am thinking of purchasing an ASUS Eee, but want to install Microsoft Office 2007 and Money 2005 on it (both on Cd's). Can these 2 programs be copied onto a USB drive and done that way?


A:Installing software on ASUS Eee (no cd-rom)

You could try doing this. No way you could borrow a external USB CD/DVD drive?
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*Don't know if this should be in Other Software, but I thought it should go here, my apologies if this is the wrong forum*

Hello everyone, I'm having some trouble configuring a webserver/game server using No-IP. Both servers work fine, but I personally cannot connect to the servers.

I am currently connected through Ethernet, and it has been suggested to me to attempt to use wireless AND Ethernet at the same time, and I seem to be having trouble with both responding at the same time. Typically, the modem responds, but if its connection goes out, the wireless replaces it.

The No-IP system is configured to my Ethernet connection.

Modem: Actiontec GT701-WG
Router: Linksys WRT54G
Wireless Adapter: Linksys WUSB11 (v2.8)

Any ideas would be appreciated, thank you!

A:No-IP Software Troubles

Setting up a server behind a router is quite treacherous and requires quite some tweaking however this link should solve the problem, Post back if you have troubles
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I've been trying to test my CPU's limits and have reached 3.15Ghz.
I've seen this chip get up to 3.4Ghz but i wont be able to reach that without upping the vcore a bit...

i used ClockGen to get it up to 3.1 but there's no option in the software to up the vcore.. if anyone knows of a good AMD Overclocking software other than AMD Overdrive ( doesnt support my chipset) please let me know of it...

thank you,

A:5400+ Black Edition Overclocking Software

If you've got an NVidia Chipset, then ntune works.
(I assume it's not an ATI chipset as Overdrive doesn't work)
Relevancy 20.64%

Is there good encryption software for external or portable hard drives.

A:Encryption Software

TrueCrypt, its free.
Relevancy 20.21%

Hi everyone I have a problem that is driving me insane I m Software Toshiba Modem Mystery using a Toshiba Satellite M -S laptop and trying Toshiba Software Modem Mystery to connect to the internet via the Toshiba Software Modem manufactured by Agere I should note that I am in Ukraine I can Toshiba Software Modem Mystery use wireless networking and my network card fine to connect to the internet I was also successful in using the software modem to dial up for a couple months until it completely stopped working The modem would not connect then it would give me sporatic responses when queried so I left it alone for a few months didn t really need to use it Now I m in a situation where I have to get it functioning again Here s the latest - When I set up a dialup connection and try to connect I get DNS error The modem is already in use or not configured properly When I go to hardware manager and open up the modem properties it says Toshiba Software Modem Mystery it is working properly When I go to the diagnostic tab and query the modem it says the port cannot be opened which may be a result of a hardware conflict In device manager no other devices seem to be conflicting however when I check the quot show hidden devices quot option in the quot view quot menu one device is listed with the yellow exclaimation mark quot Serial quot which says quot This device is not present not working properly or does not have all its drivers installed quot I don t know if that s related Back to the modem Here s a list of possibly relevant info -Location PCI bus device function -When queried the log ends with quot Opening the modem device failed with error aa quot -The resources are as follows - I O Range - FF I O - F IRQ -I notice that if i start in safe mode IRQ is I don t know if this matters maybe it s just because of ACPI but there are several devices with IRQ -Under Ports COM amp LPT a printer port is listed but no COM port -I can change COM port for the software modem under quot advanced port settings quot from COM - COM but regardless of which one I select I get the message that the port has been opened by another application I know this is a jumble of information but I hope someone out there can make some sense of it and help me This is pretty important to my work and I don t have the money to hire someone over here to help out I m a Peace Corps volunteer plus its an American computer so hard to find support in Ukraine Thanks and let me know if anyone needs more information or has possible solutions nbsp

A:Toshiba Software Modem Mystery

COM1 uses IRQ4 at address 03f8h
COM2 uses IRQ3 at address 02f8h
You may have disabled these ports in the BIOS and/or in the Device Manager.
Modems try to find COM1 and IRQ4 or COM3 and IRQ4, in most cases.
You can disable COM2 or leave it if already disabled.
Older modems have an IRQ and/or COM jumper on them, but I assume yours is probably a newer type.
Perhaps give us the make/model-number if you can.
Try and remove the PC-card from the PC and uninstall the modem. In Device Manager, tick the option Show Hidden Devices. That modem may be there in a few occurrences.
Reboot without the modem. Then switch off, re-insert the modem. Windows should find new hardware and reinstall it.
The modem could also show more than once in your network settings.
Another place to check would be in IE/Tools/Internet Options/Connections tab.
If that is not set to use Dialup you can't get through.
Don't use proxies if you don't have to.
Try these things out, hopefully they get you going.
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i put a new system on my dell computer and i lost the program to my multimedia controller so if you can help me with it please.

A:How can I find free software for multimedia audio controller

If what you mean by 'new system' is a re-install of the original operating system, then you take the service tag number from your case, surf to the Dell site and enter it and they give you a list of the drivers you originally had.
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i'm aware that vista has it's own partitioning functions, but there are too many limitations on it. so are there any for vista 64 bit yet? paragon claims to work, but it doesn't for me. thanks in advance
Relevancy 20.21%

Been using HP C series all in one printer at home of or not? old software over C6100 C5100 Install new top HP It s going to wife s work now QUESTION Since laptop needs to use C at work amp C at home on the LAPTOP should I install the new software OVER the Install new HP C6100 software over top of old C5100 or not? C - assuming the C software is backwards compatible amp handle both printers OR UNINSTALL the C software on laptop amp hope new C series will handle BOTH printers once separate printers are set up in Printers Faxes To complicate a bit more - laptop connects thru wireless network at home but will connect to C w USB at work I uninstalled ALL C on desktop amp installed new software At st it only allowed installing into OLD C folder - said quot in order to work w other installed HP products quot There were NO other HP products left installed just leftover registry keys their uninstall prgm didn t delete - I deleted them amp everything was good NOTE the printers are Install new HP C6100 software over top of old C5100 or not? similar but some different features on new one w different quot Solution Center quot GUI amp diff options for things like scanning on C Install new HP C6100 software over top of old C5100 or not? that weren t w the C software even latest ver Thanks nbsp
Relevancy 19.35%

ok so i got this hp pavilion ze5800, pretty good machine and i dont know what the bios password is, bios manufactured by phoenix i do know that much, can anyone tell me a way to retrieve the password or bypass it?

A:phoenix bios password hack or bypass or software to find it HELP!!

There is probably no easy way.

The passwords on laptops are designed to not be easily bypassed or reset.

I would take it back to the place you bought it and get your money back.

Wearing some oven gloves probably wouldn't hurt either.
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Hello I am new and very much a non-techie but I am endeavoring to learn I have an HP Pavilion zd laptop programs won't external DVD recognize Software burner w MS Windows XP Media Center version w Service Pak My internal DVD player has been kaput for some time now To watch DVDs I use an external DVD player burner that is a Pioneer DVR X- The external DVD CD player writer reads anything It plays DVDs Software programs won't recognize external DVD burner using Nero software which came w the player or it can use the Inter Video Win DVD program that came with my computer The external DVD player will burn CDs using iTunes However I want to burn DVDs I used to burn them using Media Center however Media Center only looks for DVDs in my kaput internal writer How can I get it to acknowledge my wonderful external player I have the same problem with Roxio and Record Now two very good programs that used to work when my internal drive actually worked They do not recognize my external player If I can give you more helpful information please let me know I can give you more system specs but I honestly don t know where to get that iformation I thank you for your Software programs won't recognize external DVD burner response nbsp

A:Software programs won't recognize external DVD burner


why not just buy a new internal DVD writer, they only cost a few quid and are easy to fit.
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Hello Guys My Rig is C D E GHZ GBx MHZ MSI GT MB i recently installed Gear of War When i got into the game and looked at the visaul setting it was set resolution to x and all other settings to quot medium quot There wasn t any default setting like in other games So i was wondering it the quot medium quot setting a default setting for my computer Then i turned everything to quot high quot and resoultion to x and it played fine in that setting My graphic card temp was like C after min of play time Is this normal Now i want to know at what FPS the game i am playing so that my graphics card don t get hot I just want to calculator FPS software) Game (benchmark make sure that my graphics card can handle the games i play and it won t get heated to much Far Cry has there own benchmark tool but how Game FPS calculator (benchmark software) do i calculate benchmark if they don t have any such tools like GOW Is there any software i can use to calculate FPS for the games nbsp

A:Game FPS calculator (benchmark software)

Google for FRAPS, it will help you out with the framerate calculations.

As for 55C, that's just fine, as would be 75-80c as well. GPUs are hot as a fact, no need to panic if you see temps in the 70s. On my old rig, the stock cooler on one of the 8800GT cards would run it at around 70-80c in full load, this is normal.

I do not quite understand what you mean by:

"Now i want to know at what FPS the game i am playing so that my graphics card don't get hot"

There is no trivial mapping between FPS and video card temperatures. Your card will struggle and heat up running Crysis maxed out at ~20FPS, but it will be quite chilly running, say, Homeworld 2 at a reported rate of well over 100 FPS.
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i have a usb bluetooth but it doesnt work because i don't have the software for it i looked everywhere for it on the internet and couldn't find one for my type of bluetooth.

its a blue tooth usb class 1.

i don't know if these might help but it says it on the back of the usb :

thank you very much


A:I need software to make my bluetooth usb work

Does this blue tooth have a name and model? Is it a phone device or headphones, or something else? The part number you give doesn't have any results when googled. Are you sure you posted the correct one. You can get more help if you are more specific in your posts. Julio made us stop using crystal balls to answer posts. <g>
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im looking to overclock my Intel Centrino Core2 Duo T9300 in my laptop but im not sure what overclocking software to use.. there's plenty of overclocking software out there im just not sure which has best results for a beginner.

if anyone has nay suggestions it would be very much appreciated.

A:Software to use to overclock Intel Centrino Core2 Duo T9300

Overclocking a laptop is not a wise thing to do especially by a beginner. Laptop/notebooks are subject to heat much more than desktop computers. Any overclocking results in great rises in heat. My desktop Q6600 at 2.4GHz, runs nominally at 35C. If I raise the CPU to 2.55GHz the temp rises to 45C. I use a ZeroTherm Nirvana to cool the CPU. Your laptop will suffer much more
Relevancy 20.21%

i am currently running on version 10.0.021
and apparently theres the latest one like version 30. something .
but i cant find it can some one please help me find it.

many thanks


A:Need the latest software for my Nokia n95

why isnt anybody helping me find it please help me


Relevancy 20.21%

You can't post them here,their spam.
So find another way to identify your problem hardware.
It's needed to answer problems.


A:Free System testing software

um, what is this all about????
Relevancy 20.64%

in your guys expert opinion, what is the best freeware (for private use) for diagnostic software?

A:Diagnostic software help

The manufacture's hardware Diagnostc disks

Oh software!

Too many tools to mention

I like Everest for a start
Relevancy 24.51%

The story below is kind of long but it is more detailed than the long story short Long story short = Anti-Gaming? DGL-4500 - Linksys router DGL-4500 = Anti-Gaming? crapped out - Bought a D DGL-4500 = Anti-Gaming? Link DGL- - Internet works gaming doesn t DGL-4500 = Anti-Gaming? work nearly as well as before - All settings on factory default with latest firmware Also before anybody asks yes I have to have a wireless router because even though I use a desktop my sister has a notebook here that she uses A few days ago my Linksys BEFW S Version wireless router began to do what nearly all Linksys routers are known to do and began to drop my internet connection every fifteen to twenty minutes After having done everything I could possibly find on it to try and fix it still to no avail I began to look at other routers to buy Being big into gaming I play in multiple leagues for Counter-Strike Source and Call of Duty I began to look for something that would last me for a long time and wouldn t interfere with online play Thanks to Best Buy the model of router I wanted wasn t available and so one thing led to another and I ended up buying the D Link DGL- wireless router I set everything up with the router turned my computer back on used the quick-connection disk to get the router set up and was able to get on the internet without any problems My internet connection dropped once and so I installed the v firmware which caused all connection drops to cease Once that was all done I began to configure the security settings all of which were merely standard configurations which I had on my old Linksys router Everything seemed fine until I tried to start up Call of Duty This game before would always start up in less than five seconds usually almost instantly and so when I saw that it was taking about as long as Mass Effect to start up I began to feel something was wrong I thought it could have been my firewall permissions and so I checked it made sure the game and ports were allowed and tried it again The same exact thing happened So I just waited for about two or three minutes and the game eventually started up just for me to find a blank server list I knew that this wasn t right Making sure it wasn t just CoD that was the problem I jumped into Counter-Strike and while the servers came up I was unable to join them So I did a factory default on the router and only put on an admin password leaving everything else the same Call of Duty still takes forever to load but I can at least join the servers though I am getting occasional lag ping not fps in some servers I used to play in though I had never lagged in them before The only thing that has changed between then and now is the router and I have tried starting the game up with Gamefuel turned both on and off so I know that isn t the problem So basically my question is what can I do in order to make the settings back to the way they were before back when I didn t get any lag and back when Call of Duty started up in an instant nbsp

A:DGL-4500 = Anti-Gaming?

Do you have XP, SP3 installed?
Relevancy 19.78%


i have a problem with 5.1 surround sound. i have an asus a7n8x mobo connected to a sharkoon audics 5.1 sound system. i have tried the nvidia nforce audio drivers and the realtek alc650 sound driver. with the nvidia driver 5.1 sound is only working with the nvmixer test tool and with the ms media player.
but with other test tools like "rightmark 3d sound" real surround sound is not working. all speakers play sound but its not 3d.
so i tried the realtek driver and everything is working fine in directsound3d hardware mode in the rightmark 3d sound-tool. but when i switch to directsound3d software mode, again there is no real surround sound then.
and in most games like half life 2 for example, there is only sound based on directsound3d software mode.
so how can i make 5.1 surround sound work with software mode?

A:Directsound3d software - problem with 5.1 surround sound

Well, it's a couple years later now, but I'm having the same problem as this guy. Any help at all, please? I have a different hardware setup. WinXP, SB Audigy 2, and such. I've used RightMark 3DSound Positioning Accuracy test to see what I could find out, googled around the net for about 3 hours now, and can't figure it out for the life of me. Surround works fine in any hardware based mode, but in directsound 3d software mode when I set it to rear only, it's coming out the front's just as loud as the backs.
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I have installed a software provided by my company but I want it to be uninstalled since it prevents me from copying files to USB but i can get file from the USB.

the software name is cpm client. I cannot see it when i use the windows ADD/REMOVE application.

A:Software installed prevents copying of files to USB

Try Startup Control Panel
Or check Services for it being Started (Start->Run->Services.msc)
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Hi all,

I've managed to get the software on my Netgear WG111 Adapter working fine and have connected to my router succefully although when I try to connect to the internet, nothing happens as in 'internet explorer cannot display the webpage'.

I think it was something to do with the fact that windows (in the bottom-right corner) is telling me that I'm connected via the Netgear software provided but not via windows own internal software.

How do I turn off the internet monitor screen thing at the bottom-right so that windows can start 'realising' that I actually AM connected to the internet via the Netgear software?

A:Netgear WG111 Software

What version of Windows are you running? Are you talking about the Netgear setup utility?
Relevancy 20.21%

i bought this webcam over a year ago. since then i've lost the disk & gotten a new computer. well, i'd like to set it back up again, but i can't find the software anywhere. if anyone could point me in the right direction, i'd really appreciate it. here's what came with it:

Bundled Software

Creative PC-CAM Center
Creative WebCam Monitor
ArcSoft® PhotoImpression 4
ArcSoft Multimedia Email
Microsoft® NetMeeting®

A:know where i can download Creative Webcam NX Pro software?

Ummm how bout
Netmeeting at
Relevancy 20.21%

My laptop cd rom is not reading cd's audio nor software. Is there anyway I can download the software for this notebook adapter via the web?

A:Linksys notebook software

CDRom software drivers are built into Windows
If it shows in My Computer, then it is installed properly

Laptop CD/DVD Drives have never been really good.
You could purchase a CD cleaner disc (from any computer/movie hire shop) and clean the lense.

Otherwise replace
Relevancy 20.64%

I have a file server and an exchange box that are both currently only being backed up using windows backup utility. I am looking to upgrade to an affordable software solution. What software would be recommended to schedule effective backups on both my server and exchange box both running windows server 2003? I'm not looking to spend an outrageous amount and I'm looking for something simple and effective.

A:Back up software

Acronis true image is the best around. I use it on a client's server. It takes an image of the server you can in case of disaster restore the image onto different hardware based server, so you are up and running in a couple of hours at the most. You can restore individual files. Our server backs up in 3 hours. The only downside is that it doesn't work very well with tapes for some reason. We have the image backed up by an online backup company, so there is always an image offsite and one onsite on an external drive ready to be booted from. It's really easy to use. I used veritas before but if a disaster happens it takes days to restore the server and data. Imaging is the way to go in my opinion. Hope that helps. GlitzyGirl
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Which is more economical- Buying the Ipod Touch without January Update for 239 and upgrading it later or Buying it with the update for 279??
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can anyone help me and give me a step by step on how to install the software for
rhine II fast ethernet for windows XP Pro I come across some drivers but nothing seems to work? can anyone help me out in this matter.

A:Ethernet software installation

Here is your correct driver for Asus k8v-x motherboard Windows Xp
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So i have an LG VX8100 and I'm trying to convert a video off my laptop and I'm trying to convert a wmp to a 3g2 format. I have a video i want to convert and put on my cell phone. Anyone know of any free software? Thank you.

A:Cell phone video converter software

Searching gave me "Movie2x 3GP Converter". I've not downloaded it but people say it works and its free as well! I hope it does what you want it to do.
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I've been looking for the decryption software for the HP Bios system hash codes.
I am interested to know where this software comes from.
Usually with anything else I've wanted a key/code for in the past I've had no trouble finding it.
But when I look at how old my HP NX9010 is, amongst others, and to think that still so few a number of people whom can crack the "system hash codes i'm astonished.

How come this is? where does the software come from? Is it HP software or something someone cooked up at home? Is it available anywhere, perhaps i've just been unlucky not to find it... Whomever knows!

Thought i'd ask, if I don't i'll never get an answer...

A:Why is password software so rare?

That's reasonable to ask.

Seems that the manufactures do have a passord generator
But users you see on the Internet offering your password at a cost, are in fact using their own software (designed by them)
So therefore that's one reason why they ask for payment (other than the obvious)

Anyway due to these users creating their own software generators, they don't post them for the public.
No one has yet anyway. But I'm sure one will oneday, until then it's go through your manufacture, or through them
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I have an HP C All-in-One printer scanner copier It used to work fine following a crash I needed a new hard drive and XP Home install I re-connected the and have been using software HP install All-in-One, can't it as a printer relying on XP s plug-and-play I now want to use the scanner again but pressing the quot Start scan reprints quot button does not trigger the application I have attempted HP All-in-One, can't install software installing all HP s bloated software from the CD and even downloading the latest version from HP s site After about minutes it displays quot Device setup failed to complete quot with a big red cross on the diagram displayed over the USB cable Icons are shown on the desktop but HP Director won t open and HP Image Zone won t connect to the scanner either But it s working as a printer so the cable seems to be connected OK Any ideas what I can do next By the way I don t really want all HP s image-processing software they just don t give you a choice nbsp

A:HP All-in-One, can't install software

I'm not sure, but;

If you have the power on the printer and go to Control Panel and double left-click the Printers/Scanners icon the printer should show. Right click it.

Any scan option(s)?
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How would the AC3 filter work with creative's X-fi software?

A:How would AC3 filter + X-fi software go along?

You tell us
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I have just accepted a new Net Admin position and need a bit of assistance. I am looking for a software utility that will perform some network monitoring on the LAN and determine where network bottlenecks occur. We are attempting to determine if our existing 100 mbps network should be converted to gigabit. Plus we want the ability to determine if network performance is decreasing after lunch time cause users are listening to streaming audio. We currently are running a SOnicWall firewall that does a fair amount of internet packet analysis and reporting. We would like to have some of that on the LAN side as well. Any help is greatly appreciated


A:Network Monitor and analysis software

start with some simple stuff, eg log analysis.

You can get a good idea of usage patterns by logging NEW connections and then
sorting by destination port. You then have a map of what is happening and if you
clump the results by-hour, you see work load patterns.

Port usage implies data types (eg port 80 is obviously HTML/web stuff, port 110 or 143 is reading email, port 119 is news-groups, port 25 is email sending).

RealAudio defaults to ports 7070, 6970-7170

The advantage of analyzing your logs is no new software and you get a good
benchmark of where to investigate further.

Where to capture tcp traffic? At the company interface to the Internet (ie your external firewall) OR in the DMZ on the firewall into the Infrastructure.
This single point will benchmark both external inbound and internal outbound traffic.
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Where can I find a good software program that will display CPU Temp, HDD Temp, Fan Speed, etc.?


A:Looking for CPU Temp Display Software

try speedfan
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Electronic components are very often highly sensitive to ESD, or ElectroStatic Discharge. Static electricity in your body, even if you are not aware of it, can easily damage a component beyond repair.

When performing system component upgrades or maintenance it is advisable to perform the following antistatic precautions:

*Use a grounding wrist strap. These are supplied by most electronic stores.
* Keeping in contact with the metal frame of the computer is fine as long as it is earthed (plugged into an earthed socket but switched off at the mains).
* Handle circuit boards by the edges and avoid touching the contacts or components themselves.

Remember! The damage may not become apparent until you actually try to use the damaged component.

I apologise if I appear a little patronising but I suspect some system failures that I have read in these forums are due to a lack of taking the proper precautions.

A:Anti-static Precautions!

Well done Zeno, yes I quoted much of that page :rolleyes:
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Which is better linksys wireless n firewall enabled with wpa2 or software firewall. I here that if you have a hardware firewall then the software one is pretty much useless, what do you people say?.

A:Hardware vs Software firewall?

pimpmypc said:

Which is better linksys wireless n firewall enabled with wpa2 or software firewall. I here that if you have a hardware firewall then the software one is pretty much useless, what do you people say?.Click to expand...

A hardware firewall appliance is much better than a software FW.
However, Linksys with WPA{1,2} (or any other cheap router) is hardly a hardware firewall appliance.
All routers we get for home use have NAT support and some have SPI protection.
These are the very minimal services of a firewall. In short, home users will
need a software firewall to protect each system on the LAN or need to layout some
serious cash to get a real firewall appliance.

here's a list of a few Hardware Firewalls:

Hot Brick
3com FW Switch
3Com® X506
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Well, blue ray is finnaly cracked.

Any ideas for a special anti-piracy system? I was thinking a seperate special "key" that came with every movie, like a small laser pointer that you twist into a TV, then the T.V. played it. The sound would be sent optically too, along all speaker channels. Each part of the T.V. would be encrypted with it's unencryption keys storted in the a central core, like a processor. The core would have optical wires travaling to a small flash-drive like thing, which holds all the keys, but the flash drive is ultrathin, and the connections between the are microlasers, so it'd be impossible to open the flash drive without damaging components, and wires can't be intercepted because they are optical.


Anymore ideas?

A:Anti-Movie copy ideas?

Well, first, this is just like the VCMS - it would only work if everyone in the world could be forced to throw away their old equipment and be given new (outrageously expensive) stuff.

Second, the manufactuing costs would skyrocket. Every copyrighted piece would have to be encoded separately for every copy sold and paired with a unique key.

Why do you think that optical signals cannot be captured and decoded?
Anyone could grab the "key" beam from your "pointer", store and replay it at will. You'd have to do two-way communication for private/public key encryption/decryption.

Also, you can do optics any way you like, but in the end the video and audio signals have to go electrical to drive the display and the speakers. And anyone can tap the resulting unencrypted video and audio from the wires.

Not to mention that we could just cam the TV

Really. Instead of wasting time and money doing the impossible, people should realise that the current copyright law and related business models are flawed and we should be working on new laws that fit the new world, not trying to turn back time.
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Electronic components are very often highly sensitive to ESD, or ElectroStatic Discharge. Static electricity in your body, even if you are not aware of it, can easily damage a component beyond repair.

When performing system component upgrades or maintenance it is advisable to perform the following antistatic precautions:

*Use a grounding wrist strap. These are supplied by most electronic stores.
* Keeping in contact with the metal frame of the computer is fine as long as it is earthed (plugged into an earthed socket but switched off at the mains).
* Handle circuit boards by the edges and avoid touching the contacts or components themselves.

Remember! The damage may not become apparent until you actually try to use the damaged component.

I apologise if I appear a little patronising but I suspect some system failures that I have read in these forums are due to a lack of taking the proper precautions.

A:Anti-static precautions

Yes I know Zeno but I thought it applied to both forums...
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hey all i m looking for a free recording program to transfer a huge heap of old LPs ya know vinyl records i d like to record them into mp format heres what i ve got equipment wise computers with a good sound cards turtle beach montego SB audigy stereo system pretty standard stuff it can output to standard recording software? Free speak wire quot banana clips quot whatever that is and standard mini jack male to male mini jack cables my concept was to plug the stereo into the computer via the M M cables headphone jack to microphone jack set the levels as appropriate then hit record on whatever program i can get my hands on so what free programs are out there ones Free recording software? that are actually worth recommending i mean that will record like Free recording software? that to mp or if a better way to record comes to mind i d be interested in that as well the one requirement is that it be very cheap or free i m doing this as a present for my parents its their records but i have basically no money to do it with maybe i could manage US if i scrounge around nbsp

A:Free recording software?

The program I use for audio editing is Audacity.

It is an amazingly popular open-source audio editor that really packs a punch. Just note that you'll need to download an additional .dll file to output in .mp3 format. Give it a try.
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As I stated before where I m not sure I was having trouble with the PC not allowing me to save stuff in word Motherboard or software I m getting all kinds or error messages including stop error messages I was also having trouble with the Motherboard or software PC turning off and restarting itself If finally turned off and it would not turn on It sat for a few days dormant until I could mess with it The next time I went to start it up it fired right up We did a bunch of diagnostic checks starting with the power supply I put a new power supply in it and it was running the same It would not start unless you unplugged it and took out the CMOS battery and put it back in We did all this with and with out the hard drive in As a last ditch effort we updated the BIOS It seems to start up and stay started I can turn it on and off with no trouble How ever I am still getting a lot of stop errors of all sorts One being Beginning memory dump After all the diagnostic checking it was determined I have a mechanical problem We narrowed it down to the CPU or the motherboard Any other thoughts on this The fact that it is now starting makes me wonder if it is a soft ware problem not the motherboard or CPU My next step was to reinstall the OS I have noticed that when I go to SKYPE it throws the PC into a stop error message before I order a mother board nad then possibly a CPU Any thought or comments would be great I am running XP media center Model Gateway GM I found this on another post and it states the problem better than I did All this was done to my PC Unplug all external devices leaving Keyboard Video or Power connected only Remove any addon internal PCI card ie Modems Sound Cards Video Adaptors Confirm all internal Power and Data plugs are secure Reset the CMOS using the onboard jumper service manual required fo location Remove all internal dust and debri Confirm all Fans are operational especially CPU Do you think its the motherboad not the software nbsp

A:Motherboard or software

What does your Event Viewer say and what are your Stop Error codes? Sometimes when it blue screens it will also give a driver name or something else.
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I have been working on a (Text/Graphics) Contents Fit Some Programs of Don't in Software Window strangle problem on my wife s Gateway ROG with Windows XP service pack for quite some time Some programs do not fit inside of the windows For example the Epson printer software graphics and text are cut off by the right side Contents of Some Software Programs (Text/Graphics) Don't Fit in Window of the window of which they appear and the user can not see the entirety of Contents of Some Software Programs (Text/Graphics) Don't Fit in Window the contents and hence can not select and click much less see options on what should be the right side of the window SuperAnti-Spyware Free edition also does the same thing Apparently for whatever reason these two software programs display their contents inside a window differently than most other software programs which are not displayed correctly inside their respective windows Contents of Some Software Programs (Text/Graphics) Don't Fit in Window For the record this used not to be a problem I have tried re-installing the Epson printer software the printer works fine I have also tried removing and reinstalling the video device driver software This does not work either It is a ATI Mobility Radeon Advice is greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Contents of Some Software Programs (Text/Graphics) Don't Fit in Window

Could it be that your display resolutions are wrong?

i doubt it has anything to do with your epson software, since it happens with others..

The normal resolution you should keep your monitors at is to the highest supported by both monitor and graphics card. DPI however, can be altered, found under the advanced properties (display properties>Settings>Advanced..) of your graphics card. Try altering that to the Normal setting and see if it makes a difference..

have you also tried getting the latest software updates available for your graphics card and others you have problem with?
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I have a LG GSA-H N DVD GSA-H55N Windows software 98SE? does LG support not Rewriter which I bought to backup my hard drive amp store my data before getting rid of the French version of Windows SE which I think was missing things amp replace it with an English version My computer a Pent II MHz recognizes the drive as a HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H N amp works just fine as a CD-Rom My problem is that the software that came with it does not support Windows SE amp both the paperwork amp the CD both state to contact LG for Windows amp DOS support Of course they come back amp say that they do not Power DVD Power LG GSA-H55N software does not support Windows 98SE? Producer Nero Express All I want to do is be able to backup my data amp download programs for later installation as I have found you cannot Install from C to C in a pinch I could download to my D DOS FAT drive amp install from there maybe but have not tried that yet There must be something out there that will let me get this unit to Burn but I have not been able to find it on my own yet then maybe I don t know what I am looking for Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have LG GSA-H55N software does not support Windows 98SE? a bad case of JS Downloader Agent amp the only cure is to wipe the drive amp start from scratch I guess I hope this is the right Forum for this but this is my st Thread blush nbsp

A:LG GSA-H55N software does not support Windows 98SE?

hi welcome to the site.
You could try a free burning program such as the one below.

As for the JS/Downloader.Agent try making a thread under the Malware thread someone may be able to help you with that as i dont know much about it

hope this helps

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Hi all,

Okay, this is going back in time a bit. I bought myself a Casio E-105 in 1999 and had it about 2 weeks before it got destroyed in my VW Vento ( Jetta to our American cousins ) which self - ignited. The PDA was in the glovebox.

Fast forward to 2008, and I find one on ebay with no charger / shot battery. As I had both I bought it, and lo and behold, it worked! I love this little thing ... it's MIPS4000, running Windows CE 2.11.

I remember back in the late 1990's there was a load of demo software out there for download, but now? - nada! Every link I click seems to be dead. Anyone know of a good site which still works?

I also recall having Windows media player from download. Any ideas?

Many thanks,


A:Casio E-105 Software?

So what exactly are you asking for? A Windows Media download site? Demo software for what device?
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Need two know how many watts I got to spare on my 850 watt. is there a software to do that?

A:Any one know a software that shows me how many watts I have left?

google PSU calculator. plug in your components and you will have a rough idea.
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I am wanting to put a parental program on my computer, there will be indvidaul log on accounts, but none of them will be administrative, only mine will be. I would like to be able to moniter and see what the website that someone is going to are maybe even trying too. I would like to, if possible, be able to even see what is being looked at and gone to when I am away from home. Example, I'm in Texas and my kids and computer are in Tennessee, I could somehow login and see what active is being done on the computer. I hope there is something out there, thanks.

A:What kind of software do I need????

xp has built in remoting
as for logging mmmm
could setup macro active x in mmc
learn that or look around for nanny protection tools
so much software not enough time
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Does anyone know of a good program that will work with VISTA that will partition a drive while VISTA is on the drive, a free one would be best? I bought a Dell computer to run a program on all the time and would like to partition the main hard partition so I do not have to install all programs on the same partition as windows.

A:Partition Software

paragon partition manager 8.5. I haven't tried the personal edition, but use the enterprise server edition at work.
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I recently had to do a reinstall of Windows on my sister s desktop She has a Westell Wireless Westell Utility Software Adapter G Wireless USB Adapter It worked perfectly fine before the reinstall Now it won t work I am assuming this is because I need to put in the installation software Westell Wireless Adapter Utility Software that came with it However this is not something we have I have searched through the house shes not the best at keeping track of things for her computer Westell s website does not offer any downloadable software drivers for their adapters I e-mailed them and they said I need to contact Verizon for Wireless USB adapter support Verizon has yet to respond I located what appear to be the drivers for it online but after installation they do not work The user guide says that both the software utility and drivers must be installed Does anyone know where I can get the software utlity or how do install without it There is a serial number on the back of the modem A - WG- Thanks Kara nbsp

A:Westell Wireless Adapter Utility Software

Try It might have what you're looking for. I'm trying it out on mine right now.
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does someone know of some software to that can take a DVD and make it into a MPEG file? If let me know of a good one, Free is better or i can pay if there are no good free ones.

BTW: i already checked google and all the ones there that i found do not seem to work

A:Wanted: DVD to MPEG Software

Search for NCH Swift Sound - works a treat and is free.