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Display Doent Work Properly...malware Or Burn Out?

Q: Display Doent Work Properly...malware Or Burn Out?

Hi. The past few days Ive been using various programs to remove some malware from my pc. I had just done a spybot scan before i went to bed last night, and when i woke up this morning my laptop display wont work. Its completely black (though i can barely still see the desktop) and not lit up. I did a sytem restore and the display still wont function. I was wondering if this could be associated with malware or if this is just coincidence that my display happened to burn out a few days after becoming infected. Thanks.

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Preferred Solution: Display Doent Work Properly...malware Or Burn Out?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Display Doent Work Properly...malware Or Burn Out?

Does the display work in safe mode? At bootup is the screen it's regular brightness?
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I appreciate the guys and gals who help others. I got some nasty virus/malware from something I dl. I have read everything. (I understand its annoying when someone comes in and posts questions without reading) this virus/malware diesnt allow me to run certain programs like spybot etc, and when i try to run gmer it simply copies the application, and doesnt allow me to see or dl the exe file. Thanks in advance for your help.

A:the malware virus doent allow me to follow first steps

Hi and welcome to TSF.

My name is Iain and I will be helping you clean your system.

You may wish to Subscribe to this thread (Thread Tools > Subscribe to this thread) so that you are notified when you receive a reply.

Please read these instructions carefully and then print out or copy this page to Notepad in order to assist you when carrying out the fix. You should not have any open browsers or live internet connections when you are following the procedures below.

Note that the fix may take several posts. Please continue to respond to my instructions until I confirm that your logs are clean. Remember that although your symptoms may vanish, this does NOT mean that your system is clean.

If there is anything you don't understand, please ask BEFORE proceeding with the fixes.

Please ensure that you follow the instructions in the order I have them listed.

Please do not install or uninstall any programmes, or run any other scanners or software, unless I specifically ask you to do so.

Let's see if you can get this tool to run - please follow the instructions carefully.

Please download ComboFix from here - - >

**Note: It is important that it is saved directly to your desktop**

Referring to the images below

When saving the file, you must rename the file as Combo-Fix.exe

1. Close any open browsers and physically disconnect from the Internet.

2. You MUST disable your AntiVirus and AntiSpyware applications - please read this thread as a guide. They may otherwise interfere with our tools and interrupt the cleansing process.

NOTE: ComboFix will disconnect your system from the Internet - do not attempt to re-connect until it has finshed scanning.
Double click on combofix.exe & follow the prompts.
When finished, it will produce a report for you.
Please post the log C:\ComboFix.txt for further review.

Do not mouseclick combofix's window whilst it's running. This may cause it to stall.

** If there is no internet connection when Combofix has completely finished then manually restart your computer to restore the connection. **
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Hey all hope you can help me with my dilemma I ve recently bought x quot Acer V W LCD quot Monitors so i could finally fulfil my long standing dream of having dual screens My Graphics card is a quot Nvidea Gainward GT PCX Golden Sample mb quot which has on it x DVI ports and states on various internet sites that it has Dual Monitor Support Im running Windows bit So being naive I presume that i just plug in the correct cables into the the monitors and plug them both into my Graphics Card and bish bash bosh i d have dual monitor display Sadly not Ive been into windows control panel and tried to quot detect quot a second monitor to no avail ive been in the Nvidia s control panel and tried the same there with similar results ive tried to do a quot Rigorous Display Detection quot on it and nothing came up I ve tried just about everything tbh Secondary to display work refuses properly Somehow with all my twiddling ive managed to get a nd display on the windows control panel display screen but unlike display showing as Acer V W it just says quot Display Secondary display refuses to work properly Device on VGA quot but still my nd screen remains blank Ive tested the monitor and it works fine ive tested the cables and they both work fine When i unplug the nd monitors cable from the back of the graphics card the message on the nd monitor s black screen changes from quot No Signal quot to quot Cable Not Connected quot so i presume there is so level of connection with the graphics card Ive updated all the drivers paying careful attention to double check graphics card and acer monitor drivers they are all now bang up to date quot Im totally at a loss as to how to get this up and running Do you guys have ANY ideas EDIT Dunno if this is important but when i unplug the cable from the topmost Primary and sole working display i get the blonk blonk hardware disconnected sound from windows however when i disconnect the lower secondary and none working display it remains silent only the message on the nd monitor changes from No Signal to quot Cable not Connected quot Cheers nbsp

A:Secondary display refuses to work properly

the primary #1 must always be attached. sometimes the slots are numbered or have A & B marked near them.
I've also seen a Y-cable to split the video and the monitor ends were marked 1 & 2.

When both are attached, it appears you can get them to display the large 1 or 2 .

open any window (even a folder display) and drag it from the #1 to the number # monitor.
if it will slide beyond the #1 screen edge into #2, then your dual setup is correct.
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Hi everyone So here's my problem I've been having no properly, Pc won't removal boot malware display after issues with crashes for a while I finally figured out that the CPU was overheating due to worn thermal paste so Pc won't boot properly, no display after malware removal fixed that however the PC kept freezing randomly and my Nvidia graphics driver kept crashing I also noticed an svchost process was using up heaps of memory A google search led me to the Malwarebytes site with a post about a bitcoin miner using up heaps of memory and creating heavy load on the GPU which I figured could be my problem I ran RogueKiller Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit then Combofix the same as the instructions in the thread Combofix removed three files two of which were temporary files but I don't have access to the log to know exactly what they were After I finished running Combofix my system started freezing up even worse than before so I did a reboot It booted up slowly the first time but no signal was getting to the monitor Now it doesn't seem to boot at all Having just read the posting rules I realise now that running Combofix was probably a stupid idea but is there any way to repair whatever I've done to it I'm running Windows bit as well Thanks for help in advance

A:Pc won't boot properly, no display after malware removal

Please...follow Steps 6-8 of Preparation Guide, Before Using Malware Removal Tools and Requesting Help - and submit the requested DDS log, along with your ComboFix log, in the body of the new topic which you will create.  New topic is to be created in same forum hosting the Prep Guide.
Once the new topic is a link to it in this topic.
To prevent confusion, this topic will then be closed.
Thanks .
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I m typing this up on my better working computer because I m having issues Can't malware work properly. find doesn't Internet explorer with IE and Firefox in my Windows XP Media Center Edition This started with my Outlook Express crashing everytime I opened an attachment so I randomly downloaded and ran CCleaner which sort of fixed the problem But then i noticed that the pages on IE would never work properly Each time I clicked on a link it would Internet explorer doesn't work properly. Can't find malware open it in a new window the AVG website wouldn t work even though it connected from my other laptop thru a wireless connection Some pages I tried going to check on this problem wouldn t open and IE would say there was a problem opening the page So i downloaded Firefox and it kind of did the same thing With firefox I noticed that it opened a new tab and i saw something in the url called www windowsclick com and a really long url following So I m pretty sure it s some kind of trojan that my AVG which was REALLY buggy couldn t see And I tried using Avira and Spyware Terminator Internet explorer doesn't work properly. Can't find malware which I had to download on another computer and bring it to usin my usb key My comp is Dell Inspiron AMD Turion X Dual-Core TL- GB HDD GB RAM Windows XP Media Center Edition Also there was this weird issue with it not recognizing my USB Keys for awhile so that was kind of scary but it seems to have been fixed AND I can t get rid of AVG for some Internet explorer doesn't work properly. Can't find malware reason but that could be for another day

A:Internet explorer doesn't work properly. Can't find malware

Hello and welcome..From your regular user account..Download Attribune's ATF Cleaner and then SUPERAntiSpyware , Free Home Version. Save both to desktop ..DO NOT run yet.Open SUPER from icon and install and Update itUnder Scanner Options make sure the following are checked (leave all others unchecked):Close browsers before scanning.Scan for tracking cookies.Terminate memory threats before quarantining.Click the "Close" button to leave the control center screen and exit the program. DO NOT run yet.Now reboot into Safe Mode: How to enter safe mode(XP)Using the F8 MethodRestart your computer. When the machine first starts again it will generally list some equipment that is installed in your machine, amount of memory, hard drives installed etc. At this point you should gently tap the F8 key repeatedly until you are presented with a Windows XP Advanced Options menu. Select the option for Safe Mode using the arrow keys. Then press enter on your keyboard to boot into Safe Mode. Double-click ATF-Cleaner.exe to run the program.Under Main "Select Files to Delete" choose: Select All.Click the Empty Selected button.If you use Firefox or Opera browser click that browser at the top and choose: Select AllClick the Empty Selected button.If you would like to keep your saved passwords, please click No at the prompt.Click Exit on the Main menu to close the program.NOW Scan with SUPEROpen from the desktop icon or the program Files listOn the left, make sure you check C:\Fixed Drive.Perform a Complete scan. After scan,Verify they are all checked.Click OK on the summary screen to quarantine all found items.If asked if you want to reboot, click "Yes" and reboot normally.To retrieve the removal information after reboot, launch SUPERAntispyware again.Click Preferences, then click the Statistics/Logs tab.Under Scanner Logs, double-click SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log.If there are several logs, click the current dated log and press View log. A text file will open in your default text editor.Please copy and paste the Scan Log results in your next reply.Click Close to exit the program.Please ask any needed questions,post log and Let us know how the PC is running now.
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I have no idea what my sister and her friends were doing on the comp for a couple of days that i decided not to use it but now - a few programs take forever to load or don t load at all but they do show up under the processes tab in doesn't work, recov. down properly, can't not shut properly, starting etc.. Apps sys. the task manager - after pressing Ctrl Alt Del the task manager icon appears in the system tray but the thing only shows up a minute later - my system recovery is quot not able to protect my computer quot and restarting does nothing - actually when restarting or shutting down Windows it stops at where it only shows my desktop background and cursor which is still able to move and nothing else after that so i have to hold the power button and force it to shut off - when Apps not starting properly, sys. recov. doesn't work, can't shut down properly, etc.. I right click the desktop and click on quot Properties quot or something similar to this action it doesn t show up at all and whenever I try Apps not starting properly, sys. recov. doesn't work, can't shut down properly, etc.. to open any application after that they don t even load at all either Things i ve tried to get rid of these problems - Virus scan with avast a couple viruses found and fixed but nothing changed - disk clean up nothing changed - registry clean nothing changed - CURRENTLY defragging my C drive hope something changes Anyone know what the heck s going on Apps not starting properly, sys. recov. doesn't work, can't shut down properly, etc.. Anyone got any suggestions on what to do next Anything helps and would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Apps not starting properly, sys. recov. doesn't work, can't shut down properly, etc..

no replies yet?

anyway, just stopped by to say that when shutting down, it takes forever to get to the "Saving your settings..." screen, and that's where I decided that it stops and nothing else after that.
Defragged my C drive, still no results besides the computer feeling a bit smoother-running o_o
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I have a 700 mb cd and I tried to burn songs in it. When I totalled the size of the songs, they were more than 300 mb but when I tried to burn it in windows media player 11, it split in half. Is thre something that I need to change in the setting because I'm really a newbie at those things?

A:Help!! Can't burn properly

Were you trying to create an audio CD that can play on most car, portable and home stereo systems? If so, I believe that you are limited to a total playing time of about 80 minutes per 700 MB disc and it does not matter what the total file size is of the mp3, wma, m4a, etc. source files. The burning software recodes the source files into Audio CD compatible bit streams.
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his is what's happening to me. After i burn the {OS} to disk, The INSTALL tab is not highlighted so that i can tab it to install the OS. Why is this happenning and how can i fix this problem. PLEASE HELP SOON SOMEBODY......ANYBODY

A:How To Burn Windows [os] To Dvd/cd Properly

So you're trying to make a Windows CD? How are you doing it, I mean what procedure are you following?

What type of computer do you have? Did it come with any Windows or Recovery CD's or the ability to make the Recovery CD's?
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HI This is confusing me I recently replaced my old system as it crashed and burn and at 7 all not DVD's CD's properly Nero won't died big style but as I m short of cash could only afford a refurb tower for my PC The tower came with Nero 7 won't burn CD's at all and not DVD's properly Nero which never worked from day one why didn t you take it back I hear you all say - there are reasons but I figured quot No problem I ll just replace it with the Nero that I had in my old system quot - same problems Now I ve checked the CD DVD burner and it works fine - in fact it burns using Ashampoo Burning Studio CD Clone DVD Clone and DeVeDe without a problem I had all of these on my old system and they all worked fine - so did Nero - but on this system Nero just doesn t want to know Has anyone got any ideas or had this problem themselves - any help would be greatly appreciated I want to keep Nero because I like the program but I do want it to work At the moment I have no idea Thanks Andy nbsp

A:Nero 7 won't burn CD's at all and not DVD's properly

What exact error are you getting? Does the program install properly? Is there an error starting the app? If it simply won't burn, include the error log.
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I just purchased a Pioneer DVR-A09 DVD/CD Writer the software that came with it is all Ulead. I am running XP SP2 and here is the problem...When burning a data DVD/RW it gets to 48 or 50 % and then says cant burn to disc. I have tried different files and it always comes up with the same thing. So I thought I would try CDBurner Pro XP it compeletes the brun with this program but it can only be read in my Pioneer DVD player. All other Cd Roms do not see the CD...error message says no disc in drive. I have used ISO 9660
Joliet as the file format for the burn...always the burner software is called if anyone can help it would be great or I am going to toss this thing throught the window !

A:New Dvd-r/rw Wont Burn Properly

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Cd-roms will not read a dvd disk.

That is why you can only use your dvd rewriter. A dvd-rom would also read the disk.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I have been burning discs for a while and have recently started using Memorex CD-R discs. Today I tried to burn a disc and for the third time in windows media player, it has completed but when I try to play it in a cd player or in the car - it does nothing and only shows one track. No errors occur when I burn it and there is plenty of room left on the disc. However, the process occurs quite quickly so maybe this is part of the problem. I really don't know.

Can anyone help me solve the problem?
I would really appreciate any help received.
Thanks in advance

A:Windows media player won't burn audio cd's properly

Try different burning software, CDBurnerXP and InfraRecorder are both good freeware programs.
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The title pretty much says it all. I'm honestly at the end of my rope. Device manager replies all is well, yet sound stopped working overnight.

It isn't muted,I'm not that oblivious.

I own Advanced System Care Pro ( and consequently, Driver Booster ) so I have already all of my drivers up to date, as well as any other problems I might have had.

Used a bunch of other scanners to figure out the problem to no avail. Plugging some headphones in also doesn't cut it, so it made me think that perhaps the hardware was actually fine and some software conflict was the cause of the problem. I have no freaking clue anymore, should I just get mad and yell at my computer for an hour or so to relieve stress now??

A:Laptop audio refuses to work, all devices work properly, sound isn't muted. Help?

First we need to know the EXACT make and model number of the laptop in question. Secondly the only place you should be looking for drivers for you laptop is the laptop manufacturers support website. Driver scanners really are not helpful.
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Hi guys

got HP 530 laptop, have struggled to remove vista home basic to xp professional but now got a big price.

It cant use the touch pad, controll panel cant be opened

whats could be solution to this please?

A:Solved: touch pad doent open an icon if you double click

Can you not tap the touchpad for anything? Do the buttons work? You may need to install drivers for it. Most laptops use Synaptics. If you don't see the drivers on HP's site, you can try generic drivers from
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thanks in advance for helping me - i searched for a simelar problem in the archives but couldn t quite find the same thing here s my dilemma it s pretty detailed i build my system about a year ago it s a P - GHz with half a gig of memory It had an gig rpm seagate hdd sitting in primary master lite-on x dvd drive in primary slave and my ltr- W x x cd-burner on secondary master at first everything went well - the burner would burn at max speed or thereabouts and i d finish LTR-48125W problem madly lite-on spins cd-burner properly doesn't burn but a cd in - minutes I use Nero gradually i had to go down to x when burning cds that s to be expected i think as the hard drive gets used amp filled up more and more the maximum possible burn speed goes down a bit but x still wasn t so bad i defragmented my drive regularly then i forgot when exactly maybe for about the last half year or so i could never burn above x and even then it d only work out of times The progress indicator cd-burner problem lite-on LTR-48125W spins madly but doesn't burn properly would go up to loading the files into ram buffer cd-burner problem lite-on LTR-48125W spins madly but doesn't burn properly then almost always the drive would start to spin and stop spin and stop and so on for minutes on end without the cd-burner problem lite-on LTR-48125W spins madly but doesn't burn properly red recording lamp going on if i set write speed to above x it would just go on spinning for ever and i d have to restart my machine to unlock the tray if i set writing speed to x it would maybe start writing after a couple of maddening spinup-spindown minutes with only about sucess rate if i set writing speed to x it would eventually start writing after a couple of minutes with about sucess rate in any case the resulting written cd was of poor quality and readability i verified the data everytime to make sure at least there were no data errors the spinup-spindown used to last longer sometimes more than minutes but that at least slightly improved after i learned to turn of norton antivirus autoprotect during burning so i thought that this was all due to the fact that my hard drive was clogged the system hasn t been formatted for about a year now so i went out and bought another harddrive needed one anyway same one practically seagate gb rpm mb cache the ide config is now seagate hdd with boot partition on primary master second seagate hdd on primary slave cd-rw on secondary master dvd on secondary slave i made a primary partition of the new drive size gb called BURN that s the partition that i d use only to burn from - i d copy the to-be-burned files over there and then burn them from there thus ensuring maximum read speed regardless of defragmentation of the other partitions i put some of my media that was originally on my boot-up partition mp s movies etc about gig onto the new fresh drive freeing up the old hard drive then i wanted to burn a -mb divx movie file from the BURN partition onto a x certified cd-r disc i tested read speed first and as expected it was more than x from the hard disk throughout the whole file but when i tried burning or even simulating same result at x starting conservatively nothing changed maximum write speed was still x what s wrong with my burner please help me thanks nbsp

A:cd-burner problem lite-on LTR-48125W spins madly but doesn't burn properly

Try updating the firmware:

And go to the motherboard maker and update the chipset driver. That isnít the same as a BIOS flash Ė Iíve never heard of that helping and it is chancy.

There is a possibility the laser is dirty. You could try one of the cleaner CDs or blow some canned air judiciously on the laser/reader.

Clean out your msconfig/startup: and the services if you have XP: And use task manager to shut down all programs before you burn.
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Hello People Im in need of your expertise here are a few scans i ran I hope these can help you tell what my problems are ComboFix doesnt start slow Nero properly work doesnt properly is always comp - - - uuurbody - - - NTFSx Microsoft Windows XP Professional GMT - Running from E Documents and Settings uuurbody Desktop ComboFix exe - REDUCED FUNCTIONALITY MODE - Other Deletions I Autorun inf Files Created from - - to - - - - - - lt DIR gt d-------- E Documents and Settings All Users Application Data Nero - - - - --a------ E WINDOWS Irremote ini - comp is slow Nero doesnt work properly doesnt always start properly - - - lt DIR gt d-a------ E Documents and Settings All Users Application Data TEMP - - - - --a------ E WINDOWS system xvidcore dll - - - - --a------ E WINDOWS system xvidvfw dll - - - - --a------ E WINDOWS system xvid ax - - - - -----c--- E WINDOWS system dllcache ntoskrnl exe - - - - -----c--- E WINDOWS system dllcache ntkrnlmp exe - - - - -----c--- E comp is slow Nero doesnt work properly doesnt always start properly WINDOWS system dllcache ntkrnlpa exe - - - - -----c--- E WINDOWS system dllcache ntkrpamp exe Find M Report - - --------- d-----w E Documents and Settings uuurbody Application Data Free Download comp is slow Nero doesnt work properly doesnt always start properly Manager - - ----a-w E WINDOWS system drivers kmxcfg u k - - ----a-w E WINDOWS system drivers kmxcfg u k - - ----a-w E WINDOWS system drivers kmxcfg u k - - ----a-w E WINDOWS system drivers kmxcfg u k - - ----a-w E WINDOWS system drivers kmxcfg u k - - ----a-w E WINDOWS system drivers kmxcfg u k - - ----a-w E WINDOWS system drivers kmxcfg u k - - ----a-w E WINDOWS system drivers kmxcfg u k - - --------- d-----w E Program Files Common Files Ahead - - ----a-w E WINDOWS system win k sys - - --------- d-----w E Documents and Settings All Users Application Data DVD Shrink - - ----a-w E WINDOWS system drivers srv sys - - ----a-w E WINDOWS system wininet dll - - ----a-w E WINDOWS system ntoskrnl exe - - ----a-w E WINDOWS system ntkrnlpa exe - - --sh--r E WINDOWS system winprotect exe Reg Loading Points Note empty entries amp legit default entries are not shown REGEDIT HKEY CURRENT USER SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Run quot BgMonitor E - C C- d f- C - D A B AA quot quot E Program Files Common Files Ahead Lib NMBgMonitor exe quot - - quot ctfmon exe quot quot E WINDOWS system ctfmon exe quot - - quot Free Download Manager quot quot D Free Download Manager Free Download Manager fdm exe quot - - HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Run quot cctray quot quot E Program Files CA CA Internet Security Suite cctray cctray exe quot - - quot QOELOADER quot quot E Program Files CA CA Internet Security Suite CA Anti-Spam QSP- QOELoader exe quot - - quot CAVRID quot quot E Program Files CA CA Internet Security Suite CA Anti-Virus CAVRID exe quot - - quot cafwc quot quot E Program Files CA CA Internet Security Suite CA Personal Firewall cafw exe quot - - quot capfasem quot quot E Program Files CA CA Internet Security Suite CA Personal Firewall capfasem exe quot - - quot capfupgrade quot quot E Program Files CA CA Internet Security Suite CA Personal Firewall capfupgrade exe quot - - quot SunJavaUpdateSched quot quot E Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe quot - - quot ISUSPM quot quot E Program Files Common Files InstallShield UpdateService ISUSPM exe quot - - quot NeroFilterCheck quot quot E Program Files Common Files Ahead Lib NeroCheck exe quot - - quot AGRSMMSG quot quot AGRSMMSG exe quot - - E WINDOWS AGRSMMSG exe quot NWEReboot quot quot quot BU quot Windows Protector quot quot winprotect exe quot - - E WINDOWS system winprotect exe HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion RunServices quot Windows Protector quot quot winprotect exe quot - - E WINDOWS system winprotect exe E Documents and Settings All Users Start Menu Programs Startup Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox Safe Mode lnk - D mozilla firefox e... Read more

A:comp is slow Nero doesnt work properly doesnt always start properly

ComboFix logs should not to be posted outside the HijackThis forums. It is an extremely powerful tool which should only be used when instructed to do so by someone who has been properly trained. ComboFix is intended by its creator to be "used under the guidance and supervision of an expert", NOT for private use. Please read Combofix's Disclaimer. Using this tool incorrectly could lead to disastrous problems with your operating system such as preventing it from ever starting again.Please create a new topic explaining the nature of your problem in the Am I infected? What do I do? forum. Describe pop-ups and system tray or desktop icons that have appeared. Explain what is "going wrong" with your computer. Note any tools you have used and their respective results.If needed, we will direct you to our HJT Preparation Guide.Thank you for using BleepingComputer as your malware removal source.I will have a moderator close this topic.
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I would like to know why certain web pages cannot display properly,especially the images.They tend to appear as 'x' and it won't show even I right click on 'show picture'.May I know how to configure my setting in order to solve this problem?I am running on windows XP.Thank you.

A:Web Page cannot display properly

open explorer at the top Tools tab>internet options>Advanced tab under Multimedia make sure Show pictures is checked and any other that you wish.
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I recently bought a new laptop that has a "tru-brite" screen, and while it makes everything look all shiny and new, all my photos don't display properly. Some look "blotchy," others are out of focus. I had a cheaper notebook with a standard screen, and the images showed up fine there. Any suggestions?

A:Photographs Don't Display Properly

Make a copy of a couple of the effected files and resize them to the same size as your screen eg. If your screen resolution is 1024 x 768 make the copied files the same size. Let us know how you get on.


PS. Welcome ot Tsg
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Hey everyone I have a question about the issue my computer has been having since i installed an ATI Radeon graphics card about months ago ever since i installed it the display dosent load until after the windows welcome screen and desktop do loading not properly Display it seems to not detect the monitor until after then Also when the desktop is loaded when the mouse cursor is moved to the extreme right of the screen area the mouse seems to get quot lost quot as if there is more desktop area Display not loading properly to the right possibly a problem with resolutuin settings and on a similar note the screensaver appears x larger and also is only halfway on the screen I m thinking it might possibly have something to do with the fact that quot monitors quot show up in my display properties the ATI the Integrated intel graphics plus the S-video port on the card is detected as another monitor if perhaps a tv screen was connected I m wondering should I change some settings in the BIOS to fix this or some simple properties adjustments Thanks alot all I havent had much experience in BIOS configuration so if u could help me with the navigation of the hardware profiles and such it would be appreciated My pc is a Gateway and running XP home nbsp

A:Display not loading properly

Yeah you probably need to go into the bios and disable the onboard video card. If your monitor doesn't display anything until after windows loads, then you may need to plug your monitor into the previous vga port. Power the computer off, change the vga cable, then power it back on. When you first power the computer on, look for anything that says "Press "X' to enter setup (or bios), "X" is usually F1, F2 or escape.

Look through the bios for anything that says video or vga and change this to Off, no, or disable.Then save and exit.

At this point you can move the monitor cable back to the new ATI card. If there is no change, or if you still have the "lost" space on the right, go in Display Properties. Set the ATI as the primary (if it's not already) check the "use this device as primary" box). Then click apply. Then click the other montiors and uncheck "extend my desktop" boxes. Then apply and ok.
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Not sure if this is the right place to post this - I just purchased a Samsung widescreen monitor recently, the display is 1600 X 1050, but a lot of websites still display weirdly. For example videos on youtube only display in a square screen with significant empty space on both sides. Normally I'd think I could do nothing about this, but these sites display fine on my girlfriend's WS laptop.

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Hey guys
My IE gives me such an annoying problem with Facebook. The page doesn't display properly, as is evident from the attached screenshot (Yes, I know it's taken with Firefox as the browser, but the result is the same on both browsers). I'm guessing this has something to do with the Java plug in? Although it only seems to happen with facebook, all other pages load fine. Any suggestions?

A:IE won't display facebook properly...

Help.... Anyone.... :-(
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So here is my problem Recently my computer was rebooted cleanly due to Games properly. won't display a virus not letting it start up I installed a game called MapleStory which I use to have and always had on my computer for years even with rebooting I installed and updated everything i think Here is a list of what was updated maybe I m missing something NVidia Graphics Card GeForce MX AMD Sempron motherboard DivX DirectX E-Machines BIOS package So when I start up MapleStory the loading screen nexon wizet appear to look like if a computer couldn t render D correctly and you get all those different colored squares and triangles I looked up the problem on google and read this one post to check the DXDiag I looked through it and remembered after seeing it that when I was rebooting a file known as quot dplayx dll quot couldn t be installed I went and downloaded this file from quot dll-files com quot I extracted this file into quot C WINDOWS System quot correct so far restarted my computer then tried to play again and it still won t load up properly Well atleast the game ITSELF shows after the load up screen but it is very skippy Also the reason I put quot Game quot s quot quot was because I downloaded a game I could also be able to play before the reboot called quot CrossFire quot that I can t play AT ALL Can anyone help It seems that this question is uniquely mine nbsp

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Web pages do not display properly with either IE7 or Firefox. I can connect to any website, but part of the page, will not display. I must have deleted something. Any suggestions out there? I'm using XP Professional, SP2. Had recently installed SP3 but uninstalled it as I thought maybe that caused the problem, but there was no change. I have attached a couple of screen shots to illustrate the issue I am having.Edit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Web Pages Do Not Display Properly

Usually when you see a blocked connection/cannot display such as the ones in your screenshots, it means that your Hosts file is blocking connections to flashy ads, web bugs, hijackers, etc...(the Hertz page loads the same way for me as well). The two entries in particular at the Hertz site that are being blocked are:ad.doubleclick.nethertz.122.2o7.netAds, such as those, can be a potential risk to someones computer simply by the connection being made to them while surfing the net . More detailed reading about what a Hosts file is & what it does can be found here:Blocking Unwanted Parasites with a Hosts File
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I don't know if this is related to a security setting or something else, but some webpages I visit do not display properly on my pc at home. However, on my pc at work, these pages are displayed fine. For instance, some items or images missing. Tonight, I can't see the contents of the violet bar on the middle of Yahoo's main page, but I know what is in it, because at work it shows the ad for the Yahoo toolbar with the spywware feature.Same problem with some online banking pages not displaying all images. Please help? Thanks

A:Web pages don't display properly

i think you have some sort of pop up blocker enabled which stops ads.(not a bad thing)if you use yahoo is it the one on the companion toolbar?
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A guy said his problem began after installing the software (which he has now uninstalled) that came with his new Canon camera. When he opens a folder of pictures (all jpgs) and his display default is set to "Thumbnails", he gets SMALL images (but not quite as small as "icons.") It also is VERY slow to display the images. If he changes the display to anything except thumbnail and then back to thumbnail, he gets the proper thumbnail size on all pics. If he just double clicks on the small image to open it and then closes it, all the images in the folder change to the correct thumbnail size. He has thousands of pictures to sort through and the extra steps are driving him crazy. Suggestions?

A:jpg thumbnails don't display properly-at first

Try This

Start > run > regsvr32 shimgvw.dll
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Hello guys i have a little problem about my win 7 is the problem-

my icons look like this ,and you know what is the real icon of quicktime player .the program or what is that file it works but it looks kinda ugly or you know what i mean.

A:icons not display properly

Hello burningknight, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if rebuilding the icon cache may be able to help.

If not, then you might see if deleting that QP shortcut, and creating a new on directly from the .exe file may help.

If still not, then you might reinstall QP to sort any of the program's files that may be corrupted causing this.

Hope this helps,
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I've tried a few softwares out there to burn an avi to dvd r and cannot get it to work in a home dvd player.

Can anyone recommend a good simple piece of software to achieve this thanks.

A:Can anyone advise me how to burn avi's to dvd and work!

Sure, try the Windows DVD Maker: Windows DVD Maker - How to Use
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I've lost my pictures work Didn't DVD Burn from a vacation to Sweden I thought I burned them to a DVD-R but the disc shows empty when I load it in the drive I can see on the disc a portion of the disc has been burned though When I burned it it did say it would take hour and minutes to complete the copy and when I came back the files were on the Windows Explorer window associated with the DVD Using Windows Explorer I selected pictures and videos on my iPhone that was connected didn't import because my hard drive was full DVD Burn Didn't work and therefore couldn't restore DVD Burn Didn't work it from the trash when I deleted them from my phone right clicked to copy and pasted to a DVD-R Like I said it said quot hr mins to copy quot When I came back the files showed that they were DVD Burn Didn't work on the DVD-R and here's where I screwed up I went to my iPhone and deleted the files before ejecting the DVD where it usually says quot preparing the disc to be used on other computers quot I then opened a pic from the DVD and tried to rotate it Can't remember exactly what happened but Windows Explorer then showed nothing on the disc I ejected the disc and it came out but didn't say quot preparing the disc to be used on other computers quot Now when I put the DVD in a drive it shows as an empty disc I can see about of the disc has something burned on it which is the right amount of data that should have been burned so the data is there Help It's my kids first visit to Europe Cam

A:DVD Burn Didn't work

Hi PepperMill and Welcome to TSF,

What application did you use?

Depending on what application you used to burn the disc, it stores the files on different locations. Some makes an ISO(Image) file of it, and some stores the raw data in the temporary files folder.

Go to Start > Search.
Type "%temp%" without the quotes > Hit ENTER.

Navigate around and see if you can find any files associated to it.

Furthermore, are you sure you weren't using an -RW drive and just didn't close it properly? Go into the application you burned from and see if you can close the drive, or add another file or so to the drive, just burn another .txt file to it.
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Not sure if this is the right section for this thread, but is the most fitting I found.

I sent my computer to the store for them to change my motherboard to the one I had bought recently, and it came back today. Almost everything's fine, except for one little thing... Some pages don't load right, and others do, such as this forum and deviantART (from the ones I tested). Facebook and YouTube aren't working, as well as Yahoo, though I don't much care for it.

The page itself loads, but without images and, apparently, CSS.

Help would be very much appreciated.
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got this message in Excel, but I can still function in it.
Excel 2003.

Windows XP Pro Version 2002 Service Pack 3

Pentium 4 2.26GHz

768MB of Ram
Virtual memory low? Any ideas?

A:Excel: not enough resources to display properly

It could be your machine:

It could be your Excel:

It could be your workbook:

I would probably try them in the order I gave. For the first one, just try deleting the temp files. That might be enough.
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I have here my cousins advent 7110 laptop, i dont have the spec yet.
he dropped it and now when he turns it on, it display what it should but its pink and all broken up.
took it apart its not the inverter cos the screen still works, so is it the lcd display?
can get a new one for £60

if i plug it into my monitor it works fine, gets to when xp it loading though and takes ages to load an my monitor goes off. what else can it be?

A:Laptop display not displaying properly

Welcome to TSG!!

If the display is "pink and all broken up", does it look like broken glass designs? It sounds like the LCD glass broke.

With the external monitor, once it boots up and the monitor goes off, can you use the Fn (function) key combination (not sure what it is for those laptops, for Dell it's <Fn><F8>) to set it back to external video mode?
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Hey I am just wondering if anyone knows how to display chinese charaters properly in Windows Home Edition. I have already installed the East Asia language pack but it is not functioning properly. Windows media player and Itunes still cant display proper characters and any file names associated with Chinese dont work either. Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:How To Display Chinese Properly In Home

Did you already follow the steps listed here in the middle part of the post?Orange Blossom
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Okay so I m running Windows and Windows display will properly? accounts not it s all been dandy up until today Windows has started giving me problems with my user accounts where there were no problems before There are two accounts on my computer I have the admin account as I own the computer the other account is a standard account that my roommate uses Today I turned the computer on and on the screen where it would generally show the two icons for the two accounts it only showed mine in large Below there was a button saying quot switch user quot and I clicked on it Then the screen showed two icons one of which was mine The other was blank and simply said other user underneath Windows will not display accounts properly? where it should have said quot Krysta quot and shown her chosen Windows will not display accounts properly? icon I tried clicking on it and it asked me for account name and password which I gave and it then took me to her account Then I tried to switch back to my own and the screen now only shows Krystas icon When I click quot switch user quot underneath it I get the same blank icon beside it and have to enter my account name and passowrd again to get back to my account So windows will only display one account at a time and I m not sure why I ve included all system info below hopefully someone can help figure this out Thanks in advance Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU P GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics - Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Acer Aspire Z Antivirus AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition Updated and Enabled nbsp

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2 Days ago i re-installed my windows 7 due to some reason and after that my pc monitor goes off many times for 3-4 seconds and when it displays something it displays a message .
please help in curing this ....

A:Display Driver Not Working Properly

Update your Graphics Card drivers.
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Hello - I've been having this problem for a while and it's driving me nuts. A lot of web pages don't load properly in any browser. I use Chrome as my default; in an effort to fix this I've also tried both IE8 and Firefox -- same problem. Because it's the same with all browsers, I've concluded that it's a problem with my OS. And yes, I've cleared my cache and history and run Malwarebytes to check for a virus. Nothing. My AV is Norton.

Thank you for your assistance.

A:Web pages do not display properly in any browser

In no particular order:
Try IE8 with no add-ons (All Programs/Accessories/System Tools).
Reset IE (Tools/Internet Options/Advanced/Reset).
Reboot modem, router, and PC.
Right click C:/Properties/"Disk Cleanup" then Tools/Error Checking/"auto fix" and Reboot.
At Command Prompt: "sfc /scannow".
Make sure you are up to date via Windows Update (but don't install IE9 or drivers).
Make sure Flash Player is up to date via Control Panel/FlashPlayer/Advanced/Check Now.
Only if installed update Java.
Only if installed update Adobe Reader.

Uninstall Norton:
The steps to download and run the Norton Removal Tool differ depending on what product you have.

Choose your product:I have a Norton product that was purchased from my service provider
I have Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security, or Norton 360
I have Norton Security Suite or Norton Business Suite
I have Norton SystemWorks 12.0
Replace Norton with the free Microsoft Security Essentials.
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I & - web display not pages properly NIS do 6 IE 2005 recently upgraded to Norton Internet Security from I did this because NIS is no longer supported I loaded the upgrade after removing NIS and NAV using Add Remove programs NIS loaded ok and I have access to the Internet and email although system seems slower and resources are lower than before upgrade However I do have one problem Internet pages are not displaying properly in IE Some sites are worse than others e g pcmag com Certain objects on the page are not displayed and are shown with a small box with a red x in the center Other banners are not shown and usually have Action canceled - Internet Explorer was unable to link to the Web page If I refresh the page many times most of the objects will eventually appear I was not having this problem prior to doing the upgrade Using Win SE IE CO SP NIS w parental control anti spam ad blocking pop-up blocking all set to OFF Spybot S amp D Ad-Aware SE Personal nbsp
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Geekgirl, running Vista Home Premium, IE 8 (.6001.18813)

Having the same display problems with Facebook and Facebook only. Had to reformat drive I BELIEVE that the problem started only after I did Vista service pack 2. Obviously, in IE 8/Vista I no longer have the menu options at the top. put FB on "compatibility view" list with no help. checked that I am current on Java updates. Any thoughts?

Thanks ahead.

A:[SOLVED] IE won't display facebook properly...

Welcome to TSF

Notice it says ?Done, but with errors on page? in the status bar? Click on the yellow icon to see what the errors are. That will probably give some clue. Protected mode is on also. Could be that facebook has an error in their code or it could be IE blocked something.

Does Firefox give same results?
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Is this normal? I have an HP Pavillion with CD/DVD burner. This drive works just fine if I put a CD/DVD in it, but if I try to burn something - regardless of it being a CD or a DVD - the drive says to put in a disk. Obviously, I have a disk in it.

As a result, I can't burn anything. Any suggestions?


A:CD/DVD Burner doesn't work to burn

There is a chance that your burner is not compatible with the blank dvd/cd discs you are using.Have you tried another brand of empty discs?
Also try burning them with a different burning software i.e. Nero.
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i have a Portege R30-A R30-A-121
the monitor of the laptop is always too dark to be read properly.
If i plug an external monitor i can read fine.
If i press fn+f7 or fn+f6 nothing changes on an illumination level, but if i press fn+f5 it switches monitors properly.
How do i set the brightness of the internal monitor to maximum?
Possibly from the bios and permanently?
Thank you.

A:Portege R30-A R30-A-121 - display too dark to be read properly

If Fn+F6/F7 keys don't work it means you need to install Toshiba Value Added Package (Win7) or Toshiba System Driver + Settings (Win8/10).
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Hi not does *BIZ CRITICAL* PDF ONLY one for user?! display problem properly all i m hoping someone here can figure this one out We have a Win k terminal server environment where outside factories connect to our system and generate labels in PDF format using our in-house ERP software PDF does not display properly ONLY for one user?! *BIZ CRITICAL* problem then print it to their barcode printers The drivers and fonts are all locally installed on the terminal server and we ve had no problems until recently one of our Asian factories started to generate PDF labels that are badly formatted - bar code is just ASCII symbols fonts and formatting is completely off See example png attached to see example This is not making sense to me because a no other user has trouble generating and printing the PDF label as they should be and b the fonts and print drivers are all local to the terminal server and have not been changed so why then does the factory see it incorrectly The factory is connecting out of China That is the only difference I have already created recreated new terminal server accounts for them and yet they still generate badly formatted labels See example png Any help would be greatly appreciated This is a business critical problem for us Thank you in advance nbsp
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I am running Windows 7 Home Premium in English, and for some reason, Chinese characters SOMETIMES won't display properly. By sometimes, I mean that when I turn my computer on, and open a program that displays Chinese characters, the characters just display as boxes. But then I restart the computer, and the Chinese characters would display properly again. Then this happens again the next time I turn on my computer. Is this some kind of bug in Windows 7? Anyone else had this problem before?

I don't want to change the language of the UI, and changing the non-unicode program language to Chinese will change the language of all my applications as well, so that's no good. Any other solutions? Thanks!
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Anyone else notice Hotmail won't display Inbox properly?

It won't display properly in chrome or Firefox. Last night I could still get it to display using Opera. No more. I keep clicking Inbox link and nothing happens.

A:Anyone else notice Hotmail won't display Inbox properly?

I'll check mine out...can you post a screen shot of it.
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HELP! I use Office 2010. I am exporting to excel from QuickBooks a customer list to send to another office. They also use Office 2010. Everytime they try to open the file the file looks like gobblety gook. I have tried to dropbox the file, same problem. I can open the file properly from dropbox, she can't. She clicks for it to open with excel and nothing happens. Any help greatly appreciated!!

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Get the above message everytime I turn on machine...
I have a Dell optiplex 166/32-ram
Diplay driver is:
S3 Trio 32/64 PCI (732/764)
I have an explanation point in Device manager as well next
to display driver...


A:Display adatper not configured properly when I open win-97

First thing would be to download and install new drivers for your video card.

You can get them here
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Hello, my user account picture on the log in screen is not showing all of the pictures that i choose, pictures appear to be cropped, and only 75% of any picture is displayed, I have tried several different from my images file, but always the same result.Can anyone help please.

A:my user account picture does not display properly

they need to be a certain size to display correctly, cant remember off the top of my head what that size is , i will have a google
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We have a large html file containing labels (with lots of images such as barcodes, etc.). In Internet Explorer (any version as far as we can tell) the file does not open properly, some elements overlaps others, etc. Chrome does not have the problem, and Firefox only has a minor display problem.

It looks like the display is fine until [approx.] line 63700, anything after that is rolled over and displayed back on top of the beginning of the page, overlapping what was there already.

Is there a page size limit for IE (in terms of number of lines)?

Please see for yourself:

If you open the file with an editor, you will see that the content is fine and that no element should overlap each other but they do.

I spent hours googling this, nobody seems to have a clue.

Please HELP! :-)

Thank you!

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I can't get vista to display japanese correctly on Vocaloid2It shows up fine where it says menu, open, save, etc.; but when it shows a dialog box it's messed upex. How can I fix this?Btw, I have Japanese with my language bar but my OS's main language is English.

A:Vista won't display Japanese text properly...

Japanese fonts display correctly in what other programs?

When you installed the Vocaloid2 program did you select the language?
Have you run Microsofts AppLocale Utility?
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Hi everyone. I've had this problem twice now, where a program's controls seem to be cut-off on the display. Right now I have the problem with USB Safeguard. This is what mine looks like: when it's supposed to look like this:Playing with the "compatibility" under its "properties" doesn't help. The only time it works is when I start windows 7 in Safe Mode, THEN it shows properly. Same with the other program I had this issue with. USB Safeguard is a pretty popular program and it seems like no one else on the web is having this problem. Of coarse I can't keep Restarting the computers that I run this on in Safe Mode just for it to work. Does anyone else have this problem with windows 7? Thanks in advance.

A:Cetain Programs Don't Display Properly In Windows 7?

Hello and welcome to Bleepingcomputer.

I am just curious what happens if you changed your screen resolution to 800x600 pixels long enough to see if this corrects the orientation of the fields.

Maybe you do not need to lower it that much, but try a setting lower than the one your using now, perhaps this software is picky, being that it is corrected in safe mode tells me it has something to do with your video resolution settings.

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I would like to first say thank you for any assistance that can be provided I have a refurbished T Business Class that I have recently purchased nbsp It has the Display Port and I use an adapter to go from it to Port through connecting properly Display T420 not HDMI nbsp I use a projector during one class I instruct and a television during the other Connecting the HDMI cable to the adapter there seems to be some issues nbsp The screen resolution changes T420 not connecting properly through Display Port on the notebook but nothing automatically displays through the projector or the television nbsp Using the function F does nothing however the Windows Key P will bring up the options but they do not seem to be configured properly nbsp No matter which one I pick I cannot get a dual display on the monitor and the output device nbsp Every notebook T420 not connecting properly through Display Port I ve had in recent years automatically picked up on the display and went to the dual mode nbsp I ordered this one with the NVIDA NVS M Graphics Card and I m beginning to think I screwed up nbsp I have updated the driver and still no better results System- Windows Pro -bitI - M CPU GHz GB RamIntel R HD Graphics Driver Date Driver Version NVIDA NVS MDriver Date Driver T420 not connecting properly through Display Port Version nbsp
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This started today. The icons on my desktop and Start Menu aren't displaying properly. I don't know why, but I did a System Restore, which didn't work, and I also ran a Spybot Check, which did nothing. How do I fix this? Help appreciated.

A:[SOLVED] Desktop Shortcuts Won't Display Properly

Hello and welcome to TSF

Download TweakUI (click on the colored link), the download is on the right side of the page. Save it to your desktop.

When the download is finished, double click on it, this should install it. When installed, Click Start, All Programs, Powertoys for Windows XP, click Tweak UI.

When Tweak UI is loaded click on Repair then on Rebuild Icons and click Repair, then Apply and Ok.
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Can someone help me on my problem on Lenovo Thinkpad L nbsp I am having problems with my display driver nbsp On dxdiag information on display no device and driver not Display properly L460 working Lenovo were found for Intel HD Graphics i already reinstall the driver and even download thelatest driver for this xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx---------------Display Devices---------------Card name Manufacturer Chip type DAC type Device Key Enum Display Memory n aDedicated Memory n aShared Memory n aCurrent Mode x bit Hz Driver Name Driver Lenovo L460 Display not working properly File Version Driver Version DDI Version unknownDriver Model unknownDriver Attributes Final RetailDriver Date Size bytesWHQL Logo'd n aWHQL Date Stamp n aDevice Identifier D B EE - - CF-B -B DAEC CB Vendor ID x Device ID x SubSys ID x Revision ID x Driver Strong Name UnknownRank Of Driver UnknownVideo Accel Deinterlace Caps n aD D Overlay n aDXVA-HD n aDDraw Status Not AvailableD D Status Not AvailableAGP Status Not Available nbsp xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx nbsp if you could right click on the desktop no graphics option can be seen and even the intel HD Graphics control panel even it was successfully installed nbsp on my desktop i even click on the Intel HD Graphics Control panel but still no respond on the program nbsp https www google com ph search q desktop right click amp espv amp biw amp bih amp source lnms amp tbm isch amp nbsp hope nbsp you could provide me a fix for thisproblem
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I am using a LG flatron L1920p as a secondary display with my laptop running windows 8.1. On my old laptop I was able to set it to 1280x1024 with no problems.

But now that I have started using the monitor with windows 8, I can't get any resolution other than 1024x768 to work correctly. When I set it to 1280x1024, the display is shrunk horizontally. How can I set the resolution to 1280x1024 and have it display correctly?
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The Page links or images align to the left with missing text of my Chrome window.
This happens with select websites only; surprisingly Facebook, Steam and Microsoft are some.
Incognito Window with all the extensions disabled does not solve the problem.

A:Webpage content doesn't display properly

How do things look with IE11.

I`ve never had any such issues with Chrome.

Uninstall and re install Chrome.
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ATI display driver has stopped working properly

Got a little flag icon thingy that says this. I see no problems from my end IE everything woiks.

What to do in this case?

A:ATI display driver has stopped working properly.

what happens if you restart the pc?
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Hello I recently went to click on a link of a website that was already open in a tab in firefox and it did not work properly It took a long time to load and when it did it had clearly not loaded properly The background was completely white and specific website One load/display properly won't the only thing on the screen was text No pictures or graphics of any sort The text was either black blue or purple the blue and purple text being unused and used links respectively All of the text was aligned to the left of the screen I tried refreshing and opening a One specific website won't load/display properly link to another tab but that resulted in the same problem Any activity based on this tab such as refreshing or clicking on another link caused firefox to really slow down and to become somewhat unresponsive - the highlighting seen when mousing over any icon or menu in the toolbar of firefox didn t happen but the buttons and menus did actually work I could stop the activity of the tab in question do any of those same things in another tab and firefox functioned properly I just realized that nothing has to actually be loading in that tab when it was idle I clicked on it and for several seconds everything became unresponsive and when I could click back to any other tab everything was normal again So far no other website has caused a similar problem Last year I had a similar problem but it wasn t limited to one particular site I looked through my older topics and went through some of the steps after running some of the more obvious to me actions I ve run spybot avast sas atf cleaner and mbam I also cleared the recent history including the cache in firefox and rebooted the computer several times throughout this process I normally would have suspected the website in this situation but it s very similar to what I had seen in the past and is affecting firefox so it seemed like it might be my problem What should my next step be Thank you

A:One specific website won't load/display properly

If it is limited only to that one website, then I would suspect that's where the problem lies. Just because what its doing is similar to a situation you encountered in the past which involved multiple websites does not necessarily mean this time its malware related.

Do you have the same problem when trying to reach the site through Internet Explorer?

Another thing to try is to access that site from another computer to see if you encounter the same thing. If you cannot' access the site from another machine that would tend to confirm, its probably the website. Of, course, it could also be a problem with the link itself (i.e. broken) or how it was placed on the page by those who maintain the site providing that link.
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Hey First of all pardon my poor english i hope you will be able to understand me anyway Laptop Lenovo T months old OS Windows Ultimate Disc drive hl-dt-st dvdram gt n Today i burned a dvd disc with ImgBurn the burning went well it ejected the disc as normaly i then closed the tray DVD-drive fail work after burn. dosent again so that imgburn could verify the disc after min were nothing had happened the program was frozen so i shut it down Later when i wanted to format my computer i rebooted with a boot disc nothing happen it just booted windows normaly try again and again but nothing i then tried with a Ubuntu bootdisc nothing again When i try to access my disc drive under my computer it just says D The program cannot be found When i put disc in it in windows mode it just makes the normal sounds it use too and then goes quot dead quot nothing happens and my computer cant see the disc things i have tried so far - I went to Start gt Run gt regedit and remove the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters values from this registry key HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control Class D E -E - CE-BFC - BE No upper- or lowerfilter values there - I went to device manager Clicked the arrow next to DVD CD Drives to see my DVD drive Right-clicked the drive name and selected Uninstall Then rebooted again It reinstalled the DVD drive to no avail It loads nothing Changed the boot order so my computer should boot from the disc drive first nothing So I don t really know what to try next Any idears nbsp

A:DVD-drive dosent work after fail burn.

If the boot order is set to optical drive before hard disk and the computer bypasses a bootable disk on boot, the drive is dead.

Verify the disk is actually bootable by trying it in another system. If it boots there, then it is final the drive is dead.
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Hi. I am new here & hope for a 'lil help. I have a LDW-851S RW, & it stopped working a long time ago. Since then, my hard drive got full, & I need to get all my pictures & video clips off there & on disk. I read somewhere that when I upgrades to Microsoft Service Pack #2, it somehow could be why it stopped working. I really only have used it a few times & never took the time to see about fixing it before now. I have a custom AMD sys- kind'a older now. It's a 1800+ w/512 Memory. I also have a DVD rom above that. When I installed it everything worked fine. Something has caused it to stop working & I don't know what. If anybody has any knowledge in this matter, please help. Thank you. Ron...
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Well, I've been trying to make a home video on a VCD so that i can share with other. The problem is it doesn't play the movie/video on the Player that i've got at all (it's Panasonic DVD/VCD player) , however it works with Window Media Player.

I have a couple of video files then i use Nero 6 to create the combined movie VCD from those video files, i use the Make Movie Wizard. Can anyone please tell me why it doesn't work? When i tried to play it on the DVD/VCD player it only display the menu and when i pressed the play button of the player remote control it doesn't go anywhere besides the menu with the beginning picture.

Sorry for long writting i'm so deseperate.

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Last time I burned a CD with nero I had no problem a couple weeks ago Now when I try to load a blank CD into my CD-RW CD-R's burn, work BIZARRE no in same drive fine - DVD+R's will drive the light just goes red and spins the disc When I load it into my Iomega DVD BIZARRE - no CD-R's will burn, DVD+R's work fine in same drive -R W drive it recognizes them as blank CD s and will even start the process of burning with DVD BIZARRE - no CD-R's will burn, DVD+R's work fine in same drive decyptor but no data is burned and I get a semaphore timeout error BUT DVD s burned from images in the exact same directory as stuff I try to burn to CD burn Perectly Fine Furthermore I tried the CD-R s on a completely different BIZARRE - no CD-R's will burn, DVD+R's work fine in same drive comptuer although it is on the network here at school along with my computer and again the discs are recognized and loaded and blank but I get a quot disc not suitable for recording error immediately with Roxio and Music Match Uninstalling and reinstalling the drives does nothing My DVD burner works fine in every way except burning CD-R s I have tried different kinds of CD-R and CD-RW s now and nothing seems to solve this problem I ran Norton Ad Aware and Spybot last night with nothing out of the ordinary I did notice that System Restore has been turned off which is something I would never do bummer for me can t try going back with settings Any ideas Thanks for your help nbsp

A:BIZARRE - no CD-R's will burn, DVD+R's work fine in same drive

Try uninstalling and reinstalling. Make sure you have the right recorder set in Nero. If that doesn't help. You got me
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FF 3 is installed on my computer. How do I save the entire program onto a disk so it will work on another comp? (this computer is vista, the other is XP)

A:[SOLVED] IE won't work. How do I burn the software: firefox to a CD-R?

In order for it to work you'll have to install it on the XP computer with the FF installer.
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I have a laptop hp 15 ac 042 tu before one years ago. down keys is not work correctly, some times it press atomaticaly.
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My CD/DVD rom shows up in my device manager & states it is working properly.
Any disc that I put into the drive is not recognized. It pulls up zero info from the disc as if it can not read it. If I simply select play (even though no info is showing) I get the windows notice to add media to that drive.I thought the drive had died and I was ready to install a new one. BUT..
I ran the installed PC-Doctor program that is a HP diagnostic program and during that test, the drive played just fine. There are multiple test for the DVD/CD rom and it passed every test in the PC-Doctor program.
But after the test, I again placed different CD's , DVD's into it, and nothing.

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DDS Ver - - - NTFSx Run by Anne at on Fri Internet Explorer Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic GMT - SP Windows Defender enabled Updated D DDC A- F- FAE- E -DA IE won't properly work C ACF Running Processes C Windows system wininit exe C Windows system lsm exe C Windows system svchost exe -k DcomLaunch C Windows system svchost exe -k rpcss C Windows System svchost exe -k secsvcs C Windows system Ati evxx exe C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted C Windows system svchost exe -k netsvcs C Windows system svchost exe -k GPSvcGroup C IE won't work properly Windows system SLsvc exe C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalService C Windows system Ati evxx exe C Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkService IE won't work properly C Windows System WLTRYSVC EXE C Windows System bcmwltry exe C Windows system WLANExt exe C Windows System spoolsv exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSvcHst exe C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork C Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support bin AppleMobileDeviceService exe C Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exe C Windows system dlcicoms exe C Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkServiceNetworkRestricted C Windows system svchost exe -k imgsvc C Windows System svchost exe -k WerSvcGroup C Windows system SearchIndexer exe C Program Files Citrix ICA Client ssonsvr exe C Windows system taskeng exe C Windows system Dwm exe C Windows system taskeng exe C Windows Explorer EXE C Program Files Windows Defender MSASCui exe C Windows System WLTRAY EXE C Program Files Dell AIO Printer DLCImon exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSvcHst exe C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C Program Files Common Files Adobe ARM AdobeARM exe C Program Files Google GoogleToolbarNotifier GoogleToolbarNotifier exe C Program Files Windows Media Player wmpnscfg exe C ProgramData Macrovision FLEXnet Connect ISUSPM exe C Program Files Windows Media Player wmpnetwk exe C Program Files iPod bin iPodService exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Google Google Toolbar GoogleToolbarUser exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Windows system Macromed Flash FlashUtil h ActiveX exe C Windows system msiexec exe C Windows System svchost exe -k swprv C PROGRA COMMON SYMANT CCPD-LC symlcsvc exe C Windows system wbem wmiprvse exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Windows system SearchProtocolHost exe C Windows system SearchFilterHost exe C Windows system DllHost exe C Windows system DllHost exe C Users Anne Desktop downloads dds scr C Windows system wbem wmiprvse exe Pseudo HJT Report uStart Page hxxp www google com uInternet Settings ProxyOverride local BHO D -C F - efb- B - ECA - No File BHO Adobe PDF Link Helper df c-e ad- -a -fa c ebdc - c program files common files adobe acrobat activex AcroIEHelperShim dll BHO NCO IE BHO adb e- aff- - aa - dac dfa - c program files common files symantec shared coshared browser coIEPlg dll BHO Symantec Intrusion Prevention d ec - aae- -aeee-f f c - c progra common symant ids IPSBHO dll BHO Java tm Plug-In SSV Helper bb-d f - c-b eb-d daf d d - c program files java jre bin ssv dll BHO Search Toolbar d -d - -bab -ab a - c program files search toolbar SearchToolbar dll BHO Google Toolbar Helper aa ed - dd- d - -cf f - c program files google google toolbar GoogleToolbar dll BHO Google Toolbar Notifier BHO af de - d - -b fa-ce b ad d - c program files google googletoolbarnotifier swg dll BHO Java tm Plug-In SSV Helper dbc -a - b-bc - c c c a - c program files java jre bin jp ssv dll TB Show Norton Toolbar febefe - b - - d -ffb d b ca - c program files common files symantec shared coshared browser CoIEPlg dll TB Google Toolbar c b - - d - b - a cd f - c program files google google toolbar GoogleToolbar dll TB Search Toolbar d -d - -bab -a... Read more

A:IE won't work properly

Hi all,
I am not sure how to post everything correctly, yes I read the instructions, but take a look at my screen name :-)
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After installing windows 7 cpu fan won't run higher then 3125 rpm. So for the desktop applications it's ok but when i enter the game cpu temp. goes to 60 - 70 celsius. Before win 7 i had xp and it worked just fine.

So if anyone have any solution, please help.


A:CPU fan won't work properly

Turn off AMD cool and quiet.
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Okay, i got dev c++ and i was following the tutorial and when i tried doing the hello world program it wouldn't start properly. heres my code

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
printf("Hello World\n");
reurn 0;
please note that i did compile and link it...

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Hey! I was wondering if this RAm would fit in my PC:
(Scoll down and click Specifications for all the information on the RAM)

Here is my computer:

And the computer's motherboard:

Thanks for any replies!

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OS=WinXP Pro, 64-bit, installed on drive partition "D:\".

Have tried " sfc /scannow", following instructions online as follows:
1) copied folder I386 to "D:\"
2) Regedit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup>ServicePackSourcePath, where I changed location to "D:\".
3) Restarted computer, re-tried "sfc /scannow", after which still got "...need XP CD for more..."This was supposed to prevent the latter request for the CD, which didn't work for me anyway.
Will any of this work, specifically in XP 64-bit?
I need to check my system for errors: can you help to get sfc working for me?
Thanks in advance.
Art Miller

A:SFC won't work properly

Did you also change HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup - SourcePath to D:\?
And does the CD have the same service pack as is installed on the PC?
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My quot gamer quot -PC has lost its connection to the rest of my LAN WDlive laptop The laptop can not quot see quot my quot properly My work LAN don't gamer quot -PC more And yet Do I open a cmd in my quot gamer My LAN don't work properly quot -PC and writes PING PHOTO PC called my laptop then the corresponding fine but in the Windows network can not be seen and I can not connect or network drive to it My LAN don't work properly Oddly enough I have always had a network drive on quot gamer quot looking for PHOTO-PC and this old connection still works fine even though I reboot both computers As I see it so can the PCs well find each other in a CMD but not in Windows Explorer or Total Commander Both PCs My LAN don't work properly are members of the same workgroup I have been through all the settings in quot Network and Sharing Center quot and they are identical there are not corrected in them since that time it worked Is there perhaps a service not running Or a policy that has been changed The laptop and WDlive can see each other and the laptop can easily see the wife's PC when she is on it can quot gamer quot -PC'en no longer If I create entries in reg databasen it connects the network drive just fine after a reboot See picture for examples of drive Y and Z Both networking places are available as network drives and in a CMD prompt with quot PING PHOTO-PC quot for example It is only in Windows Explorer that it can not find the names and or network sites Therefore I believe that it is a service or a policy that has gone wrong As seen in the picture then there is only one PC in the Network but my network drive is connected to two other quot servers quot using the homemade key displayed in regedit Where am I looking for this annoying error Sorry for the language English is not my first language
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Dell 8000 Inspiron Running Windows ME

When the computer starts up I get error message "your display adapter is not configured properly" It then asked to update it. I update it and states Mobility M4 is already installed but may have a problem.

It will not allow me to run anything over 16 bits. The desktop display is very small.

Any suggestions or is my computer messed?

Thanks in Advance!

A:Dell Laptop Display Adapter Not Configured Properly

on the back of the machine should be a TAG number

go onto the DELL website - and on the support section you should be able to enter the TAG number and get all the drivers for that machine

download the latest adapter software driver
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Okay, I only have enough brain left to type this thread. I just upgraded (new PC) with Windows 7 Pro 32 bit. Ever since doing so, none of the websites seem to download properly or look like they did in Vista regardless of the theme, website, or other. I can make the website or font bigger with Cntrl>Alt>Scroll but it never seems to last nor does it cover the page.

This does not occur in Opera, but I am not a 100% true fan of Opera and I absolutely detest IE. Well, what now? Give me back my Vista. Never had a problem with Vista.

* I have attached a screen shot for review. Thanks for any advice or helping to restore my sanity!

A:Firefox 5 Doesn't Display Web Pages Properly w/ Windows 7

Don't have NoScript or similar extension installed do you? Reason for asking is that page loads fine here,
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i was about to watch a DVD on my computer (family guy, season 1 disk, 1 eps 1-7) and when i choose an episode i get this message: "TheTV Out port of your display card is not working properly."

it was working fine before whats going on?
im using MSIDVD basically the same thing as PowerDVD

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Hi Long story short - I hope XP PRO sp Was working on a friend s computer Slaved his hard drive to my system I put in Windows CD and working/installing not Display Adapter properly! Solved: hit Enter to repair an existing installation I decided to give it a run so I started the repair process And of course as soon as I did I realized I was on the Solved: Display Adapter not working/installing properly! WRONG INSTALLATION Solved: Display Adapter not working/installing properly! mine which was working - not my friend s Solved: Display Adapter not working/installing properly! The operation hadn t yet started - at least according to the progress bar - and the screen said something like quot Setup is loading quot or quot Setup is preparing quot or something like that so I hoped that I could quickly shut the computer off rather that letting this tool proceed with messing with my perfectly working installation Once I restarted back into my installation I looked around for anything that had been altered in that literally second of quot repairing quot Sure enough in Device Manager my NVIDIA Display Adapter had the yellow question mark The information said quot This device cannot start Code quot So I tried everything I could think of to fix it Roll Back Driver Update Driver Reinstalling from my downloaded installer setup program Uninstalling driver THEN reinstalling Uninstalling restarting reverting to Windows built-in driver restarting THEN reinstalling etc etc It all keeps coming back to the same state When I restart quot Found new hardware quot but then after going through the wizard quot Cannot install hardware for this device quot no matter which way I try to search for install it In Device Manager the correct device IS SHOWN but with the yellow question mark with the message quot This device cannot start code quot I ve also tried sfc scannow both with the device installed and uninstalled Ever since this happened my screen reacts very slowly for example when scrolling up and down long documents web pages I guess that s a refresh rate issue but I don t know much about monitors or display characteristics Any ideas I know you guys are good I do have a backup of my system made with DriveImage but I d rather fix this without it if possible This is the only problem that I m experiencing as far as I can tell and I m sure it can be fixed somehow without a full-on return to backup p s I do not have any System Restore points to revert to nbsp

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I have this prob for quite sometime now the desktop clock gadget does not display properly ..need help

A:My Destop Gadget Clock Doesn't Display Properly

In what way does it not display properly?

Is it in the wrong place?

Is it configured correctly?

We need more information please.
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Hello all I have recently been having a problem It seems that whenever I burn a CD with Itunes or even sometimes Windows Media Player the players wont with CD regular CD'S work burn I Itunes on CD s dont work right Then CD'S I burn with Itunes wont work on regular CD players seem to work CD'S I burn with Itunes wont work on regular CD players perfectly when I play them in a computer however when I stick them in a regular CD player stand alone car etc they will not work right Either they skip alot or the CD drive wont even play the disk or sometimes only a few tracks will play while others will play with alot of static and noise What the heck could be causing this I have recently uninstalled Itunes then reinstalled and updated to the most recent version and it seems I still have this problem The notebook I am working on is almost brand new however I had the same problem with my old notebook just before I got rid of it The only possible connection I can make is that I think with both units the problem started after I installed a program called quot Folder Lock quot this program allows me to hide files and folders from other users on my system a necessity for me I don t know if this could be related but wanted to throw out a possible explanation I had even so how can I fix this Here are my system specs Intel Core Duo Ghz Processor BIOS Phoenix Technologies LTD Memory MB Ram Hard Drive GB Video Graphics Adapter Mobile Intel R GM Express Chipset Family Operating System Windows XP SP Windows XP Service Pack CD DVD Drive Phillips DVD - RW SDVD nbsp

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Hello I recently downloaded express burn to my hp windows xp media edition.
I have completed a story in photo story 3 for windows. I don't no how or what to do now .
What is the procedure to complete project in a cd with my story and music.
Could you please advise me.
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I have installed and used several spyware removers and still have this virus maybe its more than one Help please The Burn, Networm-i.virus Malware following is the log Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Boot mode NormalRunning processes C WINNT System smss exeC WINNT system csrss exeC WINNT system winlogon exeC WINNT system services exeC WINNT system lsass exeC Program Files Sygate SPF smc exeC WINNT system svchost exeC WINNT system spoolsv exeC Program Files Lavasoft Ad-Aware aawservice exeC WINNT System svchost exeC WINNT system regsvc exeC WINNT Malware Burn, Networm-i.virus system MSTask exeC WINNT System WBEM WinMgmt exeC WINNT system svchost exeC WINNT Explorer EXEC Program Files Online Add-on icthis exeC Program Files Online Add-on icmntr exeC Program Files Online Add-on isfmntr exeC Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy TeaTimer exeC Program Files Online Add-on isfmm exeC WINNT system wuauclt exeC Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exeC Program Files Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exeR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page about blankO - BHO Spybot-S amp D IE Protection - - F - D - - D F - C PROGRA SPYBOT SDHelper dllO - BHO Flash Module - B B- - b -A DA- C FD F - btasv dll file missing O - BHO no name - CFE -C - -A E-A E F F BC - C Program Files Online Add-on isfmdl dllO - Toolbar msdxmLC dll - amp Radio - E - F- D - E- A C - C WINNT System msdxm ocxO - Toolbar IE Custom Tools - F D- AF Malware Burn, Networm-i.virus - - D - DDAB C A - C Program Files Online Add-on ictmdl dllO - HKLM Run Synchronization Manager mobsync exe logonO - HKCU Run SpybotSD TeaTimer C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy TeaTimer exeO - HKLM Policies Explorer Run some C Program Files Online Add-on icthis exeO - HKLM Policies Explorer Run start C Program Files Online Add-on isfmntr exeO - HKUS DEFAULT RunOnce SetupICWDesktop C Program Files Internet Explorer Connection Wizard icwconn exe desktop User 'Default user' O - Extra button no name - DFB A - F - C -A - CAB FD A - C PROGRA SPYBOT SDHelper dllO - Extra 'Tools' Malware Burn, Networm-i.virus menuitem Spybot - Search amp Destroy Configuration - DFB A - F - C -A - CAB FD A - C PROGRA SPYBOT SDHelper dllO - DPF B-B - D-A D -FCFDF E C WUWebControl Class - http www update microsoft com windowsupd b O - DPF E DF F- - D - -EBADF - http privacyprotector com freeware cab cyprotector cabO - HKLM System CCS Services Tcpip F B C - BE - -ADD -C F A C NameServer O - HKLM System CS Services Tcpip Parameters NameServer O - HKLM System CS Services Tcpip Parameters NameServer O - HKLM System CCS Services Tcpip Parameters NameServer O - SSODL rEbKTVw - D D D C- A C-D F -ACD - D B - C WINNT system fcwf dllO - Service Ad-Aware Service aawservice - Lavasoft AB - C Program Files Lavasoft Ad-Aware aawservice exeO - Service Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service dmadmin - VERITAS Software Corp - C WINNT System dmadmin exeO - Service Sygate Personal Firewall SmcService - Sygate Technologies Inc - C Program Files Sygate SPF smc exeO - Service Windows Management Service - Unknown owner - C WINNT system exe file missing --End of file - bytes

A:Malware Burn, Networm-i.virus

Hi tbkandme,Sorry for the delay, this forum is overwhelmed right now.If you still need assistance, please do the following:First, I can see no evidence that you have any antivirus software installed. You have some antispyware programs, but these do not offer protection from viruses. You need a real-time antivirus scanner running whenever you are online. This is critical, it can't wait until after we have cleaned up your PC. Please download one of these free programs:AVG Free is available at this site.Avast Home Edition is available here.Avira AntiVir can be downloaded here.I personally use AVG Free, but all these programs have good reputations. If you don't like one, you can try another. Please consult the help files or online support for information on installing, updating, and using the program.After you have installed and updated the antivirus program, let it run a full system scan. Have it quarantine any threats that it finds.Then, run a fresh HJT scan and post the log to a reply here.Dave
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Hey for a new build i recently purchased an evga GX i have yet to get it to work properly My system is Asus A N SLI deluxe mobo AMD Athlon X gigs DDR ram watt PS DVD burner amp gb harddrives over gb free Evga GX As far as i have been able to determine this should be able to work the problem i can install the drivers and boot up my computer the computer seems to be completly operational until i try to start up a game When i try to start a game the computer freezes on a to get 7950 gx2 my work Cannot properly blank screen the game i have tried that freeze are Half life and other source based games Cannot get my 7950 gx2 to work properly Everquest and dmark all seem to freeze as soon as they try to load anything d the menus will load but it freezes when i try to start the game for some reason i can get Oblivion to run when i turn the Nvidia quot multi-gpu configuration quot from quot multi-gpu mode quot to quot multi-display quot mode i can run all of these programs without a single problem i have updated my n-force chipset to the version and Cannot get my 7950 gx2 to work properly updated the bios on my board to the ASUS bios version with these settings nvidia s website says that my motherboard should be compatible with the card i have also tried this list of Drivers as well as the evga driver that came with the card all have the same effect Is there a setting that i have missed Could the card be bad Has anyone else had a similar problem i would be very greatful for any help thanks nbsp

A:Cannot get my 7950 gx2 to work properly

Try reposting this in "Audio and Video", and you'll get more replies.

No need - I moved it.
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Hi im new to this so here i go...

I recently bought Farcry (the first one) for my vista laptop, it says on the box that its vista compatible.
But whenever i boot it up i get a black screen for 5 mins until it eventually works, then every time it loads (at beginning of level or when i die) i have to wait 3 mins for it to start to load and then 2 mins after its loaded.
This is very irritating, boring etc and is spoiling the game for me. I am very sure i have the lastest drivers and i definetly have the 1.4 patch for Farcry... i really dont know what to do.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

System info:
Windows Vista 32 bit
Model: HP Pavillion dv9700 Notebook PC
Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce 8400M GS
Processor: AMD Turion(tm) 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-60 2.00 GHz

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i am running asus k40ij laptop wth operating system win 7.but cananot use the webcame properly though life frame2 camera is installed from the driver cd.when i turn on the webcam it shows me horrizonally. my head shows bellow.

A:webcam does not work properly

I think this is a problem with your computer itself. Contact ASUS.
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Dear readers Just bod an Acer with Windows Home Premium After running the Windows install with all available updates downloaded it looked perfect But then I found out that something was NOK Problem description As example I start up Skype it runs ok Now I want to work TASKBAR properly doe not quit the program not using the X but terminate it I click on TASKBAR doe not work properly my Windows task bar and select Skype Then I click my right mouse button and again a pop up menu appears still ok with several options for this program amongs them the desired option Quit I select quit Now the problem occurs When I click on the choosen option a system file opens That s it its applicable for all options and the command opens always the same file Computer Acer C windows system This happens for all programs in the Start menu Nothing else happens the system runs normal but the desired operation is not been performed I can quit the window with the sysyem file appearing All looks fine but of course the program is still running When I now really want to stop a program I need to go to taskmanager by pressing CRL ALT DEL to abort it Whats wrong with my Windows Started an SFC scan no problems detected HELP please thx

A:TASKBAR doe not work properly

Can you post a screenshot of this?

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Cpu : AMD FX-6300 Box
gpu : Gigabyte GeForce GTX960 4GB WindForce 2X OC
MotherBoard : Ga-970a-ds3p
pcu: Corsair VS Series VS550 80Plus
Hard Drive : Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal
Ram : HyperX Fury White 8GB DDR3-1333MHz
Case : BitFenix / BitFenix Nova window
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July System AMD Athlon XP GHz - Barton ASUS A N X-E Deluxe Motherboard - MHz FSB - nForce chipset - Dual DDR Corsair TwinX - C PT RAM x PNY GeForce FX AGP MB DDR Creative SoundBlaster Audigy ZS GB Maxtor SATA drives Raid Mitsumi floppy drive Sony DWU A DVD - RW X Microsoft Keyboard and IR Mouse Antec AMG w watt true pwr supply Windows XP Professional w SP Patches ASUS BIOS Current nVidia nVidia GForce driver WHQL nVidia graphics driver MS DirectX b Problem Originally won't work Videocard properly I had an ATI Radeon AIW Pro graphics card installed Windows Desktop viewing and television viewing worked Videocard won't work properly fine however when running MS Flight Simulator or Rainbow Six games the system would crash Either a bluescreen or just exiting back to the desktop Sometimes it would note there was a serious error and it wanted to send a report to Microsoft PC is not connected yet so I ve never sent a report Replaced the ATI graphics card with a PNY GeForce FX and completely rebuilt the OS Again Windows Desktop viewing was okay however MS Flightsim and Comanche games would run for about a minute and then crash giving either a bluescreen or error report Troubleshooting I have removed the SoundBlaster card using instead the onboard audio and then rebuilt everything - still have same problems Also I ve tried either RAM stick by itself to no avail A local PC shop performed diagnosis and concluded that both sticks of RAM were bad or incompatible and that the system worked okay with one of their MB RAM sticks and their GeForce graphics board Though with their RAM and their FX card the system still would not work They suggest new RAM is needed and that either the MB is incompatible with the FX card or MS FS is not compatible with the FX not likely Conclusion The prospect of dumbing-down the graphics card is not an option since this machines primary purpose is to run MS FS A high-performance graphics card is what is needed for this type of simming Also I was under the impression that all of these components are fairly high-end high-quality so running a lower-end graphics solution is something of a waste I suppose the Corsair RAM could be too tweaked if so the RAM can be replaced easily enough Why does the system crash in D games The Antec watts truePower should be enough Could this be BIOS settings I m out of ideas Any suggestions or solutions would be greatly appreciated Thank You nbsp

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For some reason on my two computers that run windows 10, I am not able to connect to ANY VPN server that is not hosted in the US, I am dumbfounded as pretty much I am the ONLY one with this problem and have no idea where to go for help. Mind you, on my phone all VPN'S work regardless of location. Also, I switch networks every week back and forth with the same problem on both networks, so I do not think it is a network issue? Anyways please help me in my struggles.

OS: windows 10
VPN used: VPN gate
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I am a hold off and planned to keep Windows to EOL in I recently did a Windows to upgrade for a friend and was so delighted with it that I now updated my own system to Windows Very smooth install update a few drivers and some programs but working very well Except for Mail What kind of joke is this Windows Mail It has to be the prettiest mail client I ever used and the most does Win work it properly? any 10 Mail, of inept and useless one at that I install my AT amp T email accounts and they configure nicely but some never sync I send myself some test mails they never arrive but do arrive on my Android phone There is no contact list but typing a few bits into the To line offers contact suggestions This AT amp T account I use most for friends and when I get say emails and read them they are gone I must have hundreds or thousands of old emails yet NONE show on Win email Nothing to Win 10 Mail, does any of it work properly? see I used my Live server settings for win mail did not work says outdated settings One hour later quot Not synced yet quot Blue dots moving no significant data downloading No way to use with One Drive so I imagine sending full size high res images will be a thing of the past The gmail account synced well I have mail going back to in that folder My GoDaddy domain name email is working and showing past mail I will send a test mail from AT amp T account to yahoo account to see if I can even send Win 10 Mail, does any of it work properly? mail Syncing up to date message present Yahoo inbox somewhat full but I never used it until this year for things like web stuff that is not personal I have AT amp T accounts One is the Master account never used for email One for web junk mail and one for personal email Personal one never syncs it does send mail but is otherwise useless with a totally empty inbox Yahoo has email going back as far as in the inbox I removed the obstinate AT amp T account reinstalled it and same thing Finally quot up to date quot with a quot We didn't find anything here quot message and not one single previous email in my box at all I get nagscreens several times a day that I do not have a default email client or the one I have cannot handle the requested protocol use Outlook instead Live is default and Outlook is even worse to setup than Win mail is What kind of sick joke is this Is there anyway in hell to make Windows email get it to work as it should and actually believe what it is telling me Or have your guys switched over to quot something good quot I am trying to continue to use Win webmail but if this situation does not improve this new email has to GO What are you guys using for email on Windows Is anyone happy with Win mail at all and what does it do for you Can someone give me a workng AT amp T email setup for win mail I think if I had that might have the patience to wait for bigger and better things like large file support backed by an MS drive and of course a bloody contact book of all things Help me with this please

A:Win 10 Mail, does any of it work properly?

Thunderbird. I went independent of MS after they swapped from Outlook Express to Win Mail then took that away (some of that is STILL there in Win 10!). MS wanted to play 'now you see it, now you don't' with email clients, and I just didn't want to play any more.

Too tiresome working out how to move their randomly distributed email client data around.
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Hi everyone,

I am facing some small problem with my built-in web cam. I am using Acer Aspire 5520. My web cam have function of video conference and take pictures manualy by clicking in webcam application. However I just found out recently it didn't work as it should, the application to take manual pics just couldnt load up the web cam, it showed black screen.While in the other hand if I am using it for video conference, it works perfectly.

Any idea how to fix this problem up? I've updated my webcam driver but still no help at all, thank you guys
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Hi I've made a bit of a mess of my computer and now don't know what to do It won't start up properly at all now It's a Packard Bell about years old operating on Vista Basic Basically I downloaded a film that I think was dodgy and now it's caused me all sorts of problems and I'm worried I may have lost everything on my hard drive After I realised the film was no good I deleted it and thought I better run a quick virus scan just in case I use AVG for this I started the scan and walked away but a minute or two to my computer Can't work - Help! properly get later I heard the pc 'pip' as if it was turning itself back on Then I got the black Can't get my computer to work properly - Help! and white screen and just two options 'Start Windows Normally' and 'Start Windows Recovery' I tried to start normally but after the splash screen the screen just stays black and nothing happens Then I turned off on and tried the 'Windows Recovery' option From the menu within this option I took the ioption to go back to a restore point which involved several scans to fix any problems first which lasted about mins The scans said that they could find nothing wrong with the system but it still wouldn't start from the last restore point I also tried other options in this menu such as letting the Windows recover try to fix files etc but still no good When I start the computer I still just get the two options both of which seem a bit futile now Is it worth trying to start the system in Safe Mode even though at the moment it's not giving me this option on startup and doing anything from there if I can I'm definitely no PC expert but I don't really no what to try next Have I lost everything on my PC

A:Can't get my computer to work properly - Help!

You'll have to see if the data still exists on the drive before doing anything else.
There's several ways to do this, the easiest way is to access it by the Command Prompt option in the Startup Repair menu (which I think that you're getting to).

If the data is still intact, you'll have to take measures to recover the data before proceeding. Let us know if the data is there and we'll work from that.
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hiii have installed all drivers properly in my notebook from the hp site.But the 3.5 audio jack supposed to make trouble as though the port connect to the  headfone or audio system,the laptop speakers also sounds provide me a sloution 

A:3.5 jack does not work properly

Hi @iarijit, Welcome to the HP Forum! Thank you for becoming a HP Forum member. It is a dynamite location to get help from the community, get suggestions and find what has worked for others. For you have the best experience, here is a link for you to review, should you have any concerns: First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More I grasp that you have updated all the drivers in your notebook, but when you connect a headset/ headphones you hear sound from the laptop speakers also. Have you run the HP Support Assistant to aid with any HP updates? Here is a link to HP Notebook PCs - Troubleshooting Sound Problems with External Speakers and Headsets in Windows 7 that should help to alleviate this issue. Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for. Also, clicking the ?Thumbs Up? below is a great way to say thanks!
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After Microsoft automatically changed my Hotmail to Outlook, I started to have problems. When I click "Contact Us" on a commercial website, it states "Sorry, there seems to be a problem with Hotmail right now". I've tried numerous corrective solutions (including switching back to Hotmail), but nothing works. When someone sends me a pic and then I forward it to another party, the pic shows up blank on the recipient's email. I'm using Internet Explorer 8. HELP??

A:Hotmail will not work properly

Clear IE 8's Browser Cache: How to Clear Your Browser's Cache (with screenshots) - wikiHow
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This is an ATAPI iHAP122W and my PC is a Dimension 3100C and Windows XP.
I have put a new DVD driver.
My PC is in the floor vertical and when I want to put in or out a disc, the drive moves the fast for me to put it in or take out.
If put the PC horizontal, it works OK.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2038 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 53968 MB, Free - 14543 MB; D: Total - 19045 MB, Free - 18980 MB; F: Total - 238475 MB, Free - 200110 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc. , 0DD332, , ..CN7082166D005I.
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

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For some reason my LAN is not working for gaming I CAN connect to LAN Question: to work can get How my I properly? the internet to play games online like through Battle net and Westwood Online for Warcraft and Renegade Question: How can I get my LAN to work properly? but I cannot seem to play on Local Area Network with any of my games except for Half-Life Counter-Strike NOT the steam version I can also access the shared documents folders on my other computers Question: How can I get my LAN to work properly? but the games will just not work unless it s Counter-Strike I have just recently manually uninstalled Windows OneCare Live after a virus removal in accordance with the instructions from http www askdavetaylor com how do i remove windows onecare html except for folders inside called quot C Program Files Microsoft Windows OneCare Live ClientSD quot and quot C Program Files Microsoft Windows OneCare Live Database quot Inside the Database folder are six files but I cannot access the Client SD folder When I try to remove them I get a message that says I cannot remove them due to write protection or current usage I m pretty sure that Windows Live OneCare is the issue in not being able to play on LAN since I could play games on LAN up until Windows OneCare Live s installation but I am not getting any quot This program is being blocked quot notifications from OneCare or Windows firewall OS Windows XP Professional Version Service Pack I also have both IPX and TCP IP protocols installed on my machine if that even matters Any help would be much appreciated nbsp

A:Question: How can I get my LAN to work properly?

After I searched around for a while, I came across this website called Major Geeks, and it provided me a tool that automatically removed the unremovable remnants of OneCare. Here is the URL to download the auto-uninstall tool:

Major Geeks OneCare removal utility

Special thanks to these guys that I searched for. Now my LAN games are running just like they were before I had OneCare.

NOTE: Be sure to unplug/disconnect yourself from the internet whilst you run the application, as Windows Firewall is temporarily deactivated, and you are prompted to restart the computer when the removal is finished.
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HI: i have an old laptop using versus. It has a problem turning on the WI-FI. iT WORKS IN SAFE MODE ONLY. iT IS A SONY. It will not connect.

A:Solved: wi-Fi does not work properly

old laptop using versusClick to expand...

not sure - what is versus