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3 monitors problem

Q: 3 monitors problem


I'm trying to connect 3 monitors to my Sapphire HD 7770 OC edition which has 2 mini DP ports,1 HDMI and 1 DVI port. So I have 2 adapters mini DP to DVI (the 10$ ones from amazon) and I have a Sapphire HDMI to DVI adapter(maybe I could use that in some combination). So I connect 2 monitors via DVI cables into the DP adapters, and one monitor into the DVI output of the card via VGA cable with a VGA/DVI adapter. And I cannot duplicate the 3rd monitor in catalyst. So it recognize 3 monitors but I cannot duplicate the 3rd, only 2 monitors are working in the same time and I can chose which ones...So should I get a new monitor with a DVI output, or buy new active adapters becouse I think the ones I have aren't active. In this case can I buy just one or do I have to buy 2 ? Or can I buy 1 active DP and then use the HDMI to DVI adapter ? I hope someone can help me.

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Preferred Solution: 3 monitors problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: 3 monitors problem

That card should support up to 4 displays, so perhaps the non-active adaptors are the problem.

Maybe someone else with more experience here can confirm.
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I have an ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 9600 video card. It's been working properly for quite awhile and now suddenly the cursor moves to the second monitor when I drag the cursor beyond the bottom of the first monitor.

It used to go from one monitor to the other by dragging it from left-to-right. I can't figure out what caused it to start doing this or how to go about getting it back to the way it was before. Any ideas how to change it back. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!


A:Dual Monitors - cursor changes monitors vertically instead of horizontally

Display Properties - Settings - Drag the monitors to side-by-side position with the mouse, it thinks they are one obove the other.
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Hi! I just upgraded to Win8 this weekend and so far I really like it. I discovered something this morning that now that the weekend is over is bugging the crap out of me and I need help. I work from home and use this alot so it would be helpful.

I am trying to do a couple things I could easily do in 7,
- have Chrome open in both monitors at once with different things on them.
- currently Chrome has no minimize/maximize buttons on the upper right like it used to. Makes it very hard to multitask.

I have 2 monitors, the main is a 23" touch screen and the second is an 18" non-touch screen.

Also, is there a way to have the taskbar to appear at the bottom always like it used to?

Thanks! I really appreciate the help!

A:Windows 8 Dual Monitors, need help having browser open in both monitors

Answered my own question. Google Chrome was showing in App mode. When I downloaded Chrome for 8 there is an option to have it show in desktop mode and the taskbar, minimize/maximize, and multi window option came back. YAY.

Now if someone could tell me why windows 8 won't fill the screen at the resolution recommended for my 23" monitor I'd be good!
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I recently purchased three monitors for my gaming rig. I am having problems getting all three to work. I have two plugged in by DVI. The third is plugged in by a mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter. The problem is that I can only get two of the monitors working at one time. Am I doing something wrong?

A:Three monitors problem

What Graphics card are you using ?
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hey I decided to hook up Problem Monitors 2 Using another monitor using a VGA cable but my video card only supports one monitor and the computer doesn t show the integrated video card on the motherboard Using 2 Monitors Problem I want to hook it up in a way so one monitor runs through the video card and the other through the integrated video card on my motherboard I tried playing with the BIOS settings concerning switching between the two video cards but it Using 2 Monitors Problem only shows one of them at a time and I cant get both of them to work at once When I go to display properties - gt settings tab it doesn t allow me to switch between any monitors since it only Using 2 Monitors Problem recognizes one of them depending which one I have it set to in the BIOS My onboard video card is VIA S G UniChrome IGP other video card NVIDIA GeForce MX ABIT Silurio GF MX BIOS Setings AGP Display Switch can only be set to quot Auto quot or quot onchip AGP quot quot Auto quot making it run through the separate video card and quot onchip AGP quot through the integrated video card Init Display First can be set to either quot AGP quot or quot PCI Slot quot but it doesn t really do anything when set either way unless Im doing something wrong Thanks for any help tried to provide as much info as possible nbsp

A:Using 2 Monitors Problem

Sorry, think you might be out of luck there; as far as I know there is simply no way to do this, but I may be wrong. I'm pretty sure you can only use onboard, or your other video card.
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I have a radion hd 240 graphics card connected to my monitor vga to dvi.
i can connect to my tv and use that as a monitor using the same above.
I previously connected to my monitor and tv using the straight vga cable to the tv and monitor as well.
Now that i have a graphics card rather than using the on board graphics, i want to use the above graphics card to connect to my monitor and would want the on board graphics to connect to the tv using the vga connection.
Is this possible as i have tryed the dual monitor thing on w7 but so far no joy?

A:two monitors problem

It appears that my second monitor is not being detected by w7?
how do i get it to detect it?
previous set up was vga to vga on monitor and i changed cables to the tv which was also vga to vga.
I now have the above graphics card and connect to my monitor using this vga-dvi.
I want to use the on board vga connection to connect to the tv as before vga to vga.
~This would mean i have the monitor connected to the graphics card and the tv acting as a monitor would be connected via the on board vga to vga.
Any ideas?
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I have a HP dc7900 desktop computer (Intel E8400 3 GHz, / GB RAM with windows 7 ultimate x64).
I would like to use 4 monitors. I have a nvidia 8800 GTS in the PCI-e slot. This card is so big, so I cannot insert an other card to the second PCI-e slot.
If I try to enable the onboard VGA card, the windows won't boot up.
So I bought a nvidia 6200 64BIT PCI card, put it to the PCi slot, but the same happened.
Please advise.


A:4 monitors problem

Go into system bios and ensure that PCI-E is the default first adapter or similar setting. Then try booting with the new PCI card in. You could also try a different PCI slot if another is available.

Otherwise, what is happening when Windows will not boot? Is it crashing? Blank screens? Hanging? More info please.
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Hi. Currently i have 2 monitors, and both of them had falled down from upper of my table to lower of it.
1-Samsung 17" had falled down on teh microphone. Everything works perfect, but in the center there is like dots, like shadows. Question: is there any way to get rid of those shadows?
2-LG FLatron 19" (very important for me) had falled down on the microphone to. Evetyhing works fine, but my eyes after that falling turns red after 15minutes watshing into the monitor. Question: is tehre any program or somethign to fix this, i think the problem is fraps or something...
Ty for answering.
Sorry for mistakes, im bad at english, if you didn't understand something, just say.

A:Monitors problem

Go throught the menu options on hte monitors (should be afew buttons ont he monitors themselves), try to search for "Degauss" if not there, try "Factory Reset" or "Reset"

Edit: Also try a new cable, maybe the connector got smashed/bent.
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Over the last months I purchased Monitors DVD's & Flat Monitors Monitor & Size > my teen son Monitors & Flat Monitors & Monitor Size > DVD's a Creative DVD Drive for his Compaq Presario as well as a Creative Audigy MP Sound Card and the Creative Cambridge DTT Speaker Dolby Sound System the things kids get today you can send your donations to Anyway he was the basic quot Compaq Monitor that came with the system and of course he is now nagging me that this monitor quot is a heap of crap amp how do Monitors & Flat Monitors & Monitor Size > DVD's you expect me to enjoy all this great stuff you bought me with this tiny monitor when I am trying to watch Britney Spears Concerts quot So my question to you all is that if I ever pay off Visa and can purchase him a new monitor I want to purchase the largest best Monitors & Flat Monitors & Monitor Size > DVD's quality for the dollar monitor I can afford What do you suggest What is the scoop with the Flat Monitors he is driving me nuts with How do LCD monitors measure up Please keep in mind that my main concern is his viewing of DVD s Music Video Files Mpeg that he downloads amp the zillion games he has According to the specs on his Presario Model BW he has an Intel Celeron T MHz MHz Bus Speed RAM yes I will double that to via Crucial Com ASAP GRAPHICS Intergrated Direct AGP Graphics - bit hardware accelerated D graphics Maxium non-interlaced resolution of up to x when supported by monitor If you require any additional information please advice Thank you in advance for your time amp effort A Broke Dad nbsp

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I'm currently using dual monitors to do multiple tasks at once (playing games while streaming videos or work related) and I recently found out that streaming videos that are maximized from websites like youtube would get resized when switching to another monitor.. i've tried softwares like Ultramon to use hotkeys to switch windows instead of moving the mouse but it's still the same.. Can anyone help me out on this matter?!

Much appreciated!

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I just went from windows 7 to 8.1
I have 2 monitors.
My problem is, that when I start the computer and it boots into the desktop, one of the monitors does show the desktop , but the second one is blue . I then have to click on the blue screen to make it show the desktop.
Is it possible to make windows show the desktop on both monitors when it starts, so i dont have to click on the blue screen to make it show the desktop?

Sorry for my bad english.

Monitors: ASUS SWIFT PG278Q
All drivers up to date.

Please see pictures for further clarification.

When the computer starts up, one of the monitors stays blue.
I have to click on that monitor to make it show the desktop.
Kind regards,
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I just got a new computer a month ago (Dell Inspiron 530) with XP Pro SP3 already pre installed, but I decided to try out Vista and I'm liking it. I had already been using a ViewSonic VX1940W and the Dell SE178WFP came with the computer. I tried the dual monitor setup with the ATI Radeon HD 3450, and it's been kinda screwy lately. Every time I turn my primary monitor (ViewSonic) on, the secondary monitor's settings reset and the position is not set the way I want it. My monitors also flicker every hour or so, anda message appears saying "Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered." Sometimes when this happens, I get the bsod.
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Ok so I have a simple question with a complicated solution I The Problem with Dual Monitors use two monitors I would The Problem with Dual Monitors like to be able to simultaneously be able The Problem with Dual Monitors to be in a fullscreen app like a movie or game and at the same time control the other monitor In XP i couldn't even get as far as I have now In XP the second monitor would always go black or become unusable At least in vista it stays up so I can view live content IE I have games movies running on left messenger and winamp on The Problem with Dual Monitors right PROBLEM When in a fullscreen app the mouse will not navigate outside of that monitor Which is great but I kinda need it to It would be horrible if I were playing an FPS and tried to turn around and whoops I am on monitor two lt SNIPED IN HEAD gt Possible Solution I dunno maybe a nd mouse pointer I know thats a bad idea though

A:The Problem with Dual Monitors

I run dual monitors at home and at work, and have for years. I have never experienced what you are talking about in either operating system! To me, it sounds like either very badly behaving drivers or a very poorly written media player application.

What video card, driver version, and media player application are you using?

I play movies, fullscreen, on my secondary monitor quite often while using my primary for work/surfing/whatever.
(Obviously, it is by design that the mouse is locked while you are playing a full-screen video game.)

However, my configuration has been basically the same with either XP or Vista. I have only ever used NVIDIA cards for multi-monitor. Also, I have only ever set them for DualView. I have no experience with any other configuration, so I cannot comment on those. But, for me, NVIDIA + DualView == success every time.

As an addendum, I also use a 3rd party tool called UltraMon to enhance dual-monitor goodness. However, this tool is absolutely not necessary to do what you are wanting. I'm just "pimping" it 'cause I think it's worth the buy.
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Ohai Techspot how re you Good with Very problem strange monitors to hear I m pretty miffed with my new computer build to be honest let me tell you why Recently after much struggling with Amazon s delivery services I got the final parts for my computer set-up Now it s all been set-up I ve followed an online guide to the letter and two of my computers will no longer display on my monitor I m currently on Laptop A My old desktop is Desktop A and my new Desktop is Desktop B Desktop A and Desktop B are no longer able to send information to a monitor for some reason yet Laptop A is currently literally right now using the desktop monitor to extend the desktop Desktop A worked earlier this week but simply stopped sending information to the monitors tested with two monitors and two cables shortly before I went to pick up the final part for my new rig Any advice you could give me to fix these problems would be highly appreciated Desktop A has an inbuilt card and and external card which I am about to check I m going to remove the card and use only the in-built card to see if that changes anything and Desktop B only has an external one there is no in-built one on the motherboard Thanks for reading Moospammer Update Desktop A now works without the graphics card in nbsp

A:Very strange problem with monitors

you'll need to disable the on board graphics (built into the motherboard) before installing a new graphics card. when this isn't done, the computer doesn't know that it should be using the new graphics instead of the integrated one; will not display video. to disable the onboard adapter, restart the computer and hit the DEL key or corresponding F# key to access the BIOS. navigate the options and find the setting that controls the onboard graphics adapter, disable it, and then exit and save changes. now you can install the new card and affix it to the monitor. let us know if that fixes it.
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Apologies if this posts twice - my IE went down right as I hit post I don t know what I did to screw up my external monitor so I can t fix it I have a laptop running Vista Pro I have it connected to a docking station so it acts as my CPU when I m at my desk When I first connected it it picked up my -inch LCD monitor no problem - perfect adjusted resolution etc Yeah Then over the last week or so it kept giving me error resolution messages for both - even though when I connected or disconnected the laptop and the monitor both adjusted themselves fine Now for some reason it didn t adjust with Problem Multiple Monitors so I went to display settings and somehow can Problem with Multiple Monitors t get it back - my LC monitor just has a Problem with Multiple Monitors huge image of my desktop background my laptop is normal I tried the whole quot exteneded display quot area but it s just not working I just want my LCD to be like it was and I can t get it back there Any ideas nbsp

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Hi guys, at start I want to sorry for my bad English but I really cant get help in my native language so I'm gonna try here...
So I just get my 2nd monitor but I have a little problem with resolutions, because when I'm playing games on resolution 1280x960 set on monitor number 1, monitor number 2 which is running in 1920x1080 ~half of it moving to right side and its so uncomfortable because I can't play and watch movies, I know that changing resolution on monitor number 1 to 1920x1080 will solve my problem but I cant play games on this res
I do try to set 1280x960 on monitor n2 but same thing happens.
I hope you guys can understand what I mean and If you know any ways to solve my problem please help.
Oh.. and my graphic card is Nvidia GTX 770
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I have a  problem and could not find the answer. Please help me:I wanted to connect 4 external monitor to p70. 1) Thunderbolt3/usb-c to HDM?  for samsung monitor 1900x1080 2) Thunderbolt3/usb-c to HDM?  for samsung monitor 1900x1080 (with 2. adapter) 3) Minidisplay to display for samsung monitor 1900x1080 4) HDM? to DV? cable for samsung monitor 1900x1080With different  combinations  P70 external connections? 3 display worked but  4. display never worked. Although I have changed resolution still 4. display never worked. Has anyone found a solution to this problem?
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Did a clean install of 2-k, I can't get the control panel sceen to control dual monitors. With this machine, 98-se; I had full control of both screens,and could open different windows on separate monitors. The video card has output for the dvi and the analog sceens. I have tried all the drivers from ati, The 2-k master book shows dual screen control as native to the program. what gives? can anyone help? [email protected]

A:W2K dual monitors problem

You may need the program from ATI for this, Hydravision.
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been thinking of getting a 15" LCD monitor, but have heard that they are not recommended for game playing because of the low refresh rates which cause a character to show up several times if it moves across the screen quickly.
I use mine presently mostly for text editing & websurfing BUT I am interested in beginning to get some games for the system.
How serious is the LCD ghosting problem, & should I just get a flatscreen-type CRT monitor instead. Any info/opinions will be appreciated, I know very little about LCD monitors.

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I have a Win problem with two monitors I have my monitors problem with Win8 two computer display connected to Nvidia DVI output and I have a Win8 problem with two monitors TV connected to Nvidia HDMI output I use the Nvidia settings to clone the two monitors I switch the sound using Playback Devices Everything works well That is Win8 problem with two monitors until I turn my TV off and restart Win with my TV off The Win restart sometimes hangs forever Or if Win does start then running desktop apps hang forever Desktop Win8 problem with two monitors apps just sit on the taskbar and nothing runs on the desktop All I have to do to remedy start failure or remedy desktop apps not running is unplug the HDMI to TV cable That's not an elegant solution because I have to setup dual monitors all over again in order to watch TV This is terrible And pretty much a show stopper for me Any suggestions for a fix or a workaround One of my main reasons for buying a new PC is the HDMI output to TV Before this I was using a DVI-to-HDMI adapter to send Video and SPDIF-Out optical to send Audio That setup was clumsy But at least it worked more than one time

A:Win8 problem with two monitors

Even when your TV is not set to view the HDMI output of the computer, but say for instance, the cable box instead, Windows should handle everything automatically and well. It should react to that.

An issue could be the cloning instead of extend desktop.

Perhaps set NVIDIA settings back to exactly as the were when you installed. Then, use Windows to set your monitors how you want them.
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I'm running Win Pro and having trouble getting the nd monitor Multiple monitors problem recognized by Multiple monitors problem the OS The system specs are Asus P GDC-V motherboard w a Pentium GHz processor and integrated graphics GB RAM XFX nVidia GS w MB memory w x DVI x Dell wfb monitors x resolution I've updated the drivers to the latest nVidia drivers The OS simply will not recognize the second monitor I've tried the nVidia control panel and it's quot Rigorous detection quot as well as Win 's own Display Properties The graphics card is recognized as Nvidia GeForce GS Microsoft Corporation - WDDM by Win I've tried reinstalling the drivers I've also tried different monitors as the second monitor and swapped cables Everything works fine on it's own The BIOS only has an option for quot Primary Video quot I have that set to PCI-E PCI Is this setup just not capable of running dual monitors Something else I should try Thanks for the help

A:Multiple monitors problem

Welcome to SF! We will try our hardest to get this resolved.

You say that all monitors work on their own. Have you outruled the possibility of a bad DVI port? Do the monitors work in both, one at a time?

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Well when i use both monitors it gets all blurry like this,
But when i use one monitor it doesn't.
why is this??

A:Dual Monitors Problem

Interesting. I was writing the obligatory "that's gotta be hardware" response when I realised the PNG was probably a screenshot (?). In other words, the screenshot "saw" the corruption.

Are you running the latest video driver?
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Hi guys,
Im not sure if this is a hardware problem or not, but i believe it is here is my problem
my computer is pretty old --three years?, and recently the monitor screen often froze for no reason, and I had to restart the computer. THe computer also restarts itself for no reason and it got pretty annyoing after awhile. First i did several virus scans and made sure that it wasn't a virus that was causing this problem. THen I tried switiching different monitors to see if it was my monitors' problem. Turned out that the screen still froze and my comp still restarts.

So does anyone know what hardware that is malfunctioning? Is it the video card, or perhaps the motherboard?

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I am trying to run 2 monitors but having problems, here is what Im working with. HP PC, AMD processor and dedicated graphics card, Win 7 64bit, (2) identical monitors Acer 18.5" LCD with one VGA input, PC has 1 VGA and 1 DVI-D Dual Link.

I have connected a powered signal converter to the PC's DVI, the other end goes to the 2nd monitor. The 1st monitor is connected normally. I have messed with the settings in both general and advanced till Im blue in the face. It will not detect the 2nd monitor, however upon restart and boot, both monitors come on and display initial boot including windows log in. As soon as windows opens up, the 2nd monitor goes to sleep. I cannot figure out why this is happening. Any help is greatly appreciated!

A:Problem with Win 7 and dual monitors

Hi Josh,

Whats the make and model of the graphics card?

Are both monitors connected to the card or the PC or one of each?
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Well I have a rather new monitor got it just at problem? start Monitors up and Christmas Problem is when I start up my computer with this Monitors and start up problem? new screen in sometimes it freezes it just won t start up I restart it still won t start up I do it over a few times nothing So I plug in my old smaller screen it works just fine starts up and is usable though i still get a quot blue screen of death quot Monitors and start up problem? now and again It says some sys file mucks up I will edit this post the next time it happens and post the file name So why when I use this Monitors and start up problem? new bigger screen will my computer not start up and is there any way to fix it Help is much appreciated thank you in advance New monitor Acer AL Old monitor ProView EMC PTS Analog display Sorry i didn t know what to post this thread under hardware seemed the most appropriate nbsp

A:Monitors and start up problem?

Boot into Safe mode and remove your old monitor in device manager.
Its using the settings/refresh rate off your old monitor causing it to mess up on you, Safemode won't load drivers so you will be able to remove it fine in there.
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So yeah. As the title says, having some 'major' problems on connecting 2 monitors.

AS simple as it sounds and looks, something is just fishy here. I'm doing as told.

I have my 24" connected with a dvi and my other 20" with vga. And it only gives picture on the 24".

I have an Ati radeon hd 4600- series Graphics card, which is compatible with 2 monitors am i right?

So what could be the problem? Don't know if this is the right board for this, sure hope so.

Thanks anyways.

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My Compaq Evo N610 c, thinks it has two monitors (when I go to display properties) when it does not have any extra monitors at all attached - I am just using the laptop screen. Please help.


A:Multiple Monitors problem

All laptops these days have a dual video ability, if you want to disable the external then right - click on the "missing" screen under Control Panel - Display - Settings and deselect "attached"
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For some reason Win XP is thinking that I've got four monitors when I've got only one. It displays one correct one - Samsung SyncMaster 172T, and three 'Default Monitors,' which don't even exist. This is screwing stuff up, with my resolutions and refresh rates.

How can I fix this? If I just uninstall the 'Default' monitors, then they just come back like its found new hardware in a matter of minutes.

Please help.


A:Problem w/ multiple monitors

Delete ALL the monitors, including the one you use. Reboot and let it discover your monitor.
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I would like to add a second monitor on my computer. The first one is plugged in my graphics card, and I'm trying to plug in my second monitor to onboard vga port. Thing is this, I need some specific drivers for my onboard card and I can't run them!

Here's my motherboard model: ASUS P5Q-EM Intel G45 Chipset

- I tried to install drivers from default CD but it's not compatible with my OS (Windows 7 x64).

- I also tried to download the specific drivers from the official Intel website here, but when I'm trying to install them I get this error: "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software"

Any ideas? I need this for my job so it's kinda important for me.


A:Driver problem - 2 monitors

After a quick research I found out that it's hardware problem. Inter graphic card is not even detected so I went on my BIOS and I took some pictures related to graphics and on board configs for you. I hope you can help me out guys!
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I am using two monitors here at work and one of them has a color problem: it's color tone is pink.

I've tried using only this one monitor, and when I do so I do not have that problem; the color is good. Therefore I know this is not a problem with the monitor itself.

I have replaced every cable, the adapter, and even the graphic card, and I still get this pink color.

The drivers are up to date, and the graphics adapter is a 256MB ATI Radeon X1300 Pro.

I've been having this problem for a while now and thought I would ask for help online.
Thanks in advance for any help,

A:Dual monitors problem: one is pink

Just to mention one of the monitors is plugged using a VGA cable through an adapter that goes in a DVI plug, and the other one (the one who's working) is a DVI cable. When I remove the adapter and try to plug my second monitor using a DVI cable, then the computer simply does not detect it (therefore why I used an adapter). The screen stays black. Now I believe the problem is more about the computer detecting the monitor than the color itself. Can anyone point me out to something?

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Hello I have an Acer Aspire laptop with an SiS M GX integrated graphics card I know I Problem Solved: Multiple Monitors know a quot widescreen display and running Solved: Multiple Monitors Problem Windows XP SP I am trying to use an external display connected to the laptop s VGA port When I select the quot Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor quot tickbox in the Windows Display Properties dialog I experience a problem with the resolution on both displays When the resolution for each display is set to the native resolution i e x for the notebook display and x for the external display the desktop becomes quot larger quot than the display that is not all of the desktop is visible on the screen at once and I can scroll around by moving the cursor toward the edges even though these resolutions work perfectly when not using the multiple monitors feature The only way I can prevent this Solved: Multiple Monitors Problem is to set the resolutions Solved: Multiple Monitors Problem of both monitors to either x or x however this is very difficult to use as the image quality is poor as neither display is at its native resolution and the desktop is severely stretched on my widescreen laptop display Does anyone know of a way to stop this problem and get both displays operating correctly at their native resolution Many thanks in advance for your help and my compliments on a great forum drawde nbsp

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I'm using multimon taskbar 2.1

My second monitor is above my primary, so I move my most out the top of my primary to reach my secondary, and down my secondary to return to my primary.

So in Display Settings, my monitors look thusly:

In order for multimon to work, it says they must be
1 2
2 1
or at least, it says that's the default setting.

My problem is, if I'm set at
I can never see the second taskbar

But when I set the monitors to
1 2
I can see my second taskbar. This'd be fine, except I have to move off to the right side of my screen to reach the monitor above me, which is idiotic.

Please help?

A:Dual monitors taskbar problem

Hello mcphersonline,
Have you tried going in to Display Properties, (right click desktop, choose personalise, display settings) and dragging and dropping your second monitor over/on-top of, your first monitor, if you get any issues, disable multimon and try.
Give this a go and post your results.
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Good day everyone I'll start at the beginning I'm a systems admin technical support problem dual monitors with Strange worker One day a user called to tell me her second monitor stopped working I went to her desk and after some testing and trying I figured out that I could get both of them to work individually but not at the same time I updated the graphics driver unplugged and reconnected Strange problem with dual monitors all the video cables and it worked nbsp The next day the exact same problem occurred I couldn't find much so I decided to reinstall the whole PC and put the user on a different one for the day However the next day she had the same problem again but on the other PC i'd stationed her I was baffled by this but decided it'd have to be something in her roaming profile I backed up the old profile folder on the server and made her a new empty profile folder Having reinstalled her old PC I installed it and let her log in on it having replaced her roaming profile Still the same problem happens nbsp Screen is connected with a DVI cable and Screen has a DVI cable in the screen which plugs into a DVI gt DisplayPort converter which Strange problem with dual monitors goes into the PC Now as a work-around I figured out that if I unplug the DVI cable from the DisplayPort converter and plug it back in the screen will work both of them will work at this point Unplugging the DVI cable in the screen itself or the DisplayPort plug in the computer will not work however It has to be the DVI gt Converter connection nbsp By now this entire thing just doesn't make any sense to me and I am dumbfolded It's not hardware related since it happens on every PC she logs in to but having replaced her Roaming Profile it shouldn't be a user issue either Anyone have any idea Because I've run out of options We have around desktops all the same model and the same dual monitor hook-up
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So I got my active mini display port cable in the mail today, and finally got to try out my setup! Unfortunately, I'm running into some issues with it while full-screened and in game.

The left and middle monitors seem to be "choppy" almost as if it's a refresh rate problem, but the far right is perfectly fine.

This is what it is doing to me on the far left, and middle monitor...
Eyefinity Problem - YouTube

I'm running all of this off of a single 6870 1GB card, but not sure if that's the issue?

I'm not really sure how to trouble shoot this - Any help is greatly appreciated!


A:Eyefinity Test - Problem on 2/3 Monitors

Splitting up one port across two monitors would be the first obvious guess. The bandwidth is immediately cut in half!

Most will add in a second card when trying to expand outward to a 3rd display. The card shown in the AMD/ATI FaQs page has a single dvi port and a dual link dvi port that serves two outputs instead of one. - SAPPHIRE FleX 100352FLEX Radeon HD 7950 3GB 384-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card

You likely need to read through the information to see what is the actual recommendations as well as setup information on the AMD Eyefinity FAQS
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I've been trying to align my two monitors so that the mouse doesn't "slip" from the bottom right corner of my main (left side) to the right-side monitor when going for the show-desktop button.
i.e. I was trying to replicate this solution here: link

but for some reason, every time I change the alignment and hit "apply", the screens flash and just revert back to the default state, which is exactly aligned across the edge. Its driving me crazy!

Any help appreciated!

A:Problem aligning two identical monitors

Right tick on Taskbar and Select Desktop. You will see a new Desktop icon on the Taskbar that should work for you.
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Hello,On my desktop I have connected two monitors (1. Display port / 2. VGA port)During working on PC somethimes (1-2 times per hour) the both monitors switch in black screen for 1-2 seconds and than switch to normal.Wint 7 64bit was preinstalled on PC with all drivers. Version for Intel HD Graphics 530 is Has somebody this problem ? Thanks for the help !
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Hello, Recently i updated my video card to a PNY geforce 8400gs (PCI) card, i have two monitors hooked up, Primary monitor is a 22" LG with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080, my secondary monitor is an ACER 22" with a native resolution of 1680 x 1050.

I am having 2 problems with the this setup.

1. When i ever i play videos online at fullscreen it becomes very choppy (did not do this with old 128mb embedded card)

2. When i try to set the 2nd monitor to its native resolution it will shift the viewing area over to the left by a view inches. I have tried to controls built into the monitor and nvideas control panel but nothing will move it over enough.

Has anyone seen a problem like this before

A:Resolution problem with dual monitors

If you disable the second monitor, are the games still choppy? Where you running the 22" as your primary with the integrated card?
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Hello I am currently using a Toshiba Satellite L please monitors, help Dual running Problem D-S laptop with dual monitor support I am equipped with an ATI Radeon graphics card I am having difficulties getting a second image to display on my Viewsonic N using a VGA to S-video RCA cable Shown here http www compusa com applica dpNo amp CatId Problem running Dual monitors, please help I am using the RCA port instead of the S-Video Here is the specs for my TV Problem running Dual monitors, please help http www amazon com ViewSoni anel-LCD dp B CTRIM As you can see the TV has a native resolution of x and i have set it to this using the CCC software When I do use this setting at a refresh rate less than I can see the image sliding across the screen from right to left completely covered in a blue tint but it is there The image constantly continues to slide Problem running Dual monitors, please help over and over at a very fast rate Any Tips By the way I am running windows bit with updated CCC and updated hydravision

A:Problem running Dual monitors, please help

Set the refresh rate to the monitor's standard - then what happens?
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I have and Dell Insprion B laptop It has a very compact screen so I tried connecting a CRT monitor to it monitors Problem installing multiple for more space It works fine except not the way I wanted it to The CRT does not act as a second monitor but it mimes what I do on the first monitor What I mean is the mouse moves left on the first screen Problem installing multiple monitors it moves left on the other screen So I open up the Display Properties and go to settings Then I click Problem installing multiple monitors on the quot quot representing the CRT monitor and check Problem installing multiple monitors the box that says quot Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor quot The other box which says quot Use this device as the primary monitor quot is not checked Everything looks okay so I click quot Apply quot Nothing changes except for the quot Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor quot box which has automatically been unchecked Now what Looks like this nbsp

A:Problem installing multiple monitors

i setup my email on the crt and the main/#1 the lcd but i'm doing it on a desktop with a dual monitor card and i'm not sure if you can do the same on the laptop.

i don't run 32bit on either
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I set up two monitors. Windows 7 64 bit 8 GB ram Nvidia 6200 series video card

Ok so far althogh if I switch a program to another monitor too fast the computer freezes for a minute.
but my real annoyance is if I have my mail program Thunderbird open on monitor # 2 and then open an individual e-mail it opens on monitor 1 not on # 2. If TB is on # 1 and I open an e-mail it opens on # 1. On Firefox new tabs open on the monitor Firefox is running on.
Is there a fix ?

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I'm using a Dell Inspiron Mini 1011, with Windows 7. I have connected an additional monitor, which is working perfectly fine.

What I need to do is to display one window on the notebook screen, and another window on the monitor.

I have accessed the control panel, display settings, to the part where most guides tell you to go. However the only option I get is the "1|2 multiple monitors"

Could someone please help me, thanks.

A:Multiple Monitors Problem on Notebook

windows key + P will show you the setup options... You'll need to "extend" the view to the external monitor then situate your window on that monitor
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Hey guys

on my second monitor, i cant watch any videos

is there any reason why?

A:Dual Monitors Video Problem

Is your second monitor blank?

We need more info.
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I ve racked my brain with this for several days and I think I up setting monitors Problem dual ve come down to a logical conclusion I just purchased an HP Pavillion Slimline s n which has an integrated Nvidia e GPU This has two outputs a VGA and an S-video So Problem setting up dual monitors I ve got a monitor Problem setting up dual monitors on the VGA and a TV on the Problem setting up dual monitors S-video When I use the Nvidia Control Panel to switch to clone display and hit apply it jumps back to a single display only I ve checked and it offers the TV under the single display but when I choose that the picture that is sent to my TV is all messed up like when you have your TV on the wrong channel and your trying to watch an old VHS tape I ve ruled out the TVs connectors by using an XBox and the picture connectors are fine I ve tried different cables and still have the issue so I ve concluded that it s something with the S-video connection either internally Hardware or a setting that I m not aware of I ve checked the BIOS and it is using NTSC and I ve tried switching to PAL just to make sure still no good I m at my wit s end any information would be great nbsp
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I've got two monitors connected to my Geforce3 ti 500. After intalling the nvidia drivers, it will not allow me to use both displays simultaniously. I can switch from one monitor to the other, but the desktop is always on one of the monitors. Is this the normal operation of the card or am I doing somethig wrong ?
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There are two identical 19 inch monitors connected to a desktop. One is connected using dvi and the other using vga. One monitor works fine but the other has small resolution and doesn?t have settings for larger. So when I go to display properties settings the largest I can get on one monitor is 1024x768 and there?s no 1280x1024 for some reason. It use to work fine.

A:Problem getting same resolution on dual monitors

when you connect both monitors to the same video card (via a Y-cable or dual ports)
you expect both to use the same resolution.

running one DVI and the other VGA?? Make sure the primary #1 monitor is attached to the
DVI card.
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I have a small Acer Aspire One notebook which has a monitors Problem can't displays' your - 'Extend get using two x resolution and an oldish desktop monitor which I connect it to which is a Sharp LL-T A -B which might have a max resolution of x not sure as it is an old model Anyway when I connect the notebook to the Problem using two monitors - can't get 'Extend your displays' monitor via VGA I can only get an identical display on both screens or just a single display on either I can t get the Extend your displays option in the Display section of Control Panel and enable me to drag items between the screens i e have different content on different screens Why is this I have tried Windows button P but that does nothing I haven t looked at the drivers yet as I suspect it is because the resolutions of the two screens are not the same Is this so or am I wrong and the cause is something else As an aside is it possible to have one resolution on one screen and a different one on the other Any help gratefully received Thanks nbsp

A:Problem using two monitors - can't get 'Extend your displays'

It depends on the graphics capabilities whether or not to have 2 INDEPENDENT resoultions and screens. You should try updating your graphics drivers. Its possible with it being both a laptop and old it may not support those features
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I need to use two monitors on my Dell desktop computer with Windows 7. But I have difficulty to plug one of the monitors to the correct video port!

I have a VGA port on one board which I can connect either of two monitors to this port separately. On the second board I have three ports, a VGA, DVI and a HDMI port. It seems that this port is not recognized by my system. How can I make sure if it is detected?

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My question is how to I turn off or black out one monitor and still leave the other unaffected?

I have a small 14in LCD setup as my main monitor connected via VGA and a 56in DLP at 1080p for my extended desktop connected via HDMI. Of course I want Media Center to display on the TV. Most of the time I want ONLY media center to display on the TV, but it never fails when I turn off the small monitor, to enjoy a movie in a nice dark living room, Vista tries to make the TV the main monitor. And then I have to deal with about 30 seconds of screen flashing and resizing before normal playback can resume. Is there anyway to blackout or turn off one monitor without affecting the other?

A:Problem with multiple monitors in Media Center

Oh yeah and here are my system specs if that helps.

Vista Ultimate x64
ATI Radeon HD 4670 512MB
4GB G-skill RAM
500GB Raid 0 HDD (2x 250GB)
AMD Athlon x2 2.8ghz sllightly overclocked to 3.1 at stock voltage
ASRock A780 motherboard
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I have ASUS M5A78L-MLX V2 motherboard I am using a VGA spliter to link up my 19" LED TV and my 22" LCD monitor to my computer. However once I have selected *Extend these displays* it just duplicates whats on the monitor to the TV. So I was wondering how do I use the TV as a second monitor to drag windows into?

A:[SOLVED] Problem setting up dual monitors

Sadly, a VGA splitter isn't designed to do an extended desktop. You still have only one GPU calculating what to show on the screen. In order to do an extended desktop you need a graphics card that has more than one monitor port.
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Hello everybody I was wondering if anybody can help me with a small problem I have When I go to Settings under Display Properties it s showing that I have monitors when I only have I m including a jpeg in case I m not explaining it very well The first monitor is the one that I am using the second doesn t exist yet it says that it s the default monitor This is also a fresh within days install of windows XP showing problem, monitors I 2 have properties Display the only things installed have Display properties problem, showing I have 2 monitors been drivers for the video card and a game Under display adapters in device manager it says that I have video cards ATI Radeon PRO and ATI Radeon Pro - Secondary I only have the video card I also receive an error when I try to select the ATI catalyst control center from desktop properties here s a screenshot Any idea what s causing these problems I m at a total loss here nbsp

A:Display properties problem, showing I have 2 monitors

Your first picture is showing that your video card is capable of handling two monitors but you are using only one. Does this not reflect reality?

I don't know anything about the Device Manager or missing file issues.
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well i was having trouble with my mouse as if it was on another screen and this had happened to me once before when i reinstalled xp after my computer got messed up so i was screwing with the display dual moitor settings and me being the complete fool that i am i selected the 2 monitor and put it as my primary well now i can not go back and change it if any one of you can tell me how to change it i would be very pleased
some specs that might help are these i am on a dell xps 400 running ops xp media

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hope you can see my specs. took the time to put all info. the two monitors are
calibrated for optimal use and resolution, the Nvidia software was updated today.

i have a strange problem:
when i play VLC movies on the 2nd HD monitor, sometimes the video starts to
stutter and strobe, and after a few seconds goes back to normal play.

i found out it happens especially when i load or refresh firefox (on the other monitor, the first one-main) while watching a video on the second HD monitor.

any tips? help? (again, i wrote down my full specs at my page details)

thanks in advance

A:Nvidia 8600GT dual monitors problem

The only suggestion I can find in relation to this issue, is simply to try another driver version. The problem is apparently known and has been happening off and on since 94.24 or so.

Unrelated personal note, I would set the 1080p monitor as the primary. ...that's just me though.
as you can see it's not any one card type or driver that seems to end in this problem though
Dual Monitor flicker - Nvidia - Graphic-Displays
Dual monitor flickering 7950GT - NVIDIA Forums
GeForce 210 - dual display flickering/flashing issue - Nvidia - Graphic-Displays
T3400 dual monitor flicker - Desktop General Hardware Forum - Desktop - Dell Community get the ideal, the only suggestion I have is to try a different driver version.
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I have a PCchips A13G+ motherboard generic PC with an NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405 card in one of the slots. This configuration allowed me to have a desktop covering both monitors running XP. Since I tried Vista, then Windows 7 RC1, I have only been able to get one of the monitors going at a time. Whichever one I tell the Bios to activate first, is the one that comes up. The other one is not detected. It looks like there are many other examples of dual monitor setups failing under Windows 7 and Vista which worked fine under XP. I've got all the latest drivers from NVIDIA and all the updates from the Windows updates site. Any ideas? Seems like Microsoft wants us to pay extra for reduced functionality. Doesn't seem like a good deal to me.

A:NVIDIA and A13G+ dual monitors problem

First; Welcome to the SevenForums.

Not really sure why you are having this problem, and basically do not believe this is a problem caused by the OS, but the video card. If it worked under XP if should work with Vista or 7. Did some research which I will include here:

A. Please use the latest version of the device driver, it will help you to use functions of your NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405, easier and better. Old versions can create conflicts of devices and an error in display work. Try to update drivers for NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405 monthly or more often. Choose the correct driver for your NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405 and make windows backup each time when you wish to update the nVidia driver.

B. Step-by-step guide for install NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405 driver.

1. Download file for NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405 from our site, save it on your computer and unzip.
2. Connect your NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405 to computer.
3. Right click on My computer and click Properties. Go to Hardware tab. Click to Device Manager button.
4. Find your new NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405 on display category double click on device and press Reinstall Driver button.
5. Select Install from specific location, check Include this location and click Browse button to select the nVidiadriver click Next button to continue and click Finish button to finish installation.
6. After this procedure you should see new NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405 in display inside device manager.

This information can be found here. Not sure if it will help, can only hope. There is a lot more information on your graphics card on google if this doesn't help.
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I have just upgraded from an E6410 to an E7440. I have two Dell 2007FP monitors connected via DVI on an E-series E-Port Plus dock. The native resolution of these monitors is 1600x1200 @ 60 Hz and my old E6410 was able to run this just fine. The new E7440 however refuses to see that 1600x1200 is available and has an upper limit of 1280x1024 @ either 60 or 75 Hz. The Intel graphics properties app does show that 1600x1200 @ 60 Hz is a supported mode of the monitor in the Information Center section, but it won't let me select it in the Display Options section.
Anyone know if this is a fundamental limitation of the docking connector on the new 7000 series or if I just have something set wrong somewhere? All the drivers are up to date as far as the Dell support site is concerned ... The machine is running Windows 7 64 bit if that makes a difference.
Thanks & regards,

A:Problem with Latitude E7440, E-series dock & external monitors

Sorry - should have come back sooner as my IT guys at work found the "fix". This is a driver update that is for the E7440 but doesn't come up if you search for E7440 updates (???). Anyway, I got the required driver from:
Whilst the link is from the E5540 area, the driver is for the Intel HD4400 GPU that is in the E7440 as well. This has fixed the issue on all the E7440s we have here.
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Hi For the last years i have worked with Windows XP x Sapphire Radeon HD MB videocards and monitors connected x inch and x inch This worked without a single problem Since i got a terrible virus i was forced to upgrade to Windows And from this moment the problems started Only inch monitor displays the correct resolution x The other inch is set to a lower resolution and when i manually try to set it higher it wont go to the desired resolution In the mean time i have removed the rd monitor So currently i am working with the x inch I have tried to install every single driver available but nothing works The funny thing is that when i installed windows that the monitors did work for about days Suddenly the monitor resolution changed and i couldnt got it back time when trying installing older drivers the monitors went back to the good resolution but with in a day it failed again Now after weeks of trying 3850 HD Sapphire monitors Radeon - Dual/triple problem. and installing deleting drivers i have no idea what to do anymore My PC details Windows Home premium bit Quad Core Q GHz GB RAM memory Sapphire Radeon HD 3850 - Dual/triple monitors problem. Gigabyte GA-P -D rev motherboard x Sapphire Radeon HD mb PCI-e videocards I am using ultramon for multiple taskbar but after removing it the problems still exist Can someone help me

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Hello Dell Community I have recently tried to connect my Alienware R Laptop to a television screen not a specialised pc monitor to use as a second screen I initially had some problems getting the resolution right it cut off the corners of the screen but have since made it mostly fine by uding a custom resolution which keeps 15R2 Alienware Adaptor Monitors Multiple Problem Resolution Graphics the majority of the screen The problem occurs when I try to play games on the second monitor the games do not have the option for me to play at the custom resolution I am using x and if I try to use fullscreen I cannot see the whole game screen nbsp I was looking through Alienware 15R2 Multiple Monitors Graphics Adaptor Resolution Problem my graphics properties for my display adaptors An Nvidia GeForce GTX M and an Intel HD Graphics and it seems that my Nvidia card can only detect my additional monitor whereas my Intel one can only detect my actual laptop one this means that I cannot really change the options on both monitors together or change how they interact etc Any help on how to control which adaptor controls which screen or anything else is very much appreciated Thanks in advance
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Hi guys, new and in need of help please.

Probably a basic problem to most but struggling here.

It has Windows 7 & a GeForce GT240 1024MB graphics card

I cannot get my 2nd monitor to work with a new PC I had last week. The DVI port seems to be the problem.

Both monitors work independantly through the VGA port fine, no problems, but neither work through the DVI port when I use a simple DVI to VGA adapter, I have tried 2 of these just to make sure it wasn't a dodgy adapter.

I have followed the various windows 7 'set-up dual monitors' tutorials but with no luck.

Nothing happens at all when I plug the 2nd monitor in.

Any thoughts?

Could I need to download a driver or anything?

Thanks for any help.

A:Problem setting up dual monitors with 7/GeForce GTS240 Graphics Card

Does that video card support DUAL VGA monitors? What I'm getting at is, is that DVI connector on the video card a DVI-I or DVI-D? If it's only a DVI-D (Digital only) the DVI to VGA adapter won't work. If it came with the DVI to VGA adapter one would assume it is DVI-I (integrated, digital and analog).

EDIT: I just tried a DVI to VGA adapter on my 220GT and it worked OK. This card has 1 VGA and 1 DVI conector. I'm running 2 VGA monitors as I type this. To be honest I was not expecting this to work.
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Having just upgraded from XP using the Nvidia dual monitor desktops for years, I was surprised to find Windows 7 has this feature in-built with the added bonus of slideshow desktop images C00L!
So beyond Win7 eye candy which is better, Does it come down to games running faster under the Nvidia dual desktops, what is the general preference here?

A:Is Nvidia dual monitors a poor cousin to Windows 7 dual monitors?..

afaik, there is no real performance difference, as all stuff is handled by the nvidia driver anyway.

And of course the more monitors the higher performance hit as there is more screen surface to work on (the same as increasing resolution).

Btw, the main pityfall of the multiple monitors is that the taskbar is only in the primary monitor, but there are a ton of good third party programs that can handle this, like Actual Multiple Monitors.
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Hi all,
Widescreen has bin out for quiet a while now and i was wondering how many of us use it, So i created this thread so you can vote on which monitor you use and what size of monitor you use. Hopefully this one will be less confusing than the last.​

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The situation:
-Person in one city#1 wants to remote to a computer in city#2.
-person is using a desktop and is remoting to one of two possible desktops
-desktops in city#2 are used to connect to a local cluster running CMG software. (powerful simulation software)
-user wants to be able to use both of his monitors for the remote desktop session (extended desktop).
-user has VNC (if needed)

I don't want to have to plug in two monitors into each of the two desktops in order to get VNC to utilize both monitors on the users desktop. Is there a way to trick VNC into thinking that there are two monitors connected?

Other possible solutions? No, the user can't just connected directly to the cluster. Besides, the same issue would arise.

A:vnc with two monitors with out monitors hooked up

As far as I am aware, there is no way to "trick" software like that. What type of VNC are you using?
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I have 3 Benq XL2720Z monitors for gaming. XL2720Z LED Gaming Monitor | BenQ 16:9 LED Gaming monitors

I would like to know if it's better to turn off all 3 monitors by pressing the power button on all the monitors when not in use for over 12 hours or just let my computer turn the display off which I currently have a way to do to it by pressing a certain key.

Personally I would prefer to just let my computer turn the display off since I only have to press 1 button on my keyboard rather than have to press 3 power buttons on the monitors which don't really work that well.

However my final choice goes down to which is better for the monitors themself. I don't want to end up damaging the monitors.

Anyone know which way is safer? I can't seem to find a clear answer.

A:Turn Monitors Display Off or Fully Turn Monitors Off?

I got a UPS 1500 battery backup that has 1 plug that controls 3 others that makes the decision for me when the 1 plug is using no power or the machine is powered off

Prior I just used the button on the monitor seems more reliable than counting on a feature to work before windows even boots.
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Who makes a 4k, thunderbolt 2.0, GLOSSY, 30" monitor??
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Is there a way to use 2 monitors on one to play a game and on another one to use for another think see a movie surf the web and so on? I can do that but when i click on the other monitor the game go minimize like alt+tab

A:2 monitors

Assuming you have the display set as extended then reduce the resolution in the game settings you will need to reduce the game setting if it on high as well.
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Has anybody else been unfortunate to experience similar issues?  I have just had yet another monitor fail with our office after just over a year's service - always the same problem, lines on sreen or colour degradation. This makes six to date that I can recall and currently we are no longer procuring from HP as the trend is too unreliable to be simply a coincidence. These are all used as multi screen installations for desk or laptops with standard HP power supplies. No other monitors are performing so poorly. I'd be interested to learn of any feedback from users of HP temselves.
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I am thinking of changing my Belinea 17" CRT monitor for a newer one.
I like gaming..........
Should I stick to CRT, or go for LCD/TFT.
Grateful for any suggestions..........price may be a limiter..........

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Hey, I wanna hook up 2 monitors to my computer, I have a LCD VGA monitor on now, and i have a hookup for DVI, Some ppl I talk to say that I need to Buy a DVI Monitor only, Others say that I can buy a VGA monitor, and get a cord that converts DVI into VGA,

Any help is appreciated, Thanks


A:2 Monitors

Adapters for DVI-I to VGA are common and cheap.

The only proviso is that the DVI must be DVI-I (digital + Analog), and not DVI-D (digital only) from memory, but its reasonably safe to assume that most video cards will be DVI-I these days.
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hi everyone i am new to the forum and this is my first post. i have a laptop hp nx7400 and a monitor syncmaster 750s i want to use both monitors like i have seen once. like i can play games on one screen and on the other screen i can have my normal destop backround and see my conversations and everything. thank you everyone that can help

A:how to use two monitors

First, welcome to TGS. Second, you need to install a second video card to use two screens and be running windows xp or later (I don't know about macs). It might be hard (if impossible) to put one in the confined space of a laptop.
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Hi Guys,

How come sometimes when you attach a monitor to an XP machine it doesnt work? For example, we had a problem with a machine and so i took it away and reinstalled XP from my desk using my monitor. I reinstalled the exact same copy of XP as before and then took it back to the warehouse. When i attached the same monitor the machine was using before it doesnt work. the monitor shows the boot up but then flicks off and the light just flashes. Fair enough the monitor isnt exactly new but its still a dell like the machine. So ive added an even older monitor thats not made by dell and it works fine.



When does it turn off? When the windows GUI comes up or durring the text part of the bootup.

If it is when the GUI loads then there is a problem with the graphics driver. You should boot into safe mode (hold f8 while booting and choose safe mode) and update the graphics driver through device manager or add/remove hardware. XP sometimes installs incorrect drivers for devices it thinks it recognizes but doesn't (It did this with my NetGear GA621 network card).

If it does this durring/before the text mode part of boot up, then there is a problem with the moniter or graphics card.
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A friend of mine just purchased a new windows 7 computer. Now he wants to use two monitors. What does he need.

A:two monitors

Be easier to answer if you stated exactly what computer model your friend bought.

Lets say the computer is a desktop and is using a "onboard" VGA port and has a internal PCI-e slot, and they will use two LCD monitors with both VGA/DVI inputs.

What is needed is a PCI-e video card with two video "out" ports, dual "DVI" but could also be a combination of VGA/DVI or DVI/HDMI ports.
Monitors tend to include all cables and video cards tend to include a adapter or two depending on the input outputs for each.
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I've been using a Ati Sapphire 9200 128mb card for a little while now. It has an S-video out and everything. To get it installed, I think I had disabled/uninstalled my onboard S3 ProSavageDDR 64mb card. Now I recently obtained a new monitor, and I was wondering if it's possible to enable my onboard card and have it as my secondary display adaptor, that i can drag stuff onto. When I go into my display properties, the 2 options there are for sapphire radeon card, one being secondary, which I'm assuming is the S-Video input.

Thanks for the help.


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I am hoping to set up two monitors, one on the on board VGA of a ASUS P4P800-VM 865PE SOCKET 478 MICRO ATA MOTHERBOAR and the other monitor on a GEFORCE FX5500 128MB DDR TV-OUT AGP which is a fairly cheap card, does any one know if all cards support this or is it only top end cards?
Thanks in advance

A:two monitors

why dont you just get a graphics card with a dvi port, they usually come with an adapter? like i just bought a 9800 pro, and it has one analog port and a dvi port for like digital displays but it has a dvi to analog adapter so i can run two analog monitors with just one graphics card.

and the fx 5500 does come with an analog and a dvi port, i believe the card is only like 70 bucks or something let me check...yes around that price

which means you can do dual monitor support on that grpahics card without using on board graphics from the motherboard
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I was wondering if its possible to use 2 monitors (19 inch tv & 42 inch hdtv) (excluding vga monitor) on an AIW x800 xt. I was planning to use a composite connection to the 19 inch tv and a component connection for the hdtv. The problem is that the card will only use 1 AV output. Is it possible to use some sort of DVI-I to HDTV(composite) to make the 42 inch tv to act as the 3rd monitor cause I hate unpluging the component output and composite output when needed to. Thanks for any help you can offer.
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I just read an article that said Vista will be blurry on older/cheaper LCD monitors. That the moitor must support HDR. That leads to the conclusion that a new graphics card that supports HDR will be necessary. I wish I still had a link to the thread. Anyone else heard this. If this is a bogus story (which I hope it is), please post it. Not trying to be a rumor starter, but If its true Ill never upgrade till my present LCD's burn out.

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Hi .. I have a View Sonic A90 monitor that has gone dead .
Are there any voltage reading specs available ?
How specs or schematics for any other monitors ?

A:pc monitors

wilf39 said:

Hi .. I have a View Sonic A90 monitor that has gone dead .
Are there any voltage reading specs available ?
How specs or schematics for any other monitors ?
Wilf39Click to expand...

Try this:

I'm not sure what you mean by "How specs or....
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So i have a gtx 560 and i have 2 monitors hooked up to it, now for a third can i use my motherboards dvi port ? i dont plan on doing something like eyefinity but just as a third monitor to play movies on above the other 2.
mobo: Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 Extreme3 Gen3

A:Three monitors?

For 3 monitors on Nvidia you would need an SLI configuration. Or you could get an AMD Eyefinity card. Your motherboard port won't work because the graphics are coming from your GTX 560.
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Hi all I would like to use 2 monitors with my system. How would I go about doing this? I have the Asus A7M MB with the Asus V7700 VC, and a gateway vx900 monitor with one input. I heard u can do this by adding another VC to the PCI would this affect visualization, and how would I control everything with the mouse or otherwise?


A:How do I use two monitors

Heres a good site to go through to help understand what multi-montitor systems are about.,5594,2392251,00.html
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I ve been spending more than a month trying to find a good quot digital LCD computer monitor Eizo Nanao a high best??? PLEASE is - Which LCD monitors HELP!!! end name is awesome for video and brightness and sharp text but horrible for shadows in the edges and top corners and the image is so bright it washes out the color if it s not video unless you turn it down in Display Properties and you still LCD monitors - Which is best??? PLEASE HELP!!! end up feeling like your eyes are tired from looking at a lightbulb after a awhile Viewing angles are horrible too Sony s new model is awesome in all ways--rich color nice soft brightness for the eyes awesome viewing angles consistent brightness to the edges and corners--BUT it has the lousiest text not sharp as any LCD I ve seen I tested the two of those on my computer with a new ATI Radeon VE video card for digital output In the stores I ve seen Viewsonic so-so and KDS so-so and also Gateway which happens to have been the best one I ve seen yet Am I crazy or what Is this all optical illusion Gateway over Sony s newest Was it just the lighting in the store I don t think so I couldn t judge the color richness at all on the Gateway but the text seemed sharp as can be Actually the Viewsonic and KDS and Eizo all seem to have nice sharp text all but the Sony but horrible viewing angles and a weird backlight that isn t great on the eyes And here s this Sony with great EVERYTHING but not the sharpest text it even has a quot smoothing quot setting for quot Text Standard or Graphics and I set it to Text with little result on the text it has a huge result on graphics It seems the two others worth checking out are Samsung and NEC Mitsubishi IBM comes out with a new one soon too The challenge is quot seeing quot these damn things in an office environment no less Except for the Eizo and Sony I bought which are both digital Eizo LCD monitors - Which is best??? PLEASE HELP!!! Nanao model L and Sony model SDM-M D the ones I ve seen in stores are all analog Gateway s does both but was hooked up analog which should make very little difference in appearance but LCD monitors - Which is best??? PLEASE HELP!!! I want to get a digital so it s that much less fatiguing on the eyes There are virtually no reviews on LCDs on the Web and what is there is almost meaningless My only other option is to spend thousands and thousands and buy them one by one and see how they look in the office and I m not rich quot yet quot My priorities are for basic business usage I have zero interest in TV don t use DVD hardly ever run video don t need USB ports and don t need fancy sound I run business programs Word Outlook Express Web and database programs all with mostly black text on a white background I D BE SO GRATEFUL FOR ADVICE OR OPINIONS OR EXPERIENCES THANKS Edited by Joseph King on - - at PM nbsp

A:LCD monitors - Which is best??? PLEASE HELP!!!

PCWORLD has a review and listing of the top 10 15" lcd monitors, something for you to read over,aid,52526,pg,1,00.asp
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I found this program that allows you to stretch your taskbar across both monitors and also program windows and some other cool stuff. have fun

A:Two monitors or more set up

Have you used it? What were your impressions of its usefulness?
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I'm looking at purchasing a new CRT Monitor in the near future. I"m currently not a hardcore gamer..but that could change with time. I'm looking at getting either a 17"min or 19" max. Which Brands are the best, I'm looking at spending no more then $250.00. Any brand preference, pro or con that you might have also would be helpful input. Thanks in Advance.
System Specs:
Intel P4 D845WN Mobo
Intel P4 1.5 CPU
Windows XP Home Edition

A:CRT Monitors

I just bought a 17" e-Machine for $88. That is after a $100 rebate and I also got an "Open Box" Discount of $10. My out of pocket costs is $88 total. "Real" price is somewhere around $200.

Nice tube, crisp, sharp colors. Text is very sharp and clear, even tiny sized. Course with the "inflation factor", new monitors are actually 1" shy. A 17" is really only 16", 19" is 18". Got mine at Best Buy. eMachine is supposed to start offering the bigger sizes. Would like to have a 21" or 23" from eMachine.

I actually still prefer a CRT style monitor. Looked at the LCD's, not impressed. Wouldn't put much stock in names. I like to see and play with the monitor before purchase. Bought a Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 21"-er a few years back for very cheap money used. Going on 11 years old now, just love it.
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Greetings Ever since I jumped into today s computer technology from my old DX DOS systems I have had to quot catch-up quot with the rest of the world regarding new computer technology However there are a few areas that have eluded me One of them is monitor operations and technology Now I know how a monitor works but I need to ask a few questions I am currently using an old SVGA x monitor with my SGC What Monitors? about that came with an SX Compaq DOS computer so long ago It is a quot monitor and CANNOT go higher than x All I have used through-out my life are quot monitors so What about Monitors? I am unsure about the usage of larger monitors My Super Gaming Computer will be running starship simulator RTS TBS and maybe even FPS and TPS games with and without D graphics I have wanted to buy a new quot monitor since I started building my SGC I just recently found an excellent quot CRT that is highly recommended by PC World and I wish to purchase it but there are a few issues that must be answered first First don t quot monitors What about Monitors? need to run in higher resolutions than quot monitors I mean in order to make the icons and taskbar look the same size as they appear to be on smaller monitors the resolution must be set to a higher value allowing for more desktop space Now what about a game that is required to run at x Is it still possible on a quot monitor Will the game look and operate just like it would on a quot monitor Will I encounter ANY problems with using a quot monitor compared to a quot or quot monitor Finally what about LCD monitors Why is it that people say that a quot LCD has just as much screen room as a quot CRT and what do I hear about some What about Monitors? kind of quot lag quot or other problems that LCD screens have with some games like FPSs Please bear with me and my inexperience and help me out Thank You Very Much -DOSMAN nbsp

A:What about Monitors?

A 19" monitor can run at 800 x 600, no problem. Everything will still fit on the screen, only bigger because of the size of your screen.

The 17" LCD screen and the 19" monitor screen are about the same in viewing size. If you measure a 19" monitor, it is only about 17 1/2" the two screens are measured differently. There is some lag but it is hardly noticable to the human eye.
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hello how can i connect 2 monitors to 1 pc i got extra video card, and i need 5 meters monitor cable so it can reach to other side of my room. What do i haw to get to do this, is there a extension cord for monitor cable


A:2 monitors to 1 pc

What Operating system? this will work for most WIn98 and newer systems but it may be easier to use a splitter.
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Ok guys and gals! you will have to excuse me for being a bit thick, but what is the difference (if any) between a TFT and a LCD monitor?



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Well, im looking at adding another monitor to my collection. But i only have a 2 DVI port GPU and i dont have the budget for a new GPU. So i am looking at purchasing a DVI splitter thingamajigger , i am aware there when i do that the 2 monitors would act like one, is there a program that i can use to make it act like 2 separate monitors? Also the monitor i have would be getting would be at a wierd spot, ontop of my right monitor

Thanks in advance

A:3 monitors

There is no way to display different displays from the same connector.
The output would be split in to 2 outputs,so the image would be the
same on both monitors.
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Is it possible to use 2 monitors on 1 computer? What additional hardware is needed to do this?

A:2 monitors??

You need an operating system that supports dual monitor setup and at two monitor outputs on your PC (i.e. two video cards).

These may help you:
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Hi, to all who are viewing/voting on this pole could you please go to my other thread called "monitors monitors (fixed)" it has a better pole.

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Turned computer on after two days off, the monitor will not come on i have tried two of them both previously worked now neither do, flatscreen says no signal old monitor nothing please any advice?

A:Tried 2 monitors but will not come on

If you know your way inside the computer's tower, trying finding the BIOS reset switch & use that. See if your computer can at least POST.
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I've bought 1 24 inch acer LED monitor, 1 27 inch acer LED monitor and 1 24 inch Benq monitor

All have been toooo low for my eye height

I always work with a laptop riser and make sure the laptop is at the right height - and need an external monitor to be at the right height as well

What should I do? Put some books underneath? Get a desktop arm?


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Hi Everyone A lot of times when there is a power failure you may notice that the settings on your monitor will change and then you have to readjust them Which can be a pain because if your like me you can t remember where stuff is supposed to be set at I run Windows and on a Gateway desktop and have an EV- monitor What I noted was that my monitor has video modes presets and blank memory modes If your monitor settings are changed for whatever reason and if you press hold in the monitor flywheel while booting up your monitor with system on you will be in a new video mode and your screen resolution will change If you want to get back to your preset mode restarting your computer WON T do it You need to shut down your computer wait for a bit and then reboot your computer This should put your monitor settings back in the previous mode Well it worked for me Jack nbsp

A:A Little Something About Monitors

Thanks!! I too have the EV-700 Monitor and this will come in handy.
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As the title suggests I have monitors that I would like to share with computers I have 2 PCs, VNC? 3 Monitors, a post in the hardware forum asking about KVM s http forums techguy org hardware -kvm-switch html but a KVM that would support my setup would cost around My goal is to have a triple-display 3 Monitors, 2 PCs, VNC? with both computers A KVM would do this but I don t want to spend so I was wondering if there are any Remote Admin tools that support triple monitor displays To describe my situation one of my computers is dedicated to currency trading where I use all monitors to display charts and what-have-you My nd computer is dedicated to every day use - watching movies gaming etc I d like to have the Remote Admin application running on my everyday computer and when I maximize it it appears on top of all monitors just as if I d unplugged the monitors from my everyday computer and plugged them into my trading computer Is this possible Thanks much nbsp
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Hello all, I currently have a HP 23" LCD monitor which I have been using for a couple years.. I am looking to get another monitor so I can run 2, I have selected these 2 monitors although I am unsure of which one to get, I will be using them for editing and gaming, that is why I went with the 2ms response delay on both.. the 23" one looks great, but the price is so low on the 24" one it makes me skeptical on which to get.. Is the 24" all around better? The 23" one is also LED/LCD, is that better?

ASUS VE247H 23.6IN Widescreen LED LCD Monitor 1920X1080 2MS 10M1DC HDMI DVI-D VGA Speakers - ASUS - VE247H

24" - ASUS VW246H Glossy Black 24" 2ms(GTG) HDMI Widescreen LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 ASCR 20000:1 (1000:1) Built-in Speakers


The LED will use less power and run cooler by 2, the 24 is well a little bit larger. I'm currently running 2 23" LG led's and very happy. If you can't decide then do what I do, flip a coin and if you find the coin flip disappointing then go with the other and don't look back.
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Can I use a second screem on my HP 27-n105a? Do I need to download any programes to use it, if I can. ThanksJoy

A:Can I use two monitors

@casino3703?, welcome to the forum. There are two USB 3.0 ports on the computer.  Your best option is to use a USB video adapter.  Here is an example that you can choose from.  You will have to choose one that matches the video connector on the monitor, VGA, HDMI, etc.  I suggest contacting StarTech's Tech Support for help with choosing the best option for your computer. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.