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Burning up vid cards by overclocking?

Q: Burning up vid cards by overclocking?

I've heard overclocking is not a great idea because it can burn up your vid card.
Is this true?

I don't overclock and my vid card seems to get hot all too often.

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Preferred Solution: Burning up vid cards by overclocking?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

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A: Burning up vid cards by overclocking?

Usually will only happen if you overvolt for extended periods.
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I have an Hp nx9420 laptop, intel core duo 1.66Ghz, 512 ddr2 533 Mhz, and an ati radeon x1600 mobility , 256mb/128 bit. I`ve tried to play HL2, Doom 3, and so on,and i got better results of a Amd athlon64 3000+,512 ddr 400mhz,and geforce fx5200, 128mb/128 bit desktop computer.How can that be? do i need something special to boost the ati radeon to its potential,cause the extra 128 mb of memory and the better system memory should definitely improve performance,not to mention the duo core...of so,what do i need?and if there isn`t anything special,how the heck do i overclock it and what would a "safe overclocking" for this laptop be ?
Thanks,and keep in mind,this is an expensive laptop,so experiments aren't wellcomed...

A:Overclocking laptop video cards

Well you really shouldnt overclock a laptop due to the extra heat and you cant upgrade stock cooling on them
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i dont have any idea how to overclock a graphics hypothetically saying is it safe? and whats the downside of it?

A:Is overclocking for graphics cards safe?

Quote: Originally Posted by mrwearysinner

i dont have any idea how to overclock a graphics hypothetically saying is it safe? and whats the downside of it?

No it isnt IMO Downsides are heat, instability, and shortened life span.
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I have an nvidia 7300SE and i want to overclock it plz post a tutorial keeping in mind that m a complete novice

A:PLz post a tutorial on overclocking nvidia cards

Beginners Guide to Overclocking nVidia Video Cards Introduction :: TweakTown
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My first post so I hope everyone cuts me some slack I read the overcloking prerequisites and I know the answers to the five basic overclocking questions so I presume I qualify Anyway here goes I have an ASUS A N E MOBO currently running an Athlon XP and it does OK I happen to come in possession of an Athlon XP-M a low power W V version that I was going to use in a laptop ugrade project Actually worked quite well but that s another story Decided to sell the laptop and buy a new one instead so I figured I hard question performance drive regarding and overclocking Burning d stick the XP-M in in my desktop Not too familiar with the XP-M other than it s supposed to be a good Burning question regarding hard drive performance and overclocking overclocker and operates well at low voltages Well I swapped out my for the XP-M Set the bus speed in BIOS to the required setting and the multiplier to the lowest setting of X and started benchmarking with SiSoft Sandra using the combined system benchmark All goes well while upping the multiplier and once i reached a multiplier of about X it pretty well matched the in performance except for the file system benchmark It was abysmal like of what I was getting with the Kept upping the multiplier to X all the performance benchmarks continue to climb with the exception of the file system benchmark It s benching at down from with the So why the big drop off in file system benchmarking I guess I don t know exactly what is being affected besides the hard drives obviously Is there any way to remedy this or is the XP-M just not happy with this motherboard I m running a CPU core voltage of volts by the way which is my lowest available setting nbsp

A:Burning question regarding hard drive performance and overclocking

I'm not an AMD guy but since no one else is chiming in I'll give it a shot here. My first day here posting so cut me some slack <g> The XP-M 2400 is supposed to be a 2 GHz processor right? If the FSB is 266, then the core clock is 133. If you are just changing the multiplier and not the front side bus, then a multiplier of 11x times the core clock of 133MHz will give you a frequency of just over 1.4GHz. Your processor is running at 75%. That's why your benchmarks are low. The stock clock would need a multiplier of 15x to get to the 2GHz rating. You need to be raising the multiplier and the front side bus. Some people are getting to 12x 208mhz with a voltage push and good cooling. Your temp will also be affected by the wattage. I believe that CPU came with a 35W and 45W version. The lower wattage would equate to lower temps. But you have to ease them up one then the other. Take your time. And remember to lock your AGP/PCI frequencies at 66 and 33 or you'll get unstable. Also as you push the FSB you are also overclocking your memory. You may have to raise your memory timings and DIMM voltage. If you have a CLK Spread Spectrum setting in your BIOS disable it. Check this out. It's a couple years old but the facts are still relevant.
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I have gone through many video cards in the last years All of them have died from overheating starting with artifacts on the screen I thought this might be from a lack of proper cards? up burning my video What's cooling so I have upgraded it quite a bit I replaced my last card with a GTX that just burnt up after months I put a friends card in and the heat started up right away this time Could this be my motherboard I don t do very demanding video I stream Hulu What's burning up my video cards? and Netflix a lot Play a few games but not even on max settings Cooling is good it s the card itself that starts heating up I need to replace whatever is causing this fast and I am on an extremely tight budget My parts Intel Core Duo E Conroe GHz ABIT AB Pro LGA Intel P Express ATX Intel Motherboard G SKILL GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Acer AL Wbd Black quot ms Widescreen LCD Monitor W What's burning up my video cards? Acer Earthwatts PSU nbsp

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A Basic Guide to Overclocking Before we begin there are some things you need to understand There is NO safe overclocking All overclocking involves some degree of risk There is no guarantee of an overclock Just because someone else was able to OC the same cpu as you have to gig is NO guarantee you will be able to achieve the same overclock No overclock is worth anything unless it is a stable overclock If it is not prime stable it is NOT a stable overclock Do not ask how much you can overclock your XXX cpu There is no answer to this until you test in a systematic manner It is like asking how long is a rope You do not know until you measure it Do not ask about overclocking your dell hp gateway compaq or other big box system It is not going to happen Just about ALL big box systems come with a bios that does not have overclocking options Chuck amp s rule Do not overclock with parts you cannot afford to replace If you are comfortable with the above we can Overclocking posting Basic Questions Overclocking. Read to before A Guide continue to attempt a stable OC of your system The very first thing I would like you to do is read your manual Become familiar with the bios menus and where settings are located Each bios and even each bios revision can differ as to where settings are located Giving you detailed instructions on where to find a given setting is just about impossible Next issue the quality of your parts A stable OC is highly dependent on the quality of your parts Do not buy an ECS motherboard cheap ram or an allied power supply and expect to OC your system Buying cheap low quality parts and expecting to overclock the system is like buying a Yugo and expecting it to run like A Basic Guide to Overclocking. Read before posting Overclocking Questions a Cadillac There are two ways to overclock your system Raising the cpu multiplier Works only on cpus that have unlocked multipliers Raising the FSB front side bus Raising the multiplier will up the cpu speed and leave the rest of the system running at stock speed Raising the FSB will up the cpu speed as well as the ram speed the ability of the bus to transfer data etc ie just about everything in your system You will need to decide on which method or combination of methods you want to use For my own system I run a stock multiplier and have increased the FSB to achieve a stable OC of gig on an AMD To overclock with an unlocked multiplier find the bios setting for your cpu multiplier and adjust it up one As an example if you have a gig cpu and your multiplier is FSB up it to Save settings and restart This gives you a gig cpu Now we need to check the stability I use prime for stability tests There are other apps as well you can use AMD Overdrive for AMD systems or you can use OCCT Over Clock Checking Tool In addition have some type of temperature monitoring software Most motherboard makers have some type of monitoring software ie asus probe gigabyte easytune etc I have always liked Hardware Monitor ie HWMonitor for checking temps Start both prime and your temp monitor With prime choose the cpu torture test Let it run for at least minutes If it is stable with no errors AND your temps are within limits you can restart and again enter the bios Up the multiplier again and repeat the test When you find an error you can either back-off to a known stable OC or you can up your vcore cpu voltage and repeat the stability test If it fails after upping vcore you can also adjust the chipset voltage high end motherboards only I always recommend that when adjusting either chipset or cpu voltage go up the minimum amount that you can and test Do understand that upping the vcore or chipset voltage carries a very real risk of damaging the cpu or motherboard Once you find a stable setting for your OC I like to run prime for a longer time Something like hr or longer seems to work fine for me If it runs prime for an hour without errors I would consider it a stable OC This concludes the first method of overclock... Read more

A:A Basic Guide to Overclocking. Read before posting Overclocking Questions

Also note that they must have significant cooling/air flow for a significant overclock.
And I think you made the message twice? I read the second half and it's exactly the same as the first half.
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Tom’s Hardware readers know all about overclocking, of course. In fact, many processor and graphics card reviews would be deemed incomplete without coverage of overclocking potential. Indeed, articles such as the System Builder Marathon series have a long history of specifically valuing performance achieved through overclocking rather than just through stock performance.

If you already consider yourself an enthusiast, pardon a bit of background here--we'll get into the nitty-gritty technical stuff in just a second.

What exactly is overclocking? In a nutshell, the term is used to describe running a component at a higher speed than its specification in an attempt to increase performance. Various computer components can be overclocked, including the processor, memory, and graphics card. And the degree of overclocking can include anything from simply procuring small gains from an inexpensive component all the way to seeking a level of performance way beyond what could even be purchased at that point in time.

Read more here.

A:How To: Overclocking Your AMD Processor : Introduction: The Basics Of Overclocking

great site Tom has, and not just for the OC'ers.... I find many well written reviews of products on that site. One of the first places I visit before buying a new piece of HW
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We have a Dell 390 tower that has 1 pcie x16 port and 2 pcie x1 ports. We have 3 additional videos cards other then the onboard but we are having difficulty getting all the video cards to work. The mutiple option only comes up when you add the video card in pcie x 16 slot but will not come up if you remove that card and put video cards into the other slots. Need help getting all video cards to work at the same time.
Additional Video Cards ( all 3 besides onboard) are : 
 EVGA GeForce 8400 GS DirectX 10 01G-P3-1303-RX 1GB 64-Bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Low Profile Ready Video Card
We have converter cables converting the pcie x 16 to pcie x 1. We've seen where other people with this same setup have gotten them all to work together but we just can't crack the code...any suggestions?
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Hi there,

My computer came with a VIA/S3G UniChrome IGP card, which is apparently a Graphics/Video Card with onboard video (or the other way around, video w/ onboard graphics) Now, this is a terrible card- it can barely play any modern games. I want to get a new graphics card, but I'm concerned if I install a new Graphics Card, that because of the onboard video, it will affect this greatly, or if I actually need a video card instead of graphics. What do I actually need, and will it adversely affect anything on my PC.

I can provide more information if you want...

A:Installing New Graphics Cards with Onboard Video/Graphic Cards

We need to know what mobo you have and what slots it has.
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I am going into my fourth year of architecture school and I am building a desktop. I plan on using my system for Adobe cs5, CAD, Revit, 3ds max, Maya, Ecotect, Virtual Enviroment, Rhino, and Grasshopper. I am having trouble deciding on a graphics card. Is it necessary to have a workstation graphic card to do 3d modeling with these programs? If so, what type of card would you reccomend, Nvidia or ATI?

List of requirements given by the school:
Intel® Core? i7
12 GB+ Memory
2TB Hard Drive
Dual 20"+ monitors
DVD±RW Drive
Dedicated ATI or nVidia video adapter with at least 1-2GB memory
Wireless Network Adapter
Windows 7 ® Home Premium (64-bit)

A:Workstation graphic cards vs. consumer cards

The last question is the easiest - I would go with nVidia because their CUDA processing engine accelerates many of the applications you use. I know Adobe CS5 and Maya take advantage of it but don't know about the rest of the applications you listed.

Adobe CS5 added acceleration for multiple applications with the Mercury Playback Engine which is designed specifically for more recent nVidia cards with the CUDA feature set.,2770.html

Third party review and recommendations for use with CS5 (the card list starts about half way down the page)

CUDA (see more info below about CUDA) supported graphics cards (note that the GeForce or mainstream and gamer cards (for desktop and laptop PCs) are listed near the bottom of the page:

nVidia provides information touting how much their cards accelerate Adobe CS5, including general description about CUDA with internal links to more info for advanced users:a

Here are a couple of reviews on workstation cards you might find informative:

Workstation Shootout: Nvidia Quadro 5000 Vs. ATI FirePro V8800,2701.html

AMD FirePro V9800 4 GB: Eyefinity Meets Professional Graphics,2780.html

The choice between workstation vs. gaming cards is a little more difficult. The higher end gaming cards are very similar to the lower end gaming cards, the difference is primarily in the drivers and service. Workstation drivers have been more finely tuned to the kinds of work done in WS applications - but this can have a signficant impact on performance for those applications. Morever, with the higher price you pay buys you better, generlly quicker support for dealing with issues.

I think the choice must depend on how and how much you use the cards. If you use the applications for several hours a day, the higher productivity of the workstation station cards may pay for the higher cost several times over. Otherwise you might do just as well with the gaming cards.

If you decide to go with gaming cards, you might find some helpful information on upgrading video cards at, but they have no information on workstation cards:
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Hi.. So my psu got messed up so i have now sent it in and using a old psu without pci-e power so i had to change out my GTX 660 to my old ATI Radeon 4650
Though the gtx 660 kicks donkey in gaming the Radeon is running flash games smoother and some other stuff to
Also a bit of a OpenCL vs CUDA war
When rendering with my AMD A8 laptop with intergrated gpu the rendering times in Sony Vegas 12 accually was shorter than the video with OpenCL gpu acceleration on But with
Cuda acceleration on with my GTX 660 with around 950 CUDA cores the rendering times are about dubble the video lenght

This is soo confusing??
Did i do a very stupid move buying a 660 instead of a R9 270x card for Gaming and video editing and rendering

A:AMD cards Vs nVidia cards? Got very confused by a thing

You didn't mess up on anything but to be honest AMD has gotten better with encoding speeds over the years

I just recently bought a new GTX 780 ti I have not done any video yet i have been doing benchmarks but i will find out soon enough

the time it normally took me to render and burn with 2x7970's were about 20 minutes depending on what it was doing some took longer then others to about 30 minutes but actually cut down to 25 minutes

Direct Compute and Open GL are on fire right now with AMD cards they use it very well and Bitcoin Miners seem to love how much over Nvidia they run

For me it's doesn't mater as long as it suits my needs but other people may differ with the way AMD has been changing GPU Architecture people have been going red and also the prices have gone up so if you are looking to change now you need to look for a card worth the coin because they gone up 20% matching Nvidia prices
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I was wondering what makes NVidia's quadro cards so much more expensive than even the high end gaming GPUs? I know there more for the "workstation" PC and are used more for 3d modeling and such with programs like 3ds max and maya but what exactly do these quadro cards have that the high end gaming GPUs don't? More cuda processors? Higher Memory bus width? The reason I am asking is because I recently purchased a GTX 780 SC and was thinking of getting into either 3ds max/maya in the near future. Would purchasing another GTX 780 and putting into sli configuration help with programs like max and maya? Thanks for the any help!

A:Difference between quadro cards and gaming cards

boagz said:

I was wondering what makes NVidia's quadro cards so much more expensive than even the high end gaming GPUs? I know there more for the "workstation" PC and are used more for 3d modeling and such with programs like 3ds max and maya but what exactly do these quadro cards have that the high end gaming GPUs don't? More cuda processors? Higher Memory bus width? The reason I am asking is because I recently purchased a GTX 780 SC and was thinking of getting into either 3ds max/maya in the near future. Would purchasing another GTX 780 and putting into sli configuration help with programs like max and maya? Thanks for the any help!Click to expand...

To answer your question, the Quaddro series of cards or FirePro for AMD are different from the gaming cards because they re-purpose the cards for straight up compute. The software included with them and drivers along with some additional features make them poor at gaming but better in the fields of compute/cuda dev/opencl/etc. Also those cards in most cases also cram more RAM than the standard card models for higher rendering among other things.

You will be fine with a 780 for the basics of 3DS max and maya and adding another would be somewhat beneficial later down the line but you can definitly use your superclock GTX 780 for this and get decent performance for these programs.
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I bought a Dell Inspiron laptop new in Italy in the close burning the and keeps DVDs drive the fails windows burning spinnin When but December from a major computer store The computer came installed with Windows Home Premium Italian and I have installed on it an original version of Microsoft Office When burning DVDs the windows close and the burning fails but the drive keeps spinnin XP Professional Edition English The CD-ROM unit is a Matsushita DVD -RW UJ Since I bought the computer I have sometimes had difficulty burning DVDs with the When burning DVDs the windows close and the burning fails but the drive keeps spinnin built-in Windows burner function that I access from Explorer Often in the past I have ended up with partially written DVDs Nevertheless by using high-quality DVDs I have been able to burn DVDs successfully most of the time using the Windows utility I last used the utility successfully a couple of months ago when I burned a couple of DVDs to backup some photos Since yesterday I have been trying to backup my most important files onto DVDs The attempt has failed in every case First I copy about GB of files from drive C onto drive D in Explorer These are several hundred files divided into three different directories consisting mostly of PDF Word Excel and JPG files some of them with names in foreign scripts like Cyrillic Japanese or Chinese Then I insert a new DVD either Verbatim or TDK and attempt to master the DVD by selecting the option write to disk from the Explorer menu whether from When burning DVDs the windows close and the burning fails but the drive keeps spinnin the menus at the top of the screen or by right-clicking on drive D in the lefthand pane of the screen A window pops up asking me for the name of the disk whether I want it to be flash or one-time only and the recording speed x x x etc Once I click continue to start burning the DVD a window pops up to tell me that Windows is making an image of the disk and then the window tells me that it has begun mastering the disk giving me a countdown of how many minutes are left minutes to minutes depending on the speed I choose But no matter what name I give to the disk and what recording speed I pick after - seconds the popup window and the Explorer window both suddenly close and the DVD unit s writing light goes out but the DVD unit continues to whir at high speed forever Here are the results I got yesterday with separate DVDs On the first DVD I used Windows s burn utility on a Verbatim DVD and I ended up with files burned onto the DVD making it unusable On the second try I used some simple burn software that I had used before Roxio Burn on a TDK DVD and ended up with files burned onto the disk but from different folders than the files burned by Windows On my third attempt after going offline shutting down my antivirus software AVG and using Task Manager to shut down processes from that other burn software Roxio Burn I used Windows s burn utility again on a TDK DVD and ended up with the identical files that had I ended up with the first time though this time I had chosen a lower writing speed In all three of these attempts the DVD unit continued to whir after the windows had closed until such time as I ejected the disk manually When I first encountered this problem yesterday I thought the problem might be caused by my antivirus software AVG Free Edition interfering with the writing process because after one particular automatic update by AVG about two months ago I began having problems with AVG blocking Skype and placing some of my Nokia cell phone software in quarantine But by disabling the HIPS element of AVG I was able to resolve those problems several weeks ago and begin using Skype successfully again But just to be sure today I disinstalled AVG completely and installed Microsoft Security Essentials Because I had read in a forum online that Windows might have conflicts with other burning software that was also installed today I also disinstalled the o... Read more

A:When burning DVDs the windows close and the burning fails but the drive keeps spinnin

My guess would be theres something wrong with the dvd drive.I also have the same computer.Either the laser in it is shot or needs cleaned or the whole drive has failed.
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Nero Burning ROM crashed during burning and now my DVD drive is unusable. I cannot open the drive, I cannot shut down the computer because it says "Waiting for DVD Drive D:" and the drive runs like it is still burning despite the program doing the burning is no longer open. It isn't even in any process. What can I do to make the drive stop?

A:Nero Burning ROM crashing caused perpetual burning from DVD Drive

Go to Task Manager...shut the system down from there.
Turn system off....hard shutdown if necessary...disconnect the optical drive.
Sounds to me like it's a hardware problem moreso than a software problem if you cannot manually open the drive.
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some nero burning user veteran??problem burning cdr ,dvdrs.i cant burn a cdr.with windows media player is posible.also i use clone dvd with sucess. with nero is posible to erase a cdr-w.the problem is i cant record a cdr.when it comes to 3% to 8% the program tell "the burn failed"some advice?thanks for the attention

A:some nero burning user veteran??problem burning...

I am a "Nero Veteran", war veteran, etc.. etc.. The reason your having problems is simple. Some discs cannot be copied, as they may be copy protected or contain errors. If you are unsure if your disc can be copied,
run a trial in the "simulation" mode. Click on "More" at the bottom of the page and select "Simulation".
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I'm trying to run a game in High Def and it says I need to upgrade to GEFORCE 3 or better. Is this a video or a graphics card and what is the best choice to fix this problem.
I've read posts on graphics card and have it down to a choice between GEFORCE and ATI Radeon 3870 that Im having a hard time making since I don't know much about this yet and my comp is at least 5 yrs old. Running an EMachine 3400, 512 mb with windows xp and extra membory added. And which is better the 9600 Geforce or the 3?

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I have an RCA Kazoo RD1000 MP3 player and I am looking to buy a memory card for it but I'm not sure which one to get. In the manual, it references Multi Media Card (MMC) but in the stores, the only ones I can find are the SD cards. All of the memory card readers have one slot for the SD and the MMC cards.

I am wondering if SD and MMC are backwards compatible or not.

any help would be cool.

A:Are Multi Media Cards and SD cards the same?

Not sure how accurate this statement is:
MMC Card
Weighing less than two grams and taking up the area of a postage stamp, MultiMediaCards are ideal for use in portable devices like digital audio players, digital cameras, and PDAs. In addition to its distinct size advantage over other removable memory, the MultiMediaCard's low power draw makes it highly suitable for battery-powered mobile applications. MMC cards will fit into devices that have an SD slot - MMC cards are the same size, and are often much cheaper than SD cards, because they're an 'open' standard (SD card manufacturers have to pay royalties, and MMC card manufacturers don't!).

I didn't think they could be interchanged though......perhaps someone else can shed some light. I use SD Cards.
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When I burn cd/dvds with Windows 7 built in burning software and windows media player all my burns are successful. When I try to use Nero, CD Burner XP or imgburn, it fails. My computer is plenty fast enough(2.8ghz, 4gb ddr2, 250gb sata hd) and I tried reinstalling windows 7 without nero or deamon tools and tested with CD Burner XP, it still failed. I am using Sony blank CD's and also tried a few other name brand. I am burning at the lowest speeds. I purchased a brand new dvd burner and the firmware is up to date. The error I am getting is "Could not write to Disc". It fails randomly anywhere from 3%-30%. Any ideas? Again, windows 7 native burning works fine but other software does not. Same pc, same blanks, same burner, same hardware just different software. Any Ideas at all?

A:Windows 7 Native Burning OK, other burning apps NOT OK

Chipset driver?
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I would be gratefull for help, just a week or two my inside and outside (USB) recorders started to work extremly slow.
Using Nero 14 i can see the real recording speed 800 - 1 500 kB/s when using 16x (22 160 kB/S). My usb samsung blu-ray recorder also work very slow - data fo 25 Gb disc takes about 4 hours.
It is a new machine, 16 Gb RAM, 3770K on board so it is a fast one but recording...
I tried deinstaling IDE i decice manager.
I tried Ashampoo, CDburnerXP - all the same.
During recording HDD 0 (c shows 1% usage.
No software in background - just Kaspersky

DVD and Blu-ray have no errors - veryfication ok, surface test also - only very slow.
Tested media: TDK, Sony, Panasonic (all 16x for dvd and 6x for blu-ray)

Please help

A:DVD-R burning more then 1 hour! Super slow Burning DVD-R

Look in Device Manager. Right click on the burners and see if DMA is enabled. Usually when super slow kicks in it's because somehow this setting gets changed to disabled.

Turn Direct Memory Access (DMA) on or off - Microsoft Windows Help

The instructions are for Windows 7 but once you get to Device Manager I'd bet it's the same.

In W8 the quick way to Device Manager is hit Winkey-x then m.
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I have a Compaq Presario SR5710Y with AMD Athalon x2 4450e dual core processors, 3gb memory and 350gb hard drive. My CD-DVD burner is (this is what it says in device manager)
ATAPI DVD A DH16A6L-C SCSI cd rom device.
I have been burning my dvds with convert x to dvd with no problems up until this . Every time I go to burn a DVD it will convert but when it burns it is taking so long (I usually burn at 6x) I did a speed test and it said it was burning at .05%. It would probably take 5 hours to burn a normal movie,Anyone know why this may be happening? Thanks in advance

A:My dvd burner has slowed was burning at 6x now burning at .05%

If you are converting to a format readable by a dvd player they burner will burn very slowly depending on the source file. Now does you cpu max out when burning?
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My OS is windows xp home SP my system is Gateway Select with GH AMD Athlon processor MB RAM GB hard drive with GB free NEC DV- A DVD CD ROM internal drive and IDE CD R RW x x internal drive When I write on a CD using xp s built in Cd writing utility I CD burning Wxp's cd burning with utility builtin cannot read the newly written data in the RW drive but can read it in the DVD drive and can also read it in the CD RW drive after I reboot the computer Another inexplainable feature is that when I look at the properties of a CD that has been written in the RW drove in Windows explorer used space shown is only the space used by files in the root directory and not by all the files I have two questions Is this inability to read newly written data in the RW drive without rebooting the computer a feature of Windows XP or of the CD writing utility CD burning with Wxp's builtin cd burning utility that is built in the OS If it is a feature of the OS is there a fix that would enable the data to be read after being written without a reboot Does Easy Media Creator Basic CD burning with Wxp's builtin cd burning utility by Roxio have a feature that enables newly written data to be read without reboot Thanks Preet nbsp

A:CD burning with Wxp's builtin cd burning utility

i use roxio cd creater 5 and yes it reads the disk without reboot - even though i have xp on a few machines with cdrw never used the built in facility
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Ok, i'm new to this CD Burning. I have Nero Express, and i'm having a little problem with it.

I've copied an Audio CD to a CD-R, and it plays fine, but there are still space on it, and i wanted to put a MP3 (it converts to CDA really nice also) together with the already burned tracks, but i can't. Everytime i put the same CD, i get the folloqing message:

"This midia cannot be recorded
Please Insert another midia."

(Sorry if it's not right, cuz i translated from portuguese)

Can i do what i want?? How??

Sorry if it is hard to understand, it is hard to explain.

Thank you

A:Audio CD Burning with Nero Burning Rom

You cannot append any audio files to an disc that has been completed. Once a disc is completed it cannot access the remaining space. Especially with Nero Express. Once a disc is burned it is "closed (finalized)."

This is just a simple explanation.

I believe Roxio's Easy cd creator lets you add files to your disc as long as you don't "finalize" it. Until you finalize it you will not be able to listen to the music.
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Bottom left corner of Spectre x360 is BURNING HOT !!! There are many other messages on this forum describing the same problem but HP SUPPORT IS NOT ANSWERING THE QUESTION !!! HP SUPPORT, PLEASE DO NOT JUST POST A BOILER-PLATE PRE-WRITTEN ANSWER TO THIS. In other messages on this forum, multiple replacements of Spectre x360 ALL HAD THE SAME PROBLEM. Is HP going to fix the problem and do a recall, or what? How do we know that HP is aware of and working on this problem?


I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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Have been burning CDs through Windows Media Player forever; no problems. Suddenly, when I choose 'Burn CD', nothing happens. No error messages.

BUT, when I choose a previous playlist to burn, it works. The non-burn problem seems limited to only recently downloaded music playlists. These same playlists do play on my computer, so they're obviously recorded and working.


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Hello all here s what I m trying to do I have S-Video input through means of my Geforce FX however the combonation of decoding that signal and having it converted suffers great quality loss I m looking to namely play progressive-scan console games on my LCD monitor and have the ability to take high quality captures or stills Here s the thing I have a to Do Cards PC Cards exist? VGA or, PC to Y,Pb,Pr Y Pb Pr to VGA converter for playing on my monitor however this does Do Y,Pb,Pr to PC Cards or, VGA to PC Cards exist? not help me with capturing stills Also my LCD s native resolution is x so x p on my LCD looks kind of nasty I m looking for a card that is capable of either component Y Pb Pr input or VGA DVI input so I can capture stills and run my LCD in it s native resolution as it decodes p signal Cost really isn t too much of a concern as long as it s in the - dollar range which I know items like this can often times exceed I am just having trouble finding this sort of setup yet I know they exist somewhere on a professional level I can either run component straight to the card or I can run component to VGA and if needed put a DVI adapter at the end of my VGA output on my transcoder so either VGA DVI or YPbPr input is acceptable nbsp
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will the 9 series make the $220 8800gts drop to something like $100 or will it still be $200?

A:Will the 9 series cards make the 8 series cards cheaper?

eventually, and then the 10 series will do the same to the 9 series, rinse and repeat. basically as long as its one of the fastest cards the gts will be expensive, when it becomes obsolete (relatively) its price will drop.

from the question i assume you are looking to upgrade, if you want to only spend $100 then i'd say your best bet is an OCed 7600 GT, lotsa bang for your buck, i can run FEAR with pretty high settings with just one of them.
but really, what are you looking for?
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I used my 3rd CD Burner and I put my music files onto the CD-RW. Everytime I finish the disc is ejected and CD Writing Wizard comes on and says I have to finish writing the disc. I put the disc back in and it says it doesn't have enough free space when it does! I see the files inside the CD-RW and I can play it but I have to change them into Windows Media Files. I plays fine too! But when I put it in a BoomBox it keeps saying no disc! I have no idea what's going on!

A:Solved: Burning, Burning, Nothing!

It sounds to me as if you put too many files on the disk and there was not enough room for it to complete the lead out etc remove a couple of files and see if it completes ok ....
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I am running Windows 98SE.
I download from Kazaa V2.1
About three weeks ago I had to reinstall Windows.
Since then I am not able to burn anything from Kazaa.
In the past I had no problems burning anything from Kazaa.
I can burn from CD to CD.
It goes through the motion of burning, it shows up that there are tracks on the disc, but when I play it back - there is no sound.

I burned an entire music CD and replayed it with no problems. Is it Kazaa or something else. Are there properties I should be checking... HELP!!!!!
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I am running Windows XP Professional.
I have just started getting problems burning DVD's. I have the same problem with Clone DVD2 and also DVD Shrink 3.2.
While copying it can freeze anywhere between 9% and 50%.
I have actually burnt two or three discs but then the fault returns.
Up until now it has been fine.
Any ideas?
Thank you in advance.

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Hi to all,
Here's a strange one, I've just re-formatted my hard drive and re-installed xp ( not the first time, I prefer this to restore ) anyway I've tried to burn three music disc's using new blank cd-r's. I go through all the motions ( using nero 5.5 ) I do my compilation as normal, hit burn and nero " burns " the disc. When I try and play the disk on my walkman I can skip through the track numbers but get no sound. When I check it out on my pc in my computer it says Free space 0 bytes, Total size 0 bytes. I am sure this is not a hardware problem so what else could it be ?

I've been recording sucessfully with the same set up and software in the past, any suggestions welcome and appreciated.


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I just build my computer 3 weeks ago

P4 2.4(533)FSB
Asus P4PE
PNY Geforce4 Ti4400(overclocked already)
I am trying to overclock my CPU close to 3GB
Can someone tell me how to set the bio?
Do I have to change CPU volt too ?
Please help.................

A:Help me overclocking..........

Not sure how to to it with Intels...but I would go to another website to find out, like
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This will seem a very stupid question but what does overclocking mean?
Thanks. Cinders.


There are no stupid questions

Hope this answers your question....
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Hi Could someone out there please explain for me I ve supposedly overclocked my motherboard using the CPU Clock Ratio jumpers my MB is a PII MHz and as for the install guide it can be overclocked to Mhz I d like to only start off small and put it up to MHz just to make sure it s going to run stable My MB is a quot Shuttle HOT - quot the chipset is quot Intel BX AGPset quot In the CMOS settings there is something called quot Chipset Features quot must I manually change the Overclocking ??? MHz settings in there as well As you can see I m hoping to learn from all you pro s out there I have installed quot fans in the side of the CPU case for added circulation do I need more I have Overclocking ??? a twin processor Overclocking ??? fan as well Upon reading more of the manual they also talk about the CPU Host Clock it s default is MHz should this be changed as well or left as is nbsp

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I would like to know how to overclock my system and what it acctually is and the benifits of doing this i have windows xp pro


Overclocking Experiences & tips: EXPERIENCES AND TIPS
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How do you actually overclock your components?

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I want to overclock my AMD k6-2 MMX 3d-NOW processor. It's running at 533mhz. Can anyone help me. I want atleast, 600-700 mhz


That could be quite a task. Apparently that processor doesn't overclock very well. Most I saw at had trouble getting to 550. It will all depend on your cooling solutions and memory. Your memory would have to be better than pc100 as the current fsb runs at 97.
Seems to be a locked multiplier so your only chance will be to slowly increase the front side bus from the current 97 upward and see if it boots and runs without crashing. That is, if your motherboard will allow fsb adjustments, some don't
Without a good heatsink/fan your probably out of luck.

Standard disclaimer, a bad overclock can seriously fubar your system, either burned out components or data corruption on your hard disk
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Alright as I ve mentioned in another thread I m currently doing some overclocking but I ve hit a road block Right now I am only doing adjustments to my fsb speed and according to everything I ve read I should be help Overclocking able to go higher I have an Intel P prescott ghz Currently overclocked to with fsb at mhz The highest I was able to get it to run at was mhz which came to ghz processor speed I ve read that the main reason for crashing doing this is due to the fsb exceeding what the memory can support I have gigs of pc at mhz so I should be able to get my fsb up to atleast mhz shouldn t I So if my memory isn t the problem what else could be Overclocking help causing it Btw I m having no heat issues I ve had no change in heat since I ve started ocing but I m guessing thats because I haven t messed with voltages or anything Thanks again guys Tim nbsp

A:Overclocking help

Lots of bumping up the FSB might mean you need to up the voltage(do it in SMALL increments) also if you think it's your memory, modify the FSBRAM ratio so it stays lower(or limit the RAM to a lower frequency).
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hi guys. i nid help in overclocking extensa 4630zg-342g16mn. i cant seem to edit the bios as there is not much shown in the bios. used atitool oso i pushed core to 520 and mem to 480 bt it doesnt seem to increase and keeps going back to default. my bios type is insyde(09/10/08). erm oso i want to ask if this lappy is able to use ddr3 ram.

A:Need help overclocking

Overclocking a laptop is really not a good idea because they dont handle the excess heat to well, at least in my expirience anyway
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I am sure this has been a thread before but i cant find any real answers.
So how do i go about overclocking my Pentium D 820 2.8 GHz. Thx


First of all, do you have a computer build like Dell, or HP? Second, do you have stock cooling? These are the neccesary questions for overclocking . Just realize that Techspot is not responsible for your computer breaking if that does happen.
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Looking for info on overclocking using the Intel Extreme Tuning Utilities, it looks great but there is no kind of a tutorial with it,

Set it to the settings wanted but cannot see a way to "Apply" it.


overclcoking utilities are not the way to go they will never be able to achieve what the manual bios overclocking can do
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I was wondering about overclocking.
I am fairly new to it, and I have been experimenting a bit.

I cannot get a stable/consistant overclock. I strongly doubt that it is temperature related, so I was wondering about the FSB,
I have some cheaper RAM and some expensive RAM in my machine. When I overclock the FSB I get to about 1400 and it dies...I think I can get more from it.

So my question is, ca nyou overclock the CPU while leaving the FSB at 133mhz? I would like to overclock the CPU chip only, or is the only way to overclock the system bus?


A:Overclocking your CPU

You can overclock just the CPU, but it involves "unlocking the multiplier". I'll come up with some links in just a second.
Techspot's Overclocking the Athlon XP Processor
A view on it by Tomshardware
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basically how do i overclock? and what is it useful for?

Just getting into the pc world and this seems like something discussed a lot so can someone please explain this to me?

A:What is overclocking?

not to be done by noobs...

read here for an explanation:
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I have an Intel P4 2ghz. I also have the following motherboard,

It says on the site:
ASUS P4PE offers robust overclocking options to maximize your system performance.

Flexible CPU Core Voltage Adjustments in 0.025V increments over defaults
SFS (Stepless Frequency Selection) from 100MHz up to 200MHz at 1MHz increments
Adjustable FSB/DDR ratio. Fixed AGP/PCI freqencies
C.P.R. (CPU Parameter Recall)
Rock-solid stability

.P.R. (CPU Parameter Recall)
When the system hangs due to overclocking failure, there is no need to open the case to clear CMOS data. Simply restart the system and the BIOS will automatically restore the CPU default setting for each parameter

Does this mean, if I try to overclock, and it fails because of over heating, nothing will go wrong with my computer?

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I have an old [email protected] mhz and I want to overclock it so I can play warcraft 3. all I can do is change the FSB and it becomes unstable after 103 FSB... how can I change the clock multiplyer???

Intel mobo

Celeron 450 mhz

32 meg ati vid card

40 gig hd


soundblaster live 5.1

350 PSU


Closing duplicate.
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I was messing in my bios today and i can change CPU speed from 1.2 to 1.6 ghz. How much cooling would be required for me to do this without frying my Athlon? Thanks for the help.

A:Overclocking my AMD.

What kind of cooling do you have currently? If you wish to overclock that high, a new HSF would do your CPU justice if you have a stock cooler. If you don't mind the cash, an Alpha PAL8045 would be more than enough :giddy:

You can do it without frying your Athlon. It's only a matter of whether or not it will run stable
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What is it and can it help the performance of my computer?
If it will, how do i do it?


hi [email protected],

1. simply put... overclocking = making your processor operate faster than it's rated (default) speed

2. yes it can help the performance of a computer (that doesn't mean that it will)

3. if the computer that you're referring to is the Dell e310 listed in your profile, then you cannot overclock.

to overclock any significant amount (noticeable performance gain) it must be done through the BIOS. unfortunately OEM PC's like Dells have crippled BIOSes that lack overclocking options. also the hardware itself (mobo, ram, psu, etc.) are generally lower quality and are not up to the task of overclocking either.

sorry to be the bearer of bad news :rolleyes:

***please note that I am not intending to put your system down in any way. Dells are decent quality and reliable machines, they simply cannot overclock***

cheers :wave:
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How would i set up my 1ghz Athlon to overclock some?
What is a safe amount for my specs?

Windows XP
512mb SDRAM
40gb HDD
64mb NVIDIA Video Card

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could someone please tell me what overclocking is and how it is good and/or bad and also how to do it if i wanted to. Thanks!
Edit: i have a intel pentium 4 3.0 Ghz

A:What is overclocking?

Overclocking is running computer components faster than their stock speeds. If you would raise your processor's speed up to 3.4 GHz, for instance, that would be considered "overclocking." What motherboard do you have, and what cooling do you have on your processor (i.e. stock cooling, custom cooling solution, whatever)?
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How can i tell if i succeeded in overclocking my cpu. When the comp first booted up before it said 266mhz, now it says 350mhz.

Heres what i did. I set the bus speed at 95mhz and the multiplier at 4.5.

A:?? overclocking

If it's been running long enough for you to read this reply to your post, then, you succeeded! I presume the bus speed was set at 66mhz before?
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i am a noob at anything related to hardware. I just read someone say overclocking your computer will improve its performance.

what is overclocking anyway?is it really true it improves the performance? then how to overclock my comp??


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hmmm whenever i work with a computer or leme rephrase that whenever i worked on a computer the bios had OverClocking a built in overclocking feature where you just inputted a multiplier number and it would OverClocking apply it recently i bought a acer aspire and i tried overclocking it because the cpu is at ghz right now and it has gb ram i want to overclock it to like ghz and ghz if it can go up to that much i have adequite cooling meaning it wont over heat well i checked the bios and there was no spot to enter a multipier just gives u the cpu name and the cpu s speed can anyone tell me if theres a diagnostic tool or something that i can download and run if theres like app i need to install or something or is it that this mobo can t overclock i really need to overclock cause its got mb of shared vid card gb ram and vista ultimate on it someone help please nbsp


bump help please?
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I noticed a post earlier on overclocking. I have always shied away from that, using factory cpu settings. Is there any advantage to overclocking, my specs are are in here?


Originally Posted by elbmek

I noticed a post earlier on overclocking. I have always shied away from that, using factory cpu settings. Is there any advantage to overclocking, my specs are are in here?

Your CPU is locked. You can't OC it. We have the same CPU except mine is unlocked.
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I have a P2-233 and wanted to overclock it. I know i may need to buy more fans to cool ot down. But what is the safest I can go without buying another fan. Also how do I clock my PC.


I have an asus motherboard and this is the number that showa up at startup in the bottom left corner


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Processor x86 Family 6 Model 6 Stepping 2 AuthenticAMD ~1532 Mhz
how do i overclock this i have a pavilion 304w please help



I don't know whether to laugh or cry! I found your PC available on the net for $150.95 !
So on one hand...hey if you fry it, no big deal. On the other hand, is it worth the effort?

I would suggest that you Google: AMD overclocking

You will find some very comprehensive Articles, Forums, and Guides on the topic, and I am sure some caveats as well.
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aight well heres the deal i figured out there really is no newer cpu for my machine that would make a bit of a difference so now i wanna and need help new to some overclocking over clock mine and see what i can get out of it also i can get another cpu just like the one i have fairly cheap on new to overclocking and need some help ebay so i figured to just buy a few at a new to overclocking and need some help next to nothing price and see what i get out of them lol yeah i know it sounds fun huh see i dont wanna get a new mb and cpu new to overclocking and need some help and all that because not too long ago i just paid for a bios update that cost me and bought ram a while before that going from to gigs so knowing that all would pretty much be wasted if i got a new mb im just not gonna do it i was wanting to get a decent cpu but can not i know how to overclock my cpu in the bios but it acts different once windows starts or tries to start lol if i only take it up just a few it starts just fine plays battlefield but sometimes my machine locks up im thinkin thats my cpu due to the over clocking now if i turn it up even more say take my and it ll be running at or so then i get an error in the windows start saying the my configuration data has been currupted or missing something like that anyway tried to reset the configuration data in the bios but it doesnt make a difference when it starts but once i take the cpu back down it starts fine with no errors done this a few times just to see if it could be anything else so really one of my questions is is there a way you overclock the cpu in windows like with some kind of program or something i know thats how u do ur gfx right any and all replies will be greatly appreciated nbsp

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I need some help, my bios does not have a cpu/fsb multiplier soooo im forced to used a program.. BUT idk what to choose!!!!!!!

----Dell Dimension 4100
----PIII 800mhz
----Intel Easton D815EEA Motherboard
----Bios Type AMI

Does any one know any good programs i can use? thank you

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Hello I was wondering if someone would be able to decipher these two messages for me Warning W - CPU FSB higher than rated FSB of the CPU Even if you re below the CPU rated speed by over clocking the FSB you are running the CPU I O buffers above spec just be aware of this Fix Reduce the FSB to rated FSB You can increase the multiplier if the resulting speed is less than CPU rated speed Warning W - The CPU is operating above its frequency specification rated speed a condition commonly known as overcloking The CPU may CPU Overclocking??? be unstable or produce erroneous results some of which may not be readily apparent The life expectancy will be reduced Fix If you haven t overclocked it yourself then you should contact the place-of-purchase for an explanation You may have a remarked processor To confirm download the manufacturer s CPU Overclocking??? own utility I am not sure what an FSB is and I didn t knowingly overclock my CPU how would I go about correcting it Thanks in advance Oh and here is some info on my CPU that may be of some use Processor Model Intel R Celeron tm Co-Processor FPU Built-in Speed MHz Performance Rating PR estimated Type Standard Package FC-PPGA Socket Rated Speed FSB MHz x MHz Multiplier x Generation x Name P C Coppermine Celeron MHz- GHz - V Revision Stepping Stepping Mask cC Microcode MU Core Voltage Rating V Maximum Physical Virtual Addressing -bit -bit Processor Cache s Internal Data Cache kB Synchronous Write-Thru -way sectored byte line size Internal Instruction Cache kB Synchronous Write-Back -way byte line size L On-board Cache kB ECC Synchronous Write-Back -way byte line size L Cache Multiplier x MHz Environment Monitor Model SMSC M x x LPC Mainboard Specific Support No Power Rating s CPU Core Power W estimated Advanced Settings L Cacheable Range GB L Cache Grouping bank s L Cache Latency clock s Data Error Checking Yes Low Power Mode Yes Fast Strings Yes IO Queue Depth request s nbsp

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..i want to overclock my pc but unfortunately i know very little about overclocking, and from the few posts that i read on the web, i think its no easy task! i will appreciate if someone can take it step by step with me, i need to know what settings to change, what software do i need? how to check temperature/voltage/stability...etc? how to overclock my video card too if possible? (yes, newb stuff )


Gigabyte GA-945G-S3
Core2Duo E4500 2.2GHz/800FSB/2MB
1x2GB Kingstone DDR2 Memory/800
1x1GB Kingstone DDR2 Memory/667
Gigabyte 7600GS 256MB

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Is it worth the effort to overclock an AMD-K6 333? Can you acheive a signifcant performance increase without losing stability??

A:Overclocking an AMD-K6 333???

I remember those days, I had my 300mhz K6-2 running at 425mhz. Yeah, it's possible. Yeah, it's worth it, at least it was for me as I was editing video on it. Yeah, you may lose stability. Try CPUFSB from here to overclock it. be carefull with the PLL settings as if you get it wrong you can seriously mess up your machine. Use CTbios to find your chipset and motherboard model.
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Okay so here is the problem, I can not get my core i7 920 to overclock past 3.39ghz. I have a zalman 9900 (specs) air cooler and have heard of people taking it much higher than this with this CPU fan. It wont even boot past that, just shuts down. Any suggestions, mainly I just want to get it past 3.5 to bench mark it for a second then switch it back?

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Well, ever since I created this beast I have tryed to find a way to overclock the processor, I have even gone as far as trying to do it without instructions in my extensive Bios, which ended in me having to re-seat my Cmos battery and re-set bios. Seeing as im running a Thermo-electric cooling device this should be easy on the proc it self, booting at 28&#8226;C, and under load of Oblivion, CoH, Photoshop CS 2, Sony Vegas 7.0, or any other CPU intensive program it hits a max of 42&#8226;C after over 2hrs, readings off heat probes, and motherboard.

I would like to shoot for mmm around 3.6Ghz, I understand the core mechanics of Overclocking Ie: FSB, timmings, and multipliers. And to no avail have been looking for a tutorial or a guide of a succesfull overclock on this Motherboard. Any help would Rock, thanks!
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Hi guys,

I need your help, I have recently bought a laptop, which is refurbished. First two month it was working without any issue since one day I got a BSOD with the message Driver_Power_state_failure. In order to fix it I ran the test to get dump files and it showed that my device is overclocking, please take a look below.

I would like to ask your help how to stop that overclocking and what caused it, because I didn't do that?

BTW, the device runs win8 64x

Thanks in advance and have a nice day.
CPUID: "Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3517U CPU @ 1.90GHz"MaxSpeed: 1900CurrentSpeed: 2395 Processor may be overclocked!Expected Frequency: 1900Actual Frequency: 2395Overclock Ratio: 1.26053 BIOS Version 65CN89WW BIOS Release Date 09/04/2012 Manufacturer LENOVO Product Name IdeaPad U310


It's called "Turbo Frequency", your CPU can go up to 3.0GHz, you don't need to be concerned, I believe.
ARK | Intel? Core? i7-3517U Processor (4M Cache, up to 3.00 GHz)
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hello sorry but i werent sure what was the most relevent forum to put this in.i have a phenomx4 9850 black edition cpu and want to overclock it but ive no idea what to do to make it happen.also when i do id like to know how far i can push it from its stock 2.4ghz speed without the need for extra cooling.i done a bit of reading up and i know they are made for OC'ing but i dont know the process of actually doing it.

if i can get it up from 2.4ghz to 2.8-to-3ghz ideally that would be great.thanks in advance.

A:overclocking my cpu

steveg123 said:

id like to know how far i can push it from its stock 2.4ghz speed without the need for extra cooling.Click to expand...

That all depends on how long you want to run the processor before you fry it.

A good guide for overclocking. Use it at your own risk.
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I don't have much experience with overclocking, but I would like to try it. I have a friend who sold me my mobo and processor and he said that he's clocked my processor to 1450 without any problems and that it wasn't very hard.

I was just wondering if anybody could tell me how or at least give me the basics on overclocking. I have a KT7A-RAID mobo and an AMD Athlon processor.


I bet google would have a lot more info than most people here. Google 'kt7a athlon overclocking' and see what comes up.
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Hi, I'm running:
Windows 8.1
Asus Z97 Pro mobo
Intel I7 4770K
Plextor 256gb pcie SSD and additional data drives.

Hi, I'm trying to overclock my 4770k to 4.5ghz... but I keep getting whea_uncorrectable_error and the system crashes. I've tried Asus AI suite 3 which automatically overclocks to 4.1ghz but again I get the same error, this is my first time with overclocking so would appreciate any advice or settings etc, many thanks, David.

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hi there!
can any body tell me,wich programm i can use
to overclock my nividia mx440 64 mb savely?
thanks for help.matrix


Before doing or downloading anything read more here :
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HI I want to buy GeForce gt and I found two cards Actually one but there are two version of it where one is overclocked They are made by XFX first one has core clock at MHz and memory clock MHz while second one has core clock at MHz and memory clock MHz Except for that that look completely the same So if I buy first one and save is it going to be any problem with overclocking second one to those values I know that Overclocking there is not that much of the difference and that is not that much but if I can learn little bit about overclocking and save some money that would be cool Note that I don t know that Overclocking much about overclocking What I do know is that usually you would need better cooling but considering that there is same card but one is slightly overclocked I wouldn t think that there would be any problems One more thing what is the max that I could push it to without replacing fan and heat sink P S Here are the links for the cards First one http www newegg Overclocking com Product Product aspx Item N E Second one http www newegg com Overclocking Product Product aspx Item N E Thanks a lot everybody nbsp

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Is it true that you can overclock using the bios on the MOBO and/or increase the voltage to the MOBO?

Once agian I am a newbie N i am reading alot about PC. I get lost and I hope someone here can explain this to me in english

pentium 4 3.0GHz
asus 478 socket P4C800
geforce fx5200
1gb ddr
antec 380Watt

Tryin to overclock MOBO?


Yes, but while it is true that you can change clock speeds and voltages in the BIOS, it really is important to be carefull when changing settings in bios as small mistakes can easily fry your hardware.

Overclocking the CPU will probably not need much additional cooling as long as you don't change the volts. If you're going to overvolt you may need to increase the speed on your fans.
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Ok so I have a q6600. A BFG nForce 680i LT motherboard. and 4gb of G-Skill 800mhz ram.

I tried overclocking and went to 2.8 ghz, did a ntune stress test and everything was fine. That was last night, tonight I tried going to 3.0 and everything was good. I went to 3.2 but windows wouldn't start so went back to 3.0.

I tried Prime95, after a few moments I got a BSOD. Now I'm wondering what do I need to increase. I have the voltage increased one level for the cpu only. It is at 1.1688v.

I have not touched the RAM. Do I increase the RAM speed or what voltages do I increase?

Thank you.

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Hello to all,
Can anyone teach me how to properly overclock my AMD CPU and RAM. Thanks.



The only way to know what is stable yet more efficient, is to overclock gradually - by this i mean slowly overclock, going very slow; this should make sure you do not damage any components and also ensures you get some sort of system gain out of it.

I suggest you read-up on some overclocking, which can be found here; and

You should start with 10mhz increments to the front side bus and run a program called Orthos on the system for atleast 3 hours, this will confirm (or not) any drastic issues with the stability; if you run this for 7/8hours this will confirm the system as being stable.

I would strongly suggest not going over the 10mhz increment mark, it may take some time but it's better than a system blowing or frying up right in front of your eyes! All of this information is relevant to CPU overclocking.

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I have a 1.6ghz pentium 4 socket 478 processor and i am just wondering if overclocking it would change the speed of the thing.
If so could you please instruct me on doing so.
I have 512mb of ram if that changes anything?

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cpu: amd athlon 64 x2 5000+ @ 2,6 (2,8)
motherboard: ECS a770m-a
RAM: 2gib (ddr2 dram freq. 408,7) x2
graphics: nvidia geforce 8600gt (core 587mhz, shaders 1291mhz, memory 446mhz)

cpu: amd athlon 64 x2 5000+ @ 2,6 (2,8)
bus speed is 220 and multiplier 13
i want to increase bus speed but on 225mhz it is crashing often
and i want to rise volt but in bios are two choises
cpu = 0 (1=+5mv up to 60=+300mv)
dimm = 5 (1=+10mv up to 63=+630mv)
witch one i should rise and how much

A:Need help with overclocking

Hi TheDumbass,
for the x2 5000, right around 225 @ 2.9 is the limit for them. for a vast majority of those CPU's raising the core voltage does not help to attain a higher OC.
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I've googled my vid card and overclocking many times. All with the same results, download such and such program and run it. It never works though, it extracts and it closes. I belive the program is called 'ForceWare GURU' or something like that.
Does anyone have links, tips or guides about overclocking a GeForce 5500.
Also, what settings should I put it to for top gaming performance via right clicking the desktop>properties>advanced.


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Hello Guys
I Have a INtel core 2 quad Q8200
XFX 750i Sli MOBO
Corsair 2 Gb 800
XFX 9800gt
400 wat PSu

I went into the bios and overclocked my cpu to just 2.52Ghz from 2.33Ghx FSB to 1446 from 1333 the bios shold it overclocked but when i caome to windows it is not overcloacked the windows does not show any thing changed and the software cpu-z does not show any thing changed on the othherhand when i underclock the cpu it changes in windows too.when i overclock the ram there is again everything is fine but cpu overclocking the xfx support is crap they wont help

A:Overclocking Help

Change the CPU multiplier to 1:1 and disable C1E in the bios. Increase the CPU clock to the maximum stable value
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Hey guys! I have been thinking lately of creating my own water cooling solution for overclocking, and have chosen an old Pentium MMX CPU at 233Mhz for testing. I was just wondering how you guys would go about overclocking it. I have an AOpen AP5VM motherboard. Also, if this cooling system works, I'll post how I did it on a new thread.

A:Overclocking a P MMX 233

Try software overclocking first. That way you get an idea of what it can and can't handle. Try CPUFSB to see if it supports the chipset. Then bump up the speed slowly and surely, when you find a speed thats a little faster and stable. Note it down so you can figure which jumpers and or bios settings are needed to obtain it.

This way, you only have to open the case up once.
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Right i got a AMD Athlon Xp 2400+, Excalibur Radeon 9800 Pro IceQ 128mb, ABIT KV7 Motherboard, 40gb Maxtor HDD, 10gb Seagate HDD...

Can anyone suggest any overclocking utilitys or something cause im fed up with googling for the past hour looking for programs to help me overclock my pc

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i have a gateway with a pentium 700,,slot 1 type..the motherboard is a jabil tabor r4.. built for gateway..can this motherboards fsb be adjusted from bios..? ive tried.. i moved the jumber to setup config..and entered bios..only thing that was added was a maintenence option and that only let you enter a password and clear it.. how doi change the fsb..? i just want to see what happens..heard about uping the fsb and getting more cpu speed..just want to mess around withit.. i tried a software named light speed,i think that was the name..?and a nother caled soft..something like that..ohoa was the developer. but it didnt have my motherboard in its selection.

A:overclocking cpu..? how..?

Not sure if OEM mobo's from gateway or any company like that has a softbios that will give you the option to up the FSB.. some boards can be overclocked with the Jumpers only. moving certain jumpers will increase the FSB..
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Hi I m pretty new Overclocking i7 920 at overclocking but I have read a lot of guides and watched several videos as well I have an i with Asus P T the regular one not the deluxe or any special editions I was running prime overnight and it would crash or restart after hours of testing I m just wondering if this means it s stable or not Some people would run prime for HOURS - hours and some people would run it for less eg minutes of a small little test and then hours of testing after that My goal is to try and overclock it to GHz as I would rather not risk my system with GHz I m just wondering if the crash means the voltages needs to be raised or not Also I have Gigs of ram at the moment and I left out everything as Auto for now in the BIOS except the bus voltage left that as v Overclocking i7 920 Currently I m testing at GHz Overclocking i7 920 to see if it can get through at least hours I would also like to add that the highest temp I ve seen is - C with Real Temp whenever I run prime so the temp does seem safe and all As always help is appreciated and thanks in advance nbsp

A:Overclocking i7 920

hey asdfasdfasdf,
'stable' is a relative term. there isnt a system out there that is 100% stable. there is no shortage of tutorials on how to OC the i7 as you know, so I would define all of the parameters you have to work with ie voltage and so on.when finding the max vcore watch for when upping the vcore no longer nets any additional advantage, or becomes a case of diminishing returns, and back it off a tenth.The crashes can be caused by any aspect of your system, the memory, vcore, NB, etc. in other words overclocking your memory for example may open up more headroom for your cpu etc.and finding the bottlenecks in the process is the 'trick' in OCing. As far as 'stable' goes, if you hit 5 hours at full load, odds are that it will give you much trouble at all. when i get to the maximum i think the cpu has in it, i stress it for 8-10 hours without a crash or hang, back off 10mhz and call it Stable, this has been very successfful for me as I very rarely have a machine that locks up due to the cpu's version of valve float. just my opinion, but 65c is too high for my taste, i would suggest if you are getting that warm you look at a different cooling for your 920.
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Hi, i have a Pentuim 4 procesor with 1.6GHz, got a e-geforce MX 400 Pci video card with 64 MB. Got 352 MB of RAM. I would like to see if i can overclock my CPU and motherboard to have a greater speed. I have googled and found that i can esaily raise my 1.6 GHz to 2.1 GHz, but i can`t find on the BIOS the way to change the FBS to a greater frequency... wanted to know if someone knows how to do it?


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Ok, i would like to overclock my CPU from a 2.6 to a 2.8. What mhz should i set it to for this adjustment or do yall think it is a bad idea. Reasion is i just bought the new F.E.A.R. game and i am getting poor FPS. I changed my game details to test out if i got better FPS with less deatail and didnt see any improvement. So im thinking that mayby its my CPU that is holding me back.
Thank you in advance for any help and suggestions yall have. My computer specs are liseted below.
~Da Bob~

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hoe do i overclocking pentium 3 733mhz without burning it???

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I am debating whether or not to overclock my PC. I am pretty sure I need better cooling before I do considering I only have 2x80mm fans and a stock AMD heatsink. I was thinking of putting 2x80mm and a 120mm in before I OC. What temperature should my cpu be at before I OC? I have an AMD 3700+ 939 Socket proc and an ABIT Av8-3rd Eye mobo (comes with the uGuru clock that you can OC directly from). This is pretty lame question, more or less I am just looking for opinions. Thanks.


There are plenty of overclocking sites on the web, I would suggest you do a search for one of them.

I won't tell you not to OC, I OC myself but I will tell you to find a forum dedicated to OC'ing and read. Ask questions, be sure you know what you are doing before you decide to make the move. Be prepared for allot of stability testing.

For instance, my machine has the same 3700+ you are wanting to OC. I can hit 2750 mhz. pretty easily but I have to raise the vcore to 1.475 to hit that. I can run 2625 on stock vcore, or I can run at 2500 mhz on 1.35 vcore.

Now, since any OC can be dangerous I of course choose the 300 mhz OC of 2500 mhz at a lower than stock vcore. I idle at 31*C and max out at 41*C. I like these temps and I really don't need any higher of an OC.

Overclocking can get addictive. I have seen many people destroy their equipment from overclocking too high. If you are bent on doing it, read up. It may well save you allot of money.
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Hello, I'm trying to overclock my ATI Radeon 9250 PCI card. I heard somewhere around 300Mhz is a good idea, is this true?


Have you searched through google? Try to set the clock bit below the records you've seen so that you're safe., and also you could check your complete gpu specs at wikipedia (keyword radeon R300)
It happens to me when overclocking my MR9700 from 450, 210 to 500 and 250
but so far i do not see much improvement. Even what i see is a damage occured by the overclocking most probably.
Memory clock, if you set this clock aggresively, simply you just watch a mpeg file in wmp and some distortion will be there.
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I haven't tried overclocking.. so this is going to be my first time.. I would like to overclock my cpu and RAM.. any tips on how to do it ?

A:Help on OverClocking

Lots of reading via the web. Every chip is different, every motherboard has different capabilities, etc. Generally speaking, you start by trying to up your front side bus speeds and finding the point where it runs stable and within temp. From there, you can increase the FSB speeds more and may have to tweak your voltages slightly to get stability...and you always have to watch your temperature as you can easily kill your CPU.

Seriously though, just do some research on your mobo and your chip. You will hopefully find lots of info on the web. I researched my options for nearly a week before I put my machine together and got it up and running. I went for extremly modest on stock cooling. I took my Q9550 at 2.83ghz to 3.20ghz. It's next to nothing, but my temps didn't jump at all. Anything more than that and my temps started to I just left it alone. It's fast enough.
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Is there any way to overclock my HD 4850 under Windows 8 Pro Final? From what I know, I'm unable to install any catalyst software under this system, so I don't have access to ati overdrive. Other OC apps seem to not work properly, or they don't start at all. For example - There are no Mhz tweaking bars in Riva Tuner I just installed. I'm quite familiar with overclocking, so I know all risks involved. My overclocked core 2 duo runs fine under my Windows 8, so I want my GPU overclocked as well. It was OC'ed under XP and performance increase was suprisingly nice.
I would like to stick to Win 8 cause of DX10 and because I think Microsoft did a really great job this time.


A:GPU Overclocking Win 8 Pro

ATI don't support Windows 8 for your 4850, but for OC it , have you try Afterburner ?
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i know that this is a 8 forum but i have a i5 2.5ghz and right before i upgraded to 8, 3rd party apps tell me i have like more than 3ghz (intel app too), do i have something enabled... i tried a bios reset but nothing

A:Am i overclocking?

Those processors have "Intel Turbo Boost technology" built in so when necessary it will step frequency up and lower when not needed. It's not considered Overclocking. Which processor is that exactly ?
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I have an nvidia gforce pcx 5750 and need to put a little more power into it. I want to be able to run bf2 at medium video settings without choppy gameplay. Would over clocking my gpu do the trick??

A:Is overclocking the way to go

Yes, but if you have the money upgrade.
if you do decide to overclock the process can be dodgey if done incorrectly.
secondly check your cooling for the card if its poor then i dont think i wolud over-clock it.
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I recently bought an Envy Phoenix with a 5820k in it, and I am looking to do some overclocking. I would like to mention comes with HP closed-loop water cooling, which I know nothing about. I was wondering how far I should overclock the 5820k (I heard it was a beast) with the HP cooling (is it even good?) and how to overclock on the HP motherboard. Thanks for your help!!

A:HP Overclocking

PhoeNiX777, welcome to the forum. You can go into the BIOS to find the section for Overclocking.  As to how far can the processor be OC'd? -- it depends on the processor.  I have never found two processors that OC the same.  The best policy is to take it in small increments.  This will assure that it doesn't overheat too much.  HEAT is your enemy.  The liquid cooling will make a lot of difference, but it still has its limitations. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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I have be pushing my processor up slowly to about 2.7 and just wanna know when I should stop.

My temp idle is 38°C and 45°C when maxed
I am not sure what I should over clock it too.

Asus A8N-SLI nForce4 SLI
AMD Athlon 64 3700+ 2.2
Sapphire Radeon X1600XT 256MB PCI-E
Zalman CNPS9500 AM2 Heatsink (works great)
seagate 320GB HDD sata2
Western Digital 250GB sata2
Western Digital 120GB sata
OCZ 1GB (2x512MB) PC-3200 DDR400 Dual Channel
OCZ PowerStream 520W SLI
plus 6 fans to move air around good quality fans


A:How much is too much? (overclocking)

What you need to do is stress your pc and test for instabilities!!!!

Once you have found that point, back off the overclocking untill its stable again!!!!

But ALWAYS keep one eye on those temps!!!!