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Soundblaster Zx Mic not working as described

Q: Soundblaster Zx Mic not working as described

Hi, can someone help me get my Soundblaster Zx beamforming mic to work as it is advertised to please. People can hear my game in the background and they shouldn't be able to.

I'm running Windows 8 64 bit.


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Preferred Solution: Soundblaster Zx Mic not working as described

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Soundblaster Zx Mic not working as described

Just to confirm, have you enable beam-forming in mic properties?

go to sound control panel, select recording devices, then highlight your soundblaster and right click to properties and find enhancement tabs. alternatively you might also want to try "setup microphone" inside windows. im not sure what it is named in windows 8, but in windows 7 that's what you need to type inside the start search box.
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hey guys

my soundblaster live has been working for 7 years now and i have been having a few problems with it now. i tried changing it to different slots on the motherboard and still cant get it to work. when i open up sounds it says SB LIVE and everrything seems to work but when i play a file i get no sound. i checked if it was my speakers but my speakers work fine. i tried installing the new updated drivers from creative and it says.. sound blaster detected no card on ur system..

someone PLEASE help.. i have tried everything possible

A:help - soundblaster live not working

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

After all that time, it`s quite possible the card has died. Try it in another computer just to test and see what happens. If it still won`t work, then a new sound card is in order.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I have my pc hooked to my hdtv and surround system.Using SB 5.1 live card.I get sound ok but not true surround.I have 3.5 hooked from digital out of card to coax digital in on reciever.I get 2 channel sound great with this setup.I have downloaded several 5.1 surround sound files and test files to check if decoding is working.I have turned on digital output only and turn off ac3 .Any one know what i might be missing ?

A:Soundblaster surround not working

Best i can tell from reading on web is that sound blaster cards will not give true 5.1 surround through the digital out.It seams with this sound card my only option would be using the rca outputs from card to reciever.Only my reciever doesn't have the inputs for seprate front/rear/center/sub channels.Is there any type of converter i can use or maybe a diferent sound card that can do 5.1 surround through the digital out?
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I downloaded a 1998 driver(which is the newest driver for the device, even though it's old), because I have a 1997 driver. I downloaded the more recent one, but when I double click the Upddrv.exe file, it goes through the setup program and reboots, but when I look up driver details in the "Properties" menu of "MY COMPUTER," the driver date is still 1997!

Has the driver NOT actually updated? Or did the new driver simply not modify the date?


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*n00b alert*
My friend has a SoundBlaster card and he wants to use KX drivers to manage his audio. And it works for like one song. He'll play a song or a video file, and the audio works and all. He tries to play a second file and it might work. He plays a thrid one and it will not work. The sound just is gone. He has to restart the PC, and again, the sound will work for 1, maybe two songs, then capeesh. 
I'm not keen on these issues. Plus it is noot even my issue, but my friend can't type worth bleep and hates the process of forums and stuff. So he asked me to help him. I said, "I'll ask some guys on the internet!"
Tell me what the specs you guys need to help me out, I'll post them asap. Thanx in advanced.
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Hallo The microphone & not card on Soundblaster working headset microphone on this non-brand headset isn't working due to the microphone not showing up under the recording devices Audio is working for the headset and anything else that I plug in but not the microphone The green bars do not go up in the audio manager either when I test the microphone I'd like to use this for teamspeak but there doesn't seem to be anything that I have found on google to solve this so far or anything that I've figured out on my end I have attached a screenshot of what is happening in my audio manager When any headphones earphones are plugged into the green jack they work and sound is audible however in the audio manager it still says that no headset is plugged in even with them plugged in amp working - As well I have a d gtp motherboard - I also have an actual sound card in the motherboard a soundblaster live sb it currently doesn't work at all and shows up in the device manager as 'multimedia audio controller' with a yellow exclamation mark If I could get this working instead that'd be much better too as an alternative fix Any help is appreciated thanks

A:Soundblaster card & microphone on headset not working

hi, as for the sound blaster card I think you might as well remove that ,chance of getting win8 drivers for a win95/98 sound care are slim .

plugged into the green port they are working as speakers .what happens when you plug them into the pink port
edit , just google you board and it seems obvious this is not the computer in you system specs, so what are the specs of the computer you are trying to use and what os are you using.

if you are using winxp you can check google to get driver for the soundblaster .
soundblaster live sb0060 - Bing
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hi all I have had a Creative Soundblaster Audigy Platinum eX soundcard for the last years No problems with it until now - the rear speakers have stopped working with only a minor hiss coming out The sub-woofer and front speakers do give out sound fine When I boot into Win XP each Creative Soundblaster rear not 5.1 working!!! - speakers time in the device manager it says quot Multimedia Audio Controller is not installed quot and there is there is a Creative Soundblaster 5.1 - rear speakers not working!!! yellow-circle icon next to it The spec of my PC is as follows AMD Creative Soundblaster 5.1 - rear speakers not working!!! Win XP SP GB ram GB hard drv Ati Radeon Pro graphics cards When I go to the Creative website and do auto-update for the drivers it says quot no Creative Creative Soundblaster 5.1 - rear speakers not working!!! product was detected on your machine quot I have installed the Creative drivers from before as in device manager I can see clearly quot Creative Sound Audigy quot I did delete the sound drivers and re-installed them but I still have the problem with rear-speakers I opened up the PC to check that the cables are connected cable to DVD-rom power amp IDE They all seem fine Even at the back of the sub-woofer all connections seem fine Is there a way of testing the speakers with a program as I feel there may be a hardware issue although bot sure what with - the soundcard or speakers I hope someone can provide me with some useful advice I heard you guys were good Thanks in advance kop king England UK nbsp

A:Creative Soundblaster 5.1 - rear speakers not working!!!

There should be a diagnostic program in the Creative program group.
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Hi, I use stereo headphones for gaming and want a good surround sound experience. The RX is 7.1 the Z is only 5.1, what would be the best choice?

A:Soundblaster Audigy RX vs Soundblaster Z

The Soundblaster Audigy RXhas a SNR of 106dB while the Creative Sound Blaster z is 116dB. since your only using stereo headphones the 7.1 vs the 5.1 doesnt matter for you
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i have tried to install a couple games and it when it will try to find a sound card it won't autodetect one and when i try everyone on the list and it will fail to initialize any of them and where do i find out the sound card that i do have i have a

compaq presario ez 2207
and i have not installed a new sound card ever so it should still have the pre installed one on there


The Compaq I have uses the ES 1887. You might want to go out to their web site for your computer and see what they have. They may have updates for your sound card as well.

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I just reformatted vista. On my prior OS i could get my sound to work even though my soundcard is not compatible with vista. Its a soundblaster live platinum 5.1 which is not supported by vista unfortunatly. However it is possible to still get it working on vista because as i said it worked before i formatted. My computer guy did it for me so i dont how he did but there must be a workaround somewhere to get dated soundcards working on vista...i cant get sound without it.


Creative-Labs Driver Download
This page will sort you out
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Hey. One day, while using my AC'97 sound just stopped. I thought it was the AC'97, so I went out and bought a new one. I bought a SoundBlaster Live 5.1 PCI card. It installed fine, but for some reason I still don't hear any sounds. It has no device conflicts or anything. The problem is that when I go into "Sounds and Multimedia", it says there is no preferred playback device for sound playback..can anybody help me?

A:Help with SoundBlaster

When you put in the Soundblaster did you install the Drivers? Also was your AC'97 onboard? You may want to disable it in the bios.
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Hi, could the SBAXX200 be used for voice chat in games? Would the beam forming mic work like the ones on the SB soundcards and eliminate the games audio and transmit just my voice?

A:Soundblaster AXX 200

I'm also wondering why Creative say the 20 is suitable for gaming and home entertainment, not portable entertainment, and that the 200 is only suitable for portable entertainment. It makes no sense they are identical except for some extra mics and speakers.
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Does anyone have a link for a soundblaster ct1480 driver?

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I am Using a SoundBlaster Live Value Sound Card in my computer with Windows XP as my OS. My problem is that I can not control the volume using my creative launcher (if u have used a newer sound blaster u know what i mean). I tried several different XP updates for that card but still no luck. Got any suggestions??

A:XP with a SoundBlaster

Closing duplicate, reply here:
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After using Win98 for a few weeks, I decided to reload my Soundblaster PCI512 driver and software (Creative,Unreal,& Half-life) which I had used with Win95. A message showed the driver was different from the current driver and recommended I use the old driver which I did. I think that was the wrong choice.
My computer locked up and I had to reinstall Win98 several times with the result of Blue Screen each time after starting windows.
I removed the Soundblaster PCI512 card, reinstalled Win98 and it's up and running now, but I'm afraid to plug in the soundblaster again. The PCI512 should be compatable with Win98. Will the latest driver fix the problem?


Could use a little more information on your system but There were some issues with the older Soundblaster drivers and Pentium 3's.. Blue screens were pretty common with Live wire 1.. It was corrected in the later versions of drivers...
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Hi. I recently installed a PCI28 Soundblaster card absent the Cd that comes with it. I don't have that CD. The manual I downloaded says it should have six programs; Creative recorder, Creative Mixer, etc. I'm particularly interested in the Midii player. I've searched the Creative Labs site but I can't seem to find anything there that corresponds to what I'm looking for. Question!Is there a site where I can download these companion programs?I know there are several sites where I can download Midi players but I would like to have the mentioned programs if possible. Thanks


The web site for Creative has what you are looking for listed under Downloads>Drivers>Support for the PCI 128 Sound Blaster card and they are called capp files found half way down the following page.
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Hi there
I would like to play music direct through my sound card without speakers
I installed a new Soundblaster5.1 soundcard but apparently the new drivers do not support this function
What i need is strereo mixer on playback the older version drivers have this,well at least thats what Creative told me
I have talked to others who have this same problem and I have failed at the moment to find older driver of someone that could send me the cd to do this
My sound works perfect but my Mrs is fed up of the din when i play through my speakers
Hope you can help


you maybe wanna have a look at this project:

The kX Audio Driver package includes driver system files and setup files as well as a powerful audio mixer application (the kX Mixer), which acts as a Graphical User Interface, providing access to many of the driver's internal functions. The following features are either fully supported or partially supported in the latest release of the kX Audio Driver: Wave Recording & Playback, MIDI Synthesizer (Synth Engine), MIDI UART In/Out, DirectSound 2D, DirectSound 3D (software emulation; 2-speakers mode only), Soundfonts, Full ASIO support, DSP Microcode Loading/Unloading, Full AC97 I/O control, AC3 Software Decoding
The kX Driver is FREE and will remain FREE.Click to expand...

as long as there is an Emu10k1 or 10k2 chip on your soundcard (sb-live and audigy), the kx-drivers are definetely worth a try. i use them for nearly 18 months now myself and they never let me down. no need for the 50mb drivers from creative anymore.
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No BASS in mp3 or in stereo files | In 5.1 dvd-s all speaker works.. but in youtube or other non 5.1 files the center and the woofer not works help me pls :\

Windows Seven Rules !

A:Soundblaster NX2

Welcome to the Forums! Try using the equalizers and effects in Media Player. I know that Realtek provides a programs for its hardware that will also let you adjust stuff like that.
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Thanks for the site for the download. I had gone to that site but wasn't able to get to the point where you said to go. Anyway, I'm there and ready to download but I don't understand the message preceding the download.

"This release requires the following files to be downloaded and placed into the same directory before installing the Creative Audio Card Setup:"

I don't want to corrupt anything that I already have installed. Any guidance?

P.S. I have used you gurus numerous times and you are the best. I am now transferring old LP's to my pc using DB Power Amp..editing through CoolEdit and compressing with MP3Pro. It really is a lot of fun making CD's for friends that are customized. Again, you guys are the best. My heartfelt thanks to the entire crew.



The statement simply means that all 4 files need to be in the same place together when you begin the installation. If i were you, i would open Windows Explorer and create a foldre called Creative PCI 128. Download all 4 files into it. I personally would download the original setup file and the update file also on that page to the same folder. I would then go to the Hardware manager, remove the sound card entry, reboot and install the sound card again with the new files. The page say something about there being Readme file, which you should do before reinstalling the sound card.
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I have been trying to play sound via my soundcard direct
Creative have told me that i need to have stereo mixer in playback options
This apparently is not available on the new software/drivers available from creative so I just wondered if you could advise me what to do
The old drivers that are downloadable have the new option and short of finding someone witha CD to install from 18 months ago I really dont know what to do
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My SoundBlaster XtremeGamer keeps stopping at random times. Sometimes it makes a loud buzzing noise before it stops. Sometimes it comes back and does it again, or it locks up my pc. Speakers & card are in correctly.

Any ideas??

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OK Ive re-installed a clean version of windows XP for a friend on their laptop but the sound is no longer working the system is about 8 years old and the manual says it has a soundblaster sound card in itis there a soundblaster web site that detect the type of sound card and the best driver for it like nvidia does for their products thanks

A:Soundblaster drivers

Try this site:

Do you know the specific name of the card? If you can give me that I can get a link directly to the driver.
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I have recently changed computers and removed my Soundblaster 16 card from one and put it in the other. It was working fine before, but now the sound is like it's coming from the bottom of a well. I have uninstalled the drivers, updated them, and reinstalled them from Creative's website. I have made sure that the 3d enhancement setting is off. I still am having to put up with this annoying echo every time a sound is played. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?

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I have recently installed a CD burner. My computer is not detecting the burner. I didn't have any more plugs to put the IDE ribbon cord into. So, I took the secondary plug on the IDE ribbon for the D drive and put it into the burner. I have labeled the C drive as the master and the D drive as the slave--then also switched them around to see if that was the problem.

Also, my Sound Blaster Audio PCI 128D Legacy Device is showing up with the following error...

This device cannot find any free Direct Memory Access resources to use (Code 2). If you want to use this device, you must disable another device that is using the resources this device needs.

However, my sound has always worked..even with the error.

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If I an internal creative soundblaster soundcard, do I have to uninstall it and pull it from my pc and reenable the realtek sound before changing from windows 7 home premuium to windows 10 ?

A:creative soundblaster

Depends on the age of the SoundBlaster and if its compatible. Generally, if its Windows 8.1 compatible then it will be Windows 10 compatible.

But, if you want to use the on-board Realtek, either uninstall it from the PC or disable the SoundBlaster in the Device Manager. Enable the on-board in the BIOS (if its been disabled) and install the Realtek drivers BEFORE upgrading.

A side note, based on your My System Specs. You list Win 7 64 bit but only 4GB of RAM. The main plus with a 64 bit OS is that it will address and use more than 4GB of RAM. In addition, a 64 bit OS uses more memory than a 32 bit thus you have less of the 4GB of memory left for programs.
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My live 5.1 sb has always worked fine. But a while back i isntalled a an audigy 2 in my system. Now that i no longer have the audigy 2 i reinstalled my live 5.1.

Whenver i use my microphone i can hear a lot of static. This has never happened before. I tried moving the card to different pci slots and it still doesnt work. I reinstalled the drivers many times also. Please help!

I cant talk on vent without having static anymore.
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Hello my first post here Here s a good one for you Have had a Soundblaster Live for a coupla years works fine Recently changed my m board after a failure to a Gigabyte GA-P -DS P and very nice too I was using its onboard HD audio until my Avid Xpress suite refused to install - it needs an SB compatible card to work No problems uninstalled HD Audio deactivated from the BIOS and installed the Soundblaster Downloaded the latest drivers and I was away until the PC came out of standby whereupon it refused to believe I had a soundcard at Soundblaster only once! but works... all Reinstalled the driver whereapon it told me I definitely had no hardware So powered down removed card powered up and down inserted Soundblaster works... but only once! card powered up and it found new hardware Everything Soundblaster works... but only once! working great again Suspicious I powered down and up again and low and behold no hardware any more All ideas gratefully received Am happy to buy a new soundcard but could it be an IRQ conflict or something PCI IRQs are set to Auto in the BIOS nbsp

A:Soundblaster works... but only once!

...forgot to add, running under XP, SP2.

Grateful even for hunches as to whether it is a soundcard, an m/board, a bios or a windows problem!
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Had this card in my system for about a month now. Never used the 5.1 or 6.1 feature because I only had 2 speakers. I just recently bought the logitech x 5.1 speakers and installed everything. Sounds good, but I'm only getting the two front speakers to work. I went into control panel...sound and set the audio to 5.1 but still no go.

The soundblaster card came OEM. Besides the driver software which it came with, do I need the audio software which would normally come with retail, in order for me to get the 5.1 working?

Onboard audio is disabled and the system is recognizing the soundblaster card.

What could be the problem?

A:Soundblaster Live 24 bit 7.1

Are you playing any 5.1 content? Just because you have 5.1 speakers doesn't mean everything takes advantage of it.
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got a problem installing with driver, any solution? i check the creative site, they don't seem to have an installer for my soundcard?

A:Creative SoundBlaster 5.1

Quote: Originally Posted by emitrepus

got a problem installing with driver, any solution? i check the creative site, they don't seem to have an installer for my soundcard?


creative may not have a win 7 driver, but you can use vista, or xp drivers. they just need to be installed in compat mode.

It is an old card
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I just installed a soundblaster Live! 24-bit internal soundcard. It plays mp3s and digital media just fine, but I now have horrible cd playback. It skips, pops, slows down, very distorted. I went into the setup of my computer and gave the soundcard its own IRQ channel (5), while everything else shared another. Is there anything else that needs its own IRQ? Does that have nothing to do with it? Any suggestions?

A:Soundblaster CD issues

Hi, Might be the program you are using to play the CDs--which is it, Media player? What version of Windows?

You might need some codecs- see things below. First is packages for Windows Media Player with several different operating system's...use the correct one for yours...

There are also 3rd party codec packs, they handle many media/players:
At site above, look down left hand side, I used the Allinone package, works very well.

If the problem is not related to codecs, after you try that solution, I urge you to look at the Google results here:

You can filter that down more by searching for "sound playback using SB Live"

Hope this helps!
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I have been getting an intermittent driver error that I couldn't locate. All the drivers check out under device manager, so I looked elsewhere. In control panel, I have an icon for "AudioHQ" which is part of the creative sound blaster audigy software. I click on it and get an error message that says some of the creative drivers aren't compatible with XP, even though it came with the computer, with both xp and creative pre-installed. When I try to install the updated driver, I get an error message that there is a problem with "creative task bar" and I can't finish the installation of the new driver. What gives?

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Hopefully there is some kind of solution to my problem Yesterday I received the XP Home Edition Upgrade Strangely enough for an upgrade everything went relatively smoothly After the upgrade I went to the SoundBlaster website Soundblaster Issues to download the newest driver for XP At this point I hadn t heard any sound yet and hoped that the new driver would change that So I downloaded and installed and rebooted Well nothing happened No sound was coming out Soundblaster Issues my speakers I ve gone Soundblaster Issues through the Windows XP Troubleshooting guide I ve rehooked up my speakers a few times uninstalled drivers and reinstalled them I even did a tribal dance to please the Computer Gods but to no avail Today when I got home I tried using stereo headphones in the jack where the speaker Soundblaster Issues one goes All I hear is static but faintly I can hear the sounds that the computer is suppose to make when you right click on the desktop per se But when I plug the speaker cord back in nothing comes outta there Any tips nbsp
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Not sure if this is the right area to be posting this but I am having a problem with my speakers. Normally, I can plug in my headphones and no one else will be bothered with what I am listening to but for some reason now when I plug in my headphones there is sound both in my headphones and coming out of the speakers. Does anyone have a clue what could have happened or what I need to do to rectify this?


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Hello all,

i have difficulty for seach my drivers for Windows 7 (SoundBlaster Sb0100)

I need help

thanks you and sorry for my english, i'm french canadian lol

A:SoundBlaster Drivers

Mousta welcome to the Seven Forums.

There are no Windows 7 drivers for that card as it is just too old. There is however this one that was modded to work with Windows 7, Forums - View Single Post - (All-in-one Daniel_K) Modded Soundcard Driver packs/disks

It is either that or the last XP driver (which the above is based on).
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As many people know Creative Labs has virtually zero customer support and makes the shoddiest drivers ever for their products I wasn't until about a year after Vista was launched that I could use all the features on my X-Fi XtremeMusic and now as many people are having there's another whole host of problems with Windows in spite of drivers being programmed for it Anyway here's an overview of the problem and how to fix it as best Issues X-FI Soundblaster as possible Symptoms Constant Soundblaster X-FI Issues crackling and popping in the sound When trying to play a music file it will often stop working after a few seconds of making all sorts of horrible noises Cause Creative Labs are unfamilliar with the fact that a lot of people use a bit O S with GB RAM on nForce Mobos maybe occurs on other chips too There is a problem with the address space when the maximum addressable memory is over GB Fix - Start msconfig go to the advanced boot options and set max mem to You will lose a load of memory and get a performance hit but this is the only thing that seems to work reliably - The alternative is to disable the sound card in the device manager and to enable it again once the computer is started up and running When I play the Half-Life cinematic mod for example I really need the use of all GB of my RAM so this is what I do and I haven't had any issues The sound works fine until I quit the game and run another application Then I have to disable the card in the device manager again and restart the computer again and start over to get sound back Sometimes it just seems to start working again on its own It's terribly unreliable but it's the only way to use GB and the X-Fi - Don't expect any help from Creative I have tried all the drivers I can find to no avail Everyone hails Daniel K's modded drivers the X-FI Support Pack but this didn't make any difference for me and as far as I can see the drivers are not actually modded at all anyway Hopefully someone will come up with something better

A:Soundblaster X-FI Issues

I had the same problem in world of warcraft until I noticed the latest beta driver installed Alchemy.
If you open alchemy and add the game to it. Play the game no more crackling. Im not sure but I think it might work in your game too.

Let us know
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I m at a bit of a loss here I have a PCI Creative SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio card in my desktop I put it in when I built it because the integrated audio sounds horrible It worked beautifully on XP but I just did a clean install of bit and it s having issues It works and I get no bluescreens or anything but the sound is bad--primarily it fades in and out I ve tried every driver that s supposed to be compatible from X-Fi SoundBlaster Issues Creative s website along with a bunch of others I ve found by searching elsewhere SoundBlaster X-Fi Issues and the problem is still the same I SoundBlaster X-Fi Issues began thinking the issue could possibly be hardware related so I physically removed the internal card and plugged in a USB X-Fi Surround device I use on my laptop Same exact issue the sound fades in and out The laptop runs -bit and everything works fine on it Any ideas This is beginning to frustrate me Thanks nbsp
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I have a regular Soundblaster Live! soundcard (not SBLive! 5.1) with the expansion daughter card connected to the orignal Creativelabs 4.1 speaker setup. The card is on black PCB and has gold-plated connectors. This is from back in the days when this combo was the top of the line. Currently I have Vista x32 and am considering moving to x64 to use the full 4GB of RAM I have. However I am concerned there are no drivers for this. Right now I am using the modified KxDrivers 3538m which I get full quadrophonic sound and can adjust it anyway I want like the creative control panels. I don't believe this is compatible with x64. All the "fixes" I see on a simple Google search are for SBLive! 5.1,Audigy,X-Fi, etc. Don't wantt o bother with a new sound card when the old one works perfectly.

A:Soundblaster Live!

Not entirely sure whether these will help, but worth a try? Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Value for Vista x64
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Hello, im hoping I can get some assistance with my Soundblaster. I recently got done putting together my new PC, and this is the only thing not working properly. This is what I have:

EVGA 122-M2-NF59-TR Socket AM2 NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI
AMD 6000+
2gb DDR2 800 ram
Soundblaster X-fi Platinum.
The problem is, I get sound alright, but its only coming out of two speakers, and it should be coming out through my 5.1 Klipsch speakers. I've changed every setting I could to playback 5.1 sound but I still just get left and right channels. Im running this all through a Optical S/PDIF.

Im just not sure what else I can do. I have the most recent drivers for the soundcard.

Any help would be great. Thanks.

A:Soundblaster X-fi Platinum help

Youv'e got your speaker connected to your soundcard through optical s/pdif. Is that right?

As far as I know optical s/pdif is only stereo, not surround.
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As a learning experience I am rebuilding a n old 486 Dx Gateway2000. I have it just about finished with modem cd-rom Win95b etc. But, the soundcard installation is driving me nuts.The soundrecorder in Windows will not record, all wave sounds are attenuated[cut short] when they play.Device Manager shows a ? for "other devices" and under it is listed sb16 pnp[details say that the drivers are not installed correctly].If I try to update the drivers I get duplicates in "sound video and game controllers" listing with an ! in front of the duplicate driver.Some learning experience!Any help will be greatly appreciated.Regards R.Q. So near yet so far.

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Hi dears

Could anyone help me to find the correct driver for my soundcard?, it is a Creative SB Live! Value (CT4670).

It was working fine on WinXP, but since I changed the OS to W7 its sounds is terrible.

I have tried to install many of those mod drivers of Daniel_K, but everytime the following error message appears:
"Setup is unable to detect a supported product on your system. Please ensure that your product is properly installed before running this setup program. Setup will exit".

An indication of the correct and working driver would help me a lot.


A:SoundBlaster Live! Value, please!

Try using the driver from windows update (i know this gives bad sound) but then install the drivers over the top, make sure to untick the "mixer" in msconfig/start up after the install as it causes an error, and you may need to change the default device in countrol panel/sound to get things working but thats how i got it working and im pretty sure your card is very similar to mine.

Im not 100% sure this will work for you but its worth a try
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Hi I have Soundblaster Live Back in the day when i used XP I could just simply plug my headphones Soundblaster Live! in the mm jack on the front control panel of the soundcard with all the Soundblaster Live! cool gadgets etc and the sound would automatically channel into the headphones One day it stopped working so i thought Soundblaster Live! maybe i need a new mm adapter I bought one and it still didnt work Now i got a new computer with Vista but I kept the same soundcard I realised there are no SBLive drivers for vista I got my speakers working fine But my headphones still doesnt work on the front The only way to get my headphones to work is if I unplugg my speakers from the green connector in the back and then plug my headphones through that But thats kinda of annoying and not good for my speakers Does anyone know how I can get the on the front to work again Is it a hardware or software issue Cheers Joronamo
Relevancy 37.84%

hey guys i recently did some computer surgery but the upshot is in my newer xp system i added a second SATA hard drive and an EdiMax wireless network card in the PCI slot when i did this windows xp popped up in candy button mode that scared me and did something automatically to quot load the drivers quot for my new device i THOUGHT Lost my SoundBlaster it meant the wireless card but when i got done doing everything and put my machine back in place it forgot it had a soundblaster in the Lost my SoundBlaster first PCI slot it Lost my SoundBlaster has switched to using the onboard sound chip i DID NOT MOVE the soundblaster card it was not pulled out and put back in it was not wiggled the most i did was blow dust off of it and brush it lightly with a paintbrush to dust it off what i m not sure of is if the wireless card is seated securely there s a big wire bundle that goes under the PCI cards and it s kinda in the way of the second slot the motherboard is an ASUS P Q Pro Turbo according to speccy my first and third PCIE slots are in use as are both regular PCI slots i have a video card plugged into the top slot which i thought was the long one not the short one and the third slot is a short slot the x ones not the x or whatever speccy is now failing me since i Lost my SoundBlaster just updated it X but i don t have anything in there unless it is connected to the video card or the video card s fan there s no other cards in there but the soundblaster in PCI and wireless card in PCI i don t know why XP can t see the soundblaster any more did it blow up or something when i had the case open nothing catastrophic happened while i was working in there TL DR------------------------------------------- ASUS P Q Pro Turbo SoundBlaster Audigy card in PCI slot for years Edimax wireless card added to PCI slot SATA drive added to SATA controller XP doesn t see the SoundBlaster any more wtf ----------------------------------------------------- yeah that about sums it up p nbsp

A:Lost my SoundBlaster

Try removing the wireless card and check if the sound card comes back.
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Ok In my uninstall list I had a creative pci something-or-other and accidentally picked it to uninstall SoundBlaster PCi128 Whatever it was was in a folder called SBPCI Whenever I boot up windows detects a quot PCI multimedia audio device quot but won t accept the drivers from my soundblaster CD to use them i ve also tried the driver s from soundblaster s website and the updated drivers as well no good It says these are not the drivers for your hardware or something to the effect I tried to run the installation program from the CD When it does so it SoundBlaster PCi128 detects a quot pci multimedia audio device quot as well but wont accept its own drivers for the hardware neither quot There are no drivers currently installed for soundblasterpci Installation process aborted quot This really sucks I cant play a game without sound SoundBlaster PCi128 What am I missing here I even tried to manually select a quot sound joystick etc quot --- gt creative--- gt soundblaster pci also tried soundblaster pci legacy but then it says quot Could not detect hardware windows will not load drivers for soundblaster pci quot Arhh Help please PS I have no idea what was in that folder Any ideas nbsp

A:SoundBlaster PCi128

Are you sure you have a 128? Not a 64, or an Ensoniq card?

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This came w/my onboard audio for my Asus Crosshair III Formula AM3 DDR3 790FX. But its only a trial(!)--wow why don't they be more greedy....
Is there comparable software to this? i know I can adjust basic sound params in Vista (I have the 64 bit) but I want to be able to adjust individual speaker levels (I have a 4.1 setup).

Windows Vista Home Premium (64)
AMD Phenom II x4 955
4 GB memory
ATI Radeon HD 4890

Relevancy 37.84%

Hi - This Soundblaster work won't wth XP is driving me crazy hope that someone can help After a recent upgrade to XP Home Edition from ME I lost the onboard sound I bought a new Soundblaster card but cant get it to work Card details Creative Labs OEM Soundblaster Audigy ES PCI bit Soundblaster won't work wth XP D Bulk Sound Card Start dialog error 'The sound card in the system is not properly installed Reinstall the sound card and try again ' I have tried the card in all the slots and also reistalled the sw each time The error that I get in the CP Sound and Audio Devices Properties Creative Audigy Audio Processor WDN is Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware The driver may be corrupted or missing Code I have tried the Soundblaster won't work wth XP MS fix for Code here http support microsoft com default b en-us - to remove the UpperFilters and LowerFilters value from the Registry as described - but the values are Not there to remove I have also disabled the dvd and cd r w at the control after the Soundblaster install to see if their was in conflict - no luck PC details Pentium III MHz MB RAM Siemens Fujitsu Desktop PC Euroline Part No Any help would be greatly appreceated Thanks Steve

A:Soundblaster won't work wth XP


Hope I didn't miss something here. Did you take out the card, go to device manager and delete all references to a sound card....then reinstall and load the drivers when it comes up. Oh, forget the disk that came with the drivers, go to their website and download the latest drivers for that card. Don't let windows tell you their drivers are the best, force it to take the downloaded ones.

Also, are there any other problems with the computer that would indicate the chipset driver might be corrupted? Have you visited the motherboard manufacturer's website to see if they have any updated chipset drivers?
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Ever since installing my X-Fi SoundBlaster Pro worked prior to issue new mobo X -UD R GB RAM and i - the soundcard won't even register in Windows I currently have my speakers plugged directly into the mobo my headphones SoundBlaster X-Fi Issue connected to the front of my PC my X-Fi soundcard inserted and the quot Sound quot options in Windows only registers two playback devices both quot Realtek High Definition Audio quot I tried installing drivers for my soundcard but it said quot Setup is unable to detect a supported product on your system quot The red X-Fi logo is on so it's not a power issue Is there anything else I have to connect to the soundcard I don't remember the last time I used it but it DID work and I find it strange Windows thinks that even though I have two outputs connected it can only recognise ONE meaning whenever I want to use my heapdohnes I have to plug them in instead of picking X-Fi SoundBlaster Issue them in the Sound options

A:X-Fi SoundBlaster Issue

Disable your Realtec onboard sound, turn off the computer, put the X-Fi card in another slot, and start up. Let Windows 7 install the driver for the card--don't use Creative's drivers...I've had nothing but problems with them.
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Hi all

I have a soundblaster 5.1 soundcard, to identify it i used control panel and the device is stated as ES1371. It has 3 coloured outputs and a mic input (so i know its definately capable of sending out 6 channels of sound )
I bought it about 18 months ago and always used the standard XP pro driver, because I only used it with a cheapo set of speakers.

Now i've got a megaworks 5.1 speaker system, but I can't hear all the channels
I play Battlefield 1942 and want to get the full effect but I only get the front left/right and subwoofer..

Can someone hook me up with a driver for this as I've looked everywhere and they all seem to be live! or audigy, which won't work

Also are there any other settings I need to enable?

Many thanks in advance.

A:soundblaster 5.1 drivers

Is this any help?
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Hi All
Just redone my mates old comp his sound card is a soundblaster 4740 cant find driver for it any ideas

A:soundblaster driver

try this:

this goes through so you might check that website as well.
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I have installed it, reinstalled it, and it still will not work, I really think it is an IRQ problem because it is not initializing it at startup, how do I correct this??

A:Problem with SoundBlaster......

Are you running windows 98?

Start button, run, then type msinfo32 and hit ok. Go to the hardware resources, IRQs, edit, select all, edit, copy and come back and paste your listing.

Also, in control panel, system, device manager, any yellow exclamation marks?
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Hello, If i bought a pcmcia soundblaster card would i be able to hook up my boombox to my notebook so i can put my audio tapes on cd's

A:Pcmcia Soundblaster

|Well if your laptop already has a soundcard you should be good... If your boombox has an auxiliary input (like a Red and White RCA jack) then you can get a wire at RadioShack (or The Source for people in Canada) with an 1/8th inch stereo jack on one side and the Red and White RCA jack on the other. If you don't have this another way is if you have a tape deck you can get one of those Car adpaters like this one. Just put the tape in the tape deck and plug in the stereo jack to your laptop.
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I have a gateway G300 which came with an integrated motherboard with creative soundblaster. I had downloaded a dictionary(iFinger) from the internet, went to the readme and followed the instructions. Before I knew it, the wizard had uninstalled my sound drivers and could not install new ones because something was missing. I now have no sound at all. I dont know where to find,nor how to recapture what I need.I have no disk for creative soundblaster. Can you help?

Relevancy 37.84%

so i built my new computer on sunday. it was my first time building one. its worked perfect but i have one problem. i had to test all the ports to see which one i had to plug my headphones into. now i put my microphone into the one with the picture of a microphon above it and it doesnt work. i tried every other one and it still doesnt work. does anyone have any ideas whats wrong?

A:soundblaster audigy 2 zs help

I'm assuming you're using the microphone jack that's either directly on the motherboard or on the audio card. If it's in the front of the case, it needs to be connected internally for it to work.
With that said..
Check your audio settings.
Doubleclick on the speaker icon on bottom right
If you don't see it, then go to Start:All Programs:Accessories:Entertainment:Volume Control.
In the new window you should see Microphone. If not, go to Options, Properties. Check the Microphone box.
This will allow you to hear through your speakers what the mic picks up.
There's more...
Next go to Options, Properties. select Recording. Make sure the Microphone has a check mark. Click OK.
In here is what allows the mic to be used in other programs.
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Hi I recently got my second SBZ card since the first was a tacky POS that had a faulty mic the entire thing needed to be RMA d Now I got my second one and the mic is broken again this time it seems like the card itself is Z Soundblaster woes broke as NO mics will work when plugged into Soundblaster Z woes it Mics used to work only had the card about a month This makes me so mad why are creative pumping out such terribly made pieces of crap I ve heard that SBZ are the very BEST sound cards is that true Because this makes me want to never touch anything from creative ever again Also this beamforming mic thing now I ve experienced it I CAN NEVER go back to using normal mics PLEASE tell me beamforming mics don t only come with SBZ cards Guys I need to try to get this mic thing fixed if possible I ve contacted creative support but I ve heard nothing from them yet I would also like to know what other sound card I could get and what other beamforming mic I could get because let s face it this SBZ is gonna be RMA d again I seriously want to murder everyone at creative nbsp
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Last night I formatted my PC to start off with a clean slate before I go to college. I reinstalled all drivers I needed and such but I cannot seem to find the audio drivers that I need. I tried browsing through the Soundblaster website looking for them, but to no avail. Is there any way to have someone identify my soundcard and point me in the direction of the right drivers?

A:Soundblaster Troubles

Download and run this

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Well everything was okay at first I installed the sound card and it worked okay for about minutes Then the sound stopped working so I went Trying to Soundblaster MP3+ install to the diagnostic mode in the mp volume control Hardware passed the diagnostic okay but it looked like the software hadn t been properly installed so I tried installing from the CD again Still no sound so I decided to uninstall and start again Trouble is having uninstalled I am now stuck Windows will only detect the sound card as an unknown device no matter how many times I remove it Trying to install Soundblaster MP3+ it always comes back and the blue LED that is supposed to indicate that sound card s connected remains annoyingly dark it doesn t even flash I ve tried plugging it into different USB ports but no luck I tried to make Windows search the setup CD for drivers but no luck Also running setup from the CD always fails- it gives me quot cannot detect a Soundblaster Trying to install Soundblaster MP3+ USB audio on your system quot and then exits What do I do now to get the thing working I m using Windows SE on an AST Century City MHz Trying to install Soundblaster MP3+ desktop If anoyone does have any suggestions proposed solutions explain them to me as you would a child nbsp

A:Trying to install Soundblaster MP3+

Have you installed the proper USB drivers? W98 only supports some rudimentary USB without special drivers for your USB-equipment.
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I have a SoundBlaster Audigy and really want the graphic EQ to work I see it under the tools with Creative MediaSource but the option is grayed out I SoundBlaster ZS Audigy2 & Audigy2 SoundBlaster mean what s the SoundBlaster Audigy2 & SoundBlaster Audigy2 ZS since of having the EAX Advanced Console if you can t use it with your graphic EQ This ability is in most every other player I have that give you environment variables like rock and metal along added environments quot ie quot concert hall and coliseum I SoundBlaster Audigy2 & SoundBlaster Audigy2 ZS know that Creative has done this nasty trick for the benefit of the Audigy ZS line but I m betting there is a way to enable it for the plain old Audigy DTS would be nice too but the EQ would make my day Before your tempted to put toung in cheek and raise an eyebrow I know any EQ will work but stop right there My request comes from the desire to implement customized environment variables that have a seamless cross-over within the EAX Advanced Console and the Graphic EQ Lots of potential here and that s why Creative threw the peanut to Audigy ZS I have been all over the sites for the last couple of days for a fix- patch -- something---but it seems nothing is out yet I have located the option to enable it here gt C Program Files Creative SBAudigy Program WDM COMMON CtPanel exe But it does not stick Anyway if any body has an Idea it would be appreseated Thanks Sorry about the long wind rolleyes nbsp

A:SoundBlaster Audigy2 & SoundBlaster Audigy2 ZS

You should try checking over on somebody over there I recall at least figured out how to get DTS decoding woreking anyway.
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Mmk perhaps someone here can shed some light on this Lately i installed win XP on my system after getting fed up with Windows crash and delete it s self editon ME Everything Live! XP SoundBlaster And worked fine before i realized in my rush of joy i had installed xp OVER me so unistalled everything on the HD i reinstalled And everything works fine Besides my sound card I SoundBlaster Live! And XP ve had two people that have passed the SoundBlaster Live! And XP a cert test take a look at it and there both as puzzled as i have i am takeing the course at the moment So i checked it all digital output is unchecked loudness is turned up no mutes all volume on max everything set right I plugged the speakers into something else and they work power light is on but i have no sound So i unistalled all the drivers and Apps and strapping myself to the case with a wrist strap i swapped the soundblaster to a new PCI slot let plug and play run and reinstalled the drivers and apps and yes i removed it form the device manager before hand I still have no sound and have tryed this twice When i play a soundfile i ve SoundBlaster Live! And XP tested mp wav and midi it plays and the software reacts as if it is but no sound comes out So does anyone have any idea The system is Winxp mb ram geforce titantium pro gts mb ram onboard ghz soundblaster pro gig drive it s got a NIC card for lan cable mb on cable rocks That s a rough outline Thanks SideReal P s If this post does not comply with the correct posting i apologize nbsp

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Does anyone know a cheap ($30-$100) soundcard that has ASIO support? I have Cubase 4, but my current card doesn't have ASIO drivers. I know the Fatality card has that support but it is too expensive for me.

A:Soundblaster with ASIO

Is your current card a SoundBlaster Live! or Audigy 1 or 2? If so, you could try kX drivers.
Relevancy 37.84%

i just installed this card i have major crackles and popswhile playing music...........
win 2k pro.... i read that there is a conflict with via chipsets which i'm pretty sure i have .... can anyone shed any light on this!

A:issues with soundblaster 5.1

What via chipset and mobo do you have? Have you tried getting updated drivers?
Relevancy 37.84%

upon reboot the new win hardware wizard popped up, stating that it has found new multimedia audio(my sb card)
my audio is working just fine though, i have tried uninstalling SB and then Reinstalling but no matter what i still recieve the new hardware detected wizard---
rather annoying

A:Soundblaster Aud 2 drivers gone

If the hardware is working properly then you could just disable plug n play from start>control panel>administartive tools>services
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i just installed my second soundblaster 16 pci and my problem remains. when i listen to mp3's and even the background music in games seems to play perfect, but anytime theres a voice in the games or if i watch a movie theres static in the sound. i have a pentium 4 1.3 or 4 ghz with 264 meg of ram. im semi-competent on a pc so i regularly go through start up and the runonce folders to keep alot of junk from running in the background. ive got the latest drivers, after i tried with the supplied drivers. thanks in advance for any help.

A:help with soundblaster 16 pci on win98

I have used the 16PCI for years. The one thing to remember is that it is a very low end card although a good one. You may not be able toget rid of the static on the voice in games and such. I was never able to.
A side note to you, if someone advises you to increase your ram to help with this problem, do not do it. Win 98 is actually optimized to run with a maximum of 256Mb ram. And you are already just a tiny bit past that. increasing your ram past where you are can and probably will cause instability problems.

As a thought I just had, what kind of speakers are you using? They may not be very good with spoken voice type sounds.
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I have Win 2000 and creative soundblaster PCI 128.I want to play old DOS-games.
When I run them, at the instalation there is ONLY ONE choose:sound speakers(pleasee mersy).
I had WIN98 SE and i didn't have a problem.
Is there any solution??

Please someone help!!!!
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I am currently using a set of Logitech X-530 5.1 speakers on my MSI Diamond computer set up. The MSI comes w/ a proprietary Creative X-FI Soundblaster PCI card. During setup I can run a test on the output sound. In 5.1 surround I hear all 6 speakers just fine, however when I listen to music all I get is the 2 front and Sub. I want at least the 2 rear to work as well for music, I have them in another room.

So why am I having trouble w/ this?

Please see attachments, if they help

Thanks, Tom

A:Setting up Soundblaster audio

You won't get the rears on normal stereo.
You need to go into creative console (control panel) and
enable cmss.
CMSS enables virtual surround to use all the speakers.
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i have soundcard :: sound blaster 5.1. this sound card have no driver for vista operating system.i want driver for vist.i do search on net but i did not found.pls help me

A:help me(soundblaster 5.1 have no driver for vista)

Hi -

This belongs in the Driver Support forum.

Here, ya go. 1 Driver, no cheese - to go.
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I just bought an gig Western Digital hard drive with meg cache put it in as a slave drive partitioned it using Partition Magic from my original hard drive running XP Pro and then took the old drive out and installed XP Pro on the new hard drive The problem Soundblaster Can't drivers install new on HD is now I can t install my Soundblaster Live se drivers Either the computer reboots and erases all the Can't install Soundblaster drivers on new HD soundblasters files on reboot or I keep getting a message quot component jet detection file group jet detection somemore stuff that I forget volume label syntax is wrong quot I tried installing each component from the Soundblaster disk or from the updated drivers I have on the hard drive individually and still get the quot volume label syntax is wrong quot I am running a Celeron on an AOpen mobo with meg ram so Can't install Soundblaster drivers on new HD it should handle the hardware easily enough Could someone please help me out with this one Thankyou very much in advance nbsp
Relevancy 37.41%
A:No sound, DL'ed 2 Soundblaster drivers

Have you tried windows update? I got a driver from there for my soundblaster (even though it was useless, i found another fix) but maybe you should give more detail as there are many models of soundblaster?
Relevancy 37.41%

I have just gotten Creative headphones & SoundBlaster a new computer A Gateway It s loaded and there is so much stuff on it I m overwhelmed at this point My other one was megahertz and alot easier especially understanding the sound card I cannot get my headphones to work they work fine on older computer The microphone is just fine and I hear perfectly through the external speakers But when I plug in my headphones all I get is a faint hissing sound I have contacted Gateway support and they said something about going into the SoundBlaster settings and letting it know I was using an analog headset instead of digital speakers Where in the world is this setting Has anyone heard of this before Am I no longer going to be able to just plug in speaker plug Creative SoundBlaster & headphones and then remove and plug in headphones without going through some procedure each time Any help would be appreciated In my household I need to listen to computer with headset most of the time due to noise constraints nbsp

A:Creative SoundBlaster & headphones

Hi there,
How many jacks do you have on your new sound card. chances are you may not need to switch speaker and headphone every time.
Look at your manual(if you don't have one, find out the model and check creative's web site.) and if you see four speaker set up, you can connect speakers to front speaker jack and headphone to rear.
There's also a chance that your new speaker system has headphone jack too.
I can't tell for sure w/o knowing the spec but consult your manual and you will find a way.


p.s. You can split the wire in case you have only one output. it's like $2.99 in radio shack.
Relevancy 37.41%

I refromatted my HD and when reloading my PCI128 PoundBlaster, I simply cannot get it to work. I have "un-installed" from the control panel, "removed" from device manager, re-install so many times I sick of it. What am I doing wrong?
Win 98, AMD K6 500 hz system, 128meg ram and it worked fine before the reformatting of the HD.
?? If you look in the dictionary under "frustrated", you will see my picture!

A:Creative SoundBlaster PCI128

Have you downloaded the latest drivers and tried them, instead of the ones that came with the card?

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Hello all you knowlegeable people this is a newbie needing some help please.

Soundblaster Digital 5.1 live! SB0220 OEM

On the above card there are 2 "proprietry" conn

1) 5 pin in line spdif i/o on rear edge of the card coloured black
2) 9 pin in line on the top edge of the card coloured white next to the TAD connector

Does any one know what the pinout details are for these connectors please.

Hope someone can help me



A:Soundblaster 5.1 live! SB0220 OEM

To view the pinouts for your Sound Blaster Live! card, please do the following:

Click Start and go to Programs - Creative - SoundBlaster Live!. Click Users' Guide.
From the Contents tab, choose Hardware Information, and then click Connectors and Pin Assignment.
Choose the device for which you wish to view the pin assignment.
Note: If the User's Guide is missing from the Creative programs menu, then re-install the Creative Labs software pack.

If there is sound only from the digital output on your Sound Blaster Live! card, then please do the following:

1. Click Start and go to Programs - Creative - Sound Blaster Live! , then click Surroundmixer.

2. Click the red plus sign above the Master Volume Control.

3. Un-tick the option 'Digital Output Only'.

Imbalanced sound playback in 4 speaker mode:
this happens when an effect selected from the Environmental Audio tab, is called upon in another media option.

To remove any Environmental Audio effects try the following:

Click Start and go to Programs, then Creative. Click Creative Launcher
From the taskbar select Playcenter and open Environmental effects
Set to 'No Effects'
Alternatively from the Creative Launcher select Audio HQ - Speaker - Effects - Environmental effects, and select 'No Effects'.,Case=obj(5805)

You're welcome.
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I have a ASUS M2NPV-MX and have on board Soundmax ADI AD1986A and also I have a normal Soundblaster 5.1 sound card which is not live or anything but normal Soundblaster card. I tried searching for a Vista x64 drivers for both everywhere and came up with nothing. Any ideas if I can get drivers for any one of these? If not any recomendations on what sound card I should get. I just want a normal sound card nothing fancy.

A:PRoblem with Soundmax and Soundblaster

Originally Posted by karthiksn

I have a ASUS M2NPV-MX and have on board Soundmax ADI AD1986A and also I have a normal Soundblaster 5.1 sound card which is not live or anything but normal Soundblaster card. I tried searching for a Vista x64 drivers for both everywhere and came up with nothing. Any ideas if I can get drivers for any one of these? If not any recomendations on what sound card I should get. I just want a normal sound card nothing fancy.

Hi Karthiksn, Welcome to the forum.

Got to the Asus site and have a look for downloads for the M2NPV-VM Motherboard. Here you will find the drivers that you are looking for; ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Support-

I hope this helps


Ps you should only run the one sound device
Relevancy 37.41%

i have fitted soundblaster audigy platinum ex sound card but cannot get sound

i think i need to disable the onboard sound card in the bios but am unsure how to do this
i think the sound card is integrated into the motherboard.
i am not 100% sure on the make of motherboard but think it may be ati n-videa

can anybody help me please?

A:No sound soundblaster audigy

Question. This may sound dumb, but are you sure you plugged the jack into the correct soundcard? If you left it in your onboard card's jack, you won't get sound no matter what.

As for disabling the onboard card, it depends on your BIOS options. On startup, there's usually a screen that says Press ____ for startup options and Press ___ to enter BIOS. It's usually something like Escape, Delete, or one of the Function Keys like F1, F2....etcetera.

Hit the BIOS function key and look around for where your soundcard options are. If you don't have any, you have to do it in the Device Manager.

Load Windows and go to Start >> Control Panel >> System >> Hardware Tab >> Device Manager. Once you're in there, find your onboard soundcard, right click it, and disable it or uninstall it.
Relevancy 37.41%

I've found a few messages on this subject, but no answers. I have a Soundblaster AudioPCI Sound card. When I run msconfig there is a startup command that says:

EnsoniqMixer Starter.exe

I have unchecked this several times and even deleted it from the registry but everytime I reboot it's right back in the startup commands. There is no starter.exe anywhere that I can find. This probably is harmless, but is there really a way to get rid of it besides finding another sound card? I don't know if this is a Windows 98 bugaboo or something to do with the Soundblaster card itself. If anyone truly knows the answer I would appreciate it. Again, just unchecking it does nothing because it always comes back.


A:Soundblaster AudioPCI Card

The entry Ensoniq Mixer Starter.exe found in MSCONFIG puts the mixer in the system tray. According to Ensoniq, " Our mixer is a critical part of the sound card as it fixes sound problems and replaces the MS mixer which can no longer be used."

Check HERE for removal or disabling suggestions.

Good luck.

Relevancy 37.41%

Well, I upgraded my Sony Vaio, went from a Nvidia MX-440 64mb to a BFG 6800GT 256mb.
In doing so I had to change my powersupply, well my desktop speakers power cable was plugged directly into the original powersupply. So when I swapped out powersupplies I lost power to my desktop speakers.

So, there is a black plug-in on the Soundblaster 5.1, is this a power output?? I currently have onboad audio, Yahmaha something, so I thought from the looks of the Soundblaster 5.1 it might have a power output. in silence.

Also, original powersupply had a small brown 3-pin "P2" plug, plugged into my motherboard, well my new powersupply doesn't have this plug....but things seem to be working fine at the moment lol.

Please excuse any bad spelling or gammer, I'm very sick with a cold/flu or something.



A:Soundblaster 5.1 Power Output??

green = front
black = rear
pink = mic
blue = line in
orange = centre/subwoofer

if i remember right.... i'm to old to go ferreting on my hands and knees to check
Relevancy 37.41%

Hi everyone, I'm new here and could use some help. For no apparent reason, the sound coming out of my speakers has changed. Now everything sounds like I'm hearing it from the end of a long tunnel, with a really annoying echo which increases and decreases in pitch at the end. I've checked all my sound settings, and everything is normal. It can't be the driver as it used to work ok. I've made no alterations to my pc that could have caused this to happen. I'm totally stumped and don't know what to do next. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

A:Soundblaster Live! sounds odd

SeagullSid said:

Hi everyone, I'm new here and could use some help. For no apparent reason, the sound coming out of my speakers has changed. Now everything sounds like I'm hearing it from the end of a long tunnel, with a really annoying echo which increases and decreases in pitch at the end. I've checked all my sound settings, and everything is normal. It can't be the driver as it used to work ok. I've made no alterations to my pc that could have caused this to happen. I'm totally stumped and don't know what to do next. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.Click to expand...

I think your adjustments are out of wack in audio HQ ,go to Enviromental audio and do your sound thing in there ,check echo and such,lots of options,Cheers !
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I have a problem that i cant play music direct through my sound card on the net i have to use speakers.
The problem is I need stereo mixer on playback and this isnt available from creative on the updated drivers just the older one.After asking everyone I know on the web and with PC's im getting nowhere fast can anybody help with a sloution please my wife is fed up with music blaring all the time she says lol


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Today I noticed my left and right speakers on my PC were not working, only 1 side of them were on.

I have Soundblaster 5.1 DR release 1.4.20, I had all of the creative applications installed. I could not get of them to launch. I put in my creative CD and attempted to use the repair feature of the CD but received a error. I ran the CD again and attempted to remove all applications so I could reinstall and recieved this error 1/2 way thru the uninstall

Unhandled Exception
Error: 0x80040201
An event was unable to invoke any of the subscribers

Then the program shut down. Now I cannnot install or remove any of the creative soundblaster application from this factory disk. I recieve the same error each time I try. I have now lost the creative applications I once had. My sound still works thanks goodness but I want to know how to correct my software issue.

A:Creative Soundblaster live 5.1

to download the software
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I'm trying to find a signed XP driver for my old Soundblaster pci128 soundcard.

A:Driver for Soundblaster 128PCI

Having any luck?.........
Are these any good?.....

Don't know if they're signed though.
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My SB Live shows an error code 10 under device manager, and the installation software (in addition to telling me to insert the CD halfware through, when I already have it installed, obviously since the setup is running) says it can't find any supported devices.

When I run dxdiag.exe, I get "DirectSound test results: Failure at step 3 (DirectSoundCreate): HRESULT = 0x8878000a (The request failed because DirectSound resources, such as the priority level, were already in use by another caller.)"

I tried the suggestions on Microsoft's Knowledge Base, but they didn't work.

A:SoundBlaster Live 24-bit problems

Creative's software is somewhat buggy at best. Here is what I would do.
1 Remove ALL creative software; not just the driver.
2 Shutdown and pull the card out.
3 Power on and let the system fully boot. Now restart again.
4 Shutdown and reinstall the card in a different slot.
5 Most important, install ONLY the latest driver from creative's site. Do not install all of the other stuff on the install CD you received with the card.

I have had pretty good luck doing this with creative cards.
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I have a soundblaster live 5.1
and also an onboard soundcard on a asus k8n-e (i think) motherboard
Ive disabled it but i still think it detects that card.

Well I cant install the offical drivers for my sounblaster it gives me this when I try:

Setup could not detect any Sound Blaster Audio card on your system.

Please ensure that your Sound Blaster hardware is properly installed before running this Setup program.

Setup will now exit.Click to expand...

So ive installed drivers from windows the certified soundblaster live drivers and it works... so obviously It is installed on my computer why dont the offical drivers detect my soundblaster live?

Does anybody know were I can download Manual drivers not the ones in the package?

thanks in advance

A:Soundblaster live problem.

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot

What OS?
Is this an OEM 5.1?
Try this LINK
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I just built a new computer, with the following:
Intel 875PBZ Motherboard
3.0 ghz
512MB DDR 400 ram
Geforce Ti4600
Windows XP Prof.
I have a Soundblaster Audigy MP3 that Ive had in my old computer for about 1 year (Win XP Home). It works fine in my old computer, but Im having problems getting it to work in the new one.
When I install the card, the hardware wizard comes up, just like in the old computer. At that point, Id close out the wizard and install the drivers.
In the new computer however, when I try to install the drivers, it tells me there is no Soundblaster card found.
Ive tried tech support at Intel and Soundblaster with no success. Soundblaster thinks the PCI slot in the new motherboard (v2.2) is not reverting back to the v2.1 that the sound cards work on. But there's no history of anything like this.

Can anyone help me here?
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Hi again everyone!

Here's what I got.

win 98se
abit kt7a mb (no Sound)
950 duron
7200 rpm hd 40 gig
riva tnt 2 pro 64 video card
soundblaster live 5.1
10/100 nic card

I just installed this sound card into my girlfriends computer,
now everytime I play music, etc. All i here is static or other
interference while the song or games are playing,

Could it be a possible IRQ conflict?
Ive tryed different speakers, and driver (Latest)
with no luck.

Can anyone come to my aid?
Please help!


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I posted this on the creative forums also but they Problem Soundblaster Creative X-fi seem to be inactive so maybe someone can offer help here I Creative Soundblaster X-fi Problem recently bought a Sound Blaster Xtreme Gamer Sound card to replace my soundblaster card on my vista pc However after trying to install it from the cd i found it wouldnt install do i removed all traces of it and downloaded the SBXF PCDVT LB file from the creative website to try and install the card under vista Installation went fine and the system detects the card however when i play and music or any sound the mixer detects that sound is being played but no sound comes out of the speakers I know there is nothing wrong with the speakers as I reenabled the internal sound card and checked This worked so I disabled the internal sound card and tried again This time I turned up the mixer to max volume as well as the speakers and managed to get faint very distorted sounds coming out of speakers out of the speakers and sub I have From trial and error I ve found that the black jack on the back of the Xtreme Gamer is the jack providing this poor and very quiet noise So basically - Windows Vista says its installed fine - Sound mixer Detects music being played - Speakers tested to work fine - None or little very distorted sound from the speakers Advise please Pc Specs Quad Core Q GHz Geforce GTX mb graphics gb ram Soundblaster Xtreme Gamer Windows Vista Business bit nbsp

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I have been examining my soundblaster 2 ZS and noticed the cable connection on the right side of the card. Can anyone tell me what cable will connect to this receptical and what it is used for? Appreciate any help/ Thanks

A:Creative SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS

you're probably looking at the header for the front panel on the case or the CD-R drive connection
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It appears the latest large windows update, has made the latest driver for my card unusable. I'm getting no sound and the software gives me an error of the device is not found on the system.

I know this is an older card, and I'm hoping that Creative puts out a new driver soon to solve this issue, in the meantime, any suggestions? I can get sound through the HD TV I use as my monitor, it's even halfway decent sound, but I'd rather get my speaker set back up and runnning.

Any workaround oh windows 10 guru's? Or do I just wait.
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I have a win 98 system with 2 CD Players (1DVD one CDW) I can not for the life of me to get sound from both. I connect the cable that says CD in on the sound card and that cd player works and the other does not. If I switch them the cd that is plugged in works. What the heck am I doing wrong?

Any help would be great.



A:DVD and CD burner on soundblaster card?

(This is a guess because I haven't dealt with this for over a year)
I think there's a digital out on the back of the dvd player that can go to a digital in or maybe AUX on the soundcard. The cdrw can be used like a regular old cd drive and go to the cd in port. If not, maybe you can only get audio out of 1 drive at a time. I use a combo drive, and I don't have this problem.
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I have just installed by Help! Live 24 Soundblaster Creative bit Need this new card in my Dell D- you can stop laughing now Anyways In the device manager panel XP keeps asking for a Audio Media Driver Why Should I disable it I went it to the Bios and turned off the sound and that makes it go away but is that O K I have done away with all the oneboard drivers and such but none of the Need Help! Soundblaster Live 24 bit by Creative other files that go with the motherboard Dell soundcard Can somebody Need Help! Soundblaster Live 24 bit by Creative help me I have also installed a Nvidia Ge Force FX Card and they told me to disable the Video Controller so my new card could work alone Does my new sound card work on the same deal To tell you the truth I have not notice that much of a differnece in my sound but yet again I have only played the new Madonna CD and it s very very good I have Logitech speakers too Many Thanks JpD nbsp

A:Need Help! Soundblaster Live 24 bit by Creative

Yeah,it's the same deal as the video card,even though you can have both installed at the same time,enable one and disable the other.Now that you've removed the onboard drivers,windows will see a new device each time you start.By disabling it in the BIOS,windows won't see it and your problem is gone.So to clarify,yes,it's ok to disable it,and yes,you should disable it.
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Installed Sound Blaster X-Fi today, but it acts a little strangely. The folder-clicking noise, Start Navigation .wav, seems to change depending on whether or not an audio/video file is playing. It sounds normal when one is playing, but makes a funny "donk" sound otherwise that makes my headphones click.

This seems like a symptom of a larger issue to me, but I have no idea what it means or how to fix it. Also, the "donk" noise is going to drive me nuts. Any ideas?
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As i'm sure many of you have had problems with xp pro 64 bit, i have but one remaining. I've downloaded the drivers for soundblaster live 5.1 and finally have the card working. However, either because they are lazy or because it is a temporary driver patch till the final comes out, creative neglected to include playcenter or audioHQ with the driver patch. There is no way to download these seperately unless i've completely missed it after about and hour of searching. i have logitech z640's 5.1 and i have set it as 5.1 surround sound speakers in the xp sound options. But i still have no sound from the rear speakers and the center. If i select matrix i get the center but i want the rears. I used to set this up via AudioHQ. Any ideas?


A:Soundblaster live with xp pro 64bit

When I was beta testing XP Pro I had all sorts of problems with Creative releasing buggy, half-assed drivers for the SB cards.
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Thanks for your help last time...

Just installed Vista HP and all seems well except no sound

I have Creative Soundlbaster X-Fi Extreme Audio card in a PCI slot and have downloaded the Vista drivers from the CL site.

However, the .exe file runs and comes up with a message saying the hardware cannot be found. Control Panel simply shows a High Definition Audio device with the manufacturer as Microsoft !

I'm getting confused. This is a dual boot installation with Vista sitting on it's own on a second hard drive. XP works great on it's hard drive so I'm wondering if anyone has seen this or has a suggestion.



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I have this problem with my soundblaster live...
About 4 days ago my computer crashed and I had to push the reset button. after it rebooted my sound did no longer work. Now, i've had this problem before. about a month ago, but it just started working again out of nowhere after 2 weeks or so. My pc will no longer detect my soundcard, but it worked fine a week ago... I rebooted my system to a saved backup dating 7 december. when it worked fine... but it didn't help. I tried downloading new drivers, but they won't install becouse they can't detect my soundcard.
I'm really desperate... I've searched every forum and every helpfile possible. Thing is, im not the most advanced computer user, so most of the computer terms are gibberish to me...
Anyways, I hope some knows this problem and what to do about it. Would deffinetly appreciate the help! :giddy:

A:SoundBlaster Live! value (WDM) problem

Could it be that your sound card just died?

Try it in another computer or at least in another PCI slot.
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I m having huge problems with this soundcard Suppossedly it worked at one point in this same computer under the same PCI512 Showing Soundblaster Not Up operating system It s an Emachines Emonster running a clean win install This is NOT the original soundcard that came in an Emonster but the owner of the computer said he himself installed the sound card and it was working fine I have downloaded the Soundblaster PCI512 Not Showing Up driver update package from Creative s website for the PCI and I have downloaded the zip file from DriversGuide com The DriversGuide zip seemed to Soundblaster PCI512 Not Showing Up be more helpful as it gave me the files necessary for the pci Soundblaster PCI512 Not Showing Up install I know it s a PCI because in big letters on the board it says it is as well as the model number is quot SB quot equivalent to CT I have tried all three PCI slots on this motherboard and this seems to have the best IRQ settings but when I go into device manager it keeps telling me that the sound card is not present or not working right These are my IRQ settings Do they look alright to you guys Has anyone ran into the same problem I can t even install it as a Soundblaster or Soundblaster PRO But the computer does detect that it is a quot Creative Mulitmedia Interface quot Device and it detects the quot Gameport quot but it installs those and puts them into a quot Creative Misc Devices quot Folder in my Device Manager away from the Sounds Video and Game Controllers folder The Sounds Vid and Game folder contains presently the PCI with an error mark System timer Standard -Key or Microsoft Natural Keyboard Programmable interrupt controller Communications Port COM Communications Port COM Intel AB EB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller IRQ Holder for PCI Steering Standard Floppy Disk Controller EPSON Printer Port LPT System CMOS real time clock Creative SB PCI IRQ Holder for PCI Steering Realtek RTL x Family Fast Ethernet NIC IRQ Holder for PCI Steering NVIDIA Vanta Vanta LT IRQ Holder for PCI Steering Logitech-compatible Mouse PS Numeric data processor Primary IDE controller dual fifo Intel AB EB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller Secondary IDE controller dual fifo Intel AB EB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller nbsp