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What UTF is and how to use/enable it on telnet server?

Q: What UTF is and how to use/enable it on telnet server?


So I have this little question (out of curiosity) what UTF "version" uses and how (if it's possible) can it be enabled on a telnet server?


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Preferred Solution: What UTF is and how to use/enable it on telnet server?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: What UTF is and how to use/enable it on telnet server?

UTF are character encodings, eg: utf-8 character set

just google UTF for it
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Hello All,

Just got on to Win 7 Enterprise 64 at work. I was able to add the registry hack for IE7 on Win XP to enable telnet:// links but this has proved to be an issue with IE8 in win7. Has anyone been able to get this to work? Ive been googling for a few days now and even searched the forums. I use SecureCRT and would like it to open when clicking a telnet://x.x.x.x link in IE8. Any help would be appreciated.


A:How to Enable Telnet Links in IE8?

Actually, you aren't actually using IE for telnet, it just calls the built in client so you are using a real client. It is an easier way to start the telnet client though.

There should not be a space in the word TELNET in the Registry Key name, the forum editor must have added that on the other site; happens here as well on lines longer than 75 characters that do not contain a space. That my be why it didn't work for you.
And the wording can be confusing. You create a new Dword value (the DWORD Name part) which contains Data (the DWORD Value part).
You can't rename the Default value.
You right click in the right pane, point to New, click Dword value. A new Name will appear named New Value #1. Should already be highlighted ready to rename. Then name that new item iexplore.exe. You then double click it and set it to zero, though it should already be zero.

It does work for IE8.
You can copy the text in the following code block into Notepad, save it as a .reg file (Be sure to change the Save as Type box to All Files) and double click to create the entry. I've included a line to remove the one with the extraneous space if it exists.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



My telnet shell command already had the rundll32 part. That the website linked above doesn't have the correct value though. It should include the full path as that makes it harder for malware to interfere:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="\"C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\rundll32.exe\" \"C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\url.dll\",TelnetProtocolHandler %l"

Note that the last character is actually a lowercase letter L, not the number 1.
If your Windows folder is not on C: or is named something else, you'd need to modify that to match your system, or use this version which uses the %Systemroot% variable instead of hard coding the path:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

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Just wondering if this is possible in any way. I can get to the router via the web interface, but would like to (possibly) have some more control over the settings, so I'm hoping telnet would work. I've tried telnetting to the device, but I keep getting "Connection Refused" errors.

Is there a setting I need to change on the command line side to enable telnet connections?

Or do I need to upgrade the device, and if so, will going to an rv220w be enough, or do I have to go with higher-end stuff?

A:Enable telnet/cli on cisco rv110w?

You're certainly asking a lot from a consumer grade router.

Typically, the consumer grade and even the enterprise/business class routers are built around some sort of Linux/Unix/Posix type core. The amount of functionality you get is based on the amount of effort they've spent in customizing the OS. You're not going to find CLI access on consumer grade stuff as the market doesn't demand it. Your best option if you really want this is to see if there is a hack firmware that gives you this feature.

Incidentally, SonicWall never really provided a CLI. They have a very basic one but they're adding a full function CLI in future firmware releases.
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I am a Desktop support tech for a big company in Portland do IE8 in for I How enable links telnet:// Windows x64 7 protocol OR Along with desktops I also assist in managing some of the network gear including Cisco switches Unfortunately not all the switches are SSH capable To keep track of the switches I have a website saved that contains a bunch of quot ssh ipaddresshere quot and quot telnet ipaddresshere quot links These links go to the various switches that How do I enable telnet:// protocol links in IE8 for Windows 7 x64 I help maintain Due to network policy I am unable to use any other browser other than IE I know suck right So if I need to access a switch I bring up that website and click on the link How do I enable telnet:// protocol links in IE8 for Windows 7 x64 it opens up quot kitty exe quot and connects using the correct protocol tadaa I have figured out how to enable those protocol links in IE for Windows x and Windows XP thanks to an earlier post on this forum I will be happy to share my results and what I have learned on how to do this for Windows x as well as XP Yes still using IE It involves a couple registry settings and copying kitty exe to your root drive Default C How do I enable telnet:// protocol links in IE8 for Windows 7 x64 I have a Windows x client that I work with on occasion and would like to use those links At this time whenever I click on a quot telnet quot link it just says quot unable to open quot When I click on quot ssh quot links they open fine using the kitty exe client born from Putty Can anyone shed some light on this for me I've read in other forums and posts here that I need to do the same thing for x to WoW Node but it doesn't give any details and I am leery of changing registry files without direct knowledge as to what I am changing

A:How do I enable telnet:// protocol links in IE8 for Windows 7 x64


Welcome to seven forums, try the steps here in post 10, it explains it for you

Tech Support Guy - Solved: Telnet in IE8
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i have a standart home computer with Windows XP pro on it. I have a site link to my ip and have an FTP server running off of my computer, but was wondering if there was anyway i could make my computer a telnet or shell service to compile and execute C and C++ file. please help me to set this up.
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Hi there I have just configured and set up my FTP Server for my computer However when I type in the ftp and my ip address the login screen comes up and it asks me to enter my username and password there FTP I to to use how some and Telnet help run my on Server, need how So I enter it like so and nothing works after that It just sits there and doesn't wan't to go to my FTP directory Why is that for I mean I configured everything correctly and I even opened up port for my FTP server And I also port forwarded it too So please try to explain to me on what is really going on here Now another thing that I want to know from you is how do I use the Telnet command But I already know that I have to open up port for this And I already did that and enabled Telnet Client too in the Turn features on and off Now in order to find out whose Telnet port is open I use the I need some help on how to run my FTP Server, and how to use Telnet angry ip scanner for this I mostly use the older version of Angry IP scanner for Windows XP that shows mostly green dots when certain ports are open Now here is how it goes Now I have a friend from high school who gave me his IP address And I know what it is too And he has a lot of IP addresses as well Now he doesn't have any remote desktop ports open at all Mostly his dots are all blue in the angry IP scanner on port Now one of his IP's has a green dot on port So that means I can go and connect to his computer Is that correct I mean if the dot is green then I can do whatever I want to it That includes anyone else's computer I am assuming But I am not sure on how to use the Telnet command For this procedure in command prompt do I need to type in telnet first then his IP address after that Will that work I bet it will work for sure But what I mostly want to do here is try to open up one of his ports for Remote Desktop which is But I know that there is an option for this in Telnet Is that so I think that it is the th number there in Telnet Well anyway so please get back to me ASAP on this because I would like to know on much more about this All righty then So thank you very much

A:I need some help on how to run my FTP Server, and how to use Telnet

To access another computer via telnet that computer must be running a telnet server. This is not the case on most Windows systems and in many cases is not even installed. Port 23 being open does not mean that a telnet server is accessible, running, or even installed. You would also need to know a valid user name and password on that computer.

This forum cannot help you gain access to a computer you do not own or manage. Forum rules do not permit this.
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hey, I want to change two things about my telnet server:

1) ' welcome to microsoft telnet ', how do I change that welcome message ?

2) how do I get my server to run a console program whenever a client connects on a specific port ?

cheers in advance.

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Hiya The Telnet protocol provides remote shell capabilities Microsoft has implemented the Telnet protocol by providing a Telnet Server in several products The implementations Patch Windows 7 2000: Feb Telnet Server in two of these products - - - Windows and Interix - contain unchecked buffers in the code that handles the processing of telnet protocol options An attacker could use this vulnerability to perform a buffer overflow attack A successful attack could cause the Telnet Server to fail or in some cases Telnet Server Patch Windows 2000: Feb 7 could possibly allow an attacker to execute code of her choice on the system Such code would execute using the security context Telnet Server Patch Windows 2000: Feb 7 of the Telnet service but this context varies from product to product In Windows the Telnet service always runs as System in the Interix implementation the administrator selects the security context in which to run as part of the installation process Affected Software Telnet Service in Microsoft Windows Telnet Daemon in Microsoft Interix http www microsoft com technet treeview default asp url technet security bulletin ms - asp Regards eddie nbsp
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I am finally surrendering to I'm sure the superior knowledge of someone here with my problem First a little background I have Win Ultimate and want to use it as a webserver I have already got IIS with ASP ASP problem Server/User Telnet configuration NET PHP Telnet Server/User configuration problem MySQL and Telnet Server set up and working I'm confident using all of these except the telnet server Unfortunately I am not able to login using the 'standard' windows telnet client Here's what I get Code Microsoft Telnet gt open localhost Connecting To localhost You are about to send your password information to a remote computer in Internet zone This might not be safe Do you want to send anyway y n y Access Denied Specified user is not a member of TelnetClients group Server administrator must add this user to the above group Telnet Server has closed the connection Connection to host lost Press any key to continue I notice it is unusually not asking for a username or password Is it automagically using my windows username password I therefore tried PuTTY in telnet mode and the following happened Code Welcome to Microsoft Telnet Service login MyUsername password The handle is invalid Login Failed obviously username hidden for security reasons I used my windows login username password Is this the wrong one and if so where can I edit a telnet user list So I have a few questions Why doesn't my telnet client ask for a username and password Why doesn't my windows username password work when using PuTTY I actually am unable to find any way to configure any aspect of the telnet server apart from starting and stopping the service Is there a telnet server configuration client I'm missing How do I add users with telnet access both adding a physical user and giving telnet permissions When I've logged into remote computers I'm automatically in my 'home folder' How is this done Sorry if these seem like noob questions but I have scoured the internet for the answers as I always do but to no avail Thanks in advance for any help that can be given

A:Telnet Server/User configuration problem

It looks like you need too create a local group called TelnetClients group and then add the appropiate users or groups to that group.

Error Message: Access Denied - Specified user is not a member of the TelnetClients group
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hi there i am getting a web linksys server, dsl router, sympatico web/telnet Solved: server set up and a telnet server set up on my home computer i am using sympatico dsl a linksys wrt n and windows vista i have port forwarding set up properly in the router as well along with static ip my ip is always i can go to my local network address via http and i will get my webserver page Solved: web/telnet server, linksys router, sympatico dsl as well i can telnet to that address or telnet to localhost and i will get my telnet bbs but if i try to use my dynamic dns domain or even my internet ip address it is sending me to my modem configuration page via http and if i telnet to the address it says connection refused my guess is because it is trying to telnet to my modem this is puzzling as everything is set up properly according to the directions on the router and the modem plugged into the internet port setup via Solved: web/telnet server, linksys router, sympatico dsl DHCP etc etc also if i go to my routers status page it lists the internet ip address as the address of my modem not of the actual ip address eg not xx xx xx xx which would be the actually external internet ip can anyone help me is there some reason why this is doing this i have used portforward coms instructions for port forwarding to no avail port forwarding does work for azureus ports though this is so frustrating let me know if anyone has any ideas i really want to have this work i am going to try to plug the dsl modem straight into the computer no router and see if i can access the server hoested on the computer or if it will go to the modem status page again the modem page has nothing other than the options to disconnect and this IP Address Subnet Mask DNS Server Address DNS Server Address Modem IP Address System Summary System Type SpeedStream -Series Config Part -s -G Firmware Part -E -A M MAC Address B F F firmware i am running on my linksys is the latest wrt n peace chris nbsp

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1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms ME [] 2 9 ms 6 ms 8 ms [Redacted] 3 10 ms 21 ms 9 ms <---Here 4 16 ms 10 ms 44 ms [xxx.x.xx] 5 11 ms 12 ms 21 ms <-- GoogleThe first HOP is my router.The second hop (my redacted IP address) is my gateway correct?Then what is third hop? It's not my router or my modem. I did some investigation and telneted in. Sure enough it connects on Port 23. There is a disclaimer which also identified the computer as belonging to my ISP. Am I being DNS poisoned or something?Is it my IP's DNS server?"The world is a vampire and I am the throat upon which it feeds..." - S.T. Gillmessage edited by lordpoee

A:Strange Tracert Results, Strange Telnet Server

It's your ISP's router.
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my dchp in cmd is

DCHP enbale.........................:NO

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how to enable the remote access in 2000 server where is option of the remort?

A:remote acess not enable in win 2000 server

You have to install the terminal services for that.When installed, you can use to terminal sessions at a time. If you need more than 2 terminal sessions, you have to buy additional licenses.The terminal sessions can be established by using the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client.
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Hi all

Now W7 is out to the "Great Unwashed" I'm beginning to see all sorts of problems with things like "I can't SEND email when I'm on the Internet away from home" or "I want to logon to my desktop at home when I'm at work or in a Hotel.

Most of the remote machines have Home Premium installed. However an increasing amount of people are using some sort of networking on Home computers and want RDP type facilities.


A:To Microsoft - Please enable RDP (server) in Home Premi

I don't know how "standard" it may be, internationally, but in my abode, most ISPs have the facility to log in direct to the email site. But, with your other problem, the only versions with the "server" of Remote Desktop is Professional and Ultimate. Home Premium does NOT have this. It has Remote Desktop Connection, so it can connect to other PC's, but cannot be connected to. Maybe (??) , Microsoft will realise the crippling effect on users and send out an update - maybe!
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Does anyone know how to reinstall server as a service in administrative tools? "Server" is not even listed as a service. Without it I am unable to share any files. I am assuming it is a corrupt file somewhere. Does anyone know if running sfc /scannow will repair this problem?
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I have to enable 'Use a proxy server for your LAN' when using my laptop at work and I have to disable this option when at home. It's really tedious having to click on Tools/Internet Options/Connections/LAN Settings to access this feature.

Is it possible to create separate shortcuts to IE - one with 'proxy server enabled, and one with 'proxy server' disabled?


A:Create shortcut to enable proxy server

This would be helpful to me also. Does anyone know the answer?
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in windows 7 server services are not enable .its showing error code 10

A:in windows 7 server services are not enable .its showing error code 10

Welcome to our forum vikramsuv.
We need some basic information about your system. These two tutorial will help you do that and putting in your My System Spec in the lower left of your every post.

By Brink:

System Info - See Your System Specs

By Kari:

Speccy - Publish Snapshot of your System Specs
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Hi folks. I've got Server 2008 R2 laptop that I need to transfer files to. Frequently, when I reconnect the mapped drive on the source computer, it disables my account on the laptop. Sometimes I forget to check & re-enable it, causing me to get someone to re-enable my account.

I created a batch file using net user account /active:yes. Running that batch file seems to work fine.

The question is, how do I automate that batch file to run on logoff or shutdown?


A:Enable user account at logoff/shutdown - server 2008 R2

windows 8 - Schedule a command at logoff before applications terminate - Super User
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Hi there On Linux we can easily enable remote access to MySQL server but on Windows I got no success so far a client tried to connect to MySQL on the server Here s the steps to do that on the server computer How MySQL to to Solved: Windows server remote enable XP access on Open a DOS command prompt on the server Run the following command from the Solved: How to enable remote access to MySQL server on Windows XP mysql bin directory mysql Solved: How to enable remote access to MySQL server on Windows XP -u root --password A mysql gt prompt should be displayed To create Solved: How to enable remote access to MySQL server on Windows XP a remote user account with root privileges run the following commands GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON TO USERNAME IP IDENTIFIED BY PASSWORD USERNAME is the username to be created IP is the public IP address of the remote connection PASSWORD is the password to be assigned for this username IP can be replaced with to allow this user to logon from any host or IP mysql gt FLUSH PRIVILEGES mysql gt exit So it is But I couldn t connect to that MySQL from another computer both are Windows XP If you have any experience I d like to receive your help Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Solved: How to enable remote access to MySQL server on Windows XP

Oh, I got it. It's due to my Windows Firewall. Just turn off it (unsecured) or add MySQL port (e.g. 3306) to the WFirewal's exception.

Have fun!
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Just today, I noticed that realtime protection wasn't enabled on Malwarebytes, so I tried re-enabling it with no success. As well, when I tried updating, Malwarebytes was unable to access the update server.
A few days before this happened, I tried to download a song from an MP3 site, but instead of it being an MP3, it turned out to be a Windows executable that Malwarebytes detected as a PUP. I removed the PUP, but I think it may still have been responsible for the problem I currently have.
Also, when I try to run a scan in Malwarebytes, it gets hung up on some files. If I delete a file it gets stuck on, it'll just get stuck on another.
EDIT: Moved from MRT to Aii. No logs posted. ~bloopie

A:Can't enable real-time protection or access update server in Malwarebytes.

Edit: Added that scan from Malwarebytes gets hung up on files.
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Greetings I have an HTML Txt conversion application that programatically calls IE to open an HTML source which produces a formatted text-only output of any web page html file nbsp The app includes an Html Txt ocx that must be registered during installation nbsp The application was originally installed on Windows Server with IE and functioned without issue either via an interactive logon or as a child process invoked as needed to a windows service executing under the same user nbsp We are moving the solution off of Windows and I installed the app and parent service on a -bit Windows Server with IE nbsp The service executed as expected but the HTML Txt application failed with errors about IE nbsp I then downgraded IE to IE and it now functions without error if I execute it from a command prompt nbsp However although the application executes without generating any errors and produces a formatted text-only output when invoked by the service the output generated contains a statement identifying that the browser is not running scripts and any content generated by embedded JavaScripting is not present nbsp I have configured Internet Options to enable Active Scripting and reregistered the HTML Txt ocx as well as the jscript dll in addition to adding the source domain to Trusted Sites nbsp I have also tried opening the source URL saving it to a file and tried converting the local file and it always produces the same deficient output nbsp Since the output generated during a manual execution of the application produces the desired output I feel confident that there is no compatibility issue and scripts are obviously executed at that time nbsp Since scripts are not run during the programatic execution of the app how can I resolve this issue Thank you for any suggestions you may have
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Hi I am desperate to resolve this issue as I have been getting this x ccc e error from Outlook on my laptop regarding failure to connect to my virtual server apache tomcat running windows server I tried to connect to my email via Webmail on Plesk and Mail Server (MAIL 2008) (WINDOWS ENABLE) Issue received a failed login The same for all accounts The problem arose when just minutes after sending through an email okay I tried a follow up email to the same person and received this x ccc e error message I check on the server and noted that Mailenable Professional was not running IMAP properly as I Server (WINDOWS 2008) Mail Issue (MAIL ENABLE) have exceed my trial period so I spoke to them and installed Mailenable Enterprise on over the top to keep the trial running It kept the same settings and IMAP and all the other services on the same accounts worked Having gone back to Outlook on my laptop Server (WINDOWS 2008) Mail Issue (MAIL ENABLE) and tried to send I got the same error Since then I have disabled all anti-virus KASPERSKY PURE SPY WARE DOCTOR MALWARE on my laptop and server SYMANTEC END POINT disabling the firewalls to no avail I tried setting up an account with POP as opposed to IMAP and test fails in Outlook I have also verified the account details to be the same as had worked previously for a long time I've tinkered with some port changes via other forums and its not worked either Plus did a run of registry cleaners on both systems as well as resetting machines etc My colleague has just informed me that when he went into his email via the Webmail external client on his machine which is not on a network he got a failed login The issue therefore must be Server Side Tel net command prompts actions do not work or bring up anything Having run NETSTAT -AN command see attached screenshot it does not bring up the imap or ports which should be used I really cannot see what more I can do and cannot afford to pay for a technician at my hosts to look at this privately Can anyone help I am pulling my hair out and have sore eyes Your assistance is appreciated Best regards A

A:Server (WINDOWS 2008) Mail Issue (MAIL ENABLE)

This has now been resolved, by the kind folk at mailenable.

Here are details of the fix, from the email they sent me:-
Ok we have logged into the server and performed a telnet test locally on the
server to see if we were able to connect to the MailEnable POP, IMAP and
SMTP services which were unsuccessful. We could see that you are running
Symantec Endpoint protection which is includes a firewall option. We added
the MailEnable IMAP service to the firewall rules which allowed us to
successfully connect the IMAP service. You can now use the Horde webmail
interface and log in using the IMAP protocol.

We then tried adding the SMTP service to the Symantec Endpoint Protection
firewall rules, however this did not make any difference. So we then
accessed the MailEnable SMTP properties and enabled the alternate port for
the SMTP service to listen on (587). We were then able to telnet to the SMTP
service on port 587 which indicates that there is some other
application/firewall that is blocking access on port 25. I noticed that the
Windows firewall was also running so we added a rule to the firewall for the
SMTP service and can now successfully connect to the service and send using
the Horde webmail interface. I'm quite certain that your Outlook errors
should be addressed so give it go and see if you can send/receive from the
Outlook client.

Cheers, and I hope this helps anyone who has a similar situation.

Best regards
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Q: telnet

Is the utility telnet still available in Vista? I cannot find it.


I know that there is a Telnet client in Vista Premium and Ultimate, but for other versions you'll have to go looking.
Go to Control Panel (Classic)/Programs and Features. Click on "Turn Windows Features On or Off". Put a check box in 'Telnet Client'. You may have to reboot.
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Q: Telnet

Well today I needed to use Telnet and discovered it is not enabled on Win7 as default. So if anyone else needs to know this is how to do it

Control Panel
Programs And Features
Turn Windows features on or off
Check Telnet Client
Hit OK
After that you can start Telnet via Command Prompt.


Well, telnet is technically an 'archaic' communications type program. While technically, there are still a lot of devices that use telnet for other things, the more secure communication method for terminal based systems is to use SSH clients like Putty, SecureCRT and the like.

I also believe that MS purposely disabled some of that stuff, in favor of people who really need the old style internet applications like that, would also be more in favor of getting communications software that actually would use it. Like again, SecureCRT or Putty or other similar programs because of the whole 'Anti-Command Line' sentiment with majority of users these days and wanting nice programs with user friendly interfaces.
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Q: telnet

Hello here i go again. how can i tell if someone is accessing my pc through telnet, or vpn?
What logs or entries should i check?
thanks again


From a command prompt type:

netstat -A and hit enter. This will show all active connection and the associated port in use.
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Q: Telnet

How do you send a message to a computer through telnet? I am trying to send one from one of my computers to the other so I know all the ips and the ports.


If you haven't already, try this site:
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I have a linux box that I am trying to telnet out of. I've disabled firewall, port forwarding seems fine from the router machine(WinXp), and I can even access the internet from the linux box using browsers. Why oh why can I not telnet out? It is installed, and I can telnet within the machine, but can't access outside addresses. I have a wireless router and a hub hooked up, and I'm sure this is where the issue is. One more thing, when I try to telnet it shows: Trying then times out. ARgh!
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i have a standart home computer with Windows XP pro on it. I have a site link to my ip and have an FTP server running off of my computer, but was wondering if there was anyway i could make my computer a telnet or shell service to compile and execute C and C++ file. please help me to set this up.


if u want to compile c and C++ program then u should use "turbo c" for Compiling and exec.
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hi could someone please tell me about this as i have just checked my computer after someone else has been on it and they have accesed telnet could he done something to access my computer from his ???

A:Telnet What Is This

Yes they could have - it depends what they did on telnet.
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Q: Telnet


I would like to change the default port that my Telnet client listens on to another port. Most content on the net does not have the details as required , so i have turned to you all for assistance. I need to change it from 23 to 3990


Common communication ports

TCP port 23 is reserved for Telnet client and server communication. By default, most Telnet clients initiate communication on port 23, and most Telnet servers listen on port 23 for connection requests. You can change the default port assignments with some Telnet client and server software, such as Windows Server 2003 Telnet Client and Server, but port 23 is the universally accepted port for Telnet communication.
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Don't ask me why, but I want to telnet my own computer. I've tried enabling all telnet services and adding ports, but I'm getting nowhere. Any hints?

A:Can't telnet to

Are you just a joker or are you trying to test us ????

Ever heard that is also called localhost?

Because every access is automatically looped back to your machine that's why you can't really usefully telnet or ftp to
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Q: Telnet

Before my PC was firewalled up to the hilt, I did an online security test, which said that my Telnet port was vulnerable. It said something like a hacker could control my PC as if they were sat in front of it.

I was just wondering what Telnet is? I have no probelm now I have upgraded my firewall, but would like to have some idea about how much my system had been compromised.



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Hi, I am having trouble connecting to my new DIR-655 with telnet, does this router support telnet? Or am i doing something wrong, i can connect to my adsl router which is linked to the DIR-655 but i cannot connect to D-Link DIR-655.

"Connecting To not open connection to the host, on port 23: Connect failed"

^^^Thats my error


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Q: Telnet

if anyone could send some help revering to the use of telnet
and command!
help would be rememberd.


Assuming you are using WindowsAt the command prompt type: telnet help (it might be: telnet /help)Heres a link to microsoft help
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Q: Telnet

I've never used Telnet before. I decided to look into it a little bit and want to try an MUD which I've also never tried before. I knew there were MUD clients but I wanted to use Telnet since I already had it and I want something simple. I found what looked like a good beginner newbie MUD online so I got the connection information to use on Telnet. I was playing with telnet commands and I tired using the MUD connection information to connect with the command "open", but:

As you can see, it didn't work and I was unsuccessful. Anyone on this forum familiar with Telnet? Like I've said before: I'm using Windows XP Service Pack 3 and "Microsoft Telnet Client" so, again, I thought this would be the best forum section to post this topic in. What command(s) do I use to connect to servers properly on Telnet?


Nevermind, I figured out what I did wrong again. I did "open (server):(port)" when if you put the ":" it causes an error and you have to just put a space. Silly me. Still looking for an answer to this tho:

Edit: We can't delete our posts? That's stupid.
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Q: telnet

i want know how can we connect two diffrent networks using telnet i need expert solution.n i want know how telnet works plz do reply


Not nearly enough information about the environment or the computers in question.

Here's a page on Telnet, maybe that will at least get you started:
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what is ssh?




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Q: telnet

I've been trying to access my server application from my computer using telnet but is not working, the way I do it on windows vista is I press the start key and R to bring the Run option, in there I type telenet space and the ip address. I click enter and I get this error
" windows cannot find telnet. Make sure you typed the name correctly and try again." Can someone help me please?

thank you

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hi im a win7 newbie
my quest is to
how to connect to windows using only ftp/telnet on lan
i tried using by typing the following in cmd
=ftp ip/hostname
it says not connected but when i type
=ping ip
=tracert ip
it works, but still icannot use ftp for that ip
do i need to config the server like 'allow remote connections' in remote settings
plz state every bit if it works for your network /without any software/ if there is a need to config server_ftp is there a way to acces other pc on lan without touching it


Do you have a FTP server installed on the target system?
The "'allow remote connections' in remote settings" enables the remote desktop server, totally unrelated. You need some FTP software or telnet server fro those to work. There isn't anything listening to your connection attempt otherwise.
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Q: Telnet

Is there a way to grant a user the right/permission to log into telnet without making them an administrator in Windows 2000?
Just so they can perform some basic operations, like ping, etc.


Logged in as an ordinary user (power user) with an account on the remote machine, you can run telnet to that machine.
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Although I was able to telnet before I am no longer able to telnet I am using Thief which is a chess interface The destination is freechess org port Similar attempts to connect on port have failed Why has it stopped working could Cannot before though telnet Well two things have changed One is that I have switched antivirus programs to BitDefender The second thing is that representatives Cannot telnet though could before from Claro the phone company came to my work and redid the Wifi network The main change was the antenna but some modifications were made to the configuration Later another man our standard computer guy Cannot telnet though could before came and refined those modifications Error received A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after Cannot telnet though could before a period of time or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond Things I have tried Connected to freechess org from home Site uptime exceeds days Disabled BitTorrent on start-up to conserve bandwidth No change Attempted to connect from another computer in the office Failed Double checked windows firewall options Outgoing permitted unless on a rules list Should be okay Logged into access port I have the admin password and checked for possible anti-telnet configurations Nothing noted Any advice would be appreciated P S Freechess org pings just fine

A:Cannot telnet though could before

I thinking that your work place does not want you or others to play games while at work on work computers. They also don't want Bit Torrent to be used at work.
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I've recently installed a wireless lan in my office. I have Roadrunner cable coming into their router which in turn is attached to a Linksys router. I have one desktop (Dell) running XP Pro hardwire to the router. I also have a laptop and another desktop connected via wireless. I've seen all over the place that you should not enable file sharing. So, how do you allow acces from one computer to another. I've set them all up on the same workgroup.....what am I missing? I've been able to send print from the wireless laptop to the printer attached to the wireless desktop. It's just the folders I'm having problems accessing.
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

A:To enable or not to enable (file sharing that is)

Where exactly have "I've seen all over the place that you should not enable file sharing".

If you don't that is fine. But then you can't share files. Just a choice to make.

With a router you should be reasonably protected.
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Could anyone tell me the advantages and disadvantages of disabling cache writing on the priming HDD? Thanks in advance

A:Cache Writing - Enable or not to enable?

I think the default setting is usually to enable it?

I have a dim understand of it from memory. As I recall, enabling it provides slightly faster performance but has a slight risk of data corruption in cases of a bad shutdown--like from a power outage. It can also have consequences when using RAID.

The geekiest thing to do is to enable it, but use a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to eliminate the risk from power failure.

Me? I've always left it enabled and haven't knowingly suffered any negative consequences.
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A:telnet/ftp question

You don't have to check the time, but the remote site will keep track of it for their access logs.
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As you can see on another thread I am having trouble with one of our two laptops sending and receiving emails Both laptops have the same OS Vista Home Premium AVG and use Windows Mail for emails One cannot send receive emails due to the incoming mail server timing out The outgoing mail server was changed just before the problem arose and the AVG was reinstalled when it or Telnet Using similar developed a fault after automatically updating It has been suggested that I use quot Run quot and then quot telnet mail xxxxx co uk quot to check the connection However I cannot get any meaningful output as the quot black quot screen that Using Telnet or similar should appear with the results only remains on view for a fraction of a second Just as athought it took me ages to find Run - why is Vista so much less simple to use than XP I see from Windows Help that I could use winrs instead but when I try to use quot winrs quot I get no useful output due to the black screen staying for so short a time Can anyone offer me help with this problem and point me to a useful webpage with help on this matter

A:Using Telnet or similar

Originally Posted by oldun

(Just as athoughtit took me ages to find Run - why is Vista so much less simple to use than XP?)

It's not less simple... the Run box has been integrated into the Start menu search box.

If that black box dissapears straight away, it's because the program has finished. In this case, it means you've not run it correctly, so the program returns an error and closes. Start up a command prompt (click start, type cmd, Enter). Then type your telnet command in there to see what it says.
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hi can anyone tell me how to use these and also how do i make sure someone is not accessing my pc remotely. The reason is that my view for folders change all the time as well as my taskbar. and i can actually hear clicking of files when i am idle

A:vpn and telnet, telephony

Well, I highly doubt anyone is accessing your computer thru VPN or telnet. Would help to know how you access the Internet and if you have any routers, firewalls and antivirus running.
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I have a router I have been testing some things on I have been able to successfully telnet to it in the past with no problems Just yesterday I was trying to set an interface to have an IP of which I realized was an IP I had forgot to exlcude from DHCP and it was handed out to the computer I was using to telnet in So I wrote in the exlcude commands and did an ipconfig -release ipconfig -renew on my PC that had the IP After the renew I was given put in a few more excludes However the release dropped my telnet connection and afterwards I was completely unable to telnet in getting the error that says I cannot open the connection on port I had made some changes to my entire config beforehand which had it switch to use a new public IP I never saved the changes and did a hard reset by unplugging the router to get my old config back and see if I could telnet after that Still could not get in same error Well I went through and remade my entire config to use the new public IP My PC can access inside Telnet Can't 891 to HELP! from the internet DNS ping the router all just fine Still can t telnet I remade my line vty config and made sure it matched up with a config I had on another router Still can t telnet Last thing I did was go in and manually clear all open line connections All that is left is an HELP! Can't Telnet from inside to 891 idle con line that it wont let me close Still can t telnet What the heck is going on with this thing I am completely at a loss to explain why I cant telnet It must be something in my ACLs that I am misisng Please help I was just about to move this to an environment where I HAVE to access it by telnet attached is my config maybe someone can find out what is wrong nbsp

A:HELP! Can't Telnet from inside to 891

Fixed this by doing:

ip access-list standard 17

line vty 0 4
access-class 17

Does anyone know why I did not need this in before my ipconfig -renew/release or why I still dont need it on my 1921 router?
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I am trying to check if I can connect to smtp server or not. I am using telnet for this. I am not experienced in using telnet.

Do I have to use port 25 or 587 only for smtp connection or can I use any other port ?
If I am getting connection error, how do I know whether this is because of server or is it because port I am using on my end is being used by other application ?

If Port I am using on my end is used by some different application, will I get same error or will it be different error ?


A:Using Telnet on windows 7

Hello and welcome to TSF.

How to use Telnet:
How to Use Telnet in Windows 7

Questions about telnet:
Telnet: frequently asked questions

To test ports:
Using telnet to Test Open Ports | Knowledge Base
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In telnet if you hit Ctrl+C it issues some sort of a command, I know when I telnet into a chat system I have to hit Ctrl+C to get to the login, My question is what does Ctrl+C issue, because I am trying to telnet in from mIRC with a telnet script, and I need to emulate Ctrl+C in mIRC to get to the login on the server.

(Not that it matters, but my goal here is to make a mIRC bot connect to the chat servers, private servers that is)
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I'm running a Dell 2.8GHz, 3G RAM, WinXP Pro SP2

I just upgraded to IE8 from IE6. I can't telnet from IE8 while I could from IE6.
Does anyone have a solution to telneting from IE8?


Henry [email protected]

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I'm doing a course covering TCP/IP Suite and it covers telnet which I am famliar with, but it mentioned you could telnet via a web browser. It gave an example of:

In the address bar http://telnet://host but it doesn't work? Just wondering if someone could enlighten me.

A:Telnet via Web Browser

What browser are you using? I should work with IE, don't know about any others. And I believe you leave out the http:// as the protocol is telnet so it would just be telnet://host
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Ok, I've managed to telnet into my netbook from my pc: just one problem. I'm faced with a black screen with a blinking cursor, and I can't seem to elicit a response of any kind. I turned on local echo, so I can see what I type, I'm just not sure how to proceed. Help a newb out?

A:telnet question 2

Quote: Originally Posted by Bash1988

Ok, I've managed to telnet into my netbook from my pc: just one problem. I'm faced with a black screen with a blinking cursor, and I can't seem to elicit a response of any kind. I turned on local echo, so I can see what I type, I'm just not sure how to proceed. Help a newb out?

Why would you want to when there are so many more useful alternatives

Ken J
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I have NT4.0 server, SP6a, MS Proxy 2.0, SP1. I can access Internet through proxy using http, no problems, but I can not telnet through it (all internet type requests (http, telnet, ftp,...) from the server to the outside network work as expected). The sever has a real Internet access on the outside, and we use the 10.X network on the inside.

I have MS proxy client installed on workstation (tried 95, 98 & 2K) and have tried using IP & IPX modes... I have also tried several Telnet clients on the workstation including the Windows telnet client.

On the server have tried enabling and disabling access control on winsocks, but still no access through it.

The server is also running DHCP and file sharing services.

Any help or pointers would be appreciated!

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I know I know no one uses telnet anymore but I need to know how to use it either way I'm using a Win and Vista I installed Telnet client and server on both using quot programs and features quot and I enable it using Connect Using Telnet services I've tried may different ways but the way I got closest to connecting was prompted for username password is from the telnet command line I entered quot open quot ip address quot quot and the ip I got was from ipconfig from the Vista And all I get is could not open connection host on port connection failed I have computers running on Win one on Vista with a dual boot of XP Pro and the other is my main computer yes it's a mac But none of that matters a pc can connect to another pc using telnet server client right What am I doing Connect Using Telnet wrong and don't say using a mac I got that before Any help would greatly be appreciated Thanks

A:Connect Using Telnet

Some people use's often used when setting up new routers/switches and other Cisco gear.

You don't often telnet into a Windows box? What are you trying to accomplish exactly?
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Telnet is Not responding at my System . . .
when i put IP for Telnet session,
its Not Responding to me?/
what the Problem is that?//

A:Telnet not responding

With absolutely no information about the environment or where the remote Telnet server is located, I'm not sure there's anything we can tell you.
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good wishes to all the member from a novice;I use winxp and can connect to yahoo email smtp server through outlook express /thunderbird without any problem. But when I try to connect through telnet> 25 , I get the error message 421 cnanot connect to server 68..connect error 10060.However when I connect vis command o 25 I get deamon banner 220 and when i enter any further command like mail to: , I get the error mesage 530 authentication required:for help go to visited the help site I donot find anything wrong either with windows or telnet or firewall or virus softwae which I have tried even after disabling them. how should I proceed further.will any one please guide and help me to solve it thanks

A:telnet error in win xp

Can you confirm telnet service is enabled please,
Here's how to do it this is the same for XP;
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i'm preparing a project in which i have to share files ; this sharing is to be irrespective to the os installed in that pc .
i want use telnet for this thing .
can anybody help me
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well im running xp and when i use tellnet and connect to something ,anything that is,
ill connect but there are 2 scenarioes that happen

1. it'll connect and cmd prompt screen will go blank and when i type the blinking underscore moves but no letters no message but the tittle changes to something like
"telnet 193.89.345.2"
2.i connect jus the same but the words that were tthere stay there and it starts writting at the top like it should but no messages show up
in both scenarioes randomly and rarely it go like that then the message that should show up does and it starts working but ussually not

A:a problem with using telnet on xp

What telnet program are you using? Where are you trying to telnet to?

Mpre than likely it is a setting that is not right in the program. Re-check all of the settings and try again.
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I need to telnet multiple ip's.I need the unix code to create a batch file to telnet multiple IP's.If there is a problem in that,it should be logged into a txt file.
i.e, Just to check the connection between the ports and to close the connection.In any case if some problem occurs that should be logged to text file in the specified location!

A:Telnet Multiple IP's

Hi prasannakarthiki,

Telnet is not secure if you are talking about connecting over the Internet, however, if you are in a secured local area network within a company, telnet would be ok to use as long as it is deployed and not able to access the Internet.

Use Putty instead of telnet if connecting over the Internet as it is more secure.

-- Tom
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Hey Everyone,

How can i get someones Ip off msn by using telnet?

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Jus had a question about Telnet. How would i use telnet from My school? I dont get how to use the user names and passwords? Can someone plz give me helpful info on how to set this up!?! Thanks

A:Question's about telnet

First of all, telnet is Bad since it is unencrypted and anyone can sniff your passwords and everything you do. I recommend SSH instead.

First you enable telnet on the server computer. On Windows it is a service to install/enable. On unixoid systems you have to enable it in either inetd or xinetd.

If you have a firewall then you have to enable connections to port 23 on the server side.

Telnet uses the users and passwords on its host computer. So if you telnet to a system then you just enter a user and a password on that target system as prompted. Usually you cannot login as the root user via telnet by default.
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I am trying to use the Windows Telnet program to access a MUD (Homepage is, but I am unable to type anything. I use Windows ME and the ZoneAlarm firewall. Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance,

A:Can't type in Telnet.

set localecho

Using telnet.exe?
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What can it be used for, what is the best client/server for windows XP, and i'd like a little help setting some of it up.

I'm just looking for an all around good tutorial in telnet.

A:Curious about telnet
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Hi,please help,,,i am trying to learn about Telnet but i can't even get it on!! i keep getting "there was an error,not all features were installed" when i try to turn it on thru progs and features,,,?
any help appreciated,
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I am working on a Postfix server and find that everything is operational inside the network (ie at the office). I can telnet to each of the ports open on the Linux box including port 25 INSIDE the network.

I can get to each port (ftp, Apache, ssh, etc) from outside the network (ie Home) with the exception of the SMTP (port 25). My first thought was that I had not opened the firewall and it was blocking this port; however, I have confirmed that the firewall is open and mail is being delivered.

Is there a way to check if my outbound port 25 is blocked? Is that something that is typical in a home DSL connection in the US?

A:Telnet Configuration

It's VERY common for ISP's to block port 25, this is a SPAM prevention measure to prevent SPAMMERS from setting up a bunch of email servers.
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Some one tell me how i use tel net i have the ip address for the computer i want to connact to but it wont connect,

tell me what i need in order to access my computer

and what preogram i should use and the settings for it

A:I dont know how to use telnet, someone help me


Which version of Windows are you using?

To get to Telnet, you can use various methods. The most common is via Start | Run and type in TELNET

Are you just wanting to connect to a remote PC?


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Hello Everyone,

I need help in telnet scripting. I am not programmer but know basics of computers.

I want a script which I want to be executed at my windows startup. The script includes automated login to a telnet session and execute some commands.

I have tried many options like telnetc (from pragam systems), anziolite, TN3270, ect but found none to solve my problem.

I want a script to automate logon to telnet with username and password (both admin, in my case) and execute the following commands :
console enable

nat inbound add yoon-0 4662/tcp

nat inbound list

config save


Can anybody help me in creating the above script or guide me how to create it? If the execution of the above script can be made in .exe or .bat format, it would be great as I can insert the script/command into my startup of Windows XP.

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We support software that occasionally launches a windows command window to start a telnet client session On bit Windows this quot launched quot command window cannot find telnet exe even if the full path is specified C Windows System telnet exe As a test the quot launched quot command window IS able to find and start notepad exe The telnet quot launch quot works on all earlier versions of Windows including -bit Windows The C Windows System folder is defined in the system PATH environment variable Telnet IS properly enabled because bit W can successfully find and start telnet when the full path is specified from a command window that is started manually from the Start button I have read about the difference between System and SysWoW Windows -bit The 'Program Files x ' and 'SysWOW ' folders explained Technical Article but can't seem to find a solution for our problem Please feel free to move this post to the correct forum if necessary

A:64 bit W7 cannot find telnet, but only when ...

You can quickly re-enable Telnet by following these steps, it's turned off by default, I'm not sure how else you could be having a problem using Telnet. Start
Control Panel
Programs And Features
Turn Windows features on or off
Check Telnet Client
Hit OK
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Hey all,

I just completed a job where they wanted to go wireless and switch ISP. Well, I setup all the new ISP WAN info in the router (WRT54G Linksys wireless router), and set the telnet port (23) to the address of their UNIX server. They use a software called Medical Manager, and we have no problems what so ever telnetting to this server from inside the network. The problem I am having, is that it wont telnet from the WAN address. Let me make a small diagram:

Router IP:

The telnet port is forwarded to .99, and I even turned on DMZ to .99, still no telnet to the wan address. The WAN is pingable from any location I am at, and I have a remote connection to one station there at the office. Has anyone ever expeirienced this before?

BTW: I have updated the router to the newest firmware.

A:Telnet through WAN to UNIX

the port forward needs to originate from the router's PUBLIC IP to the
unix server ip.

get Telnet working first and then abort all telnet and go for SSH
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I read the post at

And I am confused because at the end there are two values for the same key:

@="\"C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\rundll32.exe\" \"C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\url.dll\",TelnetProtocolHandler %l"


Does the second one replace the first one? What do I call the second one and what kind of key is it?

I tried creating a .reg file and running it but it didn't work.

A:Telnet in IE8 continued

The first one is a plain text string, and the path has to be spelled out.
The second one uses an expandable type entry (REG_EXPAND_SZ), so the %Systemroot% variable can be used. This points to the Windows folder no matter what drive it's on, or what name it's been given.

If Windows is installed on C:\Windows, you can use either.

If windows is installed elsewhere, you'd have to edit the first to match, or use the 2nd one that I've copied here:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


It should look like this:
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I am using Win 7 Prox64. I enabled telnet client and server. I am able to connect on the default port 23.

In windows firewall I added port 4001 but I am unable to telnet to this port. I am unable to connect even if I disable the firewall.

If I use the cmd - tlntadmn config port=4001 I get an error - Invalid Value. Specify a positive number less than 1024 for Port Option.

If I set it to 1001 I am able to telnet to that port.

Please let me know how I can set it to 4001.

Thank you.

A:Telnet Port

You can't. See here: Tlntadmn

It says:config port = <Number> Sets the Telnet port. You must specify the port with an integer smaller than 1024.
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I tried to telnet from A- - gt B Both A and B are running XP Pro and no firewall On B I created username called jsmith I added him to quot XP Telnet to problem another XP from Administrator quot group because there is no Telnet problem from XP to another XP group called quot TelnetClient quot unlike and server Telnet problem from XP to another XP I enabled Telnet session on B and I tried to telnet from A to B I Telnet problem from XP to another XP received this message You are about to send your password information to remote computer in internet zone This might not be safe Do you want to send any way y n Click to expand If I typed in quot y quot I received this error message Access Denied specified user is not a member of telnet clients group Server Administrator must add this user to the above group Telnet session has closed the connectionClick to expand If I type in quot No quot I was able to access the B OR if I typed in telnet and double click not single click i e without waiting to see this message You are about to send your password information to remote computer in internet zone This might not be safe Do you want to send any way y n I was able to access the B as well I tried this scenario at lab at work with more than one group I configured groups each group of PCs nbsp

A:Telnet problem from XP to another XP

telnet has a clients group? I've never really messed with telnet much, but that really doesnt make much sense. You attempted to connect, enter the username and password and it gives you that error?

Does your work have a Telnet server for extra security maybe?

Yes, very weird. You tell it to connect and it says you need to be added to the client group. You tell it not to and it accesses the computer?

Haha, not very safe.
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I m shocked at how little Google tells me about this problem I have a certain telnet server that does some pretty involved stuff And XP s telnet client seems braindead The symptom I m completely sure about is CR aka r Windows s telnet client deals with it fine moves the cursor to the - what's telnet up? client XP start of the same line As far as I know the Windows client is fine The XP telnet client - what's up? Linux telnet client is fine The XP client ignores it Another symptom I strongly suspect is XP s client ignoring the quot erase to start of line quot VT escape code or quot x B K quot I ve tried several combinations of the client s XP telnet client - what's up? TERM emulation modes including VT and ANSI and CRLF settings and the console stream mode but I m getting the feeling the client is just broken No idea about Vista as I won t touch the thing As I said Google is being much less helpful than expected so maybe it s just a small change to be more standards-compliant that I ve overlooked Or perhaps somehow Microsoft has managed to screw yet another thing up and with luck someone wise here knows about it Either way something is different in the telnet clients between and XP and I d like to know what so I XP telnet client - what's up? can fix my server and avoid further problems with ugly workarounds if it must be so Mikrondel EDIT Just to be clear and to justify posting this in this forum this is a telnet server that I m writing and I d like the standard XP client to be able to communicate with it properly nbsp
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Hi, I recently heard about a program called telnet (I know, where has he been?). I Google'd it to find out what it was all about and I can't seem to find anything that is clear to me. So can anyone explain to me any of the following questions? Any answers are appreciated!
- What is it?
- What is it used for?
- Can I use it by going to Start>Run>telnet.exe or do I need something else?
- What are some basic commands and functions of telnet?
Thanks again,

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I can t connect to my other computer using telnet...
ive used ipconfig in cmd and i kno the ip is right but...

Cant connect?? plz help me

Translated to english it say Connection Failed.

A:Telnet Problem!

First the other computer has to have the telnet server running (I think that has to be installed manually)
And you have to have the telnet client running (also installed manually in programs and features, windows components).
Finally in Windows firewall on the server, check you allow the telnet server to listen for incoming connections.
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I'm attempting to use the "telnet" command on my Windows 10 computer, and although it just worked a few days ago, all that appears is a blank screen and an error stating that the connection failed in port 23. I've looked
at other forums for solutions, but nothing worked for me. Please help
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I have win xp pro on 2 computers, wireless on the one, other cat5 into my router. I was looking up some interesting stuff on the internet, and I found some stuff on registry tweaks. A thing I found says to go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Policies/Explorer and says if you add a reg_dword NoDesktop and put it's data as 1, your desktop is disabled. Anyways, I tried it, and indeed it was. On my wireless PC I run radmin. I telneted the computer and added the registy key "reg add HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Policies/Explorer /v NoDesktop /t REG_DWORD /d 1". I then query'ed it and it showed it was there. so i rebooted the pc...nothing different happened. tryed adding it from the actual worked. am quite confused...thanks in advance for the help!

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Hi recently i have had alot of trojans/malware, i seemed to have it all cleaned now...but i have run a scan on shields up, and it says i have port 23 open? how do i close this and am i open to any dangers ?thanks

Also it says port 21 and 80 are open , is this normal?

A:how to close port 23 telnet

You can use this excellent listing of what ports are designated for, and what purpose here: This will allow you to be able to determine if you need a port open or not.Port 23 is used for Telnet purposes. If you do not use Telnet services you can disable it using the following method/s.You can stop the service doing the following (Click Start -> Run -> services.msc) and disable it from there. Or with the use of a 3rd party firewall, Such as Online Armor, ZoneAlarm, or Comodo Firewall.Port 21 is used for FTP purposes. That port is up to you to either leave open or not. And Port 80 is a very important one if you want to be able to post here or even access the WWW.
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Hello everyone,

I would like to set up telnet to work on a small network using xp sp3 machines. (This is for a experiment for learning purposes only). I understand telnet requires port 23 to be forwarded to the pc to be remotely accessed. however, after doing this with my router (D-Link mod:dir 655 ) and disabling all fire walls (only have the windows firewall running) using the tool PFPortChecker
link at the bottom]
Port 23 is still blocked and i am still unable to use telnet. I am assuming the port is the problem due to when i try and connect via telnet I get a "Could not connect to host on port 23: connection failed". What could the problem be? where should i troubleshoot first?

A:Telnet setup / problem

windows ships with only the Telnet client; the system to which you are attempting the connection needs the Telnet Server which then opens the port 23.
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Hi All,

Am trying to:

telnet 25

as our private mail host. Our ISP (TelstraClear/Paradise) insists there is no filtering/blocking on 25, and that the problem is on my PC. My service host (different to ISP) insists that the site is fine (and it is, we can connect from other locations to email, it's just this new ISP setup).

The connection fails for:

telnet 25 and
telnet 25 this is my ISPs SMTP.

However, I can connect to:

telnet 25 (a rival to our ISP)

So this suggests that there is no problem with accesing Port 25 from my PC. I was previously running NOD32, but have totally unistalled it. Have taken down Windows Firewall; rebooted numerous times, have no other Virus/Spy based software even installed.

Tried everything, but failing dismally....

Can anybody assist?


A:Telnet Port 25 (and my sanity!)

Hi Todd

Just to humor them: why not try things with another PC?

If you've advanced options selected in your broadband modem or router, have a look that no settings in there are amiss.

Of course, there's the magic steps of power cycling the modems, routers, and PCs involved . . . (while praying for luck at the same time)

Curious to hear if you find a cure
Best of luck
. . . Gary
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I am having trouble making telent connections from home to work on a new laptop I am using telnet emulation software and it just keeps trying to connect and never gives an error I tried issuing command telnet xxx xxx xxx from the command prompt and it says Connecting on laptop new not working Telnet To xxx xxx xxx Could not open connectin to the host on port Connect failed I tried a diferent software vendor and it had the same problem I ran netstat -an and it shows the port is listening although I m not sure what that means I tried using supportspace com for help but after over an hour on the phone and much patience on the gentlemen s Telnet not working on new laptop part who was working with me we couldn t get it working I have this working on an old laptop with OS of XP Home the new one has XP Professional I tried disabling the Windows firewall and making sure Internet settings and Network Connections were similar I enabled telnet services I tried following some MS support info for turning on ports for software under exceptions for the firewall Nothing has worked If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it Toni nbsp

A:Telnet not working on new laptop

tmericola said:

I am having trouble making telent connections from home to work on a new laptop. I am using telnet 3270 emulation software and it just keeps trying to connect and never gives an error. I tried issuing command: telnet from the command prompt and it says:

Connecting To not open connectin to the host, on port 23: Connect failed

I tried a diferent software vendor and it had the same problem. I ran netstat -an and it shows the port is listening although I'm not sure what that means. I tried using for help but, after over an hour on the phone and much patience on the gentlemen's part who was working with me we couldn't get it working. I have this working on an old laptop with OS of XP Home, the new one has XP Professional. I tried disabling the Windows firewall and making sure Internet settings and Network Connections were similar. I enabled telnet services. I tried following some MS support info for turning on ports for software under exceptions for the firewall. Nothing has worked. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

ToniClick to expand...

Am I to understand that Telnet was working on your old computer, just not the new laptop....right??
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I recently setup a new windows 2003 server. It is not a domain controller or anything special. Just plain windows 2003 server. The problem i am having is: When I go to another pc and try to telnet into this windows 2003 server via ip address or pc name; the connection will take about 15 secs before it shows me a login, then I can log in fine. I have went to other pc's that have windows xp pro and windows 2000 within my network, but all have the 15 secs delay using telnet before a login is shown. If i use telnet on my xp and 2000 pc's and telnet into one of our linux boxes the telnet connects within 1 second...
any help would be greatly appreciated..
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I use either the W98 Micro$oft Telnet program version 1.0 or on occasion Peter Tattam's Trumpet Telnet version 0.07. Each program has features the other does not.

Can anyone suggest a site or source for other Telnet programs, preferably freeware?

R. J. Emery

A:Sources for Telnet programs

Try here
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Ok here we go;
(printers are HP 4050 and OS i win2k)
we have 3 printers and they need to be connected (not at the same time) to 3 different Vlans in our office, to do so they need to change the ip address everytime they go to an other Vlan. This can be done on the printer via telnet.
My problem is that when I write a batch with all the answers in it for the telnet session they are not run in to the session, is there anyway to give an auto command to telnet to read commands from text file or other?

I need to write a vb script with menu for our catering department that runs on every printer to change the Ip address when they are moved to an othe Vlan (user friendly) could you help please?

A:Auto batchfile Telnet

I have found a solution myself it is called tst10.exe it is a telnet scripting exe file when opening it you can see the help file, basicly it has an answer.txt in the same directory where you can set several settings. To change ip address on HP4050 machine's you need to telnet or manualy perform the task. If you need more info let me know.
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I am running a machine which i control via the win 2k telnet client, i want to now autonaumously control the machine by using a c++ code such that i can redirect the output of the c++ code directly on this window telnet client. the telnet client i am referring to is the same client which pops up when i run the command in winows 2k: telnet <hostname> <portname>

i just want to know how can we send the output of a c++ code on the telnet client window.



A:c++ output to win 2k telnet client

Why not just implement the telnet protocol directly in the C++ application? There are many TCP/IP libraries that will ease the task...
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I have inadverntly set hyperterminal as my current default. I'm needing to use telnet. I know it's something to do with adding or deleting keys in regedit. can anyone help?

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I have MS Windows 98 SE and it has the Microsoft Telnet Version 1.0 bundled with it. I am facing an annoying problem with it. I can't copy and paste from notepad into the Telnet window after I connect to a host. I need to be able to do this. I have the Local Echo setting turned on too. Is there anyone who's been able to do this or knows how to do this?

A:Annoyance with Microsoft Telnet

abeer_d said:

I have MS Windows 98 SE and it has the Microsoft Telnet Version 1.0 bundled with it. I am facing an annoying problem with it. I can't copy and paste from notepad into the Telnet window after I connect to a host. I need to be able to do this. I have the Local Echo setting turned on too. Is there anyone who's been able to do this or knows how to do this?Click to expand...

I have the same OS setup and just tried it on mine. It worked fone using the Edit> Paste option.
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Hi, I know telnet is not secure and ssh is a better choice but this is only for educational purposes. I want to telnet a computer in my workgroup. The telnet service is running on both computers. If I type telnet localhost in both computers it works fine and logs on to the same system. However if I type telnet it says can not connect on port 23 or something of that sort. Firewalls on both computers are disabled. What could be the problem?

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My mother seems to have had some infection on her computer. I am currently running scans and a virus was found by her AV and deleted. However the computer is very slow, display settings were altered (I've fixed that), and some programs were crashing. These may or may not have had other causes.

However the BIG concern I have is that I found a file in her MY Documents folder entitled Telnettrace.log. In that file, her internet username and password were displayed.

Can someone please explain the significance of this - I'm worried if it means someone has hacked her computer and obtained her username and password.

The clearing up of the virus is something I can work through with a bit of help (will ring AV company in morning) but I am desperate to find out if her security has been compromised.