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Evga 8800gt rma?

Q: Evga 8800gt rma?

My EVGA 8800gt is experiencing major issues, so I will be RMAing it shortly. I was wondering which card you think I will get in return? Anyone RMA one recently?

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Preferred Solution: Evga 8800gt rma?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Evga 8800gt rma?

Probably a direct replacement.
EVGA will probably tell you what card you'll be getting once you get the RMA ticket.
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I have an 8800GT OC nvidia card from BFG. I want to go to dual gpu's. I can't find the same card I have, can I get a EVGA 8800GT OC card and will it "dual-up" with my BFG? I understand all the 8800GT nvidia cards are pretty much identical other than the name on it.
Thanks! Jeff

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A buddy of mine ordered a 8800gs and I was wondering if a fan from an 8800gt fit on his card. The reason I ask is that I am about to install an aftermarket cooler for my 8800gt and I was thinking about giving him the fan off of mine. My guess is it will work, but I might as well ask. Thanks in advance.

A:Will a fan from a EVGA 8800gt fit on a XFX8800gs?

I suppose it will... After your friend tries to install it, tell us how it went
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I will be building a gaming pc and I cant decide between these two cards. I was going to get the 8800gt but I've read that they get really hot because of the single slot cooler. What I want to know is how much cooler the gts is than the gt and how much faster it runs. Also what do you think is a better brand, evga or bfg?

A:evga 8800gt vs bfg 8800gts 512mb (G92)

Choose a 8800GT with a dual cooler design. Difference in price is about $50~60 between the 8800gt and the 8800gts/512. At least both are now under $300.

Heres a good review:

gee.. not much difference. :0
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I know that 8800GT is definitely a better one, but I'm not sure about the manufacturer, what are your experiences with Club3D, and is it better to give 30EUR more and get this card instead of 9600GT.
I don't plan to buy anotherone in 2-3 years and I have 19" LCD wide...
BTW, I will use E4600, so will it enable me to use 8800GT to its full potential?

This is the model in question
Club3D CGNX-G882DDF 8800GT 512MB GDDR3 HDTV TV+2DVI 600/1800

A:Club3D 8800GT vs EVGA 9600GT SC

Yes, the 8800GT will be used to its potential, although i would get a BFG. just personal choice.
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Hey guys and gals,

I bought this mobo back in July and have not used it yet. It's the A1 680ISLI and I am not sure if It supports the new PCI 2.0 interface. Any suggestions/Answers???


A:Does the EVGA 680ISLI MOBO support the 8800GT

The 8800GT should be a PCI-e x16 interface, so as long as the mobo has that then you'll be fine.

Basically everything you can get these days has PCI-e x16 on it so it will most likely be ok

If you're not sure, google for pictures and compare what you have on the board.
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Well i have just ordered a few new items for my pc, to allow me to play cod4, crysis etc
on high details. I was wandering as my motherboard has an unbuilt graphics card if i would have to disable this somehow? and if so anyone help me with that? Or wether it would just go straight in and be used instead of the inbuilt card. If anyone could please help with this matter i would much appreciate it! My cards due on Wed-Fri. Thanks MoiRa
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after many trial and errors with the fans.. i finally figured out why my PC is still so loud.. well the NB chipset cooler on this motherboard (eVGA NF43) is very loud for a little tiny fan. so i decided to replace it with passive cooling.. such as the Zalman ZM-NB47J

Question is.. i have a 6600GT right by the chipset cooler.. will the zalman fit in there? i kno it wont with the 7800GTs but im not sure how much longer ther PCB's are on those cards.. maybe someone can help me =]

A:eVGA 6600GT + eVGA NF43 + Zalman ZM-NB47J = happy? or not?

After looking at my 6600gt, the picture of the motherboad, and the picture of the cooler, I don't think it will work. You use the blue pci-e slot right?
I guess there are several options. If your chipset stays plenty cool you could try slowing the fan either using a software program, or by using a manual fan speed controller. Or I've seen people with the same heatsink and a similar board layout cut some of the spokes(or bend them), so that it wouldn't interfere with the card. There also might be replacments with a fan that is quieter available.
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I am running windows Home Premium 64bit. I just did a fresh install and when I ran the WEI the computer rebooted. I can run it with out being in SLI mode, but as soon as I enable and refresh the computer reboots. I am wondering if it is caused by the power supply. I have a rosewill RP650 2 psu. - Rosewill RP650-2 650W ATX12V v2.3 & EPS12V v2.91 SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Active PFC Power Supply

What are your thoughts?? I have the latest drivers and again this is a new OS install.

A:Evga GTX 260 SLI with Evga x58 mother board reboot issues

Hi and welcome to seven forums

How recent is the SLI? Have you just added the 2nd card?

Could you tell us the rest of your system specs or fill them in on your profile.

Do both cards work fine if you just have 1 installed?

Sounds like it could be a power issue if so.


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I ordered a 7800GTX "KO" with EVGA ACS3 cooling (bigger cover for heatsink fan and card) I also will have it as well the cpu on liquid cooling I am hoping to get near 2.7-2.8 alot with same core doing 2.7 - 3.0 on 64x2 4800 and not going to oc the already higher 490/1300
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I'm trying to build a reasonably priced SLI machine. I currently have 1 BFG 8800gt OC2 512mb card, i could buy another but i was wondering if i got a run of the mill 8800gt and OC'd it, would it be the same. The lowest i see 8800gt OC2's is $160 and the normal 8800gt's at around $100.

i was also wondering if a 550W Rosewill PSU would be sufficient enough to run two 8800gt's

your help is much appreciated,


A:8800gt OC2 same as OC'd regular 8800gt?

550W Rosewill PSUClick to expand...

Rosewill powersupplys have very bad quality, even if it can run your cards, it might not last long. 50002177 113142556&name=501 - 600W
exactly which powersupply is it, there are about 10 rosewill 550's.

Yes, the cards are the same, though I think you will have to find an older 8800gt and not a 9800gt, those are actually getting quite rare as they are all being replaced by 9800gt's. If your new card can't stay stable at the same speeds as the one you have now, I think you should clock it down to match.
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I have ECS GCT-M Motherboard Intel Duel Core cpu w power supply gigs ram I ran a gt for about years until it broke I wanted to replace it with a gt but didn t know if I had the requirements I wasn t trying to play anything state of the art on it Just wondering even at medium settings no 8800GT? Enough for overclocking or anything if it would be Enough for 8800GT? okay on my system Thanks for all your help I ve been reading tons of information about it I was just going to get another gt or the Ati equivelant if an gt would not work Edit Just noticed it was pci-express which my motherboard does not support Anyone have a tip on best Ati Enough for 8800GT? card I could use that dosen t need Thanks for all your help I ve been reading tons of information about it I was just going to get another gt or the best Ati that would work on my system nbsp

A:Enough for 8800GT?

What's your powersupply?
Whats your budget?
You have a PCIe, thats a start.
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Hi, I have a question. I recently bought a Corsair 450-Watt ATX PSU for my 8800GT. Will this be enough to run my 8800GT? My pc specs are below. Also, will this video card run a 22' LCD monitor running at 1680X1050 resolution? I had a 19' LCD, but would like to get bigger for gaming. Will I notice any quality loss by going bigger. Also, what is the difference between a single layer DVI cable and Dual layer. Is my processor or anything else inadequate for this setup?

Microsoft Windows Vista-Home Premium Edition (x32)
Genuine Intel(R) CPU 2140 @ 1.60GHz
2.00 GB Memory
250GB Hard Drive
CD-ROM Drive with Burner
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT

A:PSU for 8800GT

It will be enough. It's quite a bit over the minimum. Would be just enough for a Radeon 4850 too (better than any geforce 8800 card (GT, GTS, GTX, Ultra)) If you want to be secure and not push the psu to the limits: WAIT a MINUTE! OCZ StealthXtream 600W's price has taken a great hike up the dollar cliff. Even the GameX 700W is cheaper now!

But a conclusion to your actual question: YES.
To the other question, depends on the games you play and the resolution of the 22" monitor. Ah. 1680x1050 Yes, it'll be quite fine. If you don't want 80 FPS in Crysis on high settings.
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i have a stock dell 375 w psu with +5v-22OA and +12va-18OA and -12V-220a and +12vb-18oa. Now heres the thing my current card is and 8800 gs and my psu though under the card's req my psu still run perfectly with my comp. The previous owner of my comp assure me that Nvidia put too much req on their card and to not wrry if ur card is under the req just a little it will run fine. Can someone please help me?

A:Will an 8800gt run on my psu

Yes, but possible not for long, or else not so well. The Dell is a good power supply, but it was designed for existing configuration. The risk is that something could fail that could make the experience expensive. You can get a more powerful power supply and install it yourself... You have to be careful that the new power supply is about the same size in length, width, and height... and that the power switch is in the right place. You can find a large variety on that show photos of the PSU's they sell. There are likely other sites that will also let you see them. Look for a 450 watt or greater from a good company. We like to use these in Dells: Sparkle, Seasonic, FSP Group, Corsair, OCZ, Antec, and evenCooler Master... as long as they have that power switch and cooling fan in the right place. There are 87 different power supply company brands. Only about 19 of them are truly good ones.
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Hey guys i just got my xfx 8800gt exteam edition card !

This this is such a step up from my 7600gt!!

My 3dmark 06 score is 11902 total. it used to be 3000

I Have so many games to test out, including crysis.

Its clocked at 640 by 1950 512 mb.

Ill post back soon with my new fps in games!
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since it is PCIe 2.0 does that mean that it will not fit on a X16 mother board?

A:8800GT Help!

i7weenie said:

since it is PCIe 2.0 does that mean that it will not fit on a X16 mother board? to expand...

From my research PCIe 2.0 is backwards compatible with a reduced bandwidth, it should still fit PCIe 16x
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Hello everybody Even though I am pretty glad of my GPU I just cannot continue to think that I have any chance to run all the new games that are becoming available with a and half years What after a 8800GT? old GT don't you agree Today I manage to run Crysis and Battlefield in high ultra high and get between and fps avg fps Although AvP runs as well What after a 8800GT? and almost every games I have which are not old at all C is not dangerous for a graphic card forget what you have learned since today But there's always a 'but' good times is finished and Metro has just killed my poor video card with a headshot saying quot I got you this time quot It made me come to the conclusion that I had to change the GPU as quickly as possible end of the introduction Now I will do it in speed mode PSU only W but quality hardware don't want to change if possible Usefulness no hardcore gaming just amusement and to make ALL the newest softs running with at least fps Money that's the main problem in fact The student standard of living is pretty low every-one knows it lt I think Heard about and GTX also read many threads included on this forum but I would like to find THE agreement between price and quality Wheither O C is possible to get better performance I say it's always a pleasure for me Dx Dx just don't care of a ridiculous difference in the th pixel m behind me joke inside I can barely wait but if you tell me that Nvidia is gonna release the best middle-end card ever for in months I say YES That's all folks A big thanks to any helper

A:What after a 8800GT?

hm... you could either shoot for ati or wait for nvidia
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Q: 8800gt

Hi guys i ain t great at coms and what not so i need help I recently installed the trial version of vista or 8800gt rather my friend did the problem is is that it overwrote some window files this 8800gt wouldn t 8800gt be a problem if i could use vista but because i am using a GT display driver which doesn t have a vista driver out yet it means i have to use the old windows while waiting for the driver to come out and so now i can t use microsoft word and many other things I need help i can t delete vista while waiting because it says that the file is in use even when i am using the old ver of windows formatting it doesn t work either My friend refuses to admit that windows could have overwritten anything but quite clearly it has and now it says quot your machine has had some serious configuration changes quot and asks me to put my Win XP disc to repair it when i do it it says that there is a newer version installed and so i cannot install it Any and all help is Appreciated SOS so how do i restore my windows XP thx nbsp

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Hello... I got a XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog Edition xxx and its PCI-express 2.0... i have PCI-Express 1.0.. how much better is it going to be if i have 2.0?? like in % or any thiing?

And my GPU Fan its on 100% all the time.. dont know why .. but maybe because its overClocked.. from Clock 600 to 670 and Memry from 1800 Mhz to 1950.. maybe thats why..

A:8800GT Need help

There will not be any difference whatsoever. The 8800GT doesn't even use 1/2 the bandwith of PCI-e 1.0. PCI-e 2.0 is changing the bandwith from 2.5Gbit/s to 5.0Gbit/s, and allows for the graphics card to draw more power. You won't see any difference with the 8800GT and a PCI-e 2.0 motheboard vs. PCI-e 1.0 motherboard.

EDIT: To change your fan speed, download and install RivaTuner. With that utility you can set the fan speed to whatever you want.
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Hey, recently I have been thinking about building a new computer, and I would really like to put an 8800GT in it, due to its low price and relatively high performance. I have been looking around on newegg, and the cheapest one is around 270 dollars, and I have heard that it is supposed to cost closer to 200 dollars. Does anyone have any recommendations for where I could get an 8800GT rather cheaply? Thanks!

A:Where To Buy 8800GT

$200 8800GT 256mb should be out in the next 2 weeks. The 512mb can be up to $309. They were sold out for the most part on Mon+Tues of last week.
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Hey im building a new gaming computer and im stumped. I got pretty much everything done, except for me video card. I was trying to stay kinda cheap, but thats hard. I don't no if i really need a 8800GT or if i could go like 8600 or 8700... because 8800GTs are really spendy. Im okay with running games like Crysis on medium settings, or even high end low settings, i don't need to run it on high. so in simple form, do i really need to take the extra step and buy the 8800GT? or just use like a 8700 or 8600?

Thanks in advance.

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After I ordered and RMA d quot quot DOA i think eVGA GT superclocked graphics cards from newegg and GA-K8N 8800GT im GA-K8N and 8800GT starting to wonder if maybe my motherboard could be a problem I have a GA-K N Pro-SLI When I look at the specs for the mobo I dont see any conflicts but maybe someone with more knowledge could shed some light on the subject Link to Mobo http www gigabyte co nz Products ard amp ProductID amp ProductName GA-K N Pro-SLI Link to GT http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E I just ordered a XFX GT Extreme I m just hoping it doesnt do the same thing Basically what would happen when i put either card in the motherboard it would turn on fans would spin it would send a blank signal to the monitor for seconds but it wouldnt beep Newegg found the first card i sent back to be faulty so they refunded me GA-K8N and 8800GT the second card im still waiting on Did I just have the rare occurrence of getting faulty cards My motherboard runs my xt s in SLI fine Heres the rest of my specs CPU AMD X socket Mobo GIGABYTE GA-K N PRO-SLI PSU Antec TruePower Trio Power Supply RAM GB Corsair PC Dual Channel HD Samsung GB nbsp
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hey mates,
i've been surfing around looking for 8800gt cards and i've noticed that i can save about $50US if i get the normal clock speed version of some of them. is the factory OC really much of a factor vs OCing it myself
also, they are all pci 2.0, as far as i KNOW my mobo is a pci x16, am i going to need to upgrade my mobo (ecs nforce 570 slit a 5.1) before i can get a new card? if i can't use it whats the best card i can get for under $300US? (preferably around $250US)

A:Saving a bit on an 8800gt?

the pci-e 2.0 version will work in your motherboard fine, the new mbbs being produced today have a faster slot and that is it although it is still a pci-e16 slot.
here is the link to the cheapest 8800GT I know of although newegg has lots and if u look they will have like u are looking for
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Hey guys,

I have a few questions,bullet pointed.

I currently have a GTX 460 768mb graphics card,Its awesome!,But i also have a Asus 8800GT Graphics card lying around unused.

Do you think pairing a GTX 460 + a 8800GT for Dedicated Physx would be a good idea?
It would mean id have to get another mobo with 2x Pci-e X16 slots but on ebay there are occasionally good deals and i could sell my old one.

Also would i still get DX11 if i used a DX10 card for Physx?
Would the 8800GT bottleneck the 460?
Could my power supply handle the load? (OCZ StealthXStream 600w)

A:Gtx 460 + 8800gt (Physx)

Running an 8800GT as a Physx card would be fine. You'd still get DX11 capabilities in DX11 games, as well as some increase in performance if you're playing heavy Physx games such as Mafia 2. It won't bottleneck your 460. Once you get it up and running. Just have a search for some Physx reviews for a general idea.
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I have the Geoforce 8800GT and I was looking through the Nvidia settings when I noticed an option for anisotropic filtering. which currently appears to be set at "Application Controlled" but there are options for 2x 4x 6x and 16x. I am going to take a wild guess here and say since the card can go to 16x, I might want to switch to that?

I play mostly BF-2 and I remember seeing a setting in there for I believe anti aliasing which I "THINK" is set at only 8x. Then again I am not 100% sure. The game itself might only have the ability for 8x. So should I set this to 16x?

Thank you

P.S. Ok I just checked in my BF-2 settings and the anti aliasing only goes as high as 8x.

A:Geoforce 8800GT

Forced anti-aliasing may have a higher impact on the performance than ingame controlled anti-aliasing, and may not look as good as ingame AA, yet, go ahead and try. It should look better, and should run fine with the combination of an old game and a decent card.

If there's some problems using the forced 16x, you might also want to try D3DOverrider to set the AA value to 16. May or may not work better.
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I am sporatically getting a BSoD with my computer. I am not sure what exactly is causing the problem, but I believe it may be my video card.

The error report is as follows

BCCode : 9c BCP1 : 00000004 BCP2 : 8054D5F0 BCP3 : B2000010
BCP4 : 00010C0F OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0 Product : 256_1

I have updated every driver on my machine.
I have update windows XP, which is the operating system I am currently using.

Any advice as to what may be causing this problem would be greatly appreciated.

A:BSoD with new 8800gt

What drivers did you install with the Nvidia 8800GT? If the drivers were off a supplied CD, go to the Nvidia website and get newer drivers from there
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I overclocked my 8800gt From 600/1500/900 to 700/1704/975.

The heat isnt too bad as i have uped the fan speed from 25% to 60% or 80%
Its about 50 C Not gaming and goes into the low 60's when gaming.

I want to overclock too 700/1800/1000 But thought i ebtter get a better coolling first.

Im on a tight budget and need cooling! Lol
Any ideas?

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Hey everyone first time posting here read around and saw some helpful posts for people so I decided to register and ask here Sorry for the long post I m pretty lost So Here is my current system - Asus A N-E nForce BIOS revision - gig of DDR RAM - MSI ATI x XL mb -bit - AMD Athlon ghz - Raidmax atx v w came which Mobo 8800GT: PSU? CPU, New and with the case I ve had this system since October I have decided to finally upgrade my Video card and decided on an gt after reading all the reviews I could I New 8800GT: which CPU, Mobo and PSU? found it on Tigerd rect com for after rebate and had a gift card to TD so all in all the gt cost me I decided on this over the HD that was the same price My problems I do not think my PSU can handle the new vid card I heard that my will severely bottleneck the GT If I replace my processor I might as well replace my mobo as well I guess maybe one that supports SLI If I get a DDR mobo I ll need to get DDR RAM my A N-E only supports DDR So basically I have VERY limited money I have about to spend on the mobo RAM PSU and processor I m not even sure if thats possible I am looking for the best SLI capable PSU for cheap at least w I am looking for the best SLI capable mobo thats compatible with gt for cheap I am looking for a decent processor maybe C D that falls in that price range Ever since my first computer i have had AMD Would I get better price to perfoamnce with Intel Sorry for the crazy long post and about whining for help I just don t know what to get or whats compatible with each other My current rig I got off IBuyPower so I didn t have to make sure everything was compatible they did that for me ANY help would be appreciated xRome New 8800GT: which CPU, Mobo and PSU? nbsp

A:New 8800GT: which CPU, Mobo and PSU?

SLi isn't necessary unless you want to have a dual graphic card setup, so unless your planning to get 2x 8800GT you won't need it. Anyway these bundles both have SLi and both support the memory and power supply.


Intel (If its to expensive or want even better look for the core 2 duos.)

Memory (Really any DDR2 667mhz or 800mhz will do you.)

I don't know just how different the performance will be but even though the AMD processor has a higher clock speed the Intel on will still be very similar and in some cases faster.

Power (Power supply you can look around as well, 500 or more should do.)
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Even with RivaTuner, my 8800GT always gets hot. I have a Xion Onyx case with a rear exhaust fan and two side fans. It's not the most ventilated of cases, but it's ok. When I do open it up, though, it's pretty hot inside (my case is very clean, by the way). I'm wanting an extra fan for it, but I'd rather not replace anything on my card, just add something to my case. This looks perfect, and reviews said that it can make quite a difference in temperatures. I've also heard good things about the DuOrb and the Zalman VF700, but both of those require replacing the card's fan, which I'd rather not do. Can anyone give some advice? I'm not expecting freezing temps, just something below 92.

A:Cooling for my 8800GT

Can anyone help?
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Hi, I'm going to buy a GeForce 8800GT and I have a 380 Watt PSU: Seasonic S12 380W.

I'm not sure if it can handle the 8800GT card. Here are specs for the PSU (I'm not good at that stuff so I'll post all I can find that I think could be relevant):

ATX12V V2.0
PCI-E Connector (6P)
+12V1 - 10A
+12V2 - 15A

A:Will 8800GT work with this PSU?

Minimum System Requirements

1GB of system memory

Microsoft Windows Vista -or- Windows XP
CD or DVD-ROM drive

50MB of available hard disk drive space for basic driver installation

425W PCI Express-compliant system power supply with a combined 12V current rating of 28A or more (Minimum system power requirement based on a standard PC configured with an Intel® Core?2 Extreme X6800 processor)

PCI Express-compliant motherboard with one vacant PCI Express x16 slot

One 6-pin PCI Express supplementary power connector -or- Two 4-pin Molex supplementary power connectorsClick to expand...

this was taken from tigerdirect on this 8800gt
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hey all,
i've been keeping an eye on the 8800gt 512 for awhile, waiting for them to come down in price. now that they are starting to i've noticed that evga (and a few others) have a 1gig version.
has anyone seen any comparisons between the two? i'm just wondering if its worth the extra $70US

A:8800gt 1gb worth it?

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i juz bought a 8800gt OC alpha dog edition. it says tat it is an over clocked gpc so does it mean tat it overclocks itself to 640mhz or muz i adjust it manually to overclock? sorry for the noob question =p

A:8800gt OC edition.does it OC by itself?

My friend has a BFG 8800GT OC. I'm pretty sure that the product will come already overclocked, and the GPU will be functioning faster than an average 8800GT.
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would 2x 8600gts cards be worth the money?

the two im looking at @ have a core clock of 700mhz
and a memory clock @ 2100mhz gddr3 , only thing im worried about is the stream proccesors, i really dont know how much of a difference the 112 of a 8800gt is compared to the 32 in the 8600gts.

guess my overall question is,

would i get better gaming from 1x 8800gt or 2x 8600gts's?

if i get the 8800gt it would have to be the 256mb memory gddr3 vs
the 512mb gddr3 from the two 8600gts's combined.

thanks in advance,

system spec's these card(s) will be used in :

evga 590i sli mainboard socket am2
4000+ amd cpu 2.1ghz dual core
4gigs (2x2) A-data pc6400
rosewill 600watt sli certified psu
300gb seagate 16mb cache HD
cheap black case with plenty of cooling.

A:Cant afford 2x 8800gt's....

I'd get the single 8800gt. The 8800's are much better than the 8600 series. In SLI, the vram doesn't combine, so if you have 256mb x 2, then you still have a "256mb card."
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I just recently built a new system and I put a BFG 8800GT 512mb OC video card in it. Before going out and purchasing the latest and greatest in games as far as graphics go, I decided to test the card with F.E.A.R.

With the resolution at 1280x1020, I am able to play with settings completely maxed out. I ran a temperature log and noticed that my card would peak at around 95-96 degrees celsius. How unsafe is it to have the card running at these levels and can I expect the temperature to rise a great deal with games such as Bioshock and Crysis? Thanks.

A:8800GT temperature

the problem with that is defining the word "safe". companies say that cards and processors and things can go fairly high in terms of temperature "safely". but i don't think that high of a temperature is very safe at all. you'll end up diminishing the life-time of your card quite a bit.

and yes, you can expect the temps to rise with games like those. the better the graphics, the more the card, processor, and ram have to work. and that means more power, and more heat.

if i were you, i would DEFINITELY go out and buy an aftermarket cooler for that card. you don't want to have downed 250 bucks or more for a card that's just going to go up in flames.

if you had read the warnings in Techspot's review of this card, you'd have noted that this card does indeed generate quite a bit of heat.

but as i said. i'd suggest buying a from zalman. they make great cooling devices. if you want, i can help you look for one on newegg.
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i want to 8800gt and it says its PCI express 2.0... i read that PCI express cards will not fit in a conventional PCI slot... what do i have to do to make sure it does fit in my computer

A:8800gt PCI question

You have to find out if your motherboard has a PCI-Express x16 slot. It either does or doesn't. Because you ask this question in the first place, we must assume your PC is not self-built. Knowing the PC brand and model you have would help us help you.
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I am debating on whether to get a 9800gtx or a 8800gt. There is about $100 between the two cards, and I am not quite sure of whether it is worth it. I am NOT going to tri-SLI (since Im not made of gold), so that 9-series feature has no impact on my buying decision.

What do you guys think I should do?

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Does this processor look good? Or should I burn my wallet to purchase this one. Remember even though I can break my budget I prefer not to.

A:Best processor to get the most out of the 8800gt in SLI

It depends on what you want to do for. However, You should go with Intel Core 2 Duo E6750, the processor is faster and more energy efficiency, and better overclocking than the AMD +6400, and it is exactly the same price in new egg. Are you doing hardcore gaming?
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I have just got a new 8800GT to replace my 6600GT, and i cannot tell one difference.
my specs are

8800GT (its the OC2 one, from bfg. so its better than the normal one!"
3.6ghz Dualcore
2gb ram
380gb hdd
550w psu (the gfx card has its own 250w psu)
1cpu fan, 2 smaller fans circulating air.
1400x900 resolution
windows xp.
im just trying to list anything that would prevent it from running properly.

now i have all the updated drivers, clean install of xp. and i still get 20-30 fps on guildwars, lineage2, dont even go there with UT3 or crysis. cant even handle low-medium on both.

Relevancy 39.13%

I'm thinking of getting an 8800GT (specifically XFX's 8800GT Alpha Dog 512MB 670MHz ). I currently have the PSU that came with my case running w/ my X1800XT, it's Actec's SmartPower 2.0 450W with dual +12 rails having 15V on one and 17V on another. Now I've always been confused on PSU requirements, XFX says I need 22A on my +12 rail so is it both combined (which make 32V) or do I need 22V one a single rail?

Thanks for your help guys!

Relevancy 39.13%

As you can guess i am thinking about getting the new 8800GT, but i was wondering if my PSU can handle the power requirements, or will i need to get a new power supply. Currently i have a 430W thermaltake PSU, but it only has one 12V rail rated at 18A.

If my PSU is not powerful enough, could you help me out to find a good PSU that will work? Since the video card is about $250, I want to keep the cost down on the PSU, but i know a good quality PSU will cost more. So i was hoping to spend about $60, but i am willing to go up to $80 if needed.


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so i just got this. i got 2gigs a 3700+ processor and windows xp. i get like 15 fps in wow what could be the problem. can anyone recommend some good drivers?

Relevancy 39.13%

Just curious- How much amperage is required on the 12volt rail for this card? I know the GTS and GTX is like 22 to 28 or something like that, but I'm getting a Thermaltake graphics card power supply that has 21 amps, and I was wanting to make sure it would be fine.

I've searched the internet pretty thoroughly and cannot find the requirements.

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right now i have a single 7950gt 256mb the gx2 has a whopping 1 gig vram and the 8800only 512 wat should i get iam saving some cash on the gx2 also

A:8800gt or 7950gx2

Yeah...absolutely go 2x7950. That is a great card and two of them would have to be great and better than one 8800 GT. Interested to hear what others may say. G' Luck.
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Hey, I am going to build a computer soon, and I really want to play Crysis at its full potential. I was thinking of getting an 8800GT, but I want a card that can max out crysis, and I was wondering if an 8800GT can, and if not, what is the next cheapest card that can?

A:Can 8800GT Max Out Crysis?

That card doesn't exist (yet) and won't be cheap.
8800GTX at the moment.
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Can i put a Nvidia 8800Gt (sparkle) on a 500W PSU???

A:Nvidia 8800gt

Yes, that will be more than enough power.
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I just put together a computer and have been having a problem with a BSOD in the game Crysis.

Running at 1024x1280 I can set all of the video settings to high except texture quality. The instant I put it any higher than medium I get a BSOD which entails some unrecoverable hardware failure. I haven't done too much testing to discover what exactly is causing the problem and hope it is not my new 8800gt since I do not want to have to go through the ordeal of having it replaced.

From what I have read it could possibly be my memory as well.

Has anyone else had this problem or have any ideas of what it may be.

Here are my specs...

Vista Ultimate
2048mb ddr2
AMD x2 6400+
BFG 8800gt OC
550w PSU
Foxconn AM2 Mobo w/
570 Nvidia Chipset
500gb hdd

A:8800gt Issue

can you tell me the code of the BSOD? if you can i can help you pinpoint the exact problem
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Hey guys, Im looking to get another xfx 8800gt so i can run in sli. My question is can my power supply handle it? I have a thermaltake thoughpower 750w With 4 12 v rails and can take a max of 60A. The nvidia web site recommends this psu for sli but i just wanted a second opinion.

Please check out my specs and see if it could power all of that.


A:Powering 8800gt in sli

If Nvidia certifies it for SLI, it would be good enough for me.
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Will the new pci 2.0 card still work in a pci x16 slot. Thanks

A:Will the 8800gt work in a pci e16

Yes it should work on a PCI-e 1.0 slot, as a matter of fact most sites that did a review of the card when it came out were using motherboards that didn't have PCI-e 2.0 slots.
Relevancy 39.13%

I've just recently baught a new 8800GT and while i play any game i have a random lag spike that lasts about 15 seconds.
I was wondering if this problem could be caused by overheating, or my guess my PSU is too small, on the 12v2 line it only has 16A and 400watts.
Relevancy 39.13%

Hey all. I finally ordered a GeForce 8800GT graphics card in order to play the more demanding games on my computer, but I still need to upgrade my PSU before I install and use it, so I was wondering if anyone had any great suggestions as to what kind of PSU I'm looking for and maybe direct me towards some that would be powerful enough to power my card and system. I'm trying to save some money, so I'm really only willing to spend only $100 or less for a PSU.

My card:

My System:

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Power to my 8800GT?

really, when it comes to PSU's, you get what you pay for. you will need at very least a 450W PSU with 26A on the 12V rail (if any of this confuses you, let me know )

i'm looking around newegg for your in your budget and i'll let you know how it goes

this is all i've found that's really up to the job so far but it's a tiny bit over budget

what i'm currently going by is looking for a psu that has at least 26A 12V rail but if it works in a different way (which i think it might do) then it will be a lot easier to find a psu. i think it may work by putting the two 12V rail amperages together, because the card gets power from the PCI-e and an auxiliary power connector. e.g. my power supply has 2 20A 12V rails which come together to make 30A so that would be easily sufficient. if this is what i should be going by then this one will do you nicely
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I have recently bought an 8800gt, and I am concerned a little bit about the fan speed. After doing a little stress testing on the card (with the fan speed on AUTO), the GPU hit a whopping 72 degress Celcius. Using the nTune application to manually control the fan speed, I maxed the fan to 100% power, and the GPU fell to 52 degrees in less then 2 minutes....

However, whenever I restart, the fan speed always goes back to auto. Is there a way to set the fan speed to around 70% permanently? I think the AUTO likes to keep that fan around 29% (which is not cool enough )

Relevancy 39.13%

why is the 8800gt still more then the 9600gt? the 9600 has better specs even...



Relevancy 39.13%

after a new 8800gt install my pc seems to be crashing , when it crashes though it only stops responding to mouse input like left and right click but the cursor still moves. it also stops responding to any key input except for control + alt +delete. i have 2gb ram,core 2 duo and 550w PSU so there is no requirements im not meeting for it and it has the latest drivers. it normally crashes or does this when i run disk clean up or another application crashes,before my pc would close the crashed application and recover fine (when i had a 9280 radeon) but now it just stops all input and needs resetting? any idea's thanks!

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Hi guys, I'm thinking about upgrading my graphics card from a 6150LE. I'm pretty set on the 8800GT but I'm wondering if it's worth the extra $20 or $30 to get the GTS. I run at 1680 x 1050 and I'm looking at the MSI cards on newegg. Thanks in advance.

A:8800GT or 8800GTS (G92)

I thought about getting the Radeon 4850 also, but I heard it runs hot and I didn't want to buy a cooler also. Thanks for the reply though.
Relevancy 39.13%

I plan on selling an 8800GT in the near future, and I am just trying to guage an asking price. I know the card is a few years old, but its still a gaming card by todays standards.

On a related note, you would say an 6870 is worth the cost over a 6850?


A:8800GT Resale Value

Hello, Steven
I would recommend buying a 6850 instead of a 6870. Reason: The 6870 is a little bit larger and there actually not so many differences between those. The price is more on the 6870 than the 6850. Also 6850 is for all ur needs. The price for the 8800GT Is currently at about 100$, but i am not sure.... Look it all up urself if u want more information.
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In many broken? 8800gt my Is games my video card I asume it s my card start acting strange after a while Sometimes it suddenly uses wrong textures like putting ground texture on the side of Is my 8800gt broken? a building and building texture on Is my 8800gt broken? the ground Sometimes it also kind of stretches a texture or something like that to form a spike like thingy for just a fraction of a second When this happens I have a few seconds to try to close the game before my computer crashes If I succeed at closing the game I have to restart or it will happen again as soon as i enter a game It seems to be almost garenteed to happen first after install time I run a game resulting in a computer crash requireing a restart It s also more likely to happen when my computer has been on for a while making me think it might be heat but i have tried using riva tuner to speed up the fan and watched the temperature it gets cooler but doesn t seem to make a difference A few times I have been able to close the game and return to windows although the game crashed looks like a computer crash then I get a message about the nvidia display driver crashing So the driver migth be the problem but then again the same thing happens on all operating systems and i also tried getting an older driver still no luck Games where this has happened Warcraft happens a lot in this game but i have also played it a lot so Age of Conan Counter strike Red alert beta well it migt as well be the beta stage in this case Runescape played in the browser using java recently started making use of the video card Most other games i have tried My setup Asus p k e wifi ap Intel quad Q GB RAM MHz corsair Geforce GT x TB hard drives spinpoint F of them in raid Mulitboot XP bit XP bit and vista ultimate bit are on the raid Corsair VX W PSU My gt is from zotac Graphics Processing Unit - NVIDIA GeForce GT MHz engine clock - Stream Processors - Dual MHz RamDAC - Max Resolution x - True -bit floating point high dynamic-range HDR lighting with x full- screen anti-aliasing Memory - MB GDDR - MHz memory clock - -bit memory bus Bus Support - PCI Express x compatible with PCIe x D Acceleration - Microsoft DirectX support - Unified Shader Model - OpenGL I think zotac overclocked it a litle less than amp am I right or is it only the amp edition that is overclocked Is my card broken should I try sending it back to the shop Or is there something else I should try first like underclocking maybe nbsp

A:Is my 8800gt broken?

Yes, try underclocking the card first. If that doesn't work, return it and get a new one.
Relevancy 39.13%

im just wondering if my GPU temps are decent or high compared to anyone else who has the card. I'm running x2 60mm fans, x1 80mm fan @ about 2400rpm, x1 120mm fan @ about 3800rpm, and the fan on the card running @ 60% using rivatuner.

even with all of that SpeedFan still says my card idles at around 64C and running FarCry 2 all settings max with 2AA i get around 75C

everything else runs cool

if these temps are in fact high im either going to put in a 120mm fan in the side of my case or use a PCI slot fan to help with the temps.

any suggestions or temp comparisons would help out a lot

A:BFG 8800GT OC2 temperatures

75C is not that bad. Go ahead with your plans to add the extra fans
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I'm geting a new gaming pc with dual 8800GT SLI.
Is this better than one video card or just a wast of money???

P.S I will be doing alot of gaming.


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i was wondering if there was a waterblock that would fit my 8800gt oc2

A:VGA waterblock for 8800GT OC2?

there are a few dangerden blocks, you should check on their site.
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Hi all,

Looking to upgrade my graphics card at the end of the month but am torn between getting an 8800gt for my pc or an Xbox 360 for the living room.

How does the 360 compare to the level of gaming you get from a decent PC with an 8800gt as the prices aren't too different? I know the 360 has an on board ATI graphics card but I don't know how this fares up against an 8800gt.

Cheers in advance

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Hello everyone, I've been experiencing problems with my card since yesterday. While I went to class in the morning, I returned within an hour to a monitor that was completely black.

After restarting, my screen is forced at 800x600 and they are trippy bar lines all around my screen. Since then I've reinstalled Win7 multiple times, downloaded new drivers, and updated my bios.

None of which is helping. I'm thinking maybe Windows update downloaded something while I was gone that forced my card to be undetected...

I uninstalled the 8800GT and the drivers thinking maybe a new installation might solve it, but now (the new driver) is saying it doesn't recognize Windows 7 32-bit as actually being Windows 7 32 bit.

Now I'm stuck with it not even detecting a graphics card.

Please help!

A:8800GT (Code 43)

Quick update: after a reboot it detected it again, however the Code 43 is still there.

trying to read with these barlines everywhere is horrible.

And I was really loving Windows 7 too!
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What should I set my core clock and memory clock to? I have something called VDOtool where I can change all the settings.

I have Core clock (which goes up to 780MHz , memory clock (which goes up to 1800MHz) and shader clock (which goes up to 1960MHz). Obviously I want to have the maximum capabilities but is it wise to just turn them all up to full?


Relevancy 39.13%

I have a 650i ultra motherboard and want to put the best video card on it that it can handle.The system is 32 bit dual core 2.33ghz. Any help would be appreciated.

A:8800GT not cutting it

How exactly is your 8800GT not cutting it?
What games are you playing and at what resolution?
Are you able to overclock the processor?

Are you looking to replace the GPU and if so, what's your budget?
What size is your PSU?
Relevancy 39.13%

Hi I am looking at upgrading my system I have a limited budget but don t really know what the exact limit is at this time as it depends on other factors I am looking at changing the graphics card first as I have to 8800GT ATI5750 had intermittent problems with my GT for a long time I can afford to get a which will leave some spare cash from what I have now Longer term I will be upgrading CPU Motherboard RAM and HDD aswell As I am quite out of touch with these things what sort of performance increase would I likely see from a over XFX GT factory overclocked The annoying thing at the moment is my system runs pretty much anything I want it too fairly well I just get annoyed with the random crashes I have posted on here about them but couldn t seem to tie it down to a particular 8800GT to ATI5750 component Individually everything passes tests stress tests just falls over sometimes in games Any recommendations on manufacturers for motherboards I have been reading the Gigabyte are pretty good at the moment May well go back to AMD over Intel for the CPU as they are historically better bang for buck than Intel is that still the case I will be gaming with it but I don t do lots of hardcore gaming Play alot of Eve Online which shouldn t be a problem at all also play Borderlands and may be getting Bad Company in the near future My current spec is in my profile CPU is a significant bottleneck at the moment I believe Any thougths ideas would be appreciated nbsp
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Hi all,

I wanna upgrade my graphics card to an EVGA 8800GT. I'm not sure if my PSU will handle it, because I don't know the exact watts and whether or not I need to plug it into my PSU (is that what I do with the power chord that comes with it? I'm new to this...).

According to a PSU Calculator, my psu is 440 watts, but I've read other places that my computer (it's pre-made) is 350 watts. Here are the specs:

AMD Phenom 9550 x4 2.2 GHz
4 sticks of ram (5GB)
NVidia GeForce 9400 (GeForce 8200 + GeForce 9300GE)

This is a HP m8530f, by the way.

Please tell me if I can run a 8800GT...or point me to a website that can help..thanks!

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Do not know if this is already answered. Did not get anything in search, and I am new here.

I have a problem with tv out on my "new" XFX 8800GT. It just do not want to register my TV. Connected it via S-VHS cable and tried with that adapter that came with the card (hooked on blue hole).

The same thing was on my old HD2600XT, so I think it might be with Win 7 RTM x86.

I am using the latest drivers from nVidia site. I did not try to boot (install) Vista or XP to check, but it seems I might need to.

Thanks in any case, good to be here.

A:XFX 8800GT tv out problem

Quote: Originally Posted by redkanji

Do not know if this is already answered. Did not get anything in search, and I am new here.

I have a problem with tv out on my "new" XFX 8800GT. It just do not want to register my TV. Connected it via S-VHS cable and tried with that adapter that came with the card (hooked on blue hole).

The same thing was on my old HD2600XT, so I think it might be with Win 7 RTM x86.

I am using the latest drivers from nVidia site. I did not try to boot (install) Vista or XP to check, but it seems I might need to.

Thanks in any case, good to be here.

Samo da znaš da analogni S-VHS podržava rezoluciju do 640x480
A ako imaš digitalni onda nema problema...

Analogue S-VHS supports up to 640x480 resolution unless you have a digital professional S-VHS
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Back in January this year I purchased the BFG 8800 GT OC and installed it into my computer. This week I customized a brand new computer and bought a second graphics card which is the same exact model as the first. When I took the PC to a computer store to be assembled, the technicians told me that the two graphics cards are not compatible with each other and will not work in SLI; they explained that my first 8800 GT is older and will not work with the newer one. I don't understand this at all because I thought any two cards that are the same model could work in SLI. The two cards' specifications match up to be identical. So what's the problem? Is there an update to resolve this issue or can these graphics cards never work with each other?

A:8800GT SLI Problem

If the two cards are the same model and spec they will work regardless of how old they are, I noticed that the first card you mentioned was a OC model ie overclocked is the second a OC model as well if it's a stock then they wont work together both would have to be either OC or stock.
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I just got a Palit 8800gt (only one in stock ANYwhere). I have a msi K9vgm-v mobo and athlon 64x2 6000+, 450w psu (w/27A). I uninstalled the onboard video w/ driver cleaner and turned off the comp, popped in the 8800 and hooked up the power dongle, switched it back on... nothing. What. The. ****. do I do?
The 8800's fan is running, so it's getting the card defective?

Thanks in advance.

A:8800gt not recognized

oh crap I think I figured it out...

8800gt doesn't support pci-e 1.0a does it...
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Hey guys Just wondering as this is the one thing that is really getting at me right now Will my Athlon AMD X GHz Processor bottleneck an Nvidia GT if I was to buy one 8800GT? processor bottleneck to Is my an going I currently Is my processor going to bottleneck an 8800GT? have a Radeon Pro but I m really disappointed with its performance but I ve heard wonders about the Is my processor going to bottleneck an 8800GT? GT so I m thinking about getting one I have the option to go for a newer processor Not too fancy I don t really want to go far Is my processor going to bottleneck an 8800GT? over the model but I m just wondering if it would be worth it Just for reference I play a few games but the one I m trying to get running smoothly is Age of Conan when it comes out I am in the Open Beta at the moment but my s performance was so so disappointing I was getting low framerates even on low settings and I know it s the beta but it wasn t really stuttering or lots of loading or disk-thrashing that was bothering me it was the sluggishness of the graphics Any help would be appreciated Thanks lex nbsp

A:Is my processor going to bottleneck an 8800GT?

I don't really believe that you'll bottleneck your GPU with your current CPU. I think the performance gain would be substantial going to the 8800GT.
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Hey all can someone tell me the best overclocking settings for my standard, factory Nvidia 8800 GT (512mb) - No extra cooling...factory.

Factory *8800GT* :

Core clock = 600
Shader clock = 1500
Memory clock = 900

100% Fan rate at standard = 60 C

Any suggestions?

Thank You!

A:Nvidia 8800GT Overlock HELP

I always abide by common sense when overclocking a graphics card. Generally I start at about a 10% increase and monitor the PC for any errors, over heating or BSODs for a day or two, I personally wouldn't go above 15% with out some extra cooling, mainly because I don't like monitoring the temperatures the whole time.

This is just my opinion and how I do things, it may not necaserily be the best, safest, or most beneficial way of doing it.

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My computer has been having Severely overheating 8800GT regular blue screens of death for a long time At first it was only once every few days and I just chocked it up to Vista being Vista However they gradually became more and more frequent and by a month or two ago I was having - a day at least more if I spent extended periods of time gaming I Severely overheating 8800GT used to be able to run Crysis on High graphics settings for hours on end but about weeks ago Severely overheating 8800GT it got to the point that I could only play a few games for extended periods of time with my PC blue screening after at most an hour and at least - minutes of game time In addition it would still blue screen on occasion in the few games that normally worked and even when I was just browsing the web I noticed that the blue screens came faster in games with higher graphics so I downloaded Speedfan and was surprised to find that my GT stabilized at degrees C just on my desktop without any games or other applications open Because my PC was in a rather cramped space I moved it hoping that the improved ventilation would cool it down That only dropped it by about degree so I removed the side panel and was pleased to find that it dropped the temperature by a whole degrees However the blue screens kept coming so I bought a small desktop fan and pointed it at the exposed graphics card That managed to get the desktop temperature to around C and bought me some in game time before the blue screens but only by a very small amount and although I put the side panel back on whenever I turn off my computer I'm still worried that I'm letting in too much dust into my PC I'm too tired to type any more well constructed paragraphs right now so I'll just list any more details I think might be useful The graphics card is nearing years old now Most tolerable games stabilize somewhere in the mid 's Although they happen most at high temps I think the blue screens happen within a wide range of temperatures with some crashing my PC minutes after I alt tab and see my card in the 's and Oblivion reaching C after only minutes at the highest graphics settings which is usually how long it takes for it to BSOD my computer I'm not sure if Vista has multiple blue screens for different problems so here's the one I've been getting http img imageshack us img creenvista jpg So my question is what should I do to decrease the temperature of my graphics card With these temperatures is it even possible and will I just have to get a new one Also if I buy another GT in the future and dual-link it with my current ones will that decrease the temperature and reduce the number of BSOD's I get or will the old card just bring down the new one Thanks in advance

A:Severely overheating 8800GT

what are you running
video card
power supply

check the listings in the bios for voltages and temperatures and post them

post the minidumps and we can get someone to check them
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In Quake for some reason I 4 8800GT. eating Quake my get FPS most of the time on Ultra quality with everything turned all the way up and everything turned on The only thing is in not particularly detailed or quot actiony quot and a lot of times rather simple areas my FPS drops down into the teens and twenties or chugs at a steady FPS until I reach another area where it bumps all the way back up to - range I was wondering if there were any fixes to this because it gets really choppy in those low FPS ranges because of the fluctuation If it were at a constant - it wouldn t be an issue Also for some reason in all my games I have a maximum and constant of FPS at all resolutions and qualities with various options turned on or off Its apparently a cap and I was wondering if I could turn this off If so how and would it likely fix my Quake issues nbsp

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Hi all i have a problem and i thought you guys might be able to help During a game of nba k my screen froze for a few seconds the colors changed became corrupted and I had to restart the problem 8800GT Geforce computer I repeated the same process times but I had the same result Then when I restarted my pc on the bios screen you could Geforce 8800GT problem see many dots that Geforce 8800GT problem had covered the screen After this the computer started normaly until the desktop screen Then I checked the device manager and saw Geforce 8800GT problem the following message windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems code When I went to screen resolution I saw default monitor and not the name of my graphics card as I expected After a search in google I found that the problem was the soldering of my graphics card and the only way that could help was baking it in the oven Or heating it up with a hot air gun I don t know if those methods work that s why I wanted to ask for a second opinion do these solutions worth trying my pc specs are PC SPECIFICATIONS CPU Intel Core Quad Q Motherboard IP PRO RAM GB Ram DDR Dual channel x MHz Graphics Card Geforce GT PSU Coolermaster W I think Operating System Windows Bit Monitor Samsung Syncmaster BW HDD Sata II GB Seagate HDD amp amp Western Digital PS I have installed the latest drivers and updated my bios Here are some photos with the problem http s postimage org gk lmnnmh Bios jpg nbsp

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Just one to pick your brains, I rig is ned of some updating, I hav a E6700 (not great but when I bought it it was the bee's knee!) paired with two geforce 8800gt XFX alpha dog xxx editions in SLI, juicey, yep, hot, always!! however I know the processor is in need of updateing but my question is how about the graphics cards? is it worth it or even cost effective to update with a more modern card or does the sli on 8800 work well enough, would I really see a huge difference (abet the electricty bill) if I went for a newer model?

Any input would be great.


A:How does two 8800gt XFX Alpha dog xxx in SLI compare with..

That kind of depends on what resolution you game at, what level of eye candy you're happy with in-game, what games you are playing and budget if you were to upgrade.
8800GT's in SLI are a pretty popular setup and give reasonable performance up to 1680x1050/1200 in most older games (DX9 and OpenGL mainly) but I think that 1920x1080 is a more than a little taxing on the cards, as are games built primarily with DX10 and 11 in mind.
You can get an idea of how your SLI stacks up against some of the newer (AMD) cards here -it's reasonably recent although you can probably add a little to the newer cards fps to allow for driver improvements
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please help me i just got my brand new parts for my PC and i m having QX6850 working 8800GT PC not New extreme problems first off my New PC QX6850 8800GT not working processor is the QX i have eVGA GT superclocked cards eVGA i nForce LT SLI motherboard gb OCZ ram duel channel x gig sticks watt ultra powersupply and i bought windows vista first off i booted up first boot and had problems the pc went through the boot sequence and had to restart after the restart i have NO SIGNAL on my monitor i unhooked everything took out the graphics cards the ram the processor the power and put everything back only this time i only used one video card not the two SLI and it booted up read my vista disk and started installing vista on my hard drive after i got through the initialization which took about minutes it had to restart and it restarted and never came back up NO SIGNAL on monitor i tried a cold restart still nothing i m not sure whats going on it turns on but wont show anything and stays running really fast not how it was when the vista program was running cry nbsp

A:New PC QX6850 8800GT not working

if i were you i would try installing xp then if that dosnt work blame it on some fualty hardware or a screwed up bios =D

PS.I love the parts u bought
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I just bought an eVGA 8800GT superclocked. After I installed it my computer would turn on but it wouldnt boot up (or make any beeping noises). At first I thought the card might be DOA but im starting to think its the power supply. Before I installed this card i was running 2 6800XT's and they still work so theres nothing wrong with my motherboard.

Here are my system specs:
CPU: AMD x2 3800+
Mobo: GA-K8N Pro-SLI
RAM: 2GB (Dual Channel)
PSU: XION 450W (came with case)

Heres a pic of the specs for the PSU

A:My 8800GT wont boot

but since im a new member
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Can someone upload to rapidshare or megaupload the original driver disc from the Sparkle 8800gt 512mb and send me the link

A:Drivers for Sparkle 8800GT

Hello there, usually the Driver Disks that comes with video card are not updated drivers, since you're using a Nvidia based Video Card, i'd recommend you to download the latest driver, 260.99

Go to Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers

Select your Video Card, OS and download it from there.

Cheers. Punkster

EDIT: if you search for Nvidia 8 Series, there will not be any drivers available for Win7, i guess is some kind of bug on the website, just search for another model of video card. I.E.: 9800GT, later on the download it will say which models are compatible with that driver and you'll see the GeForce 8 Series in it, including your 8800GT, but don't download the GeForce 500 Series drivers cause those only work for GTX 580/570

Here's a Direct Link for the 260.99 Drivers:
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Is this motherboard compatable with MSI 8800GT(in SLI as well?)? Because I'm planning to upgrade my 8600gt as I mention in a thread that I made not so long ago. I am also wondering if a 700w psu would be enough to power (2)8800GTs in SLI?

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Had some problems recently with computer and removed this for a few days and went back to original video card.

Reinstalled this card and everything running fine, but Nvidia Monitor says it's about 70 degrees C with just a movie going. Is that okay? out of normal?

I don't have any special cooling setup.


A:Xfx Geforce 8800GT temperature

That temperature is fine. Those cores run hot. One of my 8800 GTS's runs at around 74C at the desktop. As long as the fan spins up when you play a game, there's nothing to worry about.
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For Christmas I got an EVGA GeForce 8800GT. (The "Superclocked" version) I've read tons of reviews, and they all seem to agree that the stock fan speed is not enough to keep it cool. (Many have said that it got up to 90 some degrees Celsius) The stock fan speed is 29%, and I used nTune to bring it up to 42%. The problem is that I have to bring the fan speed back up to 42% every time I boot into Windows. A few other people have had this problem (Again from reviews), but I heard of no fix.
How can I change it so the fan speed is at 42% every time I boot into Windows?
This is the card, along with 270+ reviews.

A:GeForce 8800GT Fan Speed

You could use Nibitor to read the bios from the card. Then edit the bios to permenantly reflect the new fan speeds. Then flash the card with the new bios, making sure to keep the old bios handy incase something goes wrong.

The only other way to make the changes permenant is through the use of some kind of software that lets you save profiles with clock and fanspeed settings. From there you can set it to load on startup.
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Should a Thermaltake TR2 RX 550W be able to run a 8800GT. I just bought a XFX 8800gt installed it but the computer wont turn on, everything is connected properly. The PSU is running two 12v rails 16A and 17A so that should be enough right?

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Wow. I've really been cluttering these forums with all my posts. Sorry about that- I have a bad habit of starting new threads to ask questions that could probably be answered in the others that I have made.

Anyway, hopefully my last thread on this issue.

I have a Pentium 4 Hyperthreading 3.2GHz processor with 2GB of Kingston DDR PC-3200 400MHz RAM with an ASUS P5VD1-X motherboard. As some of you know, I've purchased an 8800GT (and power supply) to upgrade my graphics a bit to play Crysis and UT3. Well, it just dawned on me that my system may very well bottleneck with the 8800GT and not perform as predicted.

Looking for the advice of those who have experience, what can I expect, and will I get lousy performance in these games (probably Crysis if anything because it's "maximized" for multiple cores), or will I be fine until my next build?

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I have heard mixed responses as to which one is better most pointing at the GT as better I own a EVGA MB NVIDIA 8800GTS question 8800GT vs GTS Superclocked card EVGA offers a step up program where you can trade up and pay the difference within days if you want another card It looks like the GT is getting great benchmarks just killing even the mb GTS and coming close to the GTX What is making me think twice about getting the new card is that it is listed at and my card is still listed at Can someone explain to me why there might 8800GTS vs 8800GT question be 8800GTS vs 8800GT question the price gap The only thing that I see is that the one is the memory interface bit DDR as compared to bit DDR How big of a deal will that make The specs on my card are Performance NVIDIA GeForce GTS Superclocked MHz GPU Pixel Pipelines MHz RAMDAC Memory MB bit DDR MHz effective GB s Memory Bandwidth The specs on the one that I am interested in are Performance NVIDIA GeForce GT MHz GPU Pixel Pipelines MHz RAMDAC Memory MB bit DDR MHz effective GB s Memory Bandwidth Thanks in advance nbsp

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I just built a new system with Vista Ultimate Here are the specs Processor AMD Phenom Quad Core Motherboard Asus M N-SLI Deluxe Power Supply Antec TruPower Trio RAM OCZ GB PC SLI-Ready Edition Dual Channel DDR Video Rate Frame 8800GT Card eVGA GeForce GT w MB Sound Card AC onboard sound Display Dell FP UXGA LCD Hard Drive Seagate SATA GB w MB buffer Optical LG DVD-RAM x -R x RAM Removable Generic - Media Reader Webcam Microsoft VI- When I play Dundeons amp Dragons Online my framerate varies between - in populated places and only if I stare at the walls This seems too low I was getting 8800GT Frame Rate better 8800GT Frame Rate framerates running XP on a AMD x with a GS I've tried the nVidia drives and the betas from guru Not much difference Is this a Vista problem that will be fixed with SP or Is this an nVidia driver problem that will be fixed with later drivers or Is my power supply too weak or Is DDO the problem or Are my expectations too high Any thoughts would be appreciated -Brad Dunlap

A:8800GT Frame Rate

Originally Posted by Viking707

I just built a new system with Vista64 Ultimate. Here are the specs:

Processor = AMD Phenom 9500 Quad Core
Motherboard = Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe
Power Supply = Antec TruPower Trio 430
RAM = OCZ 4GB PC6400 SLI-Ready Edition Dual Channel DDR2
Video Card = eVGA GeForce 8800GT w/512MB
Sound Card = AC?97 onboard sound
Display = Dell FP2001 20.1? UXGA LCD
Hard Drive = Seagate SATA 300GB w/16MB buffer
Optical = LG DVD-RAM (16x +/-R 10x ?RAM)
Removable = Generic 7-1 Media Reader
Webcam = Microsoft VI-6000[/font]

When I play Dundeons & Dragons Online my framerate varies between 20-60 in populated places and 100+ only if I stare at the walls. This seems too low. I was getting better framerates running XP on a AMD 3800+ x2 with a 7600GS.

I've tried the nVidia 169.25 drives and the 171.20 betas from guru. Not much difference.

Is this a Vista 64 problem that will be fixed with SP!?..... or
Is this an nVidia driver problem that will be fixed with later drivers.......or
Is my power supply too weak?.......... or
Is DDO the problem?.......... or
Are my expectations too high?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

-Brad Dunlap

Welcome to the forums Brad!

60 FPS with an 8800 GT is good, especially in DDO (I have both myself). 20 seems a little low, can't say why, it could be a combination of factors which are causing this. It sounds like you've got the latest drivers. Maybe rolling back the driver may have some impact if the latest ones are not performing well.

You can download the 163 driver here: ForceWare Release 163

I wish I could give you a magic bullet to fix things. You might also try adjusting the settings within DDO itself.

Let us know how things work out for you.
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I'm probably going to buy
and I have a GeForce 6600 atm.

I have a "350 Watt Fortron Source PFC" power supply. Will the new card run on the power supply? If it won't, what power supply would you guys recommend? (Power supplies are probably the only part I know pretty much nothing about xD)

Greets, Thas

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Hey people do you think an Asus 550 WATT power supply is good enough to power up 2 x XFX 8800GT in SLI ? or will it be good enough just for one?
would appreciate your answers


A:Power requirments for XFX 8800GT

I have never seen one of these require more than that, however the card should tell you it's minimum requirements somewhere.
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So I have had my computer for like 3 weeks, and it was working fine. Then all of a sudden while installing world of warcraft it froze completely. And since then whenever I turn it on my monitor doesnt come on. I put my friends video card in which is like a 7800 or something. And it works fine. So I reformatted reinstalled my drivers and tried again still wouldnt work. So I reformatted it again. And now it wont even let me install my drivers cause I put my old video card in it which is an ATI video card. So when I try it tells me the drivers aren't compatible with my hardware. Does anyone have any idea what I should do to fix this? please please help

Oh i have windows vista, and the video card works in other computers. Just not my new one.

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I just finished installing water coolers ( a Coolermaster Aquagate) to my SLI system, on the 8800GT's. It want a "want it" mod, I was having probs with overheating, and geting major artifacting. It seems to have solved the problem quite well
Question is, on the original cooler system, yje memory chips were also receiving heat sink cooling from the original cooler. Now, I have 2x 120mm fans blowing directly over the cards, and a 140 floor mounted fan blowing onto them, will this be enough to keep them cool or do I need to look at instaling some additional heat sinks? No problems after a 12 hour run, but I would prefer to be safe. Any ideas?

A:Water cooled 8800GT

I doubt you would have to worry about adding additional heat sinks, sounds like you have it cooled from every angle as it stands, I have the 8800 GTS in a dell e521 it’s a compact case, and I just added one additional fan. It's been running for almost 3 months now and I have had no issues even playing Crysis.
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I just got a new graphics card GeForce GT for my computer My computer will power on but not display anything with the new card installed without it installed it did used to display everything just fine with my old one it was a PCI not a PCI e which this one is i took out the pci card put this one in and it card 8800GT graphics will only graphics card 8800GT turn the computer on i graphics card 8800GT wont get any kind of display my keyboard and mouse do not even light up normaly they will when the computer is turned on when i took the pci e card out and plugged my monitior into the on board card i got my display so i changed the config to graphics card 8800GT use the PCI e as my main card and if no card use the on board so i put the card back in again got the same prob again so i took it out tried booting and got the display back with the on board looked at it still said what i had changed tried it again with the card in same thing when i went to try to use the on board like before i got the same prob as with the card back in after this i realised that i needed a PSU with at least amps on the so i got a new PSU witht that a W which is what i had before only the psu i had before only had amps on the this PSU needs to use the adapter from two of the pin plugs so thats all hooked up nothing else has been changed before the new card was installed for a while before everything worked fine before i am not sure what to try doing with a prob like this i ve taken the battury out of my board to reset it changed nothing i have a P Ghz CPU hyper threaded HDD one gb maxtor and a Gb WD i have an intel board D GAV the new graphics card is a PCI E i belive my board is only the after looking around online for that prob i had ruled that out i found that they are backwords compatable at least thats what a few FAQ s i found had said i am not sure what else to try here so please if you know of something i could do let me know nbsp

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I am not sure if this is the right place to put this but here it is. I just need to know if this is a good graphics card to get for gaming. Thanks!

A:Questions about 8800GT alpha dog

Probably not, its a decent card but its pretty old, back from 2007. If you're buying a graphics card you should be buying a new model, used graphics cards are generally a bad investment.

What kind of games are you looking to play? My suggestion if you're going to be gaming is to get no less than a Geforce GTX 550 Ti or a Radeon HD 6770, and considerably better depending if want to play the latest games at the highest settings.
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hey guys, heres the problem...
im running off the card now, its not detected inside my device manager tho...

if i try installing drivers the card isnt in the pc, or vista isnt 32bit... which it both is!!

this is EXTREMELY important to get done.. i have lots of coursework to do, in very little time. (2 days!!)

Right- here is my pc
Information and Instructions - IMEDIA X2416 - PB80146101 - iMedia - platform_amadeus_imedia - Desktop
Please help
i feel like im stuck in a dead end..i did try googling it. ;(

A:8800GT 1GB alpha dog problem

Originally Posted by gd0t

hey guys, heres the problem...
im running off the card now, its not detected inside my device manager tho...

if i try installing drivers the card isnt in the pc, or vista isnt 32bit... which it both is!!

this is EXTREMELY important to get done.. i have lots of coursework to do, in very little time. (2 days!!)

Right- here is my pc
Information and Instructions - IMEDIA X2416 - PB80146101 - iMedia - platform_amadeus_imedia - Desktop
Please help
i feel like im stuck in a dead end..i did try googling it. ;(

did you go to nvidia for the driver? look here GeForce 8 Series

good luck