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Switching from ATI Radeon 5570 to GeForce 7900 GT OC

Q: Switching from ATI Radeon 5570 to GeForce 7900 GT OC

Hi guys
I recently purchased a new PC from HP that came with an ATI Radeon 5570 installed. I don't like this card, and I have an older PC with a GeForce 7900 GT OC in it. Would it be possible to do a clean swap-out with these two cards? Do i need to download the GeForce drivers onto the PC first? I'm a newb and have never switched video cards out before so I don't really know where to begin. Any help would be appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Switching from ATI Radeon 5570 to GeForce 7900 GT OC

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Switching from ATI Radeon 5570 to GeForce 7900 GT OC

First you need to uninstall the ATI drivers and software, then you can shut down the computer and replace the ATI Radeon 5570 with the GeForce 7900 GT. Turn on the computer once you have it back together and get into windows. From there go to NVIDIA Driver Downloads to download and install the right drivers for your OS. After that you should have to reboot the computer and then your done.
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hi all,
I have an Inspiron 560. I just ordered a new video card upgrade for it. I ordered a VisionTEK ATI Radeon HD 5570.
While the card fits the slot on the motherboard fine, it doesn't seem to fit the case - the new card is shorter, and the metal flange it has across its top clangs against the case, which expects higher cards with a higher flange. 
The Dell store claims that this card is Inspiron560 compatible  - is it wrong? If not, how do I get the thing in there? If it _is_ wrong, any suggestions for a better card to get instead?

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How come both these card cost the same (with MIR 5670 is actually cheaper than 5570.) despite 5670 being DDR5 and 570DDR3? Both have 1GB memory size.

A:Radeon HD 5670 vs HD 5570

I don't know where in the world you reside, but in the states the 5670 ranges from $75-$120 depending on what manufacturer.
The 5570 ranges from $70-$90
They are the same chip with 400 SPU's, but the 5670 is outfitted with DDR5 and a 775Mhz core speed as opposed to the 5570 with DDR3 and 650Mhz core. As for the price, you will occasionally have two cards like this overlap in price depending on the supply and manufacturers different versions, trying to move stock, more expensive cooling solutions etc..
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With CES in Las Vegas starting next week, ATI is likely announcing their budget graphics cards. Among them a DX 11 ready Radeon HD 5570. On a website some photo's however already leaked on this Redwood based GPU. The card you are looking at comes from the brand Unika and comes with a 128-bit memory bus an 1 GB DDR3 memory running at 1800 MHz.
Though it is unknown how many shader processors the card entails we do know that is runs at 650 MHz. The 5570 obviously is a budget card which in all its ways shows clearly (short PCB).
Our money would still be on a Radeon HD 5750 though, anyway have a peek.

A:ATI Radeon HD 5570 Pixelized

SHORT is to say the least more like mini me. I imagine a lot of those mini form factor builds will Love this card.
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I recently got a new computer and two new monitors I had the rd monitor working before but now nothing will show up when it is connected I have two hp m's and a inch Asus with 5570? monitors three How use Radeon to The Asus is hooked up to the Display port with a dp to dvi adapter that i bought off ebay The left Hp is hooked up to the dvi port and How to use three monitors with Radeon 5570? the right one this is the one not working is hooked up to the Hdmi with an hdmi to dvi adapter Now like i said before i had all monitors working before so i don't think it's an issue with the cables Not sure if it matters but I was using two dell inch ultra sharps and one of the hp m's when it was working So does anyone know what the problem is I really don't feel like putting much more money into this so if i could make it work with what i have that would be awesome Thanks

A:How to use three monitors with Radeon 5570?

In CCC is the 3rd monitor enabled?
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Well I have this HP pavilion that I really want to upgrade, I want to start doing some gaming on it but I don't want to spend that much because I feel like I won't even keep this computer for that long anyway.

Gpu: Integrated Nvidia GeForce 6150SE
Psu : 300 watts
Ram : 3gb ddr2
Mobo : M2N68-LA (Narra3)

My model number is: A6430f

I know that I should probably upgrade the Psu first but I can't buy both the Gpu and Psu at the moment.

If I were to upgrade my Gpu would that be able to run on this computer? I probably will just end up, upgrading my PC anyways but I would like to know.

Thank you.

A:Will a Radeon HD 5570 run with my PSU limit?

It looks like the card is powered by the motherboard. You shouldn't need a new power supply because the video card doesn't have any external power requirements.
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Hi all just purchased a Asus Maximus VI Formula the on-board Graphics say it has a maximum resolution of 4096 x 2160 @ 24Hz and 2840 x 2160 @ 60Hz

now as far I can make out my HD 5570 has a max resolution of 2560 x 1600 not sure at what Hz either and also only runs on ddr2 not ddr3 like the asus board runs on

so I guess im asking is, are the on-board graphics better than my old 5570 ? would I be creating a bottleneck with ddr2 memory if it even worked at all

A:Radeon HD 5570 HD-557X-ZHF2

Motherboards don't have onboard graphics, that will be down to your CPU. As it only supports Intel CPUs then the 5570 will be better than the integrated graphics on an Intel CPU. The 5570 will work and will probably not be bottlenecked by DDR2 RAM.
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hi i bought this graphic to extend the HD in video and sound quality euro I have Windows -bit and the installation was normally completed the fan of the card is too quiet the sound which i finally found out how to set it is now sending it to my AV receiver as as 5570 Radeon Asus HD configuration CD quality MHz if you select dvd quality the respond of the av receiver comes with a bit delay so you miss sounds sound now is very nice with the dolby surround and even DTS graphic now is a bit complicated actually i only have these matters which they are significant in hdtv i tested it i had the same results -the entire screen is not being used with HDMI they say this happen after they latest updates but mine is from the day i bought it the recommended resolution is way low than the dvi i used to have the previous days so even if i put manually on x i have the problem quot the entire screen is not being used with HDMI quot iwill try again th quot atisetup exe install output screen -quality of bray on MKV files in vlc is not too crystal it was great with the DVI does anyone have an idea what Asus Radeon HD 5570 configuration to do is there a chance to keep the HDMI only for sound and connect the Asus Radeon HD 5570 configuration pc via DVI for the graphic if there isn t any solution i thing i would prefer to keep the graphic with dvi and buy a digital sound card and problem solved thanx nbsp
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Can someone help me with my gpu Radeon HD 5570.It's working fine but every time i shut down my pc and want to turn it up again, I wait 5 minutes only for the gpu to turn on,then the system boots and everythings ok.
With the old gpu Radeon HD 4350 I had no problems like this,it turned on normaly with the system.

A:Radeon HD 5570 turns on late

I would be looking at the power supply as a first step. While the 5570 only requires a 400W power supply that 500W that you have may not be giving a clean and stabile signal. If you have a buddy with a good power supply you can try swapping that ove to your for testing.
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My desktop:
motherboard : gigabyte ma77ot-ud3
amd phenom (tm) II x4 955 processor 3.20ghz
ram : kingstone 2gb ddr2 x2
power supply : coolmaster rs-460-pcar-d3
windows : win7 x64

currently having problem with :
grapic card : gigabyte ati radeon hd 5570

my pc runs fine for 1 year without any changes (i mean changes in hardware / driver).
however tis morning, i power on my pc, my monitor shows no signal
i tried both vga and dvi cable but still same results.
Yet, although there is no signal, my pc still can login into windows (knew as window boot up sound)
I removed my ati grapic and use on-board grapic (ati radeon 4200), monitor hav signal.

A:ATI Radeon HD 5570 blank screen

"I removed my ati grapic and use on-board grapic (ati radeon 4200), monitor hav signal"...
Then the gigabyte ati radeon hd 5570 card is bad
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In general, which one of these cards is the best performer. I have them both and just trying to make up my mind which one to install. Thanks!

A:XFX Radeon 5570 vs His iv cooler 4850

4850 imo, even though it doesnt have DX11, it'll probably give you more fps.
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Ive been running xp for 7900 GeForce GS Go Nvidia ages now and seeing that windows was going on sale I decided it was time to upgrade I have a Dell xps m laptop with an Nvidia GeForce Go 7900 GS nvidia geforce go gs graphics card Before installing windows I thought it best Nvidia GeForce Go 7900 GS to check that it would run on my machine so I downloaded Microsofts upgrade advisor thingy It told me all would be ok apart from my graphics card wouldn't be able to run aero Ok windows will still run with areo turned off but I wanted to be able to use all the funky bits of aero So I decided to search the web to see if I could find a solution or anyone who had tried with this card but as it's so new there wasn't any info I downloaded various new drivers but couldn't find one which was WDDM and so came to the conclusion this was my problem As I'm a student only cost me as an upgrade so I thought I'd go for it anyway and just hope a new driver became available later I downloaded and installed yesterday and went to select an aero theme expecting some horrible error message but no It fired up and works a treat I didn't een install a driver windows found it's own one newer than any I had found on nvidias own website So windows has it's first gold star from me whilst windows upgrade advisor gets a lump of coal I just thought I'd post this to hopefully help out anyone who finds themself in the same sitution as I was prior to my upgrade as it looks like th go gs works just fine

A:Nvidia GeForce Go 7900 GS

Thanks! Was wondering the same thing..
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Recently purchased a new video card for my Dell E510. I installed the card but did not add the power supply that came with the card to anything so I got an error message about the cardnot having enough power. The problem is I do not know where to plug the card into in my computer. It says in the instructions toconnect to power supply but it seems I have no free places to connect but according to DELL it will work in my machine. Anyones help is greatly appreciated.



A:GeForce 7900 GS card

What kind of power supply are you using? You could easily damage your system or new card by not having enough power. A little more info about your hardware set up is important. good luck.
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I have need of a new video card for my Dell E310, and I've been considering options for months and through other posts. Lately, a friend of mine offered to send me his Nvidia GeForce 7900 GS. My computer only has one PCI-E slot, a bus speed of x1. This card requires a x16 slot. I know I can buy a converter for the slot, and that the card should be able to function. However, this method is only recommended for use with low profile cards. Is this card low profile? Also, I'm going to have to upgrade my Power Supply, which is neither hard now expensive. I know there are other options upgrading my computer and whatnot, but I just want to know if this can work. (The planned Power Supply will be 450 watts)

A:Nvidia GeForce 7900 GS

Try the card in the slot you have and see if it works
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Hey , anyone have a Dell xps 700 with the Nvidia Geforce 7900 gtx graphics card ?

If so have you tried to hook multiple monitors or even noticed that feature in the settings ?


Dan .;

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I recently got my hands on a Toshiba Satellite P -S Go 7900 VGA/GeForce Standard GS As it was second hand I totally wiped the hard-drive and then installed Standard VGA/GeForce Go 7900 GS Windows XP and upgraded to Win Enterprise bit from there Everything Standard VGA/GeForce Go 7900 GS has been working peachy except for my graphics card I assume I have the default GeForce Go GS that came with this model however my device manager lists my display as the Standard VGA blah blah blah I've tried updating my drivers using nvidia's site The most recent driver would install however upon reboot I would get a black screen after the Windows loading little four-coloured box screen Turn off reboot then I'm sent through the boot up repair which will only fix problems if I system restore to the last known good settings and goodbye drivers From poking around the net the black screen seems to be a rather common problem I used the windows update and the driver there also caused the black screen I've now tried to install older drivers but I get errors telling my that the system can't find the GS hardware so installation is canceled I would assume it can't find it because I have no drivers an it reads as VGA I'm just getting a bit frustrated Is my video card shot do I need a specific driver I just want to be able to watch my mkv files without them being upside down and mirrored

A:Standard VGA/GeForce Go 7900 GS

acrooks, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Surprised you managed to get them to install at all considering the age video card in it and make of the laptop itself, also the reason that they won't work for you after a restart. Toshiba is one of those that won't for whatever reason allow for the use of most reference drivers on their computers (Sony and Panasonic are two others I know of that do the same thing).

Now with that said surprisingly Toshiba does have a Windows 7 driver available for it,

Model Content Page

select Windows 7 32 bit and driver to find it. It is an older driver version, but then again it is also an older video card that will get little to no benefit from the newer drivers. Give it a try and see if things will then work as they should.
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First off, here are the relevant specs:
AMD 64 x2 3800+ Dual Core
1Gb of RAM
nVidia BFG GeForce 7900 256mb GT OC video card
OS: Windows Home SP2

This issue has arisen recently while playing Counterstrike. I'll be playing and then the game will stutter for a second and then resume. This happens about every 10 minutes or so and becomes very annoying. I've tried updating drivers and nothing works. After updating to the newest forceware, it seems a new problem has come up wherein my internet connection will just cut out and will not be able to be repaired unless I reboot. I'm connected wirelessly by the way. Does anyone know of a way to fix this or at least a way to figure out exactly what is going on? Help would be appreciated, thanks.

A:GeForce 7900 GT OC Issue

Couple ???'s
What motherboard & chipset.
What psu do you have and it's specs?
What cpu cooling are you using & # of case fans?
Are all of your video & MoBo drivers, game & OS updates current?

Do you have more than one Hdd?
If so do you have your pagefile set to the same hdd as the OS is installed to?
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Apparently Nvidia isn't releasing drivers for Vista Home premium.

I tried to download the drivers for 32bit and 64bit and neither of them will install.

Graphics card - Geforce 7900 GS
OS - Vista Home premium ( Computer details states that its a 32bit operating system)

Anyone have a link to where i can get drivers compatable with my OS?

A:Need help with Geforce 7900 GS drivers

8xxx cards are DX10 designed for Vista. I would consider upgrading.
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hi.i was wondering witch driver i should install for msi geforce 7900 gto(nx7900gto) ......the original cd driver released in 2006,the latest driver from msi or the latest from nvidia?thanks
yes i know i'm stupid

A:msi geforce 7900 gto best driver

Newer drivers generally have bug fixes and some performance improvements. A lot of new games have been released since 2006 so I'd be installing the latest driver, which is the one from NVidia themselves. I'm not saying the latest is always the best but give it a try and see, you may not notice much if any improvements unless you play the games that have been specially addressed though.

FYI, I always update to the latest ATI or NVidia graphics driver that's released.
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I love this forum so taking a chance by posting on a contraban OS.... the hasbeen Windows XP Pro, on a HP DC7600 I built for HTPC, small cool notebook HD and low profile Sapphire Radeon HD 5570 1GB card. This system worked terrific hooked up to our bigscreen HDTV until today. For whatever reason I was wondering if Media Player Classic might give better results that WMP 11, so downloaded it from Ran the install, it installed fine, but afterward complained because no DirectX.
[an oversight of mine]
So I went to Microsoft DirectX site and did the webinstall.

Afterward, no more audio via HDMI from the Radeon Card!!!

What happened?
Best way to fix??

My assumption is that something in one of the installs overwrote later/newer files [without asking] with older files and neutered the audio drivers of the ATI chipset.

If that's the case, should I uninstall the ATI Card, then reinstall???

A:Not 7 but... Radeon 5570 Audio offed by DirectX? Or MPC

Hey, if the drivers are indeed corrupted, you can simply restore to before you installed directx, just type system restore into the start menu and roll back to when you installed directx, simple :-)

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Hello This is first thread here so I am sorry if I sound dumb I can normally fix these sort of problems myself but this one is just beyond me To begin I own a three year old PC with OS WIN Home Premium bit CPU Intel core i GHz Motherboard ASRock H M-LE CPUSocket GPU Sapphire Radeon hd gb ddr RAM Kingston gb DDR two sticks Two SATA hard drives and an LG lcd monitor Trouble started after a power outage and my monitor showed a blank screen after booting Had this sort of thing happen before always fixed it with removing a memory stick and both HDs Only this time that doesn't seem to be the cure Monitor shows a blank screen like it's hibernating No quot no signal quot message The fan on the card is spinning and I gone? card graphic Is 5570) HD my Radeon (Sapphire can hear it although I can't tell the difference if it sounds bad because the card has always been sort of loud Switched the Is my graphic card gone? (Sapphire Radeon HD 5570) monitor to the on board VGA Booted to windows Sapphire Radeon hd now not detected exist any more Removed Catalyst using driver sweeper Reinstalled it again hoping it might help It didn't BIOS has VGA settings set to PCI-express Tried enabling Onboard and then rebooting and set to PCI-E again but not working Is my graphic card gone? (Sapphire Radeon HD 5570) This are the PC specs as of now I'm thinking of doing a repair install but I'm really sceptical as to how that would help the graphic card to work as it doesn't seem to be responding I have tried removing both HDs but it doesn't work Do I need to buy a new one PS Oh yeah I made two threads by mistake Sorry

A:Is my graphic card gone? (Sapphire Radeon HD 5570)

The fan spinning on the video card only confirms that it's getting power. The video chipset could still be blown or damaged.

If you haven't tried physically removing the card, booting without it, shutting down, reinserting the card, and booting with it -- try that. It just might work.

But, from what you said, my guess is that the video chipset is damaged.
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Hi, I figured that would be good place to create the thread.

I want to disable acceleration in Ati Radeon hd 5570, but I can't find it in Catalyst Control Center (because I can't do it from normal windows setting >>). Can someone help with this? If it is wrong place for this thread I'm sorry, but it fit for what I imagined etc. Sry for my english.

A:Disable Display Acceleration Ati Radeon hd 5570

I'm looking for a way to do this too for my ATI HD 4250 integrated video so I can get my screen capture software to work. My "Change Settings" button in Troubleshooting is greyed out. When I dual-boot to XP, I can change it just fine, but I can't find a way to do it in Win 7.
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I'm having a problem where if I double click on a video or a picture, my screen goes to a pixleated green screen, then when I hit ctrl-alt-del, it goes to a pixelated blue screen. When this happens, I hear the video card fan go to full speed and I have to restart to fix the problem. If I drag the picture or video into media player first, it works great.

I've seen these screens before when I had video driver issues with another compuer. I have the Nvidia driver installed now. When I tried to upgrade to the190.38 drivers, I got the green screen of failure on start up, and had to reboot in safe mode and roll back the drivers.

The video card is Nvidia GeForce 7900 Gt.

Can anyone offer me some tips or advice? It would be greatly appreciated



A:blue screen with GeForce 7900 GT

Quote: Originally Posted by Scottyp


I'm having a problem where if I double click on a video or a picture, my screen goes to a pixleated green screen, then when I hit ctrl-alt-del, it goes to a pixelated blue screen. When this happens, I hear the video card fan go to full speed and I have to restart to fix the problem. If I drag the picture or video into media player first, it works great.

I've seen these screens before when I had video driver issues with another compuer. I have the Nvidia driver installed now. When I tried to upgrade to the190.38 drivers, I got the green screen of failure on start up, and had to reboot in safe mode and roll back the drivers.

The video card is Nvidia GeForce 7900 Gt.

Can anyone offer me some tips or advice? It would be greatly appreciated



Hi and welcome to sevenforums

we really could use your system specs. Os (32bit or 64), and install clean or upgrade.

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in advance sorry for my bad english im from holland ok so i built my own pc weeks ago got everything working well etc etc BUT when i installed service pack i got some sirious issues with my video drivers card im still not to sure what it is But im certain its not a buggy card like a lot of other GT problem is whenever i reboot my pc all nvidia drivers are gone and my pc is working on some sort of crappy windows vga driver i can solve the problem by installing forceware drivers and then reboot my pc after the reboot everything is normal aggain but same stuff happens when i reboot aggain gotta do the whole procedure aggain ive tried a lot of stuff reinstalling windows xp trying a lot of nvidia drivers but the problem is still there and always happens right after i install service pack if u guys got ANNY suggestion about this problem i would be greatfull ps i dont overclock so that cant be it thx already PC specs Asus a n sli deluxe Asus geforce GT AMD san diego Corsair Dual channel mb -mhz Samsung spinpoint GB sata software/hardware? Bad Geforce 7900 II nbsp

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Hi all here are my specs:

Gigabyte 3.4 ghz Pentium D
Gigabyte S series Motherboard
Maxtor 230 gb hdd
ati x1300 pro pci express
600 watt pwr supply
1 gig kingston (2x512mb)

I play counter strike 1.6 and counter strike source. 1.6 runs perfectly while i still get a drop in fps in source. Overall my computer is running great and i bought it only 2 weeks ago. I am able to get a deal on the Geforce 7900 gs for $150 Canadian. I have reviewed some of the specifications but i am not to knowledgeable with video cards. Would it be worth it to upgrade from the ati x1300 pro to the geforce 7900 gs? would it run that much better? what are the main differences? Any help would be appreciated thank you.

A:x1300 pro compared geforce 7900 gs

The 7900GS is definitely a better card. Since you do have a pci express slot it will be able to connect. You should see noticeable frame rate increases.
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What is the dedicated video RAM of the NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GTX (this is not a trick question )?


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If you look at the history of my posts you ll see a long and arduous battle against unrelenting oddities This here is my final trial in the quest that is to build my first lt gaming gt rig A few days ago I was running Oblivion with the above 7900 GeForce Nvidia Damaged? mentioned video card and Nvidia GeForce 7900 Damaged? a w power supply and a beta driver Because of Windows XP -bit when out of nowhere the screen flipped and went blank Two seconds after the quot No input quot message appeared on the monitor Everything else was fine I had simply lost video I had to go to work so I unplugged the computer and left hours later I returned powered on and nothing seemed the matter I shut down and decided not to run any more video games until I d resolved all of my previous issues I d believed to be at the time the root of the burn out Earlier today however I was formatting a drive on my computer now running standard up to date drivers on the bit Windows XP Pro when I stepped away only to return to the quot No input quot screen again The computer was still running everything else seeme unaffected I ve only owned this video card for weeks Should I have burned it out what should I do I purchased it along with everything else from Newegg com Any suggestions on what it might be or what I should do from here nbsp

A:Nvidia GeForce 7900 Damaged?

The card is obviously under warranty still so you should have problems getting an RMA (I've read here Newegg is pretty good for this anyway).

Just a few things to check: Make sure the 4pin power molex is plugged into the card from the PSU (I'm 90% certain the 7900GT and GTX have this).
Make sure the HSF on the card is working properly.(warranty issue anyway)
Remove and reseat the card to ensure it's seated correctly.

It sounds like the GPU or on board RAM is overheating and shutting down the card automatically. Just for trouble-shooting, take the side off the PC and put a table fan blowing on the card.

BTW, what manufacture is the card from?
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Can someone help to show me how to disassemble this system to replace the graphic card?Thank you

View Solution.

A:HP Touchsmart 610-1015XT with ATI Radeon HD 5570 blue screen...

Hello @Kelly610, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I have read your post on how you are looking for disassembly instructions to replace the graphics card on your desktop computer, and I would be happy to assist you in this matter! To replace the MXM card on your computer, please follow the steps below: 1.) Remove the USB Dongle Cover, ensuring that the back latch is locked when pulled to the bottom.   2.) Remove the right rear cap  3.) Remove and lift up the left rear cap  4.) Disengage the stand from the rest of the All-in-One  5.) Remove the T-rear cover  6.) Remove the left side cap, and separate the audio connector from the speaker unit  7.) Remove and lift up the motherboard shield  8.) Remove the thermal module  9.) Undo the two screws, indicated by the screwdriver in the two figures below. The graphics card installed should pop up, and remain standing at a 45 degree angle.    10.) Pull out the card from the MXM socket  11.) To replace the graphics card, angle it at a 45 degree angle and press down. Hold down while screwing in the first screw; and then the second.  Please re-post with the results of your troubleshooting, and if you have any questions or concerns with disassembly I would be happy to answer them. I look forward to your reply!Regards
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Hey whats up guys, I ordered a CyberPower pc Gamer Ultra A106 (Link below) and suprisingly, it looked like it was a good system. Unfortunately, looking into reviews it IS a good system but just needs a new graphics card, because integrated graphics cards are weak. So, I found one video card for a decent price, and I just need further advice...I wanna be sure

Cyberpower PC Gamer Ultra A106
Cyberpower Gamer Ultra - A106 - 4 GB RAM - 3.2 GHz - 500 GB HDD

XFX Radeon HD 5570
XFX Radeon HD 5570 Graphics adapter - 1 GB - DDR2 SDRAM

One more thing...I was told you weren't able to upgrade this because the graphics card is already in there, but its integrated...all I would need to do is disable it and install the new card, right?

A:Need advice for new computers graphics card XFX Radeon HD 5570

If you're upgrading, you should move up higher than the 5570.
I have a 5770, and I think I need something better still.
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No matter what Radeon Crashes 5570 Solved: Driver ATI HD System driver I seem to use whether it s installed by ATI s Solved: ATI Radeon HD 5570 Driver Crashes System Catalyst software directly from inf Solved: ATI Radeon HD 5570 Driver Crashes System file or by other means I just can t get them to work I know that somewhere out in the great blue yonder are the proper drivers I just haven t found them yet The moment the drivers install via Catalyst or other executable my system forces a reboot I get to the quot loading Windows quot screen and then it reboots again- it s a continuous loop until I boot into safe mode and remove said drivers Same thing happens by other installation methods only with those I m the one who initiates the first reboot In some cases it doesn t even reboot- it just shuts the system down completely I finally just shut off the automatic rebooting on crash and all I m left with is a BSOD I ve had the same issue with both XP and Win Heck I upgraded TO Windows in hopes it d solve the problem I ve tried drivers supplied by AMD by Windows Update old drivers from various websites around the net even going far as to try every ATI Catalyst suite since version and to no avail and no I do not have a driver disk It s been almost a week of constant Google searches forum skimming and trial amp error I know the card itself works just fine as I m normally a native Linux user and everything including full hardware D rendering works fine and dandy I keep Windows on a dual boot to hopefully play games and for Windows based programs that require too many system resources to be used with a virtual machine or emulator There was a time when I had the correct drivers but that was a while and many re-installations of OSes ago- maybe even two years or so I consider myself a fairly tech savvy individual and this crapola is driving me bonkers Can someone please help me ADDENDUM When poking around the event log viewer the only error that pertains to the graphics card reads as follows there are many of the same just with different timestamps from all my numerous attempts Code Error PM amdkmdag POWERPLAY With a description of System shutdown due to graphics card overheatingClick to expand ---------------------------- Hardware AMD Phenom II X cpu Gigabyte GA- A-UD mobo ATI Radeon HD GB DDR X PCIe graphics card GB Corsair Dominator DDR MHz mem Dual-boot Kubuntu Windows nbsp

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I just got the Acer Apsire desktop and it has a low quality integrated graphics card. I'm looking to ad an ATI RADEON 5570 or a comparable card to the system but I need to know if it will work with the power supply.

If not can I buy and install a new power supply to the system ?

Also, the computer is fairly small, at 4 inch width, 12 inch height and 1.5 foot depth and I wonder if the card will even fit.

It has at least two PCI express slots, one X1 and one x16.

Anyone think this will work ?

My processor is an AMD ATHALON x4 645 quad core and I have 4 gigs of DDR3 RAM
. Will that be enough memory to run with the ATI card ?

Thanks for your help people.

A:Want to add a ATI Radeon 5570 to my ACER Apsire x1420G-U5832..

It has been done:

Will this graphics card work on my computer?

"douggoud" is running a Sapphire brand 5570 in his x1420G system.

Make sure to get a low-profile version.

It may be difficult to get a better power supply that fits a small form factor system, but it appears that you wouldn't need to.
Relevancy 69.23%

hi guys. I have a problem. I tried to overclock my videocard using this dirrection that I follew . After I overclock, I rebooted and then my screen is black. No image whatsoever. I tried to revert or tried to try another rom files but still black. I tried to do the 4201100.rom file so I know my videocard will handle it well and its not fried coz I don't smell smoke.

What if I tried to increase the voltage. It might solve the problem is it? Anyone got suggestion or an alternate image file to overclock my videocard please help me. Thanks!!
Relevancy 69.23%

OK I just got my NVIDIA Geforce GT Steps Uninstalled ATI Raedon x XPRESS Series came with the computer Turned off the computer and inserted the Nvidia Geforce card in it s a XFX btw like the manual said Started it back up and installed the drivers Went to Setup when startin the PC and changed Video Mode to PCI-E and disabled all BIOs except the sound I go to start a game to test it out and I still get the same FPS I wouldn t expect to get the same FPS as I did with the integrated graphics so I m stuck and confused to why it s exactly the same FPS I have checked my display adapters and I only see quot NVIDIA Geforce GT quot and it seems to recognize it s installed correctly Comp Specs AMD Athlon Windows XP MB I m probably going to build a new computer from scratch with this card LATER on but right now I want to use this with this computer nbsp

A:Video Card Help - NVIDIA Geforce 7900 GT

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

What size CPU & PSU?
Relevancy 69.23%

Hi, I dont know if this is the right place but I'm gonna give it a go.
I got Dell dimension 4600 and would like to upgrade my greaphic card (from radeon x1300/x1550) to geforce 7900 GT. I play some games that require that graphic card but I'm not sure if my computer can handle it? this radeon card really s*cks.. but do i have to buy a whole new computer for this Geforce 7900 GT?

A:Dell Dimension 4600 and geforce 7900 GT?

No it won't handle it with the 250w psu.
look here to see what (if anything) others have done:
Relevancy 69.23%

I recently upgraded from the bit version of Vista Home Premium to the bit version When I had the bit version I had some trouble finding the appropriate driver for my Geforce gt gto graphics card After some time I was getting the error code- insisting that I get rid of other devices to make this card work properly due nvidia GT/GTO x64 vista geforce problem 7900 to a lack of resources I don't know what that means except that it read too many nvidia geforce 7900 GT/GTO vista x64 problem drivers and I installed them one at a time till it worked Great it worked nvidia geforce 7900 GT/GTO vista x64 problem I then upgraded to the bit that my computer was originally for and all the drivers were good to go except once nvidia geforce 7900 GT/GTO vista x64 problem again the graphics card I went onto Nvidia's website and downloaded the current bit driver for the Geforce gt gto which was the version of the driver and it didn't work So because of this it only reads this card as a standard vga I'm not a big fan of that I tried the Windows Update to install their version of the driver and that didn't work either Does anyone have any suggestions to help better my situation Thanks Stan

A:nvidia geforce 7900 GT/GTO vista x64 problem

first of all,download a zip file of your drivers,which contains many files.
u need to mannally install the driver in device management, specify the driver path where the inf file in.and choose the model,e.g. geforce 7900 gt.
Relevancy 69.23%

I want to sell my BFG 7900 gt oc with 256mb but no one seems to have one on ebay to compare, how much would you say it is worth? yes it is used. Also, I was considering of selling the heat sink i have mounted it with for an extra $20. heres the specs.

BFG Tech - BFG NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GT OC 256MB PCIe

::: Zalman, leading the world of Quiet Computing Solutions :::
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I'm in the market for a new Video card, have an extra LCD monitor sitting around in addition to the 2 new ones I just picked up. Am looking to pick up the 512MB GeForce 7900 GTX.

Does anyone know of a quick-and-easy (and preferrably inexpensive) solution to setup Triple Monitors? I've seen the Matrox adapter, but wasn't altogether sure I needed to spend $300 on something to acheive it.

I'm a web designer and gamer, so would be my dream setup to have that much screen area.



Running Windows XP Pro

Relevancy 69.23%

So I was thinking about getting a new graphic-card and wished for one for Christmas. Naturally I assumed that the "9400 GT" would pwn "7900 GS" but doing some research seems to imply that that isn't as obvoius as I thought it was. When I got the 7900 GS like 3 and a helf years ago that was top-stuff, very expensive card, but I figured a relatively cheap one, like 9400 GT would still out-perform it hands down. Im just wondering if thats the case, or have I made a bad wish xD

Relevancy 68.8%

Hi, my system will not detect my video card, everytime i try uninstalling the standard vga graphics adapter and sweeping drivers, it just reinstalls itself, it wont allow me to install radeon drivers and is interfering, please help

A:System won't detect radeon 5570, says standard vga graphics adapter

Is this a new or used video card? Also have you tried doing this via safemode? Try uninstalling everything in safemode and reinstall, with reboot, and see if it detects your new hardware.
Relevancy 68.37%

I've been having trouble with my GeForce Go 7900 GS. It's on a Dell E1705 with Media Center, and whenever I go to install any driver for it, I get:


STOP: 0x00000050

Beginning dump of physical memory
Physical memory dump complete.

I've tried all sorts of drivers (dell, laptopvideo2go, nvidia's website) and I even tried doing it before/after SP2 (heard it did screwy things to drivers) and I don't know what to do. I was getting a similar error before I formatted Windows, and got nothing, although I could boot into safe mode.

Any next steps or solutions? Any help would be much appreciated.

A:nVidia GeForce Go 7900 GS Error in Driver Installation

I should add That it works in VGA mode.
Relevancy 68.37%

I've been searching for a solution all day I try here..!
Today I tried to install Windows 7 64 bit RTM, aswell as 32 bit RTM on my desktop PC, with the same Problem. All Drivers were automatically installed by Win 7, BUT somehow the graphic driver for my XFX geforce 7900 GT is not working properly. Almost everytime a new window is opened the screen show's exactly the same as shown
The strange thing is: When I disconnect the DVI Cable and plug it in again.....everythng is shown properly again, without a reboot!
I also tried a couple of drivers (such as 190.40 , 190.38 , 186.35..) no success
My Board is an Asus P5W-DH Delux.

PLEASE anybody help!!!

A:Huge Problem with geforce 7900 GT --- horizontal lines

hi orangina

erm did ur graphic card hav 2 port eg DVI and VGA/Analog?
If hav try connect to monitor using the vga port..
Relevancy 67.94%

HELLO... I need some help ... is it important to find for a suitable watt for the graphic card ... this is graphic card that i want it - -  is it suitable ? ... ?... ?  ( sorry for my bad malaysian )

A:Is it suitable AMD Radeon HD 5450 1GB with HP Compaq DC 7900

Hi: You should be OK with that card, but I recommend the HD 6450 which draws less power than the 5450 does.
Relevancy 67.51%

My Nvidia 7900 GT (Made by EVGA) has been acting up more and more, I have went to the nvidia site and downloaded the most recent drivers, and I still get random green-ish pixils, more predominant on dark colors, help!! lol, its gettin worse.


A:EVGA - NVIDIA e-GeForce 7900 GT - Pixilation/Game crashes! (HELP)
Relevancy 67.08%

I have both of these cards laying around and am trying to decide which to run in my PC. The 7900 is a little older so I'm having trouble finding a direct comparison between the two. Does anyone know which is a better card?

A:GeForce 7900 GT OC vs. GeForce 250 GTS

The GTS 250 is essentially a rebadged 9800GTX+. It offers significantly better performance than the 7900GT.
Here's Tom's graphics card hierachy chart to give you an illustration of where these cards lie.
For a more direct comparison of relative framerate, choose the benchmark from the list. Both the 7900GT and 9800GTX+ (GTS 250) are represented.
Relevancy 62.78%

Which should I choose? They all go around the same price...

A:ATI Radeon 9800XT vs GeForce 6800 vs GeForce 6600GT

It depends on which maker, really. But in general, the 6800 is the best of the three listed, followed by the 6600GT, then the 9800XT.
Relevancy 61.49%

Is there a difference? I just bought a GeForce FX 5200 and installed it... the requirements I'm looking for are ATI Radeon 8500 or GeForce 3 or 4 MX. Did I get something equivalent or is the one I have not good enough?

Please help...


A:Difference between a GeForce FX and ATI Radeon 8500 or GeForce 3 or 4 MX
Relevancy 60.63%

OK i have been using ATI grpahics cards for several now , and recently i just got an nVidia card . here is the question .
I CAnnot find out what driver version i have instaled .
where do you find out this info . or am i blind ?
thanks ',

A:Solved: Solved: nVidia GeForce 7900 question


go to Device Manager

To get to Device Manager click Start>>Run type devmgmt.msc click OK

Look down the list for Display Adapters
Click on the + sign to expand
Double click on your video card
Click on the Driver tab

it should tell you there what version
Relevancy 57.62%

well i know that the 8600M GT will be better than the other two but i need to know by how much of a difference.. and i would like to know which of the 2 radeons is better. the X2500 or the HD2300 and also by how much of a difference. or if anyone could just drop me a link here to tell which of this graphics card is better...

A:Mobility Radeon HD 2300, Mobility Radeon X2500 and the GeForce 8600M GT comparison

2.5x + to 1 if not more.
Relevancy 56.76%

Hiya I have a problem with my monitor flashing on and off during boot up. I am unable to get into safe mode because of this, and when doing a dxdiag direct3d test the monitor switches itself on/off as well. Also my PC reports the graphics card as a 8600GT and not the 8800GT.

My PC specs are

Mobo - Asrock Conroe1333-D667
CPU - Intel Pentium D 3GHZ
GFX - INNO3d Nvidia 8800GT (even though pc says 8600GT)
RAM - Crucial 2gig DDR2
HD - Seagate 250G SATA11
BIOS Version P1.30

The Monitor is a GNR 19" TFT monitor.

Any help would be appreciated

A:Geforce 8800GT - monitor switching on and off


Maybe the monitor is going on the fritz or the graphics card is ready to "kick the bucket"
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I have a Windows Bit HP Pavilion g t- Select Edition notebook PC I like to game on my laptop and I recently discovered that alongside the Intel Graphics card that my laptop uses there is also a Radeon HD Series graphics card I am trying to make it so that the games that I m playing run off of the Radeon instead of the Intel card I have done much research Radeon Intel Switching to into the subject and found out that I need to get into the Catalyst Control Center I have downloaded that and downloaded the newest drivers for my card Everytime I try to open up the CCC I get an error message saying that it cannot be started because there are currently no Switching Intel to Radeon settings that can be configured Also every time I turn on my computer Switching Intel to Radeon it says that there are no graphics drivers installed even after downloading them from the AMD site and installing Please help I really want to get into the Catalyst Control Center PS I have found out that pretty much all or atleast what I can find of the functions I m performing throughout my games run off of my Intel card because I have tried disabling that card in the Device Manager and trying to run the games leading to no avail nbsp

A:Switching Intel to Radeon

Hi, and welcome to TSG. Are you sure that your laptop has both video controllers in it? It may be that your g6t-220 had a purchase option to upgrade the motherboard from the Intel graphics controller to the Radeon part.
Relevancy 56.33%


I am getting a new PC equipped with a GTX580 card soon. The card has both DVI and mini-HDMI outputs. What I want to do is to use the DVI output for my LCD screen on my desktop PC, and the HDMI output to display stuff on my HDTV in the living room. If I connect the card to both my TV (HDMI) and LCD screen (DVI), how do I switch between the two of them? Or will the card constantly stream both to my TV and LCD screen?

A:GeForce GTX580 - Switching between DVI (PC) and HDMI (HDTV)

Hi and welcome to Seven forums Pino
Depends how you want to work it.

You can choose to switch between displays in the nvidia control panel or clone them, or even have an extended desktop so you can have your regular stuff on one screen while watching something else on the other.
Relevancy 55.47%

I'm having some serious issues with my PC; I recently switched Motherboards to an M2N-SLI board with my Radeon HD 4880 graphics card. I updated my drivers and everything, but I still get crashes whenever I start a graphics intensive game (Portal 2, even CS:S) I'm not sure what it could be. Any help available?

A:Radeon HD 4880 crashes after switching to M2N-SLI Mobo

When you changed motherboards did you re-use the old hard drive? If so, did you reinstall Windows or perform a Windows repair? If neither, then try a repair first. If that doesn't work, you may have to reinstall Windows from scratch.
Relevancy 54.61%

i wanna see what all your opinions are on this. im a geforce guy, but some ppl swear upon their radeons, why?

A:geforce or radeon?

It depends on which generation...from the DX7 generation, nVidia wins, DX8, it's a tossup, and from the GeForceFX series/9600 and up, Radeon wins. From the 6800/X800, nVidia picked itself up, but Radeons are still much better for those looking to save space, and power.
Relevancy 54.61%

My bro has a pc running Athlon XP3000+, Gigabyte board. I have said I will buy him a graphix card for around the Ģ70 ($140) mark. He plays games continually, but I have zilch idea of decent cards for gaming.

So guys, what are you ideas of a decent card for that kind of price.. and since there doesn't seem to be much of a divide between GeForce and Radeon, any preferences there?

Cheers for your help!

A:GeForce or Radeon?

GeForce all the way. You get way more card for the price.
Relevancy 54.61%

I personally think Geforce is the way to go but there are obviously other opinions out there. What do u think? I'll hopefully get some replys in here

cheers goin out to poertner_1274

A:What is better Geforce or Radeon?

You can check out this thread to help with your question.
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Should i get a:
radeon 9800np128mb.-256mb but with 256bit(or pro is i could find one on ebay)
Geforce 5900 256mb.
I have an HP a220n and Hp said i could change my psu. That is good. I ahve 8x agp.

Or Radeon 9500 pro 128mb. plus either silent hill 3 or mafia for $70 total inc.shipping.

A:Radeon Or Geforce?

how much money you got for disposal??
Relevancy 54.61%

Hey guys so i'm definitely going to get one or the other
i know either one is an upgrade from a radeon 9000 series but im not sure which one to get or which one is better. what do you guys think? i only have pci slots

Compaq Presario
2.5gb ram
radeon 9000 series

please respond as to what you think would be better for my computer

A:Radeon vs GeForce

i would say grab the 9500 its a great pci card
Relevancy 54.61%

which card in the geforce series is comparable to radeon 7500

Relevancy 54.61%

I have GeForce 7300LE and i was wondering if the ATI Radeon XP1600 PRO is better for playing games like FEAR, CARBON and stuff like that?

A:GeForce VS Radeon

soulkolektor said:

I have GeForce 7300LE and i was wondering if the ATI Radeon XP1600 PRO is better for playing games like FEAR, CARBON and stuff like that?Click to expand...

cmon, i know somebody know the answer to this.
Relevancy 54.61%

What do you all think is best? GeForce or Radeon chipsets on a video card. I am building a new PC and need advice on a video card. What chipset is the best?


A:GeForce or Radeon??

On newer cards (Radeon 9500/GeForceFX and up), Radeons are usually better. For older cards, like GeForce 2, 3, and some 4's, nVidia is better. Personally, I like the Radeon 9600XT, you can get an OEM version for $170 at newegg, it's a great card, and will play pretty much anything you throw at it.
Relevancy 53.75%

Hi, i am trying to decide what brand of graphics card is better radeon or geforce. i have a p4 motherboard with 8x agp. i would just like some thoughts on witch is better. Thanks,

Relevancy 53.75%

Which one is better based on the price ??

My mobo:

Thanks and happy holidays.

A:Which chipset is better Radeon Vs GeForce ?

I have to amit to being a little confused. You state this set of specs:

Pentium 75 mhz
EDO 8 MB ram
1 BM Trident Video Card
1.6 HD
A Drive
OS: 3.11
Monitor: 13 inches VGA
Modem 14400

That machine can't possibly have the mobo you posted can it???

It has = Built-in Graphics System
Onboard 128-bit 2D/3D 100MHz Host interface AGP Graphics Accelerator Complies with AGP V2.0

The two vid cards you asked about in the machine you have listed would be a waste of money. Now that's just my opinion but it is a little weird to put that mobo (it certainly didn't come with it) in that machine.

Sorry if I'm misinterpreting things.
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Ok I ve got an issue I recently got a Radeon se and am attempting to install it into my to 9600SE Radeon Geforce 2 CPU Upon installation it noticed changes and asked for restart -- which I did And upon restart it made my monitor go black screen and I had to put in my old graphics card -- and then it went back to working after installing the Nvidia drivers I have read my guide that came with it and it said this was possible because I dont have the updated AGP drivers on my computer however I can t seem to download them I looked in my quot system devices quot and couldn t find anything that said anything about Geforce 2 to Radeon 9600SE an AGP However there was a familiar name in the devices -- VIA Tech -- so I went to www viaarena com and downloaded the drivers which I Geforce 2 to Radeon 9600SE thought would corrolate with that driver in my devices and when running setup it said installation couldn t be performed I know my little explanation of the Geforce 2 to Radeon 9600SE problem above is a bit confusing but the problem confuses me so that s the best I can explain it Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Geforce 2 to Radeon 9600SE

What kind of motherboard/chipset do you have? Does the screen go black when windows boots up or when you turn on your computer. I am thinking at the moment that it might be some BIOS settings. AGP drivers have nothing to do hen post booting. make sure it is either AGP 2X or 4X. Make sure your motherboard has updated BIOS. Try to get older 4X.XX drivers and not those new Forceware drivers. and if you don't have a KT400 chipset don't use any Hyperion drivers too as they were for the newer chipsets. Get v4.43 or older.
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hello everyone i need to pick a Graphics card my choises are
MSI Radeon HD 5770 or EVGA GeForce GTX 260

also on another note pick your favourite (also on my new build)
EVGA P55 ForTheWin or ASUS Maximus III Formula

A:Radeon HD 5770 or GeForce GTX 260?

HD5770 is around the same performance as the 4890 and supports DX11.

What CPU are you using?
Relevancy 53.75%

I'm in a bit of a dilemma here. I spent a good chunk of change on a GeForce 4 MX 440-SE video card.. and now I'm having second thoughts.

I read a lot of information across the net and I seem to find more disappointing info on the card than I do enjoyable info. Getting this feeling I probably shouldn'tve bought it in the first place.

I'm looking at getting an ATI card (for $100 or less.. not rich here..) and I'm looking at the Radeon 7500. Is that just as good, if not better, than the GeForce MX 440?

Also.. GF4 card I bought seems to hate XP.. >.<

A:GeForce 4 or Radeon 7500?

A simple reason why the GF4 MX is bad is because it isn't fully DX8-Compliant or doesn't use the core features that makes a true GF4 DX8-Compliant. It's a budget card, the next best performing GF4 is the TI4200 which is more of an average level gamers card that can be O/C to TI4600 with a good HS&Fan to maintain stability.
Relevancy 53.75%

Hello I ve got an issue that needs resolving 6850 Ti GTX GeForce <or> 550 HD Radeon but please take time to read and understand the problem or don t bother replying at all I m anxious about Diablo coming out soon and I m considering buying one of the mentioned video cards to replace my current GeForce GT Those two have a power consumption that my PSU - Corsair VX will meet GeForce GTX Ti -Pros Lower power consumption of the two PCI Express PhysX Cheaper -Cons Worse performance GeForce GTX 550 Ti <or> Radeon HD 6850 Radeon HD -Pros Better performance -Cons Higher power consumption PCI Express More expensive - The is undoubtedly better but the main issue with it is GeForce GTX 550 Ti <or> Radeon HD 6850 whether it will work on my old Asus M N -SLI Deluxe WiFi MB since I ve for PCI express a slots and I ve found many people on the net having issues with compatibility - The Ti on the other hand isn t as good but still is a lot better than what I have It s cheaper requires less power and is PCI Express - haven t found people complaining about compatibility with PCI Express MBs - I m worried how much will my other components bottleneck each of those cards My PC http www fileden com files Report txt So finally a little background I ve played titles like Crysis Skyrim and StarCraft on my PC with x resolution and lowered detail I ve played the Diablo open beta too x window mode low detail but I d like a bit better gaming experience since I d be playing it a lot after work in the weekends holidays I know my PC is old and a new one will be a lot better but I just wanna spend as little as possible since I m a rather causal gamer nowadays To wrap it up Which of those VGAs will be the right fit for my PC if any Should I expect compatibility issues bottlenecking Thanks nbsp

A:GeForce GTX 550 Ti <or> Radeon HD 6850

I have a M2N32-SLI Deluxe and ran a 6870 in it for a few months with no problems. It currently has a 6670 in it and runs fine no issues with either GPU. I know you can play Crysis and Skyrim on it. I don't play Diablo.
Relevancy 53.75%

What one do you think I should get?

They both have the same pixel pipelines but the Geforce has a higher clock speed for core and ram.

Anyone heard anything bad about either?

Relevancy 53.75%

if everyday use.... about 6 hrs a day
who will long last or better durability
the ati radeons or nvidia geforce

and pls give me some tips to make them long last


Last longer......physically? Or last longer, as in which will run new games at an acceptable level the longest amount of time?

Either AMD or Nvidia will last a good while physically. Both makers have produced bad cards at some point, it is something that just happens and you can't fault a company for sending out a bad card here and there. I would say heat is the biggest factor in whether a card has a long life, or goes tits up. Overclocking can reduce the lifespan a bit as well.

The best advice I have for you to make sure a card will last is to keep it clean and cool. Don't overclock it and occasionally take it out and gently clean the fans/heatsink to keep dirt/crud from building up and making it run hotter than it has to. Good ventilation in the case will indirectly help keep the card cool also. Unfortunately, there is no voodoo that I am aware of to make a card last is an electrical component and is susceptible to degradation just like everything else.
Relevancy 53.75%

Ok im just wondering, since they both have 64 megs, and are almost the same price, which is better.

A:geforce 4ms 420 or radeon 7000

The MX420 by MILES! The 7000 is = to a TNT2 Pro in benchmarks & such.

Having said that: the GF2 MX400 is only a little behind the GF4 MX420 & is also better than the 7000. The only *plus* the 7000 has is DDR & it still can't keep up w/the MX's.

I can tell you're 'stuck' w/a PCI card (that's what the 7000 & MX420 are) & I'm in the same boat. Get a GF & not the 7000. I did & since I've seen comparisons: I'm glad I didn't get the 7000! :grinthumb

I've spoken to PNY & was told that when the 'new' nVidia chips come out: there will be a hi-performance PCI card in the release. I got a GF2 MX400 in the meantime.

Relevancy 53.75%

I m making plans for buying myself & GeForce Comparing Radeon a new video card I held onto my Radeon X XL for as long as I could But I m finding Shader requirements an obstacle I can t overcome I ve been recommended Comparing Radeon & GeForce a card from the Radeon series But after finding out and series cards have come out I decided to do some investigation into Radeon and GeForce cards Most everyone seems to say that visually speaking some of the cards have a quot slight edge quot over the others As such it seemed to get down to personal preference At that point I decided to go with specs After looking up specs on Wikipedia on all the cards from the Radeon HD - and GeForce - Direct D Shader Model OpenCL OpenGL Other than maybe a or difference none of the cards seemed to give a significant graphical advantage over the other As such I looked at some more information and discovered that the main advantage the cards might have over each other is in three difference categories Power consumption Additional processors Amount of heat given off Now I am all for having these kind of advantages with my next card So with that in mind along with some personal preference I plan on playing games I m not intersted in overclocking I m Comparing Radeon & GeForce not interested in Comparing Radeon & GeForce D I ll only ever use two LCDs I don t mind setting my graphics settings in-game to being - I m sure some machines can do But I d rather have fps of the time over amazing visuals Can anyone point out a detail that I missed that can tell me why one card is better than the others nbsp

Relevancy 53.75%
A:GeForce GT 220 1GB or Radeon HD 4670 1GB


Umm, let me see, both cards excel at mediocrity. I'm going to speculate that since the GT-240 is often on sale in the price range of either of these cards, you should buy one of those instead.

Take for example this EVGA; Forty bucks after MIR.
Relevancy 53.75%

I'm looking at purchasing one or the other tomorrow. They are both $99 at Best Buy, and I'm wondering which is better. I couldn't help but notice that the GT520 has more memory.

Could anyone help?


Relevancy 53.75%

My specs:
Celeron 1200 Mhz
Gigabyte 6VA mobo (via apollo pro chipset)
512 MB ram
ESS soundcard
Windows Me

A couple of weeks ago I replaced my Geforce 256 by a Geforce 4mx. But as several people advised me I brought it back and bought a Radeon 8500 instead. But after I had built it in I didn`t get a significant performance boost. I got about 30 FPS in JK2 timedemo with both Geforce4mx and Radeon 8500 and about 6000 marks in 3Dmark 99 max also with both cards (vsynch off). In 3Dmark 2001 SE I get about 5100 marks with the Radeon (I donīt know about the Geforce 4mx). What could be the problem or is this all the performance I can expect from a Radeon 8500 and a Celeron 1,2 ?

A:Geforce 4mx = Radeon 8500 ?

Indeed it might be the Celeron the culprit in this equation. Do you know the exact type of Radeon 8500 you have bought ? What drivers are you running ? There are OEM versions circulating with lower specs then the Original Radeon 8500.

Radeon 8500 -> 275 mhz Core / 550 mhz DDRam
Radeon 8500 LE -> 250 mhz Core / 500 mhz DDRam
Radeon 8500 LELE ->225 mhz Core / 450 mhz DDRam

I haven't tested a GF4MX but I've installed 2 Radeon 8500 cards & I must say they worked very well ( granted they were running on AthlonXPs ).

Have you tryed any other games ?
Relevancy 53.75%

Quick question here I'm helping my girlfriend's sister buy a new PC She's looking at the Dell XPS If she buys it on Dell's website she can get or GTX 645? HD GeForce Radeon 7570 the GeForce GTX installed If she buys it at Best Buy she would get the AMD Radeon HD She's not really into serious gaming but she does play some games She won't be doing any first person shooter or racing games mostly shmups shooters peggle-type games Luxor HD etc - right now her old HP PC can't even handle Luxor HD at x She does play Future Radeon HD 7570 or GeForce GTX 645? Pinball tables which Radeon HD 7570 or GeForce GTX 645? does require a bit of graphical Radeon HD 7570 or GeForce GTX 645? power With that in mind which will be the better card I think from what I've read the GTX is better but I wanted to double-check in here The processor will be the Core i - either way Will the GTX be enough for her Keep in mind she got by the last years with HP integrated graphics but it did hold her back a bit She's really not interested in upgrading beyond either of these cards

A:Radeon HD 7570 or GeForce GTX 645?

From what I can find about those two cards (they are both OEM only cards), the GTX 645 is slightly faster. Neither will be up to any of the latest and greatest, but should be more than enough for the type of games you said she likes to play.

Pretty much comes down to which is selling the computer the cheapest, more than the slight edge one card may have over the other.
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Which of these 2 is better? ATI or Nvidia?
And which is better out of these two graphics card?
Nvidia Geforce 7600GT

Or ATI radeon X800GTO?

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I would like to know which one is better? I was surfing on and noticed the had a 256 mb ddr 9200 that runs at 200mhz(core speed) and 400mhz(Effective Speed), but they had a FX 5200 256 mb ddr that runs at 250mhz(Core) and 332mhz(Effective). I couldn't find a 5200 with 256mb that runs the same as the Radeon... if you know of a webstore that has one plz give me link, if the FX 5200 is better. So can someone plz tell me which card would be the best. Link to Geforce, and link to Radeon

A:Radeon 9200 Vs. Geforce FX 5200

Dude, with the X800 cards now becoming available on the market, prices are dropping fast on vid cards. Hold of for another couple weeks at least.

Both of the cards you are mentioning are junk, to be perfectly honest. Well, at least if you play PC games they are. Wait, and get yourself a 9800 Pro as the price comes down!
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Hi guyz ...
I'm planning to buy a new desktop soon, could you guyz give me suggestion which one would be better ?

ATI Radeon 9600 PRO 128 MB
MSI GeForce FX 5600 128 MB

A:ATI Radeon 9600 Pro vs GeForce FX 5600

Search for benchmarks
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im getting a new video card and i dont know which of these to choose. both are same price at compusa, which 1 is better?

-GeForce 6600GT-
Platform: PC
Type of Video Card: 2D/3D Video w/TV Support
Slot Type: PCI Express x16
Chipset Brand: NVIDIA
Chipset: GeForce 6600
Core Clock Speed: 500 MHz
Installed Video Memory: 128 MB
Memory Technology: DDR3
Memory Speed: 1 GHz
RAMDAC Speed: dual 400 MHz
Max Resolution: 2048 x 1536
Refresh Rate at Max Resolution: 85 Hz
Flat Panel Max Resolution: 1900 x 1200
Video Standards: HDTV

-Radeon 9800 Pro-
Platform: PC
Type of Video Card: 2D/3D Video w/TV Support
Slot Type: AGP
AGP Support: AGP 4X
Chipset Brand: ATI
Chipset: RADEON 9800 Pro
Installed Video Memory: 128 MB
Memory Technology: DDR
RAMDAC Speed: 400 MHz
Max Resolution: 2048 x 1536
Refresh Rate at Max Resolution: 85 Hz
Color Depth at Maximum Resolution: 16.7 Million Colors (24-bit)
Video Standards: HDTV NTSC (Full)

A:GeForce 6600GT or Radeon 9800 Pro

As I don't own either one of these, I can't say which is the best, but I can tell you this. The GeForce card that you list, shows to be a PCi Express card, and you have to have a motherboard that supports that. Unless you have a pretty new computer and or motherboard, you can rule that one out. I'll bet you have a AGP slot, so if you do, be sure and look for AGP cards only. IF you need an AGP card the 6600GT also comes in AGP version.
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So which one do you think is better? Radeon X1650 Pro : or GeForce 7600 GS: ?

Thanks in advance.

A:Radeon X1650 Pro VS GeForce 7600 GS

My choice

I plan on getting the X1650 PRO,but i don't know much about the other one.
I have used ATI since W95 and stay with it.
The best way to get this kind of comparison is with magazine articles.
So try this forum.
Great Magazine.Fantastic annual subscription price.$34.97 CDN.63% off.
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I am going to be adding a new video card but unfortunately don't have an AGP or PCI express slot. Therefore, I am limited in my choices. Should I go with the GeForce FX 5200 or Radeon 9250?

A:GeForce FX 5200 or Radeon 9250

I have 2 computers ones running Geforce FX 5200 agp, and ones running the Radeon 9250, so far ive found the 5200 faster and more reliable then the radeon.
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i have Athlon XP 2000+ 512 ddram and a Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro 128 mb
and im planning to upgrade to an AMD Athlon64 3400+
this complect, which i will buy, has 512 dual ddr and a Geforce FX 5900XT.
what will you suggest, put in my old Radeon, or leave the GeForce ?
I know, that we can compare Geforce FX 5900Ultra to Radeon 9800 Pro , but i think u know the problems Radeon users have with Counter-Strike.
Now, with my specs, i have between 40 and 70 fps in CS/CZ and 100 fps in closed places ... so, will the fps be 100 all the time with this PC, and i'll be able to play newer games with high frame rates, or will it still be sloppy with radeon ? should i choose geforce fx 5900 XT then ? cause ill have more time playing CS than Doom 3 or Far Cry or something... ( ofcourse i WILL play them, that's why im upgrading )

A:Geforce FX 5900XT and Radeon 9800Pro

Keep your "old" 9800 Pro, you fool hehe
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Was wondering if the AMD 7970M outperforms the GTX 580 desktop card. I am only asking this since I heard it on some forums, just wanted to double-check (google no yielding any search results).

A:Radeon HD 7970M vs GeForce GTX 580 (desktop)

Iv read that the 580m loses heavily to the 7970m, Not sure about the desktop version.
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Comments on which is better.

I am going buy one of these but I do not know which is better.

A:ATI Radeon 9600 vs GeForce FX 5200


Actually, it depends upon which version you get of the ATI. I would always recommend the ATI card over the 5200, unless you are planning on buying the LE version. If you are planning on this cheap LE version of the ATI, then I would recommend the 5200. I have a 9600 Pro and it is a great card.
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I am tired of my graphic card, as it is underpowered. I am trying to decide what to get in place of it and I'm looking at the Radeon 9800se 128-bit 128mb video card. My GeForce is 64-bit 128mb video card. Should I stay with my vid card or get the Radeon. My budget is between $60-70. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:GeForce 6200 vs. ATI Radeon 9800

This would be a good card, better than your 6200 and better than a 9800SE:
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Dear All,

Need a quick suggestion before i seal the deal.

I intend to buy the Radeon HD 5450. It has PCI-e 2.1 x16 bus interface.

My motherboard model is Foxconn WinFast NF4K8MC. It has PCI-e 1 x16 graphics slot.

My query is- will the graphics card work with this motherboard or not?

Thanks in advance,

A:Geforce GT 210 or Radeon HD 5450..better in gaming??

to answer your question... neither would be a choice for me for gaming..

both cards are so low down on the budget scale, they would only jsut offer better performance than built in graphics.

unless your aim is to play mine sweeper lol
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hello all , I have a small dilemma at the mo , my brother has given me his Ati Radeon 9600 XT card as he has just upgraded to a new system with ATI X1600

now my old system runs most games fine but struggles on a couple but overall its fine for me.
However If i replace my current Geforce 4 4600ti with the Radeon card would I see any benefits , I seem to recall they were around at the same time so are they pretty much the same or does one or the other whip the pants out of the other.
Which one shall I use Arrggghh

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Hi guys,

I will be upgrading from a defective ATI Radeon 9800XT to a new XFX nVidia GeForce 7600GT, for the AGP platform.

When I get the new card, how do I uninstall my ATI card and all the software as to avoid any conflicts during the switchover to nVidia?

Then when I get the new card, how do I get it properly configured? I've never done this before.


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I am wondering which card I should get. Both cards are AGP. The x800 out preforms the 6800 in the benchmark tests on "Toms's hardware guide" site. It also out preforms the 6800 in hardware as well having GDDR3 memory while the 6800 has DDR. My question is how important is having SM3. The 6800 card has SM3 while the x800 card does not. I know that soon ATI will soon be coming out with a new line of cards that all have SM3 which makes me wonder how important the technology is.

Thanks for your time.

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Which one would be a better fit? Both are about the same price, though 7750 was released a year after GTX550Ti. The only thing 550 has advantage in are the clocks, which are told to be twice as fast as 7750. Would that make any difference, significant or not?

These are the cards in consideration - EVGA 01G-P3-1556-KR GeForce GTX 550 Ti &#40;Fermi&#41; FPB 1GB 192-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card - ASUS HD7750-1GD5-V2 Radeon HD 7750 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card

A:Radeon HD 7750 vs GeForce GTX550Ti

Basically flip a coin. In some games the AMD is faster, and in others the Nvidia is. Good place to start is here,

Video Card Comparison -

Check some of the reviews of the HD 7750 as most will also have the 550 Ti, and you can judge for yourself.

One big advantage that the HD 7750 has over the 550 Ti is it requires/uses about half the power, 55 W for the HD 7750 vs 116 W for the 550 Ti.
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I have two cards ATI Radeon 9200se and Geforce Fx5200.Both are of 128 mb. Which one is better.I want to replace one of them.

One more thing i also want to buy a good 3d card (better than ATI 9200 and Fx 5200) but i have a limited money so plz tell me which one is better for me. I have a motherboard with agp 4x.

A:[HELP] Which is better Radeon 9200se or Geforce Fx5200.

Both the 9200se and 5200fx are obnoxiously obsolete by today's standards. It's really a toss-up, with the 5200fx likely being a hair slower in some games, but offerring PS/VS2.0 (DX 9.0) whereas the 9200se offers PS/VS1.4 (DX8.1). So... it's up to you and your games. Both cards are severely fillrate and memory bandwidth strapped.

As far as a new videocard goes, the 6600GT is pretty hard to beat for an AGP system. If this is a tad out of your pricerange, the 9800 Pro has been reduced in price to staggering lows at NewEgg. I'd recommend a 9800 Pro from NewEgg (due to price vs. performance), or a 6600GT if you can afford one.
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I have the option to jump from a GeForce 6150 Integrated GPU to an X300 GPU, and I was wondering if it is worth the jump (if I would see a significant increase in performance)?