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DVD writer problem

Q: DVD writer problem

Hello My old and faithful Lite-on HW1673s cd/dvd writer tells me to "insert blank disc" It used to be occaisionally and I simply put in a different disc but now its all the time regardless of disc quality or type. If it is goosed can anybody tell me a generic replacement or can I just get any one that sounds good on Amazon? Alan

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Preferred Solution: DVD writer problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: DVD writer problem

All one has to do to replace cd/dvd writer is unplug the old one and plug the new one in it should not matter the brand or anything and unless u are using Windows 98 u shoud not need any software.
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I tried to burn an audio cd the other night using neo, i got an error whilst it was trying to burn, i cant remember wha the error was but i tried to burn another cd, this time the completed bit went upto 6% then decided not to do anything, i left it for a while and i ended up having to ctrl,alt+ del the task, then it just jung up, and it wudnt eject the cd when i pressed the button, so i had to end up restarting the computer. It has now done this about 3/4 times.

Ive just tried to copy a game to see if it would allow me to do that, but i get an error saying, Unrecoverable Read Error, then the name of my dvd reader, then error reading data.

Does anyone have any suggestions or shud i be looking at taking the computer back.

Thanks in advance.

A:CD Re-Writer / Dvd Writer Problem

I burnt a data cd before and that burnt with no problems at all, i then tried to burn an audio cd after this, but yet again it failed.
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I'm trying to figure out the best way to permanently delete Microsoft Office Document Image Writer & Microsoft XPS Document Writer. Getting rid of them once doesn't seem to be enough, as they always reappear. I guess Windows Update brings them back. I've found a couple of vbs lines that can be added to the login script, but they involve running prnmngr.vbs, which is apparently very long and can cause system delays. Maybe there's something simpler?

If this has been covered before, I'm sorry to repeat it. I did some forum searches and came up empty. Thanks for your time!
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I have a Dell 8100 XPS and when the hard drive went, I restored from an August backup (using Microsoft's Windows 10 backup) afetr replacing the drive. Unfortunately, I had a problem with the Ethernet adapter so eventually, I reinstalled Windows 10 fresh. The only major problem is that the machine recognizes the drive ( Liteon iHOS104) as a reader.

This is possibly because the 8100 does not officially support Windows 10 (according to Dell).

Is there any way to get it recognized as a writer?

A:CD/DVD Writer/BD Reader Not Recognized as Writer By Dell 8100

Try this:
Solved DVD drive missing - Windows 10 Forums

and this:
[FIX] Optical Drives (CD/DVD) Icon Not Showing in My Computer Window - AskVG
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I'm not so good with computers but i've an LG DVD writer GSA H10N n a hard disk-ST3802110A
When i'm tryin to connect these two with a single bus parallely i'm getting a remark on screen saying "select proper drive or reboot the system",sorry i'm finding it so hard to explain,but if someone gets my point,can this be solved?plzzzzzz

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i had bought a Sony OEM DVD Writer a year back....yesterday I inserted a Disc, but my disc wasnt read by it....My problem is when my DVD Wrtiter is being read by the BIOS and even shows up in My Computer then why isnt it detecting any disks,,,is my dvd writer dead....PLS HELP


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I have a computer that came with a dvd writer and my brother in law got a cd stuck in it and my boyfriend got the cd out and now the light does not come on and the door does not open what can I do to fix this problem? The computer has windows 98 os

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my lapi model is VPCEH26EN -sony vaio.i have installed windows 8 pro.but now my dvd writer can not read dvd windows 7 all cd and dvd are working well.but now what 's the there any driver required to read the drives

A:dvd writer problem

Try this (1):

Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs

Fix problems with CD or DVD drives that can

The CD drive or the DVD drive does not work as expected on a computer that is running Windows Vista

Try this(2):
1) Shut down PC.
2) Physically disconnect the CD/DVD Drive.
3) Reboot to Windows with NO DVD drive.
4) Shut down PC.
5) Physically reconnect the CD/DVD Drive.
6) Reboot to Windows with DVD drive.
7) Check Device status.
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I just bought a new IBM Lenovo R61I with Windows XP Pro. with Microsoft Outlook (Trail). Everytime I would open Internet Explorer the Outlook Business Manager would prompt me saying something like, "it isn't reading". So I started looking into it and seen where it said that if I wasn't a small business that I don't need this info. and that I could go to add/remove and remove I did that......NOW, everytime I start up or come out of sleep mode it prompts me that the SQL Writer isn't reading. What do I need to do about this, and how can I correct this problem? Thanks........
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Alright, I need DESPERATE help from a computer wizard So here is my problem...

1. I attempted to burn a music CD today (with Nero), my computer continually told me to insert a blank medium (which I had already done).
2. I then thought maybe Nero had a problem, so I tried burning with Musicmatch Jukebox.
3. Instead of giving me error messages about the CD, Jukebox said that there was no drive that was able to write.
4. Thinking that maybe my CD-R disks had gone bad, I decided to put an audio CD into my Writable drive and see if it would read it, which it didn't.
IN CONCLUSION: I don't know what to do anymore!!! I checked the 'status' of my writable drive, and it says it is working properly, although obviously it's not. I'd appreciate ANY help, it seems as if I've tried everything. Thanks a lot...

A:Problem: CD Writer or CD's??

In Nero, after you have gone through the wizard, if you click on Recorder, Choose Recorder, what comes up?
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I have a toshiba satelite a300-1ec and i recently reinstalled windows vista.
The problem i have is that my DvdWriter doesn't recognize the dvd's that i played before the reinstallation of windows.The dvd discs that i use are Memorex DVD-R.I am very curios why this type of dvd was recognized before the re-installation of windows...(i was able to burn this type of dvd with no problems)...and now..after i installed windows it doesn't work anymore...Though i mention that the same type of dvd discs from pleomax samsung are playable(DVD-R).
I hope i explained my problem...and get some help!!!

A:DVD Writer Problem

Originally Posted by lau0625

I have a toshiba satelite a300-1ec and i recently reinstalled windows vista.
The problem i have is that my DvdWriter doesn't recognize the dvd's that i played before the reinstallation of windows.The dvd discs that i use are Memorex DVD-R.I am very curios why this type of dvd was recognized before the re-installation of windows...(i was able to burn this type of dvd with no problems)...and now..after i installed windows it doesn't work anymore...Though i mention that the same type of dvd discs from pleomax samsung are playable(DVD-R).
I hope i explained my problem...and get some help!!!

It sounds like the issue isn't the Memorex DVD-R, but what you have recorded on them possibly. You may need to download and install the proper codecs for the format you are using.
If that doesnt work, check the drivers for your dvdwriter. They may need to be reinstalled as well.
Hope this helps you somewhat.
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is it ok to have two writers on the same ide, i have a dvd rom 48 x writer combi on the secondary ide as master, and a 12x aopen on the secondary ide as slave i cant get the combi to be dma enabled so it takes a long time to write a cd any suggestions

A:dvd rom/writer problem

Whichever drive you use most seldom attach with the hard drive. Keeping them on separate channels and see if that helps.

Unfortunately two burners usually don't play nice in the pc.

Good Luck
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i have a Samsung CD-Writer of speed 48x
the problem is ......
when it comes to reading a CD it works perfectly well...
but when it comes to burning a CD the software shows the burning in progress and also the CD Writer indicates that it is burning the compilation...
i also get the message that the burning process was successful...

but.................the Blank media remains absolutely blank...

i have tried different speeds, different medias but to no success...
there is no error message.....
pls help asap.

A:CD-Writer Problem

What program are you trying to use to burn the CD's with?

Also, if your disc are the kind that are shiny on both sides, you need to make sure that you put the correct side facing down. I hate to admit it, but I've had those type of disc in the past and put the wrong side down LOL, were only human after all

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I don t know if anyone can helpme with a problem I seem to be having with a problem writer DVD new DVD writer I have installed on a computer When I first installed it it was running in PIO mode rather than DMA mode so was running a little slow I managed to fix that by reloading the drivers for the secondary IDE channel but having done that it now seems to be having problems reading discs If I right click on the DVD writer problem DVD icon in my computer and click on open it will show me the files on the disc but in my DVD writer problem computer the dvd icon does not change to show me what is on the disc If I put a film in to play it will DVD writer problem not automatically start up or if I open Windvd it won t play the film The same seems to happen with cd s This is a new speed LG writer so should be fine I did wonder if changing the ide cable to a wire instead of a wire might help but normally I would not expect it to Has anyone any suggestions as to what may be going on I have since noticed that the drive has reverted back to PIO mode again nbsp

A:DVD writer problem

We have excellent luck with the LG drives.
What software are you using? Just Windows? Or Nero, Record Now, Creator, Express Burn?
Doubt that an 80 conductor 40 connector ribbon cable would make a difference.
Is the drive properly jumpered as Master or Cable Select with all plugs firmly installed? Some cables will plug in one pin off.
This could be a bad drive. Though new, that happens. They are built so cheaply. I would trade out with another drive, old or used, to see if the same configuration makes a difference. IF so, the drive is bad. Otherwise, your software setup is the problem.
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I have ME and Netscape 4.79 for browser. My computer has CD-Writer Plus. Our local library made a disk of our home town scenes and past pictures and made it available to the public. I picked one up and put it into my CD tray and followed instructions to start the program. I got a popup menu telling me that the program was unavilable, or on network, or different computer, or moved to a different location. Nothing I could do to make that disk play in my computer. All my CD's work ok and I took it back to the library and it worked fine there in one of their computers. Can some one tell me what the problem might be?

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Help? My dvd writer will no longer burn dvd-r discs? it used too very well, but it will still do dvd-rw discs.I only use verbatim discs...the discs are ok.I am sure its definately my hardware/software or dvd drive is a dvdrw20x20x12x IDE 6A31

A:problem with dvd writer

When that happened to my burner it turned out the burner itself had developed a fault and I had to replace it.
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I recently changed my DVD/CD writer
out: DH-20A4P21C
in: iHAP 122

every time I try to use it my computer re-boots itself !!
I have obviously screwed up somewhere. Can anyone help this novice out?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 6 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1014 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 946GZ Express Chipset Family, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 124997 MB, Free - 81042 MB; F: Total - 27627 MB, Free - 24012 MB;
Motherboard: Foxconn, 946 7MA Series
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2012, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:New DVD/CD Writer problem

Both are IDE drives with jumpers for Master, Slave or Cable Select. Have you checked to be sure the new drive is configured the same as the old one?
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Hello and a happy new year to all, i recently updated my firmware on my pioneer 106 dvd writer and since then it will not recognize a single disc i have, every time i put a disc in (cd or dvd) it says no disc is in the drive, it is not media related as all my discs are quality media and have previously been "seen" by the drive....................plz help


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A mate of mine has got a problem with his DVD burner.....

Sony DVD WR /R +/- 4 speed
60 Gig hard drive left with 8mg cache
512 mg ram
Duel Boot 98/XP
Nero 6


When writing large files 800 mg plus to DVD as video or DVD the machine runs until it gets to burn then crashes

Cheers for any help.


A:DVD Writer Problem

may br a stupid question is it internal or external? is this the only thing the pc crashes with? have you changed ide ribbion?
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Well on Startup comes this error
Its not that big deal but if i get rid of it i wont have any errors for now anymore xD

Note: This Shows 1 time on startup
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I have a Problem DVD with Writer TSSTcorp CD DVDW TS-L M DVD Writer Problem with DVD Writer that used to function quite fine Recently I had installed Speedbit Download Accelerator Plus and Video Accelerator of which I had uninstalled DAP The Video Acclerator is not getting uninstalled saying INSTALL LOG file not found Now the problem When I am using TDK DVD R disc to burn using either Sonic or DVD Decryptor or even ASHAMPOO it writes on the disk but the same disc is unable to be read i e the player is not recognising the disk The write carried out on a re-writable media Maxel DVD-RW is working fine I thought that there was some manufactiring defect with the TDK DVD R disks but used one to write in the laptop of a friend and it worked fine So I am quite confused as to where the problem could be It may be pertinent to cite here that I have burnt several DVDs TDK DVD R using DVD Decryptor and Sonic and it was always fine On someone s advice I have tried burning with a reduced speed too but of no avail Also tried after deleting quot UpperFilter and LowerFilter Registry Keys quot by regedit - gt HKLM Thanx in advance if someone is able to help me nbsp

A:Problem with DVD Writer

I think there is a separate laser for read and write, and it could have failed but ask for a second opinion. Will this drive read a store bought DVD?
The fact a TSST drive can't read it's own writing comes as no big surprise to me.
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I have ME and netscape 4.79 for browser and CD-Writer plus---The drive works ok for music cd's but when I
place a CD-RW disk into the drive nothing happens--No sound, no icon on task bar or s'tray--The drive light blinks as it is supposed to----I have checked all of HP's help sections on CD-Drive problems but cannot find out what the problems is--Any
suggestions out there to make this thing work for me---The disk I'm using is a Memorex
rewritable compact disc for computer CD rewritables---(700 mb--80minute--4x multi speed)

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i have a CD Writer which is of speed 48x
the problem is that in reading any cd, it works fine...but when it comes to burning any cd it indicates that it is burning the cd and also shows the message "burning process completed successfully" but the Blank cd when retrived is BLANK.....
i have cleaned the lens....also changed the nero software from ver 5 to ver 6
waiting for some support and help asap .....bye

A:CD Writer Problem

well, try different cdr media. try different speeds.
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When I burn a DVD and I insert it back in, the driver tells me that there is nothing in it. When I burn a CD it's ok. I don't know what is wrong with it.
Can anyone help me?

A:DVD Writer Problem

What burning program do you use?
Are you sure you are burning DVD and not CD?
Do you have a DVD reading program such as Power DVD or WMP?
Perhaps you should expand your computer specs a little.
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i have big problem I had problems writer big problem cd/dvd with cd/dvd writer big problem my computer quot laptop quot not recognising cd/dvd writer big problem blank dvds so i went on to the compaq site and did the chat with a tech lady she gave me a site to down load new firmware for the writer so i did what she said and now my writing cd/dvd writer big problem programes won t even recognise it as a writer except for windows media player and draging the files straight to the d drive i uninstalled nero and reinstalled but still nothing i am running windows xp home with sp any help would be good thanks o and by the way it turns out i was trying the wrong dvds i was trying dvd-r when they where sposed b dvd r she askd me this after we went through the firmware episode theses are the steps she gave me to follow Right-click My Computer icon on desktop else Click Start right-click My Computer Select Properties Select Hardware tab and click Device Manager Click the quot quot sign beside DVD CD-ROM devices Right-click the device and select Uninstall Restart the system Then reset the BIOS following these steps Restart the computer Press the F key when the red Compaq logo appears Press F to quot Set Defaults quot Press F again to save and exit from BIOS If the problem persists download and run the patch from the following URL http www kellys-korner-xp com regs edits xp cd dvd fix vbs If the issue still persists please download and install the DVD-RW firmware upgrade from the following URL http h www hp com ewfrf wc amp lang en amp cc us amp softwareitem ob- - Please copy and paste the entire URL to a new browser window and click go nbsp

A:cd/dvd writer big problem

What brand is your laptop? Posting your model number would help.

If this is a OEM laptop like Dell or HP, i can't imagine them selling you a model is only compatible with one standard (+) or (-); usually those OEM models are compatible with both.
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I have a Dragonwriter MS8348 and I am to burn cd. The drive is recognized by the computer, but any blank or burned cd are recognized. These same disks are read by my other cd-rom drive with no problem. Is the this a driver issue or XP issue?

I run XP Pro SP1a.

A:CD Writer Problem

Originally posted by mattfugs
The drive is recognized by the computer, but any blank or burned cd are recognized.Click to expand...

Is this a typo?
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic writer with cd/dvd problem Service Pack bit Processor AMD Phenom tm Triple-Core Processor x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB problem with cd/dvd writer Free - MB Motherboard Packard Bell BV PBGL Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated and Enabled Hello Tech Support Guy Sure hope you can help I cannot seem to write any kind of audio disc I have a sony optiarc s drive maybe years old I have tried changing the media type to that problem with cd/dvd writer recommended by manufacturer but the problem persists each time i get a failed burn message I have tried to burn using nero and win media player but to no avail Here is the log from my last attempt X - C-MXEX- -T L - W T- - EC - E - -KA -K - - KK - - K- K- E- - KC - X- - - E- - E - XK - A-X X - - - E - ME - X- E- A - - EE - X - A- K - E - problem with cd/dvd writer - E - X X- - KE -X AM- - Windows Vista IA WinAspi - NT-SPTI used Nero Version Internal Version Recorder lt Optiarc DVD RW AD- S gt Version -B - HA TA - Adapter driver lt Serial ATA gt HA Drive buffer kB Bus Type via Inquiry data CD-ROM lt Optiarc DVD RW AD- S gt Version -B - HA TA - Adapter driver lt Serial ATA gt HA Scsi-Device-Map CDRom-Device-Map Optiarc DVD RW AD- S F CdRom AutoRun Excluded drive IDs WriteBufferSize Byte BUFE Physical memory MB kB Free physical memory MB kB Memory in use Uncached PFiles x Global Bus Type default Check supported media Disabled Audio CD Text File SCSIPTICommands cpp Line LockMCN - completed sucessfully for IOCTL STORAGE MCN CONTROL CDADOC - File Cdadoc cpp Line Audio item log info Audio document burn settings Burn mode TAO CD Text Off Cache disk or network files No Cache small files No Cache files smaller than bytes Audio Multisession No List of audio tracks Track Length Pause frames Filters Name Caro Emerald - That Man mp Track Length Pause frames Filters Name Caro Emerald - Just One Dance mp Track Length Pause frames Filters Name Caro Emerald - Riviera Life mp Track Length Pause frames Filters Name Caro Emerald - Back It Up mp Track Length Pause frames Filters Name Caro Emerald - The Other Woman mp Track Length Pause frames Filters Name Caro Emerald - Absolutely Me mp Track Length Pause frames Filters Name Caro Emerald - You Don t Love Me mp Track Length Pause frames Filters Name Caro Emerald - Dr Wanna Do mp Track Length Pause frames Filters Name Caro Emerald - Stuck mp Track Length Pause frames Filters Name Caro Emerald - I Know That He s Mine mp Track Length Pause frames Filters Name Caro Emerald - A Night Like This mp Track Length Pause frames Filters Name Caro Emerald - The Lipstick On His Collar mp Total size Text File Burncd cpp Line Optiarc DVD RW AD- S Buffer underrun protection activated Text File AudioCompilationImpl cpp Line DRM StartDrmRecording RealRec ImageRec Copies DRM Beginning burn process Text File Burncd cpp Line Turn on Track-At-Once using CD-R RW media Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line F DVD RW AD- S Last possible write address on media Last address to be written Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line F DVD RW AD- S Write in overburning mode NO Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Recorder Optiarc DVD RW AD- S CDR code OSJ entry from CMC Magnetics Corporation ATIP Data Special Info hex D A LI F B LO Additional Info hex invalid invalid invalid Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line F DVD RW AD- S gt gt gt Protocol of DlgWaitCD activities lt lt lt Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Setup items after recorder preparation TRM AUDIO NOPRE Caro Emerald - That Man mp indices index not provided original disc pos relocatable disc pos for caching writing not required not required - gt TRM AUDIO NOPRE config wanted index blocks length blocks F Optiarc DVD RW AD- S TRM AUDIO NOPRE Caro Emerald - Just One Dance mp indices index not provided original disc pos relocatable disc pos for caching writing not required not required ... Read more

A:problem with cd/dvd writer

try another drive... they are about $17~25 nowadays. The lasers wear out.

Don't recommend you dump all that info unless asked for. Optical drives have a fairly high failure rate, they are cheap so they aren't made to last.
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I was unable to burn CD's on my HT cd-writer 8200, and I was advised to move the USB plug in to a different port, which I did. That worked... however, after re-booting again, the computer will not recognized CD's in either the CD ROM or the CD Writer... I get a message: "The CD is not formatted, do you want to format it", for any CD I put into either drive.

Does anyone have a suggestion to correct this?

(I'm operating on Win 98se)
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I have just bought LG GSA H55N super multi dvd writer and connected it in my PC.However in MY COMPUTER and Device Manager it shows as DVD RAM Drive.Moreover it can't start any auto-run DVD and dont detect data dvd that is burned in itself.What is the problem and what should i do??
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ive had my computer for about 6 months now and have had no problems burning dvd's/cd' writer is a samsung 16x dual layer dvd rw.ive been using nero 6 to burn my images.the problem started today when i got some new dvd's (datawrite).i tryed to burn on to them but it just wouldnt burn, it would cancel as the buffer kicked in.i think i found out what was wrong,my writer is a dvd+r and the disc's that i got are dvd-r.....can you confirm this problem?the problem now is when i try to burn onto a normal cd it only burns up to about 50% give or take then fails.did the fist problem do something to my setting and if so what do i do?

A:dvd/cd writer problem

If your DVD writer only supports +R / +RW, then you cannot use -R / - RW DVD's to burn.

As for your CD issue, try burning at a lower speed or use different brand CDR's.
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Hello I recently installed a dvd writer in my pc but so far have been unable to burn any dvd disks either data or video I burnt a few data cds but now cannot even do that I have tried different disks dvdr dvdrw - cdr cdrw The drive is being Writer Problem Dvd reconized ok in bios and in the device manager and there is an icon in my computer Whenever I put any disk in the drive it is not reconized the drive light flashes for longer than normal or my Dvd Writer Problem other drive cdrw and then stops and I cannot use the disk Not even music cds or games will play the dvd writer is the sencondary master and the original cdrw drive is the sencondary slave I am using nero ultra edition to burn the disks which works fine if Dvd Writer Problem I burn with the cdrw drive the dvd writer is being reconized by nero I m not sure what else to try can you help Many thanks Claire nbsp

A:Dvd Writer Problem

i am having a similar problem; drive are working properly; disks can be read/opened/copied; cannot burn data on new cdrw..message there is no cdrw in the drive, but it is really there!
Thanks for any ideas!
...Life is what you make of it...kinda like Play-Doh...
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I tried to copy pictures from a memory card on a cd and got the invalid command message, however I am able to copy DVDs; what could be the problem? please help.

A:cd-writer problem

can u store it to computer
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I have a HP a n desktop running Windows XP SP I recently DVD Problem Writer had to reinstall XP due to conflicts that could not be resolved After that reinstall my DVD writer Toshiba TS-H M will recognized a blank CD by recognize I mean it shows free space in the in this case F-drive properties will read and play a DVD but will not recognize a blank DVD meaning it shows free space I use NERO Express to burn It worked every time before the reinstall of XP Nero recognizes the DVD drive I also have a MadDog external DVD burner same issue but I get a greyed out quot burn quot button I should add that quot permissions quot for this machine have been a mess since the reinstall Even though I have admin rights I have had to manually reset folders to get programs to work I have removed and reinstalled Nero no change disconnected with restart and reconnected DVD writer looked for new driver can t find a newer version Not sure where to turn next Any help would be appreciated nbsp

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Here is my problem
When i write my DVD-R with Nero/Imgburn/Burnaware it says burnt successful but it fails to verify and even dvd is blank when i reinsert in laptop and my friends computer.
I have tried to burnt at slower speeds but still same problem.

My dvd drive reads other DVDs properly.

A:Is it my DVD writer problem or software driver problem?

Can you burn a CD-R successfully? If you can, it suggest either a dirty Laser in the drive or a defective Laser. Its rare to have a dirty laser, so if it is defective, the drive will need to be replaced.
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I got my Freecom Cd-writer about years ago and it was working fine with easy cd-creator and then one day just started freezing at I had nero installed already so I just switched to using this This worked fine for a couple of weeks until it started giving me weird errors like power on reset or bus device reset I increased the amount of memory Nero could use and this seemed to fix the problem Until this week Now Nero starts as usual but when the read buffer gets to the recorder buffer shoots up to and then drops back down to zero and Nero gives me errors like ScSi IDE Problem CD Writer [SOLVED] error could not perform endtrack Invalid Writestate I had also tried easy cd-creator but it also stopped at While Nero was working I also got Acoustica MP burner to burn my low quality mp s nero can t handle which is still working now and nero did work while it was installed So I m stumped I thought maybe my writer was just knackered it s about years old but it works in Acoustica Any ideas Thanks a lot in advance nbsp

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Ok, so, hopefully I'm in the correct place with my problem.

Every time I insert a cd into the reader/writer, the entire computer basically freezes up. The screen goes black and the computer just keeps trying to read the cd, endlessly. I have to restart it and remove the cd before the OS starts up, or it just keeps trying to read the cd. I've tried using another reader/writer; same problem. Tried changing the ribbon connection, problem persists. It was recently returned to its factory settings, due to this problem and a few others (restarting randomly, freezing a lot, probably spyware etc) and the problem still persists. I'm at a loss. Please, I don't want to take it into a shop; that costs money I don't have at the moment.

For the record, I'm relatively new to computers. I know a few things, but not as many as I probably should.

A:Problem with DVD reader/writer

Try this for a start to clean out any spyware etc download and give it a run not saying it will cure the problem straight off but its a start ...
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This never happened before until now but when i turn to burn data with my dvd writer its going all crazy My buffer level jumps from to percent constantly I cant cancel the burning process The time prediction when the dvd is gonna be done is way off I am trying to back of day of defeat source so later on when i format my pc i dont have to problem. Pioneer DVD writer download it again Its a gig file Thats the great thing about steam if you download games through them they give u the option to back it up unlike EA downloader The program i am using is Nero the defualt version which came with my burner Also i am guessing is star force which was installed when i installed Rainbow Six Lockdown because before that i never had this problem And the speed i am burning at is only at x using the same exact model of dvd r i did before This speed Pioneer DVD writer problem. gave me no problem before My pc spec are listed below nbsp

A:Pioneer DVD writer problem.

Good Morning Mayor Quimby, I suggest you obtain "Smartcop Free Antivirus" from
Download it and unpack it to a folder on your C: drive. (eg C:\Smartcop)
This program is a simple little stand-alone no update kind of scanner.
(A bit like a junkyard dog!!)
Switch off your normal antivirus monitor program.
You can then run smartcop by double-clicking the black icon in that folder and completely scan you machine.
It will detect viral signatures, examine them and their addresses and if possible (if they are not vital files) delete them dependent on your command. (Auto delete is a bit vicious!)
Most are usually in temp folders, it is also common to find your A/V system will be infected and compromised. (Smartcop does not appear to have this problem)
Make notes of any virus and addresses detected.

Now reboot and try rerunning smartcop with your normal A/V monitoring (not scanning) so as smartcop examines the machine, the activity monitoring operation of the other A/V will likely detect virus signatures, examine these and act appropriately.

Generally you can keep rebooting and re-scanning and find more with each run.
Sometimes running in "safemode" helps with problem removal and sometimes a different access mode is needed to actually delete and replace certain files.

I am most interested to see what you find!! (Please advise results)
I am amazed at the stuff this method detects, I may be wrong in your case but I doubt it!
Things usually work properly again after this exercise is properly done!!

Cheers, qldit.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite L20-121 notebook and recently observed a problem when writing a dvd. In fact, I am not quite sure that it's a problem actually, since I cannot guess whether this is normal or not with my existing hardware. Well this is the issue: when I start writing a dvd, its maximum speed is just 1.0x and it takes about an hour to complete a dvd.

If needed, following is what I have as optical storage,
Type: DVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM - removable plug-in module
Read Speed: 24x (CD) / 8x (DVD)
Write Speed: 24x (CD) / 8x (DVD±R) / 2x (DVD-R DL) / 2.4x (DVD+R DL)
CD / DVD Rewrite Speed: 10x (CD) / 4x (DVD±RW) / 5x (DVD-RAM).

I don't know maybe I need to update something? Or this is normal for this computer? I'm not sure. What can I do?

Thanks a lot.

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I have dvd writer, with Problem needed new help just installed a Problem with new dvd writer, help needed lite on dvd writer into my xp system so that i could burn some slideshows to dvd The software that came with it was nero essentials and all seemed to be ok after burning a couple of dvd s The problem is have come to back up some photos to a normal cd-r I select the photos from my pictures and click copy to cd which then takes me to the folder where the pics are waiting to be copied but when i click on copy it Problem with new dvd writer, help needed tells me there is no disc in the drive when there is I have tried a few discs and also tried to drag and drop to my existing cd rewriter drive but i get the same message there I tried to copy some via the nero program and they worked so the drive appears to be functioning can anyone help as i want to be able to back up and copy photos from my my pictures folder like i could before installing this drive many thanks Carl nbsp

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Win 98 Hewett Packard cd writer plus 8200i

My cd burner is making funny noises when I put a cd in it. Sounds like it's skipping or slipping. It still reads cd's but it takes it a long time to read the cd but sometimes it dont read then at all. I've taken it apart and blew it out but it didn't help much. There was a lot of dust in it though. I tried to burn a cd the other day ( before I knew it was broke) and it wouldnt work.
I've reinstalled the drivers and other softwares.
Any ideas on what I can try next ?

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My gigabyte DVD writer does't have any problem in burning DVDs but when i try to play the same DVD in the does't recognise the disc.I tried to burn movies,music, but the drive does't recognise any of them when trying to play the disc.

It burns normal CDs and plays them without any problem,even DVD movies play fine...

its a DVD+R DL,4X 16X16.

I use a brand called tech-com for the DVDs.

please help.
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Hi everyone I have a bit of a problem here I recently PROBLEM 400c - HP DVD Writer HELP! - purchased a HP Media Center PC M n It came with all the bells and whistles and includes a hp dvd writer c drive and dvd-rom My problem that I have noticed is the dvd writer is on E drive recently for some weird reason it moved to K drive and turned into a cd-rom drive and not a writer Now I did some boots and and even installed another writer sony and still the same thing Now when I installed the original hp writer it went back to E drive but it still displays it as a cd-rom I tried copying a cd dvd dvd-rw with nero or roxio but the programs won t detect the recordable discs Keeps on saying wrong discs or wrong format I tried calling HP about this problem and the tech support were baffled They recommended replacing the drive with a brand new one swap but I told them I tried one of my other writers and it displayed it as a cd-rom Well they said the other route would be to do a system recovery to bring it back to factory settings I was shocked that they couldn t even have a good answer to this problem So I m asking everyone here to see if this problem can be solved Is there any configuration I can do or maybe d HP DVD Writer 400c - PROBLEM - HELP! l a new patch Everything else is workng fine with the computer and there are no problems I just can t copy dics At the moment I am moving files over my network to another computer to do my backups and copying Hopefully someone can help me with this problem Thanks nbsp

A:HP DVD Writer 400c - PROBLEM - HELP!

I had the same thing happen to my burner, it went to a "K'' drive also. found that it needs a firmware upgrade from bh04 to fh04. also try slowing down the burn speed as well. this is the link for the upgrade of the firmware on the HP site.
Use nero tools info to check which firmware you have.
I hope that this is a help in anyway. See Ya.
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Dear friends Hello to everyone in Techspot Community I just came to know about this site and really happy to find people really helpful to solve problems aroused First of all I would like to say that my computer was badly infected with viruses and I found a solution from user forums it helped me reducing the viruse but still there are problems persist My problems are CD Writer and DVD ROME Drive is detecting and playing all Audio Video and Applications and working fine but it is not able to write CD s I am using Compact CD Rewritable High Speed amp DVD Rome Drive Please suggest a possible solution If I insert CD Writer I CD's Problem - cannot Write a blank CD in the Drive and click the CD drive from My Computer Window the message display quot Incorrect Function quot Please give a appropriate solution If I right click on any file CD Writer Problem - I cannot Write CD's or folder and then going on quot Send TO quot option on the menu tab it show all drives to send the file or folder but doesn t show CD drive Please suggest a possible solution If I click a Drive on My Computer Window it will display quot Open With quot Menu and ask me to select a program to open this drive I have to right click on the drive and select quot Open quot command from the menu Please give me an appropriate solution for this problem When I shutdown my computer it will run a tab of quot End Program - Sample quot I checked everything and also cleaned my computer using CC cleaner but I cannot find the registry file displaying this message Please send me a possible solution I am inserting HijackThis and AVG Anti-Spyware latest report here please help me out Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v BETA Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS system ZCfgSvc exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Grisoft AVG Anti-Spyware guard exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgamsvr exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgupsvc exe C Program Files Ahead InCD InCDsrv exe C WINDOWS system DllHost exe C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPLpr exe C WINDOWS system hkcmd exe C Program Files ltmoh Ltmoh exe C Program Files Grisoft AVG Anti-Spyware avgas exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgcc exe C Program Files Ahead InCD InCD exe C PROGRA MI AA wcescomm exe C PROGRA MI AA rapimgr exe C Program Files SRS Labs Audio Sandbox SRSSSC exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C WINDOWS system wuauclt exe E Panda Desktop My Documents My Digital Editions Softwares HiJackThis v exe O - HKLM Run SynTPLpr C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPLpr exe O - HKLM Run HotKeysCmds C WINDOWS system hkcmd exe O - HKLM Run LtMoh C Program Files ltmoh Ltmoh exe O - HKLM Run AVG Anti-Spyware quot C Program Files Grisoft AVG Anti-Spyware avgas exe quot minimized O - HKLM Run AVG CC C PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgcc exe STARTUP O - HKLM Run RegProt c docume qaiser locals temp rar ex regprot exe start O - HKLM Run NeroCheck C WINDOWS system NeroCheck exe O - HKLM Run InCD C Program Files Ahead InCD InCD exe O - HKCU Run H PC Connection Agent quot C PROGRA MI AA wcescomm exe quot O - HKCU Run SRS Audio Sandbox quot C Program Files SRS Labs Audio Sandbox SRSSSC exe quot hideme O - HKCU Run ctfmon exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe O - HKCU Run MsServer msfir exe O - HKUS S- - - Run AVG Run C PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgw exe RUNONCE User O - HKUS S- - - Run AVG Run C PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgw exe RUNONCE User O - HKUS S- - - - - - - Run H PC Connection Agent quot C PROGRA MI AA wcescomm exe quot User O - HKUS S- - - - - - - Run MsServer msfir exe User O - HKUS S- - - Run ctfmon exe C WINDOWS system CTFMON EXE User O - HKUS DEFAULT Run ctfmon exe C WINDOWS system CTFMON EXE User Default user O - Extra context menu item amp Clean Traces - C Program Files DAP Privacy Pac... Read more

A:CD Writer Problem - I cannot Write CD's

Nero can get seriously grumpy if the software bundled with the drive is not used. If in doubt, uninstall your copy of Nero, reboot and reinstall.
Hope this helps
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A:Sata dvd-writer problem

Either Partition Magic is not compatible with that DVD-Writer or it cannot work with SATA. Anyway how do you get a BIOS Update. mine is 90's style.
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This is a long story I had a new Teac CDW and an old Problem, not Old writing CD-writer HP CDW on my machine Both were working perfect with Nero Until I realize that my new Teac W Old CD-writer Problem, not writing E had a manufacturing defect So I removed it and sent it back to the service center Now I m left with the old one At first the computer said ATAPI uncampatible at every reboot I connected to the secondary master cable in place of the new Teac drive then I changed the BIOS to set secondary master the HP drive to Auto and Non-installed to secondary master where the old HP was previousely Now I don t have this Atapi warning My HP drive is detected and is able to read CD-R W from any application including WExplorer and Nero When I started to burn to CDR-W Nero shows quot HP drive time out quot or something like that then Nero freeze It doesn t seem to write anymore I don t think it s a problem of software since it s exactely the same system config installation as weeks ago when I removed the new Teac drive I d rather think that it can be a BIOS or a cable connection problem or that the HP drive is dead Any suggestion nbsp
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Hello guys, I am using "samsung" cd writer, but it is creating problems, I have burn my new (CD-R/RW) for 1 time, and I tried to burn it again, the message is appearing,

Title bar:CD-R/RW SW-252F:Waiting for disc
Nero is checking for this disk please wait..
to burn this multisession compilation you need the disk that contains the previous backup sessions. Please insert this disc if you not have already done so.
Disc required for the comopilation CD-R/RW
Disc type in the recorder: (empty)
It has been done for many times. How I can get rid of it, Thanks for help.
Why this message appears?

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This is My Config Intel Core Quad Q GB DDR Mhz XFX nVidia GTS Asus P n -e Sli Motherboard Tech-Com Watts Power Supply Seagate GB HDD Sony DRU- A Optical Drive OS Windows Xp Pro SP Here s the problem Whenever i insert a disk into my DVD Drive It takes too much time to read it Writer Huge Problem DVD which didn t happened earlier Then only the Pre Burned Discs i e the Discs which came with a Magazine or Branded Movie DVD are Successfully read Other than that no Disc is read by my Drive when Huge DVD Writer Problem any burned disc specially the one that is burned by my DVD writer is inserted into the drive the drive displays it as a blank CD I checked my Drive on a friend s PC and it was running fine there i e burned discs were also read Then i tried got a friends Huge DVD Writer Problem Samsung DVD Writer and attached it to my PC The Dvd writer was detected at BIOS but had the same problems as mine I tried everything from Changing IDE Cables to searching google for an answer but Huge DVD Writer Problem no help Can anybody help me nbsp

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I must provide some old news so you ll understand my problem Years ago I started a business with several other guys One of the partners was completely devoted to computer hardware and software He created some unique applications that ran on SE All the partners still use these apps at home The business switched to Linux distros CutePDF Problem Writer with about eight years ago I downloaded a zipped up archive with CutePDF and Ghostscript from here http www cutepdf com products cutepdf writer asp CutePDF does not require the humongous Microsoft NET Framework and it installed easily along with Ghostscript on SE There is something wrong but I m not sure how to resolve the problem After selecting quot CutePDF Writer quot and clicking on the quot Print quot button I assumed a dialog box would allow me to save the document as a pdf Instead Problem with CutePDF Writer this virtual driver behaves as if it was the quot real quot driver Problem with CutePDF Writer for my Canon printer It starts printing a hard copy There appears to be no way Problem with CutePDF Writer of saving a document as a pdf Is there a solution nbsp

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I recently bought an NEC nd-2500a dvd writer but i'm having problems with the write speed on cd's. When no cd is in the drive, and i open my writer program(either burnatonce, or nero) it shows it as a 32x write, which is correct. But when i put a cd in to burn, it says max speed write is 4x. The cd's i'm using are 40x write compatible, so i don't think it's them. My other 16x writer works fine. What shall i do?

A:Dvd/cd Writer speed problem

I seem to have worked it out. I tried a different brand of media in my dvd writer, and it shows write speed of 32x. So the drive is not compatible with the media(which was cheap). Hopefully they'll release a new firmware version soon.
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Have a problem with my Sony DVD Writer AW G170A
I cant even open the DVD burned by my DVD writer when i try to open the dvd i get the following error saying

Disk is not formatted

Windows cannot read from the disk. The disk migt be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with windows.


When i reinstall XP once DVD writer reads DVD+R and again when i install XP DVD writer reads DVD-R

How to solve this
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I have the HP 7200i cd-writer on Windows98 SE PC. I use DirectCD v3.01c and Easy CD Creator v4.02c as my cd writing software. I'm using 74 minute, 650mb cd-recordables (Fujifilm). The problem is: All testing passes 100% but when doing the actual recording, just before reaching the end of the process, the cd-r would eject and cause a command error. I know that the command error is the result of the cd-r ejecting from the drive. But why does it eject before it completes the recording phase. No matter what type of recording (data, audio, etc), it never completes the copy process. As a result, the cd-r discs become unusable. Getting a bit costly, if you know what I mean.

If anyone can help me, it will be greatly appreciated.

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I have installed new NEC2510A dvd writer in Windows xp pro environment, when I try to copy any folder or files into the drive, it gives me error message "Windows encountered a problem trying to copy this folder, what do you want windows to do", but there is only option of skip or ignore. It happens no matter which file I am trying to copy, I tried everything possible. I hope someone can help me. Thanks.


A:nec_2510a dvd writer problem

zafar2002 said:

I have installed new NEC2510A dvd writer in Windows xp pro environment, when I try to copy any folder or files into the drive, it gives me error message "Windows encountered a problem trying to copy this folder, what do you want windows to do", but there is only option of skip or ignore. It happens no matter which file I am trying to copy, I tried everything possible. I hope someone can help me. Thanks.

ZafClick to expand...

NO one has replied me yet, and this is my first post since I joined. I hope someone can reply back.......
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Hi there Ive been battling with this problem for quite a while Ive got an x IDE DVD writer which worked perfectly fine in the beginning Took about min to write a GB DVD However at some time or other it started giving writer problem buffer DVD IDE me issues When writing a DVD in Nero the buffer level not read buffer fluctuate heavily jumping from to and all IDE DVD writer buffer problem over the show whereas before it d stay pretty steady at around about The result is that now writing a DVD takes almost an hour instead of min The first time I got it working properly again was after I formatted my system partition and reinstalled windows xp It worked fine for a while then but after a bit the problem reappeared The Second time it came right again was after I thought it had something to do with my motherboard I sent in the board to my supplier and they sent it back saying it was perfectly alright After I d put the pc back together again and redone the bios etc it IDE DVD writer buffer problem worked fine again Then after my friend changed some IDE DVD writer buffer problem bios settings to add an extra drive temporarily it went back to the old problem even after resetting the settings to what they were before Another friend told me he had a similar problem with his writer and had fixed it by settings the IDE channel transfer mode to quot DMA if available quot in the device manager But its been like that on my pc all along Ive tried every various bios settings exchanged the IDE cable taken the whole pc apart and put it back together updated my bios etc I m at a bit of a dead end Was going to format my system partition again tomorrow to see if that sets it right again Has anyone got a clue what my problem could be Any help would be more than appreciated nbsp

A:IDE DVD writer buffer problem

Oh, perhaps some system specs:

Windows XP Professional
Sahara Dual +/- RW 8R + 4RW + 4R + 2RW (OEM) DVD Writer
2.4ghz Intel Pentium 4 processor
MSI 865PE Neo2 Motherboard
120GB Seagate HD
other hardware shouldnt really be of importance I guess...
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I have a Acer Aspire 6920 that doesn't read nor burn dvd or cd's anymore because the Slimtype DVD A DS8A1P ATA software is missing from my notebook (code 39)
So I was wondering if anybody could help me fix this problem so my notebook can read cd/dvd's again.


A:CD/DVD writer/reader problem!

try this. i found it on browsing: CR.AM: URL Cache Error
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I have just purchased an HP 8520i CD Writer and all went well for the first few days during which I was able to write/re-write as normal. Now I am finding that CDRWs are losing folders and I can't write to them. When I try to do so I get the meassge " This disk contains damaged file system data which does not allow write access”. Re-formatting is not possible the software showing an “illegal request 0x8052600”. So far I have lost 4 CDRWs and 1 CDR.

A:Problem with HP 8520i CD Writer

What software are you using?

Are you trying to use packet writing (treating it like a drive letter and writing on demand) or just burning the whole thing at once?
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I have an LG HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4160B Super multi writer. This writer also burns RAM discs. My problem is I went to burn an Audio CD with Nero 6 and it would only let me burn at a Max speed of 8X. The writer can burn up to 40X for CDRs, but it's like it thinks that I'm burning a RAM disc when I'm burning a CDR. The CDRs I'm using are Mitsumi and rated up to 48X. I have never had a problem with them ever. I also tried burning with Pinnacle Instant DVD/CD 8 and it did the same thing. So does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Thx

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Apologies for posting this again, but I rather cluelesslely posted this on the software board. Hope someone can help me here.

My Easy CD Creator (4) kept freezing, so I thought I'd uninstall it then reinstall it. Done it before without any problems. While trying to reinstall it this time, however, I get a message on the screen telling me it can't because the Uninstall is still open, so I have to close it and try again. I don't really understand this, so could someone please tell me what to do?

I tried using Second Chance to recover the previous installation, but I got a message up saying Program Files\Adaptec\Direct CD\Cdudflib.dll is in use by another application or by Windows. Again, I'm stumped.

Please can someone help me out?

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Computer details HP Pavillion n amd athlon xp DVD combo cd-writer HP issues writer/ processor ghz mb ddr sdram memory gb Ultra DMA hard drive mb DDR SDRAM NVIDiA gefirce mx graphics with mb a pcated video memory HP DVD writer cd-writer combo n Windows xp home edition The HP DVD Writer cd writer combo n will no longer recognize HP DVD writer/ cd-writer combo issues blank cd media the drive The drive will do the following Copy dvds movies Write dvds videos media files Read dvds Read copied dvds Read cds Read copied cds The Drive will not recognize blank cds Write cds Copy cds Programs tried Record now Windows Media player Napsters built in roxio cd burning software Methods tried Updated the drivers from HP s official website Updated the flash ware from HP s official website Tried different brands of cds Memorex Dynex Sony and HP All cds were compatible with my writer Scanned the computer with uptodate spyware program HP DVD writer/ cd-writer combo issues Adaware SE professional Scanned the computer with up to date antivirus program Symantec Antivirus Corperate Edition issued by my school NO VIRUSES OR SPYWARE FOUND Up to date fire wall Zone Alarm Found the following in my registry and deleted it Root HKEY LOCAL MACHINE Key Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Policies Explorer Value NoCDBurning ALL PROGRAMS MENTIONED ARE UP TO DATE I forgot to mention what it does when i put a blank in When i try to copy a cd or write a cd from mp s it does the following when the cd is inserted a small cd icon comes up next to my mouse pointer as if though it were reading the disc to let me then the program that i am using to burn the cd keeps telling me to insert a blank cd so i eject the blank and try another blank same thing it tries to read it then says please insert blank cd no matter how many i try or what brands For instance before this happened i used about of my dynex cdrs then all of a sudden it will not recognize them this problem is driving me nuts any help is greatly appriciated thanks nbsp

A:HP DVD writer/ cd-writer combo issues

Looks like I have everyone as well as myself baffled on this one
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The DVD/CD writer is supposedly "Plug and Play". It will read both CDs and DVDs but there is no activity when I try to write. Using NERO I have done an auto-detect drive and it recognizes it. When I start to burn the cd NERO proceeds as if it is writing and even verifies that the burn was succesful. But the drive never even spins the disc?

The drive is a Pioneer DVR-A08xla

I am running windows 98se on an atholon 1700+ chip.

Does anyone know what I'm missing? Or if I should take this to the software forum?

A:Help please..I replaced a cd writer with a Pioneer DVD Writer

Check and make sure you have the correct firmware. Also for W98 some DVD writers require additional drivers.
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hi everyone!
I have a Sony DVD RW DRU-870S SCSI CD-Rom Device
I write my files with Nero (Nero when I write some files from different folder's
the CD or DVD writing is not completed and the CD or DVD will be ejected but when I copy the files in one folder the problem is solved I cannot write from different folder or different drives and..... but when I copy my files in a same folder and a same drive every thing goes correct
If anyone could help me please!
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I have recently downloded a CD-RW Drive to my WIndows 95 OS, It will show that I am writing to the CD when, but there is nothing actually written to the CD. I am also receiving an error meaage stating that Iam missing a .dll file. What is the .dll file used for and how importatnt is it, do I need it, is this the cause fo my problem? Help!!!
Yolanda H.

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I have just had to change the hard drive and reload the software on a compaq laptop but after loading most of the software it just stopped reading cd's. It will happily read dvd's but doesn't want to know about cd's. The drive spins up and the head can be heard moving but thats as far as it gets, if you try to look at any files on the cd in "my computer" it thinks long and hard about it but eventually shows the disc as blank.
Does this mean I have a failed drive or is there anything that can be done about it?
If it has failed it will be the second one in 3 years.

A:Compaq nx9030 DVD writer problem

Replace the CD drive... Consider yourself lucky if you get a years service from a CD/DVD drive. Do you or someone else smoke in the same room as this computer?
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I’ve HP CD-Writer 9300 series. I bought Office Depot and another brand for CD-R and CD-RW record able that has 80 min. 700 minutes. I see the compact desc record able. I put the Cd-R in. I clicked on the DVD-rom or HP CD-Writer to start it but it doesn’t start since I saw an error has occurred error:0e:0028:c1460095.
What can I do?

A:HP Writer 9300 series problem???

closing duplicate, see this post
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I have an Yamaha CD Writer Internal drive and also a HP External CD Writer drive Both these drives worked on my and writer cd internal external problem desktop computer until a few weeks ago Whenever I insert any cd music game or data into either drive I get the error message quot A Fatal exception has occurred at internal and external cd writer problem The current application will be terminated Hit any key to internal and external cd writer problem terminate current application and return to internal and external cd writer problem windows quot After following the instructions press any key to return to windows my mouse moves freely but I can t access anything When I click on device manager and check the CD Drives both list the same status Device is working properly There aren t any yellow exclaimation points on anything I even went as far as to change the IDE cable but that didn t work That was just wishful thinking I know the HP External drive works fine because I use it all the time on my laptop Please help me I would appreciate any input to see how to resolve this problem nbsp

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Newby here, and I have a quick question for the forum. I have a Plexwriter cd burner, and just tonight, it started acting up. What is happening, is that near my cursor, a small multi-colored picture of a cd keeps popping up, and the green light on the writer keeps flashing as if its trying to read a cd, but there is none in the writer. I have rebooted a couple of times, and it continues to occur. Its like its searching for a cd, that isnt in the machine. any ideas? Thanks. rp

A:Plexwriter cd writer problem/ Newb

I have a Plex too, iwhich one is it? You may want to check and see if you can update the firmware on the drive. That may fix the issue.
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there is an irritating fix. though i have a DVD writer drive, it is unable to write anything. Device manager doesn't show the Storage volumes and the disk check and disk defrag are not working? please, can any one identify what the problem is and where it lies? Even as i try to format and reinstal the Windows, gives some vague error.

A:Problem with hard disk/writer

Just what is this "vague error?"
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Im about to go nuts I have a HP Cd-writer series series it is listed on the back as the e series it is a external writer days ago it stopped working I uninstalled and reinstalled many times and finally got it working But now it wont record any cds I use Record Now to record my cds Mostly music so now when I got to record it says your recording device does not writing to CD Media this option is not available with this recorder It reads Cds and play music and games but now it wont record or burn or whatever you call it It was working ok for about months now and boom this happens HP support site doesnt give much help its out of warranty and theres not chat help for it and they will charge a arm and leg to get help All the drivers are current ect Series CD-Writer 8200 problem HP It and my mouse are the only ones using USB ports I hope someone can help me my husband is having music cd burning withdrawls lol thanks Dawn nbsp
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I'm illiterate with respect to CD reader/writer functions. Can you help?

I routinely use Windows Explorer to read and write on my computer, using:
MS Windows XP, and my CD hardware is a Samsung CD-R/RW SW-252s. No problems.

In the laptop I'm working on, I can read CD's made on my machine, but apparently some sort of incompatibility when I write using: MS Windows 2000 (on NT base), and CD hardware is Sony CD-RW CRX700E.

Gives me this message : ”The CD in your CD-REcorder is a CD-RW CD. You are creating a CD that is readable by multiread CD-ROM drives only.” "Do you want to write anyway?" to which I said yes.

It appears to write. But when I try to read it on my machine, it appears to be blank.

A:Solved: CD reader/writer problem

Hi Ed

I moved your CD-R/RW problem to All Other Software.
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Problem with new I/O Magic DVD writer. When I write DVD movies to DVD+R disks, they will not play in a standard DVD player. When I use the same machine to record the same movie to a DVD+/RW disk, they play fine. I can see no difference in the resulting file layout of either disk. This problem exists with all writing speeds. The same computer is also running an HP DVD writer with no problems whatsoever. I have tried three different DVD writing software programs. The problem appears to be hardware related on the newly installed I/O Magic DVD recorder. I have also tried reversing the master/slave position of both units and the results are always the same. I have also installed the most recent firmware upgrade. I'm running out of ideas. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.
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Hello I'm having an issue with Windows Ultimate x properly recognizing my LG HL-DT-ST BD-RE BH NS To start this is the second drive both drives new had BH14NS40 HL-DT-ST LG with Problem Bluray Writer BD-RE the same issue with my computer I exchanged the first one because I thought it was the drive Ok here is the issue Windows says the device has installed correctly it shows up correctly in Device Manager Problem with LG Bluray Writer HL-DT-ST BD-RE BH14NS40 and says the device is working properly Problem with LG Bluray Writer HL-DT-ST BD-RE BH14NS40 Under quot Computer quot the drive icon shows up as a generic DVD CD RW drive The drive will not open either by pushing button on drive or right clicking the icon under quot computer quot I have had temporary success with the drive by plugging it into a different SATA port on the motherboard When functioning correctly the drive icon under Computer shows as BD-RW drive Unfortunately after a reboot it goes back to generic DVD CD drive and will not open Talked to LG support and they could not figure it out They had me re flash firmware to test that Windows recognizes the drive and the firmware flash took successfully But that did not fix the issue I have tried the basics Unistall from Device Manager and reboot Search for updated driver software through Device Manager Replace SATA Cable Try different SATA ports on Motherboard Reinstalled OS Any ideas

A:Problem with LG Bluray Writer HL-DT-ST BD-RE BH14NS40

Hi redhotpoker,

Welcome onboard.

Did you try a different power cable? And a different power connector from the power supply?

Edit: Even with a freshly installed OS you have the same problem with the same model, I would suspect a manufacturing defect with that batch. Will you be willing to return it and change to a different brand, say ASUS or Liteon? ( I have no idea of the current models of various manufacturers. You may look for recent reviews on current models before choosing one.)

And then, if you can manage to borrow an external BD writer, you may check with it. It can categorically establish whether it is really a problem with the current internal drive.
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can't get my windows xp to respond to card reader/writer when i plug in the usb cable.

A:card reader/writer problem

Please do not create more than one thread for the same issue.

Closing thread.

Please continue here:
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ok this was posted like ok experts ok problem cd writer come here,philips yr ago and here it goes again but this time I am step closer to the edge ok I ok ok experts come here,philips cd writer problem have a PHILIPS CDRW series drive Model No PCRW to be precise The stupid floppy which came with it was broke and the stupid dumb philips ok ok experts come here,philips cd writer problem company with no support and no for this Now from all the google searches I made and i came to know that freecom had developed the cable for this and the main thing to get this thing working are the drivers for the cable From www driverguide com I got the same thing I needed the drivers for it Now from one of a freecom site the cable I came to know were http www umd es marcas freecom cables Now all these cables are from a card to usb or firewire but the cable I recieved was usb to usb picture is attached check it out So now when I connect this usb drive to my computer it is detected by windows Me or lt i have comps gt and it is listen in my computer - gt device manager but as not working SO wat I need are the drivers for this usb to usb thingy Any can help me out getting this writer working It s been lying around with me from past yr If u need clear picture of the cable or anything Please do tell me Of all the searches I have made the only drivers I have got for it was freecom cable drivers which i have to install i did but still win doesn t detect it AnyONE help me out I have typed so much nbsp

A:ok ok experts come here,philips cd writer problem

Apparently this problem still exists with many people. My PCRW464 worked fine with my laptop before I had a hard drive crash. After a complete restore of Win98, I discovered that my floppy with the drivers on it is no good.

I've got the Freecom driver loaded, and I downloaded the drivers from The writer itself appears to be functioning. ("Disc In" indicator lights up, blinks as if reading the disc.) Like the person with the original post, I have the USB to USB connector. There is no other way to connect this writer.
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I have an external hp cd writer 8200 that used to work just fine. I had a problem and had to restore everything on my system. Everything else works, but when I try to install my cd writer, it says that the driver can not be found. I have the original floppy disk with the driver on it, but device manager still cannot find it. I also tried getting the most recent driver from, but no luck. Any ideas?

A:Problem with HP cd writer 8200 driver

is the driver from hp on a floppy? if you are trying to install the driver in plug n'play sometimes it won't find the file and you have to find it yourself. If you have the hp driver just click cancell when prompted by plug n'play to install drivers and when you get to windows just execute the install file on the disk and it should install everything right.
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Hello this is the problem, my father bought a lyra2 mp3 player he did install the music match jukebox software that comes with it but when he connects the flash reader a window asks to install the SCM MICRO USBAT-02 driver using the istallation cd or windows update, he clicks continue to everything and then says that couldnt find such driver, what can we do to get the music rolling...thanks
operating system winxp

A:CompactFlash reader/writer problem
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Pleased to advise that I recalled that I had re-installed the UDMA drivers for my motherboard some days after purchasing my HP writer which was an upgrade from a Mitsumi which didn't like UDMA. Now my CDRWs which were "severely damaged" and "not repairable" according to Adaptec Software messages are once more capable of blanking and starting over. It looks like CD writers don't like UDMA drivers which is a pity. As a precaution, I'm also working at 2X speed rather than 4X meantime.

A:Problem with HP 8250i CD Writer Solved!

Glad you solved it. In the future, please just reply to your original post though - don't start a new topic. It keeps the forum a little neater, and makes it easier to tell what you are talking about.
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Our OS is Win 98, and a couple of years ago we had bought and installed an HP CD-writer 9100 series. Twice now in the last year we have been unable to use it.

If I click "Shortcut to CD-Rom" I get an error message that says it is unavailable. If I go to My Computer and click on the F:/ drive, it says it is "not ready". If I put a CD in it, it just spins around and that is it.

Can I fix this? I checked cables - all are plugged in and in good condition.

Thank you so much!

A:Problem with Adaptec/Roxio HP Cd-writer

Is it slaved to your master IDE or is it the master on your secondary IDE

Try going into safe mode then device manager and delete all references to the CD drive. Then reboot into normal mode and see if it reinstalls and works.
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Hello I need some ideas here I have a Dell Latitude D running Windows XP A co-worker has a Dymo Label Writer attached to the computer via usb port For some reason the writer just stopped working I have tried alternate USB ports and re-installed the software Along with the writer problem the USB keyboard and mouse stopped working If I unplug and re-plug the mouse and keyboard they work again but not so for the writer The message I get when Writer Label USB problem Dymo I do that to the writer is quot USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it for assistance please Dymo Label Writer USB problem click this message quot I have tried changing writer cords and that seemed to work for a while but the problem just keeps resurfacing Of note is thyat when I reinstalled the writer software as soon as I click to finish the installation I get the blue screen of death with a message about Windows encountering a serious problem and it reboots Once it starts up again I get the report window telling me there has been a problem and do I want to send a bug report Finally switched out the writer itself and now it seems to be working and the message that pops up when I un replug it is the standard Windows has found new hardware and no errors are reported Just looking to confirm if the problems with the original writer are writer related or do the messages indicate a potential Windows problem nbsp
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I have a dual operating system set-up, using Windows7 and Linux Ubuntu.
I am having problems running a number of cd-rom iso disks. Specifically, I want to load the iso disk, "GPARTED". This disk loads with no problems when I use Ubuntu as the op system. But with Windows7,
when the computer starts up, I hear the cd-reader/writer start up, the after approximately 1/2 minute the regular menu comes up on the screen.
Am I missing some setting or something?
Thank you

A:CD/DCD reader/writer problem loading .iso disks

do you mean you are trying to boot off it or that when you load into windows it hangs at the windows logo and reads the disk before continuing to load into windows?
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we have an application that uses the .net report writer - some of the symbols are incompatible between windows 7 and 8 and 10.  our solution has been to use a "windows 7 theme" to our customers' desktops.  On a new lenovo tablet that
is not easy. No windows 7 themes are installed with windows 8.  When I go to "add more themes" the microsoft website only provides more themes, some of which are "windows 7 compatible" but they do not fix the problem.  I don't
want customers to have to get a third party app for a solution as who know what will happen later.  I also cannot find "windows classic" using search.  I just want our applications to work as designed.  These should not be incompatible
but they are. We are using all microsoft products
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I need help!!!!
My dvd writer thinks its a CD writer and wont recognise blank DVDs. It has just decided to do this this a few months ago and its drivin me mental.
Is there anythin i can download 2 fix this.
My computers HP Pavillion and im using Microsoft XP.
Can anyone help?

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I have a CD writer, CD-R media, DVD-R media, video files on my computer that are AVI files(from a DVD player) and I have Nero burning software. I have burned VHS video on my CD writer. What prevents a CD writer from being able to burn a DVD if the media is DVD and the file is the proper format (AVI)?

A:what are differences between CD writer and DVD writer

Well you're in luck if you have an APEX DVD Player in your home. APEX DVD-Player's can play AVI and MPG files on regular CD's, but you will not be able to use a CD-Burner to burn to a DVD. Why? No one Maybe someday, someone will find a loop-hole, I doubt it lol, but hey, you never know.
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I have a normal dvd drive and a Dvd re-writer underneath it.
I recently formatted my pc, and i downloaded a programme for a freind, and evertime i put a dvd into it, it says Erase CD, i do it to see what happens..and it continues saying it.
I try draging and dropping and it says "Windows encontered a problem while trying to copy this"
Another weird thing i realised, in explorer it says "dvd rom" when i put a dvd in it, it turns to CD rom.
When i put a actual CD 700meg in, it lets me copy fine!
Ive tryed uninstalling and taking out and putting the ribbon back in and nothing solves it.
The file im trying to copy is 1.2 gig, and it wont pick up DvD's please help, is a
LG, Dual writer, supermulti DvD rw

Thanks in advance


A:Dvd re-writer not being picked up as a dvd re-writer

After reformatting the PC, you did load all the motherboard drivers again?

Otherwise you may have some issues with the default Windows drivers that would be substituted.
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CD writer on my computer can be used to record and burn CD's from my stereo/tape, can a computer DVD writer be used to trasfer VHS tapes(or television) to DVD?
I have a friend who can get me a DVD writer at cost.....and it is alot cheaper than these $500 table top DVD recorders on the market....thanks for the advice.

A:using DVD-writer on TV or has software called x show that will help also need a video capture card
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i've got a hp pavilion 513w, my problem is that i can not burn any cd's. nero just say's retry another disc or something like that. i put in another disc same problem. i tried the hp site but all info i get is that the cd writer is a COMBI RW16x10/dvd. this problem has just started, can anyone help me please
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hello there

I've just bought a dvd re-writer, mainly so that I can burn films/ tv shows from my TV capture card rather than onto old video vhs.

however, it has just donned on me that i am not familair with the best way in which to do it. Is it as simple as dragging the mpeg 2 file (s) onto the videoDVD window on Nero or do I have to compress or convert the file?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:New DVD writer

Still not clear on this one.

I have a copy of a friends episode sitting on my hard drive and I want to watch it on my tv. I use to burn it onto a VCD, but now that I have a DVD re-writer, I have some DVD-RW discs. Ultimately I'd like to put the episode onto one of these discs - however, in Nero - do I just do a DVD-video and drag the mpeg-2 into the video-ts folder - I'm not sure that works.

any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I installed a HP CD writer model 9300i in my daughter's computer, it says the installation was correct, but when I click to finish installation, I get an error message - ISSET error. What did I do wrong? The computer won't recognize the cd as a drive.

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I am unable to burn CD's in my HP 9500i CD Writer.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver software. The "burning" process completes, but there is no data on the CD. Any ideas

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this says it has a super multi dvd burner,will this play cd  music disc or for example a kodak printer download cd,also burn cd,does it have the capabilities of a cd re-writer,i dnt want to buy a 4ii system and then find i have to go and buy an external cd re-writer,thanks

A:cd re-writer

> it has a super multi dvd burner,will this play cd  music disc or for example a kodak printer download cd,also burn cd,does it have the capabilities of a cd re-writer ... I have _NEVER_ seen a DVD-writer that could _NOT_ read/write CDs. Historically:* CD-ROM* CD-writer* DVD-ROM (reads CDs)* DVD-reader (reads CDs)* combo DVD-reader-and-CD-writer (reads both, writes CDs)* DVD-writer (reads/writes both)* dual-layer DVD-writer (writes to "dual-layer" (8+ GB) DVD-media)
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My new computer ( acer veriton t661 dual core ) will not let me copy a dvd with the internal dvd writer i just get a message about copyright but if i plug in a usb dvd writer the dvd copies no problem. Is there a way around this as it is annoying not being able to use the internal writer

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Hi all,

My computer Sony PIII /XP Home/DVD -ROM/CD-RW... recently i OS restored... after that DVD/CD drive reading both DVD and CD...but not writing CD's
I tried different CD burning softwares... still same problem...

Any help would be appreciated...
Thanks inadvance.


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Keep getting an error message when I reboot that reads SQLDUMPER Library is corrupted or has been tampered with and advises me to uninstall and reinstall. I can't find it to uninstall. I tried to reinstall Windows but have updated it and it won't reinstall the orginal version. Any suggestions? PS I have Windows XP & office 2003 student teacher edition

A:SQL Writer

Welcome to TSG....

Try this and use Internet Explorer

How to use Sqldumper.exe to generate dump files for Windows applications

SQLDumper is used to collect stack information and debug information in case SQL Server crashes. The dump that is created out of this is normally send to Microsoft and is used by the development team to debug problems (not that you can elect not to send this information to Microsoft).

The error above means that likely your SQL Server installation is corrupt, so I would suggest that you reinstall SQLServer.