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Gigabyte R7 problem

Q: Gigabyte R7 problem

I just got a gigabyte R7 260 in the mail changed my psu to a 500 watt and turned on my computer everything looks good I ran the cd to install the drives and it crashes every time when installing. So I go to device manager to try to update drives it says they are up to date , but there is a problem with it and it isn't using resources, weird thing is my on board graphics say the same thing now.So do I need to disable 1 or ? .I have never had problems installing a card before.I ran a dxdiag it shows no graphics at all, but that now I'm running 32 bit weird . thx for the help

What is says on both =Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52) I don't know how to change this

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Preferred Solution: Gigabyte R7 problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Gigabyte R7 problem

I sent it back if the next 1 does it. Then I'll try to fix it.
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Hey guys Help me out in jumping down on a final decision Now let me give you some info and specs about my Rig - i k - ASRock Fatal ty H Performance CrossFireX Ready SLI not supported - GB G Skill will upgrade later - Cooler Master GX w - Samsung LCD Monitor x Native Here are OC Gigabyte GTX 7870 Gigabyte vs GeForce OC HD Radeon 760 cards I would like you guys to choose from and why GIGABYTE - Graphics Card - Gigabyte Radeon HD 7870 OC vs Gigabyte GeForce GTX 760 OC ATI - PCI Express Solution - Radeon HD series - GV-R OC- GD GIGABYTE - Graphics Card - NVIDIA - PCI Express Solution - GeForce Series - GV-N OC- GD rev Also I know the GTX is newer and has PhysX Support but it's costing more than the HD also my motherboard does not have SLI Support but it's CrossFireX Ready and I wanna play all new games at maxed out settings if possible and I have LCD that has a x Native Res There are chances that I might get p Monitor in Q or Q next year The is available for and GTX for in my currency and country These are the least prices I can Gigabyte Radeon HD 7870 OC vs Gigabyte GeForce GTX 760 OC found and Gigabyte Radeon HD 7870 OC vs Gigabyte GeForce GTX 760 OC now you have all the info please help me choose which one would be good for me in terms of Price Performance and most of all Power Consumption as we have frequent black outs and my UPS has little backup time to turn things off especially when gaming while system is running at PEAK

A:Gigabyte Radeon HD 7870 OC vs Gigabyte GeForce GTX 760 OC

Personally I'd to for the 760.
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OK So what would benefit me more Two GIGABYTE GV-R OC- GD Radeon R GB -Bit GDDR Crossfired together OR one GIGABYTE GV-N OC- GD GeForce GTX GB -bit GDDR It's my first build and have been running one R OC GPU and I get - fps on ultra The R card is bit GB DDR and the nvidia is bit GB DDR has higher MHz as well Which setup would yield a better image and higher fps --Side Question If I would Crossfire there would be PCI slot between the two cards on default cooling Liquid cooling is only on the CPU with the H i Right now my current GPU doesn't go over F C would the second GPU that Gigabyte Gigabyte R9 Single OR Crossfire N770OC 270 OC x1 close to the other cause a drastic increase in temps Also the second GPU would be rather close to my PSU but the PSU is upside down with its fan on the outside of the case so no additional heat from the PSU
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I have a Western Digital 1 TB USB 2.0 that I have connected to a computer that has Gigabyte connection to my NAS which can handle Gigabyte speeds.

I am only getting 30.1MB/s.

Is there any settings I can do to windows so that it can send faster?

I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit.

A:USB2.0 HD Transfer over Gigabyte Network to Gigabyte NAS

You're doing well. Large file transfers on my system via USB 2.0 are only about 24 MB/s. I did notice when I plugged my Seagate USB 2.0 external into my SIIG USB 3.0 card, sequential reads and writes were about 15% improved. I just plugged the USB 2.0 drive in while I was waiting for USB 3.0 docking stations.

If you have a free PCIExpress slot you may get some improvement plugging the USB 2.0 into the USB 3.0 card. But using SIIG USB 3.0 docks and WD caviar black internal drives I find the drives run at full speed. Only thing is now the price bubble is preventing me from increasing my stock of internal drives.
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Before installing my OS i could not get video on my screen. After taking the card out I could load bios and the screen was fine. Now after loading up Windows 7, I plug in my GTX 670 and there is no video whatsoever. Is there something I need to do in BIOS? My motherboard is a ga-z77x-ud5h, with 16 GB ram and i7 3770k. Only running 1 monitor. Should I try to plug the monitor into the card itself?

A:Gigabyte GTX 670 problem

[QUOTE=Mikedym;2260082]Before installing my OS i could not get video on my screen. After taking the card out I could load bios and the screen was fine. Now after loading up Windows 7, I plug in my GTX 670 and there is no video whatsoever. Is there something I need to do in BIOS? My motherboard is a ga-z77x-ud5h, with 16 GB ram and i7 3770k. Only running 1 monitor. Should I try to plug the monitor into the card itself?[/QUOTE]
Yes. Motherboards are starting to come more and more with auto detecting graphic output settings.
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I have TV TUNER GIGABYTE with chipset saa7131, but it want install drivers on win7.

I got next message... (see atachment)!

Im using OS win7 32bit

Anyone can help?!


A:Gigabyte gt-ptv-af-rh driver problem

Did you get the driver from here?...
GT-PTV-AF-RH - GIGABYTE - Support&Download - PC Components - Driver
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Ok here are my specs Athlon XP Gigabyte KT AGPP X FSB DDR RAM Geforce ti think its Ti with RAM GigHD Audigy problem Kt400 Gigabyte Sound Card Runing winXP I upgraded my system from an AthlonXP with MB of ram to an Athlon XP with DDR I used thermal paste on the CPU THe computer booted up with no problem and the jumpers were set as auto Gigabyte Kt400 problem so it detected chip as a Athlon XP It ran fine for mins i was surfing the web in windows xp then the computer suddenly shut off I thought maybe the CPU overheated or something so I let it cool for a few hours and tried again It didn t boot There is a small light that turns on by the RAM when I hit the power and the CPU FAN the Motherboard fan twitches slightly twitches only it desn t turn on Well I went and bought another Athlon XP thinking I burned out the chip Put the new chip in and the same problem as above fan only twitches occured--it didn t boot I took the Athlon XP chip I had thought was burned out and swapped it into my other computer The other computer booted no problem So I know it is not the chip at fault I removed my MB and reinstalled it took out and put back all the cards and still have the same problem Right now I only have the videdo card Ran and IDE cable connecting the HD in What do I do The Motherboard was working perfectly for several months It is new I don t see how I could have blown the motherboard Please Help I am pulling out my hair nbsp

A:Gigabyte Kt400 problem

Have you cleared the CMOS with the jumper on the board? Thats the first thing that I would try. That will set the bios to default settings and may allow you to boot the machine up again.
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Greetings all!

There's nothing like a problem to encourage joining a forum and this is no exception.

I am currebtly trying to "upgrade" my computer by installing a Gigabyte GA-M55S-S3 mobo with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000 AM2 processor and 4Gb of DDR2 PC2-6400 RAM. Everything seems OK for about one minute and then the power just cuts out. It's as if the processor has overheated but surely not in one minute (the fan is working).

All suggestion greatefully accepted

A:Gigabyte GA-M55s-S3 Problem

You failed to tell us about your power supply.

If you have a cheap generic one then that is probably of concern. You have a powerful computer. Therefore you should have bought an expensive one. Like this one.
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please help.
I have just bought an AMD duron 1.2Ghz and tried installing it on a GA-7ixe4 mobo.

upon powerup there are no beeps, and no video out. But there is power becuase the cpu fan is working.
I've tried changing video cards (AGP and PCI), swapping memory (pc 100 ), even taking the mobo out of the case to ensure no unintentional earthing.

Even if i disconnect the monitor, i get no beeps.(surely i should get an error beep here)

The previous owner of the mobo had a 1.2G athlon, with pc 100 sdram.
I'm completly stumped, and have no idea if it's thje board or the cpu that is failing

Appreciate any comments/suggestions


A:Gigabyte and duron problem

You wont get any beeps if the cpu is not recognized, which sounds like your problem. Make sure you have all the settings correct for the cpu, check the manual and go over all the settings again. Make sure the power switch wire is connected to the board, try reseating the cpu, make sure the video card is fully in the slot.
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Hello tech guys I just finished assembling my gaming rig using the above motherboard E Ultra watt PSU Corsair X Gb and Gb IDE Hitachi Samsung DVD burner Ultra Mid-ATX tower thermaltake fans After everything assembled it won t turn on First thought was motherboard So return and get a replacement from Newegg still does not work So second guess is the Ultra PSU so Ultra send me a replacement and still won t power up I had built PCs before and never had a problem like this Any idea what would be wrong with my PC I tested the PSU with my other PC and it works fine so my only guess is the motherboard or the casing but I really can t believe if the motherboard is the culprit since I already had a second replacement Any help or suggestions to trouble shoot my mobo would be appreciated Based on Newegg reviews some people had problems with this mobo Thanks nbsp

A:Problem with Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L

Bench Test may be the way to go


wow now that's quick!
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hello i have GT-P hm and a problem i attached the TV card to the computer properly also the cable to the TV card properly I have installed ALL the software drivers from the CD that came in the package and the problem was there next I also installed the latest software drivers from the GIGABYTE site and the GIGABYTE problem GT-P5100 problem still exists problem when i go to quot auto scan quot and it finishes giving me around channels and when i acctually want to watch TV - - there is no video yes only sound no GIGABYTE GT-P5100 problem video ONLY a top horizontal pixel long row of the actual image i should be getting here is the picture system specs ati radeon hd graphic card gb ram memory MSI mother board dual core amd athlon x MHz nowhere have I found a solution to my problem and the quot delete existing drivers and install new GIGABYTE GT-P5100 problem ones quot didn't work for me I have sent a ticket to GIGABYTE and still no answer please help me ah yes installed new directx idk why and ffdshow i also don't know why xD

A:GIGABYTE GT-P5100 problem

Did u c this faq?

GIGABYTE - Support & Downloads - FAQ
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My gigabyte DVD writer does't have any problem in burning DVDs but when i try to play the same DVD in the does't recognise the disc.I tried to burn movies,music, but the drive does't recognise any of them when trying to play the disc.

It burns normal CDs and plays them without any problem,even DVD movies play fine...

its a DVD+R DL,4X 16X16.

I use a brand called tech-com for the DVDs.

please help.
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Hi Guys I'm having a problem with my network card I have a realtek onboard network card which i have been using for over a year with no problems Over the weekend i upgraded my psu and gpu now every few hours i lose network connection (Gigabyte NIC Onboard with mobo) Problem What happens is that ill be on the net or playing wow and ill lose connection and Problem with Onboard NIC (Gigabyte mobo) i look in the taskbar and the network icon Problem with Onboard NIC (Gigabyte mobo) has a X on it and telling me there is no network cable plugged in even tho there is The only way to fix it is to restart the pc or I have to go into device manager disable the nic and re-enable it and it gets fixed again The problem is that I dont mind this happening but when it happens in arena I cant get back on time and I dont know Problem with Onboard NIC (Gigabyte mobo) why its happening I deleted the original drivers that came with windows and downloaded the drivers from gigabytes website for my realtek that didnt change anything i changed my cable and ports on the router that did nothing as well but i know it has nothing to do with router or cable because there is other people using the same router and nothing happens to them Anyone have any idea why this would happen also power save mode on the nic is disabled before anyone suggests that this is driving me insane

A:Problem with Onboard NIC (Gigabyte mobo)

1st if you still have your old psu, stick it back in for testing in and see if you get the same problem. If the problem goes away then you might have a faulty PSU. If the problem persists with the old PSU then the on board network card might be knackered ... let us know how it goes
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Ok so i made this build month ago Phenom II BE GA-MA GP-UD H Gigabyte x G Kingstone Hyper X XFX Geforce GT GB caviar WD HD my old PSU some Gigabyte with problem need Weird Mobo, help!! W Daurora case my old Viewsonic lcd The problem Went yesterday and bought a new W OCZ Stealth stream PSU and a GB Caviar Blue HD after installing the new PSU and HD every time i try to copy any thing the pc hangs and i have to reboot The strange thing is that i can access any thing on the GB HD with out a problem ex watching a movie playing a game listening to music ect but if i try to access anything on the GB drive its extremely slow whats even more strange is that when i swap the new PSU Weird problem with Gigabyte Mobo, need some help!! with the old one the thing works just fine Weird problem with Gigabyte Mobo, need some help!! again Failed Attempts to fix - Bought new PSU s w and a w both can t copy without hanging - Changed the sata cords and changed positions on the Board - Disabled Enabled cool amp quite fail-safe optimized defaults in bios - Bought a W Voltage Stabilizer -Bought Weird problem with Gigabyte Mobo, need some help!! a new GB Caviar black HD same thing slow and hangs when i try to copy - Changed RAM positions Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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I wasn t quite sure where to put this so I hope this is the right place I m baffled I had installed stuff and deleted it but the gigabytes for local c disk dissapeared way too quickly and getting them back isn t easy I thought a system restore would help retrieve the lost gigabytes since I had deleted the Windows problem gigabyte's Vista programs but it didn t I also tried to start all over and wipe the current system clean but I couldn t because I didn t have enough gigabytes to do even that Windows Vista gigabyte's problem When I first started I had gb and it had gone down to gb from small installs and sometimes not even any installs I finally managed to through deleting some more things to get it up Windows Vista gigabyte's problem to gb but Windows Vista gigabyte's problem I have deleted all the huge files that I had installed and all together after installing them I had gb left or so so since I deleted them I should get my full gigabtye space back one would think I don t know if I should clean the registry I had gotten a free scanner and it told me I had things that needed to cleaned So if anyone can help me out it d be much appreciated nbsp

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Yesterday i have got my RMA'ed graphics card from service center. So the problem is after clean and fresh install of windows 7 , when i installed ati drivers v13.9 from official amd's site. After after installing and rebooting computer, Windows 7's logo loads then either there is a black screen or a BSOD. Then again i have to reboot in safe mode and after uninstalling amd drivers from device manager , then i only able to boot as normal and standard VGA drivers gets loaded.I have also tried installing older verified drivers from gigabyte's official site and still the same problem.
So, I am attaching minidump from the BSOD.

Please help me , really frustrated.

A:Gigabyte HD7850 OC 2GB , Driver problem.

Please follow - Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions
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Gigabyte 7 problem gigabyte-bios-windows GA-MA G-UD h Amd Athelon x x mb memory W psu tetabyte HD Thanks for previous tips Finally got the beast to post but having repeated problems loading windows gigabyte-bios-windows 7 problem from bootable disk Also tried with XP x bootable DVD as well as Linux bootable DVD Formatted the hard drive on another machine after each test When I try install windows itstarts to load window and says windows will now reboot to continue When it reboots it starts all over analyzing my setup When I try installing in safe mode it turns off at the same spot when loading files When I try to install UBUNTO linux it starts to install linux and turns off After each setup I tried the fans will start but I have to leave it off appr minutes before it will and post after starting Someone suggested upgrading the Bios but I don t know how to do that when I can only get to post screen without windows loaded Question is this a bios issue I have removed the battery amp shorted it when power is off Anything else I should test thanks nbsp

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I have replaced 2 mobos with gigabyte with integrated sound and neither of them have sound . I have checked the bios and on board sound is enabled , I have checked jumpers. In device manager everything looks good, but I can not open any volume controls and when I go to sounds everything is grayed out . The machines dont think they have sound.

One is running win98 the other 2000

Any ideas?

A:gigabyte integrated sound problem

Have you tried removing the multimedia via add/remove windows setup, then putting it back?
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I got a new computer to replace an old one The new computer has a Gigabyte gv-n toc- gi in it While I was setting up the new computer I was using a quot lcd VGA monitor I had it hooked up to the display port monitor by using an video with Problem Gigabyte card a adapter they sold me It worked perfectly for days on the quot lcd While I transferred over files and settings Today I was ready to set it in place and use the quot lcds that I use now on the old computer I hooked one Problem with a Gigabyte video card of the quot VGA LCD'S to the same adapter I hooked the other up to the flat panel display port with a VGA adapter When the computer comes on the first display comes up ok but after about a minute it goes blank and says no signal It never turns on the nd one on I went to the control panel and clicked on the setup nd monitor button but it never finds the nd monitor Both monitors are quot LCD VGA monitors I am not sure what is wrong and need help If I go back and plug in the quot monitor it comes right back up

A:Problem with a Gigabyte video card

What inputs are available on the monitors, VGA, DVI, HDMI etc? Also what outputs are available on the Video card, VGA, DVI-D, DVI-I, HDMI etc. I ask because DVI-I can easily be converted to VGA with a simple inexpensive adapter. Also monitors of that size should have more than just a VGA connector, or is it just that your calling them VGA monitors?
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I'm trying to troubleshoot the issue I'm having and am hoping to leverage the expertise on this website. I recently bought a GA965P-DS3 board and am using it with a Conroe 6700 processor with 2G of Corsair 6400C4 800 RAM. I set stuff up with a PCI-Express video card and I just cant get it to display anything. The board and card are getting power (fans work) but cant get the BIOS setup to show up. I'm wondering if there is a board setting I'm missing (searched the manual, this forum and google w/o luck) or that the board is simply bad. video card works in another system...

powered by a 500W supply

appreciate the help

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Some day I had brilliant thought let s go wild sell this old GeForce Ti can't you Radeon if Gigabyte then with problem have BIG I can me a help :( 9550 who crap and buy something brand new Like I thought that I did and bought Gigabyte Radeon Mb bit I got the card plug it in and none System didn t boot up and I don t mean that Windows did not want to start I just got blank screen Monitor didn t respond like it had no signal from the card I thought quot Ok maybe I ve got not enough power quot So I plug out all power connectors from disk cd-rw even from floppy I tried again and still nothing s happening Then I cleared CMOS and voila Monitor turned on and system booted up normally I installed drivers I have a BIG problem with Gigabyte Radeon 9550 if you can't help me then who can :( enjoyed for a while then turned out my comp Later I tried to turn on my computer but it s happening again and I mean nothing happens Resetting BIOS one more time was of no use didn t work I turn power on hear all drives all fans are I have a BIG problem with Gigabyte Radeon 9550 if you can't help me then who can :( working but nothing happens monitor still remains blank I almost forgot I don t know if it s important but I don t hear PC-speaker Now that s how I recognize when my computer starts up When I hear sound from PC-speaker it means that eveything is fine and comp will start when I hear nothing except fans then I know that it won t start He can quot refuse quot to start for couple of hours and then suddenly he starts and boot like nothing happened I don t know what s the problem maybe my mobo needs to be updated My mobo is ECS K VTA I checked ATI site and Gigabyte too but I didn t find anything useful If anyone is able to help I would be really grateful nbsp

A:I have a BIG problem with Gigabyte Radeon 9550 if you can't help me then who can :(

Try a few basic steps first,

Check the card is securley in

Check you've plugged your monitor into your graphics card and not any onboard ports.

When teh comp does boot up, check to see if the card is conflicting with anthing else

Find out if the card is compatable with your motheroard
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Hiya I m in a right mess I offered to help my mate with his PC and it has just been a disaster Current config is a Sempron bit Kingston Value RAM MB DDR MB for gfx Gigabyte GA-K VM M GB Seagate SATA HDD LG DVDRAM It started going wrong soon after he got it its useless trying to take it back to the shop as we live in Tenerife and they don t believe in refunds over Gigabyte with and Problem GA-K8VM800M memory here I thought I had sorted it a while back when I discovered that he had been sold a dodgy hard drive it was Problem with Gigabyte GA-K8VM800M and memory officially an GB disk but had been deliberately limited to GB and had a load of bad sectors on it So I got a new hard drive and reinstalled everything for him It seemed to be alright until today Now whenever you try and start up it comes up with the black screen with white writing asking if you want to start windows normally or go into safe mode If you start normally it gets to Problem with Gigabyte GA-K8VM800M and memory the XP logo with the moving bars and just stays there if I go for safe mode it displays all Problem with Gigabyte GA-K8VM800M and memory the files its loading and gets down to gagpx dll or something like that and then after a few seconds displays a BSOD with STOP x So before repairing windows I decided to have a look at the memory using memtest and this is where it gets stranger With the RAM in slot of the motherboard after a few minutes there are no errors but with the RAM in slot there are about errors after a few minutes all at either MB MB or MB If I leave the RAM in slot and try and boot up it just restarts a few seconds after detecting the SATA HDD So then I thought it must be the motherboard so I tried other sticks of unbranded MB DDR one at a time in slot and then slot and after a few mins there are no errors with either RAM in either slot I know I need to let memtest run for a lot longer but even so that doesn t explain the odd results with the MB in slot Ok an update Does memtest v support bit CPUs All these results are with memtest v Dodgy memory in broken PC slot OK after passes approx hours Dodgy memory in broken PC slot errors after mins at MB MB amp MB Working memory in broken PC slot OK after passes approx hours Working memory in broken PC slot still running but OK after approx hour Working memory in broken PC slots amp not tried yet Dodgy memory in working PC slot amp errors after minutes but this time at MB MB MB and some other values Any ideas I can t seem to see any logic to these results it looks like the dodgy memory is broken but why is it ok in slot of the broken PC Cheers Steve nbsp

A:Problem with Gigabyte GA-K8VM800M and memory

Hi, as the stick showed errors on working pc, then there must be a problem with the stick and you should just replace it, if the two 256mb work ok, and the system boots ok and works ok then it is just a dodgy 512mb stick. faulty ram does not necessarily have the fault/s at specific memory addresses only, and i suspect that memtest probably does not check the memory addresses in a rigid sequence (123etc..) so this might explain the varying amounts of bytes checked before it comes across the faulty addresses. Sounds like a dodgy shop to me with dodgy techs, as for the memory seemingly working ok in slot 1 of the broken pc! this is also probably down to which memory addresses are read first by the controller and maybe the error only accur when the addresses are read or written to in a particular sequence.

Initially the problems looks like one where there is hdd corruption or corrupt system driver and sometimes filesystem or partition table errors but if the memory fails memtest in working pc then that is the problem.
hope this was of some help.
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Hello I'm new to this forum i've been searching for problems on other forums too but this is way more into windows so i'm going to try to get help here Alright First i'm going to explain my problem I have an Gigabyte Radeon HD AGP G card i'm having alot of problems installing the driver correctly I've tried alot of things like installing the normal driver from cd installing the driver from gigabyte website installing driver from AMD website installing hotfix installing gigabyte driver hotfix same with amd cd driver And NOTHING made my driver work when i install the drivers witouth hotfix my screen gets stuck during the quot starting windows logo quot and when i only install the hotfix my computer just shuts down after the starting windows screen and when i tried to install the driver hotfix after it i get a blue screen with the error x or something i've tried anything i could but i haven't found any fix to install the drivers normal Here are some specs of my Computer Mobo Asus A V CPU Athlon xp Gfx Card Gigabyte Radeon HD AGP G Ram installed G I know its all old hardware so please don't reply like quot get new pc quot because i want this one to work if any of you need more information about my hardware software then please let me know Thanks in advance

A:Gigabyte Radeon HD 4650 AGP Problem

Try putting XP on it first to make sure you can get it working there before blaming 7. Sounds like the card is fried to me or just needs to be reseated.
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i previously had a geforce2 64mb. the system freezed often. i bought a radeon 9550, but after i install the drivers and reeboot, prior to entering windows, the monitor goes into standby. if i boot in safe mode, it works. if i uninstall the drivers and start windos normally, it works.
i think it could be a compatibility problem with my motherboard: a jetway 663as pro.
any suggestions?
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The system in question Pentium Ghz LGA GB Corsair DDR Mhz fully tested in another system Gigabyte IP -G with Direct and MB Gigabyte a Problem 3D on cards various MB BIOS settings for video and memory default all voltage quot normal quot Nvidia GeForce MX MB Nvidia GeForce FX MB OR ATI DV all tested in other systems and worked flawlessly Windows XP Professional Nvidia Forceware Catalyst Ive had this system for about a week now trying to figure whats wrong but with not much luck and Giga byte tech support is most unresponsive The system will dispaly D in windows directdraw video acceleration its all perfect I ran dxdiag with no noticable issues as well Ive even ran Unreal Tournament without any serious issues on both cards But many games like Guild Wars or Rise of Nations have thousands of triangular glitches polys that seems to twitch in size radically or something I have no clue what could be causing this for the cards have worked without fail on other machines But ALL cards Problem with various cards and Direct 3D on a Gigabyte MB exhibit the same problem on this system The BIOS seems rather limiting without the apparent ability to set things like aperature size Either game will run and not crash it just looks unacceptable Any help is greatly appriciated TIA -DeathCom nbsp
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I've just got a new gigabyte a75m-d2h motherboard and when I turned it on, nothing happened. I'm guessing it's my PSU.
My PSU is LC-B350ATX 115/230V.

What PSU should I get?
How do you know how much volts a motherboard requires?

A:Gigabyte A75M-D2H problem, possibly PSU?

That is a VERY low quality pw supply and regardless of whether it is working now or not, I would recommend replacing it with a quality unit.
How do you know how much volts a motherboard requires?Click to expand...

Voltages are standard; ie 3.3V, 5V, and 12V it is the wattage requirements that vary. The wattage you need is dependent on many variables; what cpu is installed, what video card is installed, how much ram, number of drives, number of fans in the case, etc. Post your exact system specs and we can recommend a decent pw supply for you.
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I just upgraded my memory to matching sticks of kingston pc3200 memory. 1 package is 1 gig and the other is 512mb. My problem that my system will not operate with all the sticks in. The gig sticks are double sided and the 512 sticks is single sided. I have tried every configuration to no avail. I am currently using a 512mb stick in ddr1 slot with no problems. If I add more the system will boot but will crash when trying to load windows or use the linux ubuntu dvd. Processor is AMD xp2500. I have bios version f11 as well. Any help would be great.

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when i restart my pc after installing gigabyte vga utility at start up it pops up empty VGA Utility folder also there is no tray icon of this program can anyone help me? thanks
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hi there!

I have a problem with the bios in my motherboard. I just can't setup a raid 0 system! can someone tell me ALL the steps to do it? i mean the bios configuration steps, the ctrl-G setup i can do...


Tiago ferreira

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I have spent around hours of my time figuring this out and i still have had no luck Basically the problem is that I received a computer from a friend which has the following specs Gigabyte Windows with Chipset Installing Problem which would affect installing windows Gigabyte motherboard Problem Installing Windows with Gigabyte Chipset model GA- I P-G Western Digital Hard Drive model wd bb gb second edition Intel Pentium gh HT hyper threading The problem obviously happens when I try to install windows xp that It cant detect any hard disks I have already run Western Digital Diagnostics tool and GParted and the hard drive works fine the problem is windows setup doesn t detect it or BIOS for that matter What seems to be a bigger problem is that I cant find a driver for windows to load when pressing F that actually detects the hard drive The hard drive is an EIDE hard drive the Gigabyte motherboard has an EIDE scanning system that finds the hard drive in both Raid and ATA mode in Raid while scanning it finds it instantly were as ATA it takes around seconds Im assuming that Raid is the proper option and the raid array is set to normal mode Here are the following drivers for the Gigabyte i have tried none of which work http www gigabyte com tw Service RSS RSSFeed aspx Class amp Product amp Search Driver and http hardware mcse ms archive - - - html there also doesn t seem to be a driver for the specific motherboard model GA- I P-G All the drivers fall under GA- I P without the G Here is a link to the Gigabyte website for the motherboard http www gigabyte com tw Support Motherboard Driver Model aspx ProductID However there are no drivers listed Are there some BIOS settings that need to be done in order for just the windows install to detect it or is there something that I am missing BTW in bios in peripheral settings Gigabyte has some GigaRAID system which can be disabled and has the ATA and RAID settings however last time I did this it didn t even detect the hard drive at all Anyone got anything on how to solve my problem im pretty sure its a driver for the gigbyte intel and not for the WD hard drive but I could be wrong I also forgot to mention one important thing the computer itself detects the hard drive without any problems i e when I first got the computer and it tried to boot off windows it had no problems windows didnt fully boot though because some files on the hard drive became corrupted which is why I am formatting it Likewise when I used Western Digitals Diagnostic tools and created a NTFS partition and i put the hard drive as first priority it came up with the error NTLDR missing which means that it detected the hard drive but windows isn t installed on the operating system If nothing works i may have to resort putting the hard drive in another comp hope it detects it without any probs and install windows that way this however can create problems with different chipsets as windows installs different drivers nbsp

A:Problem Installing Windows with Gigabyte Chipset

Dont worry about it, I have figured it out. It seems the motherboard has a GigaRAID which needs special drivers for windows install, downloaded them and now it works without problems
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Firstly hey all,
this is my first post on these forums

What am i looking an answer for my following question:

Just bought a Gigabyte GA-965P-S3 rev 1.0 and a Gainward 7900GS. The system just won't post. I went to a friend, tried to boot with his x1900XTX or something like that ATi all went all...also his MSI SLI mobo managed to post with my video card. Now, i am feeling i am watching a SF movie: all computer components work but not when assambled together. Do you have any ANY idea what could cause this?

PS: Full sys spec: Gigabyte GA-965P-S3 rev 1.0 mobo, 2x1gb ADATA ddr2 667, Gainward 7900GS video card, Spire 500W PSU. Nothing else connected to the mobo atm.

A:Gigabyte GA-965P-S3 + Gainward 7900GS problem

Some motherboards (about 15%, actually) are bad straight from the vendor, so don't be afraid to calling the motherboard manufactuer's tech support.
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Hi there. really need assistance with the motherboard recognising my striped raid setup.

It all began with me attaching a 3G modem to the computer. it crashed. competely unresponsive. Startup to bios and all HDD were not recognized. Dont know wat happened. anyway reinstalled windows and all apps. All drives seen. The raided volume is seen but unreadable. how do i set up the raid on the motherboard to pick up the raided volumes and be able to access work? is this possible?

Any advise much appreciated.
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hi everyone, I have a critical problem with my Motherboard and processor, at first I had a a Gigabyte GA-K8NS pro Mother board with an athlon 64 +2800 processor, this mother board stop working suddenly without any warning. then I baught a GA-K8NXP motherboard and I used the same processor because it seemed working, this one worked also for sometime and had the same problem, iam not a computer expert but I noticed that the motherboeard starts without the processor, and also it starts with the processor but without the ram....but when I put them both on, the DDR-VOLT led looks as if not enough electricity is reaching it and it is fainting, then suddenly it stops.
NOTE: In the little time the computer starts with both of the ram and processor on, there is no signal from the VGA card (nVIDIA XFX 6200 AGP).

Is this problem in the MB or the Processor,and what can I do.

A:Really unusuall problem with AMD Athlon64 & Gigabyte GA-K8NXP! help please.

It sounds to me like you need more juice! Most cases that come with a PSU (power supply unit) come with a junk PSU. I would check around the forums and find a quality PSU that isn't outrageous in price and get it in there ASAP!
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I am having a great deal of trouble setting up RAID. There are two sets of SATA connectors on the board, (1). SATA0 SB & SATA1 SB (2). SATA0 SII & SATA1 SII. I don't know which ones to use to set up a stripped RAID array using two WD 200GB SATA hard drives. I have been able to install windows xp and all of the componants work. I just can't seem to set up a stripped RAID array. This is the first time I have ever tried to use RAID so please be as simple in your explaination as you possibly can. Thanks in advance.
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I ve GA-G31M-ES2C Motherboard Gigabyte Problem another pc which s configuration is- Intel Dual Core E Gigabyte GA-G M-ES C GB DDR RAM DYNET PC - U- GB HDD OS-Windows XP SP Its running without any trouble for last years with Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2C Motherboard Problem GB DDR RAM DYNET PC - U- but last week I am facing a problem that my pc stuck when windows xp loads or after login it shows me that some broken color in RGB amp stucks but when i changed RAM amp installed MB TWINMOS RAM PC - U its running nicely I installed my GB DDR RAM DYNET PC - U- in Pentium pc with esonic intel chipset motherboard that ram running without any trouble What s wrong with Gigabyte GA-G M-ES C Note that both Twinmos amp Dynet are same BUS How I fix this problem Thanks in advance I ve a question to expert my Pentium pc with Esonic Intel Chipset Board has GB DDR RAM DYNET PC - U- if i install GB DDR RAM DYNET PC - U- in my p pc it shows me that GB RAM but dual channel not supporting but both of RAM are same BUS only latency timer different can I use different latency RAM in same board Will this create any problem or make my system slow nbsp

A:Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2C Motherboard Problem

Test the RAM, one stick at a time using MEMtest86. It could be a motherboard fault, the RAM, or even the power supply.

DUAL channel will only work with identical sticks of RAM (ie: same size...and preferably same speed). Speed won't matter as much, as most motherboards will then simply run at the speed of the slowest stick.
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I did a clean install of Windows 7 on my machine, which uses the Gigabyte 965P-DS3 chipset. The LAN drivers that come with the install CD don't work, and neither do any of the drivers on Gigabyte's site. In fact, there are no Windows 7 drivers available for the LAN, as far as I can tell -- and the Vista or other drivers don't work to get me hooked up to the net (note, I'm using a wireless PCI card which I connect to the net wirelessly with).

Does anyone have any experience with this issue? Am I missing something? Is there some kind of work-around?

Your help is really appreciated!


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Good evening everyone, I've been having lots of trouble with this gigabyte motherboard.. I took everything apart to clean it because it was dusty.. I reconnect everything together and everything such as fans and CPU fans seem to run fine, however there is no signal to the monitor.. Everything is connected fine

I have a duo core intel e8400
550w psu
4gb gskill ram
Radeon HD 5770
Gigabyte GA EP45 UD3R mobo

A:Problem booting with the Gigabyte GA EP45 UD3R

Does it beep and load Windows, or does it just fail to POST? Is power connected to the video card?
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Hi I have a gigabyte W laptop with GeForce GS running windows bit Recently the pc started overheating to the point of automatic shutdown It seems like the fan is working in minimal speed not getting any commands from the pc itself I tried all obvious solutions including cleaning the fan heatsink and trying to control the fan speed using all kinds of software nothing laptop problem Fan/Bios Gigabyte W576 with worked Finally a guy from the Nvidia boards suggested I try updating my Bios so I did from ver G c to G G That did work and I could finally hear my fan working at high speeds Unfortunately after a few hours it stopped working again I tried updating the Bios again Also tried rolling back and updating again the Bios and nothing helped so far Please help me with this I got no more ideas and I cant afford to send my pc to a lab cause I Fan/Bios problem with Gigabyte W576 laptop need it for school Reply With Quote nbsp

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Hey guys i recently purchased a gigabyte 8800gt card ...i setup it up and installed the latest drivers 169.21 whql certified but after installation all my icons get messed up and all my hdd icons get messed up this driver seems to be incompatible so now which one shall i download and from where the gigabyte site or the nvidia site i am using windows xp sp2 .I have tried installeng even the 163 whql drivers tht doesnt work for my a big fix......someone help out....these drivers were provided with the driver cd with the card

A:Gigabyte 8800gt 512mb Driver Problem

I have found that messed up graphics even on the desktop mean that the card is overheating.
What are the temperatures on your card?
Also, it might be the power supply failing to provide enough power. Does it meet the card's requirements?
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I have been to gigabyte's site and downloaded all the drivers. Got them setting on desktop. when I try to execute the file it asks me where I want to extract them to. Where do they go?

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Hi Few days ago I've decided to try Windows RTM on my computer like Longhorn before Somehow I've managed to get Internet Connection Sharing problem GeForce Gigabyte FX5500 driver - working and my SpeedTouch USB modem but I have a problem with GeForce FX When using XP drivers everything is fine except of Aero System rating Gigabyte GeForce FX5500 - driver problem and software which require access to my graphics card bluescreen with WMP some computer games etc I've decided to use Vista drivers but System booted But instead of logon screen I've seen something like signal noise on my television but motionless and colorful After few seconds monitor turned off itself Using Safe Mode I've uninstalled Vista drivers and tried those from Windows Update Installation Gigabyte GeForce FX5500 - driver problem was succesful I've rebooted my computer and Screen looks like with Vista Drivers but half of screen was black So I'm looking for Windows compatible drivers Of course they must work with my graphics card so I could test every feature and write review for my Gigabyte GeForce FX5500 - driver problem WordPress Blog Move this thread If it would fit better to some other category

A:Gigabyte GeForce FX5500 - driver problem

Hi there,

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but from what I can tell by researching this, no one has had any success getting Windows 7 to play nice with a GeForce FX 5500 :/ I hope these links save you the time and frustration of discovering that on your own! Let me know if you'd like some recommendations on video cards that are fully compatible with Windows 7.


Windows Outreach Team
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Hi Everybody

Some years since I last posted here. Just goes to show how more reliable and stable hardware and software has become!

Here is my problem

In 2005 I bought a computer with a Gigabyte MB Model GA81915P duo pro Rev 1

This mb provides 3 IDE channels and 4 Sata channels with intel 915p chipset and Via VT6410 raid controller

The system was set up in the retailer with 1 x 160mb ide hard drive.

I have bought 2 sata hard drives that I wish to install without raid configuration and remove the ide drive. The bios set up will not allow me to enable the sata ports.

I can navigate through bios setup main menu items but cannot navigate through or change within say advance bios features, I can read them but the up down arrow keys do not work. So I cannot enable the sata ports [which are currently disabled.

Any suggestions please

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UPDATE I solve the problem The problem was that the motherboard had some glitches and I just bought the same motherboard and it fix the problem Thanks alot for the informations on problem Gigabyte Having with pc a up boot my motherboard making trying to figure out whats the problem with my computer I have a Gigabyte GA-M SLI-S NVIDIA nForce SLI Socket AM ATX Motherboard I always leave my Pc on all night and day and now just days ago when I left my Pc alone Having a problem making my pc boot up with Gigabyte motherboard doing nothing and go play my PS and came back the screen was off while the PC is Having a problem making my pc boot up with Gigabyte motherboard still on When I go and Having a problem making my pc boot up with Gigabyte motherboard try to move the mouse so the screen video could come up it doesn t do nothing When I try rebooting the computer it have no boot and no video Leave my PC on all night and day and reboot my Pc was fine day by day But I shut it off from time to time hen I not using it to go somewhere Does anyone know whats the problem Did I destroy my CPU or motherboard I checked my CPU and it look like there is no problem with it When I disconnect the power cable for my video card I don t hear no beeping sound it suppose to beep Also taking off the ram and boot my pc again still no beep sound The video card is ok because I put my GTX in my brother computer it show video Is there something when the video card is always sitting on that one thing that say Gigabyte heat sink stuff Don t it heat that thing up and mess up the motherboard I also tried to reset the CMOS to default I still doesn t boot up So doesn t anyone know an answer for my problem Thanks for reading this nbsp

A:Having a problem making my pc boot up with Gigabyte motherboard

Hello and welcome to Techspot!

I'd say the prime suspect is your power supply. What make is it, and how many watts?

Can you test that PSU in another system (or test another PSU in your system)?
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Installed new Gigabyte Motherboard & P4 3.2 CPU and now I have a blue screen telling me that I either have a virus or the hard drives are not installed correctly or that the hard drive is corrupted. I have a 80g and 40g hard drive and I do not know where to go from here. They say run chkdsk but from where as I only see a blue screen.

A:Please Help - Installed new Gigabyte Motherboard & P4 3.2 CPU nowhard drive problem

I take it you reinstalled Windows after installing the new motherboard + CPU. If not, did you at least uninstall the previous IDE drivers ?
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I have a Gigabyte Gamer 3 motherboard with an I7 processor, with on board Intel graphics processor.
I have this installed via Windows 10 along with an NVDIA GTX650 graphics card. Recently if I do a full "reboot" after the windows logo comes up all the monitors go into sleep mode and the system does not boot,.
To get the system to boot up with both graphics drivers installed, I have to either power off the PSU or go into the BIOS and then exit without saving changes. The system then boots fine until another "restart".
Fast boot works fine also, it's just when Windows does a "restart".
Any ideas anyone?
I have disabled the onboard graphics temporarily and the system works fine every time, but before both used to work without any problems.
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Just built W7 box with GIGABYTE GA-MA785GM-US2H motherboard. Everything works fine except the onboard audio will not pump out any volume, I'm not a gamer so I've got a cheapie set of non-amplified speakers. I crank up the volume level as high as it will go and can barely hear the speakers. Pluged in a set of earbuds from my ipod and can hear everything fine (although volume is at the max). I've checked drivers and all availible settings from windows but can't fine a solution. Any ideas?

A:Solved: GIGABYTE GA-MA785GM-US2H Audio Problem

You really need a set of powered speakers. You are not going to get the volume you desire out of a non powered speaker. I have seen inexpensive sets of powered speakers for as low as $10. Though these don't give you the sound quality of the higher quality/priced sets, they would work until you could afford something better.

Another thing I have done is connected my sound card headphone output to my home stereo.
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I have already done a forum search on anything about this topic so i am sorry if it has already been discussed and Gigabyte 1394 problem Pin IEEE header Mobo i could not find it My problem is simply that i have a tower with a single IEEE firewire port The header pins on this are all separate and are listed as follows VP Power VG Ground TPB TPB- TPA TPA- SHIELD Ground On my K N PRO SLI Gigabyte mobo i have the following two headers pin header which is surrounded with a purple plastic surround there are picsHERE TPA TPA - GND Ground GND Ground TPB TPB - NO PIN POWER POWER GND The other IEEE 1394 Pin header problem Gigabyte Mobo header has pins and are arranged as follows OWER IEEE 1394 Pin header problem Gigabyte Mobo OWER TPA TPA - GND GND TPB TPB - OWER OWER TPA TPA - GND NO PIN TPB TPB - First word here really is quot HELP quot then its quot I DONT WANT TO FRY MY MOBO AND VIDEO CAMERA quot If i just attach the pins to there respective places will it be ok where would you put the pins any help would be great this is my first build nbsp

A:IEEE 1394 Pin header problem Gigabyte Mobo

yes, just attach them to the right pins and you'll be fine.

but I honestly don't see the need to, your mobo comes with a pci slot port card with 2 firewire ports (and 2 usb ports), the connector is the purple "dummy proof" connector. do you really need more than 2 firewire ports??
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Hi guys I recently posted a few days ago before I made my purchase of my new graphics super problem card, Gigabyte with please :0( overclocked serious help new GTX460 card and PSU unit I went with the advice of the shop I bought the card and the PSU from scan co uk Anyway I bought the Gigabyte GTX super overclocked card and serious problem with new Gigabyte GTX460 super overclocked card, please help :0( a w Corsair PSU to replace my existing w because the shop assured me that would serious problem with new Gigabyte GTX460 super overclocked card, please help :0( be enough to power the new card and my PC etc Anyway today after getting everything installed from a qualified technician I started playing a few games to test the new card obviously expecting it to dramatically out do the gt I previously had and guess what it didn t and there s some serious issues going on with it in every game it isn t rendering textures at all sometimes it doesn t render into the distance at all even on games like Oblivion etc It sometimes just goes into one big blurred mess The screen also flickers and stutters the games Everything works fine for like browsing the web etc anything that doesn t require too much from the graphics card but as soon as I play a game it all starts going really wrong Now surely the shop wouldn t recommend me a PSU that isn t sufficient enough but after doing an online test with my overall PC specifications I was advised a PSU for at least w so I m hoping the problem lies within the PSU and that if I change to a w model that the problem should be fixed would that make sense and could this be the case My computers specs are as follows HP Pavillion Elite i ghz GB ram x TB Hard Drive Windows bit home premium I m really really disappointed and upset and so frustrated because this shouldn t be happening and I should be getting very good performance from this card as it is capable of some pretty high end graphics I would appreciate anybodies help greatly Do you think I have been advised wrong and have ended up buying a too low of a watt PSU P S Everything is all installed correctly hardware and software wise the latest drivers etc There is also no overheating issues as the system is at a very low temperature and the graphics card has its own heatsink and fans etc Also the other thing is the graphics card says on it clearly w PSU minimum so surely either way only having a w to power that card and the whole system is pushing it nbsp

A:serious problem with new Gigabyte GTX460 super overclocked card, please help :0(

sy-g said:

Do you think I have been advised wrong and have ended up buying a too low of a watt PSU?
Click to expand...

Yep! But I suspect you knew that already. From your system specs I would be looking at at least an 800W PSU. If you go ahead and buy a new one make sure that it comes from a reputable manufacturer. It won't be cheap but it will breathe new life into your struggling system. I'm in Australia and would expect to pay upwards of A$180.00 for a good one. A way to check the quality (by no means definitive) is by it's weight - heavy usually indicates good heatsinks and therefore most likely good quality parts.
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Hi guys,


Perhaps this question already answered on any forums,
but I can't find decent answer to my problem.

I have a GA B75M D3V (bios version F9), paired with
Intel Core i5 3550 (Ivy Bridge), 2 x 4 GB Patriot Extreme DDR3 PC1600.

Installed Windows 7 x64 Ultimate SP1 on it.

Strange problem is, after using my computer for some time, perhaps an hour,
or more, randomly, I can't completely shutdown my PC.

After clicking shutdown on start menu, my PC react normal.
But, after a while, the PC (case and everything inside it) like in stall state.
and the monitor goes blank (no signal from the PC). So I have to press power button for 4 seconds to completely shut it down.

This problem randomly appears. I've just install my windows for about a week.

Any clue or idea of what might caused it ?


A:Gigabyte GA B75M D3V(F9) windows 7x64 shutdown incomplete problem

Could be hardware, but give this a shot first:

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
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I can not get My motherboard, to accept the Drivers, for the Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus..
Did what the Manual said 3 to four times still no success.

If some one has this problem and has been able to correct it
Please tell how you did it


A:Gigabyte X58A-UD3R HD audio driver install problem

Are you downloading the drivers directly from Gigabytes support website? Are the bios set properly for enabling on-board sound
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I upgraded my os from XP on my year old hardware to windows x and had an impossible time figuring out how to solve my NO SOUND issue The green bars would jump around on the volume indicator when playing media but no sound would come out gigabyte motherboard sound x64 7 GA965P-S2 problem SOLVED, no Windows of my speakers I found a lot of people asking the same question online with very few answers and none that worked for me After installing several different drivers I ended up downloading the one at this link http www realtek com tw downloads downloadsCheck aspx Windows 7 x64 no sound problem SOLVED, gigabyte GA965P-S2 motherboard which is the HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO CODECS software not the AC' driver After installing this I rebooted went to system gt sound gt and looked for the installed realtek control software in the sound folder This opens the program which allows you to make adjustments Windows 7 x64 no sound problem SOLVED, gigabyte GA965P-S2 motherboard to your sound On the right corner there is a diagram of the six input jacks that are on your motherboard I clicked on the grey highlighted one where the speaker jack was plugged in to and selected HEADPHONE instead of whatever it was set to Instantly I had sound I realize now that you need to select the specific output type for every jack that is being used Since I and probably most people use a single stereo plug for those cheap little pc speakers the headphone selection is the only one that will produce sound All the other options refer to a specific speaker location in a surround sound setup and won't produce sound using the single stereo jack This fix may not be contingent on downloading the above specific codec software but I was only able to adjust the output type after installing the one i linked above If you can adjust the output without downloading the codec I suggest you try it first I hope this helps someone out

A:Windows 7 x64 no sound problem SOLVED, gigabyte GA965P-S2 motherboard

Thank you. Will reply when I've tested.
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Hi there,

I've recently got this baby up and running but I've been getting LOADS of blue screens, some I can see as "Memory_Management" and some I don't recognise. I don't do any overclocking and everything is left at default, FSB, Voltage, Ram Timings, etc.

I also did a Prime95 Blend Torture Test and it came up with one error after I think around 2 hours or so of testing.

I've monitored the temperature closely and the System and CPU temperature never got above 50C. The GPU runs hotter but I think never more than 100C. I have no idea about RAM, PSU or HD though but I mean it's not boiling though its warm after hours of load.

I've also tried upping the CPU and RAM voltage to 1.35V (From 1.325V) and 2.1V (from 1.9V) but no improvements.

Anybody have any idea what's wrong?!


A:C2D E6300, Gigabyte 965P-DS3, Corsair XMS2-6400 5-5-5-15 & WD3200KS Problem..

You might email Gigabyte. The way I'm reading this:

You might need the 5-5-5-12 timings rather than the 15.

The DDR2 800 boards have been pretty picky with RAM. Some more than others. I've heard about this board being extremely picky.
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Hi all Glad to have found this community I have a problem with my Optiplex GX SFF an a PCI-E Card Gigabyte Radeon HD MB GDDR LowPro I ve just Optiplex GX280 4350 Gigabyte with HD 512MB (SmalFormFactor) Radeon Problem and bought Problem with Optiplex GX280 (SmalFormFactor) and Gigabyte Radeon HD 4350 512MB this card cause it s watts on full load and I know the GX has a week PSU with just not more than Watts It is a PCI Express x card and my Optiplex has a slot for that kind of cards even if it is a PCI Express x it should be downgradable BIOS latest version A and Problem with Optiplex GX280 (SmalFormFactor) and Gigabyte Radeon HD 4350 512MB Win XP SP are not detecting the new card I ve changed the BIOS config Primary Video to auto to let the Problem with Optiplex GX280 (SmalFormFactor) and Gigabyte Radeon HD 4350 512MB system choose the new second card but it doesn t seem to take effect Screen stays black no BIOS-Boot-Text when LCD is connected to PCI-E Card and internal graphics adapter is still enabled hmmmm Have even tried out a second GX I could manage to get my hands on same problem Have deinstalled onboard garphic in save mode XP no change System contains CPU Typ Intel Pentium J MHz Prescott Mainboard FOXCONN LS- H Rev A BIOS A latest Chipset i P i G Video Internal Intel G GV GL Express Chipset Family Southbridge FB ICH BIOS-Version A Memory Slot DDR MB PC - MHz Memory Slot DDR MB PC - MHz PSU Watt I have no idea what the problem is and tried out everything I guess Do you folks have any experience or ideas to my problem is it a known one workarounds IRQ conflict -- gt nothig detected Win Vista instead of XP Not enough power from the PSU Thanx and Best regards Boomer nbsp

A:Problem with Optiplex GX280 (SmalFormFactor) and Gigabyte Radeon HD 4350 512MB

Well firstly that computer will never be good for performance due to it's limited upgradablilty. Secodly 160w PSU seems very very low watage even for only a P4 and 768mb of RAM. I would upgrade the psu to a high quality of at least 400w before you even bother with a new graphics card. Try and re-install the onboard graphics driver and upgrade the PSU first. Or just by a brand new system like the one below.
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Hello everyone,

I just thought I could write on this forum to see if anyone could help me.
I have a Gigabyte motherboard (GA-7VM400AAM(F)) with an ATI videocard X850XT AGP and 1 GB of Kingston memory (2x512Mb). I also have an ATI All-in-wonder video card. What happens is that when I use either of the video cards, I cannot watch flash video on my computer such as on YouTube or others. It says that Explorer or Firefox must close and sometimes the system even crashes. I know I have an old rig, but still it should work. I have no idea of what is happening and I am suspecting a compatibility error between my motherboard and video cards.
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I recently purchased a Gigabyte GA-7n400pro2. my prev motherboard was a MSI old one and it ran about 29 - 39degrees. when i play games it raise to 40 - 45 and i was happy. but when i goto replace the motherboard with this new gigabyte it let alone sits at 65 degrees without me doing anything. if i play games it goes over 70 and reboots my computer. this is rediculas. any clues like gigabyte false temp readings , bios updates? switches on motherboard .....

A:gg gigabyte.


i just read that gigabyte shows 15c MORE then the normal. but when i touch the heatsink it soo hot.

the reason being is that i want to overclock my cpu but with 65 - 75c its risky.

also is there any programs that read temperatures on gigabyte motherboards

- Wach your language on these forums
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ok im going to make this shorts and sweet. gigabyte did not support my processors for a while then.... when the bios update came "last week" they did not post a link for the download so i can flash bios with this. So im on hold with tech support now... kinda funny but they guys like dont worry im going to send you the file to your email so about an hour later i get it. its an eml file i have no idea how to take it off gmail... help please discounts for everybody!

A:Die Gigabyte Die!!!

It would be logical to assume that running gmail with the /reg option would also work.
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I have a DVD that came with my computer labeled Gigabyte 7-series utility DVD, easy energy saver. What is this used for?

A:what is a gigabyte DVD used for?

Welcome to TSF
Looks like drivers for the system
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Gigabyte GA K N Ultra NVIDIA nForce RAID class Gigabyte DIY controller This is an early DIY Gigabyte Gig board socket with sata connectors for raid configuration Silicon NVIDIA I have built this DIY system w sata drives mbs each using W XP I tried to configure it with the nvidia raid connectors on the board and the software to copy to floppy and configure during OS insallation but during the final boot sequence in OS istallation it would just stop no error screen to get a clue from I reconfigured it to run under Silicon Image SiI SoftRaid controller and the system works just fine mbs each drive configured for raid I would like to have full use of this boards capabilities to be able to connect drives to the nvidia ports but device manager is throwing up a flag that the nvidia raid controller is not configured properly there is a quot New Software Found quot message every time the system boots and auto configuration thru Windows doesn t fix anything I have tried downloading drivers from the Gigabyte site and updating the driver through Windows but nothing seems to work Plussss I cannot find the exact model number match on the Gigabyte website Any clues on how to address this yellow flag problem nbsp

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i think gigabyte is best motherboard for pc i love giga byte


good for you, now have a bone and chew it
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I have a gigabyte mobo GA-7dx ver. 3.0f which desn't match the layout in the gigabyte website manual and i need the front panel plug pin outs. the connector is on the lower right side and vertical compared to the bottom side horizontal position in the manual. there are two nine pinrows with a gap in the inside row. probably an oem board. any help would be appreciaed.
[email protected]

A:gigabyte GA-7dx

Try the Gigabyte forum at For gigabyte specific information they can't be beat!
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Hello guys,

Well my a little over a year old motherboard has developed a problem in which the SATA controller will stop functioning suddenly, freezing my computer and then upon rebooting it, SATA drives will not be detected.

Is there ANYTHING I can do to try to repair it? I've scanned the motherboard and it doesn't seem to have any bulging capacitors or burnt modules that can be seen with the naked eye.

Anything specific I should be looking at?

Thanks in advance!

Refer to this thread for all symptoms:

EDIT: I just noticed that I didn't finish the topic name, I just put in the model number but did not specify what's the problem!

Can a moderator please change the name to: Gigabyte GA-K8N-Sli Motherboard SATA function: Dead


A:Gigabyte GA-K8N-Sli

Well guess what. Just like in the symptoms described, I am currently posting from the faulty computer, that has been running straight for 15 hours without a hitch.

What could be the problem? A small short around there?
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Hello, I have a gigabyte ga-k8n pro sli mb and a samsung sp2504c sata hd that I am trying to install latest win7 beta on. I get to the point where I choose to do a clean install and I see my hd in the list but it asks for drivers for hd or mb. I am thinking it is for the mb. It gives me the option of browsing for the driver. I can install xp pro on this same set-up without any trouble. Any help would be great. Thanks.

A:Gigabyte GA-K8N Pro Sli

dlettau, welcome to the forums.

If you have it set to SATA in the bios, what it is most likely asking ofr is the SATA drivers. Start here,

View forum - nForce Drivers •

and see which set is working best with the NF4 chipset and download it. Once downloaded extract it. Place the extracted files on a separate hard drive/partition or USB key (if you have one, then during the Windows install point it to the folder that contains the SATA/RAID INF.
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Every time I order a new hard disc or SD-card or whatever I get When be 1GB one gigabyte? will a bit angry and a bit disappointed at When will 1GB be one gigabyte? how regulators and the industry mismanage consumer trust in what e g quot GB quot stands for Why can t they agree on that GB on the package should show as GB of available space in a device xGB available space as shown in my phone is close to a loss of space and the larger storage devices get TB harddisc for instance the bigger the gap will be I am fully aware of the discussion around When will 1GB be one gigabyte? the quot gibibyte quot and all that raindancing But honestly if I were to sell my slowish Volvo with horsepower and say in the ad that it has quot harsepower quot coming up with a way to calculate that how legit will that be So I wonder if you people know about any consumer group out there that needs a fistful of dollars in support every now and then in order to fix this bs nbsp

A:When will 1GB be one gigabyte?

I believe that's down to the formatted usable space, not the hard disks capacity.
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Well finally had enough parts to get my new beast going the other day Everything except the GTX but I had an old not doing anything so will use that till the budget allows Put the GB of memory in and the x TB hard drives plugged New dud a X79-UP4 Gigabyte the power cable in and pushed the button Wow what a letdown The cooling fans gave a kick the New Gigabyte X79-UP4 a dud corsair water pump ring light came on for an instant and the memory lights came on and stayed on Could not get it past that point No POST nothing So stripped out the video card memory and unplugged the drives If it was any of these New Gigabyte X79-UP4 a dud it should at least start the fans and POST Still no go That left CPU power supply or MB Took out the power supply and put in in my currently working PC and it fired up no problem so not power supply CPU or MB Emailed the place I got it from and they RMA'ed the MB back and said they had been having a few issues lately with Gigabyte MB's Were going to test it themselves and send me a replacement but I decided to spend some extra and get a Asus P X Deluxe instead more days of waiting then all go hopefully

A:New Gigabyte X79-UP4 a dud

I bought a Gigabyte board years ago and it was a dud right out of the box. I haven't touched another one since. I also replaced it with an ASUS board. My two desktops and my laptop are ASUS.
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which of the two should i go for??
Gigabyte GA-EX58 UD3r or MSI X58 Pro-E
please support u r views with reasons
make it easy for me to decide..

and is G skill 3 gb F3-12800CL9T 3gbBNQ good enough?

thnakx in advance..

A:Gigabyte or MSI

Hi vinaypro,
Both of them are excellent boards. the tipping factor may be that Gigabyte has a reputation for having the strictest manufacturing standards in the industry.They also tend to have somewhat better heat dissipation due to more copper being used in the PCB. The Gigabyte GA-EX58 UD3r is a better overclocker (if your into that) and has slightly less power consumption. other than those two areas they run a dead heat in performance. you will be pleased with either of them ,however, being at the same price point i would recommend the Gigabyte.
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Hello hjt log-gigabyte Do you guys see anything suspicious i already removed some on the junk thanksLogfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform hjt log-gigabyte Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS system csrss exeC WINDOWS system winlogon exeC WINDOWS system services exeC WINDOWS hjt log-gigabyte system lsass exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS System svchost exeC WINDOWS System svchost exeC WINDOWS System svchost exeC WINDOWS system spoolsv exeC Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccEvtMgr exeC Program Files Norton SystemWorks Norton AntiVirus navapsvc exeC Program Files Norton SystemWorks Norton Utilities NPROTECT EXEC WINDOWS System nvsvc exeC PROGRA COMMON Stardock SDMCP exeC PROGRA NORTON SPEEDD nopdb exeC Program Files Stardock Object Desktop WindowBlinds wbload exeC WINDOWS System alg exeC WINDOWS Explorer EXEC Program Files Gigabyte Gigabyte Windows Utility Manager ET et Tray exeC WINDOWS System spool drivers w x hpztsb exeC Program Files Google Gmail Notifier G - gnotify exeC Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exeC WINDOWS SOUNDMAN EXEC Program Files Winamp winampa exeC Documents and Settings Misha Desktop Stuff Cpuidle exeC Program Files BroadJump Client Foundation CFD exeC Program Files Visual Networks Visual IP InSight SBC IPClient exeC Program Files Visual Networks Visual IP InSight SBC IPMon exeC Program Files Java j re bin jusched exeC Program Files Webroot Washer wwDisp exeC Program Files Webroot Spy Sweeper SpySweeper exeC Program Files BitTornado btdownloadgui exeC Program Files BitTornado btdownloadgui exeC Program Files BitTornado btdownloadgui exeC Program Files Stardock Object Desktop DesktopX DesktopX exeC WINDOWS system drwtsn exeC WINDOWS system drwtsn exeC Program Files Trillian trillian exeC WINDOWS system drwtsn exeC WINDOWS system csrss exeC WINDOWS system winlogon exeC PROGRA COMMON Stardock SDMCP exeC Program Files Stardock Object Desktop WindowBlinds wbload exeC WINDOWS Explorer EXEC Program Files Gigabyte Gigabyte Windows Utility Manager ET et Tray exeC WINDOWS system RUNDLL EXEC WINDOWS System spool drivers w x hpztsb exeC Program Files Google Gmail Notifier G - gnotify exeC Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exeC WINDOWS SOUNDMAN EXEC Program Files Winamp winampa exeC Documents and Settings Misha Desktop Stuff Cpuidle exeC Program Files Java j re bin jusched exeC Program Files Messenger msmsgs exeC Program Files Webroot Spy Sweeper SpySweeper exeC Program Files AIM aim exeC WINDOWS system sol exeC Program Files SlimBrowser sbrowser exeC Program Files Winamp winamp exeC WINDOWS system drwtsn exeC Program Files Windows ServeAd WinServAd exeC Program Files Windows ServeAd WinServSuit exeC Program Files Messenger msmsgs exeC Program Files hjt HijackThis exeR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL C WINDOWS h htmlR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main SearchAssistant C WINDOWS s htmlR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http casemodgod comR - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http casemodgod comR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page bak http win-eto com hp htm id R - URLSearchHook no name - A FAF - E- cf- - F A D - no file O - BHO IEPlugin Class - CF C CF - B - D -ABED- C - C Documents and Settings Misha Desktop Stuff systemop Advanced System Optimizer IEHelper dllO - HKLM Run EasyTuneIV C Program Files Gigabyte Gigabyte Windows Utility Manager ET et Tray exeO - HKLM Run NeroFilterCheck C WINDOWS system NeroCheck exeO - HKLM Run NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS System NvCpl dll NvStartupO - HKLM Run NvMediaCenter RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS System NvMcTray dll NvTaskbarInitO - HKLM Run HPDJ Taskbar Utility C WINDOWS System spool drivers w x hpztsb exeO - HKLM Run e - f c- e -a ec-b a b c C Program Files Google Gmail Notifier G - gnotify exeO - HKLM Run ccApp C Program Files Commo... Read more

A:hjt log-gigabyte

Uninstall windupdates * Click Start -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs * Scroll to Wind Updates and click RemoveNext, make sure your PC is configured to show hidden filesOpen Windows Explorer & Go to Tools > Folder Options. Click on the View tab and make sure that "Show hidden files and folders" is checked. Also uncheck "Hide protected operating system files" and untick "hide extensions for known file types" . Now click "Apply to all folders"Click "Apply" then "OK"Reboot to Safe ModeHow to start the computer in Safe mode with Hijack This and put checks next to all the following, then click "Fix Checked"R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL = C:\WINDOWS\_h.htmlR1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,SearchAssistant = C:\WINDOWS\_s.htmlR1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page_bak = - URLSearchHook: (no name) - _{00A6FAF6-072E-44cf-8957-5838F569A31D} - (no file)O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [Windows ServeAd] C:\Program Files\Windows ServeAd\WinServAd.exeO4 - Global Startup: winlogin.exeO9 - Extra button: Corel Network monitor worker - {2613BDBF-ABB8-4FFF-9C6F-045AD431AA8F} - C:\WINDOWS\System32\iegfxfrw.dllO9 - Extra 'Tools' menuitem: Corel Network monitor worker - {2613BDBF-ABB8-4FFF-9C6F-045AD431AA8F} - C:\WINDOWS\System32\iegfxfrw.dllO13 - DefaultPrefix:O13 - WWW Prefix:O15 - Trusted Zone: *.greg-search.comO15 - Trusted IP range: (HKLM)O16 - DPF: {0D6709DD-4ED8-40CA-B459-2757AEEF7BEE} (Dldrv2 Control) - - DPF: {15AD4789-CDB4-47E1-A9DA-992EE8E6BAD6} - - DPF: {1D4DB7D2-6EC9-47A3-BD87-1E41684E07BB} - - AppInit_DLLs: gx1jhizs224w.dll,wbsys.dllDelete the following files if found:C:\WINDOWS\_h.htmlC:\WINDOWS\_s.htmlC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\iegfxfrw.dllgx1jhizs224w.dllReboot and do an online scan at the following site. Let it remove any infected files found. Trend Micro (PC-cillin) - Free on-line Scanhttp://housecall.antivirus.comScan again with HijackThis and post a fresh log please.
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Is cat 5e good enough for a 1,000 Mbps network or do I need cat 6 to get a full 1 Gbps of data transfer? The total run is about 20 feet. Also whats the limit of cat 5e?

Relevancy 33.97%

i am building a new pc and i m very confused about this 2 motherboards.
Gigabyte GA-G1975X
MSI 975X Platinum
these 2 are only available in the market over here so which one would be the best in operating games? i m using a msi 7600gt graphic card..... please let me know in detail.

A:Gigabyte or MSI?

I've seen MSI mobos being very easy to install and I'm yet to see one fail, so I would say MSI.
Plus it's the same brand as ur graphic card!
Relevancy 33.97%

i just purchased a Gigabyte GA-7VA with an Athlon XP1800.

I have 4 drives in the sytem, and XP only sees 2 of them. the system is a dual boot, and Red Hat Linux 9 sees them all, which tells me that the BIOS sees them correctly as well.

has anyone seen behavior like this before, or have any ideas on how to force xp to see the other drives?

Relevancy 33.97%

I ve found some good deals on some Gigabyte MicroATX boards at Dumpinggoods com but I don t what the difference is between the boards I m looking at or which onw is best They are the GA- VKML GA- VKMLP GA- VKMLS GA- amp KMLE They all have similar features I just don t know how to read the fine print I guess Does anyone hae a opinion Here s some links http best The me? Gigabyte 4 www giga-byte com MotherBoard Products Products GA- VKMLE htm http www giga-byte com MotherBoard Products Products GA- VKML htm http www giga-byte com MotherBoard Products Products GA- The best Gigabyte 4 me? VKMP htm http www giga-byte com MotherBoard Products Products GA- VKMLS htm ect I also have my eye on a ASUS A V X-MX http cgi ebay com ws eBayISAPI dl amp category amp sspagename STRK MEBWA IT amp rd Would this be the The best Gigabyte 4 me? best bet this particular sale has ended but the seller said I could contact him afterwords if I want one TIA nbsp

Relevancy 33.54%

Hi I want to know something can some please tell me how many hard drive connection does the GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD9 have????????????????????????

A:Gigabyte ga-x58a-ud9

SATA 3Gb/s x8 SATA 6Gb/s x2
1 x ATA133 2 Dev. Max
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I have a Xigmatek Tauro 500 Walts power supply need HELP can the Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 770 2GB run on this power supply the motherboard is MSI H81-ME35 Processer is 4TH Gen Intel Core i5 4440 3.10Ghz Quad Core ram 4gb corsair ddr3 ram but i will get 4gb more soo can this power supply run and the cables are enough? it wount burn anything? can this power supply will handle it? its only 500w and the card needs atleast 450walts to run it will it be enough?

A:Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 770 2GB

In a word, no.

I'd highly recommend buying a Corsair power supply, cheap and nasty PSUs (the one you have would fall into this category) cause trouble more often than not. The PSU is not a component to cheap out on.
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Anyone else having fun with these?
I have just finished building 6 new machines based on this board and 4 of them have failed to accept the drivers for the sound card. In each case the device manager shows a PCI device with no driver and the sound card is missing.
2 of the 6 boards are OK.
They have all be built by me and are otherwise all the same.
I have downloaded the latest drivers from the web site but this did not fix the problem.

A:Gigabyte GA-945GCM-S2L

1. Have you verified the BIOS version on each board? (in fact, there was a release in June, 08 to support onboard codec)

2. Summary/info of all Device Manager problems would also be helpful

Click Start->Run, enter: msinfo32. (It may take a short while till a second window opens)
Expand Components (click + sign next to it)
Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?
If yes, click it, then Edit->Select All then Edit->Copy and then paste into your next post
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Using a Zyzel DSL modem/router connected to a switch to share the connection with 4 PC's. .

If I put in a 1000 Mbps Switch, will the pc's attached to the switch ( all have gigabyte NIC's ) move data between themselves at 1000 Mbps or will the modem force the entire network back to 100?

Thanks . .

A:Gigabyte Switch . .

The traffic among computers connected to the switch will stay within the computers, cables and switch; will not go to the modem/router.

I assume, but do not know for a fact, that the switch ports connected to Gigabyte adapters will operate at that bandwidth, and only those connected to 100mbps will operate at the lesser rate.
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a custom built machine that i'm working on apprenlty has an onboard sound card, its not meant to be fancy or nothing but the sound is not working but the box definitly says there should be sound but all i get is a beep coming from the MB. how do i found out what motherboard i have so that i can download the appropriate driver to run the sounds bit of the mb. i'm running on XP
PS the disk i have appaers th have the incorrect driver none of them seem to be compatible with XP and certainly do not make the sound work.

Relevancy 33.54%

I'm so curious to see if other Gigabyte users are having this issue:

If the FSB is set to 200Mhz any games in either Win2000 or XP Pro will crash and system will simply reboot (no error messsage). Now, if the FSB is set to anything below 198Mhz, all games run flawlessly. I've checked cpu temp and it's always under 60C. I've tried 3 different types of DDR RAM (Ultra, Kingston & Corsair).

Here's my specs-
XP3200 AMD 2.2Ghz
2 ATA/100 7200rpm MAXTORS 20gb
WIN2000Pro & XP Pro SP1

A:Gigabyte mbd blues

Is your BIOS up to date as far as version? I would agree it is a memory timing issue. Perhaps you can set the FSB to 200 and adjust your memory timings not to the default.


It also appears that you Radeon card is AGP 2X/4X and may not work correctly in the 4X/8X motherboard as it states it only supports 4X/8X AGP cards.
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After upgrading your bios to F9, does anyone know what is the maximum Processor and Ram speed you can install? For example, can you use a P4 3ghz with HT and 3200 DDR?

A:Gigabyte GA-8lEXP

According to Gigabyte, your board supports only 400/533 MHz FSB and DDR266(PC 2100)/DDR200(PC1600) memory. So, I guess the answer is no to both.
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Here Are two motherboards I'm looking at now...

Asus P8P67
Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD7

Edit:The build will be a do any and everything, from gaming,surfnet,vbox,photo & video edit, to sit there and look
I'm just looking for "better" as in Specs,performance, owner input, upgradeable,ect....

Please let me know what you guys/gals think about them.
Which one is better for a new build??

Thanks, jeep

A:Asus Vs.

No such thing as "better" per se.

What is the target application or application set? That will define the scope of "better".

I do like the dual RAID support on the Asus board (but my browser is not showing anything on the details tab at NewEgg for that board, so I have not done a thorough compare.

In my opinion, both of those boards are overpriced.
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I'm trying to free up space on my labtop and i'm doing a computer analysis on finding what is using up my computer. Tracing where all the memory is coming from and what is using up my space, i've come to find out that through my calculations i've discovered that i am suppose to have at least a gig left. But my computer says that i have barely any memory left to use. Whats going on? need help...

Not trying to be prideful here but i doubt that i had miscalculated. I checked.

A:Unknown Gigabyte

Windows manages your memory constantly depending on what demands open programs and system processes place on it and uses memory for system processes and maintenance when other aps are not using memory.

Space and memory are two different things.

You can determine exactly what is taking space on the hard drive by using Windows Explorer - the size of every file if you want to.

How much ram do you have and what kinds of problems are you experiencing?
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i just got a new gigabyte radeon 9250 and i went to ati site to get new drivers for my card. but i don't know if the drivers work on gigabyte cards. could someone tell me if ati catalyst drivers work on gigabyte radeons

A:gigabyte radeon

Yes, gigabyte is just the manufactuer of the card. ATi still makes the GPU.
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I was wondering if someone could help me I have a Gigabyte KT MB and and AMD XP processer and Megs of RAM Gigabyte KT400 It has been working fine for about month at then Gigabyte KT400 i realized that i forgot to set the dipswith to when i did that it was working great for about months then today while i was playing a game i locked up so i tried the three fingure wammy ctrl alt del no response so i decied to just shut it off I waited about min and booted it back up i got a post beep and it started loading windows when i got a blue sceen So i did what it said and rebooted got the post beep again but i would not go past the ram check so i shut Gigabyte KT400 it off again Booted up and all i got on the screen was the American Treands Logo and it froze again i shut it down and reseated everything turned it back on same thing at this point i got so fed up with it i just shut it down and left it alone for about hours Gigabyte KT400 then i turned it back i got into safemode and it locked up so i shut it down again truned it back on same thing just the logo I was thinking it s the RAM but im not sure if anyone has had this or a simmiler prob pls let me know what the solution was Thanks in advance Salari nbsp

A:Gigabyte KT400

Yes I would suggest using only 1 stick at a time until you find the culprit. If you have only 1 sitck, then see if you can't put in a spare or buy another to test it out. As Rick said the only way to be for sure is to replace it or take 1 out at a time.
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Just ordered..

Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD7 Motherboard [GA-990FXA-UD7] - $279.00 : PC Case Gear

Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5 Motherboard [GA-990FXA-UD5] - $229.00 : PC Case Gear


A:Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD7

lol, I love the astrix, "graphics cards sold separately".
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I need a new board, Im looking for either a gigabyte or asus. It needs to be am2+ and capable for gaming. I have a big video card so the south bridge needs to not come too far up from the board. Please help me out with this. Does not need to be SLI. ~100 not too far over
CPU- Phenom 9950 BE

Video- 9800gtx+ < this takes up a lot of space

RAM- OCZ Titanium 4 gb 800

A:Gigabyte or Asus?

Hi insanewhitekid
I will throw this one at ya 790X chipset
Relevancy 33.54%

A friend of mine is looking for a psu for his build. I'm not sure about his whole setup, but he is going to run a HD5770 gpu and a Phenom II X2 cpu. The thing is, the only psu that sounds better than Aopen and Raidmax(where he lives) is a Gigabyte Odin 585.
He can't do online orders from where he is and the only psu that is available to him is the Odin 585.
Should he go for it or is it ultimate crap?

A:Gigabyte Odin 585? ?

Some of the higher end RAIDMAX units aren't complete crap, same with the AOpen ones. The Gigabyte Odin I'd be more willing to trust but its not that good either, 16 and 18 AMPs on the two +12 volt rails. They can't custom order anything else?
Relevancy 33.54%

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium bit Processor AMD Phenom tm II X T Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD Series Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB J Total - MB Free - MB K Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd GA- A-UD x x Antivirus BullGuard Antivirus Updated and Enabled My PC specs are as above I have a CD DVD drive with the Lightscribe facility which I can t get to work I ve been in touch with Lightscribe and their forum and they say it could be a problem with the mobo settings Here is a copy of their last posting In your particular case your Samsung Lightscribe drive requires AHCI to be enabled on the SATA port the drive is connected to Apparently Gigabyte motherboards do not have AHCI enabled by default Ask your tech to walk you through perform the process and verify changing the setting doesn t adversely affect any of his configuration It involves editing the registry in Windows The motherboard Gigabyte value data entry is numeric I think your motherboard may also support individual or bank SATA port mode configuration in the BIOS settings so the method is best left to your tech I also was talking to Samsung tech support and he thinks as well that that is your underlying problem at this point My value data entry is numeric I have done some research and found this site useful http www windows news com how-to-enable-ahci-in-windows- but I think I need some guidance when it comes to the BIOS settings I ve been trying to contact the techie who built the PC but I ve not Gigabyte motherboard had any response to my emails and it s been going on for quite some time now so I thought maybe I would like to have a go Gigabyte motherboard at it with the help from this forum nbsp
Relevancy 33.54%

It finally came today. I'm feeling a little unwell so I'll wait til I'm better before I start overclocking and benching.

A:Gigabyte 6950


Might go grab the 10.12, or rather the 10.12a one before benching instead of 10.11.

AMD Catalyst driver 10.12a Hotfix Feature:
AMD Catalyst driver support for systems running Windows? 7 / Windows Vista? with an AMD Radeon? HD 69xx series graphics card installed

AMD Catalyst
Relevancy 33.54%


I just bought a new computer with following specs.

Intel core i5-4690k
Gigabyte GTX 960 2gb
Asus z97-k
Seasonic 520w
2x Kingston hyperX fury 8gb
Zalman z9

So,i did build it and all fans (also gpu) are running like they should and all cables are connected. But there is no any output from dvi or hdmi (monitor says "no signal detected")
So what is wrong with this?
I had to bend a bit the metal frame of gpu so it would fit to zalman z9 but i doubt it has nothing to do with this problem.

A:Gigabyte gtx 960 problems.

Please answer
Relevancy 33.54%

I have a chance to pick up a GA- ZXE M B and I m looking for anyone with experiance with that board I searched for reviews high and low and could only come up with one in German I found a number of reviews Anyone a GA-7ZXE? with Gigabyte with the GA- ZX w the KT- chipset but none of the ZXE I also found reviews of the ZR I believe it was but after seraching a dozen or so sites nothing The reviews of the ZX weren t that great I don t know if it was the chipset or the board itself I m not a Gigabyte fan but the price might be right and I m willing to give it a try I have the documnentation from Gigabyte but a little insite would be better I m not looking to overclock or to have the latest greatest fastert box on the street especially from a Anyone with a Gigabyte GA-7ZXE? year old M B but something halfway decent Any input would be great and thanks in advance nbsp

A:Anyone with a Gigabyte GA-7ZXE?

the less than spectacular reviews were probably due to the KT133 chipset which was a very buggy chipset. that is why they came out with the KT133A which helped iron out some of the bugs.

personally I would not buy a board with a KT133 chipset regardless of the price or manufacturer actually I should say I will not buy another KT133 board since I had one KT133A board which I recently got rid of.
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Warning This is a long and winding story read at your own risk Okay about month s ago I had a K8U Dead Gigabyte problem on my MoBo when it simply wont sound a POST code or anything else Fan s spin and that s just about it I called Gigabyte Mobo Manufacturer and they replaced my mobo with a quot Certified quot refurbished one Worked fine until about minutes Called them went over the same replacement process with another quot Certified quot refurb Took forever but once I got it worked fine No problem s until about a week ago Same exact Dead Gigabyte K8U symptom s I called Gigabyte Again they told me it might be my CPU so I head over to my local computer shop and buy a new CPU and Mobo for good measure Put in new Mobo with old CPU nada New CPU with old Mobo nada New CPU and new Mobo Drum Roll Nada Another symptom came up whilst testiing with the new Mobo not nuff power to system Fan s woud spin for a few seconds and than dead This is without any IDE drives or my AGP vid card So with logical reasoning I bought a new PSU SAME EXACT THING It then came to me that it might be my On Off Switch on my case so I bought a new switch and ordered a new case while I was at it The dead fan thing stopped but still no POST beep or display on monitor The new case came in today so I put it together in the new one but still nothing I ordered a new Vid Card from XFX and should be getting that soon So everything has been replaced excpet for my RAM One time I put it in the wrong way so the DDR slot was all burned up but I put it the right way after and it worked Btw this is before this whole drama I need expert help all my vital job work is done on that PC so I cant wait Thank s in advance for soothing my woes --Foyaeman nbsp

A:Dead Gigabyte K8U

well are you making sure you buy good quality psu's and not cheap generic ones? theres a whole bunch of story that goes behind that - just search the forum..

check that there's no shorting to the case?

all power connectors (including extra power for the motherboard if it needs it) connected, and secure?

maybe invest in a UPS or Surgemaster or the likes, because it could also be caused by irregular/spiked voltages coming throught the pc..
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is this board compatible with my hardware in my siggy?????, will it work with a prescott pentium 4 3.0ghx processor???, i am thinking about getting the motherboard in this link for my b-day but i am worried it will not work like the dfi 865pe motherboard i have.

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Hi Bought this motherboard today Was all happy about it and all Got home took my old motherboard out and put this one in Plugged in everything correctly and double checked it Everything went fine Switched my computer on bios screen shows up pressed DEL to go into the bios and play around with the settings that please me the most when suddenly my computer switches off by itself From there on I can t seem to switch on with this motherboard on At first it would switch on for less than a second and then now doesn t even do that It just lights up M52L-S3P Gigabyte the power led for less than a second and bam doesn t switches on I ve tried switching on with a different PSU but it didn t work either I ve tried also only switching it on with nothing but PSU cables memory and cpu and it didn t work either Does anyone have any clues Gigabyte M52L-S3P about what is happening Getting a bit frustrated here EDIT Switched it on after some frustrating hours and I noticed something strange Without the V power connector it switches on but if I plug it in it just doesn t Faulty motherboard nbsp

A:Gigabyte M52L-S3P

What are the rest of your PC specs?