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Motherboard for amd fx-6300

Q: Motherboard for amd fx-6300

Please suggest me a best motherboard (upto Rs. 6000) and a PSU for AMD FX-6300 processor.

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Preferred Solution: Motherboard for amd fx-6300

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Motherboard for amd fx-6300

Why not try the MSI Gaming 970 motherboard, its pretty inexpensive and a decent motherboard. Where do you shop?
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Hello, I have two HP 6300 Pro workstations that have bad motherboards. One of the motherboards even fried my hard-drives. Or could it be a bad power supply that fried all my components? I any case, I need two motherboards and one power supply. I would like to know if these computers are still under warranty and if so how can I get parts replacements? I am a computer engineer with A+ certification.
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I have a new system Intel DG965WH with 1GB and a Core 2 Duo E6300 processor with a WD 320 GB SATA drive. When I start the installation of either XP or Media Version XP they both get to the point of loading in memory the necessary files and when you are prompted for "enter" to continue it resets the machine and you start all over again.

Has any one had experience loading either of these operating systems on to this type of system or perhaps can point me in the right direction as to the problem? Could it be memory? I am using a Kingston KVR667D2N5K2/1G which should be ok for this type of mother board as it is 1.8v memory.


A:Windows Xp Or Media Center Edition And Intel Dg965wh Motherboard With Core 2 Duo Processor(6300)

Could be bad RAM, a lot of times it causes that error in the initial file copy from the CD to the hard drive.Memtest is a good diag for memory. You're not just booting from the CD after the computer reboots from the initial setup, are you?The restart after it finishes copying files over is normal, after that it should continue in a VGA setup screen.
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Q: hp 6300

I need to upgrade ASUS STRIX-GTX960-DC2OC-4GD5 , dimensions are "21.52 x 12.12 x4.09 Centimeter" into hp compaq pro 6300. Is it possible ??
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CPU: AMD Six-core FX-6300 3.5Ghz
-Optical: LiteOn Dual Layer DVD/CD brander 24x RAM
-Grafisch: ATI-Radeon R9-280-3GB (TurboDUO OC) HDMI DVI DP Tripple screen
-PSU: Zeer stille, zuinige <1W & krachtige 12cm 600W Realpower 80+ gecertificeerde voeding
-ATX: Corsair RED-LED fan gaming tower USB3.0 front.
-HDD: Sata3 1000Gb (1Tb) 32Mb 7200Rpm harddisk
-Geheugen: Micron 8Gb-1600 DDR3 (uitbreidbaar tot 32GB)
-Mobo: Asrock AM3+ 980DE3 FX Full-ATX met:

So i got this cpu with standard 3.5ghz cpu and 4.1 ghz boost.

I bought new cpu cooler that is better then stock, how can increase standard cpu speed to 3.9 ghz and leave the boost at 4.1 ghz? Are there any tutorials?

A:How to overclock FX 6300 3.5 ghx?

vladimir21 I have just deleted your second post.

Please read the rules, no duplicate posts allowed.
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Could someone answer the following questions regarding the comparison of these two CPU's

1. Best value for money?

2. Personal opinion, which would you get?

3. Should I consider a lower end i5?

4. Which offers the best upgrade path? (consider steamroller and excavator)

and if you dont mind explain yrou reasons

A:i3 3220 or FX-6300

I thought you already had this figured out. Save up and get an Intel i5 and decent Z77 motherboard.

As for those 2 CPU's......the AMD is $139 and the Intel is $129. AMD prices their processors to match Intel at various price points for a reason, and that reason is whatever CPU is closest in price is probably it's equivalent in terms of overall performance. The FX 6300 has 6 cores and the i3 3220 is dual core with HT.....there are some things the Intel will run faster/better and vice versa. I would go with a decent Asus Z77 motherboard and a good Intel i5 CPU. It will last you much longer than you think, and will beat most AMD CPU's handily.

You mentioned upgrade paths.........AMD will probably be the way to go there. I don't know how much longer they plan on using the AM3+ platform, but they just released a new architecture for it, and Intel has pushed socket 1155 as far as they are going to go.

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I am thinking about upgrading my GPU. my budget is about 327 dollars. i Want a GPU that will not be bottlenecked by my amd fx-6300 that much. i am currently thinking about the GeForce GTX 970and the R9 380, or different ones. I want to get good and decent performance in gaming. Games like Csgo, Rust and Gta 5. What should i buy.

A:What GPU should i buy to match my amd fx-6300

depends on your PSU. The new Radeon RX 480 performs better than the 380, and fits better into your budget than a 970, if your running a 1080P monitor and want to run these games on medium to high the 480 would be my choice, the CPU shouldn't bottleneck,but i'm not 100% sure.,157319.0.html
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I want to buy an SSD My system boots far too slow Why do all the SSDs I look at say they are quot I believe a desktop is quot Can these only be made to fit using a kit adapter of some sort or do they make real quot drives Where is the best place to go to look for these things Fry s Newegg Amazon I think I will make better progress once and faster Upgrade AMD SSD 6300 to something to from I know if the will fit into the desktop with a kit I also need to figure out what chips can go in a computer with specs like the one below Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Ultimate Service Pack bit Processor AMD FX tm - Six-Core Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX - Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB F Total - MB Free - MB G Total - MB Free - MB I Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC M A Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated and Enabled Will this hold only the AMD quot FX quot series Thanks for considering my question nbsp

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Good Day I have an HP 6300 Pro MT PC. All is working well. I wanted to insert a Graphics card an Nvidia GT 640. I have checked the power supply ratings and it said the power supploy would support it. I put the graphics card in the PCIE Slot and power it on and All I got was an endless powercycle boot unless I remooved the graphics card. Please help as I would like to use the graphics card in this PC for Graphic purposes. The graphics card was pulled from a working PC. I have had another PC which I sold which also did the same thing with an older 9500GT Graphics.  Please assist
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I was just looking at random cpu's in and found something really interesting.The FX-6300 is 9 ranks and 301 points MORE than the 3570k. I thought that the FX-8350 was the AMD equivalent. Is it just me or is this actually true?... says that the FX-6300 is better than the i5 3570k

Here is a snippit
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computer will not turn on when power button is pushed. there is no signs of life. if the power switch needs replacing, where do i get one?

A:Compaq 6300 desktop

Also Check powercords may be it is loose? then PSU of your PC may not be functioning
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I have an issue involving an HP Pro SFF that has been repeatedly and intermittently shutting down even though several major components have been replaced and the PC has been reimaged nbsp nbsp I am wondering what I HP 6300 SFF shuts Pro down unexpectedly have missed and am seeking advice on what to try next nbsp Through Self-Maintainer and one-at-a-time we have replaced the motherboard both RAM modules the hard HP 6300 Pro SFF shuts down unexpectedly drive and the Power Supply nbsp I have ordered but not yet installed a replacement CPU even though it tests nbsp Good through the latest UEFI nbsp nbsp Interesting thing about the UEFI test for the motherboard nbsp System board check nbsp states Device not found but Passes in the log file nbsp This result occurred in HP 6300 Pro SFF shuts down unexpectedly the original and the replacement motherboard nbsp I've also remediated HP 6300 Pro SFF shuts down unexpectedly in ways that we don't normally have to do replacing the mouse keyboard AC cable the surge supressor moved the PC to different locations tried different AC outlets putting it on an UPS or not cleaning the CPU and reapplying thermal paste reseating the RAM etc nbsp We have several thousand of these units in our enterprise and just this Wednesday we received another call at another site where a Pro SFF was shutting down unexpectedly on the customer nbsp We were immediately directed by the OEM distributor on my unit to fix it through the Self Maintainer Process and that's what I've been attempting to do but in this most recent case I sent nbsp that one nbsp back to the OEM distributor for analysis investigation nbsp I have not yet had an HP tech come on site or called HP support but that will be the last step available to us if the CPU replacement also fails nbsp Any suggestions nbsp Thanks Mike Solved View Solution

A:HP 6300 Pro SFF shuts down unexpectedly

It was the CPU...The bad CPU passed 100 iterations successfully.  Beware of hard locks!
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Does anyone know how to blacklist phone number we don't want to receive call or sms on Nokia 6300?
Come to think of it does such thing exist?

Thanks in advance.

A:How to blacklist in Nokia 6300


Only your provider, may do that. And they won't.

All you can do, is call screening, so you know who is calling, and not answer it.
Or change your phone number, and don't give it out.
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Hey there hoping someone could me out with the issues I've been having with my PC and mainly from trying to play ARMA which has seemed to be the root of my Display Driver (AMD FX-6300/R7) Error Display Driver Win 8.1 Errors and Crashing Not sure why as this game was running perfectly for the first - months I bought the PC brand new and downloaded the game from STEAM Ok so here's some background on my PC and where I'm at Well Display Driver Error Win 8.1 (AMD FX-6300/R7) I had ONE crash a month ago and haven't been able to get ARMA running right since it started while crashing when trying to connect to the a MP Server it basically went all Display Driver Error crazy with lines and boxes jumping on the screen then went into complete crash Display Driver Error Win 8.1 (AMD FX-6300/R7) mode after trying all of the Display Driver Error methods of fixing ReInstall Drivers Beta launch parameters etc none seemed to help ran IOLO System Mechanic software scan and fixed the problem for a week or so then it was the same old problems once again of course sigh Then Display Driver Error Win 8.1 (AMD FX-6300/R7) I did a complete system Restart where I fully cleaned my files and PC re installed Windows and all that now after I reinstall Steam ARMA all is running good on my PC no Display Driver Errors or any BS but then I start up ARMA tweaked some of video settings and went to Exit the game and it all crashed and burned and went back to Display Driver problems again Also wondering if my ACER model PC Monitor could have anything to do with the crashes its about - years old but still has a hz Refresh Rate dunno if that can cause Disp Driv Errors I've done system REFRESH and RESTART and even tried the newest AMD Driver and Beta Drive for my Graphics cards the main problem seems to be the Distorted Lines jumping on my screen and boxes when I right click start ICON go blank or have werid lines in them as well I also have the PC settings pop up saying my Windows is not Activated Registered I can recall that it seems like this problem happens after I run the Windows Recommened amp Important Updates after a Fresh Re-Install of Windows that the Disp Errors start happening So basically I was hoping to just get a step-by-step link or some quick advice on how to properly install Windows on an AMD Radeon PC and the proper drivers I need or the way I need to install them I read somewhere that You need to have Windows Defender off when updating the display drivers I bought IOLO System Mechanic which seems like it does a lot but wasn't able to solve my issue last night did a complete Restart this morning and my PC seems to be running fine but I haven't run ANY windows or driver updates yet or installed ANYTHING Can someone please give some advice on what to do hah this is driving me looney My PC came with the Windows install Disc and MSI Driver Disc hope this info helps you guys understand my ISSUE but here are my PC specs AMD FX-Series FX- GHz GB DDR GB HDD Windows Bit AMD Radeon R GB Greatly Appreciate Any Feedback

A:Display Driver Error Win 8.1 (AMD FX-6300/R7)

Any way you can borrow a monitor to rule that part out? Do you have a TV that also works as a monitor to try?

Also, you are certain you aren't having any heat related issues?
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Hey there hoping someone could me out with the issues I've been having with my PC (AMD FX-6300/R7) 8.1 Error Win Display Driver and mainly from trying to play ARMA which has seemed to be the root of my Display Driver Errors and Crashing Not sure why as Display Driver Error Win 8.1 (AMD FX-6300/R7) this game was running perfectly for the first - months I bought the PC brand new and downloaded the game from STEAM Ok so here's some background on my PC and where I'm at Well I had ONE crash a month ago and Display Driver Error Win 8.1 (AMD FX-6300/R7) haven't been able to get ARMA running right since it started while crashing when trying to connect to the a MP Server it basically went all Display Driver Error crazy with lines and boxes jumping on the screen then went into Display Driver Error Win 8.1 (AMD FX-6300/R7) complete crash mode after trying all of the Display Driver Error methods of fixing ReInstall Drivers Beta launch parameters etc none seemed to help ran IOLO System Mechanic software scan and fixed the problem for a week or so then it was the same old problems once again of course sigh Then I did a complete system Restart where I fully cleaned my files and PC re installed Windows and all that now after I reinstall Steam ARMA all is running good on my PC no Display Driver Errors or any BS but then I start up ARMA tweaked some of video settings and went to Exit the game and it all crashed and burned and went back to Display Driver problems again Also wondering if my ACER model PC Monitor could have anything to do with the crashes its about - years old but still has a hz Refresh Rate dunno if that can cause Disp Driv Errors I've done system REFRESH and RESTART and even tried the newest AMD Driver and Beta Drive for my Graphics cards the main problem seems to be the Distorted Lines jumping on my screen and boxes when I right click start ICON go blank or have werid lines in them as well I also have the PC settings pop up saying my Windows is not Activated Registered I can recall that it seems like this problem happens after I run the Windows Recommened amp Important Updates after a Fresh Re-Install of Windows that the Disp Errors start happening So basically I was hoping to just get a step-by-step link or some quick advice on how to properly install Windows on an AMD Radeon PC and the proper drivers I need or the way I need to install them I read somewhere that You need to have Windows Defender off when updating the display drivers I bought IOLO System Mechanic which seems like it does a lot but wasn't able to solve my issue last night did a complete Restart this morning and my PC seems to be running fine but I haven't run ANY windows or driver updates yet or installed ANYTHING Can someone please give some advice on what to do hah this is driving me looney My PC came with the Windows install Disc and MSI Driver Disc hope this info helps you guys understand my ISSUE but here are my PC specs AMD FX-Series FX- GHz GB DDR GB HDD Windows Bit AMD Radeon R GB Greatly Appreciate Any Feedback
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Hi All,

As the title says, will an AMD FX-6300 processor work with an ASRock > N68C-GS FX motherboard?

I'm planning to upgrade my system due to FPS drops whilst playing DOTA 2. I've concluded that since the FPS drops happen after several minutes while playing and seem to have nothing to do with the amount of visuals on my screen when it happens, it's my processor bottle-necking my system. Hope someone can shed some insight.

A:Will an AMD FX-6300 work with an AsRock N68C-GS FX

Yes, if you make sure you have bios 1.30 on it first. Next time you should look at the cpu support list like below.

Also are you sure its not a heat issue your having?
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Can anyone suggest a good graphics card upgrade compatible with the Asus M11BB-US011S Desktop PC with AMD A4-6300 Processor,4GB Memory,1TB Hard Drive,Windows 8 ?
I need something with bang for the buck that can do a modestly functional job running games, that are not too graphics intensive.  thanks
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I am looking to get into PC gaming and using editing softwares like Sony Vegas. I was wonder which one would be the best to do this job. I've heard the fx 6300 is good, but I heard the i3 is faster at gaming and rendering? Is this true. For the Pentium I can get that with a z97 mobo or the i3 with a h81 mobo. Which CPU should I go with in my situation? Will do some live streaming as well.

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A:I3 4160 vs fx 6300 vs pentium g3258

If you go by this the fx 6300 is the best of those 3 :-[]=2317&cmp[]=1781&cmp[]=2267

I'm sure someone else will have more to say on this !
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Help please, I want to upgrade a bit and looking to find out what, if any, processor I can replace the 1.86mhz with.


A:Medion Core 2 duo 6300 1.86mhz upgrade

What are your full system specs? What is your budget? Finally, what is the use of this pc?
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i have the workstation mintioned above, serial number [Personal Information Removed] / product number BOF58ET#UUZ
i need to install the wifi Intel 8260 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and BT PCIe Card
but the problem , it is showing that it is for HP Z workstation,
i need to be sure before buying the part , that it will work with my computer,
i have slot PCIe 1* avilable
thank you

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A:Install wifi PCIe on Compaq 6300 pro

It is unlikely to work because you will probably need to install a PCIe x1 wifi card that is half height (low profile). The wifi card you are enquiring about is full height and there will not be enough space in you OC's case.
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Hello I've got a machine that I think the only issue preventing stability are the BIOS settings FX-6300 . and Stability Frequent issues. Freezes The machine will not run Prime without errors and as soon as I bumped the voltage to the CPU it seemed to be more stable I haven't really had BSOD's to analyze I've got several logs from running Prime at various settings The most stable I've gotten it fewer errors longest run time is to run Prime for hours by dropping the RAM bus clock speed to like MHz from Has anybody else had Stability issues. FX-6300 and . Frequent Freezes issues with machines not running at stock default settings Attached are the reports from the Log Collector and a few Prime logs named after the BIOS settings or cpu voltage Any help suggestions would be appreciated I've been spending the past few weeks running tests and pulling out my hair Below are the hardware specs OS Windows Pro -bit Case PSU RAIDMAX Super Hurricane ATX- BP Black Steel Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case Stability issues. FX-6300 and . Frequent Freezes W Power Supply Motherboard ASRock GM U S FX AM AMD G SB SATA Gb s USB Micro ATX AMD Motherboard CPU AMD FX- Vishera GHz GHz Turbo Socket AM W Desktop Processor FD WMHKBOX RAM CORSAIR GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR Desktop Memory Model CMV GX M A C Hard Drive Western Digital WD Blue WD AAKX GB RPM MB Cache SATA Gb s quot Internal Hard Drive Bare Drive - OEM Disk Drive LG Internal Super Multi Drive SATA Model GH NSB - OEM

A:Stability issues. FX-6300 and . Frequent Freezes

Update: I'm running Memtest 86+ again and this time I've so far encounter one error and I'm at 5 passes...could that be the culprit?
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i have 4 beep sound and power button blink with red color , board no is E93839  Bandara

A:I can't powerup My hp compaq pro 6300 , 4 short beep and po...

Dear Customer,  Perhaps this will help. HP BIOS beep codes.  Try this procedure and see if you can isolate the issue. Trouble Shooting Power Supply Issues. Don?t skip any steps.  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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Model: HP Compaq Pro 6300 All-in-One Desktop PC Series/ Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3220 CPU @3.30GHz, 3300MHz, 2 Core(s), 4 logical processor(s) / Intel(R) HD Graphics Hi, i just had a question regarding the Integrated Intel Graphics card and if it was possible to upgrade to a better Graphics card by purchasing a new card. Reason, due to it not being able to run games smoothly (bad fps). I have limited knowledge on this, and wanted to know how to go about this i.e is it possible to remove an integrated graphics card in the first place and replace it with an improved Graphics card? or is there another way of changing graphics card? If so what cards would be compatible with this computer.
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I have a HP Compaq 6300 Small Form Factor in which I just replaced the motherboad. It is working fine. I can boot to a bootable USB drive and (1.) start a Windows 8 or Windows 10 clean installation. I can (2.) boot from a Linux Mint 17.3 boot able USB drive and load that OS fine. When I try the installation from any of the afore mentioned OSs' (Windows 8/10-Linux Mint 17) they all will get a memory or hard disk error and fail the installation early in the installation. I have tried this on two SSD drives and two standard HDs. I am at a loss on what to try next. Any help would be great. Thanks. -Matt
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I need to purchase a PC suitable for a CAD workstation, I want a dedicated Graphics card and understand that the 6300's are limited due to the power supplies being only 240 watts.  I want a good dedicated graphics card to cope with this PSU.  I have heard the AMD Radeon HD 6450 will work with this are there any better cards? I don't want a graphcis that are for the purpose of two screens e.g. like the Nvidia NVS 300. thanks Mike

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A:Low Profile Graphics Card for HP Compaq PRO 6300 Small Form ...

You're very welcome, Mike. Yes, you were to use the one physical CPU selection, not based on how many cores it has. I only buy the CMT's/MT's for the reason of the low wattage PS's in the SFF's. Even those only have 325W P/S's. However, that gives me more of a variety of choices to upgrade hardware--and I don't have to make sure the parts come with low profile brackets. In any event, I think the 610GT will work just fine in the 6300 SFF. Best Regards, Paul
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I jumped on a monster deal on a Dell XPS a couple months ago off They had some problems in production that delayed the orders They called to offer compensation for the wait The options were Upgrade my D to a D and send me a gift card or Upgrade to a Conroe processor I have been reading all the performance improvements and praises for the Conroe CPUs but I wonder which is the better deal for me I do mostly business multiple office apps browser Windows and programs open very little PC gaming nothing major - leave that for the XBOX but do some graphics work and occasional video Question CPU - Conroe Pentium System 6300 versus D930 work System CPU Question - Pentium D930 versus Conroe 6300 and DVD rendering The system will have MBs of RAM and the -bit version of Windows XP Not sure if the latter will make any difference with the processor this is my first step down the -Bit OS road It also looks like the Conroe s can be had for under now anyway Am I correct in assuming they will not run on the same motherboard If so I could just upgrade the CPU later with a etc But I am guessing it would take a different mobo Anyway please let me know what you think Thanks in advance for any information nbsp

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I am stumped with regards on how to fix this one I am running a custom built Sager NP- Windows bit system I am actually multi booting this system Running Linux on one partition and Windows on other partitions The Windows partitions are for all intensive purposes poor very Ultimate-N 6300 - speed Centrino Intel connection the same configuration wise Here is the strange part the wireless connection on one of the windows installations Call it Win OS is perfect - great connection speed Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 - very poor connection speed range is great etc etc So the hardware is NOT faulty The other Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 - very poor connection speed Windows partition Call it Win OS has a terrible time connecting -- the speed is slow read it as quot unusable quot It wasn't always like this and I don't recall when it became this way as I normally connect using a wired connection On Win OS I have uninstalled the driver reinstalled the latest driver scanned for Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 - very poor connection speed virus' trogans malware found nothing and I still can not get it to work properly I have checked all the property and advanced settings for the Intel Centrino Ultimate-N card -- they are set exactly the same as on the Windows installation that is working perfectly Does anyone have an idea as to what else I could check to try and resolve the issue without having to reinstall windows again Thanks for your assistance

A:Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 - very poor connection speed

Sorry to have to bump this thread, but does anyone have any ideas regarding this issue?
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Hi (a post after a long time)
I've a F90M motherboard (with intel 915G chipset - i gues chipset doesn't have to do anything with front panel connections, but ... ). It came out of Acer 3700GX PC (i think its a bit old ).
Ok, now i'm trying to put it in a standard larger ATX casing. I've fitted it in and everything works fine except the front panel connections. I cannot identify the front panel connections and could only manage to identify the power switch pins on the motherboard.

I've searched over internet and couldn't find a manual of the motherboard (found manual for the PC on but it doesn't tell how to connect front panel)

so can you guys please suggest me the connections for front panel LEDs, Audio and USB.

and i really believe that you TSG guys are up to it

Thanks in advance

A:Identify motherboard's front panel connections | PC Acer 3700GX | Motherboard F90M

no replies????

is it such a hard/stupid question??
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I am trying to reinstall xp sp Home edition on my older desk top computer as I wanted to upgrade the capacity of hard disk to GB and to eliminate various PC problems My old disk was only GB capacity Here are the specifications for my desk top Desktop is Mesh for which there is no support in the UK it ceased existing a long time ago in UK Mother Board Asus P R -VM Processor unit Intel Pentium chip IXP My old HD which I am replacing is PM - Maxtor Y PO GB capacity My new HD is Quickview Maxtor L PO GB capacity The installation reaches to the stage when it has to write the system files on to the hard disk and it fails The system BIOS recognises P4R800-VM Controller for Driver XP Re-installation Storage motherboard Mass Asus for motherboard the new disk as it is showing it as L PO in the BIOS I have gone through lots of forums and realise that mass storage device driver is not compatible with the new drive or is missing I have even tried to reinstall the system on to the old hard disk to see what happens but it still fails at the same place I do not have manufacturers disk of drivers for my desk top as it came only with recovery disk and no drivers disk I have found all the drivers chip set vga etc from Asus site but do Mass Storage Controller Driver for Asus motherboard P4R800-VM motherboard for XP Re-installation not know which driver is for mass storage Device there Or should it be from Intel site If so what the name would be Please help to get correct mass storage device driver on a floppy disk as I can only insert the driver in the installation process at RAID drivers insertion point I cannot clon old HD either as the drive is already formatted I was trying to reinstall the system first onto the old drive to correct the errors When that did not work I bought Quickview maxtor drive with higher capacity But still I cannot reinstall on the new drive I have an original XP SP Cd from another PC and I downloaded the installation programme on floppy disks from Microsoft site But even this combination does not install the system In this way the system tells me in the middle of the installation that the system cannot copy the file plugin ocx obviously this particular file is not available on the xp sp CD I have I don t know how to obtain it and from where In the end the system cann not copy the files on the hard drive and fails Sorry for the long post as I wanted to explain where I am at the moment in ths process Would be grateful for any advice in this matter nbsp

A:Mass Storage Controller Driver for Asus motherboard P4R800-VM motherboard for XP Re-installation

Almost a word for word copy & paste from THIS forum post made in 2014
@muckshifter the bus inspector should be along soon
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I've been looking for the front panel pin layout on the Dell Dual Xeon Motherboard with Dell P/N: 0WN7Y6 (it is a # zero, W, N, #7, Y, #6). 
The front panel connector is 27-pin...28 spots with one pin left blank. The pin layout isn't included in the manual and I'm trying to boot two of these motherboards without the 27-pin connector. I just need to know which pins need to be jumpered in order to test for boot to BIOS.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

A:Dell Motherboard- P/N 0WN7Y6 Dual Xeon Motherboard Front Panel Pin Layout

Dell doesn't make the front panel connector pin-outs public. So unless you map them yourself or somebody else has done it...
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I could use some creative customer service here. My M3800 shipped with the known power-on motherboard defect. It was replaced at no charge, which was very nice. However, the replacement (2nd motherboard!) is now having the same intermittent dead / no power problem.
To get the computer running, I have to remove the case (12 screws) and un-plug the internal battery to 're-set' the electrical fault. After I put it back together, the computer starts normally. This is not very convenient, especially when meeting with new clients.
The problem is that I am being told I am outside the 3-month repair warranty. I think this stinks! It's a known issue and I would like someone at Dell to step up make my expensive computer work normally all of he time.
Yes, I have run every diagnostic known to man and the internet.
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hey guys, does anyone if there are any other drivers for this board? i'm looking at this page after selecting 'driver' and 'win7 64 bit'. i only see 'audio', 'chipset' 'LAN' and 'RAID'. on the other boards i've seen, the driver software was much more comprehensive and contained several different pieces of software.

what's the main driver i need to install after installing win7 for the motherboard? just wondering if i'm missing something and need to install something else for the 'main features'? or are there main features found in the BIOS before win7 boots up? how does win7 recognise the board btw? does the board have drivers built in already? how can winxp recognise mboards that have been made very recently?

thanks guys

A:Gigabyte motherboard: P55M-UD4 some questions on motherboard software

Those are all the drivers you need, and really all any motherboard needs to work. You also have some Utilities under the drop down menu of "Download Type" but these are optional tweaking and similar utilities not required for proper operation of the system. Any version of Windows will have limited driver support, enough to install and run until the correct drivers are installed, or for a SATA or RAID controller under Windows XP drivers are loaded via the F6 prompt during the initial stages of the XP install to allow it to detect the hard drive. There are no drivers built into the hardware itself.
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Okay, so as the topic title implies, for the life of me, I cannot figure out which motherboard model I'm supposed to get for this Dell Inspiron 1300 here. Only info I have is that it has the Centrino sticker on the palm rest of the case, and I also have the service tag, but that doesn't seem to give me much information from what I've found.

I've taken the motherboard out of the thing and looked it over, but no luck, as I don't see the model number on it.

Will someone please tell me how I'm supposed to figure out the motherboard model number so I can get a new one?

A:Dell Inspiron 1300: Bad motherboard, but which motherboard do I order?

You can search by the service tag number
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Well I Just Bought A Broken Emachines I Thought The Capacitors Where Blown But They Look Fine The Problem Is It Wont Post It Has A Via Chipset Thats Probly The Problem I Dont Want To Get The Emachines Replacement Because It Costs 2 Much The Emachine Is A T2200 If Any Body Could Help Me Find A Great Fit Motherboard That You Can Hook Up The Front Usb Port To The Motherboard That Would Be Great It Has A Amd Processor And I Would Like It To Have Onboard Video It Dosent Matter What Ram It Takes

A:Emachines Bad Motherboard Whats A Good Replacement Motherboard

Need a motherboard here too

for the same model that is
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I'm trying to be a bit cost effective for college by replacing parts of an old computer in order to get it to run CAD (specifically making it possible to run Solidworks 2016) better, but I am new to modifying computers. I currently have a Dell 15r 5520 with no modifications. I have found a 15R 7520 motherboard on eBay to replace it but it says with no video. Does this mean I would have to buy a separate graphics card? If so, any recommendations? Would I be correct in assuming that it comes with the i7 processor? Also any input on upgrading to a SSD?
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I just started running Replacing Solved: motherboard with motherboard? identical a Solved: Replacing motherboard with identical motherboard? home business for PC Repair and Tutoring My first customer has a malfunctioning motherboard I believe She has an old Gateway with Win ME I believe that it is the mother board because nothing works on bootup during the gateway splash screen It says that it has detected the keyboard and mouse but also to consult the user manual if a further problem exists The keyboard and mouse won t work with it anyway It goes on to say that there is no hard drive detected and there is no CD-ROM drive detected I am left with a blank black screen with a flashing cursor at the top left hand corner The whole time that it is booting there is a continuous ticking noise I thought that it might be the hard drive for that but it is fine I suspect a bad capasitor My question is this If I find an identical motherboard will a swap go seemlessly or not I am also inviting any other advice on this The only drive that does work is the A drive but when I put a disk in it I get a message saying to take it out and strike any key Well you can t strike any key if the keyboard doesn t work Plus I can t find the any key Just kidding I m not that dumb I knew it was going to be an adventure getting into this business but didn t know how hard it would be to troubleshoot something that was originally a simple issue When I first looked at her PC the Goback utility wouldn t let her onto her desktop because that clock was set for a time that hadn t yet come to pass The ticking noise was present at that time and her original usb keyboard and mouse wouldn t work with the computer either I opened the computer just to see what she had inside it and I changed out the clock battery thinking that this may have had something to do with it I closed it again and the next thing I knew it wouldn t even boot far enough to get to the GoBack screen that was poping up just before the windows startup I doubt that changing out the clock battery would have caused the motherboard to crash That is why I m hear I guess Anyone want to take a stab at it Many Thanks nbsp

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The motherboard on my envy 17t-k200 needs to be replaced.  The part number installed on the refurbished machine is 793272-501.  I have found a motherboard, part number 794984-001.  Is 794984-001 compatible with my envy 17t-k200? 

A:can i replace motherboard 793272-501 with motherboard 794984...

Hi, Yes as you can see on the list: Regards.
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Hey guys I just joined this forum because I need a little help with my motherboard I am not that technology savvy so I m sorry for any errors A few days ago my monitor stopped working At first I thought it was my video card so I kept fiddling around with it to see if I could fix it It worked a little so Wondering I if fix fried my motherboard motherboard) fan my how to (and I thought I fixed it Then every once in a while it would freeze I opened it up and switched out the video card but still it had the same problem of freezing That s when I noticed one of Wondering how to fix my motherboard fan (and if I fried my motherboard) the fans on my motherboard wasn t turning on It would rotate once or twice and not start but now it doesn t even rotate I m wondering if I can fix the fan its plugged in correctly and if I have to buy a new motherboard I can t tell what motherboard I have Wondering how to fix my motherboard fan (and if I fried my motherboard) so sorry So in short my motherboard fan is not working Any way Wondering how to fix my motherboard fan (and if I fried my motherboard) to fix or do I need a new motherboard nbsp

A:Wondering how to fix my motherboard fan (and if I fried my motherboard)

I would start by checking your power supply with a good tester tool and multimeter.
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I am installing Motherboard Monitor. Wizard wants to know what motherboard I have. Don't know where to find it. Related question, MBM list of supported models does not list mine (Dell Inspiron 6000), however, last MBM update was late 2004, (before i6000) and i 5100 is on the list, so I am assuming i6000 is supported. Where do I find motherboard ID? Thanks for prompt response --> wizard is waiting.

A:Need Motherboard Id To Install Motherboard Monitor

In the BIOS.
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Hi , 

With recent upgrade of Windows 10 upgrade, my computer XPS 2710 totally black out.  I have been told that mother board is gone and have to replace. With the replacement Mother Board , I think I am required to re-install the Windows 8  and I think it will ask for a Product key , since it is a replacement mother board. Please advise, with the faulty motherboard, forced to replace the Motherboard. how will be go with the reinstallation of Windows 8.   With so many details in the forum about the faulty motherboard of XPS 2710 just because of the Windows 10 upgrade. I am planning to fall back to Window 8 with the replacement mother board, pleaser advise.

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Hi I have some Toshiba Tecra M series but for some reason the laptop no longer works with a battery attached and just get flashing light on the laptop It works fine with power but won't swatch on at all with a fully charge battery I have tried many and it's not the battery I have taken the laptop apart but can t find anything that is wrong So it must be the battery motherboard M10 Toshiba same Tecra the series series A10 asTecra motherboard? and or charge circuit resisters gone on the M Anyway Toshiba Tecra A10 series motherboard the same asTecra M10 series motherboard? I was looking at a motherboard replacement On looking about it appears that Toshiba released a M and a A series They both look about the same to me with the same Toshiba Tecra A10 series motherboard the same asTecra M10 series motherboard? fittings but to be sure can anyone tell me if a A motherboard is the same as the M motherboard Maybe someone who works with these day in day out hopefully will know Just don t want to buy and A if it s not compatible with M case and fittings
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I need to know if the HDMI motherboard in a 60" Samsung Plasma TV can be used in a Sony Bravia 52" TV. The motherboard in my Sony died and I have access to one in a Samsung Plasma that's screen cracked.

A:Is a 60" Samsung Plasma HDMI motherboard compatible with a 52" Sony Bravia HDMI motherboard.

No, it would not be, in the past I had to repair a tv for a friend that had his board shorted that was an LCD Sony Bravia 52 Inch and its board was very specific as with all Sony Products. The Boards on the TV's are the hearts and the companies that built them don't allow for parts to be interchanged easily. Your best bet is ebay and finding the part number to find a board, that's how I got the one I used to fix it.
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I have read the forum on sysprep, however I see that there are some procedures which must be completed before the old HHD is removed and input into the new motherboard.

Problem is.....My old motherboard crashed and I cannot implement sysprep on the old system, how would I get along doing this if the hdd is not botting up on my new motherboard?

A:motherboard died and need new hdd on a new motherboard

For what it is worth, Windows 7 seems to be pretty tolerant of new motherboards. Quite a few people have reported here that they swapped boards, reconnected the old hard drive, and booted OK. Without using Sysprep.
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I'm having to get a replacement motherboard as i have a fault on this one. It will be a like for like replacement (exactly the same) Will i have to reinstall Windows 8.1, or can i just plop it in and it will boot/load the drivers that are needed?

I wanted to ask, as people often changed it for a different motherboard (chipset/make)

Any help would be great!

A:Replacing motherboard for the same motherboard. Win 8.1

There's usually no need to reinstall Win8 even with different MBs.
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Hey guys

i just finished my build and i have no idea why i went for a motherboard with 2 slots for ram it can hold up to 16gb but luckly ebuyer sent me out an extra 4gb of kingston hyperx ram so i have 8gb all together but theres a problem theres 4 sticks !

obviously i wouldnt want to send it back so what do ya think either upgrade my motherboard and smash the extra 4 gb in there or keep to my original one i dont have money to blow atall im really struggling if its something that will really make a difference ill go with it if not then ill just keep to my original and when i come to buy a graphics card i will get a 2gb graphics card to help with gaming all i really do is gaming i dont really do anything else

thankyou for your time

A:Motherboard 4gb Max or change motherboard for 8gb ?

I'd go with 4 gigs until you had a major reason to believe it wasn't enough. If that ever happens, consider your next move. Most people do just fine with 4 gigs.

I considered 8 gigs on my 4 slot board but decided against it and don't regret it.
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Hey to all the people seeing this! First of all thanks for viewing this thread ^^

Right, You may have seen my posts about a faulty motherboard not giving video, If not then it doesn't matter to much because this is the story:
I needed to replace a motherboard as the old one was bad.
The New motherboard came, Still no Video, Dead motherboard
Sending the faulty one back for a refund

NOW heres the dilemma:
I can't find the motherboard again so I'm going to replace it with another ones (make/model not yet decided) But how do I go about installing the drivers for the new one? I've searched Google yet the only thing I could find is being able to boot up the computer to un=install the old ones? Is there anyway to do this without booting it up prior to installing the new MOBO? Many thanks, Mark ^^

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i bought my computer from 2 years ago. recently my mobo fried and now i need a new one. i dont know where i can get another one for a good price. i've heard i can get one that ranges from about 50-60 dollars. if anyone could help me found the one i need, it would be most appreciated

the one i had and am guessing need again was this


can anyone help me find this to order online from a legitimate webiste and for cheap?

A:New Motherboard

do a search at
I would not buy low end boards
after you have found a few you like do another search(google)
for reviews of MB
there are a few others that sell at fair pricesmbut I have found newegg to be faster on shipping and the shipping is low
they run specials all the time, to be fair, heres a few
tiger direct
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I want to upgrade my mother board so I can later upgrade to a better processor and agp slot. I only have PCI right now and a 2.66ghz Celeron D processor. (Which isn't so bad) But, for me to get a new mobo, can i just replace my old mobo with my new one??? what do i need to do when i get it.

Also, when i install my new mobo, I can still use the same hard drive too right?

A:Want a new Motherboard

it shouldn't be a problem, just be sure to buy a motherboard with the same chipset as the one you have now.. that way you don't have to replace your cpu, and as far as i can tell you will need a motherboard with a 915 chipset...
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HI there Someone suggest to me to find a & with Ram Help motherboard site like this for some help so hopefully some one can help Help with motherboard & Ram me I currently Help with motherboard & Ram using my hubby computer as my computer is not working cause of the above Ok I will start from the beginning I have a ASUS mother board P S -VM which has two slots for rams one is and two is I got the computer in all pre-made from the shops the computer came already with a Star Ram in slot Got the sims but the game is slow knew it was the ram so wanting one for a while A friend suggest I try his ram first to make sure that was the issue with the game He ram was to the mother board requirements so cool He comes around pop the ram into slot and it works fine no problems and the game is soo fast I was impressed So he take out his ram and we put the computer back on and nothing When you start my computer the monitor comes up with quot no signal quot until you start the computer and then it goes away and then windows starts This time the quot no signal quot comes up we start the computer it goes away and comes back and the computer does nothing We had no idea why it was doing this and check the Star ram but it was fine as we never touch it After scatching out heads we decided to put the Star ram into the other slot and low and behold it works fine SO I decided to go and get some ram and look at my mother board book and they suggest a Nanya but only a ram but they dont suggest ant ram and the website was no help I get the ram and pop it into the empty slot which is now and it does not work the same problem as before the no signal thing so swap rams around same problem only put one ram in different slots and the same problem I have no idea whats going or what I need to do so if anyone has any idea please let me know Thank you in advance and sorry for the long post wanted to give you as much info as possible Cheers nbsp

A:Help with motherboard & Ram

Did you shut off and unplug the powersupply before inserting and removing the RAM?
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I have a GA-7DX motherboard and I was told it only supports 200 FSB. How can I confirm this.
I know all the site say the board supports 200/266 FSB , but there is a version that supports 200 FSB only.
I need to be sure.

A:GA-7DX motherboard

Taken from GA-7DX FAQ

Q: What are the types of processors this board can support?

A: With the latest BIOS, PCBs 3.x or above can support 200/266MHz FSB, Thoroughbred (0.13u)/Morgan (0.18u) Athlon XP/Duron CPUs and PCBs 2.x or below can support 200/266MHz FSB Thunderbird(0.18u) /Morgan (0.18u) Athlon/Duron CPUs.Click to expand...

Unless you have a revision earlier then 2.x, you should be fine with a 133mhz Palomino at least.
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I'm trying to finish a computer on a limited amount of time. I recently built the computer with an SSUS P5PE-VM motherboard. When I was finished nothing would power on... the led on the bard lit green... nothing even spun. The ATX case was shipped with a 500w power supply which I thought may have been the issue. I then tried the 350w PSU I had laying around... same thing... Talking to one of my tech support buddies they said it could be a bad motherboard shipped from NewEgg... does anyone have a way to tell if the mother board has output or if I shocked it?

A:possible motherboard bad??

Did you try it out of the case with a limited resource config like 1 ram stick video, psu and video card only? You sound like you know what you are doing so you have the board off case on risers, right?
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I am trying to find out for someone what motherboard is in this system.
Its a emachine w2040
What I am really trying to find out is information about the Motherboard.
Like which pins are for the HD LED and the Power.

A:What Motherboard is it?

fatbobthefirst said:

I am trying to find out for someone what motherboard is in this system.
Its a emachine w2040
What I am really trying to find out is information about the Motherboard.
Like which pins are for the HD LED and the Power.Click to expand...

go to, and D/L Everest home free edition, it should tell you under MB section
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ok im building my first pc and i have looked on the internet and have found 3 motherboards but i dont know which one to choose and im hoping someone can help me, the motherboards are - Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe, Gigabyte GA7vm400M-RZ and MSI KM4M-V SKT A 8xAGP Onboard VGA/Sound.

A:which motherboard is best


Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe,
I'm running Amd 2700+ atholon
And luv it!
Lots of features...
G'Luck deciding!
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Hi Guys, I am upgrading my 32 bit Motherboard to a K8V-MX Motherboard. This board is a Socket 754 board. Can anyone tell me an appropriate good processor to put in this board, please. Or would you suggest that I do not upgrade to this particular board at all.

Cheers in advance.

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how do i know if this motherboard supports ram like ddr2. and speeds like 5400, 6400 and whatever the rest of the new ddr2 speeds are. i needa sli motherboard that supports that stuff. that is if its a big performance difference over 3200?

A:can this motherboard use this ram!!!????

the short answer is no. but not because of the motherboard, but because if the CPU.

the KN8 serires motherboards are for AMD socket-939 Athlon64 processors. all AMD processors since socket-A have had the memory controller built into the CPU itself instead of on the motherboard chipset. what this means is that the CPU decides what memory it will accept, not the mobo.

socket-939 processors support DDR memory, socket-AM2 processors support DDR2 memory

DDR2 memory sticks can run at higher clock speeds than DDR, but they also have higher latency, which offsets the higher clock. there is not much performance increase with DDR2 over DDR.

the bottom line is this... a socket-939 system with PC3200 RAM will be a big performance leap over what you have now, and at the current time performs almost as well as AM2 systems. also, now that AM2 is out, the prices of 939 have dropped alot. so right now is a great time to go 939. you will get a great performing system for not alot of $$$
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I have a MSI 6734 board with AMD XP2800+ and 1gb Ram.
I am putting this together put have 2 problems.

Firstly the board has a power point for the processer, do I need to use this as the processer only came with a heatsink and fan connecter. I though the processer would get power via the main board power connector.

Secondly, when I boot up the screen does not come on, but as sood as I disconnect it from the P/C it comes on.

Many thanks

A:Motherboard Help

What does the motherboard manual say to do for that plug?

You have to be more specific. Is this a square plug with 4 connectors like a P4 Processor Power Plug?

If the Processor's cooling fan is not plugged into the Connector on the motherboard that says CPU FAN then it will not start. This is standard on most motherboards.

Oh Yeah; read the manual!
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I want to buy a new motherboard that is both PCI-E and Duo Core compatible. I'm not looking to spend much more than 150 though. I haven't a clue what some of the specs of a motherboard mean so i'm heavily relying on you guys to suggest to me the best motherboard possible within my price range.

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Hello everyone I wright alot of tutorials and plan Motherboard? to release several on this website I hope you all enjoy Finding motherboard info Desktops Hello everyone today i plan to talk about finding motherboard information As there is alot of issues when trying to find Motherboard? it because it is not easily found Well i found that there are several programs that attempt to find your system information and for alot of your computer specs it works fine but they usually are unable Motherboard? to find the RIGHT information for your motherboard In a recent search today i downloaded several programs that said they would find my all my computer information and well each of them giving me different information for my motherboard so yes not very helpful The only way to make sure you get the right product number of the time is to check the labels on the mother board itself IT can be a very annoying task or it can be very easy Some motherboards have small labels and some have large labels right in the middle of the board To find the label take turn off your computer then carefully take the side of your computer off and the motherboard is the very large well board that holds everything Well search around there until you find usualyl or more labels right on the motherboard Note that there will most likly be other stickers on various other things on your motherboard but your looking for the sticker that is directly on the main piece of the motherboard When you find the right sticker get a piece of paper and wright down everything One of the numbers you find will be the Model number It will have a numbers and letters and at least one dash EX NF -A A then take that number and look it up on Google Usually the manufactures link will be the first result on Google Wala you have now just found your mother board information enjoy


Hi Hell Bomb, welcome to the forums. To determine your board's model number may not be as complicated as you think. Simply taking the left side panel off should be all you need to do, find the label on your board from there. If, for some reason, you can't take the panel off - try using CPU-Z. It's the simplest way to find out what's in your case. Once you do, fill out the system specs in your profile. Good luck.
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i am one of these old farts who will waste nothing if i can help it and my cousin knows this as he donated to me most of his old computer motherboard-cheap msi one ram - gb graphics-geforce gt pci-e mb psu - w cpu-amd athlon x x also in side the case which is trash i salvaged fans i have a old dvd drive it dont burn properly but reads ok and help cpu motherboard i just grabbed a cpu motherboard help gb hdd from an ancient machine i had lying around put it in a caddy and it had se on it i was going to bung it all together and use it just to test out windows a test machine if u like but i had a brainwave in my current computer no laughing please i have a geforce gt mb and a amd athlon x so my question is do i swap the graphics card and cpu the graphics card will fit ok but will the cpu my motherboard is an asus a n sli deluxe i dont want to strip my computer down unless i know the cpu will fit so any help would be most welcome

A:cpu motherboard help

Hi murphy25,

You could try here PC Perspective - Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe nForce4 Motherboard and read up on the specs. I've had a quick gander and it looks to accept the AMD Athlon 64 so it shouldn't be an issue but please, read up on it first

Hope this helps
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Hello all. I'm debating with myself as to whether I should I should change my Acer manufactured mobo and whether it will be worth it. I use my computer for everything from browsing the web to gaming and everything in between. I'm looking to spend ?100-150 and would want it to be able to host an sli set up for my 9600gt and also 8 gig ram. CPUz details are below and my other spec is in system details. Any advice would be great as I have also never swapped out mobo before. Does anybody know of any decent motherboards in this price range for my specs.



A:What motherboard?

this slightly breaks the bank but if your looking ''BNIB'' then i think one of these is a sound buy...

Asus P5N72

if you don't mind 2nd hand, you'll probably be able to get your hands on an Asus striker for that sort of money from EBAY....

i would of recommended a ''P45'' board as they are EXCELLENT performers for the money, but SLI is a no no....

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When it comes to form factors, What is the new standard for motherboards? ATX or BTX?

I appreciate any help and opinion.


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I just got the new amd64 fx with the a7n8x-e motherboard and i hooked everythin up and it does run but the video doesn't come up on the screen. I've tried 2 different known good video cards but neither one of them seem to work. I was hoping someone could tell me some things to try to see if something is wrong or i'm just being stupid. Thanks

A:need motherboard help please

Maybe your agp slot is bad? (just a thought)
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OK, so here is a litany of questions:

Everyone keeps telling me to reset the bios, but I cannot get the CPU to boot to get me to the screen. I can't even hear the HD doing anything, and they are ok because I tested on another CPU.

I have replaced the battery.
I've tested the power supply.
I've reset the memory.

LED light is on....

Now what can I try?




You do not need to get to any screens to reset the CMOS. Since you did not fill in your system specs , you will have to go to the Mb web and find out how to perform the operation .
Just follow the directions exactly.
Let us know if it helps.
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This link to TSG thread describes the same problems I am having... especially in post #19..... a motherboard&pagenumber=1

My motherboard is an ASUS CUV4X-LS and I have been trying to get it to post... no beeps.... all the same problems and trials and errors as the thread above. (The thread started in Mar 2003 and went through Aug 2003...

Can someone help me out with testing this motherboard to make sure it is DEAD or ALIVE and then I will know what to do next.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

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:hotbounce I have 2 motherboards here they are

1 Gigabyte GA-K8VT800M
2 Gigabyte GA-K8S760M

someone please help me. which motherboard is the better choice for a new amd 64 3000 system. i dont need to overclock. which is the best from a peformace and feature standpoint :grinthumb

A:AMD 64 motherboard help

They pretty much have the same features except the 760 has firewire. I prefer VIA chipsets over SIS.
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Hi Techguy members I ve got a computer I m trying to fix for a cousin He plans to give this computer to his Motherboard daughter for Motherboard her to use The problem with it I assume is motherboard or cpu The computer is AMD Athlon XP with mb memory pc ATI video card gb hard drive cd-rom floopy drive When I first got the computer it would not power on at all Before I bought a new motherboard I had tested each component of the computer Power supply Hard drive Video card Memory All were working the only two items I was unable to test was motherboard and cpu I bought a motherboard hoping that the cpu was good Motherboard purchased Foxconn K S GXMG- L Socket A With the new motherboard installed the computer does power on and the power switch does work and the led power light lights up The cd-rom drives repond by opening and closing but the floppy disk drive and hard drive do not respond The indicator light for the hard drive working activity light comes on once the computer is powered on then goes out Both floppy and hard drive do nothing that I can tell The motherboard does not post at all Don t get no kind of activity on the monitor Nothing appears on the monitor the entire time the computer runs The cpu fan does run The motherboard does support AMD Athlon XP processors With what the computer is doing now I don t know if the problem is with the cpu or I got a defective motherboard I was sorta hoping someone could help me out With new motherboard the only improvements were that the computer powered on and cd-rom drives responded by opening and closing and the power switch worked and it s light lite up and I was able to turn computer off by power switch So I knew I had the switch hooked up right Before new motherboard nothing happened at all Reading a different thread on this site I set the motherboard up outside the case to check to see if it would run that way Checking to see if there was a case to motherboard mounting problem Doing this the results were the same as when the motherboard was inside the case There was no changes in what the computer did with the motherboard setup outside the case I think the cpu maybe bad or I got a defective motherboard I don t have no way to check the cpu which is AMD Athlon XP Also some thing happened to the keyboard that I had used when I installed the motherboard inside the case When connecting the keyboard to a different computer the keyboard is not recognized This makes me think the new motherboard is defective even more since the hard drive and floppy drive don t work with new motherboard If the cpu is bad on computer what will computer do when computer is powered on with a bad cpu Thanks in advance Mickeyy nbsp

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Hi there,
I'm a newbie with all this so some advide would be great
I was thinking of buying a "P4 S478 MOTHERBOARD" but I'm not sure if its compatible with my current computer.. Its a Tiny Intel Pentium4 1.50GHz, could someone help me out?
PS: ere's the link:

A:Motherboard Help

This has a lot of factors that can cause issues. Can you provide a model number or a picture of the Tiny? Some P4s less than 1.7 Ghz did not have the same socket as the one on the S478... If you can find out what socket, we can provide more info. Most of the components should be fine (HDD, CDROM, etc.) An idea of the current motherboard in the system will also assist with letting us know if the new board will fit in the case. If I have time, I'll try to research and see what models came with a P4 1.5 from tiny, but if I remember correctly, they are currently out of business...

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Hey i was looking for a good motherboard, that supports the i7 and has the following specifications:

-Memory RAM Supported up to 2133 MHz
-Has 3 (or more) full pci-e slots ( when i say full, i mean x16 )
-Good integrated audio card.

A:Which motherboard for i7?

Quote: Originally Posted by AlexRD

Hey i was looking for a good motherboard, that supports the i7 and has the following specifications:

-Memory RAM Supported up to 2133 MHz
-Has 3 (or more) full pci-e slots ( when i say full, i mean x16 )
-Good integrated audio card.

LOL, a dicotomy: tri-SLI but onboard sound. Anyway, eVGA Classified series has a tri-SLI x16 model; don't know of any others.
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Just checking to see if these are any good as a motherboard (Upgradable in the future) and if the CPU and the Motherboard are compatible.

Mother Board - MSI 975X Platinum Power UP Edition (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard (MB-072-MS)

CPU - Intel Pentium 4 524 "LGA775 Prescott" 3.06GHz (533FSB) with HT Technology - Retail (CP-134-IN)

Just want to know if they will fit and if the Motherboard is upgradable for the future?


A:Motherboard and CPU...

Go for the Core 2 Duo CPU
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im gonna buy a gx260 mobo, 2 put it in 240 2 upgrade it more, because the gx260 can be upgrade 2 like 3GHZ (correct me if im wrong), and 2GB ram, but in this pic, whats the green tab thing 4? right buy the CPU:

i dont got that, and was afraid it wouldnt workin my 240 case, please some 1 let me know...

and would anybody know what the max. cpu that mobo supports? and the fsb? pretty sure it's 400mhz, might be 800mhz though....

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hi there
i have motherboard capable of using graphics card with 4x currently i have ati radeon 92oose but is there a better graphics card that i caould use on this motherboard with 4x graphics card any help will be gratly appreciated
thank u for your time

A:my 4x motherboard

any card which has 4X/8X on the bow will support your Mother board, what u can go for is a ATi 9600 series or Nvidia 5700 these are the best cards that u can get for a decent budget if u r looking higer u can go for a Nvidia 6600 series or ati 9800 series :grinthumb
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i am looking for a motherboard for a hp pavilion a1223w.PTGD1-LA is what im trying to find.or a motherboard that will work.if you know where i can find 1 please let me know.

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I can say I know quite a bit about computers So you don t have to talk in non techie talk But one of the problems ive had is comparing two brands of CPU use? should CPU/motherboard Which I s Especialy now adays that a processor labled for example ghz can out run some that are labled ghz just an off the head figure thats probibly not correct but you get my point So I can t right tell which of these two proccesors I should pick from The first which im running with right now is a AMD s Athlon XP ghz I Which CPU/motherboard should I use? can switch out for a chip later on While the other is a Intel Celeron D Processor GHz The Intel one would seam the faster do to its Ghz speed But that might not be the case This is because right now my computer Which CPU/motherboard should I use? is a bit too slow to run the one program ive been unable to play Oblivion and hopefully I can use the Intel chip to help boost it to a decent running speed Ill probibly have to upgrade my video card as its not the best But its also good to get as fast a cpu as possible thought its not required like mem and such but this will be a free upgrade So could someone help me figure out which would be faster for this purpose nbsp

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What is the fastest processor that this Matsonic MS8137C motherboard can handle? I have searched and searched and searched but have nto been able to find maxium CPU speed.

A:Which CPU would be best for this motherboard?

You Bet

Product Type Mainboard
Form Factor ATX
Width 30.4 cm
Depth 24 cm
Compatible Processors Athlon, Duron, Athlon XP<<<<<<<<<<<
Processor Socket Socket A
Chipset Type VIA Apollo KT266A
Max Bus Speed 266 MHz<<<<<<<<<<<
BIOS Type Award
Storage Controller ATA-100
Click Here
It appears a 2600+ x 266fsb is the max
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I have a i5 Motherboard. If I replace it with an i7 Motherboard and a new CPU will I have to re-install Windows 7?

A:New Motherboard

For best results, I would always reload the OS after changing out a motherboard.
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hi everyone, im looking for a motherboard for the pc im building that will accept an amd athlon 64 3000+ S939 OEM can anyone help me out. please

A:looking for motherboard

Can we assume your case takes an ATX motherboard?

Budget, or performance? What is the priority here? Will this be a gaming computer?
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My machine has a P4i45GV MotherBoard by ASRock. I was working on my combo when I suddenly heard some sounds like a short circuit. I was very fast at switching off the power. Now it can't light up i.e. the power led is not lighting up. But when I switch on the machine both the CPU fan and the Power Supply fan rotate for One Second. The Board seems to be fine. How Can I know for sure that the motherboard is/isn't spoiled.

A:Is this motherboard done

It could be your PSU thats had it.
To test it you need to remove all connectors from the mobo then short the green wire to one of the black ones. With this done the PSU should fire up completely, if it doesnt then its blown.
If it works ok then let me know and i will help you to find the exact cause of your problems.
Hope that helps. Rik.
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what's up guys, I have an hp pavilion 7935 and we had a storm a few days ago and i try to turn my computer on and nothing happen so i took it to the repair shop and they told me it was the motherboard they say it was $600.00 to fix it and i wanted to know if i can install any motherboard ?and if the motherboard is F**k UP is the memory card F**k up too?is it easy to install the motherboard? thanks

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I need to switch out my motherboard and i dont want too spend money on buying new compatible parts.

Basically what i need is ddr ram support and agp support. I dont mind getting a new chip ( my old one which isnt sold anymore is a socket a chipset)

the abit ic7 is what i have found so far, its a but pricey though

any other suggestion? I

am hoping im posting in the correct forum section.

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Do I change my motherboard better one from another laptop ? Excuse me for English


Is the motherboard compatible? Same model laptop?
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My computer has just quit on me because of an apparent motherboard problem I am using this as an opportunity to upgrade both the board and the CPU which are en-route as I write this I moving up from an Athlon socket to a Phenom II socket AMD on an Asus M A T-M USB board Reading through the tutorial on transferring to a and CPU motherboard New new computer it appears to me that the new system will not boot or am I misunderstanding I assume this means that I will have to re-install everything so should I just re-install over the existing OS or should I format the drive first I would appreciate any advice or New motherboard and CPU observations on the processes that I need to follow to successfully get the new system working I feel sure that the information is already here somewhere but I'm not sure where or what to look for My computer knowledge and skills are very limited so I warn anyone replying that their input will probably generate even more questions from me

A:New motherboard and CPU

You are getting new chipsets, so you need a re-install.
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hi m8s, can anyone give me some info on the gigabyte ga-8knxp canterwood motherboard. is it a good choice to use. all the good and bad points about it. please help. cheers. regards. gboy.
i want to fit it in the antec sonata case.

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I was wondering if anyone have the best/favorite motherboard that they would recommend consumers to buy....esp. gaming.

A:got the best motherboard ever?

Many people prefer the MSI K8N Neo4 SLI however I tend to prefer the DFI Lanparty models myself.
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Could someone help me please?

Today I bought a new EPOX 8RDA3G motherboard to go with a AMD ATHLON XP 3200+ Processor but I cant get it to work. After it trys to start windows it just gives me that horrible blue sreen.

I know the mobo is supposed to be set at 200MHz but all I can get is 133MHz

Any help please?

A:New Motherboard

Hi and welcome. If you are running XP, it doesn't take kindly to a new motherboard. You're going to have to do a repair windows installation at best, or format and start clean would be better.
Edited for typo only.
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Hi everyone I had just replaced my old mobo processor and system memory the old one was having the same problem I have right now Well the system both? CPU or Motherboard or worked fine for about a week installed OS windows XP Pro updated completely the CPU is a P FSB then two days ago turned it on and the keyboard didn t respond though the computer booted up i got to the windows log-in screen Well I remove the case from the cabinet opened it up to check connections closed back and Motherboard or CPU or both? reconnect when I try to turn it on it didn t Now I replaced the case with a bigger power supply and all i got now is the fan from the power supply the fan from the Motherboard or CPU or both? CPU and the chasis fan working when I plug in the power The computer s power hasn t been pushed yet I havent yet Motherboard or CPU or both? push it to turn the computer on And when i do nothing happens though So I suspect I kind of wish that the probelm resides in the mobo Any suggestions what the problem might be Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Motherboard or CPU or both?

After changing the PSU, did you connect that square 4-pin cable from PSU to motherboard again?
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I need some help installing a motherboard. The problem is my computer won't turn on. I think its the power switch from my case power botton to the mobo connectors. So I need some help installing those. Along with installing the front USB. E-mail if u want to see the problem ( i send pic) thank you.
Email- [email protected]
Mobo- PC Chips Model- M960G

A:Motherboard Help

Disconnect all the wires from the front panel and replace them carefully. If you look in your mobo manual it will show you which wires go where.

Regards Howard :grinthumb
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i have just changed my mother board to an asus k8v-x-se, AMD Sempron 64 3400+ Processor win xp home. i have a silvercrest usb mouse, it will not charge when the pc is shut down, all was ok with my other board, i have checked the bios setup everything appears ok,

any ideas, john

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I just recently got a new motherboard 'Biostar NF325-A7' and an 'Athlon 64 3400+'.
I used the old ram, video card and hard drives.
Kingston HyperX 2700 512mb x2
AIW 9800 Pro 128mb
Two Western Digital HDDs

It posts just fine, but as soon as the Windows xp logo comes up it reboots.
I read on the forum that you should get a fresh intall of Windows XP after a major hardware change. I have not transfered anything from my drives, so I want to know if i can repair WinXP without losing any data from my hard drives? Do I have to format an HDD?

Is this my problem?

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I have a new AMD Duron DHD1800DLV1C CPU and I need to know a couple of motherboards that will accept this A socket CPU.

I am donating a hard drive, OS and everything else that I already have to a charitable organization (Fraternal Order of Eagles). To finish putting it together I need a motherboard without spending much money.

I'd sincerely appreciate any help I can get.



A:Which motherboard do I need?

Socket A motherboards are getting fewer and farther between. lists 7 of them that range in price from 17.99 to 64.99. The 17.99 are PCChips which is not a good manufacturer. A Biostar is listed at $41 You said not much but did specify a price range.
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After hours of work, I have determined that I either have a bad motherboard or a bad cpu, the cpt won't boot up, it gets power but the monitor does not turn on. There are no beeps when I turn it one. Basically, I get nothing but the sound of fan running. Prior to getting to this point, I had been having physical memory dump with a blue screen about once a week. Any help would be appreciated. I have elimated all of the other hardware by testing them in other computers. I cannot test my processor since I do not have another Socket A mother board.

A:Bad Motherboard or CPU?

Can you test the mem and cpu in a known good system?