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Video driver update difficulty

Q: Video driver update difficulty

Having some problems running World of Warcraft I posted on a thread about my difficulty and gave them my dxdiag and a Blizzard poster gave me a link to follow to update my video driver I followed the link downloaded it and proceeded to update Video difficulty driver install the new driver Video driver update difficulty when about of the way through the installation it said that it quot failed to install a core component quot and that upon computer restart it would revert back to the last driver that worked However when I restarted things were a little messed up Icons were gigantic so I fixed the resolution but things still seem messed up - my ability to scroll down a window online or offline seems severely hampered - it s more like it quickly reloads the page than actual scrolling I am wondering what I should do now to get things back to the way they ought to be I am not entirely sure how to figure out what graphics card or driver I currently have my friend built it for me while I was at school but here is the info found in the link I was given I don t have enough posts yet to actually post the link GeForce ION Driver Release Version WHQL Release Date Operating System Windows XP Language English U S File Size MB Let me know how I might be able to obtain any other info that would help Thanks a lot nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Video driver update difficulty

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Video driver update difficulty

If it were me I would use system restore (it works better from safe mode) to go back to before you installed the driver that messed you up.
Anytime you update your graphics drivers you should use a cleaner to remove any traces of the old one, otherwise you can have problems. I often use driver cleaner pro (the free version) from within windows immediately after uninstalling from the add/remove programs section (XP). Remove all drivers for the graphics but leave any chipset stuff for nvidia alone. Here's the order I uninstall (nview desktop manager then drivers then display control panel will give you an error cause the driver unistall allready got it) You can also uninstall the physx drivers if you have them and download a new version if you need it.

Then run "driver cleaner pro" (google it but download from a place you trust) and select the word "nvidia" only, thats the graphics drivers leave the chipset stuff alone. It will even remove the folder under your C drive where nVidia likes to extract its stuff. Then reboot and go into safe mode (for me its the F8 button repeatedly at boot) and in safe mode install the new drivers.

Failed to install a core driver means there was something still active on your machine and it couldn't replace it while it was running.

The best way to be sure you get drivers for your machine is to go to the nvida site and follow the support section entering your info as you go (usually a few windows putting the appropriate info in order, but its for cards only, not onboard video, if you have onboard video you have to go to the mobo manufacturers site). Start with your graphics (geforce) then the series (like 8) your card number (like a 8800gt) and finally your OS. there is also a button for letting them scan your machine and tell you what you need automatically. I don't do warcraft or any online gaming so I can't help you but perhaps installing the latest directx 9.0c (june redistibutable) might be a good idea too.

All your icons got big cause it reverted back to just a generic VGA driver when the install failed and your desktop looked like you were in safe mode where drivers do not get loaded but most can be installed.
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After compiling all my drivers, I noticed that the video driver page offers to downloads as seen here Intel GMA High Definition Graphics Driver Driver Details | Dell US

Do I just need the update package or will I need to install the hard drive option below it as well?

A:Dell Video Driver update or hard drive update?

Hi ... That is just a Driver for your Graphics Installs on the Hard Drive ...
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So I recently decided to update my graphics for the new Battlefront and got a pop up from Catalyst Control asking if I wanted to activate some super high setting for my Toshiba BV B quot tv I foolishly clicked okay and now my tv won t display any video I m not sure where to go to turn that setting off but I can get back my video by plugging in a DVI output at the same time I just use this extra monitor for when stuff breaks cause the BIOS options don t show on HDMI output - right now it s allowing the TV to display the picture but if I remove that cable the video goes again I HDMI update No after video driver on video output m guessing it s a different video profile when they re No video output on HDMI after video driver update both plugged in from when they aren t or something No video output on HDMI after video driver update and I don t know how to make changes to just the TV when both are plugged in for me to be able to see Any help would be much appreciated Kind regards Nick Extra info AMD Radeon HD gb card Windows Ultimate bit TV Resolution when DVI plugged in x -bit hz - Generic PnP Monitor If you need any No video output on HDMI after video driver update further info about my setup just let me know and I ll try to provide it asap nbsp
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Well I dled world of warcraft but when I try opening it says : World of Warcraft was unable to start up 3D acceleration. Please make sure DirectX 9.0c is installed and your video drivers are up to date.

Well I downloaded DirectX but it still says the same thing. Now I need to know how to update my video driver, Thanks.

A:Video driver update

We need to know your card to help. Run GPU-Z. It will say which it is.

GPU-Z Video card GPU Information Utility
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Hello. First time and sorry for my bad english.  So...  My problem is I have alot of artefacts in some games. And first step in any recomendation - update video drivers. So I tryed to update it from HP site, but newest version for my notebook is 8.712.1.2000 (april 2010). (notebook i bought december 2010). Ok. I downloaded fresh driver from AMD 15.7.1 (march 2016). After installation in summary it sais about parameters not proper and linking to Radeon HD 4250 (not 5650). And Radeon HD 4250 must be update via Windows Update, but Windows use Radeon HD 5650 (and I want use 5650 to, bcouse windows rating  6.7 for 5650 and 4.2 for 4250!). Difference in Catalyst versions that i notice - 03.00.0765(from HP site) have "ATI NorthBridge filter driver" and new ones havn't. Sorry, that was to much, yeah? So questions. How 2 video cards can be in one notebook? Why i need 4250? How i can update Radeon 5650?
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Hi, i have just purchased a game called "Counter-strike Source" on this program called Steam.
When i try to install it it sais "Your video drivers appear to be out of date and could cause problems if you choose to continue and run the game. We strongly recommend that you follow the link below and update your video drivers to the latest version available from your driver vendor."

Any help?
Windows Version:Windows xp
Description:Radeon 9250

Which Driver do i download?

A:Video driver update

Hi, To update the driver, go to Device Manager > Display Adapters, right-click the Radeon entry and select Uninstall. Reboot into VGA mode, disable antivirus, install the new driver and reboot to complete.From looking at the AMD website this is showing as the latest update available but was posted Nov. 15, 2006 and is also showing as version 6.11, so try the above and that should give you the latest update available. To Open Device Managera. From the Start menu, select My Computer. Alternatively, double-click My Computer on the desktop.b. Under "System Tasks", click View system information.c. In the System Properties window, click the Hardware tab, and then click Device Manager.
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I have a laptop HP pavillion dv5115nr I need a video driver(ATI radon express) and is there such a thing as and sp1 for win 7 ultimate..
Any help I can would be appreciated

A:need 2 driver/update sp1? and video

Looks like your laptop came with either XP or Vista, looking at HP Drivers and Downloads for Printers, Scanners and More | HP ? Support HP support site shows a ATI radon driver available for Vista it will probably work okay with Windows 7.

You should be offered service pack 1 with Windows update you have it turned on.

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I have been told I need to update my video driver... and that it is able to be done online, but I have NO idea how or even where to look. Is there anyone here that knows anything about this and is able to help me? I'm clueless!

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My system is Windows XP Pro Sp2 with Pent 4 3.00Ghz 512MB RAM

I have two Video drivers on my computer

RADEON 9200 PRO Family (Microsoft Corporation)
RADEON 9200 PRO SEC Family (Microsoft Corporation)

The "Update Checker" from gives this to download:
ATI Catalyst Drivers 9.5 XP

The ATI Website gives this to download: ( If I haven't made a mistake!!! )
Catalyst? 6.11 Display Driver for Windows XP Professional/Home Edition

Which should I update to? (IF ANY OF THESE!!!)
I'd like to update the driver because sometimes the screen freezes and monitor goes off (as though on standby) I believe it is due to overheating of the Graphics card (but have been told to try and update the driver first).


English Teacher

A:Which Video Driver should I update?

What is the make and model number of your computer?
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seems nothing is EVER simple. I have a IBM thinkpad 240 2609-21U with windows 2000. I downloaded NHL 2002 demo and it says I need to upgrade my 3d and/or video driver. (Neomagic 128ZV/ZV+/XD) I can't seem to locate any update info. Tried IBM, Windows and Neomagic web sites. I did find a file "neomagic" but I'm afraid its just for Windows 98. Any advice what to do?

A:update 3d video driver help

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Hi I have a friend who has a custom built computer The quot expert quot that built it for her has left town and did not leave her with any supporting drivers or software She has never been able to set her display to more than colors so I figure she needs to load her video graphics driver as a first step She lives a distance from me and is not familiar with pulling out cards so I had her look for her invoice Her video card is described as a STD Nitro D PCI MB and she STB video driver update runs Windows NT STB video driver update I believe I finally after a LOT of searching found the right driver n dcnt zip here http www alfa com au supports stb accelerators nitro index htm Ithis most likely the right driver or should she find all the info on the card itself first to be sure Also to which location s do I have her unzip the files stbmini sys stb inf stbdisp dll Disk OR is NT similar to Win where when asked for a driver location you select quot have disk quot and use the location of wherever you unzipped those files Thanks Carrie nbsp STB video driver update

A:STB video driver update

So long as the OS is NT 4 then it looks like you found the right driver. If the unzip does not create a folder on its own, i would download it to a new folder such as STB and unzip it to there and then windows to it to install.
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Dell inspiron 1420

I went to Dell web site, Drivers and Download page.
Found one video driver to be downloaded.

Please give me the detail as to how to download the video driver.
This is what I had tried...........
I clicked the download button > create a folder for the driver R179345.exe in Documents > saved it to the folder > open the file and run it > that is where I began running into roadblock.... please see screenshots which explain the sequence till I could not continue any further.

I clicked OK. Then ....

I clicked Yes. Then ....

I didn't know what to do next.

Was I doing it all wrong ?

Thank you.

A:how to update my video driver ?

You probably ca n't write to the disk.

The way around it is right click and use extract to the same folder your in/downloaed the exe in.

The run the setup in the new folder.
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I need to update my video driver for my laptop. I have wireless internet service, but for the desktop only. Is there a way I can download a driver, put it in a folder and burn it on a cd or put it on diskette for the laptop? Thanks for your help.

A:video driver update

download the driver to your floppydrive
when you update the driver, browse to the floppydrive and voila..
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I am about to upgrade my video card, replace nVidia with ATI.

What's the best sequence for swapping the drivers? Should I try to remove the nVidia drivers before installing the ATI drivers? Or remove them after installing ATI drivers? Or?



A:Best way to update video driver?

Quote: Originally Posted by Guy Scharf

I am about to upgrade my video card, replace nVidia with ATI.

What's the best sequence for swapping the drivers? Should I try to remove the nVidia drivers before installing the ATI drivers? Or remove them after installing ATI drivers? Or?



remove current. power down. install new card. power up. let win 7 install driver. If that driver doesnt work well go to web site and download the latest greatest. Install.

Let us know if you need help

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Inspiron Win Pro SP GB Ram Trying to help a friend via long distance with a video Cannot driver? update blue screen problem Message on computer is as follows Problem signature nbsp Problem Event Name nbsp nbsp Cannot update video driver? nbsp BlueScreen nbsp OS Version nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Locale ID nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Additional information about the problem nbsp BCCode nbsp nbsp nbsp e nbsp BCP nbsp nbsp nbsp FFFFFFFFC nbsp BCP nbsp nbsp nbsp FFFFF A B nbsp BCP nbsp nbsp nbsp FFFFF C nbsp BCP nbsp nbsp nbsp FFFFF E nbsp OS Version nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Service Pack nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Product nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Files that help describe the problem nbsp C Windows Minidump - - dmp nbsp C Users Steven AppData Local Temp WER- - sysdata xml nbsp Read our privacy statement online nbsp http go microsoft com fwlink linkid amp clcid x nbsp If the online privacy statement is not available please read our privacy statement offline nbsp C Windows system en-US erofflps txt Checking first off BIOS amp drivers are up to date it shows a newer VGA driver available but when trying to install I get the message The driver being installed is not validated for this computer Please obtaine the appropriate driver from the computer manufacturer Set up will exit CLicking yes redirects to Intel s site where it says there is a newer video driver but tells me to DL from manufacturer s site which is where I was in the first place Any suggestions Thanks

A:Cannot update video driver?

bugcheck 0x1000007E
due to an malware access violation caused when code in
dxgmms1.sys tried to read memory address 0xffffffffffffffff
There is no amount of time to fix this.
Time for scorched earth reinstall.
This is not the remote psychic friends network and Ms cleo is unavailable to diagnose microsoft stop errors.
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Need to update nvidia video driver,First time ever so have been looking around and i'm a little confused on how to go about it.Can i get away with updating in device manager or must i go into safe mode and clean with driver sweeper,Would rather do the former but i want to do this correctly.

Also what will happen after i un-install the old driver,But before i install the new one?There will be no driver at all?Will this be okay?Thanks for any help.

A:Video driver update

Firstly, why do you need to update video driver?
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I am hoping someone can tell me I don't have to buy a new computer. I have an HP Pavilion dv7 Laptop 6GB. I only use it for photography editing, etc. I use CS6 and Elements 11. I wanted to try Topaz Lab's new plug-in "Impressions" so I downloaded the trial. It won't install and I get an error message stating that the OpenGL 3.1.0 that I have won't work. It says I need 3.2 or higher. I went to the Intel download center and downloaded an updated driver for Windows 7 (64 bit) but although it appears to have loaded I still get the same error message from Topaz. I have other Topaz filters that run without any trouble.


A:Can I update my video driver on my Laptop??

What's the complete model number of that HP Pavilion dv7 series laptop?

The complete model number will have a dash and additional characters after dv7

Also advise what the part/product number(P/N) on it is.


Download and save the TSG System Information Utility (SysInfo.exe) to the desktop.

After it's been downloaded and saved, double-click it to run it.

Information about your computer will appear.

Return here to your thread, then copy-and-paste the ENTIRE text here.

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Hi....I just bought a new graphics card and in order to install and use properly the instructions tell me to update my video driver which is nv4_disp. I am not very good at this thus I cannot find the latest driver which will replace this. Can anybody tell me the name of this driver? I searched all Nvidia GeForce site but I keep going in circles. My present card is a Nvidia GeForce4-mx440 and the mother board is an Asus A7N8X2-OC-00. I thought if I had the driver name I would be able to have better luck finding the download. My new card is an e-GeForce 7600 GT. Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Requesting update for Video Driver

Is this your card? If so, the support page has links for driver downloads.
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i was wondering if anyone besides me has tried the update video drivers using steam? I for one tried it and was very disappointed after the update my video driver just continually reset itself.

A:Steam's video driver update


Tried it when it first came out for 10.9 driver update and it worked fine. Haven't done it yet for the new release though.
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I just want to update the Driver for my Video Card but I do not really know how to...

MY Video Card: ATI Mobility Radeon X1400

When I go to ATI site I cannot find this X1400 and when I try X1300 it just does not work...

A:Update Video Card driver

Okay, due to security issues I can't give you a direct are the steps!


2. Click Professional/Home.
3. Click Mobility Radeon
4. Click your video card and then click GO!
5. Now click the link that says "Installation Verification Software".

This will first verify you have the correct card, then download the driver. Should be self explanatory. Good Luck!
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Hello sir,
I have choppy streaming on video downloads on my xp. I read the post and followed your link for the tsg system info. Here is what I have. Can you lead me to a driver update. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2000+, x86 Family 6 Model 6 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 991 Mb
Graphics Card: S3 Graphics ProSavageDDR, 32 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 53732 MB, Free - 13757 MB; D: Total - 3529 MB, Free - 705 MB;
Motherboard: , KM266-8235
Antivirus: Ad-Aware Antivirus, Updated: No, On-Demand Scanner: Disabled

A:Solved: video driver update for xp?

That computer is too old and too slow to expect it to play quality videos.

Updating the driver for its S3 Graphics ProSavageDDR graphics device isn't going to resolve the issue.

The last Windows XP driver for it was released in February 2005 and appears to be version

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Ok since my laptop is currently non-functioning and being fixed by a relative I ve been using this old Gateway desktop I went to launch Minecraft since I ve been really wanting to play it and as expected got a video card error It doesn t surprise me in the least this can t handle it but I figured I d ask about how to update or install a driver since it hasn t ever really had that done Main Driver vga dll Version English Date WHQL Logo d Yes Mini VGD vga sys VDD unknown DDI version unknown Well my understanding is since it s using vga dll as the graphics driver means that it s never actually had a specific one for the comp installed thus using a default I d like to get one so that it ll run a bit better it actually is kinda slow now that help? Solved: Video XP Driver vga.dll Update: I think of it I ve searched before for this model on Gateway s site and came up empty handed Just would like some help to find an appropriate driver please nbsp

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I have a gateway m-151x how would I update my video card player?

A:update video card driver?

The Gateway m-151x is a notebook computer I believe. What operating system do you have installed?
Go to and see what your options are.
I just checked and found no updates for that card, but you may have the specifications sheet and therefore better information.
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I was trying to update the driver for my AMD M880G ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 video card. I downloaded what must be the package that includes the video driver from here:

I assume I should be able to point Window's Update Driver at this package and it find the driver, right? But in trying to find some kind of instructions on AMD's miserable website, I found instructions saying that the 'Catalyst' software and driver should both be from the same package.

So--does anyone know how to manage this? How do you update Catalyst and the video driver?

I have Catalyst Control Center installed. There's no update feature in there. I feel like I'm missing something very important yet far to basic for to bother informing anyone of.

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Hey I got an on-board video card S ProSavageDDR with only MB I want to update the driver because I want to see if there is any improvement or if I could play some particular games Anyway there s a little problem I go to Windows Update and they have a driver for my video card They say it was released in March But I go to card Video driver update the official manufactoring website and go to the ProSavageDDR drivers Now they have new ones to but they have different release dates than the one in Windows Update Video card update driver The release date on the manufactoring website is Not sure if months or days go first but either way the dates are different Both drivers are digitally signed from Microsoft and work for XP supposedly I have DirectX c with SP if that helps in anyway Also on manufactoring website it says quot for Chip s in the ProSavageDDR Family VT VT VT VT VT VT DeviceID D quot Where exactly would I go in the properties in order to figure out this number Even though I have a ProSavage I want to make sure that it s the correct one Thanks nbsp

A:Video card update driver

download everest home edition and hopefully it will tell you the right chipset for your video. i hope this helps.
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I can't find a driver update for my laptop, I looked all over for it and can't find one. It is a ATI Mobility Radeon 9000. Can anyone find it?

A:Video Card Driver Update?

This should be the driver set you need.
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Dear all, after I download media video files mostly in windows media format to 'My videos' i get an image which represents the file but not on other video files i download which just has the usual windows icon which are windows media files - how can i ensure that instead of getting an icon - i can have an image of that video to represent the file - As i have a few would be very helpful to me indeed if i can always have this. Any suggestions???

Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.40GHz (2G RAM)
AA8XE (Intel 925XE-ICH6R)

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In need of help opening and playing different video files When I download various types of video files with numbers after them video file playback. Difficulty with I am unable to get them to play For example if the file is labeled Difficulty with video file playback. Samplevideo A -B z avi it will not play If I rename it and drop the it will not play as a normal avi Difficulty with video file playback. file No matter what Difficulty with video file playback. I do it doesn t work If the file has html after it I have no idea as to what to do The same is true for rar and zip files with numbers after them I haven t been able to find any help online because I really don t know what to ask or look for I use Windows Media Player for almost all my video playback except for flv files Because none of the downloads that claim they will allow WMP to play flv files has worked I have to use Nero which I don t particularly care for Any help or instructions will be really appreciated TQUAD

A:Difficulty with video file playback.

Once you have extracted the files from the zip files, they should play, unless you have a corrupt download.The free program Irfanview plays most formats, (including FLV files in fullscreen), provided you also download the plugins. documents describe web pagesHTML documents contain HTML tags and plain textHTML documents are also called web pages
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I upgraded my RAM to install installed difficulty), Windows problems (with 7 driver now on my older pc topic in upgrading forum I did encounter an error xc Windows 7 installed (with difficulty), now driver problems e in installation using the bit disk which was recommended by the MS service tech I ended up trying to install using the bit disk processor is bit and it installed without any problems When installing he had recommended that it be done with full replacement overwrite or however you describe it dumping everything on the hard Windows 7 installed (with difficulty), now driver problems drive to ensure that nothing remained of the virus that started the whole proceedure to begin with I was expecting to have to reload all drivers and to this end I purchased a disk for use on hp machines that should recognize and load all applicable drivers In Windows 7 installed (with difficulty), now driver problems doing this the disk will not execute the set up and gives me this error message error in syssetup dll missing entry UpdatePnpDeviceDrivers I am wondering if two possible suspicions could be affecting my attempt First is there an underlying problem evidenced by the error in initial attempt to install the OS and now the attempt to run the driver software Second have I stripped the system to far for this software to run without some basic drivers or something other than the OS that is on it Anyone want to offer advice or has gone through this and will offer instructions Thanks

A:Windows 7 installed (with difficulty), now driver problems

1) Did you run the Windows 7 Update Advisor just to make sure your system is compatible?
2) Drivers should be obtained directly from the OEM Websites. Get the chipset driver from HP's site and install it. Then go to the the websites of your various card manufacturers and download and install the appropriate drivers. There is NEVER a need to pay for drivers or to locate drivers.
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Hello all. I'm trying to fix this strange mouse issue I'm having. Once every second my mouse will have this micro stutter. I've disabled that FMAP thing and the problem persists. When I search for solutions, most people say it's once every 2-3 seconds. For me, it's every single second. This doesn't happen on a fresh install and it doesn't happen immediately after booting up (only after 10-15 seconds). I haven't installed any weird software. Just a few drivers and essential programs. The stutter seems to sync up with the refresh rate of task manager which may be a clue? Or maybe not. Also, I'm trying to install the Energy Manager driver and I downloaded the .exe which downloads this install.cmd file and when I try to run it, this pops up for a second and disappears...and thats it. Any ideas??
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After years of use my HDD started dying weeks in the shop new HDD with image of old one now works OK but each time I boot the resolution is only X Repair tech said he couldn t get video driver to quot stick quot I tried myself for several hours uninstalling re-installing drivers for original PCI video card I then changed monitors amp video cards Installed an ATI Radeon AGP card I had on my shelf with latest drivers from ATI after uninstalling old drivers amp using DriverCleaner Net software to clean remnants Installed no luck uninstalled used DriverCleaner reinstalled PC always boots at X always discovers the video card again and installs as quot secondary quot The only way I ve found to increase resolution to X is to go to Device Mgr uninstall quot secondary quot card Primary card says Device cannot start Code I then have to update the driver even though the posted version does not change Address is PCI bus device function Is this correct for an AGP card Then in Settings - gt Display the boot with every Video update driver needed only option is quot Theme quot changes no tabs I have to change Themes click Apply amp then tabs appear amp I can adjust resolution which quot sticks quot until shutting down I ve gotten this step process down to minutes but there must be a better way The ATI Catalyst Control Center installed but Video driver update needed with every boot it will not open Background maybe useful One of my MB memory sticks was determined to be bad while in the shop I m waiting for replacement Motherboard drivers MSI has or methods for updating but none has worked Video driver update needed with every boot Windows always shuts down can t recall message Thanks for any suggestions nbsp

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Hi there everyone This morning I got an update notification from nVidia Experience that a new driver was available so I installed and rebooted On reboot It flashed the MOBO splashscreen then paused at the drive detection for over a couple minutes I thought it was frozen so I shutdown and restarted and it went through the splash screen and hung at the drive detection again I waited a bit then hit quot Any key quot and it looped once more to the splash screen only this time the screen appeared in incremental bands from top to bottom over the course of maybe seconds as if the computer was lagging from a resource intensive process then went to drive detection for maybe seconds then booted into Windows I let it settle down then rebooted again This time everything went as expected aside from it sitting at the drive detection for longer than normal about seconds again I'm just curious if there's something the driver update could do to the system that would cause something like this Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated

A:Could a video driver update cause boot issues?

My guess; which is the biggest mistake anyone can make, is not letting the process finish and then being impatient by forcing a restart. This restart before the reboot finished is what caused the issue you experienced.
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My system:
Asus K52Jr-X2 Notebook
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit
Intel Core i3-350m
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470
640 GB hard drive with 2 partitions

A:Unable to update my ATI Video Card Driver

Go to add and remove programs and use the ATI Catalyst Install Manager to do a complete uninstall of all its resources. Do not reboot. Download Guru3D - Driver Sweeper (Setup) download from and install it. Reboot in Safe Mode and run Driver Sweeper. Select "ATI Display" box and click "analyze. " Then in "clean". Reboot normally and try to install the latest version of the AMD Catalyst. It can be download from here:
Let us know the results.
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My dell desktop came with WIN XP home edition. I formatted the hard drive and installed XP PRO on it. The desktop came with a 256 MB Radeon video card. After I re-installed, I see waving on my screen. I am assuming that is because of improper drivers. I think it is currently using VgaSave. How could I update the drivers? I wasted many hours on this and still cant figure it out....

A:Xp Reinstall - Unable To Update Video Driver

Try going to Device manager (rightclick on my computer, properties, hardware, device manager)and have a look and see if there are any highlighted. If there is it means that your pc is not recognising it. Expand the selection, right click on the highlighted device choose properties, driver tab and update driver then follow the instructions on screen.
The other option is to uninstall the device and use the add new hardware option which will search for and install your video card again.

Hope this helps, this is how i have solved similar problems.
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Nvidia graphic card driver updated and now can't see screen. How do I revert back to prior vesion; safe mode or restore point but screen  is blank. 

A:Windows 8 update for video driver failed

Where did you get that driver from?
Safe mode shouldn't be affected by nVidia driver.
It doesn't load in safe mode. Windows loads its own generic driver instead.
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My laptop will no longer boot into Windows. it goes into a black screen after the Windows logo appears. The laptop has no problems opening Windows in Safe Mode, however. From another posting on this site, it appears that the problem is with the video driver. I currently have a NVideo GeForce 560m. While being in Safe Mode Network, I downloaded the latest driver for the NVideo, however I get this error message when trying to install it: 'Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable packages for Visual Studio cannot be installed in safe mode.'
Any thoughts how I might get the video screen working again? I've tried a system restore. Afterwards Windows did load normally for three seconds then I got a blue screen crash, and then it hasn't opened normally again.


A:Can't update video driver in safe mood

I found a site which detailed how to delete a bogus driver: How to Delete a Bogus Driver With a Blue Screen of Death | eHow I then deleted the video driver file as described and rebooted. However although Windows initially opened fine, within ten minutes the screen flashed off and on again, and Windows reported the video driver kernel had just recovered from a serious error. I tried to open Notepad and an email program but all that showed was a square with blackness inside. And then the screen flashed off, on and various other strange things. So I rebooted and then installed the latest NVideo driver I'd downloaded from the NVideo site. As I was now in Windows proper and not just safe mode, the vid driver installed okay.

I wasn't asked to reboot, and everything seemed to be working ok. But when tried to play a YT vid the sound continued on while the screen faded to black after 3 minutes.

Still feeling optimistic, I did a reboot. After 20 minutes all was still OK.
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My video card had the driver installed from two years ago I updated it recently to the newest version recommended by Nvidia and i've had non-stop problems since BSOD when making a youtube video fullscreen or doing other things will lock it up MEMORY DUMP is what comes up on the blue Card Video Driver Failure Update? After screen I've been using their support forum and he came to the conclusion the Video Card Failure After Driver Update? video card is faulty Told me to verify on another computer but I don't have that access at the moment I ran Memtest and everything checked out Ran a Video Card Test program and while it benchmarked me at points which was normal it would freeze for up to seconds between frames and when trying to run the full test computer seems like it froze Video Card Failure After Driver Update? monitor was a darker green with no activity I installed roughly different drivers dating back a couple years and even that didn't fix it same exact problems What else can I do before I go out and buy another card Y'all have any ideas of what else I could try Thanks Xp bit MSI GT

A:Video Card Failure After Driver Update?

Well, I didn't get any help but it's working fine now. I reset the CMOS and that changed the computers clock (hour and date). I fixed that and it seems to be working fine now, really weird! Installed newest driver for my video card and no problems.
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Hey guys After certain update of my graphics card driver I no longer have a video playback on my video players including WMP besides VLC All the other video player Video graphics No driver playback update after are just able to play the sound of the video file Nut not the video the screen just stays black The thing is that I didn't have this problem previously all my video players were able to play all the same video files which they can't now I have the latest AMD Radeon HD video drivers installed As I mentioned I didn't have this problem before with a previous versions of the AMD graphics card driver This happened to my laptop a while ago already Since I have this problem I updated my video drivers or times at least and no change so far As I mentioned I have the problem for some time already during this time I re-installed my Windows couple of times plus I even changed the version of the windows to for the moment I have the last version of video driver installed I haven't installed ANY codecs I can probably No Video playback after graphics driver update find out from which update of a graphic card driver it started to happen and install the previous version but I don't wanna miss out on the benefits of the driver updates since I No Video playback after graphics driver update can still play normally videos on VLC Only cuz its probably have integrated codecs No Video playback after graphics driver update Can anyone help me with this pleas Thanks and have a nice day hope we can solve this p s All the other graphic card related tasks are perfectly normal I play games and so on

A:No Video playback after graphics driver update

In the CCC of the drivers there are some settings for VIDEO, play with them and see what gives. Most probably you need to engage or disengage "Use Video Player Settings."
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Hello all,
Computer info-
ASUS EEE PC N450 Intel GMA 3150
1 Gb original Ram
Win 7 Starter OEM
One yr old, not physical damage

What happens-
When attempting to update, BSOD on restart, update fails, goes into startup repair loop
What works-
Boot to safe mode, uninstall Intel GMA 3150 driver (the latest from ASUS)
Restart, continue installing updates in Standard VGA mode, updates complete successfully

Once you reinstall the Vid driver- no problem UNTIL more Windows Updates- then same failure.

One more thing, Windows Update has a Win included update for this driver- has the same ill effect.

I am installing so many updates because wrestled with this problem for some time, until a full reformat was done, to no avail.

So what do I do, stick with 800 x 600 resoultion, or turn off Windows updates?!!!

A:Windows update + Video Driver= BSOD

I just successfully installed more updates that failed simply by turning the resolution to 800 x 600, without uninstalling the driver.

What is it about 1024 x 600 that causes a problem?
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Windows Vista Home Premium bit SP HP Pavilion tx us Tablet PC years old now nVidia GeForce Go So this all started a year ago after a video driver update from Windows Update Since then whenever Vista enters exits a full-screen operation it shifts out of Aero resulting in a black screen for seconds most noticeable with calling UAC I've been trying to rollback or get a better update for the driver ever since especially because Windows Upgrade Advisor says the driver Video Update BSOD on nVidia Driver needs to be updated but have had no success A couple months ago I tried installing a video driver with a modded INF As a result problem still not fixed and screen orientation functionality disabled BSOD on nVidia Video Driver Update Since then trying to update the video driver from HP HP Recovery and Windows Update results in a BSOD half-way through stop x F x x x x Then Windows fails to start and executes Recovery Manager which repairs and succeeds Obviously if I didn't try to update the driver this wouldn't happen but I'd like this to be somewhat resolved when comes Does anyone have any ideas that could help

A:BSOD on nVidia Video Driver Update

Originally Posted by Stunrunner

Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit (SP2)
HP Pavilion tx1220us Tablet PC (2 years old now)
nVidia GeForce Go 6150

So this all started a year ago, after a video driver update from Windows Update. Since then, whenever Vista enters/exits a full-screen operation, it shifts out of Aero (resulting in a black screen for 5 seconds, most noticeable with calling UAC).
I've been trying to rollback or get a better update for the driver ever since (especially because Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor says the driver needs to be updated), but have had no success.
A couple months ago I tried installing a video driver with a modded INF. As a result, problem still not fixed, and screen orientation functionality disabled.
Since then, trying to update the video driver (from HP, HP Recovery, and Windows Update) results in a BSOD half-way through (stop 0x7F,(0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0)). Then Windows fails to start, and executes Recovery Manager, which repairs and succeeds.
Obviously, if I didn't try to update the driver this wouldn't happen, but I'd like this to be somewhat resolved when 7 comes. Does anyone have any ideas that could help?


do you happen to have some of the dump files from the BSOD's? they are usually located in c:\windows\minidump, can you zip them (*.dmp) and upload it to us using the attachment icon (its shaped like a paperclip) in the reply form

win 7 is already out and does have a better handle on drivers, especially in 32bit.


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Hey guys After certain update of my graphics card driver I no longer have a video playback on my video players including WMP besides VLC All the other video player are just able to play the sound of the video file Nut not the video the screen just stays black The thing is that I didn't have this problem previously all my video players were able to play all the same video files which they can't now I have the latest AMD Radeon HD video driver No after update graphics playback Video drivers installed As I mentioned I didn't have this problem before with a previous versions of the AMD graphics card driver This happened to my laptop a while ago already Since I have this problem I updated my video drivers or times at least and no change so No Video playback after graphics driver update far As I mentioned I have the problem for some time already during this time I re-installed my Windows couple of times plus I even changed the version of the windows to for the moment I have the No Video playback after graphics driver update last version of video driver installed I haven't installed ANY codecs I can probably find out from which update of a graphic card driver No Video playback after graphics driver update it started to happen and install the previous version but I don't wanna miss out on the benefits of the driver updates since I can still play normally videos on VLC Only cuz its probably have integrated codecs Can anyone help me with this pleas Thanks and have a nice day hope we can solve this p s All the other graphic card related tasks are perfectly normal I play games and so on

A:No Video playback after graphics driver update

Driver updates are over-rated, unless they specifically target your situation, better to stay with what is working fine.

I would hit up for old drivers and nvidia driver clearing utilities, try one until it works, that's obviously what the problem is....

Been there done that..... if it ain't broke don't fix it....
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it came to my attention today that my VC driver needed updating, i used the hardware amager and the windows application to search for an updated driver, found one, installed, restarted, loaded up Call of Duty 2, and was getting only grey screens on certain menus, i decided to roll back the driver using the same hardware manager application, restart again, and it wont boot past the menu page " press delete to enter setup" "oress ESC to cancel memory checking"
it says " runnning memory check" but nothing ever happens

any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated

A:Help, No booting after update and rollback of video card driver

Depending on your System during the Boot Up process press F8 (Sometimes F5) to go into Safe Mode and delete those drivers from there.

Then Reboot.

Your Pc will come up with Windows Default Drivers (Crappy Display)

Then Install the new drivers and Reboot.
Go to your Video Cards website and download the drivers you want and do a Clean Install.
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i've had an ATI Radeon HD 3400 Series video card for a while, and i decided to update my drivers today, install seemed fine, it brought up Catalyst Control Center, but now when i log on to my game(World of Warcraft) the letters in chat are all messed up with random symbols. When i scroll through the chat it goes back and forth between these symbols, and regular letters. i have a Vista, and i attached a file showing the problem. so far i've only disabled Anti-Aliasing on Catalyst Control Center, everything else is default

A:Video Card Driver Update Caused Problem

Try going into device manager (rt click computer then properties, then hardware or device manager depending on your OS), rt click your display adapter, then properties, click on drivers tab and select 'roll back driver'.
If this fixes your problem you will know it was the driver update that screwed it up, otherwise it may be your card that has become faulty.
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Hello I'm new with you
Use the Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit, but Aero is enabled and whenever I want to do comes to me this:

The current video card may support Aero with a driver that is compliant with the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM). Contact the manufacturer of your computer or video card for a WDDM-compatible driver.
What is the solution my brothers

A:Update the driver for your video card .. problem Aero

Quote: Originally Posted by Viriato

Hello I'm new with you

Use the Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit, but Aero is enabled and whenever I want to do comes to me this:

The current video card may support Aero with a driver that is compliant with the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM). Contact the manufacturer of your computer or video card for a WDDM-compatible driver.

What is the solution my brothers

What model graphics card?
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Hi I am working on a laptop for someone and I am in a bit of a predicament When it was brought to me I was told that the owner was having a problem where the screen would pixelate to black and then the display would come back up with the little popup message in the system tray saying that the display driver crashed and that Windows Driver Intermittent Freeze after Video Update Startup successfully recovered from it So I saw that the display driver was the WDDM driver which was probably the one Windows found for it when it Intermittent Startup Freeze after Video Driver Update was originally installed Well Windows couldnt find an updated one automatically so I used my trusty program DriverUpdate by Slimware which is the paid Intermittent Startup Freeze after Video Driver Update version of SlimDrivers I know it sounds gimmicky but theyre a MS Gold Partner Anyways that found that not only the display adapter but a half dozen other drivers were out of date such as some motherboard controllers and chipset drivers I went ahead and made a restore point and updated them all After rebooting I have this problem where quite intermittently the machine just freezes completely during startup at or around the login screen I can get into safe mode ok and so I enabled boot logging and went to look at the logfile It looks like there are lots of drivers that are not loading but reading closer its the display driver trying to load over and over again The odd thing is that when it doesn't freeze the machine runs fine for long periods of time I was downloading and updating software and even ran the Windows benchmarks with no problem Needless to say it has be a bit puzzled Normally I would roll back the driver but that driver is faulty as well Any suggestions guys I can post the log file if you think it would help This is an HP Pavilion dv - dx running Windows HP x TIA ntbtlog txt

A:Intermittent Startup Freeze after Video Driver Update

Delete all the current graphic drivers and then reboot, it should reinstall the factory installed gpu driver for you. If not then download the original driver from here....

Software & Driver Downloads HP Pavilion dv6-1245dx Entertainment Notebook PC | HP? Support
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Well I need to know if I have the up-to-date drivers and where I could update them.

A:Check Video and Audio driver version and how to update?

go to the manufacturer's website, and find your model's driver - usually in support>drivers
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Hi All Hope someone can help me with a little problem concerning Windows XP Auto Update I have an old Dell Dimension that I ve had in storage for a number of years Recently I finally had the opportunity to get it out of mothballs and set it up again After hooking it up and booting for the first time in years I updated to SP which updated the driver Outdated XP Update Driver Recommends Video Solved: Auto for my Nvidia GEForce MX video card to version Shortly thereafter I downloaded a video game which recommended a newer driver so I went to the Nvidia site and downloaded the latest WHQL driver version dated Nov I have the XP Auto Update feature set to notify me of available updates but not to download or install After installing the latest driver the version I m getting the Notification Icon on the Solved: XP Auto Update Recommends Outdated Video Driver task bar telling me an update for the Nvidia Card is available version I guess the basic update that was downloaded as part of the SP update Is there a way to dismiss this update so that it doesn t continue to appear For some reason the auto update doesn t recognize there is a newer driver available the WHQL Any Ideas Thanks for your help nbsp

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Hello My current video card is an ATI Radeon Series Integrated Chipset I have never had any issues with it until yesterday when Steam offered to handle all of my video card driver updates automatically I was hesitent but figured that it would be one less thing to worry Update After Video Driver Computer Solved: Card Unworkable about Boy was I wrong After installing what it said were the latest drivers for my video card the resolution immediately became very low and I noticed that I had lost my ATI Catalyst program to manage all of my Solved: Computer Unworkable After Video Card Driver Update graphics settings I was unable to set the resolution back to the way it was because the resolution menu options were different and anytime I went too high the monitor would say that the input signal was out of range The updated drivers also replaced my ATI Catalyst program with a seperate program called AMD Graphics Engine It does not work and shortly after loading Windows my computer gives me an error message stating that there are is no recognized AMD Video Card When running Windows in normal mode everything takes an eternity to load oftenitimes timing out alltogether forcing me to do a hard shut down of my PC After doing a hard shut down I ve had to run Chkdsk to check for errors and now system restore can not retrieve any prior restore points I ve tried everything from uninstalling reinstalling all of the drivers from the Device Manager to manually attempting to install the drivers from the AMD website while in safe mode When I run it in normal mode Windows fails to find the appropriate drivers for new hardware with the auto installation process failing after searching Windows Updates Everytime I run the driver installation program from AMD it gives me an error message saying that it quot Failed to Load the Detection Driver quot It does this regardless of whether I choose the latest or any of the previous versions of the Radeon drivers Other forums have suggested that I try running the Micrsoft Virtual C redistribution program but I am unable to do so while in safe mode I ve also tried to disable the Display Device ATI Radeon and run the AMD Driver installation program in normal mode to no avail The funny thing is I was already contemplating upgrading my Graphics Card and PSU before this all occured to a W PSU with a or graphics card I am afraid now though that there are other issues that are causing my Solved: Computer Unworkable After Video Card Driver Update computer to run in such an unworkable fashion I obviously have some driver issues going on here Hopefully nothing else Would upgrading the graphics card and PSU solve these issues as I was planning on doing anyway Also how should I go about fixing the current issue if I need to do so before upgrading the graphics card Any and all of your help will be much appreciated nbsp

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i have a MOBILITY m9 Radeon video card that they say is out of date and the links they give dont help!

help please
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Ok guess i am posting this in this section now

Ever since i got a windows update on the netframework and installed Dead Island my Video driver fails and freezes every thing

I was oc'ed and took it back down i also didnt oc the card after unistalling drivers /then driver sweep /then reinstalled still fails

When i am on Firefox it crashes Immediatly for some reason i am on here IE it is acting fine

Even when i am on gaming the game screen goes blank then comes back this is after it starts the loading page

Does anyone have any clue why this keeps going on I am really getting annoyed to the point i want to re format

also i inserted a snip of that update

Do you think firefox might be the one cause it does it when i dont have anything up either

A:After MS update and Game install Video driver fails every 10 secs

Sounds more to me like the nvidia driver package doesn't like the changes made to the .net framework. Which it relies on heavily.
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So i have been trying to update the driver on my GeForce 7600 GS. Problem is, there is one file in the driver list, and it is in [C:/WINDOWS/system32/drivers] and its dated clear back to sunday october 22, 2006 The file name is Nv4_mini. i can't seem to update my nvidia card to the newest version either. even though everything installs correctly... it says driver version 6.14 rather than the much later 94.24. i have uninstalled the driver through add/remove programs, and re-installed without anti-virus on. I have done that about 50 times. I have checked my computer for any old files or file folders that might have not been un-installed, and they are all current except for that pesky Nv4_mini file. Im not even sure if that is why the driver version is not updating from 6.14 to 94.24. but i just can't take this anymore.

A:Nv4_mini.exe file! Can't update my Video Card Driver Version!

Hi, 94.24 is the package's code number...The driver is correctly identified as 6.14, just make sure that the complete number matches the one I use here. Did you uninstall your old drivers first?

You should check this too:
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Will Toshiba update Nvidia NVS 2100M video driver for S11?

my machine S11 is almost 3 years old. In the first year there were a lot of update for drivers, but in the past 1 year there were no update.

At nvidia's official website there is a driver download page, but if I install the latest driver - it doesn't matter which one - I have several video driver related issue. So I have to downgrade to the Toshiba's nvidia driver.
I will try this one

So will nvidia or toshiba update the video driver?

A:Will Toshiba update Nvidia NVS 2100M video driver for Tecra S11?

To be honest I don?t think Toshiba will offer updates for older notebook models.

As you probably know Toshiba offers modified and tested drivers so it will be interesting to know which kind of problems do you have with NVIDIA driver.
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I was updating video driver for radeon 4750 through Steam and all of sudden I got a bsod.. should've wrote it down but instead I just tried to restart. It freezes during windows logo screen and when I try to boot on safe mode it gets stuck loading atipcie. Anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks in advance!

A:BSOD during video driver update now windows wont boot.. help please!

Boot into System Recovery Options to run Startup Repair repeatedly. It should automate all fixes but if it doesn't solve your problem boot back into the Options menu to run System Restore to before the problem began.
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I just bought Automatic Win10 in after Loop Driver update Video Repair nbsp a new Envy m n dx with Windows loaded on it from image for my church Automatic Repair Loop after Video Driver update in Win10 After I entered my information the first thing it did was ask me to install Win which I wanted But it keeps choking on the video drivers and I can't stop MS from updating them and I can't be certain what is happening HP Assistent is giving me one version automatically MS is giving me another version automatically and NVidia Experiance is giving me something else automatically and I am happily trying to force the drivers I got from NVidia that are the most current of all nbsp If I remove the Intel and Nvidia drivers in Device Manager I can get it to boot into Windows but then all the stupid auto vid updaters start cranking and I need to reboot to finish their install -- Automatic Repair comes up and doesn't repair anything The only thing I can do is Safe mode and remove the Intel and Nvidia drivers which starts the cycle over nbsp nbsp I feel I am missing a step here and nbsp neither nbsp HP NVidia Intel nor nbsp Microsoft are telling me that I can't have Windows with these hardware pieces
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I recently updated my Intel HD to 7/3/2012, the only problem I seem to have is that windows update keeps bugging me to install a older 2010 version, why is it doing that and should I just ignore it.

A:windows update keeps offering older video card driver

Hello Raymond,

If you are sure that you have the correct and latest driver for that device installed, then you could just hide the update to not see it anymore until the next new (cough) one is released.

Hope this helps,
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Hello, Yesterday I updated the driver for my AMD Radeon HD6310 equipped Gateway laptop . After it was installed WM player and VLC player stopped working so I rolled back the driver but it did not fix the issue. I noticed that after the "driver" installation, some programs were added and some windows processes were altered.

I went to System Restore and picked a restore point before the driver update. However after initializing, the system crashed and I got a BSOD. I tried several other restore points but they all crashed and led to the BSOD.

Everything was working fine until I downloaded that new AMD driver. Any help would be appreciated.

System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, AMD Dual-Core Processor E-350, AMD Radeon HD 6310

Here is the system log:
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Like i said, my video card driver was just on default video card So i undated it to the 7950 geforce driver. I restarted and my internet browsers, firefox and ie stopped working. but i can get on aim.

I have disabled the video card driver, and uninstalled my ethernet driver, which is also an nVidia. None of this has changed the problem.

I can still get on aim, but firefox says "connection was reset" when ever i try to view a website


I've tried adaware, but i can't update it cause it wont connect to the internet. and my spybot is just not starting up.

A:I update nVidia video card driver and internet stops working

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About a week ago I updated my video card with the Geforce Experience app but something went wrong and Windows went into low res mode plus Aeros stopped working as well and uninstalling the updates didn't help so I had to do a system restore but it didn't restore properly I've attached the error message but I did a little research and it looks like it has something do with (Linux) Grub interfering with the Windows restore process.
And I haven't noticed anything really odd with Windows except when I run CCleaner it says MS search instead of thumbnails. But how do I ensure next time I restore Windows it be interrupted by Grub should I try a third party system restore app maybe Duplicati?
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I went to the UFC's website and clicked on one of the video's they had embedded in their scrolling news on the home page. The screen went black and then came back, saying that the video driver had shutdown and recovered. I refreshed the page, assuming it was just a glitch. I clicked the same video to watch it and my computer seized up and I got a blue screen. I didn't have enough time to read everything on the blue screen, but I caught a little bit saying that Windows had encountered an error with the video driver and needed to shut down. The computer rebooted a bit sluggishly, but now appears to be fine. Any ideas as to whether this is a problem with my video card's driver or the video on the site? Videos elsewhere work fine.

A:Video caused video driver to crash, reboot, and then blue screen.


First you can download Speccy to check the temprature of the display card,mainboard to see whether it's normal:
Then you can try to reinstall the driver of the display card or upgrade the driver.
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I have recently purchased Dell Monitor S2240T. It is full HD Monitor with touch interface.
I have windows 10 OS installed on my Dell Laptop, Inspiron 640M(2006 Model). Not having the HDMI or DVI ports on my laptop.  
Other Laptop Specification:
Genuine Intel CPU, T2050, Dual Core processor 1.60Ghz*2, 3GB RAM, 32 bit Operative system, x86-based Processor, 14.1" WXGA+ Ultra Sharp TFT Laptop Display, Intel(R) Media Accelerator 950 Graphics upto 224MB shared system Memory, Intel 945GM Chipset.

In order to get full Resolution of 1920*[email protected], I need to Install the windows 10 Chipset driver and video card driver. Right now the resolution is 1024*[email protected]
Kindly help me to resolve the issue so that I can get, full use of Newly bought monitor. Otherwise screen is blurry, whitish and pages open like spreaaad-sheet.
Please provide me link to download the aforesaid drivers or kindly suggest any other option to get 1920*1080 resolution.

A:Windows 10 chipset driver and video card driver for Dell Inspiron 640M - 2006 model

You will not get win 10 video or chipset drivers for the old laptop since they don't exist, so you have to make do with lower resolutions on the new monitor. Touch will not work on the old laptop. Time to upgrade to a new computer!
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It shows two drivers with errors, mobile 4 series express microsoft wddm 1.1.  If I delete them and reboot, they both come back.  The lenovo system update does not recommend a newer video driver, the intel tools don't find it, if I manually download and try to run the win10 one for x64 systems it says it does not meet the minimum system requirements.  Some searching shows it to be a 4500 series type driver so I would think it would have worked.  Any ideas?

A:R500 video driver issue - is there a win10 driver ...

Are you running 32-bit or 54-bit windows 10? Does your R500 have integrated or discreet graphics?
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I have an e Machine T-series with Ati Radeon xpress 200 series. recently the borders and text in any window started becoming very "fuzzy looking", making it very difficult to read text.. I tried the system recovery with no change. Should I try to update the video drivers from a a download site or, replace the card on the board? plz help, I cant afford a new computer. thanks so much.

A:Updating video driver vs replacing video card

if this has degraded overtime and was not fixed with a restore of the system it's probably a hardware issue and won't be fixed by a driver update. Have you checked to be sure it's not the monitor? Do you have another video card you can try just to see if that fixes the issue?
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Hi good people So I'm on here like thousands of others wifi 'fixes' Lenovo losing rollbacks, after driver update, Z585 driver with intermittent wifi issues I upgraded from to yesterday and everything works very well except for losing my wifi connection every minutes to an hour My wireless adapter is a Broadcom n the driver I'm using is Broadcom version I've updated the drivers and the same loss of wifi happens I've rolled back Lenovo Z585 losing wifi after driver update, driver rollbacks, 'fixes' the drivers and the same loss of wifi happens I've even tried a driver directly from the lenovo site that is a Cybertan Liteon driver that is the latest version for windows I've also unchecked the box in the power management page Then rebooted I've also used all the commands in the command prompt admin that start with 'netsh' Lenovo Z585 losing wifi after driver update, driver rollbacks, 'fixes' Then Lenovo Z585 losing wifi after driver update, driver rollbacks, 'fixes' rebooted The same thing still happens So I'm up for new suggestions including compatible drivers from different manufacturers I'm really hoping there's a Z user on here that has solved this issue According to the Lenovo web site this particular laptop has the latest drivers on the site and none of them are working so far

A:Lenovo Z585 losing wifi after driver update, driver rollbacks, 'fixes'

First, is your laptop supported for windows 10 on lenovo website.....meaning are there drivers and software packages for it? Have you tried downloading the 8.1 driver for it and then running it in compatibility mode?
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Hi and thanks in advance Much of this is a repeat to other threads until the graphic driver problem at the end I also have an Ubuntu partition I'd left my mp player plugged in overnight an Asus Xonar DAC in a usb hub when Windows wanted to do an update and conflict over update conflict, graphics player Windows driver driver BSOD 7 mp3 drivers ensued BSOD Windows 7 update mp3 player driver conflict, graphics driver Strange because I've selected for notification before updating Also have not been successful installing any new updates since the end of May Was seemingly a common problem I checked into it too busy lazy to pursue and succeed This part is confusing Woke up to blasting fans and unplugged everything peripheral BSOD Windows 7 update mp3 player driver conflict, graphics driver First tried setting back to restore points prior to that night - twice Could restart in Safe Mode and with networking Then could restart normally - but shutdowns after minutes or so Got crash logs saw driver conflicts not found - saved Came here read threads did restart at Last Known Good Configuration Restart - Nvidia Geforce driver not found Went to Asus site downloaded and installed driver not lastest version but last approved version and not much later than one that was installed It then went into a system cycled start restart etc attempting to find driver fix itself - forced to do shutdown to stop it Restarted this morning in Safe Mode followed your instructions for posting It's been running in safe mode for about minutes now

A:BSOD Windows 7 update mp3 player driver conflict, graphics driver

Hello welcome to SF .

Critical files are missing please run the SFDT again and let it run it's course.
Most dumps are corrupted, but the one that did survive shows
an extremely old graphics driver.

BugCheck 50, {fffffa9003d08920, 0, fffff88004caec07, 5}

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for nvlddmkm.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for nvlddmkm.sys

Could not read faulting driver name
Probably caused by : nvlddmkm.sys ( nvlddmkm+47cc07 )

lmvm nvlddmkm
start end module name
fffff880`04832000 fffff880`0532ed80 nvlddmkm T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: nvlddmkm.sys
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\nvlddmkm.sys
Image name: nvlddmkm.sys
Timestamp: Thu Jul 02 10:40:25 2009
Driver Reference Table - nvlddmkm.sys
Please update your GPU driver :: Drivers | GeForce ::
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I tried to update my older Radeon ATI 5450 GPU via windows update...

I received the message from windows update, and showed it failed update with the 0x800706be

However when I go to device manager and check the details of the installed driver it clearly shows the new updated version? So I wonder which is correct the device manager showing the new version of the driver or windows update?

A:Failed Update 0x800706be driver...but device mgr shows updated driver?

You can identify the problem using Device Manager, which you can access by:
Opening the Control Panel Window
Selecting and double-clicking System
Clicking Device Manager
In Device Manager check if there is an exclamation point, a yellow triangle, or a question mark against your Dell device. If there is, there is a problem with your Dell device.
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Hardware: IBM 380Z Type 2635-JGU HD: 20 Gb RAM: 160 Mb
300 MHz Clock
Notebook Computer

Software: MS-XP SP2 Media Player(s): MS-Media Player
Power DVD Player

Media Used: DVD disk and video movie download (

Issue: Video Display has slow update and loses frames on both DVDs and Video Movie downloaded files.

[1] The computer has always had this problem; this is not a new issue.

[2] I have tried adjusting the Display settings provide by XP with no measurable improvement.

[3] Sound is not affected and has good quality.

[4] When MS-Media Player is used and is minimized to the task bar (mini screen presentation) the Video Display quality improves, but is not acceptable.

[5] Only about half of Video Movie can be viewed. Image freezes and play button is enabled. When play is clicked, the Video Movie restarts from the beginning.

Does anyone have a suggestion, I am out of ideas.

A:Video Display has slow update and loses frames on both DVDs and Video Movie downloade

Wow, it just might be the ancient processor you have and the very small amount of Ram you have. Video really eats up resources and I think you dont have the power to run it without problems, The key here is that when you minimize your preview window in Media Player, you have less problems.
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I have experiencing problem with my Dell XPS 15z laptop. The video is choppy and sometimes display driver stops working. I am not even able to update windows and update fails during configuration. I did a dell PC diagnostics for any hardware issues but found none.

When I shutdown the PC I get an error programs need to be closed with an option of "Force ShutDown" but in the list of programs I don't see any programs. I have Kaspersky antivirus installed. Could it be a virus ?


A:Video choppy, long time to reboot or shutdown, video driver stops working, invisible programs do not close properly

Try uninstalling the video driver via Device Manager...then rebooting and reinstalling same.

<<I am not even able to update windows...>>

Exactly what are you doing...and what happens? Error messages? You access the Win Update website?

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I recently set up a new Dell 7710 Precision Workstation (Xeon E3-1535M v5 w/Intel HD Graphics P530; Nvidia Quadro M5000M; Windows 7 Pro). The Dell Precision Optimizer (DPPO) tells me there are no updates at all (no Critical, Recommended, or Optional). However, the Intel Driver Update Utility tells me I have an older chipset ( that should be replaced by a newer chipset (10.0.27). I don't know if the DPPO is taking into account particular aspects of this system that make the the “correct” (even if not the latest) chipset. Perhaps the DPPO should override the Intel utility. Any thoughts?

A:Driver Updates: DPPO vs. Intel Driver Update Utility

I uninstalled a driver on purpose to test the dell optimizer utility and it is telling me no updates available ! I rebooted the laptop. same thing. In device manager the device is showing as other device with a yellow exclamation mark  !!!! How do I trust the optimizer now eh ?
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I am receiving random BSODs with the subject line description.  My first stop was to the HP Support site to possibly update any drivers (like bios??).  I found many driver updates available, including 2 for the bios.  I really have no clue as to which driver updates to install, even after reading the details.  I looked for where it says recommended or required or something but didn't see it.  I then installed the HP Support Solutions and did a scan to determine what drivers it thought I needed and it came up with none.  Now I'm real confused.  Does that mean all the driver updates on the HP site are just optional?  Can someone provide a good site link to read about how to determine which drivers are needed?  Thank you for your help!
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Wish I d come here first After reviewing DirectX log attached Gamehouse support told me to update a driver to fix a problem launching a game the game does not recognize that I have java installed Said the driver was outdated and installing kb888111 update before intel needed driver driver that I should have copy pasted the driver info at the top of the direct X text file Card name Intel reg G GV GL Express Chipset FamilyManufacturer Intel CorporationChip type Intel reg G GV GL Express Chipset ControllerI had the followingHere are my system specs -http support gateway com s PC R GXModels sp shtmlSome other relevant photos - https picasaweb google com CountingCrowes ComputerIssues I went to kb888111 driver needed before installing intel driver update intel and they did indeed list an update kb888111 driver needed before installing intel driver update so I downloaded it the instructions in kb888111 driver needed before installing intel driver update read me file attached said to install kb before installing the new driver I went to Microsoft and the instructions for kb said to first uninstall kb which i didI downloaded the hotfix for kb After reviewing info for kb I was not sure how to install plus I was unsure whether to use xpsp version or xpsp - I have xp sp After more research on the web regarding kb I decided to keep what I had until I felt more certain of the best action to take Therefore I attempted system restore which failed The kb version I uninstalled does not appear in add remove AND on startup the computer detects new hardware PCI bus which it is unable to find a driver for therefore installation is incomplete After reading some posts here about kb I went to Gateway but was unsure which driver to download and install Therefore I downloaded all of them However I do not know which file s to install The list of possible drivers is here - http support gateway com us en product default aspx tab amp modelId What steps should I take now Will I still have to install the intel driver after installing the gateway file I appreciate your help P S Not sure if this matters but I have no sound which is in keeping with other posts I read although I previously thought I was only impacting the graphics accelerator driver and some flash or shockwave do not display but others do

A:kb888111 driver needed before installing intel driver update

What's the complete name of the game and what are the system requirements?
Particularly video requirements.

The onboard video that you have really wont support high end gaming.

Edit:Also please post the model number of your Gateway
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This old laptop is 5600 wrong automatic driver to driver? FX GeForce update go the perfect extra system to have around Great screen sound and keyboard touchpad layout GeForce FX go 5600 driver automatic update to wrong driver? blah blah but It has a NVidia GeForce FX Go graphics card The history is like this Got the laptop from my mother too heavy for her worked great until the power socket burned out had it repaired the repair guy probably updated my drivers after that the screen started showing blotches of kelly green wherever the screen was black and on white backgrounds there are pink-purple lines areas waves I thought the screen was toasted because of something to do with the power so I attached another monitor - worked fine Definitely thought it was toast but didn t give up I went to the HP support site and used their scanning tool They have two drivers listed for my I downloaded and installed the newer of the two Same problem Then I on a fluke and out of desperation downloaded and installed the older driver Voila Magic It worked Looks gorgeous Now the problem is that once in a while every few days the green and pink areas return I roll back the driver and it s fine again How can I delete the BAD drivers which XP is apparently accessing for automatic updates or something like that How can I quot lock quot the good driver so that I dont have to roll back to it every few days P S In my search for answers about the pink and green I saw MANY posts in different forums with the same problem Usually the answers tell the poster that the display is burned out but now I m not so sure and if it s just a driver issue we need to let them know nbsp

A:GeForce FX go 5600 driver automatic update to wrong driver?

With an old laptop like that, I'd suggest going to the manufacturers site and download their latest driver for that unit first. It may be dated but that's OK. You'll know that that driver is supposed to work, and you can continue on from there. Uninstall the old drivers from the add remove programs app. Then uninstall the GPU from device manager. Run a program like Guru3D - Driver Sweeper to clean up any orphaned files before installing the new drivers. If there is a better more nVidia specific program for cleaning the drivers hopefully one of the regulars here will post a link to it. That utility works on both nVidia and ATI drivers. If the downloaded drivers work you can let it go or start slowly upgrading to newer drivers till you find one you are happy with. There's not really any way to lock a driver. You might be looking at a dying GPU also so keep that in mind.

One other thing. When you reboot after uninstalling the device and drivers and reboot, keep closing the little "found new hardware" balloons in the lower right corner till you get a message "there was a problem loading drivers for this device". That stops the OS from installing generic drivers.
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I'm a little confused by one of my update options. I was under the impression that windows 7 was using wddm 1.1, and that the wddm 1.0 drivers have been available for quite some time. I checked and the driver I have is wddm 1.0, released 10/28/2008, version number So why am I being given the option to update to 'pre-release wddm 1.0'? I tried to get more information to check the version number, but I am just redirected to Winqual Help , which doesn't help me any.

I'd like to test out the wddm 1.1 drivers, and I've read that they're available for 7, but I don't think that these are those drivers, unless there is a typo in the driver title.

A:Pre-Wddm 1.0 Intel driver 945 Express Driver thru Windows update

Quote: Originally Posted by wooh

I'm a little confused by one of my update options. I was under the impression that windows 7 was using wddm 1.1, and that the wddm 1.0 drivers have been available for quite some time. I checked and the driver I have is wddm 1.0, released 10/28/2008, version number So why am I being given the option to update to 'pre-release wddm 1.0'? I tried to get more information to check the version number, but I am just redirected to Winqual Help , which doesn't help me any.

I'd like to test out the wddm 1.1 drivers, and I've read that they're available for 7, but I don't think that these are those drivers, unless there is a typo in the driver title.

yes thats right....

wddm is just a driver model...
its up to the manufacture (here intel) to release wddm 1.1 driver
so until then (most likely they wont) they have to release a wddm 1.1

Windows Display Driver Model - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
that should be a good read....

what they mean pre-release means that these drivers are beta drivers (there is a difference between pre-release drivers and pre-release wddm 1.1 drivers)
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I am to install driver Windows Update Kernel-mode Update: framework Unable unable to update Unable to install Windows Update: Update Kernel-mode driver framework the Kernel-mode driver framework ver for windows Unable to install Windows Update: Update Kernel-mode driver framework for x -based systems KB I get error Also I am getting BSOD stop errors in normal mode that say anything from -memory management x a - quot A device driver attempting to corrupt the system has been caught The faulty driver currently being on the kernel stack must be replaced with a working version quot GDRO sys- address fffff a f base at fffff datestamp b d I'm not sure if they are related When I run in safemode I do not get the BSOD When in normal mode I will get BSOD consistently when running Norton Full System Scan specifically when the full system scan gets to the Windows system folder System specs Processor Intel K Core Duo Unleashed MOBO Gigabyte GA-p A-UD P RAM I have x Corsair Vengeance only using stick of GB corsair vengeance currently due to troubleshooting GPU NVIDIA EVGA GTX HD HDDs Intel GB SSD and Western Digital Caviar Black TB empty PSU corsair watt Soundcard MOBO When I canoo

A:Unable to install Windows Update: Update Kernel-mode driver framework

I, again, apologize for double posting. I figure I should include the host of other issues I'm having. Maybe they can all be inter related.

-my DVD/RW drive, when connected to mother board in ANY SATA slot, causes the BIOS screen to freeze forever. I have disconnected the drive at this time while trouble shooting. I have tried known-good SATA cables so I know it's either the DVD/RW drive or perhaps a driver or mobo failure.

-I have run the memory diagnostic tool in windows. No issues were reported.

-I have NOT run memtest86 because I do not have a disk drive connected.

-I have had stop-errors (BSODS) such as PFN_list_corrupt, System_service_Exception, Memory_management, IRQ_not_less_or_Equal
All of these could be a result of bad RAM.

I have purchased new RAM as a means to fix my problems. It seemed to work for 2 weeks, then the stop errors returned.
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Okay recently whenever i visit a page sometimes it will pop up into either a java Virus/Advware + HELP! Update Intel - + Java Update Driver Warning update page with a smaller box saying to download something and this is the same for the intel driver update page also But even more recently i have noticed that another popup has started to appear where it would turn the current page into a page saying you have a virus etc And in the smaller popup box it says you must contact a phone number Now i am not stupid enough to click anything on them pages or contact any phone number it provides Another issue is that when i am not in chrome and i click a link to a weblink from Java Update + Intel Driver Update + Virus/Advware Warning - HELP! something such as skype it will open up another tabs after the one i need to be on I have used Malwarebytes AVG Combofix iObit to scan the computer yet i have still got the issue This is all on Chrome and i am on Windows I have also removed any suspicious programs Please can somebody help ASAP P S - When i used combofix it easily took over an hour and i have done it times now

A:Java Update + Intel Driver Update + Virus/Advware Warning - HELP!

Combofix is not allowed in this forum so since you ran it... Please follow the instructions in THIS GUIDE starting at Step 6. If you cannot complete a step, skip it and continue.Once the proper logs are created, then make a NEW TOPIC and post it HERE. Please include a description of your computer issues, what you have done to resolve them, and a link to this topic.If you can produce at least some of the logs, then please create the new topic and explain what happens when you try to create the log(s) that you couldn't get. If you cannot produce any of the logs, then still post the topic and explain that you followed the Prep. Guide, were unable to create the logs, and describe what happens when you try to create the logs.It would be helpful if you post a note here once you have completed the steps in the guide and have started your topic in malware removal. Good luck and be patient.If HelpBot replies to your topic, PLEASE follow Step One so it will report your topic to the team members.
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Recently I've been using Intel Driver update utility to keep my drivers in check with what's up to date, but for a while now I've noticed I can't get this spicific one.  It's been bugging me for a while and I'd like to get it updated so this notification will go away.  Where might I go about getting said driver?  I've already looked in the drivers area of the XC603G on the main site.  You're my last hope, Fourms.
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Hi everyone.

I am nii from Ghana.

I am trying to update my graphics to run a 3D program which requires it but i keep getting the error "The driver being installed is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer's manufacturer"

The accelerator in use the Mobile Intel (R)4 Series Express Chipset Family
Current version is
The version is the 1508

I downloaded the 32 bit version for windows vista but can't seem to update to the new version.
I keep getting the above mentioned error report.
I tried the update utility online which keeps telling me the same.I hope there;s a way to get around this .

Hope to hear and thanks is advance.

A:Driver update error: driver being installed is not validated


The error means that you try to install an driver which is not compatible with the graphic card.

What notebook do you have and what graphic chip does this notebook support?
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Windows Update is not telling me I need or can update my Wireless networking, but Intel's Update Driver Utility says I should and is offering the update. How would you recommend I proceed?

A:Should I trust Intel's Driver Update utility or Windows Update?

G'day Rolo,

The difference between the two drivers is that the Windows one is digital signed/tested by Microsoft. I would say that unless the Intel one delivers more benefit than the Windows one, and everything works as expected, then there is no need to update.

You often see this with graphics card drivers too, for example.

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HP Envy 17 3D (M0del: LV045UA#ABA) with Radeon 6850M and Mobile Intel HD Graphics.

On 9/3/11 the Microsoft update site provided a 150+ MB update for the video system. After the update downloaded and began to install, the video system crashed (the screen went blank) and did not recover after more than an hour.

I then performed a system image restore from a backup external hard drive. I tried again to install the update and again the video system crashed.

Anyone else experience similar problems with this update?

A:Update From Microsoft Update Site Crashes Video System

LMC, welcome to the Seven Forums.

What happened is your laptop has switchable graphics and will only work properly with the driver from the laptop manufacturer, in your case HP (or any other laptop with switchable graphics). Problem is that WU is essential stupid in that it doesn't know that and only sees one or the other of the video cards in the laptop, and as a result offers and installs one that won't work with it.

In this case stop trying to install it as it will never work. Just hide the update in WU so you don't see it and only ever install a video card driver update from HP.
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I have recently installed Windows 2000 and I can only view in 16 colours. I am aware I need to download a new driver but I'm not sure of the chipset of my computer. The computer was supplied by my employers and I don't have the manual, how can I find out which driver I need to download? When I look at the system information, it just says Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 CPU. Please help, I am sick of having silly pastel colours and this flashing is making me nauseous.

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8460p (video AMD)Win 8.0 x64,Last video driver sp64287.exe13.20-130911A-164036C  20 Dec 2013erratically crashes my computer when coming back from sleep mode.went back to former driver and crashing problem solved.but Xillisoft video converter stopped working...messy update, messy roll back,I have reinstalled the old CATALYST drive manager w/o fixing the xilisoft problem Please fix the new driver.

A:8460p (video AMD) Win 8.0 x64 , video driver sp64287.exe cra...

Hi Ppat, I am sorry, but to get your issue more exposure I would suggest posting it in the commercial forums since this is a commercial product. You can do this here. Hope this helps. Thanks.
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Can a Firmware Update and or Driver A Update Reversed? Firmware Printer And/or Can Update Be drivers on printers be reversed I am new to BleepingComputer so I do not know which Forum to post this to as this issue involves multiple forums Hardware HP Printers Software Firmware amp Drivers Operating Systems running Windows and Windows XP At my workplace we have many HP Printers on the network HP sent me a link promoting HP Easy Printer Care I figured I would try it big mistake because I take care of all of Can A Printer Firmware Update And/or Driver Update Be Reversed? the printers in our building So this Easy Printer Care tells me that there is updated Firmware for my printers So I get the firmware and install it Of course HP didn t really explain how to install it I had to look it up to actually do the install After installing it HP tells me that the Firmware Updates still need to be updated Now the end users are having problems when they print Multiple users are having the same and or different problems The problem that has the most reports to me are When someone is printing a document and they want to change it from portrait to landscape they click on properties and receive an error message that reads Function address x e a aa caused a protection fault exception code xc Some or all property page s may not be displayed Click OK Then another windows pops up saying Operation could not be completed Click OK The function address is always different for different users or systems The exception code is always the same The User cannot make any changes in order to print I have tried a hard reboot on the printers to default back to factory settings but nothing seems to change Am I doing that correctly Does anyone have any suggestions Please advise Thank you Gloria B

A:Can A Printer Firmware Update And/or Driver Update Be Reversed?

You can go to Device Manager and find the printer and in properties it gives you the option to "roll back" the driver to a previous version. A firmware update and driver update mean 2 different things, to me anyways. My understanding is a firmware update offers "improved" instructions to the onboard chip of the device. What does HP say about the problem?
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On Windows Pro Version Build I've hidden troublesome Nvidia driver updates using the wushowhide troubleshooter package for Windows Even with the updates hidden the next time an update check cycle is triggered the Nvidia driver updates are detected and installed Upon NVIDIA hide Windows Can't in update Update driver rebooting normally after the Can't hide NVIDIA driver update in Windows Update driver updates are installed I see a Windows STOP error blue screen of death shortly after signing on Windows I can remove the driver updates by uninstalling the associated applications packages through the Programs and Features control panel I've also tried to first remove the display adapter in Device Manager selecting the option to Delete the driver software for this device then removing the associated applications packages in Programs and Features As long as I do this before rebooting after the driver updates are installed I don't see STOP errors and I can then install an older Nvidia driver that works without STOP errors If the driver update happens to slip in unnoticed I can reboot in Safe Mode sign on and proceed with driver application package removal then reboot normally The latest but older Nvidia driver published by Dell for this laptop apparently works fine no STOP errors But the latest quot compatible quot Nvidia driver from Windows Update produces frustrating STOP errors resulting in a largely unusable system I've also tried this method to blocking hiding the Nvidia driver updates but the result is the same Windows Update detects installs Nvidia driver updates upon the next Windows Update detection cycle I've also configured Device installation settings to not quot automatically download manufacturers' apps and icons quot The only semi-satisfactory solution I've found is to disable the Windows Update service and re-enable the service only specifically when I want to check for Windows updates Any suggestions or better ideas

A:Can't hide NVIDIA driver update in Windows Update

I'm cautiously optimistic I found a reasonable workaround (requires the Pro edition of Windows), by using AppLocker to disallow executables signed by Nvidia to run. This way I can leave the Windows Update service enabled and don't need to constantly fight the Nvidia driver updates that I supposedly "hid" using the wushowhide troubleshooter. For anyone else in this or a similar predicament:

Right-click the Start button and click Run, or use the + R keyboard shortcut to open the Run command dialog.

In the Open text box, type gpedit and click OK.

Expand Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Application Control Policies > AppLocker > Executable Rules. Right-click in the pane on the right and click Create New Rule... In my case, I created a Publisher rule with action Deny for Everyone, and used an Nvidia driver installer file as the reference file to capture the Publisher information.

Create exceptions as necessary. Since I want the older (already installed) Nvidia driver of my choice to function, I created a wildcard Path exception for the Nvidia Program Files folder.

Hope this is helpful...
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I see that in the Anniversary I can't no more AVOID the automatic search and download of drivers.

I want to STOP this, I want myself to choice my driver and update them.

I read that in "gpedit.msc" > "Windows Update" > "Do not include drivers with WU" > ENABLE

And I did, BUT, Windows Update still see drivers to update such Intel HD, Touchpad, etc.

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Hiya, just a while I ago I tried to install the NVidia driver update in my windows update but it says it failed after trying to install. Was wondering could this corrupt my video card driver or registery or can anything be done to make this error like it never happened before? Currently I'm using a GTX 460 with NVidia driver version 311.06 , many thanks.

A:nvidia driver update failed in windows update

go to windows update, click on the "View update history" link, find the driver that failed to install, double click on it and post the error code in this thread.
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I click 5-6-7-8-9-10 times right click to be able to copy , so i think the only solution is to Update or reinstall the driver but how? I tried to disabled and also to change USB hole hehe and nothing work and i don't want to reinstall windows xp again only to update mouse driver
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I have an ASUS P X pro with Win ultimate that was upgraded from Win I have a multi boot system with old versions like Win Win etc I have been noticing that my Giga network will sometime reset from to so decided to upgrade the drive to the Win bit driver The installation failed and I don t recall what the issue was Sorry I didn t expect to be in this much trouble so I just went ahead to fix the problem The status Win all driver NIC update to are missing Tried driver 10 now NICs to now is that all NICs that I have or ad to the system shows up nicely in the device manager under network adapters but when I look at the Network and Sharing Center Tried to update NIC driver to Win 10 driver now all NICs are missing there are no networks I have deleted all the network adapters rebooted and the devices are repopulated in device manager but no networks are available in the Network and Sharing Center I have tried adding various other network adapters like USB Giga Ethernet adapters and different WiFi USB devices of them are new Win compatible devices They all show up in device manager and nothing in Network and Sharing Center Basically it sees the network adapters in device manager but the Network and Sharing Center says I don t have any devices I tried to restore to Tried to update NIC driver to Win 10 driver now all NICs are missing before the diver update but I don t have a restoration point I also don t have a backup to restore It looks like I need to remove all network software from Win and reinstall it Any ideas how to fix this
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I click 5-6-7-8-9-10 times right click to be able to copy , so i think the only solution is to Update or reinstall the driver but how? I tried to disabled and also to change USB hole hehe and nothing work and i don't want to reinstall windows xp again only to update mouse driver
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TOSHIBA driver update for TOSHIBA x86 ACPI-Compliant Value Added Logical and General Purpose Device

Today, I had a driver update from Toshiba while checking for updates.

A restart was required.

Can someone please tell me what this update is for?
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Yesterday when I went to install the Windows 7 patches the Windows 7 update module listed an optional driver update for the ATI Radeon HD 4200 graphics chip on the motherboard.

I downloaded and applied the update no problem.

My question is.

Does anyone know what the update to the ATI Radeon HD 4200 graphics chip was for?

Thanks in advance

A:Mar 8th Update and ATI Radeon HD 4200 Driver Update

Graphics Card ATI Radeon 4200
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Hi This problem has video XP update card Update Windows Cannot after ATI been discussed a lot but Cannot update ATI video card after Windows XP Update I haven t seen any conclusive answer on how to fix Cannot update ATI video card after Windows XP Update my current problem Please read -- you re help is greatly appreciated My friend bought an upgraded copy of XP and decided to upgrade his version of XP to a valid registered copy XP SP Upgrading anything is a nightmare -- he should have never done this He has an ATI SE Video card and uses monitors Ever since upgrading the ATI driver is no where to be found AND in Device Manager there is NO node for quot Display Adapter quot -- it simply doesn t exist After deleting every trace of any ATI video drivers on his system I downloaded the latest version of the ATI catalyst software and tried reinstalling but everytime I do this I get the following error in the middle of installation Setup was unable to complete the installation Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup When I go to Display Property Settings there is no mention of a display adapter there -- I couldn t use monitors if I wanted because there is no option to do so When I go to advanced the adapter is the quot VGASafe quot windows adapter So I think that the standard VGA adapter is ALREADY installed it is DEFINITELY VGA resolution so it has to be using a driver and it must be using THIS driver which I believe is windows quot standard VGA driver quot is this correct One of my thoughts was to quot upgrade quot or reinstall the ATI driver through this advanced tab but since it s not listed I don t think I can do that I ve also tried putting a new ATI video card in the computer and installing the driver but still same outcome Here are my questions Is there a way to quot reinstall quot the quot standard VGA driver quot in win XP so that this issue might go away Does anyone know why my Display Adapter node is not showing up in Device Manager Thanks very much for your help -- I m at a loss and I do not want to reformat and start over Thanks nbsp

A:Cannot update ATI video card after Windows XP Update

any thoughts on this one? thnx.
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I'm working with a Dell Dimension C521 PC. It came with a PCI-Express video card which apparently has failed, yet the motherboard itself has on-board video. The system will boot using this video output (as opposed to the card which produced nothing) but when it finally gets to windows the auto-detect driver routine kicks in and begins to detect the video card, prompting the user to "Continue Anyway" to finish installing unsigned drivers. Unfortunately this event takes place in front of the installation of the USB keyboard and mouse (times like these I wish it had PS/2 ). Anyway, whether I boot up into Safe Mode or normal a prompt comes up about installing drivers for the on-board chipset. I can't interact with it because the driver install routine for the keyboard/mouse becomes interrupted.

A:Dell Dimension C521; USB key/mouse driver load interrupted by video card driver load

Bump. I've been thinking... the only way I think this can be fixed is if I boot from a Linux CD or something similar and delete a particular set of drivers for this video card. It can't prompt you to install any drivers if they don't exist, right? But I don't know where to go to delete such files and prevent them from automatically trying to install themselves. Any ideas?