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Recommendations building a new (budgeted) computer from scratch for recording music

Q: Recommendations building a new (budgeted) computer from scratch for recording music

Hi (budgeted) from music a Recommendations new recording building scratch computer for I would like to put together a computer with these software requirements in mind for reason record Intel P AMD Athlon XP at GHz or better multiple cores highly recommended GB RAM or more DVD drive GB free hard disk space Record may use up to GB cache disk space Windows XP SP Vista or later I currently have XP and would do Windows but I really don t care for Vista please don t figure in to the total and yes I will be getting a legal copy I would like to go the cheapest route Recommendations building a new (budgeted) computer from scratch for recording music which I imagine would be building from scratch If I can stay under dollars that s Recommendations building a new (budgeted) computer from scratch for recording music be best although spending a little more for a really nice system that will be good for a few years is favorable I found this as a starting point and would like to know the thoughts from the inside The only additional information I have is I have TB s that are waiting for a home Recommendations building a new (budgeted) computer from scratch for recording music so I m not worried about storage and also the quieter the better as everything helps while recording Thank you very much in advance - Dinvex nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Recommendations building a new (budgeted) computer from scratch for recording music

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Recommendations building a new (budgeted) computer from scratch for recording music

You can do better with your budget. I recommend this:

AMD Athlon II X2 245 Regor 2.9GHz 2 x 1MB L2 Cache Socket AM3 65W Dual-Core Desktop Processor - $57.99 + free shipping
GIGABYTE GA-MA74GM-S2 AM3\AM2+\AM2 AMD 740G mATX AMD Motherboard - $53.99 ($51.99 with M-Club discount) + variable shipping depending on location
OCZ Reaper HPC Edition 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit - $75.99 + $0.99 shipping
NZXT Beta EVO Chassis - CS-NT-BETA-EVO - $53.99 + free shipping
SeaSonic SS-300ET Bronze 300W ATX12V V2.3 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply - OEM - $39.99 + $8.57 shipping
ASUS Xonar DX PCI-E Sound Card - $79.99 ($59.99 after $20 MIR) + free shipping
Grand Total = ~$380, not considering rebates.
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or should i get a SAPPHIRE 100186L Radeon X1950XT 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 VIVO HDCP Video Card - Retail instead of the geforce 8600gts ???

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I built a new computer. And I want to use the HDD from my old computer (the one I am typing this on now), in the new computer. I put this HDD in the new comp and Tuned it on and went through the Bios setup with the MB manual. and everything went ok then I saved and exited the bios setup and was hoping to load windows up just like on my old puter. anyways to make a longer story short windows wouldn't load. can what i am trying to do be done or should i just get a new copy of windows and start from scratch?

A:Building A new computer from scratch.

A new copy of Windows will be required.
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So I figured I would start a project and build a computer from scratch. Almost every piece of hardware is brand new. So here is where I ran into trouble: I finally got everything installed, and I turned on my computer to configure some BIOS settings. Keep in mind that even my hard drive is also right out of the box, so of course, I got the drivers to install the hard drive, but what drivers do I install first? The CD-ROM drivers so that I can read the drivers on other CDs, or what? Everytime I try to install either one of them, I get an error, so I tried to install XP, and got yet another error?

I am confused and getting frustrated.
Any help would be appreciated.


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So I figured I would start a project and build a computer from scratch. Almost every piece of hardware is brand new. So here is where I ran into trouble: I finally got everything installed, and I turned on my computer to configure some BIOS settings. Keep in mind that even my hard drive is also right out of the box, so of course, I got the drivers to install the hard drive, but what drivers do I install first? The CD-ROM drivers so that I can read the drivers on other CDs, or what? Everytime I try to install either one of them, I get an error, so I tried to install XP, and got yet another error?

I am confused and getting frustrated.
Any help would be appreciated.


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Hello everyone I ve decided to do what I ve always wanted to do my from Building computer scratch first and build my own computer from scratch I know a decent amount about the components that go into computers but I wanted to just double check to see if I ve missed anything and to make Building my first computer from scratch sure everything is compatable I ve put everything together using newegg com and below are all of the components I ve picked out Suggestions are also welcome and I m trying to stick to a budget of around Case http www newegg com Product Building my first computer from scratch Product aspx Item N E Building my first computer from scratch Hard Drive http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Motherboard http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Processor http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Power Supply http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Wireless Networking http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Graphics Card http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Memory http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Optical Drive http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Operating System http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E nbsp

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I am about to build a new computer for the first time and I have questions A lot of them What I come up with so far is Intel Quad Core Q Gigabyte EP C-DS R Motherboard GB Ram x GB A-DATA Transcend Mhz x GB HDD s rpm I m pretty sure about the parts mentioned above but I would like some advice on the following Armor Plus Case without LCS w Toughpower PSU and I can t decide between the quot Inno D GT Overclocked quot for With this card I would need to buy a HR- GT and fan as well So add a new computer like and advice would Building from scratch some or a GX Superclocked Edition Building a new computer from scratch and would like some advice GB DDR PCI Express Dual DVI HDMI for So all in all the system is with the GT amp heatsink With the GX it s Well those are my specs and problems here are my questions - Has anyone seen another Motherboard similar to this one with PCI-e slots I only have one PCI-e slot avaliable on the motherboard so dual GT s are out at the moment - Will Building a new computer from scratch and would like some advice the GX work with my system - How much power do I need - for the GX - for the GT O C by itself and in SLI Any advice would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Building a new computer from scratch and would like some advice

The Q6600 is a waste of money IMO, go with a cheaper and faster dual-core like the E8400.

Also, Zenosincks is right, you don't need a 1200W PSU, although I'd recommend this one, which can be had for about the same price (after rebate) as the VX550 and is much more powerful.

In addition, I recommend a better RAM kit from Crucial or Corsair over the A-DATA kit, unless you're not looking to OC.

Lastly, I recommend the 9800GX2 over two 8800GTs. It will work fine with your motherboard and with the PSU I recommended above.
Zenosincks has covered everything else.
Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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I have 3 small compact HP pavilion 6835 that were given to me as well as 2 other computers that I am not sure of operating system or any specs on them. Is there any way to possibly interchange parts etc to make my children 2 computers? Any links, etc if allowed is much appreciated. I am not sure of the problems as my spouse is the one whom brought them home for me to play with. Thank you in advance.
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Hey Everyone!
I want to build a computer from scratch and I have some questions:

Question 1:
Does the shape of the case matter to fit the hardware like Main board, motherboard, or all cases produce to fit the hardware?

Question 2:
What are the hardware I should buy? I know RAM, Main Board, Motherboard, Fan, Power supply unit, Processor, Optical drive, Hard drive, Graphic Card is there any others? also please let me know what are the best? like RAM DDR3, 2 GB Graphics, Intel i7 processor, etc.

That's all!
Please give me some tips if you know!

A:Questions about building desktop computer from scratch!

Right, what is your budget? I can tell you roughly what I would recommend. Also, what are you going to be using the pc for?
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im buying a new system that i personalized myself on newegg com and i ve been wondering if i should buy it it for Computer gaming and scratch please grahpics weigh-in design used From Building includes moniter and everything else needed and only around bucks good cooling power but i need a proffesional weigh in on it im not looking to spend more so tell me if its good for gaming and graphics design heres the specs below - BIOSTAR GEFORCE -M Socket NVIDIA GeForce Micro ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail - COOLMAX CS- -Black W O PSU Black Steel Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail - - MASSCOOL FD S M mm Case Fan - Retail x - GIGABYTE GH-PCU -VE mm Ball CPU Cooler - Retail Building Computer From scratch used for gaming and grahpics design please weigh-in - Arctic Silver Thermal Compound - OEM - - A-DATA GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Desktop Memory Model ADBGC A - Retail x - Western Digital Caviar SE WD JD GB RPM SATA Gb s Hard Drive Building Computer From scratch used for gaming and grahpics design please weigh-in - OEM - ViewSonic Optiquest Series Q B- Black quot ms LCD Monitor - Retail - Sunbeam PSU-BKS -US ATX W Power Supply - Retail - AMD Athlon Venice GHz Socket Processor Model ADA DAA BW - OEM - EVGA -P -N -AR GeForce GS MB GDDR PCI Express x KO Video Card - Retail nbsp

A:Building Computer From scratch used for gaming and grahpics design please weigh-in
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I ve built a couple of computers troubleshot them when their was problems had probably hundreds of hours needed Building a computer: recommendations of maintenance gaming on Building a computer: recommendations needed them and have loved every minute Building a computer is too much fun to consider buying one complete But it has Building a computer: recommendations needed been a few years since I have done this and I am having some problems ferreting out the new boards etc and would appreciate some advice I am building a computer not for anything specific but need it to have enough power and RAM to be able to play with pictures and video if desired I was thinking about getting an Asus with an AMD processor - processor MB front side bus and GIG of DDR RAM I didn t know if the different types of sockets made much of a difference these days I have always run AMD and don t know about the different kinds of Intel processors I have been told to get a hard drive SATA at least GB with a minimum of MB cache I assume RPM minimum Case power supply combination I don t know how many watts is even considered normal these days DVD Burner- don t think this is a biggie as to which brand but may want a multi-layered one for backup purposes Along with the normal modem there is a chance that this may be set up a a server for a network at my house eventually So if I didn t get the components as an integral part of the motherboard I would need enough slots to expand Finally I know that I can make a real screamer for over but I really don t need cutting edge stuff In years past the difference between brand new top-of-of-the-line components and second or third place components with of the speed and capability was a lot of money and I really like getting the most for my money My wife is on to me big time about slapping this together Any suggestions are greatly appreciated Thank very much in advance J Perry Neal nbsp

A:Building a computer: recommendations needed

Just my Suggest.........................................


Intel Pentium D 820 2.8GHZ LGA775 Smithfield 800FSB 2X1MB EM64T XD Dual Core Processor Retail Box

Corsair Value Select PC2-4200 1GB 2X512MB DDR2-533 240PIN DIMM Dual Channel Memory

ASUS GeForce 7300 GS 550MHZ 256MB 64BIT 540MHZ DDR2 Turbo Cache PCI-E VGA DVI-I HDTV Out Video Card

Seagate Barracuda 250GB 7200.10 8MB 8.5MS SATA2 NCQ Hard Drive

LG GSA-H22N DVD+RW 18X8X16 DVD-RW 18X6X16 Dual Layer 8X DVD-RAM 12X DVD Writer 2MB Black OEM W/ SW (GSA-H22N/W)

Antec SLK1650B Black MID-TOWER 3X5.25 5X3.5 ATX12V 350W

This only a suggestion and can modified to suit individual taste as long as it is Black!...............................................
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Hi all I ve decided to build my own computer I not that that much of a gamer Computer! Building first Suggestions/Recommendations Wanted! but do play when I have the time I m Building first Computer! Suggestions/Recommendations Wanted! also an amatuer photographer Below is the parts that I have come up with if there is something better or if there are parts that are not compatible let me know I m looking for a total of about or less NZXT Apollo ORANGE NP Orange SECC Steel Chassis ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail ABIT IP LGA Intel P ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail Rosewill RP V -S-SL W SLI Ready-ATX V V Power Supply - Retail Intel Core Duo E Conroe GHz LGA Processor Model BX E - Retail or Intel Core Quad Q Kentsfield GHz x MB L Cache LGA Processor - Retail CORSAIR XMS GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model TWIN X - PRO - Retail NEC Black MB quot Internal Floppy Drive - OEM Seagate Barracuda ST AS GB RPM SATA Gb s Hard Drive - OEM ASUS X DVD R DVD Burner with LightScribe Black SATA Model DRW- L T - Retail Arctic Silver Thermal Compound - OEM Thermaltake CL-P mm CPU Cooler - Retail Logitech - Black USB Wired Ergonomics Wave Keyboard - Retail I m planning on reusing my monitor and mouse What video card should I also use Please post any questions that might help you help me comments and recommendations Thanks guys and gals nbsp

A:Building first Computer! Suggestions/Recommendations Wanted!

OK that is one awesome build! People do say the the Rosewill PSUs are not very good so you could look for a differnt PSU. I have one myself and it works fine but you are building one mean machine so I would defently get a better one. I will let someone else help you with that. You really don't need the thermal compound or the CPU cooler as the CPU already comes with that. Unless you plan to overclock alot then you won't need it. But those quad cores may put out a lot of heat. I would definetly go with the quad core but the core 2 duo would be alright to. If your not gaming much I don't really see a point in spending that much money on the CPU. Do you really need the floppy drive? Nobody uses those things anymore. Unless you do that is fine but I would get rid of that. As for a video card if your building that much of a good computer I would go with the 8800GTX. That may a little to over the top but you can look at them anyway. Or there is the 8600GT or GTS. That memory will work good. I would look at a differnt case maybe. Something that has better cooling. I do believe that Antec and Thermaltake make good cases. -- GC

Well those are my suggestions.
Good luck with the build!
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I was wondering if anyone here could help me out i a building audio computer recording/editing... for am sure some of you get sick of the quot i am building acomputer fo under so and so dollars and i need help quot threads and if you are one of those people i apologize so here it is i want to build a computer for recording myself my building a computer for audio recording/editing... guitar and whatever other instruments i building a computer for audio recording/editing... throw in which may include drums bass building a computer for audio recording/editing... the basics the catch is that i want to do this for under dollars i woul dlike to exclude any sort of software from the price and any sort of actual musical gear i would like to include the audi interface and related items in the price however also i already have a suitable monitor and a dvd rw drive so we could exclude them as well any help would be GREATLY appreciated also i know i am new and this is my first post and i am asking for something please forgive me for any trespass nbsp

A:building a computer for audio recording/editing...

If you change your mind about building a PC,you could think about Mac mini - for about $550 with usb audio interface + Garage band.-
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Hello So I ve had quite a good amount of experience with computers software wise but not much with hardware I decided that I would like to build a computer and started surfing the web i found some sites and think i have a good idea of what i need but was lost at what kind of each thing to get I would need What to I budgeted do build computer? a like a fast reliable all around computer I m not much of a gamer that i can use for almost anything I have about to spend and need to get an operating system on this computer with this money also I don t need to buy a monitor speakers or mouse and keyboard though CPU I want a relatively fast one but have no idea which is better AMD or Intel I ve heard AMD is better and cheaper and I want a cpu that is fast with a cooling system Case i need one with psu already installed and want one that looks relatively cool Hardrive hopefully around or so I can store some pics and music plus microsoft I don t need this software just an OS I have no idea whats good for mobo but need a cheap one and I don t want to What do I need to build a budgeted computer? have to but a video What do I need to build a budgeted computer? or audio card The rest is up for grabs Thank you nbsp

A:What do I need to build a budgeted computer?

Saving up might, be the way to go... I've rebuilt my computer, but one piece at a time so I don't even know how much it cost anymore lol.

Maybe look for some local stores that will build them to your exact specifications and give you a quote on what it will cost, they're often very helpful as well with any questions.

Motherboards can come with a somewhat decent onboard video and sound, good enough to get you through the day at least so you don't need to go out and buy any video cards that will cost you $100+ or sound cards that I'm not even sure on. Of course your motherboard will have a certain socket for the processor, try not to go with any of the ancient models that are out there. I once had a motherboard failure but I had a socket A processor so I had to get another socket A motherboard, they charged me infinitely for that new board.

I'm going to sleep but I'll be back tomorrow afternoon if you want any clarifications.
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I have a large collection of casette tapes that were collected over the years.
I would like to record them to my computer. Since I am a novice at this, can someone tell me what equipment I need besides a tape player?

A:Recording cassette music to computer and put the casette in, and record it with the USB thing. Cheers
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I have a budget of 500-550. The purpose for this computer is for music production. Ill be using cu base 5, ill be using vsti such as east west, toon track superior drummer,trillian etc. (To give you guys more of a visual) Ill be running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit.
Tomorrow ill look around for parts, prices, I just realize am better off of building my own unit.

As far as the mobo goes. I would like to get .....
500 gig hard drive
Graphics card. (I won't be doing any gaming, cheap one will be neat)
Motherboard (i need fire wire on it)
RAM (4-gigs) ddr2
Case (i need a case with good air flow)

Any suggestions , references....

A:Building Music Production Computer

Rock4MUSIC said:

I have a budget of 500-550. The purpose for this computer is for music production. Ill be using cu base 5, ill be using vsti such as east west, toon track superior drummer,trillian etc. (To give you guys more of a visual) Ill be running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit.
Tomorrow ill look around for parts, prices, I just realize am better off of building my own unit.

As far as the mobo goes. I would like to get .....
500 gig hard drive
Graphics card. (I won't be doing any gaming, cheap one will be neat)
Motherboard (i need fire wire on it)
RAM (4-gigs) ddr2
Case (i need a case with good air flow)

Any suggestions , references....Click to expand...

I'm thinking that without gaming ambitions, the new Intel core i3 CPUs might meet your needs with their integrated graphics. These give pretty decent scores in
the Windows Experience Index, something like 4.9 for Areo, and 5.3 for business and gaming graphics. To the best of my knowledge, the matching H55/ H57 Intel chipset motherboards provide Fire Wire input.

You should first subscribe to Newegg's Email list, so you can grab your parts as they become available on sale.

Here is Intel's list of socket LGA1156 CPUs available at Newegg; 50001157 1051749233&name=LGA 1156

And the matching integrated graphics H55/ H57 boards in the Gigabyte brand; 1070549182 107173338&name=Intel H55/H57 Be sure to pick one with 4 memory sockets. (4 out or 5 do). I have this one;

Please pay no attention to the bad reviews for this product, they were all written by imbeciles claiming, "high technical ability". I don't know squat about computers, and I had one of these systems up and running perfectly, with Windows 7 installed, in about 3 hours.

In fact, I'm hoping Newegg will offer "don't know squat" as a technical ability claim option. That way, I'll be able to check, "don't know squat", and report, "it works perfectly for me, 5 stars"!

Here is a test report done on a few of these boards at Techspot;
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I have many old parts from previous pc's which I know can be used to build one for my son. I have an ecs k7s5a and amd ? processor which came as a combo, the problem is can't find the original mb install disk, and the hd is not the original either its an older 20gb w/98se on question is do I absolutely need the cd in order for everything to work? figured I'd ask before I even bothered to get started...thanx

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I have many old parts from previous pc's which I know can be used to build one for my son. I have an ecs k7s5a and amd ? processor which came as a combo, the problem is can't find the original mb install disk, and the hd is not the original either its an older 20gb w/98se on it which don't have the drivers for the question is do I absolutely need the cd in order for everything to work? figured I'd ask before I even bothered to get started...thanx

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Building the OS from scratch seem to me to be the best way to go when building a new computer. As time goes on after a year two or three the OS seem to get sick such as my auto run don't work no more and after Microsoft work on it for 3 hours it really don't run no more. Bugs, jitters, shakes and just old age. So after I build the computer I think I'm just going to build the OS from scratch. I've did it both ways, from scratch and just move it to the new computer and after I just reload the OS and rebuild it I feel so much better not to mention the computer runs like a high school student instead of someone like me that just took sum Vitamins.

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I decided to build a decent gaming machine to run HL2 on. The current parts i chose so far are:

Mother Board


Video Card

Hard Drive

Also which Burner should i get




Also i need help on which Processor to get best bang for the buck type, also which Case to get. Overall what would you think this would work like?

A:Building PC from scratch

Dont get a Celeron Processor, and I would reccomend going for a 2ghz-2.4ghz. Those, as far as the Pentiums go are the best buy.
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If I simply run a line from the sound out jack on my computer and plug the other end into the computer mic, I get too much distortion and computer noise, not to mention low quality sound. This is also true if the audio is coming from an external source, like my Playstation or TV.


A:Recording Music/Sound From My DVD/computer games/Playstation/etc?

You need a attenuator cable for that, Radio Shack used to sell them. You overloading the microphone input and clipping the audio. A microphone is a low level and the sound out is high level. A Attenuator cable reduces the level.

Many sound cards have a line input that would work OK.

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I m interested in a (advice) Building from scratch new computer very soon because this one jsut isnt cutting it I was thinking about going to tigerdirect com or maybe ebay com to buy a new one at a cheap price but my friend pointed out that i could jsut buy an Building from scratch (advice) empty tower barebone i think and buy the parts cheaper seperately and put it together myself Now I wnted to come here and ask you guys exactly what would i need to do this Would i need solderin irons and screw drivers and stuff or would the inside of the tower already be formatted for me to jsut snap things into place WHat i wanted was dual Building from scratch (advice) cd drives with a Cd reader burner and a dvd reader burner Gig of Ram atleast a GB HDD atleast a GHz processor I needed like atleast empty PCI slots like inputs for Ram cards atleast usb ports Now provided the specifications can anyone give me an educated guess as too how much this would cost to build from scratch and about how long it would take to build this Also if anyone has any of this stuff to sell to me at a reasonable price could you please post here and let me know Thanks to all in advanced nbsp

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I decided to build a gaming pc from scratch. If someone would kindly tell me ALL the parts i need to succesfully build a new computer i would greatly appreciate it.

A:Building a Comp from scratch

Welcome to TSG.

Here is a good site that explains most of it, except the expensive parts, software.

Building Your Own Pentium III System
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Ok I am looking forward to manage my network I am hving pc s at home laptop WiFi Router ADSL connection One PC is being used by my scratch Building Networking Best from for -- sis and other is for backing up Best for Networking -- Building from scratch data All the critical data I get from office goes into the machine and then uploaded to FTP for double backup security Apart from this I have HDD one with SUSE installed and other as spare Now I want to build a network such that all the music and movies go to my sis pc by default and rest of the stuff gets backed up automatically in my pc And when anyone requires anything from any machine there is no hassel in doing so I d prefer linux on data machine if its possible I am having original OS Windows xp pro sp and SP from my office Windows server Windows all of them Linux -- Suse Ubuntu Kubuntu As for my sis use she is into music movies net surfing online games some of her word processing as she is working that doesnt come in bulk For my use i use laptop in office and all the data is quite critical which I backup regularly and all critical docx are on shared FTP in office Please let me knw what would be best Pref linux since i wanna get outta this MS thing and second I dont want to keep upgrading just to keep it running TIA nbsp
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Hi Techspot Forumists is that even a word It s been a long time since I ve posted here My last desktop decided to break down in the middle - rig (well about Questions new a a Building from PSU scratch almost) of my summer holiday so I thought I d build a new one I ve already lined down some of my needs being a semi-hardcore gamer and all and would like to hear your opinions about the build as well as the necessary power to run Building a new rig from a scratch (well almost) - Questions about PSU it smoothly with a little bit room for upgrade later on as well While I have quite Building a new rig from a scratch (well almost) - Questions about PSU some money to spend on this I d like it to be as cheap as possible Also ordering from popular websites such as newegg is sadly not an option in my case The store I buy components from has a rather large selection of equipment and thus getting the right components shouldn Building a new rig from a scratch (well almost) - Questions about PSU t be a problem I heard they could also order parts abroad but that will cost a hefty extra fee Well the parts I ve already chosen are as follows Case Akasa Infiniti ZOR windowed black ATX case http www overclock d net reviews php cases cooling akasa infiniti zor case Mobo ASUS M N-HT Deluxe HDMI AM NF ASLI http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E CPU AMD Phenom QC AM http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E - boxed edition RAM A-Data GT Dual-kit DDR MHz PC- Extreme Edition unable to find decent link here s the one at the shop I use http www jimmspc fi tuote AD E GOU Graphics Card One to three of Gainward GeForce GT MB GDDR http www gainward com main vgapro php id each Suggestions are open for improvements changes As I mentioned this computer will be used for some heavy gaming multimedia purposes and I d actually like the chance to edit videos effortlessly CAD and other such memory hogs I do not intend nor have no need to use I mainly play games from my quot Viewsonic monitor using resolution of x which you should consider if giving alternates to my components These games include World of Warcraft surprise surprise CRYSIS Unreal Tournament The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion et cetera Considering I d buy two of those GeForce GT s and use a total of five SATA hard drives and SATA DVD drive constantly how much power ampage spelling whatever-specifics-come-to-mind should my PSU have Another point is whether or not the mobo BIOS actually supports QC from the beginning My last computer needed a BIOS update before it would even start with the QC cpu This probably needs some information from a user that actually has this board with an QC cpu I d like the budget to be under I m willing to pay a bit over that but my funds aren t infinite Thank you for your help in advance and sorry for the semi- long post -Zelgadis nbsp

A:Building a new rig from a scratch (well almost) - Questions about PSU

Avoid the Phenom CPUs, their performance is pretty abysmal compared to recent AMD offerings and competing Intel ones. I'd recommend the Phenom II X4 920 or 940, whichever you can better afford. Get an AMD 770\780G based motherboard from Gigabyte or ASUS, and an HD 4870 or HD 4890, whichever you can better afford. Avoid dual-GPU solutions for now.

As for your PSU, I recommend either the Corsair 650TX or the PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610, again, whichever you can afford best.
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In the past I ve always bought barebones systems this time I m building my first system from scratch The only really new things will be installing the PS mb and attaching the basic cables All the cards memory hardware I ve done many times before no problem Here s my hardware everything came from Newegg should be here next week Case COOLER MASTER CAVALIER CAV-T -UW Silver Aluminum Bezel SECC Chassis ATX Mid Tower Computer Case http tinyurl com ajgok MB ASUS A N-E Socket NVIDIA nForce Ultra ATX AMD Motherboard http tinyurl com v Processor AMD Athlon Venice GHz FSB KB L Cache Socket Processor Video Card JATON Video-PX LE- Geforce LE MB -bit DDR PCI Express x Video Card Memory Patriot Signature Series GB x MB -Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR Time First from Building for Scratch PC Dual Channel Kit System Memory PS - ASPIRE ATX-CW WP ATX W Power Supply From my old system I ll use my WD Caviar SATA GB HD cd players burners and I have a quot LCD GEM monitor and a quot CRT Samsung monitor So this should be a pretty rockin system baby The ASUS mb Building from Scratch for First Time can take the higher AMD processors and up to gig of memory and the case is quite large and well-ventilated plus room for additional fans so I m sitting pretty for upgrades for several years at least Any thoughts or suggestions on building a system from scratch would be welcome Harold nbsp

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I'm finally about to build my new computer from scratch amp I could use some Building new an scratch system from help advice so I do things right The system has a nice new P N MB SATA dvd writers one which is Blu Ray and a brand new T Seagate SATA drive which is unformated Gigs of memory and I plan to install Vista SP Retail Ultimate I've installed all the new HW and have everything wired Building an new system from scratch up right Just want to make sure I have things figured out since its been ages since I've done something like this I've already Building an new system from scratch built and burned a seperate DVD that has all the latest MB drivers as well as well as my drivers for the HD DVR and Vid card I also made a boot floppy on my old XP system just in case my MB's bios is old and needs updated Supposedly to deal with with more than gigs of memory it needs to be at least version but am hoping that wont be an issue Step Apply power and as soon as system starts hit quot delete quot repeatedly to get into the bios config Check the Bios version if it it needs to be updated then exit bios and reboot with the floppy in the drive flash the newer bios and reboot then re-enter the bios config Make the meory adjustments my memory provider recommended and then go to the drive section of the bios and set things so the MB see's the drives Step Do I actually need to change the boot order to say Boot from DVD first or leave it at default which is I believe Floppy HD CD-DVD Not sure if I need to do this one or not since the HD isn't formated yet Step Insert Vista Premium SP DVD in one drive and the DVD with all my drivers in the other in case Vista needs them for the install Step Save the changes I made in the bios and reboot At this point if I understand things correctly the system will reboot and first try to boot to the HD which isn't formated and when it fails to find a formated drive then it will check the DVD drives and away I go hopefully to a successful install of everything off the MS DVD From this point on simply follow the Clean installl instructions ie Step Let the Vista Disk format the HD to say NTFS partitions st partition I'll call quot main quot which will house things like OS and main Apps like Office and such to say gig and then partitions that I will call quot Work quot which is where I will locate the share folder for my roommate on our home network as well as all my school work folders and such and quot Play quot which will hold all my game folders and play around type stuff like Vid editing SW and DVD file I plan to make each gig in size Step Go thru the rest of the clean install and then allow system to reboot when Vista install says it needs to restart Step At this point the system should reboot and this time access amp boot from the the HD since its formated and the OS has been installed on it and finalize the install Does this sound like what I need to do or am I missing something important I need to do I would appreciate any advice others can offer so this process goes as smooth a possible

A:Building an new system from scratch

That sounds great. You dont need the cd with your drivers on it until after the install, it worked for me. Everything looks fine. Should work great.

Relevancy 67.08%

I am building this windows pc from scratch, and I have a few questions..

There are about 4-5 power cords coming out of the power supply. Which one goes into the harddrive? is it the one that comes out of the power supply, AND the disc drive?

And there are no labels for the power button cords on the motherboard...

Im 15 and never really finished this computer and I really want to.
And help would be greatly appreciated.


A:building pc from scratch---stuckk!!

The 4 pin rectangular connectors (molex connectors) are all the same and are plugged into IDE type hard drives (as opposed to SATA type) and also the CD and DVD drives. They can only fit into the drives one way so just look closely at the connector.

If you type "building a PC" into a google search you will come up with many useful links to help you with your project. This is just one of them.

Building a PC
Relevancy 67.08%

So here's the deal:

I purchased all the parts to assemble a new pc. After much confusion of hooking up the front panel bells and whistle onto the motherboard, she finally turns on.

The fans are running, and things sound smooth. However, the monitor keeps turning off and on like its getting/losing a signal. (its an LCD monitor).

Any ideas?

Relevancy 67.08%

Okay, I have begun my first building my own system project....I do have a case & power supply now.

I would like recomendations as far as motherboard and processors go preferably with reasons why you prefer that particular model or brand so I can make an informed decision.

What I plan on doing with the machine is aside from the usual internet stuff, microsoft office professional, QuickBooks (4 different versions) other various business software, nothing major besides that. No big graphics oriented programs or gaming.

Your advise is appreciated.

Relevancy 66.22%

What are you going to use the PC for Mostly gaming I play WoW and SCII and would like to enjoy them on max graphics However there are some things I d like such as a gtx gb graphics card How much is your budget which has to include everything in it ONLY things I is a keyboard and mouse looking scratch to help building $800 rig gaming New need an build from to speakers I can probably do without Are you willing to buy online Only from newegg and amazon Are New to building looking to build an $800 gaming rig from scratch need help you going to re-use any parts from an earlier build See above no Do you need other peripherals like a monitor keyboard and mouse among others Need everything except keyboard and mouse monitor is needed Have you already bought any parts no Do you have an Operating System OS yes Will you need any aftermarket cooling such as a CPU GPU cooler or a watercooling setup I don t think so no Current build i have picked out please make changes to as necessary Asus M TD-V EVO AMD Phenom II X intend to unlock to cores EVGA GTX GB Graphics Card G SKILL Ripjaws Series GB x GB Rosewill CHALLENGER Black Gaming ATX Mid Tower Computer Case Western Digital Caviar Blue WD AAKS GB RPM SATA Gb s quot Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive LITE-ON CD DVD Burner - Bulk Black SATA Model iHAS - - OEM Have not decided on PSU or Monitor That comes out to be around leaving for monitor and PSU feel free to make changes as you see fit and to redirect me to sites with better prices nbsp

A:New to building looking to build an $800 gaming rig from scratch need help

AMD Phenom II X2 555 (intend to unlock to 4 cores) $90Click to expand...

You should not count on it.
IMO an Athlon X3 would do better and cost less.
IMO also a WD Cavier black.
Relevancy 66.22%

does anyone have a good decent computer that runs call of duty or newer shooters and could help me with building something lower priced then going out and buying a new computer lol i just need to know what parts i need to buy to build from the ground up im thinking about getting a case from newegg $60 dollars or lower that has decent fans and a higher power supply someone give me something to go on to run shooters smoothly

Relevancy 66.22%

Hey Guys,
I've just decided to get involved in PC gaming, and i'm looking for some middle-of-the-road graphics card (or any part) suggestions to direct my search.
I'm not looking for anything fancy, but I want to at least be able to run Half-life 2, Team Fortress 2, and the like.

A:Building a gaming PC from scratch. Any suggestions?

Well, whats your system spec's as of now and a budget you have for upgrading.
Relevancy 65.79%

Hi there, I've just built my first PC... everything seemed to be going well until power up!

The switch on the back of the PSU is on and the motherboard led lights up to show that it's getting power. When I try my power switch nothing happens, I even got a cheap motherboard testing kit with a little power switch in case the one on the case was loose/knackered, still nothing.

It didn't blow or bang or do anyting upon first power up. I'm pretty sure the PSU is connected to the 24pin and 4pin slots on the motherboard correctly.

There's literally nothing upon power up though, no fans, no hard drive spins, nothing.

Motherboard problem maybe? Power getting to it to turn on the LED but problems elsewhere?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm slightly worried I've just thrown 500 down the toilet!


Relevancy 65.79%

Hello Back in the time when pentium didnt exist i could have answered or told you anything about a x system and its hardware now though a computer runs almost completely diffrent so i have had to research my knowledge qute a bit lately seeing as i am about to build my computer from scratch These are the specs i have decided on atm and i am wondering if anyone can advise from comp scratch new Ati/Nvidia chipsets building a when me if i have gone wrong somewhere or something isnt compatible or too much of a weak link This system is is meant primarily for gaming although old games like TFT c-s Diablo etc So i dont need the newest Ati/Nvidia chipsets when building a new comp from scratch graphics card on the market but i do like multi tasking and running a lot of programs simultaneously Gigabyte GA-P -DS iP DDR -DIMM PCI PCIe SATA Raid Audio GB-LAN Socket ATX CORSAIR GB DDR PC XMS XTREME X GB CAS mhz Intel Core Duo E GHz MB FSB Boxed with cpu-cooler Socket Sapphire Radeon X PRO chassi antec p B Western Digital Raptor WD ADFD GB rpm MB cache S-ATA This is an upgrade from my current system of amd athlon ghz MB unknown but years old and useless Nvidia Geforce ti mb ram chips not even matching generic and falling apart chassi I allready have a really decent soundcard although i doubt i wneed it seeing as the MB has a built integrated Same goes for network card I have a couple of old ide hard drives which i will also use of seeign as the mb only has ide slot and i need it for the dvd burner also i also allready have a w PSU and yes i know if i want to upgrade my grap card i will also have to upgrade my PSU but Economy doesnt really allow it yet thats is why i chose the cheaper card for the time being I understand it will run the games i mentioned above fine but i am guessing it will come up pretty short for newer games or even the ones like Battlefield etc These parts excluding shipping will cost about usd or sek seeing as i live in sweden And i think all in all its pretty cheap But from all the research i have been doing i still havent gotten a clue about MB CPU and graph card chipsets regarding compatability and stability Does it make a diffrence whether i combine Nvidia with intel with ati etc is one combination better than the other Or more stable I tried for example making sure the CPU and MB had the same FBS of mhz I also made sure the ram was of a decent bus speed without killing my budget Any other comments on it nbsp

Relevancy 65.79%

This is more for reassurance than a real question I have just built a computer for my first time shudder and hardware jumpers all that is fine Tonight was the Disk Building from Boot - scratch Failure test and ran through my BIOS without any real problems everything was recognized Then I get the quot DISK BOOT FAILURE INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER quot Tried it and a chug chug came from the Floppy drive but then the same message So I checked the BIOS priority settings for the drives and checked the IDE cable connections that was all good I searched the forums and found some great info so I am going to get another floppy drive an IDE cable and try setting it on a level surface out of the case for starters Since this is a brand new system New HD Video card Building from scratch - Boot Disk Failure audio card Motherboard processor that is what I should be doing at this point right after setting BIOS isn t it I should put a WIN SE start up disk in right Or is there something else I should do first such as trying to run the motherboard Instal Drivers CD which I have also tried with no joy Sorry so long winded Senior members rule nbsp

A:Building from scratch - Boot Disk Failure

You're correct in the fact you want to put the cd in, the problem seems to be that it's not trying to boot from the CD. We can fix this. Go into your BIOS (usually by pressing delete during the POST screen), and look under...advanced setup? Look through all the parts, there should be an order for booting from. Make sure that the cd-rom you're using is in that list. If it is and still not booting, and you have another cd-rom, try switching the cd and putting that one in the list. I actually suggest putting the cd-rom as the first device on the list.

Look through the BIOS, usually the origonal setup is a "safe" setup. For example, I have DDR 2100 (133 time 2 bus? speed whatever it's measured under), but my origonal bios was set for 100. It was underclocking my ram But it fits more configurations. Play around with everything, lots of fun!
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Hi all

So im about to start the work for the windows 8.1 Pro "image creation" for mass deployment. just want to know if this is the right direction.

Installed VM Workstation 10, created .ISO from Windows 8 Pro OEM DVD, Installed Windows in VM from .ISO. Running all updates to get to 8.1, once it logs back in as default "user" name i was going to take my snapshot

is this the correct method and direction or did I already miss a step or process? I wasnt sure about the following:

why i would have any username at all since its going to eventually be a local admin account and added to a domain.


I activated windows (not sure i was supposed to do that really hope i dont have to start over but i heard sysprep can wipe that for me?).

TY all
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I'd like to use software to record voice into .wav (other file formats would be just as fine). Would love to hear the recommendations others have before choosing something.

[email protected]

Relevancy 61.92%

I need a voice recording program that meets the following requirements:
I want 16-bit voice recording
It must be capable of voice-activated recording.
It must be configurable so that if the computer is rebooted, it will open and run the voice recording program and start recording without user attendance.
I have one here called SoundForge; but, I can't configure it to start recording without user participation if the computer reboots. At least, if there is a way, I can't see it.

A:Need recommendations on voice recording program

Sound Forge might be able to do it with a script. I would go over to this website Sound Forge forum and see what they have to say:
Relevancy 61.92%

I have an idea I d like to implement and would like any input that would make it easier for me To explain I am a Caregiver of an year old blind and bedbound woman with some dementia Things go so much more smoothly when she drinks plenty of Intervals Recording Recommendations for Silence of water or else she has terrible episodes of hullucinations This is especially true this time of the year and it s not fun I have a water bucket strapped on her bed which is connected Recommendations for Recording Intervals of Silence to a dummy plastic cup by a plastic Recommendations for Recording Intervals of Silence tube which makes it spillproof since there is no water unless she sucks This system works great but the problem is that she doesn t remember it is there so needs constant reminders After three years however I am going crazy monitoring this by constant visits to her room Anyway with that intro what I am trying to do is to make a CD that I can pop in which has intervals of or minutes of silence punctuated by reassuring and instructive messages where I can remind her to drink her water or that I am in next room if she needs me or that she is safe and I love her It seems to me there must be some program that can help me do this rather than literally having a recorder go for with no sound I d really appreciate any suggestions to help me accomplish my mission I thank you all in advance as I am so impressed by the kindness of people helping people on this site It s so much easier coming here rather than spending hours searching out solutions on the web nbsp

A:Recommendations for Recording Intervals of Silence

Ambiflex, do you have a cd burner which can set recording intervals for the time that you want? Also, since this is something that would continue to play over a long period of time, you would have to set your cd player to the "repeat" setting.
Relevancy 61.49%

hello i am building my first pc, and i need a few parts and figure i would check here on and get everyone's recommendations for the parts i need. i have posted my list of what i have and what i need... thanks...

my build parts list..
Case= RAIDMAX SMILODON ATX-612WBP Black 1.0mm SECC Steel ATX Mid Tower Foldout MB Computer Case With 500W Power Supply
mother board = Intel DP55KG Extreme Series Desktop Motherboard (P55 ATX Core i7 Core i5 LGA1156)
Graphics Card =EVGA nVidia GeForce GTS 250 1 GB DDR3 2DVI/HDTV PCI-Express Video Card 01G-P3-1158-TR
Memory = Samsung MV-3V2G4 2GB DDR3 SDRAM Desktop Memory Module (1333MHz PC3-10600)

Needs the stuff listed below...
MediaCard reader =
Power Supply =

A:building new PC, looking for some recommendations on some parts..

For PSU I like Antec. But I would go with 650W

I hope you plan to install more than just 2GB of RAM

I did not see any disks. I would go for a 60GB SSD for the OS (just got one for $70) and a HDD for the data - 1GB max.

A good CPU is the i5 2500K. That one you can overclock easily.

For DVD drive and card reader I guess any reputable make will do.
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I am currently putting together a new pc for girlfriend. She is a part time gamer like myself. I have already purchased the folowing items: Abit KN8 Ultra mobo, Athlon X2 3800+, 1gb OCZ EL Dual Channel Kit, NEC DVD burner, Evga 6600gt, Seagate 120gb HD. I am currently looking for ideas on cases and power supplies. I am thinking long term durability and reliability. I'd like to keep it relatively cool and quiet. Keep in mind I am a student so I am on a budget. I need the best bang for my buck. Any thoughts?

ps. So far I am looking at an Antec Solution series case.

A:Building a new pc for my girlfriend. Recommendations?

This is the best I could find.
Relevancy 61.49%

well this is the first time i m building a computer and i have no idea what parts to buy i m running on a - CDN budget and i cannot order pc parts,building recommendations on new Need parts online the kind of computer i want to build is one that Need recommendations on parts,building new pc can run Need recommendations on parts,building new pc games at normal requirements i already found some retailers Need recommendations on parts,building new pc that i can buy the parts from so all i just need is help and what parts to buy Retailer sites http www cicc-computer com http www pcvonline com http www pccanada com http www greytech com what parts i chose so far Case Antec Sonata II Mid-Tower Case w w Power Supply http www pcvonline com productDetails aspx id Harddrive Seagate Barracuda Gb - rpm - Mb Cache SATA Hard Drive - ST AS OEM http www pcvonline com productDetails aspx id Motherboard Asus A N-SLI Deluxe ATX Motherboard --- S - nForce SLI XDDR XPCI-E X IEEE NV RAID http www pcvonline com productDetails aspx id i m new at this so i have no idea if these parts are compatible thanks for your help nbsp
Relevancy 61.06%

I am looking to upgrade/replace 6 older workstation pc's (purchased 11/07) and am looking for advice on new builds.

The workstations are used for our P.O.S. program and accessing online vendors (low graphics requirements).

Emphasis on reliability, low cost.

Willing to reuse old components, especially monitor,keyboard & mouse.

Prefer established online vendors like Newegg.

Is the "budget box" build the best bet?

Current System Specs: Dell OptiPlex 745
HARD DRIVE..., 80G, S2, 7.2K, 3.5, WD-UNIC
Dual In-line Memory Module 512, 667M, 64X64, 8, 240, 1RX8
Processor, 945, 3.4, 2X2MB Pentium D Presler, D0

A:Building new budget workstation pc's, looking for recommendations

Budget? AMD or Intel? Does it matter? What programs?
Relevancy 61.06%

I haven t built a pc in a while so I m not completely up to date with the new technologies I will be using an intel quad core processor Any recommendations for for new desktop building recommendations any pc, parts? a the best motherboard to go with this I would like one that allows for fairly easily overclocking I am not an overclocking freak but I would like the ability to overclock a small amount Any recommendations for memory what speed memory works well with the FSB of building a new desktop pc, any recommendations for parts? this cpu What memory timing settings should I look for Hard Drive I assume I ll be looking at SATA drives rpm Anything new in particular I should be looking for Video Card Has to be a good video card but price limit would be about what kind of power supply wattage do I need I am basically looking for people s inputs on motherboard amp memory combinations that have known to work extremely well and stable with this CPU and with each other I ll be installing windows xp SP for the system Thanks Tyler nbsp

Relevancy 60.2%

Tomorrow I m building two computers One for my friend and one for my mother My friend is looking to spend Canadian maximum and his main focus Building advice two Recommendations appreciated. tomorrow. PCs and is to be able to play the newer games coming out with moderate performance I m salvaging his case and drives He s currently on a Celeron and a Radeon XT so I Building two PCs tomorrow. Recommendations and advice appreciated. can understand his woes when he tried to run Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion with very little luck For my mother s PC I don t really have much planned yet Her limit is going to be Canadian with taxes included She likes to use Photoshop from time to time and mainly uses her computer for MSN work browsing the net ect Pretty casual computer user but she wants fairly good hardware Keep in mind that the parts listed are going to be purchased from a http www ncix com branch They match the prices of other Canadian computer stores So if you do recommend specific hardware please keep that and the cost in mind and post the link to where you found the price Friends PC CPU AMD Athlon Processor S Venice GHZ K L Cache NM Retail Box Motherboard mATX S GE NF DDR PCI-E SATA RAID Video Sound LAN Motherboard Video Card EVGA E-GEFORCE GT CO MHZ PCI-E MB BIT GHZ GDDR Dual DVI HDTV Out Video Card RAM Samsung PC MB DDR PIN DIMM OEM PSU Fortron Sparkle FSP SPI ATX- PN W ATX V PIN Power Supply W MM Fan P AMD Ready OEM The fact that it only has one stick of RAM is troubling but I really couldn t add anymore without reducing the quality of the video card I figure that if he wants more ram later on he can do that Better than getting a lower quality GPU Mother s PC This computer really isn t going to need much raw graphical processing power but I would like to get some decent integrated video at least I want to make sure the motherboard has PCI-E instead of AGP I was considering a dual core but I m not sure if it s needed There is a very cost effective low-end Pentium D that I was looking at on NCIX but it only has FSB It s also very hard to find a motherboard that takes DDR memory instead of DDRII AND supports dual core I m most likely going to throw four PC MB sticks of RAM in since RAM is a cheap way of beefing things up I m just looking for some suggestions nbsp
Relevancy 58.48%

I'm looking to buy a computer. I also want to create music with it and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations: which software, how much HD space, etc. Also I'll need a soundcard that will allow me to connect an electric guitar and record live on HD. I noticed the SB audigy2 ZS platinum pro has an input for guitar/microphone, however it's the most expensive mainstream soundcard at the moment - are there any cheaper alternatives?


A:Making music with PC: any recommendations?

Check the best: QBASE at

An alternative soundcard would be the Hercules Fortissimo III 7.1 and Philips have a decent card going around as well.
I personally don't like SoundBlaster because of dodgy drivers.
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Hello, I would like to use my monitor and tower to watch TV, DVD's and play my xbox over my monitor. Also, I'd like to be able to record TV programs.
What hardware do I need? Do I need a special monitor? Or will even the 6 year old models work?
Can I do all of these things using Windows XP? Or do I need a Media OS?


p.s. Do I need a specific type of cable service to hook into a TV card or will my old coaxial work?

A:Building to play TV/DVD/xbox & recording TV programs..what do I need?

A TV card would do the trick no problem if you have a spare PCI slot, the cable would depend on the TV card but you can get the cables for most combinations could even get one with a remote control...saves getting outta the chair. I use the Hauppauge TV card it will record in mpeg format using its own hardware , leaving your CPU free.
Relevancy 58.05%

Good Day Gentlemen

I am Interested In Stellio

But i am looking for a good player PLUS i can download music with it also

I have been searching on how to download music with stellio but no Results

thanks guys
Relevancy 57.62%

Here s a thought I ve been searching high and low for an affordable laptop which has Awesome Graphics card not sure what - but something that could handle Crysis at high - quot screen with x res gb or more ddr mhz ram core i - qm or higher processor backlit keyboard HDMI long battery life etc etc So basically everything but at under I even bought a dell studio xps with the above specs and the price was real good with student discount but it had lots of problems so i had to return it Now that the problem is solved maybe dell dont offer that laptop in that configuration making the laptop around just due to from of customization laptops scratch Building laptops or extreme an increase in RAM gb instead of gb And since I am unsure of Building laptops from scratch or extreme customization of laptops the quality with dell or any other brand for Building laptops from scratch or extreme customization of laptops that matter I was wondering if there is any laptop out there that gives alienware m x performance for a smaller pricetag a discount coupon for the above would do hehe If not what about quot overhauling quot or quot Pimp My Laptop quot sorta stuff if you catch my drift You know customizing the laptop or even building it up from scratch I ve done some basic upgrades in the past RAM HDD bluetooth card etc but does anyone have any experience in upgrading graphics cards screens and CPU s Any experience or information about this is very welcome as finding the right laptop in the right price is sorta like the Holy Grail of laptops especially in NZ since US has many such companies that offer great custom laptops at a fraction of the price of big brands nbsp
Relevancy 56.76%

Hello all, hoping someone has some knowledge on this.

OK, as ol' geezers, some friends of mine are starting to play music again. We would like to record to the computer. I have a computer with a sound card, I have a mic.

Anyone have any knowledge on this. We obviously aren't looking for cd quality, just something that sounds good.

Right now we have a tape recorder that has the mixing and all that (not mine so I know very little about it). We then dub that tape. I think I can use a line out/line in to put that tape on the computer... but do I need recording software?

Any musicians in the know?
Cheaper is better in this case.

A:Music recording

bobniborg said:

but do I need recording software?Click to expand...

I keep seeing Audacity being mentioned in the forums as a good and cheap (as in free) audio recorder and editor.
Relevancy 56.76%

well first off i dont know if this is the right catogory to post this at but oh well... okay my problem is that i have spent over 800$ on different Producers music programs and my problem is when i try recording my music with a instrumental with my headphones in and when i record i get the beat in my song recorded twice when i record... do i have to mess with my audio settings or something??? Someone plz help me im tired of spending money on Programs Plz Plz Help Me Someone

Relevancy 56.76%

Still searching the internet to find something to be able to record audio right from the sound card without using any cables, some recommend to use "Audacity", and while searching I found this: "" , does anybody know or use this software ? any opinion ?
All other programs recommend to use cables which I want to avoid.
Thanks for answering

A:Recording music

Audacity is the most often used free recording program, according to posts I see on forums.
Relevancy 56.76%

ok i have windows xp home edition and my wife is a singer. i want to be able to record what she sings to cd's. i have a sound system with mic and tape deck and cd player and all of that. when i try to use sound recorder that comes with xp it will only record for 60 seconds then stop recording. i have cubase and i can get sound through the program but can't record anything. any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:recording music

If you are interested in recording your wifes singing then sound recorder is much too limited for that.There are free sound editing programs that will turn your pc into a mini recording studio.Audacity is an open source program that fits the bill.If money is not an issue then cool edit or gold wave studio will do it as well.Having said that, if you do not wish to take it to that level and just want to generate a simple wave then silent bob is a windows sound recorder type program with no recording time limitations. Just google it,there's plenty of links.
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Windows xp, HP Media Center PC

Not having any luck recording to cds. I have 8 songs (total of 37 minutes). Sometimes I get 1/2 of the first song and sometimes I get all the way up to song 6 or 7. Sometimes tray opens up and says error (but no error number). Luckily if I try 10 times I get 1 complete cd. (throw the other 9 away). I've tried different brands of cds. I downloaded media center 11. I've tried in Media Center. Sonic, and real player with same results.

Thanks for any help,
Greenville, TX

A:Recording music CDs

Welcome to TSF....

What is the make and model of the burner drive that you have?

How Much RAM does the system have installed?
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Hallo I m looking to buy a new laptop I could say I m spoilt for choice and just want someone to decide for me but the truth is that I m kinda bewildered by the number of options out there The last time I bought video Laptop viewing. hi-res production music recommendations for and a Laptop recommendations for music production and hi-res video viewing. laptop was back in and with new-fangled things like i s and i s I haven t a clue about what I should buy I will be using this new laptop for the following things in order of their importance Producing music Viewing high-resolution videos Less-intensive stuff like surfing the Internet and listening to music Some more stuff of importance The main software I use for music production is Ableton Live I also use various other VSTs My current laptop only has a GB of RAM remember I bought this in so it has a hard time running all these things together poor thing On top of that my current OS is Windows Vista Basic -bit so you can imagine how slow things can get Considering all this I think an i processor and around GBs of RAM should be good enough for me All laptops seem to come with Windows -bit so it s not really like I have a choice there but that s alright I watch a lot of anime Japanese animation which is mostly released in p p resolutions My current laptop has integrated graphics so there s quite a bit of lag when it comes to rendering the aforementioned resolutions So something with a decent enough graphics card say a GB of dedicated memory will be fine for my needs I do play games once in a while but not the latest games that require high-end graphics and stuff What kind of a sound card should I have I ve visited some major retailers websites Dell Lenovo and HP but none of them seem to mention what sound cards they have on their systems To be honest I don t really know much about sound cards and how much they ll affect my potential system I have heard of some brands like Creative and Realtek but I don t know which one is better The most common sound card name I ve heard is Creative s SoundBlaster I ve never really had any experience with it so I can t really comment on that I don t even know what sound card my current laptop has I use ASIO ALL for my music production purposes and the SRS Audio Sandbox software for general listening I ve also heard of something called Texas Instruments which apparently produces the quot best quot sound card available on the market Any additional advice on the topic of sound cards will be appreciated Hard drive space isn t a major concern for me I have external drives of a TB each amounting to a total of TBs which is fine for now The most common retail offering seems to GB which is absolutely fine Even GB is fine What I m concerned about is the RPM of the drive Some of these drives come in RPM but it seems RPM is the ideal speed So something with a RPM speed will be preferred I d like a big screen on my laptop My current laptop has a very wide screen which I like very much by to be exact I don t know how much that is in inches probably around I suppose Anyway I d like it to be more than inches The most common screen size seems to be quot which is fine My budget is around give or take a few at most which was the price of my Compaq Presario v bought in I m not interested in Macs They d be way over my budget anyway I ve been looking at a couple of Dell XPS models but I want more options and your opinions so I can make an educated purchase Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Laptop recommendations for music production and hi-res video viewing.

I'm not going to recommend a model, just make a couple of comments. I have a 17" laptop and like the large view on it. I write/perform/produce music as well, so I don't know if I'd put money in a separate laptop soundcard. The cards you mentioned are not pro-level cards... you may want to look into a separate usb sound device from Focusrite, Tascam, or Avid. You can still use the internal card for portability, but for multi-I/O and midi recording and high fidelity you want a good audio interface. Look on,, or other music equipment sites.
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I play guitar, and was wanting to use my PC as my amp. problem is when I go to my default sound recorder for windows & plug my guitar in to line in, or mic. in on my sound card, nothing happens. It just records blank space. My s. card has 1 plug going to my cd-rom, but thats it, is there a second plug I need to go out of the s. card to the PC? Or is there different software I need to download for this to work? Any advice on what software to get to do this? I'm looking for something that will put the sound through the speakers while I'm playing it. It would be nice to find something with a few decent effects also. Anyone with any idea where to get something like this, and how to make it work??


A:recording and playing music on my PC

Couple of things to check. Start>Settings>CP>Add/RemovePrograms>WindowsSetup. Scroll down and double click on "Multimedia". Now scroll down and be sure "Sound Recorder" is selected. If not, select it to install it.

Start>Settings>CP>Multimedia. Is your sound card selected as the preferred device for "Recording"? If not, select it.

Double left click on the Sound icon in the systray at the right hand corner of the screen. Click on Options>Properties. Select "Recording". Now scroll through them to be sure all devices are selected. Then be sure none are set to "Muted" and the Volume is set on. Do the same for "PlayBack".

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Hi I don t know if this counts as software or hardware as I am not sure what the problem is I have recently put a MSI CD-RW Ms- drive into my PC I am using the onboard sound cd Silence recording when a music card on my ECS K S A motherboard which is a C-Media AC I am trying to record some MP s Silence when recording a music cd onto a cd to listen to on my DVD player Whenever I try to record the cd using Roxio Easy CD Creator everything goes ok until i try to play the cd All the tracks are on the cd and are all the right length but there is no sound This is the same on the cd and in my dvd player which Silence when recording a music cd also plays the cd but with no sound The drive records data cds without any problems I have recorded about coasters now using different media I have connected a sound cable from the drive to the Cd audio in on the motherboard which didn t work I have turned off the digital audio on the drive which didn t work I have checked all the Silence when recording a music cd levels of sound and tried using the Cd-at-once and track-at-once record options finalising the session and the whole cd Nothing works If anyone can shed any light on the problem I would be very grateful Thanks nbsp

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I hooked up my radio to soundcard and wonder what is the best program for saving and making mp3.
Also I have a firewire card and video card what would be the best program to record and save video from tv programs to avi or mpg?
thanks phaz

A:recording video and music

I can not answer your questions, but I want to record my radio/cassettes/records to Cd and also my VHS to VCD or DVD.
If you can give me any advice on how to do all this, what cables or software needs to be downloaded free or purchased, what cards, etc are needed, I would appreciate it. I have no idea how to get started.

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Hello. My OS is Windows XP. I just bought a CASIO CTK 3000 Musical Keyboard. I connected it to my PC using USB cable and it got detected and installed automatically without any problem. Now my question is, which software would I need to start recording the music that I play on the keyboard? Just any good software which can record and save in a familiar format like MP3 or WAV? Thank you

A:Music Recording Software?

Audacity will do the trick.
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I don't know where to start. I thought this would be easier!

I'm a bit of a technophobe and need someone to explain to me from scratch what I need (Hardware/software) to start recording myself on my laptop. I was confused before but now Vista seems to make it worse as nothing goes with it!

I guess I need some software (which?), some sort of audio/firewire thingy (?!!) I only want to do it acoustically and keep it as simple as possible. Will I need a special microphone too?

Can anyone help me in anyway? Technology makes me want to cry!!

Lanugo x
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Hey all!

I'm looking for an usb soundcard for my Dell laptop. It's main purpose will be recording the music from my band and home recording, so the quality has to be tight!

Any ideas on which card to buy?

I'm quite an experienced musician, but all new to the world of soundcards, so if any parts of my story seem strange....

Your input would really be appreciated!

A:Soundcard for recording music

Creative's SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum or even Audigy 2 Platinum are good choices for recording music.

However, keep in mind that the quality of the microphones and their positioning can really affect how good the recordings sound.

Hope that helps.
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Hi everyone!

I would like to record my casette tapes onto my computer then transfer them onto CD's or into MP3 format. But what software programs are out there that can give me the most bang for the buck? What programs are the Best that would fit my needs? and also what other equipment would I need besides my tape player and a CD burner if I want to burn CD's? I nkow most computers can burn a CD,But not a volume of discs. I know about the copyrights. I want to put my favorite songs together, to make certain discs for myself or for friends. Or in the future maybe, to record my song ideas. I play bass guitar and electric guitar, but not to good. So any ideas?

Rember, programs that will give most bang for the buck, Best program to fit my needs, and the best overall programs. THanks.

A:Recording Music From A Tapes To Cd's Can't beat it. Free to boot
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Hello Everyone,
Can anyone suggest a very good recording software for recording music played or sung on the computer.Presently,I'm using Cool edit pro & Sound Forge.I need it mainly for Noise reduction & editing.

Thanks & bye.

A:Music Recording Software

Amith said:

Hello Everyone,
Can anyone suggest a very good recording software for recording music played or sung on the computer.Presently,I'm using Cool edit pro & Sound Forge.I need it mainly for Noise reduction & editing.

Thanks & bye.
Amith...Click to expand...
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i have recently bought sonar 6, a recording program. the program seems to work fine except when i would like playback. im pretty sure its because i dont have a good enough sound card, that supports midi. are there any drivers or ways to emulate a midi soundcard which fool my computer into thinking it works and actually play my music back? ;-) im running windows XP on a gateway laptop.. not sure what sound hardware i have. thank you for any help!

A:MIDI and recording music...

Under options or settings, you should have a place to select your output device. You don't need midi out to just do playback, but if you have more than one sound device, (like onboard plus a PCI card), it may have defaulted to the incorrect one. Check your options and see if you can change it to another setting.
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As a part time DJ i spend a lot of time playing the same laptop a Recording music from music in the same order so i was thinking what if i Recording music from a laptop could just sit down and record the tracks that i play Recording music from a laptop directly into one Recording music from a laptop big MP and then it would save me having to load and cue each track I use a program called ClubDJ Pro its a twin deck system with a predefined playlist i can usually just load a playlist and tell it to cross fade during the last quot X quot seconds of the song X being a set time between and seconds However i find some songs have an extended silence at the end that can when i first played them mess up the auto cross fade facility and as anyone will tell you silence is deadly when your doing DJ ing So is there a program i can use to either record directly from my program or use another PC or laptop to record onto i assume i would use the earphone out on one to the Line In socket on the other PC Laptop and then record onto that It would be good as it then means i can use different mixes of my own nbsp

A:Recording music from a laptop

you might use WavePad Sound Editor to remove the trailing silence
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hi my old system is getting a bit ragged around the edges and I want to make a system that is a little more suited to making music I have a bit of experience in building PCs in as much as I know music Building PC this bit goes here and connects to that bit etc Building music PC but my knowledge of the different makes and models of the various peices of hardware and their suitability to music applications is limited at best It s kind of a build and learn project for me but at the same time aiming to end up with a big improvement on my current platform which is keeping up well given its age but in dire need of an upgrade I already have M-Audio Delta series sound card Hard drives - for system programs software and storing quot works in progress quot and for storage of finished stuff and other media a dump drive basically Both are quite large GB - was thinking the smaller one for system etc larger one as a dump drive The main things im looking for advice on are Which motherboard would be suited to a music recording proucdtion applications Also Im thinking of going dual core so what processors would be best The processors will obviously need fans too to they come with fans or is there a good suggestion someone can give me How much RAM Im guessing at least GB probs DDR right I currently have a NVidia geForce MB graphics card as well Im sure this could do with an upgrade as its been in my system for a good - yrs now - any ideas on a replacement If ive missed out anything I need to be considering please let me know Finally - Yes Im looking to build a decent system but im not made of money and consequently dont wanna be buying the latest pro tools rig or the kind of gear quality u get in a an hour studio Im not looking to spend any more than tops really esp since i already have the soundcard hard drives i need Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks James nbsp

A:Building music PC

Here is a starting point for you, these are quality products and should do the job fine and all for 399.12 delivered.
I have left it under the 500 for case and OS if required
Also you could always go for a better graphics card, if your not into gaming then the one in the list will be fine
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hi my old system is PC Building music getting a bit ragged Building music PC around the edges and I want to make a system that is a little more suited to making music I have a bit of experience in building PCs in as much as I know this bit goes here and connects to that bit etc but my knowledge of the different makes and models of the various peices of hardware and their suitability to music applications is limited at best It s kind of a build and learn project for me but at the same time aiming to end up with a big improvement on my current platform which is keeping up well given its age but in dire need of an upgrade I already have M-Audio Delta series sound card Hard drives - for system programs software and storing quot works in progress quot and for storage of finished stuff and other media a dump drive basically Both are quite large GB - was thinking the smaller one for system etc larger one as a dump drive The main things im looking for advice on are Which motherboard would be suited to a music recording proucdtion applications Also Im thinking of going dual core so what processors would be best The processors will obviously need fans too to they come with fans or is there a good suggestion someone can give me How much RAM Im guessing at least GB probs DDR right I currently have a NVidia geForce MB graphics card as well Im sure this could do with an upgrade as its been in my system for a good - yrs now - any ideas on a replacement If ive missed out anything I need to be considering please let me knoiw Finally - Yes Im looking to build a decent system but im not made of money and consequently dont wanna be buying the latest pro tools rig or the kind of gear quality u get in a an hour studio Im not looking to spend any more than tops really esp since i already have the soundcard hard drives i need Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks James nbsp
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I use my PC to record downloaded music onto CD-Rs for playing in problems M73Z - CD-r's with onto recording music my hi-fi CD player Now I have done this for a year or more with no problems but in the last M73Z - problems with recording music onto CD-r's three months more and more discs are failing Part way through the recording process the software will suddenly halt and the Cd will be ruined having got some data on it but not having got as far as the finalisation process I first assumed the software needed updating I'm using Ashampoo Music Studio so I bought version but it M73Z - problems with recording music onto CD-r's made no difference Here are all the other things I've tried Different makes of disc - Imation Sony TDK standard and TDK audio Different software - Ashampoo Music Studio and Ashampoo burning studio amp Windows Media Player I've tried changing the settings in the software to record at a lower speed say x instead of x I've updated my PC to Windows I've run CCleaner and got rid of all temp files I've removed the CD drive in Control panel and let it reinstall I've also right clicked and checked for updates I've bought a second external USD DVD recorder and tried using that instead nbsp None of the above have worked -occasionally say one disc in four will record to the end but then when I stick it in the audio CD player it won't recognise the disc I am using only CD-Rs as the CD player won't recognise CD-RWs and have done this for many years - I still have plenty of CD-Rs of several makes that will play in the audio player So its not the discs and the fact that discs fail in both drives makes me think it has to be the PC itself -so what could it be
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My son has a lower end Yahmaha keyboard and he has been writing his own music, etc. I am going to purchase the M-Audio Midiman 1x1 that will allow him to run Midi In/Out cables to it and then connect via USB.

I am totally out of my league when it comes to what would be a good and decent Music Recording Software for his PC. Since he is just starting out and the equipoment though servicible isn't top notch and so I really have no need to break the bank.

Suggestions please because there are tons of options but in my research many of the offerings are buggy or the drivers and support are terrible and/or non-existent.

Thanks ahead of time.

A:Need Suggestions for Music Recording Software

Two low-cost options are Reaper, which is small, free to try out and not expensive to buy, or if you find a copy of the British Computer Music magazine, they have a complete Digital Audio suite that is free on each cover disk.
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I use my onboard sound chip - Realtek ALC - and Nero Wave Editor for recording music to mp on my PC What I am experimenting with is how to use the various volume settings to achieve the best results I'd like to know what others that record music this way do There are volume controls to play with The quot Stereo Mix quot device has a quot Levels quot tab with a volume slider Mine is set at The quot Speakers quot device has a quot Levels quot tab with a volume slider This control is also adjusted by using music? settings for What sound recording your are the Windows quot Mixer quot slider and the quot Realtek HD Audio Manager quot slider It doesn't matter which of the you use they all change simultaneously Mine is set at In Nero Wave Editor there is an quot Input Level db quot meter and a slider This slider has little effect on the volume level readings on the quot Input Level db quot meter My slider is set at On the website where I am listening to the music there is a volume slider On most sites this slider is set What are your sound settings for recording music? at either or My Logitech speakers have a physical volume control This obviously does not control the recording volume level but it does control what I hear When I record I am using a combination of the quot Speakers quot volume control and the websites volume control to adjust the recording level in the Wave Editor I try and keep the meter levels in the yellow and out of the red To get a good reading the What are your sound settings for recording music? volume of my speakers is very low I have to crank up my Volume Control to hear well After recording the quot Peak File quot graph shows the wave form falling approx between - and low volume But there is no clipping I use quot MP Gain quot to correct this low volume and equalize all my MP 's to a relative db After adding the MP Gain the wave form falls approx between - and in Nero Wave Editor The sound of my MP 's is good but this seems like a lot of extra steps to get a good recording So that's why I'm asking the question How are other people doing this stuff Is a real sound card the answer Or am I going about this all wrong Thanks for any advice you can give Please let me know if this belongs in a different forum

A:What are your sound settings for recording music?

No one records music on their pc's here?
(except for Fireberd - Jeez - is that a computer or a recording studio?)
Relevancy 55.47% It is a great station, I think, and I would like very much to be able to download and then burn the music they play to a CD. I will be most willing to accept free software to do this with if anyone knows of one. Otherwise, I will gladly look at any and all suggestions you make. And TIA.
I have never attempted to do this, don't know if it can be done and I know nothing about any part of this. Oh yes, I listen to the station when I am surfing the net, reading the forums; etc.

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As an aspiring musician hah I ve been recording my own music I m looking for advice suggestions on Recording voice, Music etc) (Guitars, the best way to record my music to Music Recording (Guitars, voice, etc) my PC I m currently mixing down my master tapes using the RCA inputs from my ATI TV-tuner card kind of editing a video without the picture I m looking for a better setup I have a SB Live Music Recording (Guitars, voice, etc) card and I am thinking of buying the SB Platinum because it has the inputs for musical intruments and RCA inputs right on the front panel Is it basically the same card I have now except it has the front panel access Are there any good setups software hardware that are relatively inexpensive for music recording I ve had success in mixing my master tapes down to my hard drive and then burning them to CD s I m just looking for a better system or setup Any help suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Music Recording (Guitars, voice, etc)

I use cool edit its a pretty cool program along with a small home stereo nothing special just one that has an aux hook that up to your puter and your computer mic I'm assuming you have one will pick up all your sound then just record in cool edit while your playing and it will lay it down for you now there will be a little background noise but with cool edits noise reduction you can easily take it out. you can also add effects, reverb, distortion, echo, and lots more....anyway that's just one way to do it or should I say probably the cheapest (but with descent sound quality) way that I can think of unless you got a big hole in your pocket I have heard that it can get pretty expensive but maybe there are some other musicians on the board that have other options.

Another aspiring musician GOOD LUCK!
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hi.  i am looking for a free music recording stuio for my band.  I had an expensive one i bought but it was for windows xp.   I now have windows 7 and need a free studio untill i buy a new one.    Any suggetions?

A:Free Music Recording Studio?

Hi. While waiting for further suggestions, please see this Wiki page under Recording and Editing
  I had an expensive one i bought but it was for windows xp.

You mean it won't run or not compatible in Windows 7?
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I've heard that cd's may be used to record music files as data, and this will enable the cd to contain a lot more music than normal . Does anyone know how I could do this? How much time or space would I then be able to record (as compared to the usual 80 minutes of music on the typical cd)? I have an Easy Media Creator program (but I'm willing to get whatever program allows me to do this), Windows XP and both, a cd and dvd burner.

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I use rca left and right cord to plugin to input of computer to record some recorded music from cassette to make into mp3.

Each time I click Strat Copy in Music Match the select Aux/Line in 2 which originally was ticked off is unticked each time I click Start Copy button in
Music Match. So each time I record music from cassette I have to click select
again in order to record. Why is it always unchecking the select box in my computer?


A:Music Match and Recording Control

What version do you have? Try updating to MM10, if that doesn't work Email their support team.
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Hi all, I used to have a sound blaster Audigy sound card with the front panel running win xp , I could play any sound source including the internet and record that music at the same time.
Running win 7
Can anyone tell of any sound cards can do that,

Thanks Telman

A:Playing Music and recording at the same time

Hi Telman and welcome to sevenforums, i dont know about the sound cards but i use a software to record "what you hear"
also you can configure your settings as follows

1. Right click on the speaker icon in the bottom right.
2. Choose Recording Devices
3. In the empty white space, right-click and choose Show Disabled Devices. You should see Stereo Mix appear in the list.
4. Right click on Stereo Mix and choose Enable.
5. Right click on Stereo Mix again, and choose Set as Default Device.

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Can music (wav. files) be burned onto the regular DVD-R discs one purchases in stores?

Judging by capacity specs, I understand that DVDs may contain 5 music CDCs. In the interest of saving shelf space, I'd like to copy my CD collection onto DVD's. My MAC (OSX 10.3.9) seems to only allows data, not audio, to be recorded onto DVDs, and therefore I cannot do the transfer I want on my MAC. Is this an indication that audio cannot be recorded on DVDs at all, or is it just my MAC?

In this connection: if music (in WAV format) can be burned onto DVDs,

(i) how do I go about doing so?
(ii) do I lose quality, relative to my CDs?
(iii) will I be able to play the DVD disc I make on any computer or stand-alone DVD player?

Thank you.

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Here's a question with probably an easy fix... but i'm clueless. When i record my guitar on Audition, it only plays back through the speaker that sits on my left... but i also have a speaker on my right (obviously) and a sub woofer that i want the lows to come through as well, but the only sound that comes through is through the speaker on my left. The right speaker and subwoofer have nothing but white noise. Anyone know how to get all three fired up for a sweet sound? I'm sure it's just an option somewhere that i need to toggle. Help?

*note: All three work great with everything else, gaming, movies, music ect.

*i'm just using the sound board thats integrated on the mother board and the driver that it came with. Its the ASUS 8AN-SLI
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I own a stand-alone hard-disk music recording studio made by Zoom. I know it contains a FAT32 hardisk. As a peripheral, you can buy a USB board that enables USB capability to a PC...but it is expensive. I was wondering if I could save a few bucks and buy a generic FAT32 USB board that would actually work and be a little cheaper. Anyone know?

A:Music recording device needs USB card

Whats a FAT32 USB board? If you mean a PCI USB card then maybe or maybe not.

If you want it work properly then buy the correct hardware. Its possible thast nothing else will work. Custom hardware generally requires custom hardware.

PS. I hope you realise that you didn't even mention a model number of this Zoom unit.
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Hi all,

I've got a turntable hooked up to my pc, and am in the process of putting my old album collection onto my hard drive.

At the moment, I'm recording each side of an LP (A 12" reversable bitumen or vinyl disk, for those too young to remember phrases like "hit parade") with Creative wavestudio, then chopping the recording into individual tracks, naming them and saving them as an mp3.

This is quite time-consuming, so I'm wondering if there is a programme, preferably free, that will record one side of an LP, chop it up into individual tracks and name them via Gracenote or something similar?

Sometimes I feel so old!!

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I recently bought an HP Envy with Windows preloaded on it W is a complete disaster in my mind but the point is the recording software I use is not compatible with W Music is my job it's how I make a living so this stuff is vital I need to Music Recording Issue & Windows 8 Software know either how to downgrade to Windows I do not have Pro and I don't believe I have Music Recording Software & Windows 8 Issue downgrading rights how to get a bit version of or how to make these programs Cakewalk Fruity Loops compatible I've been browsing different forums for a while and most of the answers I see in response to questions about compatibility are something like quot Just get ViStart StartW etc etc quot but that's really not the point I have a Start Menu emulator and I know how to use W that is not the problem I would like W back until either Windows gets their junk in order or the programs I use become compatible Problem is I have no time to sit around and wait for one or both of those scenarios so I'm asking for some help Thanks in advance

A:Music Recording Software & Windows 8 Issue

That's odd. Since Cakewalk themselves claim that Windows 8 performs significantly better (multi-digit cpu performance increases) than Windows 7, and that Sonar works perfectly unchanged.

The Cakewalk Blog ? Blog Archive ? Windows 8 ? A benchmark for music production applications

Even more curious is that Cakewalk has a native Windows 8 version:

The Cakewalk Blog ? Blog Archive ? A Deeper Look at SONAR X2a – Native Windows 8 and Touch Support
And FL Studio claims Windows 8 compatibility

FL Studio

Strange we keep getting these new posters claiming all this terrible compatibility problems with Windows 8 that just don't seem to be supported by either the vendors themselves, or actual facts.
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My brother is planning on building a PC to use as a mini music studio in his room and I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of specs it would need. He'll be using a MIDI keyboard, as well as some interface for his guitar as the input and a program like Cubasis.

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Hello.. I currently like my onboard sound card.. it has surround and many 1/8" in/out plugins.

However, I would like to professionaly record, acoustic guitar, vocals, with video also.

Im looking for a sound card solution where i can plug in directly a mic, and guitar and record with 0 latency and with effects too (chorus, reverb, echo etc...)

Does anyone know of a mid-range price solution, or has any experience in suggesting a good product for recording quality audio (want to get this going first) and then video?

The reason i mentioned my onboard sound card.. is becuase i would like to keep on using it, while also using the new recording card if i can.


A:Music audio recording and sound card question

I would recommend either the Presonus Firebox or the M-Audio Firewire 410. Both of these are firewire, and can be used on both your desktop and laptop, in case you want to go play live at a gig w/ your workstation. They also work perfectly for your home desktop recording studio.

I am personally going to be getting the M-Audio Firewire 410, as it allows Dolby DTS passthrough which I will be using as part of my home theatre system (coaxial into my reciever/amplifier).

As for using your onboard, I would recommend not. The firewire audio interface is going to be much lower latency. When using your onboard what you'll notice is a delay between when you play your guitar and when your computer spits it back out. This is your onboard audio "cheating" by processing your sound slower and playing it back later. For mp3's and stuff its fine, you won't notice anything, but in audio recording/playback environments its very annoying. I ran into this problem today using Ableton Live.

Both the Firebox and the Firewire 410 have at least enough outputs to power a basic quadrophonic system. The Firebox has better preamp/phantom power for mics and an overall better sound, but the Firewire 410 allows for more output channels, and also allows Dolby Digital DTS (digital theater surround) passthrough to hook up to your reciever, which is the reason why i choose this one over the Presonus.

Bottom line: they both cost around $260-$300, and are well worth the investment

Hope this helps!
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what is a ipod scratch remover for ipod classic 2 gen for it's chrome BACK

for minor scratches , not deep ones, please only respond if u have seen , used or witnessed it or have a vid of it.


A:iPod scratch remover for minor scratch?

The only thing I would trust is BRASSO, but if the chrome plating is thin (very likely) then care with ANY product is needed to avoid plishing the thin chrome away to the nickel housing (or plastic housing if it's only a chrome effect on plastic)

As an example, similar minor scratches on my spectacle lenses have been removed using brasso.

But, since we don't know if it really is chrome or (more likely) just a plastic chrome effect, care with anything is needed to polish. Personally, I would consider that the chances of making it worse would be higher than those of eliminating the scratches, and would simply leave well alone. It's only an audio player. It's only a sign of use.
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Hi microphone room sounds Recording picks up music - in streaming there I am Recording streaming music - microphone picks up sounds in room trying to record internet radio as it is streaming online Itunes radio I am using recording software Audacity on my laptop which is a Lenovo U ideapad However each time I record I am picking up the sound of the laptop microphone as well i e I can t just record the sound Recording streaming music - microphone picks up sounds in room of the streaming music I record all the other sounds in the room as well The same thing happens with the Sound Recorder software on the laptop I have tried changing some settings on audacity ie trying to use different microphone inputs It gives me the option to use MME Microsoft Sound Mapper Input MME Realtek High Definition Windows Direct Sound Primary Capture Driver Windows Direct Sound microphone Realtek High Definition However all these currently pick up the laptop microphone ie my speaking as well as the music I tried using an older version of Audacity but that didn t work Do you have any ideas around it please Maybe you can you tell me how to disable the main laptop microphone so it just picks up what s playing I used to be able to do this perfectly on my pc Thank you very much for trying Yours Lucy Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium bit Processor Genuine Intel R CPU U GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel R Series Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard LENOVO NIUR REFERENCE CBL Antivirus AVG Internet Security Updated and Enabled nbsp

A:Recording streaming music - microphone picks up sounds in room

I'm sorry, but the recording of streaming music, even music from a radio, is illegal. We won't be able to help you with that.
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I'm gonna be building a computer from scratch. I wondering if you guys know any easy way or way at all to make sure that the motherboard and memory and CPU and video and audio are all compatible with each other (as well as the case). Where should I purchase these products from?

I"m loolking to buy P4 2.2 or above
1GB or ddr ram
256 agp video
any kind of audio
fast *** motherboard

A:Build computer from scratch?


I like to order my parts though They have cpu/motherboard bundles where you can also select compatible memory from a drop down menu. For $9.00 they will even install the CPU and memory on the motherboard and test it. I like to do that as I feel it reduces my chances of needing an RMA.
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I have been having so many problems with my computer. First my Internet Explorer was not working so I decided to delete it and just use Firefox. Next I installed Verizon Internet security Protection and then I had problems opening up the virus scan. So I was told to delete the software and re-install. Well now I cannot even re-install it it gives me errors. SO therefore I surf the internet with no virus protection which means any day I can get a virus and I dont want that. I just want to start this computer from the beginning. I have my windows xp disc, but when I went to do it it asks me for my product key. I looked for it under my laptop and it has the product id, I enter that one and it says its wrong. What do I do now?

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I know very little, so how can i learn about computers from scratch so that i wont need to take it to service and fix its problems myself.

I mean, i want to be a professional in computer general stuff.


A:how to learn computer from scratch?

Honestly, I'd start by reading a book. While lots of stuff is available online for free...having it all in one place might cause you to read things that you normally wouldn't have otherwise through about.

Perhaps something like this; Upgrading and Repairing PCs (19th Edition) (9780789739544): Scott Mueller: Books
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So I have just finished doing a full reset on my almost brand new Dell XPS laptop including the drive stuff and I was hoping to get a hand in setting it up quot properly quot this time My current computer that I am using right now is a desktop custom built Setting computer from scratch. up a with small amounts of HP software on it The XPS from Dell is HEAVILY loaded with all sorts of preinstalled but I m guessing that it s installed to make the computer run smoother so anyway I want to know how to properly use Windows Update and then I guess Dell Update they re different somehow and update drivers and other things to make sure the computer runs properly this time Before when I put the computer to sleep it would fully shut down It didn t work for a bit then I performed a Windows Update then it worked Then I performed another Windows Update Setting up a computer from scratch. and a Dell Update both were forced upon me naturally and then it quit working again I spent about hours on the phone with Dell customer support the woman was very kind helped me get some sort of new intel dell nvidia drivers from their website my computer has some quot hybrid quot intel and nvidia GPU setup but it doesn t integrate at all I don t even know if the nvidia part is getting used at all and after she finished helping me it worked then it didn t again later I have been frustrated almost to tears multiple times over this because normally when you spend a couple thousand dollars on something it works you know many reviews of this exact same laptop are VERY positive online only a few people are struggling with the problem that I am so it most likely is not Dell s fault and probably something I did so now I come to you can you give me a hand with any of this Thank you in advance and if you can help me fix this may puppies and flowers and happiness plague you the rest of your life

A:Setting up a computer from scratch.

Please list exactly your Dell model and version of windows. Example Dell XPS 9550, windows 10
If you don't know it, I suggest you enter your service tag number( or use Detect Product) onto the link below.